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Prologue - Mordred

The silver knights found themselves shuffling between themselves, trying to catch the black blur that was Mordred. It seems each time they seemed to hit him he was somewhere else instead, immediately planting a bullet square in their skulls, bypassing their shields. After eviscerating one with a well-placed strike through it's torso, and another with a bullet to the back of the head, three of the remaining five Estoc Fortes backed away and aimed their rifle arms at him, light welling up in the barrels, before overtaking it completely, and then a brilliant line of light shot straight for Mordred. A single swing sliced all three of the shots, causing them to disperse into slivers of light. The demons were almost shocked at what they witnessed.

"Alright, my turn", almost in response the demons raised their shields, as Mordred's sword, the Black Pride, filled with a brilliant crimson energy, before being fired off in a horizontal pattern. The beam struck all three shields at once, but as soon as they lowered them, Mordred was nowhere to be seen. Before any of them could figure out where he'd gone, the middle of the formation felt a swing of a blade, ripping through it, ending it thoroughly. As the two turned, another fell... Or rather, launched into the air, meeting a flurry of bullets as Mordred unloaded a whole clip within but a second, it's body parts and armor splintering as it turned to silver debris. Mordred immediately turned his gun to the last one, it's shield was already raised, but with a smirk he flick a switch on his gun the Absolver, and the lower barrel burst. It was a shotgun. The shield was completely shattered, and before the demon could even stagger it was run through with his blade, cutting off it's arm, and grabbing the shield.

He turned immediately, in time to catch the two blasts from the remaining two knight-like demons, their lasers bouncing right off the shield. As quickly as the two blasts bounced away, he laid the shield, slamming it into the ground, placing one foot upon it before launching himself with the other. Mid way through the slide towards the two demons, he kicked the shield yet again, launching it along the ground, sweeping the two remaining demons off their feet and into the air as he slid beneath them, both guns ready. One gun for each, planting shots into their exposed and shocked bodies. It was hard to count how many shots were fired, but one thing was certain, by the time their faces slammed into the pavement, they were already dead.

As the dust cleared, Mordred stood up, dusting off his coat after putting away his weapons. He looked at his handiwork, dusting his hands off too, he noticed a bright light towards the center of the city, and the image of what seemed to be a brilliant white-gold castle. That must be where he is...

"I didn't take Arthur the type to make so many new friends. Guess I'll go out and meet them", with that, Mordred left behind the rubble that was his new store, and

Camlann City Outskirts


The demons were no match for Kosara, such was an experienced demon hunter. As she rested her blade, there was but silence, and peeking from the roofless bus, was a scared bus driver. His face though, was more in disbelief at what he was seeing than anything else. As just any normal people he had heard of demons, but never would he have imagined to see one. He wasn't sure if he wanted to say anything to that lady he thought was just someone travelling to see her old parents or something. Still, before anything could be said, a breeze swept through the road.

To any normal person, it'd just be an unexpected gale, but for Kosara... Her demon blood called to her. This wind, was both familiar, and unknown. Was it related to her mother? Or was it someone calling to her? Regardless of this, something called to her.

Up ahead beyond the blockade was the way into the suburbs along the main street. Peeking beyond it she could see it was mostly clear for how far she can see, almost as if this group of demons she had slain were not for rampaging, but for deterrence... Someone didn't want to be disturbed while they were doing something here. There was only one road to take here, unless she wanted to head back the way she came.

Camlann City, Main Road


The mist cleared, as the last demon fell and disappeared into a wisp of black dust, leaving behind talisman signs written in magic. A very peculiar way to go out, as most just turned to dust or exploded. He did not recognize the signs, but it seemed oriental in nature. Before he could take another step, his attention was grabbed by the yell of a young boy, looking at him in fear. Based on what he saw prior... And heard, this was the young boy being whisked away by his mother, yet she was nowhere to be seen. So he is now orphaned...? Or maybe a parent still yet lives.

His duty was to prevent any enemies passing through the main road, or so he thought, he heard the flap of wings. A dove, flew down onto his shoulders, bearing a message. It was from Merlin. Taking the small letter from it's beak, Gawain would begin to read,

"Dear Gawain,

Though you are new, I feel it is beneficial to be making use of you, as you have been anointed as our king's right hand man, it is only natural. My own surveillance network has picked up some rather disconcerting readings near you. Little doubt you have already run into some of these demons I am picking up, but their patterns are strange. Please, do go and dispatch of them.

Do not worry about defending our king for the time being however, for he has decided to go on a... Stroll. If I recall he and an old friend of his has some history with this town. Perhaps he is visiting. Well in any case, worry not. He is under my watch after all.

