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Time : Dawn
Location : Near River Kingdom
Interactions : @Alivefalling@princess@MissCapnCrunch


"Then you both eat... your friend still seems worn, I'll make sure if her wounds are not already healed that they will at least be treated until you are able to go back to it..." he said going to the young female on the bed, she was mainly healed. He was useless.

"Kyran... it is witchcraft, not a gift of god, this place is unholy. But I will resist its temptations, I will not learn this mancy of the Earth..." he lied as he gripped his hands together, "It flows through me and I've felt it with everything I've touched here, I feel it... and know that the power is there in me, but I refuse to use it. I will win this war without it."

"But bathing will only clean me, my scent will continue to last... a creature can follow scents through baths, and a scent is hard to hide without hurting the creature which is hunting."

He moved back out to the door, "I'll be back, thank you for the privacy it is rare where I come from." he said before leaving to take a bath alone. He would be in there for maybe twenty minutes. Enough time to take his armor off, bath for maybe five minutes max, and redress.


TIME : Dawn
Location : Road North of the Moon Elf Forest
Interactions : Ilan @dreamingflowers


"I wont take your hand slav..." Hans muttered before he was grabbed.

The human screamed as he was grabbed, his helmet and radio headset shaking some and moving off of his ears. The farmer had broken the young mans weak arm. He slung the briefcase at the man and it didn't do much, it just fell to the ground as he was pulled and dragged.
"Damn you!" he yelled out as his eyes squeezed shut, "Damn your family!" tears would have welled in the corners of his eyes if he had the ability too, he was dehydrated beyond anything.

He noticed the younger creature move something to his ears, he shifted his helmet back to where it was supposed to go, the headset underneath fitting to his head snugly. Then he watched the other creature, begin a song. Mein Gott, what is singing going to do, stupid slav. He felt his hand being released as the other man fell. Mein Gott, smart slav did something that worked.

"You are a white slav aren't you?" he asked as he took his knife and pushed into his pocket and he pushed his brief case into the wagon before Ilan even tried pushing the hay off.

He looked up at the man and he moved the headset down to his neck, "Don't... the beasts will need to eat. If we wish to get away then we will regardless of how long they work.. My only problem is that." he said pointing at the turret in front of him, "We have about two minutes before the field around us is filled with the pieces of that. My possessions are in this, and if you want to save this man then you best find him somewhere to make sure he survives. "But I would suggest we just tie him to the cart and go back the way we came." he said as he looked at younger man and he climbed up.

"So go! GO! Before the blast kills us too!" he yelled, he was expecting to suicide kill whom ever was trying to take him.
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Time : Dawn
Location : Near River Kingdom
Interactions : @Alivefalling@princess@MissCapnCrunch


"I highly doubt that I alone can defeat that." he said as he pointed at the sky, "I am no angel, I am no power worth anything. I am a scholar, a doctor and warrior who fights besides brothers. I am not David fighting Goliath, I am but a man. I will quest to fight that monster, but I have nothing to its power. I do not have an army, I do not have divine powers."

He stared at the girl, "Well you should have saved that poor soul of a girl, and that man from that demon that arranged himself as an angel..." he said his spite not ending, "I would have been fine, if you had saved her then... at least I would know she is in safe hands..." he muttered as he died and sunk to his knees. "I am a man of god, I am a protector of his people and of all those who require help... yet I couldn't help them, I couldn't save either of them. There is no telling what that demon has done to her."

Jean-Luc's head sank down, "This world rips at the strains of my beliefs, many of them have been shattered, to me you are all demons and devils. Abominations in the face of gods creations. Mockeries and mixes of them all... but you help me, you heal me. My shoulder has not felt good since I went to the holy land, and since I tried helping those who still lived there. My thoughts and words become reality of stone, a wall twenty feet high, a sword and shield made of what most would say was heavy stone, and acted like stone. But was light as a feather in my arms."

The man sat there broken, and he took a few deep breaths, "I will defeat that lord of darkness and his disciples. I will cast this shadow of destruction away... That man who attacked, what was he?" he asked, "Not the mockery, but the one who desired to kill me and reprimand you all for helping me?" he asked pained, his head turning up towards the two.

"Why, what is the point of bringing a few random humans in this world... that man looked like a fat landlord with cloths so exotic that I've not even seen a Turk with them, and that girl some poor slave... If I am the only warrior, then what point is it to bringing us here. There is no army, we are scattered among the land. I have no weapons... Unless if I raise a city by moving my hand then there is no point." he said slowly going into a whisper. "I cannot fight a war with some changeling hunter, and two little fairies. I cannot hold a kingdom without allies... I do not have what I need to do any of this."

