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Camlann City, Ellington Plaza Theatre


With the banshees dispatched, the red walls that blocked her path had disappeared, melting away and then vanishing like a fading flame. Up ahead from the back of the theatre was a wall blown out, now crumbling. The theatre's movie curtains fell and showed the hole in the wall in full. She could see out to a street, leading further into the city. There was some signs of chaos, but nothing much, compared to the outskirts that she was in earlier, this was relatively tidy. Was the havoc caused by demons only on the outskirts? That seemed strange. If they rampaged, then they would rampage anywhere they pleased. Regardless the way ahead was clear. An alleyway leading into the main streets. The bus terminal should be just a few blocks down.

Camlann City Outskirts, Shopping Village


A combination of surprise and the sheer power of Mesmund's essentially handcannon created cracks in the icy crown as the giant reeled back. Normally, he would not flinch, but in this case he was surprised by the audacity of this man. He expected a response from the man, but shooting him and insulting him was not one. Most would cower in fear, so to speak. The giant roared in rage as he leaned back forward, swinging his fist along the ground, sweeping it.

Mesmund would jump away without any problem as the ice giant faced him once more, now distance between them. It was going to be a fight.

"You fool! What can a mere human do against a demon?! This is your death wish isn't it?! Then I, Jotunn, shall grant it to you!", with a great roar, the entire car park was beset with ice and snow, as if the voice had called upon a blizzard.

Camlann City, Ellington Plaza Theatre


As the lights turned on, the shadows of the theatre became illuminated, revealing some ghost-like figures as they screamed in shock, retreating through the walls behind them. With what seemed to be a look of contempt, each one disappeared, only for the lights to come off again. Once more Kosara felt the same chill from when she entered the theatre. It appears they were responsible for this. There was on difference though... She found herself tumbling forward in a roll as a concentrated blast of what seemed like cold air swooped around and at her. It seems it was time to hunt.

Camlann City Outskirts, Shopping Village


The ground rumbled as the figure before him shifted. Slowly, it began to turn, using it's colossal arms to pull itself up. Undeniably this was a giant, or titan, so to speak. The ice-like skin, frozen chains jutting out of it, a gaunt and thick face, and a crown of icicles. This titanic beast had a humanoid figure with two arms and legs, though it's feet seemed more like icebergs, and it's hands like sharp claws with tiny sharp icicles jutting out. A grip from this would surely cause some serious damage.

"Who goes there! You must be a fool to wake a sleeping giant!", as he stood on his two legs, he looked down upon Mesmund. The one who woke him.

"Perhaps you wish to become a mid-sleep snack then?!"
Camlann City, Ellington Plaza Theatre


The inside of the theatre was as one would expect, an old theatre, red carpeting and garish beige and gold walling and decoration. The hollywood simulation that many theatres seemed to go with, if they weren't a unique branch at least. In this case though it looks like the cleaning crew was slacking off, with popcorn littered everywhere, dirt trails, broken furniture and slashed walls with claw marks, along with some blood trails covered by the red carpets. There were no corpses, as Kosara can gather, whatever wolves were here had already dragged off and eaten their victims.

Still, the only way forward was through an open door at the end of the hallway just beyond the ticket booth. The hallway's side rooms were simple stuff, like toilets, janitor closet, and there was a lounge just before the theatre's doorways. As she got close they seemed to swing open slowly for her, yet there was nothing.

The theatre still had the movie running, but it was hopeless to watch, the screen itself had been torn up, and whatever picture that was being projected was not visible, yet something was lurking in the darkness of this theatre... More wolves? Possible. But this chill was unlike that of one's instinct alerting them of threat. This was a genuine chill in the air. Still... It seemed whatever it was, wasn't making their move. What to do next... Maybe get some lights in here? Leave? The wall behind the slashed screen looked kind of weak too. Almost as if some kind of demon had smashed it, but obviously not from this side. It jutted outwards toward her like some kind of bruise in the wall. Still, what to do...

