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I wonder what future Animes I should watch, been stuck in an Isekai slump right now. No idea what else I want to watch besides Tensura and Shield Hero once that comes out.
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I really want to be able to travel again real bad. I love visiting North America again.
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If you can read that. Then as long as I have time. I'm happy to Roleplay with you. I'm okay with my French, but don't expect a Masters Thesis level of French from me.

I'm also cool with Roleplaying in English though!

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The events of Friday still haven't left her mind. Busy as she was driving her bike through the busy streets of the Megacity. The Spire Geonet AI malfunctioning? Just what happened during that fateful night? Was there some sort of covert infiltration by some terrorist group that got covered up? Wouldn't be the first time she heard of it, but unless they are fanatical Luddites or something of that nature, it wouldn't make sense for them to attack the Spire so brazenly. Was it some technical inspection gone wrong? Something else? Perhaps the actual story held some water? Questions and questions raced through her mind as her red bike weaved through traffic. The woman wearing a red jacket and black miniskirt, along with a very long backpack carrying some unknown object.

It wasn't the first time for the co-CEO of Stalwart Defense and Security, Mingfan Purnama, to drive outside the Spire, and it wouldn't be the last. The black-haired woman, comparatively unknown in the business world especially compared to her public-facing older sister, relishes in her relative anonymity. It allows her a certain degree of flexibility that her sister doesn't have, while Xiang Min does make a lot of money doing interviews and making public comments that garner interest in the Megacorp. She was responsible for the day-to-day administration, ensuring operations were smooth, requests were fulfilled, and fees were paid on time. Although occasionally she does delegate some responsibility to her sister. Both women are equally capable in administration within Megacorp. They have formed quite a power couple, the sisters leveraging each other's strengths to make sure Stalwart is profitable and continuing their family's legacy.

But enough of her own specialties. It was that degree of flexibility that allowed her to drive out of the Spire and into Metro Street. And into a certain garage that she frequented often. How she discovered this garage is honestly quite hilarious. She was driving home one night when her bike blew a tire during the journey, and she entered the garage asking for someone to do some repairs to the tire. Not only did they manage to repair the tire, but the equipment she saw within the garage really impressed her, the bike fanatic that she was. And honestly, the more she frequented the shop, the more impressed she was with the quality of work they did for her bike. It's like the owner of the shop is some sort of mechanical magician, able to see the problems or any potential problems she had with her bike and service it promptly.

And all of that for a good price as well, very reasonable prices that would make her ancestors proud. And soon enough, the highly modified red bike she was driving arrived at The Iron Technica. The garage where all her dreams would be realized, at least on the automotive aspect that is. The woman removed her helmet and made sure to pull a hoodie up her face, she made sure that the owner of The Iron Technica didn't truly know who she was, and she used an alias on top of that to make her as anonymous as possible. "Alright, let's get this show going. I have a small project planned for her, let's see if she can take care of what I have for this bike." She said, knocking on the garage door. "Hey Alese! It's me, Minny! Can you service my bike right now? I need to get my usual quarterly check and I also have some modifications in mind!"

The Android could only watch as the two witches engaged in a duel for the fate of their family. A litany of spells, counterspells, and curses whizzed around, the Android too ignorant of the Magical World to ever notice the nuances of the spells being cast about by both Morgana and her mother. It truly was a spectacular sight, and she knew that both witches were extremely talented individuals, but to see a witch’s duel with her own two eyes was something she didn’t think she’d see in her lifetime.

As much as she knew the direness of the situation, and the need to get out of her bonds. The Android was nonetheless quite… thankful that she managed to see such an event occur, considering the stakes of this fight though, the Android has made it a priority to get out of her bonds and help Morgana all the best she can. If only there was a way to get the gag out of her mouth. Then she could help Morgana, or at least give her some encouragement as she would try to free herself from the Metal Tubes they’d stuck her into.

Gods not having the ability to call for reinforcements sucks…

She could only watch as the witches duel the hell out of each other. Morgana and her mother slinging spells like it was nothing. She could also see the strategy Morgana and Angelica were playing around, like a chess game where one wrong move could result in your immediate death. It is fascinating, and Amanda could do nothing but watch. Or so she thinks.

