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North Gate

The man simply kept moving forward, he wanted to see something, yet he has forgotten, and would follow the crowd. He did hear scream but did not pick up on them until he felt some quicker movement in the crowd to which once again, he stopped like a giant pillar of a pier against a tide of people as the word, 'magic' was yelled out behind him. He did not care for such words as his people still used the old ways or at least some of them. He did use, 'magic' as well although it was a simpler thing than what she had done, it was still potent for what it touched.

Eisen looked back at the scene unfolding behind him, as the crowd began to sway some and move away from where the man cried wolf, this was possibly going to be an exciting turn of events for him and those around him that he was not aware of yet, and he continued to look around at the crowd until he set of eyes that lead between him and the girl he had not cared to track within the crowd. It most be her parent, good, she could stop bugging him. He nodded to the face and turned once again to get further down the street with the new vigor that struck the crowd's direction.

This, this was going to be a long day he thought, first some girl was being mean with him for some unknown reason, then some loud and obviously unwelcome men were being hassled by the local authorities, but there was one bright side to this, a girl had found her mother by using him as a massive beacon in the mass of people. He had done his good service for the day, unannounced to him, she was likely begging, being a lure, or pickpocketing helpless individuals. Thankfully for his height, and his desire to his personal belongings in personal areas, he and his things, were safe from such pests.

There was cheering off in the distance, that he knew was where he was meaning to go, with the gate to his back and the lives of those in front of him, he started walking a quick pace, he wanted to see what it was, people would not stop them, in such quantity they were fluid and he was a shark pushing through it determined to reach its the destination, the crowd to him was the blood in the water. He smelled the city's stink around him and it was intoxicating with the terrible ferociousness that it had, he hated and loved it as it meant people were about, weak people, those that he could best and prove himself to some beautiful woman, he could fight and kill those weak men that thought themselves strong. Or, was he thinking too far ahead, was he being cocky and ambitious in his newfound youth outside of his motherland, far away from his home.

Then, one last thought came into his mind as he kept walking away from the part of the city he had seen, the only part he got to at that point, a small area just inside of a gateway. He was forsaking himself, he did not care about any of that, he cared about the crowds screaming in excitement. That is what he wanted to see, he wanted to see why, why people cheered and screamed at the top of their lungs. Was it some bout, some festival, it certainly wasn't a circus-like the one he left behind him.



North Gate

He continued to mozy on forward through the crowd, the ones talking of brothels were being yelled at for their horses. He just listened, his hair flowing lightly with the small gusts that managed to continue through the streets, as he was tall enough to feel them without any hindrances. He turned back in the direction he was walking, and.

Whack, his face had collided with the lower half of a sign. He was dumbstruck as he continued to walk through it, and when he let it pass over his head, it hit him again. He stopped and slowly bent his knees to where he was under the low hanging sign, looking up at it. Damn signs, why must people hang them so low. He moved closer to a wall as he just rested himself there, this was a new world and he was not enjoying it that much. First, some girl was stomping on his foot, he was not very suited for battle because of his extra clothing, but he did have on some metal covers underneath the furs and cloths that wrapped his foot.

But, then the sign was what was a real mood ender, his nose hurt as did the ridge between his neck, and his head. It was swore from the backswing of the sign. Thankfully no one from the store or building came outside to complain about him, but there were some snickers and laughs from behind him. His eyes were closed, as just wanted to cool himself off. It did not work, and he just listened to the people around him complain or make fun of him. There was no way to get around it, he was huge, his stupidity cost him this decency of having a pleasant trip but now it was ruined.

He looked at the sign as his eyes reopened, and he narrowed them a bit. It looked like some form of a woman pulling a long dress up her bent leg, what kind of foolish place is this, he wished he had learned how to read the local language, and not just have the ability to speak it. He decided not to find out what kind of place this was, and he started to hurry back to his place mozying down the street, but unable to find himself really. This was massive, this was more than anything he had really gotten himself into. He was used to seeing cities in the distance, or large groups of people in a large field, but not confined to streets. He hated it, there was no place to relax, no place to be away from people, it smelled of piss, sweat, shit, and anything else foul that his mind could think of. The animals in the street are likely to add more to this.

