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Storm Pillar Estate

The intense aura Kuuto exuded was not lessened at all by keeping his eyes closed at this meeting, though suppose he would eventually open his eyes, the piercing gaze would lay all bare, or at least it would feel that way. He sat by the old man, the Storm Pillar Minatozaki Arashi had taken him on as Tsuguko. Or rather, he had delayed to answer until he learned more, though upon learning of the kind of encounters involved with the Pillars, he accepted readily. The relationship between the two was distant, as distant as the length of the sky to the earth. Yet there was a certain level of respect he had for the man, as he did for him. So it seems, the two have similar ways of dealing with things.

The proceedings went apace, involving the Spirit Pillar, Crane Pillar, Love Pillar, and Sea Pillar, he has yet to meet any of them, and the types of characters on display here were... Interesting. The River Pillar was a traitor it seems as Arashi had elucidated. Disgraceful. Added to that a student from this estate had run off with them, protecting a demon. An action he found startlingly common starting out as a demon slayer. The deal was the same as always. Yet, this meeting was called, as it was more than just someone protecting a demon. A Pillar had betrayed them, and that made things complex. The verdict was simple, but the action to take, was not.

He was called to observe, and no more. He was explicitly told not to give his judgement unless he was asked. Observe and learn. That was a majority of what his time here was. Less patient demon slayers would have become sick of it already, but staying here in meditation and training had helped hone his senses further. As he was told already, his skills as a swordsman already surpassed a majority of the corps. There was little he needed to learn in that regard.

For now, he observed the proceedings.
So for the boss fight, just waiting on Branna @Typical and Thom @Enalais

I'll probably update regardless if I don't see anything at the end of this weekend. If I get both before then I'll update immediately.
If you're not engaged in battle but are escaping just tell me and I'll count it.
You can do it. It matters more you get yourself in there than to make a good impression. Believe me a good impression is the least of your worries.
Only for RP purposes for the scene. Your loadout will not necessarily change, but also be aware that doing so does give up bonuses available to you depending on what you picked up in the scene.

Also as long as your gear is back to normal at the end I guess.

As for riding and flying, both are separate. They both like heavy armor and weapons can also be mastered. They do have points. Primarily you will be using in-camp training to learn or master them.
I'll be honest, I could actually post in full Japanese. It won't be great Japanese, but it's possible.
Sorry if these questions were asked before but:

You started off with the Showa period being the upswing of Japanese imperialism? But WWII isn't actually that far from the actual main series? Less than two years probably. So did, in this timeline, the Japanese win WWII? Like, was Tokyo never firebombed? Did we not get the two nukes? Or maybe the nukes didn't have as big an impact? Or maybe the Japanese didn't win the war but the Americans didn't have as heavy a hand in writing the Japanese constitution? Like, what's up with that?

Kimetsu no Yaiba takes place in the Taisho period, which is around a dozen years lead up to WWI and goes on for a bit after it, not WWII. Specifically 1912-1926.

The RP begins at the dawn of the Showa period, which is a few years after WWI. WWII is not until 1940. Specifically, Showa period begins at 1926. I assume by dawn of the Showa period, this RP begins in the year 1927, or at the very end of the Taisho period which ended in December 1926.

Also perhaps I'll make him a pillar. I'll be revising and drawing him today.

EDIT: Jk he's a Tsuguko who's only waiting for a Kizuki to appear.
@Haruharara I'm actually just not sure what's involved with becoming a pillar in the lore so I have no idea lol. That's it.
I'll draw the dude tomorrow.

I'm not sure if I should make him a pillar either though, but he certainly has that power level in mind.

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