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IM STILL ALIVE GUYS!! quiet, but still alive and waiting for replies on the RPs I'm in. Life is being cruel with me atm, but I'm still here.
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Correction: I HATE having unpleasant and unwelcome visitors reading the posts i make on other RPs... The person whom i'm talking about surely knows that its meant to him. Others are welcome to read.
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I HATE having unpleasant and unwelcome visitors reading the posts i make on other RPs... If you are reading this and feel personally offended, then know this message IS meant for you.
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Diagnosed with mild depression... Unsure on how to feel about that... Currently taking some medications and im feeling a bit better... Sorry for the delay everyone i'm RPing with.
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I'm half dead... RL is really beating me up these last days... I'm so sorry everyone. I'll try to catch up with things... I'm really, really sorry.


"Humanity takes great pride in three things. Their willpower, their greed and their mortality.

Their will and endless greed allows them to grow and accend past other creatures
But thir mortality denies them divinity

It's a delightful purgatory between Beeing Fallen and being Divine"

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Bast Ragoczy

As Bast waited for Eilidh's reply, he felt someone tugging at his coat. It was Vară, asking him if they would get in trouble for saving George, a drug dealer and killing the 'innocent' mercenaries. Truth be told, Bast himself didn't care much about that situation. The mercenaries attacked them first. He only defended himself. Innocent or not, they were already dead.

Other than that, Bast didn't expect the overconfident and spirited demoness could show such a cute and adorable side as she tugged his coat with a nervous expression.

"Oh my adorable, little Vară, who knows? Innocent or guilty, we were merely defending ourselves. They attacked us without asking questions. The outcome was obvious..." Bast replied, with a smirk.

"But you know... Nobody needs to know what really happened here, don't you agree, adorable Vară? If what George said turns out to be true, the Shrine of Eros will certainly thank you for what we did. And well... If it's not... we can always turn him to the authorities..." Bast said, shrugging. For him, the outcome of that little misunderstanding was really of no importance.

"By the way Vară, I didn't know that the proud, confident heiress of the Riemsianne house had such a cute and adorable side..." Bast said laughing.

Just as Bast finished talking to Vară, George started talking again, saying that the authorities wouldn't be glad to see him. But as fishy as that man sounded, it was undeniable that solving the problem of Ravager's Rest was indeed a good thing. Plus, if it turned out to be a lie or if the plan doesn't work, they could simply take him to the authorities... Or maybe simply kill him.

"The little man sounds fishy, but I'm rather curious about where this will lead us..." Bast said as George rode away.

"We should head back to the guildhall." Bast heard Titanica saying, as she slowly started walking back to the guild.

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As the archery competition continued, Freyrcouldn't help but let out an unsatisfied grimace as he shot his arrows. Even wielding a different bow, Freyr was still a natural at wielding it. He was born and raised with a bow on his hands, but it was undeniable that he was already accustomed with his personal bow. The one the competition gave them was too small and light, making Freyr a bit uncomfortable when shooting it.

Ditzy and Nagare were already trying to speak with Saburo when the break was called. If they were lucky, Saburo would be interested about the Vieran arrows. In the meantime, Freyr had to concentrate himself and try to do his best with a bow that was unfit for his size and his skills. As he was drawing the bow, trying different stances to see which one would feel better for him, he felt something poking his back.

Turning to see what it was, Freyr was greeted by a familiar face and a pleasant voice. It was Haley. According to her, she had some things that delayed her back at the guild but she was finally there.

"So! What're we doing?" Haley asked, with the same refreshing, cheerful tone that was characteristic of her.

"We are trying to get one of these arrows..." Freyr said, taking one from the quiver and showing it to Haley.

"To deliver them to a weird couple that seems to... collect... things from nobility...?" Freyr said, still a bit confused about how to describe that... exotic couple they met.

"The master craftsman responsible for those arrows is Saburo Fujikiyo. He forbid anyone to take his arrows from the competition, but we still need at least one... Ditzy and Nagare are talking to him to see if he would like to trade one of his arrows by one of mine, a Vieran arrow... In the meantime, I need to win this competition to be able to face Saburo himself." Freyr explained to Haley while still examining the bow he was given.

"But... the bow that we need to use for this competition is very... different from mine...." Freyr said, putting both bows side by side as he showed them to Haley. The difference between both bows was immediately noticeable. While the competition bow could be easily drawn by most people, Freyr's bow was much more difficult to draw and to use, thanks to it's unique shape, wood and handling. Even for someone who didn't know much about bows, it was clear that those two bows were completely different from one another.

