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Thursday, June 2nd 20XX


"Hmmm. While I can't share why, as that is part of the investigation, I can talk about Seirin and who she is", he began. Seeing as it is something they can be privy to. People not aware of the magical side of the world though were not, and a different story would be given.

"But before that I'd like to begin with the Imperial Family of Japan. I'm sure as you know, they are this country's ruling family, although all governance is done by the Prime Minister. During World War 2 however, the Emperor of the time, Hirohito had invited several other families to become part of the Kyu-Miyake, and become extended members of the Imperial Family. Following the American Occupation of 1947, all of these families had lost Imperial membership... All but one", he raised a finger indicating that number.

"This family is the Kaganomiya, all records of it were struck and kept secret, the entire family lives in complete secret, and so sometimes the family is called the "Backside of the Throne". The Kaganomiyas are actually a talented family of onmyou, and through their skills and connections as such they have maintained the supernatural side of Japan for decades",

"Seirin herself is the young heir to the head of the Kaganomiyas, as I'm sure you could've guessed by now", at least until their policies loosen. Recent events such as these conferences were meant to help with their approval of opening up more, but this year may make it a hard sell... Though, that reasoning alone is enough.

"Hmmm... I see, sir, how about the ninjas that came afterward? Just personal guards?", Rodrick piped up, he seemed a little interested, perhaps because this was this world's nobility. There was also some concern about Seirin herself, but it seems he was purposely avoiding explaining Seirin and her spontaneous healing near the end of the earlier fight.

"Ah yes them. Simply put, they are the Yatagarasu. They're a shadow enforcer organization whose main goal is to protect the Imperial Family, what you saw was their ninja, which is actually exceedingly rare. Usually you would meet them through representatives who approach to speak with you about matters. The reality is that those representatives are only mouthpieces for them to conduct business, the true organization is hidden away", he explained.

"Now then, I think I have spent enough time here", he said, walking through and past the group.

"I'm afraid I am needed elsewhere, if you have other questions be sure to direct them to Utsumi instead. Speaking of which...", a blue ethereal bird flew by just over Kuuto.

"I'm sure he already knows what happened here too", and with that, he was gone.

Belius | Phoenix Wing Guild Hall

Interacting: Brianna@Landaus Five-One Karn/Edarn@Silver Fox

Damien@Zarkun Penny@MarshiestMallow Nolan/Dalton@hatakekuro Amaya/Cecilia/Rose@BlackMaiden

Belius listened intently, well, as intently as he could as the Fantasia Festival was explained. The only take-away he got was drinking, eating, partying, and then, possible battles or fights at the end. So basically in summary, the Fantasia was just one giant party, one to his own tastes so it appeared. The idea of getting to fight not only strong members from within the guild but also possibly from others got his blood boiling. Maybe he should do some practice, learn some new tricks to unveil for a grand show, as much as he likes a hard battle, the thrill of defeating a difficult foe is the greatest rush. A trump card or two can really help him out.

"Oooh! So the Fantasia's just a huge party then?! Sounds like my kind of thing! Ya need any help you know where to find me!", he yelled over in enthusiasm.

As the crowd began to get around to doing their own thing he turned back to Brianna, who began to speak of a man known as Zachary. At first he was ready to say he wanted to get a go at him too, but as soon as he heard that he'd passed, he sobered up a little. A strange topic to suddenly bring up, but it appeared to be a source of pride for her, plus as she talked about the lightning sword he began to get some ideas... Many of his techniques relied on the properties of the elements of the sword, maybe there's more he can do with that... Well anyway,

"Heeeeh, wish I'd gotten to see that. Sounds like I could learn a thing or two about lightning from that. Ah well, at least he went out with a bang, or something right? Strong and spry to the last", he commented. He hung around and listened in on some of the people, but as soon as Brianna mentioned that the other guilds were meeting here...

"Oh right I almost forgot about that! I'd like to get a look at whoever it is, I'll bet they're pretty strong. Maybe they'll bring some of their members along too", his enthusiasm was noted. His exposure to other guilds was rather limited, mainly only whoever he's run into on jobs, or what he's heard of just maybe once or twice, but in all cases he's never really remembered. And some members he's crossed during his time as a wandering challenger.

Friday, June 3rd 20XX

The city of demons is an interesting, otherworldly location, existing within the pocket realm owned by Kuzunoha who rules it as a haven for all yokai to find refuge. Yokai though, are creatures of the night, and so it was natural that in this city, it would always be night, save for the lights of the market districts and houses. It's population numbered just under several hundred, and kept itself going by trading with the outside world through private networks.

