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Najila answered Orchid, a little flustered that the Bonfire spell seems to be doing more harm than good right now, "I-I don't think I can!" Thankfully, it seemed as though Orchid, Aron, and Azzen have it taken care of. She heard Angus' words, and while he was right, his brutish method was overkill. She looked to Celeste when she spoke up. She smiled kindly at Celeste, and she answered "Very well. But we'll need to remain cautious. We can't afford to let anger overcome our reason," She then followed Orchid and the others, keeping Celeste close. She snapped her fingers to dismiss Pythagoras for now, since sending him to scout ahead seems to be out of the question.

She did wonder for a brief moment how Celeste knew her stage name, but then she recalled that she knew Layla and Nadir. The couple must have told her.
Najila gasped when Angus just outright murder the unconscious Wyatt. Such brutality! She made sure to adjust her veil and robes to make sure that Celeste did not see that. She watched as Angus simply charged ahead, ignoring her words. Orchid at least tried to reason with him, but the larger man was clearly out for blood. Then bolts were fired. Thankfully they missed, but it was clear there were enemies...hiding behind crates and barrels.

She had an idea. Other than the good old Eldritch Blast, there was another spell she took not only for defense, but also to have a warm campfire every night without worrying about flint. That spell might come in handy here...but it might be risky.

She looked down to Celeste, and she told her, "Stay close, and stay behind me, Celeste," She then moved forwards. Once she had the barrel the attacker was hiding behind in her sights, within 60 feet, she would rub her hands together and utter some strange words under her breath. Once the incantation was done, she cupped her hands around her mouth and blew into them, much like how someone would warm their hands on a cold day. The hands would unfurl and she would blow her breath outwards. The air from her breath was alight with a reddish orange glow before it faded. The glow would reappear underneath the barrel, and a spark would snap into existence from the light. That spark then soon grew into a fire and began to consume the barrel, and thus take away some form of cover.

Hopefully it would do some damage to the attacker as well.

Good to know! Thank you!

Post coming!

How far ahead are the crates and barrels? Also, how far apart are the crates and barrels from each other? I have an idea.
OK. I'm gonna have to say that'll be a straight roll for Persuasion.

You can also have Elaranna roll an Insight.
Go ahead and type out what Ander says first. ^_^
You can. ^^
As they walked through the district, she could hear the whispers around them, and it was almost laughable how the people here honestly thought that they were being arrested right now. At the mention of them being 'shady characters', Sylvia muttered under her breath, "Rude!" The thought of her being 'shady', also almost made her laugh. If she was 'shady', then what would she think of some of the guys in the dock areas? Sylvia thought of them as much more 'shady' than herself.

Thankfully, they were not met with the same whispers when they got back to Main Street, and it wasn't long before they got back to the barracks. Thankfully it seemed to be obvious to Shor that a lot happened today. She listened as Shor spoke. When he mentioned that he didn't have anything to lecture her on, she thought about how quickly that sentiment will change when he hears about what happened to Erendal. When he finished and asked if they had any questions, she answered him, "None as of right now, Shor. We'll do our best to keep ourselves out of trouble for the rest of today,"

She looked to Aisha, knowing that the elf will tell him what happened today. She bid Shor, "Well, We'll take our leave, and we'll be here tomorrow. You know which inn we're staying at if you need us sooner," She then led her friends out of the barracks.

She honestly wouldn't be surprised if they heard Shor screaming, "ERENDAL DID WHAT?!" as they leave.

She asked her friends as they left, "Is there anywhere you guys want to go, or shall we head back to the inn to rest? That battle with the kobolds was pretty chaotic..."
OK. I'm glad I asked. Thank you! ^_^

Post coming!
Just to double check: Shor was informed about what happened to Erendal before he addressed the party?
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