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Once they made it back to their room at the inn, Sylvia let out a quiet sigh of relief as she sat down on the bed. She could feel the weariness from the day's events catch up to her. She smiled at her friends as she glanced to see that Buddy was going to read, while Pylia had already fallen asleep. She noticed how Syfr was flying out to do owl things, so she figured that she'd call Dinah (if she wasn't here already), and let her do cat things. She turned her attention to Shortfang when he asked her about life back home. She nodded and answered, "Yep! There was always something that either needed to be done or something that can be done recreationally,"

As she answered, she couldn't help but recall how as a child, she thought everyday life back home was very boring with how repetitive going to school and doing homework was. However, as she grew older and took on more responsibilities along with the school work and other activities such as hobbies and jobs, she didn't think of every day as much. She had to think of her future there...and of her grandparents who grew frailer every day. Compared to her life here in Keratia at this moment...

She didn't let her thoughts linger on that. She didn't want to think any further on that. She has responsibilities back home. Her grandparents need her...

She finished her answer, focusing her attention off of her thoughts and back to the present moment, "Certainly can't say it was boring back home, even if there were some tasks that get repetitive,"
Najila entered the room with the others to find that the dragonborn was no longer bound. Had he escaped on his own? She couldn't help but wonder to herself. Aron already stepped up cautiously and asked the Dragonborn if he was friend or foe. She listened to him as he spoke, about how he had witnessed the caravan get attacked, and tried to help only for him to get captured as well. Considering that he had been bound earlier, she had very little to no reason to doubt his words.

She stepped forwards, taking point in the discussions for her allies, "Hail and well met, Blue. Though I wish our meeting was under better circumstances. My name is Najila. Any healing and aid you can provide would be most appreciated,"

She then asked him, looking to Nadir, "How is Nadir's condition? And do you know where they've taken his wife, Layla? Or my tome? It has clouds permeating out and off of it,"
@rush99999 I'm okay ere. Just looking or a job on my end. ^^"
As the group walked and Najila followed Azzen's guidance, she spoke, telling the group of what Pythagoras saw as he proceeded to scout ahead.

"There is a hall ahead...and a room on the right. The room on the right looks like barracks...but there are two people, bruised and chained to the ground,"

At the mention of the conditions, Najila's tone grew disgusted and sickened. But she continued as her tone lightened with recognition,

"I recognize one of them! Nadir!"

She then asked in concern,

"But...where is Layla?"

She then continued for her friends, "The other occupant in the room is a lizardfolk of blue scales. It seems he too is a prisoner,"

She continued as Pythagoras continued investigating, "I hear a faint breeze. There is an alcove. I see mountains from the arrow slits. There are crates obscuring the path ahead--NO!"

Najila tried to snap her fingers to get Pythagoras out of harm's way, but it was too late. The bolt of fire struck the owl, burning him to a crisp. Her vision and hearing returned to her as she fumed, "Who throws a fire bolt at an owl?! That's like kicking a cat!"

Thank you! ^_^ I appreciate seeing the roll. Even if it is a Natural 20. ^^"

Pythagoras would look like a barn owl, with tawny feathers, and a white heart shaped face.

I'll get a post up. ^_^

Er... Did I need to roll a Saving Throw for Pythagoras? Or is that particular fire bolt just a straight up attack? ^^"
(Pythagoras' AC is 11.)
Sylvia quietly watched as Pylia laid the bouquet at Seraph's grave. She slightly bowed her head a bit for a moment of silence in respect to Seraph. Sylvia agreed with Pylia's suggestion, "Yeah...Today was pretty rough," She looked to Shortfang when he asked what they will be doing tomorrow, and she answered as she started leading the way back to the inn, "Well, Shor did ask us to come by once he finished getting an idea of what happened today. So, we'll have to report in tomorrow. And we'll visit Ferric tomorrow afterwards. Other than that, we'll play it by ear,"


Oof....Not a great roll...DX

Yes, I am well aware. @Lucius Cypher rewrote their post to show Orchid asking Najila to send her familiar ahead to scout.
Najila listened to the group as they spoke and argued on what to do. She rubbed her temples in slight annoyance as well. Some team they were proving themselves to be. Eventually, Angus agreed on moving ahead with them, and Orchid had given instructions. Najila nodded in response to Orchid, and she answered, "Very well. It appears we're all in agreement then," She looked up to her owl familiar, and she called calmly, "Pythagoras,"

"Hoo!" Her owl responded to her call. She then told Orchid, "I apologize but I will have to be a burden for a bit. Someone will have to watch over me. I will be blind and deaf to everything around me while I see and hear through Pythagoras,"

After she informed them as such, she closed her eyes before reopening them again. When she reopened them again, she revealed her eyes to be clouded white, as though she were born blind. The owl then flew ahead of the group, silently scouting ahead to see what the path ahead holds for them.
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