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Current Finished Code Vein (3 times, 2 on NG+, enhanced difficulty) earlier this week. It would be really awesome to have a Code Vein inspired RP, with a dark, punk-ish setting. Could help with worldbuilding.
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I'm sorry... Just feeling really, really bad right now. Not in the mood to do anything.


"Humanity takes great pride in three things. Their willpower, their greed and their mortality.

Their will and endless greed allows them to grow and accend past other creatures
But thir mortality denies them divinity

It's a delightful purgatory between Beeing Fallen and being Divine"

Oh, and the color code for the RPGuild's background is 2d2d2d. Write it on a post and it becomes almost completely invisible. You're welcome! XD

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Eldra, Shalador

One didn't needed much to realize that there was something going on the town... The rumors and the overall atmosphere was enough for one to see that something was wrong. Despite that, nothing had happened with Jandar, Dareen or Fatima, and their disguises were still fine. Until Fatima suddenly walked off to a dark alley. Such sudden deviation from their normal path would not only certainly be noted by anyone watching them but the particulars alley Fatima entered was far too dirty and unwelcoming for anyone who was supposed to be in the upper classes to even consider going. The most alarming thing about that though was the feeling that Mikhail had when looking to the alley... A feeling that was rare for him to feel... A power darker than his own, by a noticeable margin. Every part of Mikhail's body screamed for him to be extra careful. Such opponent wasn't someone he could hope to win if they met face to face...

Even though Mikhail's disguise was more suited for going in such places, after feeling that power, he was put on maximum alert. Moving like a shadow, Mikhail activated his sight shield and went after Fatima. He knew that he couldn't trust even in his own sight shield if he ever met face to face against such an opponent and thus, he used every and any technique he had, being nothing but a shadow, even if someone were able to pierce his sight shield, he would have a hard time finding him immediately.

Mikhail did notice how Jandar tried to minimize the damage done to their disguises due to Fatima having walked to that alley, but their movements were most certainly already noticed. If they ever met whoever was responsible for such dark power, they might have to throw their disguises away instantly if they had to survive... Both him and Dareen knew the gravity of the situation, judging by how they were moving themselves. Fatima's wanderings soon took them outside an old, decrepit bookstore, going in soon after. Unable to go in without making his presence painfully obvious, Mikhail sat down, hugging his own legs in the corner of the alley, next to a trash bin, using the ragged cloak to hide his face and his body. To anyone who looked, he was just a poor beggar, but Mikhail himself was incredibly aware and cautious of what was going on inside the bookstore, ready to move if anything seemed to be slightly wrong.

@Restalaan@ShwiggityShwah@Stern Algorithm

Ada tried to follow the conversation between Neil and the other guy but she simply didn't know what he wanted from Neil. He was pointing towards him almost as if he wanted something from him, but he also didn't appear to be someone that she should trust. Nonetheless, they still had a job to do and as Ozzy approached her with a strange stick with a flat end he called a 'shovel' Myra immediately turned her attention to he curious object and how Ozzy taught her to use it in order to make holes on the ground. Even though Myra could easily make holes with her claws, she was still curious to know how it worked so she kept imitating Ozzy until the plant sisters showed them that they could do exactly what they were doing but way easier and faster.

Ada watched curiously as the plant sisters used her roots to both find and dig the coffins, easily being able to pull them up. It was lucky that they could do it so easily, as it wouldn't be simple for Ada nor the others to do it. Lila kept following them around as they did their work, watching curiously as they used their roots to do so.

After they finished digging the strange boxes off the ground, Ditzy was the first to open one as it was instructed and explained by Ozzy and the others. She was curious about what was inside then but the stench from the box Ditzy opened immediately made her jump away as she tried to get closer. Probably, whatever they were searching wasn't inside that stinky box but maybe the one her and Ozzy would open would be different. It was so bad that even Ozzy covered his face. When she and Ozzy were about to open the other box, Ada hoped it wouldn't be as stinky but almost immediately was shown to be wrong... The stench was so strong that made her jump back, sticking her tongue out of her mouth, shaking her head a bit with a disgusted expression.

