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My guinea pig has gone on to the great hay pile in the cosmos. I’ll miss him.
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My fiance just told me he ate my left over slice of pie. This engagement is over.
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If you're nocturnal, every day is the day you sleep.
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I don't know anything about Mahz, but I'd ~really~ like to have that vacation time off from work. (That banner has been there a while, yeah? =P)


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Shared Space Part 6

Lunar Veil | Cargo Bay


Kinneas adjusts to his situation.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen, @Aalakrys

"Whhhaaaaatt? I'm not tossing her around that bad. I'm not tossing you that bad right Mei Mei?" Vas said chalking up Tim's weak stomach up to him never learning to break a fall.

Serena giggled and made an iffy gesture with her hand. She shook it off and turned, readying her stance.

"See! She's fine! Here I am being all gentle like." Vas said, matching her stance and letting her make the first move.

"You two come across a lot of fancy fighting ninja-types that need pummeling?" Kinneas asked after his last set break, applying the towel to the back of his neck.

“You’d be surprised,” Serena told him. “An’ besides, it’s better to be prepared, ‘stead off caught off guard.”

“You’d be surprised how many places check your peice so being more than useless when throwing hands is better then always being dependant on your hardware.” Vas pointed out swiping at Serena to make sure she was paying attention.

“If you wanted to practice…” Serena said, luckily dodging the fake knife, “You’re always welcome.”

“You wish.” Vas snarked at his sister. “Look how strait his nose is!”

“It fits his face just perfect,” she said dreamily.

"Not the point I was making." Vas said dryly.

"He was trying to say I must be good at keeping it that way," Kinneas grinned as he stood up. Arms were done, time for some core. "Or just smart enough to stay where I'm better suited. Either way, thanks kid."

"Still not the point I was making." Vas repeated as he twisted Serena into a hold for her to try and escape from.

“Course!” Serena said, struggling to get free by kicking out her feet. “You’re one of us now, Kinneas, that means…” she tried to bite her onii’s wrist with no avail, “you’re always included.”

"Well … I would go that far …" Vas muttered irritability. "... Take a moment and think Mei Mei, how I'm holding and the best way to move in order to break it." He calmly advised her.
Shared Space Part 3

Lunar Veil | Cargo Bay


Kinneas adjusts to his situation.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen, @Aalakrys

“You say you ain’t working hard but it looks like you're working extra hard there.” Vas sniped noting the peacock display as he sauntered in. He was already dressed for another session with Serena, a bit of his tattoo peeking from the top of his tank top, his hands already wrapped and he went to the rack where he had been keeping their practice weapons.

Kinneas rolled his eyes but stayed focused on what he was doing.

Serena side-glanced to her future husband before refocusing on the task at hand, and the wooden knives her Onii removed from the rack. “Heya Kinneas.” She crooned before crinkling her nose. “Tim,” she added with disdain.

“Short Stack,” Tim replied with a chuckle, then nodded to address Vas, “Flapjack, stabbing practice today?”

"Care to join in? Serena could always use the practice on someone that ain't me, of course, I understand if you can’t handle getting your ass thrown around by a sixteen-year-old." Vas responded to Tim innocently.

“C’mon Tim,” Serena snapped in response, holding her hands in a boxing stance while dancing on her toes.

Tim snorted. “You understand, yet you keep offering, it’s a fight where even if I win, I lose. You and Pigtails have at it.”

"I love your positive attitude, that you think you have a chance against my Serena." Vas chuckled.

Serena puffed up with pride, standing straighter, her shoulders raising to her ears and dropping while a smile spread over her face.

“My ego needs no checking,” Tim assured him. “Besides, it’s like I said. I’m not a fighter, I’m a bleeder.”

The metal clanked as Kinneas set the bar back from the first set. From his reclined position, he thoughtfully said: "Good causes need those, too. 'sides, I bet the girl wouldn't cut you up too much, would ya, Xiao Hua (Little Flower)?"He turned his head on the bench with a hint of a smirk at Serena. "Pilot has to fly the ship and all."

Serena giggled, the tips of her ears turning pink from the attention, as she shook her head no, her pigtails following suit.
Shared Space Part 1

Lunar Veil | Cargo Bay


Kinneas adjusts to his situation.

