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Current Better yet, make a new game somehow bringing Halligan and Briggs from Limbo of the Lost together
5 mos ago
Baldur's Gate is my absolute jam, but I'm having trouble getting on board with 3
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10 mos ago
"I'm bleeding, making me the victor."
11 mos ago
Well, I'm off to pet one or both of my cats!
2 yrs ago
@Phantomlink That is not useless at all! I would kill for that super power!


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Yeah, Australia fought pretty hard for an R18+ rating for video games (just like we have on movies) and yet the government still refuses to classify games or just outright bans them en masse. -_-
Yeah, I'm not immune to the contradiction at all. Like, I know Doom Eternal rules, and as much as I'd love to have my opinion validated externally, in the end I know it doesn't matter. Just a petty little part of me screaming into the void.
I don't care for Last of Us Part 2, but I don't hate it either. Sure I think it's almost clean sweep of awards is a little weird, but it is what it is. I could opine on why it is until my hair falls out, but that's a greasy can of worms I'd rather not stick my hands into.
Salty af that Doom Eternal got dick at the awards, but also trying not to give the awards any kind of credence.

Really, it's only worth it for the shiny reveals. Crimson Desert, Evil Dead The Game and Evil West looked really cool to me. Remains to be seen if they stay cool after learning more about them, but some cool shit nonetheless.
According to recommended requirements, CB2077 is supposed to run fine on a 1060. I don't know how much I believe in that, but if it's true then that's some damn fine optimizing of their engine.

I suppose we'll have to wait and see for sure. I'm happy with my 2060 Super, it will keep me going for a long time I think.
You ever try that new Metro? I've never played a Metro game but I loved the Fallout games.

I haven't played either Last Light or Exodus, but I did pick up both in the latest Steam Sale so it's only a matter of time.

I thought it was a bit stupid that adding the three games separately to my cart instead of going straight for the bundle was cheaper by about five dollars. Makes me wonder how many people got burned paying more. I get that it may only be five dollars to some, but a fiver here and there adds up.
Just finished Metro 2033 Redux. It's been so long since I've played Metro 2033 that I could not tell you what the differences between vanilla and Redux are, but I will say I enjoyed the hell out of it. Absolutely nails the atmosphere and the tone of the setting, but I thought combat was a bit janky and some of the stealth sections were obtuse.

Overall though, had fun!
Does anyone actually like the animus/modern day segements of Assassin's Creed? I'm prepared to admit that I've only played bits and pieces of 1 and 2, and only played Odyssey in full but I remember really enjoying the historic sections of the game and just being frustrated that every so often I was being pulled out of that for some stuff I didn't care about.

Would having context for those segments in Odyssey have changed my mind about them or do you think I'd still just be trying to fast track my way back to Ancient Greece?

I hadn't listened to this album in a long time before putting it on and I remember just why I love it so much. Every track is an absolute banger.

Safe to say The Ocean are my favourite band at the moment. Pelagial in particular is such an amazing album.
<Snipped quote by Gelatinous Cube>

I'm looking forward to grabbing that. Been looking at the remastered switch version - originally my pokemon machine, but it's time to branch out. The trailers all look really nice.

I'd recommend it. It's a good game to follow the story or just go wandering.
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