The gag on her mouth is shut tight, but… perhaps not as tight as she’d expected, there is some wiggle room, and if she could move the gag just a little bit, just try to have her mouth open for a little bit, then she could probably do something, at the very least, annoy the ever living hell out of Angelica, and perhaps give Morgana the opening she needed to win the duel.

It will be deliberate, and it will be slow. But hopefully she could get the gag free and do at least something…

The ride back to her house was relatively uneventful. The streets were significantly more lively with the temporary shutdown of the Geonet system and the MCPD out in full force trying to keep order. But that doesn't matter for Xiang Min right now, the MCPD has their job to do, and Xiang Min has done hers for the day, and she wants to return to her home and relax. Her house is her fortress, and her villa, a place where she can unwind even more, reveal her true colours, and do damn near anything she wants. Especially when Mingfan isn't around to mess up her vibe.

The car entered into her Apartment Complex's garage. A seemingly ordinary one within the confines of the Spire. Luxurious, spacious, and a bit tacky all things considered. But she entered a closed garage, the two cameras on top of the moving gate scanning the car and the faces of the passengers before a green light burst into life, and the garage doors opened. Revealing a mechanical structure that seems to fit her cars' dimensions into it. "Don't open the doors Julia. We're not in my house yet." Xiang Min said. Driving the car into the confines of the unusual garage, with the garage doors closing afterward. Both women then felt a sudden feeling of being pushed downwards. As the mechanism turned out to be a car elevator. Seemingly bringing Xiang Min's car straight to the roof of the building. Where they are greeted with a small driveway into what seems like a wall. The blonde haired CEO drove the car into the garage, which opened seemingly in recognition of her presence, and she parked the car amid the myriad vehicles of various shapes and sizes inside it. "Welcome to the Purnama estate!" She turned to face Julia. Turning her car off and then exited the vehicle. Ushering Julia to follow her. "My ancestors bought this estate all those years ago when we were evacuating from the country formerly known as Indonesia, VIP tickets and all. Been our family's home ever since."

The woman then walked into the door. The system scanned her irises and then the palm of her hand. "Xiang Min Purnama." She said to the speaker, "With 1 guest too. Register her as a permanent guest for the house as well, let's not shoot this lovely lady here to bits okay?" The computer that operated the system seemingly understood the nuances Xiang Min told it and opened the door. Revealing an immaculate garden with various robots tending to it. "This is the Western Garden section of the house. It may not look like it, but I've added a bunch of turrets in hidden locations for extra security. It's also a great way to unwind as you walk back into the house. Neat ain't it?"

Passing through what appears to be a wall ripped off from some old European castle. The scenery changed into a much smaller, Japanese-style garden, with the house where she lives in front of it. "And there it is." She said. Looking at the modern-styled house. "Home sweet home!" She walked towards the house, minding not to step on the patterned small stones and looking at the large stones that serve as a walkway. "In case you're wondering Julia, I've thought about damn near everything in this house. Emergency services have a nice wide ramp where they can access the house in case of emergencies, and most of the time they fly in with helicopters or hoverjets if they need to meet me at my own home anyway. Some with firefighters really if things are really bad. The AI in the house is trained to recognize law enforcement, EMT and Medical, as well as firefighters, and will give them full access to the house the moment they recognize the uniform they're wearing, or cross-reference the Geonet database if they're wearing plain clothes. The turrets and other defensive systems which I won't tell you will pretty much tear apart anyone short of an entire division's worth of mercenaries into smithereens, and the house has a full HVAC system with localized modification. So that myself and my sister don't have to fight over what temperature the house should be in the winter/ summer. She always prefers it to be much colder than what it should be, ugh."

"Oh, and I only have 1 rule in this house." She said, before proceeding to take off her shoes and put them into the shoe rack nearby. "Do take off your shoes before you enter my home. I hate it when someone wears shoes, along with whatever random stuff they picked up from the Megacity in their soles walking around my house. It's disgusting and I don't like it."

