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I HATE having unpleasant and unwelcome visitors reading the posts i make on other RPs... If you are reading this and feel personally offended, then know this message IS meant for you.
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"Humanity takes great pride in three things. Their willpower, their greed and their mortality.

Their will and endless greed allows them to grow and accend past other creatures
But thir mortality denies them divinity

It's a delightful purgatory between Beeing Fallen and being Divine"

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Bast Ragoczy

It was going to be hard to fight against all those opponents without hurting them, but luckily for both Bast and Eilidh, Gina had finally finished preparing the song she wanted to play.

"That takes care of that." Bast heard Gina saying, as all the brigands dropped on the ground asleep.

"Thank you, Miss Gina. It would indeed be very hard to push back all those brigands without using force. I am actually surpri..." Bast said, lowering his guard as he thought that the fight was over, but unfortunately for Bast, he was wrong. Even before he could finish speaking, an armor clad warrior charged him, tackling him into the farmhouse window. Caugh completely off guard, and away from Gina and Eilidh, Bast was still slowly getting up when the warrior grabbed him by the collar, putting him against a wall.

"Is it true? Is what Sindri said all true?! Are monsters all bloodthirsty and crave the flesh of men?!" The dark warrior asked, demanding an answer from Bast immediately.

Bast was honestly irritated with the situation and disappointed with himself by lowering his guard like that and the warrior's ridiculous questions only accentuated that fact, making him almost consider the fact of just making a card appear on his hand and smiting the armor clad warrior with a beam of energy, but the fact that the warrior didn't seem to want to hurt Bast at all made him hold himself.

"Use your head a little bit, warrior." Bast said, with a expressionless face, hissing to the man. His patience was running thin, but he promised to Gina that he wouldn't hurt anyone, and he wasn't a man to break his promises.

"Have you even tried to assess the situation? My cane rapier is sheathed, and I haven't even used any lethal or harmful spells... yet. The centaur has only been defending the attacks your brutish and uncivilized friends threw at her, and the gandharva just played a tune to make the other brigands sleep, instead of trying to hurt them." Bast said, looking directly at the warrior's eyes with a piercing stare.

"In fact... The gandharva, a monster, was the one that asked us not only to not kill anyone, but to refrain from hurting them as well. In the other hand, your friends were the ones that attacked us first, without even trying to hear our words. Who are the real bloodthirsty monsters, I ask you?" Bast continued.

"Now... I would appreciate if you let me down. After all... I am not a kind monster, but a human... Just like you and your friends..." Bast said in a veiled threat as he made a card appear on his hand, raising them near the warrior's ear as it started emanating a dangerous magic energy.

"Honestly... If you wanted to talk, you had but to ask, like any decent, civilized gentleman would do, instead of charging me through a window..." Bast said, still looking directly towards the man's eyes.

That situation was rather preoccupying. Bast could easily get free from the warrior by using magic, but the real problem was that he was separated from Eilidh and Gina, and he didn't know if they were ok or if they were being attacked again.
"A dear friend made me a personal request to help her with something. Due to that, I can't hurt or kill anyone today... While I don't want to break the promise I made, my patience is running thin, and I certainly won't just stand still and refrain from defending myself in a potentially dangerous situation, like this one." Bast completed.

"I have absolutely no reason to lie to you, but you don't need to trust me if you don't want to. Just look around and see with your own eyes what just happened." he completed, waiting for the warrior's answer, while still holding the card near his head. If he made and different movement, anything weird, he would immediately make the card release a beam of pure energy.

"We are not here to hurt anyone. Nobody needs to die today. Make the right choice, warrior." Bast said, still waiting for his answer.

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Freyr almost jumped, embarrassed and very surprised when Haley repeated his last words. He didn't realized he was talking out loud. A torrent of feelings flooded his mind. Embarrassment, anxiousness... Why was he acting like that? It was simply ridiculous! Just a small step away from letting all those emotions out, Freyr closed his eyes, breathing deeply and continued putting down the fence, looking down in complete silence as Haley continued talking. Even though she was still laughing and with her usual cheerful behavior, she could be acting like that just to try and avoid an uncomfortable situation.

"P-please, don't worry... We were indeed talking only about our performance..." Freyr said, still looking down as he tried to change the subject, with a somewhat sad expression.

