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Good thing Australia has no Metro system (to my knowledge). Imagine the mutants there.
Definitely interested.
Astrid chuckled at Josk’s comment, as even if she lost everything to her, it wouldn’t be much of a donation since she had next to nothing to her name. But far be it from her to stay out of a pissing contest. ”Technically speaking you don’t even have to win, everything I owned that was worth anything is ripe for the taking somewhere in the Boomerang nebula, assuming what little remained of my poor Irene hasn’t drifted too close to the star or something.” Astrid pointed at a random wall as if the nebula was in that direction and leaned back in her chair. “Buuuuut you’d probably get lost or scared within five minutes in there. So it seems you’ll just have to hope your hand is at least as good as your mouth runs.” she verbally poked the pilot and called the bet, so far feeling confident about the cards she was dealt.

”So, how did a mute girl even end up packed up in a pirate cargo hold in the first place?” That could be an interesting story to listen to, as her own experiences with pirates were limited to occasionally smuggling their goods to dodge taxes, getting blown to kingdom come by them and then getting accused of being one. ”Can she be talked to directy, or is she deaf, too? And while on the subject, can she help around the ship while she’s here? I can think of a few places an extra pair of hands would be of use, and if she can’t talk back or complain, even better.”
“You are welcome.” It replied to Lokea. It was about to say something else when an armored humanoid, an asari judging by the language she spoke, appeared out of thin air. The flaps surrounding Gideon’s ‘face’ rose up in a surprised expression. If it were human, it’s eyebrows would’ve met its hairline. It made no effort to hide the fact it was curiously observing the new arrival as she moved around, looting the dead body and muttering something. “Caution: this individual’s operating system appears unstable.” it summarised when the display finished.

It deemed Saris’ answer satisfactory, but as an organic might have said, talk is cheap. Fortunately, it was a machine. What was a sixty section contract? It was done reading through the thing before Saris finished responding to the two asari. “Based on available information, your intentions appear to be identical to ours, Saris Fen. We oppose terminus criminal elements. You oppose terminus criminal elements. Cooperation seems to further mutual goals. We believe we would be a useful addition to the effort if you’ll have us. To paraphrase Shepard-commander ‘It helps to have tireless, merciless machines on your side.’ Furthermore, we do not require payment, though acquiring additional runtimes would be appreciated. not to mention it would further improve our capabilities.” Its current mobile platform was designed to run up to two thousand units simultaneously, leaving Gideon with a little over 25 percent of the platform’s processing power still unused.

When the scarfaced mercenary that already seemed to be acquainted with Saris mentioned the Eclipse, Gideon raised an ‘eyebrow’. Consensus: Avoid mentioning our past until more information regarding this individual and his relation to the Eclipse is obtained. They’d rather not test Laurence’s reaction to learning some of Gideon’s runtimes have been killing for the Eclipse for nearly six years. Even the Geth were a little wary of Laurence based on their limited observations of him.
We just survived a rat infestation, those used to be quite lethal back on Earth just a few centuries ago. Loosen up a little once in a while, officer.” she then turned to Luirae with a raised eyebrow, ”Ulnar aren’t known to spread the black plague or anything, are they doc?” While she did not mean it that way, some might have thought that joke was in a poor taste this soon after Anderson’s death, though she couldn’t care less. After all, there was a limit of how disliked she could be, and she had an inkling she wasn’t too far from that limit.

”We should’ve kept a few of the freaks alive to do our dirty work.” she scratched her chin when Ray brought up picking up pieces of Anderson’s work. Now she had to win for the crew’s sake. Anyone who thought she could help manage the cargo bay only had to peek into her quarters. That would be as far as they’d get without stubbing their toe on something she was tinkering with or something she swept of the table to make room for something else in a hurry. “Then again, the stench might have corroded the welds away or something. Maybe next time?” she shuddered at the thought of the horrid stench emanating from the Ulnar boarding pods. Just thinking about that made her reach for the shot glass with a sigh. ”Some poor sod is going to have to get rid of those pods still attached to the hull. Maybe we can gamble on that?”

