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@Archangel89 Before I go through the skills and such, I'd like to point out that Songdae is Korean in aesthetic. I mean it's possible for there to be a lineage of Raelin heritage to be in Songdae, but not as a prestigious house. It is also possible to be adopted. Please adjust to how you would prefer.


Mercy will only target one ally of your choice, be sure to specify. If not specified, then it will not take effect. If you change the target, also specify, otherwise your previous target is affected. Maximum range will be 15 feet.

Justice will if you absorb the attack, buff your next attack instead. If it's a ranged magic attack and you attempt to shield bash it, you can send it flying directly at the caster if the value of their spell is lower than your Strength. Although the latter will only work if the spell is like a fireball, so you won't be able to do that to a laser.

Charity's effect is only within around 10 feet, and is stronger the closer they are to him. The target of his Mercy though will gain the full benefit.

Protect and Shell will simply cause weak attacks to bounce off, or strong attacks to be less effective by about 25%. If you are hit by something powerful though, the spell breaks instead, and you'll have to reapply it. Otherwise it lasts 3 of the target's posts.

Might's buff is about 20% and for 2 of the target's posts. It does stack, but not with itself.

Shield Rush's Might buff will not occur if he is already buffed with it, and nor will it reset it's timer.

Consecrate is... Well just lower it's range to about 15.

Lion's Challenge and Bastion are both pretty powerful, powerful enough to be Limit Skills all on their own. Do not underestimate buffs and utility. You may want to rethink these two. Also do note, buffs of the same name don't stack.

Anyways I'll leave you to that.
Final Fantasy: Reverence

Chapter 1: Raelin

The city of Valennia. The crown jewel of the archaic nation of Raelin. As old-fashioned as many of it's buildings and people are, it is without a doubt still a nation of excellence, yet it is little surprise this ancient nation with centuries of history, stained with both blood, and both magic runes and blades engraved with blood. Still, a certain tension pervades the air around the capital, Valennia. Whispers of a rebellion are on the streets themselves, a group they say, calling themselves the Swords of Valor. To the common person it is a simple matter of rabblerousers trying to get their lot in life in the wrong way, that they should just join the Adventurer's Guild if they just want to fight for their money. These days after all, there is no shortage of monsters or bandits, as conditions beyond these high walls worsen, bit by bit. Though the grip of this deterioration is not as noticeable as one may think.


The nation of Raelin was a more temperate climate than that of the icy grip of Escain. The two bounty hunters would find themselves in something a little lighter for their stay, yet did not compromise on any tactical advantage doing so, yet today they were not wearing that, or their thick Escainian coats. Today they wore some finer garments. Today, they stepped through to a VIP lounge in the prestigious Royal Garnet, a high class establishment that hosts from celebrities to government officials. The two knew whatever job they were about to be told about... This may be serious.

As they arrived to the room, two guards welcomed them in, with another two standing guard inside, and sitting in the lounge setup in the center was a man, not anyone of particular renown as far as they know. Likely a senator of Raelin, but not anyone with any fame behind their face.

"Well now, good afternoon, I see you are as punctual as I am told, and the lady as charming as her name appears", so a charmer was he? As they got closer, they recognized his uniform... He was...

"I see the look of confusion. That is correct, I am not a Raelin official, as you may have expected. I represent the Sultan of Ayntayikk", he states. Interesting. He motioned the two to take a seat. As the two got closer and sat down, they beheld their client's features. Long hair, a shoulder cape, and a long coated somewhat militaristic uniform, yet it would also be recognized as noble garb. Still even then, his own features did not resemble any of Ayntayikk heritage, what with his fair skin and almost white hair, he seemed more like a Frinian if anything.

"Aah Raelin, ever the grandiose with a hollow soul...", he began, taking a swig of the alcohol prepared on the table. "Anyways, I know you two were expecting a Raelin official, but trust me so was I. He was my friend you see, and could not attend to this meeting, and so I am here in his place. Whoever recommended you two to him, must be an immensely trustworthy friend to him, but enough chit-chat", he snaps his fingers and one of the men behind his sofa walk over. Soon he procures a bag, it's gil, even before seeing it almost shackle the table as it lands in front, it was obvious it was a large sum of gil.