"He was just asking how it was being to go on a mission with you, since we are very... different... from each other... But don't worry, I do like to be on missions with you. It's not as lonely as it would normally be if I was alone. And your cheerful self often make me stop thinking about bad things and lift my mood." Freyr said, looking down and putting his hand on his face, disappointed with himself.

Such a childish mistake... To act out of impulse and let his emotions take control of him... He would be lucky if he could trick Haley into believing that he and Bart were only talking about performance... He didn't want to ruin their friendship, or make things awkward. Luckily, Bart wouldn't speak about anything that Freyr said to him previously so Freyr could simply let that conversation be forgotten. He had to learn to deal with those feelings. He never felt them before, but as a Viera hunter, he shouldn't let his personal feelings get on the way of his hunts...

"I'm... sorry for the misunderstanding. I should have chosen my words more carefully... I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable or created an awkward situation... Just... just forget about that, ok? I hope we can continue being friends and going on missions together." Freyr asked with a troubled expression. It was clear that he was hiding something, since he normally wasn't that... emotive... or even displayed such feelings.

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Isis Nasri

Anselmo Date 2353-08-14
Location: The Wild World, Outpost ZT-141, 'Treehouse'

Isis almost let out a provocative smirk when she heard Jake's words to Prophet. Apparently, she wasn't the only one a bit... irritated... with the Prophet's behavior. She hoped Jake would be able to control Vargaas' erratic behavior. She didn't know what they would find in the place where the 'event' was going on, but in the worse of cases, things could get pretty bad, really fast, and they wouldn't need someone they couldn't trust working with them. Even if Isis was more accustomed in working alone, it was undeniable that they didn't know anything about that anomaly, and it was better to be prepared.

With that matter (hopefully) dealt with, Jake was quick to reorganize the team as he shouted a stream of orders to those around him. In around 90 minutes they would be going, so he suggested them to get what they needed to and check their equipment. Isis herself already had everything she needed, despite the weird looks she received from others when she said so when wielding only a bow, their looks and commentaries were met with a confident smirk by Isis. Guns were loud, prone to jam and break. They required too much maintenance and were very unreliable, at least on Isis' view. The bow on the other hand was strong enough to pierce even the toughest hide while at the same time, not requiring any maintenance and extremely flexible on how she used it. It also had the incredible advantage of her being able to make arrows and poison them.

"Last checks boys and girls! If you didn't bring it you'd better not miss it! Corporal. Fire up the engines and get ready!" Isis heard Jake saying as the time he gave them to prepare themselves was running out.

"I was already ready the second I got here." Isis said with a smirk and a confident expression, laying down on Bastet's back as she played with the Duvari, tickling her ears from time to time, making her turn her head back and nudge Isis with her nose, protesting.

"See you guys down there. I will take the cargo elevator with Bastet. Will meet you guys in a minute." Isis said, looking to the group as she and Bastet went to one of the cargo elevators.

The elevator in question could be called anything, but it was certainly not comfortable or pleasant. A huge metal platform held by thick chains. She knew it was... probably safe, but it was still incredibly uncomfortable both for her and Bastet.

"Come on Bastet, no need to be like that..." Isis said, looking to the duvari as they entered the platform. It was clear that Bastet did not trust the elevator, as it was made evident by her crouching posture, ready to jump out of the elevator as she looked towards the trunk of the gigantic tree that gave that base it's name. After a few minutes trying to convince the technicians that Bastet wouldn't jump, they finally started their wobbly and uncomfortable descent to the forest floor.

Above Bastet and Isis, they were able to see the QRTV, hanging from chains, just waiting for the final confirmation before being lowered.. Apparently, Bastet and Isis weren't the only ones that would have to go through a quite unpleasant experience... The vehicle, although bulky and certainly well armed and armored, seemed almost to be to big and heavy for the chains to hold.

Isis and Bastet were almost halfway through when they heard a loud noise coming from above them. The QRTV's safety levers were released. The hulking metal vehicle passed through them in a barely controlled speed, hitting the ground and bouncing after the fall was finally over.

It didn't matter how many times Isis saw that, it was still surprising to see how resilient the QRTV was. Bastet in the other hand, albeit already have seen that drop and using the cargo elevator a lot of times before, was still very uncomfortable with that, enough for her to jump down from the platform to the forest floor as soon as it was low enough for her to not hurt herself, landing just a few meters away from the QRTV formation.

