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I miss my friend Hebigami Shiho.
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Just Watch Me.
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I can't take back the past, I can only move forward.
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I will continue regaining my honor.


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Eirei Hills, Hawks Dorms

Erza was taken aback from Akira's compassion since she rarely had any meaningful interaction with a boy, she reciprocated by blushing in a flustered manner and tsundere-flick Akira's forehead.

I SAID I'M ALRIGHT! Erza ran off faster than the speed of light, exaggerated by the heat of the moment, now nowhere to be found in the room.

The door was left open and much to Amaya & Akira's notice, a familiar face showed up.

In a soothing voice, she greeted Akira & Amaya.

"Akkun is here, so is my fairly young Aunty." She stood by the door.

"I saw Eruru just a split second ago, you two seemed close?"Mei tried to understand the pieces of what went on but couldn't and just let it go.

Mei sighed. "Eruru sure broke rules but unlike her, I came here for a purpose. No time to waste, Akkun and Aunty must follow me to Le'Nombril Restau, I've made reservations for a sumptuous dinner. Uncle Endeavor requested for you two, walk now, talk later. We'll use my car, Yusuke and the others are coming along."

As always, Mei fails to explain with context and expected that people will just follow her command, with Amaya present, she'd expect her family member to miraculously understand anyway.

-Flashforward to Le'Nombril Restau-

Le'Nombril Restau is a fine dining restaurant, owned by the Aoyama Family.

"I can't help but let Kazuki and Hikari remain in this premises. Now, for Akkun and Aunty, we have plenty to discuss.


Eirei Hills, Hawks Dorms
@Dragon Arts@rexgn

Yusuke's eyebrow raised with the answers he's getting from his peers.

He replied back and made an instant group message holographic interface session with Kanako & Hebi, popping off their Hawkpads.

It's in the house, I've already paid our grand meal in Le'Nombril Restau. Does it not hurt, that a guy like me would like to go on a date with Hebi-chan and Kana-chan. Whether that's romantic or not, that's up to you to ponder. Heck yes, we're part of the three great Hero Agencies after all, just imagine a Nomu on the lose, if word got out, people will panic, we'll have plenty to talk about once we get there, we're meeting with Mei-san's group.

For a moment, Yusuke regretted not asking Jun out directly, he preferred her Quirk and her company with their rivalry but begrudgingly admitted to himself that Kanako and Hebi's Quirks will be useful.

Yusuke was monologuing on what to tell to Jun, he messed up every sentence.

Mawatari, I want you...eww...I want your Quirk...no this is important.... you're my eternal rival...I want..

He also texted Matsuru.

Hey a**hol*, I've deciphered Zealous's transmission, it seemed something to do with a Nomu.

They're at the roofless top floor of Le'Nombril Restau.

Wine and turkey being served.

Unlike Kazuki x Hikari and the rest, Yusuke reserved the most expensive area, the Executive Top.

"Date or not, there's plenty of room to discuss. The three of us above all are part of the top three agencies, I know it's a sudden but tell me, what's on your mind in this sudden yet auspicious night?"

Eirei Hills, Hawks Dorms

Ria enjoyed the small chatter with Jun, t'was finally. Peace and quiet for not having any noisy people at all but then Kaiga showed up.

"Oh it's you. Ria looked at her Hawkpads while doing her best to avoid Kaiga.

It appeared that she also received an invitation to Le'Nombril Restau.

She shortfused.

"Alright I think I can forgive you, cut the honorific crap. My boyfriend does not say such things. Don't you run away from me again, Kaiga. So, how about on a restaurant date? she said.

She turned her attention to Jun.

"Jun" Casually saying her first name.

"The Hawkpads seemed to be calling Best Jeanist Interns to a fancy restaurant, free dinner it says...wanna tag along?

Le'Nombril Restau
@Letter Bee@Gerlando@JrVader
Harpy showed up in the flesh, next to Hikari and Kazuki were Hawks Heroes in Black Suits, gradually there were more Birds lurking around.

"Ara? It seems that we have an awkward dinner. How nice of my niece to gather up fledglings in the nest?

Rin referring to Amaya and Akira along with the soon virtual separate conference with Yusuke's group.


Matsuru is outside of the restaurant, moreover with Spectra, who has served Matsuru, a Chicken Alfredo and cranberry juice.

