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Sorry I took so long. ^^"
Sylvia ignored the stares of the people as she made her way through Castle Ward, but she did stop to take in the sight of the paintings, banners, and flags. She kind of wished Pylia was with her now, so that she could explain the events depicted in the paintings. It certainly looked like he accomplished much. If there is a depiction of a dragon on one of the paintings, her gaze would linger on it. She wanted to see if she see if the dragon in the painting looks the same as the dragon she saw in her dream. As she stares at the painting, she can't help but feel that same fear come back to her heart, and haunt her.

After that, she would continue on to the bookstore.

Once she and Buddy arrive at the bookstore, she looks around the bookstore quietly at first. She was quite surprised to see that the books were no less than 100 GP. They were that expensive?! Textbooks she could understand, but books meant to be read for entertainment as well? Geez!

Her attention was then drawn to the young man who introduced himself as Tuscon. She greeted Tuscon, "Hi Tuscon. We're just looking for a book with an entertaining story to pass the time. Do you have any recommendations?"
"Oi lass!" Angus called out to Najila. "I think I might have found yer--"

Before Angus could even finish that sentence, let alone step away from the book, Najila swiftly sprinted over and grabbed the book, as if her life depended on that very tome. The veils flew behind her like they were her own version of clouds. Once the tome was in her hands again, she felt a great weight lift itself off of her shoulders. The relief can be seen on her face, as she genuinely smiles at Angus, "You have my gratitude, Ironbane. I shudder to think that elf almost escaped with my tome in hand,"

After saying that, she immediately started to inspect her tome. The thought that the elf might have done something to the Book of Clouds did concern her. She first checked the bookmark to see if she received any new messages during her time apart from the Tome. If the clouds in the bookmark are roiling, she would immediately open the book to the bookmarked page. If not, then she would quickly flip through the pages to make sure that there wasn't any damage or additional marks made by that Sarfyr character.

Once that was done, she would notice that Angus took the Cloak of Protection. As much as she wanted it, she knew now wasn't really the time to discuss it. She wondered if she could persuade the barbarian, and how she could. She started mentally recalling the novels where characters tried to persuade people stronger than them...

She muttered as she recognized one of the corpses, "Tenkern..." Had he been working with these people? Was the reason why she was hired was so that she and the rest of the caravan could be kidnapped?

Regardless of the answer, Najila decided to take his pouch of gold. The group could certainly use that money in the future.

She listened as Aron and Nadir spoke. After Angus gave his answer, Najila answers, "I have no preference either. I suspect that all of us will be staying with each other for quite some time,"

She then cleared her throat and she asks, "Since we'll be resting here, it looks like I have some work. I shall set up an alarm here...unless anyone else has a better idea as to where an alarm should be placed? It would be good to have should any enemies come after us while we rest,"
If everybody is okay with it, Najila would like to have that cloak of protection. She’s probably the squishiest member of the party.
"Hm?" Najila hummed inquisitively when Angus asked her his question. At first she asked, "Oh, my apologies. I must have been thinking out loud again," She continued, "I am simply speaking of my patron. As much as I would love to say that I learned magic all on my own, that would be a lie. He granted me my magic, and taught me everything I know,"

She then looked around and she commented, "As much as I would like to divulge more details about him, I don't trust these walls, nor anyone else who calls this place their home or hideout. But I will say this: The book he entrusted to me is important, not just for me to be able to cast certain spells, but it allows me to uphold my end of a deal I made with my patron,"
Najila moved to join with the others after the kobold escaped their wrath. She looked to Layla and Nadir as they gave their words of gratitude to Blue. She spoke to them, "Nadir...I must offer my apologies. I am sorry. If I hadn't forgotten to set up that Alarm spell, then perhaps none of us would have been in this mess," She then looked to Blue and she thanked him, "Thank you for saving them,"

She then looked to Aron and Orchid when they spoke next. After Orchid mentioned her book, she nodded and reaffirmed, "Yes. The Book of Clouds. It is indeed imperative that I find it," She then continued, "While I can easily ask for it back with a ritual, I'd rather not. I can't imagine that he would be too happy to hear that I had it stolen from me,"

Then a thought comes to her, and she mumbles out loud, "Come to think of it...How long has it been since I've last written in the Book of Clouds? ...He's probably cross by now if it's been a while..."
Sorry for the silence on my end. RL has gotten a little crazy on my end. I’ll post IC ASAP. ^^”
Sylvia listened to Pylia attentively as she suggested that going to the Castle Ward might be her best bet for finding a book store. She wasn't sure if going to the Castle Ward was a wise idea, considering what happened to Erendal. Well, she could still go to the Market Place first for the second-hand bookstore. She was surprised when Pylia became stern, and Sylvia leaned back a bit when Pylia leaned forwards, making a somewhat comical picture. She answered Pylia's warning, taking note of the mentioned places, "Xiadan...Got it. Don't worry, I won't head to the Temple of the Maker,"

She gave a chuckle at how Shortfang sassed Pylia and received a bop on the head in kind. She nods to Shortfang and answers him, "Sounds great to me!" She then looked to Dinah, and after giving her a few gentle scritches on her head, she turns her attention back to Shortfang, "I'll have Dinah go with you, just in case you need any help as well," She gave the mental word to Dinah to have her go with Shortfang.

After that, she told the others before heading off with Buddy, "Well, I'll meet you guys back here before sunset,"
Sylvia woke up to the next morning well-rested. During the night she had made note that she should find some other books for Buddy. As she woke up for the morning, she looked to Pylia when she spoke and mentioned that she wanted to make potions for today. She noticed that Shortfang brought in breakfast for everyone with Buddy. She remembered that she had promised to pay for meals from now on the last time Shortfang bought all of the group lunch. She didn't say anything about it though. She decided to buy the next meal today. She accepted the goodberries from Pylia with a thank you.

She listened as Pylia spoke about her plan for the day. She did like the idea of having more healing potions at the group's disposal, without spending the gold. She can't blame Pylia for wanting to rest as well, they had been running around doing a lot of things ever since they got here, as Pylia mentioned.

She chuckled at Pylia's and Shortfang's banter about how Pylia was worrying too much. She reassured Shortfang, "It's okay, Shortfang. I did come back bloody from going off on my own once, so I deserve that. She has a point," She then answered Pylia, "I can certainly try and keep myself out of trouble,"

Sylvia immediately started wondering what she could do that shouldn't cause too much trouble. She knew she couldn't go and report to Shor and his company today without her friends, that would probably throw her into some zany adventure. Then she recalled that she could visit a library for research, or a bookstore to find another book for Buddy, or even simply explore Gransys. She asked Pylia out of curiosity, "How long does it take to cook up a healing potion? I can always have Buddy come with me to a bookstore or just look around Gransys while you make the healing potion,"
OK. Thank you for the clarification. ^_^
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