Though he was still wasn’t one hundred percent sold on the idea of sticking with the motley crew that made up the Lunar Veil, Kinneas had not gotten off on the waystation between where they’d been when he woke up and New Kasmir. Instead, he’d spent the few days leading up to the final call weighing the pros and cons, and spending more time than usual on the cortex news waves. As of yet, his father had not made a statement despite all the attempts, but that wasn’t surprising. Besides, anyone who’d ever crossed his path seemed more than willing enough to give character accounts, much to his amusement and annoyance.

Between that and the weight of the fluctuating con list, his options truly were limited. Sure, he had contacts, but so far nearly all of them told him to stay where-ever he was. That just happened to be with the most dysfunctional family-type he’d ever come across, which he didn’t share even with those that came close to trusted friends. The mystery was more attractive than the truth, anyway.

Kinneas’ only true hang-up had been how to get creds in this situation. The little he’d saved for downtime on Silverhold until the next job came along wouldn’t last, and now he couldn’t exactly go looking for another job with being a crazed arsonist and all. And his new captain hadn’t quite let him speak for his skills that first day, so he was basically a freeloader at this point. It didn’t bother him in the slightest given the ornery old man’s demeanor, but that also meant no work aside from cleaning toilets - which he’d not been forced to do as of yet, thankfully.

Like a handful of times in his past, he felt out of options. Trapped, regardless of being free to leave - because he wasn’t, not exactly. Rather than spending the remainder of the trip to New Kasmir in his head once they departed the satellite station with him still on the ship, Kinneas wasted time exploring the common areas of the ship. He took Tim up on the offer to stop by the flight deck if it was captain-free, and for a drink and hand of cards, but spent most of his time in the designated gym area once he discovered it.

Somewhere between then and touching down planet-side, Kinneas had a row with the laundry machine when his limited clothes ran low. He also regulated himself to trash duty and typically trailed in near the end of meal times to avoid any unnecessary extra time spent with half the crew. It was miserable - living on a ship, he decided on the seventh day. And so very boring. Granted, he was isolating himself for the most part, but pride and pettiness were still leading that decision. What he really needed was air - preferably salty sea air, but that wasn’t an option just yet. Instead, he actually found himself looking forward to that earthy clear air of orchards despite himself and then shook away that notion. Fun was what he needed, not some bloody apple-scented air.

Mi Galley es Su Galley Part 6

Lunar Veil | Galley


Kinneas finally comes out of his room, shares a drink and a game of tall card with Tim.

OOC: JP between @MK Blitzen, @Aalakrys

“Toast? Éryǐ? (That’s it?)” Kinneas chuckled, his brows knit as he attempted to focus to see who had signed up for what. Trash was a free pass, but he had to figure out when this list went up for next time - if there was a next time. “Still, more than I know how to do.” Recalling he had a glass in his hand, he went on his way to the sink again. “That’s one of those things everyone will regret if I get assigned to.”

“Bread, toaster, press a button, pretty genius if you ask me,” Tim said with a chuckle. “Besides, this is a Firefly. Open a can, heat, serve. Meals Ready to Eat, Protein paste, there’s not much you can do to make ‘em taste worse. That’s why you’ll see the first thing we do when we paid dockside? You go out and eat like a king.”

"Ah, that I can do." Kinneas said, not exactly enthused. His previous life included a chef on his father's boat where he'd always eaten like a king and he'd heard tales of Fireflys that were inexplicably well stocked with an abundance of rare treats. Not that he was hopeful for this one. The last twenty-four hours had taught him not to bother. "But, I warned you - I burn most things I've tried, and there's been attempts at ready-made. Usually, stick to protein powder after burning that paste… it was quite possibly the worst fucking thing I smelled in my life."

“Easier to drink in the cockpit,” Tim said agreeably. “We make do. That’s why the apples are all gone..”

"You know, you have to be the most agreeable guy I've ever met." Kinneas laughed as he sat the washed glass alongside the cup and plate from earlier. "This ship has some interesting Qi going on, that's for damn sure."

“I’m much more contrary once you get to know me,” Tim replied with a grin as he stood up to stretch his back. “Plenty of people on the boat happy to oblige if you’re looking for a fight, but If you’re looking for a drink, I’m usually in the cockpit. I’ll see what I can dig up by way of some comforts of home and have pigtails drop ‘em off.”

“That actually doesn’t sound half bad.” Kinneas mused as he returned to the damnedable chore list only to give it the side eye before leaning back against the wall. “Don’t think I’m ready to be a cougar’s kept wánjù (toy) just yet… so maybe I can stick around some.”
Mi Galley es Su Galley Part 4

Lunar Veil | Galley


Kinnease finally comes out of his room, shares a drink and a game of tall card with Tim.

