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Current Finished Code Vein (3 times, 2 on NG+, enhanced difficulty) earlier this week. It would be really awesome to have a Code Vein inspired RP, with a dark, punk-ish setting. Could help with worldbuilding.
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I'm sorry... Just feeling really, really bad right now. Not in the mood to do anything.


"Humanity takes great pride in three things. Their willpower, their greed and their mortality.

Their will and endless greed allows them to grow and accend past other creatures
But thir mortality denies them divinity

It's a delightful purgatory between Beeing Fallen and being Divine"

Oh, and the color code for the RPGuild's background is 2d2d2d. Write it on a post and it becomes almost completely invisible. You're welcome! XD

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Ada looked to Neil with a kind smile as he patted her on the back, his expression much better than before. With Neil better though, Ada turned her attention to what the others were saying. They weren't expecting zombies and nothing was said to them about those either. Ada wasn't exactly happy for having to get her hands dirty with rotten entrails and flesh as it became evident when she sniffed her hands, particularly her claws and turned her head away with a disgusted expression as she held her hands up, away from her body and looking at the party members, almost as if asking for help to clean herself.

When they had finally arrived on the guild, it was already getting dark. Talia was the first to come and greet them, being received by Ada with a kind smile, even though she seemed rather eager to find water to clean herself. Behind Talia, Ada could see something being constructed. Despite Ada's curiosity, she had no idea about what it was yet, as it was nothing more than the foundations. Talia did mention something about the Altissima sisters, making Ada look at the sisters with a curious stare. Maybe it was their house then?

The very second Ozzy remembered of the zombies though, Ada seemed to remember that she was very dirty, making her look at the group extending her dirty claws, almost as if silently asking where she could clean herself. As she looked to them, she finally noticed the newcomer. Talia did call her "Miss Gigas". Walking towards her, Ada sniffed the air around the newcomer, curious. She had never seen an insect-person like her. The moment she was about to touch her antennae and the soft fur on her shoulders. Luckily, Ada remembered how dirty and smelly her claws were, pulling her hands back, looking at them and making a disgusted expression before looking at 'Miss Gigas' and giving a smile, almost as if she was apologizing for not being able to touch her. Fortunately or unfortunately, Gigas was saved, at least temporarily, from Ada's curiosity and her lack of respect for anything resembling 'personal space'.


Freyr couldn't help but raise an eyebrow, genuinely surprised as the mysterious woman introduced herself. He would never have expected to meet such a character. Not only she was a daughter of the demon king but she was also the leader of the Demon Army's Radical faction. She was indeed much more than he had initially thought, and certainly went through many things in her life.

"Life has interesting ways to make our paths cross with others in moments we least expect. Such an unlikely meeting." Freyr noted with a chuckle after she introduced herself.

The last rays of light were about to disappear in the horizon as the calming veil of night covered the landscape as Freyr turned towards the woman.

"It might be getting late, but the view was surely worth coming here. Not only that but the unexpected company was very welcome. I wonder if our paths will cross again sometime." Freyr said with a smile as he watched the demoness majectic wings unfurling from beneath her cloak in all their splendor.

"As you say... Sometimes it is painful... But do not regret the actions that took me here." Freyr replied as the demon woman was about to fly away.

"Farewell, my unexpected, mysterious friend. May our paths cross again in the future." Freyr said, finally bidding farewell to his interesting and unexpected companion.
Sorry for the delay!! Was going to have a post done today but had a few stuff to deal with... My grandma wasn't feeling well and we thought, due to the symptoms, that it could be more than just a cold. Luckily it was just a slightly stronger one and the exams came up negative for covid-19.

Promise I'll have something done tomorrow!

Sharon, Shalador

Shortly after Bellinar appeared, grabbing Thom firmly to prevent him from running, another voice joined the conversation. While Jandar also wanted explanations from the boy, his approach was a bit better than Bellinar's who immediately grabbed the boy upon seeing him.
Fortunately, Jandar did trust Mikhail's judgement, agreeing that the boy and the sceltie weren't dangerous. Not only that, but judging the reaction the boy had when hearing the name of the queen, he certainly wasn't the type that would work with one. Dunny was equally alarmed upon hearing that too.

"Then we do have something in common. Not exactly a big fan of queens myself, boy." Mikhail said as he looked to Thom and Dunny.