Astrid snickered at the sight of the officer impaling the pilot with her gaze. ”Think I saw little miss cargo in the bay earlier.” she briefly replied to the pilot before turning to Rendyl, ”What’s your name...kid? Enjoy the relative freedom here while it lasts, no telling what the council Hurensöhne want with you.” she said while pondering the pair of eights in her hand. She couldn’t understand how easily people took to smoking inside a ship. Smoke detectors and sprinklers aside, she was weary of any sort of open flame inside a pressurized box floating through space. But hey, it could’ve been worse, at least the Monroe’s atmosphere was closer to Earth’s as opposed to a low-pressure breathing mix with high O2 content common on old stations.
Still here.
With the Blue Suns in full retreat, Gideon left its cover, still not exactly sure how to approach this situation. It holstered its weapons and stayed slightly away from the others, still in sight and earshot. How would they react? It had modified its chassis to appear less threatening shortly after breaking away from the Eclipse, and it was helpful during the fight, but how would they treat it now that there wasn’t a common enemy to prioritize over it?

Gideon figured it would let the thing sit for a few seconds, and while it was still listening to the conversation, it took a walk around the hangar, salvaging thermal clips, medigel, grenades and anything else the mercenaries had that could be of use to it. As it did, it took one last good look at the individuals making up this odd group, sizing them up. It should be able to escape if things went bad, though the biotic turian with a grenade launcher caused considerable amount of concern.

One of the humans correctly noted the group, even the krogan, seemed to be intact. In fact, it appeared it was the only non-Blue Suns combatant that suffered damage. If it had emotions, it may have even been embarrassed. With the search routine on Saris Fen complete and no more noteworthy gear to scavange, Gideon decided to approach the group that was now joined by the volus and try to act friendly. The consensus was the Geth wished they’d spent more time observing organics to learn how to properly integrate into such groups instead of hunting the more morally bankrupt ones down. “We have only suffered minor damage. This platform is currently operating at 98.97 percent capacity. Low repair priority.” it stated in response to Flame and turned its head to Ashton, giving him a jerky thumb up. One of the few mannerisms it observed from organics over its short life. “Impressive work, for a human of your apparent age.” Then it finally turned to Saris. “The human raises a good question. Empirical evidence shows 87 percent hired mercenary work on Omega concerns murder, slavery, smuggling, shakedown and acquisition or distribution of narcotics or illicit goods. 96 percent of the stated pool includes a combination of two or more of the stated infractions”
That's what you get for buying cheap Lenovos I guess. On the other hand, we've learned HPs are seniorproof.
Before I switched to Linux, I was at the point where I had to actually reinstall Windows every one or two years. It was infuriating.

Granddad had the same problem a few years ago. Turns out Win wasn't at fault, the hard drive was busted from the factory. Somehow that man managed to go through three laptops before we got one that would endure.
The only times she interacted with Anderson outside of a greeting in a corridor or the mess hall was when she couldn’t find something in the cargo bay. Her approach of knowing as little as possible about the crew seemed to be mostly working, for now at least. Isolation wasn’t her first choice, but losing ten people she cared about in two minutes once was enough for one lifetime. It was for that reason she didn’t feel as struck by the loss as the others, but hearing about his daughter, and his deal with the Admiral to top it off, was hard to swallow. ”Don’t look at me.” she shook her head, pointing at Dev, ”Credit for the bomb goes to the madman. He works fast. Almost scary fast, given his profession.” Yes, she may have been a massive bitch, but taking credit for someone else’s work was garbage behavior at its lowest.

She accepted the meal with an honest thank you and joined the group at the card table. ”Deal me in. Math is the language of an engineer. Body language, not so much, you have me beat there.” Unless Dev was right about poker and luck, then this would not go well for her. She left most of the alcohol to others. There were still a few electrical systems that needed fixing and doing that after more than a few shots was a surefire way of getting your hands burned.
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