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> Cooking some pork roast, pressure cooker literally explodes, wrecking 60% of my kitchen, but what made me really mad is the fact that i wont be able to eat the food i was carefully making...
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I wonder why i'm so attracted to insane, psychopath and cruel characters and why i find it very easy to write and interpretate one....


"Humanity takes great pride in three things. Their willpower, their greed and their mortality.

Their will and endless greed allows them to grow and accend past other creatures
But thir mortality denies them divinity

It's a delightful purgatory between Beeing Fallen and being Divine"

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Freyr had woken up early, as usual. He didn't expect to see Bast awake, but strangely enough, he was already up. The man was simply too strange. He was the last one to go to bed and the first one to wake up. Not even Freyr sensed his presence when he came to the room last night... Leaving that aside, it was a new day, and just like the others, new requests on the board.

After handing over his earnings from the last mission with a quick explanation that he had no use to human money, he went to look at the board.
This time though, the request that drew his attention wasn't something related to forests or anything like that, but the poet's request. Freyr had never talked to a human poet before. Even though he had some... particular opinions about humans, he was still curious about them. Not every single one of them were bad. Sure, most of them were, but poets and musicians always were fascinated by the magic of the forests and the Vieras who lived in harmony with it.

"Mr. Bartholomew, I would like to have the opportunity to talk with a poet." Freyr said, after finishing eating the rest of his breakfast.

"I must say I'm curious about poetry. We Vieras have songs, poems and stories too, but they're very different from human's." Freyr said, after reading the request at the board.

"James Saint..." Freyr repeated the name he read on the board.


Bast Ragoczy

Bast was the first one to wake up. Even earlier than Freyr. He wouldn't say he was that satisfied in having to share a room, but it was necessary...

Even though he was already up, Bast was one of the last ones to go to the request board. He had taken quite the time to eat his breakfast. Just a cup of tea and a toast, but Bast ate them very slowly, relaxing. Maybe he was just taking his time, maybe he didn't want to have to go to the board with everyone else, maybe he just wanted some time to be alone...

After finally showing up and reading the requests, a smile appeared on his face when he read the one about Lady Natasha...

"Ah! This one is quite interesting! Two noble houses clashing with each other... Politics, veiled threats, money... It's always so thrilling to see it happen..." Bast said to himself after he read it.

"Bartholomew, my dear friend! If you don't mind, I guess I'm going to take care of this one. After all, I am rather experienced with such things..." Bast said, with a chuckle.


One Night in Hell Club, right outside the building.

Day 1 (Arc 2): 11am to 12pm


There wasn't really much signs that the club was open. Other than Corinna herself, there were only a handful of people outside. It was early after all... Corinna knew that, but she wasn't the type of woman who would be satisfied with sleeping all day long...

“Well we’re open now. And if you’re interested, I can help you skip the line for sure.” a man said to her as he walked towards the front door. He wasn't wearing anything that striking or even showy... In fact, his clothes were very simple, but by his smile certainly was very charming.

Even though Corinna was used in always having whatever she wanted, not even herself would expect that it would be that quick. Maybe it was indeed the right decision to wear something a bit more... striking on that day.

"So charming! Waiting outside would really kill the mood... I would love if you could do that for me." Corinna said, delicately raising her hand, in a gesture for him to take her inside and carefully watching his expression as she did that. Her hands were completely uncovered, as she wasn't wearing gloves that day.

"I know its a bit too early, but I just can't stand staying at home doing nothing at all... I'm so glad you can help me with my boredom!" Corinna said, with a kind smile.

But before she could do anything else, or even the man could answer her, a familiar chuckle interrupted them, coming from behind her.

“Aren’t you going to be in hot water with the owner for already being late? Then again, you don’t strike me as the type to mind it. Especially for a pretty woman.” the voice said, coming from seemingly nowhere.

She had already heard that voice before, but where...?

After a few seconds, the owner of the voice finally revealed itself, materializing amongst the crowd. It was the woman she met on that irritating alchemist's shop, Mrs. Quarin.

But unlike the other time, she was wearing something much more beautiful and alluring. Her clothes almost... invited others to gaze at her body, to appreciate her curves. To top it off, it wasn't only her outfit, but her movements, the mischief on her eyes, her smirk when she noticed others looking at her, her confidence... She was almost an entirely different person than the last time they met each other.

