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Current Nothing quite like eating nothing but Ramen and beans to survive
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I am a nerd, and it's nice to be among my kind here!
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I think I am starting to get back into the swing if things... sorta
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Dear god I will be twenty one on sunday...
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My schedule consist of: Working, schooling, and self-loathing


Just a small, fragile birdboy with a huge beak. I use to be Manapool, but we don't talk about those days.

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I'd give it a shot!
@Goldeagle1221 I fear I am too small-brained for this but I'd love to play a wealthy aristocrat building an economic empire!
@Assallya Thanks! I am still getting used to that!

@WaywardI am thinking of a super scientist, maybe with a taskmaster style 'foresight' ability. Sort of like spider senses but better. It'd be cool to have a speedster get countered by someone who can predict where they are going rather than trying to keep up. Thoughts? I could also easily play a big brute character, someone who can tank all the damage a speedster can dish out.
@Wayward I think that's a great character sheet! If you get approved let me know. I'd love to be your arch rival.
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C S Template
Name: Yabuki Shouji
Character Name: Reynald
Gender: Male
WOC: Flail and Sheild
Skills: Yabuki's moves with a shield are practically unrivaled. His skill with one-handed weapons isn't anything to scoff at either. These are where most of his skills lie, however, he secretly has a very high cooking skill, and his skills in the appraisal of items and cartography are useful in almost any guild.
Weapon Signature moves: Sheild wall, Sheild bash, Whirlwind sweep
Weapon Finisher moves: Grit, Rally
Background: Shouji was a nobody in the real world. Low grades all through his school career left him less than eager to continue into college. Instead, he struggles to keep a small apartment with his roommate, diligently working long hours. His only solace in the world has been gaming for a while, as he seems to always impress others with his skill in VR games. SAO was no exception, he scraped the money together for the game and immediately began to show up others with his PVP skills.

Unfortunately, he stuck here now, left to worry about how his rent would get paid, how his family was taking things. His attention stayed on the situation at hand. Shouji was quick to build a guild and his small group currently does everything they can to help others out. Shouji himself volunteered to be a tank. Most of the people playing the game were younger than him, and had more to live for, so he constantly puts himself in peril for the sake of others. Now he works to keep the player base well equip, feed and his guild is a major factor in unifying players towards taking on the dungeons.

Misc: Nope!
In SAO 13 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Reminds me of the old days back when I roleplayed on here all the time! My longest-lasting roleplay for years was an SAO one and I am still friends with some of the players to this day! Consider me interested!
Slight bump
Greetings humans! It is I, the mighty Birdboy extraordinaire. I'm a young lad at the ripe old age of 21. I'm a fairly literate writer and excited to get back into roleplaying! A long time ago I was a frequent roleplayer here in the guild. Now I have a quiet place to write again and the drive to write! In the past, I have been flakey on others so I wanted to be upfront about that. I am still rusty and I am not sure what my limits are. For now, I want to stick to smaller roleplays: Anything from a couple of paragraphs (2-5) to a single paragraph.

I am a slow replier at times but never be afraid to push me for a reply, I try my best to reply at least once a week, and I can usually consistently reply once a day but things happen. I am always happy to meet new people so even if you don't want a roleplay don't be afraid to chat! I am a very laid-back person so when you want something in an RP let me know!

Keep in mind when I am writing for an rp I am there for the story, so if romance or smut is involved I am fine with that, so long as it fits a narrative. I prefer OC, so be aware that I will usually only do a canon character for someone I really like to rp with. I don't particularly enjoy replaying explicitly dark-themed roleplays but I am comfortable with it and willing to write whatever is needed to keep the plot juicy.

I don't hold grudges so if you abandon a post, I get it, don't be afraid to come back later or start a new one with me! I won't be upset, I swear! I usually require at least a paragraph per post, but I can get into the high casual area if I get in the mood. For now, I am just trying to get back into the swing of things.

Anyway, enough with pleasantries, let's get into the nitty-gritty!


  • Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra*
  • Adventure time
  • Starwars
  • Startrek-
  • Fallout*
  • Stardew Valley
  • Pokemon*
  • Vampire the masquerade-
  • Forgotten realms
  • Owl House
  • Yugioh*
  • Stargate-
  • Rangers Apprentice
  • Venture Bros.

Blue means I will play canon characters.
A * next to a fandom means I am particularly interested.
A - next to a fandom means I currently have less interest.

Plots for Fandoms and general genre stuff will be provided later too!

Fandom prompts

General prompts

Miguel was hardly an agency for the government. He had come to find his specific targets of interest: demons and evil spirits were far more familiar with the CIA than he was. So it was a surprise when they showed up at his private Agency, hardly giving him a chance about taking the mission they offered. Not that he could resist the money they offered. His crew was much less eager to join him but he was a charismatic person and he won them over.

Raelie hardly had any trouble finding the culprits, they left plenty of evidence behind, beyond the drained bodies. Dead men had plenty to say about the Dou and she was keenly aware of their weaknesses. Her demon consultants where happy to oblige her, knowing the brothers as legends and chronicling everything they did. Their current hideout was a perfect spot for the battle. Nothing was about to get in the way of their battle.

The group waited until the twins were gone to show up at the hideout in the woods and they were quick to get to work. Raelie had carved protective sigils into trees all across the battle-ground-to-be. Her magic circles were on the ground everywhere, expertly covered by leaves so be the perfect snare for any demonic beast. Terry was working just as diligently, planting enough C4 in their makeshift home to destroy a skyscraper. It wasn't enough in his opinion. He had spent the day scouting out the woods and mapping for his allies, finding his best vantage to set up his weaponry. At the end of the day, it was Miguel himself who hardly knew what to do. His work started when the vampires were actually here. For now, he had to do his best to stay focused. Vampires were dangerous and if he faltered for even a second it could mean his whole crews life. It wasn't great to spend his time off his phone, not smoking a cigarette, but the sounds of tranquil nature were enough to please him. Until the birds stopped chirping. Then the bugs seemed to vanish too, and the forest became silent until even the soft little breeze seemed to subside. Miguel could feel it in the back of his head: the vampires where here.
Sorry! I have been super busy! I promise I will get a reply out soon!
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