Sitting atop the pinnacle of this city was Kuzunoha, perched atop the inn that she runs, the Rakkaden [落花伝], in a room with a view over her domain. She takes a puff of her pipe as she looks over the city once more, before she addresses the people seated within the room. All were seated in two neat rows, some kitsune maids were filtering out of the room, having left some meals for these unique patrons.

Sitting behind her was a selection of yokai, among them included the head of the Koujou family, Yukihara, and the Suzaku Hinoyama. There were a few others including what appeared to be a kamaitachi with a veritable amount of scars, some appearing in their human forms, and then one towards the back that appeared as if he had walked right out of a samurai film.

"So why have you called us here Lady Kuzunoha?", first spoke the kamaitachi. There was silence, she took yet another drag of her pipe, before turning just a bit to indicate her acknowledgement.

"In such a rush to get to business? Ever the diligent one aren't you Youhaku?... Very well, we all have business to attend to", she turned herself around to face the group that had gathered. Everyone here ran something within Eiseikato, the council so to speak, who answer directly to Kuzunoha.

"I have called you all here to address matters regarding the fragments of the Sessho-seki", there were some whispered murmurs. The Sessho-seki, the vaunted jewel said to house the power of one of the great evils of Japan, Tamamo no Mae, a yokai so powerful she had rivalled a god.

"It appears one of them has been been detected within Kyoto. Of course... This cannot stand", the ancient fox pulled her paper fan near her face and fanned it out, at the very same moment the scenery within the room appeared to change as she displayed her powerful illusion abilities, though not for any vanity. In the empty center of the room was a small miniature version of Kyoto.

"Now... Youhaku, you as the representative from the Yatagarasu will have to inform us what you can about the situation. What has been happening the last few days?", the kamaitachi bowed humbly, before he began to speak, the map in the center changing to match what he was saying.

"Thank you, Lady Kuzunoha. There are a few things I need to address, before I get to the Sessho-seki", he began.

"First, over the past month, members of the Kaganomiya Family have been targeted by assassins. Just yesterday an attempt was made on the last lively member, though it was thwarted through sheer dumb luck, it's not likely those affiliated will let that stand", the map lit up around the Kiyomizu-Dera to indicate the location of the attack.

"Next, there have been sightings of unaffiliated yokai in the outskirts of the city. Scouts report that some of them are not simply yokai attracted to the Sessho-Seki's power, as some of the movements seemed deliberate. We have reason to believe that they are associated with our assassin. Unfortunately I have been forbidden from revealing any details about the assassin", there were some disgruntled murmurs in response, showing some disdain for that matter. The map lit up in various spots around the map.

"Finally, the Sessho-Seki. I'm afraid while we have not managed to pinpoint it's location, some of our scouts reported it was detected near or around the sight of the attack from yesterday. Speculation tells us that we may find our stone if the assassin is captured, although... They had given us the slip yesterday, but it is a lead nonetheless", a pause followed as he bowed, signifying the end of his report.

"I see. There are also... Rather interesting players on this board, not as mentioned. Barring the Fujiwaras, and the other exorcist houses, the last lively member of the Kaganomiyas you speak of... She is the Blessed one is she not?", with reluctance, Youhaku had nodded. It appears that information was not something he was supposed to share, but it was something the Lady knew of anyways.

"Hmhm... Considering the deity that has blessed her, the presence of the Sessho-Seki is... Not unexpected then. My worry however is not it's presence. A gathering of demons is hardly something this city can't handle, no... Someone means to do something with the young lady too", Youhaku looked at Kuzunoha with an expression of surprise, or shock, some form of fear involved too.

"The assassinations leading to this month, where a conference had been held, one that required the presence of a Kaganomiya... I do believe our assassins had planned this for some time now, and they have had the Sessho-Seki for quite some time already. For what that is... Well, I can only imagine. Hopefully we will not have to imagine that. It is risky... But I suggest everyone here begin to start tapping into their Kyoto connections, my numerous fox familiars aren't able to keep track of everything, we want eyes and ears everywhere. I make myself clear?", in unison, everyone in the room bowed and gave an affirmative response.

"Very good, now then... Let us return to our own parlours", and with that, everyone had slowly filtered out of the room, one by one. Some of them chatting on the way out, and others already with their attendants giving them orders. The only one that remained was Youhaku.

