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"Humanity takes great pride in three things. Their willpower, their greed and their mortality.

Their will and endless greed allows them to grow and accend past other creatures
But thir mortality denies them divinity

It's a delightful purgatory between being Fallen and being Divine"

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Time: 6pm
Location: Guest House Dining Room - Dinner with the Sultan
Interactions: Everyone at the Alidasht dinner.

Mayet's expression as Farim began to talk was a mix of disappointment, anger and irritation. One single look at her would be enough to tell him that it wasn't only the usual irritation. There was something much more difficult to appease in her expression as she looked at Farim. Something that she would not forget... The loss of her trust on him. She felt betrayed.

"I would have gladly unsheathed my weapon for any one of my family members, should they were as insulted as I was today. I am glad to know now that you would not do the same, Farim. Neither you Farim, nor you father or any of my siblings or cousins." She said, looking straight into their eyes.

"I sat down and watched in silence as this bumbling fool called us circus clowns, acted rudely in a number of different occasions and now said I was giving him 'bedroom' eyes, while not a single member of my family, apart from my dear sister Layla said or did nothing." Mayet said, quickly snapping her wrist and pulling the scimitar away from Farim's hands, leaving a shallow cut on them as she did so.

Most people from the table would know well she was skilled enough to not leave any wounds if she so desired.

"Even after all this, I have never mentioned an execution. It seems you are quite willing to escalate this issue. Maybe your eyes are growing greedy with the possibility of getting the throne for yourself, cousin Farim? It would be a good moment to escalate this issue and get rid of the competition... Of getting rid of your cousin, which would have gladly put her hand into the fire for you, or anyone in this family, if she had to. The one member of the Alidasht Royal family who puts more importance into the well being of her family than the race for the throne." she continued, looking straight at his eyes, her expression clearly showing just how betrayed she felt.

"You claim my mother would be disappointed in me? My mother would have NEVER let someone else disrespect us like this without saying anything. Her way of dealing with the situation would be much calmer and more different, but she still wouldn't have sat down and did nothing. Your inaction, your passivity as someone insults your country, your culture and your family is disgraceful, Farim! Besides, you should know better than to try that pitiful discourse on me, trying to make me feel emotionally guilty. I know your tricks well, Farim. Don't even try. You ask me if I don't trust my father's plans? I WATCHED as this bumbling fool did nothing but insult us since we arrived in Caesonia, without ANY consequence either from the Caesonian royalty or from the sultan!" Mayet said, her voice burning with hatred and dripping with venom as she said though.

"I will tell you this, Farim. I will overlook what you did and said to me today, but don't expect any mercy from me. Ever again. You are alone. Do not consider me as being part of your family or your cousin ever again. Should you spout the same words again in the future. We will solve this in the Alidasht way." Mayet said with a cold, threatening expression as she looked at Farim.

"So I highly suggest you to never direct your words at me, ever again or as much as look at me again. Unless you want me to learn how cruel I can really be. Farim." Mayet said. Both her words and stare towards him made it painfully clear that it was much more than just something said on the heat of the moment.

Noticing Charlotte suddenly getting up, Mayet simply sent her a cold, threatening gaze, before she spoke to her.

"Sit down, Lady Charlotte. I said I would teach him a lesson. I have never said I would kill anyone today. Besides, no matter how innocent it might be, not even your unconditional love towards your father will save you, should you raise your hand against me... Or look at me with such intentions ever again." Mayet said in a cold tone, giving a quick glance towards Charlotte as she suddenly stood up. The coldness of her eyes and the way she said those words, without a single hint of hesitation, were enough to send shivers down one's spine.

Even though Nala seemed to be a bit confused with the situation and the scent of blood, especially since it came from someone Mayet considered as being from her family, or a least once did, she still kept a watchful eye around Mayet, growling at anyone who as much as dared to approach and doing the same to Farim, should he move in a sudden manner.

When the sultan began to speak, Mayet couldn't help but to laugh. What was that? Even her father, the mighty Alidasht sultan, seemed to be more willing to punish his own children than to do anything to a mere duke who was insulting them? It took all this time for this to merely SAY a few words about the duke's actions and words?

"Do you intend to take away every fork, every knife, every pencil and sharp stick away from me, dear father? Would you also want to cut my hands and feet off while doing so in order to 'take away my weapons', dear father? Maybe pulling my teeth from my mouth as well?" Mayet asked as the Sultan said he would take away her weapons, plunging the scimitar deep in the table, just in front of Duke Vikena as she said so, letting go of it.