"It would be much easier if I could use my own bow, see?" Freyr said as he got one of his own arrows, his own bow and aimed at the target that was being used at the competition. In a swift motion, Freyr nocked the arrow, twisting his wrist a bit before shooting it. The weight of his own bow, coupled with the way he shot the arrow sent it spinning through the air, not only hitting the target with an almost impeccable accuracy, but going through it, piercing it completely, making the arrow get stuck on the thick wooden frame that was being used as a support for the target.

"I still don't understand why Saburo is so... paranoid with his arrows. Arrows are meant to be shot. Be it hunting or fighting." Freyr said as he walked towards the practice target to fetch his own arrow from behind it. Since they were on break, it shouldn't be a problem for him to go there since most of the other archers in the competition were either talking with each other or adjusting their bows.

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Karina Frost

Karina could still smell the uncomfortable atmosphere in the air between her, Chres and Hark, and it was unlikely that it would get any better... Regarding the new arrivals, while they could certainly use all the help they could get to get out of that city alive, that also meant two more strangers... That entire situation was far from ideal...

“Regardless of all that, thank you, Soldier, for continuing to assist us.” she heard Chres saying. While she appreciated him thanking her, him calling her a soldier made her let out an unsatisfied stare. She knew that talking about military ranks with those who didn't knew much about the military was useless, but it was still annoying to hear someone referring to her merely as a soldier and not as Lieutenant Colonel.

Just as Chres turned to talk to the healer though, something wrapped around Chres' feet, pulling him to the air before slamming him to the rooftop below him with full force, immediately making him unconscious.

The strike was fast and sudden, getting all of them by surprise. Before Karina herself could even do anything, Chres was already on the ground. She silently cursed herself and Hark, by creating the perfect opportunity for their enemy to attack them. Unsheathing her rapier, she pointed it towards the woman responsible for what happened with Chres. It was that sightless whom they met before. Syella.

Týfurkh, the giant who came together with the healer was quick to aim his crossbow at her, getting ready to fight. Syella in the other hand, simply smirked at him. Karina didn't know why exactly she was looking for the healer, but it was clear that she wasn't happy at all after Chres' familiar threw things at her. In just the blink of an eye, she turned her long fingers into deadly sharp claws, growling through gritted teeth.

Immediately after seeing her transforming her fingers like that, cold air surrounded Karina as the air froze around her, making the ice blades appear once more, pointing towards Syella with their crystal clear points and their cold, cruel edges.
Neither of them knew nothing about Syella's skills or even how she fought. Karina couldn't afford to even speak. She was completely concentrated on every movement Syella made.
Sorry for the delay, will have my post done tomorrow! :-)
Sorry for the delay, will have my post done tomorrow! :-)


Nina wasn't going to lie, the rapping of the fingers that one of the mans was doing on it's gun was starting to get on Nina's nerves. It was a simple negotiation, or at least it was supposed to be simple. She had the info and the means to gather more. They only needed to say if they wanted it or not, but they were so ridiculously careful around her she started to wonder if being honest like she was being right now was actually making any difference. At that point, she wasn't trying to hide her annoyed expression anymore.

When she mentioned the man wearing the beanie and the trench coat, both men got visibly more interested. For Nina herself, they should pay more attention at the bigger picture and not about a single messenger, but they were the clients... As long as she was getting paid, she would let them know even what type of underwear that trench coat guy was wearing... When one of them confirmed the information she gave them and said he would cut out of her payment, Nina let out an audible annoyed sigh.

"Of course... I should have expected..." she thought to herself. Truth be told, she was being honest about all that. While she did knew some things about what was happening, she was hoping for them to let her know exactly what they wanted to know about and then she would dig deeper for that information but at that point, seeing how things were going, Nina wasn't expecting something like that... They would probably just hand her a few euros and that was it. But when one of them mentioned the partnership once more, she couldn't help but let out a chuckle.

"I don't know why you two are being so paranoid and careful... I am unarmed, you know? Just look at my clothes..." Nina said, spinning around once so they could see that she was really unarmed.

"As I said before, I needed to know what exactly you two are interested in, what exactly you guys want to know so then I can start digging deeper about it... For that, I needed to tell you guys first a little bit about everything happening, watch your reactions & etc..." Nina said, shrugging.

