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as someone who loves history, I would be down
Sergey stared forward at the man charging him, and he watched the man on his flank. He turned his body and felt something go through his leg. If he hadn't had turned he wouldn't have one however. And thankfully his allies should have made it to their lines as the target wasn't them for the most part. But he slowly let the shield go, letting it stand there without him for a moment as he took a step backwards out from behind the shield as a man ran into it.

It was something like out of football practice where a linebacker hit a mannequin and tackled it. But with an armored man and a shield.
With Sergey using his large rifle as a hammer to smash down upon the mans head to try and knock him out, after all it is an armored suit, so a little trauma to the back of the head shouldn't hurt that much right. He then took the opportunity to grab the mans far wrist and pull it around to his back only to use the man as cover since he was on top of his shield. If his friend couldn't penetrate his shield then it shouldn't this mans armor in theory. His other hand went to hold the other mans closer wrist down.

"So friend...if you can hear me, how good is this armor I would say I'd but it, but I don't know if it is better than what I wear... it seems bulky and hard to wield. Or did you just plan to throw yourself at me like that?" he asked as he sat there behind him getting shot at from his new 'friend's' friend until someone else could deal with the flanking man until he either got close
Sergey soon retreated back to his allies position, his head still forward as another loud bang came from the large weapon in his right arm and another hole was place just above the enemy lines.

"They will not try that again, their armored warriors are not much and their other forces may pull back soon to regroup or counter us again." he said looking at the two, "we must find something to do we will not hold the line, your units are not well with ammo and the logistics here is..." he looked at the wartorn roads, "undesired. We can hold, but if they bring more suits then we may be at a stand for some time." he said as he peered down the street at the retreating armored men.
soon, just got my internet back.
Def interested in something western.
10-4 hossman
yea put one up, I'm going to be in GA for a few days but I'll still be here with my phone and laptop.
I'd be down for something like this.
I'm down for something like this.
Isaiah Hussian the Third sat in the corner behind a thick metal table that was currently being shot at. The young grumbling naval officer moved to the corner so that he could watch both approached from around the table. His eyes shot from either side of his make shift bunker as he was waiting for the small gang battle around him to end.

He had been marooned on this station for at least a month after being dropped off by a rogue trader that had technically kidnapped the young craven naval officer. A man came up to the table only to be blasted away by a shotgun in the young mans hands. His hands shook some as he awaited another person to arise but none did. The fight still continued around him, but his corner was somewhat quiet compared to the area around him. Only the eventual stray shot from a weapon landed near him, the table took most of the damage.

After about an hour or so of a small battle raging on a small head came from out of the corner with a laspistol coming with it. His vision scanned the room slowly as nothing but bodies, and marks of battle were left, the bodies mainly looted, except for a few near him. So he went to work, trying to find anything he could sustain himself on for another day or two on this hell hole of a station.

"Now... what did I do in the light of the Emperor to deserve this horrid fate of mine, going through this wasteland of a station... I had everything, only to be locked away on some traders ship... did his work and clerical things and then he just leaves me on this god forsa.." a lasbolt comes out of a door way and he ducked back behind his table, with a small ration bar as the battle began once again around him. But now with more lasfire and solid fire coming his way. It was his time to fight now, even if he just wanted to sit, he would do so, like a coward a shotgun pointed up towards the edge of the table awaiting, once again.
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