Harpy wants you out of the way for now, though it seems that imminent danger is upon your friends. There are things to talk about, I'm her ward in this case, and it's for your own good, based on Harpy's orders. The Blackhawks want your reassurance that our existence remains in the shadows, furthermore, I am intrigued that you have survived an encounter with Ryukazuki Keyaru, tell me more...

Freeroam Sequences

Sekoto Peak Range
Tokyopolis, Shibuya
Eirei Hills, Hawks Common Room, Dorms

The story thus far...

After the mentally exhausting symposium and the reestablished 1B, students of the same flock mingled like birds with birds of differing feathers who were assimilated to the new flock have lodged at their dorms.

Eirei Hills is a wonderful establishment despite its fashion as a boarding house/dormitory for the students of Eirei, lodging below Sekoto Peak's passages, the iconic wonder has long ceased being called Mt. Fuji since 1947. Sekoto Peak is humid & cold, it serves as the training grounds for the Heroes of Eirei, the most common being mountain top experiences including sky diving and most importantly breath control exercises. The pinnacle of tranquil sanctuary for the troubled, the many passages to Eirei after classes and vice-versa leads to this revitalizing under the mountain experience, meant to be a place of reconciliations.

This was also the place where Endeavor acknowledged his firstborn son, Todoroki Toya in becoming a Hero who has to zealously carved his path of hardships. Likewise, it could also be a poetic analogue to the healing of the Freshman's Block 1B amidst these dark days like the increasing movements of the Blackhawks. Heroic Spirits come in many forms and dwell in places that leave a legacy of mixed baggage.

What are our Heroes in training are about to do to rise above the odds?

Yūhi | Asagumo | Seiki@Iamme@Dragon Arts
Eirei Hills, Hawks Common Room, Dorms
Yusuke knew the trauma that Kaiga owned and that being no different from him yet the attempt of comforting people is so abysmal even for an empath.

He let the boy console his feelings with the matter that's been extinguishing him from the inside just as his flames were burning low, drenched in sadness. That heartbreaking experience was a solace to both boys, Yusuke felt the common solitude and hopeful tears for an odd yet unknown future that Kaiga stood with his heroic second wind. Still, he knew what had to be done while there's time to weep and fight, Yusuke tried to separate work from fun yet the fact that he needed Kaiga was something looming.

Both came from Jaku City and are also Endeavor Interns.

This was an opportunity that Yusuke cannot let slip away, he truly wanted to be friends with Kaiga rather than the trauma bonding he had initially thought of.

Yusuke's mind is in the right place, he's clear from corrupted emotions since there's no exposure to the ill will of Kaiga in him.

“I was there too.“He tried to comfort Kaiga.

"I'll get straight to the point, I'm also an Endeavor fanboy and a fellow intern, we go by the same agency but we really don't see eye to eye. You're mostly shadowing with Burnin' while I'm with Matsuru and Mei. Tell you what, I've received Zealous's internship request, it appears that Endeavor's firstborn son will be taking up his mantle."

Yusuke gathered the courage to run the conversation, to which he pointed out to Kaiga about the broken transmission earlier in class.

"Public Safety and Detective Work is the many specialties of the Endeavor Agency, I'll make it obvious, I want you to come with me in Shibuya Crossing, the broken transmission that Zealous left earlier points to that direction, aren't you curious?."

Yusuke texted Kanako too.
Long time no talk. We haven't talked since the Joint Training, although we lost, I do find you useful and not just your Quirk. I was the leader yet I got blindsided by my rivalry with Jun. It should be nice if I get to fight her again.

Mawatari | Himura@Thayr
Eirei Hills, Hawks Common Room, Dorms

The room was suddenly turned into a tidy setting in a blink of an eye.

Present Mic's narration
Himura Ria

Quirk: Dead Calm

Ria ceases kinetic energy to herself by constant cooling, entering a state of calmness, allowing her to appear faster than the naked eye could see, though those with spatial awareness can clearly see her movements.

Ria stretched her back.

"Well that's fast. The Indra Mudra Handseal sure is handy, oh I'm sorry...I do Hindu Yoga, do you do Yoga? Omg, it kicked in late, you're Jun...the Jun...I'm a bitch fan I mean big fan...you just slayed the Sports Fest!"A beginning of an awkward conversation.