"Honestly, I would be careful about all this if I were you guys... Lt. Davison, Murkywater... We're talking about mega corporations here possibly more than one... Neither me or you would stand a chance against them if they went all out..." Nina said, crossing her legs.

"Something tells me that all this thing about Lt. Davison may be much bigger than we think..." Nina said, just as they tossed the payment on the table in front of her.

"Ooh~ Much appreciated!" Nina said, with a singing tone, taking her payment and putting it on her pocket.

"About that gang up though. Wanna talk more 'bout it? Cuz I'll be heading out anyhow, and it won't hurt to have people on the side." Nina heard one of the two talking just as she got up.

"Sure, why not?" Nina asked, with a smile.

"Just promise me that you wont continue tapping your gun like you was a while ago... That sound was starting to get on my nerves..." she said with a laugh as she waited for the man.


Nailah laughed as she watched Allard's enthusiastic response to her saying that she would travel with them. Her intuition wasn't wrong. The man was indeed a gentle giant. As he started talking about the Amazonian woman, Nailah got a bit interested. According to his own words, she was a strong and proud woman and wouldn't be affected by such a small thing like being rejected.

"I can imagine that. She certainly doesn't look like someone who would sulk over small things... Still... I don't appreciate being the second option... I'll be sure that she will regret not giving me enough attention..." Nailah said, with a giggle and a mischievous smile.

It was then that Allard mentioned the other members of the Alliance. Whatever it was their mission, it sounded interesting enough to be worthy of a closer look.
Before Nailah could say anything though, a new arrival, and a very peculiar one at that, walked inside the inn asking the alliance members to follow her. A dragon woman unlike any other Nailah had seen in her entire life. Her skin was at the same time as white as the moonlight and as dark as the night, a long hair as white as her skin. She didn't know exactly why, but Nailah had a small feeling about that dragon woman. It wasn't only her appearance, but something told her that the dragon woman was... unique... in some way.

If the Alliance was interesting before, now Nailah was even more curious about it. Whatever it was that group's goal, they were important enough to have a dragon, and not a normal one, to come to them...
"That is really... interesting... Even more than I previously thought!" Nailah said to herself with a smirk as she watched the dragon woman walking away.

"Well, this should be a good opportunity for you ta see tha others at least," Nailah heard Allard saying as he stood up, holding his hand to help Nailah get up.

"Oh, I wouldn't want to lose this by nothing... It's getting more interesting by the second!" she said, with a smirk.

"By the way, aren't you quite the gentleman?" Nailah asked with a mischievous smile, accepting his help. The second she touched him though, even though she wasn't using her charm, he would definitely feel how soft and warm her skin felt against his.

Walking together with Allard to where the dragon woman said to meet her, they passed in front of the strength competition. She did notice a few things, like how some people appeared to recognize Allard, whispering to one another and how Allard himself shook his head, mumbling to himself as they passed in front of it. It seemed that Allard himself used to compete on that festival, and according to his reaction, it was much bigger a few years ago.

"I wonder how the rest of the group looks like... And that dragon woman... She doesn't looks to be just a common dragon, right?" Nailah said, looking to Allard as they walked.

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After quickly talking with Dremmick, Sophia left to search for the rest of the group. She knew they would be busy, but what she had to say to them was very important. Dremmick said that he would go after he finished talking with one of the researchers at the healing center and Sophia expected Ami to follow him, so she went out to search for the rest.

"I don't know exactly who the rest of the Alliance group is but... It shouldn't be that hard to find them... The weirdest ones and those who stand out the most should probably be the ones she was looking for." Sophia thought to herself as she walked outside of the healing center with a giggle.

Coincidentally, as soon as she stepped out she was greeted by a rather strange sight, a Lassa girl with the characteristic tanned skin from the Sol, peacefully sleeping on the thick grass nearby a medical tent, accompanied by a Lassa pureblood. Both girls looked incredibly out of place on the town of Pearl, let alone where they were right now, the pureblood lassa watching over the other one while she slept on the grass.

Sophia couldn't help but smile as she stopped by both girls.

"You two must be from the Alliance group, right?" she asked, with a giggle.
"I already spoke with Dremmick. I hate to disturb this little one's peaceful sleep, but could you both wait for me just outside the city? I have something really important to say to the Alliance group. I'm sorry for being so sudden. I promise, everything will be explained soon." Sophia completed, looking to the pureblooded lassa with a serious expression.

