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Current Is there an RPGuild light mode?
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I wonder what the forum's musical preferences are.
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I wonder what future Animes I should watch, been stuck in an Isekai slump right now. No idea what else I want to watch besides Tensura and Shield Hero once that comes out.
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I really want to be able to travel again real bad. I love visiting North America again.
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Altera Dance best dance.

A 20-something year old from somewhere in the Eurasian continent. Love roleplaying, but with a preference for Fantasy mixed with Sci-Fi or a more modern setting. I'm a bit of a picky roleplayer, although I won't necessarily shy away from a good roleplaying premise should it presents itself to me.

Feel free to DM me in site and in discord if you're interested in adding me to an RP. Right now I need more role plays in my life, not less.

J'ai parle Français aussi, et il y a un autre langue qu'il n'est pas indiquer, primairement en risqué de mon identité.

Adore, Adore, Adore chantre Français et Japonais. Anglais aussi.

What about your music tastes?

Alright, enough French.

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Amanda saw everything happening as if she’s been there for years, madam Alexeya’s sudden appearance, the blocking of the Titan attack via that black shield, the reveal that she’s the Baba Yaga, and then the opening that everyone had been silently hoping but not expecting. Amanda knew she had to do something once Baba Yaga gave everyone the opportunity, she was ready to take her shot from her arm cannon before Scarlet beat her to the punch in firing the 50 cal from the distance.

A part of her is happy that she has such a great friend that she can depend on, but a part of her is also jealous at the thought that Scarlet might land the killing blow and not her. And she’s not going to let that stand personally.

She won’t stop the bullet from hitting its trajectory, that’s just silly and will probably get the whole team killed, but she’s gonna fire a bullet aimed for the Titan’s neck, a sort of insurance shot in case Scarlet’s shot didn’t manage to kill the beast.

The 5.56 fired from her arm guns does not have the stopping power as Scarlet’s 50 cal fired from her rifle, but it does have enough of a stopping power to bleed the Titan to death with the opening Baba Yaga provided to her.

And sure enough, as soon as she fired that bullet, it seemed as though both rounds landed the killing blow to the Titan. Nobody knows which bullet killed who, but if the giant isn’t killed by Scarlet’s bullet going for the chest, the bullet fired from Amanda’s gun will surely ensure the Titan’s death.

And the Titan did die, and Amanda could only breathe a sigh of relief as the giant eventually fell to the ground. She knew that the team had taken a good beating, and she, out of all people, know very well that the rest of the day should be spent on rest and relaxation, they’ve earned it after all the mess they’d endured right now.

Walking downstairs, Amanda spotted the rest of the group, and proceeded to hug everyone personally for what they did today. “Good job… everyone.” The android declared, the system errors she had after the bout against that Titan definitely impacted her ability to speak. “I’ll need to… contact the Android… production… fa-fa facility to send in a… c-c-care package, the fight against the Titan definitely did some… d-d-d-damage to my systems. We’ll take the rest of the day off… okay?”

She didn’t even bother to hear from the rest of the team as she went back to the car, the rest of the team already following her. Just as she was starting to the car, however, the Slavic deity quickly walked towards the driver’s seat and leaned in on the door. Her face telling Amanda all she needed to know. “Hey Amanda. I just wanna say that. I really like how you handle the team you have here. It seems that you are keeping the team energetic and ready for their jobs, something I honestly struggle with whenever I get paired up. Just get to the office and get that care package sent from America okay? I’ll take care of things personally from here.” Baba Yaga then proceeded to give Amanda a thumbs up, a move she responded in kind as she proceeded to drive back to the office, the rest of the team either in the car with her or following her to the Minsk office. Their jobs are pretty much done at this point.

Madeleine did heed Morgana’s warnings, as she nearly tripped into a curse well concealed by the dirt around it. It would’ve given her a nasty lifesucking force that she does not want in her right now. “Hey Morgana, can you dispel this lil curse right here?” The demoness asked before she avoided a bullet and fired back, killing another cultist assaulting her.

Things have been going well, the cultist attacking her first has given her a solid reason to engage back, but… honestly. Things have been going too well that she’s getting an uncomfortable feeling something’s off. The fire support given by Xaviron and the advice Morgana has given her is paying off dividends, she would’ve been shot in the back by a cultist weren’t it for Xaviron being a quick draw and firing his pistol at the assailant on her back, and Morgans’s advice on curses is really helping her avoid the ones that can give her a bad case of dying.