“A very pretty dress, Ms. the vibe is so different from what I first type saw you in.” she said to Corinna.

"I'm surprised to see you again, Mrs. Quarin!" Corinna said, looking to her.

"A woman has to show herself a bit now and then, right?" Corinna said, smiling and winking to her with a mischievous expression and a cute giggle, covering her mouth with her hands and her sharp fingers.

"Although... I do think darker colors fit me a bit better..." Corinna said, putting her hand on her hips, immediately drawing a lot of stares as her dress shown her leg up to her thigh.

"And what about you, Mrs. Quarin? Do you work here or maybe... you are just looking to have a bit of fun?" Corinna asked, with a mischievous grin.

Lily Quarin did say that her dress had a completely different vibe from the one she first saw Corinna, but she would never had expected that her claim was so correct. It wasn't only her dress. If she paid enough attention on Corinna's words, on the way she was moving and talking, she would perceive that it was almost like Corinna had... adjusted her personality to match the location she was right now. She was much more daring, confident, uninhibited... There was still the formal and noble tone on her voice and words, but she was much more direct...

Those subtle changes on Corinna's personality were very impactful. Especially to someone who had already met her before, such as Lily Quarin.
Seeing Corinna' changing her entire ego like only raised more questions. Those changes were subtle enough to still show some key, remarkable aspects of her personality, but impactful enough to make her look almost a different person.


The trip back to the guild was peaceful. As they walked back, the setting sun dyed the landscape with a beautiful orange coloration, gracing them with a stunning scenery. Neil's happy song was also an interesting addition to the trip. Freyr didn't knew much about human music, but that one indeed had quite the lively and jolly feel to it.

By the nightfall, Freyr and Neil finally arrived on the guild, but what greeted them wasn't the old ruins that they saw when they left for the mission... Instead it was almost like an entirely different building. Not only repaired, but improved as well. The new structure had a solid foundation and was reinforced with stone and metal. It was unlikely to encounter any problems for a very long time.

"This is quite... something." Freyr said, impressed, as he looked at the new guild. It was a big and imposing structure. It surely feels a lot more like the headquarters for a 'guild' than before.

Inside, the viera and the boy were greeted by a big banquet, maybe to celebrate the new, improved guild. Together with many already known faces, a few new ones stood out from the crowd. It sure was lively there. Before he could say anything, Neil announced their arrival, happily commenting about the banquet. That was quite nice, because Freyr was still feeling a bit strange, so with that, he simply nodded to them, in a discreet greeting. He had decided to leave the talking to Neil and Bartholomew, who was the first to greet them, followed shortly by Magnus and Eilidh, the centauress from the other day, who amicably waved at them just as they got in.

Freyr wasn't really paying much attention to what Neil was talking, but Bartholomew's next question made Neil feel a bit uncomfortable. He had asked about what happened.

"It was... strange. I'll-I'll let Freyr talk about it since I'm not sure if he wants to talk about it." Neil said, looking towards Freyr.

"It..." Freyr started to say, shaking his head a little bit. He needed to eat and drink something, to take out the drug from his body...

"It wasn't pleasant... Hallucinogenic drugs... The apothecary's drugs had an... unpredictable effect on demi-humans... I don't think he understood the risks he put himself into... I could have reacted... well.... differently..." Freyr said, with a mix of anger and annoyance on his voice.

"Gladly, that wasn't the case, and he is safe... But I'm still feeling very strange... I need to drink and eat something to take out the drug from my body..." Freyr said, sitting down on the table near them.

"I'm sorry, I know we have new faces. I know I'm being a bit rude... I promise I'll introduce myself in a few minutes. I'm just feeling awfull... It was a very... very strong drug. Especially to me, due to my enhanced senses..." Freyr said, lowering his head a bit as he took a small piece of meat, taking very small bites from it.


Bast Ragoczy

The banquet was quite lively. It sure was a good way to celebrate the new building, and the new members were quite interesting as well. But Bartholomew's words took Bast's attention from the new faces for a brief second.

"Although I'm kind of worried at the last part. Are you saying you would pack up and leave once things get boring for you?" Bartholomew said.

