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Sylvia found herself sitting straight up from the weird dream and the shock of the loud snore from another room. She couldn't help but mutter quietly to herself, "What...was that?" She blinked rapidly and she thought to herself as she rested a hand on her head, "No fried fish on toast for me..."

She then decided to quietly leave the room, so as to not wake Pylia. There was no way she was going to get anymore sleep right now. So, she might as well go down and get some breakfast. Maybe something without fish...
Sylvia yawned quietly as she woke up to the darkness of early morning. She was glad that the sleep was uneventful, but what was this vague memory of fish...?

Eh, maybe she ate too much fish yesterday...

Considering it was still dark and Pylia was still asleep, plus Sylvia was still pretty sleepy, she decided to steal a few more minutes of sleep. Just like it was another weekend while she was away at college...The extra sleep might do her some good.
Sylvia let out a sigh of relief instead. At least they didn't bother anyone who may have been sleeping up here...or so Sylvia thought. She could be wrong.

As Pylia answered and rolled out her bed, Sylvia took her place on the bed. She watched and listened as Pylia muttered thoughts of throwing a hive of wasps at someone. It wasn't long until Pylia was asleep, and Sylvia herself lied down and stared at the ceiling in thought. She couldn't help but mull over the day.

There were a lot of good people in Cassari...
What she learned in the library...
The black dragon was real, and it was out and about...
Dirk and Pylia...They both went through so much...

....She's not able to go home....

She couldn't help but whisper quietly, "...Gran, Grampa...I'm so sorry..." as she closed her eyes, hoping to get some sleep for the night.
Sylvia got to work in cleaning up the bug parts, and as she did, she couldn't help but notice Pylia just zapping the bugs out of the air. She somewhat wished people back home could do that. She shook her head and chuckled. At the offer of the bed, Sylvia answered, accepting the bed, "I might as well...I don't really have another bedroll I could try and use,"

At the mention of the sheets, Sylvia shrugged and commented "I'm sure he got as many sheets as he could for the inn. The lack of sea trade in Cassari probably makes the task much more difficult than it sounds,"

Now that she thought about it...

"Hey, Pylia...Think everyone downstairs or in the nearby rooms heard us?"
Sylvia didn't stop until all of the bugs were dead. Afterwards, she was left panting, and was looking at Pylia. She was soon laughing as Pylia smiled. She couldn't help it. She commented as she laughed, "Oh my god...At least I didn't open that thing out in the wilderness where the undead could've heard us! Oh my god...! And I thought the bugs back home were bad!"

She soon finished laughing and she sighed. She then realized "I need to clean up the floor...."

She then looked around, trying to see what she could use to clean up the bug guts.
Pylia was not the only one who screamed at the sight of the bugs. Sylvia also screamed at the sight, and she started moving back and switching between feet, trying to avoid the bugs. She couldn't help but scream out loud


As she screamed in a panic, she swung her quarterstaff at the bugs and stomped on them, trying to get rid of as many bugs as possible.

Whew! A Luck Point well spent! XD

Ohh! A Guiding Bolt? Am I right in guessing that my first attack has advantage? :3
YES! This is a great time to spend the luck point. XD

Re-roll that attack, O' Mighty DM!

And I am so glad that I checked now rather than out in the wilderness. XD
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