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That feeling when you have worked so hard for years, and you finally get a job that could be the start of a new career...... :D


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@Guardian Angel Haruki uhm I might sound like a dick but isn't that easily understandable if he read the IC. Just a thought, anyway. I wonder if Jangle will enjoy this lovely gourd. :D

Still, as a DM, it is my job to also help players and answer their questions. ^^"

Plus, I might be misunderstanding his question, because there are so many situations going on with this module, I'm not sure which one he's asking about...^^"
(Erm, prob. Can you explain the situation one more time to me?)

Er...You mean the situation right now?

Right now, you guys are in the cave in Telemy Hill, talking to a goblin named Jingle Jangle. Brutrumukk's completing a side quest that was given to the party a little earlier, right before Halendar joined. Aurora and Gabriel are both giving Jingle Jangle food right now.

Speaking of communication...

I just want to check in: @Dark Cloud@Isaac Do you want to say/do anything before I write up another DM post? ^^"
Forsooth yonder communicative means doth be most fine methinks; Indeed, verily thy forum hast been most ardently fervent and behooved by dedicated presence. It be the envy of the whole of the site. Verily. Squander not the blessings bestowed by thine active nature, fixeth not what is not broketh.


Well said! XD
I think we’re good on the communication front. ^^”
Uhm, do we have one @Guardian Angel Haruki?

No, we don't have a Discord. ^^"
<Snipped quote by rush99999>

Listen, it's still early days. Small steps xP

As a DM, I agree.

It's still the early days....Muahahahaha...
I am also ready to move on.

Also Kendra is definitely wondering if ghosts can read minds right now xP

Just another case of great minds think alike. XP
@XxFellsingxX @Guardian Angel Haruki
Did you want to finish your discussion and head out before the next MC post or should I proceed?

<Snipped quote by rush99999>

It's up to Haruki if she wants Grace to respond to what Kendra said. I have nothing else to add right now.

Sorry for the wait and my recent short post, but I think I'm ready to continue on. ^^"

Grace listened to Kendra as she answered her question regarding to the Magic Eight Ball. Grace unwittingly asked Kendra's question, "Can fae even come back as ghosts?"

She then shrugged her shoulders and she said to Kendra, "Let's get going, then! No time to waste, right? Don't worry, I'll be with you," After that, she allowed herself to fade from her manifestation and follow Kendra when she was ready to go.
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