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Level: 1
Day/Time: Day 2, Noon
Location: Smash Arena
Tags:@Holy Soldier@Zarkun@Rockin Strings@Lugubrious@DarkRecon

Shantae couldn't help but grin at how Moneybags was sweating under all of their gazes, and she had to hold back a laugh at how Steve's presence seemed to add on to the anxiety. However, when the sentient bear seemed to calm down and accept the fact that he was caught, Shantae couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. Why would he be so calm? She listened carefully to what he had to say, and a sense of suspicion and dread grew in her heart. After Moneybags gave his final answer, the walls were broken down by something huge. She looked towards the source and saw that it was none other than a green giant with smaller minions.

The chaos that ensued reminded Shantae heavily of how Tinkerbats invade Scuttle Town. She knew what she must do, especially since the giant had shouted an order to kill everyone here. She mumbled "Not on my watch!" She noticed that James had freed Sparx, so she would be able to focus on the green things that rampaged through the arena.

"Go, Sparx! Get out of here!"
Shantae kept an eye on Sparx as she dashed forwards and attacked the green creatures that tried to hurt the innocent bystanders and arena visitors. With a crack of her hair whip, the green things were either knocked down or sent flying into the air. It was almost hilarious. She made her way to the blue creature, figuring that James was going to need help in that regards. Plus, if she didn't know better, it seemed way more interested in the Rewards Table than in fighting. Was it after Sparx?

Once she was close enough, she attacked the blue creature with her hair, if not delivering a successful attack, then hopefully it would delay the creature long enough to let Sparx escape.
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Frisk Dreemurr

Level: 1
Day/Time: Day 2
Location: Dream Land
Word Count: 574
Tag: @Holy Soldier@Etherean Fire@Zarkun@ModeGone@Leaves

It wasn't hard for Frisk to notice the gunfire that resounded throughout the room. Thankfully, Alicia seemed to be following Frisk's request to not kill and just simply knocked the tiny creature off of the ball. They also noticed how Banjo and Kazooie had taken the defensive position in front of them. The child was somewhat confused by the shape of Marx's SOUL, but not as much as they were when they saw Wario's SOUL. So Marx's SOUL was a spade instead of a heart. It was very close to that of a Monster's SOUL. The info they were familiar with also popped up. Of course, they were aware that that the numbers can be very misleading. The comment that Marx was not what he appeared to be also added to the slight suspicion. But if there was one thing that Frisk was certain, it was that Marx did not have Mario's SOUL.

Everyone, He doesn’t have it!” Frisk called to the rest of the team, after Cloud spoke on the radio and before the two beams of light appeared. When the lights disappeared, Frisk saw that one was a man in a blue suit with a spiky hair-do, and the other figure was someone the child knew very well…

Dad? What are you doing here?” Frisk couldn’t help but ask the question in shock. While they would have been happy to see any of their friends, the current situation called for more concern than joy. They couldn’t help but remember how Asgore was easily murdered by Flowey (and Frisk inadvertently helped Flowey in that endeavor, because Asgore wouldn’t accept their mercy). They had a feeling that if any of the enemies they faced had true malicious intent, then Asgore might die….

Frisk’s attention was drawn back to Marx when he spoke up and jumped back on the ball. The child watched as Marx jumped into the air and sprouted wings. Frisk couldn’t help but think of Asriel as his God of Hyperdeath self, and they muttered under their breath, “…Rip off,” They were not in the least bit afraid of Marx. It was good to know that this situation wasn’t like the situation with Asriel. The world was not in danger of being reset, and the group was not floating in some abyss.

Of course, their lack of fear did not go unnoticed and the little guy boasted about how he had the power of the entire galaxy, before he split himself in half and made a black hole appear. Frisk noticed that everyone and everything was being drawn towards the black hole. They heard Marx’s voice once more, and they couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. Why would Marx warn them about his own attack? Was Marx truly a bad guy?

Frisk put the question on the back burner of their mind and called to the squad as they went over to the stairs and grabbed hold of the railings, since those appeared to be secured to the ground, “Everyone! Grab onto something! Don’t get sucked into that hole!