From, Merlin

The letter turned to soft, blue flames, before turning to ash. Well his orders were clear, and within his vicinity too. If he recalled, this area was host to a large shopping center and bus station connected to it. Still, even with his directive clear, it seems the young boy left here was transfixed with him, a combination of fear and shock. If truly it was his mother that was killed, then he was not likely to just get up and recover from it.
Camlann City Outskirts, East


The not-so-well-off man and devil hunter, a familiar profession and state, trudged along the road to the city. Eventually reaching a small diner just on the fringe of the outer suburbs. It was a simple diner, offering breakfast at this early hour, although unusually, there seemed to be some kind of deal for strawberry parfaits. Could he afford to stop by and get a bite to eat? Regardless of this, it was a good time to stop and rest anyways. Leaving his bike for but a minute, walking towards the diner with some hope he can maybe buy something here, before he heard the crumpling of steel. Turning around, he saw his old, beloved bike, completely destroyed. Standing above it, was what would immediately be identified as a demon.

A zombie-like and grotesque creature, with a vague form like a human's. Draugr, they were. More would emerge from the mist behind it too, just a few more, holding large poles or blades. That said... The streets of Camlann City's suburbs, were deathly quiet. Something was not right around here.

No problem. We are accepting people so take your time.
Camlann City Outskirts


The landscape outside the bus began to change from the lush landscape of the British countryside, dulled greens and blues, with the occasional gray sticking out as a quarry of stones sat upon hills, to a more overwhelming amount of gray with the stone roads curating the suburban areas, leading into the city. Camlann City was not a very big city, and so once you were on this road, it wasn't a long few minutes until they were at the bus station, however, the lone young lady that boarded this bus would find herself taking perhaps the good chunk of her day to get there.

Like a banana being peeled, the roof of the bus came clean off as the wind suddenly rushed through Kosara's hair, followed by the sound of wingbeats. Looking up, a gigantic eagle the size of a small airliner jet ripped the roof off. A strange wildlife, was this normal in Camlann? No matter. It seems the bus came to a halt regardless. The bus driver was speechless, but up ahead, Kosara could see that the road was blocked. Various destroyed cars heaped up, as some humanoid-looking beasts stood around it, noticing them the bus driver was prepared to just turn it around, but his passenger was not so eager to turn tail. She had her reasons to come here.

Draugr, a kind of demon horde that was under the command of a demon from Wind Hell. There were around several of them, but with enemies this weak, their numbers didn't matter all that much.

Camlann City, Main Street


The knights scattered in different directions around the square. Unbeknownst to them though, Arthur had already informed Merlin that he was going for a stroll around the area. Gawain had heard once before... This place had some meaning to Arthur. But what meaning? He felt today he may learn what this meaning was. Regardless... Before him was his duty. As he patrolled the main street, he watched as some people scramble away, giving him a look before running, and then within the darkness of the alleyways, screams. Curious. Were there demons here already? Before he could move or react, a kind of cold mist began to pervade the area around him. In this land, such mists were not unusual, but what was unusual, was their spontaneity. Within the mist, shadows lurked, darting from one side of Gawain to the other, before attempting to strike.

As soon as their attack was repelled they jumped back and away, revealing their form. The look of these demons was strange... They seemed normal at first, on all fours, but after some moments, Gawain noticed their mouths were able to stretch ungodly wide, and a glow within their abyss-like mouths, a glow similar to energy... He knew not their origin, but they seemed simple enemies. This will not be more than a minute.


Camlann City, a small city on the far western coast of Britain, set upon a gigantic hill overlooking the ocean. It doesn't seem too different from any other British city, some local specialities, quirky neighbors, and demons. Demon hunting was a business some people came here for, either assigned a job outside of it to exterminate one within this city, or a demon hunter who lives here goes out to do the weekly cleanup. Despite this reputation, it isn't the home of any demon hunting agency, well until today... Or tomorrow... Well to be quite honest, this demon hunter hasn't decided on a name for his store quite yet.

Set upon some old speakers in a seemingly run-down and dusty old storefront was some old rock, seemed local. Doesn't look like it was worth much at all, maybe from a bargain bin. The old dusty floors seemed to creak voluntarily, yet for the moment they creaked with the sound of footsteps. Dust swept up with each light step, shoes of a quality and brand worth ten heavens above whatever these old floorboards were worth stood before a worn-down desk that the man living here was just given as a donation.

"This store ain't open yet, besides...", the one seated behind the desk reached for the gun on the table. Within a flash the barrel was already pointed at the visitor.

"We don't serve demons here". The visitor laughed, placing his hand at his chest, mimicking a sincere laugh, before dusting off his shoulder.

"Now now, perhaps we... Did not get off on the right foot, an invitation", he states, pulling out a letter, and throwing it between his fingers, sending it flying like a disk. The man with the gun caught it with his free hand.

"A dear friend wishes you to see an important event. I daresay it is in your interest to attend... Mordred", the well-dressed man smiled as he stated so. His fine features, so perfect in complexion and shape, like straight out of a sculptor's store. For some reason this smile was no less than unnerving, but Mordred, the man who he had addressed, was unfazed. He spun the revolver, then set it upon the table again. Now looking to the letter.

"Get out of here", was all he said. With a bow the man turned to exit the store.

The shuffling of armor and a low hum of energy filled the street on front of the store. The dead of morning was scarce of people, and so there was no one to witness these knightly demons standing here.

