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Warakuma Central Shrine

July 13th, 2015

As he walked with Kotori back towards the meeting place, passing by as the night sky grew darker, causing the lanterns around them to seem brighter as the crowds began to thicken, he kept his eyes on Kotori as she spoke, their walking slowed as they did talk, until eventually she began to stop walking as the words coming out began to overwhelm her, unable to form proper sentences until she came to the crux of it.

It was a surprise to him that Kotori would share this much with him, but a pleasant one nonetheless. As she said she had gone timid again after their recent forays into the Mirror World. He was wondering what was wrong, and it seems it was the burden of her condition that was the root cause. Though it seems he was right, there always seemed to be something on her mind, though the very last sentence struck a chord as he became more aware of how she was feeling, that line alone was enough. Death was a scary thing, especially as they were so young,

"Listen", he began, he placed his hands on her shoulders, amidst the crowd of the festival. Thankfully it was not so crowded that such a thing was impossible, though noticeable a scene, neither of them raised their voice to attract unwanted attention.

"I'll be here for you, you don't have to carry those burdens alone. If you're afraid, I'll be right here if you need me, you don't have to carry this alone", he continued. No one should carry such a worry on their own really.

"So, don't feel so down, I believe you'll get through this no problem, if you have anything on your mind you can tell me about it too", the intensity of his words began to die down as he finished that sentence, throughout which his intense gaze did not falter. In essence, outside of the mirror worlds, he didn't do much compared to Kazuki who was constantly with Megumi and monitoring the Mirror World, while Kami was investigating the cult itself. Sometimes it made him feel a little bad, so he always followed up with them to make sure he didn't miss anything. Regardless, he felt it best he reassure her for now.
Warakuma Central Shrine

July 13th, 2015

Rui in the warm air of the Japanese summer standing in front of the shrine, figuring out what to wish for... Kotori had bounded the question back at him as he was figuring out a wish, though based on her response, she equally was unsure. What indeed... He looked at her as she asked, and she seemed to be quite earnest in her question based on that look even if she seemed to force out the question, now he didn't want to give her a disappointing answer. So then what should he say instead...

"Hmmmm... Good health I suppose? For you", he said. That's right, she still had that surgery to do. In actuality he wished for good health for everyone, but of everyone, Kotori had more need of it, she was afterall the only one who visited the hospital frequently, so perhaps it should be more dedicated to her.

"I worry sometimes since I see you at the hospital, but you always seem to do well", he expressed.
Warakuma Central Shrine

July 13th, 2015

Rui was gladdened that Kotori seemed to brighten up a bit more after that, the awkward air around her whenever she was feeling a bit overwhelmed was cut through as they went up towards the shrine, going along the lantern-lit road. A good portion of it was basically walls of lanterns before they passed through the food stalls, all of which were setup by now and happy festival-goers were already lining up to get something. Rui personally was relieved, festivals in the city were crowded to the point where enjoying things like this were... Difficult, and you would spend more time navigating crowds than actually enjoying the festival.

Soon they made it to the shrine, the surrounding area of it lit up as one would expect, and others were throwing their lots in and their prayers too. Not long it was free and they both stepped up to the shrine. He began pulling some money out to throw in before praying, but he turned to Kotori,

"So, what are you going to pray for?", he asked her.
There's only one mission for Pillars of the Earth right now, but it's the introductory mission to set the groundwork for that area's story arc. You can think of it as the first Story mission.

Just a quick note, you can do all the missions alone, or with other players, rewards will not be split, so everyone receives the same rewards, just remember that if you plan on going in with someone else, you both get graded the same for style and objective points too, so synergy and cooperation will basically be put into consideration for that grading.

