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IM STILL ALIVE GUYS!! quiet, but still alive and waiting for replies on the RPs I'm in. Life is being cruel with me atm, but I'm still here.
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Correction: I HATE having unpleasant and unwelcome visitors reading the posts i make on other RPs... The person whom i'm talking about surely knows that its meant to him. Others are welcome to read.
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I HATE having unpleasant and unwelcome visitors reading the posts i make on other RPs... If you are reading this and feel personally offended, then know this message IS meant for you.
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Diagnosed with mild depression... Unsure on how to feel about that... Currently taking some medications and im feeling a bit better... Sorry for the delay everyone i'm RPing with.
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I'm half dead... RL is really beating me up these last days... I'm so sorry everyone. I'll try to catch up with things... I'm really, really sorry.


"Humanity takes great pride in three things. Their willpower, their greed and their mortality.

Their will and endless greed allows them to grow and accend past other creatures
But thir mortality denies them divinity

It's a delightful purgatory between Beeing Fallen and being Divine"

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Bast Ragoczy

As Bast carefully took a closer look at Talia's wound, it was clear that although it was a bad wound and she was in a lot of pain, she was very lucky. The bullet was still intact and didn't fragmented inside her. If it had, it would be much harder to take all the small pieces. Luckily,even being wounded, Nephele was quick to go to the forge to get a dagger from there after Bast asked for something sharp.

"This will do perfectly. You have my gratitude, Miss Nephele." Bast said, gently getting the dagger from her hand, taking a glance at her wound. Surprisingly enough, even such a big knife wound, she had already managed to staunch the bleeding. Maybe it was due to her draconic blood?

Bartholomew, on the other hand, even being the primary target of all that attack, didn't seem to be all that affected by it, seeing it how as soon as he got up, he was already asking about how everyone was and if Freyr could help him securing the area outside.

Talking about Freyr, Bast wondered what happened with the male Viera... Was he also hit by the musketeers? He did take out one of them, but soon after the explosion, Bast didn't see him anymore... But just after he thought that, he heard Freyr's voice coming from upstairs as he replied Bart. After Freyr said that it was the explosion, Bast realized that he was probably unconscious until now, due to his heightened hearing. The loud explosion was probably too much for him to handle. As Freyr passed by him, nodding Bast simply nodded back, silently telling him that he had everything under control.

"Oh, don't worry about it, Bartholomew. Everything is under control here." Bast said as Bart left by the huge hole on the guild's door to see if it was already safe outside. Just as he got out though, Talia turned to Bast, saying that she hoped he knew what he was doing.

"Oh, don't worry about it, Miss Talia. Knowledge is my most prized possession. I am very well versed in many areas. Luckily, medicine is one of them. Although... This is far from what I would consider... ideal. We will have to improvise seeing how we don't have medical equipment available here. It will hurt." Bast said, with a smirk as he winked mischievously to her while holding the dagger, indicating he would start.

"Now... Miss Talia, you were very lucky..." Bast said, gently touching the small hole made by the bullet with the tip of the dagger.

"The bullet didn't fragment with the impact. It would be almost impossible to do something only with a dagger if it had. Please, try to not move that much." Bast said, making an incision where the bullet wound was with agile and precise movements, opening the wound just enough so he could get out the bullet with the tip of the dagger. After a few seconds, both Talia and Nephele would hear the sound of a small metallic object falling on the ground. Staunching the bleeding after that wasn't too hard.

"Thanks for the assistance, Nephele." Bast said, nodding respectfully to her as she headed to her room. She was probably exhausted after so many things happening.

"I'm sorry for the pain, Miss Talia. Just be sure to rest a bit. After all, you just saved a man's life today. You deserve it." Bast said with a gentle smile.

"I need to go outside to see if anyone else was wounded. If anything happens, if the wound opens again, you have but to call me. Don't overexert yourself, lest you want the wound to open again..." Bast said as he went outside.

Getting there, he saw a big group, Haley, Ditzy, Neil, Bartholomew, Eilidh and an interesting new arrival, a very tall woman with a reptilian tail and sharp teeth, discussing what they should do with the intruder they captured, which was unconscious on the ground.

"Talia is ok now Bart. The bullet was still intact so it was easy to take it out and cauterize the wound shortly after. Is everything ok around here?" Bast asked, his hands still dirty with blood as he walked towards them.

