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Current Finished Code Vein (3 times, 2 on NG+, enhanced difficulty) earlier this week. It would be really awesome to have a Code Vein inspired RP, with a dark, punk-ish setting. Could help with worldbuilding.
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I'm sorry... Just feeling really, really bad right now. Not in the mood to do anything.


"Humanity takes great pride in three things. Their willpower, their greed and their mortality.

Their will and endless greed allows them to grow and accend past other creatures
But thir mortality denies them divinity

It's a delightful purgatory between Beeing Fallen and being Divine"

Oh, and the color code for the RPGuild's background is 2d2d2d. Write it on a post and it becomes almost completely invisible. You're welcome! XD

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In Avalia 3 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Roshmi Grand Hall
Interactions:Darius @FunnyGuy

Ayita couldn't help but to notice that Darius answer regarding which side he was on was... vague at best, not mentioning Aklenroth or the Elves. His only answer was that he sided with their people, the humans. He spoke about returning home and not having to fight a war that wasn't theirs... All of which were good reasons but Ayita still wasn't satisfied by his reply.

"The time where I didn't need to fight and could dance with my people is long gone, Darius... My tribe was burned to the ground by the white men. My mother probably didn't survive the fire, just like most people I knew in our camp... Our homes, nothing but ash now. My people, either dead, made into slaves or fleeing from a land that should be their home since ancient times. My father, a strong warrior from my people, is leading our people, trying to reclaim that what is ours and defend our lands. The only thing I can do, Darius, is fight. Either here or back home." Ayita finished, with fire in her eyes.

"Here in Avalia, I found myself in a similar situation. My kind being hunted by a being who aspires only complete and total control. Hunting and eliminating those whom he fears or try to challenge his rule." she said always looking to Darius.

"While I do agree that not everyone would be willing to fight a war that is not theirs and would rather return to their homes, I do not have this luxury. The only thing remaining for me would be to try and unite my people from the rest of the seven clans and fight. Fight for the right to have a place to live and die. Fight to preserve our rights, our lands and our history." she said, looking to his eyes.

"That said... I've seen what the white invaders are capable of... Their weapons are far better than ours, they have no respect for the land nor people... Can we even fight against them despite being in such disadvantage? We might be powerless against the white men there, but here... Here we have power. Here we can do a difference and maybe even find a new home." Ayita continued.

"If you truly are siding with our people, you're not on the side of the one who kills your own kind... are you? The one who sent a dracolich to burn the entire forest down, including myself. A fire that is very familiar to me..." Ayita said, looking at him with sharp eyes.

"I ask you again, Darius... Which side are you on?" she asked, waiting for a reply.

Location: Roshmi Grand Hall
Time: Late Afternoon
Interactions: O'Ner @Eviledd1984

Myra was almost jumping as she led Mathis to the table. It wasn't hard for her to find the way back to the same place they were sitting earlier and Mathis didn't seem to have a problem with her leading. When they arrived, Myra was the first to sat down, looking to Mathis expectantly, waiting for the food. Being distracted by his finger tapping on the table in a strange rhythm, Myra didn't saw the waitress approaching them, only realizing that their food was here when the same put a large dish of a strange food in front of them. While it was certainly fragrant, she had never ate something like that before. It didn't need much inspecting and sniffing for Myra to understand that there was no meat in that food. She could smell things that she found in the forest, like mushrooms, tomato and some of those small, red, fire-berries that grew in bushes, but the other part of the dish, a long, stringy thing was unknown to her.

Myra interrupted her inspection of the dish when Mathis asked her what she liked to do. Tilting her head while she thought, Myra was quickly able to come with an answer to that question. The things she liked to do were easy for her to remember! Getting up of the table for a moment, Myra bared her fangs and claws, assuming a low posture almost as if she was stalking something then after that, she made a gesture of her tearing something apart with both her claws, fangs and then eating it. It should be clear enough, the moment Mathis saw her claws, teeth and talons if he looked at her feet, that she was clearly a predator and after what she shown him, hunting was one of her hobbies. When she finished showing him that, she then assumed the same low posture again, but this time, she wasn't showing her claws or her teeth and instead simply mimicked the movements she made when running, before she sat down again, looking at Mathis with a kind smile before turning her attention again to the strange dish in front of her.