Himekishi | Yuzuki | Himura@Digmata@BlackMaiden
Eirei Hills, Hawks Common Room, Dorms
Amidst the conversation taking place in said dorm, out of nowhere, the Princess Knight laughed nonchalantly at the Akira and Amaya, she couldn't bear the abdominal pain for she has mastered the art of standing still.

Present Mic Narration
Himekishi Erza — The Princess Knight, Freshman Block 1A's strongest contender, tough on the outside while goofy on the inside.

Many are often intimidated with Erza's disciplinarian approach but that immediately reset as she quickly dive into her eccentric side and love for strawberry cakes. Her actions are fun to watch, especially if she does one thing and goes another way, in this case reaching out to bid farewell to a classmate of hers. Erza also takes every opportunity to bully Akira, mainly out of infatuation.

Her Quirk, Afterburst, allows her to moe at superspeed and conjure functional afterimages, the more she moves, the faster she becomes, lessening wind resistance, unfortunately, she has to consume lots of food, there was one time that Erza gobbled up all the food in the cafeteria!

Erza jest and almost rolled on the floor laughing.

"You still suck at talking to girls, Aki."

Hero Name Only

Day-Month-Year | Age

Endeavor was Japan's Greatest Detective
Hawks was Japan's Greatest Spy, etc

Personality of your Prohero



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Freeroam Sequences

Eirei Hills

Relieved, all sincerely due to the Good Doctor's rejuvenation from the multiple shots fired by the good for nothing Prefect, Yusuke has found himself in a state of disbelief by the sudden dorm reshuffle & sighed off a slight irritation.

Clenching his fist from his dominant hand, his left, he remembered more than just the pain he felt. Yusuke remembered his paradigm shift of personality, realizing too late of the damage he caused in the class, his eyes were teary as it's brushed off quickly, moving forward to his reassignment. Hebi was the first person that came to mind and the rest followed, Yusuke understood his feelings, that while he's condescending towards 1A, he's always been an ally of 1B, hurting them, made him brooding, feeling sentimental remorse of his actions.

Along the massive common room of the House of Hawks, Yusuke heard too much noise in each passing step.

Yusuke breathed to relax, he manifested Quirks relative to the scenery that he's in. A combination of sound-based abilities aided him to recompose his inquiries without asking the number of students all around him, from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Striking a conversation at his own volition would take time to get results, hence his discreet display of espionage.

Empowered Ears, with this I can hear everything in my surroundings even if it's blocked by reinforced glass. Sound Filtration, with this I can omit the things I don't want to hear, such as nonsense, I'll be focused on the things I want to hear. Rhythmic Seer, with this I can reverse engineer sound from secretive verbal cues such as lies, I will know who tells the truth, no one can lie as image sequences through sound is projected into my mind. With the unity of these Quirks and the empathy side of my Quirk, I have synthesized & created a new Quirk: Echo Reverb and with it, I can accurately pinpoint the conversation I will eavesdrop & even understand their emotions.

Stockpiling Quirks relative to each other, in this case sound-based are easier to synergize.

Yusuke eavesdropped, phishing information that serves him well.

The very first thing that resonated was Matsuru & Rin, Yusuke blushed about the things he heard and the sensational breathing patterns, he filtered off quickly out of embarrassment.

Next, he eavesdropped at Kazuki & Hikari.

Huh? Since when are they a thing?

Next, he intentionally conveyed his thoughts aloud to Kanako in a frequency she could pick up.

I know you can hear my thoughts across these sound waves, meet me at the dorm rooftop later tonight, I got more than just an internship to wanna collaborate with you. Only to realize that's not how Kanako's Quirk works, so he texted the exact thought monologue minus about the sound waves to her via Hawkspad.

Take another person with you. We're sneaking out to a French Restaurant. He texted to Kanako.

Next, he deduced that Akira & Himura Amaya of all people are roommates.

Himura Amaya...another rival I acknowledged besides Jun.

Yusuke remembered the Joint Training Exercise between 1A and 1B, two weeks ago, Amaya was a tough opponent, who was also with Kaku Mei, Taragi Katsuo & Himekishi Erza aka Princess Knight and Haku Shū at that time. Yusuke's Teammates were Akira, Kanako, Jun & Yamato, he dreaded their misstep to victory since Amaya's group won that match. Still, Yusuke admitted to himself of his failed teamwork with Jun.

