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Sylvia was surprised to see that Dimos had followed them and was asking for help. Despite the surprise, Sylvia followed Dimos into the alleyway with her friends and listened as he told them what happened and what his mistake was. Erandel...what could he gain from having businesses ruined by such acts? Her face was one of disappointment and sympathy as she continued listening. She could see Pylia and Shortfang weren’t happy with what they heard, and she couldn’t blame them. She herself wanted to clock Erandel herself.

She let her friends speak first, nodding in agreement with Pylia. After Shortfang spoke and Buddy wrote his opinion, she answered, “Unfortunately, Buddy’s right. This is a complex situation, and if we just go after the gang like we went after bad guys before, then they can just shift the blame on to us. We’ll need to be smart about this. Like Dimos, our word is probably gonna count as nothing against this Erendal’s word. We’ll need evidence and more voices to speak the truth about this,”

She then looked to Dimos and she told him, “Pylia is right. You do need to turn yourself in,” She the raised a hand in a placating manner, “Not to any guard willy nilly. We can bring you to the guards that we trust. Once you turn yourself over to them, they can protect you from anyone who might want you silenced, and you can help them with their investigation,”

She then addressed him and her friends, “After that, we can gather information and figure what to do to nail this Erendal,”
This whole situation was puzzling to Sylvia. The woman's refusal, how tired she was, the fact that they thought that the guards were either incompetent or didn't care unless they were getting paid...
She then noticed Dimos. He wasn't just angry...he felt guilty. She could see it in his eyes. He had that look that he knew he did something dumb, but didn't realize how dumb his actions were. Just what did he do...? And...did his mother know already? Sylvia wasn't quite sure what to do or say.

After thinking about for a few moments, Sylvia sighed. She knew that convincing the woman otherwise might be about as productive as trying to convince Pylia that there were no corrupt nobles. She then told the woman, "Well...the offer still stands. I can't convince you otherwise, but please think on it. After all, we're adventurers, not guards. And I do have experience catching thieves," Well, a thief, but that's besides the point. She continued, "At least talk it over with each other...and be honest," She then directed her gaze to Dimos and she commented "You'd be surprised how complete honesty can bring so much aid during these times,"

She then turned to leave, but she stopped and she added, "Oh! And by the shouldn't clean up the scene of the crime. By cleaning, you could be destroying evidence, and making investigation harder for anyone who wishes to help you,"

She then nodded and said "Sorry, we took your time. We'll be around in Gransys if you want our assistance," She then turned to leave, with her friends in tow. She fully intended to tell her friends what she noticed when they are a good distance away from the family.
Imma roll for Insight!

18 for Insight.
Sylvia internally cringed at the sight of the business owners cleaning up the mess that was made, and possibly, inadvertently cleaning up evidence as well. She answered the young lady, “Actually, we came here to help you,” She then handed one of Ferric’s business cards to her and she continued, “Ferric sent us to help out around Gransys, and we noticed that there seemed to have been a break in earlier,”
Sylvia listened to her friends as they gave her suggestions. She commented pensively while thinking about the options, “All of them seem like good places to start...” After a moment of thought, she suggested, “I think we should head to the break in first and see if the merchant returned from the palace. We’ll want to talk to him first and offer our assistance before we investigate, and the sooner we investigate, the better. I’d rather not have the scene be tampered with while we were doing other things. If he’s not back yet, then we can check on Andras and the baker. Sound good to you guys?”
Sylvia answered Pylia’s question, “Ferric actually did give us a job while we were in there. He wants to get in with the guild so his shop can be insured. So he asked us to go around and help the other merchants, telling them that Ferric sent us,” She then shows the business cards to her friends and she informs them, “We do that, we give him and ourselves a good reputation, and Ferric will pay us, as well as give us good deals and free services. Plus, I have a feeling we might find more clues about Elysium while doing this job,”
Sylvia was curious about the elf with silver hair, but figured that they may run into this person during their job of helping other merchants. She had to admit, after hearing what a silver net can do in comparison to a normal net, she thought it would be good to have. She remembered that Shortfang used a net on Red Stain and it really helped them in the battle. Though she did let a silent sigh out at the mention that he spent a lot of his money on food. She then reassured Shortfang, “No worries. You can buy the silver net a little later then,”

When Buddy drew the Wakestone, Sylvia answered, trying to guess his question, “I still have it. We did make a deal with Shor. We’ll have to keep holding on to it until we meet up with him again,”

Sylvia decided not to get anything for herself, and she said to Ferric, “Ok. We’ll go see the other merchants. See you later Ferric, Mica!” She then led the way out of the shop.
Sylvia listened carefully to Ferric as he spoke, and she had to admit, that sounded like a great deal. They could help out and they would get deals and free services in Ferric's shop. She smiled and answered in agreement, "Nothing wrong with being known as a do-gooder," She then answered Ferric as she gently accepted the cards, "We'll help you out," Come to think of it, there was a merchant who seemed like they needed help. The one who got robbed. This could help them figure out what happened, while Shor's busy with politics.

Soon enough, Mica came back with a note and the charm. When she heard what Ferric said, her jaw almost dropped. She had something that cool on her and she never knew what it did during their time in the mountains? Dang, she needed to identify objects sooner! She commented "That sounds amazing! Thank you!" She then took the charm back and this time, slipped it into one of the many pockets in the sleeve of the Robe of the Fire Rat.

She then looked to her friends and she asked "Is there anything you guys wanted to purchase before we head out and help out the other merchants?"
Sylvia smiled at the mention of putting the identification on the house. She answered him happily , “Oh wow! Thank you!” When he mentioned that he could use her help with something, she clearly became interested. She asked him, “Oh? What do you need help with? I’m all ears,” She was curious about what Ferric May need help with, but the sound of deals didn’t hurt either.
When Sylvia actually looked at Ferric's wares, she had to admit, she had a hard time deciding what to get. When it came to weapons, she was actually really happy with the tonfas she had now. They had saved her butt back when they were fighting Venomfang. Still, it wouldn't hurt to get another weapon in case her tonfas somehow get sundered like how one of the trogs sundered her staff. It couldn't hurt to have some shruikens either. She couldn't wear armor or those are out for her. Potions of healing are always good to have in case Pylia can't heal. Scrolls...if they got two Find Familiar scrolls, then Buddy and Pylia could also have familiars! That was a funny and cute thought to Sylvia. Other than that, Scrolls might not be the best option. The Snapleaf token looks like a great thing to have in case of an emergency. The Folding Boat also looked like a good thing to have. She then spotted the Mobile Home.

The Mobile Home seems like the best purchase as of right now to her. Not only would it solve their problem of where to stay for the night, provided they can find an empty spot in Gransys, but also they can take their home with them wherever they went! So if they had to leave Gransys, they wouldn't have to worry about selling a small house, and it would last longer than the extended stay at the Boarding House. Unfortunately, it was at 3000 Gold right now, and she only had about 510 Gold Pieces.

She mentally noted that the Mobile Home will be the first thing they buy after they sell the Wakestone.

The enchantments also sounded good, but again, they were too expensive right now. Enchantments...that reminded her: Mica was able to identify some magic items in the past. There is still one item that she never got to learn about, something that she got while searching for Buddy...

She asked Ferric, "Oh! Could Mica identify something for me? How much would identifying an item cost?" As she asked, she rummaged through her backpack and pulled out the small feather charm that she received from the nature return for trading her grandmother's hair pin...

She focused back on the feather charm, trying not to think about the hair pin now.
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