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<Snipped quote by Server>

Other than them to totally get nearly slaughtered?

Sure, whatever.
<Snipped quote by Server>

I didn't say that. It'll really depend on what the dragon does, honestly.

What are you expecting?
<Snipped quote by Server>

What do you mean? I'm not going to do anything unless they get themselves in trouble, basically. Which I'm confident will happen.

Really? After all that, you're playing the part of the hero?
<Snipped quote by Server>

Whether I do something or not depends on what happens. I'm probably done with her, on a personal level, except to laugh at her when she messes up.

What exactly could happen that would change how you interfere?
<Snipped quote by Server>

This has evolved into a lot more than I prepared myself for. But, it isn’t my decision. I’m not commandeering the reigns from her here.

You’re not the one in charge, here?
<Snipped quote by Server>

That depends entirely on what happens with the dragon.

No, you need to decide right now whether you’ll end this nonsense bickering, or I’m out.
<Snipped quote by Server>

Nyeh. I'm sticking around to watch, you do whatever.

You’re not even going to do anything?
<Snipped quote by Server>

I was going to help. I was even willing to help when she turned out to be a racist. But she was mean, so I'm going to watch her mess everything up.

You’re both driving me insane, so either make up your differences or figure something else out. I’d rather die than listen to you two squabble for however many hours.
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What happened to showing off what you can do?
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