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Current "Better the devil you know?" I'm afraid that's simply untrue! For the better you know a devil, the better a devil knows you!
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I've started referring to my "Customer Service Smile" as my "Alastor Smile" and no I don't watch too much Hazbin Hotel shut up!
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Remember to take time for yourself! Burnout is a seriously unpleasant feeling.
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Update: I tore the words out of the muck and made some posts! Caffeine saves the day once more!
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I finished Celeste today! I'm kind of proud of that.


Hello hello! I'm a long-time roleplayer (nearly 20 years of it!) who's ever searching for the next grand tale! I enjoy long-term plays that involve plenty of world building and character development, and I enjoy partners who can both play and build alongside me as equals. Few things excite me quite like pouring my passion into a project and having it matched by others, all coming together to form something truly amazing! My longest campaign was four full years, and it was a glorious tale! Perhaps you and I can form the next grand epic!

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"Very nice to meet you, T.A.!" Melody offered with a bright smile! Contrary to Yurie's cautious - and far wiser - offer of giving info for info, she seemed all too happy to share whatever was asked of her, even allowing the Terriermon to take her hand and poke and prod at each of her fingers individually. "I'm Melody! And these are my new friends!" She motioned to the group as a whole, allowing everyone to introduce themselves as they saw fit.

"Fair warning, T.A.: these guys are weird," Impmon "whispered" loud enough for all the humans to hear. "I mean, you ever seen anything that looks like them before? They don't even have any fur! Or scales! Or fashion sense!"

"Wha- Hey! I do so have fashion sense!" Melody huffed in reply, turning a pout up at Impmon, who responded with a hearty laugh at the humans' expense. With a sigh, Melody turned back to Terriermon. "Anyway, yes! Feel free to ask us whatever you want to know about humans! We're happy to share, and also happy to learn more about all of you!" Certainly, she was speaking for the group here. Whether the group agreed or not... Well, that issue seemed to go quite above Melody's head. She was far too preoccupied admiring how adorable T.A. and all the other Digimon were - even the Gaossmon glaring suspiciously at the group!
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The mutual not-quite-animosity between Marauder and Yurie pulled a sigh from Melody's lips, and she quietly stood to her feet to look between the two creatures. Gaossmon and Agumon... Or rather, Marauder and Kuro. She'd never heard of any such creatures in her life! And yet, here they were, talking as though it were the most natural thing in the world that they would be! Come to think of it, Melody had never known any creature to talk before! Other than a rather colorful parrot a friend of hers once showed her, though it wasn't nearly as capable of conversation as these two.

"Yes, by all means, lead us to your village!" Melody answered cheerfully. "I would very much like to meet more of you strange creatures! You're most fascinating!" After a moment's consideration, she squatted down beside Kuro and gently reached out to poke him. Soft, testing touches to his head and shoulders. Not exactly mindful of personal space, granted, but it wasn't painful. "Truly fascinating... Your scales feel as smooth as skin, yet harder than any I've ever felt before!" She giggled and withdrew when Kuro began to swat at her finger to drive her back. She stood to her feet and brushed off her skirt, then looked to the group-


"EEEYYYAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" The face of a flying gremlin suddenly appeared barely an inch from her own! Her scream echoed throughout the entire area, and she stumbled back so quickly that she tripped and fell on her backside.

"AAAAAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAA! Oh- Oh my- Your FACE!" The gremlin was clutching her sides, laughing hysterically. "I haven't gotten anybody that good in years!"

"Wha- Who- What on earth are you?!" Melody had never seen anything quite like it. The creature looked like she was in a purple jumpsuit, yet her skin was completely white! Little fangs flashed in her mouth as she cackled, floating in the air before her.

"Impmon, obviously!" she answered, as though it were common knowledge. "What do I look like, an Angemon? What, did I scare the sense outta your head or something? ...Actually, now that I think about it..." She turned to look at all of the gathered humans, eyebrow rising higher with every moment. "What the heck are all of you?"
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"Now now, let's not be rude to someone we've just met!" Melody offered, trying to defuse the initial tension between Yurie and... and... uh... What on earth was that thing? Her HUD was sadly not very helpful; it showed BlackAgumon X's name - gosh, that really was a mouthful - but over this odd head-and-feet Digimon, it only showed "???". Did the glasses not know what this creature was either? Hmm... Or could it be that these only display the information that I myself know? That would go a ways in explaining things. Though she had to admit, having a HUD that only showed what she already knew? Just how unhelpful were the forces that brought them all to this world?

She looked down at the Agumon and the odd newcomer. Deciding that Agumon had more than enough attention at present, she instead elected to examine the stranger one arguing with Yurie. Squatting down, she tilted her head this way and that, looking the creature over. Agumon had called them "Digimon", whatever that meant. Perhaps that's what these creatures were known as? "If that's Agumon, who are you?" she asked of the other. "I've never seen anything quite like you before!" She had the urge to poke it in her curiosity, but the angry glare and the gleam of those sharp teeth suggested that poking this creature would be a poor decision indeed.
A short little post, followed by Happy New Year wishes for my fellow authors, roleplayers, and anyone reading along! :D

Following along with the group, Melody listened as Isaac said his piece about the odd collection of leaves in the trees around them. However, rather than the leaves themselves, something else he said caught her attention. "Wait, digital world?" she asked, frowning in clear confusion. "What do you mean by that?" Even as she asked it, however, the cogs in her head began to spin, and she pieced it together herself! "Wait, we're inside a digital world? No one told me that!" Though, in fairness, her "explanation" regarding this world was far from informative. And now that she thought back on it, this all began when she clicked a link in her email... Perhaps that was the connection between her world and this one?