"Such a scaredy cat..." Isis said, lightly running the tip of her clawed gloves through Bastet's neck, making her shiver.
In response, Bastet growled and shook her back jokingly, making Isis have to hold on tight to not fall. To those that were seeing them for the first time, Isis and Bastet's relationship was certainly intriguing, as it was almost like if Bastet understood what Isis was saying or what she wanted just by the way she looked at her.

"Stop it!" Isis said, laughing as Bastet stretched herself like a big cat would.

"I'm sorry guys, she is still not accustomed with the cargo elevators and she is a bit excited in being on the forest again." Isis shouted over the QRTV engines to the formation near them. A very big duvari landing near them was surely something that would scare or at least alert the others who were driving the QRTVs, so Isis felt like she owed them an apology for Bastet.

"Ready whenever you are!" Isis shouted once more, with Bastet assuming a running posture. Almost if she was trying to race the QRTVs near her. Isis couldn't help but to laugh. Although Isis was still a very dangerous animal, bred and raised together with her to be a serious hunting companion and a hunter herself, she still loved to play with Isis when she had time to. After all... They were basically sisters.
That was one of the main reasons why people called the Nasri weird and 'eccentric', due to the fact that their bond with their duvaris was incredibly strong and different from the normal.
Bast Ragoczy

"I suppose I should have expected an answer like that from people that call themselves 'Flowers of Eros'..." Bast thought to himself with a chuckle after he heard Gina's answer to what Bast had said previously about mounting Eilidh. Even though... It was adorable to see Eilidh flustered like that...

Finally getting to the Isolated farm, they were greeted with a group of brutish men checking the loot they gathered from their pillaging. Barbarians, at best. It was apparent that they were no strangers to violence. As much as Bast would like to try to talk with them and see if he could throw themselves against each other, he choose to let Gina do the talking. After all, he wanted to see with his own eyes how she would 'change their lifestyles'...

Gina's words surely were tranquilizing and calm. Her demeanor was calm and tranquil, trying her best to assure the warriors that she meant no harm. At first sight, it appeared to be somewhat effective, but all her efforts went to waste when their leader appeared, cladded in heavy armor and with a staff on his hand. With a loud and bellowing cry, he accused not only Gina, but all the other monsters of wanting only to feast on their flesh, encouraging his followers to attack them.

"I have a calming song that'll knock these people out but I have to prepare it for a few moments. Hold them off for a while, okay?" Bast heard Gina saying reading her guitar and pushing back the brigands with a flap of her wings.

"Miss Gina, there is no speaking with those kind. Blinded by their own warped ideas and twisted view of the world, talking to them is a fruitless task" Bast said, unsheathing his sword cane with a flourished movement.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Bast exclaimed, sheathing his sword cane again.
"I suppose you want us to refrain from hurting them as well, yes? For brutes with no finesse, a cane is more than enough, taking out my rapier is unnecessary." Bast said with a smirk, holding his sheathed cane sword the same way he would wield the rapier underneath it.

As he turned his head to look at Eilidh, he saw her looking at him just as she drew her sword. She wanted him to do as he promised. It was clear that she trusted him, and as a gentleman, Bast wouldn't betray her trust.

Nodding back at Eilidh with a confident expression, he turned his face again to the aggressors, that were already approaching both him and Eilidh. Three brigands immediately charged Eilidh, attacking her on a flurry of strikes. Although Eilidh was doing her best to defend herself, it was hard for a single person, it doesn't matter how well trained one is, it is hard to defend against three enemies at the same time.

Maybe it was because she was a centaur, a race that was famous for their warriors, or maybe it was due to Bast being a figure that it would be much more fitting to be in a mansion, a theatre or amongst the high society that they dismissed him as just a noble that didn't know how to fight. And as such, they sent just one warrior to him. It wouldn't be the first time that his enemies made that mistake... As much as he would like to show to that single brigand how big of a mistake that was, Eilidh was being pushed back and was in trouble. Bit by bit, their bladed found their way into Eilidh's flesh, making her wince and pushing her back even further...

"I don't have time to play." Bast said, looking to the brigand that was approaching him.

In the blink of an eye, Bast was already in a combat posture and in a swift and agile lunge, hitting the brigand's stomach with the end of his cane. Although his cane rapier was sheathed, the impact alone would be enough to disorientate him for a while. Using the same momentum from his lunge, he threw a card towards Eilidh. As soon as the card got near her, it started floating just in front of her, sending a strong cone of wind in front of her afterwards. Strong enough to push the other brigands back, giving Eilidh a bit of time to breathe.