But still, things have been going too easy, where’s the challenge? Where’s the cult that released a roggenwolf into the living world like it’s nobody’s business? Where is the cult that consulted with Morgana’s coven? Where is it?

And just as she opened yet another door into another building in the compound, probably the third one she’s opened, did her worst fears did come true. “Shit!” Madeleine quickly said as she closed to door afterwards. Busy casting a sealing spell before the door (and the entire building for that matter), the creature that bursted from the other side of the door is a metallic golem, definitely a more modern creation considering the alloys used as the base for the golem. The demoness’ forehead began to sweat a little as she realized that the Witches coven might be giving more knowledge than she anticipated.

“Hey… uhhh, Morgana?” Madeleine asked, discarding her rifle and unsheathing her Zwehainder. Barely avoiding a downward punch from the golem. “Any tips on defeating this hulking monstrosity of a golem? This is something I definitely didn’t expect your coven would teach.”

The demoness avoided yet another hit from the golem before she went on the offensive, striking her flaming Zweihander towards the calves of the creature. Only to hear a twang sound as the sword barely scratch the surface of the damn thing. “Motherfu-” Madeleine exclaimed as the golem’s leg moved, kicking the demoness and sending her flying into another wooden building.

She might need some… assistance if she were to succeed in defeating this thing.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the team, their arrival and firefight into the Apartment complex was accompanied by a certain nurse from the Minsk office. She is very attentive in making sure that the team doesn't notice she's there, an element of knife and dagger in her work which could be seen as unnecessary, but Alexeya likes to have just an extra element of pizzaz in her work, a sort of... artistic flair considering who she really is. And she hopes that her effort will pay off when she makes her dramatic entrance when the team needs her the most, and when that thing finally makes its entrance.

Yes, it's an it, only merely an object, no longer a sentient being. Mr. X has done a marvelous job with whoever is the victim of that scientific project. The fact that Philadelphia didn't notice it until it's too late...

No use in crying over spilled milk. She has a job to do, and Philly will issue in some new directives once this whole ordeal is over anyway. So no need to fret, she has a recommendation letter to write to the director herself once this whole mess is over.

And speaking of messes...

The second Faye stopped paying attention at the creature to check on Scarlet and Micheal was the moment the creature directed it's attention to Faye. Distracted, dazed and weakened by the eldritch magic emanating from the creature, she wasn't able to even react in time as Amanda warned her about the titan, being able only to raise her hands as a reaction to the oncoming blow.

She knew she needed to act, NOW.

The moment the creature was about to land it's blow onto Faye. A black wall suddenly appeared from the ground, shielding the British woman from being red-paste by the Titan's hands. The blow landed fruitlessly on the black wall, and just as the creature was about to analyze the sudden barrier appearing out of nowhere, a blast of dark magic threw the creature away, the Titan eventually hitting a wall and feeling dazed for a little bit.

The dark wall disappeared, and a blast of dark energy emanated from beside Faye, revealing Alexeya in her true form. "Sorry for the late arrival Miss Faye." She turned her body and bowed to the Fairie woman. "Alexeya Yagayevich, or perhaps I should use my true name. Baba Yaga, at your service." Bowing her head and flaring her hand in greetings. "I was personally curious about this little... excursion your group's been doing. Investigating Mr. X's whereabouts yes?"

The Titan, enraged at the denied kill, proceeded to charge at the black-haired woman after getting his bearings straight. Only to meet with a wall of wooden thorns that pierced the Titan from all directions, and immobilized the Titan for the moment. "That wall of thorns won't hold for long everyone!" She addressed the group. "But the Titan should be weakened enough that if everyone pitches in, we could defeat it."

Candra was surprised to hear what she was hearing when the band started playing. It admittedly sounded a bit… generic to her ears, nothing too groundbreaking in her experience, but the melody felt nice, and the passion exuded by the singers felt genuine and real. It’s like listening to someone’s first-ever band performance, like in those American movies she watched back in her Uni days. “So the stereotypes in those Hollywood movies aren’t really false are they?” She asked herself as she listened to the band performing.

If one is observant enough, one can see that Candra is tapping her fingers to the beat of the song, a clear indication that she’s enjoying the festivities shown in front of her. “I wonder what kind of song this little band would perform once this one’s finished.” She talked to herself. “Perhaps something original? Or maybe a cover from another band?”

