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It's alright. I get it. ^_^

Post when you can! I'm looking forward to your post. XD
Never had Sylvia been happier to see that a large crocodile was on her side. The sight of just the trog's legs just standing there somewhat unnerved her. She turned back to the fight, and saw the death of one of the kobolds she had been trying to protect. Her eyes widened as she witnessed the trog eat the kobold, like he was nothing more than just a snack. When the trog turned to face her with it's own sick grin, she felt anger well up once more. With a glare she growled at the trog, "You just made a big mistake,"

She then closed the gap between her and the trog, and she clocked the trog's head with the staff first, before going for a roundhouse kick.

Sylvia could feel herself become a little more nervous as the cries of the trogs got louder. She nodded to Shortfang as she prepared to face the trogs. She was glad that Shortfang had said something to the kobolds, because she had noticed that the crocodile would have taken a bite out of her if the kobold hadn't stopped it. She widened her eyes in slight shock when she saw that Buddy had snapped a trog's neck with ease.

Then she heard it. There were panicked screams coming from the kobolds behind the barricades. She called to her friends, "They're in trouble! Gonna go help!" She then hurried off, even tapping into her ki to help her move faster so that she could reach the kobolds in time before any of the trogs could try and kill them. When she got close enough to one of the threatening trogs, she swung at the trog with her quarterstaff, aiming for the head.

Sounds great! Thank you!

Ohhhh! I see now!

^^" That is a better path of movement than what I had thought earlier (three squares up then five squares to the right). ^^"

If you'll allow it, then I'll move and direct the bonus action unarmed strike to the other nearby trog in space 16r.

Sorry for the confusion on my part. ^^"

From space 16p?

...I'm getting the sense that we're not looking at the same square...^^"
No worries. ^_^

I think I spent all of my movement, so I don't think my unarmed strike will be able to hit the trog behind the one she just hit with the quarterstaff, and the other trog is too far away, so I think I'll just keep the attack to just the Quarterstaff strike for now. XD
Sylvia runs along the side of sewage river at first, before using the satyr stance to make her way across the disgusting terrain quickly and efficiently. When she reaches the closest trog, she strikes the creature with her quarterstaff before kicking it in its chest. She turns to hear the noises coming their way. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch that the reinforcements that were coming were not kobolds, and it sounds like there are a lot of them coming. She thought of suggesting that the kobolds leave, but with the other trogs alive, there was no doubt that the trogs would have their reinforcements pursue after them. So instead she braced herself to keep fighting.

Sylvia widened her eyes at the sight of the battlefield in front of them. She looked to Shortfang as he shouted angrily, thankfully his shout didn't get their attention. When Shortfang asked her what to do, she studied the battlefield. While she could use all of her energy to dash to behind the planks and take cover, she doubted that it was going to help her completely. There was hardly any place for them to set up a surprise attack. If anything, the fact that the trogs were distracted by the kobolds now was the best opportunity they have. So it was best not to squander it.

She answered Shortfang, "Yeah. They're distracted, so it's better to try and strike now," She then activated her Satyr Stance and told them, "Let's go!" She then moved forwards and once she was close enough, she threw a throwing knife at one of the troglodytes

Sylvia sighed in relief at Shortfang's answer. She nodded in agreement at his statement about being careful. She then looked to Buddy as he finally wrote in his journal. She could see that he was adamant about staying up front. She chuckled and answered "Alright, Bud. You're up front. I think after that last battle, we've lost our chance for stealth anyways," She then looked to Pylia to see that she found some items from the Trog body.

She answered Pylia's suggestion and addressed her friends, "That sounds like a great idea. I'm ready to continue onwards if you guys are," She would follow Buddy if he was ready to continue onwards.
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