The various sounds Yusuke heard, his blood only boiled.

Yusuke refuses to work with Amaya, Mia, Kaiga & Katsuo, especially Katsuo, whom after the exercise, directly called him a loser, even though they're now 1B, he don't acknowledge them as 1B.

Yusuke entered his dorm, to his unsurprised expression and horror, he tried denying it but Kaiga was his roommate, having recalled what he said earlier, turning off his Echo Reverb.
Flashback: To think that a former 1A has more manners than you, Mamushi-san. In fact, he's the type of guy I like to make 1B great.

I can't believe I just said that.. Yusuke facepalmed.

"Ah? You're my roommate. To think that I have a 1A as my roommate, ehem... welcome to 1B. Asagumo Kaiga. No...I think I saw your name somewhere, it feels very familiar when everyday I look back at the names of the survivors of the Jaku Incident."

The room was already a mess in a split second.

It was all the doing of Shiori, teleporting around the place like there's no tomorrow, unsure on how to make her life interesting, she also texted Kujaku about their internships. Expressing that they both go to Endeavor's, she heard the news of his retirement and that his son, Toya, will be its new leader, rumors also afloat that Toya rejected the offer of being the #3 Hero. Shiori, in fact, is a Zealous Fangirl of Toya and to a small extent, an Endeavor fangirl and would often skip class with Endeavor Fanclub members.

Shiori saw Jun, suddenly her Hawkspad notified her of her reassignment.

"Damn...I'm going to with Kujaku & Yui now I guess? Looks like I gotta go, see you Jun!" Shiori teleported, leaving Jun a messy room.

The annoying Shifter transported into her newly assigned room.

She glanced at her roommates, Yui & Kujaku.

"Nenenene.... Kazuma-chan, Sora-chan. Pleased to work with you, it's getting boring in the Dorms don't you think? You guys wanna have fun? How about a sparring, I can take the both of you with my teleportation all at once."

Shiori talked too fast.

The room is starting to get messy by the second she randomly switched places with items that were decently organized.

"Ayo...what about going to the alleys of Shibuya Crossing, last I heard from Kazuki, he fought a Nomu. There's also been ridiculous sightings of Nomu recently, swept under the rug. Nenenene...let's go out of this damn dorm!"

Ria was at the doorstep of the reassigned dorm too, next to Jun.

"Uhhh... whatever happened. Let's go clean it up? My apologies, Himura Ria. Cool ya, Ig."


A dark haired girl approached the designation she ought to be.

Her aura shines but not sparkle, her teeth are fanged and eyes red.

"Taragi Katsuo, Ogawa Yamato? I'm looking for them, they're supposed to be my roommates, I'd want their blood too.."

Who is this mysterious girl.

In a stroke of fate, all 1B Students Hawkspad received a notification about the class elections on who to vote for the semester.

Amidst the alley of Shibuya...

A Black Nomu feasted on human flesh, what was once cannot talk, now was able to talk.

"Ke-Lord..Keyaru...e-eat...humans....Quirk Factors... ascension..."

Hi Team,

There'd be no posts today, like I promised of what we signed up for as advertised and debriefed, I love giving cooldowns.

Use this time however you like and wise enough to read and re-read IC posts so we're all kept up on the flow of things.

I understand we've been going fast & that given our enthusiasm, we either break or make the gravy, I highly reciprocate everyone's feelings and thank everyone for working hard for the past two weeks.

As a handsome reward, we will be having a 2-day break.


Your Keikaku Friend,


@Letter Bee

@Aku the Samurai
@Creative Chaos
@Dragon Arts
Qᴜɪʀᴋ Bʏ Gᴇɴᴇʀᴀᴛɪᴏɴ

ᴳᵉⁿ ¹

First Generation Quirkfuls accidentally gained abilities through radioactive sources that altered their DNA such as experiments that virally gone wrong such as the mice that spread a plague that's called the Q-Virus, 150 years from our timeline.

In America, this became known as the Witch Hunts & the rise of the Creature Rejection Clan in Japan.

