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Anything will do for Rachel, but meat would be appreciated.

Rachel stuck to the dark spots, taking in the layout of the factory, comparing it with the floorplans she studied beforehand and mapping possible escape routes. Unsure of her usefulness in a direct confrontation, she tried to stay slightly ahead of John at all times without letting him out of her sight to warn him of any danger in advance, all the while trying not to expose herself to any eyes that may or may not be lurking in the factory’s numerous nooks and crannies, much like herself. Given their past, she would not be surprised at all if someone was watching. Her task was made somewhat easier by the fact that John was the only green thing in the seemingly endless sea of battleship gray and the occasional faded black and yellow warning tape that was the abandoned factory and therefore easy to keep track of. As they approached the tank, Rachel opened a channel to John. “Nae way I can get inside the tank unseen, ye'll have to manage on yer own. I'll be right at the door, so nae problem pal. Holler and I'll be there.”

She watched John enter the tank and settled close to the door, straining her ears for any signs of commotion or a cry for help. All she heard was a muffled conversation between John and another man. “Playing the princess’ guard, oh the sweet irony.” she thought with a sigh, turning her attention back to the silent factory. But was it? Rachel took a few steps away from the door so the conversation inside the water pit wouldn’t interfere and listened carefully. Nothing. Nothing but a slight draft and distant noises of a busy district. Satisfied for the time being, she retreated back into the shadows beside the pit entrance and waited for John. Maybe she was being paranoid, but she found it hard to believe the mysterious woman would pay ten million credits for bodyguards, especially a group of teenagers in less-than-ideal mental states, magic or not. Either the lady expected to go through hell, or worse, or the entire job was a ruse. She made a mental note to ask John’s opinion once they were out of the factory and waited, eyes darting from one corner to another, looking for oddities.
Checking in.
Always liked the Tone, but will go with something else if someone beats me to it.

Decided to switch out one spell for a skill, but here she is.
I have a spell-only character in the works, should be done today.
If there's still room, I'm game.
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