"Oh~ Don't worry, my dear friend! I'm sure that won't happen. You have quite the... talent... to attract all kinds of interesting people and situations. The best parts have yet to come." Bast said, laughing as he remembered what happened earlier that day.

Turning back his attention to the lovely, noble looking lady in front of him, he quietly heard her answer to his honeyed words.

"You flatter me, but I am but a humble servant of my Church, which I have found myself the sole member of, and have decided to pledge to this Guild, for I have realized that this is the side of Grace and Good." she said with a very ladylike bow and after approving the drink he gave her.

When she mentioned the word 'church', Bast's disappointment was very visible on his eyes, but when she continued to speak, his eyes started shining with that same mischievous glow, together with an amused smile.

It was true that he didn't like religious people that much, but that woman was different... She was changing sides... That meant she had an open head, and her ideals differed from those from her previous church... The Order... It could be very interesting to decipher that woman's reasons for doing so, and maybe even trying to steer her away from her previous religion, towards the path that Bast himself was walking.

"That is quite interesting, my dear! I'm quite glad that you did so!" Bast said, with an amused expression and a smile.

"The Order surely isn't the place for such a delicate and refined lady such as you! You would do much better in a palace! Or maybe... Even in a library, studying the mysteries of this world? Magic, science, technology..." Bast said, raising an eyebrow as he said the last part, laughing.

"Anyways, What were your reasons to do so? I'm sorry if I sound a bit rude but... I find it really hard to see someone as you together with The Order... Quite the... brutish lot, if you ask me..." Bast said, trying his best to not sound overly hostile to her previous order.

Just as he finished talking to her, Eilidh spoke, thanking Bast for the drink.
"Of course it is! It is one of my favorite ones!" Bast said, winking to her, with a mischievous smile.

"I would love to hear a bit more about you as well, my dear!" Bast said, extending his hand to her in a gesture to call her closer to him and Rebecca.

"This banquet couldn't be more entertaining! Having the company of so many interesting guests... Especially a delicate and refined lady and a strong and beautiful amazon!" Bast said, laughing, carefully studying their reaction to that little jest.

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Freyr was still dizzy from the hallucination, but that Darren guy was simply too crazy... Freyr listened, incredulous as the man said that he should work more on his medicine, without even considering the risks that Freyr had just told him about.

"Wai-" Freyr tried to say, but Darren had already ran inside the apothecary...

"Ah jeez, it's those kind of drugs. Never thought I'd see them here." Freyr heard Neil's voice after Darren went away.
Wait... 'those kind of drugs'? What did he mean by that?

"Neil, what do you mean by 'those kind of drugs'?" Freyr asked, looking at him curiously.

"I can only imagine that the medicine that Darren guy was making could be incredibly dangerous..."
Freyr said, still a little bit annoyed about what happened.

"Let's go to the guild... I just want to rest a bit... I'm still a little bit dizzy from that thing..." Freyr said to Neil after he asked if he would like to eat something.

"When we get there I'll eat a little bit..." Freyr said, obviously still recovering himself from that... 'experience'.


Bast Ragoczy

It was somewhat... interesting to see what the guild had turned itself into. Bast would never have imagined that those ruins that he saw would become as they are right now. And it wasn't only the building, Bartholomew seemed to have an... interesting talent to find very peculiar people. Bast was indeed having a great deal of fun observing them.

Bast quietly heard as the big minotaur spoke about his day. He was quite the character. Even with his towering and strong physique, he was incredibly shy. It was very interesting to watch him as he struggled in any social situation. It was almost comical, the contrast between his physique and his shy behavior. Bast himself had to struggle to keep his composure when one of the new arrivals scolded him for his partially nude chest.

The gorgeous woman that scolded Magnus had not only the appearance, but the air of a noblewoman as well. Delicate, beautiful, kind... she not only looked but acted just like a saint. It was quite... interesting. Bast had a special interest for those type of women. They might look boring on the surface, but they were much more interesting once you knew them better. Repressed desires, feelings, secrets... It was very enjoyable.

