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10 days ago
Current Last night, I dreamed about a hedge maze from roleplayerguild.com/topics/…. At the center, there was a lost city.
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11 days ago
And, just as suddenly, my post:day ratio is now 2.
18 days ago
And before I knew it, my post to day ratio had become larger than 1.
23 days ago
Last night in my dream, I tried to summon a cupcake, but only the bottom part appeared. In the same dream, I caused two gods to fight making a house blow up.
24 days ago
Tried to use AI to create an image of my character wearing my profile image as a mask. It didn’t go well.


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<Snipped quote by Phase>

*Starts down the river’s course*
We met all kinds of people back then. Some friendly, some... not so friendly. I’d say it’s mostly hostile out there, but that may just be because the mean ones are really mean. Does that make sense?

Yeah. Anyone with a power like that could screw tons of people’s lives over easily. And that’s only someone at my level of power.
*A butterfly pauses atop my head for a second, and then flys away*
Would you call those people we saw breaking into the mansion some of the mean ones?
<Snipped quote by Phase>

Heh, I’m not really a fighter anymore. I doubt I could do all that much.
*The sphere splits into a hundred marbles of water, like reflective glass balls*
This sphere is acting as a water source for me. So, sort of? But whatever grossness ended up in there got washed downstream.

Let’s get going then. And while we do can you tell me about the other like us?
<Snipped quote by Phase>

Powerful? I don’t know if I’d say that...
*A smaller orb exits the sphere of water and flies into my mouth*

I couldn’t beat you in a fight even if I wanted to. My control is the worst but you make it look easy.
And did you just drink the same water you washed your face with?
Banned for not posting here instead of 3 Word Story
<Snipped quote by Phase>

Sure, that works for me.
*Levitates a sphere of water toward me from the river and uses it to wash my face*

Wow, ok, you’re definitely a lot more powerful than me.

*Laughs, picking up a stone from the muddy sand and flings it at the river. It skips a few times before sinking under the water*
<Snipped quote by Phase>

You have someplace you want to go? Lead the way.

*Slowly levitates downwards towards the river bank*
Along this river? It's rare you find a world this serene, so we can enjoy it while we get to know each other a bit.
<Snipped quote by Phase>

Man, I don’t know, I haven’t traveled the multiverse in decades. What do you want to do?

Well I know I’ve had too much discussing the past and the unknown.
So let’s go and do the thing I love best… exploring!
<Snipped quote by Phase>

Since I don’t have a home to go back to now, it’s pretty much now or never.

*watches someone in the mansion sets off one of your traps through the sphere*
Then let’s begin. But what are going to be doing?
<Snipped quote by Phase>

*Holds up a sphere in my hand that reveals the mansion we came from like a crystal ball, where an armed group kicks open the door*
Well, so much for that...
You want a guide? Fine. I'll be your guide.

Really? Thank you so much. And wait - who are they?
<Snipped quote by Phase>

So you aim to... understand yourself better?

I don’t have any idea what I am. I guess I’d like to know.
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