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15 days ago
Current Steve is interdimensional and multiversal (teleporting between MC dimensions and worlds and servers) so Kirby's stomach does more or less nothing
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15 days ago
I'm not playing favorites here by saying Steve. I'm just going with what the maths say
15 days ago
/kill instant victory
15 days ago
15 days ago
Sorry, but compared to Steve Kirby is fodder


Heyo, I'm Elite Minor, but you can call me Elite (or Minor! lol)
I'm into both fantasy and Sci-Fi
I have pretty decent experience in roleplay.
I'll happily join in any roleplay, but nothing too weird.

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In Hello! 17 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Wonderful to meet yo :D
Whew! First exam done. Also afterward I got the best sleep of my life, lol
Finally! A decent 1x1 rp! The family affair one seems cool :)
but im laazzzzzyyyyyyyyyy :(((
Fair point, ill stick with my original crew
are Michael Jackson's pronouns he/he?
What if I just like, bought a house for 15 grand. Like back in the day you could do that, why can't we?
GOD I'm bored, and why is it that EVERY 1x1 interest check is 18+???
I'd play almost any thing at all there if it wasn't 18+
Being 1x1 is easier for me to comprehend and manage bc I get verrry overwhelmed by large groups :(
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