"My mother would have said something the moment the Duke started to insult us. She wouldn't have let the situation get to this point. She wouldn't have let him feel he can do whatever he wants and say whatever he wants. Even if she did so delicately and calmly. And you know that, father." Mayet said, looking to the sultan with a serious expression.

"It seems the mighty sultan of Alidasht is more willing to make a public scene punishing his own children than to do anything to a mere duke insulting his entire family and culture. It took me throwing a knife to scare that insect and even unsheathing a sword and pointing at him before you finally addressed him, didn't it? I would like to extend the same words I said to Farim, to every single one of my family members present at the table. Once, I would have gladly spilled blood to defend my family's honor... Although it seems I would be the only one to do so." Mayet said, looking straight to the Sultan's eyes with a fiery glare, then looking straight in the eye of all the others in the table.

"Your words to Duke Vikena are nothing but insulting to me, considering everything that happened. Your daughter was already insulted and embarrassed many times since she arrived at Caesonia by this man, father. It is a bit late to say you won't tolerate them now, isn't it?" Mayet asked, both her expression and tone of voice making it clear how wounded she felt by the lack of action from her father until now and his words now.

"Let me make it clear, prince Auguste. Even if your knights wanted, I highly doubt they would be able to do as much as touch me." Mayet said while looking at Auguste with a threatening expression.

"And prince Auguste, let's stop with this farce. I doubt that your family would react calmly if the same insults were said to them. Considering how an innocent stable boy was almost executed recently only to cover up for a certain situation... It almost sounds suspicious to how the Caesonian Royal family seems to be fine with such insults being said publicly to the Royal Alidasht family, isn't it?" She asked, looking at prince Auguste.

"Quite ironic, isn't it? That your family didn't even try to punish Duke Vikena for this insults against us, but you are so willing to demand me to be punished. How curious it is that you are willing to ignore what happened the other night, with royals from Alidasht being poisoned and how there were no punishments given to the Caesonian royals that were involved with this matter but you seem to be so excited to have me punished... The Caesonian law does seem to discriminate. Quite a lot in fact, doesn't it?" Mayet asked, looking furiously at Prince Auguste.

"I beg you, father. Ask yourself this question: Can you really say the Caesonian Royalty are really treating us as equals? With everything that happened so far? The way they are treating us, it feels almost as if they consider us their vassals... I wouldn't think the mighty Alidasht would lower their head so easily. Neither me, nor our proud people." Mayet said, looking to her father before she turned to Auguste once again.

"But even if the law is apparently discriminating against us, it seems my dear father isn't willing to do anything to protect his own family. So who knows, your little charade might be successful and even manage to get me punished, arrested, exiled or even executed. That would be quite something, would it not? But if that is the case, I promise you I won't just lower my head and accept it." Mayet said, looking to Prince Auguste with an acid, sarcastic expression before it suddenly changed to a cold threatening one on the very end. Her words clearly suggesting how much the Caesonian royal family loved their schemes and political games.

"Despite my effort, despite my attempts, this family seems to be quite intent on tear itself from inside out at the mere mention of any problem. Maybe in the end, I was the fool. A fool to think bloodshed between members of our family could be avoided. A fool to think we could walk together as a family. In the end, it seems that throwing your own family members to the wolves and tearing each other apart in the pursuit of power is on this family's blood." Mayet said, looking at her own family with a wounded expression, which seemed to surpass her anger, only if for a brief moment.

"But I have learned finally my lesson. I will only act and move for myself and my interests. Nothing and no one more. Thank you for finally making it clear... How this family works, that is." Mayet said, looking to her family members. There seemed to be nothing more she wanted to tell them.

"Do not show your face in front of me ever again, Duke Vikena. Let that be a warning. My final warning." Mayet said, turning to Duke Vikena once again, clearly threatening him before she stormed out of the dinner room, soon followed by Nala, which refused to look away while getting out of the room, keeping a watchful eye on everyone present before she finally exited it, only then to turn and catch up with Mayet.

Karina Frost

"A few weeks ago, I would have sternly refused to drink for such reason but after what we've been through... I might be changing my mind about it..." Karina said with a heavy sigh as she heard Chres' comment about alcohol.

"But not just yet. Thank you, but I really don't need anything that will only make my mind even more messy than it already is." Karina said as she nodded to Chres, just as the princess snatched the flask from his hand, much to Karina's surprise.