"Hm, have you not business of your own, Vice Commander of the Yatagarasu?", she addressed him teasingly.

"Of course, but I have yet one question... Tamamo-no-Mae, Otakemaru, and Shuten-Douji... Do you truly believe they can return?", the question was snapped as Kuzunoha returned her fan to it's folded position, as she turned back around to face the city.

"Such an absurd question, though no less absurd than someone earlier. There are yokai that believe they can, to believe that they can be led to the golden age from centuries ago, and that belief is enough for something to return in this world of demons", Youhaku turned away a bit, then gave a bow. The answer was not satisfactory, but he knew he would not get a clear cut answer, before disappearing in a soft gust of wind.






@Lord Indra


Jhackson Micheal Mason


Thursday, June 2nd 20XX

Battle against the Mysterious Assassin

Everything happened quickly, it took barely half a second for the swordswoman to bound the more than a dozen feet between her and Seirin, but in that time it appears she didn’t expect her accompaniment to be combatants either. There was a surprise in her movements as her blade met with a dagger held up by Asta who made her way to the front, already forming a shield with Solid Armaments. Rodrick and Helena didn’t delay to try and skewer the attacker, but she was faster as she quickly stepped back and did a few errant swings. In that single moment, the two students froze in midair before being repelled by a gust of wind.

Now in a stance with her blade pointed at Seirin, aiming it just over Asta’s shoulder, all who were face to face with her, Otis, Seirin, and Asta, felt her killing intent in that moment, but her foot never stepped forward.

An array of arrows made from rock would land in the place the assassin once stood as she bounded back. By the time she had resumed stance, everyone was back in front of Seirin, her hand on her chest as she was almost ready to step away, but she couldn’t.

“This is unexpected… But I’ll just have to make this quick”, muttered the assassin.


With distance being made between the group and the assassin, she stubbornly began to take up a stance again, even knowing in the back of her head that her time was short, or even over. As soon as her hand made it to the handle of the katana, an array of throwing knives came flying at her, landing at her former position as she was forced back further. A click of her tongue as she began to start backing away further.

Emerging from the shadows was a dual arm blades wielding… Weasel person? Or at least, they had a weasel-like tail, all adorned in a black suit jacket over what looked like a bodysuit. One might be quick to assume this was a kind of beastkin similar to Otis, but they would be false.

“Lady Seirin, you’d been advised not to separate from your escort”, the voice that came from this new ninja-like figure was female.

“Ahaha… Y-yeah, I’m... so sorry for that, Fuuko, but…”, the way she apologized was like a child who had just been caught red-handed, looking away and almost slinking away.

“It’s for your own safety”, she retorted quickly before turning back to the assassin.

At this time if anyone would have rushed to Seirin’s side to check her injury, would find that it has mysteriously disappeared.

Appearing shortly after this woman was a familiar coat and blade, forcing the assassin to draw her blade to block a slash that came from what appeared to be countless yards away. Stepping in from behind the group was Kuuto. His glare sharpened as soon as he laid eyes upon the blade she was carrying.

“Hm, it appears I’ve found my thief… And culprit”, and it wasn’t just Kuuto who recognized something here. The assassin too. Those more attuned to combat would feel an immediate palpable fear coming from her, before she began to bolt off.

The weasel-like ninja lady known as Fuuko raised her hand, and on signal a few ninjas appeared beside her like phantoms on command. With one wave pointing forward, they were off to chase the assassin while she turned back to take care of the group.

“You knew you were in danger and yet you decided to sneak off from your escort”, Seirin turned away from Fuuko as her features began to melt away and become more human, revealing a girl with sharp eyes and hair tied in a ponytail. Those well-versed in yokai might recognize the features and abilities this girl held as that of a Kamaitachi, but this full human appearance on this kind of yokai meant that she was most likely a half yokai.

“I-I’m sorry”,

“Sorry? Just sorry?! We have killer on the-”,

“Ahem”, she bit her tongue as Kuuto interjected. It’s not really something people should be hearing, but at this point it was probably too late.

“A-anyway, we need to keep you safe, at least until this situation is all over. I know how much you want to go sightseeing, but please, be patient”, there was a quiet as Seirin was being scolded for her behavior, looking down and a little glum. The young lady known as Fuuko turned to the rest of the group.

“I’m sorry for having involved you unrelated children into this… Affair”, she would not openly state it, but she was surprised at how lucky Seirin had gotten, running into kids who happened to be trained combatants, at least, to some degree. She bowed in apology.