Camlann City, Main Road


Gawain walked the streets with the young boy, he had accepted his offer of help. What else was the boy to do? The only information he has to go on was that the boy wanted to go to the museum. He didn't know street names, but the landmark he gave was a museum just down the main road from the mall that Merlin had pointed out to Gawain in the letter. Almost convenient, but supposedly once they're there the boy can point at where he lives and hopefully he can be safe there. He had to traverse a few streets first though, bypassing some rubble too.

As they were moving through, an atmosphere began to set in for Gawain... Like shadows stalking him. The alleyways to make a shortcut through as the boy stated now felt like traps, but it seems the boy was none the wiser. Regardless he stuck to the open roads where he would have a better shot of noticing new enemies, but alas there were none... That is until he reached the main road. He could see the mall a long walk down the street, maybe something around 15 minutes from where he was, and a museum as he was told by the boy. Interestingly, the boy pointed that they go to the museum,

"I can stay with Mister Boris. He says whenever I have trouble I should come to him", perhaps this Boris can keep him safe, but for now... He sensed something approaching fast.

Black feathers fell from the sky as bird men with red masks descended upon him. Their attacks were swift, and while protecting the boy, Gawain could do no more than evade. Behind him there was a small area just down some stairs he could hide in, after some firm words he would be on his way, and let Gawain deal with these raven nuisances. As they slowed down, he could now ascertain there were two of them, landing on their feet, long spikes jutting out of the bottom of their feet. Balancing on it. As they began to settle, as if rising from the cobblestone pathways and road, were five Gakis. Come to scavenge the black winged demon's supposed kill. Well, perhaps they should start getting used to disappointment.

Camlann City Outskirts, Shopping Village


The shopping village was deserted, well what can he expect at a time like this with a demon attack and all. The shopping village was basically a gigantic carpark with shops flanking it on all sides. There were upturned cars and burning wreckages, like a scene from some zombie movie he can see groups of draugr roaming the carpark area, in search of food or just bored out of their minds maybe? Do draugr think? The only thing that made this scene unique was the sporadic crystals of ice jutting out of the ground, as well was frosted over trees, random buildings, and the asphalt itself. In any case his attention soon turned to the center. Something was sleeping there... With a vantage point he could recognize what it was. A giant, so to speak. It was sleeping... If it woke up with all these draugr it'd be bad news. Quite the fight would ensue. Or so he thought...

The eagle, giant eagle, he saw earlier flew overhead, and gave out a shrill cry. All the draugr looked up in unison, and began shuffling away in the same direction... A demon commander perhaps? This was rare to see, even for a demon hunter, as normally they'd eliminate demons that wandered into their world. But this... This was definitely a coordinated invasion of some kind. Was the giant in the middle part of it? Well he can come down and find out if he wanted... Or walk away. The giant remained asleep, and after maybe a minute or two, the entire shopping village had left him all alone.
Camlann City, Downtown


The main road led the young half demon lady to downtown. Deserted, as expected, but also in disrepair. She'd comment on how this place was a dump, but all the damage looks new. Traffic lights upturned or outright smashed and broken, electric wires hanging out exposed, signs scratched by what appeared to be giant claw marks, and a few buildings seemed to have their doors completely destroyed by something. Whoever came through here was not subtle whatsoever.

She took but three steps before she saw a man run out of the movie theatre across from her. It's lights flickering and scratched posters with the words showing the movie, "The Grey", seems this place likes to run classics. Regardless before she could reach out to the man who had spotted her, calling for her help, the growl of beasts interjected.

The man in an instant was set upon by a wolf, with two more appearing from the shadows of the wrecked cars. Huge hulking wolves, that were more akin to lions in size than a wolf. The two wolves were simply securing prey, preventing Kosara from immediately helping the man who was suffice to say, definitely dead as he was dragged into the movie theatre.

The two wolves howled, causing the shadows at the ends of the street to shift. Draugr shuffled from their slumber and more wolves joined the pack.

