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Current I wonder what the forum's musical preferences are.
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I wonder what future Animes I should watch, been stuck in an Isekai slump right now. No idea what else I want to watch besides Tensura and Shield Hero once that comes out.
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I really want to be able to travel again real bad. I love visiting North America again.
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Altera Dance best dance.

A 20-something year old from somewhere in the Eurasian continent. Love roleplaying, but with a preference for Fantasy mixed with Sci-Fi or a more modern setting. I'm a bit of a picky roleplayer, although I won't necessarily shy away from a good roleplaying premise should it presents itself to me.

Feel free to DM me in site and in discord if you're interested in adding me to an RP. Right now I need more role plays in my life, not less.

J'ai parle Français aussi, et il y a un autre langue qu'il n'est pas indiquer, primairement en risqué de mon identité.

Adore, Adore, Adore chantre Français et Japonais. Anglais aussi.

What about your music tastes?

Alright, enough French.

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Yoshina is not sure about the situation currently encapsulating her entire experience, Shina mentioned something about a Kaldous? And then a Thousand Year Old Woods? And then she heard the Elf talking about the Woods being Wild Elf territory. And the apparent willingness of these Wild Elves to turn the adventuring party into a pin cushion by the looks of it.

A most interesting dilemma of a situation, that's for sure.

The Sangakuan Princess closed her eyes, surely there must be some way to resolve this situation peacefully. Of course, trespassing into the territory of a people hostile to you doesn't seem good, but then again...

Yeah, that can work, potentially, although I'm not really sure if we graft ourselves elf ears into our bodies, unless...

"Hey, Mr Rudolf isn't it?" She asked. "Do you know of an illusion spell that can give us the appearance of a Wild Elf? Assuming we have to go into the Woods in order to find this dangerous mage, perhaps disguising ourselves as one of them would be the most preferable option we have right now. I don't look forward to engaging an entire nation on my own."

"Besides, don't we have other ways to get to our destination besides the woods? Perhaps a longer more scenic route? I don't mind dispatching the occasional bandit now and again, and that seems preferable to trying our luck inside this supposed Thousand Year Old Woods."


Amanda could feel her confidence rising as agent Rubashka introduced herself. "Well, let's get to work shall we?" Just as the Sasquatch was walking right out of the forest and conversing with Micheal, while Scarlet was visibly startled by such a sight. Amanda was in this field of work for long enough that such a sight no longer fazed her. "Oh! A sasquatch. I haven't seen those things for quite a long time, it's fun trying to wrestle them whenever they feel like they wanna play. You get thrown around a lot and in the end, you'd probably made a new friend out of a giant. Fun times, fun times..."

"Anyway, I think we can get to work now since Rubashka's here. Can you join Faye and Ullross... wait, no, you are capable of defusing traps right?" She asked the woman, "I think that helping Morgana and Xaviron would work best for you, go meet up with them on that house over there, they probably need your help in disarming potential land mines and other wire traps and what have you in that house. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some work to do."

She promptly left the Homonculus to work together with the Scientist and Field Agent, the Android returning to the Native American shaman. The sudden call for her help heightened her senses and she quickly ran towards the Shaman. "What's up? You said you need combat help? Is there someone there that might be a threat?"

Combat is nothing new to her. Considering her build quality and experience, whoever's behind that door probably wouldn't hold up a candle to her fighting abilities, but the situation here is not exactly ideal. Her trusty axe is left on the car, and the only weapons she has on her is her body, and the two concealed guns on her forearms, and she doesn't want to use them on whoever that thread is, unless if it's some greater demon or something.

"I can beat up whoever's inside that building if I have to, just tell me what's up Micheal." She inquired, her fists already balling up, ready for a fight.


Yoshina was surprised that the battle ended quickly after that. There wasn't any protracted combat, no-one was seriously injured, and the bandits rapidly dispersed after their collective show of force, perhaps a win-win if there ever was one. "That ended... rather fast for my tastes." Yoshina commented on the battle. "I usually expected a more protracted combat, but I guess the bandits wanted to keep their heads on their bodies this time around."

