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Current Not the first time i encountered a really bad GM in an RP, but a GM that instahits his own players and instakill them is the first time :lol
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IM STILL ALIVE GUYS!! quiet, but still alive and waiting for replies on the RPs I'm in. Life is being cruel with me atm, but I'm still here.
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Correction: I HATE having unpleasant and unwelcome visitors reading the posts i make on other RPs... The person whom i'm talking about surely knows that its meant to him. Others are welcome to read.
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I HATE having unpleasant and unwelcome visitors reading the posts i make on other RPs... If you are reading this and feel personally offended, then know this message IS meant for you.
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Diagnosed with mild depression... Unsure on how to feel about that... Currently taking some medications and im feeling a bit better... Sorry for the delay everyone i'm RPing with.
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"Humanity takes great pride in three things. Their willpower, their greed and their mortality.

Their will and endless greed allows them to grow and accend past other creatures
But thir mortality denies them divinity

It's a delightful purgatory between Beeing Fallen and being Divine"

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Ashkevron Residence in Aren, Askavi


Mikhail had entrusted more than his own mind to Faeril. Laying there, defenseless in front of a Black Widow meant a lot, especially coming from someone who was as cautious (some would definitely say 'paranoid') as Mikhail. If one asked themselves what exactly all that meant, or what made someone like Mikhail to completely trust a total stranger they would probably be in doubt if it was solely the agonizing situation his mind was in or if he indeed trusted that Black Widow after he spoke with her and looked her in the eyes. The truth was that it was a little bit of both.

He had felt Faeril's experienced hands weaving a web made of his memories, slowly trying to make sense out of the mess of fragmented memories inside his head. Together with that, he saw those fragments, felt the emotions and feelings but they were notably more... distant. Almost as if they were memories and feelings from another person, from another life that wasn't his anymore. He was prepared from the second he laid down for the fact that he was entrusting everything he was to Faeril. But it was only during the procedure that he realized how deep that was. It was safe to assume that Faeril herself understood and knew Mikhail more than many people have always knew.

"I see... I was already prepared for this. I will be in your care for the time being." Mikhail replied after he heard Faeril's words, saying more sessions would be needed to complete the treatment. It was true that he felt noticeably better than before, but he knew that it would be difficult to heal his broken mind and get rid of the memories of the past life he rejected.

When the Black Widow mentioned payment, Mikhail lowered his head in a small and discreet bow.
"I managed to save a reasonable amount of money. If by chance it's not enough, I would gladly offer you my... services... to pay for the treatment." Mikhail said, looking directly towards Faeril's eyes. He knew very well that by now she was already aware of what exactly he was and what was his... 'job'. Yet, as much as he may dislike that, it wouldn't change the fact that she was one of the few capable of treating his condition. Not only that, but she promised complete discretion regarding his past, his identity and his 'circumstances'.

"Whatever it may be, I am ready to pay for your service." Mikhail completed, with a calm, but serious stare towards Faeril.
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Kumiko almost felt guilty when she saw Rowan's reaction as she laid down the pile of papers near him. It was obvious that he had already so many things to deal with yet he didn't have the luxury of taking a small break, due to the current situation with the monster invasion.
At least she hoped the merchants wouldn't return for some time now. They did seem to be... moderately satisfied when she said she would deliver the complaints directly to him.

"To be honest... I was almost thinking I would have to forcefully kick them out of the building... So insistent..." Kumiko said looking to both Rowan and Mr. Cullen.

"They always seem to be really... vicious when the matter is money... I wouldn't be surprised if they started growling to one another when on a business meeting or something like that..." Kumiko said, giggling as she compared the merchants to wolves.

"Anyways, I hope they won't return here so soon. Things are already hectic without them trying to further slow down everything. Even the adventurers were starting to get lost with all those merchants making such a fuss inside the guild hall." She finished, rolling her eyes.

When Mr. Cullen praised her, mentioning a raise, followed by Rowan, Kumiko couldn't help but smile. Despite her subtle reaction, if one paid close attention to her, it was obvious that she wasn't trying to hide that she was happy and proud for being praised. Her ears standing up, her tail and her posture.

