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15 days ago
Current Got finals next week if I don’t post it’s because I am probably in my hole praying to the cosmos I pass
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21 days ago
Your brain is toasty on col medicine
27 days ago
Man big changes are going on in 2024 I am hoping the good outweighs the bad fingers crossed
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1 mo ago
When corporate gives you pizza instead of money x.X
3 mos ago
I got an 80% on my final might not be 100% but I’m still over the moon 🌙


I am a package handler at one of the many different package shipping services so the hours of 4pm to about 9pm PST I’m busy working and making that sweet sweet cheddar.

I have been a part of the role playing community for several years now, I think it’s somewhere in the teens. Not entirely sure all I do know is that I know what I like and what I don’t like, what I don’t like is ERP. I could go on a tangent about my severe distaste for ERP but I’ll save my breath. While what I do like is to play male roles and also have a couple RP’s going at the same time because then I won’t be antsy when I only have one going. It’s possible I might be an RP addict, not sure and I don’t want to go down that particular rabbit hole.

For my role play style I like to give out surprising moments that I’ve planned in advance. Along with working with my partner to converge our ideas as well to make a better story. One I wouldn’t mind going back and reading through, as I do have that habit of looking back in order to tie up any loose ends we may have left when I run out of story ideas.

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I’m not really looking to do a sonic RP but are you interested in doing a fantasy or sci-fi RP? I’ve a few ideas if you’re interested. Shoot me a PM if you are.
Hi I am interested in your isekai idea plz shoot me a PM if you still want to do that story.
Hi like the title implies I’m just looking for someone casual to RP with. I enjoy fantasy and sci-fi. Got a bit of a vore thing going cus I am edgy mcedgerson… but I’m not really a sex scene typa person yeah booo I’m boring. hmm what else? I liked Mona… did anyone else watch that movie? It was pretty dope… Anyways shoot me a pm or post here if you’re interested, or don’t up to you world. Peace be with you and walk in the light and stuff okay bye.
Sure that sounds interesting
Heyooo it’s that time again and I’ve even got a new plot here for anyone interested.

It’s an iseka/trapped in another world RP where our characters become trapped in a world they’d written. Basically it’s a what would happen if you suddenly inhabited the body of one of your favorite RP characters and were transported to a world/scenario they’ve never been in before. Meaning it could be a robot trapped in a fantasy world or even a magician trapped in a sci-fi.
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