After they gave that warning, they looked around. Maybe they should throw something into that hole? But what…?
There was also the fact that Marx flying around would make the fight harder for the group to deal with. They looked to Alicia and they called to her, “Alicia! Do you think you can aim for his wings and knock him to the ground?"
@Holy Soldier My vote is Nay for the Discord server. I think it would divide the group as well. Plus there is the fact that not everyone has Discord, and there may be some who don't want to download Discord.

Also, on another note. I don't mean to nitpick but I've noticed something peculiar about your list of characters who are going to Kirby's world. You've listed Alicia Harnick twice, once by her title of "The Stalwart" and the other by her name.

Level: 1
Day/Time: Day 2, Noon
Location: Smash Arena
Tags:@Holy Soldier@Zarkun

Shantae listened to the dragonfly, and her eyes widened in concern at the mention that if Sparx doesn't go back home, then the Dragon Lands would cease to exist. Unfortunately, before she could even say anything in response, someone loomed over the dragonfly, and she looked up to see that the figure was none other than the tux wearing bear, Moneybags. Her gaze narrowed when Moneybags offered her a deal under the table. The half-genie hero had to admit: Even if she had the Gemjug transformation dance, there was no way in heck that she would want to fork any sort of riches over to this Scumbag. She had to keep herself from smiling when Sparx bit Moneybags' finger. She listened to the conversation, and she couldn't help cut feel anger for Sparx towards the bear when it became clear that Sparx believed those terrible words.

Before she could say anything, or think of a way to get Sparx out of there, somebody stepped up to prove the bear wrong. She looked to the figure to see that his face was hidden behind the helmet. After hearing his words, she couldn't help but smile and crossed her arms. She whispered "Thank you," to the figure, before she looked to Moneybags and she answered him, "You were saying, Moneybags? I believe my answer should be obvious at this point," She then pointed at him, and she answered, "You can take that dirty Under-the-table deal and stuff it!"

She then realized something and she asked out loud, half out of genuine curiosity, and the other half out of mischief, "Huh....I wonder...What other secret deals are you hiding from Steve...?"
Frisk Dreemurr

Level: 1
Day/Time: Day 2
Location: Dream Land
Word Count: 942
Tag: @Holy Soldier@Etherean Fire@Zarkun

Frisk hadn't realized how their question could have disturbed the leader when they asked, but they could see the look on his face as he started to answer their question. In their experience, there was still hope for the SOUL if it was absorbed. The SOUL could still be reached, and spoken to, and it could even interfere if the SOUL wanted to. The SOUL may vanish afterwards, but still it was better than remaining where it wouldn't want to be...

The mood seemed to lighten though when Guile mentioned the gas masks and opened the crates. Frisk listened as Guile informed them about the gas masks and how to put them on. Of course, it wasn't long before Wario piped up at the insult and panicked over being dropped. Frisk couldn't help but laugh after Kirby chanted 'Drop' and Wario reacted to the hero. The child trotted over to the crate and got a small gas mask for themselves and put it over their head as instructed. They looked to Cloud, hearing his mutter, and answered him, "I can contact Woshua and have them help with your laundry if you'd like. When we're done with this mission of course,"

As they answered, they also headed over to the wall and grabbed onto a strap that was attached to the wall. Their grip tightened as Guile warned the heroes to hang onto something as though their life depended on it. Frisk couldn't help but shout "WOAH!" as the Ragnarok turned completely vertical and flew upwards. Their whole body was lifted and was being pulled and tugged at by the wind, considering they were smaller and lighter than the rest of the crew. They held onto the strap as tight as possible. If there was a time to remain DETERMINED and to not let go, it was definitely now. Thanks to their DETERMINATION, they managed to hang on and were not sent tumbling out. They landed on their feet after the hatch closed and the ship had straightened itself out.