"When will they learn to not judge others solely by their appearance..." Bast said, sighing heavily.

"Miss Gina... If you really want us to not hurt or kill them, you should hurry... As a gentleman, I can't stay idle as those savages hurt a lady." Bast said, going near Eilidh and staying near her, so it would be easier for them to defend themselves against the brigands' superior numbers. This time, they wouldn't underestimate him again... It would be considerably harder to do anything without hurting them.

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Freyr was still silent when Bartholomew replied to what he said before. In part, it was because Freyr had no reply to Bart's advice. All that situation had already caught him off guard. Haley surely enough should be a bit more experienced in those matters. What could Freyr even expect of her? Why he had to be on guard if she discovered his feelings?

"This whole situation is new for me. I don't know how I should act, or even prepare myself." Freyr said, confused after some time. But before he could say anything more, a familiar, melodic voice interrupted them.

"Hey, you two!" Haley said, waving her wing towards Bart and Freyr, together with Talia, saying that the cyclops wanted to help as well.

Immediately remembering Bart's words and all the conversation they had, Freyr looked down, red with embarrassment as he continued putting down the fences. Before Freyr could have any other reaction, Bart showed to be faster than him, as he was quick to call Talia and ask for her help on... something... Leaving Haley and the red, embarrassed Freyr alone.

"Well, looks like it's just the two of us." Haley said, before asking about what him and Bart were talking about, saying that she had a feeling that it was something interesting.

While her words were not helpful at all to Freyr's current situation, only making him even more conscious about her presence, he appreciated her company.
Was it really ok to hide his feelings like that? Just as Bartholomew said before, Haley would surely figure it out... Should he try to be honest with her and tell her his feelings? But again... That could potentially ruin their friendship...

Lost in his own thoughts and without realizing he was speaking out loud, Freyr said in a low tone, albeit loud enough for Haley to hear.
"We were talking about... you and.... me"
Lila Moriarty

It was impossible to put in words what Lila was feeling at that moment. To someone who lived its entire life in complete darkness, the gift of vision was nothing short of terrifying. The way Lila perceived the world, her world was plunged in a complete chaos. Her senses mixing up with one another... A completely new world overlapping and mixing with the one she already knew. All the colors, the smells and sounds. For a normal person, that would be already overwhelming, but for Lila, who was trained until her senses were delicate enough to smell her target's blood or hear its footsteps, it was way worse... Having your world changing before your eyes in such a chaotic way and speed...

Gently taking her hand away from Anui's face, Lila walked to the edge of the balcony and looked around, for the first time, Lila could see the night, starry sky and its beauty. She could see how really beautiful the garden and the flowers below the balcony truly were. All the colors, all the new details she never knew existed... It was all extremely beautiful, but at the same time overwhelming. She could feel her head becoming dizzy and her legs loosing their strength. All the sounds from the ball, her own heartbeats, Anui's respiration, the fragrance of the flowers below, all the sounds that composed her world mixing with the new colors and details her eyes were giving her...

But as she spun around, looking at the new world around her, she remembered that she was not alone. Not this time. All that chaos, all the confusing senses were nothing compared to Anui.

"Please, don't leave me." Lila said, running towards Anui and falling on his arms, with her eyes fixed on his as tears rolled down her face. Looking at every detail of his beautiful face. For the first time, Lila wasn't fighting against her feelings. She felt anxious, she felt happy, she felt fear, she felt joy... But above everything else, she wanted that moment to last for ever.

She was in love.

When she realized that, she felt a burning sensation on her chest. It wasn't just desire. Even though she was very inexperienced regarding those matters, she could feel that. It was hard to fight against, and even harder to describe.

"I..." Lila tried to say, but the words were stuck on her throat. It was so agonizing... So difficult to hold back that burning sensation... Her legs were weak, she felt like if she tried to walk she would fall... It was simple... Impossible to fight against that...

Throwing herself on Anui's arms and wrapping her arms on his neck, she kissed him passionately, holding him almost like if she feared that he would run away from her. That passionate kiss, filled with Lila's emotions, with her fears, her desires... Although she felt hard to put all that in words, that was the best she could do to show Anui how she felt right now.

The very second Mirror linked his mind with Lila's he felt the torrent of emotions and feelings invading his mind, together with the chaotic and overwhelming amount of information coming from Lila's senses. It was clear that it didn't matter how much he tried, he wouldn't be able to talk with Lila. And above everything else, it was clear that Lila was in no condition to fight at that moment. It was so bad that she wasn't even aware that Mirror was linked to her mind.

