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"Too many people have opinions on things they know nothing about. The more ignorant they are, the more opinions they have" -Thomas Hildern
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happy valentines day!
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Posting faster than the speed of light
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Don't judge me
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Just a small, fragile birdboy with a huge beak. I use to be Manapool, but we don't talk about those days.

In all honesty I am 22 and in a committed relationship outside of roleplay. I work as a cook in a castle, which isn't as impressive as it sounds. I'm from America in the Eastern Standard Timezone and tend to be up late. I'm interested in History, magic tabletop games, and card games. I love getting to know people and am always down to listen if you need someone to vent to! Overall, I'm just a birdboy, nothing special. I have an Interest Check but I don't update it much. Just PM me if you ever want to Roleplay. Big or small.

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If we are playing canon characters, can I play a reformed Lizard?
@Martian Got room for anymore?
Rala grumbled to herself as the goblins started to call her out for her admittedly rude behavior. Luckily, the Simic was quick to separate the fight before it escalated. Rala had been stopped just as her hand instinctual rest on the grip of her blade. Goblins could be vile things, but these ones where harmless enough. Best not to add to her crimes. Still, Rala felt no less averse to the free potion. As her friends foolishly downed the drinks her scornful words turned to regret. Quickly she scanned the crowd, looking to see how others fared. The effects varied, but no one was dead, at least not yet. Her friends seemed to fair the same.

Aura once again offered up the drink to Rala, who was now feeling nauseous at the thought. She doubted they washed their hands, let alone the bottles. Not to mention the risks run by downing a strange potion offered by strange men. Flicker was quick to interject, and she was glad to know she wasn't alone in her defiant stance with further reasoning that only fueled her disdain for the concoction.
"I'll be fine. Not a scratch on me and I think Flicker put it much nicer than I would" She said as her cold stare briefly turned its ire to the goblins.

"Angel, " he calls me
Does he know that I'm falling
From a precipice that I tripped off long ago?

"You're so pure, " he says
Does he know, I'm forsaken?
The original sinner
But soon you'll know

For if I'm going down
I guess I'll take you with me
Naked in that garden
Back at the beginning

And now in your arms
You're faithless, for you pitched me
Against your holy father
And it seems that I am winning
The dude upstairs is terrifying. At least I think, I can't really see what he looks like in this lighting.
I shall catch up soon, been struggling to keep up with all my rps recently sorry
Location: Midway City, - Michigan
Episode #3: War Room

Once more the scenario was against her, with a name like Shattercrash her adversary was likely known for collateral damage. With no idea what her power was, she was feeling vastly outmatched. Surprisingly though, the thrill of competition was all Chie needed to get pumped. She had a chance to redeem herself, and with new armor and gear, she couldn't help but feel ready. Entering the room, Chie was surprised by how lifelike the bank looked. The sunlight through the windows was lifelike, and the drones disguised as civilians and bankers had mannerisms that were uncanny in their accuracy. Chie made her way to the front entrance before she turned around to face Shattercrash. Her hands instinctively slithered down to the utility pouches at her hip, ready to snatch a shuriken up if need be. She'd aim for somewhere non-vital, her accuracy was dependable enough not to kill, but she still felt a twinge of guilt for the potential harm that might come Evie's way.
"I'm ready when you are, Evie"Chie proclaimed Rigidly.

Chie's whole dispostition changed quiet rapidly. Once she was in her ready stance, her eyes had gone steely as she waited for the slightest falter in her foe like a tiger watching it's prey, waiting to ponce. Her smile was gone, replaced with a serious look of conviction and pitilessness. Her whole body seemed to be as still as a statue, like she was frozen in time only 20 feet or so from her foe. Being trained by a hired assassin, she had learned to never show her feelings in combat. Inside, however, she felt strange fighting a fellow hero. They where on the same side, so she had to be careful with her shurikens. Why they let her take them in at all was beyond her. Worse yet, the situation went the other way, as shattercrash brandished a rather brutal trio of spikes on her shoulder, a devistating weapon in the right hands. She would rather not get gored on her first month at the school. Truthfully, she was only waiting on her enemy out of hesitation. She didn't want to be the first one to blunder.