"... This is a ransom", he says, after a pause, watching their reactions. "Right right, the job. Okay so, basically this is all Ayntayikk coin. My friend who is a Senator is currently in the court of Raelin, attending to matters he is forced to tend to. You see someone in the Raelinian Court wishes to see him silenced, and to be honest I would not be helping him if not for his benefit to me, and... Let's say trade agreements with my own home country. The task is simple. Kill who's paying the kidnappers, and rescue this poor man's... Daughter I believe, these men will give you the picture of the daughter so you can identify her as you walk out. Take this big bag with you too. The ransom location is somewhere in the Hinds District, near a broken aqueduct I hear is being used for various smuggling operations as it also leads outside. The time is tonight, when the moon is approximately 45 degrees in the night sky. I'm sorry that the ransom time and place is so soon, but if you wish for any clues, might I suggest a visit to the palace? Maybe you can see who his political opponents are? Who knows. Anyways, off with you two, the sooner you go the more time to investigate you have", he says, snapping his fingers to away them.


A man bearing a Dragoon's armor would do nothing but attract attention, yet he was a brazen one, and so was his mentor. The Hinds District was not a popular place, but for many it was also the only place they had. The Gargling Drake was a small inn setup in this dark side of the city, a place many of disrepute and occupations of dubious nature would convene to speak, yet amidst this dark and not quite misunderstood lot, is a pair of misunderstood and rather intimidating knights.

"Good of you to come Malik, come a long way have you? Well, it's been a month since you'd formally completed training under me, there is little else I can show you as a Dark Knight, other than what you on your path will lead you to learning", he says. "Anyways, I did not call you here for a social call", he leans in. The blue and dull silver knight, with clothes that seemed marred with dirt from afar, yet up close would be recognized as more unworldly. As he himself would put it, the darkness has tainted some of his cloth and armor, after such long use. Apparently this is the same armor he used back during his days as a Dragoon. In any case...

"I have firm belief they are moving, and so I need you here in this city while I go... Investigating. There are other strange occurrences too, such as the corrupting beasts that I have been cleaning up for the last month, but the adventurer's guild so far has that under control, so I can leave that worry for a little while... Anyways, as I was saying, someone's stirring up in there. The Swords of Valor that were formed a few months back have suddenly been stirring them up", he informs, almost whispering. The Swords of Valor... Yes the rebel outfit, led by a former Raelinian General. He has good intentions and according to other accounts by the Dark Dragoon, is a good man. It wasn't too much of a secret that he was helping him.

"Basically, I want your ears on the ground, while I go dark... Or darker, I guess", he then leans back again. "I will not be gone long, but until then, protect the people of this town in my stead. We share this common drive and a common history, though not directly, our wings were clipped the same ways. The poison of the nobles of this city must be purged, lest they rob others of their lives and loved ones... Now I am off, before I begin ranting again as I do. I know how much you dislike that", he states, standing up, grabbing his gigantic blade off the wall it was leaning on, and then walking out, flipping a coin at the barkeep to pay for his drink. So what to do then... Protect the good people, where to start... Just go patrol? Or perhaps take an active participation? Well whatever Malik's way as a Dark Knight was, neither could go wrong.

For Others

Please feel free to explore the city. There are some questlines available to you that will lead you to the main story of this chapter, it's just some characters have relevance to it and are introduced in such a way. Pursue the questline and you too can join them eventually, or go your own way and pursue your own goals. It's up to you.

@ItMeGritty Okay, that's looking better. I don't see anything that may be a little confusing, so I think that's good to go.

As for @Seirei No Hai, I sent you a bit on the discord.

Anyways, I think I'll start the RP quite soon. It's a bit delayed than planned, but we just about ready.
@ItMeGritty Looking good, although you may want to read over the rules regarding status effects. They should be on the first page. I will probably look again once that's been settled with you.