OOC: JP between @MK Blitzen, @Aalakrys

Kinneas dealt the two cards, taking one for himself that he traded. “Both. I’ve been to nearly every inner planet, and around a few systems in this second-life. A few moons. Some are more my style than others. This gig keeps you drifting as well, I imagine.”

“Some,” he said with a lopsided grin. “And same. Some it’ll be too soon if I ever have to go back, some, I am counting the days til we go back. I consider it a perk, but it’s not everyone’s cup of whisky. If I hate somewhere, I know it’s just for a few days. If I love it, won’t be long ‘fore we’re back. Heavy Boat, 3 Dragons. What’s your hand?

“Well, look at that…” Kinneas said as he lay down his cards: “Heavy boat, three dragons. Tall.” He grinned and slid his empty glass back to Tim with the tips of his fingers for his prize.

“Well,” Tim said, pouring another glass, “fuck my luck. Guess I’ll ante up a new toothbrush and some soap that smells less like tires, and more like morning rain. Bartered for it on Greenleaf when we were picking up the Skye kids.”

“Oh yeah? Rainforest doesn’t sound half-bad. Moderately better than sugary pomegranate.” Kinneas grinned as he took back his glass. “But Greenleaf, that’s a wild place. I’ll have to ask the kids what they were doing there next time I get a wave from them. Wonder what Isaac possibly got his head stuck in there…”

“Cannon,” Tim said, matterof-fact. “I saw selfies. He was mighty proud of it too. We baby proofed the ship for when they call for a taxi.”

“They certainly know how to keep it interesting.” Kinneas said in half amusement, half exasperation. “You’d think the kid would have learned by now… No sense of self-preservation, that one.”

“Good thing he’s got people looking out for them then, eh?” Tim replied, shuffling the deck for the next deal. “He’d learn to do all right on his lonesome if he had to. I’m just glad he’s got a choice.”

The amusement from his laugh died down as he pondered on the idea of choice, fingers of a hand steepled over the glass he twisted it. “Full circle, eh? I can do the whole dance, but prefer not to. It isn’t a choice for me to stay here with a captain who thinks he knows me as a -” he waved his hand absently, ”whatever he thinks, and a kid who’s already out to murder me for a misunderstanding. You and the girl and the doc? Ain’t half bad - less so with dinner and drink shared.”

“If we were dancing, I’d have on better music, shiny shoes, and preferably an outfit that the doc would call dapper,” Tim assured him, fanning out the deck to shuffle, before taking another drink himself. “Don’t worry - I’m not out to change any minds - if I were a better salesman, I likely wouldn’t have ended up flyin’ a Firefly class ‘cross the verse. Fox trusts you, that’s good enough for me. I know the Skye’s talked you up. I figure we all got common ground somewhere. Least I can do is try an help find it. Berries are tall.”

Mi Galley es Su Galley Part 2
Lunar Veil | Galley


Kinnease finally comes out of his room, shares a drink and a game of tall card with Tim.

OOC: JP between @MK Blitzen, @Aalakrys

"Flattery is a good start," Kinneas smirked and rubbed at his neck which was already more stubbly than he liked, momentarily studying the cards he'd lifted. "Care to share why you stick around the rays of sunshine and buckets of loose bolts? Piloting can't be a difficult job to find, so there has to be a reason..."

“Well, the pay is decent, work is steady, and sooner or later, even tight nuts loosen up.” Tim said, frowning at the cards he just dealt. “I don’t think anyone’s first choice in life is to go work on a Firefly, coast under the radar in the black, but we all got our stories, right? Dealer takes the tall. You up for a drink?”

“If it’s any more of that coffee, I think I’ll spare myself and pass.” Kinneas said as he lay his cards down. Not a bad hand, but not the best either.

“No,” Tim chuckled, nodding his head at the cards. “No coffee. It’s not top shelf, but –” He pulled a bottle of Old Earth Style Kentucky Bourbon from one of the shelves. “It won’t strip paint and it helps take the edge off. Neat, rocks? Soda water?”

Now someone is speaking my language. Kinneas’ brow lifted, this time in hesitant suspicion. “Bourbon neat… “ He tossed down two cards to trade, but waited to draw while he wondered what the other shoe was since everyone seemed to have one on this boat.

Tim returned with two small glasses and the bottle of bourbon, pouring two neat shots. “Player takes two,” he confirmed, sitting back down and dealing two cards. He slid the glass across the table. “It helps when the rays of sunshine turn cloudy.”

