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I do commissions, specializing in character design. Ask me for prices, or make an order on my Ko-fi.


I also play FF14 and PSO2 so yeah.

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Just a bump. We are still recruiting.
Day 1

The High Table. A powerful, shadowy council that stood at the heart of the underworld throughout the globe, consisting of 12 members, each representing a major crime faction; the Yakuza, the Sicillian mafia, Mexican cartels, the Triads, Russian mafia, warlords of the Carribean... Not every underworld faction has a seat here, and not every needs one to participate in this society, but a seat at this table grants unimaginable influence and power. One could topple nations and move capital at a single call, influence and control world leaders with only a tiny thinly veiled threat, or on the other hand, endorse something to which they support, and ensure it's success. Of course, the power of the High Table is highly guarded, just as much as it is coveted, and so members who already have their seat, jealously hold onto it, passing the position down only to their most trusted of successors. It isn't at all rare for succession to be upturned by a more power hungry candidate when the time comes to pass it, but for a seat to remain open with no successor? Such a thing is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The news spread like wildfire among the underworld, and as hard as the Geverran family tried to hide it, their head and High Table member, Ariani Geverran, had died, leaving no named successor to the disdain of the family's leading members. The spies of major factions all over had already begun to inform their leaders of this news, and just as quickly these factions began to act to it. Eliminating their immediate rivals and acquiring their influence as quickly as possible, to afford them the best chance to be picked for their position on the High Table.

For those who were not in the know, it was perhaps a sudden and fatal shock that they were killed by a powerful rival, or a surprise that they be deployed as soon as possible with little warning for fanfare. But, the opportunity to take this to a fight when political maneuvering was so common today was the excitement many of these underworld types craved.

However those who craved that high power within the underworld were already on the move, barely an hour from hearing the news, drastic moves were already being taken. The Vellum Society who specialize in information were naturally the first to make a move, where outright assassination was a second option, they have moved it to the first if it puts them closer to being chosen. The Gunners 606 who are a relatively new contender in the underworld have quickly made themselves a name as a highly efficient and small group of special ops, a skillset that was rare even among assassins and hitmen. Recently separating from the Triad, the Xuanlong Group having taken control of South Korea seeks to further their influence, their sudden meteoric rise and defiance of the Triad they had come from making them very popular among the new blood of the underworld. Then, there is the Gensai Clan, a Yakuza group older than the Yamagawas, and almost as powerful, see this as an opportunity to be able to stand toe to toe with them in more than just their numbers.

The agents of these groups have already been deployed, and their deadly work is about to begin.

Nickel Harry

Han Hee-Song

Elise Annabelle Vogel | Taslim Nurkholis

@Izurich@FourtyTwo@Thayr I am a little busy today, but for the time being I've made the discord.

It is open invitation too, so people interested are allowed to join.
And none of them are in the Yakuza faction hahaha.
I think it's nice people really get what kinds of missions Vellum Society members go on.

@FourtyTwo Those two look fine to me, but if I had to say anything, some more specifics for Han's backstory would be good. If I had to say, it would be in relation to the Xuanlong move into South Korea, but there's lack of information, so I'll give you a quick rundown.

The Xuanlong recently made a move on South Korea which was previously held by another high ranking Triad member. In a swift move using locals and exploiting authorities, they managed to uproot their leading structure and then violently cleaned them up afterwards. The RP will basically kick off at the end of their purges, so this move is incredibly recent. I imagine it would've taken a few months total to find every bit of resistance, as well as hunt down non-Triad gangs to remove their influence too, violently or otherwise. The Xuanlong leader is meant to be quite ruthless, and probably the most bloody of the factions.

Hopefully, that will help you be more specific. Elise is good to go though.

Anyway, I may not allow more than two playing characters per player though. At the moment it's fine since there's not an awful lot of players.

@Izurich@Thayr You two are now good to go too.

If I may suggest for everyone though, please provide pictures of your preferred gear. While not absolutely critical I find myself looking them up anyhow, so I figure it may be cool to have them on easy display in your profiles.
@Izurich I don't see anything that needs changing, but I'd like to make some suggestions for skills. Things like gadget usage, reconnaissance, and handling of explosives would be something a secret agent would have skills in.

@Thayr I plan to have a discord eventually. Just getting things out one by one.
@Sho Minazuki This may be obvious, but can't hurt to make sure.

Is it correct to assume that we're operating on "Action Movie Logic" in the RP? As in, otherwise debilitating wounds IRL become superficial enough to continue fighting, the conservation of ninjutsu trope being in effect (tl;dr: One vs Many (Mooks) is viable), and conveniently never running out of ammo. All three applies... until the plot deems otherwise, just like in the movies.

To some degree. For injuries you can power through them or survive some for awhile, but it will be noted. I just wanna say if you sustain a lot of injuries, I may start warning you further injury will be dangerous. I don't want to make too many repercussions for this, so that people can have as dramatic a mission or as clean a mission as they want, but don't push it too far.

There's a reason I have an equipment/loadout section too. You can reasonably assume your preferred firearms won't run out of ammunition as quickly as weapons that you've chosen for your loadout for that mission. My expectation is the weapons you've chosen are just a means for a particular situation you expect to be dealing with.

Also you can just make use of weapons within the facility or dropped by enemies too, so realistically you're not running out of ammunition unless you run up against an extended horde of melee fighters.
Reserved of course
Ok planning's done, or enough of it is done to accommodate play for long enough.

Here is the OOC

High Table Stories

Following the death of a member of the High Table, the seat had been left open with no one set to fill it. Arriani Geverran was a fine man who valued the traditions his position championed, perhaps with more cold zeal than any other, such that many believe this characteristic may have ultimately been his undoing. The many families under him and even those unaffiliated have begun a scramble for power, killing their rivals while the High Table's remaining members began a process for deciding Arriani's successor.

As each day passes, possible candidates die one by one, assassins of this dark cabal begin making a name for themselves pulling off the highest risk jobs they may ever take in their life short of defying the High Table directly. A new wave of assassins have begun. Killing for their respective factions, or a free gun to the highest bidder. The clock ticks down to deciding the successor, and not one of these factions will wait for that countdown until they are decidedly the victor. Little do they know this isn't a typical power struggle, not even on the standards of one for a seat at the High Table.

So begins a month they will remember as the 30 Red Days.

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