The group then quickly approached the inn Shina mentioned about, and Yoshina was immediately drawn to it's bizzare architectural style, the buildings back in her native land of Sangaku looked so... typical compared to the ones showcased here. "It almost feels like it is a building designed by a child." She commented almost instinctively, then proceeded to correct her sentence. "I don't mean to insult, that is suppose to be a compliment, it just looks so different to the buildings I'm used to during my journeys."

She tied her horse to a nearby stand and walked towards the building, grabbing some dried fish and chewing on it on the way towards the receptionist, she could only observe the interactions between the firetail and the innkeeper, and bowed when this Bethamir person looked at her. "Hajimemashite, I am Princess Yoshina Shizue of Sangaku. I am here in accompany of this firetail woman, and we are searching for a missing person named Guan. I must reiterate the Blacksmith's question and ask if you've seen him anywhere here?"

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Yoshina's combat reflexes activated when she heard the whistling of arrows heading straight to the group. Quickly bringing her trusty steed into a nearby tree. A slight smile crept up from her face. The Princess dressed in a maid outfit knew that this would be her time to shine, a chance for battle in this new land, she knows that she is an ambassador of peace, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't like combat completely.

She wouldn't be a commander if she disliked combat in the first place.

Unfurling the cloth covering her Naginata. She crouched a bit, intent on examing her weapon first, the bladed edge of the weapon has not gone dull at all, fully reflective of her face, good, that's very much necessary considering the current situation. But then, she thought for a moment, would it be apt to use that enchantment here? Perhaps not, the Bandits doesn't seem to be particularly threatening or that well armed.

She noticed the bandit creeping up to her from the bushes, pretending to not notice. She let the bandit crept up until the last second, where she twirled her Polearm, stabbing the man in the neck straight through. A simple trick of the hands and wrists she learned while training, always gets an unsuspecting aggressor quickly whenever she doesn't want to fight protractedly.

Standing up from her crouch, she walked calmly towards the site of combat, looking really out of place with her maid outfit, unsurprisingly drawing the attention of practically every bandit not preoccupied with Thaddeus, Shina, or the dragon. Swarms of men came to her at once. With the Sangakuan princess seemingly not caring despite the severity of the situation.

"Move 1, Great Sweeping Broom."

Her legs tightened, putting her into an immediate combat position. She then swung her Naginata around her, the timing of her strikes hit the first person closest to striking her, decapitating him, and then dismembering the one next to him, and then the other, and then the other.

It all happened in a flash, the Sangakuan Princess's moves was fast, almost like a lightning strike for anyone seeing her moves. She stood alone in a pile of dismembered and decapitated bandits, in one second, she looked like she was in danger, and quickly after that, she stood triumphant.

That didn't stop the remaining bandits from congregating onto her however. A veritable horde of them appeared in front of her. She counted 5, add 2 archers with crossbows already firing their bolts, combat reflexes made her dodge the crossbow bolts easily, and, seemingly distracted. One bandit moves in with a sweeping strike from her sword. Her sword carrying arm was cut off in a quick motion from Yoshina, quickly followed with a stab in the bandits' neck afterwards.

Leaving the female bandit to choke on her own blood, she walked at a leisurely pace, countering the moves from the bandits like water flowing down a river. Her strikes was fast and powerful, but never preemptive. A veritable ballerina on a battlefield so to speak. Graceful and Calm, yet ferocious whenever someone tries his/her luck with the fire of Sangaku herself.

Soon, the bandits quickly figured out what she's doing, and tried picking her off by signalling the crossbowmen to shoot her from the top of the trees. That proved to be their undoing since the Sangakuan Princess replied by leaping into their positions and slashing them one by one.

She dropped down, the bodies of the dead crossbowmen falling off of trees like a rainfall of blood. Somehow never hitting her dress. "Listen, you can try your luck and die here, or you can screw off and don't bother us ever again." She told the remaining bandits trying to attack her. The group, seemingly reticent of her advice, with the fallen comrades behind her being more than enough motivation, quickly ran away.

