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Current Finished Code Vein (3 times, 2 on NG+, enhanced difficulty) earlier this week. It would be really awesome to have a Code Vein inspired RP, with a dark, punk-ish setting. Could help with worldbuilding.
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I'm sorry... Just feeling really, really bad right now. Not in the mood to do anything.


"Humanity takes great pride in three things. Their willpower, their greed and their mortality.

Their will and endless greed allows them to grow and accend past other creatures
But thir mortality denies them divinity

It's a delightful purgatory between Beeing Fallen and being Divine"

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Outskirts of the village.

There were a few complications while the group was on their way out of Askavi, fortunately though, the worst one of them, at least until now, seemed to be the price of the coach, which made even Faeril herself react as one of the Eyrien brothers whispered it to her. Due to the number of people that were travelling together, not counting Faeril's things, a big coach was necessary, thus, justifying the price. Despite Mikhail being always in full alert as they made their way out of Askavi, luckily, nothing out of the ordinary happened. Having left Faeril's home behind, to be taken care by Randalvar, one of Faeril's acquaintances, one she could trust according to her words, they left Queen Melian's territory.

After some time travelling, Mikhail and the group found themselves in front of a ruined town. From there, the group was able to see a second town in the distance. The hollowed houses, destroyed and burned buildings, together the general state of the town was a clear indication that nobody had lived there in quite a good time. That said, despite that, the blood-red witch blood blooming through the building cracks created an incredibly beautiful scenery. As the Eyrien brothers went to scout the area, Mikhail spent a few minutes simply walking around, appreciating the scenery until they finally came back with news.

After consulting with Faeril, she said that they should stop in the newer town that they were able to see in the distance in order to hear the news.

"I do wish to remind you that the probability of Queen Melian having sent someone to tail us isn't small. Also, we should try to be discrete if we are going to that town. Even though it is far away, we only need one wrong encounter to give Melian information about us." Mikhail said, looking to Faeril and the brothers before he turned to appreciate the abandoned town again.

"It would be smart for Faeril to not go. We should send someone who wouldn't be as easily recognized by any possible contact Queen Melian might have." Mikhail finished as he looked to the group, waiting for a reply.


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Nori Hirai

Nori's assumption proved to be correct as the streaks of red ink dug deep into the monster's abdomen, wounding it. He was glad that the swordswoman heard his voice, holding her ground despite the creature's fierce attacks. Other than Nori's attack, someone else seemed to have used the opening he created, as two heavy metal balls slammed the creature in the back. A quick glance revealed that the chains were coming from a yellow shirt guy, retracting and disappearing soon after. The creature's pained groan echoed through the park, finally escaping from the streak of black ink and setting itself free. Unfortunately for it, the attacks weren't over yet, as it was blasted by an explosion coming from a cheerful girl, wielding something that appeared to be a hybrid between one of the park's benches and a cannon.

Nori couldn't help but to think how much of a coincidence it could be that so many people with powers were reunited in that same place, in the very moment a creature showed up.

"Such a coincidence... Not it's lucky day." He muttered to himself with a chuckle.

By now, most of the bystanders had already ran away, panicking. Other than the ones fighting the creature, there were only a few strangers in the park. Amongst them, a strange girl who was simply leaning against a tree, watching the fight and a petite, gothic lolita style dress, whom casually grabbed the disc and the picnic basket and went towards some of the girls who were making a picnic before. Completely ignoring the creature, she asked if the disk or the basket were theirs. Amongst them, there was the girl who was almost mauled to death by the creature a while before.

Nori began walking towards the girls, trying to tell them to run away, but before he got there though, he had another surprise. The petite girl carrying the basked also had powers, at it became evident as she threw a ball made of light, exploding on the creature, followed by a beam coming from her eye.

"Hm... Definitely not just a coincidence..." Nori thought to himself as he shrugged, directing his attention to the creature again.

