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Current @Phantomlink That is not useless at all! I would kill for that super power!
2 mos ago
I gotta big ol' pre-load right now knowhatimfugginsayin hurr hurr hurr
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@Silent Observer They're amazing. If you can get the hardcover editions, they're great. Gorgeous artwork and super violent to boot
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2 mos ago
@Silent Observer I can't believe how massive and engrossing Unheavenly Creatures is. It's about as long as a film with the story content to match.
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As an Australian...yes. Yes I do. /sarcasm
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Todd Howard is the Michael Bay of video games.
I'm playing Spyro Reignited Trilogy at the moment.
Didn't play the originals as a kid.
Having lots of fun.
They dipped their toe in the water with Siege of Dragonspear, which while it wasn't perfect I still liked it a lot. Still, it sticks out like a sore thumb when you put it between BG 1 and 2. It's not as seamless as it should be, clearly having been made by different people.
But it would be cool if they did a new story set in the Forgotten Realms.
Icewind Dale 3 when

I say Obsidian, but really I think Beamdog themselves will do a fine enough job. Maybe they could get on the horn to the writers of those original classics.

New Vegas 2 pls.

Or better yet, let Obsidian make a new Infinity Engine game set in a different Forgotten Realms location (Waterdeep or Calimshan or anywhere) and do it with 5e rules.
So do I, but there are too many Bethesda devotees that will sing it's praises no matter how much they get burned by the dumpster fire.
Most of the games I'm looking forward to don't even have release dates yet
I hate how all during pre-production of Doctor Strange they were harping on about how it won't be another origin story. Then it came out and surprise was a bland, mundane origin story. All that movie really had going for it were the (admittedly incredible) visuals. In every other aspect it was average as hell.

Then again, so was Ant Man, but Ant Man and Wasp was a massive improvement and I really enjoyed it. Hopefully a Doctor Strange 2 can replicate the effects.

From James LaBrie's second studio album and one of the best vocal performances of his career. Really makes me miss the voice that was. Also features future Dream Theater drummer Mike Mangini hitting the skins.
I used to work in a clinical pathology lab in the microbiology department, and let me tell you my friends...I encountered all sorts of gooey and gross things.
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