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Current Happy Easter Everyone! And a Happy Preemptive April Fool's Day!
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Am I the only one who's now getting obnoxious ads in the middle of posts and PMs instead of just at the top or bottom of the site? I even had an ad cover up OOC context I wrote in a hider! ::(
2 yrs ago
That feeling when you have worked so hard for years, and you finally get a job that could be the start of a new career...... :D


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If this happens, Jub will definitely have a more firm belief that Aurora is an Archfae in disguise with how she worded all this.

Good thing he's too busy with being chased by the guards to know that.

Apologies for taking so long to post. Writers block has been a pain this week.

No worries. I've been there. ^^"

It's an awesome post! XD I approve this use of the Rule of Reciprocity!
<Snipped quote by Guardian Angel Haruki>

Oh? What's the reason?

No spoilers from me.

I'll let you think about it.
<Snipped quote by Guardian Angel Haruki>

Nope. No.

Sorry, there's a reason why the module will not let me grant inspiration to anyone yet.
@Guardian Angel Haruki

That's a Persuasion roll of 4 and an Animal Handling roll of 20.

Does Brutrumukk have Inspiration by any chance?

Unfortunately, he does not.
Okay, its been 11 days since the last GM post. I'm not sure this is gonna get picked up with how it's looking.

Sorry for the silence on my part. ^^"

I'll get this rolling again as soon as possible.
OK. Can I get both a Persuasion and an Animal Handling check from Brutrumukk? ^_^
<Snipped quote by Guardian Angel Haruki>

That is precisely what I wanted to hear.

....Uh oh.
<Snipped quote by Guardian Angel Haruki>

You make a fair point.

Either way, I have a question. Can Brutrumukk hear any birds nearby?

Just small birds, like finches and sparrows, that rest high up in trees. He hasn't seen or heard of any birds like the giant crane at the beginning of Hither in Downfall.

<Snipped quote by Guardian Angel Haruki>

And now I know what Mordent would be like if it were a Domain of Delight rather than a Domain of Dread.

If horrific stuff can exist in Domains of Delight, who's to say goofy things and fun Musical Numbers like Barnaby's aren't possible in Domains of Dread?
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