Camlann City, Main Road


The young boy was scared, at first. Whether or not Gawain knew, he did witness him slaying those demons, but he seemed a completely different person helping him now. He nodded silently and got up. A "safer place", he heard. Where in this city could possibly be safe right now? Bringing this boy to be protected by Arthur's legion was out of the question. Perhaps to someplace he can take shelter until the business in the city was over? Based on Merlin's report, demons were all over the streets. Anywhere that was indoors and stayed locked up should be safe... Enough. But question was where.

The only demons not actively breaking into people's homes were Arthur's demons, so it can be safe to assume any house in that area of control was safe. Or perhaps this boy had more family in the city? Well it was up to him. The boy was silent, didn't say a word, or rather, perhaps not sure what to say. This was certainly not an everyday experience after all.

Camlann City Outskirts, East


"I-uh... I... Don't know... The patrons I get seem to mention them quite a lot but this the first time I ever seen one...", the guy's answer wasn't particularly helpful, but then again it matched with what was known about Camlann City. Apparently there was a lot of work for a demon slayer here. The patrons talking about demons a lot could just be demon slayers getting a bite to eat there.

"W-well they're all comin' from the city... Saw giant bird awhile ago too. I... I might close up early and try not to bring any into my store...", which was probably wise.

"But if you don't want a bite, w-well, good luck out there".

From here the road had a split between the main road which likely led to the city center, or he can go to the local shopping village if he took a right. He said the demons were coming from the center, but something told him there was something in the direction of the shopping village too... Whatever that may be, was it worth checking out? To be frank, he had a lot of time on his hands, there was no direct objective in mind when was travelling here.
Camlann City Outskirts, East


The demons lay dead, crushed and... Well to be frank, they were recognizeable as four demons at the end of Mesmund's pulverisation and retribution for his crumpled bicycle. Watching from the window in the diner though was the owner, wide mouthed at what he watched, just this middle-aged looking man pulling out all these insane demonic chains. He stared not sure in awe or surprise, but in his less-than-ideal composure he stumbled over a chair, catching Mesmund's attention.

It seems the diner was just about to open. Serving breakfast no doubt. "Y-you... Uh, we're open... If you uh... W-w-well just don't... Don't hurt me", the owner was spineless, so it seems.

"B-breakfast's on the house... None of my regulars have s-s-shown up and I think... The... Demons might be why", he continued. So it seems something was happening in this town. Still, was up to Mesmund if he wanted to press on and seek vengeance for his bike, or get a bite to eat first, before doing that.
The Drowned Dragon's Inn


The old colonel seemed to change his expression, from a cheerful to more somber. The look in his eyes suggested a kind of defeat, yet there was no major battle anywhere in the last several years. Still, his expression changed back as to respond,

"Retired huh? You two look awfully young to be retiring but... I guess that's smart. Lifelong service ain't what it used to be", he sighed.

"Alright. Keep! Strongest thing you got", after a moment, the girl tending the counter pulled something out from a cabinet in the back. Out came a rather curious bottle, with a dragon-like design, glass wings wreathed around the body, and a dragon neck and head to serve for the neck of the bottle, with a cork at the very top.

"Not our oldest of these bottles, but this is the Dragon's Breath. The brew predates Raelin establishment, a unique kind of wine that used fireberries, which are ordinarily consumed for resistance to flame. The way it's brewed reverses that. I hear alchemists love to cite this wine as a great example of reverse engineering chemicals", she explains. Placing it on the table she filled two shot glasses of it and slid it over to the two.

"In case you start burning we have a bunch of herbs tucked away for first aid, or in case. They don't call it Dragon's Breath for nothing", she smiled. It was clear she was looking forward to what would happen.
Prologue - Mordred

The silver knights found themselves shuffling between themselves, trying to catch the black blur that was Mordred. It seems each time they seemed to hit him he was somewhere else instead, immediately planting a bullet square in their skulls, bypassing their shields. After eviscerating one with a well-placed strike through it's torso, and another with a bullet to the back of the head, three of the remaining five Estoc Fortes backed away and aimed their rifle arms at him, light welling up in the barrels, before overtaking it completely, and then a brilliant line of light shot straight for Mordred. A single swing sliced all three of the shots, causing them to disperse into slivers of light. The demons were almost shocked at what they witnessed.

