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Current The bird is back?
2 mos ago
The bird is back?
6 mos ago
My schedule consist of: Working, schooling, and self-loathing
7 mos ago
second semester of college here I come!
8 mos ago
Out of town, out of mind. Visiting my old man


Just a small, fragile birdboy with a huge beak.

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Sounds interesting! I am a little rusty so I think I might stay with a simple, minor character. Maybe just a low-class human, or a Gnome who lives under the radar of humans.

Are you still searching for players?
Too late to join?
An old sentai fan rushes to the sight of Morphin'! I've been itching for something just like this so please don't leave me out!
@Rafiel_purewing Alright. I'll start doing some deck testing on YGpro if you wanna help me get a feel for how we should build them then please dm me.
I'd be interested, always am. I will say these usually get pretty hard to do once you get to the actual duels themselves.
I'm sure I can think up something.
Probably not gonna be able to post for a while. Gotta study like hell for a math test.

Addendum: Do you want me to edit my last post. I didn't realize how off the mark I was.
@Eviledd1984 I would probably have cut off the intake at this point, but it looks like we've lost two players so I'd be willing to take in one or two more. Again, so long as the others are ok with it.
@Raptra Oh? That's interesting.
@Hey Im Jordan Heck yes
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