"Princess I don't that is a good ide-" Karina began protesting, only to be completely ignored as she watched, shocked as the princess took a big swig from Chres' flask, only to immediately spit it all on Chres' face.

The action the princess took was so sudden that Karina couldn't help but chuckle at the scene.

"I am fairly sure that for Chres, wine would be little more than just a light drink." Karina said, raising an eyebrow, insinuating Chres was definitely used to drink much heavier stuff than just wine.

With her attention being drawn to Lord Ru'Tev once again, she listened to his words in silence, offering him a discreet nod of acknowledgement and thanks for his offer for them to stay for the night. His request to talk to the princess privately wasn't ignored by Karina though, which couldn't help but to wonder what exactly Lord Ru'Tev wanted to say to the princess that they couldn't hear.

Regardless, Karina ended up simply heading to the lift together with the group.

"Testing in such a... delicate environment might indeed not be the best idea, Lord Ru'Tev. I do understand it is rather necessary for improving the security of the prison, but we cannot deny the possibility that these tests might be the cause of a possible security breach." Karina said after hearing Týfurkh's words.

"What I am trying to say is, there is no such thing as being 'too careful', especially in a place like this prison. But again, I am certain this is something you know very well, Lord Ru'Tev." Karina said, with a nod towards him.

Interactions: Amanda @Kumbaris, Micheal Crane @BigPapaBelial, Scarlet @AWACS

Faye was still perplexed by how seamless the transformation magic seemed to be, at least when watching it by video. To be able to fool multiple people, looking them straight in the eyes and even talking to them only made her sure that whatever magic they were using, was a very complex one.

"Fairies often trick others in a similar manner. On the enchanted forests, it looks almost real, but it's mostly due to the magical fog, the illusions used by the fairies and other small tricks. This is different... Whoever that was, he simply entered the lobby and began asking around while disguised as Xavi!" Faye said, thinking.

"I don't know much about shapeshifters... But can they really look exactly the same as someone else? Surely there must be a way to differentiate them from the real one, right?" she asked as both Michael and Scarlet mentioned that possibility.

With Amanda going to run some tests to identify the car the 'fake' Xaviron arrived, Faye turned her attention to the tape again, going back and forth as she tried to catch anything she missed previously.

Fortunately, her insistence seemed to have fruits with her catching, only for a brief moment, not much more than a few frames, a few suspicious wisps of light just before the fake Xaviron transformed.

"Hey! What is this?" Faye said, suddenly stopping the tape before going back slowly, until the very frame with the strange wisps became visible.

"I can see some strange traces of magic coming from the fake Xaviron! Just on a few frames.. They look like reflections if one doesn't pay enough attention... They look like... wisps of light?" Faye said, getting closer to the screen as she tried to analyze the scene a bit better.

"But... That doesn't make much sense... If they were using just illusions or some light magic, speaking or touching something would be almost a dead giveaway, wouldn't it?" Faye said, thinking to herself.

"Oh! Unless they're doing like the fairies! You know... Using many different spells to make something look as real as possible! But that would require either specific conditions to work or a proper set-up." Faye said as she looked around, almost as if asking if anyone had any idea about how such spell was made.

Location: 'Tekeri' encampment.

As Kareet approached her, suggesting Nellara to let Silbermine stay, she nodded, agreeing with her words. Not only it would help the humans to see them as the more reasonable ones between the Mythadians and the Tekeri, but letting Silbermine talk with the humans in their encampment, a place where they could hear also had it's own tactical advantages.

"I won't send him away without giving him an opportunity to talk with the humans... Especially if he wants to do so here in our encampment... Somewhere we can listen to what he says." Nellara whispered, replying to Kareet's words.

Silbermine's words and actions had a radical change to the ones Nellara had heard once he arrived, enough that almost made her laugh. Surprisingly enough, it seemed like even after changing his tone, Silbermine was unable to hide his true nature and the 'offer' he gave to the humans was simply outrageous.

"It seems it is hard for someone like you to change your true nature, even if you change your tone of voice, is it not, Silbermine? In the end, you just want to use the humans as your pawns. Whether in your political plans or for you to take what you want out of them." Nellara said, laughing as she heard Silbermine's proposal.

"Using concepts like religion, nobility or a 'higher purpose'... Those are just pretty ways to deceive and justify you and your people acting like you always did. Always taking whatever you want for yourselves." she completed with an accusatory tone.

When Silbermine mentioned that they didn't need an escort though, her amused expression immediately disappeared, turning into a cold, serious one.