"I did consider being a little bit more... persuasive in my attempts to make them leave, but I'm glad that it worked!" Kumiko said, with a chuckle and a mischievous expression, clear indications that she wouldn't have any problem in using other means to make them leave.

"I don't know about a raise, but I would be pretty grateful if someone let me take on a few requests occasionally..." Kumiko said, putting her hands on her waist and looking at Rowan with a slightly annoyed expression.

"A bit of exercise helps me to keep me in good shape and to sharpen my claws~" Kumiko said, giggling in a playful tone. It was incredibly obvious that she was teasing Rowan. Other than that, both Mr. Cullen and Rowan knew that the little... exercise Kumiko was talking about wasn't something most people would consider as normal.

"Anyways, I'm sorry for interrupting you, Guildmaster Rowan, Mr. Cullen. I'm sure one of you still have a lot of work to do." Kumiko said, returning to her 'receptionist' mode, with a chuckle and a teasing smirk towards Mr. Cullen as she headed towards the door.

"I remember seeing some adventurers around the guild hall that still seemed to be a bit lost even after the merchants were gone. If you need anything, you just need to call me Mr. Rowan." Kumiko said, with a discreet bow towards Rowan and Isaac as she went back downstairs towards the guild hall.



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The news that the festival was delayed due to the monster invasion were disappointing, especially for Kumiko, who was looking forward that year's festival, but the second she received that notice, she knew very well that she would have to pretty much work twice as much on the guild hall. Rowan would probably have even more things to take care of, so her aim for today was take some work out of his hands to make things a bit less exhaustive for him.

That said, she wasn't expecting that it would get so confusing. The guild hall could only be described as being pure chaos right now. While the adventurers who wanted to apply for the hunting party were behaving... as well as adventurers usually do, the real problem were the merchants, who were flooding in the guild hall and incessantly complaining about lost profits and demanding something to be done. No matter how much the other receptionists tried to explain things to them and calm them down, they simply wouldn't hear them. It was honestly more stressful than what she had imagined that day would go.

"Everyone, please! We are already doing everything we can to solve regarding the monster invasion. That said, Guildmaster Rowan is currently organizing a hunting party. Due to the size of the problem we have at hand, anyone who is able to and wants to can join the hunting party." Kumiko said with an exhausted smile as she raised her voice.

"For the adventurers who wish to join the hunting party, as usual, be careful and don't overexert yourselves. Good luck and good hunting!~" Kumiko completed, trying to organize things a little bit as she directed the adventurers to the other receptionists while she dealt with the merchants.

While she really wanted to simply kick out all the merchants from the Guild Hall, without Guildmaster Rowan's approval, she couldn't and had to hear all their complaints and demands, no matter how absurd they were or how many times they repeated themselves. Luckily, when she started actually writing down their complaints, the merchants, who were accustomed with bureaucracy and those type of things, seemed to be satisfied that their complaints were actually being heard and would be taken to the guildmaster. It took a lot of time, but little by little, the merchants had their complaints heard and left the guild hall, making the other receptionists work much easier.

Taking the heavy pile of papers with all the complaints and requests from the merchants, Kumiko went to the second floor, to the room where Rowan was together with Mr. Isaac signing documents and organizing them.

"Excuse-me, Guildmaster Rowan, Mr. Isaac." Kumiko said, gently knocking on the door before coming in.

"These are from all the merchants. There are a few requests, but they're mostly complaints. Honestly... Quite a few are basically the same thing. Since they wouldn't leave the guild hall and were making everyone's work much harder, I thought about writing down everything they had to say. Luckily, merchants seem to trust documents much more than words so they finally left." Kumiko said, carefully putting down the pile of documents besides Rowan.

Sitting down on a vacant chair on the same table where Rowan and Isaac were, Kumiko crossed her arms on the table, resting her head over them.