You may start picking them now if you so please.
Warakuma Central Shrine

July 13th, 2015

Rui waited for Kotori to respond, he had to lean in just a little bit more since her voice was trailing off, almost looked like she was going to break down or run off as she tried her best to speak. He tried his best to hear her as the festival noise began to become louder, the crowds were beginning to thicken as the lights of the festival looked brighter as the sky darkened, until the only light was from the lanterns around them. She posed the question as to whether there was anything he'd like to see. To be perfectly honest, he wasn't sure, it was his first time to this particular festival, most festivals he went around eating and visiting the shrine... But then he looked back to Kotori,

"Well... I guess you in a yukata for a start", he suggested. Whatever her reaction, it was going to be amusing. Regardless, after letting that sink in and breaking some of the tense atmosphere, he posed the real suggestion, though it was not amiss that it would be nice if Kotori wore one.

"But... I suppose we go take a look at the shrine and then come back here", it was a reasonable plan. It was a straight walk to the shrine after a small flight of stairs, a few minute walk to, and then few minutes back. The stalls were mainly setup along that path, as well as branching paths leading to other parts of the shrine, so more or less a walk through the main street was his suggestion.
Aquapolis City

Welcome to Aquapolis

A warm sun hung overhead the clean white and gray city, water like crystal reflected up below the various walkways as the citizens went along with their own business. It's been three days since they've been here. First to arrive where members of the DHO, and those representing the Charred Council, and along with the DHO were Gilgamesh and their science crews. Next was Kushiel and a band of angels, though they were as snobby as they usually were, Kushiel himself had decided to put aside his assigned duties, and act in the way he believes benefits heaven best, and that is to ensure the threat that Vega and the False Riders pose is neutralized. He made it very clear that he would claim this seal once that was over. The same went for Gomory, who arrived with a posse of demons she herself had handpicked, but for now she had a bone to pick with the one who calls himself Vega.

It was a strange sight seeing all of these figures stand in a Greek styled hall with an open roof, surrounded by pillars and cascading steps, lowering towards the center.

"So, it appears that everyone here has come for a common enemy. According to the visual reports by Aquapolis' security, the description matches the one they call Vega, it can be safely assumed he roams the wilds of Brightwater Isle. Furthermore, DHO have found the location of the next seal, located in the Pillars of the Earth", this man wore a vest, suspenders, and it appears in light of this weather, his coat is laid to his side on the table before him. The man was older in stature, but one could not help but notice the man behind him, bound. It was Sevrin, even in this predicament he was grinning, encased in a straight jacket, though it was unnecessary, as he was now a normal human. It was clear Gomory and Kushiel were eyeing him carefully.

"For now, we will focus on defending Aquapolis and it's seal. Kushiel and his angels will command airspace, Gomory will be at the gates leading into the rest of Brightwater Isle, and the DHO will handle communications, repairs, and technical aspects. All forces will deploy their specialized agents to either focusing on critical tasks in need of a specialist, or sending them on expeditions to the Pillars of the Earth, in search of the next Seal, and securing it", the elderly looking man's tone rested off, leading to letting the others speak.

"I have no objections to this arrangement. This will be an alliance until Vega, and the False Riders have been defeated... From which I will rejoin the main forces of Heaven, and continue our task on this realm. I will remind that I am here because I feel letting those factors run loose will be a detriment to everyone, including Him", he firmly put it. It made some of the attending DHO and Gilgamesh members just a little uneasy, but it wasn't unexpected.

"Likewise, no objections to arrangement... However I would like to ask, why is HE present? I have not torn him to shreds yet for the sake of this shaky alliance. Was he not the one who destroyed the seal in Barlour City?!", Gomory turned towards Sevrin who sat bound in his spot. The older man representing the DHO spoke again,

"It's already been determined that he was possessed, however we have brought him here because the bulk of our forces are already here, including research, so we felt it more efficient to bring him here to have his body and mind tested and examined, to see if we can learn more of Vega from whatever may be left behind in him. He claims to have no memory, and it appears that he had been possessed for quite some time before the events of Barlour City, so there is much to gather about this case"[/color], he explained. Gomory looked away with annoyance before turning back to the council,

"Very well... But we should not delay in stopping Vega's growth. Bring it up again, those visual reports", she demanded. With little problem, some of the people in the back hit a few buttons, before the large screen at the end of the hall lit up, cycling through stills of video feed, showing a black hooded figure.

