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The combination of Souta's mighty blow to the frankenstein monster's foot, and the slice against it's poorly constructed arm served to stop it in it's tracks, with the arm now dangling a little, it needs more work it seems, but it can no longer use it properly. Considering Souta and Wrath were quite close, it's sights were set on Gideon, whose Bullet Hell served to be breaking down it's body. Using it's other undamaged arm, it went for a swing at Gideon, blindly aiming to consume these new targets.

Though it was now essentially unable to move, sitting in place and flailing, necrotic demon flesh seemed to climb back up it. It was also regenerating, although in a kind of gross and unorthodox way, patching itself up using itself. Observing from afar, after some dozen seconds, they noticed it as a total was smaller in size, but was moving ever so slightly faster... This could take awhile it seems. Souta's smash on it's foot though, was the last to properly reconstitute in any way, and even then it now appeared to have a gimpy leg.



Vega's smile never faltered all the way to the blast of fire. As it made contact with him, the same black energy sputtered off of him as it appeared to make contact. He didn't move, staggering, with one foot back, his face was turned away taking that precise strike. The tornado of flames obscured the two of them, whipping up a substantial storm. Wasting no time it appears Ferrus would go in for a strike, but as soon as the two completely disappeared into the swirling flames, it was but a moment before they disappeared again, those observant would notice that as soon as they made contact with Vega himself, they seemed to vacuum up, and disappear into it. Vega's hand was upon Ferrus' neck, his entire body a black shadow with glowing purple veins, the same inky darkness he used to defend with earlier. His voice echoed as he continued to taunt the angel,

"Kuahahahahahaaha! I guess they're right about hot heads, act first, die first". As Ferrus felt the grip upon his neck, he immediately understood what was happening up until now... This black aura... It consumes any form of magical energy. His fire had done nothing. Not to mention... Having drained all that power, Vega himself seemed more powerful, and even faster.

"Still, you've got an impressive amount of power, any other demon would've been roasted to a crisp, but since it's me I just get more to eat", Vega held Ferrus up high.

"Now then, let's see what your soul can offer me", he brought his other hand, dredging it deep into Ferrus. No matter what he did, any attempt to use his fire would just result on him giving Vega even more power. The process was painful, would he die...? Who knew, but it seemed likely. At that moment, Vega would feel a kick at his back, a slicing blade from the Devil Arm Hydra. Sevrin was interfering. Vega turned his head, dropping Ferrus as he pulled out a glowing orb of fire, then crushing it in his hand.

"If you wanna donate to me sooner, just say so. I'll take any donation", he smiled.

Ferrus, laying on the ground, was miraculously, not dead. But the flames he could muster were meager, with a bit of time he can still move to fight but any angelic power he can use was severely limited. But what happened next... Told him everything of what kind of threat Vega was.

Vega smiled as he formed a blade in his hand, but it wasn't just any blade. Although in a dark shade, almost ethereal, and emanating a kind of black and purple fire, it looked exactly like Ferrus'.

"This is a little trick I learned while around demons. You probably know by now, but demons within them hold a manifestation of their power... Imagine my surprise when I found out angels also have something like this", Vega was in control, confident. He turned to Ferrus, just turning his head,

"You must really love this sword, for it to be your soul... Well you must be wondering why you ain't dead, all I did was copy your soul, with your own energy, and now this sword will be part of my collection".

Sevrin seemed ready to run, but he looked at Ferrus... Running now would only arouse suspicion towards him and jeopardise the information he has learned, as they may not believe him, but fighting Vega after he has become more powerful than when they just met him... Was almost a death wish, or at least guaranteed to make him even more powerful, after learning his abilities. Ferrus himself was left with fewer options too. Maybe they can send for help? But who knows how long that may take...
The Drowned Dragon's Inn


Over the next hour, the bar would fill up with regular patrons taking a break from work, here for lunch, as one would expect. The two could order something to eat or drink if they so pleased, regardless most of the talk that they've gathered from murmurs were largely about the Swords of Valor. From tall tales to petty stories, it seems they were either a scary bunch, or a helpful lot. Most helpful stories were outside the wall, with all the farmers and simple folk, and far off towns... Soon though their waiting paid off. The military garbed man was here to meet someone it seemed.