Unfortunately for her, Ozzy wanted her to continue opening the stinky boxes, pointing to another one as he explained that they were searching for a thin, paper thing. Myra did know what paper was, having both saw and seen some humans using it before, but she had never looked at it closely so she didn't know exactly how it was. The moment he opened the other box, already expecting a very bad smell, she was surprised to notice that there wasn't any bad smell at all. As she looked inside, she saw a fresh, dead body, what explained the bad smell from the other box and where exactly they were. Before she could look inside though, she heard a cry coming from where Neil was. Surprisingly enough, one of the dead bodies had just grabbed him, showing itself to be not exactly dead. Shortly after, other bodies started to get up in the same way. Dashing to where he was the moment she saw another dead body pouncing on him, Ada used her sharp claws to cut the zombies arms, trying to give enough room for Ozzy to rescue Neil after she saw him flying towards him.

Unfortunately for them, the dead bodies continued to rise one after another and fighting didn't seem to be the best option. When Ozzy pointed towards the building, Ada immediately understood his words to open the door as Ditzy rushed towards them. Using her speed Ada dashed, getting to the doors before Ozzy and opening them as he ran closer.


It was thanks to the help of the unknown monster girl, but George's carriage was fortunately, safe. The goblins were dealt with and without any losses on his cargo. When George turned to thank him, he noticed the newcomer. Thanking her as well, George said that he would need to split the reward, apologizing to Freyr.

"No need to apologize, she helped a lot as well. Splitting it would be only fair." Freyr replied as he nodded to the monster girl, who had just introduced herself as Kira.

When she heard about the guild though, she seemed to be interested about it, asking if Freyr was a member. At first, Freyr thought she was just curious but when she mentioned Bartholomew's name, he knew that she knew exactly what guild that was and was talking of the same guild Freyr was a member.

"I am indeed a member, but how do you know Bart? Did he call you to the guild as well?" Freyr asked, looking to Kira with a curious stare.
In Avalia 3 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Noon.
Location: Outside of Malthemoor, Daka Island
Interactions: Darius @FunnyGuy and Artemis @Potter

Myra was a bit confused, looking to Darius and turning her head when he mentioned taking Artemis home and even calling her a human. Myra herself didn't know exactly what she was, but she was too different from Darius to be a human. Listening to the sounds after she took off the shackles from her made it clear for Myra that she was being mistreated like that for a good while. Despite that, it seemed like she was satisfied with the water Myra had just brought her, drinkig everything in the blink of an eye and even chuckling a bit after she finished, making Myra smile kindly, knowing she indeed was able to help her.

When she tried to stand up though, Myra realized that she wasn't doing very well. Her legs were shaking and she seemed to not have much strength to walk, making her fall down the moment she tried to give a few steps. When Myra took a better look at her legs, coupled with the words she had said to them, telling that she needed to get to the water only made it even clear she was far from being a human. Her shiny legs did remember her the fishes that lived on the river so she thought that she wanted to go into the water. Maybe she was some kind of fish-person? Luckily, Darius also seemed to realize that very quickly, as he got her into his arms and took her to the water.

Getting close to the lake, Myra saw Darius hesitating for a moment instead of putting her inside. Trying to make him understand what was happening, Myra pointed towards Artemis' legs and then to the water. It wasn't hard to see she was very weak. If she was really some kind of fish-person, that meant she needed water more than just for drinking...
So tired lol... Been walking the entire day. Will probably have some free time tomorrow at night. Will try and have a post done then!

Just after Karina mentioned how they wouldn't be able to do anything by themselves, a voice echoed through the bell tower, demanding to know which one was in charge. Carefully inspecting what was happening, Karina saw the unmistakable royal guard armor being used by the man who spoke and the others that had came with him. Before she did anything though, Karina raised a hand, in a silent gesture for DB, Ferris, Syl and Lynx be silent and wait.

