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I wonder what the forum's musical preferences are.
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I wonder what future Animes I should watch, been stuck in an Isekai slump right now. No idea what else I want to watch besides Tensura and Shield Hero once that comes out.
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I really want to be able to travel again real bad. I love visiting North America again.
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Altera Dance best dance.

A 20-something year old from somewhere in the Eurasian continent. Love roleplaying, but with a preference for Fantasy mixed with Sci-Fi or a more modern setting. I'm a bit of a picky roleplayer, although I won't necessarily shy away from a good roleplaying premise should it presents itself to me.

Feel free to DM me in site and in discord if you're interested in adding me to an RP. Right now I need more role plays in my life, not less.

J'ai parle Français aussi, et il y a un autre langue qu'il n'est pas indiquer, primairement en risqué de mon identité.

Adore, Adore, Adore chantre Français et Japonais. Anglais aussi.

What about your music tastes?

Alright, enough French.

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Bunga has no idea what to do for the next couple of days. Most of her time was spent lazing around in the bed, just straight up confused as to what to do next. The sleeping potion James gave to her was still hanging around on her study table, unused and unspent. “Ugh, how will I get to Nazca now… all avenues I have for meeting her are gone right now.”

Well, whatever. One avenue might be gone, but Bunga is sure that more opportunities will come to her in the future. She is, after all, primarily focused on her studies right now, with the spy thingy being more of a side gig thing more than her primary occupation. Indeed, the Nusantaran has learned many things about herself and her capabilities during that uneventful night, the limits of her hearing, sight, smell, and feel, all were useful information for her.

But, the morning is rising, and the fox girl knows that she cannot just wallow in her own room, thinking about what she can do to make that night work out even better. Resolving to better herself next time, the woman rose from her bed, took a quick shower, changed her clothes, and walked outside her dorm into Bermuda. Hoping that her day will end up much better than yesterday.

“Alright, what’s in store for me today?”


@13org@King Cosmos@Martian@DracoLunaris@ShiningSector

The ensuing conversation between Almira, Anki and Srikandi went rather well. Almira learned many things concerning the political state of the various kingdoms in this planet they call ‘Friestan’, while Anki and Srikandi was flummoxed, learning that they are not alone in the universe, and a race similar to them has mastered travel in-between the stars, by the end of their conversation. Even Dumas felt like he was out of his league, barely understanding what in the world Almira was talking about, but understanding that they came from the stars. Somewhere across the stars.

The shock was not only limited to the Friestan party though, as Almira learned many things concerning magic and the unexpected interconnectedness of this world. Magic seems to seep into every sector of life if what Anki, Srikandi and Dumas said is true. There are magic powered ships, magical weapons, magical farming tools, and many, many other implements and goods she doesn’t even know about.

Almira is also further shocked by the level of gender equality present in this world. It took centuries, as Almira can attest personally, for the Commonwealth to achieve gender parity between men and women, while in Friestan it seems that men and women are viewed equally capable in quite a few matters, even including adventuring. As Anki and Srikandi can personally attest.

Just as the conversation was getting more and more interesting though, Catherine and Sumiye entered the room, and this whole topic went back to first base yet again. With Almira learning many things from Catherine about the Kingdom she’s currently living in, and the extent of magic within the Kingdom of Gremarre.

Eventually though. The conversation eventually died down, with both sides not finding anything to talk about anymore. Either from the need for secrecy or just sleepiness on both sides. Almira offered everyone within the fantasy group a place to sleep, and, while still cautious. Everyone agreed to her arrangement on the condition that they keep their weapons. A provision that Almira readily agreed, due to the fact that they possess no visibly hostile intention, and that conversation is enough for Almira to agree to such a thing.

She kept the doors on their sleeping bunks locked just in case something happens though.

Srikandi never felt such soft bedding in her life. The bed may look spartan, but the softness of the bed, the soft lighting (that exists for some reason despite no visible fire source), and the other amenities, such as the water that somehow came out of some metallic contraption (Anki spent hours figuring out how such a system works, and she eventually gave up since she detected no visible magic, especially Earth magic emanating from any part of their room), the ‘shower room’ that spurts out water from the ceiling, and the weird glass screen that shows random images nobody in the party understands.

It creates a distinctly calm, but alien atmosphere. Like something built for humans, but not necessarily humans from Srikandi’s time. It’s a feeling Srikandi never felt before.