Only when Bast thought things couldn't get even more interesting, a new voice interrupted the conversation, trying to help Magnus in quite the interesting way. Her choice of words surely were... exotic.
The owner of such an adorable, childlike voice was Luci Fallure, a female little Baphomet, as adorable and sweet as her voice was. Her childlike behavior only contributed to the innocent looks of the girl.

"Oh my, Bartholomew! You have quite the talent to attract so many... interesting guests!" Bast said, after being silent for a while, inspecting every new face around.

"Let me introduce myself then. I'm Bast. Bast Ragoczy."
Bast said, turning towards the new arrivals and doing a flourished bow.

"It's a pleasure to meet so many new faces!" he said, with a mysterious smile.

"So interesting! I'm afraid I am not satisfied with only watching such interesting guests arrive!" Bast said, getting up and getting the ridiculously old bottle of wine he brought earlier and pouring two glasses of wine.

"Miss Eilidh, I promised you that you were going to be the first one to taste it, didn't I?" Bast said, with a gentle smile, handing the first glass of wine to her.
"Enjoy it to your heart's content. It is from my special reserve. I'm sure you will like it." He continued, gently wrapping her hands around his, making her hold the glass of wine.

"And this one... This one is for you, my dear." Bast said, turning back to the woman that was scolding Magnus a while earlier.
"I must say, not only your appearance, but your voice and your manners are fitting for a princess, or even a queen! I thought it would be only natural for you to be treated as one." He said, with a discreet smile to her, gently grabbing her hands and making her hold the glass of wine.

"Please, take a little sip! I'm sure it will please your refined tastes! After all, it is one of my favorites." He said.

After pouring a glass to himself, Bast looked to Bartholomew, before taking the cup to his lips.
"I'm most certainly surprised to see how much the guild has grown in such a short span of time. I would like to congratulate you, Mr. Bartholomew. Congratulate you and thank you for ending my boredom!" Bast said, laughing as he took a sip of the glass of wine on his hand.

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Location: Forest, Kindred territory.

Naaji woke up in a very, very strange location. Filled with strange people, the hall was filled with strange music and vibrant colors. Immediately standing up and looking around, to his dismay, he realized that there was a muzzle on his face and his ankles were chained to the ground. Naaji tried to roar, hiss, pull at the chains... He tried everything he could with no success. How had that happened? His memories from before he woke up were hazy... It almost seemed like the majority of the things that happened were somehow... overwritten by that strange dream he had... something about a task... the fate of the world & etc. He didn't really understand that, but... as crazy as it sounded, it seemed to be important.

The only thing he remembers a weird man holding something, getting close to the cage they were. His memory was fuzzy, and it was somewhat hard to remember, but he remembered a few things... Anger... The strange man opening the cage door... He trying to jump on the man and being sent flying back with a strange power...

But there was one thing that was very clear on Naaji's mind. Taiah's kind words and her promise. She was there for him even when he was almost giving up... He remembers promising her that he would protect her... and yet... he failed...

"Taiah..." Naaji repeated her name...
"Taiah?" Naaji called her name, looking around, desperately trying to find her. After a few seconds, he found her, laying down unconscious on the other side of the throne, chained and muzzled just like him.

Naaji could feel his blood boiling, rage and anger filling his being.
Two humans were nearby them. A tall one and a woman wearing a strange dress...

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HER?!" Naaji yelled, trying to jump and bite them, being thrown to the ground again due to the chains.

"Why have you done this to us?" Naaji asked, still looking towards the woman and the tall man with a stare filled with rage.

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Aisha Najm

Location: Heketah’s Castle Hyall-Terreille

Mikahiel was kind enough to make a dress for her, even going as far as to accepting her request to make it exactly the way she wanted, just like those she used to wear when she was still a teenager. It was a really beautiful dress, made with the finest silk they could find. Courtesy of the queen, of course. It was indeed a beautiful dress.

A delicate, light, violet veil covered her mouth, decorated with small golden coins on its border, making an almost perfect contrast with her blonde, almost silver hair and sun kissed skin. Made of a very delicate silk, with a vibrant red color, her top exposed part of her shoulders and showed a somewhat generous amount of skin on her belly. Its sleeves started from her biceps, going down to her wrists. Normally, her sleeves would be completely loose, but she strapped it with a new set of chains she bought in a jewelry, giving her top an entire new charm. This intricate set of silver chains ran across her arms almost like a spiral web, ending in a simple ring on her middle finger.