She smiled, that was a good end to that group, and she quickly surveiled the rest. "Anyone here need help or something?" The Princess asked, her normal demeanor quickly returning quickly despite the actions that she has taken.


Yoshina pondered at the Firetail's question. A bit perplexed. "Well, I'm not sure. I think the closest think I've been to an adventurer's journey was during our southern expedition. That's the closest I've been to doing something like this. It is a unique military campaign to say the least of it. So many stuff I had to do with my party, so many nonsense, and I love every second of it."

The Princess in the maid uniform looks like she was stuck in a dream remembering that campaign. It is the closest thing she managed to get to experiencing the stories of great adventurers of ages past. The challenges she has to face with the multiple tribal leaders and Daimyos with competing interests, the near death experience that was the battle of the Palm Islands, and of course, the sweet victory at the very end. "Let's just say that I learned a lot of things about myself during those six months. Like how I absolutely don't like the saltiness of the ocean."

"But, now that I think about it. I don't think i've been on adventures like these before frequently. Marching with an army is half being an administrator and half being a warrior. It's more of a dedicated job position than being some adventurer and touring the many sites of the land."

"Oh, right! Shina, how close are we to the last location the guy we're looking for vanished? I'm kinda twitching to get my hands dirty. Haven't used my Naginata for a close while since I've reached this country." She asked the Firetail, surely she must've known how close the group is. Yoshina reasoned, a bit naively, but nonetheless hoping for the best.


Amanda was just about to leave for the other house, it honestly would've been a short trip and she could've returned to the group should something happened. But she then received a transmission, straight from the Frankfurt office, about the impending arrival of a contractor. "Huh, contractor? Well, better than nothing I guess. Yo Crane, can you wait here, I've just got a message about a new agent, well, contractor really, coming here. Just stay near the house and try to find something interesting if you want to, as long as you leave me with some stuff to investigate, I'll be fine."

She quickly paced back towards the rental car where the contractor was located. Anxious in what manner she wants to introduce herself to the new girl. Hmm, I wonder how will she be, is she more aggressive? Passive? How will she work with the current agents assigned to me? So many unanswered questions that needs to be resolved, and I still haven't gotten her biographical info from Hamburg, still interested though.

She was about to introduce herself when Scarlet already did it first. And then asked the million dollar question Amanda kinda expected. Of freaking course she would ask me if I'm a robot or not.

"Yes, I am." Amanda replied in her noticeable American accent. "I live near DC and was assigned to this case. First time in Europe actually, nice to meet you." The robot outstretched her hand.
Alright, so, since there are several members leaving. I'm reopening this Interest Check thread in case anyone wants to pitch in. It's still open people!

Amanda was not optimistic at her current situation. She's got a house ridden with traps and no visible way to disarm them outside of manually going in and making sure it's defused. Not a proposition she likes anytime soon.

But then she heard about Micheal's proposal, and her interest was piqued. "A control room? Alright, I don't think there is anything we can do here other than find that supposedly missing control room, but assuming we don't find it, or it doesn't exist in the first place. We have to go in manually and disarm each traps individually. Xaviron? Morgana?" She asked the Elf agent and the Scientist. "Do you have experience disarming traps manually? I know it's a bit of a stretch for your skillset, but I think that you two should try and disarm these traps manually, I myself and Micheal here will look around and see the outside of the house. While Faye and Ross will be on lookout, this is a house with traps, and we don't know if the owners of this place will be happy with OMR agents snooping around."

She turned towards Micheal. "Alright. So let me see what's outside the house." She said, looking around and meandering through the house's grounds, noticing nothing, but nonetheless seeing an oddity. She quickly returned to Micheal, presenting her findings. "Alright, so there's nothing out of the ordinary here, just some mines in the backyard and trees, but I do notice that this house is only paired with that house on the left side." She pointed towards the other house. "And for 500 yards there's nothing but fields and trees. Should we take a look at what that other house has to offer?"