"Oh, but before I go..." Sophia said, kneeling down nearby the sleeping tanned lassa girl, gently booping her nose.
"She looks so adorable while sleeping! She reminds me of the young monk apprentices back at the temple..." Sophia said to herself with a kind smile before getting up and leaving, waving at the pureblood lassa.

After walking only a few steps though, Sophia felt a smell coming from inside one of the tents. A rather familiar smell she had felt coming from a certain person in Vrondi...

"Is it...?" Sophia said, with a serious expression, getting inside the tent. Inside, she saw none other than Mason himself, laying on the middle of the tent. As she got closer to him, she gently touched his neck with her fingers. His vital signals were weak, but they were still there. Something had happened to him. Mason was very weak...

Be it a result from carelessness, unfortunate events or even foolishness, their journey was only beginning... To lose a member that soon would have a serious impact on both the group's psychological and their overall strength as a group.
Gently putting her hand on his forehead, she passed a small bit of magic to him in order to give his body a little bit of strength. If he would wake up after that or not would depend only on his own willpower and his own body.

"He said that the rest of them would be at the inn... right?" she thought to herself as she stopped in front of the aforementioned place.

Once inside, it wasn't that hard to find those who supposedly were members of the Alliance. Amongst the rest of the normal customers, there were a gigantic oro man, standing over 10 feet tall, a tall, strong Amazonian woman and a dragon-tyro hybrid woman wearing very, very revealing clothes sitting on a table.

"You three must be members of the Alliance as well, right? If so, please meet me just outside the city. The others should already be on their way. I'm sorry for being so sudden but I promise I'll explain everything to you all soon." Sophia said, giving a small bow as an apologize for being so sudden before leaving towards the place where she would meet them.
Bast Ragoczy

Bast couldn't help but raise his eyebrow after hearing George's confession. He didn't even try to hide that fact, in fact, it was almost funny how the man said that he sold drugs, almost like if he was proud of that. That was surely an interesting development that Bast wasn't expecting. But when George mentioned the Shrine of Eros and the Ravager's Rest, Bast raised his eyebrows once more. Maybe the weird little man had indeed something interesting to say...

"A way to permanently solve the problem regarding Ravager's Rest and the Shrine of Eros? That sounds interesting... I wonder what is your solution..." Bast said, looking to the man as Titanica threatened the man. Bast was indeed curious, but he would simply let things play out. If Titanica killed the man, nothing could be done...

"Oh, it seems that my friend just gave you a chance to prove yourself to be trustworthy... It's better for you to not prove her wrong." Bast said with a chuckle.

As Eilidh approached him, she turned to her, listening her words. She did have a point. All that situation was indeed strange. George didn't seem to know who they were nor he was prepared to pay them so it wasn't that likely he was the one who contacted the guild.

"Indeed, my dear Eilidh... It really doesn't sound like George was the one to contact the guild... Although what he said about how to solve the problem at Ravager's Rest sounds interesting... If I'm not mistaken, you took a liking to the Shrine of Eros, am I wrong?" Bast asked with a smile.

"When this is all over we may even take some time to walk through the town, maybe eat something together... What do you say?" Bast asked, with a smile, waiting for her reply.

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Freyr heard Ditzy's idea, nodding with a thoughtful expression. It would be too obvious if Freyr missed a shot on purpose... Maybe winning the competition should give them better chances... Maybe if he was able to talk with Saburo himself... Who knows.

"Maybe... Maybe it's best to do as you say Ditzy... Missing a shot on purpose would look so incredibly obvious to any experienced archer..." Freyr said, taking in consideration Ditzy's idea.

"Back in my home forest, we do have some arrows we do ourselves... Maybe he could be interested in the craftsmanship behind them. I can easily make some. Or maybe I could challenge Saburo to use my own arrows on the last challenge. I still have some made with authentic Vieran wood. It's hard to find outside of Vieran forests, but depending on the place we search for and who we talk with, we might find some as there are some merchants whom the female Viera allow to visit the forest to trade with them..." Freyr said, thinking.

But before either Freyr himself or Ditzy could think about any other plan, the signal was given and the competition was about to start.
After heading to the assigned position, Freyr was handed a bundle of the special arrows crafted by Saburo, together with a bow. The difference in size, draw weight and handling was noticeable compared with the bow Freyr used. It took a few practicing shots but after that Freyr had already adapted to that bow and corrected his aim.

Before the competition started for real though, Freyr looked around, trying to find Ditzy between the ones who were watching.