"Promise that you will never leave me... Promise that you won't abandon me... Please." Lila said, hugging Anui tightly, closing her eyes and delicately resting her head on his shoulder.

Slowly opening her eyes, she looked at Anui again. The world swirled and danced around Lila, vivid colors that she had never seen before mixing with sounds and smells she used to orientate herself in a maddening, chaotic dance. But Lila only had eyes for Anui.

"I don't understand fully what I am feeling... But I don't want to understand. I gave up trying to understand, Anui..." Lila continued with a smile on her face as tears continued rolling down her face.

"I don't care about the ball, I don't care about the Nayu nobles, I don't care about Mirror or the other Seraphim..." She continued. looking to his eyes.

"You came for me, Anui. Even though I ran, you came after me. You tried to understand me, even knowing how difficult it would be. You treated me not as a weapon, an assassin or a monster... You treated me like a normal girl..." Lila continued.

"I... I love you... Anui."



For the first time in more than a century, The Great Library was fortifying its walls and sealing itself once again. Transforming to her dragon form again, powerful wards and magic seals were cast around the library by Sophia on a fast and continuous rate. Their pressure and power were astounding. One after another, layers and layers of spells covered the library, and soon after the temple beneath it.
Mindah Tarvitaan was also in a similar rhythm. Even all the way up in the library, if you paid enough attention, you could hear the monks training even harder than before, fortifying the temple walls or chanting spells with the most varied purposes, ranging from clairvoyance to magic traps around the mountain.

After finally finishing weaving her spells, Sophia transformed back to her humanoid form to hear Vulcan talking. If she tried to cast such powerful spells while in her 'broken' humanoid form... The results wouldn't be pretty. Sophia, more than anyone else, knew very well about her body and its limitations.

"Vrondi, right?" Sophia repeated after hearing that every king and lord would gather there. She didn't even remember the last time she got out of the mountain. She had been isolated for a very long time... While Sophia knew she needed to go there, she couldn't help but to wonder if people had changed the way they lived... What Vulcan said was right. She had been away for so long that most people knew her just as a legend or even didn't know her at all.

"Raise your head, Vulcan." Sophia said, walking towards Vulcan and looking directly at his eyes.

"The fact that you came here to warn me is enough proof that you trust and respect me and the temple." Sophia continued, making a signal with her hand for Vulcan to follow her outside.

After a brief walk, through the library's gigantic and dark corridors, they were finally at the front door. As soon as they opened it, they were greeted with the cold mountain air.

"Sophia said, before giving a few steps back and transforming herself on her dragon form with a powerful beat of her wings, making the white snow on the ground lift in the air, looking almost like a white veil.

"I could open a rift directly to Vrondi, but I'm feeling like stretching my wings a little bit... Don't worry, even if I fly calmly, without rushing myself, it will take only around 2 hours..." she said, as she stretched her wings. Even though Sophia wasn't planning in flying at her max speed, she was still much faster than a normal dragon, given her unique physiology, so what she said, even if rather absurd to get to Vrondi in only 2 hours flying without even breaking a sweat, it wasn't a lie.

"Regarding the fact that not many remember me... Don't worry. As soon as I get there, they will remember who I am. Believe me... They will." Sophia said with a serious expression.

"It was my choice to be forgotten. It was my choice to remain hidden from the world. But now that darkness rises and the world needs me again, I won't turn my back. Let all, kings, lords, thieves, assassins and beggars alike remember who I am. Let them know that those who dare to defy my will and threaten what I swore to protect will face my wrath." Sophia said, opening her wings in an imposing posture and letting out a mighty roar and stopping suppressing her aura. The sound of her roar alone was enough to shake the very spirit of those hearing to her, and her oppressive aura, enough to make even the wind stop blowing. For many people, that roar might sound intimidating, but for the monks on the temple below and those who knew her, it was inspiring, as it was made clear by the sound of the monks cheering her at the temple below them, that could be heard even from up there.

"Have you ever flown with a dragon before?" Sophia asked, looking to Vulcan.

"Even if you did, I assure you it will be completely different. I'm much faster." She said with a chuckle.

