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Hiya Darlings!

I’ve had a few ideas that have been circling through my mind lately, (and some old ones I never got to start)
I don’t have many requirements, just be okay with mxm and no ghosting! I’m someone who, depending on the length of posts, tries to get out at least one response a day, if not multiple. I’ve had partners who respond once every two weeks, and I’m totally okay with that as long as I know in advance that the response times are so spaced out. If something comes up and you need to take a break or if you want to end it, just let me know! I’m fine waiting or discussing things to make it more interesting!

I typically just mirror the response of my partner, whether that’s just a few sentences or multiple lengthy paragraphs. I’m not the chattiest person, but I think OOC is important for lasting rps, and I like to talk about ideas for the plot and characters. For some of the plots listed below, I have characters and their sheets ready, but I’m fine going without character sheets if you don’t feel like making them.

Here are the plots that I have so far!

PM me if you're interested in any of these!
oh awesome!! Yes, i'm still looking!
Hii, I'm Silas and I've been rping for a year now, which feels like such a long time to me but it really isn't compared to others, so i'm still learning. A friend introduced me to it and i've been really into it ever since then. I like doing romance, fantasy, slice of life and angst. I prefer 1x1 roleplays and how much I write ranges, I usually average wiht 2-3 paragraphs but I can easily do more or less. I hope everyone has a great day/night!
Hiii! I'm not really sure how this works but I'm gonna give it a shot.

I have this plot idea where there are these two kingdoms who are at war and one was a large, prosperous kingdom and the other was full of warriors and conquerors. The warriors set their sights on the larger kingdom and are destroying them so the king of the first kingdom sees that they need to surrender, he tries to make a deal with their leader. The king gives up one of his sons as part of the deal to the warrior king, for marriage, as a servant, doesn't matter.

I kinda want the Warlord to come off as mean. He can be a nice person when he’s not in public or just a full-on jerk all the time but gradually gets better, it doesn't matter as long as when they first meet he’s uncaring and a bit rude or just cold.

I like coming up with things on the spot and not planning every single detail out so only the first part is planned out so the rest can be random but I don't mind and am 100% capable of planning everything out if needed.

I have a starter already but it is not my usual length and throughout the actual rp I will be writing 1-3 paragraphs on average with some exceptions! I do not expect you to match the length of the starter either because it is like 6,000+ characters. Mxm only and I think that is it so I guess let me know if you're interested!
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