She's really hoping that her intuition would prove correct again, that the 2nd house here has something worthy of investigation (hopefully with a control room present). It's going to be a pain in the ass seeing Morgana and Xaviron try to jig out bomb defusal on the fly, and possibly having to activate her energy shields every 5 minutes or so.

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Yoshina smiled at the Firetail's response. "Great! I'll be sure to bring my horse then, I'm sure everyone will like what dried fish and rice crackers will taste like." She finished, quickly running towards her horse and untying him from the tree. "Daijobu daijobu." She comforted the stallion. Seemingly agitated at his master's new appearance. "We're just going to be going on a short adventure okay? Nothing out of the ordinary, you've carried me throughout battles before, this will just be a walk in the park."

Some stroking of the horse's mane and carresses later, and Yoshina was already on top of the horse, her covered Naginata on her back and nodded at Shina's instructions. "10 miles south, sooo roughly 3 Ri or less..." She mumbled. "Should be doable in a brisk walk, especially for a force this small. Let's go then!"

Yoshina feels excited. This is probably the first time she's ever gone on adventure in this westerly place, everyone can feel her excitement as she paces the fastest out of the group, constantly motioning everyone to keep up with her as her enthusiasm visibly made her faster in her journey. Yoshina also kept her Naginata under her cloth wrapping, making sure no one sees what her polearm looks like, she didn't mention anything, but one can feel a visible aura of unease just thinking about asking her about her weapon. Still, one soul might or might not be brave enough to ask the Sangakuan Princess about her weapon.

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Amanda was busy talking with the police chief when she heard the entire team coming in, Dura and Astfridur included. She heard a litany fo questions from multiple agents, and decided that the time is right to answer all of them.

"All right, settle down, settle down." Amanda motioned the group. "Yes, we are currently going to the second site now, but unfortunately, agents Dura Mor and Astfridur Runmaheim will be going to America for the moment. I've already arranged for transportation to Frankfurt airport using that Elven chaffeur, but yeah. Say your goodbyes, and once you're finished. I'll answer your questions afterwards."

She then hugged both Dura and Astfridur, waving them goodbye before turning towards the rest of the group. Firstly answering Ross's question.

"Yep." Amanda promptly replied to Ross. "I think that we can go now. I've just talked to the Police Chief about the whole thing. And he told me that he's going to clean up and hand it over to the Municipal government once all is clear. Just electronically submitted a report while talking to him as well, so no need for paperwork on your side once we leave here."

Amanda then turns towards Avi. "Hey! Good to see you back, was wondering where you were all this time, but yeah, pretty sure everyone's prepared." She said, looking at the rest of the group and only nodding. "Let's just leave this place and go to the place mentioned by the manifest."


The ride was uneventful, Amanda looking more interested in the views of the German countryside than she was driving. Much to the concern and worry of the crew. Thankfully for them she was an Android, and her computational abilities already makes up for the very concerning. They thankfully reached the compound though.

And it's a total mess.

"Jezz, just what are they thinking?" Amanda thought, opening the door to the house before her reflexes quickly registered what was happening and she grabbed a flown arrow bolt right on time. She was startled, but her shock quickly turned into disappointment as she looked at the team, and her eyes switched to her scanning mode. "Okay, this is a hot mess." She mentioned. "Land-mines, bobby trapped crossbows and guns, grenade traps, trap doors leading to metal spikes. It seems like someone has something to hide here."

I detected three rooms, each of them incredibly protected, you guys have any ideas on how we should disable these? I am not walking there myself and getting purposefully shot again by the way." She finished, visibly concerned with the entire situation. "If those rooms at the top of this two story house is that heavily bobby trapped, then that means they're guarding something damn valuable. Hence my initial apprehension."

"I did mention that gangers are working with this criminal syndicate right? Not surprised by the weapons at all. That Crossbow's must be damn expensive. Look at that thing, carbon fiber frame and composite materials all around. Must cost a little fortune getting this thing set up like that."
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