"I hope you don't have fear of heights or speed." Sophia said, with a rather mischievous smile, looking at Vulcan.
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Bast Ragoczy

Bast heard quietly as Gina explained about Valerie and the situation in general. As Gina mentioned the reason why Valerie was a bit... different from the others, Bast simply nodded. He could understand what violence could do to a person, but as Gina continued, he couldn't help but show a bit of disappointment on his voice when she referred to the city as the domains of 'Lady Eros'.
It was simply unthinkable to want to keep a town completely safe and without violence without having a military force of some sorts to protect the place. For him, that thought was too naïve and gullible. Especially with their city being close to the infamous Varjo.

"Miss Gina... I do understand and respect your wish to have a peaceful and tranquil lifestyle, but I would heavily recommend you guys to have a trained military force of some sorts to keep the town peaceful. As you said yourself, Varjo is not a... good place to live. There are some people in this world that do not care about innocent lives, or anything at all. If you expect these people to not attack you, do as they please and change their lifestyles, I'm afraid to say that you will be severely mistaken..." Bast said, with a serious expression.

"I'm not saying that you should start being violent and militarized. But I'm saying that you should prepare yourselves if something bad happens..." Bast said, with a grim expression.

"I'm sorry for speaking such grim and dark things, but I would hate to see this city in ruins. Even though the architecture and colors aren't exactly my style." Bast said, with a chuckle and a smile.

"Regarding Valerie... Just be patient and do not give up. The human mind is a very complex thing, and when wounded, it takes a lot of time and effort to be healed." Bast concluded.

When Gina started speaking about the farmstead and how would they keep up with her, she surprised Bast with her next words.

"Oh, don't tell me. You two are actually together so you just let him ride on you. I see, I see..." Gina said, making Eilidh incredibly embarrassed, as she struggled to explain the situation to Gina.

Bast couldn't help but let out a hearty laugh after seeing Eilidh's reaction. He knew exactly what it meant for a human to mount a centaur. While he could tease her a bit more about that, she was already embarrassed enough.

"Don't worry, Eilidh, Gina. That won't be a problem." Bast said, making a single card appear between his fingers after a flourished hand movement. With a swift movement, he threw the card in front of him, making it levitate a few centimeters from the ground. With a slight tap of his cane on top of that card, it started multiplying itself, turning into a carpet of cards, on which he proceeded to stand on top of it.

"While it is incredibly adorable to see you flustered, Miss Eilidh, I won't be mean this time. Don't worry." He said again, with a chuckle. He understood what that meant to a centaur, and it was definitely not something a gentleman would joke about.

"Miss Gina, for centaurs, the act of a human mounting a centaur is a very... delicate thing. It is only done by it's life partner. You can almost see it as something akin to be married to someone or even to the act of consummating the marriage. Even suggesting someone else doing that is rather rude, and it could even be seen as offensive by some centaurs." Bast said, explaining the situation to Gina.

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The second Bart said that Freyr liked Haley, Freyr almost jumped out of embarrassment. Deep down inside, Freyr knew that he enjoyed a bit too much staying around Haley, and it could be something more than just enjoying her company, but he had never loved anyone before and was incredibly inexperienced on that matter. To make things worse and make Freyr even more embarrassed, Bart's loud laughter and the expression on his face would definitely draw a lot of attention.

"Please!! Not so loud." Freyr said, almost whispering, looking to the ground.

"I... Don't know how to even say that... I don't know how to even show her how i feel..." Freyr said, almost whispering.

"And... I don't know if she feels the same as I do. Even if we continue being nothing but just friends, I'm ok just by being able to see her smile." Freyr continued, his troubled expression gone, replaced by a warm smile.

"I just..." Freyr tried to say, without success. A mix of emotions ran trough his mind at that moment, and it wasn't hard to see that on his face. Freyr didn't want to maybe hurt Haley's feelings or potentially ruining their friendship. He wished he was a bit more experienced about love to tell her how he felt, he wished he could put his feelings in words but it was hard to him.

"Just... Don't tell her about it... please. I said too much already... I don't want to ruin our friendship." Freyr said, looking down and continuing putting the fences in silence.

Isis Nasri

Anselmo Date 2353-08-14
Location: The Wild World, Outpost ZT-141, 'Treehouse'

Isis simply kept quiet and listened as Jake greeted her. Even though he seemed to be obviously surprised with Bastet, he wasn't making such a fuss about it. Something that left her rather surprised. Most people when first seeing Bastet made quite a fuss about her size & etc. With Jake, that wasn't the case, something that Isis could respect... After all, he was the 'leader'.