"I didn't give you a choice, Silbermine. As long as you are in our encampment, there will be an escort and when our army arrives, you will also be 'escorted' out of our lands." she said, looking at him with a cold, harsh expression.

Fortunately, much to Nellara's relief, it seemed like Vigdis had the same idea about Silbermine's 'offer' as she had, due to the clearly negative reaction she had to his words.

"Although I won't lie that there are political reasons to our decisions, both Kareet and myself have already offered to help you and your people in any way we can. Even if motivated by something else, our intent is to merely create a friendly relationship with your people." Nellara said, replying to Vigdis as she mentioned that the humans' situation of life or death wasn't being taken in consideration by neither of their sides.

Unfortunately, Ixtaro didn't seem to have the same reaction to Silbermine's clearly outrageous proposal, much to Nellara's dismay. Nellara didn't try to hide her shock as she heard Ixtaro's reply, looking at her almost as if she was worried that Ixtaro would be too easily fooled by Silbermine and his people.

"Our first reaction was to offer our help, while Silbermine merely wants you as their champions for their own political games. This fact alone should already be enough to clarify exactly what kind of people Silbermine and his men are..." Nellara said, looking to the humans and then to Silbermine. None of the words Nellara was saying was a lie, nor she seemed to hide any information. All in all, her intentions were to create a friendly relationship with the humans, even if motivated by the opportunity of trading both products and knowledge.

When Ixtaro asked if making the negotiation on a neutral ground would be preferred, Nellara raised an eyebrow, not understanding the question.

"I believe any deal we might have to offer you will differ greatly from anything Silbermine might want. We have different objectives, after all. Silbermine made that very clear." Nellara said as she looked to Ixtaro, clearly referring to the fact that Silbermine's offer was merely to use them as pawns to their own political games while she offered them help and a friendly relationship.

"I have no problems meeting on a neutral ground if it will make your people feel more at ease. Under the condition that Silbermine leaves the army and the weapons he brought to invade Ascension territory and take your ship to themselves in their own camp, that is." Nellara added, agreeing with Kareet's whisper while once again, trying to make Vigdis and Ixtaro understand Silbermine's real objectives and the vast difference between their approach and his.

Time: 6pm
Location: Guest House Dining Room - Dinner with the Sultan
Interactions: Nahir @Rodiak, Charlotte @princess, Lorenzo @FunnyGuy, Munir @Infinite Cosmos, Leo @Helo, Sultan Raif Kadir @princess

Mayet listened to Riona's reply with a curious expression. It wasn't the usual reply a servant would give to a noble, being careful to always flatter them and not offend them. But what did draw her attention the most was what Riona was about to ask of her, after Mayet offered to help her in case she needed to.

Not money, power or to make her into a noble...

“Your tutelage,”

Hearing that reply, Mayet couldn't help but let out a clearly satisfied expression, easily noticeable by Riona. She couldn't help but be quite curious about the reasons why Riona needed her tutelage and especially... how much was she willing and able to learn if she accepted.

"Definitely a request I was not expecting... Good answer. Ask for me once you are ready to meet me and we shall discuss further about your request." Mayet replied with a smile just as the maid turned away to continue with her duties.

Unfortunately, despite the small exchange of words with Riona being able to distract Mayet from the infuriating dinner with Lorenzo, as soon as the maid went away, Mayet's focus went back to what was currently going on and her mood immediately worsened as a result.

Despite knowing Lorenzo would come to that dinner, Mayet sincerely hoped that she would be able to enjoy some traditional Alidasht food prepared by the cooks her father brought from Alidasht... Unfortunately, it soon became clear she had greatly underestimated how much of a fool Lorenzo could be. Since the welcoming ball, that bumbling idiot had been offending and disrespecting them, only to be met with smiles and forgiveness. Even now, after the sultan was kind enough to give him a chance to redeem himself in a dinner, he dared to think he was some kind of guest of honor!

If that all wasn't already irritating enough, seeing Layla being sent to her room after giving only a small payback for the Vikenas' rudeness was infuriating. To make it even worse, both he and his daughter had the audacity to ask for hospitality and politeness, immediately after insulting the hosts of the dinner.

While Charlotte's look of relief once Layla was sent to her room did infuriate Mayet, she was at least smart enough to understand her stare and not react in an obvious manner or say anything. In a certain manner, Mayet couldn't help but feel sorry for Charlotte. It was quite clear that the girl went through a lot of issues... Many of which were either directly or indirectly caused by her foolish father. In the other hand, Mayet couldn't help but also to think of Charlotte of a fool for condoning her father's outrageous actions and words.

