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Current "I'm bleeding, making me the victor."
5 mos ago
Well, I'm off to pet one or both of my cats!
2 yrs ago
@Phantomlink That is not useless at all! I would kill for that super power!
2 yrs ago
I gotta big ol' pre-load right now knowhatimfugginsayin hurr hurr hurr
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2 yrs ago
@Silent Observer They're amazing. If you can get the hardcover editions, they're great. Gorgeous artwork and super violent to boot
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Safe to say The Ocean are my favourite band at the moment. Pelagial in particular is such an amazing album.
<Snipped quote by Gelatinous Cube>

I'm looking forward to grabbing that. Been looking at the remastered switch version - originally my pokemon machine, but it's time to branch out. The trailers all look really nice.

I'd recommend it. It's a good game to follow the story or just go wandering.
Xenoblade Chronicles is fun and it looks nice.
@Kuro Hey! I thought that was my boy Doug Pinnick in there. What an absolute legend
This pleases me.
He is certainly unpredictable, to say the least. That whole situation just opened a hole in my stomach that my heart got sucked into.
Without spoiling it for anyone else that may be reading or want to read it, but Gavin has just done a very, very bad thing. Things have gotten pretty bonkers very quickly.
<Snipped quote by Gelatinous Cube>

Brent does a great job of making you feel like you're in the world he's built! Andross Guile is my favorite character to hate but I love it when he does his shit!

He's such a prick, but good lord does he keep things interesting!
Last 5 chapters of Brent Weeks' "The Blinding Knife", as well as The Bourbon Kings #1 by JR Ward and Looking For Alaska by John Green

What a coincidence. I'm about halfway through The Blinding Knife myself. Absolutely engrossed in it too, which is pleasing because I've been finding it hard to get into books lately.
The PS5 only having about 100 PS4 games backwards compatible instead of the whole library might make me get a Series X instead. It'll come down to price for me, but Games Pass makes a good case while PS5 is mostly for potential future first party things.

I felt similarly to you upon the first reveal, but a friend sent me this article that clarifies it a bit further.

I probably still won't be rushing out to trade in my PS4, but it definitely sounds better than it did initially.
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