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Blazblue CPEX: Hazama, Yuuki Terumi
Blazblue CF: Yuuki Terumi, Hibiki Kohaku
P4U: Sho Minazuki (Persona), Adachi
Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator: Johnny, (thinking of) Raven.

I also draw stuff. Check it out. I even accept commissions.

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For what it's worth here's mine with a description.

It'll go on ahead if I get confirmation from 3-4 players by the way. That's all I need to start with.
@I Need A Name Ah, that makes sense. It's kinda lost in-between all the PM-only stuff.
To be honest I'm not sure what I was missing.
Just a note, it is complete.

@VitaVitaAR I figured. I kept it vague for a reason after all. That being said the only thing that I need for it to fit is some kind of recent conflict a couple years prior to the RP, and that as a country they are incredibly distant. I would like to hear all about it though, it is relevant to me. My bio goes under the assumption it's the feudal society, and the period should be closer to the Bakufu era, so there are still samurai who serve lords, the only difference is there's a transition of power going on, whereas the Bakufu era did not have such a thing define it. Otherwise all other details I can make more for Kyoshiro around.

I am also guessing these lands are beyond the Veil of Tears yes?
Yeah it's pretty simple if you know tokusatsu.
Picture forthcoming.

I'm just here to make an edgelord.


Correction. Weeblord.
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