"Your guestroom is there by the way." She pointed toward a room beside the kitchen. "You'll find it filled with all the clothes you can wear, as well as a full-on bathroom with whatever a woman needs to clean herself. I'm off to bed now Julia. G'night! And don't kill me while I'm asleep or this house will turn into a deathtrap for you!" She jokingly said. Leaving Julia to her own devices as she retired into her room.

Xiang Min was busy comforting Julia when both Chandi and Alese arrived at the scene. But her eyes immediately noticed them whenever she shifted her eyes towards the larger club. She is not a person to go to a place like this, but it doesn't take a genius to know that a local hangout for heirs might be a good place to discuss stuff not commonly talked about in boardrooms. And speaking of talking to important people. "Well, would you look at that..." Xiang Min mused, her voice barely audible as she sees the Heiress of CybertronRX and a blonde-haired companion of hers, perhaps a girlfriend or some mistress of Chandi's, arrived at the club and seemingly order a ludicrous amount of alcohol to fill up their system. She's not necessarily surprised by this. It is a Friday after all, and people like to go a bit wilder than most at the start of the weekend.

"Hey. Julia." She motioned to the former ganger "I'd like to talk to you further. But I noticed a bunch of people that I need to talk some short business with. Would you like to be my temporary bodyguard for the day? I'd pay you 1000 Credits right now, as long as you keep your mouth shut about tonight's events and protect me in the unlikely scenario some rival is out to get me in Vivian's out of all places." Not waiting for an answer from Julia. She ordered a bottle of Riesling Wine and a bunch of glasses. "If you follow me. I will assume that you've accepted the offer." She finally said to Julia, before grabbing the set and making way toward Chandi and Alese.

"The Wine's on me." Xiang Min said to Chandi and Alese, putting the bottle down and smiling at the both of them. "My name's Xiang Min. Is this a bad time to talk about some light business? I'm sure the future heir of CybertronRX would have no problem talking to a humble SDS representative such as myself." She said, sitting opposite to where the duo sat.

Truthfully. Xiang Min is quite interested in the young Heir. She has made quite a name for herself. Painting a media image of a Sophisticated, well-to-do woman who only knows the finer things in life. Quite the opposite compared to the image the media has painted of her. A much more ruthless, ambitious corporate climber that has no fucks to give after her family tragedy, she is seeing whether SDS could entrust CybertronRX with their more... sensitive Cybernetic equipment for testing or if she has to maintain a dedicated Cybernetics testing division within the company.

Hey... a leaner company is sometimes a meaner company after all. And the scientists now out of their typical duties could be redirected for... other uses, much more... specific R&D projects that Xiang Min has in mind for them.

As soon as the Black Maria and his goons left the place. Xiang Min immediately went into the bar and sat right next to Julia. Her eyes still examining potential threats as the CEO tried her best to make sure her erstwhile gray-haired partner did not feel too rattled by the taunting and veiled threats she received from the Mafioso. "Uhh, can I have one mangonada here, please?" She asked the bartender, who quickly concocted the drink as a blonde woman pat Julia on the back, making sure that everything would be okay. "Hey, hey!" She ushered Julia. "You're gonna be alright, okay? I may only know you for a day, but I don't let people that I take an interest in be intimidated like that."

It seems that the bar quickly returned to its normal tempo once the Don left, and the cheery atmosphere returned rapidly enough. Xiang Min could only breathe a sigh as she didn't need to call in her private detail and Mingfan to make sure things stayed under control, "I have a Mangonada ordered for you, I've heard that it could make even the most foulest of days brighten up with how tropical this thing tastes. It's on my tab, you seem to need it more than I do." She commented as the bartender slid the cocktail to Julia's table.

She considered asking if Julia was truly E-Street or not. She is 99% sure that she is but ultimately decided not to pursue the matter further. Better let bygones be bygones for today and enjoy the rest of the day.

Both women were enjoying the sights and sounds of the bar, with Xiang Min quite surprised when Julia said that this was the exact spot she liked hanging out back in the day. "Well, that sounds highly convenient." She responded when Julia mentioned that. The woman could only smile though, as her day was slowly getting better and better, She met someone who could match her in fights, someone who seemed to vibrate on the same wavelength as her, and someone that she just found pleasant to hang out with. Barring her sister of course. She had half a mind to make her a job offer right on the spot, but she was a bit curious about her past, what she went into, and how she ended up here, so she decided to delay that thing just a bit longer to see where Julia might take her.