After sniffing the food a bit more, Myra leaned forward, grabbing a single string of that weird food and putting on her mouth, tasting it. Much to her surprise, despite it not having any meat, it's taste was definitely good. The tomato, together with the mushrooms and with some other tastes she couldn't properly name gave the soft stringy thing a really good taste. Surprisingly good in fact, for something that wasn't meat. Looking to Mathis with a surprised expression, Myra got some more with her claws as she began eating the food. While she did use her hands to eat, it was interesting for Mathis to notice she was unusually careful in order to not get herself dirty not her clothes, using the tip of her claws to get it and then cleaning it afterwards with her tongue. After a few bites, it was time for Myra to inspect the weird drink Mathis got for himself. As she leaned towards the cup in front of him, she sniffed it a bit before flinching and pulling her head back, surprised with the strange and rather strong smell. While she was curious regarding what it was, it was clear that she had never drank wine before.
Karina Frost
Chres Sansus

Collab between @13org and @Pezz570


@Restalaan@ShwiggityShwah@Stern Algorithm@Rezod92

When the Ada and the others finally arrived at Boreal Port, Ada was already curious due to all the noises and cheers coming from the distance but the second she arrived the place where the festivities were happening, she was instantly amazed, looking everywhere with an extremely curious expression. There were so many strange sounds, scents and so many colors and things she had never seen before she she was having a hard time choosing what she wanted to see first. She was getting ready to start running around, amazed by all the new things but luckily for the rest of the guild, a strange woman appeared, drawing her attention for enough time for someone to realize her posture, which was a clear indication that she was about to start 'running' instead of just walking.

Ada watched curiously as the woman, called Riñas talked to the group, showing some of the contests that were going on in the distance. While Ada didn't care much about the archery contest or the quiz, she was very interested in the cooking and strength one, particularly on the interesting and tasty smells coming from the cooking contest and the shining golden thing reflecting the sunlight right at the top of the strange tower on the strength contest. When the explanation was over and she was about to go, Neil said that he wanted to help her, followed by the Altissima sisters, which seemed to disagree about going or not. In order to solve said disagreement, they started playing a strange game, where they waved their closed hands before either lowering them closed, with their hands open or only with their two fingers up in a 'V' shape. Finding that rather strange but interesting, Ada went closer and started to mimic the hand signs they were making, with a puzzled expression.

When the Riñas was finally over and was already going away with Neil and the Altissima sisters, Ada got ready again, too amazed by all the strange things around her. Her first target were the round colored things that were tied to some of the tall things that were on the sides of the street. Dashing towards one of the posts and climbing it without any difficulty, Ada began looking at one of the balloons and sniffing it before trying to grab it. The moment she did, the sound of her fingers rubbing on the surface of the balloon made a strange sound, making Ada flinch, surprised before trying to touch it again but slower this time. This time though, the balloon popped in her hands, making her flinch surprised. Getting down from the post, she grabbed one of the pieces of rubber that fell from the balloon, taking it to where the rest of the guild was, showing it to them with a puzzled expression almost as if asking what had happened to the round, soft thing.


The trek to Boreal Port did take a while, with the group arriving there only around midday. Despite that, the sound of the festivities and the decorations sure gave the place a different feel. There were many possible activities for them to make, including many interesting contests going on. A few moments after they arrived, a Dark Priest came to greet them, Riñas Chavez, how she introduced herself, seemed to be a familiar face for some of the guild members, with her having already requested their help a few other times. Despite her obviously being very busy, she still found time to greet the group and show them some of the contests that were currently happening before returning to her duties.