"Oh, if you want you can throw them all away or burn them. I promise I won't say anything to those annoying merchants~" Kumiko said, with a mischievous smile towards Rowan with a giggle.

PS: For anyone that is not familiar with FF lore, Viera names use an Icelandic-esque alphabet. In this case, J has the sound of 'y'. The female viera mentioned by Nera, reads 'Yote'.

Luckily enough, neither Ditzy nor Nagare reacted to the female viera badly, instead quickly trying to explain themselves to the female Viera. While it was clear that she was hearing them, she still had her bow drawn.

"Lonely? It was his own choice to leave the woods, hobgoblin. He left his race and the Woods behind. This is the price he has to pay for his choices." the female viera replied to Ditzy.

"You are really far from home, ice dragon Nagare. Regarding speaking with the elders, it depends on his reasons to come back here." the female viera said, turning to Nagare, who had presented herself and was trying to explain why they came.

"And you... How did you get here, Freyr. You abandoned your duties as a wood-warder and your place in the woods. You are no longer able to hear the Voice of the Woods. You know that this is not your place anymore." The female viera asked, lowering her bow, but still looking to Freyr with distrust. The second the female viera mentioned Freyr's name, it was clear to both Ditzy and Nagare that they knew each other, but it was also clear that she resented him for leaving the Vieran woods and abandoning them.

"The Wood longs for it's lost child, Nera. I can hear it's voice as well as you do." Freyr said, lowering his arms and looking at the female Viera.

"The Vieran Woods, the Viera themselves and our way of life might be in danger... The old traditions need to be broken, Nera. The world outside the woods move and we can't just ignore it... Lest we want to be swept away by the tides of time." Freyr completed, waiting for Nera's reaction.

Nera was silent for a while as she looked to Freyr's serious expression, her internal conflict clear in her expression. After a long moment, she silently walked forward, going to the portal and gently touching it. After a brief moment, the trunk that was 'closing' the portal bent itself inside, revealing a pathway, naturally carved inside the tree, spiraling upwards until it reached to the top of that huge tree.

"Humans wearing thick, brutish iron suits started coming to the woods a few months ago..." Nera said, without looking back to the group.

"If you know anything about them, you should talk to Jote. As the Elder, her will and the will of the village is the same." She finished, pointing towards the pathway that opened in the tree trunk, letting them pass.

The Vieran Village

After climbing the spiral pathway for some time, they finally arrived on the Vieran village, emerging from inside the tree. After a long journey through the woods, Ditzy and Nagare were finally able to see what very few outsiders were able to see. Built around the trunks of those gigantic trees, using their own branches and trunks as a support, instead of a mere village, almost a small city stood high above the forest, hidden away from prying eyes.

Freyr, Nagare and Ditzy, after exiting the pathway they used to climb, found themselves in the middle of a peaceful plaza with a water fountain, decorated with delicate and intricate patterns, even the pathways they walked on were carved and decorated. In the very middle of the plaza, female Vieras who were resting, sitting either on the border of said fountain, on benches around the plaza or simply walking around immediately stopped everything they were doing upon seeing them, looking to Ditzy and Nagare with curiosity. Amongst those Vieras, there were some whom instead of wearing the normal, revealing clothing that all female Vieras wore, instead wore less revealing armors, together with a full helmet covering their faces. Despite having their faces covered, their cold stare towards them could be immediately perceived.

"Those are wood-warders. Nera, despite not wearing their armor, was also a wood-warder. Their duty is to protect the city from the dangerous beasts that dwell in the forest and patrol the woods. Unlike females, who are allowed to live in this village, male Vieras upon becoming adults are destined to become wood-warders. Unlike females though, they cant return to the village and instead live in full isolation on the small camp they created for themselves." Freyr explained, whispering to both Ditzy and Nagare. Despite having not mentioned anything about why and how Nera and Freyr knew each other, it was clear that there was some history behind them. The resentment Nera had when she first saw him seemed to be more than simply the cold stare the other wood-warders were giving to them.

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@AzureKnight @Restalaan

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