Then she talked about her past, and Xiang Min did not expect what she was saying, as she talked about the incident, and just a little bit of her past, how she took the fall of a lot of things and got eventually imprisoned. Xiang Min's brain worked once more, her face was contemplative when she heard the little details of Julia's story she was willing to divulge, and thought about her as a potential addition to SDS. But, unfortunately, her thoughts are interrupted by two developments, firstly by the Robot bartender bringing both her and Julia their desired drinks, and secondly by an unexpected order of red wine that arrived shortly after the drinks they ordered, her head swiveled as she saw a man wearing a fur coat, and with visible signs of aging. Nothing too unusual for her, sometimes there are old and creepy men that think she's just some escort looking for work. Creeps.

But her face turned when she saw Julia's face change into a look of dread, concerning, but simultaneously piquing her interest. She studied the man further, and her eyes widened as she saw a connection forming. That man is Black Maria, most likely a Don too judging by how nonchalantly he's going by the day himself. She doesn't need to be a genius to see that Julia is visibly afraid of him, and her mind slowly turns again. Is she? She's E-Street? Xiang Min thought, the only person that would either be visibly afraid or enraged by a Black Maria are either E-Street members, people that have been wronged by them in the past, and people who've been on the receiving end of the Black Maria's rage tend to not live for long, their bodies disappearing as frequently as the Sun over this damned city.

"Hey? Julia, are you okay?" Xiang Min asked. "We can get a private room if you are feeling not well." She offered. The no. 1 Rule when dealing with strangers, is not to make them feel uncomfortable, she learned that from his parents whenever they entertain guests on formal occasions. And this fits the bill.

She didn’t know what happened. It all happened so fast, and she didn’t expect the witches to move with such speed and precision. It’s like the matron mother of the Faith family decided that their presence is such a threat that they need to be silenced immediately. At one moment, they were just checking out the entrance of the faith manor, examining the defenses, magical and otherwise, and devising a plan, the next moment. They were knocked out by some sort of spell that was cast at all 4 members of the party, and all she could see was darkness.

She woke up, her mind still woozy at the sudden knock-out spell she was subjected to, she tried to move her arm to at least acknowledge that her motor functions were working, but… strangely, her hands couldn’t move, quickly roused from her grogginess, Amanda realized that she is trapped. “Oh… damn.” She said. Looking at some of her restraints. She noticed that she was wearing a collar, a collar that prevented her from communicating with other Androids for help, and, adding to her problems. Her limbs are also stretched out, spread eagle style, and restrained by 4 massive metal tubes. Try as she might, she could not break her arm free from the restraints. “Well, this is annoying.” She quipped, looking for other people who might be able to help her, but only meeting fellow restrained OMR agents the further she looked.

The first person she looked at was Faye, and she was in a similar predicament. A collar that was inhibiting her magical abilities was in place, while she was wrapped in manacles and chains all around her. She also looked at the composition of the metal itself. The collar on her might inhibit communication, but it doesn’t inhibit her from going into her internal database and analyzing what is in front of her, and she was surprised. “Low radiation steel huh…” Amanda posited. It does make sense, low background radiation steel has… well, low background radiation, and is comparatively ‘cooler’ compared to the metals used in most stuff nowadays, a consequence of the nuclear age perhaps. “Hey, Faye! Are you okay?” Amanda asked. “Just hold tight ok? I’m trying to devise a-”

Her sentence was cut short when she saw Mikey in a similar predicament. The man himself is tied down with magically enhanced weights, making any effort from the Shaman essentially futile, she also saw the three gods restrained heavily as well, and only a glancing look from her is enough to confirm that even his accompanying deities would not be getting out of those cages by themselves. “Fuck. Seems like we’re well and truly stuck huh?” She said to herself. “Wait… where’s Morgana?”