Racism against the Quirkful became a reality and soon, against the Quirkless.

ᴳᵉⁿ ²

30-years after the Dawn of Quirks, offsprings of people're born with Quirks, they'd mingle and passed on their genes, which spearheaded the later Generations through hereditary means,
this became the rise of classism of Quirks, historically known as The Great Quirkism, where society supported sinister ideologies of Shigaraki Hisashi aka All For One, who reigned in the shadows under the criminal underworld of Japan.

In the same manner, the origin of Heroes is found in the United States of America. Quirks were exposed to the world due to the glowing baby found in China. In Japan, Yotsubashi Chikara aka Destro preached the Quirk Liberation philosophy, where everyone can use their Quirks freely. His actions brought about a revolution and destroyed the Japanese Royal Family, granting All For One, puppetry over the Japanese Government, donning it as the Republic of Japan.

Besides All For One & Destro, Oji Harima, The Peerless Thief was also considered a Dark Lord/Villain King, making them the Forefathers of the League of Villains.

ᴳᵉⁿ ³
Quirk Singularity

30-Years has past once more, Third Generation Quirkfuls exhibited an evolved Q-Gene known as the Quirk Factor, a chromosome that made Quirks no longer curable. Unlike its predecessors, Third Generation Quirkfuls cannot have their Quirks reverse-engineered, decoded aka regress back to normal. Dr. Ujiko Daruma, a renowned scientist of this era, theorized about the evolution of Quirks and how the human race will embrace the new normal.

He coined the term, The Quirk Doomsday Singularity Theory. Unfortunately, many believed he's nothing more than a Mad Scientist, a Professor who lived by pipe dreams. Ujiko kept his Quirk under the wraps as the first true immortal human to exist, he will never die even if his Quirk is dampen.

The creation of the Nomu was the fruits of speed running the Quirk Singularity Doomsday Theory.

ᴳᵉⁿ ⁴
Quirk Marriage

Herobiz reached Japan, the founders of the Hero World in Japan were the Todoroki, Yaoyorozu & Ida clans, which All For One intended to be his puppets but the rapid growth of the Founding Hero Dynastic Clans outgrew the influence of All For One.

Quirk Marriages became rampant during the first decade & banned for its inhumane practices.

Within these 30 years, there's a small crack in All For One's Villain Empire, it was the rise of Shimura Nana, who later taught All Might.

Fourth Generation Quirkfuls exhibited superhuman bodies that their predecessors didn't have at all, Quirks became more suited to the body yet at the same time, Quirks would often tear the body apart, leading to a failure of adaptation.

ᴳᵉⁿ ⁵
Quirktastic Era

Fifth Generation Quirkfuls lived the time of their lives, 80% of the World are Quirkfuls, this was the golden age & the rise of All Might, who secretly took down the Demon Lord, All For One.

Fifth Generation Quirkfuls are said to have a body, suitable for two Quirks, in rare cases, multiple.

This is the divergent timeline from the MHA Canon, where the RP interpretation of the MHA Story timeline began.

ᴳᵉⁿ ⁶
Quirktabulous Era

150 years has already past, Sixth Generation Quirkfuls are yet to be discovered.
1B Character Morale & Overall First Semester Scores
Aozaki Aida | Splitsec, 40 [Deceased]
Quirk: Jetspeed

These were the final quarter grades and the entire first semester grades during the First Semester, completed by Ravens in the dying memory of the Speeding Hero, Splitsec, who was reported to have been killed by one of the Sinister Six, Electricgod.

The heartfelt feedback came from their late Professor.

She was said to be MIA but her death was broadcasted a day prior the Sports Festival.

First Place
Mawatari Jun
Quirk: Distance Snap

Her grades are outstanding, she's got a resolute mind but I'm afraid her numbing indifference isn't always going to be a positive stoicism, people may be rubbed the wrong way, she doesn't seem notice how people are willing to get her out of her shell, I had to confiscate a lot of love letters and reconfigure her Hawkpads to filter out those unnecessary love emails from boys and girls, my even the girls?

Learn how to be more flexible, always remember to open your heart to the right people.