But even if that knowledge answered one question, it raised so many more! For example, how had they been transported to a digital world? How were living human beings inside a digital world? This felt far too real to be a simple VR trick. "Hmm... If this is a digital world, and we're supposed to save it from something, would that mean- GWAGH!" Her question is interrupted by a very unladylike sound torn from her throat as Yui very suddenly grabs her by the back of her dress! She's bent over backwards and balancing on a single leg! "Y-Yui! I'm going to fall again!"

"A fine suggestion, Sasha!" Melody answered with enthusiasm. "It will do us no good to stand and grumble, yes? And I do believe I spotted a river when I was..." She glanced at Cameron and blushed slightly. "...arriving. Though I confess it may simply have been a trick of the shadows. I am far from the outdoorsy sort." Given her designer clothes, carefully styled hair, and steady makeup, even a blind person might have drawn that conclusion, though Melody herself seemed somewhat oblivious to how obvious she was. Still, her smile was genuine. "Who should take the lead? Perhaps you, Isaac?" Thank goodness for these glasses. With all the excitement happening, she doubted she'd have been able to maintain anyone's names otherwise. And it wouldn't do for her to be rude, even in these strange circumstances.

Once the group got underway, whichever way they were going, she began to look around in earnest, eyes wide behind her HUD lenses as her head turned this way and that. "But my, what an incredible forest this is," she commented, reaching up to prod at low-hanging branches and bending to more closely observe the various leaves on the ground. She had little experience in the outdoors, but biology had been a long-standing part of her studies at home. And as the group walked on, that biology knowledge had its first chance to shine. "Hm?" She looked down closer at the ground, then turned her head way up toward the trees... causing her to bump right into Yui. "Ah! Please forgive me!" She bowed her head in apology. "I simply... Well, look up, if you will."

Whether anyone did or not, Melody pointed up toward the various trees above them. "Look there. Do you see those leaves? The various shapes and sizes of them all? That's most unnatural!" She pointed to one tree in particular. "That tree, for example! See how many different kinds of leaves are on it? Most trees have only a single type, with distinctive shapes and sizes. Yet these trees each seem to be growing multiple varieties of leaves! Might these trees be part of some cross-pollination experiment?" It seemed like a stretch, even to her; who would dedicate the resources to an entire forest of experimental trees? It almost looked like the trees themselves had no idea what leaves they ought to grow!

While the reactions of the various people around her were far from pleasant - Cameron's overbearing cheer excluded - Melody certainly couldn't fault them for their present unhappiness. Having just been plucked from her home and quite literally dropped into the middle of nowhere, she felt somewhat irritated herself at the situation. ...Come to think of it, how was her home? It was almost time for dinner; surely her family would be worried when she didn't appear for it! While her parents and siblings alike were often apart for business and other matters, they were at least somewhat close. They'd surely worry over her sudden disappearance!

No, no, calm down, Melody, she mentally chided herself. I must remain calm! If there is a way INTO this place, then surely there is a way OUT of it, as well! All she had to do was find the way out, and everything would be right again! Though, given another look around, finding her way to anything would likely be an ordeal. She'd never seen this place before, and even with the... colorful explanations given by the others, she was still quite lost regarding the overall situation.

A group of people suddenly appearing in another world, apparently chosen by holy beings to fulfill some world-saving purpose? She'd watched and read many a tale such as that. Perhaps that should be how she approached this one! "In other words... we are in what might be referred to as an 'isekai', yes?" she inquired of the group. It wasn't a perfect explanation, of course, but having a name to put to the situation made it at least easier to wrap her head around. ...Still, the very idea that she'd been yanked into another world by celestial beings left her head quite fuzzy. To think such things could even happen...! Perhaps she was dreaming? ...No, that was unlikely; her stomach and chest were aching from her impromptu landing. This was... really happening?!

Shaking the thoughts from her head for the moment, lest she be quickly overwhelmed by them, Melody instead faced the group and gave a formal, clearly practiced curtsey. "I am Melody, the youngest daughter of the Herzal family. Our strange circumstances aside, it's most pleasant to meet you all!" Would any of them recognize her family name? She knew there were plenty of people who did, and even she understood that not all of those who approached her in friendship did so with kind intentions. In a way, that made the gruff and grumbly introductions of the others feel more genuine, which brought an amused smile to her face.

A smile that was sadly quick to vanish as another, smaller portal suddenly appeared above her head and rather rudely spat out a pair of glasses at her head! The glasses smacked her firmly on the brow, causing a comical "Gwah!" to escape her lips! Well, if she'd had any doubts about the aches of her torso, the new pain in her forehead certainly dispelled them! Rubbing at the ache in question with one hand, she bent down and lifted the odd glasses with her other, rising and inspecting them with a curious gaze. "Are these... glasses?" They certainly looked well made, but Melody had never had a need for such things.

Though it was at that point she realized that everyone else had some manner of eyewear as well! How curious... She recalled that in many an isekai plot, the "hero" often received some manner of boon that allowed them an advantage in their efforts. Perhaps these were similar? Though she failed to see how glasses could affect much advantage... Still, what harm in finding out? With a shrug, she carefully slipped them over her eyes. "...Curious. My vision doesn't seem to be- AH!" Rather suddenly, the names of those around her began to appear, one by one, above their heads! Looking around, nothing else seemed to be different, at least for now, but sure enough, whenever someone moved or shifted positions, their name followed them. She removed the glasses, and the names disappeared from view. She donned them once more, and sure enough, the names reappeared. "How strange! Everyone, I can see your names above your heads! Is this a common feature of eyewear such as this?" Her parents both wore glasses out in public. Was this how they always managed to remember people's names so easily?
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