From her waist downward, a beautiful skirt, with its color matching her veil, only a bit lighter and made of the same light, delicate silk covered her hind legs going all the way to her ankles. Decorated with small, thin golden lines forming a discreet, but beautiful pattern on the very beginning of the skirt and on its end.
Due to her being a centaur, the waist part had to be modified a little bit, and so, the skirt was longer near her hind legs, becoming much shorter, only enough to cover her side, along the body and being a longer on her hind legs. Along her back and the side of her body, a simple, thin golden chain decorated with small golden coins ran through her sides, making a discreet, but rather pleasant sound every time she moved.

Looking at her dress a bit better, it really reminded her the dress her mother used to wear on the celebrations they went with the other centaurs, back when she was still a child. They were nostalgic, but pleasant thoughts. She couldn't say she wasn't nervous after she saw the queen. She was really imposing. Beautiful, but imposing. It was... strange. Her blue, skintight dress and her appearance were really delicate, but the way she moved, the way she talked all passed an imposing feeling. Maybe it was the two tigers near her throne, or maybe it was the beautiful unicorn horn and the jewelry she wore... Or it could be even all that, carefully organized so it would make the queen look really well that night. Aisha couldn't really tell. To her, it was everything so... different, so luxurious and strange she felt a bit uncomfortable being there.

The queen's voice as she greeted her guests interrupted Aisha's thoughts, making her pay attention at the queen and all the guests.
The stares she was receiving were very noticeable. Although she normally would just ignore them, the fact that she was on a ball made those stares even more uncomfortable. She was a warrior, she wasn't meant to be there... And to make things worse, she was feeling almost naked without her bow and glaive, that she had left on the inn she passed the night, hiding it very well on her room before she went out, heading to the castle. Those weapons were really important to her, and she had them with her for the most part of her life, they never failed her once. But since she was going to a ball, on the queen's castle, maybe it wasn't the best idea to bring them there.

Uncomfortably looking around a few times after delivering her invitation and entering, Aisha simply stood still, uncertain on what she should do now, where should she go & etc.
"Well... I'm here... What now?" Aisha thought to herself. Mikahiel said that it would be a good opportunity to have fun and enjoy herself... But she really didn't know what she should do. Instead of going where the other nobles were and talking with everyone, Aisha choose to stand away from the crowd, simply looking around. Despite her looks, she acted more like a guard than a guest...

Aisha was aware that the queen was the one that invited her. When she received the letter, she thought that the queen wanted something with her, but after seeing the other guests, the other nobles and everyone else, Aisha was almost sure that the queen just wanted to have her there on her ball because of how rare it was for a centaur to appear in a city, so instead of going nearby the queen, which could possibly be something offensive, Aisha preferred to simply stand there right where she was, since she had no clue about that thing the nobles talked about all the time when they were around normal, not crazy people... What was it...? Etiquet... Etiquette...

"Etiquette?" Aisha repeated the word on her mind in a very low tone. It sounded so strange to her. So different from the reality that she was used to... Again... Everything at that ball was very, very different to the reality Aisha was used to...

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That sound was the worst thing Henri could possibly hear at that moment. He didn't even need to look to understand what happened. Lyn wasn't able to hold the orc anymore. The time was now. Henri had to do something that second, otherwise she would simply cut him down with her machete.

Hastily proceeding to the second part of his 'plan' Henri jerked her arm and shifted his weight to knock her down, but he wasn't expecting her to throw herself backwards as well. With a heavy impact, Henri fell to the ground, his back hitting the roof with full force making him let out a pained gasp and loosing his grasp at the woman for a second. But that was all that she needed, grabbing Henri's leg with a renewed vigor, she tried to break his leg with a tight grasp. Henri would already dead only if wasn't for the fact that she had dropped her weapons.

There wasn't much more to do, Henri was completely out of strength, he was tired, his muscles protested every time he moved and he was almost passing out due to his hunger. Lyn was not in a good state as well, the spell she used drained her completely.
But once again, lady luck smiled to Henri once more as a loud voice coming from somewhere said that it was time to retreat.

