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Frisk Dreemurr

Level: 5
Day/Time: Day 2 -- Evening
Location: Dream Land
Word Count: 328
Tag: @Holy Soldier@Dawnrider@Zarkun

Frisk had noticed that Wario and Waluigi had still been in the staircase despite the marching order, but they weren't too worried about those two for now. They focused on their check, and they let out a gasp at the sight of the SOULs. Dedede was still in there, but he was fading! It didn't take long for Frisk to figure that since the monster SOUL was prominent, it meant that it was in control, which means that Dedede could potentially take back control provided he stayed DETERMINED.

Frisk easily recalled their battle against Omega Flowey, and Asriel while he was in his God Form, and Frisk knew what to do.

They needed to call out to Dedede, they needed to help Dedede's SOUL fight back against the Monster SOUL. Maybe they can save Dedede that way!

Of course there were their allies to consider as well...

Maybe if they called too, then Dedede will feel that support and fight back as well. Of course, there was Alicia's and Cloud's words regarding the virus as well. Would they even listen to Frisk and try their method? The child doubted it, but it still couldn't hurt to communicate with them, right?

After the scan was complete, the monster proceeded to attack. Frisk's eyes widened and they let out a "WOAH!" as they immediately moved backwards to avoid the beam of light that moved horizontally across the floor.

They then called to everyone, "Guys! The Monster SOUL is in control, but Dedede's is still in there! Try calling to him! Don't let his SOUL fade!"

They then demonstrated. They looked to the monster and they called "King Dedede! I know you're still in there! You can fight back against the monster, I know you can! STAY DETERMINED!"

Frisk really hoped the others would listen and try. The chance of ending this peacefully and with Dedede saved seems like a long shot, but it's still worth trying in the child's eyes.
Once the interior shield was up, and Beatrice was sure that they would be protected as the pod crashes to the planet, she quickly got to work tending to Morgan. It wasn't long after he spoke and passed out, that she wrapped his head in the gel pack's wrapping, before she injected the orange and blue syringes at the same time. The orange and blue liquid spilled into the clear liquid of the pack and the chemical reactions got to work in repairing any neural damage that Morgan may have received from slamming his head into the controls, and speed up the healing process for his cranial wound. Thankfully, the process didn't take too long and by the time they crashed into something, Morgan was completely healed.

She looked towards the window that showed the outside of the pod, just as Morgan gasped and sat up awake and alert, and saw that they had crashed into the water and it was now sinking. She swore quietly. She knew that they can't stay in the pod. If they were in an ocean, then there would be a chance that they wouldn't escape due to the pressure if they waited too long.

She lowered the shield and quickly packed the essentials and prepared the gear that would provide them oxygen, and as she gathered these supplies she told him, "I know. We can't stay in the pod. We'll have to get to land before the pod sinks too deep,"

She tossed him a bag of supplies and his gear and she told him "I hope you're ready for a swim."
As the ship entered warp speed, Beatrice was hard at work. She was glad that Ensign Kayler had fallen silent, it meant that she could focus on her job. As the data regarding the spot where they were going to drop out of warp speed appeared. As she took in the data, she warned Ensign Kayler, "There are going to be asteroids when we drop out of warp. According to the data, we should be able to avoid them..."

The key word was should, because unfortunately, an asteroid got past the ship's sensors.

When Morgan asked his question, Beatrice answered as she tried to remedy the situation, "I don't know! That shouldn't have been possible!" She immediately got to work in starting the emergency protocol as the red lights flashed within their cabin, immediately having the back up autopilot ready.

Before Morgan could even navigate the pod out of the asteroid's way, the space rock collided with the pod, and Morgan knocked his head against the controls. Beatrice looked to Morgan and after he spoke, she nodded. She called to the computer, "Autopilot! Set course for the closest planet!"

After the computer gave acknowledgement of her command, she immediately hurried over to Morgan. She pulled him away from the controls and lied him down on the floor. He was not in any condition to fly and he needed to have that head wound taken care of. Once he was lying down, she hurried to the supplies amongst the spiraling chaos. As she headed for the supplies, she ducked to avoid sparks of electricity, and held onto any part of the interior that wasn't flying from the spinning chaos.

Once she found the gel pack, she hurried back to Morgan. Once there she called, "Autopilot! Raise interior shield! Brace for impact!" In response to her command, a blue half dome of light appeared around her and Morgan.
Callie didn't stop crying, despite that Merrill was waking up, and was clearly alive. She couldn't stop crying. The events of this night...

The loss of her family...

The loss of her home...

The loss of her normal life...

And the near loss of someone who had been willing to help her...

They all just crashed down on Callie and the tears just would not stop flowing. She truly felt like she was just a child, as her magic surge had physically forced her into becoming.

When she felt him wrap his arms around her, she hugged back instinctively, and she buried her head into his shirt as the tears kept on coming.

As she cried, she could only manage to say the words through her sobbing, "I'm sorry...! I'm so sorry...!"
Beatrice looked to Morgan when he spoke once more. As the jets roared to life, he pointed out that they were about to be the first of the human race to set foot on a planet in the Epsilon System.

...Was he...trying to say otherwise in regards to her earlier statement?

...While it was true that her siblings and parents haven't done anything like this, there was still a part in Beatrice's mind that stated that getting there was one thing, and actually doing something is another.

But she didn't voice that out loud.

Instead, she took in the vast expanses of space as the pod left the Galacticus. It was always a beautiful and somewhat terrifying sight.

