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4 days ago
Current My heart is an angry fist that seethes and reaches against it's cage
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7 days ago
I used to write. I used to love writing. I used to have alot to say. Now I'm rendered shy and frail. And I miss my bold old ways.
3 mos ago
The real downfall of the working man is that you have to work so much to keep on living that there's never any time to actually live... or even to actually roleplay...
3 mos ago
Have you ever wondered if romantic love was just something for other people and not for you?
3 mos ago
Can you believe foolish booksellers are peddling a version of The King in Yellow which is missing THE ENTIRE SECOND HALF OF THE BOOK!!!!??? Without the street quartet and romance it is not the KiY!


Just a starfish alien trapped in a human body on Earth.

In the language of my people, Neziul means Noone, Nonesuch, or Noname. It is a word similar in flavor to your earthlings' "Nemo".

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Here's the thing, my original concept was a staked and torpored medieval ventrue who had shamed his sire over a dalliance with a lasombra, to wake up in modern nights. But then looking at the power levels and the vibe that your going for, I figured it'd be safer to just make it all in his head instead of actual backstory.

Because if my original character idea did wake up in modern nights he'd be on the road of heaven instead of humanity, hed already have been taught an outdated sense of the basics of being a vampire like it was just yesterday, and he'd be much more tempted to turn antitribu and join the Sabbat. And he'd probably be afraid of technology.

But I know the clans and their stereotypes. Everybody knows that even the most normal seemingly malkavian is completely messed up in the head somehow. In alot of the old WoD rulebook and sourcebooks, breaking those stereotypes for the sake of creating unique characters and having fun is encouraged though. And the trope of "insane rulers" makes ventrue, lasombra, tzimisce, toreador and tremere decent candidates for characters with derangements as well as any malkavian.

The true faith I thought of as balancing it out because of merits & flaws. But it's really just the idea of something positive (Faith in the Christian way) having a possibility of making things happen in the game, to balance out an overall negative (being insane isn't fun, even if it can occasionally be portrayed as funny or interesting) that might limit his ability to make things happen with the ease that other characters would have. P

Idk. Maybe I should just try a different concept for this. Because I really would rather preserve my original idea. And I don't know if he'd fit well into the family of vampires idea that your going for.

What do you think???
I have a concept for a bit of a mad ventrue who's an outcast because the embrace broke his hold on reality and sort of convinced him that he was living in a medieval parody of the modern world. I was hoping to balance his madness out with true faith if you'd allow that?
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