Unfortunately, much to Mayet's horror, Lorenzo would once again surprise Mayet. Unlike Charlotte, not only he seemed to not understand the message she wanted to send with her stare, but in his own arrogance, he had the gall to not only think, but outright say she was infatuated by him, going on and on about it for everyone to hear. With every outrageous, insulting word that came out of Lorenzo's mouth, the more Mayet's blood boiled.

Even though most of the people present at that dinner had seen how irritated Mayet got on the welcoming ball after what Lorenzo said and did, that scene paled in comparison to how furious Mayet was at this moment. Even those who were close to Mayet, such as her siblings, cousins or her father, had rarely ever seen her as angry as she was right now. To think the Sultan would sit idly and let someone humiliate them as much as Lorenzo did since they arrived on Caesonia was unbelievable. Not only he sat by and let Lorenzo make a fool out of them, but he went as far as sent Layla away to her own room despite everything Lorenzo did to them.

What was maybe even more frightening about Mayet's current state was how she simply stood completely silent as Lorenzo said that, her eyes fixated on him with a murderous look, almost as if trying to measure how much was that insignificant man capable of saying.

Still without saying a single word, just as Lorenzo started to say his graces, Mayet stood up. Both Lorenzo's words and even Leo's inquiry about her and Nala's bond were but a distant murmur for Mayet. The hatred in Mayet's eyes was more than enough warning that what was about to happen wouldn't be pretty.

Sensing Mayet's anger, Nala, who had finished eating the meat Riona had offered her, immediately stood up walking together with Mayet, staying close to her in case someone approached her.
Completely ignoring the graces being said by Lorenzo and not even acknowledging Leo's comment, Mayet simply walked towards one of the servants on the corner of the room, suddenly taking the sharp knife he was wielding to help cut and serve portions of food and immediately threw towards Lorenzo. The sound the knife made as it flew through the air and the noise it made as it pierced the chair he was sitting on, missing his neck by centimeters and going almost halfway through it, leaving half of the blade exposed in the back of the chair was enough to make it clear that it was throw with pure hatred, even if she intended it to miss.

Still without saying a single word, Mayet walked towards the wall, where two scimitars were being displayed as a decoration and swiftly unsheathed one of them as she began making her way towards Lorenzo, with her eyes still fixated on him.

"I have never once in my entire life met someone who had the audacity to even think to humiliate me like you have done repeatedly. Whether out of foolish bravery or ignorance." Mayet said, her voice coming out almost like a growl as she continued to slowly approach Lorenzo.

"I have given you more than enough chances to redeem yourself. Many times I overlooked your insults without punishing you for them, instead even offering words of wisdom... But no more. I grew tired of simply watching as you humiliate me and my family again and again and go unpunished." Mayet continued, her steps echoing through the dining room as she slowly walked around the table, getting closer and closer to Lorenzo as she continued speaking.

"I am truly sorry father, but I simply can't stand being quiet and seeing this insect insult, disrespect and humiliate us with impunity, despite our repeated warnings." Mayet said, looking towards the sultan, her stare making her feelings very clear to him regarding how he kept letting Lorenzo get away despite repeatedly insulting them.

"To think someone as insignificant as you can even find any reason to justify thinking so highly of yourself is simply incomprehensible. Is there even something for you to be proud of? What makes you think someone like me even cares about your insignificant existence? Is there even a reason for the pride and arrogance you so proudly flaunt around despite being utterly incompetent and ignorant? Or it is just a fruit of you being a foolish idiot, incapable of reading your surroundings and think for yourself, instead simply saying whatever you want without thinking about the consequences?" Mayet said, turning towards Lorenzo again, her eyes filled with hatred as she did so.

"To think you thought I felt anything for you other than contempt! There is a limit of how highly one can think of themselves and how arrogant they can be, Lorenzo. If that was a joke, I would even be tempted to laugh... Before cutting your tongue, that is." Mayet said with a twisted smirk as she continued approaching him.

"The only reason I can think of as to why you have gone unpunished for so long or even why you are still alive is out of mere pity for the sad excuse of a human being you are. The Caesonian nobles might tolerate your foolishness... Some may even find your antics amusing, but I do not." Mayet said, now only a few steps away from Lorenzo.

