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About Me

I usually write about 3-5 paragraphs, but I'll more often match how much/little my partner writes.
I like depth and description, but I want to balance that with moving the story along, so I try not to go overboard.

I aim to post every couple of days, but definitely at least once a week.

I prefer writing for the male role in romance, and I am open to MxF, MxM, MxNB pairings

I'm happy to add secondary characters of any gender!

I would like my partner and our OCs to be well over 18. I'm past 25, so writing with or about anyone younger than that is off the table these days. Thank you for understanding!

Under NO circumstances do I want to be involved in stories involving incest, rape, lots of intense drug/alcohol abuse, or excessive violence/gore. Please do not ask.

- Romance is lovely! I would prefer an RP includes it in some capacity
- Fantasy (either modern or other-world) is welcome!
- Sci-fi is welcome as long as I don't have to know any real science (just going off of ~vibes~ is my jam)
- Supernatural/Urban fantasy is welcome!
- Slice-of-Life of any genre or style is welcome!
- I'm not keen on fandom RPs or historically accurate RPs, I'm sorry. I get overwhelmed trying to keep track of and implement all the details and specifics.

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Even before Asbel led his tattered group into the clearing, Augustine and Cassius were waiting. The eldest prince stood beside the sorry attempt at a tent, his hand resting protectively, possessively on the dragon's shoulder. And while Asbel shrank instinctively beneath the man's stony gaze, Augustine's resolve broke the moment he saw his brother: the general stepped forward without a word, and took Frey's face in his hands to check him for injuries. Never mind the new visitor and never mind the past: all he had attention for was Frey's well-being, and Asbel bit his lip to fight back the lump rising in his throat. Frey was unbelievably lucky; with his past attitude, he didn't deserve someone who cared about him so much. But the phoenix squeezed back all the same as Frey tightened his grip, sending tendrils of encouraging warmth through the young prince's arm, hating himself for being so envious.

"You can't keep running away, brother," Augustine murmured. His quick examination of Frey complete, he still kept both hands firmly on the young man's shoulders, as if afraid Frey, drop-dead exhausted or not, was about to make another break for it. "I didn't... mean to hurt you. We're on your side, Frey. We want to help you. Chasing us away solves nothing."

Cassius, meanwhile, had drawn closer as well, and studied the dark elf with a thoughtful frown. He knew far better than Asbel did what the royal family had done to the dark elves in years past. While this one seemed... decent, there was no guarantee that he wasn't going to hurt either Frey or Augustine. "What do you mean to accomplish by traveling with us?" he asked, voice deep and low.

At the dragon's voice, Augustine started and glanced in his direction, then dropped his gaze to the remains of the tent beside them. "You're about off your feet, Frey. We'll sleep outside tonight; there should be enough blankets." For the first time, the general took in Sverre, young and shy and roguishly handsome. "Enough for all of us, though you, young man, I'll put between myself and Asbel."

"You can stay next to me," Asbel whispered to Frey, voice soft though surprisingly steady as he cast another uncertain glance in the dark elf's direction. "I can warm you enough to dry your clothes." And I'll be after you like a shot if you run away again.
Ah, thank you for the invitation! I will see what I can do~

And congratulations on finishing both of them! :) Good luck on your essay, yaaaay. (That you have class now kind of stinks! I'm sorry about that.)
(Oooh, there's a Detective Badd as a judge! <3)

Do you need more than four judges? If so, I'll hop in. (And are the judges judging the story as it stands or at its conclusion?)
Ah, wow! Heavy reading for the summer, it would seem! (: I've read Night, but not Farewell to Manzanar, and I suppose it would be crass to tell you to enjoy them, so... find them thought-provoking, I suppose.
Ah, a perfect use of time! C: What are you reading?
A bodyguard? He'd found someone in the woods and now the man was his bodyguard? Asbel may have spent his entire present life in the palace, but he still doubted that bumping into someone in the woods was proper form for trusting someone with your life. And what did Frey need a bodyguard for? He had Augustine and Cassius -- and they would have protected him if Frey hadn't screamed at the dragon earlier.

Already confused (and in no small degree concerned) by Frey's new friend, the sudden touch of humility and uncertainty that stole across the prince's face and voice did nothing to settle the phoenix. Apparently the prince was getting better at gratitude, but the kindness still felt strange: it ruffled just as many of Asbel's feathers as his rudeness did, if perhaps for different reasons. I'll try to look out for you, too. Well... that was a bit of a change. But Frey's generosity last time had also not lasted longer than it took to be rescued, and that would surely be the case this time as well.

But for now, the prince's soft and sleepy voice, if nothing else, eased the tension in Asbel's shoulders, and the phoenix uncurled his hands from anxious fists. "I'll show you the way back to camp, then," he promised, and with a wary glance at Sverre, took the prince's elbow to guide him back through the forest. His glow was enough to guide them over the rough terrain, and after the flare earlier, Augustine would know where he was and would be able to shadow them back to camp; there was no way for Cassius to land with the trees so close together.

So the phoenix began to lead the way back with a careful grip on Frey's arm and an eye on Sverre, who he wanted neither ahead of them or behind. "What were you doing in the woods at this time of night?" he asked the dark elf during one of these last sidelong investigations. "And why is the prince all wet?"
Sorry I vanished for a week! D: Reply on its way!
With darkness thick on all sides, Asbel's only light flickered lower and lower as he crept deeper into woods uncomfortably silent. Where were the birds? Where were the insects? Even if they were too far south for the latter, he should still have been able to hear the former. Instead, all that reached him was the occasional creak of stressed wood, a howl (of course) from something hunting closer to the mountains, a whisper of wind through fallen leaves that sounded just too much like whispering for Asbel's comfort.

So when he stumbled at last across someone upright and vaguely human-shaped, he flared. For the space of a breath, the phoenix wreathed himself in a halo of orange and gold, a whirlwind of spark and flame and miniature inferno. He was not going to flee, not now, even if his legs shook like reeds. But neither was he going to die. Not here.

"Get back," he hissed, voice deepened by panic. "Don't you dare--"

With a fizz of recognition, the second human-shape clicked into focus: Frey. Prince Frey. And Asbel put out his fire with such speed that cold air rushed in on him from all sides in the sudden vacuum left by the dissipated heat.

He had expected, as before, to find Frey screaming and halfway into shock, and the surprise of being the one out of breath and on the verge of panic when Frey himself seemed fine brought a flush to -- Asbel was sure -- every inch of his face. He had never intended to appear so... discomposed in front of the princes, and he certainly did not want to appear so in front of whoever this stranger was.

"Frey--" he broke off, tried again. "Are you alright?" His voice was tight with polite reserve -- a far cry from the anxiety still trapped against his sternum. "Did you fall in a river again? Are you bleeding?" He reached out as if to move to Frey's side, to investigate with touch, then shot another glance at the dark, handsome stranger between them and fell back without taking so much as a step closer. "And, er, who-- who is this?"
Don't worry about it! You're allowed to be busy! :D
And reply on its way~
No worries! I hope you find someone to fill the slot soon. You've got a dedicated group of eleven it looks like. D:
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