"Do not do anything yet. We don't know what's exactly the situation here..." Karina said, whispering to them as she carefully watched the situation ongoing downstairs. She would only make her move if the royal guard and the other town guards were willing to fight, or at least showed themselves to be their allies, for that, she would wait for them to make their move first...

"We can either use the distraction they're creating to run or if they decide to fight... We can try and do something as well..." Karina said in a low tone, looking to the group.

"I don't know for how long the deterrent I was hit with will keep working. I am very skilled with my rapier, but..." she continued.

"We need to decide and quick. Retreating for now might be the best choice if the royal guards won't fight. If they do, we might be able to do something if we regroup with Chres and Octavio..." She finished, looking to the group as she waited for their replies.
So, everyone... I'm going on a vacation and I'll spend around 20 days out of my country. I probably won't have THAT much free time to post. Will try to keep writing at least one reply per day, but my posting frequency might drop quite a bit (probably will spend the entire day out, only going back to the hotel at night to sleep lol)

Will try to keep you guys updated but if i disappear, you know why XD
So, everyone... I'm going on a vacation and I'll spend around 20 days out of my country. I probably won't have THAT much free time to post. Will try to keep writing at least one reply per day, but my posting frequency might drop quite a bit (probably will spend the entire day out, only going back to the hotel at night to sleep lol)

Will try to keep you guys updated but if i disappear, you know why XD


Maeve couldn't help but to chuckle when she heard the healer exclaiming she was an Isoli, with a relieved tone. She was just so exhausted and busy with healing the wounded that she had managed to miss the incredibly obvious fact that Maeve wasn't really a local. She had watched the healer's expression while she was examining Allard and it was clear that she was as surprised on how he was still alive as Maeve herself was and unlike her, she was an experienced healer.

As the healer approached Maeve, mentioning how she was lucky that there was an Isoli there to help her, Maeve couldn't help but to notice the small blue streaks creeping up on her cheeks, a clear indication that she was dangerously close of her limit, those were the clear signals of mana sickness. As Maeve carefully listened to her instructions as she gave her a book and told her how to use better healing magic, she finally caught a sight of the healer's hands, which made Maeve immediately open her eyes wide, alarmed. They were almost covered with large, vein like markings that were typical of mana sickness. The moment she finished explaining and Maeve herself started pouring magic on the book, using the spell written on it, she turned to the healer with a serious stare on her face.

"Healing magic was never my specialty but all Isoli nobles need to know at least the basic about healing magic. My prowess with it is nowhere near as good as my fine control over ice magic or my swordsmanship though." Maeve said as she took the book the healer gave her.

"I'll surely help you as much as I can, but you need to rest. I'll take care of things around here until you recover yourself. You're suffering from severe mana sickness already, just look at your hands!" Maeve said, scolding her almost the same way she did with Allard a while ago.

"I don't recommend but if you insist you need to continue helping, just try to not use magic anymore. If you need me just call me and I'll go to you." Maeve said as she finished scolding her.

"I'm Maeve Orzhov, pleased to meet you." she said, with a short bow, not being able to do a formal one since she was still busy healing Allard.

Turning to Sev and the strange man that had led them to the temple, she heard, surprised as he told them that Lord Calibris wasn't just a local lord. In fact he was quite an important person, being a member of one of the wealthiest families and a lord in the kingdom of Portea. The moment he finished explaining, a drake beastman cursed the name of Lord Calibris, indicating that he indeed was someone with a lot of enemies.

"We Isoli aren't exactly known to be open to the world outside their borders nor we are interested in politics that don't involve us. Despite what this Lord Calibris might have done here, he isn't mad to try and do anything against us." Maeve said as she heard from the strange man that Lord Calibris was very well known and important. It was quite obvious that she wasn't really giving him the importance the others gave and if there was any doubt she was really an Isoli noble, her words now surely cleared them.

"Regarding the night, I'll be fine as long as there is a soft bed and somewhere not too hot, but I'll stay here helping as long as I can." Maeve said before the strange man introduced himself, with a wink and a theatrical bow.