"Isn't that their perpetual state?" Kinneas asked as he lifted the glass and tilted it in thanks before lifting it to his lips. It'd been too long since his last drink, or maybe it was the stay on this ship. He lifted the corner of the dealt cards and found them favorable. “Damn, that’s good.”

“Smooth, smokey, and my favorite way to unwind. Well, one of ‘em anyway. The only one I can partake of in the black.” Tim let the comment slide, declaring himself like one of those planets that didn’t pick sides in the war - the one with the watches, good chocolate and tiny knives. “Your welcome to it, if I’m not around. Picked it up last time we were on Beaumonde.”

“I can’t help but be skeptical of your offer.” Kinneas said after a moment, a faint smile lingering. He was amused, but also wary.

“I have two more bottles,” Tim confessed, “So I’m not as altruistic as I seem. “Peaches, peaches are tall, playing for trash? Playing for trash.”

“I don’t have anything else to barter, so why not?” Kinneas half-lied again. “Won’t hurt me either way. I’ll take one.” He slid the discard to the lot and took another and winked. “You can keep the tall, dealer.”
Mulligan Stew

Lunar Veil | Kinneas’s Bunk


Doc drop by to make sure Kinneas gets dinner since he didn’t show up.

OOC: JP between @Yule, @Aalakrys

About an hour had passed and the noise from the galley had died down signifying that dinner was likely finished. After a couple of minutes, a hollow metal knocking could be heard tapping on the hatch to Kinneas's bunk.

Not exactly wanting any more guests, Kinneas debated ignoring the noise until whoever it was either barged on in or went away. But, he’d rather not give them the option of coming in, so he climbed up the ladder and opened the hatch. “What?”

Doc smirked, holding a plate and a tin cup. "I see you've already got the disposition down pat for this boat." She pushed the items towards the new arrival for him to take. "Can't not eat or I'll look like I'm not doing my job." She paused waiting for the man to take his meal. "You're not gonna force me to break out the feeding tube, are ya?"

Kinneas had taken the offered meal, his brows knit in confusion as he looked down at it a moment, then back to the doctor. His ire was momentarily broken, but only just. “No, that’s ok. Thanks for making a house call, I guess. Is that it, though? No threat against my life or desire to see me suffer on the side?”

Doc chuckled. "Nah. Suffering's for med bay." She grinned. "Sides, it's not so bad. Got rice and…I think that's protein paste enriched stew." She jutted her chin towards the plate. "Might even find a carrot if you got lucky."

“I almost feel bad for not pushing for that gunshot wound now…” A faint hint of a smirk touched the corner of Kinneas’ lips briefly after a glance at the plate. It sounded dreadful.

"Oh and since you loved the coffee so much," Doc motioned to the tin mug, "gotcha a refill. Growing boy and all."

“I thought the suffering was for the medbay.” Kinneas glowered down at the tin cup, but sighed in miserable acceptance. “The thought is appreciated.”

Doc gave a shrug. "Just…quit making me look soft, alright?" She complained. "I got a reputation to think of." She stepped away from the hatch and gave Kinneas a lazy single finger temple salute before turning to leave. She wheeled around as if nearly forgetting something. "Oh and don't leave dirty dishes in your bunk," she advised, "space rats." She smirked and headed off in the direction of the cargo bay.

Kinneas was already considering how to get a plate and tin down a ladder when the doctor gave him the alarming news of an infestation. Since he’d been in his bunk all day and hadn’t seen anything, he chalked it up to her messing with him, but he hadn’t planned on finding out.
Hire me! Part 2

Lunar Veil | Cockpit


Kinneas ask for a job on the LV. Goes as well as you might think.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen, @Aalakrys

“That’s what I’m here to find out,” Kinneas said as he pushed himself from the frame of the doorway with his shoulder, standing upright once more. “Well, captain?”

Jago sighed thinking. "Well why not make yourself useful, there's a chore list hanging in the galley."

“I’m not signing on to be anyone’s qìyuē yōnggōng (indentured servant).” Kinneas’ expression darkened slightly, insulted by the first thought that came to Deckard’s mind.

Tim sucked a thin stream of air through his teeth, suddenly fascinated with one of the fuel cell indicators. He suppressed any nervous laughter that threatened to bubble up.

"Oh I'm sorry princess but our janitorial staff sought employment elsewhere. So while I go and find a new maid so your pretty hands don't have to get dirty, everyone on this ship pulls their own weight. If you have a problem with that you can file a complaint in our suggestion box, conveniently located in the gorram airlock." Jago said flatly, giving Kinneas a level look.