The fact that they are also given separate clothes for ‘sleeping’ is also highly unusual for her. She has changed from her armour getup to her sleep clothes, a comfortable set of a sleeveless shirt and some short pants.

“Anki. I see that you have changed into your sleeping clothes.” The adventurer noted. Anki has come out from the bathroom wearing clothes similar to her. “Are you going to stay awake for the whole night and take those 3 hours you need to rest once we wake up or something?”

This is something Srikandi highly liked about adventuring with Anki. She doesn’t have to take turns doing watch since the automaton will watch throughout the whole night, no complaints from the woman at all, the only drawback is that she has to take 3 hours during the morning doing mostly nothing while Anki sleeps, a worthwhile tradeoff for a constant good night’s sleep.

“Of course, just like the last time we adventured. Have a good night everyone.”

Srikandi has already informed Catherine and Dumas about Anki’s watcher role, a role that they happily accepted. Srikandi then turned off the lights, something she has to learn about after a couple of agonizing minutes experimenting with the switches of this weird room, and slept for the night.

If Almira decided to murder them in their sleep. They have a nasty surprise waiting for her.

Almira gazed at the clock. The Friestan group has already been tucked in already, and their room quickly locked in case anything happens. Lounging in her personal room. She has already sent Garrett, Q-T and Sumiye back to their quarters. A lot of stuff has been finished by the end of today. Contacting the locals of this planet, establishing limited diplomatic connections, and even establishing a secure perimeter and making the ship somewhat functional.

Sumiye’s hard work repairing the reactor seems to have borne fruit, the reactor is operating at a lower capacity than usual, but it’s sufficient enough to operate all major weapons systems of the Thucydides.

Still, she has one more thing to do, one final thing.

That dragon woman staring at her from the screen, Almira’s pretty sure she has no idea what a camera, or a CCTV system is, but it’s scary how she’s looking at it, even if she has no idea what it is. The Captain has already been briefed by an envoy that the representatives from the Dragon Tribes has arrived, and Almira has no idea what to expect of them.

She has no idea if they’re gonna demand Almira lift this ship up and go somewhere, or some other unrealistic demand of some kind, but she has briefed the weapons system officer to ready weapons in case shit goes down.

She hopes shit doesn’t go down. Already in her formalwear, the Captain proceeded to walk outside, armed guards in tow, to meet Galmira and her pals. She hopes the meeting goes well.

Morning arrived, and the sun rose, and rose, and only after 4 hours into the sun’s rising did Almira woke up.

The meeting has been intense, but ultimately didn’t end with the Dragons blowing up the ship, or vice-versa. Some heated debate sessions between Almira and some dragons raged, mostly because the Dragons think this hunk of metal is a ‘travesty’ on the Great Table, but the more level-headed representatives of the Dragon tribes eventually won their way, with Galmira’s help as well.

But, Almira did have to give them something, some technological gadgetery for the Dragons to tinker about were given, nothing significant enough for them to pose a threat, but enough to satiate their curiosity for the moment. Soon enough, Almira bid her farewell, and bid farewell to Galmira as well.

Galmira promised that she will inform her of the happenings tomorrow, but she has no idea when or why she’s gonna do that.

Soon enough, both the Friestan group and her own party had been assembled, and they eventually walked back into the rover once more (the Friestanian party was a bit more comfortable entering the vehicle, but nonetheless remained highly cautious of their surroundings). Almira agreed that her party, consisting of Q-T Brackman along with Neilsy and Riley, Garrett Zarrubin and his team, as well as Sumiye King, will be accompanying the group into the city of Cendana. The site where Srikandi and her party departed to.

All of the Friestanians looked odd from Almira’s perspective, from a Dragon Knight looking cautiously at her surroundings, to the medieval robot woman rotating her head 180 degrees to observe her surroundings, to Catherine being… Catherine, as well as Dumas being a human sized fairy, keeping himself reserved, but nonetheless making some comments about his observations.

Just as the garage door opened though. A yellow clothed woman soon appeared. Seemingly already waiting outside the garage door, slowly revealing her form as if it was some 21st century movie scene. Almira quickly exited the Rover, knowing what she’s here for. “I trust that the Dragon tribe leaders are all right?”

“Well, Thetmas is still angry with the fact that you can’t move this ‘ship’ of yours out, but Malina, Hermia, and Kumera are tolerant of your presence for now. Malina and Hermia in particular are very interested in keeping you around, much to Thetmas’ disappointment in them.”

“Well, you told me the Chieftesses of those two tribes are very… eccentric aren’t they?”