Surprisingly enough, it seemed that the mere mention of the queen made the boy quiver with fear, changing even the way he was acting. Mikhail was genuinely surprised when Thom grabbed his sleeve, almost pleading for help.

"Calm down, boy. We won't take you to the queen. We trust her as much as you do." he said, trying to calm down both Thom and Dunny.

"The boy and his dog are just hungry... They didn't mean any harm nor they are agents of the queen. Just look how the poor boy is reacting merely after we mentioned her. I can take care of it." Mikhail finished, looking both at Jandar and Bellinar, reinforcing what Jandar had said earlier that they should probably talk about what happened in the town away from the boy.

While Mikhail did notice the... peculiar scent that Bellinar had on him, he didn't press him for answers nor cared that much about it like Jandar was doing, going as far as to provoke him a little bit. Mikhail had nothing to do with what Bellinar was doing, as long as it didn't harm his goals.

"At least that worked to our favor in one way or another... Despite the... rough meeting Thom and Dunny had with our kind Bellinar, they should trust me a bit more now." Mikhail said with a chuckle as he teased Bellinar and looked at the boy and the sceltie, nodding to them.

It was at that moment that a familiar voice appeared from behind them, inquiring about what they were talking. Due to the ruckus they were causing, mainly Bellinar, most of the others who were asleep had probably woken up. Fatima was no different as she further inquired about what was happening, in her characteristic jovial, pleasant voice.

"Oh Fatima, good timing. This is Thom, and this chatty little guy is Dunny. I found them going through our stuff looking for some food. Needless to say, Bellinar wasn't as understanding and supportive as I was." he explained with a chuckle. Fatima's presence there was indeed good. If there was someone who could make the boy and the sceltie feel safer and calm them down, that was Fatima.

"Thom, you said you didn't like queens, didn't you? Well... This one is different. One of the reasons why we're not exactly in the best of terms with the others. Would you mind talking with us for a bit. I'm sure Fatima wouldn't mind in sharing some snacks with both of you." Mikhail finished, looking to Thom and then to Fatima, almost as if inviting both of them to go back to the camp and sit down to talk.


Maeve was still a bit confused about the whole situation. While it was clear that Bardus was an enemy, she didn't know about the man named Jeevak. Even though it was clear that Bardus was his subordinate and that Jeevak himself wasn't happy with his actions, Maeve couldn't help but still be a bit wary about the man just for the fact that he was Bardus' master. That said, he did mention he came in peace so even though she didn't fully trust him, she would simply hear him. She was still incredibly exhausted and in no conditions to fight.

The moment Jeevak introduced himself as the King of the Grandis Empire, Maeve couldn't help but to raise an eyebrow. Knowing who he was raised more questions than it answered. Why would a king come to a small town as Kalla? What was so important for him to come in person and what did he want with these grusks?

"I'm Maeve Orzhov. It is an... unexpected meeting, King Jeevak." she replied with a formal bow after he introduced himself, shortly before going in the temple.

"Sahale, are you ok?" Maeve asked, turning towards the man as Sev had already walked away, probably going to the inn or something.

"Jeevak... He is a Grusk as well, isn't he? What could he possibly want here in Kalla to come in person? Why are these two grusks so important to him...?" she said, thinking out loud after confirming if Sahale was fine after being healed by Jeevak.

"I... Should probably go to the inn and rest a bit. Trying to think about all this in the state I'm in right now will probably bring more harm than good..." Maeve said, shaking her head as she sighed, the exhaustion, both physical and mental, finally catching up to her after that burst of adrenaline passed.
In Avalia 9 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Roshmi City
Interactions: Cadence @Helo
Mentions: Sakura @baraquiel, Ilan @dreamingflowers

Ayita couldn't help but to blush a little bit when she heard Cade praising her. Even though that wasn't her real appearance, it still felt good being praised. The moment she looked at him though, she couldn't help but give a little chuckle as she saw the mask Cade got for him.

"So elegant! You look great Cade!" Ayita said, looking at his clothes with a surprised expression. She didn't think he would look so different than he looked normally.

"I don't think Sakura will recognize you. You look really different than you do normally. It's strange how different we can become just by wearing some clothes, isn't it?" Ayita asked with a chuckle.

Walking towards the section of the store where the masks were, she got a midnight blue mask, with a few feathers decorating it. It did fit perfectly with her dress, but the feathers were a small reminder of her true nature and her true self. After putting it on, she looked at Cade, with a mischievous smile on her face.

