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The forced transformation from human to fish was jarring enough for the woman, the second transformation back to human form was dizzying to say the least. The blonde woman was glad that she had managed to swim out of the cell while she was just a fish. After shaking her head to clear away the sensation, she looked to the side to see a giant squid and two hunks of metal armor, one lying on the ground as a pile, and the other standing/swimming.

She quickly studied her surroundings. The walls were too smooth, there was nothing she could use to their advantage. She wanted to swim up and help free the mermaid who was stuck in the giant squid's grasp, but she could tell that the mermaid was raging and could probably get out on her own. So, it looks like the best she could do was help get rid of the last swimming automaton. She swam up to take position near Jill, in hopes of being able to protect her in case any attacks came her way.

Once she took position, she took the rock in her hand, and then looked at the automaton. She shouted "Hey! PEA-BRAIN!" before she threw the rock at the armor. From the sound of the rock colliding with the armor, it sounded like she at least dented it. She then grasped the staff with both hands and prepared herself to fight.

@Pennydumb123 A lot. That’s all I’ll say about that topic. XD
@rush99999 You Guys have dealt 37 damage to him thus far.
@Cu Chulainn That definitely hits! And he's STILL UP and running, but he's looking a little rough.
@rush99999 At least 90 feet, from his running and dashing.
I would say Jacoby is about 40 feet away from the bandits that are closest to the group.
@ihinka LOL. I guess you could say "The Heart of the Dice are with us", (*shot for Yu-Gi-Oh! reference)

@Pennydumb123 You're up!
@ihinka You are successful in Intimidation!

However, for future reference ihinka, Attacks of Opportunity only work in melee combat. It doesn't work with ranged weapons.
@ihinka Yes, roll for intimidation. ^^" Sorry about that.
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