“We will meet again… and next time, you will die.” The orc woman said, already up and rushing towards the edge of the roof.

"Next... time, I won't be... tired, hungry and thirsty..." Henri said, breathing heavily, almost passing out, but still with a provocative smile on his face.

"I'll surely look forward to our next... dance." He said, kneeling on the ground and trying to get up as the orc woman fled the roof.

Lyn and Henri were safe... for now. But Henri was in a bad state. Probably worse than Lyn. Even if he tried to get up, his legs didn't have enough strength to even sustain her own weight, and his vision was getting blurry and dark. Even though he fought to keep his eyes open, his body was simply too tired...

"Lyn... We might have a... small problem...." He said, with an awkward smile on his face, blinking his eyes and trying to focus on her, but he only saw a big blur on the place where Lyn should be.

"Going to the college on foot and not packing any... Provisions, might not have been the brightest idea..." He said, leaning to the side and falling on the ground.

Before his vision went dark, the last thing he could see was a man getting out of a hatch on the roof with a pair of wings on his back. Together with the strange winged being, he could smell and see a pillar of smoke getting out of the hatch.

"Hey... Angel... The 'old man' will get mad at you... if he sees you 'down there'." Henri said with a chuckle and a mischievous smile, making a joke about the stranger's aspect before his vision went completely black...


One Night in Hell Club, right outside the building.

Day 1 (Arc 2): 11am to 12pm


Things surely weren't as boring as they were a while back. Corinna had found two new toys, and both were very... very special and interesting ones. Sure, she had a few... unpleasant encounters, but all in all, things were much better for her. As long as she didn't pushed things too far, she would surely slip under the radar, so she could continue her fun without having to worry herself about others. And her mansion was a perfect place for that. Upon looking at it, it most certainly wasn't discreet. Big windows and an early Victorian architecture made it pretty eye catching. But the relatively calm and isolated location made it so no one would find it unless they were really looking for it.

But it didn't matter how luxurious her mansion was, being there all by herself was still incredibly... boring. And as such, Corinna spent most of her day either slumping on her mansion, doing nothing or walking around the city, trying to find something to do. That day was no different, despite the fact that Corinna slept almost the entire morning...

It was already 11am when Corinna woke up. A soothing red hue flooded her room due to the light of the sun reflecting off the big silk curtains on the windows and walls. While laying there, sleeping peacefully on a big king sized bed, enveloped by red silk curtains while wearing only a simple, but delicate white nightdress, Corinna looked almost like a princess or a saint. Pure, delicate, kind...

"Hnng..." Corinna protested as the cold morning breeze entered through the window, letting the sun inside, hitting her straight in her face.

"Forgot to close the.... Hnng.... Ah! Windows last night." Corinna said as she stretched herself and her spider legs.

With only a thin layer of fabric covering her body, Corinna went to the bathroom to change herself and wash her face. Other than her spider claws, Corinna really looked very serene and tranquil while she was alone in her home. Nothing different from a 'normal' woman. But that side of her was a side that nobody had seen... at least until that day. Maybe nobody would ever be capable of fully understanding her, of making her open her heart... Or maybe someone would come and change her in ways she had never even considered before... But until that moment, the woman named 'Corinna' was a complete mystery.

After spending a good amount of time getting herself ready, Corinna finally got out of her closet. That day she choose to wear something different from her usual dark tones. A beautiful and stunning red slit dress with long sleeves coupled with small ruby earrings. The earrings, while discreet, they provided a special touch to her face, especially since she wasn't using lipstick or any facial makeup. This time though, she wore no gloves. Why, you ask? Maybe she was feeling a bit adventurous that day... Maybe things were going way too... peaceful for her taste... Whatever her reason was, it was definitely intended, as the dress' long red sleeves and the dress itself were vibrant enough so her hands were just a small detail. Corinna most certainly wanted to be seen and noted that day.

As soon as she got to the center of the city though, she listened to an interesting conversation that two women were having. They spoke about a new nightclub, called 'One Night in Hell'. Apparently, it previously was just a small club, but with the recent change in management, it became quite a hot subject on the streets.
After a quick walk, she finally found the club in question. It looked quite interesting. Definitely it was a place worth taking a look at.

"I wonder when will they open..." Corinna said to herself stopping right in front of the nightclub, inspecting the entrance.


