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<Snipped quote by Server>

*that visage of me grins darkly as the jaws of the wall clamp down, as an explosion that would rival a supernova occurs, as the walled structure is abandoned to Outside*

*The structure seems to dissolve completely*
<Snipped quote by Server>

*pulls my hand back, firing a small ball of energy at the maw*

*The face opens its mouth whole to swallow the energy, and within its mouth, you see the same face, alive instead of an imprint—in the next moment, you find that the wall is now immediately in front of you and crushing you between its jaws*
<Snipped quote by Server>

Ohoho, this is interesting.

*touches the wall to analize its properties*

*One of the faces moves toward your hand and opens its maw as you approach*
<Snipped quote by Server>

This is beyond dumb.

*a wall of amaranthing seperates us, and becomes a cube encasing the collective*

Whoever thought of this backup plan mustve been quite the annoying figure.

* snaps my fingers, and the collective goop is transported to Outside, as the amaranthine cube simultaneously dissapears*

*As soon as the cube disappears, you find yourself surrounded by massive metal walls, each side with a unique twisted face of agony sprawled across its surface*
<Snipped quote by Server>

*my body becomes static, and I summon aamaranthine energy that scoops every bit of liquid up into an orb, inside of which I ignite several exothermic reactions in an attempt to reduce the beasts to ash*

*Several newly-strengthened creatures leap from the collective mass and slam into you*
*The surfaces pulsate with a violet hue*
*Continues converting surrounding surfaces*
*More claws emerge from the goo*
<Snipped quote by Server>

*spheres collapse around them, and they are transported into an isolated patch of amaranthine energy*

Wretched scum.

*Several blue, purple, and black hands dripping with a stretchy fluid all reach out from below and pull you down into the vortex*
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