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As agreed, the twins are fine, but I'm not sure such a large sheet is needed for a character that won't even br fighting, of course I refer to Doomguy.
Yeah, I'm just working on Vega himself right now.
Warakuma Central Shrine

July 13th, 2015

Kotori seemed to often have pause between her words, more or less not because of her ability to speak was at question, but because she was quite timid. Rui gave her the time she needed to respond as he stood by. Based on how her body language was it seemed she was reassured to some extent. She spoke up not long after, asking why he was here early. Well, about that... There wasn't much to do at home today so he decided to go out for the day, and since he was already out he felt he should just come here and wait and take a look around before the festival begins.

"I was just out of the house already awhile ago so I figured I may as well just come here right away instead", he responded. As usual for the festival though, he was seeing a lot of girls in yukatas, it was summer after all and so yukatas were in season.

"That being said, we're the only ones here so far", he noted. Even Kazuki and Megumi were late. Well, it was almost time, but you'd think a few more people would already be here too.
That's okay, tell me what difficulties you're having and I can help explain them for you.
So a low-down on the missions that will be at play for this Act. There will be two types of main missions, Defense, and Expedition, with a 3rd called Engage, which consists of only a boss fight or series of fights.

There will be more details in the Characters tab in Aquapolis. But for convenience, here is the link.
The Aquapolis City Registry

Welcome to Aquapolis

Aquapolis is a city rich in culture, it trades it's rich fishing industry with the rest of the world, and was built around the Fourth Seal. Their entire culture is about protecting it, and part of it was keeping that fact hidden, doing their celebrations to "protect" a god so to speak, one way they call the seal itself. As a result there are cults dedicated to it's worship as the Seal rather than a god.

Technologically, Aquapolis has the best in hydro technology, as demonstrated by their city. Hidden to the rest of the world though is their magical technology derived from their advanced fort-like underwater shrine that protects the seal, as described when the DHO came to observe it's entrance, it was like a whirlpool into oblivion. Not even they know what the seal itself actually looks like, but offerings are thrown into it during festivities.

The Races

The Three Factions

Character Sheet

Enemy Sheet

Growth System

Player List

A Devil May Cry, Bayonetta and Darksiders crossover RP

Act II

With the advent of the destruction of the Third Seal, both angels and demons have begun to question their actions, though the bloodthirsty demons are happy to rip and tear away at humans and angels alike, those among the angels and the more free-thinking demons have begun to act on their own. A splinter faction of angels led by Kushiel have separated from the Army of Light and the Heirarchy of Laguna, bringing with him others affiliated with Heaven, while Gomory leads a handpicked regiment of demons who have more to think about than their next meal or opponent.

It's been two weeks since the destruction of the Seal, and the DHO have received a transmission from the city of Aquapolis located on Brightwater Isle. It appears they were hounded by a particular demon for the past week, who had managed to slaughter their guardians, and so were seeking additional protection. Knowing that there is a seal here, the DHO had mobilised.

Over the next week, they would be visited by both Gomory and Kushiel, and a truce was formed, that the seal would be protected from this demon. It was a reluctant alliance, but one they all felt was necessary. Be it the mysterious Nephilim who had appeared, or the insane demon Vega, they all had a common enemy.

Prologue of Act I


Welcome to Act II, is this a strange time to enter? No it isn't. In fact this is the best time to enter rather than in the middle of any other act, as this is a very good chance to make a new character.

You will choose between human, angel, or demon faction, your allegiance is straightforward, and though you all may have misgivings with one another, you are all here to protect the city of Aquapolis on Brightwater Isle from a demonic menace. Be it one reason or another, you feel that the seals should not be broken, despite the desire of Hell to destroy it to invade the human realm, or the desire of Heaven to control, in order to put humanity under their dominion. Gomory the famed recruiter and general of Mundus' army has separated to follow her suspicions regarding the being who calls himself Vega, while Kushiel who has experienced his crazy shrewdness and hatred firsthand, seeks to stamp out this threat at the very least, all while worrying about the mysterious group of Nephilim who too threaten the seals.

For those returning from Act I, I welcome you. Though a spot as a Council Agent will not be available at the start of Act II for players who are joining, there will be a chance to become one through the course of Act II, even as early as the first or second set of missions if you desire it so much.

As a Council Agent from Act I, your job is mediator between the three factions, but you may act on your own faction's behalf besides the Council if you so choose.

The Races

The Three Factions

(Faction descriptions are for lore, as a new player you serve Gomory or Kushiel's splinter factions, or the DHO, but you can be originally a member of the below)

Character Sheet

Growth System

Warakuma Central Shrine

Jul 13th, 2015

As Rui wandered around the festival grounds around the shrine, seeing many stores already setting up or just about ready, he circled back around to the meeting site. It was almost time, a little early, but it seemed Kotori was the only one here.

"Oh Kotori, you're quite early. Are you that eager for the festival?", he asked as he walked up to her. The sun was beginning to set upon the town, and the heated air of Japanese summer began to settle. In not too long, the street lights should come on to replace the sunlight, but well before that, the streets were well lit with festival lanterns. There were already a fair amount of people from town coming in and enjoying the festivities.

"Well, anyways, I'd noticed you're in thought quite often since we cleared the village. If it's about the things we saw and heard, don't think about it for at least until the festival is over. We'll find out more and have our questions answered when we delve deeper anyways, so just enjoy yourself", he advised, giving her a reassuring smile.
General sketch. Any comments?
Pretty much, I'm figuring out what I'll be taking with us and what I'll be leaving behind. I'm definitely simplifying mission structure though, as well as mission selection and how you'll be choosing missions.
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