Before Riñas could go away though, Neil stopped her with a rather strange request. For some reason, he wanted to go together with her as he had something to ask to her. Despite all the stares, Riñas simply accepted his strange request. Immediately after that, one of the Altissima sisters, more specifically Sylvia, said that they could also help her, much to Vivian's dismay. Vivian's protests, leading to a small game of rock, paper and scissors to decide if they were going to the cooking contest or helping Riñas did make Freyr smile a bit, as she watched the sisters, amused until the winner was declared, again, much to Vivian's dismay.

After Riñas was gone with Neil and the sisters, Freyr saw with the corner of his eyes Ada getting in a low posture, ready to run somewhere. Letting out an amused smirk, Freyr simply leaned towards Ozzy, Haley and others who usually were together with Ada.

"I think she saw something interesting..." he whispered, not wanting to stop Ada, curious about what she was about to do.

The moment she climbed the post to touch the balloons, Freyr couldn't help but watch, amused as she touched the balloon, flinching due to the noise it made. When it popped on her hands, making her react with a surprised expression before going down and bringing a piece of the blown up balloon to them, he went towards Ada, patting her head with a smile without saying a word.

"I am rather interested in the archery contest, although I might go to the cooking contest after I'm finished to see if I can taste some of Yang's dishes." Freyr said with a chuckle as he looked to the group.
In Avalia 6 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Roshmi Grand Hall
Interactions:Darius @FunnyGuy

Much to Darius' dismay, despite his explanation about where he came from and what he did, only confusion could be seen in Ayita's eyes. Truth be told, she didn't know half of the words Darius used. Photographer, personal trainer, clientele... The only word that was vaguely familiar was the name 'Florida', a land to the southeast of the ones Ayita and her tribe called their home. Often referred to by white invaders that came from the east.

"Florida is... the only word that is vaguely familiar to me..." Ayita replied, with a mix of wariness and curiosity on her eyes. She and most of her tribe learned the hard way that they shouldn't trust everyone... A moment passed in silence as Ayita simply looked at Darius before she spoke again.

"If you are really not from Avalia... Then you're being hunted. Just like me. Which side are you on?" she asked Darius, with a piercing stare. Even though Ayita was curious about who Darius was, there was still something that was more important... The situation she was in here, in Avalia. Aklenroth and his allies were hunting for her, like other humans. He was a human but she wanted to be certain that he was an ally.

Location: Roshmi Grand Hall
Time: Late Afternoon
Interactions: O'Ner @Eviledd1984

Myra couldn't feel happier and more proud of herself by speaking her name as Mathis smiled, clapping his hands to her after hearing her saying it. Myra could feel that he genuinely liked being with to her and was curious about her, after all, he did hear her carefully when she was speaking and even waited for her to say her name. That coupled with the fact that he was being kind with her and even said that she was the most interesting person for him so far did make Myra happy. When he mentioned walking back to the table though, Myra looked at him with her eyes almost shining with excitement.

"Foo?!" she asked, blinking as she stared at him expectantly as her tongue darted in and out of her mouth a few times, almost like the tongue of a reptile. She didn't know what those 'drinks' were but it was on those tables that one often ate, right? Just like the castle, whenever she was hungry and asked Zorrah for food, she sat down at the big table to eat.

Sorry for the delay! Will have a reply done tomorrow! :-)
In Avalia 9 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Roshmi Grand Hall
Interactions:Darius @FunnyGuy

Ayita felt relieved when she heard from Darius that he wasn't one of the ones who destroyed her tribe and her homeland but the fact that he didn't answer if he was part of her people nor from one of the seven clans didn't pass by unnoticed by Ayita, given his silence and apparent confusion. The fact that he didn't know about the seven clans meant that he wasn't one of her people. That said, just the fact that he wasn't with the invaders was enough to give him some trust. She knew she should be careful, that many people in Avalia wouldn't see humans with kind eyes but Darius' reactions were too... honest. Too genuine for someone that might be tricking her. The emotions she saw in his eyes when he asked her if she was like him weren't something one could fake easily. It was risky, but if he was a human, he could be an ally against Aklenroth.

"Tsalagihi Ayeli... The lands of our forefathers. 'America'..." Ayita said in a low tone as she looked to Darius with a serious expression.

