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Sorry. RL reared it's head in. ^^"

Yes, I'll be in the middle of the marching order.

*Shocked Pikachu Face*

OhmygodNooo! Whyyyyy?! TT_TT
Sorry for the wait guys. ^^" Finally got a post up.


Zinlynn raised an eyebrow, trying to keep up an intimidating appearance (and failing). She listened to the goblin intently, focusing not just on his words, but also on his body language, his eyes, and for any sign of deceit in his entire being. But alas, as he continued to speak, he showed no sign of lying to the group. If anything, she felt awful. Apparently he did not live a good life as a 'minion'. There was more to monsters than what was on the surface.

She sighed and she said to the others first, "He's being honest with us, guys,"

She then directed her attention to the goblin and she told him, "We'll let you live since you were so honest with us with everything. You can leave. But if we see you in this Klarg's lair, then your life is forfeit! Do you understand?"

Once he gives her an affirmative answer, she would step aside to let the goblin run far from this place.
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Oh! OK. ^_^ Post coming!
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Okie Dokey. I'll wait for you to finish writing before I start writing. ^_^
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Poor guy! XD
It's a really fun addition! I'm all for it.

OK! Rolling for Insight...


BAHAHAHAHA! Natural 20

Thank you. ^_^

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Can I roll an Insight on the Goblin to make sure he's telling the truth? Including that he wants to start anew and learn horticulture.
Oh sweet! An advantage! Thank you!


Pfft. 9
Well shoot.

I got an 8
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