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Frisk Dreemurr

Level: 4
Day/Time: Day 2 -- Evening
Location: Dream Land
Word Count: 524
Tag: @Holy Soldier@Etherean Fire@Zarkun

Frisk had expected to hear protests against their asking Wario for help. Instead, to Frisk's slight surprise, Cloud was backing them up on this idea, adding onto Frisk's recruiting pitch. They watched the Wario brothers carefully as Wario considered it. It wasn't long before the elder brother decided to come down from his makeshift throne of gold and agree to the proposition. The sound of Wario being King of Dreamland though? Frisk really didn't like the sound of that. Then again...he wouldn't be a king if the subjects didn't recognize him as King. Frisk remembered how Asgore tried to resign, only for the monsters to still come to him for advice and recognize him as King.

The child watched as the Wario and Waluigi argued with each other, which quickly escalated into a comical chase scene. Frisk held their laughter back, keeping their expression at their typical stoic look. Eventually the chase ended and Wario was dragging Waluigi through the door to the Final Boss.

Frisk simply shook their head before turning their attention back to Cloud. They listened as he mentioned getting Dedede to talk. They answered Cloud, "I'll try and get him to talk. At the very least, I can hopefully get him to do a monologue,"

They then reassured the group somberly, taking a moment to take out the toy knife they have, testing its weight, "If I can't get through to him...then I'll fight too,"

They stowed the knife and nodded to the group, "Let's get going," and they led the way after Dedede.

As they walked down the stairs, they noticed how the air became suffocating. It was like...going to face Omega Flowey once more. Frisk couldn't help but swallow as well. They looked to Wario, and they noticed that he seemed scared too, despite putting on a facade. When he stopped to talk, stopped as well. The child could see what they were trying to do. Frisk answered Wario politely, "Eh. I've been in darker places..."

They then looked to the group. Frisk didn't really trust letting Wario be behind them, since he could easily run away. Considering their friend's abilities, Frisk told them, "Alicia, Banjo, Kazooie, you guys enter the room last and back us up. Cloud, with me,"

Frisk figured it would be smart to have Cloud, the sword wielder up front just in case, and the teammates with ranged attacks be in the back. Plus, they figured that Alicia and Banjo Kazooie could easily stop Wario and Waluigi if they tried to run away. After giving the marching order, Frisk entered the room first, hopefully with Cloud by their side.

It wasn't long before they finally met with Dedede. Frisk noticed that he didn't look so good. It must be the virus making his condition worse. And he was wearing the greaves that Naija once had.

Hoping to diffuse the battle before it can begin, and get the information needed, Frisk spoke up, "Dedede! You really don't look so good. Listen, we can get you medical help, but we need to know! What happened to Mario's soul and hat? What did you do with it?"

Level: 3
Day/Time: Day 2, Night
Location: Save Point Inn ---> Tetris Castle
Tags:@Holy Soldier@Zarkun@DracoLunaris@ONL

Shantae listened to the conversation between Sparx and Hunter, not opting to answer his questions regarding the eye and turtle. It wasn't long before the ship had darted off, and Sparx, Hunter, and everyone else headed for Tetris Castle. Shantae, of course, followed after them.

It wasn't long before she reached the 49th floor with the others. She listened to the man talk about the sword. While the technological side was covered, she wished she knew more about magic, since, well, she used magic. But, that was Uncle Mimic's area of expertise. When Cuphead mentioned that he dealt with pirates before, she raised an eyebrow at him. Of course, she dealt with pirates too, but now was not the time to bring that up.

She didn't really have anything to say. She looked at the sword to see if she could recognize any of the magic involved with that sword. She doubted it, but it was still worth a shot.

Frisk Dreemurr

Level: 4
Day/Time: Day 2 -- Evening
Location: Dream Land
Word Count: 573
Tag: @Holy Soldier@Etherean Fire@Zarkun

Frisk’s tears lessened when they felt Cloud’s hand on their head. They gave a small smile despite the beads of tears at the corner of their eyes when Cloud said that they were doing fine as a leader. The child felt relieved when the famous swordsman agreed to their request. With Cloud on the lookout, Frisk felt a little more confident now. There was now less of a chance of those nightmares ever becoming reality!

Thinking of Cloud’s words of encouragement and promise fills you with DETERMINATION!

In the throne room, Frisk kept themselves from laughing at how Wario reacted to their answer to his question. Though, they did feel a little nervous when Cloud outright insulted him. Don’t get the child wrong, Frisk felt the same as Cloud did, but insulting might not be conducive to their goals right now.

The child blinked at Wario’s words. The SOUL and hat wasn’t here?

The child thought pensively. They remembered seeing Wario’s SOUL back at the diner. He was definitely a greedy cheater at heart. Was he a liar?