When she felt his eyes once her once more, she looked back to him. In response to his question, she nodded and she answered as she prepared the map once more, "Let's do this,"
Callie gasped in utter horror as she saw the fire mar his features as it devoured his body. When she heard his words about him being expendable she shook her head and whimpered "No...Nononononono....Put out the fire...!" When he let her go, she stood up and stared at him, when he whispered and then fell limp. She fell to her knees at the realization that he was dead.

This...This was her fault....!

She....She did this!

...She....She really was evil! She killed the one person who was willing to help her!!!

Tears started to blur her sight and she was ready to scream once more. How could she have been stupid?! HOW COULD SHE HAVE DONE THIS?!

Before she did though, she heard another voice, and she stood up, turning to see who the source was. She watched as a strange woman stepped out of the shadows. Callie let out her own wary question, her voice choking as she tried to hold tears back, "Who-Who are you?! What do you want?!"

Callie's own body tensed as the woman drew closer, her own eyes widened at the mention that the woman was here to kill Merrill. She watched as the woman placed a hand on Merrill's body, and Callie raised her own hand, ready to try and call fire again and she warned "If...If you do something awful to his body, I swear I'll--!" She stopped when the woman spoke once more, saying that it shouldn't be this way.

Callie watched as white light appeared, and it seemed to bring life back to Merrill. Callie's breath hitched. Merrill was alive! HE IS ALIVE!

Her creating became erratic as the tears forced their way through and she stared at the woman. Before Callie could say anything, she was gone. Once the woman was gone, Callie fell to her knees and cried.
Callie winced and let out a cry of pain as she felt something pierce through her skin. She fell to her knees as whatever that thing was slithered back into the shadows before bursting into flame. She stayed where she was, despite hearing Merrill call for her.

She simply sat there, in shock, and trying to get over the sensation of something crawling up her leg and the pain that shot through. She snapped out of her stupor when she felt Merrill grab her hand and pull her towards him. She easily noticed that he was aflame and she whimpered "Fire...You're on fire...!"
Beatrice's gaze seemed to have become much more detached, lifeless, and robotic after he commented on who her family was. Her mind lingered on the words "You must be so proud of yourself," The words would not just leave her alone, and with those words came memories. Memories that drove her to do better, and to do more, even if it meant not sleeping for days.

In response to his words, she answered coldly, mechanically, and simply, "Why? I've accomplished nothing,"

When he suggested that they get started, she nodded in agreement, before she coldly stated, "Don't call me that," She then stepped forwards into the cockpit and took her seat, already getting to work with the grid right in front of her. She quickly buckled her seat when she had the chance.

After he spoke, and she noticed that his finger was on the ignition, Beatrice stopped preparing the map, and she leaned back against the back rest of the seat, and gripped the arms. She answered seriously, "Ready, Ensign,"
Callie stared at Merrill as he apologized, mixed emotions appearing on her face. Indignation, anger, bafflement, fear, hurt, betrayal...they all raged in Callie's heart. When he said he wished he could explain, she told him "You can! Just tell me!" But instead of listening to her, he instead reassured that she would figure out how to control her powers and find her destiny, and then he turned to leave.

She was left alone in stupefied silence. She could see in his eyes that something was haunting him. But what? Did...Did he see something and he wasn't telling her what. She sighed and pinching the bridge of her nose, she decided to try and talk to him about it some more. Besides, it's night in the forest. She was pretty sure that it wasn't safe to go out alone. She started to walk, until...

She felt something wet and slimy climb up her leg.

Letting out a scream, she whirled to see what was climbing up her leg. Instinctively, she called upon bolts of fire and aimed at the thing that could still be seen slithering on the ground, trying to kill whatever unknown horror with fire.

Name: ..."Inari"
Age: 17
Chosen Race: Human, Erenlander
Chosen Archetype: Rogue
-Insightful, both of people and situations and how they might play out.
-Perceptive, she's always alert and on guard
-Fast and stealthy. If she wasn't good at either of these, she'd make a terrible rogue.
-Invisibility. While it may be good for when she's on solo missions, it's not so great when she's with friends or trying to talk to people.
-Silence. She hardly ever speaks, so it can be difficult for her to talk to people in general, which is especially necessary as a tactician.
-Weak. She's not brawny or strong, so she makes up for that weakness with her dexterity and speed.

Heroic Path: Tactician

Spellcasting Abilities: None. Jitsu are not spells, they are strategy and tactics of unconventional warfare, guerrilla warfare, and espionage.

Appearance: No matter what, "Inari" always wears the fox mask, hence giving her name. "Inari" may be a small and diminutive figure, but it is a blessing for her stealth and speed. In the picture, she's wearing formal attire. Normally, she wears attire that helps her blend into her surroundings (for example, if she were to travel at night, she would wear all black or dark blue, or if she were to travel through the forest during the day, then she would wear all green), and allows her to move quickly and quietly.

Personality: With the mask and how silent "Inari" always seems to be, it can be hard to grasp what her personality is like other than being the strong, stoic, and silent type. "Inari" only speaks up if it's to answer a question or if she feels that she has something important to say. If someone does say something she doesn't like, they will immediately find her blade against their throat. The same result will occur if someone tries to lift her mask off of her face.

Background: "Inari" is a silent figure who seemed to appear out of thin air one day in Hope's Gate. Was she a newcomer? Or was she always there? Were some of the disappearances of clothes, food, and a couple of weapons harbingers of her appearance? Or were they simply coincidental mistakes? Either way, she seems to be a friend, as she has lent her tactical aid to Eirinn when he has had to come up with battle plans. There are many in Hope's Gate who do not trust her silent demeanor and her ways of combat, but she does not seem to mind.

She does not talk much about her past, but it can be clear that she learned how to survive by not drawing attention to herself and planning everything ahead of time.
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