With all the noise of the bar though, they would not be able to eavesdrop, but the person he was meeting was... Well, they weren't familiar. That much was sure. But it was recognizeable. Anyone who either has lived in Raelin, or has served military anywhere would recognize it. They were part of the Raelin Praetorian Guard, royal vassals, who work directly for the Emperor. The two were talking for some time, but soon the man got angry,

"Don't you DARE talk to me of patriotism! I swear you royal lapdogs are getting younger and younger! Begone and let an old man sit in peace", he said, before sitting back down. The royal guard seemed rather downtrodden, and walked away...

This seemed to be relevant to the politics of Raelin, the question was... Who was worth pursuing for questioning?

The Academy of Valennia

@Seirei No Hai

The receptionist looked at the young lady, then to the stone, then to the young lady. It was clear she herself didn't know what this was in the slightest, she wasn't hired to take looks into artifacts. Still, she could point her to someone helpful. She took a quick look at the catalogue for departments on a magical screen, floating to her right, a few swipes and then she turned back to the young mage.

"I am sorry I don't know personally, anything about that... But let's see... If you say a Bandersnatch, you may have luck either with the Alchemy department, or the Artifacts department", well that made sense... If it was a drop from an enemy, mayhap it has some use as a material, on the other hand... It could be an artifact? It felt like it was neither yet both. Some level of extra running around felt expected, now that these were her options. The receptionist then proceeded with a bunch of directions for both, but being a student (former) here, hopefully she'll already know the way. After she was done,

"Is there anything else I can help you with?"

The large Assault would stumble forward. As it got closer it became clearer and clearer what this large aberration was. Bits of other smaller Assaults, bound into one large being. A kind of frankenstein of demon lizards. Still, it made it no less of a threat knowing this. That kind of size was bound to hurt if it made any meaningful impact. In the end however it was simply a large demon, more useful for smashing walls than it was for fighting three rather nimble combatants, and skilled slayers of demons no less. It's frankensteiny construct would likely be it's downfall. It's body seemed to just barely hold together in some areas, and any bit that separated would just start instantly rotting and then turning to dust.

The solution seemed simple, still, the sooner they were done killing this abomination, the sooner they can find the Broodmother her own home on this island, to use as a base.

Into the Deep Blue Sky


The heart of the golem shattered, the distinct sound of a thousand shards of glass and then... Silence. The red shards of the orb that made up the golem's core floated slowly over the pile of rocks that once constituted it. It was a strangely beautiful site watching them disintegrate peacefully into the air as crystalline dust. Still, it seems the way forward was now clear. After dusting themselves off, they would continue up the path, and reach the exit of this strange cavern.

Walking forward into the sunlight, they would be greeted by a floating oasis. A small lake set upon by trees on all sides, and a few rock formations. They found themselves lingering her for a short while, but after some deliberation...

"It seems this area is safe Commander Mallus. It may be a good place to make a checkpoint", reported one of the angels. There would be no reason not to here. This was going to be a long stay and expedition. With the order from Mallus the angels got to work, while others went back towards the bottom to notify the DHO crew of this area and escort them here.

"Commander Mallus, it appears that there is more area ahead. With your order we can take a retinue of angels and scout ahead to see the path forward", the angel officer was awaiting more orders. Would the order be given the angels would simply, scout ahead. Although the assistance of powerhouses such as Mallus himself or Lily would not be necessary. They can use their time off to look to other duties... For now.

Putting the Scraps Together


The waves of demons began to wane as the battle continued, the fervour for battle and carnage strong in these two particular demons made them especially compatible with this job. While Mavvlosia slaughtered the demons out front, Fenn brutalized those within the forest before they even reached the settlement. His rampage causing flames to erupt, burning away the forest slowly but surely. His indiscriminate rampage though would avail no threat to Vega as he had intended, but it did cause demons that emerged from the forest to be wreathed in flames. More fragile than they already were, the ones that swam through the most intense flames would find themselves crumbling away before Mavvlosia could even touch them.

