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Rachel knew her prosthetics were sensitive to specific environmental conditions and electromagnetic interference, but she didn’t expect to be forbidden from taking part in the mission. It would seem her captors made sure she was healthy, then got lazy and the lack of maintenance while she was imprisoned must have taken its toll on the tech. “That bad? Well, if you have time to do it, please do. I don’t see a reason to wait, especially if it was to get worse. I’d like to avoid turning mostly deaf again, believe it or not it kind of blows.” She hoped it wouldn’t go that far, the four days after the accident were enough for one lifetime.

Although ‘a few AT coilguns’ could only do so much against an organized group consisting of a tank, or an entire platoon, and the infantry escorts, at least they would not be completely defenseless once the sixty ton death machines got a bead on them. Merely knowing they had them made marching into no man’s land so much easier. Something recoilless would have been nice, but not every day was Sunday.

She didn’t mind being on the decoy team all that much. Despite her wartime squad’s primary purpose being reconnaissance and information gathering, the latter courtesy of her abilities, they had been tasked on many occasions to make as much noise as possible so others could go about their business undisturbed. It was only a shame they had to walk all the way there. And the return trip would be even worse, tired and potentially in contact with the remaining enemies, maybe even QRF.

“At least we’ll have surprise on our side at the start of the fight.” she thought out loud, “Bad guys likely won’t expect more than pissed off peasants and it will be too late when they learn the hard truth.”
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Rachel took her time going to see Legion. At first she didn’t see a point in fixing something that isn’t broken, especially since the Rau’ve were quite thorough in their examination at the end of the war, but on second thought she had to admit there was some sense in getting a checkup when going to a new doctor. After all, Legion was a machine - it has literally done the math.

“Hi there!” she waved to Legion when she entered the sick bay, looking around the room. A habit drilled into her head over the years. A chair slid across the room, coming to rest at her side “If you don’t like tuning up cybernetics, you’ll be pleased to know I don’t have too many of those. Just some biotech in my eyes and cybernetics in my ears. The latter gets a bit wonky from time to time, it was an afterthought.” As a child, she imagined force recon units would work as a cohesive, disciplined team, or so she thought until that breaching charge went off without a warning and messed up her ears. Some training accident that was.

“Aside from that, I grew up in a dry and dusty environment if that’s of any concern.” she sat down, remembering all the seemingly unimportant things the previous doctors seemed interested in. “And had an irregular sleep schedule. Anything else you’d like to know?”
“Getting in and out of places undetected was my wartime bread and butter.” she turned to Kelan. Not that it always worked, but in hindsight, her failures to remain undetected accounted for nearly half her combat experience, proving once again the adage that every cloud has silver lining. ”Getting into the ship should be easy enough, provided we can get a lay of the land first. It’s getting anywhere once we’re in the ship that worries me. Since it’s a prison ship, I wouldn’t rule out internal security checkpoints, maybe even interior turrets, anything to hinder unintended movement inside, howevermuch of it is left following the crash.” Alternatively, the interior itself could be an obstacle depending on the severity of the crash and the damage that brought the ship down in the first place.

“That armored support could present a problem, though I should be able to create fires hot enough to white out their thermals once our cover is blown.” She scratched her chin thoughtfully. “Unless I can have a brief talk with some of the infantry escorting them. Outside of magic or equipment captured in the field, do we have anything that could be used against armor? At least for a mobility kill?”
Blood for the blood god?
Of course Far Rim heard her. Has she used up all the luck allocated to her for this life during the war or what? “More floors are nice, but only if they’re in use.” Rachel fired back with a generous amount of sarcasm of her own. “And having too many floors in the first place is the reason many kids had half a ground up Kaisoken injected into their bloodstream and got sent to die on the front lines. If that’s the price to pay, then I’m one happy bungalow. No problem from my end regarding your request.”

The hardware the farmers received was impressive. Either Moonstrike had more connections or the Ascendancy was faring much worse than Rachel thought if they managed to get a ground to space cannon planetside intact, though the equipment and the ability to use it properly were two different things and one could only get you so far without the other. Sadly, a small group, even with magic on their side, was hardly in a position to fight a guerilla war. And the longer the Ascendancy was in the dark regarding their strength and makeup, the better.

When the briefing concluded, Legion made a good point. It would be rather unfortunate to get the rogue AI out only to hear ‘Submit, mortal!’ or something similar. “How rebellious? Did it refuse to carry out orders or was it actively hostile? And I take it there is no way to know what state it is in after the crash?”
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’So it’s alcoholic eintopf, best stay away from that’ something warned her at the back of her mind when Orky described his mix. His people must have been really desperate for a drink and short on supplies to come up with that.

Orky and his species definitely piqued her interest though. She never encountered that race before and she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t curious about how they would react to mind magic. It could be useful to know in the future. Perhaps later, should Orky be willing to play the guinea pig.

The left handed handshake left her a little baffled, though Kelan’s reaction may have shed some light on the reason behind it. Did she just accidentally insult one of their newfound allies not even thirty minutes after meeting them? After all, getting blown up might be a touchy issue. Oh boy, this was not going well. Maybe she should just follow Stella’s example and shut her mouth?

Despite the risk of saying something inappropriate again, Rachel nodded towards Reisus. “So, mister Far Rim over there, what’s wrong with him?” She inquired in a hushed tone. “Elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top floor or is it something one of us did?”
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