"Alright, my turn", almost in response the demons raised their shields, as Mordred's sword, the Black Pride, filled with a brilliant crimson energy, before being fired off in a horizontal pattern. The beam struck all three shields at once, but as soon as they lowered them, Mordred was nowhere to be seen. Before any of them could figure out where he'd gone, the middle of the formation felt a swing of a blade, ripping through it, ending it thoroughly. As the two turned, another fell... Or rather, launched into the air, meeting a flurry of bullets as Mordred unloaded a whole clip within but a second, it's body parts and armor splintering as it turned to silver debris. Mordred immediately turned his gun to the last one, it's shield was already raised, but with a smirk he flick a switch on his gun the Absolver, and the lower barrel burst. It was a shotgun. The shield was completely shattered, and before the demon could even stagger it was run through with his blade, cutting off it's arm, and grabbing the shield.

He turned immediately, in time to catch the two blasts from the remaining two knight-like demons, their lasers bouncing right off the shield. As quickly as the two blasts bounced away, he laid the shield, slamming it into the ground, placing one foot upon it before launching himself with the other. Mid way through the slide towards the two demons, he kicked the shield yet again, launching it along the ground, sweeping the two remaining demons off their feet and into the air as he slid beneath them, both guns ready. One gun for each, planting shots into their exposed and shocked bodies. It was hard to count how many shots were fired, but one thing was certain, by the time their faces slammed into the pavement, they were already dead.

As the dust cleared, Mordred stood up, dusting off his coat after putting away his weapons. He looked at his handiwork, dusting his hands off too, he noticed a bright light towards the center of the city, and the image of what seemed to be a brilliant white-gold castle. That must be where he is...

"I didn't take Arthur the type to make so many new friends. Guess I'll go out and meet them", with that, Mordred left behind the rubble that was his new store, and

Camlann City Outskirts


The demons were no match for Kosara, such was an experienced demon hunter. As she rested her blade, there was but silence, and peeking from the roofless bus, was a scared bus driver. His face though, was more in disbelief at what he was seeing than anything else. As just any normal people he had heard of demons, but never would he have imagined to see one. He wasn't sure if he wanted to say anything to that lady he thought was just someone travelling to see her old parents or something. Still, before anything could be said, a breeze swept through the road.

To any normal person, it'd just be an unexpected gale, but for Kosara... Her demon blood called to her. This wind, was both familiar, and unknown. Was it related to her mother? Or was it someone calling to her? Regardless of this, something called to her.

Up ahead beyond the blockade was the way into the suburbs along the main street. Peeking beyond it she could see it was mostly clear for how far she can see, almost as if this group of demons she had slain were not for rampaging, but for deterrence... Someone didn't want to be disturbed while they were doing something here. There was only one road to take here, unless she wanted to head back the way she came.

Camlann City, Main Road


The mist cleared, as the last demon fell and disappeared into a wisp of black dust, leaving behind talisman signs written in magic. A very peculiar way to go out, as most just turned to dust or exploded. He did not recognize the signs, but it seemed oriental in nature. Before he could take another step, his attention was grabbed by the yell of a young boy, looking at him in fear. Based on what he saw prior... And heard, this was the young boy being whisked away by his mother, yet she was nowhere to be seen. So he is now orphaned...? Or maybe a parent still yet lives.

His duty was to prevent any enemies passing through the main road, or so he thought, he heard the flap of wings. A dove, flew down onto his shoulders, bearing a message. It was from Merlin. Taking the small letter from it's beak, Gawain would begin to read,

"Dear Gawain,

Though you are new, I feel it is beneficial to be making use of you, as you have been anointed as our king's right hand man, it is only natural. My own surveillance network has picked up some rather disconcerting readings near you. Little doubt you have already run into some of these demons I am picking up, but their patterns are strange. Please, do go and dispatch of them.