Is this what her other family’s been enjoying after they settled here? Is this how their children and grandchildren enjoy themselves? Something to think about at the very least. “This band sounds nice!” Candra said to Reya. “Have they been performing for years? It feels as if they’ve been performing for a long time.”


Amanda was not feeling so well after the short fight, the punches the titan threw at her were not exactly bearable, as her systems blared warnings left and right. She’s built like a tank, and she knows it, so to have someone like that have so much magical energy it can bring errors into her internal systems is something to have a note about.

She’s thankful for all the help she received as the rest of the team slowly rained fire at the thing, she has no idea what to do if she were to fight this thing alone. She’s also formulating a plan from Faye’s suggestion. It sounds pretty good, but she’s unsure about making such a request during a firefight. That concern, however, was slightly put to rest as Scarlett shot at the Titan with 50 caliber rounds, nowhere near enough to down it, but enough of an effort to make sure Amanda could safely retreat back to the 2nd floor, staggering her way as she climbed the stairs. Hopefully, she can call in the facility and bring in spare parts once this is over. Oh, golly does she need spare parts after the blows she received.

“Micheal, whatever you do. I suggest you do it quickly, I’m currently making a request to the office for an emergency compound to restrain this thing. Hopefully, they’ll respond quickly and give me the-”

She didn’t manage to finish her sentence as a blast of eldritch energy tore through the walls she was staggering through and almost killed her outright. It was only a split-second reaction from Amanda that saved her from being completely destroyed. The worst thing she experienced was a singe on the edge of her fingertips. “Motherfucker can fire shots too?!?” She complained, now getting incredibly desperate as the titan started looking for more targets to shoot its eldritch beam at.

It was at that point that Amanda realized Faye was still in the courtyard, busy fighting the beast as the TItan’s attention was focused on a retreating Amanda, but now, her eyes started turning, rearing their sights on the British woman. “Fuck! Faye, get out of there now!!!”

It was an act of desperation. But the android noticed some windows with a clear view of the courtyard, She broke it, and promptly threw her axe at the Titan. “Micheal! Do whatever it is you’re gonna do to the Titan now!”

But it could be too late. The titan was ready to swing its fists towards Faye, and Amanda hoped that her thrown axe would travel fast enough to impale itself to the Titan. Hopefully bringing some time for Faye to escape, however thin that hope might be.

@Martian@King Cosmos

Madeleine only nodded to Morgana’s suggestions, although keeping the magic as generic as possible would be a little tricky. Sure her gun shoots pure bolts of mana, but her sword is a typical fire sword, a very powerful fire-imbued sword, but still just an elementally charged sword at the end of the day, she would need to be careful in how she would proceed with this if the situation turned south, which it would most likely happen. “I’ll try to use the gun as frequently as possible, my sword is pretty obviously imbued with fire magic so a counterspell just because of my sword would be a bit of an issue wouldn’t it?”

“Just prepare an invisibility spell or something, both of you. I’ll do the hard work in case things go south.” Madeleine further commanded, promptly walking towards the cultist compound with Morgana and Xaviron tailing the demoness.

As she reached the compound though, a weird feeling came across her, like a sort of internal red flag that allowed her to see where things might be going, and she had multiple red flags flaring up on her mind right now.

The compound’s seemingly empty, there’s no one to greet her, and there’s no activity within the compound at all. Almost like it’s deserted… but that wouldn’t be possible. If they are moving then the team would be notified of movement, and there’s no notification in the last 5 hours indicating such a thing.

“Hmmmmmm. Strange.” The demon said, before the shield spell she cast on herself just before the fight activated, and it’s not even on something small. She noticed that someone cast a life-draining curse and if it weren’t for her shield, her life force would be sapped until she killed the spellcaster. A spellcaster she noted hiding in the window on the wooden cabin on the left side of the lodge. And a spellcaster that got shot in the head as Madeleine aimed her gun true and fired a magical bolt.

“Well, Morgana. Seems like your English witches did teach them curses after all.” Madeleine commented, slowly moving into the compound and shooting mages that tried to curse her left and right.

Candra was relieved that she was not expelled from the group at least, and both Reya and Talie were pretty accommodating to the new arrival, She's also interested in the coming rock group's festival as well. She doesn't mention it frequently, but she was a bit of a rocker girl when she was in her teenage years, punk rock was a bit of a big thing back when she was busy studying for her finals and hoping to get a scholarship for her University. Literally everyone was sporting long hairstyles and teachers would often get mad whenever the boys started idealizing the American artists whose musical lyrics didn't suit the typical classroom environment they were striving for.

