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Current "it is not a sin to fight for the right cause. There are those who words alone will not reach." -Android 16
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False Prophet I hope things get better for you. Take it one day at a time and try to find solace in the simple things in life.
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Love is like a fart: If you force it, it's shit
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"The one thing they love more than a hero, is to see one fail" -Green Goblin
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It's been rough


Just a small, fragile birdboy with a huge beak. I use to be Manapool, but we don't talk about those days.

In all honesty I am 23 and in a committed relationship outside of roleplay. I work as a cook in a hotel, which isn't as impressive as it sounds. I'm from America in the Eastern Standard Timezone and tend to be up early. I'm interested in History, magic, tabletop games, and card games. I love getting to know people and am always down to listen if you need someone to vent to! Overall, I'm just a birdboy, nothing special. I have an Interest Check but I don't update it much. Just PM me if you ever want to Roleplay. Big or small.

I do not do smut, sorry y'all. Please don't ask anymore, I know I am sexy but you can't touch.

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No problem dude, sorry to hear that. We will always be willing to wait patiently for your amazing post!
Rala was more than glad to accept the bottle from Jormund. His interest in the brew was alluring so she quickly downed a hefty gulp of the drink and begrudgingly parted her lips from the drink with a satisfied gasp. As much as she wanted to guzzle the drink herself, she made sure not to take too much. Jormund was right, the whiskey was delicious, though it was strong enough to make her throat burn. Trying her best to keep face she refused to cough or react, even as her face went red with the struggle. Luckily for her, Jormund's interest was elsewhere, and even better, he had left her with the drink. Rala took another sip, this time much more carefully than before.

Just as Rala was preparing for another sip, she was caught off guard by the talons of a pseudodragon landing on her shoulder. In a flash, Rala's hand was on her dagger and it was brandished at the pseudodragon. Luckily she caught herself in time. It was Hawk, Aura's familiar. Rala breathed a sigh of relief as she set her namesake dagger back into its sheath as the little dragon spoke. The concern was evident on her face and as Cascade came to join them, Rala scanned the crowd anxiously, her eyes darting from person to person. She wasn't sure who or what she was looking for but she knew that she would know when she saw it. They had made enough enemies, between the witch, the djinn and her own private enemies. It was only a matter of time before it caught up to them.

15 on perception
Then I am rolling perception!
Has Aura returned? Basing that on cascade's post. I will try to get a post out soon sorry, been swamped with rps
Hey no rush man, we are all here for the long haul I think!

Can Rala roll a perception check and or start rolling perception when Aura gets back to the party?
@BangoSkank you, You get what I want to make here. I might just make a couple characters here.

another other ideas I had: A ninja who has a power to become super strong and durable, but only when he is screaming!
It ain't much but I posted something
Rala was shocked by the price of their liquor, but then again they had asked for the good stuff. She felt a tinge of pain at the price. She had just gotten this plentiful coin and she was not eager to part with it. Luckily for her, her cleric seemed to be more than happy to pay. He had suggested the idea, and so despite feeling somewhat wrong for it, she kept quiet as he handed his coin away. The amount of booze that was placed by them was truly extravagant. A tavern might sell this much alcohol in a week. It would...should last them a while, though Rala had other plans.

"Well while we wait, what do you say we test the moonshiner's wares?" Rala suggested as she motioned with her head to the barrels.
"I could use a good drink after the battle we went through"
Elena was relieved that the tension seemed to boil down. The pokemon fighting had been stopped and the wrath of Fae Rae had been tempered as she clicked a few pictures on her phone with Olivier. The sheepish trainer did her best to melt away from the group that was gathering, not wanting any of these towering men to turn their ire on her once more. Unfortunately for her, the crowd was dying down and the group where basically the only ones here. Reluctantly she decided to stay put. Olivier seemed nice enough, and both Fae Rae and Cedric seemed like decent trainers. Maybe she could learn a thing or two from them!

Elena didn't get a chance to ask for help or tips, as soon enough the festival had turned to chaos. A toxicroak sprayed acid into the area and Elena yelped in fear at the sizzling droplets that neared them. Olivier took of shortly after, and Elena couldn't help but shout out to him as he ran off.

"w-wait, be careful!" She cried out, seeing the strange man who was approaching them. There would certainly be more trouble afoot. Or rather, that Fae Rae was approaching. Elena crept after them reluctantly, not wanting this new 'friend' of theirs to get hurt or worse.
"L-let's not get too hasty! Maybe he just saw all our Pokemon... yeah! You probably just want a friendly Pokemon battle, sir?" She nervously prattled, making sure she stayed safely behind her more fashionable ally.
aaaaah, I need to pooooost!
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