"You say these were taken over the course of the week yes?", she inquired. Everyone nodded.

"Notice how the lines on his form become brighter and more numerous... Furthermore, Kushiel, you claim he was more akin to a wraith when you saw him in the Jungle? He can maintain a solid form now. He is growing stronger, and fast", she emphasised this.

"I know not what manner of demon he is, and it is my job to recruit demons, so I know just about every kind there is to know... So the fact that I don't know what he is, is what concerns me. He must be dealt with as soon as possible",she seemed more concerned about him than the other threat. She seemed almost frantic, like she may know something the others don't, but whatever it was, she wasn'tcompletely sure of it.

"Of course, naturally... But let us not ignore the Nephilim that had appeared to us, I believe I have reports saying that another of their number were seen in a previous encounter prior to the Jungle, in the Undersky, as he went after another Seal. Though the Council should have that one under lock, if I am to believe these agents", he noted, referring to the agents of the Council present, that being Lily, Fenn, and Akoni.

"These Nephilim are powerful. Between them and Vega, I believe them to be the larger threat. At the very least, Vega's progress can be slowed, but these Nephilim are larger threats than him already", he argued.

"Alright, understood... Then I will assign Gomory with hunting down Vega, while Kushiel will be assigned with the Nephilim. Report regarding the two will be sent to you both first and foremost. I'd like you all to agree that all of our forces will be deployed to go after one or the other, so please assign them wisely, and try not to let bias cloud your judgement", the DHO representative set the terms, it appears the two have agreed to this.

"Now then... There is much to be done, even today, and some not yet done from yesterday. Unless there are questions, this meeting is adjourned. We will hold yet another next week to discuss developments, now then, dismissed", with that said, Kushiel's wings spread and he disappeared into the clear blue sky ahead, while Gomory turned, shrouding herself in darkness before disappearing entirely.

NOTE: Missions are being added and worked on. For the time being, enjoy your stay at Aquapolis. It's also actually a popular tourist spot for the relaxing scenery and unique festivals they hold here. Everyone has their own room also.
So all here, we will be beginning Act 2 very soon.

Just a note, applications will be open for the entirety of the Act's run, as it facilitates a lot more players than Act 2.
Warakuma Central Shrine

July 13th, 2015

The wait for everyone else was unexpectedly long... Perhaps everyone was tired? Hmmm, no that can't be. He knew Kazuki and Megumi had said they were going to be late, so they're out of the picture. He knew the others had their own relationships to tend to, so perhaps that was why. There were three days in this festival, so perhaps there was simply no rush. Kotori likewise seemed a little nervous as she usually was, it was comforting knowing despite her timidness, she was dependable in battle. She often was in the background when it came to the group though which wasn't surprising, but on closer inspection she was quite the beauty, or rather, the orange lighting of the festival brought more attention to her features. He was staring for a little bit before she spoke up to which his eyes just moved away for a moment, barely moving his head. She was mustering up all the courage she could so it felt with how she spoke. She was asking if he'd like to go around the festival.

Hmmmm... While he would feel a little bad about the group if he left, it was certainly unnerving just standing her and waiting, especially since everyone was late, and he didn't get any messages in regards to anyone being delayed. He's just going to assume it's Summer Break Fever and everyone's half an hour later than usual. Though they're always on time for the Mirror World surprisingly.

"Hmmm... I guess it can't hurt to go around the festival a bit... How about you come with me? We won't go too far, just take a look at a few things, maybe buy something small to eat", he suggested to her, instead of just leaving her here. If he did that, he'd feel worse than if he wasn't here when everyone else arrived.
As agreed, the twins are fine, but I'm not sure such a large sheet is needed for a character that won't even br fighting, of course I refer to Doomguy.
Yeah, I'm just working on Vega himself right now.
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