Second Place
Yūhi Yusuke
Quirk: Fervent Trigger

His grades are on par with Jun's, Yusuke sees her as a rival but the girl just don't reciprocate, just like a girl who rejected a love confession. Shrugs... Not poggers. Yusuke is a fun gamer in a sense, he's very participative in class and I admire his heroic spirit to win. However, his disastrous quirk control leaves him undesired in character. I hate having favorites but he was like a son to me. Yusuke needs to work on his character and interpersonal relationships. Like Jun, I had to the same thing, the opposite sex, likes him.

Third Place
Suzuki Akira
Quirk: Projection

The Male Class Representative, yes, a discreet troublemaker, fashioned in
a predisposed situation of Eirei's prejudiced classism, he's not a troublemaker but the 1Aers really loved to bully him, Akira kept choosing stand his ground to defend his class.

Fourth Place
Ogawa Yamato
Quirk: Tyrannosaurus
The most misunderstood boy in the Freshman Block, a gentle soul who balances himself internally well amidst the classism and racism. I am glad he's not like those hoodlum Metamorphics who'd abuse the M-word pass. Perhaps what Yamato needs is someone to truly understand him, someone to tell him that it's okay to cry and not hide behind his wounds.

Fifth Place
Kazuma Yui
Quirk: Kinetics

Yui is like the other half of Kujaku, except more devious, I love his straightforward approach for its moderate in itself despite how people claimed its excessiveness. He's like a calmer version of Yusuke, he knows what he wants unlike the other. Yui serves all purpose as a wake up call to the class. A hardworking winner.

Sixth Place
Soragami Kujaku
Quirk: Rainmaker

Kujaku is laid back but just like Yui, his words and actions tend to attract bullies and surprisingly, friends. Professors need to see that he's got a big heart despite his troublemaker tendencies. His grades are average, which I had to keep reprimanding him. Stop skipping class.

Seventh Place
Yamagata Kazuki

Admirable for a Quirkless but I'm heavily perplexed and concern for his mental health, perhaps was it because I've watched too much American School Shooter Documentary? He's unpredictable.

Eighth Place
Seiki Kanako
Quirk: Mind Link

Never underestimate people with special needs, Kanako is like a daughter to me, she helps me scold people with her Mind Link, reprimand those who weren't paying attention in class. I'm still concerned and perplexed, a mute girl in the Hawks Agency? I hate to underestimate but in dark times like these, I wish children choose their agencies properly.

Ninth Place
Mamushi Hebi
Quirk: Hydra

I'm surprised how she became a fellow class representative, nevertheless ,like Akira, she keeps all the notorious delinquents in line but please, tone down the arrogance, it's not gonna help you gain proper public perception, she also quarrels a lot with Yusuke until she's just indifferent.

Tenth Place
Misaki Shiori
Quirk: Castling Point

Just like Kujaku, she causes chaotic and instant trouble by skipping classes and over the top pranks, she's not the brightest.
Second Semester First Quiz Results

Those who stayed to fight against oppression, viewed as dying with your comrades: 100 pts

Those who spoke up against oppression: 95 pts

Those who spoke up but left: 90 points

Those who were against oppression but didn't speak up yet stayed , which would count as wild card: 85 points

Those who forfeited for their own benefit, which has to be a Retake, take note that Retake don't mean Failed: 80 points

Perfect Score

Excellent Score

Minimum Score


1A and 1C virtually took the same quiz.

Soragami ✗ Kazuma

Yamagata ✗ Yajima

Mamushi ✗ Mawatari ✗ Misaki

Asagumo ✗ Yūhi

Mathers ✗ Seiki

Yuzuki ✗ Himura

Taragi ✗ Ogawa
Shibuya Institution District
Eirei Polytechnic Academy — 1B
Shimura Danzo: Origin

A Teacher's role is to hearken the burden of students, so that they may succeeded, teaching methods are limitless figures and failure to accustom oneself with fairness for his students is mediocrity.

A Student's role is to hearken the lessons provided by their Teacher, learning methods are boundless figures that reasons with reality through an inquisitive mind to see through lies & to be fruitful with knowledge that outpour from the fountains of wisdom. In the same manner, the antidote to a perplexed student is the unwavering guidance of their Teacher, for that is like a soothing wind that fans the flames of progress and the right way to put a fire out. The combined efforts of these things, resolves to break the yolk of fear, distrust, disbelief and unworthiness, thus donning truth's comforting embrace to heart.