"Eilidh, my dear, are you wounded?" Bast asked with a genuinely worried expression towards her.

"You don't know how relieved I am to see you unharmed." Bast said, with a kind and sweet smile towards the female centaur. For many other people there, it was the first time they saw him with such a honest and kind smile, unlike the normally mysterious and suspicious aura that always seemed to hover around him.

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Freyr's head was still spinning when he heard Bart's voice. Getting up and leaning against the handrails as he got down the stairs, he realized that everything was ok. Bast was taking helping Talia who was hit by the musketeer's weapon while Nephele assisted him. Everything seemed to be ok inside the guild.

"I'm... ok. I'm just a bit disorientated from the explosion." Freyr said, replying to Bart. It was just after he looked where Bart was going that he saw how big the hole on the wall was.

Shaking his head a few times, it took him a few minutes to the dizziness to stop, but after it was done, he looked to Bast, who seemed to have already finished treating Talia. Giving him a small nod, thanking him for helping her, he followed Bart, passing through the obscenely big hole on the wall, running.

"I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help. The explosion was too loud... The pain was too much for me to do much more besides taking out one of the musketeers." Freyr said to Bart as he got closer to the group. Neil was just finished asking what they should do with the bandit leader and Bart asked who was responsible for the hole in the wall.

His eyes searched for wounded between Magnus, Ditzy, Neil, Eilidh and Haley but fortunately, nobody was badly wounded, but as he looked to Haley, he saw that she had her wings over her ear and was in pain. There was also two strange figures, a very tall woman with a reptilian tail and ominously sharp teeth and an unconscious man whom Freyr presumed it was one of the intruders. Freyr was at guard when he first saw the woman, but seeing as how everyone was at ease near her, he presumed she was an ally.

"Haley... Are you wounded?" He asked, going near her with a worried expression carefully looking her to see if she was bleeding. She had probably facing a similar pain that he faced after the explosion.

Looking towards the unconscious man, Freyr's eyes were cold and hard, filled with rage for a second, before he turned to Haley and the group again as they continued discussing what to do with him.

"I don't think letting him go free is a good idea." Freyr said, with a cold stare towards the man.

"A man like him is better dead." he completed.

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Ehri Khan


Ehri couldn't help but to notice that the second Isbeil came in, Alm quickly gave up on asking her about her abilities, even though he seemed to be so interested a few moments before. That surely wasn't just curiosity about her... She didn't know exactly what he wanted but she couldn't help but think that he in fact had some other motives to be interested about her... The way he looked at her, how he seemed to almost study Isa with his eyes before continuing. He was asking too much about her, about the Old Blood clan, it's rituals, it's secrets... but said nothing about himself nor about his abilities...

Isbeil on the other hand was much more direct about what she wanted, maybe even a little too much. Describing herself as a 'scholar' she mentioned she studied obscure forms of magic and even asked if she could 'mark' Ehri with spells and surprisingly enough, a bit of her blood in order to better understand her powers. Ehri knew how powerful magic could be and above everything else, she knew very well the power of blood. Why did she want her blood? Why both of them wanted so bad to know about a forgotten clan who lived far away from civilization?

Sharing not only her discomfort, but also her thoughts, Isa, who was sitting down near Ehri, stood up, looking at Alm and Isbeil with wary eyes and Misha had his eyes fixed on them, carefully watching every movement they made. Even though Isa wasn't being hostile, as she wasn't showing her fangs and Misha didn't even opened his wings in a hostile posture, both Alm and Isbeil were almost able to physically feel Ehri and the animals' cautious stares towards them, trying to judge their true intentions.

"You two ask too much about my clan's rituals and secrets, but tell nothing about yourselves..." Ehri said, with a clearly annoyed expression.

"But if we are going to work together, it is unavoidable for you to know more about me." Ehri said, conforming herself to the fact that sooner or later they would find out more about her powers, causing both Misha and Isa to become a little less wary.

"To be a 'skinchanger' means to share not just one's mind, but body and soul with your companion. It means to embrace your animal side. To accept you are not just a human, but a beast as well. Borrow their strengths, their senses, their instincts, making them part of you. While hunting, we feel what our companions feel, we hear what they hear, we know their movements and they know ours. While hunting, the boundaries between what is human and what is animal are almost inexistent. We taste the warm blood of the prey we hunt, we feel the thrill, the excitement of the chase exactly as our companions do." Ehri said, carefully studying both Alm's and Isbeil's reactions as she said that.

