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That feeling when you have worked so hard for years, and you finally get a job that could be the start of a new career...... :D


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So how's everyone's week been going? What ya'll been up to?

Doing okay here. ^_^
Just been busy with work.
While I have enjoyed this foray into running an Apocalypse Engine game, I'm not sure I'll be able to continue. Between the things I'm a part of and the game I am already running, I fear I might rediscover an old habit of spreading my creative energies to thin if I pick this up again.

Perhaps one day I will make another crack at this. Until then though, I thank you for playing and leave you with some parting words from our sponsor...

Completely understandable. No worries! This game was fun.
Feel free to let me know if you feel like running another PotA game. ^_^
@Vertigo Just wanted to check in: How are you doing?

Bavlorna's Cottage

When Brutrumukk grabs the Mini Bavlorna and holds it and talks to it, the party can see that it was trying to get out of the rope and grip but to no avail.

After Brutrumukk speaks to it, it speaks back, "Don't hurt me! Spare me! If you spare me, I'll...I'll give ya password! Password to Mirror! It take you to Carnival!"

Meanwhile, Aurora presses her ear to the wall and she is able to hear beyond the wall. It's not surprising considering that the other sources of sound would be bigger than she is now...

Rolled a 14 total.

Nice! That'll do it! ^_^
@Lurking Krog Go ahead and give me a Perception Check for what Aurora hears past the wall, please. ^_^

Upon seeing Rala hobble out and squinting her eyes in the light, she hurried over to Rala and got her arm around Cascade's shoulders. Cascade was fully intent on helping Rala, no matter what her complaints may be.

Cascade couldn't help but laugh at Rala's question, and she answered her, "Silly Auntie! Of course not! Didn't I say so earlier?" She continued, "Our Harbormaster, Gringam Oshwin Fnipperting Nackle Pearlywhite; He's a gnome! And Matches! He's a half-dragon! He's in charge of law enforcement. And there are many more in Zephyr who aren't genasi. Me and my half-siblings aren't the majority of the village,"

When Aura asked her question, and mentioned sleeping, Cascade tilted her head in confusion. She could only shrug and listened to Aura as she talked about her origins being the daughter of an Elven Princess.

Then Hawk returned, and when Aura suggested watching her turn Hawk into something other than a Hawk, Cascade asked confusedly, "Wait, what? So, you're going to force a God to assume a different form...? Wouldn't that be rude or sacrilegious?"
<Snipped quote by XxFellsingxX>

I am going with all of it XD

Also how much of this village is Cascade's half-siblings? XD

Cascade did state earlier IC that not everyone in her village is not her sibling. That would be weird. ^^"
@Light Bow and Arrow
Archetype: Rogue

That is my vote.

Cascade was relieved to hear that Rala wanted to free the slaves as well, but she was even more pleasantly surprised to hear that they were already freed and are currently working on repairs.

Before she could say anything else, Aura already started leading the way out of the medical tent. Before she could say anything else, Aura asked her question about her siblings and commented about her parents. She answered, a little surprised by the change of topic, but her tone taking on one of pure joy and innocent adoration, "Oh! Yeah! Mom loves Dad very much, and she was so proud when I wrote to her and told her that Deep Sashelas chose me to be his paladin,"

She continued, "My half-siblings are all genasi. Let me see..."

Her eyes rolled upwards as she started thinking, counting the names she uttered on her fingers, "Uh...There's Trickle, Tsunami, Aqua, Brook, Swish, Azure, Current, Drizzle, Tear, Moana, Mist, Rain, Paddle, Pond, Drift, Sprinkle, Drop..."

And Cascade continues listing off names until someone stops her...

"...Tempest, Flow, Tide, Spout, Drizzle, Splash, Wash, Well, Drown, Rain, Streamlet, Rush, River, Bath, Whirl, Agua, Typhoon, Soak, Shower, Cruise, Sail, Spatter, Drip, Puddle, Creek, Douse, Liquid, Plash, Dewdrop, Stream, Deluge, Melt, Geyser, Fountain, Funnel, Cleanse, Monsoon, Mere, Tidal, Drift, Brine, Rill...."
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