"What should I do with you, Lorenzo? Should I cut your tongue? Give you a nice scar for you to remember the consequences of insulting me? Tell me how should I punish you for everything you said and did so far?" she said, stopping just besides Lorenzo, with the blade of the scimitar touching his neck. Both her voice and her expression clearly showing that she wasn't bluffing at all.
In Avalia 7 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: Forest near Guarav Village
Interactions: Cyrus @Helo, Ophelia @princess

Even though Viola was already expecting, seeing how Ophelia didn't react at all, even when she mentioned how her sisters all had similar hair colors made it even clearer that she had no idea of who she or Cyrus were. Was there truly no one else who remembered who Ophelia was at her village? Did they truly not remembered or cared about the tragedy that befell the Millinia family?

Hearing Cyrus' thoughts about Riverbloom, Viola couldn't help but agree, nodding silently at his words. Going there was risky. Especially if someone recognized them. Besides, Viola's opinions regarding Riverbloom and it's people wasn't exactly the most amicable.

"The city still stands, despite our family's downfall. This should be more than enough to assure us where their loyalty lies..." Viola said with piercing eyes.

While Cyrus had mentioned all of them being alive and well, the moment his eyes met with Viola's, he could see that there was still many doubts in Viola's mind. Knowing Ophelia was alive was definitely a good thing and it was somewhat noticeable despite Viola's hard to read emotions. But together with that, Cypress would also see something... different deep inside Viola's eyes.

From the moment they had met after Viola fled away from Daka Island, Cypress would notice, especially as they spent a bit more time together, that whatever they did with Viola, had a deep effect on her, especially on the way she thought and saw the world. Negative feelings seemed to be always present with Viola, sometimes stronger, others weaker, but always there on the back of her mind.

"Alive... Yes... I guess we are." Viola replied, with a very discreet, but still somewhat sad smile as she looked to Cyrus.

Still, Viola kept her thoughts to herself, especially when she heard her asking about her siblings and the last time they saw them. It would be both very difficult and problematic to try and answer that question...

Fortunately, their conversation was quickly cut short by a sharp cry coming from the sky, the unmistakable cry of a Roc. Judging by how loud it was, the bird was very close. Their best bet would to do just as Phia said and be in silence, hoping the creature would pass by them in pursuit of whatever it was hunting.

Much to their dismay, the violent winds that suddenly started blowing at them were a clear warning of what the Roc might be hunting. The moment the trees moved due to the winds, that fear was confirmed with the huge bird looking down at them. It's wings big enough to completely block the sun, in a truly terrifying sight.

With the Roc using it's powerful claws to crush a treetop and send it hurling towards them, Viola only had enough time to use her wings to fly away from the branches that came crashing down on them. Seeing Cyrus twisting tree trunks to try and grab the Roc's leg, Viola quickly moved to the the same tree Cyrus was, taking cover with him.

Touching the trunk of the tree Cypress was using his magic on, Viola let her Blood Rose delicately dig it's thorns on her skin, with it's vines tightening around her body ever so slightly, just enough to barely break the skin. The Blood Rose didn't need that much blood to perform that amount of movement, both because Viola was using the branches Cyrus was controlling as a support for the rose's vines and because it was just fed with the blood of the boar they hunted.

Following her commands, it's thorny vines climbed the tree and the branches Cypress was controlling, shooting towards the Roc, trying to pierce, grab and hurt the Roc as they got near it, trying to discourage it from continuing the hunt and showing it that they weren't worth the risk it would put itself in, should it try to hunt them.

"Leave." Viola commanded as the vines continued shooting towards the Roc.

Time: One week after Zora arrived into Avalia.
Location: Riverbloom, Daisy Bakery
Interactions: Aurora @mole, Rowan @GingerBobOh
Mentions: Barrock @Conscripts

"Your company is already a wonderful reward, sister! Although... This Cake is honestly quite tasty!" Zora said, laughing as she heard Aurora's praise.

While Zora had her different opinions than Rowan and their views seemed to clash quite a bit, it was simply impossible to dislike Aurora. Zora's initial impression of the woman only seemed to reaffirm itself with each passing day. Kind, understanding, sweet. Aurora seemed to deeply care about her, despite only meeting her recently.

The moment Zora heard Rowan's reply though, she couldn't help but to laugh.

"There were many like you back on earth, Rowan. Many were those who tried to tame me, to control me and to use me. To bind me to a 'higher purpose', to a path I was seemingly 'destined to follow'... None of them were successful." Zora said with a smirk as she looked to Rowan.

"What makes you think that you can?" she asked with a defiant smirk, looking to Rowan before she took the final bite of her cake.