When the other girl enterred the simulation, she instantly slowed down, and Shattercrash had a feeling this was going to take off in seconds. A violet haze started drifting from her hands as they went in front of her, one level with her chest and the other slightly above, and further out. It was a relatively simple stance for someone whose entire skillset consisted of punching things really hard. Shuriken might've seen Evie's fists begin to twitch faintly just before the fight began. Her spiked shoulder was turned partially towards Chie, and her legs bent somewhat. A complete parallel to Chie's total stillness. Evie wasn't quite sure what the other girl had in mind. In Evie's experience, the best way to prevent someone from doing something you didn't want them to do was to give them absolutely zero room to do so. Keep them on the backpedal, make them focus on your advance, and don't stop for a second until they stop moving. That was exactly the plan Shattercrash had in mind. How she intended to open with it, however... That was the twist she needed against someone who looked like a ninja.

Shattercrash stared Chie down like a hawk, and then, out of nowhere was a sound similar to a gunshot. A streak of violet light ripped across their battlefield like a thin comet. There was enough distance between the two of them that Chie could get out of the way. If she didn't, then it would be like getting punched in the face by a professional boxer. Let the games begin.

Chie was on edge when she saw the fire in Evie's eyes. This girl had moxie, that much Chie could tell. Their showdown seemed to alter the programming as various drones began to stare, and the sun seemed to beam down on both of them, revealing long shadows that loomed over this battle-to-be.

Chie's eyesight proved impeccable, as always. She saw the movement, a twinge of her foe's finger was enough to make her leap into action. The flare of light that exploded from Evie's finger was traveling at her at tremendous speed, but miraculously, Chie's reflexes saved her at the last second and she flung her upper body back, catching herself with her hands as the wind from the incoming blast rushed around her. Upside and looking backwards, Chie watched with a grimace as the blast impacted a window behind her and easily shattered it when they collided. Quick on the retaliation, Chie flung herself back up to her full height, tossing two shuriken at her enemy, one from each hand. One was sent flying towards Evie's left shoulder, the other at her right shin. A simple trick to test her foe's own reflexes.

Evie was not a ninja, so the first thing she thought of was to simply throw her whole body to the right, she managed to skirt past one of the shuttles, but the other sliced her leg open. This hurt like hell, and resulted in Evie falling to the ground. She hadn't expected it would hurt that badly, but her gut was telling her to get up and push. So, through grit teeth, Evie pulled herself to her feet and charged at Shuriken like a bull, pushing herself forward with a pink spark of light, ducking her head behind her spiked shoulder pad. The intention was to simply run Chie over like roadkill, and as she picked up speed, Evie started to glow with that same energy. If Chie got hit, that was going to hurt.

Chie pumped her fist in glee as she saw one of her weapon's hit it's mark. It seemed her foe had a lot to learn. Feeling confident, the young heroine pushed her luck, rushing forwards quickly, pulling out her staff as she did. To her surprise, Evie was quiet resilient, and so Chie found herself charging straight into a set of spikes protruding from the other girl's shoulder. While she didn't have the time to throw up a guard or dodge out of the way, she managed to narrowly swing her head underneath her enemy's shoulder, though the wallop she received sent her flying across the bank. The hit hurt, and Chie struggled to recover as she skid across the ground back to where she started. Nevertheless, she was up on her feet in seconds.
"Nice hit" She wheezed she she struggled back to her feet, holding her hip with a wince. That was going to leave a nasty bruise.
"Guess I'll just have to keep my distance" She added, revealing a handfull of shurikens.
Quickly, a barrage of the bladed throwing starts started flying at her foe, at least a dozen, each targeted at a different target.

Keeping her distance was, indeed the best way to handle fighting Shattercrash. Her one ranged attack was something that Chie evidently knew how to avoid, while she had an unknown number of ranged attacks that Evie could reliably avoid. Evie once again flung herself to one side, only this time she used her power to toss herself much further. It didn't matter because several of the blades still cut her across her arms. Once even bother in the face, and that pissed her off. Chie seemed like she was hurting, so once Shattercrash was squared up, she decided that what wasn't broken need not be fixed, and charged her again as fast as possible, glowing like a Christmas tree. Having already done this, maybe she was a bit more predictable, it it was meant to keep Chie under constant pressure. Surely that would be useful.