Ah, those good old days. But her reverie was quickly interrupted when Reya asked the woman a question.

"Did you just move here?"

"Well, kinda sorta. I'm a property developer you see, busy scouting out locations in the US to expand my company's portfolio. Really nothing special." She replied. Hopefully freeing Reya from sensing her other motives, even though she hasn't had much luck finding her family so far.

"So this... Vermillion Ablaze band. What kind of music do they play?" Candra asked Reya, curious as to the band itself. "I don't look like it, but I love rock music. When I was a teen rock music was the jam I play all day long on the radio, really annoyed my parents for a while haha!"

But her questioning was cut short when Talie handed Candra her business card.

"My card, if I can help let me know"

Candra haven't told her anything regarding her other family, so she was a bit confused when Talie offered her help and handed over her business card. The Indonesian woman looked for a bit before putting it in her breast pocket. "Thank you for your offer Talie. Although I'm not sure what kind of help you might think I need. Have we talked before?" Candra asked, looking a bit confused. "Sorry if that came off as crass, but I nonetheless appreciate your offer to help me acclimatize into the town."

The Indonesian woman thanked her for accepting the donation. "Just make sure to Email me the record of my transaction. I heard the IRS are pretty strict when it comes to donations like these." She said, bidding her goodbye and giving her a business card with her email on it. "I expect an email by tomorrow, and if that won't work, then I'll just arrive at the city hall and ask for the record myself. Thank you for your time."

And as efficiently and rapidly as she approached the woman, she disengaged and bid her goodbyes. "Well, that's taken care of." She said to herself, "Let's see what else I should do right now... This town seems pretty lively with this event going on, and I wouldn't like to make myself seem too aloof right now, so how about I just... approach someone and ask around? Not the first time I've done something like this, and probably won't be the last." She has done networking and socializing events like these so frequently it has become 2nd nature to her, even though she hated interacting with people she doesn't have a prior relationship with, it is admittedly a fact of life for a businesswoman like her at this point.

And in the admittedly awkward way Candra herself knows, she awkwardly shimmies into the table between Reya and Talie, awkwardly introducing herself in the best way she knows how. "Uhh, hello there!" She opens up. "Is this table open? I'm kinda new in town and I'm still adjusting my bearings a little bit. I'm Candrawati, but you can just call me Candra for short." The woman then outstretched her hand, a clear gesture in an effort to open herself up to the two women. "I heard there's a concert thing going on right? What band's playing right now?"

The woman hoped that her first impression was good enough, and it didn't scare away the two women into thinking she was just some freak or something. She's not from this town, heck, she's not from the country they live in, and the one thing she knows about America is that every region has a slightly different way of doing things, and she hopes that she absorbs enough knowledge about Sanctuary to not seem like an ass to everyone in this town. It would significantly complicate things if she did, especially her little mission of hers she's undertaking.

A black Alfa Romeo pulled into the parking lot near the festival site, the presence of the car making it stand out among the other, lesser vehicles the Italian car lorded over. The engine was killed off for the moment, and the door opened, revealing a woman wearing a black suit with blue outlines inside her suit. Her eyes darted around the festival site like a hawk, like a predator searching the forest above for her next prey, she didn't say much, looking around before pulling out her phone and nodding her head. "This seems like the correct location, although I wonder if I arrive too late." She pondered. "No matter, hopefully, the family should be here, this seems like a significant festival for a town this size."

The woman then walked into the festival, with all the grace and poise expected from the CEO of a large company, she always hated the fact that the new trend for CEOs is to look like the everyday person, it feels hypocritical to her to see someone dress so down to earth, yet treat their coworkers and employees like trash, might as well dress the part and treat their workers justly and rightfully. She can already see the stares, and she'll admit, she does look like someone from the high rises of New York or some well-off aristocrat strolling through some humble festival, but she's on a mission, and she will not stop until she sees it be completed.

She eyed the festival and quickly approached a brunette woman, a cursory look at American public records revealing that she is the secretary to the mayor, approaching her, the woman put her hands on the side of her chest and bowed. "Hello. Are you perhaps the secretary to the mayor?" She asked. "I would like to make a donation of some $ 1,500 dollars to the charity auction, I understand that the auction is over, but if you would be so kind as to accept this little donation, I would be eternally grateful."
Alright, I'll get a CS up and try to read up to this point.
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