"Our powers, our abilities aren't something that can be acquired, trained or stolen. They come from our blood and from how we lived all these years. They are not flashy and fantastical like other types of magics. Living so closely with wild animals, we learned with them, just like they did with us. We became faster, stronger, we learned how to move ourselves like they do, we learned how to hunt like they hunt, we learned to not ignore our instincts, to remember what you who call yourselves 'civilized' have forgotten." Ehri continued.
Even though both animals still were looking cautiously towards Alm and, to some extent, Isbeil, a few small changes could be noted.
Misha was puffing it's feathers and Isa standing in an imposing posture, almost like if they were proud of what Ehri said.

"Although I'm not that comfortable with the idea of giving you my blood, if you want, you can create a temporal link with my mind if it will help you to better understand the skinchangers." Ehri completed, looking to both Isbeil and Alm.
Will have mine done tomorrow! Sorry for the delay!
Karina Frost

Just after Karina shouted, the innkeeper and his family ran upstairs without thinking twice. The way Karina talked, her voice and tone left them no choice. In a crisis situation like that, giving others too many choices was never a good idea. In situations like that, there was no time to think, only to act.

As Karina waited till the innkeeper's family was safe upstairs, she heard the sightless woman's voice again. The second she started to talk again, Karina couldn't help but to smile. Saying that she needed them alive, trying to give them false hope... that was the oldest trick in the book, but still, some would be tempted to fall for it, for example those who were desperate and lost in the chaos of all what was happening.

The cultists were approaching her as she guarded the stairs, trying to be sure no one would get up. Her rapier pointing forward in a threatening stance as she ice blades danced in the air threatening to cut any cultist that came close. Truth was that even with her magic, dealing with so many at the same time would be problematic. She wouldn't be able to hold them off for much longer.

”If we don’t get the hell out of this inn now we’re going to get cooked alive!” a voice called out from upstairs. It was Hark, the guardsman she met before.

"There is no time to waste, don't look behind." Karina shouted once more to the innkeeper, as she saw with the corner of her eyes the innkeeper hesitating looking to her.

"Make sure they are safe, Hark. I will try stalling them a bit." Karina said to Hark as she placed herself in front of the stairs holding her rapier in an attack stance and the ice blades floating above her threateningly, ready to attack.

Outside, Syella was still talking, still trying to persuade them. But suddenly she stopped talking. Something went wrong. Karina already had too many problems to take care of so she couldn't pay too much attention, but the second Syella said those words there was no mistaking. She had just ordered for the cultists to burn down the building. In part, that would work to their favor, erasing any possible trace about them and creating a distraction, but in the other hand, they were out of time.

"Chres, tell me you're already working on our way out..." Karina thought to herself, as she dashed through the stairs, leaving the cultists behind, which promptly started running after her.

Taking a quick glance behind, she saw the cultists running, climbing the stairs just behind her and downstairs she saw something a bit more preoccupying... After hearing the noise of glass shattering, she saw a torch, with black, sinister flames entering through the broken window, making the cultists retreat immediately after that sound. They were planning burning them alive. The building was completely surrounded and the cultists outside would make sure no one would escape.

The flames were already high and the smoke covering most part of the hall when Karina got upstairs. Unfortunately, it wasn't better than the other room. The flames had already engulfed part of the second floor and the smoke was thick and dangerous. The nobleman from the other day was there as well, apparently boasting about his familiar and saying he could use illusion magic.

"Chres, where is the heat construct for us to get out of here?" Karina asked with a penetrating stare.

"Octavio, right? You said you can use illusion magic. Great. Use it to cover our escape, don't let them see what Chres is doing." Karina ordered with a firm voice.

"Hark, protect the innkeeper and his family." Karina said as she looked to the fire. With so much fire around, it would require a great deal of effort to use her magic, but she had to do it in order to give them a bit of time.

Breathing in and out with the cold air coming out of her mouth visible, contrasting with all the fire around them, the air around her started becoming colder and colder. Despite all the fire and lack of humidity, that 'field' of cold air would give them a few more moments before the fire reached them.

