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29 days ago
Current Going into one of my depressive states. Poor and slow writing inbound.
7 mos ago
I am progressively more aggressive
8 mos ago
Haven't been on my A game. Blame finals preparations.
9 mos ago
Went to a hotel
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9 mos ago
Going to a hotel, maybe slower


I am an mlg pro coming for booty and pizza. That was a joke please disregard such. I am a teen in a house of six, and of the seven children between my father and mother. I live with a step dad, mother, brother, sister, and step brother. If you have not guess, I am a redneck, living in kentucky. I was born in new york, much like my father and mother. Please do not look for me, I will cut you,.

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@Chasers115 Oh that's a shame to here, but thanks for being so nice. I hope you guys don't need a replacement, but keep me posted!
@MissCapnCrunch wowza, above and beyond is an understatement.

@Azure Flame approved
@Ebil Bunny definitely us. I wanted you guys to have some power on we're in there though.
The story is simple, somehow you missed all of the last semester of the school year at high school. Luckily, things have been hectic with lots of impromptu teacher changes after a big controversy and you're left with a few really nice teachers who want to see you succeed. They are willing to use the collapsing system around them to their advantage by having you complete one HUGE project on the Manhattan project in the span of three weeks. The group is forced together and with such short time for so much work you've got to learn to work together.

How will you deal with this pack of strangers desperate for a saving grade? Perhaps you'll learn to deal with them, hang to the sides and watch. Or maybe you'll become one of them? Engrossed in the new friendships you may achieve. Or maybe you'll find a bitter rival, an enemy who swears to keep your name slandered for good.

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Hey so like, I will probably start this today or tomorrow.
@Ebil Bunny no need to be all that knowledgeable in it. It was really just an example.
@Flightless_Soul radical!
@Heartsmith no one's going to stop you if you step on them. I mean, they ARE dead after all. Welcome by the way.
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