"Our people call ourselves Tsalagi or Aniyvwiyaʔi, which it would mean "Principal People" in your language. The white men call us by other names though... Most of them insults to our heritage and history. The only one acceptable is 'Cherokee'." Ayita said as she explained to Darius about what she was talking about and the words she used.

"I'm not an elf. Nor am I from this land, Darius." she said, repeating the very same words Darius said to her a moment ago as she looked at him, carefully analyzing his reaction.

After a moment, Ayita looked at Darius again, with a serious, piercing stare. Even though there wasn't any hostility in her eyes, there was still some doubt. The fact that he was a human meant that he had no reason to ally himself with Aklenroth, which made him an ally or at least someone that wouldn't betray them but at the same time, Ayita didn't know who exactly Darius was. He said he wasn't with the invaders but he didn't know about the seven clans. There was only one question that remained unanswered...

"Now... Who exactly are you, Darius?" Ayita asked as her eyes met his, looking at him with a serious expression.

Location: Roshmi Grand Hall
Time: Late Afternoon
Interactions: O'Ner @Eviledd1984

Myra nodded as Mathis explained why he smelled like that. She didn't know what a 'mortician' was but his explanation was clear enough for her to understand a few words. He smelled like death because he often had to touch bodies for some reason. Myra was a bit confused why he wanted to prepare bodies. Was he preparing them to eat like Zorrah did with the tasty meats she gave Myra? Or he was preparing them for something else? No matter the reason, Myra could relate to the part that even though he washed his body, the smell didn't come off. When she had to deal with undead, it always took her quite a while for the smell to be completely off. After he finished explaining, apologizing for the smell, Myra simply smiled at him, shaking her head. Even though it was still a bit unpleasant, it wasn't nearly as strong as how undead normally smelled. It was almost like a faint scent compared to the strong and repulsive smell that normal undead that she had met had.

When he asked why she didn't speak, Myra looked at away for a moment, almost if thinking about something before she looked at him again.

"Foo!" Myra said excitedly, pointing towards the table where all the food was.

"Koupl?" she said again, this time shrugging with a confused expression, clearly indicating that she didn't know what that particular word meant before she spent a few second with a thoughtful expression, thinking in another words.

"Mii... Mirr-" she began trying to say the word, struggling a bit with the sound of the 'r' before she went silent after she bit her own tongue, sticking it out with a grimace of pain. It did take a moment of silence for her to speak again after that, almost as if she was repeating the word in her head before trying to say it out loud.

"Mii-ra!" she said with a proud expression, looking at Mathis almost as if she just did something incredible. While she did say the 'r' sound correct, she did separate it from the rest of the word.
In Avalia 10 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Roshmi Grand Hall
Interactions:Darius @FunnyGuy

Despite her previous stare and the brief moment of distrust she had regarding Darius, the dance was honestly being fun. Even though she wasn't that good on dancing, Darius seemed to be quite good at leading her. He seemed to be nicer than what she previously thought. Surprisingly enough, he didn't seem to be worried about her in the same way she was about him. His reply to her questions were, surprisingly, as playful as her own questions were. Ironically, despite him calling her Ms. Curiosity, it was clear that he was as curious about her as she was about him.

For a moment, Ayita forgot the fact that she didn't know who he was and honestly just wanted to have a fun dance but when Darius mentioned the name 'America', her eyes opened wide as she stopped dancing for a moment. Memories of her homeland surfaced in her mind. Her people dancing and hunting, the nature that surrounded them and provided everything that they needed. Despite her silence, as he continued talking about it, he could see deep in her eyes a longing for her homeland. The same excitement and longing that were on Darius' eyes as he spoke of his homeland could be found on hers as well.

"Are you Aniyvwiyaʔi? From one of the seven clans?" she asked after a moment, using the same word her people used to refer to themselves, with hope in her eyes. Was it possible that she found another one of her people here in Avalia? Was she truly not alone?

"Or are you one of them... The white people?" Ayita asked, with her eyes almost as if they were burning with anger just remembering of them. Those who killed her people, burned their land and stole their lives...