Regarding the other team members, they were certainly... eccentric, but they looked reliable enough, saving for two. Castan, a monster biologist that had just arrived and the unstable Vargaas, or as he called himself... "The Prophet". Each one of them was a vastly different case, and Isis had different feelings regarding each one of them, for various reasons...

Starting with Castan, albeit she seemed to be a sweet and happy girl, but other than that... She was obviously completely hopeless regarding combat and training... Her clothes were nothing like what the other members were using, instead being more of a hiking suit of sorts. Isis knew very well to never judge anything just by its appearance, but the impression Castan passed to that moment was that she was just a biologist without much experience in combat, be it against monsters or humans.

Vargaas, in the other hand was entirely another thing... The first word and impression he passed could be resumed in two words: mentally unstable. From the way he spoke, walked and acted, even the way he overreacted when people called him Vargaas instead of 'Prophet', everything he did until now made every instinct on Isis' body scream to not trust that man.
Unfortunately for Isis, it seems that Vargaas was also interested on her, or better... on her body, as it was evident when he started talking to her. The way he was looking at her was nothing short of harassment. Isis herself didn't have that much problem with others looking at her, but looking at her like that and acting like he was acting was certainly crossing a line Isis herself didn't wanted to be crossed...

Isis stare, from simply analytical and distrustful went straight to hostile, and Isis didn't seem to be the one that was not happy with that situation. Bastet had her eyes fixed on Vargaas, and not on a good way.

"I would like to remind everyone here that Bastet is not in any circumstance 'tamed'. Our relationship is not one of an owner and its pet. I'm part of her pack, and she is part of mine. As such, I would not recommend you to treat her as a puppy... Be warned." Isis said to everyone there, in special Vargaas, as she looked at him with a piercing stare.

"Vargaas... 'The Prophet'... I don't care how you call yourself, but I would suggest you to not look at me with that disgusting and repulsive expression... I'm not a thing to be used by you, and I certainly won't melt in your hands and act as a puppy just after a few compliments." Isis said, getting off Bastet's back and looking directly to his eyes.

"I don't trust you, not even one bit. But unfortunately we must work together on this mission. But don't be mistaken, this is no reason to believe I'm your friend, or your little pet. Try anything funny or approach me without my permission and you will regret it." Isis said, as Bastet started hissing and snarling at him, showing her teeth in an aggressive posture.

As Vargaas sat down near Jake, after his cruel commentary about Castan, Isis looked at Jake with a serious expression.

"Jake Cross... I understand this is a mission and fortunately, or unfortunately, we will have to work together, but if this man tries anything funny with me, I promise you that I won't hold myself, or Bastet..." Isis said, before discreetly looking towards Bastet and giving a discreed nod and walking towards Castan with her.

Approaching the monster biologist, Isis extended her hand towards her with a kind smile on her face.
"Castan, right? I would recommend you to stay away from that Vargaas guy. I don't trust him not even one bit... Are you ok?" Isis asked, referring to the cruel comment he had just made about her.

Before Isis could continue talking, Jake started speaking about the mission and the anomaly they were going to investigate. For Isis, it didn't seem to be that much different from what she has told it would be, a scouting mission, but the second 'The Event' started, she immediately changed her mind.
A pillar of light piercing the skies could be seen on the distance. Even though it was very far away, the light was strong tot he point of almost making Isis cover her eyes for a second and the pressure coming from it was simply amazing, considering how far away they were from the source of the event.

Isis had never seen or felt anything like that before, while certainly curious, she was slightly preoccupied of what they would find at the source of the event. Not enough to make her give up on the mission or her curiosity, but enough to be a bit more careful.

"Ok... that is something..." Isis said to herself, raising one eyebrow after the wind stopped.

Isis was going to talk something, but before she could, Vargaas started talking. To her surprise, who didn't thought it was possible for him to be even worse than what he had already shown to be, he once again surprised her. She was already irritated with him, but that passed the limits. The second he said that their strings of fate fell into his hands the moment you signed up for that mission, Isis started to simply ignore him. She didn't know what was his deal, but they wouldn't have called her there if she didn't know how the forest and how to survive there.

"That is why I hate working with a team..." Isis said to herself, rolling her eyes as she turned to Matthew and Jake.