The forest burned slowly, with no demons left to slaughter, there was not much else to do but head back. Mavvlosia would be the first to see that their display, may have been a bit overboard. The people on the wall... As demons the two could just taste their fear. It was palpable. Still, the commanding officer tried his best to speak amidst this,

"G-good work you two, uhh... There don't seem to be anymore demons, s-so thank you...", it didn't seem there was much else to the job, but... What about that forest fire? It wasn't going to stop anytime soon.

"Oh uh... I'll have to report that forest fire too... We'll... Probably put some minor defenses where the... Forest used to be", he continued. Still, the fire itself seemed to be an issue in and of itself, but given the terrain and environment, it wasn't going to engulf anywhere near the whole island, just maybe affect the view from the walls.

It seems their job was done, for now.



As Ferrus rushed at Vega, the phantom demon would jump back, avoiding the initial slash and making some distance, before kicking up a blast of inky black and purple energy. The Burning Slash from the angel general would just disappear into it. As the dust settled, Vega just smirked at the angel, his hands were in his pockets, with seemingly no intention to take them out.

"Come on kiddo, that fire's gotta have more bite than that", he didn't strike back... Yet. Was it carefulness? Or was it fear? It was... Neither. His smirk said everything about how he was handling this situation.

Meanwhile... Behind Ferrus, Sevrin himself was doing quite well. Though he was not around when Sevrin was possessed by Vega, it would be of note that Sevrin's fighting style was quite different. Evading and counter-attacking far more frequently. He seemed to prefer the bladed greaves Hydra over the blades and chain. In any case, it seems that area was under control.
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The Drowned Dragon's Inn


The Scale district. It was the everyman district, with the marketplace not too far from here. People who lived in the city were the main customers, coming here for a good drink from work, those passing through but could not afford rooms in the Royal Garnet, but did not wish to stay at a place like the Gargling Drake, and soldiers too. Of course, this was in the middle of the day, it was not as busy as it would be in the evening. The question was, would gossip here be relevant to their mark? The political going-ons seemed to be far less important to the general populace, than the Swords of Valor, which the ruling class have taken to calling terrorists and rebels, while those of the working class seemed more open to their presence. Just within earshot they can already hear of their deeds outside the walls, defending and helping the unfortunate... Still. That was not what they came here for.

The Drowned Dragon's bar floor was large, likely to accommodate for many of the city's inhabitants on busy nights, with drawn on the board their menu and Happy Hour, which was conveniently just after dinner. It was spaced out, with people just starting to slowly fill for lunch, as such it was rather quiet all things considered, as quiet as a large establishment with loads of regulars can be. Among the people present, some stood out, such as the mage in the far back buried under books, or the man dressed in a military officer's grab. Not just a standard officer either... Still it was unclear what he was just yet.

The Adventurer's Guild


As the young lady entered the Adventurer's Guild, she was met with the curious gazes of passing by adventurers. In their line of work they often saw nothing more than common folk, guardsmen, and the occasional haughty noble. But a woman of elegance and air of mystery surrounding her would grant the ire of many. She was most certainly not someone they would likely meet in their travels.

As she approached the counter, the girl at reception was almost a little surprised. Yet she did her job, as soon as Aria approached the front desk, she was asked. "Is there... Something I can help with ma'am?"

The Academy of Valennia

@Seirei No Hai

The Multi-Realm theory book that the young mage was given was the collection of the most established theories on the matter. The understanding that gods and goddesses lived on a different plane, each of their own. Summoners did not create an aetherial phenomenon like mages do when they cast magic, they used the power of faith, Dogma, to create a link to the realm of their chosen deity, and bring forth their power into our own world. It was all rudimentary stuff, but it raised the question, as there was a bit on artifacts as catalysts to summon these gods. What a catalyst was could vary, from a weapon dedicated to their worship, or an item or weapon that is theirs, most notable examples being something like the Gungnir, the spear of Odin. So the Dragon's Breath, this small gem in her possession... Could this be a catalyst of some kind? Being a mage, she had never learned anything of the use of Dogma, more to the point, the practice of Dogma outside of small orders of Summoners was outlawed... Still, perhaps the academy can tell her more.

