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I do commissions, specializing in character design. Ask me for prices.

I also play FF14 and PSO2 so yeah.

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That's fine. I think it's time I start looking at an OOC and discord for it. I'm sure more people will jump in once an OOC is made.
@Rezod92 Proof that Walton is run by lizard people wearing human skin. Anyway cool we got a cryptid haha. A rather difficult thing to make.

Landslide Force should make all interactions against an enemy of smaller stature be treated as if you had +1 Strength.

Geo-plosion should also deal more damage based on how much armor is left on Garrick, so you'll have this situation where you can put on as much armor as possible with Terra's Embrace, and then detonate it for massive damage as a two turn gambit.

Backstory's pretty solid too.


Intimidating Presence - Garrick's monster form as a powerful cryptid dwarfs most other species and races, and the sheer size and lizard features in combination can make for an intimidating sight. Garrick appearing by surprise will lend him a very generous first attack window when he instills fear into his foes, and enables him to better intimidate others in a conversation or negotiation.

Protector - Garrick's natural nature as a protector of others gives him further determination. When fighting to protect another, whether it be an NPC, or an ally in the midst of combat, he has a +1 to Endurance.

Otherwise all good. By the way for your racial independent, it may be best to also iterate what abilities Garrick has as a cryptid.
Right, so say hello to the leader of the Valorbrands, Lady Afira.

Al-Marabar, Sand King Arena

@Renose@Letter Bee

The entire arena was erupting into chaos as the orange-clad Aldugan Spines began to attack the people. In a typical scenario like this, the armed force would have the upper hand immediately, and the crowd would be taken hostage, however, this was Al-Marabar, a land composed almost entirely of scoundrels and dishonest men. Almost immediately as the pirates brandished their weapons, so too did members of the crowd, eager for a fight themselves, and as much of an upset this appeared to be, the immediacy of the Aldugan Spines' attack reveals they had anticipated resistance, almost welcoming it as the entirety of the stands erupted into fighting.

Kazue over on one side had garnered the attention of not just additional pirates, but people from the crowd in her side noticing the extravagant display of power and speed, and began to cheer her on as she was being approached by several more pirates coming in from the outside, also wearing orange in some form, with weapons pointed at her. An approaching group holding rifles took a position down the hall from her and began to fire a volley in her direction. They did not seem to be afraid to seriously injure anyone in this entire attack it seems.

The center of the arena though held a more pressing concern, the powerful vision user that had appeared. Ken and Takemura's concerted attempts to strike at him seemed at first to be quite sound, but as soon as bullets were fired at him, lightning struck in a concentrated area around him, intercepting his attacks. First the fruit turned to ash in an instant, and while the bullet had gotten close, it too was struck down. It seemed there was a level of speed and focus required for this move, yet still he was untouchable. The Geo Archon himself noticing the attempts joined in immediately as an arrow joined in immediately after the gunshot, managing to force the electro user to move a little out of the way.

"Well well, looks like there's a limit to your defenses. You two down there keep trying! It shouldn't be too hard to overwhelm him with me here too", the Archon raised his bow again, a golden, glowing arrow forming as his back muscles undulated as he pulled it back, ready to fire again. Just as easily however, an arrow of arrows would appear along the ground around him, growing out of it in synchronization with his actions. He intended to fire a much larger barrage at the mysterious attacker.
@ChozoHunter To a fair extent.

So a brief explanation of the tone, it's basically "before the fall", so more or less before things became the way they are in the Souls games usually. Might be a bit hard to imagine, but we're basically looking at the period where the dominos have begun to fall, and things are going to nosedive for Hyrule over the course of the RP.

@rawkhawk64 Absolutely, go ahead. I'll quickly note there's also Ninjutsu, which is actually under Sorcery. I've done a fair bit to make them unique overall. Although there may be a couple backstory things you'll need to note.

Since every character in the RP must be joining the Valorbrands, as a trained Sheikah, you have most likely been let go in some way from service as a Sheikah at a low rank. After some training Sheikah are allowed to choose early on if they wish to continue as a Sheikah ninja, or become a member of Kakariko Village, and from there they are generally free to do as they please. Anyone who chooses training beyond this point though is put under rigorous training in their underground village.
@ChozoHunter can certainly easily imagine a Goron with a war pick. Great someone's considering Gorons, because I expected them to be picked rather late.

@rawkhawk64 not a requirement, but familiarity with the tone might help.
Yeah perfectly fine.

For everyone else though, if you've got any sort of requests or suggestions for special weapons, armor, and battle styles, let me know. Some of that will be constantly expanding. Magic will also occasionally get new additions too, but they're much more strict.
I encourage to choose what you like because NPCs can be introduced to fill party gaps if needed, that is if the major ones like Afira don't already fill some of those spots.
Just another update. Despite being so distracted by Tears of the Kingdom, I've finished some iteration of the mechanics that I think should be easy enough to pick up. If anyone finds anything too difficult, let me know. Unless it's the magic and combat styles, sadly I can't make those less overwhelming. The way the RP is designed is that you will encounter them throughout the RP, rather than running into a new character with made-up skills constantly.

I realize I should also take everything out of the documents when I make the OOC, so for the time being it'll be confined to their documents.

Also for reference, all races are based more on their BotW/TotK versions. Not that Gorons have ever been different, but Rito and Zora have changed over the series.

So yes, basically if you want to start making a character now, you can.
@Birby@Mistress Dizzy@Darkmoon Angel

Coming up next, I'll be introducing everyone to Lady Afira, so stay tuned.
Yeah really wondering if I should use a canon navi or not. Will certainly take some time to go through what there was, because it's been awhile.
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