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Current @Phantomlink That is not useless at all! I would kill for that super power!
1 yr ago
I gotta big ol' pre-load right now knowhatimfugginsayin hurr hurr hurr
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1 yr ago
@Silent Observer They're amazing. If you can get the hardcover editions, they're great. Gorgeous artwork and super violent to boot
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1 yr ago
@Silent Observer I can't believe how massive and engrossing Unheavenly Creatures is. It's about as long as a film with the story content to match.
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1 yr ago
As an Australian...yes. Yes I do. /sarcasm
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I am finding it supremely difficult to even try to care about anything other than Doom Eternal. So hyped for it, especially that classic Cyberdemon design.
I didn't mind the redesign for 2016, but that original Cyberdemon is something else. All taut muscle, exposed guts and twisting's just beautiful. I still play through the original games quite regularly and even though I adored 2016, those original titles can't be beat.
We'll see how they stack up after Eternal!
I just want to be healthier and more consistent. I've been sleeping poorly for most of this year and it's affected my health significantly, but I've just about got that issue licked.
I want to go into the next decade well rested and healthy. I want to get to the gym more consistently and actually achieve some body goals. Most of all I want to maintain my commitment to personal growth and keep on being someone that I like.

Shit, maybe I'll look for a new job too.
I realize now just how few games from this year I've actually played. I've been happy enough to wait for Steam releases of some new release games so there's a few I want to play that I won't until next year.

So my short list would look like:

Ion Fury
Resident Evil 2
Rage 2
Astral Chain
Link's Awakening

In no particular order except for Ion Fury, which tops out as my favourite. Though, those are all the 2019 games I've played that I recall, and I enjoyed them all to varying extents. Two of them are remakes of games from the 90's and one of them is a deliberately retro, throwback shooter.
I'm glad to hear how well it's been received. I had a lot of expectations for the next big Obsidian IP, so it's good that they're still solid as a rock.

After some heavy missteps on the last two albums (sorry fans, Pale Communion was boring and Sorceress was too self-indulgent), Opeth have hit back with some straight fire on their new record.

This band had one of the best strings of albums between 1995 and 2006, and one of the most tragic falls from grace after that (musically speaking).
This album holds up as one of their absolute best.
David DeFeis' powerful, commanding, savage vocals and bombastic keyboard/piano work, Edward Pursino's creative and airtight guitar playing and Frank Gilchriest's powerhouse, machine gun drumming all combine to make it one of the best epic metal albums ever created. Virgin Steele truly were something special and glorious in their prime.
Everyone I knew loved it at the time, thanks to the Co-op. I don't know if its as fun for multiple side by side playthroughs as the other dooms though.

Having finished it a couple of days ago, I can tell it is absolutely not. Don't get me wrong, it is still a hell (hurrdurr) of a game and holds up remarkably well in several areas, but it's a totally different kind of experience.
I enjoyed it, and appreciated it for what it did and what it was, but it is undoubtedly my least favourite of the main series of Doom games. I'm not sure at all how any of them will hold up next to Doom Eternal though.
Shit looks dope.
Decided on a whim to start Doom 3 again after realizing I have never gotten through the whole thing. Loaded up the original with the ReDux mod and it looks gorgeous.

I can see where Doom fans and purists would have been turned away, but I think as an individual product this thing stands on its own very well.
Anybody here excited for the impending release of Amid Evil?

@Cleverbird His Dusk soundtrack rules pretty fuggin' hard.
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