The man stood and turned his body around back out to the world, "There would be none left from my line, the rest of man is scattered through these lands... From different places all of them, different times apparently. There is no one in the same. Most will be cut down, most are probably not warriors. Maybe a third... most likely less... these elves, they are not ones for choosing the correct figures to fight their wars."

"But those in the direction of these elves... they will live, and if I find one warrior among them then I will be one step close to an army, if I have weapons, then bandits or those who are currently hunting us will have to fight harder then anything..."

"Also... Eat... I will not it is already past dawn of the sixth day, we will leave when you three are finished."
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TIME : Dawn
Location : Road North of the Moon Elf Forest
Interactions : Ilan @dreamingflowers


"Klopfe noch einmal, und die Wut des Reiches wird über dich kommen!" Yelled out a tired and gruff voice from inside. Thee was a hint of Youthfulness.

"Or if you are American or British dog of war, I surrender! I only have knife my machine gun is broken. I am the commander of this two hundred and seventeenth tank of the battalion. I am nineteen and i will tell you everything once I have food and water. And away from the Soviet bear... I'd rather endure your torture then to fall into their hands. " The voice would say once more.

"I would give you my personal arm but I have seemed to misplace it as well."

Hans was gripping his knife inside, he pulled all of his things into a single bag more or less to use as a blunt weapon of some sorts once he felt ready to jump out and attack.

The young frail boy leaped from the turret and fell flat on his face groaning, if there wasn't so much padding on him he would probably have broken a rib or something. He smelled horrid, like burn flesh, human excrment and war. His clothing which was too small for him and made him look like a German dancer with the tights was in tatters and the bag he held in one hand was bulging with items including a breif case with his formal uniform, cap and insignia. As if he was in another country trying to hide who he was.

There was a black knife with the blade out in the other hand, this hand was bandaged, red and brown stains in it.

"Fur... Fuck, it's a slav." He mumbled out softly, "Töte mich, and destroy what is left of my memory." He muttered staring at the turrets grey and black. He looked at the numbers on the stuff and insignia. "And do it quick... Your dog master has decided to put a bounty on man's head..."
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Roshmi City
Interactions : @hide on mana - Half fox thing


The hussar stared at everyone as he moved farther away, and once he reached and cleared the area around the other dead man on the street, he looked up and saw the people staring at him, not one would have the tool to cut the two men's head off, but he did, he knew hey were waiting. They probably weren't they were probably staring at him shocked as hell.

"I will cut down anyone who comes near!" The man yelled raising his lance towards a man who strayed too close, warding him away.

He took his saber and he placed it to one of the mens neck, as he placed a boot to the back of his blade and let it cut down into the mans flesh. He let it sink before he stomped down just hard enough to not break the blade on the spine of the man before he raised the head up. Tying the hair to something on his horses saddle and going for the next. This one was going to be easier, he had already severed a bit of the mans neck, and he quickly finished the job letting the head dangle.

Then he heard yelling, and he looked up as the crowd started to part. It was the guards, oh thank god, he could get his bounty.

"I have two human head, I require my coin up front!" he yelled out as he held the heads. "I will fight you for it if you try taking my bounty for yourselves!" he yelled out towards the people, "I the Heir of a Kur, Grzegorz claims hold over these two bounties!" he yelled out as the guard of the city approached.
In Avalia 5 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time : Dawn
Location : Near River Kingdom
Interactions : @Alivefalling@princess@MissCapnCrunch : Music

He awoke in a field of flowers as a voice entered his perfect dream, he was outside Marseilles and he listened to the voice talk, and then a cold shiver went down his back when he woke in some random home. He looked around and he stared about, he looked as stones were laid around him and he stared at the creatures inside. False angels, and he could still hear the voice, speaking to him like a demon trying to judge him. It gave him a head ache, and he hated the voice.

He went out the door and he forced the door open with a loud slam, moving to the tree line and unbuckling some of his armor and his pants as he released himself for the morning. But the voice was still there, and he looked up as he saw the skull in the sky and dropped back as his hands went to the sky. "What in the name of god is that!" he yelled out stared up and he pulled his pants up.

