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Current Gonna be real slow during finals time
18 days ago
Gonna get all my replies out friday. Life hit me like a brick this week
20 days ago
Just cleaned out my Pms. Got a little sad seeing how many old friends are gone.
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Man, I haven't gotten back to this place in a while!
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Going into one of my depressive states. Poor and slow writing inbound.


Just a little lad feeling sad.

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I might have to pass. Life got hectic
I'm really sorry
Hey, I am really sorry but my life is kind of reaching a point where I am too stressed to write effectively. I may need to take a little break. I am sorry if you feel like you don't want to wait I understand if that means our rp ends. I'll probably be sending this to most of my groups.
So do you want to try to get it a little bit ritzier on this day or should we wait?
I could give it a whirl
At the sound of her entrance, Hara raised her fist in the air and took in the appreciation of the crowd. A crowd! She was hardly even starting as a trainer and here she was getting cheered on by fellow trainers. The thought of being an idol, nay a hero, to these smaller boys and girls as they continue to train and thrive sent a surge of dopamine into her brain. Growlithe had long since attuned to the way his trainer felt about battles and with his upper half lowered and his bushy tail pointed up as if ready to pounce. The dopey eyes of the oafish dog glazed over with a cool, collected focus as it gauged it's foes and sized them up. In a matter of seconds the two of them had gone from foolhardy fighters-to-be into a well-oiled machine working in perfect tandem.


Hara looked to her partner as she fumbled to get them started. Luckily they where on the offensive, exactly where she wanted to be. The anchor had begun to spin at a surprising speed, one that was perhaps easily evoided but none-the-less astonishing. Hara nodded to her pokemon and he kept up with the ghastly sea-pokemon, hoping and skipping along just behind him, ready to counteract any attacks that might come in with a feirce roar. Hara took the initiative from here.

"Now, bite that sucker!" The blaring command boomed from Hara's chest and flared out into an echo from the intensity of it's commanding presence, her finger pointed directly at the Serviper and a sinister smile matching her ruthless intentions as she did.

Growlithe took no time at all to accept her orders, and as soon as he heard the words the tiny dog picked up speed and flew in with it's mouth wide open. Unfortunately, it's eyes were closed and it missed it's mark by a longshot which Hara cursed at. The dog's mouth snapped shut with a loud snap as he now stood directly infront of a towering beast.
@Tainted Yeah
Sure! I'm already starting on it.
Did a small post. If you give me another day I can flesh it out a whole lot more.
Jackson wasn't an idiot. He knew he had dropped a charged question, but he didn't want Mike losing his family. Perhaps it was not his place to meddle in the family strife of another person, but it was Mike. The same guy willing to go to the same college as him for the sake of friendship, and comforted and warmed him on nights like this. He just wanted to see his friend happy. Perhaps it wasn't the proper path that the bigger, stoic man needed but for Jackson, nothing but honesty ever seemed to get to people. He started to feel a bit embarrassed that he'd even try to convince Mike to do something like that, and he lightly closed his eyes softly to try to hide his shame. It wasn't like their past was lost on him. Jackson knew there was a reason he needed to sneak Mike in or why he'd stay over so often. He didn't have anything at home, not even fear.

As he wiggled closer and closer with his surprisingly cold body it slowly warmed to a more acceptable heat -even if it meant being wedged together. Jackson knew Mike wouldn't mind much, he was bony, sure, but even Jackson had enough of a give to his body that it was like an extra stiff pillow. The head atop his own made Jackson a crunch a bit, however. He knew it was weird enough for them to get all tucked together as they were. He himself didn't mind it a bit, but it reminded him that they were surprisingly close. Close enough to do something like this. As he sat in contemplation of such a thing he did hear Mike's words.

"It will be" He reassured in a soothing and soft voice, even as it juxtaposed his previous statements. He'd hold out on mentioning how he felt that way all along, they'd shared their grievances enough tonight. Sometimes it was better to just enjoy the moment with his best friend. Admittedly it was something in shorter supply than he wished. Even if they lived together they were always out and away from each other until the night. The rare times they could get a day together Jackson was always tired, sometimes Mike was the same though he seemed to be far more resilient. It was probably from years of being in trouble and the like.

"What'll we do if it does? I mean, we got the movies and all but that'll get boring" Jackson muttered in a breathy way. He was trying not to but he was falling asleep. The other boy's body heat was a force to be reckoned with, it's heating rock-like surface was exactly what Jackson needed to drift off at night. Sometimes when they didn't get so close together like this, Jackson would have trouble falling asleep, though he'd never tell Mike. That'd be a bit too clingy and Jackson knew he could find a way. Usually, a few cups of Jasmine tea and a warmed blanket could do the trick. Usually.

Regardless of how drained he may be, Jackson did bring up a point he felt was compelling. They had seen these movies a hundred times before. If anything it was just an excuse to sit down together like they were now. As enjoyable was it might be to spend a whole day on the couch with a warm body at his side, surely there was more to be done. Mike was always finding something or someone to get him into trouble. Jackson was sure that even know he was thinking of something.
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