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18 days ago
Current Happy Thanksgiving!
1 mo ago
Just finished a busy, but Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween everyone! Hope yours was full of fun frights!
2 yrs ago
That feeling when you have worked so hard for years, and you finally get a job that could be the start of a new career...... :D


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<Snipped quote by Guardian Angel Haruki>

... eheh....

That's a 6 (this time with the lucky stick right off the bat). Apparently Jub really doesn't want to figure out this cloud's deal.

Oh wow....

OK. For the result!

Jub looks at this Cloud and at first, he thinks that it's just an ordinary storm cloud. But then he notices that there are ropes dangling from and attached to this cloud, like it's a hot air balloon. And yet, Jub knows that that is an honest-to-Gods thunderstorm cloud!

Yeah, he realizes this is some weird fey thing again.
<Snipped quote by Guardian Angel Haruki>

14. The lucky stick makes it a 15.

That would be a success!
Go ahead and roll the Advantage for the Arcana/Nature. ^_^
<Snipped quote by Guardian Angel Haruki>

... that's an 8. Even with the lucky stick, it would only be a 9.


Now that I think about it...try a Perception check. If you succeed on that, you can reroll the Arcana/Nature check as Advantage.
<Snipped quote by Guardian Angel Haruki>

What kind of check should I roll for?

Also am I still poisoned?

Either an Arcana or a Nature check, your choice.

As for the Poisoned Condition, I'd say the Minute has passed by now, so the poison has worn off.
@Guardian Angel Haruki Question: can I roll some sort of check on the cloud to see if it's magical and/or potentially dangerous?

Sure. Go for it.
I think I should note for the both of you, what Brutrumukk and Jub see when Brutrumukk points at D10 is a large Dark Cloud, complete with thunder and lightning.

@XxFellsingxX Sorry, I don't have anything to add right now.
@Light *Spare the driver and stand up.

So do I have to roll to find out what I see in the store?

Yes, you are welcome to roll Perception or Investigation.

When I can, I’ll try and create a list and prices of what is available in the store. Was in a bit of a hurry this morning. ^^”
X_X Sorry for the wait everyone.
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