"So... How am I? Mysterious, beautiful?" Ayita asked, with a teasing stare towards cade as she twirling to show her dress and her mask together.

The moment she finished that though, Sakura finally was done putting on her dress and got out of her room to show her and Cade. Upon seeing Ayita, she hugged her, saying how she was pretty, but Ayita herself was amazed on how pretty Sakura was with her pink, flowery, eastern style dress.

"Sakura! You're wonderful! What a beautiful dress!" Ayita said, gasping in surprise as she hugged her back tightly.

"Doesn't he? He looks just like one of those princes from fairy tales!" she said, agreeing with Sakura as she gave a small giggle.

Truth be told, Ayita was indeed very excited about the ball. It was her first time going in that type of party and even though she had her disguise on, she was still a bit anxious of what could happen at the ball. After all, it was a ball organized by Aklenroth himself...

"I'm a bit anxious and worried, but I hope everything goes fine!" Ayita said as she put her mask, looking to the rest of the group.

"Ok. I'm ready now!" she said after giving a deep breath.

Location: Edena, Daka Island
Time: 4pm
Interactions: Darius @FunnyGuy and Artemis @Potter

Myra wasn't expecting such a reaction from both Artemis and Darius when she repeated that weird 'Koupl' word, but they both seemed to be very, very happy. Myra didn't know if it was due to her speaking or the word she said. As Artemis hugged her, Myra gave a big smile, hugging her back and giving small, happy jumps, sharing Artemis' happiness just because she was happy. She didn't know why her trying to speak was such a big thing for them but if they liked she would try to do so more often.

Interestingly enough, Airdan was also surprised to see her speaking, almost as if they thought she wasn't able to. But maybe the most surprising reaction was Darius'. Myra couldn't help but think that the number of different expressions that he made in such a short time was something very amusing and interesting. It was undeniable that he was extremely happy though, going as far as saying they would celebrate with a big banquet after they finished the ball. Which, unsurprisingly, made Myra very happy, making her tongue get out of her mouth for a brief moment after hearing him mentioning meat.

"Foo!" Myra said excitedly just as Darius mentioned meat, hugging him and Artemis when Darius got the strange shiny glass thing he used to take pictures.

Arc I - Terreille in Trouble

In the ruined town of Sharon, Shalador

Collab between @13org and @LadyRunic

Mikhail gave a discreet laugh as he watched, amused as the small sceltie barked in joy as it ate the food. His tail was wagging so fiercely that it was stirring the dust covering the floor. Storing half of the food Mikhail gave him and eating the other half, Mikhail couldn't help but let out a surprised expression when the sceltie mentioned that he knew who the Dea Al Mon were.

"That's right. We all have pointed ears and we come from the eastern corner of Kaeleer." he replied, nodding with an amused chuckle.

The moment Mikhail asked about his friend and what he took though, the sceltie's tail immediately dropped a bit as he said that he couldn't tell him. After a moment, the sceltie said that his friend had arrived. Thanking Mikhail for the food with a funny dog smile, he trotted towards the woods, from where Mikhail himself could feel a slight feeling of Craft, coming from the very edge of the village. As the friendly sceltie walked towards where the strange figure was, Mikhail still could hear it, telling his friend excitedly how he had good food.

Using his sight shield, Mikhail started going after the strange figure, the sceltie's "friend". Probing on to the craft feeling he had felt, he would notice it was a weaker, lighter jewel than his. From the distance, Mikhail noticed the overall silhouette of the strange figure. It was probably a male due to it's broad shoulders. Approaching both of them, Mikhail would try to just stay hidden and evaluate both of them first before making any move. He wanted to know if they were working for someone or if they wanted to just steal something in order survive and know exactly what did the sceltie took from the coach.

The shadows deepened as Dunny trotter towards his friend, drawing closer revealed that the figure was not as Mikhil first thought. Shorter by far, the height was boosted by the massive pack upon the you lady's back. A thick bedroll giving the appearance of broad shoulders. Pale blonde hair that Mikhail would recognize as a trademark of the Glacien race of Kaeleer revealed in part the origins of the boy though the skin was darker and toned to one of the long lived races. "Dunny. C'mon, we got to get afore you get us into trouble." The voice was oddly feminine, though the psychic scent was indeed and dominantly male.

