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Janine Fawkes

Scrapmouse at first decided to sit down on the arch and watch the other allies from a distance, but then to her surprise, Lonett, the huntress with the pet owlbear, decided to climb up and sit next to her. The gnome looked to the huntress and listened when she made her request. She answered Lonett after she finished speaking, "Listen. I'm up for any sort of tinkering. I'd be happy to help out. Just gimme time to come up with an idea to come up with an idea for how to help...Divna become more resilient. If you've got any ideas for how you want to help your owlbear, you let me know. I know what it's like to worry about a companion," She nodded downwards as Sparky made his appearance underneath the arch and looked up to Scrapmouse, sitting on the haunches waiting for her to come down or for her orders. The red light of its visor was now blue once again.

Scrapmouse watched Lonett climbed down, before standing up herself, and using her crafted Wings of Flying to get herself down from the arch.
She patted Sparky on the head before she marched up to the group that was going to face the Dragons and Giants and she asked, clapping her hands and rubbing them together in anticipation, "So! What are we waiting for?"
Wow, that was fast @The Harbinger of Ferocity! XD

The GM post is up! It is now @JBRam2002's turn!

Wayward Forest


"I'm alright. Let's get to a safer spot, alright?"
Callie could be seen nodding and she answered Warren, "Okay!"

The bandit screamed in pain as the fire licked away at him. His flailing and efforts to put out the fire that the kenku started allowed Signod to shove the magically conjured berries into the Warlock's mouth. Thanks to the healing energy from the earth, the blindfolded human man is brought back to conscious. Signed would next see the fearsome sight of the bandit lit on fire, screaming in pain and anger swing the scimitar at him. Well, the sight would probably be much more fearsome if the bandit actually hit the dwarf. Instead, the scimitar simply bounced off of the dwarf's armor.

The bandit shouted at Shaedra "YOU KILLED HIM WITH YOUR VINES, YOU BI-!!!" He did not even get to finish his accusation as he was knocked unconscious by the swipe of Shaedra's claws.


Jamil gave a huff at the downed bandit, and he looked to Shaedra and asked "What should we do with the one you've imprisoned?" He nods towards the cocoon of vines that resulted from her Entangle spell. The bandit could not be seen through the thick wall of vines.

Bandit Captains


Callie stands up, and takes off of her blindfold. She whimpered as her eyes remained shut, " eyes hurt. I can't open them," The slick oil and grease from the spell earlier had soaked into her blindfold and was clearly the cause of the aforementioned pain.
"[color=cornflower]Hang on just a little longer, okay? I'll help clear the grease when we get away from this spot. I'd offer my hand, but I'm a little...tied up at the moment. Follow my voice. I'll keep an eye out,[/color]" Warren soothed Callie before the both of them started moving away from the Barnaby Brothers.

Bernie yelled in pain, before staring at Safira and Mirdas with fear in his eyes. He fell to his knees, shaking and clearly heavily wounded. One could see that one more hit would do him in. It would be so easy to kill him now.

Barney and Brett seemed to have an order finally sink into their thick skulls and they each threw daggers at Warren. Barney's dagger flies over Warren's head, while Brett's found purchase in Warren's leg. Warren gave a quiet grunt of pain before continuing on with Callie, doing his best to stay strong.

@The Harbinger of Ferocity@JBRam2002@Pennydumb123@rush99999@ihinka@Cu Chulainn@0 Azzy 0

Frisk Dreemurr

Level: 4
Day/Time: Day 2 -- Evening
Location: Dream Land
Word Count: 332
Tag: @Holy Soldier@Etherean Fire@Zarkun

Frisk frowned at Mr. Bright's answer. The child couldn't help but feel sorry for the personified moon. Despite how miserable he seemed to be with Mr. Shine, he seemed to not have any idea of what he wanted beyond that destiny or what he was supposed to do. Before the child could even say anything, they too noticed how Banjo Kazooie attacked Mr. Shine, and how Cloud sent Mr. Bright's attack at Mr. Shine in an epic way! The personified sun was sent tumbling to the ground, which in turn caused the room to become half day and half night.

Frisk's attention was brought back to Mr. Bright when the sickle passed them harmlessly, causing their hair to flutter from the wind for a brief moment. They blinked in surprise when Mr. Bright simply told them to step aside, and they watched as Mr. Bright approached Mr. Shine. They were wide eyed as they watched the face off between the two celestial bodies. Frisk watched and listened patiently, and their worry grew when Mr. Shine cackled like a madman and threatened to kill Mr. Bright and incinerate the entire room.

As Mr. Shine focused his attack on Mr. Bright, Frisk called to the others, "Everyone! Focus your attacks on Mr. Shine!" Yes, it may have been a repetitive order, but 'everyone' meant including Alicia. The way Frisk saw this, Mr. Shine was a bigger threat, and was even less likely to be persuaded or dissuaded than Mr. Bright. As much as Frisk would love to find a way to SPARE them, it doesn't seem like it was going to happen here. And they can't just run like Frisk did when it came to Undyne and her refusal of their MERCY.

After they gave their command, they hit the ACT button, and hit CHECK and focused the action onto Mr. Shine. Considering that Mr. Shine was a bigger source of concern right now, it would be best to know what their condition was.
@rush99999 Okay, I’ve looked it up just now, and you’re partially right.

“Massive damage can kill you instantly. When damage reduces you to 0 hit points and there is damage remaining, you die if the remaining damage equals or exceeds your hit point maximum”

So, right now, Jacoby is at 0 HP. But, negative HP does still exist in a way.
@0 Azzy 0 That will be your action, but yes! You can force feed a certain ally some berries! XD
I believe Jacoby was down to -4, if that helps you determine how many berries you want to give.
@Cu Chulainn So close, and yet so far! That’s a miss!
@Cu Chulainn You can certainly try that. ^_^
@The Harbinger of Ferocity Victory is so close...!

@rush99999 That's the first success. Two more death saves to go.

@Cu Chulainn Your turn!
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