"You're quite a charming, interesting one, aren't you, Sahale? I've already introduced myself but..." Maeve said, raising an eyebrow as she looked at Sahale with a smirk.

"I'm Maeve Orzhov, the pleasure is mine." she said, stopping the healing for a moment as she gave a polite, formal bow.

Unfortunately, Freyr's warnings had no effect in stopping the goblins. Their reactions to his threats made it clear how innocent and childish they were, as such, he didn't feel really comfortable in hurting them, despite them being bandits. Not all arrows fired by Freyr were without consequences though... The one that cut the reins from the hands of the goblin driver made her lose control over the wagon as it crashed on George's wagon, making Freyr himself lose balance and having to hold his bow with only one hand in order to kneel down and regain his balance with the other.

In that short moment of distraction though, he didn't realize that some of the goblins had jumped over to George's wagon, right on top of the cargo, where he was. Before he could do anything, he heard the female goblins voices, shouting for the others to stop him before he could use his bow again. In a moment, Freyr was completely covered by them, as their small and childish, but surprisingly strong bodies prevented him to use his bow or even fight.

When Freyr thought he was in a complicated position, not being able to even move with the four female goblins piling up on him, the moment when one of them asked for the other to go take care of George, one of the goblins, who was holding his arm simply jumped down as she went towards George, freeing his arm in the process. Since his hand with the bow was still immobilized, he unsheathed one of his hunting knives, striking the other goblin who was holding his other hand hard in the back of her head with his knife's handle. Almost at the same time, an unknown monster girl suddenly swooped down from the air announcing herself before she grabbed one of the remaining goblins and punched it, using magic to make it quite literally, go flying away out of the wagon. Much to Freyr's luck, whoever she was, she appeared to be friendly.

"Thank for your assistance! Please go help George, one of the goblins went to the front of the wagon!" Freyr asked before he tried to smack the remaining goblin on the back of the head, the same way he did with the previous one.
In Avalia 10 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Noon.
Location: Outside of Malthemoor, Daka Island
Interactions: Darius @FunnyGuy and Artemis @Potter

Myra stopped the moment she saw the woman curled up on the forest floor. Unsure on what to do, she simply watched her at first, waiting for Darius. She looked a lot like Darius, a human, but there was something on her that made Myra think she wasn't entirely like him... Her scent was much different from his and her hair had quite an unique color, as it was evident by the few messy locks of hair over her face. Since she seemed to be scared when Myra tried to approach her, she simply stood still, looking curiously at the woman and waiting for Darius.

Darius arrived shortly after, immediately going over to the woman, clarifying his intentions to help her as he began removing the strange thing that was over her mouth. Myra was wondering what that was, but the second Darius finished taking it off, it became clear to her that it wasn't anything nice... The woman had a lot of scars beneath the strange thing and the way she spat it out made it clear she didn't enjoy using it. When Darius asked her to take her metal cuffs off, Myra slowly approached the woman, trying to be as delicate as possible in order to not scare her as she grabbed the cuffs, snapping them open one after another with a little bit of effort.

As Darius introduced himself and Myra to the woman, Myra looked at her with an amicable smile, raising her hand and waving it to the woman before taking a small look at it, almost as if she was confirming if the gesture Darius taught her was correct. When she finally spoke, now that the strange thing was off her mouth, Myra noticed with a curious stare, how beautiful her voice was. She introduced herself as Artemis as she pointed towards the direction where a lake was, judging by the scent and noises Myra was able to hear. Thinking she was thirsty, Myra immediately dashed to where the lake was, disappearing in the blink of an eye. She did take a few moments to return but when she finally arrived, both Darius and Artemis realized why she had taken more time to return. Myra was walking a bit slower, compared to the speed she was able reach, she was holding her hands in a cup, carrying water and being careful to not let it spill. As she got closer to Artemis, she extended her hands towards her with some clean water inside for her to drink.
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