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Current Man, I haven't gotten back to this place in a while!
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Going into one of my depressive states. Poor and slow writing inbound.
1 yr ago
I am progressively more aggressive
1 yr ago
Haven't been on my A game. Blame finals preparations.
1 yr ago
Went to a hotel
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Just a little lad feeling sad.

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@pops Thank you so much! Sorry, I am really bad when it comes to things like that.
@Jollan Oh thanks! I guess I will read up on what's happening.
Is this at all still open?
Hey. Long time no see you all. I know it's a stretch but is there anyway I could conjure up a character and fall back in? I understand you guys are sort of a tightly knit group now and if you're not looking for another person to try to cram in, I understand. I just want to find a place to rp again is all.
Man, he's just ignoring us too...

We really don't, it was just that I was proud I made a proper layout. the issue is that I can't get it to come up here.
By the time the knife was put towards the dragon born, the crowd has started to turn their attention to the four soon-to-be adventurers as they came to a sudden grumble of yet another wave of bets for the new fights. They seemed evenly placed, some on the girl. Others on the three. When her blood burst from her the whole crowd came to a shush. Whispers of the crimson rites filled the area. As the blood hunter moved to leave the people parted a perfect way through the sea of people like her, all looking on in amazement. A small gnome man with spectacles nodded to her with a warm smile and a little hafling child began to cheer for her, spouting how she wanted to be cool like her.

As soon as she was gone, the crowd erupted in laughter and rudeness around the remaining three. Playful pushes on the shoulder as they teased came from all about.
"hahaha! You three were too afraid to take on one girl! I thought you were adventurers, what happened to all that moxy from last night?" Came the voice of a particularly tough looking human with ginger hair and a hairy chest. Only a second of razzing occurred before the attention went back to the fight between the two tavern owners. It ended just about then when-
The Half-elf sprung forward in a moment of distraction by the dwarf, landing a powerful knee to the dwarf's forehead as she let out a growling roar. The Dwarf went down, groaning as she stayed down. Cheers fell around the lady and soon the Taverns where back to drinks and the dwarf was off to find a gaurd for her tavern.

You make your way to the Esperglow castle, moving southwards, crossing the wide river, nearly a fourth of the distance you travel is over the water. Interestingly the other side is ungaurded by walls. The land before you is open and filled with farms, most of which being cash crops and cows. Cedarport has notoriously delightful steaks, and the Baronlords (which you easily guess they are judging by the gaint Manors and small houses behind them) seem to be aware of it, as their meat sells for high prices. You turn your attention to the east, seeing the esperglow castle walls, the peak of the castle overtop. It is a beautiful building, made with large flying butresses holding the circular centerpart up, and large spires on each side, tippws with a circular golden globes on the top. As you near the gaurds ask you to state your buisiness. The two of them look stoic, covered in shiny and bulky armor, their faces obscured slightly with Barbrute helmets.
"If you have buisiness with the Esperglows, any embesarries here, or one of the minor royals currently staying here, present proof or begone" He gives off in a gruff tone, his body remaining upright and firm, his eyes remaining stagnantly in place. Each player, in one way or another, has been given a form of proof they are allowed to be here: be it your scroll of pedigree, a letter with the proper stamp, or other form.
God I didn't think this map would give me so much trouble! I think I might just not use it. A shame though
In my personal opinion, I say dwarf women don't have beards. Maybe it's an occasional occurrence, but I for one don't see a reason to give them beards.
I am home!
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