Anyways, your first Opportunity Skill... Does this mean your dances cost Limit Points? I mean they shouldn't. So that no cost kind of doesn't work here. The double dance is also a bit too strong too. I suggest something like a boost to stats instead, maybe speed or something.

@Seirei No Hai I think even if she's a prodigy, Tricast as a raw skill is a bit powerful, although the triple is limited to just offensive spells... Well that is actually still quite powerful. Like, you could burst some things down pretty quickly with it. How about she can Dualcast normally (white and black magic equally), but if she wishes to Tricast, she would require to use up 1 Limit point (because honestly, Tricast is a Limit Break for some Red Mages anyway) and it would be limited to her offensive elements.
@Seirei No Hai I like her. I don't have any problems with her backstory and such.

Although abilities... Well let's see.

Combat Amateur might need to be changed, since crits are normally tied to builds and abilities instead, and that there is no weapon durability. This honestly seems more like an Opportunity skill instead. You can start with 3 like everyone else, as Valdr's opportunity skill are tied to story progression.

So you may need to rethink that skill. I think you should change it out for Dualcast or Tricast (with a specification).

Ifrit's Essence though will do something else. All fire magic up to Firaga can be used without the drawbacks of using a spell stronger than your stats, but only while you have the amulet. Even with that drawback of needing the item, this is still really powerful, so remove the tricast from it and move it someplace else.

Furthermore, Limit Break has changed in how it works, you may want to review that. Your spells are such are fine, but tier 1 spells like Fire, Blizzard, etc. would actually be valued at 3.

I'll probably look to start this weekend actually, considering it's a little slower than expected getting some stragglers in, but we already have a good number to roll with.
Vega Ashcroft


By the look on Muko's face, his obliviousness was plain to see. In return Vega made his own face of incredulity, unable to believe such a halfwit was S rank. This system was rigged he thought, if someone like this was S rank he should be well ahead, or at least the others should be. How did this guy do it? Just power? He certainly had that, but what difference does it make? None, otherwise in his mind, he would be with the same ranking. In any case...

"Whatever, the little shitter's probably hiding out someplace with a view of that damn guild hall, probably hidden or something. There's no trace of any such activity, so it's better we just ask and ambush, simple stuff... Now let's stop dawdling and get in there. I'll let you do the talking, and I'll be the muscle. You couldn't give even a scowl to save your goddamn life", he didn't seem to be listening... Well at least not completely. In and out quickly was probably best to not cause a disturbance. He was more or less dragging Muko to his plan... Well, they'll see how that turns out.

For now, they should just head on over there.
Offensive mage then. Still I digress, composition isn't actually important now, but for the sake of not overlapping character traits, maybe it is a good idea to keep that in mind.
We have a lot of overlaps with assassin, but no dedicated mage.

Honestly no one's going to be forming permanent parties to roll with the entire RP other than small duos here and there, and I will fill in some parties with NPCs to balance out compositions in certain segments.

Go with what you feel you want.
As the young merchant began to bring out her wares that he had requested, yes... These were certainly familiar. The north-eastern shore of Akitsushima was one such place he once visited while in service of his lord, but those were days long gone. How nostalgic. As he was preparing his coin, soon came the short blade he had requested, a wakizashi. The craftsmanship was unfamiliar to him, but nor was it anything more than just fine craftsmanship from a fine blacksmith. As he slipped it slightly out of it's scabbard to inspect the blade, there were no blemishes or chips, a well-polished blade. It's weight was light, and the steel seemed flexible. Perfect.

As he paid out the amount required, he thanked the young merchant... But he could not help but have some questions.

"So... How is the homeland these days? I have been here many of the my previous years and word or even items from Akitsushima are rare", he asks. Last he remembered, he was part of a political revolt of sorts, his lord and his lord's house silently cut away. The few survivors of that clan now hopefully still well and kept safe by his former colleagues.
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