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Janine Fawkes

Scrapmouse's Wings of Flying were dismissed after she lowered herself off of the perch. She watched as the Elf casted a spell on a tree and created a portal for them. She quickly hopped onto Sparky, and she patted the mechanical servant and commanded "Alright Sparky! Full speed ahead!" After Sparky gave a noise of affirmation, the mechanical servant charged ahead through the portal.



Scrapmouse quickly grabbed her arms and shivered. She thought she was prepared for the cold. Apparently, she was wrong. She looked to the half-orc paladin as he stated that they needed to find information. Kethan immediately took on the job of scouting, and no sooner than he left he informed them that he found the location of the guild. As much as Scrapmouse would have loved to help, she had already used her Wings of Flying for the day.

As the two scouted and after they relayed their information, Scrapmouse asked Marcus, "Think they'll listen to another Guild member? I think I can try an' talk to them when we get there,"

Scrapmouse had been a member of a Guild ever since before she started adventuring. Maybe her roots in the guild can help them out in this situation?
Frisk Dreemurr

Level: 4
Day/Time: Day 2 -- Evening
Location: Dream Land
Word Count: 648
Tag: @Holy Soldier@Etherean Fire@Zarkun

Frisk couldn’t help but blink at what Alicia said. Their stoic face gained a frustrated but still determined look after Alicia spoke her piece. Their closed eyes seemed to have shut themselves tighter, and their tiny little fists clenched. Why couldn’t Alicia understand? …She really must have a high LOVE. She didn’t seem to feel the same pain from the battle herself. The child pointed out to the soldier, “Fatty never said that we had to fight. He just said that they weren’t as ‘chill’ as he was. There’s always a chance to end things peacefully, Alicia. What if we stumble upon a cure during our battle against Dedede? Would you still kill him then?!

That sort of thing has happened before. If it was never possible to save the people who were mentally affected by something, then Frisk never would have been able to save their friends and family from Asriel’s RESET!

Then something unexpected happened.

Their eyes opened and widened when they found themselves in Cloud Strife’s embrace. They immediately picked up on the silent message that Cloud was giving them. He knew what they were feeling. And just like that…memories came flooding back, as they were given a chance that they had never really received before. Or perhaps…it was a chance to do something that Frisk never really allowed themselves to take before.

It was a chance to cry, and alleviate the sadness they felt.

As Frisk’s eyes welled up, they quickly buried their face in Cloud’s shoulder and raised their arms to hug back. After he heard Cloud’s voice and the footsteps lead away from the both of them, Frisk cried and their fists clenched Cloud’s shirt.

As Frisk cried, the memories of Asgore’s death in another timeline they experienced, and the fact that they couldn’t save Asriel, and the nightmares of everyone dying also came to mind.

After some moments, Frisk finally calmed down, and let Cloud go from the embrace. They wiped their tears and sniffled, “’M sorry, Cloud,” Frisk’s eyes were open, and Cloud would be able to see more than just the pain from the last battle. It was the pain they felt from their time in the Underground and from other timelines, both known and unknown.

I know I’m not…as experienced as a leader. But…I’ll still do my best and make sure that not only we accomplish our mission, but that we all get out of this alive too. If it means I have to fight, then I’ll fight,

With their mind cleared, Frisk nodded and said to Cloud, “I’m ready. There’s just…one thing I want to ask of you before we meet up with the others. Cloud?

Frisk took a deep breath and made their request, “If…I fight, and I start acting weird or going too far. …Stop me. Okay?

After Cloud answers, Frisk led the way to meet up with the others. There, they spotted two familiar faces, and they heard a familiar laugh. Of course, it didn’t take long for those brothers to notice their presence.

Frisk answered while crossing their arms, with a grin, “The stairs. How else?

They gave the answer like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Considering that this was Wario and Waluigi, and they had already reached this area, the possibility that they may have found Mario’s SOUL and hat did come to mind.

Well, at least it looked like the both of them knocked the enemies unconscious.

Frisk turned to look at their allies, and they gave the command, “Let’s search around here! This seems like the perfect place for Dedede to keep Mario’s SOUL and hat,

As of now, there’s no reason to pick a fight with the Wario brothers. Maybe their command will get a reaction out of the brothers.

Frisk looked at Alicia warily. They really hoped that she wouldn’t needlessly start a fight.
@Cu Chulainn Yes, a centaur is perfectly fine.

Since you're out of the game now, what was Bobbin's secret stuff that you PM'd to Haruki at the start of the game? The only way we'll know now is if you tell us.

I'll admit that I misremembered the tone of your post, but I did get the impression from the last sentence.

While it is true that it is the only way you'll find out, it's just not as satisfying to reveal it as things are now, and it's frustrating. I have seen RPers reuse their characters for other RPs, so it's not like you'll never get another chance to find out their secrets. Save the joy of the surprise for that time!

I apologize for my mistake on the tone of your post.

JBRam2002, Pennydumb123, and Cu Chulainn might want to use their characters in another RP in the future. To reveal the secrets behind them would not only harm any potential surprises for that future RP (should you be in the same RP as them), but it is also ultimately up to the players as to whether or not they would like to reveal their secrets or not. For you to demand them to just reveal their character's secrets, like you did to JBRam2002 is just flat out rude and inconsiderate in my opinion.


Level: 3
Day/Time: Day 2, Night
Location: Save Point Inn ---> Tetris Castle
Tags:@Holy Soldier@Zarkun@DracoLunaris@ONL

Shantae saw how the figure had stopped when the ship started moving. But before she could even think on that, Sparx had already acted and took the opportunity to club the figure in the back of the head. She let out a monkey like yelp (even though she tried to say 'Way to go Sparx!'), and she headed over to the both of them. As she leapt from perch to perch to reach the two of them, she could hear the discussion the both of them had. Apparently the cloaked figure was not who they originally thought he was.

She reached the both of them by the time Sparx had shouted to her and the others that the person was named Hunter. She reached the both of them in her monkey form. She gave a tilt of her head, before in a flash of light she dropped the monkey form, and went back to her human/genie form. She asked "I'm guessing he's a friend of yours, Sparx?"

She listened to the two of them speak with each other, bickering about their plans on how to help Spyro. She commented, "Well, I don't think this Ripto is expecting any of us. We can use that to our advantage. But we should really wait for the others to catch up before we start discussing plans..."

She then looked to the ship, and she couldn't help but wonder. If the cloaked figure they were chasing, Hunter, wasn't the bad guy. Then...was he on that ship?
@Cu Chulainn I'm sorry to hear that. :(

You are welcome to create a different character for this RP if you'd like. ^_^
You can keep the EXP you just gained as well.
@ihinka Before I even think of starting recruitment, I'll be PMing Azzy and Cu Chulainn to see if they're still interested in this RP.

@rush99999 No, it isn't. But, part of the fun is that it can emulate real life consequences and circumstances. I'm sure you've been in games where you don't find out everything in character, and some things are left unknown.
@ihinka LOL. Warren is with Callie, Jamil, and (technically) Shaedra and Jacoby. Safira would have to go after them to get Warren.
Though, Mirdas and Signod are still in the camp circle where Safira is. ^^"
@rush99999**Once again, put aside yon metagaming.
I PM'ed their Investigation results when Bobbin investigated the tent. That is all. The person going into the tent has to roll Investigation.

And why don't we leave the backstory as a mystery?

EDIT: **Sorry about that, I completely misunderstood your post when I typed that. Regardless, the Investigation roll bit still stands.
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