Chie was ready this time. After the blow from the last attack he wasn't about to take another. Body armor or not, Evie hit like a truck. This time she could dodge, and so Chie lept high into the air, well over the head of her adversary, spinning with her head and feet tucked in so that she formed a small that flipped through the air. She landed behind Evie as the woman presumably went flying by.
"Strike one!" She teased, sending another Shuriken after her foe, this one aiming for the stomach. If scratches and cuts wouldn't slow this foe down, she'd have to get a bit more ruthless. Still, she made sure not to strike anywhere lethal. This was freindly after all.

If Evie was a bull, then Chie was an acrabatic matador. She took several more steps further before coming to a complete halt, and then whirled around to see Chie land on her feet. It was at this point that Shattercrash realized that this was a truck versus a race car situation where one could theoretically run the other down whereas the other could run circles around the other. That wouldn't have bothered her so much if it weren't for the fact that she now has a very pointy object in her stomach.

Shattercrash was hit by the throwing star straight by in the dead center of her stomach, and could feel blood start to run out. T some point or another, she might get too weak to fight due to blood loss, so this had to get wrapped up quick. Think. How could she win this? Maybe... Shattercrash had an idea. She leaned onto one leg, and slammed all of her weight into the floor with her other leg. In a flash of violet light, the girl was now several feet over Shuriken's head, and falling down like a lead ball. As she started to come down, she started glowing. It would have worked on Polaris if there wasn't the threat of friendly fire, but now it was just the two of them.

Chie couldn't help but smirk smuggly at her successful shot, her eyesight never seeming to fail her. She even gave herself a moment to bask in her assumed victory. There was a bright light and suddenly Shattercrash was gone, like a ninja dissapearing behind smoke. Chie scanned the room, but apart from civilians huddled in the corner or fleeing, Chie couldn't find her foe. Until she looked up, seeing what was essentially a human hellfire missle. Chie barely had time to throw her hands up in defense, and that hardly helped. Evie came crashing down harder than a meteorite, wind from the attack bellowing through the mostly vacant bank. Chie crumbled under the pressure, falling first to a kneel but quickly collapsing to the ground, groaning in pain from the attack.
"nice...hit..." She wheezed out, already struggling back up to her knees.

Trying to stand proved harder than she anticipated. That one hit left her legs feeling like jello, and her whole body ached. The split in her lip had just reopened, dripping a dark red string of blood down to the floor. It was minimal, but the bruising from this battle would be awful she could tell. Already her arms where beginning to radiate heat from the pain, and she could tell that if she didn't finish this quickly she'd be watching them swell up from the pain.
"But I'm not going down that easy" She growled, looking up with a newfound zeal flickering in the flames in her eyes. Even when her body wanted to give out, Chie was far from ready to throw in the towel. She'd rather die than be shown up. She still hadn't gotten to her feet, still struggling to get up from a kneel, but even now she was dangeroud, readying her extendable staff to swing or poke any incomming charge Evie might attempt.

Evie was definitely going to be feeling this afterwards, but compared to Shuriken, she was just a little scuffed up. Seeing that Chie was struggling to stand up straight made her understand that this fight was over with. Evie got up to her feet and walked over towards her, as one hand began to crackle with energy.

"The pointy things were pretty smart. I don't get anything when I get hit by those. But something you're gonna figure out, Chie, is that hitting me with something that doesn't poison me or knock me out isn't gonna help you."

There was about a foot between them as Evie raised her glowing hand into a fist, and swung a punch similar to a haymaker, only pointed forward rather than sideways. When her fist stopped moving, a mass of violet energy no smaller than a basketball was sent forward like a bullet. It was the same sort of attack that she performed at the start of their match with her finger, scaled up to end the match properly. Evie wasn't one to leave a job half finished.

Chie was far too weakened to respond, and as the wave of energy engulfed her, Chie was once again sent flying, slamming into the wall and leaving cracks behind her. She fell to the ground, limp, and soon the simulation would dim down with a clear victor.

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