Location: Roshmi Grand Hall
Time: Late Afternoon
Interactions: O'Ner @Eviledd1984

Myra was steadily getting better in following Mathis' lead and dancing herself, just like Mathis seemed to be getting more comfortable at dancing too. Myra still had to pay attention when they got too close from other people in order to not whip her tail around but overall things were going really smoothly. When Mathis apologized himself about not having danced, Myra simply smiled at him with a kind expression. It wasn't like she knew how to dance, she was only trying her hardest to mimic other's movements and follow his lead so she wasn't really that worried about it. In fact she wanted just to have some fun and hopefully eat a lot after the dances, just like Darius had promised her.

The moment Mathis turned towards her asking if she took classes to dance though, Myra looked at him with a confused expression. That 'dancing' thing was new for her, was he asking if someone taught her? If it was that then it was a yes. Both Adrian and Darius had showed her how to dance and practiced with her, albeit just a little. After thinking for a bit, she looked to Mathis, nodding her head for his question. Since he was making questions to her though, Myra thought that she should try making one to him as well. Approaching him, she sniffed the air a bit around him then looked at him, tilting her head in an inquisitive expression. Even though she didn't speak, the message she wanted to pass was clear, she wanted to know why he smelled like an undead even though he was nice.
In Avalia 13 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Roshmi Grand Hall
Interactions:Darius @FunnyGuy

Ayita did get a bit surprised on the 'supposed' elf's reaction after the look she gave to him. He did say he wasn't an elf... nor from this land. So what exactly he was? Those words seemed to be, at least for Ayita, a lot like something someone would use to search for other humans. If a human who wasn't careful heard that sentence, they would definitely react to it in a very noticeable manner.

"Is that so? That might be interesting then. We might be better dance partners than we initially thought." Ayita asked with a smirk and a chuckle when she heard Darius saying that, despite his noble looks he would definitely be considered a 'savage'.

"Even though I may not be that good with these specific types of dances, I do trust on my agility and my quick feet. At least you don't need to worry about me stepping in your feet." she said with a giggle as she extended her hand towards Darius, getting ready to dance.

"So... Mr. savage 'non-elf'... Who exactly are you?" Ayita asked as she looked at him with a curious but rather cautious expression. It was clear for Darius that it wasn't just her curiosity, but she was also trying to get more information about him. He definitely caught her attention, be that a good or a bad thing.

"The phrase you said was a... very specific one. Very bold for you to say it too... It could be interpreted in the wrong manner by either demons or elves..." Ayita said, raising her eyebrow with an inquisitive expression.

Location: Roshmi Grand Hall
Time: Late Afternoon
Interactions: O'Ner @Eviledd1984

Myra smiled happily at Mathis' comment about her name. He might smell like an undead but he definitely seemed to be a nice person. When Mathis took her hand and put his other hand on her waist to dance, Myra found it a bit easier than her other dance. Be it because she had already practiced a bit with her previous partner or because her partner seemed to lead her better than Tan did, the dance was definitely going on more smoothly than it was before. The way it was going, Myra even found herself able to stop paying too much attention on her surroundings and try and enjoy the dance a bit more. When she looked at Mathis again, surprisingly enough, she saw him looking at her with a curious expression. It definitely wasn't like how Tan was looking at her, it was much better. The moment their eyes met, Myra gave him a cute and happy smile. That entire thing about dancing was indeed new for Myra, but now that she was starting to get a bit more used to it and the movements she should make, she did find it interesting. Myra did enjoy most things that involved moving herself and while dancing might not be like hunting, where she could run as fast as she wanted or just running around, those were movements that she never did before, new to her which made her interested about it.
Aiko Kamiya

Just as she had expected, the man knew how that kind of contract usually worked out. It was good that she wouldn't need to explain the rules to the man. Accepting the half-pay term was also a positive point in Aiko's books. Those who didn't have many issues in accepting those basic terms were more likely to be trustworthy and keep their side of the bargain. Since that was an on-call job, just as he had explained earlier, it was expected that they would have a way to contact her and that mean her cellphone number. Even though it wasn't really that common for her to give out her contact information, there were some other jobs when it was necessary. She only hoped they wouldn't prove to be a headache for her later.