“Yes, and congratulations on exploiting their eccentricities to your advantage. Malina and Hermia on your side combined will be a rather potent force in future meetings concerning your status on the Great Table. By the way, Almira, would you be alright if I ride along with you until you’ve exited the Dragonspine? The council has decreed that I will be your contact point for Dragon related affairs of any kind.”

Almira, now mightily intrigued, definitely nodded her head. “Only on the condition that you do not transform yourself while inside the vehicle.” Eliciting a hearty laugh from the woman.

“Oh, I wouldn’t think of it. I am starting to like you Almira, it would not be polite of me to just kill you off right now.”

Almira could only nervously laugh at that comment. But fortunately Galmira kept her word, she joined Almira in the front seat, in an effort to not freak out the adventurer’s party in the back, and the rover quickly set off outside her ship.

The sun shining on the snowy white Dragonspine peaks is quite a sight for Almira. She already has ordered drones to be sent out and map the local terrain, and a good location to exit the mountain chain was found quickly enough, the group is now following the path painted out by the drone.

And just like many, many a path painted by the drone before. The drive proved to be uneventful. The rover quickly trudged to ground from snow, and the group found themselves by the edge of the riverside. The backdoor opened, revealing the Friestanians inside. Most of them were still feeling uncomfortable with the rather fast movement of the rover, but felt thankful that they had arrived.

Almira quickly ordered the rover to go back to the ship, and await further orders from her. The woman has decided that her formalwear would be best suited for her occasion in this ‘Cendana’ city, her bunny ears notwithstanding, wearing her informal clothes will just attract unwanted attraction with the unusual way her clothes are assembled.

And the same philosophy was quickly applied with the rest of the team members. With Q-T being disguised as a box, and Sumiye, Neilsy, Riley, and Garrett’s team wearing clothes quickly patched up by the sewing section (yes, the ship has a sewing section) that resembled medieval people’s clothing. Or at least the Sewing department’s interpretation of it.

Almira hoped that the cover was enough.

“I have to say, whoever assembled your clothes has to be paid wonderfully. I certainly couldn’t notice a difference between my team and your team clothing wise, with the exception of your clothes of course.” Srikandi commented.

“Well, thank the sewing department for that, I personally requested that we have a sewing department just in case stuff happens and suits break. I still have no idea how they approved my request for that.”

“Oh? They have an admiralty where you originate from?”

“Of course. Don’t you?”

“Well, yes we do. I just didn’t expect that we have that in common.”

A ship then quickly appeared. Just after the rover was beyond her view, the ship seems to be powered by some sort of paddle mover, a most interesting mechanism that Almira admired as the boat quickly docked. “Ah, Srikandi! Already finished with the trip eh? Brought some friends with you too by the looks of it.” The ship’s captain greeted her.

“Yes, well. It appears that the trip was all for naught, this is another adventurer’s party we rescued during our trip there. Sadly the snow was too thick and the beasts too dangerous. So we still couldn’t find anything inside the mountain. Can you take us back to the city?”

“Well of course Srikandi. I don’t know of any other adventurer’s party that went there before you, but hey! Wild things do happen from my experience. So come on in everyone!”

“Srikandi. Why are you lying to the Shipwright?” Anki asked bluntly, her voice much more subdued. “Isn’t it impolite to the Captain to not inform him of who they really are?”

“Anki. Sometimes it is better to lie a little bit than divulge the truth. Besides, does the Captain really need to know who they really are? Is it even necessary? I want Almira and her group in front of the throne in Putridewi, and then in Vhamos-Tyrr, I don’t need instant celebrities right now. I’m sure your father would be highly interested in meeting them, no?”

Anki contemplated a little bit, her eyes flickering as if her thoughts could be seen through her eyes, with an eventual nod signalling the automaton’s approval of the matter. “You make a solid argument. My father would be highly interested in meeting these… humans himself. A great deal of exchange and mirth is expected for such a momentous occasion, and he would not be denied an opportunity to trade knowledge form such a peculiar people.”

Almira didn’t bother to speak much, she only grabbed the box and hauled them into the ship. Sumiye, Garrett, Neilsy, Riley, and the rest of the Dragonrider squad following suit.

The trip to Cendana went well enough. With the Captain telling Almira and her group various tall tales of his various exploits. The Indonesian learned that he was once a fisherman, a shipwright in the Pataliputran Navy, and travelled to many other countries in this world. A most interesting person indeed.

