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3 mos ago
Current Going into one of my depressive states. Poor and slow writing inbound.
9 mos ago
I am progressively more aggressive
10 mos ago
Haven't been on my A game. Blame finals preparations.
11 mos ago
Went to a hotel
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11 mos ago
Going to a hotel, maybe slower


I am an mlg pro coming for booty and pizza. That was a joke please disregard such. I am a teen in a house of six, and of the seven children between my father and mother. I live with a step dad, mother, brother, sister, and step brother. If you have not guess, I am a redneck, living in kentucky. I was born in new york, much like my father and mother. Please do not look for me, I will cut you,.

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I feel bad doing that to you guys, actually.

I'll muster up a reply as the teacher. I am sure once I get into it I'll have the same intrigue I did before.
I don't know, I think I am just out of it. I am so sorry that it died so early.
I am justing hitting a real brainfart, can't think of anything. I don't know about the others.
Ok. I should fill out a character sheet. I'll do it tomorrow and get a post out.
Yeah, didn't occur to me until after I wrote it.
Oh I understand. Just usually after 5 days I consider something dead
It's all good, looking at it again, I did realize I was a bit rigid with what I was letting you guys characterize your entrances.
Hows this
Well feel free to give me ideas on how to change it
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