…It didn’t seem as though he was lying right now. If anything, if Mario’s SOUL and hat were here, he would probably be holding it right now and trying to cut a deal with them…

Frisk only trusted Wario as much as the child could possibly throw the big fat jerk. (…And that is saying something!)

Wario’s advice on giving up didn’t sit well with the child either. They clearly had no idea who they were talking to. Frisk was too DETERMINED to ever give up.

If anything, the thought of proving them wrong filled the child with DETERMINATION!

Well, they can’t search while Wario was here. Even if the SOUL and hat aren’t here, Naija did ask them to find her winged boots. And they weren’t going to be able to look around while Wario and Waluigi were here.

Then they looked to the door as Wario pointed it out. They could sense the powerful darkness coming from it.

…We are going to need as much help as we can get…

With that thought, and Guile’s words back at the diner came to Frisk. The child now had an idea on how to get help and on how to get Wario away from this room. But the idea made Frisk silently groan. They really didn’t want to! There is a chance that this could go badly considering how much of a dirty cheater Wario is, but it’s worth a shot. Plus the group still had their gas masks, so they should be okay. At least Frisk hoped they’d be okay.

Frisk looked to their group briefly, to show that they had an idea, before turning to face Wario again. They then answered the fat man’s last statement,

You know…He may not be your problem now. But who’s to say he won’t be later?

Frisk continued once they had Wario’s attention,

If we die, Dedede is just going to figure out that you took his gold, and he’ll come after you. Why not help us face him, like you wanted back in the diner? If you help us win, you’ll get the glory along with the gold. Besides, you’re immortal! You really have nothing to lose if you face Dedede!

Frisk was silently hoping that their persuasion will work and Wario would actually listen to reason. The child was hoping that their plan will work…!
Janine Fawkes

Scrapmouse grinned wide as the Guildmaster recognized her. She answered his musing question about her identity with a "That's right buddy!" Before she, or Marcus, could ask as to what they wanted to know, the Guildmaster stopped them and already told them that Kethan and James already asked.

Thanks to her, the Guildmaster seemed to be willing to give them information. After parting with five gold pieces for a cloak, she immediately got work studying the scrolls laid out on the table, answering James, "Let me help ya out there, Twinkle Toes,". She easily read the chicken scratch as though they were her own chicken scratch. It takes a mad mind to understand another mad mind. ...What? That's not how it works?

As Scrapmouse read through the scrolls, her fellow party members could hear her mumble, "Uh huh...Oh...Hmm..."

She then snapped her fingers at her friends, and called "OK! Looks like we've got one hella of a fight coming up,"

She then looked to her friends and she asked "Anyone wanna take a guess as to what Hraesvalgar, the giant who should be standing at the end of the world, what this super giant's weakness is? Ah, drum roll please!"

After receiving a drum roll (or silence. Depending on who wants to give the drum roll), Scrapmouse answers, "None!"

She then raises a finger, "Ah But! There is an old song in here that might hold the key to the puzzle on how to beat the super giant that now all of the giants are following!"

She then looks to Kethan and Marcus, "Gramps! Big Guy! You two look like the poetic sorts! Think ya can figure out the weakness from the song? In the meantime, Twinkle Toes and I can start forming a strategy on how to off the Dragon first and then deal with the giants!"
Janine Fawkes

Scrapmouse entered the Guild Hall, with Sparky in tow. Once the both of them entered the warm confines of the building, Scrapmouse gave a shudder, a "Brrr!", and rubbed her arms with her gloved hands. She looked to the Guildmaster when he asked, and she proceeded to stand up on Sparky, so that she could at least be somewhat eye level with the man. She looked to see Kethan and James, and she answered, "Gramps and Twinkle Toes? Yup! They're wit' us!"

She then looked at the Guildmaster's face carefully, and upon seeing that she didn't recognize him, she grinned and chuckled "Ya look like a new face!" She then whipped out her emblem, which was a clover and a wrench in adamantite. It was her special guild symbol. No one but her had this particular symbol.

She grinned and greeted as she showed the guild members her emblem, "Pleased to meet ya! Hope ya guessed my name! Now what are yours?"
Janine Fawkes

Scrapmouse's Wings of Flying were dismissed after she lowered herself off of the perch. She watched as the Elf casted a spell on a tree and created a portal for them. She quickly hopped onto Sparky, and she patted the mechanical servant and commanded "Alright Sparky! Full speed ahead!" After Sparky gave a noise of affirmation, the mechanical servant charged ahead through the portal.



Scrapmouse quickly grabbed her arms and shivered. She thought she was prepared for the cold. Apparently, she was wrong. She looked to the half-orc paladin as he stated that they needed to find information. Kethan immediately took on the job of scouting, and no sooner than he left he informed them that he found the location of the guild. As much as Scrapmouse would have loved to help, she had already used her Wings of Flying for the day.