"Yes!" Freyr thought to himself after he saw that his little gamble was successful. But suddenly, without any explication, he was surrounded by watermelon catapults. He only had a moment to realize what was happening, that few seconds pause seemed to be minutes as the watermelon catapults looked at him. Many questions flooded his mind, but there was no time.

"Oh..." he said, closing his eyes, trying to brace up for the impact. He waited... and waited... But the pain never came... When he opened his eyes, all he could see was watermelons everywhere. His vision was painted with the colors of watermelons as the catapults overwhelmed him. After a few seconds, he felt a voice calling his name. It was Neil. Freyr looked around, still confused, only to realize he was outside the apothecary, laying down on the ground.

Everything was so... confusing... Was all that a dream? An hallucination caused by that 'Huwana'? Freyr stood up, leaning himself against the wall as he tried to get back to his senses. Neil was explaining what happened. Apparently, he had gotten out from the apothecary yelling and flailing his arms.

A somewhat familiar voice interrupted them, asking what happened. It was Darren. Neil immediately demanded to know what had he done with him. Freyr himself was quite mad with all that, and he also demanded an explanation.

"Darren, this is a potent hallucinogen. At least that is what I've experienced." Freyr said, as he looked to the alchemist with a very serious expression.

"I have a question for you... What would have happened with you if I reacted differently to your incense? I am an experienced hunter... I could have harmed, or even killed, not only you, but everyone I saw in front of me. I don't know exactly how are this... 'huwana' effects on humans, but I must ask you to never give that to any demi-human." Freyr said, still looking at Darren.

"I hope you got my point, Darren. This 'Huwana' can be dangerous. You were very lucky that I reacted this way to your incense. Tell me... what is this 'Huwana' made of? And be honest." He said, waiting for Darren's answer.


Bast Ragoczy

Bast smiled after he heard Bartholomew saying that it would be a good way to commemorate the new guild. When it was the last time since he drank something. Bartholomew was an... interesting person. Bast himself still wondered if Bartholomew found him by coincidence or he knew who he was..

"Alright then! Bring the drinks, Bast!" Bartholomew said sitting in the long table.

"Well! I have some... special stuff stored. I hope you guys know how to appreciate a good wine!" Bast said, laughing as he stood up and went to the cellar. Upon arriving there, he saw many bottles of wine and other good beverages, but he did not get any one of those. Instead, he went to the corner and pulled a very special card from under his clothes. It was different from the normal playing cards. It was a tarot card, 'The Magician'. With a mere flick of his wrist, the card flew from his hand, hitting the brick wall in front of him and opening a portal.

Even though Bast didn't want others to know about those powers and the fact that he could use them only once per day, he was alone at the cellar, and it was a good occasion... He wanted to drink something a bit more... refined. And he had exactly the perfect thing stored at his place.

After a good amount of time, Bast appeared at the dining room again, carrying a big bottle of wine on his hands. The bottle was so old that its label was crumbling on his hands as he touched it. But when he got there, both Bartholomew and Magnus where nowhere to be found. As soon as he got out of the guild, he saw Bartholomew talking with a centauress, which he wasn't introduced to, and Magnus, who apparently was back from the woods. He had a pheasant on his hand.

"I thought that i would have to drink this by myself for a second!" Bast said, laughing as he walked towards the bunch.

"Oh, where are my manners! I'm sure we weren't properly introduced yet!" Bast said, looking towards the centauress.

"My name is Bast. Bast Ragoczy. Its a pleasure to meet such an enchanting lady!" He said, gently bowing down in a flourished greeting.

"I'm sorry, I took a while to decide myself... There were so many good options... I'm sure you won't find this one anywhere... This is from my... special... reserve." Bast said, showing the bottle of wine to Bartholomew and Magnus.

"Don't worry about it, Magnus. I'm sure this pheasant is enough for us. At least for the people here right now. Now... Should we open the wine?" Bast asked, smiling.

"Oh and miss...?" He said, looking towards the centauress, asking her name.
"Would you like to accompany us for a drink? Such a special and refined wine would be best appreciated in the company of such a strong and beautiful woman such as yourself, don't you agree?" He asked as he walked inside again.

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