It didn’t take long for the Android as all of a sudden, all of their cages, seemingly hanging in the air, were all lowered, giving everyone a good look at the circular room they were all in, and a still unconscious Morgana Faith being prone in the center of it. “Morgana! Hey, Morgana!” Amanda tried calling out, but before she could get any sort of response. A bunch of witches suddenly materialized within the chairs and tables that surround the circular stage, seemingly like an audience for a play or something, the elevated seating also adds to the mood. “Uhh, can someone tell me what the hell is going on here?”

All of a sudden, a gag appeared on Amanda’s mouth, silencing the Android to ineffective mewls and grunts. She was first shocked but then frustrated by the inability to speak her words effectively. Never thought that I would see my mouth be gagged. She thought, now reduced to only looking as an older-looking woman strode towards the center of the circle. The older woman gives Amanda a very stern look once she determines Morgana’s condition. “I do not need some upstart, some thinking mechanical abomination created from the depths of the OMR to ask me any question.” She addressed her. “Nor do I appreciate the OMR using its heretical magicks and technology to create an aberration of the natural world such as yours… Amanda.” She can see the bile coming out from her mouth as she mentioned her name. Wait, how does she know my name in the first place? Something that I need to snoop on once we’re out of this mess.

“Wake up, daughter.” The woman then said towards the sleeping Morgana. “You and I have unfinished business, and I will not let a Faith family member be sleeping in the trial hall like so. Her loudness eventually awakened the sleeping witch. Such lack of discipline from the daughter of the great Angelica Faith, perhaps the OMR has softened your resolve yes? Mingling with all these heretical texts and whatever it is they call ‘doctrine’ over there?” She scoffed.

“I will admit. I half expected you to not come, perhaps I set the standard a bit too low now that we are here, but regardless. Considering that we are in the Trial Hall. You know what’s to come yes?” She asked Morgana, knowing how many times she had toured her daughter in these very halls.

Xiang Min was waiting in her car at the front entrance of Julia's apartment. Both the CEO and former E Street gangster agreed after their shower that both of them were going together to Vivian's to hang out. She wasn't sure why Julia called it the Black Cat, but a quick database search from Xiang Min's phone revealed the ancient name of the bar before it was renamed to Vivian's. "Huh, so this person is... quite a bit older than me." Xiang Min posited. "Must already be doing some stuff while I was still a kid. And considering how scarred her body is, probably someone that has done a lot of side business before ending up here."

Xiang Min's mind is slowly turning. Should she make a job offer to Julia? Assuming she even accepts, her upcoming ventures would need someone who knows this city inside and out, someone with as much experience as her could be a massive asset for SDS should she start making moves against anyone who dares defy her dreams. She is an old woman in a profession where people tend to die young, and that is not someone who's to be underestimated. She can easily see Julia being a fearful enemy should any of her rivals get a hold of her, and killing someone who just got into the spire, someone who just has a taste of the good life... She won't lie that it's sometimes necessary, but it will break her heart. Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted when someone knocked on her car's door, startling the blonde-haired woman. "Gah! Oh. It's just you." Xiang Min said. Opening the door of her car to let Julia in. "Alright, all dressed up? We'll just go to the bar then, alright?"

She hit the gas pedal on her car. And the custom-made engine of her vehicle cranked to life, whirling out a rumbling sound that even shocked Xiang Min. This particular car of hers was designed specifically so that the Biofuel engine it has in its hood would mimic the sound of American racing cars of the late 20th century, and by the heavens above it sounds beastly. "Sorry for the sound Julia." She said, rather startled by the sound. Even though she has had this car for two years at this point. "I kinda sorta made this car myself. Engine sound and all."

In truth, as Xiang Min drove the vehicle through the tight streets of the Spire, easily getting some interested looks from onlookers. The car she's driving is the only car she made almost from scratch. She had to get the steel frame made by another company, the engine pretty much custom-made, and all the bits of pieces within the vehicle (including the electronics and weaponry) had to be made specifically to fit the chassis of the vehicle. It took quite a bit of convincing, and not a small amount of bribery, to get this car street legal for the streets of Megacity-01. And considering the small fortune she expended making this car, she might as well use this vehicle for its intended purpose. A one-of-a-kind vehicle befitting a CEO of her reputation.

