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I do commissions, specializing in character design. Ask me for prices.

I also play FF14 and PSO2 so yeah.

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Railgun tech isn't hard for someone to make for themselves, especially if they're an electro vision wielder, because they can supply the electro charge themselves, rather than relying on a battery. So there's an idea.

Anyways, there ought to be one or two more unique firearm stuff coming in because just the two is kinda underwhelming.
I've just been working on the character sheet and a few other things. Having trouble deciding one of the parts of the character sheet, so it is almost finished.

I suppose until the sheet is done I can share a bit about some of the firearms I've already got done in mind.

1. Witches for the most part lead hidden lives, they generally don't want people to know they're a witch. There are indeed covens, and if there are not covens, hopefully your mother, or a rare case of father witch is there to help teach you how to control your powers. There is also the mechanical benefit that a witch's power isn't elemental in nature, but witches that gain a vision can change that. Much of their traditional arts are ritual and brewing based, but they also have things like polymorphing, animation, and even familiars. As for a connection to an element based on race, well, there is none.

Nations of each element are defined as such because their lifestyles and culture revolve around that element, the element that their Archon presides over. Being surrounded by that element most of one's life can have an influence naturally, but it's not set in stone. You could be a cryo witch if you like while being born and raised in Averton.

2. So Cryptids and Noble Beasts in particular are inspired by things of the same nature we know, vampires and werewolves for Noble Beasts, and Chupacabra and Loch Ness for Cryptids. The nature of their powers are also different. Cryptids use mystical power which is rooted in the unknown, while Noble Beasts use ectoplasmic power which is rooted in spiritual energies. Yaoguai are a bit more general, but their closest comparison is the Yaksha from the game, however instead of being created as almost god-like protectors, Yaoguai are wildlife spirits, and can become greater spirits by transcending their common mortal forms. On the surface it's a lot of flavor, but when you want to play any of them and wish to go deeper, there's unique lore for different paths.

3. Playing a full Adeptus has a great deal of limits, so it's more than likely a full Adeptus won't be playable in the end. Those limits include being secluded to one or few locations, not interfering in worldly affairs, and so on, in exchange they get their own pocket dimension, their own domain. In such cases if you want to be an Adepti, play a half instead. While halfs are unable to maintain their own domain, they can use the creation arts of the Adepti.

As for the Shaitan, the level a player would be at is able to imprint words and phrases in people's mind, have their opinion lean slightly a certain way, and so on. They won't be able to explicitly or strongly push someone to do something erratic or seemingly unprovoked like in their legends. For your suggestion to work, some semblance of what you want them to do needs to already exist in their mind. Shaitan are more effective the less decisive someone is about something. They're not sure if they want to eat beef or chicken? It's almost free that you can tell them what to eat for lunch. On the other hand if they're dead set on eating beef, you won't be able to convince them to eat chicken with your powers alone. Hopefully that all makes sense.

I'll also remind that these are the much rarer races, and most of the time don't hold high stations or even certain professions. Humans and beast people still hold much more normal professions. There's also an elf-like race in Genshin, so if that's also your thing then sure go for it. I'll probably have them in too. I'll have a small list for these three soon enough.
@AzureKnight Part Adeptus are allowed. My recommendation is to model it off of Ganyu's overall history. Early life half Adeptus do not have a human form, but later on will. Usually being raised by Adeptus early but eventually become part of human society later, unless they are hermits I guess.
I'll format it later, but here are some races. You can assume by the way that an animal race for most animals already exist, they're classed similarly to humans. These are just the ones who have a bit more going on for them.

Unique Races

Well unless like 3 people appear and vote the same thing, don't think the vote will change, so I'll go forward with starting us out in Al-Marabar.

I'd also like to make mention there'll be some unique races in this RP. We have of course humans, and partly animal people, but there are also Adeptus and Yokai, and other similar kinds of things. I'll have a more comprehensive list later, but for now it's a heads up in case you wanted to do something a little different to human.
A heads up, the way the RP will be run is it will focus on one country at a time. Each with their own self-contained stories to participate in and affect some of the outcomes.

Seeing as I could start it in any country I like, I'd also like to ask players what country they're most interested in as a starting point. I realize the decision should be made somewhat early, as it can affect what kind of character people would want to make to start out.
I've updated the first post. Only as much as you see has been made. This is still a work in progress.
This is an obligatory notice that I'm working on the world, but if anyone's curious here are the themes of each elemental nation. I'm thinking of non element nations too but they will definitely be minor. Here they are.

Anemo - Meiji era Japan, age of Shinsengumi and rebels

Electro - Tesla coil steampunk, industry based anglo European nation.

Pyro - Gunpowder and pyrotechnics specialized Chinese nation

Geo - Middle Eastern themed on a sea of sand with warlords and sand pirates.

Dendro - Western Frontier, cowboys and USA theme.

Cryo - Germanic Viking themed with militaristic society.

Hydro - Roman Italian alian and canal cities like Venice. High society and luxury.

I'd also like to remind once again this is all early 20th century-ish in terms of tech and time period, so do picture them roughly in that context. I'll have more details at a later date including the core conflicts of each nation, so stay tuned.
Cool, anyway I realize it's a bit wild to just say I got nothing, so I'm gonna reveal a couple ideas already in mind, nothing is yet concrete since I have yet to fully commit. Just a few things I know more or less I'm gonna do.

  • Different weapon types, we're not constrained to the game's weapons, so means you can have dual swords, whips, guns (though they will be early 20th century), shields, and so on and so forth.
  • You could have a subweapons if you want too.
  • Nations will be based on early 20th century level, mixed in with high fantasy.
  • All nations and aesthetics will not be the same as in the game. Electro will not be Japanese inspired like Inazuma, Anemo won't be Anglo-European, and so on.

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