He felt a pull on his cloak again, and he looked down to see the little child, pulling on his robes, it had been going on for some time now since he had been leaning against the wall, and he thought of it as some sign from above. But no, it was the child once again, and she had led him out into the street. He had not realized he had gone so far away from the wall, but as soon as the child was noticed, it fled into the depths of the crowd around him. But, the girl had headed towards the horses, likely to try and beg, or steal. Using him as some form of trap or protection as he was a massive thing indeed. Luckily he had not really heard the people calling him, freak, and giant. Telling him the circus was one way or another. He honestly did not care at that point. He just began to walk once again. The child could have her choice of what to do, but he had somewhere to be, or at least he hoped he did at that moment.

There was a scream, outside the gate nearby, he had not gone that far apparently, but outside it, he saw several people stop as he did, but most of them continued. He did as well, turning back around, looking at the horses seeing a small patch in the crowd head towards the group of horses, and he kept walking once again. Wishing to be away from this area. And hopefully, to get out of the city as soon as he was ready.

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North Gate

A giant lumbered forward covered in thick furs, woven cloth, and chainmail. Around his shoulders was a thin cloak that acted more like a cloth windbreaker than anything else. He looked about the surroundings, mainly people, buildings, some guards here and there to keep the peace primarily but that was about it. Eisen was thankful for his size and mass, most people did not speak to him and he seemed to scar children as they believed he was a troll. He looked brutish, and in reality, he was, but he did care for many things in life. The world was connected, and life no matter how small had its purpose his people, and especially him. It was of an older way of life, the roots long forgotten, but the concept was still there. Names had changed or were merged with others, but the rituals would stay the same. It was his people's writing, how could it change it was archaic compared to the symbols and letting around them but it made due to a simple way of life in a cold desolate place.

He had honestly never seen so many people, his tribe was maybe fifty strong, the clan around it may be a few thousand, but he had never seen more than a few hundred. This was a city, and he would have to get used to it. He was a champion, an explorer, and a warrior. His life was based on oral stories and runic stones, but this was something else. People spoke of brothels, he had never been to a brothel, what was wench, a whore. He had a little idea, he just knows that this was his time to do something in this world aside from killing bandits, and fools.

But he was lost in amazement, this was large compared to his home, this was likely hundreds of miles away, he had barely been ten miles away from the home he was born in, and five from the one he had built for himself not a year before in preparation for taking a wife, but that was behind him at this moment, that could wait for years, those he considered friends, the two young men around his age. Oh, and several others that... He shook his head feeling something on his leg, well his knee. He looked down and saw someone stomping on his shoes and a small child. He did not feel her doing such a thing, but when she hit his leg he did feel it. It did not hurt, but it was annoying. Why would she attack something so large, so brutish. He leaned his head down and shifted his knees a bit as he patted her head softly.

"Shoo pup..." he said, gently pushing the child back a bit as he elongated once again hoping the child would not come back. He wished to not scare the poor thing and hoped that the child would not fear him like he believed he or she did.

Paris Beurra

The man growled as he looked at the hasty companion and he looked at the other who was lagging behind as he slowly moved forward, raising his shield and slowly tromping in the shadows, he wasn't the quietest thing ever but once the other had decided to charge out, he slowly would push forward. His mind was full of the idea, of scouting, not slaughter, but that was ruined, so now it's, let the guy take attention, and move by.

Paris turned lightly and looked about to make sure that he wasn't about to get shot again that day, but if anyone just listened they could likely hear the mechanics of his armor, as well as likely, see some of the metal underneath the foliage. Light would likely not do much to help them with reflections, but he still was likely a lighter and more silvery color compared to the foliage, even if he was coated in soot, dirt, and everything else that had been collected over the past however long it has been since they landed.

He heard a bit of static in his helmet and sighed softly, next time they stop he might try fixing it, it was getting a connection, but it just wasn't wanting to give audible sounds that weren't static. Paris turned his head lightly, "just stay low... we can use his foolishness to our advantage, he might have stirred the forest, but he could likely direct attention away from us until we are in better positions to attack from. Or, we can just move past..."

Should get something up shortly. right on, found an old and unused discord server and gonna use it for this to help manage and for questions while I don't have access to a comp.
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