Dunny looked unperturbed at his friends anxious state. I got things! Good things! Oh, and the point-eared-from-Kaeleer-good-food Prince is following me! The sceltie turned his traitorous fuzzy face to Mikhail with a smile. He is nice! I like him!
"Hell's Fires! Dunny!" The voice pitched as the lad scooped up the dog, yanking it away from where the intruder might be. The Sceltie gave a confused whine. What? Where is danger? I dont see danger!
"He is danger you fool!"

As he got closer to the sceltie's friend, Mikhail quickly noticed that the figure was shorter than he initially thought and was carrying a massive pack on his back. Despite the male psychic scent, it had quite a feminine voice. It's pale blonde hair was similar to a Glacien but it's darker skin was one of the longed lived races. Probably a mixed blood.

Just as he finished analyzing the boy though, he heard the sceltie mentioning that Mikhail had followed him there. Surprised, Mikhail raised an eyebrow. He wasn't expecting them to notice him there, but it seemed that the sceltie was much sharper than he thought it was.

"Impressive." Mikhail said with a chuckle as he undid his sight shield and showing himself to both of them, despite the boy's clear panic, having scooped up the dog and telling that Mikhail was dangerous.

"If I wanted to harm you both, I would have already done so. You should trust on your sceltie friend. I'm not here to harm you." Mikhail said as he began explaining.

"I simply wanted to know your reason for coming to us and what exactly did you two take from the coach." Mikhail said as he looked to the blonde boy.

"As I explained to your little friend, there are some... 'bad' people after us and I need to know if you work for them and what exactly were your motives to come to us. And yes, the things you guys took from the coach too." Mikhail said, giving the boy a serious look, but clearly meaning no harm. At least not yet.

"By the way, I don't care for some of the stuff to simply have... 'disappeared' from the coach. Depending on what they are, of course." he finished with a chuckle and a smirk, considerably lessening the pressure from the serious stare he gave before.

The pale haired lad glowered at Mikhail in clear distrust. "We just took some supplies and we don't work for nobody." He hissed, his voice soft as he edged away with the squirming and disapproving Dunny. The latter clearing explaining that his friend had it all wrong and Mikhail was a person who gave food and pats. "And how d'we know yer a 'good' person?"

I would have smelt it otherwise! Came the indignite growl from Dunny.

Mikhail silently watched, analyzing the boy's reaction as he said that he didn't work for anyone and telling they just took some supplies. Even though the sceltie seemed to believe Mikhail was a good person, the boy seemed to think otherwise.

"Simple. If I was a bad person, do you think I would be asking these questions or do you think I would have simply killed you after being stolen?" Mikhail asked, raising an eyebrow, almost laughing at the boy's distrust towards him.

"Besides, it's the second time I said I don't mind if a few things disappear from the coach that I'm guarding and I saw no reactions about that." Mikhail finished, eyeing the boy almost as if silently asking if he was satisfied now.

"I just want to know exactly what did you take from the coach. Depending on what did you take, I won't mind if you keep it. Also, can I trust that you aren't working for anyone?" Mikhail asked with a penetrating stare, analyzing every movement the boy gave, every reaction, almost as if he was reading the boy's very soul.

The boy took a step back nervously looking about, while Dunny looked perfectly annoyed at the situation. The little Sceltie knew his friend didn't trust other and with good reason, but why couldn't he trust Dunny? Dunny liked the pointed-eared Dea Al Mon and Dunny wasn't often wrong about things. Tell him, Thom! Tell him! Maybe he has more food! "You think only with your stomach." Can the retort from the lad, muttered in a undertone. I'm not wrong about this. It's not like that time with the chickens. "Or the cats-?" Or the cats, or the ducks... "Dunny, I aint." It's not like that! "It's exactly like that, it is!" The two seemed rather engaged in an argument as the boy continuously backed away from Mikhail.

Mikhail silently watched, giving both the sceltie, who apparently was called Dunny or the boy, Thom as they argued if they should trust Mikhail or not. While the sceltie was inclined to trust him, the boy was exactly the opposite, going as far as to back away from Mikhail as they talked with each other.

"I'm just here to talk, there is no need to run away from me." Mikhail said, raising his hands in the air just as the boy started backing away from him.

"Again, even though we were stolen, I'm willing to let you both keep what you took if I judge them to be things that won't be that necessary to the rest of the group. I gave Dunny food simply because he looked hungry and I came here to talk instead of simply restraining you and forcing you two to give back whatever you stole." Mikhail said, once again trying to calm the boy down.