After they were sure they weren't going to be sucked out of the ship again, they ran over to the window to watch the impact. They looked out of the window, and sure enough, there was a huge green mushroom cloud erupting from where they dropped Wario and Waluigi. Frisk held onto another nearby strap as the ring of aftershock shook the ship. They could feel that the ship almost went out of control, but Guile was able to keep it under control. Frisk looked to Guile as he laughed at the aftermath, and Cloud had reminded him to not anger the man. Frisk nodded in agreement, and they couldn't resist making a pun, "Well, he certainly knows the...fart of war,"

It wasn't too long before the ship once again over the Butter Building. Frisk scanned the building to see that the King was nowhere to be seen. As Guile stated, he must've retreated to the interior of the castle. After Guile told them to come back as a group, Frisk gave them a Thumbs Up and answered enthusiastically, "Understood, Sir!" After they gave the answer, the hatch was opened and Guile had bid them all good luck. They waved to Kirby, before jumping out themselves. Jumping out of the ship reminded them of their first memory of jumping into the Underground. Frisk aimed to land on Wario, since there was no bed of flowers on the balcony for them to land on.

Once they landed and the rest of the group landed, Frisk turned to face them, and spoke up in a serious tone, "OK, everyone. Before we go in, I want to let you know of something important. I can CHECK on the people we encounter and see if anyone absorbed Mario's SOUL. That being said, I don't want anyone to try and cause lethal damage to anyone. If someone has absorbed Mario's SOUL, then who knows if killing that person would hurt Mario as well? Plus, we want to be able to ask them questions, in case we have trouble finding Mario's SOUL,"

Frisk then finished, "If anyone has any questions or criticisms, please say them now. If not, then let's get inside!"

When the group entered, Frisk looked around the spacious room of the sixth floor. They did think it was kind of strange that there were no guards here, but it could be because of the stink bomb the entire group released on them. Unfortunately, before the group could even begin their search, a small figure rolled onto the scene on a beach ball. Something about this character, Marx, reminded Frisk of both Mettaton and Flowey. Of course, Marx had just told them that they had to defeat him and the other bosses in order to learn where Dedede is. After he gave the threat, Frisk could feel their SOUL drawn out, as per the norm for a battle.

The red heart hovered in front of their chest, and Frisk did not hesitate on pressing the ACT button in front of them and then the CHECK button. They pointed at Marx and focused on his SOUL. Even if Marx hadn't absorbed Mario's SOUL, it would be wise to get as much information as they can about Marx, since he was challenging them to a battle. Maybe there was a little social quirk that Frisk could use to get Marx to back down from the fight.

Of course, they were always prepared to dodge, just in case an attack came their way. It was like being in the Underground again, except this time...Frisk was not in the battle alone.
Team Four


Level: 1
Day/Time: Day 2, Noon
Location: Smash Arena
Tags:@Holy Soldier

Before anything could happen, Steve Fox suddenly dove into the ring, and stopped the match. Shantae stopped, and stepped back away from Isaac as Steve rose from the mat. After Steve pointed out that Bartz was nowhere to be found, Shantae turned around and found his words to be true. "What? Seriously?" Where could he have gone and why had he left so suddenly? She turned to face Steve again when he spoke. Sure enough, the victory was handed to Isaac and Rayman.

Shantae looked to Rayman when he piped up in anger and packed up his hammock. Shantae was conflicted between feeling indignant at being blamed for something that wasn't her fault, and feeling guilty that this match didn't end as any of them wanted.
Shantae then looked to Isaac as he spoke next. She smiled a bit at him and she answered him, "I look forward to it,"

Shantae's attention was drawn back to Steve when he rubbed the back of his neck and spoke apologetically. She accepted his offer to watch the other matches and thanked him after he told her that she was free to come back and compete again. Once he was gone, she easily jumped over the ropes of the ring, and headed off to go watch the other matches. At this point, she walked past the rewards table and stopped when she heard the voice coming from it, asking for her help.

She searched for the source of the voice, only to find that it was apparently coming from the dragonfly. Sparx, if she remembered the name correctly. She looked around to make sure nobody was watching before she quietly answered the dragonfly, "What is it? How can I help?"

If this dragonfly was sentient, then it was probably being held captive against his will here, and that went against the half-genie's good conscious. Chances are that the dragonfly was going to ask her to help him break free, but it could just as easily be something else. But if he wanted to break free...then it was going to be a difficult endeavor with all of the fighters here. Plus, Steve and Moneybags might not be too keen on just letting her take one of the prizes.
@DarkRecon What he was going for was...

Year < 2002 ..... That's a legend.

2012 > 2002 ..... Not a legend.

Therefore, Robin is not a legend like Mario is.
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