And once Cendana was on view. Almira and her team were mightily impressed. It is a majestic city, built out of stone and wood, with an incredibly busy port, and a lot of people milling about.

And much to Almira’s concern, everyone’s view was on her the moment they stepped out of the boat. Garrett, Q-T, and Sumiye herself were ignored. But everyone’s eyes were on the Indonesian wearing the white coat and hat.

“Ah drat. I should’ve asked the sewing department to make some clothes for me.” She said silently to herself. Slightly embarrassed, but nonetheless going with the flow as Srikandi, Anki and Dumas waded through the curious crowd. The Dragon Knight wanted her to go to city hall right away.

And once they were off the harbour, the group quickly waded through the cobblestone streets of the city, going through street after street, but eventually ending in some sketchy alleyway. Everyone knew that Srikandi screwed up, with the Knight blushing and scratching the back of her head, her own face cringing at her mistake. “I’m sorry everyone. This is admittedly my first time in Cendana, so I’m not really sure where I should go myself.”

“Well you shouldn’t worry about that missy. We’ll make sure you’ll get where you want to go, we only need a little service charge to come with it, this ain’t optional too.”

And just like that, the party seemed to be surrounded by a group of thugs. Almira numbered 20 of them, each of them using knives, kerises, and magical staffs, if Almira were to guess what thugs were during the medieval days of her country, wearing nothing much but sarongs, headscarves and a scowling face. This would be it.

“All of you look pretty cute. Why don’t you give us guys a chance to sample the good stuff huh?”

Almira looked at Srikandi, visibly unamused at the situation. “Do I have your permission to defend myself?”

Sighing, knowing that this is partially her fault. Srikandi only nodded. “Yes, sorry for this everyone, but this is my mistake, now let’s teach these hoodlums some manners shall we?”

Without a moment’s hesitation. Srikandi unsheathed her sword and Almira unfurled her coat, both of them ready to fight these thugs. The thugs went for Almira first, one of them swinging a Clurit towards Almira, but the Indonesian woman preempted the attack by evading the Clurit’s downward swing, responding by showing her fists and jabbing the assailant multiple times in the stomach, instantly knocking him out.

Srikandi’s turn was next. Using the broad side of her sword, she proceeded to smack the thugs with their kerises and knives, her sword’s reach beating any weapon the hoodlums had on their hands. It proved to be a rather simple affair for Srikandi, and both women proved their mettle when it came to fighting. Sri herself was surprised that Almira knew how to fight, and with nothing more than her fists, the Captain reminds her of Fei Bai Ho in a way, only more… local, in a weird way.

It remains to be seen whether the other party members will join the fight, and it seems that, after fighting off some thugs, knocking them out left and right. Both of them are starting to get visibly exhausted.

@ShiningSector@DracoLunaris@Medili@Martian@13org@King Cosmos

Fortunately, Dumas’ option didn’t get picked. As Almira managed to interject and discussed with Srikandi, Anki and Catherine about further options, the discussion ranged on various topics, with Almira making an extended effort to ensure that the adventurer’s party doesn’t feel left out. It was an extensive bit of negotiation, but eventually the group agreed on a couple of things.

Almira, much to her casternation and concern, decided to give Catherine a simple tablet. Much of its function (especially its intranet and internet connection) has already been blocked previously. Almira doesn’t expect Catherine to play with the device much, since it is programmed in English and she hopes Catherine doesn’t learn a new language just by playing with a tablet, but nonetheless the connection block is there for a reason.

She has also agreed to let Anki help the crew bring about the Dragon’s corpse, with the help of the crew, into one of the rovers, and this seems sufficient enough to bring the rest of the adventurer’s party to agree with Almira’s proposition to let them enter the rover. It also seemed that for Fei Bai Ho and Zavim, that their adventuring days are over for now. Fei seemed intent on going his own way, wanting ‘ explore the mountain further’, while Zavim’s slavery enchantment suddenly broke. A visible sign for Srikandi that something must’ve happened on the other side of the mountain, as much as Srikandi doesn’t want to let him go (she couldn’t trust Zavim to write her letters, let alone leave him stranded here for him to walk by himself). The Orc mage insisted that he wanted to go back, as interesting as this peculiar meeting is, the Orc just wanted to go back to Cendana and see what happened with the enchantment.

And Srikandi is not in a good position to complain about it, considering the situation with Almira and the agreement in the first place. Srikandi decided, against her better judgement, to let Zavim go.