"Be reasonable, Thom, trust Dunny, I can promise he's not wrong this time." Mikhail said, purposely using their names.

"And you are encouraging thieves to steal? Perhaps it was you we should have been wary of." The large growl came from the dark shadows of the forest, a hand clamping down on the lad's shoulder preventing the boy from running. Bellinar had returned, and now steered- dragged- the lad towards Mikhail. "What the hell was going on while I was away?" The Eyrien Warlord Prince looked immaculate, if a bit tired and smelling of a woman's sweet perfume. Dunny growled at the large Warlord, the tiny Sceltie looking about ready to take a chunk out of a threat far larger than himself.

The very moment Mikhail had finished talking though, a rather familiar voice sounded coming from further inside the forest. A large hand grabbed Thom's shoulder, preventing him from running and probably frightening the boy to death.

"Come on Bellinar... It's just a poor boy and his sceltie. The boy is probably as hungry as the sceltie was before I gave him some food." Mikhail said, sighing as he replied to Bellinar as he watched him grabbing Thom.

"Just calm down everyone... The boy just tried to steal some food and a few things that were on the coach. Probably to sell to buy food." Mikhail said trying to explain.

Karina watched helplessly as the sightless began tightening it's grasp on Lynx, almost crushing it. Even though Sil tried to save him, a single, swift blow from the sightless sent her back to her fairy form, curling on the ground in pain. Once again, they were in a difficult situation thanks to a sightless having appeared. They knew very little about them and their capabilities, but they were indeed very strong, in many aspects.

Fortunately, even to a sightless, being attacked so much and receiving that many wounds was too much for him to handle, as he fell to his knees, releasing his grasp on Lynx the moment Karina struck him with her rapier. Instead of reacting, he simply closed his eyes though, almost as if he knew he was beaten... A second later though, his body somehow started to expand, his skin cracking loudly as many green, bone-like vines erupted from inside him, attacking everyone nearby, making Karina have no other choice but to jump backwards to not be impaled by them.

When the situation was seemingly turning to their favor though, another sightless, the female they had fought before arrived on the scene with reinforcements, which made the male sightless somehow recover himself, getting up again almost as if revitalized by the presence of reinforcements.

For a moment, Karina's desperation was clear in her eyes. They were having difficulties dealing with a single sightless, dealing with two and more cultist reinforcements at the same time was impossible. Strangely enough, when all hope seemed to be lost, Karina realized that some of the cultist reinforcements were actually fighting against the cultists that were already there, creating chaos among their own ranks. Then, a loud battle cry was heard coming from outside, as many other of these people disguised as cultists began to flood the tower, attacking the cultists that were already inside.

It didn't need much for Karina's surprise and shock to disappear. The very moment one of these people who came to fight against the cultists shouted for them to run, Karina simply nodded, looking to the rest of the group as she got up from the ground after having dodged the green bone vines.

"WE NEED TO GO!" Karina said, as she went towards Sil, gently grabbing her and looking to the rest of the group.

Sharon, Shalador

Mikhail handed over the food to the small sceltie with a discreet smile and a chuckle as the small dog exclaimed, surprised that Mikhail could hear him even though he didn't 'train' him. He couldn't help but to think a bit about the words the small sceltie's friend told him. Whoever it was, it seemed to care about the small animal.

"Your friend is right. Humans are a... very cruel, greedy and problematic race... Most of them are. Taking that which they want by force and destroying that which they don't like or don't understand." Mikhail said, looking to the ground, almost as if lamenting the fact that the words he said were indeed true.

"Your friend cares about you. You should really listen to him. You were lucky that you met me and not someone else this time, but next time, if someone figures out you're a kindred..." Mikhail said, with a serious tone, almost as a warning to the small animal.

"You should be especially careful around those who conceal themselves behind colorful and expensive clothing, who try to conceal the greed in their eyes by wearing jewels and surrounding themselves with wealth." Mikhail said as he continued to warn the small sceltie.

When the sceltie mentioned his pointed ears though, he couldn't help but to chuckle, touching at his own ears. Dea Al Mon were indeed rare around these parts.

"Oh, these?" He asked with a discreet laugh.