Sometimes, making a statement is not necessarily about getting the best dress, or having the biggest bank account. Just having a unique vehicle that defines your identity can send a better message than a million credits worth of stock options.

Soon enough, she parked her car in a small parking lot beside Vivian's. And both women got out and walked to the bar. The bouncer, all 145 kilograms of muscle, and mostly rebuffing people who tried to enter the bar, quickly mellowed out when he saw Xiang Min and Julia enter his view. Welcoming her and her friend to the establishment.

"C'mon, let's go to my usual spot." She says, inviting her to a set of rather comfy-looking sofas before she slumps into one of them. Sighing in comfort at the soft material hugging her. "I always loved this place's sofas. No idea how they make these things so soft and so comfortable." She said, just in time for a robot bartender to visit the duo, wondering what they would like to order. "A cold, sweet tea please, but please. Keep the sugar levels pretty low. I've just finished working out and gaining weight is the last priority on my list right now."

With her order placed. The blonde-haired CEO looked at Julia, her inquisitive eyes trained as Julia ordered something as well. "So. What's your story? I don't see a lot of people from outside the Spire move here. Not gonna judge you or spill your secrets or anything like that. I will confidently say that my lips are sealed. Unless you plan on killing my family that is." She half-jokingly said. "No, but seriously, I am fascinated, it's not every day I get to meet someone that can fight that I have to immediately kill."

Xiang Min smiled at Julia's proposition. She was quite tired, but the short talk with her indicated that this is someone that she needed to keep tabs on. Moving into the Spire? Not a lot of people could do that, the money and connections alone she would have is going to be substantial. If she would prove an enemy to her plans, then she has to plan something to make her as insignificant as possible, or possibly... well. She doesn't like it, but it's not like she hasn't done it before in her lifetime. Sometimes people need a push in the right direction after all.

"Yeah! I can do that. Although both my arms are robotic now, so uhh... probably get something that trains the biceps more than anything." She responded. Finishing the weightlifting routine with Julia and going quickly to the dumbbells. Both women quickly showed their musculature as both Xiang Min and Julia lifted these dumbells and flexed their biceps and triceps for all the gym to see. "Ugh...rraaaahhh!!" Xiang Min cried as she finally finished her reps for the day. "Sorry about that. I have a particularly intense fight with that punching bag over there, was already feeling tired but eh, might as well hear your story out for a little bit."

"And as for your question." Xiang Min responded to Julia's inquiry. "I kinda have to. Wasn't originally this buff initially. In fact, I didn't know much about fighting at all, not until I was 21 at least. But... well, circumstances are the mother of all necessities, and I kinda have to learn it myself. Have fought people that would really like to have me bleed out in the street or captured for... their own designs I guess. I swear, the corporate environment can be just as deadly as the streets outside the Spire sometimes..." She sighed. despondently at that thought. "I still remember that first taste of combat, the ambush on 72nd Street. Was damn near panicking at one point."

A short burst of memories flooded Xiang Min's mind. The acrid smoke, the screaming, bullets streaming about. She had just gotten her augmented arms at that point, and it was equal parts luck and skill that saved the day before SDS forces arrived to help her and the remaining survivors. "Don't know about you, but you never forget the feeling of your first firefight, and the first time you killed someone. I'm pretty sure someone with your... history knows quite a bit about that. I never got used to it myself though."

"Aaaanyway." She finished her reps. Putting the dumbells back in its place. "You seem like someone I'd like to know more. Wanna go hang out a little bit more after we hit the showers? I know a place called Vivian's. Good bar, good drinks, and even better food. Pretty sure someone that just moved to this district would enjoy it." Xiang Min may not realize it. But she has just been working out for well over 2 hours at this point. The physical exertion of her limbs and torso really did make her perception of time a bit... wobbly.

Gosh, she hoped Mingfan wouldn't worry too much, she knew that her sister would be fine most of the time, and with a potential friend to take care of, she decided that her co-CEO could work more hours right now. Besides, should there be an emergency, Mingfan always has her sister on Speed dial, so she's not overly concerned about the situation right now.
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