And so ends one chapter, and another one begins.

The road back to the ship proved to be a… rocky endeavor. As the adventurer’s party wasn’t really familiar with the interior of the vehicle they’re sitting on. A lot of nervous glances were traded with one of the members of the adventurer’s party with one another, with the group visibly still on edge as they reached the location of where this mysterious meteoric object crashed into.

And it was quite a sight.

A crashed metallic hunk of alien design stabbed into the Great Table like a fork on a steak. Not really intent on moving by the looks of it, and with a lot of miscellaneous activity that the adventurer’s party could scarcely discover its intention. Almira stepped out of the vehicle and opened the backdoor, showing them the Thucydides in all its glory. “Welcome to the Thucydides, or at least the smoking wreck of the ship, don’t worry, hopefully if all repairs should be done, the ship should be in operational condition once more!”

Almira decided to stay silent for a full minute to let the group look around the site. Before motioning everyone to follow her into the ramp leading into the ship. “Now, before you start freaking out. I am requesting that you all keep your weapons if that is comfortable with you, since I want you all to move into the Captain’s quarters and we can conduct formal introductions in a more… well, formal setting.”

Switching to English from Indonesian. Almira instructed Garrett and Q-T to ready her room. “Hey, Garrett, can you and your team act as security? And Q-T, umm, I want you to act as a recorder and transcriber for events, I think you have the memory banks to do that right?”

She also saw Chief Engineer Sumiye King on the ramp as well. Looking weirdly into the group the Captain has brought over. “Ah, Sumiye! Sumiye!” She motioned the engineer to come. “Fantastic! So, I have this person, named Catherine Blackwood here. She is apparently a native from this world, don’t ask why she’s a human, we still haven’t figured out the hows of that one. But she looks to be a scientist, and it looks like she is mightily interested in seeing this ship, can you give her a quick rundown of the ship? I need to conduct diplomatic overtures with the rest of the team right now. Don’t worry, I’ll have your voice link up with the Universal translator so you can talk in English. It seems to be working well enough that you shouldn’t have any mistranslations with her. Are you cool with that?”

She turned back quickly once more to the adventurer’s party. “This is just for Miss Catherine here. But a crew member of mine is interested in offering you a short tour of the spaceship. The rest of you, are you interested in following me into the Captain’s quarters? You can keep your weapons in case you seem to still have reservations on me. But I hope that, after the multiple gestures I’ve shown on our way here, that you can lend me your trust in this one.”


Amanda is having not a good day. Firstly she arrived in Minsk expecting a welcome, but certainly nothing like this. Secondly, she had to ensure the survival of her team and make sure that the fuckers who did this pay for what they did. And thirdly, she had to drive a definitely not bulletproof car, swerving from traffic, and making issuing orders to ensure that her team won't die this time around.

Overall, Amanda's processor unit is registering a foul mood, and it is reflected visibly in her driving. Sudden swerves are becoming more commonplace, the temperature of her core unit is rising, and her face is not amused at everything.

Amanda did not forget about Scarlett's question at all, with her processor unit registering 5 more minutes. "5 more minutes!!" She shouted. Taking another turn before the OMR office is visible for all to see. She couldn't even respond to Faye's weakened statement's when a bullet barely whizzes past her. Almost knocking into her head. "If anyone here can't fight, then stay down!! Now!!" The female android shouted yet again. Now completely shifting the car into it's highest gear before bracing herself for what's about to come.

The OMR office in Minsk is significantly less imposing than the Frankfurt one. Just a regular compound centered around an old, baroque house. But it does have it's various defenses. Metal gates, a raised platform that can block cars, and of course, posted guards.

Posted guards that definitely know something's up.

Amanda's orders to stay down couldn't come any sooner. As the guards noticed the incoming vehicular firefight headed in their direction. Aimed their rifles, and promptly started lighting up everyone in the general vicinity. From the SUV's to the BMW Amanda's driving. The gate was about to be raised when Amanda's BMW fortunately crashed into the gate first. The BMW, already battered and bruised, eventually sputtered out on the interior of the office.

The various OMR agents approached Amanda's car, before Amanda quickly showed up her OMR ID Card. Mandatory for all employees working at the Agency, and promptly went out of the car as fast as she can, her hand still showing her ID.

"Sorry for the lil bit of chaos, but-" Amanda's words were cut short when a bullet hit her. Knocking into her head and pissing her off. "Alright, we've got aggressors down there! Kill them! Scarlett, Mikey. If you can help, then help!"