"I'm a Dea Al Mon. Most of my race live in Kaeleer. Indeed, It's not common to see people like me so far from home. It's also one of the reasons why some greedy, powerful people, might have some... ideas... if they figure out I'm a Dea Al Mon..." Mikhail said, explaining to the sceltie.

"I promise I won't get mad at you, hurt you or anything, but could you show me what did you take from the coach and tell me why you came to us specifically? There are a few bad people who are currently after us. While I know that you're innocent and certainly wouldn't do anything with evil intentions... Well... It's easier to trust Kindred and Animals than it is to trust humans... No offense to your friend, of course..." Mikhail said, with a calm and tranquil voice, trying to be careful and not frighten the sceltie as he asked that.

"I wouldn't care if some of the stuff you got disappeared too, depending on what they are. I'm sure the others wouldn't notice, right?" Mikhail asked, with a discreet, mischievous wink and a half smile.

Sharon, Shalador

Mikhail couldn't help but raise an eyebrow when he saw the items the dog got disappear. He did feel someone or something using Craft but he was still not sure if it was the dog but after seeing now he was sure of it. He had never seen an animal using the craft before but there was simply no denying what he had just seen.

"Calm down, there are people sleeping." Mikhail said with a small chuckle as he heard the strange dog yelping in surprise after seeing him and tripping over the ledge. Fortunately, he didn't seem to be afraid of him, in fact acting quite friendly when he mentioned food. He was undeniably smart.

Judging by it's barks afterward though, it seemed like he knew exactly what 'food' is, and was quite happy, which made Mikhail give a small laugh as he went towards the camp together with his new friend to search for something for him to eat, maybe scraps from the food they had yesterday. It was rather rare to see Mikhail, who was usually incredibly serious or, when in calm occasions, simply calm, tranquil and absent-minded to see him playing with a dog like he was at that moment, indeed a rare side that not many people knew Mikhail had. It was unfortunate that most of the others were asleep though.

As Mikhail was going through the camp searching for some scraps to give the dog though, he again felt something strange, related to the craft, almost like a 'trail', like a faint voice, if someone was trying to speak through a wall or something... Curious, Mikhail stopped searching for a moment, trying to follow that trail with his mind. It was then that he heard a clearly happy and excited voice, that obviously belonged to the dog. It was surprisingly talkative, mentioning that it liked food, meat and green food, that cheese was very good but made his nose stuffed. Even though he did hear about his 'friend' Mikhail couldn't help but to laugh, surprised.

"A Sceltie, right?" Mikhail asked with a laugh, patting the dog once again.

"I never saw one in person... Only heard about. I'm surprised you can use craft though, just like the Kindred from the tales, right?" Mikhail said with a chuckle, looking to the dog with a kind but curious smile before resuming his search for food.

"Would you mind telling me more about your friend and what he wanted you to take to him?" Mikhail asked as he continued the search.

Sharon, Shalador

As the night fell, Mikhail made sure to sleep a bit while Xandar was the one watching them. Even if he was used in sleeping very little, resting was still good for both his mind and his body. When the time came for Mikhail to assume the shift though, he woke up a few minutes earlier than the time they had agreed on in order to get ready to replace Xandar...
The first hours of his shift were unremarkable. Other than the sounds of the night and the occasional animals nearby such as bats, a few deer and the such, there was nothing really noteworthy. That was until Mikhail felt the familiar sensation of the craft being used somewhere nearby.

Immediately putting up his sight shield and quickly getting up, Mikhail scoured his surroundings, in search of anything suspicious. It was then that in the corner of his eyes, he noticed a suspicious shadow nearby the coach. It was far too small to be a person, but it was undeniable that it was currently going through their stuff inside one of the storage compartments in the coach. Not feeling any other presence around, Mikhail sheathed his his weapons again, silently moving closer to the coach to inspect the mischievous little creature. Surprised, he watched as the tan furred, grey speckled dog went through their stuff, occasionally dropping something out of the box and then putting his head inside again, in search for more things for him to take. Mikhail simply watched, amused as the dog did his thing. Not only it was smart enough to select only the things he was interested in from the bunch of things but it was also able to use Craft to open the lid.

Approaching the small dog from behind without making a sound, Mikhail undid his sight shield as he gently patted the dog just as it raised it's head once more to drop something else.

"Curious little one." Mikhail said, with an amused smile in his face.

"Hungry? Let's see if I can get you something to eat."
he asked, looking at the small dog as he made a small mention with his hand, indicating it to follow him.
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