Do not worry about defending our king for the time being however, for he has decided to go on a... Stroll. If I recall he and an old friend of his has some history with this town. Perhaps he is visiting. Well in any case, worry not. He is under my watch after all.

From, Merlin

The letter turned to soft, blue flames, before turning to ash. Well his orders were clear, and within his vicinity too. If he recalled, this area was host to a large shopping center and bus station connected to it. Still, even with his directive clear, it seems the young boy left here was transfixed with him, a combination of fear and shock. If truly it was his mother that was killed, then he was not likely to just get up and recover from it.
Camlann City Outskirts, East


The not-so-well-off man and devil hunter, a familiar profession and state, trudged along the road to the city. Eventually reaching a small diner just on the fringe of the outer suburbs. It was a simple diner, offering breakfast at this early hour, although unusually, there seemed to be some kind of deal for strawberry parfaits. Could he afford to stop by and get a bite to eat? Regardless of this, it was a good time to stop and rest anyways. Leaving his bike for but a minute, walking towards the diner with some hope he can maybe buy something here, before he heard the crumpling of steel. Turning around, he saw his old, beloved bike, completely destroyed. Standing above it, was what would immediately be identified as a demon.

A zombie-like and grotesque creature, with a vague form like a human's. Draugr, they were. More would emerge from the mist behind it too, just a few more, holding large poles or blades. That said... The streets of Camlann City's suburbs, were deathly quiet. Something was not right around here.

No problem. We are accepting people so take your time.
Camlann City Outskirts


The landscape outside the bus began to change from the lush landscape of the British countryside, dulled greens and blues, with the occasional gray sticking out as a quarry of stones sat upon hills, to a more overwhelming amount of gray with the stone roads curating the suburban areas, leading into the city. Camlann City was not a very big city, and so once you were on this road, it wasn't a long few minutes until they were at the bus station, however, the lone young lady that boarded this bus would find herself taking perhaps the good chunk of her day to get there.

Like a banana being peeled, the roof of the bus came clean off as the wind suddenly rushed through Kosara's hair, followed by the sound of wingbeats. Looking up, a gigantic eagle the size of a small airliner jet ripped the roof off. A strange wildlife, was this normal in Camlann? No matter. It seems the bus came to a halt regardless. The bus driver was speechless, but up ahead, Kosara could see that the road was blocked. Various destroyed cars heaped up, as some humanoid-looking beasts stood around it, noticing them the bus driver was prepared to just turn it around, but his passenger was not so eager to turn tail. She had her reasons to come here.

Draugr, a kind of demon horde that was under the command of a demon from Wind Hell. There were around several of them, but with enemies this weak, their numbers didn't matter all that much.

Camlann City, Main Street


The knights scattered in different directions around the square. Unbeknownst to them though, Arthur had already informed Merlin that he was going for a stroll around the area. Gawain had heard once before... This place had some meaning to Arthur. But what meaning? He felt today he may learn what this meaning was. Regardless... Before him was his duty. As he patrolled the main street, he watched as some people scramble away, giving him a look before running, and then within the darkness of the alleyways, screams. Curious. Were there demons here already? Before he could move or react, a kind of cold mist began to pervade the area around him. In this land, such mists were not unusual, but what was unusual, was their spontaneity. Within the mist, shadows lurked, darting from one side of Gawain to the other, before attempting to strike.

As soon as their attack was repelled they jumped back and away, revealing their form. The look of these demons was strange... They seemed normal at first, on all fours, but after some moments, Gawain noticed their mouths were able to stretch ungodly wide, and a glow within their abyss-like mouths, a glow similar to energy... He knew not their origin, but they seemed simple enemies. This will not be more than a minute.

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