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7 days ago
Current Favorite scary movie: The birds
8 days ago
Some real birdbrains decided not to role play with me and I'm squawking mad. More so I just wish I knew what I did wrong to maybe make myself better at rping in the future.
12 days ago
Sorry I've replied so little. Migration time!
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20 days ago
Sometimes you try to take flight but just plummet. That's ok, you'll soar next time.
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23 days ago
Noticed a lot of strangers looking account. Guess this place is full of birdwatchers


Just a small, fragile birdboy with a huge beak.

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Had some real talk with my boy @Ammokkx. Here's what we came up with:

Skeletal Werewolf Explosion.

Please explain
Really not sure
@Maxbrady For me I work on one at a time. Don't even look at the others until you've finished the first one, so it's fresh in your mind. Something that also helps me is by reading it before I go to bed and so when I finally get a chance to sit at my computer after class/work I've had time to process their reply and start thinking about what I might write. That all said, just taking a few months away from roleplaying helped me really come back feeling fresh.

Also, coffee and a cigarette helps me too, but don't do drugs kids.
Hey, I have been a roleplayer for a long time. I have a long past of letting other roleplayers down by leaving roleplays abruptly. A lot of it was my life at the time. Now, I always feel like I don't know what to do when I roleplay with someone for a very long time. I'm worried I have not accumulated enough long term experience to understand how to make a good roleplay.
1. Snail shell- They might be giants
2. The Lung- Hiatus Kayote
3. Bloody Sabbath- Black Sabbath
4. Death Song- THundercat
5. P-funk- Parliment
6. Oz and the tin man- America
7. Warnings- Black Sabbath
8. Cult of dionysus- Orion Experience
9. Why does it hurt when I pee- Frank Zappa
10. Texas Flood- Stevie Ray Vaughan

Overall a little mixed but all songs I enjoy so that's good.
@Raptra I would like to reveal that when someone writes a post involving getting up there. I also don't want you all to feel like I've got you on a specific path, though. Feel free to wander about and do things.
@Ammokkx Alright, I do see those flaws when you point it out. I think a lot of the problems I have been having are how my deck has slowly been transforming into a fiend deck. If you have something like YugiPro or duelbook, it'd love to have an in-depth talk at some point and work out some cards that fit while also being fun and interesting.

Before I go sit down and rework this, can you give me some suggestions for what I should and shouldn't use? You seem like someone a whole lot more knowledgeable about this stuff than me.
@1Charak2 Can I start PMing you these? I feel like a fool in front of these superior duelists.
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