Then the voice faded as it subsided, he had guessed a well bout that there was a bounty on humans. Wait, the hell is a human. Man... man, HE WAS A MAN! That must be why his weapons were broken and shattered his fellow compatriots who ran away were trying to disarm him. They were trying to take him for themselves.

He turned to the fairy which he ignored and looked at her nature loving self, "Why in gods name did you save me? You wanted that reward didn't you?" he asked with a scowl.



TIME : Dawn
Location : Berlin Outskirts / Road North of the Moon Elf Forest
Interactions : Ilan @dreamingflowers

Hans awake in his turret listened to a voice, it was coming from the south. He poked his head up and saw a massive skeleton, first thing he did was throw down the chocolate square that he was munching on, it landing on the small tray of the ration pack. "Mein gott." he said as he listened to its words. "The soviets dogs are all trying to hunt us like dogs..." he said as he looked at the skellyman, "may god save us all..." he whispered as he looked up into the sky and listened to it till the words stopped. "The Reich will never give in to you!" he then sunk into the turret and prepared for an assault with his knife.



Roshmi City
Interactions : @hide on mana - Half fox thing

No one was replying to him, and then the skeleton had started to speak in the sky, his horse was fightened once again. Then he heard it, a head a man was a bunch of money.He took a deep breath, and tried steering his horse as best he could to where he knew the two turks were. He would fight them for those heads. He could have a good wife, a good second or maybe third wife, a star fort or two, and a small city.

"Out of the way peasants, the prize is mine!" he yelled out, wait, he was a human. I can hide in this armor, these people look weird, so I can just find something and make myself look like them. My wings, I am like them. Yes, it is all coming together.

The horse stopped and he lowered his lance, and forced the two people away from the bodies. "Away, these are mine, I claimed them when I arrived here!" he yelled out in polish, "Get away!" he yelled as he dismounted and he took the reigns of his horse as he moved to grab the first leg of one of the bodies. And he began pulling it towards the first, his lance going to anyone who got too close to him. "Mine!" he yelled out.

Randy Sumpf

Randy laid there in his pod as it was slowly being decompressed and opened, air flooding to him as the seal popped open and the door opened in front of him.

"Welcome Mr.Sumpf to your new home. While you take time to acclimate to your new environment from being in that pod so long, I will be getting your PDA all together sir." Said a doctor as she was getting his records and things ready to go, and proceed from the point he was currently at. Randy just laid there staring up at the ceiling and slowly squirming around on the slowly warming bed.

"I was wondering what a caveman would feel like if he was being unfrozen." the man said kinda ignoring the woman as he just wanted to lay there.

The doctor would smile softly,"Well, you look like one since you haven't shaved in many years." the woman remarked as he placed the PDA on his chest, "Right out that door with the others sir, you'll be in line for a little while so I'd say you should just stay in that pod a few more minutes until you feel like you can stand for a few hours. She soon left him to help with the next person that was needing to be opened in the civilian sector of work.

"I wonder how long that line is going to last." Randy mumbled as he did just what the doctor ordered and he didn't move for maybe ten minutes until he had enough of the still cool pod and he decided to proceed out into a new life. He exited the room out into the nice galleria for those who weren't that involved in the military stuff. It looked nice and fancy, but he noticed there wasn't a lot of people. "Well... I'm awake, there isn't a lot of people, so thankfully I can get through this quickly. He said before going to stand in so he can get his things back, and so that he can find out where in the hell he is going.

A few hours later, he found where he was going indeed, he had retrieved his items. They weren't much but they were his and able to be held in just three cases, two of which could be carried on top of the first one as he pushed it around.

He had found a way to find out where he was going, the 'monolith', he mainly found out he was going to be apart of this crew as he was the best at what he did, well besides drinking.

"That better be it, she looks like a god damned beauty!" he yelled out joyously behind the slowly growing crowd as he smiled at the ship, "Is that the monolith?"
Gothic Paul Verran Hessen

Gothic awoke in a more simple manner, of shooting straight up as soon as he felt the life come back into him, he hit the door of his pod before it could fully open.

"Slow down there Ensign, or well.. Lieutenant Junior Grade Hessen." an older doctor said smiling softly, "Welcome to your new home, once the door opens you can step out when you like and I'll get you looked over.

The LTJG nodded slowly as he held his nose, why was he so jumpy, at least someone else probably did that.

"You are youthful aren't you, normally as people wait a second before shooting up like that, or they just don't at all and I have to peer over to make sure they are alive." The doctor continued as Gothic stood from the pod and went over to a small table to sit on.

