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4 mos ago
Current The holidays are always so hard for me, I am sorry for such slow replies but I promise I haven't forgotten!
6 mos ago
Happy halloween
6 mos ago
Feeling sad, is it new profile pic time?
7 mos ago
"it is not a sin to fight for the right cause. There are those who words alone will not reach." -Android 16
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7 mos ago
False Prophet I hope things get better for you. Take it one day at a time and try to find solace in the simple things in life.


Just a small, fragile birdboy with a huge beak. I used to be Manapool, but we don't talk about those days. I have been here a while if you couldn't tell.

In all honesty, I am 23 and in a committed relationship outside of roleplay. I work as a cook who works nights. I'm a big fan of seeing people's food they make and learning about new foods if you ever want to share. I enjoy tabletop games, card games, and video games as well as reading comics in my spare time. Your typical nerd, you might even find me at conventions!

Most of the time I stick to Superhero groups and Play by post D&D here. I have admittedly begun taking far fewer rps. I prefer Fantasy and Superheroes as a genre but can find myself interested in Sci-fi settings too! My main fandoms are Fallout, Marvel, and Souleater but I have a lot of niche interests like Hylics, Neopets, and Monster High. If you have a strange fandom you want to rp? I am the kind to at least take a look at the source material!

These days I am closer to a low to mid Casual roleplayer. I want at least a paragraph from replies and don't mind dipping lower than casual if it fits the flow better. I am capable of writing decent long posts but expect me to take eons to reply. I also must warn you that I tend to lose a lot of steam in the winter months.

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I don't mind playing things out, I am a rogue so being an edge lord is in my blood. Consider me neutral on that
An easy fix is to save actual children this hag controls for more mundane evils. Things they might get away with instead of an adult like theivery. You could also just have adults who were corrupted as children long ago.
I think my sentiment has been stated above. I hope that does not ruin your plans
Ah sorry! My bad I got 17 . I figured since everyone joined the fight I should probably do something too.
Rala sat back in her chair as the chaos unfolded, it was no longer her job to break up bar fights like this and she did not envy whoever it was right now. As even Jormund stands up with a sudden rush, his seat toppled and the force of it nearly caused his drink to fall off the table. Rala caught it just in time, placing it back on the table. People were panicking, probably even fleeing and Rala knew that what they did here would not bring good tidings from the villagers. Rala moved slowly as she got up but once she did she briskly made her way towards the nearest exit to find the cart. Once she spotted where it was she bolted for it, hoping to get them ready for their departure.

I'll hurt the doggo >:>

In other news, I am thinking about grabbing the get-away cart and then joining the fight with her shortbow from afar. Does that sound alright?

If so, I got a 12 on my sneak check so I assume people are seeing me just sort of... walk off. Asking for my next post
I would be fine with establishing a post order if we want, but it does seem like a clown car, so move over a bit I need to grab my drink
Rala: Why not kill both?
Rala killed a man in a duel and it has caused her a lot of grief so I think she would have good reason to want to intervene in a duel, especially one that is implied to be to the death. Glad hammerhand isn't gonna kill the kid though. Other than stopping them from killing each other, only other reason she might join in is if there is collateral damage. This is a squabble between those two, not the commoners
@Dark Cloud Don't worry we got a paladin, you wont die just be maimed a little

Edit: rala will also be staying out of the fight, though she might intervene if things get crazy. Should I still roll an initiative than?
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