Even a dent was not visible on her head. A testament to how tough Amanda's body is.

@Martian@King Cosmos

Hmmm. So we have Morgana advocating that we go to the lodge, and Xaviron advocating going to the Roggenwolf. Quite an intriguing set of options indeed.

But she has the final say, and the final say goes to Xaviron for the moment. She does have the address for the lodge, but

"Xaviron, run that tracking spell while we run back to the office and get Morgana to sign that piece of paperwork." Madeleine ordered. Grabbing Friedrich's computer as evidence. "I have a feeling that the Roggenwolf might be very much nearby, and we couldn't let such a feral spirit go without supervision like that."

Hopefully the location of the Roggenwolf and the lodge would be one and the same, but that would be such a convenient coincidence Madeleine couldn't even consider it in good faith.

"Ah crap, I think I should've went to politics a lil bit in the 2300s in hindsight."


Almira doesn't need a translator to know that Catherine is very unenthused to the notion of being denied the prospect of experimenting with the technology from the Commonwealth, this alchemist(?) woman has already shown that she's willing to torpedo first impressions with that lil speech of hers, and even more damningly, this Anki woman is also looking like she's siding with Catherine, not necessarily a good indicator of where things might go.

And so, with that in mind. She will make some concessions to Catherine.

Only for Galmira to interrupt her impending speech.

"Miss Catherine. If I must address your concern regarding the Dragon's corpse." Galmira interjected. "The Dragon's code also stated that one should bury their fellow dragons in a place befitting of their status as Dragons, and enlist the help of any persons with the ability to do so should they be unable to do the burying themselves. And that persons seems to be the people I flew in with, unless if you can lift that Dragon's corpse on your own, then I don't see any reason why you would object to that. Unless if you object to the code itself, on Dragon territory, after I've allowed you to loot that dead Dragon, as much as a bastard as he is, for parts for your experiments."

Almira turned to Galmira, her face very concerned at what she says, before coughing up a little to break the tension. "Uhhh, maybe I can allow Catherine to experiment on some of our technology if that means you'd cooperate. I'm more than willing to lend you some... plants and other flora that we have on our ship. I also have an engineer, essentially a person responsible for making mechanical things work, if that is what you're also interested in that as well Miss Catherine."

"And to address the concerns that I don't see you as equals, please pay no mind to that. My people has a history of seeing each other as unequal, with disastrous consequences for everyone involved, and I will assure you that you would be provided good accommodations, food, and everything a human being needs. Please, I would like to gain your trust."

She spoke in English at that part, and secretly hopes that the translator does it's job correctly. English is the defacto language of the Commonwealth for centuries at this point, and she hopes that there is no major mistranslation from the device.

"Oh boy, here come the big rover. Here it comes!."

@ShiningSector@DracoLunaris@King Cosmos

Almira quietly looked at the group led by Srikandi. They are certainly a unique bunch, each of them wearing distinctive clothing, speaking a different language, and yet, all looking human (with some exceptions) at the end. She couldn't make sense of this Pixie fellow that looks just as tall as her, and yet carries with him knife ears and wings made out of gossamer by the looks of it. It's certainly a unique biological modification if she saw someone wearing those kind of stuff if she's in a space station waiting for her spaceship ride to another planet.

The fact that by all measures, the pixie seemed to have grown these kinds of things naturally is... eye-opening to say the least.

"Well. I look forward to exchanging many things with all of you, but perhaps we should go to somewhere a bit... warmer perhaps? I don't know about you, but a night out in the mountains like this seems a bit bad to be exchanging information, yes?" She spoke in Pataliputran.

And just on time. A massive vehicle, with blaring white lights appeared from Almira's group from behind. It's massive wheels making an indent on the snow, and more human crewmembers walked out. All of them saluting to Almira with the Captain herself saluting back. "Garrett. Q-T. You can go back to the spaceship now if you want to, grab a hoverbike, a rover, whatever. I'm going to try and convince these people to get into the vehicle. Wish me luck I guess."

"The rest of you crewmembers, secure the area and make sure to not touch the dragon's corpse. You can look but you can't touch okay? Or else you'll get Galmira blasting your butts a new one. Oh, and Galmira, you can also ride in the vehicle, but only if you give me a promise to not transform. I don't need a destroyed rover right now. Is that okay with you?"