"There was no deal, no bargain, no promise. I am bound by no restraints to your goal and purpose, besides the fact that this will also be my new home. My purpose, my destiny... Both are my own to decide what to do with." Zora said, looking to Rowan with a piercing stare.

"Regardless... Since this will be my new home as well, it is in my interest to make it a safe place for me to live... and thrive. So you have my word I'll do my best to bring peace to the land... Besides, I won't simply let Aurora's good will and kindness go unpaid." Zora said, with a rather mysterious smirk lasting only for a moment, before she turned to Aurora with a smile.

It was difficult to know if the peculiar usage of words was due to her exotic accent or if she really meant something by them.

With the conversation changing to Rowan's spartan methods of training, Zora's expression returned to normal, with simply a mischievous smirk remaining.

"Worry not about my safety, Rowan. While I am confident about my abilities with my sickles, as I am sure you have already noticed in our sparring sessions, I have many other ways to defend myself than just with violence..." Zora said with a wink and a mischievous smirk.

Just after she said that, her attention was drawn to a confusion going on just outside. More specifically the single dark elf that was purposely looking for trouble harassing an orc who had not done anything. As the orc approached, despite the offensive words from the dark elf, the tensions got higher and higher. The very moment all the onlookers seemed to be sure that there would be bloodshed though, the orc, much to their surprise, simply walked away.

"To be so proud of his own ignorance... Pathetic child.." Zora said with a heavy sigh, clearly looking and speaking about the dark elf and not the orc.

"I need to say... Watching his face after after the orc simply ignored him was quite amusing." Zora said laughing as the dark elf tried futilely to regain whatever drop of dignity he had left after such an embarrassing display.

Zora herself was no strange to prejudice and discrimination, but she couldn't help but to admire the orc's patience and self control. Even though he didn't say anything, his actions spoke much louder than the prejudice carried by the venomous words of the dark elf.

"Although if you ask me, the dark elf deserved at least a punch in the face..." Zora said with a shrug.

Time: 6pm
Location: Guest House Dining Room - Dinner with the Sultan
Interactions: Nahir @Rodiak, Layla @Potter, Charlotte @princess, Lorenzo @FunnyGuy, Munir @Infinite Cosmos, Leo @Helo, Sultan Raif Kadir @princess

Mayet was incredibly grateful for her father for deciding to serve the food. Not only just because she was looking forward to it, but because it was very effective in shutting up Lorenzo, who seemed to, even if momentarily, become distracted enough by the food to make any more blunders that could further enrage either Mayet herself or her family. But even with that, Lorenzo still seemed to find it quite... difficult to keep his thoughts and words to his own.

"It seems enjoying your food in silence isn't a custom he is acquainted with either..."
Mayet whispered back to Layla.

"Does he still think he is the 'guest of honor' for this banquet? I have never in my life met someone as tactless and incapable of reading the situation as him." Mayet said, whispering to Layla as she rolled her eyes, making no attempts to hide that she was speaking of Lorenzo, especially with how she was looking at him.

Just as Mayet finished saying that though, she noticed that Riona, as she moved to serve Lorenzo, said a few words that ended up making Lorenzo have quite a reaction. Even if Mayet wasn't able to hear what Riona had said, she had a sneaking suspicion that it wasn't something that Lorenzo appreciated that much.

The moment Riona approached her, to both serve her and laying down a bowl of water and some meat to Nala, Mayet let out an amused smile as she looked at Riona.

"You are... different from these people, aren't you? Not only the other servants, but the Caesonian nobles as well." Mayet said, looking to Riona almost as if she was studying her. While it was subtle, Riona would realize that she had earned Mayet's attention in a good way.

Nala sniffed Riona's hand as she put down the piece of meat for a moment, letting out a satisfied huff, before she started eating the food Riona offered her. For some reason, Nala felt a vaguely familiar scent coming from that woman. A scent similar to the noble that had offered her some food in the very first day she arrived at Caesonia with Mayet.

"Nala also seems to approve of you. Don't hesitate in approaching me in case you need something or want to tell me something." Mayet said with a smile, before she turned her attention to the ongoing situation once again.

"Shouldn't the feelings of appreciation and thanks for the food be given to the cooks instead?" Mayet asked to no one in particular, raising an eyebrow as she let out a sigh.

Even in an Alidasht dinner, Lorenzo still wished to push Caesonian traditions onto them... Such behavior was... curious to say the least. Perhaps even a subconscious tell of how Lorenzo saw the relationship between the two nations?