"Raze it", said the man, before walking off. Within moments the store was lit up, blades and pillars of light igniting explosions as the whole store was barraged, lasting a good dozen seconds before the dust settled. The noise rang throughout the street, people at least a dozen or twenty feet away were staring at the scene, some even calling authorities, or whatever they could. Normally, people saw one or two demons once in awhile in this city, and generally easy to avoid, but this... Was a whole squad of maybe several or a dozen.

There was silence, the knights appeared satisfied with their work, yet before they could turn and leave...

"To my dear friend, Mordred", the knights turned to the rubble as a hand emerged, pushing away a bit of loose wood,

"I write this letter to you in regards to my arrival in the city of Camlann. I was informed...", as Mordred read the letter, he was rising up from the debris, dusting himself up.

"That you were within this city. I have left it to Merlin to find you and deliver this letter to you, in good will. I hope it finds you well, for I would like to extend my invitation to you, for a momentous occasion in my rise, as a king of demons", the knight demons were on guard, ready for a fight.

"Yeah good will my ass... As jovial as ever Arthur. Now... Hm?" As Mordred was pulling out his sword Black Pride from the rubble, he noticed a bit at the end.

"P.S, I send to you a representation of my dearest dedication to being a demon king. Please, help yourself to my minions", shaking his head Mordred crushed the letter and threw it away. One of the knights fired a premature shot, the blast of light flew straight towards the black-garbed Mordred, yet diverted mid-flight. In a low stance and gun just outside of it's holster, smoking... The demon was taken aback, realizing what just happened, and the kind of person they were just sent to fight.

"I guess that makes you all disposable, well then, I'll just have to remember to ask Arthur to compensate me for this!"

Camlann City, Main Road > City Square

The streets of Camlann early in the morning were quiet, dipped in dew with a light, cool mist pervading over it. The stone streets of the sleepy British city painted an old-fashioned picture of grays and blues, as the strikingly white and gold figure stepped through it. As he walked through the quiet streets, he looked to the sky, the human world was as he remembered. The only reason he could go to and from the human world and demon world, was the work of Merlin's powerful magic, else it would be impossible.

He looked around for a few moments upon reaching the city square. Set upon the middle was a gigantic fountain, with a huge statue diorama of some kind of goddess of water. Yes, afterall, Camlann was named for it's many twisting rivers. The 'crooked land' as it were. Yet he was informed by Merlin this place had a special property for him, and he felt it too.

He raised his hand, clicking his fingers. The snap felt loud enough that it appeared to echo off of the buildings themselves.

Emerging from the mist behind him was a small legion of demons, a few unique faces, and a number of knight-like demons. Amongst this number were his knights, and at the foremost was his most trusted, Gawain. He turned, and yet before he could speak, appearing from a glowing portal just several feet away from him was a well-dressed man.

"Merlin, just in time. I trust my good friend Mordred did not give you trouble?"

"Not at all my king, one of his lowborn status and borrowed power could never give me any such trouble",

"Careful what you say. He's always been a tenacious one", he warned. Merlin smiled and laughed slightly,

"For someone who betrayed this dear friend, you speak highly of him", Arthur closed his eyes in thought, before responding to Merlin's remark.

"Of course, but I made my choice. I do not regret it. I have a vision to carry out after all", speaking of which... The reason he was here. He set his hand outstretched to his side, before a blade of light formed, and then fully materialized as his main weapon, the Caliburn. A sword with a radiant blade. He flourished it before setting it into the ground before him.

"By the right of destiny and my blood, open to me, the gates of my fate", as soon as he finished the chant, the sword he held within his hand seemed to cause a pool of gold to emanate beneath his feet, before the fountain itself began to be enveloped in a golden light. And then in not long, the entire square, and some distance around it also began to be bathed in light. And soon the light swallowed all until only white was left.

After some excruciating moments, Arthur, Merlin, and his knights, stood in the middle of a court, with a throne set upon the end. It seemed all too real, yet after a moment... It rippled, and the city of Camlann came into view for but a moment.

"It appears I may need a stronger... Key. No matter... Now if you told me correctly Merlin, having done this, this town has become a portal to the demon world too hasn't it?",

"Not one of full power, but one of considerable power. It should go away after a few days perhaps. If I may recall, before we left for the human world, several demons and demon lords were on our tail weren't they?", he answers.

"That is true... Then very well. I am done here. Knights, you have your job for today", he says, pulling the sword out of the ground, the entire castle they stood in disappearing as he did.

"Eliminate all of our enemies"

Exciting, the RP has finally begun.
For the moment, I will describe the situation in Camlann City.

Demons have begun appearing at a large capacity. Even attracting lord demons. Currently, or rather, shortly after the scene above, the city is being evacuated.

For now, everyone is loose in the city, moments before demons begin appearing en masse.

If you hadn't changed anything since we last talked, it looks good to me.

Also I'll see if I can get the RP started today, so those still making characters, step on it.
Just a heads up, we're a lot more active on the discord. Here's the link. Just come on in if you're interested.
@rivaan You'll probably want to put a name to that single attack at peak momentum, otherwise looks fine to me.
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