"Here it is." Aiko said as she grabbed her phone and showed the screen to the man, where her contact was.

"Just remember... Discretion, silence and privacy. Contact me whenever needed for the job but that's it." Aiko said, reminding the man after she was finished passing her number to him.

"Since this is supposed to be an on-call job, I should simply wait for your contact, right?" Aiko asked, looking to him.

"Regarding the path that I should take, I assume I am allowed to take some liberties about it depending on what happens... I can guarantee the delivery in a short time and my speed, but I may have to make some detours to avoid... unnecessary trouble." Aiko completed.

Truth be told, Aiko knew very, very well on how to navigate through the city and she could definitely guarantee her speed and the delivery of the package but she didn't like to be 'controlled' that much, regarding which path she should take. Especially since there were a few detours that only locals knew and might make things safer and faster... If you were known around the city enough for people to allow your passage without troubles, that is.

Faye didn't need to wait too long for someone at the door before she heard steps coming from behind. A blonde man approached the door from behind her. Faye didn't lose any time before greeting the man, whom apparently was going to be one of her companions that would stay on the new 'safe house'. Seeing him arriving made her wonder how many people would stay on that house with her. Not that she disliked company, in fact she loved having people to talk with, but she couldn't help but to wonder if it wouldn't be too complicated for too many people to stay in a house that wasn't that big.

"Hi there! Are you also staying here? I'm Faye, nice to meet you." Faye asked, waving to the man with a cheerful smile.

Before she could say anything more though, two more people arrived in the house, getting out of a car and getting their bags from the trunk, clearly indicating that they would also be staying at the safe house. The amount of mages arriving at the safe house made Faye realize that the mission that the Guild had for them was indeed, quite serious. Not that it would change how much she cared about it though (which honestly was very little...). One of the girls who had arrived had a beautiful blue hair, which immediately distracted Faye from the blonde man, making her turn towards the girl with her usual energetic and cheerful behavior.

"Hey! I loved your hair color! I..." Faye began, before she was interrupted by the same blue haired woman, which simply walked past her and opened the door without any ceremony, asking why she didn't open it sooner.

"Well... People often get mad at me when I enter places without knocking first so..." Faye said, shrugging as both girls passed by her and the blonde guy.

Quickly figuring out that it would take too much time for her to greet everyone due to the amount of people that were arriving, Faye simply followed behind just as another two girls arrived, one entering the safe house without talking too much and the other, carrying a lot of food with her. Judging by how the others who arrived interacted with each other, they already knew themselves. She seemed to be one of the few, if not the only new person around... Which wasn't a surprise given how much the guild seemed to dislike her due to her... 'antics'. One thing was certain the moment she entered the house though, Faye was one hundred percent certain that the house was far too small to house everyone that was on the living room already.

"Are you guys sure that this house will be enough for us all?" Faye asked as she entered the living room, looking around. While it was spacious for two or three people, there were a lot of people in there and she had no clue if there were more yet to arrive.

Walking until the middle of the living room, Faye let her bag rest against the wall on the corner of the room before blinking to the second floor almost as if was the most natural thing in the world for her.

"Hey everyone, we have a problem... there are only two rooms..." Faye's voice was heard downstairs from the second floor.

"and a small bathroom with a bed inside." she continued, appearing downstairs again with a rather disappointed expression. While she didn't mind in staying in the children's room, she absolutely wouldn't accept staying in that small, cramped room.

"Just getting this reeeal quick~ Don't mind me..." she said as she walked to the corner of the room, grabbing her bag.

"I don't really need the big room but I certainly won't stay on the bathroom." Faye said, with a mischievous smile as she disappeared, appearing downstairs again after a few seconds, having already left her things (and her shoes) upstairs.

"Sooo... I'm Faye, glad to meet you guys! Please take care of me." she said with a cheerful and carefree smile, looking to everyone.
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