Tim’s gage grew more fascinating by the minute, and he fought hard to not let out another wince.

“I don’t have a problem with -” Kinneas was interrupted, his gritted teeth over the word emphasized grinding to a halt.

"Good." Jago said cutting Kinneas off. "Chore list is in the galley."

“They’re not all horrible,” Tim promised. “I mean, some of them. Crew sometimes plays tall card for ‘em, if you’re a betting man.”

Kinneas was about to tell the captain where he could shove his chore list, but bitterly smirked at the notion of pawning them off on someone else if he won a hand or two of cards. “That makes it all better, sure. In the meantime, I’ll just go hop right to that list. Can’t think of a better way to spend the start of my time bound to this ship.” Fuck if I will. He turned to go back to his bunk.

Jago waited for the man to leave. "I swear Serena whines less than that man." He grumbled going back to the list on the cortex screen.

Tim watched the new person leave, and rubbed his non-existent five-o-clock shadow. “Give him a little time,” the pilot offered. “I know you’re spoiled, what with me coming on board right out of the box amazing. “ He raised his eyebrows a few times towards the captain, fishing for compliments he knew wouldn’t come.

"Time I got. Patience with another teen on the boat, less so." He paused, turning to Tim. "The coffee ain't that bad is it?"

“It’s like you melted brown crayons in swamp water,” Tim replied. “I’ll make a shopping run on New Kasmir, while you go and get us raked over by a new fixer.”

"Zero faith in your Captain." Jago tsked. "And spring for the nicer crayons." He joked.

The Morning After Part 3

Lunar Veil | Galley


Kinneas adjusts to life with the rough and motley crew of the LV.

OOC: JP between @Yule, @Aalakrys

Kinneas took a sip of the black coffee while the doctor had been musing at his conversational inquiry, immediately finding it too acidic for his taste. He glanced down at the cup, grimacing. “Kěpà de (Horrid).” The muttered assessment was followed with a look at the woman, so he clarified: “No, not the head - the head is fine. The coffee, is this really what you drink every morning?”

"Well, your sense of taste seems just fine, so that's a plus." Doc laughed. She tucked the pencil into the page she was on and plopped the crossword book down on the table. "And since you didn't exactly make your way down to the med bay for your follow-up…" she said as she reached into her pocket, she pulled out her penlight. She made her way over to the big man and grabbed the side of his head, nearly knocking into his coffee cup hand, which might have been a mercy. She clicked on the light and started testing his pupil response.

“There going to be a missed appointment fee?” Kinneas smirked as he moved the cup of hot coffee to a safe place on the counter, stilling and following at the doctor’s direction. “If I’d have known…”

"Mm-hm", Doc said, engrossed in her examination. "Well, bad news," she said as she clicked off her penlight, "you're fine."

Kinneas grinned, obviously being factitious. “Gotta say, never had a doctor use that line on me before.”

Doc furrowed her brow and lightly punched Kinneas's shoulder. "Ass. I meant no fun or interesting injuries." She said as she made her way back to her seat and book. "Gonna be a dull trip is all. No one ever comes in with something serious, ya know?" She complained, sounding…almost wistful.

Kinneas chuckled as he reached back for his coffee despite it being terrible. He supposed the entire crew wasn’t half-bad. Though he wasn’t sure how serious she was about the longing regard to injured patients, he said: “Don’t be too sure. I have to go have a chat with your captain. Could result in something interesting, but no promises.”

"Don't go getting my hopes up, Blondie." Doc said, full of sarcasm. "Listen, if he shoots ya, tell him I said 'no arteries'. Get shot somewhere fleshy. You know…fun wound, not wound wound." She encouraged.

“I’ll be sure to mention it.” Amusement laced his words before he took another grimacing sip of bitterness in a cup. He glanced towards the hatch he’d come through and to the opposite one. “Not that I’m rushing to potentially get shot at, but… you don’t happen to know where he would be, would you?”

"Be a short walk through there." Doc said as she pointed to the opposite door with her pencil. "Best a luck, huh?" She added with a grin, miming a gun with her hand and pretending to shoot herself in the arm.

“Jìhuà (bottom’s up).” He said taking a final gulp of the coffee before dumping the rest down the drain and setting the cup in the sink to deal with later. Barring a gunshot wound. Staying strapped when not on a job… He filed that away for the interview.
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