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@Holy Soldier I have to agree with everyone. I also enjoy the fighting sections, and it's letting me warm up to writing fighting sections for my characters. I also enjoy reading the opponent characters and how they react and how they think during the fight as well.

However, I do have a concern. I have noticed that @WingsofBronze has not even logged onto the site for an entire month, and I fear that if a tag is necessary for Team Four, then the RP will be held up again.
Frisk Dreemurr

Level: 1
Day/Time: Day 2
Location: War Room
Tag: @Holy Soldier@Lmpkio@Lugubrious@Bright_Ops@DracoLunaris@WingsOfBronze@Zarkun@Nerevarine

Frisk saw how Wario epically lost to Mama's cooking, and how the Octorock had made its escape. Quite frankly, the sight of the octorok escaping the monstrous bowels of Wario and scuttling towards freedom filled Frisk with DETERMINATION. Frisk had gone outside and asked Rosalina about Wario's immortality, only to find that it was normal for the fat man. Frisk still had questions, but they had no time to ask as they soon received information that the heroes were to go to the War Room. Frisk agreed and made their way promptly.

By the time they reached the War Room, their tutu was gone. Frisk was now wearing the brown shorts and shoes with the sweater (As seen in the appearance picture). They took their seat quietly and waited for everyone else to come in. After everyone else came, Guile had started his lecture and Frisk listened carefully while studying the map. They didn't know why the thief would steal a SOUL? Wasn't it obvious? Well...maybe the rules regarding SOULs were different outside of the Underground. Wario's SOUL didn't take on the form of a heart after all. They also noticed something odd about the map. What was that black gap near the moon? The one that looked like a tree on a floating island. It was probably important to think about this 'surprise' that Guile has in mind. Wouldn't want to ruin his plan just because they were caught off guard. Once Guile was done, Frisk had questions of their own, and someone had volunteered to be a part of the mission.

Frisk raised their hand, as though they were in a classroom, and they asked politely, "Mr. Guile, Sir? May I ask about this surprise you have in store? And what is this black shape over here?" They weren't really afraid to ask questions. The more information one had, the better. Besides, they weren't the type to be easily intimidated.


Level: 1
Day/Time: Day 2
Location: Barrel Roll Pub to War Room
Tags: @DracoLunaris[@RokkuHoshi]@Crosswire@Holy Soldier@Zarkun

Shantae was also stunned into silence by Steve's question about what a couch was. HOW DID HE NOT KNOW WHAT A COUCH WAS?! She shook her head. She noticed that Jack had practically inhaled his meal and alcohol, causing her to worry over the fact that he could choke. She answered Jack, "Yeah...Sounds good to me!" She answered Taric as she started heading out of the pub with them, "No, but thank you for the offer Taric," When they reached the outside, she was startled to see the turtle on the cloud once again. After he told them that there was going to be a meeting at the War Room, she looked to Taric and Jack, and she commented "Sounds like we should hurry there," before continuing on with Jack and Taric.

Soon they were at the War Room, and Shantae was currently listening to the briefing. She wasn't sure what was going on, but she kept her ears open for any mention of Risky Boots. She looked to Jack and Taric in order to see what they were thinking. She had to admit, Guile was a bit intimidating. She noticed one had volunteered her services (she almost looked like Risky, but she definitely wasn't a pirate), and she had noticed a child was amongst the heroes. What was that child doing here? Didn't they know that this could be dangerous?
@Lmpkio The Spyro mission will start once the Arena event is done.
Frisk as Squad Leader. I think that's awesome!

I'm really looking forward to this mission. I'll get a post up later today.
Quick Question: If I make my character under 14, does that mean her Threads of Fate would increase to 8? Or would it just remain at a 7?
@NightinGem Awesome! And thank you! XD
@NightinGem Hi! You have my interest. May I?
Finally posted. Sorry for the wait. DX

Pearl looked around the area, keeping a keen eye on her surroundings while everyone else spoke to each other. One never could be too careful. The possibility that someone could be watching them was always there, and it was up to her to be ever vigilant. She didn't even realize that she had stared their mysterious watcher in the eye for just a moment.

Her attention was drawn away from the place her gut feeling was warning her, back to Larimar and Chromite. Why in the world had Larimar asked to have her go with him? After Chromite had given her answer, Pearl sighed and answered "I'll look around with Larimar. It wouldn't be wise to just let him go alone," She then started walking towards him, but she stopped for a moment when she was next to Chromite. She warned Chromite, informing her of the intuition, "Please, keep your guard up. There could be a threat nearby. If you need help, do not hesitate to call,"

She then walked up to Larimar and she stated professionally, "Well. Shall we?" She was going to let Larimar do his job and lead the way.
Sorry about my silence. RL had my attention. I'll get a post up ASAP.
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