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5 mos ago
Current Man, I haven't gotten back to this place in a while!
10 mos ago
Going into one of my depressive states. Poor and slow writing inbound.
1 yr ago
I am progressively more aggressive
1 yr ago
Haven't been on my A game. Blame finals preparations.
2 yrs ago
Went to a hotel
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Just a little lad feeling sad.

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Sorry guys. Been trying to find a proper medicine and that's racking my brain. Between that, school, work, I just haven't found motivation or time to write or continue this.
Ok, Come next week I will be ready I think. Sorry I take so long!
I'll get to this in a day or two. Sorry, this new medicine has left me feeling out of it and I haven't much motivation for anything.
Oh shoot, did you guys actually reply? I didn't think this would go on
@rush99999 I don't think so. If they REALLY want to contest it I guess they'll have to make a perception but if it's an NPC than no.
@pops Thank you so much! Sorry, I am really bad when it comes to things like that.
@Jollan Oh thanks! I guess I will read up on what's happening.
Is this at all still open?
Hey. Long time no see you all. I know it's a stretch but is there anyway I could conjure up a character and fall back in? I understand you guys are sort of a tightly knit group now and if you're not looking for another person to try to cram in, I understand. I just want to find a place to rp again is all.
Man, he's just ignoring us too...
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