"You aren't very talkitive are you now, well don't worry, I'm sure a good shower and some warm cloths after an ice bath as good as that one will make you feel just as fine." He took his pen and knocked on Gothics knee as it shot up, and he began his inspection.

"I think once all the paperwork is sorted out on my end I'll make sure to do that... Maybe find a way to settle in and get some rest. I am supposed to be the night watchman for where ever I am being sent." The young officer stated as the doctor continued.

"I'm sure you'll be happy with where ever they put you, and I'm sure they made sure that you'll be taken care of. You are one of the first from your batch of new explorers and colonists to be awoken, so I think they have the best suited spot for your talents young man.

That was a boost of confidence for him, he looked around and noted that he was the only one in that cell that was currently awake, and he would have to wait to see if any of his friends had been sent with him from back home. After some time and the doctors encouraging and hopeful small talk, he was released with a small box of items, a key, and a PDA. He had everything he needed, now it was just time to go do paperwork and enjoy the shift where everyone was asleep of what ever ship or station he would be assigned to.

Several hours later, he found his post, the 'Monolith', and was sent in a direction towards it.

Once he arrived, he checked his PDA, looked back up at the ship, and then he looked back down.
"I am sure someone made a mistake... I am to be on the darkshift of this?" he had asked himself as he took one last look at the ship and he started towards the ship slowly and hesitantly.

He listened to some idiot yell out the ships name, and then he took a deep breath as he entered the crowd, this was the monolith, well at least someone thought he was important enough to be on such a ship.
Friedrich looked at his officer, and he pressed his lips together, "Honestly... with everything I know about this situation we are going into I would try avoiding it. But since we are purely infantry we have the best bet inside that forest. Most of those here are green and inside the forest it will rifle them with fear, I would suspect that we will have at least one false engagement before we make contact with who ever ambushed those who went in before us."

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he took a knee, "Since we are going in there I would have one squad stay outside or on the outskirts of the forest or somewhere nearby that we can use as a point of operation. I suspect that our vox will be dead inside the forest so we would have to use runners in there... who ever takes that job will most likely be dead before the morning if they are not well supported."

Friedrich looked down at at the rocks and sighed deeply, "We are fighting enemies that are most likely going to act like we do with our tactics as light infantry, only difference is that they know the landscape better then we do... So I am sure we can make short work and find a good foothold before we continue on. If we keep our flanks well secured and a decent supply line for information into the forest held. I am sure that we can relieve what is left of those poor souls before us."

The Unteroffizier stood once more and smiled, "Or we are playing with an enemy well out of our reach and will be slaughtered like those before us. We are good in mountains and the pined forests of our homeworld... this forest doesn't have trees that have been trimmed from the neck down in uniform like ours are in our training ground."
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TIME : Dawn
Location : Berlin Outskirts / Road North of the Moon Elf Forest
Interactions : Ilan My


He was lifted up with the turret, be felt the searing pain but only for a second. He looked down at the ground as the tanks bull was spewing flames and scrapnel up into the sky towards him. He heard cheering and yelling from below him and he saw the sun rise and disappear.

Was he dead, do you take what was with you into death?

His eyes closed as he saw the moon once more as the turret landed on its bottom in the middle of the road. He was thrown down into the turret array as the last flickering shells went off around him. The main cannon fired and exploded on itself as it was bent, the loud crack and boom echoing for miles and miles to come. He sat there in the heated turret as it slowly cooled itself off.

He looked down and he was perfectly fine, his cloths and all. He noticed his MP 40 was crushed underneath where the Gunner would have sat. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he leaned on the back of his chair.

His head did hurt but there was no mark from the fire, he just have gotten some form of head injury, and he was thankful he was relatively unharmed and he hadn't hit many parts of the inside of the tank. But he wondered, why didn't the spitting flames harm him or what was around him.

He poked his head out of the turret and sunk back in as he found the small kit used for mending wounds and he took out what was left of the pills before taking them. He found what was left of the ration. That he was saving for a prolonged patrol, some chocolate, a pound of horse, and small loaf of bread. This was not Berlin.

He stayed inside the turret looking about through his hatch, with only a knife to protect himself and maybe a wrench if he looked hard enough, he had a leather bound copy of Mein Kampf, that would not do much. He would make his way out when it became dark or once he regained the courage to do so. He must keep the Reich going.
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