"CHRES, DO IT! THE HEAT CONSTRUCT!" Karina shouted. She could feel her blood becoming colder and colder with the effort it took her to use so much magic in a place surrounded by fire.
Sorry guys, my grandpa fell down from the stairs and fractured his hip. I had to spend almost the entire day on the hospital watching him.

Originally I planned to post my CS today, but it still need some finishing touches. Will try to post it asap.

Sorry, my grandpa fell down from the stairs and fractured his hip. I had to spend almost the entire day on the hospital watching him. Will have my post done tomorrow. Really sorry.

I will! Don't worry. Will write a small post for Karina tomorrow :-)

When Crow started speaking again, everything on Lily's mind disappeared as her eyes once more filled with sorrow. Forgetting the rude, heartless and arrogant Leaza and even the paralyzing magic she casted she instead flew nearby Gobbledygook once more. Gobbledygook was there, in a statue and when Crow said that she was awake when her heart was stolen Lily could only imagine how lonely and terrified she should have been at the moment the theft happened. Leaza didn't seem to care at all about that, seen by her attitude and lack of any kind of preoccupation regarding Gobbledygook's state, going as far as calling her an 'Obsidian Idol' instead of her name... That bit was getting on her nerves, just like... well... pretty much everything about Leaza. Honestly, Leaza did sound incredibly suspicious for Lily. Talking like that, it was almost like if she was... satisfied or even happy with what just happened...

Flying around Gobbledygook once more, she looked at her. Looking up, just like Crow said... But what exactly was she looking at when the theft happened? That question, now that Crow brought it up, was hanging on Lily's head. Two names Crow mentioned. Two suspects who surely couldn't have been responsible for that horrendous act. Jackdaw and the Blue Hare.

"That gets us back to where we started... Honestly... I also don't think the Blue Hare or Jackdaw could be responsible for such horrendous act..." Lily replied, going back to where Crow was.

But once again, Leaza didn't seem to e able to read the mood. Even though Lily was trying to ignore Leaza, her following words, calling her insignificant and pointing her finger at her made Lily really mad.

"Leaza... you asked me to refer to you as lady, right? All I see is an arrogant woman who doesn't respect anyone but herself. Look what happened with poor Gobbledygook, and you're there... almost looking satisfied with all this. Show some respect or decorum! You're being the petty and insignificant one here. Stop acting like you're the most important thing here and try to actually do something! If you can't offer any useful advice, or if you can't do so without being polite, it would be best if you simply said nothing... Or better yet, go away." Lily said, flying almost in Leaza's face.

"You are not in your domain, Leaza. You are not an authority here. In the realm of death, I may be insignificant. But here, I'm far more important than you, Leaza. Surrounded by life, feeling the flow of the forest itself, I'm more 'significant' than you." Lily said, looking at her with fiery eyes.

"You want to kill me? Go ahead. Kill me. You would be happy to do so, wouldn't you? After all... You do seem to be... unusually ok with what happened with Gobbledygook... Going as far as calling her a thing..." Lily said, irritated.

"So says Lily: you shouldn't underestimate the nature and the power of life, Leaza, the ignorant and arrogant one. You would be surprised to know what it's capable of." Lily said, mocking the way Leaza spoke a while ago.

"Even if you kill me, another one will rise to my place. The forest will still live no matter what you do. Not even you can extinguish the abundant life and energy it has. There is only one thing that can... And it just happened. And you really don't seem to care at all, do you? But unfortunately, for you, this problem doesn't affect just my forest, but your realm as well, isn't that right? Oh, blind and deaf Leaza, unable to see anything past her own self." Lily said, showing her tongue to Leaza, flying nearby Gobbledygook once more.

I got caught up in some discord drama regarding another RP I am... well... was... on so I didn't have much time to read everything you guys discussed.

We already have a CS model, right? At leas this much I know! lol

Regarding the storyline, what you guys ended up agreeing on? How it'll begin? I also have to read a bit about cyberpunk 2020, especially about the augmentation parts. I have some ideas but I don't know if certain types of augmentations are ok (ex: extremely delicate and invasive ones that require brain surgery & etc.

Thanks for your reply! It's all good. I've been looking for an interesting RP but I missed the interest check post about this one T___T

If a spot opens up, please tell me! I would love to join! :-)
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