Regardless of what were her thoughts and despite the Grand Vizier's suggestion to let someone else saying the graces, the Sultan ended up allowing Lorenzo to do so, which made Mayet let out an discreet, but definitely noticeable sigh of annoyance.

Unfortunately, her father didn't seem to let Layla's previous comments and especially her little prank of making Zilal scare off Charlotte pass without voicing his dissatisfaction, ending up sending Layla to her room. Not only shaming her in the presence of the other guests but also denying her the opportunity of participating from the dinner.

Even though Mayet knew Layla could be very venomous with her words, she was still very hurt to see Layla being sent off like that. Besides, Mayet didn't think her small 'prank' was entirely uncalled for, seeing how the situation was developing regarding both Charlotte and her father.

Both Lorenzo and Charlotte would certainly notice a burning stare coming from Mayet as she waited for the former to say his 'graces'. Her attention was entirely upon them. Any reaction to the fact that her sister was sent away would have serious consequences for them. Despite Mayet not saying anything, her stare was more than enough of a warning.

"Please ask one of the servants to send my sister something sweet, of her liking, as a desert." Mayet said, in a low discreet tone as she called for one of the servants before she looked back to Lorenzo and Charlotte once again, watching their ever movement and every breath with a burning stare.

Location: 'Tekeri' encampment.

Even though it wasn't exactly Nellara's area of expertise, she could only imagine the excitement Kareet was feeling. With every additional explanation Ixtaro and Vigdis gave, with every additional word said, it seemed to open endless opportunities for their own technology to develop. Techniques, technologies and ideas that had the potential of changing the Tekeri society forever.

One interesting point that Ixtaro said though, was that electricty was just the very beginning. According to her explanation, it seemed to be the very basis and beginning of human technological development.

"A capacitor..." Nellara repeated, with a thoughtful expression. Nellara was absolutely certain that if Vigdis or Ixtaro ended up visiting Arcaeda, the Seekers of the Order of Sages would definitely forget to eat and rest just to continue studying human technology.

"I am exceedingly interested in the applications such technologies could have on Tekeri society. In particular, if the same principles could be used to further develop our magic. It seems both of you would feel right at home in one of the academies made by the Order of Sages. Although you might need to remind the seekers that both you and they too need to eat and rest... I am certain they might as well forget to eat and starve to death if you continue to give them information." Nellara said to Vigdis with a chuckle.

The very moment she was about to touch the metal spike to use her electricity though, Kareet approached her, mentioning that they could produce better results with Coordinated Casting. Not exactly Nellara's expertise, since her magic was rather 'unique' in the way it worked, but she learned how to circumvent those limitations enough to receive a passing grade from the Order of Magisters on that specific subject.

"That will definitely produce much better results. Assuming that electricity seems to be the very basis for human technology, I guess the more we can produce the better, right?" Nellara asked, looking to Vigdis and Ixtaro.

"Due to the unique way my magic works, it will probably be better for you to lead the Coordinated Casting. It might be easier for me to follow your lead than the other way around." Nellara said as she approached the metal spike once again, firmly grabbing it as she looked to Kareet.

"Don't worry too much about me. Feel free to go all out, I will follow your lead." Nellara said as she gave a nod to Kareet, indicating she was ready for them to start.

Before they could start though, Nellara noticed from a distance that no one other than Silbermine himself thought that was appropriate to approach the encampment of the very people he was invading.

"Silbermine. You already offended the Ascendancy enough by invading our territory and you still have the audacity to ask to 'break bread and talk' just because our guests are currently talking with us? Stop with your lies and trickery. You merely approached us because you saw here something you want for yourself..." Nellara said, letting go of the metal spike as she approached Silbermine and his knights, putting herself between them and the rest of the group. Nellara said, her words clearly insinuating that the only reason Silbermine approached them was because of the humans.

"There is nothing else left to be said, Silbermine. All words that needed to be said between us were already said... You made yourself very clear about that on our last meeting..." she said with a serious expression.

"But if you still think you have anything to say... You are free to do so... As long as you agree to be escorted while on our encampment." Nellara said, motioning with her head for her soldiers to surround Silbermine and his men.

The tekeri soldiers were donning their armors and were armed, although they did not unsheathe their weapons, instead simply keeping their hands close to them, watching every movement Silbermine and his men did, ready to draw their weapons if any of them tried anything.

"But if you are fine with our conditions, please stay. It will be amusing to hear your words." Nellara said, with an acid, sarcastic smirk as she did so.
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