"Try to find Saburo and ask him if he is interested in Vieran arrows." Freyr tried to say to Ditzy. He didn't knew if he would hear due to all the noise of the competition, but he hoped he would understand what he was trying to say by reading his lips.

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The town of Pearl, a town famed for being a hub for merchants, traders and farmers thanks to it being reasonably close to the gaian borders and due to the fact that the head quarters of the merchant's guild was located there. Money, gold and goods ran through the city in a steady flux, coming both from outside and inside Gaia. Such city attracted merchants of many different kingdoms, territories, cultures and races. Such mixture of cultures, goods, currencies and races made that town an incredible caldron filled to the brim with the most varied stories, rumors and news from both outside and inside Gaia. For Nailah, those types of city were always entertaining and interesting. Not only due to her potentially finding something interesting to do, but also exactly due to that mixture of cultures. Hearing stories, news and rumors from nomads, foreign merchants & etc. was always a good way to get to know a bit more about the world and maybe even help to decide where she would go next.

But upon arriving at the town, what Nailah saw was a bit different from what she expected. Even though the town was safe, there were undeniable signs of fight and destruction outside it. Not only that, but the entire town had a... sad air to them. Even though Nailah had no idea of what happened, upon looking around for a small bit, it was obvious that the city suffered some type of attack or disaster. Medical centers were bustling with people. Healers walked in and out frantically and a weird smell of death seemed to emanate from that place. Even though there was currently happening a strength competition of some sorts, probably to try and get their minds off what happened, the number of people watching the competition was much less than what Nailah expected it to be. She wasn't even receiving that many stares as she usually received when first entering a town... Fortunately, Nailah knew about one thing that always was extremely effective in making people forget their problems... alcohol. It was fun to see how even the most serious man or the most ladylike woman could become a bit more... happy and honest with themselves and their own desires after a drinking a little bit.

After wandering through the empty streets for a little while, Nailah finally saw a building that made her smile, 'Savvan's Inn'. Even from the outside, Nailah could hear the bard singing and playing his music. The smell of good food and drink was noticeable as she walked to the front door of the building and the overall atmosphere was much better than the rest of the town. Inside of the building, the ambient was cozy and comfortable. Even though there weren't too many inside, the bard still continued to play his lute with passion. The beautiful waitresses worked with smiles and enthusiasm as the customers enjoyed their food and drinks.

As Nailah walked towards one of the tables she took a quick glance at some of the customers. Amongst some who surely were local customers, a group clearly stood out. A tall, handsome guy wearing a dark armor, a strong, tall Amazonian woman with a wild beauty to her and a giant of an oro man. Amongst them, both the armor wearing guy and the Amazonian woman had their eyes on one of the waitresses, with the first trying to call her out after her shift ended.

The focus of their attention was a tall oro woman. Ample breasts, thick thighs and a beautiful figure. After looking at her and both the armor wearing guy and the Amazonian woman, she couldn't help but let out a discreet giggle. While the Amazonian woman had her eyes on the waitress like a starving wolf looking at a sheep, the armored guy was definitely faster and had already received a favorable response by the waitress herself. To a priestess of the Fallen Goddess, it was quite refreshing to see people act so openly about their wishes and desires, but Nailah herself wasn't completely satisfied yet...

"Let's see if my arrival can even the odds a little bit..." She thought to herself with a mischievous smile. While the waitress was a really beautiful woman, someone whom Nailah herself would definitely enjoy as a company, Nailah wasn't someone that could be ignored... Not with her body and with the incredibly revealing clothes she wore.

Walking towards the waitress and the giant oro man, Nailah sat on the very table she had just finished cleaning leaning on it in a slightly suggestive manner as she looked to both the waitress and the giant oro man.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything between you two." Nailah said with a giggle.

"Oh my, It looks your friend is quite popular with the other customers!" Nailah said to the giant oro man with a mischievous expression and a giggle after seeing the waitress blush visibly after the armored man's commentary.

"If you're not fast enough I'm afraid one of the other two will snatch her away from you... Or I may even do it myself!" Nailah whispered, leaning towards the giant oro man, close enough for him to feel her hot breath on his ear before turning to the waitress.

"Would you mind bringing me a hunter stew and a drink? I overheard a few travelers on my way here saying that the food around here is quite something. After such a long travel I would love something to warm up my both stomach and my throat." Nailah said with an amicable smile just before looking towards the armored man and the Amazonian woman with a smile and a wink.
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