"Matthew, Jake, regarding transportation, if we will use the trucks or the ship, I will ask you to let Bastet go with me. She will be more comfortable that way." Isis said as Bastet stood behind her with a firm posture, indication that she wouldn't leave Isis side that easily.
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Anya Belyakova

Moving with calculated precision, Anya followed the female frame through the party. Screams, shots, the loud music, the smell of blood in the air... All that created quite a macabre atmosphere. The confusion and the panic made it difficult for Anya to gather much information. By what she could see from the remains of the party, it surely wasn't a common rave that happened often on lower districts... The technology there was too high for that. She could only imagine the amount of money that was invested on that party. A quick investigation as she followed the android girl through the warehouse made clear the company behind that party. Ori. While the location for that party was questionable, the amount of technology and money invested were clear indications that Ori wanted to be seen and noted.

Fortunately for Anya, the female frame she was following was... strangely adept at being sneaky and undetectable. Not that it was bad, in fact, Anya was grateful that she didn't have to fire her SMG as she didn't want to get involved with either one of the 'sides' on that confront. They had no problems navigating through that chaos, getting to the VIP room and getting out. That fact surely raised Anya's interest on that female frame. Even though she seemed to be in a certain state of disrepair, she surely wasn't a frame suited for military jobs. The pretty and striking clothes she wore when she arrived and a couple of other small details confirmed that. But the question still remained... Who was she?
Anya's watchful stare was gradually replaced by curiosity as they navigated through that chaotic party. She didn't seem to be an immediate threat, so Anya could afford to be a bit less careful around her.

After they got out of the warehouse, Anya found herself standing on top of a building near the female frame, that was sitting down near her, looking to the chaos unfolding below them. The android seemed to be lost in her own thoughts. Whatever it was her objective there, it was obviously a failure, judging by her obvious disappointment.

But a lot of other questions were swarming Anya's head right now as she tried to get the most out of that situation. Could all that be just a ploy to kill one person? The collateral damage was too high if that was the case... If they wanted someone dead, they could have just contacted her or another assassin to dispatch the target without that much commotion... It was also rather improbable that that attack was to steal any technology on that party, as the ones invading the warehouse didn't seem to have any preoccupation in taking anything, even if it was probably a party just to display Ori's new technology... She didn't have enough information to make any assumption. For her, the reasons behind the attack escaped her. It seemed to be just for the sake of creating chaos... Could it be just a distraction for something else?

"It doesn't concern me anyways..." Anya thought to herself, giving up on thinking about all that and finally sitting down near the android. When she did so, it was almost like something clicked inside her. Her posture, the way she looked at the chaos unfolding itself on the warehouse changed drastically. From the trained military agent, she went straight to the teenage girl.

Looking down to the warehouse, Anya held her head with a bored expression. Her black dress, albeit a bit dirty, was still in perfect conditions, while her boots were dirty with splatters of blood covering it, but the girl seemed to be completely unfazed by all that, or even by the fact that a lot of people were hurt or dead down there.

"It turns out that it was just a complete waste of my time..." Anya muttered, shaking her head in disappointment.

As the android girl turned to her with a smile and a curtsy bow in a overly elegant greeting, Anya turned to face the android, which was now the new focus of her interest. Analyzing the female frame with her eyes, she made a small grimace when she noticed the remains of the pretty dress the android was wearing before all that.

But before Anya could say anything, with a brief farewell, the android was already gone, jumping down the rooftops. She had said something about having to make a report or her reputation would be stained, but Anya wasn't really that interested on that. Everyone had their secrets, and if there was something Anya learned it was that sometimes, it was best to keep away from other's secrets, lest she wanted to be involved with them or with the things that they did... Which was always a bad choice.
What Anya was really interested was that despite the android's state, she was so polite and elegant. If she wore some of Anya's dresses, she would look just like a doll.

"Maybe a gothic Lolita style...?" Anya thought to herself, before realizing that the android was already far away.

"Wait... Hey!" Anya said, standing up and jumping down to the next rooftop, before giving up on chasing the android since she was already too far away...

Sighing heavily in disappointment, Anya started to make her way down to the streets again, on her way home. All that ended up being completely useless. She wasn't able to get any meaningful information, the only interesting thing that she found, or better... that found her, had just ran away from her and she didn't get to shoot anyone that day...

"Such a boring day..." she murmured, rolling her eyes as she jumped down the rooftop, calmly walking away, ignoring the screams and the gunshots just a few hundred meters behind her.

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