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4 days ago
Current Took a nap at work today and got away with it! >:D
10 days ago
Stuck between "I'm lonely I want company" and "Everyone stay away from me oh god not PEOPLE".
13 days ago
I have awoken from my food coma at last.
14 days ago
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Even if you don't celebrate it, treat yourself to a big meal today, just because you can. :D
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18 days ago
I'm in that state where I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head at once that none of them are making it to my fingers!


Hello hello! I'm a long-time roleplayer (nearly 20 years of it!) who's ever searching for the next grand tale! I enjoy long-term plays that involve plenty of world building and character development, and I enjoy partners who can both play and build alongside me as equals. Few things excite me quite like pouring my passion into a project and having it matched by others, all coming together to form something truly amazing! My longest campaign was four full years, and it was a glorious tale! Perhaps you and I can form the next grand epic!

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Alas! But fair enough. Best of luck to you all!
Any chance this is still recruiting?
Another bump for these!
Alakabump! It's been a while, but now I have some free space for more RPs!
Hello and good day to you! I go by Three Steps Far, Three, and TSF! And as you've probably guessed, I'm looking for some partners for some 1x1 RP! Nothing makes me quite so excited as a good roleplay, and I've come here in the hopes of finding some once more! Below are all the things you're probably wondering, along with several of my own ideas and potential fandoms! I've got them in Hiders for your convenience, and my PMs stand open and ready! I hope to hear from you soon, potential new friend!

With those done, here are the ideas and passions I have for roleplay! All of them are open for any pairing, and all can be done with any level of adult content. Additionally, while some of them certainly lean toward a lighter or darker tone, all of them can be made to fit our vision!

And that's all for now! I hope to hear from you very soon! Until then~!
Hello all! I'm still open for more players, if anyone is interested!
Another bump, this time with new plots to play out! Check 'em out!
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