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Current That feeling when you have worked so hard for years, and you finally get a job that could be the start of a new career...... :D


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Cascade follows Jørmund to the table, and sits across the table from him. When he informs her that he would not fight his family and would instead try to convince them instead, she nods in understanding, "If you can convince them, that'd be fintastic! I'd try to convince my ohana as well if I was in your slippers,"

She then realizes out loud, "Oh, right! You and your friends probably want payment for helping out, huh..."

She thought out loud, "I can't really promise any gold or treasure. That's something the Harbormaster is in charge of, so you would have to talk to him..."

She then suggested, "Ah! I can promise room and board at my place while you're in Zephyr. I can also fight by your side, since I am asking for your help. And! I'm pretty good with my woodcarving tools! I'm more experienced with ships, but I can carve other stuff. So, maybe I can make something for you and your friends. How's that sound?"
<Snipped quote by Cao the Exiled>

Worry not. Brutrumukk would only have developed a grudge if your attempt to stop him had actually stopped him.


<Snipped quote by Guardian Angel Haruki>

You mean the murderous one that most likely will hold a grudge for letting his meal get away? Yeah, sure am lucky >~>

To be fair...

Harengons are people, not food. ^^"
You laugh, but Tsak's small little body can only carry so much! That snail would be totally useful!

At least you guys have a raft now. ^_^

...And a bugbear who can carry it when you don't need it.
I'll throw in another note, this time for Zavakri.

@Fading Memory
When the Goblinoids return with the raft, you can easily use the power of Math!

You can easily glean that the raft the Brutrumukk and Jub return with can support up to 1200 lbs. ^_^
@Guardian Angel Haruki

Will the snail still be there when the goblinoids meet back up with the others?

Nobody else has really interacted with the snail…
So since it was left alone, it would have left by the time the goblinoids reunite with the rest of the party.
Sorry for the short post. This week has been busy and tiring.

No worries. Completely understandable. ^_^
@rush99999 Thank you!

I'll say that Brutrumukk easily retraces his steps and reunites with the rest of the party.

I'll let you guys RP amongst yourselves before moving you guys on, if you guys want to do so. If you're ready to move on, just let me know OOC. ^_^

The next location will be a main event location, because Brutrumukk and Jub already did the Random Encounter for you guys. ;)
@Cao the Exiled might be the most adorable gift I've ever seen
Bubble guy is my favourite ;_;

Bubble guy is also my favorite. XD

And the gif almost looks like the setting in Wild Beyond Witchlight...

<Snipped quote by rush99999>

Oh my gentle jebus I created a monster

I believe that credit goes to rush99999. ^^"
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