She beheld the Academy before her, many robed individuals were about, the colour of their garbs symbolizing their schools. Most were of a pure black representing the Black school, the white with red trimmings representing the White, and various others such as the more common Blue and Red, and Green, as well as other less common colours such as Yellow and Gray. The building itself was towering, set upon the center was a stained glass window depicting the symbol of the Specter Mages, an aetheric sun.

Within the halls were large marble pillars, all lined up and leading up towards the reception desk at the far end, with doors leading to long hallways set upon the left and right sides, lined up in a symmetrical fashion, with plates at the top saying which part of the building they lead to, as well as a board near the entrance to show what facilities are here, and where one can reach them.

Library of Valennia

@Seirei No Hai

The librarian leaned forward, his eyes on the curious gem in her hands. Unfortunately, he was but a librarian. Hired to keep the books here in order, he only knew where and what kind of books lay where or if they were at this great library. Still he gave the young girl an answer,

"I am afraid I cannot help you appraise this gem of yours, but perhaps someone at the Academy may be able to help you with that. On the other hand, I can also show you to the few books on Multi-Realm theory, and if you want the journals and public documents on the subject, I can find those for you too".

Depending on her response, he would either let her be on her way, or show her to the books and documents on Multi-Realm theory. There were numerous documents. Multi-Realm theory is essentially the theory of there being multiple planes of existence, and the common belief is that this is where the gods reside. The main meat of the theory though is travelling to these planes. There was still no solid theory on this, but what exactly did the young girl wish to discover about this theory? In any case she had two obvious choices presented to her. The day was young and the Academy would be bustling at this time, on the other hand there was the whole day to peruse old texts about this topic, or even time to go out and ask should she find something interesting.

Valennia Adventurer's Guild


It's been a good two or so decades since the founding of the Adventurer's Guild, starting here in Valennia. As such, the establishment was pretty upscale, but the atmosphere did not feel that way. The cafeteria hall was bustling as always just off the side to the reception, decorated nicely by cloth and carpeting, as well as armors and portraits of the guild's leading members from each of the branches in the world. It was a fairly grand place. Behind the counter was a giant magically projected board with requests, and just outside was the old noticeboard used for smaller requests, like the very days of founding when jobs at this guild were but finding lost pets, or being an extra hand at a restaurant.

As Leolin posed the question to the receptionist, she sized him up...

"Oh! Leolin yes? Well, it seems you already have some history on being capable at combat, so it won't take long to get it approved aaaaand... Here", she handed him a kind of plate. It was made of copper, with the guild's symbol on it. A kind of license it seemed. The receptionist had a rather good memory, but it always took her a little time. After which she placed a form in front of Leolin, she would talk as he would peruse it, but basically everything on the form is what she's explaining.

"Okay, so, you may be a little confused. Basically Monster Hunting is a bit different from kill missions you may be used to. Hunts are focused on minimal damage to the target, while capturing or killing them. Hides and parts are not very valueable once they are broken, plus you will get less back if there is too much damage. As you will be Copper level, you cannot take anything higher than Copper, and if accompanied by an appropriate other hunter, you may do up to Silver level hunts. Normally you would only be allowed Bronze, but a proper combat background lets you bypass that, you can note that by the strike at the corner of your plate",

"If you have any questions feel free to ask", as she put herself on standby. A few other details not mentioned but are on the form is the terms to promotion. There seemed to be no test to become one, but it seems by completing hunts you obtain crests to be added to the plate, and with enough you can take your first hunt alone in the next difficulty rating with a senior hunter to watch. If completed, then you get your promotion. It seemed like a fair enough system.