Galmira only politely nodded, and proceeded to get into the lead rover of the group. "You can take the Dragon's corpse with you if you want. A burial in the Great Table is appropriate given the fact that he died on the Dragonspine. Since he died in honorable combat. You can examine it's body to gain insight on him I guess. Just make sure to bury him, don't cremate, bury."

Almira nodded in return. "Alright, Q-T, you can go back to the comfort of the rover, or do you wanna help the team load the Dragon into the top of the rover? Get back to me once I'm done talking with the locals here. Oh, and speaking of dragons. Can I get a team to unload the cranes from the rover and load that Dragon corpse onto the roof of the rover? The Dragon-Lady said that we can dissect it if we want to."

The Captain, just as swiftly as she issued orders to everyone, promptly turned towards the adventurers team and gave them an offer. "I can give you a quick trip into the Dragonspine, with no charge or harm to any of you, as long as you agree to not harm the crew of my team and be open minded when it comes to transportation. I am sure that a thing such as this." She pointed at the rover. "If quite unusual for you, but rest assured that this is just a... horse, of sorts, but significantly larger." She spoke in Pataliputran.

She hoped that it convinces the team to go take up on her offer.

"Oh, and for you, Alchemist." Almira pointed towards Catherine. "I'm sorry, but I am not donating any blood, nor will you touch any of our equipment for your... research unless I permit it." This time she spoke in English, which the Universal translator conveniently translated into Common. "I hope that you'll understand our concerns, especially considering that you have... dragon organs with you."

--Mysterious Machines, and an equally mysterious offer--

@Shirly Swad@Medili@Martian@13org

Srikandi felt out of her depth when that metallic moving... thing showed up from nowhere. And Almira quickly giving orders to even more strangely dressed humans. It is looking more and more likely that this meteor is not so much a meteor, but a vessel, a vessel to traverse the stars? Or perhaps a vessel that travels to sky from a land not yet known to the world yet? Her mind could hardly comprehend just how in the world do these things move without any visible sign of animal power, or magic power for that matter. She heard no neighs, no runes, no weird colours emanating from inside these things, nothing.

And in that sense, this vehicle is powered by something magical, at least from her eyes. What kind of magic though, she can hardly comprehend.

She also saw a bunch of flying... horses too? Pegasi? No, metal pegasi powered by... yet another form of magic she hasn't yet figured out. She hopes it's magic, because there is no natural force she knows of that can be utilized to power these vehicles. And as if thrown even more outside of her depth. Almira's offer.

An intriguing offer, but not one without it's risks. On one hand, Almira has not shown any outward hostility to the group, being more than accommodating considering the climate, on the other, she is hoping that her group would hop inside these... vehicles and trust their safety on the hands of these strangers.

To be fair, the offer from Almira is tempting, the temperature has been dropping steadily. So she did the one thing she's trained to do as an adventurer when faced with such a dilemma.

She conferred her team.

"Alright, quick question. Who wants to join Almira to the Table? Because I am not interested in walking to the Table in freezing temperatures while Almira offers us assistance, however... bizarre it may seem to us, to get into the table quicker. She has also not shown any hostility towards us, so I don't see any potentiality for betrayal should we take her up on her offer. What do you say?"
Bunga Kurniawan | James Porter


Bunga waited in that seat for what felt like hours. She watched the hour clock tick by, patiently waiting for James to come back, she herself wondered what kept James so occupied for so long? And eventually got tired of the whole waiting game and rose from her seat, walking around the hospital to find the British person. Honestly, just what is keeping him for so long? Is his discussion with that French woman warrant such an extended leave? Leaving me for nothing? Wait... is he in love with her? Are they potentially discussing about topics of romance and of relationships? Hmm, only one way to find out now.

Bunga wandered the halls of the hospital. Trying to find a way out and hopefully meet James. The layout of the hospital still confuses the woman, a maze of white interiors and white halls. And Bunga, with all her colourful clothing, not really fitting in with the somber mood of the hospital. She has to find James or else she'll go insane from the monotony of the building.

And fortunately she did escape. Finding a convenient exit that lets her get out of the hospital, she wandered around, her face souring at the lack of a James Porter in her vicinity, and she finally, finally, after an hour of so of waiting, and almost half an hour of searching. Finally found James. Enjoying a cup of coffee, the French woman not a sight to be seen. The woman furrowed her brow, puffed up her cheeks, and sat right in front of James. Her face expressing disappointment towards him.