“Please, tell no one of what happened today. We’re trying to prevent any form of panic while we close this up”, she then turned to Kuuto.

“Prosecutor Kirizanto, I will be taking Seirin someplace safe, these are… Do they happen to be students of yours?”, he nodded in affirmative. She looked at that the group for a moment in pensieve, running a finger over her chin, then grabbing Seirin by her hand.

“Now, we will be on our way… Come on Seirin, you have caused enough trouble for today”, she stated. There was a pause as everyone watched them disappear from sight.

“Hm…”, Kuuto turned to the students here. He recognized some of them from the vampire incident some week or two ago…

“Interesting that I see some familiar faces. Do you kids have a habit of hunting for trouble?”, there was an awkward silence… Would one take that as rhetoric or a serious question? The hard glare in Kuuto’s eyes made that difficult to ascertain.

“Well no matter, it would be advisable to forget about today’s incident. If you have any worries to put to rest I’ll try my best to explain things, under the promise that none of you try and get involved. We can call this an impromptu lesson of sorts”, there was some historical significance to the people here today.

“For the record before you ask, questions about this investigation are off-limits”

Reynard Faust | Museum

"Scholarly Assistance"
@Spectral@Landaus Five-One@Taka

As Carver digressed his concerns with the hires, Reynard sighed a stood up from the table, removing his hands from it as he turned to Carver. He made direct eye contact with the man and outstretched a hand waiting for a handshake, normally a professional and standard greeting if not for the cold glare of his eyes. Was that intentional? Probably not, though despite the way he spoke, he was by no means a terrible speaker if it was needed.

"Reynard Faust. Apologies for the lateness in introductions, but I'm afraid that while you were averting your eyes it was hardly suitable at that time", he began.

"Furthermore... This is apparently rather normal. We have forgotten that not all are used to her odd behaviour...", as for Reynard he didn't personally care, although... he turned his gaze away for a moment in some annoyance, sending a glare over to Gwen while he was at it, expressing his disdain, then turning back to Carver.

"She will apologize for her actions as befits an adult... Isn't that right, Gwen?" The way he invoked her name was cold, enough to cut a chill in the ice mage.

Belius | Phoenix Wing Guild Hall

Damien: @Zarkun
Brianna: @Landaus Five-One
Penny: @MarshiestMallow
Karn/Edarn: @Silver Fox
Nolan/Dalton: @hatakekuro
Amaya/Cecilia/Rose: @BlackMaiden

"What? It's not interesting if I'm gonna win, besides it's all about the thrill and adrenaline in the middle of it! That's the best part, and what's more thrilling than testing yourself against the best?", he responded to Brianna's comment. Personally he found her to be an interesting swordswoman, and her sword even moreso. A talking sword so it is. Pretty quickly, Damian gave his response, and Belius having been turned down didn't seem to let it bother him too much, then followed by Nolan's reprimand and the comment from Daltaon,

"What the little guy said", Belius by now was a bit further away so it was an almost comical echo in the back of their conversation.

Belius had gone to grab a drink while other things went down, still on the floor he returned to the announcement. Exhibition match got him excited, maybe a little too much. It would be between all four S class mages in two teams. Belius was almost upset he didn't qualify for that... Well actually he was rather upset, though he did not show it outwardly.

"Forget watching, I want in on that too... Ah, but I need to pass my S class tests first huh?", Belius muttered to himself as he took a swig, leaning back as he did. Even if he was deigned to watch and control himself from jumping in, maybe he can learn something watching Damian. He's had his eye on every sword user in the guild, as some might say, he's adapted some of the techniques in a rather rough fashion.

The next thing though was the Fantasia Festival... Uh, what would that be he wondered. Brianna who was close to him at the time, he leaned over and whispered.

"Hey uh, you know what the Fantasia Festival is?", he asked. He really didn't know.

Belius | Phoenix Wing Guild Hall

Damien: @Zarkun

The last year for Belius had been one that was... Quite different from prior to joining Phoenix Wing. He hadn't stayed in any one place for longer than a few or several months, often having to change accommodation, then towns, then cities, though never really going beyond the borders. As a result he's built up quite a few known acquaintances, just no more than that. His guildmates were at first rather eager to see a new powerhouse join their ranks, but when they soon learned of his habits to make things more "interesting", and thus, more volatile, he was suddenly no longer a favourite to ask for help. That phase only lasted maybe a month at most. These days, he's only ever relied on for missions that guarantee a difficult fight, or ones with zero fighting whatsoever.