The Gargling Drake


The underbelly of Valennia was surprisingly, not called the Underbelly District, it was the Hinds District which is probably the closest there is with the other district names, such as the Wings, Fang, Claws, Scales, etc. The further up the dragon it was as a part, the higher class it was, the Fang District being the Royal Palace itself. In any case, here Mata Hari was called for a job here in Valennia. A surprising job for that matter, to be 'insurance' to another job. A hostage exchange was to take place, is all she was told. She was not to interact, but watch. If it looked like it would fail, or go awry, she was to assist. It seemed like babysitting duty, yet if only that were all it was. The job was an assignment from the leader himself... Or herself... No one knew who or what the head of their order looked like. This was not quite a direct order, Mata herself was just unlucky enough to be in the same room to be given the assignment.

Still, even if it felt like she was just given this job out of other's convenience, it was a job from their own head. There must be some honour or prestige to be gained here. Furthermore, who were the two she was supposed to watch...? Or rather, if she found them so easily, maybe they were not so great. Who knows.

As she sat at the tables, her well-trained ears, able to hear over the music she dances to, eavesdrops unintentionally over the bar itself... A lot of whisperings of rebellion or revolution, none of it harmful it seems, a lot of them disgruntled and badmouthing the governing class here, yet one stood out...

"So what, it's a noble and his daughter, how's she uhh-"

"She's barely a child really. I tell ya we're gonna be told to be 'gentle' or whatnot. As if these nobles are gentle to us, is why we formed this whole outfit anyway right?"

"Says you, you weren't 'ere when the leader formed it. We don't treat them as people, we're no better than them. We just want a fair lot", the talking went on for awhile. It was pretty non-specific, so at least they're careful, but what can be gleamed basically was they were that rebel outfit she'd heard of for awhile now. The Swords of Valor.

A women stepped into the inn, making a beeline for that particular table. She stood out greatly. In a place like this, those of dark or questionable ilk blended in, but she was a shining example -at least in appearance- of righteousness.

"What are you all doing? It's almost time",

"L-look alright, okay let's get going. W-we're just... Getting the nerves under control an-",

"I don't care, we've been planning this for awhile now. We can't just miss it, now get your arses in gear. I swear if we don't make it I'm going to tell Raigh we missed it because a bunch of jackasses to decided to go for a drink in broad daylight", the men groaned and got up, slipping the fee for their drinks to the barkeep.

The "Swords of Valor", they called themselves... Their objective as she heard was to capture an official and his daughter. A corrupt official apparently...

The exchange was not to happen for another several hours, but it seems this inn was a nest of information. Perhaps she has found a common stomping ground ever were she to need information in Valennia. And this was just from eavesdropping, who knows how much deeper she can get if she were to find an info broker.
Vega Ashcroft


"What, it's just some old lady in here huh?", Vega stepped into the hall, quite prepared for more fanfare, or even just a few people. Just one person though? He did not expect at all.

"Well isn't that nice Muck-o? Just a single old withering hag, no crowd to get all worked up about. Tch", he teased, the tone was as aggressive as he usually was, but he looked almost disappointed given the plans they had 'decided' coming in. He seemed to be a bit irritated though... He won't say it, but he has noticed. Everything is eerily familiar to their town and guild hall, something about this place did not feel right at all. The silence of this place did nothing to help matters either, but he felt it best they not act as if they'd noticed... If this was a trap of some mage's doing, giving away that they know so soon would likely end up with them finding out very little. He noticed her tattoo as well... It's likely she was this place's leader, but the problem was there was no one to lead.

"Hey old lady! I hear you got some kinda dark mage problem. Care to share? It's not like anyone else is around to make you busy anyway", his tone seemed annoyed as if his time was being wasted, which to him, with no one around and such a boring dull place devoid of any activity, it was. He kicked the nearest chair, causing it to flip and spin right round as he took a seat in it in a backwards fashion as he leaned forward on the back of the chair.

"Try not to put us to sleep alright?", resting his chin upon his forearms.

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