No matter what the path that the disciple go, the teachings of their master is etched into the very fiber of their whole being that resonates like a vestige.

Once and for all, the culminative journey of these opposing souls, brings forth an eternal cycle of giving & receiving in a causal relationship that echo through time. A bond deeper than the flowing blood rivers of biological kinship, a bond that's respected by intellect, connections that sets the framework of a culture, and of a society. We move forward, we stand and fight for our cause.

History is learned,

History is created,

History is preserved.

Reality is stranger than fiction.

As Mia began breathing her cursed technique, a charade of humored protest against Ravens, the Illusionist, has made the man be in a seemingly questionable position, it was evident that 1B was crying out in subliminal anguish for the pent up losses they suffered, especially for the lack of a lasting Professor.

1B — The notorious Freshmen Block of 2127 was stepping out of their husks, unafraid showing who they truly are, many stepped out of the class due to the intense predicament they perceived themselves to be in. Their reactions determined their future, whether it's for the better or worse, they're like lost sheeps without a shepherd, venturing into the unknown, some may return but others were broken. Ravens knew of the outcome including the repercussions of his actions,and it seemed that there's little room for remorse or was it for the naught?

Is it?

Is it?

Is it....

Danzo sighed and sent an email blast to the faculty and to all of 1B, particular those that left.

Suddenly, the gloomy room changed to break the ice. For once in his life, Danzo genuinely smiled and laughed at the so called lackluster performance of the year, there was no need to hold it back anymore, the man with questionable reputation that many claimed remains a phantom. Who knew that the remaining 1B has shown a heroic spirit, something that Danzo only experienced in rare occasions.

The illusion of a dreamer,
The illusion of a bluff,
The illusion of a classist,
The illusion of a passing wind,

Not a single one of these sheds light on Danzo.

As the man called Ravens, the former Professor of Class 1A, now 1B has revealed his true colors, he couldn't say it, any other way.

"First Graded Quiz of the Second Semester, A Hero's Unyielding Mind Against Deception. Haha! My sincerest apologies for the lackluster performance, hahaha, if I've scared you off your seats, dinner is on me!" His smile and laughter calmed down, perhaps from the abdominal pain, he experienced, he's done holding his misdirections.

Danzo has shown the embodiment of a Hawks Agent.

"Detention? You seriously think, I'd be unjust. Come on now, sheesh. There is no detention, except for you, Ms. Rin Himura." A twist of fate, Danzo has acted upon the matter that first tormented 1B.

Rin went into a crazed state. Irritated that the Professor whom she thought was at her side, has betrayed her. Dark Rin or not, she was hoping to fail this hopeless class in the first place, the red flags were there. Of all people, Shimura Danzo, a descendant of Shimura Nana, coming from an elite family has disproven his loyalties to the hierarchy.

"Madame Todoroki has been watching you, Ms. Himura, your tyranny ends here. You are hereby relieved of your Prefect Duties from the Student Advisor Body. He said with great indignation.

Rin could not say anything, she held back her tears, walked out and knew her fate is sealed.

Ravens thought to himself The Founders and Madame Todoroki entrusted me the impossible, I have to expel guilty students that're murderous Hawks Interns, which made up majority of 1A, they've been proven guilty. 1C has proven themselves innocent while 1B isn't bad at all. Could the League have infiltrated Eirei fully or not? No, this wretched killings of Professors is more than meet the eye, if so, why 1B? Why compromise the education of innocent children? For the past six months, I've been acting out of necessity to fulfill my mission, I've done things I'm not proud of. We all have to be vigilant. Revealing myself as of now, may only drag the enemy closer, I must protect Eirei!

Yes, everyone can sleep well at their dorms, I wish I know there'd be more questions than answers, but for now I must go! Ravens dissipated into air like a mirage, nowhere to be found.

Ravens rushed to the Principal's office.
Those who stayed to fight against oppression, viewed as dying with your comrades: 100 pts

Those who spoke up against oppression: 95 pts

Those who spoke up but left: 90 points

Those who forfeited for their own benefit: 80 points

Next Event: Reelection
Ravens has left an email indicating that his class meet at their Dorms to catch up and unwind, it's also about the structure of student rep positions, it's the second semester, hence the class needs rightful leaders.
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