"Is this how you treat your women James?" Bunga said, rather angry at being forgotten by the British Polymath. "You found another woman you like and you buzzed off? Leaving the woman you came here with to exhaustively search for you? Hmph! At least you can tell the nurse at the hospital that you'll be leaving or something. I have to spend a long time waiting right next to Nazca's ward waiting for you, only for you to not come. Just... what are you talking about with that woman that warrants such an extended leave? Is it love? Or some forbidden topic between you two that I'm not aware of?"

@Martian@King Cosmos

Madeleine has seen how investigations like this can be... complicated by the fact that people can have familial relationships with the suspect, but then again, this is quite the special case on her hand. Morgana has a... very frayed relationship with her family, with she herself not really liking the traditional way the Faith family has conducted themselves, and vice versa for the matron of the Faith family as well. She knew what she must do, and she can practically guess the outcome at this point.

The OMR has a special case when it comes to situations such as this, a simple piece of paper that she must write as a field agent in order to ensure the investigation's effectiveness, and run it up with the regional head of the OMR in the country. She knew the head personally, and she knows that he will most likely approve it.

She just needed to run Morgana to it.

"Alright, so Morgana, here's the deal. There's a lil piece of paper that you needed signing, to keep things short? I'll explain why you won't be an interference for the investigation, list the various reasons why you wouldn't, which should be pretty easy, and I'll run it with the OMR head in Germany. The guy who, conveniently enough, works at the Frankfurt office. So uhh, yeah? I hope you've seen him or something. Guy's very famous in legend so he tries to keep a low profile while working. Knowing him, he'll most likely approve of your continued presence in Amanda's investigation. That ok with you?"

"Also, one final thing. I can get that piece of paper anytime, but I have to run it to both of you. Do you want to go to England, hunt this wolf, or to the lodge first? I personally prefer hunting this Corn Wolf spirit, we need to put him back to the spirit world where he belongs. I've seen spirits enter the modern world, and if they're not adjusted well enough. It could be... ugly, to say the least."


The gunmen were apparently as deadly as what their outfits make out. As soon as the two persons were downed, and after the initial chaos following Scarlet's attack. The killteam quickly regrouped and started spraying about concentrated fire onto the target, wendigo included. The sounds of chaos quickly reigned over the forest, as bullets whizzed all over the place. The intense firefight between Scarlet and her team, and the killteam sent to kill Amanda and her group quickly drowning out whatever sounds of wildlife is present in the forest.

And it seems that the killteam was about to win to. They are well trained, exercised good small squad tactics, and quickly started to make work on Scarlet's veritable arsenal of weapons. The chances where Scarlet can return fire became fewer and fewer, forcing the homunculi to take cover more often in fear of her life, while the Wendigo, Manobozho and Whiskeyjack, all wearing the face of various horrors, was quickly drowned out in the fighting. The white knuckled fear the operatives felt when seeing these spirits quickly drowned by adrenalin and the bullets whizzing from Scarlet.

It seems hopeless for the trio, their killers are closing in, Scarlet's pinned down, Micheal can only do close range combat, and Faye is knocked out. But it was then that the veritable cavalry arrived. A gigantic axe crashed onto one of the killers' heads. Slicing it in two and spraying blood all over the forest, while the rest of the killteam was quickly dispatched by focused fire coming from their behind.

"Scarlet, Mikey!" Amanda screamed. "Get going! I've got the car parked near the gas station. Don't you dare leave Faye behind too!!" She continued spraying bullets and grabbing the gigantic axe that flew back to her left hand. The operatives quickly switched tactics, pulling back while taking potshots at the Android, But she was built different, and the various bullets these operatives pumped out bounced off of Amanda's alloy skin, while the bullets she brought with her sliced through the operatives like nothing.

Soon enough, the group regrouped at the car. An old, but definitely not slow BMW. Amanda wore her seatbelts while the axe collapsed into it's compact form. The android tossing the axe into the shotgun seat like some common refuse, tact and gracefulness is not in high demand right now.

And like a bat out of hell, she took off, not a care in the world for whatever happened to the operatives left in the forest. "We should be within the office in 10 minutes. Scarlet, I need you to watch our backsides for a little bit ok. It's very likely these guys have other cars that'll chase after us. Pump lead on their asses alright?"

And sure enough, Amanda's predictions came true. She saw on her rear mirror three large black SUV's closing in on her. No doubt carrying malicious intent, she can just hope that Scarlet and that mysterious pocket dimension in a bag of hers have enough weapons to pump enough lead to blow up all those darn cars to high heaven. It's the only thing she can count on right now.
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