As the two scouted and after they relayed their information, Scrapmouse asked Marcus, "Think they'll listen to another Guild member? I think I can try an' talk to them when we get there,"

Scrapmouse had been a member of a Guild ever since before she started adventuring. Maybe her roots in the guild can help them out in this situation?
Frisk Dreemurr

Level: 4
Day/Time: Day 2 -- Evening
Location: Dream Land
Word Count: 648
Tag: @Holy Soldier@Etherean Fire@Zarkun

Frisk couldn’t help but blink at what Alicia said. Their stoic face gained a frustrated but still determined look after Alicia spoke her piece. Their closed eyes seemed to have shut themselves tighter, and their tiny little fists clenched. Why couldn’t Alicia understand? …She really must have a high LOVE. She didn’t seem to feel the same pain from the battle herself. The child pointed out to the soldier, “Fatty never said that we had to fight. He just said that they weren’t as ‘chill’ as he was. There’s always a chance to end things peacefully, Alicia. What if we stumble upon a cure during our battle against Dedede? Would you still kill him then?!

That sort of thing has happened before. If it was never possible to save the people who were mentally affected by something, then Frisk never would have been able to save their friends and family from Asriel’s RESET!

Then something unexpected happened.

Their eyes opened and widened when they found themselves in Cloud Strife’s embrace. They immediately picked up on the silent message that Cloud was giving them. He knew what they were feeling. And just like that…memories came flooding back, as they were given a chance that they had never really received before. Or perhaps…it was a chance to do something that Frisk never really allowed themselves to take before.

It was a chance to cry, and alleviate the sadness they felt.

As Frisk’s eyes welled up, they quickly buried their face in Cloud’s shoulder and raised their arms to hug back. After he heard Cloud’s voice and the footsteps lead away from the both of them, Frisk cried and their fists clenched Cloud’s shirt.

As Frisk cried, the memories of Asgore’s death in another timeline they experienced, and the fact that they couldn’t save Asriel, and the nightmares of everyone dying also came to mind.

After some moments, Frisk finally calmed down, and let Cloud go from the embrace. They wiped their tears and sniffled, “’M sorry, Cloud,” Frisk’s eyes were open, and Cloud would be able to see more than just the pain from the last battle. It was the pain they felt from their time in the Underground and from other timelines, both known and unknown.

I know I’m not…as experienced as a leader. But…I’ll still do my best and make sure that not only we accomplish our mission, but that we all get out of this alive too. If it means I have to fight, then I’ll fight,

With their mind cleared, Frisk nodded and said to Cloud, “I’m ready. There’s just…one thing I want to ask of you before we meet up with the others. Cloud?

Frisk took a deep breath and made their request, “If…I fight, and I start acting weird or going too far. …Stop me. Okay?

After Cloud answers, Frisk led the way to meet up with the others. There, they spotted two familiar faces, and they heard a familiar laugh. Of course, it didn’t take long for those brothers to notice their presence.

Frisk answered while crossing their arms, with a grin, “The stairs. How else?

They gave the answer like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Considering that this was Wario and Waluigi, and they had already reached this area, the possibility that they may have found Mario’s SOUL and hat did come to mind.

Well, at least it looked like the both of them knocked the enemies unconscious.

Frisk turned to look at their allies, and they gave the command, “Let’s search around here! This seems like the perfect place for Dedede to keep Mario’s SOUL and hat,

As of now, there’s no reason to pick a fight with the Wario brothers. Maybe their command will get a reaction out of the brothers.

Frisk looked at Alicia warily. They really hoped that she wouldn’t needlessly start a fight.
@Cu Chulainn Yes, a centaur is perfectly fine.

Since you're out of the game now, what was Bobbin's secret stuff that you PM'd to Haruki at the start of the game? The only way we'll know now is if you tell us.

I'll admit that I misremembered the tone of your post, but I did get the impression from the last sentence.

While it is true that it is the only way you'll find out, it's just not as satisfying to reveal it as things are now, and it's frustrating. I have seen RPers reuse their characters for other RPs, so it's not like you'll never get another chance to find out their secrets. Save the joy of the surprise for that time!

I apologize for my mistake on the tone of your post.

JBRam2002, Pennydumb123, and Cu Chulainn might want to use their characters in another RP in the future. To reveal the secrets behind them would not only harm any potential surprises for that future RP (should you be in the same RP as them), but it is also ultimately up to the players as to whether or not they would like to reveal their secrets or not. For you to demand them to just reveal their character's secrets, like you did to JBRam2002 is just flat out rude and inconsiderate in my opinion.

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