His reputation was mixed, while he is a known force in combat, and a wild card for missions, he was a guy that was pretty open to getting things done. When he was new there were a few guildmates that had him do errands, which he did, to an extreme effect, so much so that they begged his forgiveness. He had no idea what was going on but went with it anyway. Despite the way he acts, his years of working many different jobs for money prior to becoming a mage really showed, having seemingly random knowledge in various topics.

Today however, he was completely free, open schedule, he figured he'd just relax in the guild hall for awhile with all the buzz going on, something about a meeting? He was perched up on the second floor of the hall overlooking the first floor, sat at a table with a drink and a book about agriculture. Why agriculture? He had a job he'd completed earlier where he had to help a farmer, so he had a sudden interest and picked it up from the library.


His ears caught wind of a familiar name, he turned from his seat to lean over and look down at the first floor as a familiar presence entered. So he's finally back. A lot in Phoenix Wing know the story of Belius' recruitment, he challenged them when Damian had happened to be around. After a fight that caused a great deal of collateral damage, and various debris in the shape of swords strewn about, he was eventually defeated, and shortly after his defeat, Belius signed up.

"Yo Damian!"

Grabbing the railing, he leapt over, doing a somersault before landing right between Damian and the other new faces in the guild in a superhero landing no less.

"I see you're back, just in time for a rematch!", he dramatically pointed his finger at Damian, some who heard this had frozen for a moment in fear, before he dropped his pose and continued.

"Is what I'd normally say! I do want that rematch though, but maybe after all of this buzz and somewhere with more room. Instead how about we get a round of drinks instead? You guys got a great selection on tap here", well, Belius was clearly settling in just right, personally at least.

Thursday, June 2nd 20XX


Seirin was nonetheless interested in the phenomenon of social media, she had heard her maid speak of it once in awhile, and one of the younger attendants had mentioned it more frequently too. There was a soft glow to Seirin as she smiled and talked, rather eager to listen and hear about new things. For her this was a completely new feeling, she had her own problems but what mattered was she seemed to be enjoying herself in this moment right now.

When it came time to call for drinks, Seirin asked for oolong tea, Rodrick and Helena both asked for anything cold while Helena specifically wanted something that was also sweet. Asta asked for 5 bottles of water.

Soon, Lorelai and Ultana left to retrieve the meals and drinks for everyone as Seirin settled down with Rodrick, Helena, Asta, and Otis. Finally able to get a breather she sat down while the three from colder regions leaned or slumped back fanning themselves with brochures they picked up along the way, or in Helena's case a paper fan she bought.

"I had taken this chance to go out and play, I know I will get an earful when I'm back, but it will be worth it. After all I never expected to even meet people of Arcanis this way. I had thought it would be in a stuffy meeting as my first encounter when I am a little older, as part of my duties they are trying to grow me into", she opened up a little. Out of the group only Otis seemed to notice it was her at the conference, so she felt the topic was a bit more relevant here.

"But, I am glad that my first meeting was a happy one", her self-reflection as this more quiet time came to pass made everyone quite aware of how much Lorelai and Ultana talked, not for the worst of course. Seirin felt their presence was lively and made her forget about her worries...


As the minutes went on, Otis' eyes noticed strange patterns, small as they were, forming on the trees around them. Was it just a trick of the heat he may think... But soon, the area around them appeared to darken first, a white and blue haze set upon the surfaces like a thin coat of snow.

Lorelai and Ultana were not back yet, though they may soon be. Seirin within this situation seemed to be confused too... So this didn't appear to be one of her "bodyguards". Rodrick and Helena both perked up noticing this strange change in the atmosphere and Asta stood up as if the heat was no longer a problem for her. Everyone but Seirin who had known combat felt it. There was a hostile air about this boundary setup around them.

Appearing in front of them like a ghost out of the fog, was a women wearing a kitsune mask to conceal her identity, a long ponytail, and an ornate blade tucked into her shrine maiden's outfit.

"I suppose if I don't take this chance, there will not be another chance...", the maiden began to draw her sword as she walked forward. Rodrick, Helena, and Asta would begin preparing something for combat, though they were ill-equipped with their main weapons being in the hotel.

With a few breaths of anticipation, the party could feel nothing from this lady... Yet, within their bodies they felt nothing but danger. The most interesting aspect was perhaps her weapon, overly ornate for what appears to be an assassin. It didn't take more than a few moments to figure out she was here for Seirin, but within moments, she charged forward.
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