Before they could reply though, the creature made another move. Wounded and definitely angry after Nori's attack, it buried itself on the earth with a loud noise and a tremor. It was highly unlikely that the creature was simply going to flee after one attack and as such, Nori assumed it was preparing an attack. Surprisingly enough, instead of targeting him or the girl with the flaming sword, it went after the boy who conjured the chains, probably due to the loud noise it made, curling up in a ball and rolling with a frightening speed towards him.

After being pummeled by the petite girl's light attacks, the flaming swordswoman made a barrier around herself, tackling the monster head on in order to stop it's charge, slashing it's gut soon after. Thanks to her shoulder tackle staggering the creature, it gave the girl who used the bench-cannon before enough time for her to use her power again, transforming a nearby tree into a crane, lifting the creature from the ground.

Seeing that the fight against that particular creature shouldn't be that difficult, due to the sheer amount of people wielding powers who were reunited there, Nori was more interested in the reason for such an unlikely reunion, but as he heard the girl's voice, telling them to be quick and attack the creature, he figured he should do something too.

Dashing through the park with light and graceful steps, he moved in a circle around the creature, staying far from it. As he spun his own body, he swung his brush in a horizontal, slashing motion, creating a half moon shaped streak made of the same red ink in the air, which simply stood still in the very place he drew them. Doing the same thing four times as he circled around the creature, he stopped after one complete circle, he stopped on the same place he started, gently tapping the butt of his brush on the ground. The second he did so, the half moon shaped streaks he had drawn, aiming right in the middle of the creature's body, both abdomen and it's back, finally moved, hitting the creature from all sides.
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Will have my post done tomorrow!! :-)
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Time: Morning.
Location: Roshmi
Interactions: Cadence @Helo, Sakura @baraquiel

Ayita nodded, carefully listening to Cade and Sakura's advice. According to their word, Roshmi was bigger than what Ayita was thinking it was and even if she entered the city without a disguise, she wouldn't be immediately recognized as most people had their own things to think about. Especially with the disguise she now had, she would just be a exotic looking elf, nothing more. Especially if she didn't draw any attention to herself, everything should be fine.
Cade's words really made Ayita a bit relieved. She would hate for something similar to happen as it did back in the Sun Elves city... She really wanted to see Roshmi.

"You're right, Cade. Worrying too much will lead us nowhere. We should take this chance to gather allies. Similarly, you have my word that I won't betray the trust you put in me." she said, agreeing with cade with a determined nod.

"Thank you, Sakura! Since I don't know too much about Elves, I was afraid that my skin color would be a dead giveaway. Even though it might not be necessary according to your words, there's no such thing as being too cautious." she replied to the mysterious woman with a smile, thanking for her reassuring words and the spell she was about to cast on Ayita, to make her look even more like an elf as she did.

Ayita stood still almost like a statue as Sakura approached her, drawing a symbol on her forehead. Since Ayita didn't know how her magic worked, she didn't want to make anything to disrupt her concentration or the ritual. As she was chanting the spell, Ayita couldn't help but to notice that not only the chant itself was beautiful, but Sakura's voice made it even more.

"Thank you again. It indeed helps to calm me down a bit since I don't really know what to expect when entering the city. It will be my first time in a 'city', since my people do not have the custom of living in cities, preferring to live in the nature." Ayita said, with a chuckle after Sakura completed the spell and the brief explanation about it.

It didn't take too long until they arrived the city gates. Just like Cade's stories about it, Roshmi was much bigger than Ayita was expecting and it was indeed a sight to behold. Even outside of the city gates, there were a great number of people minding their own businesses, merchants, traders, soldiers, mercenaries... From many races and appearances. Other than the sheer amount of people, the gates and the city behind it was something Ayita had never seen before. Not only due to its size, but the big walls, the tall and big constructions, a multitude of boats, or Amoras, as Cade had told her previously, flying above the city.

"Wow... I wasn't expecting something this big! So many people... And the city itself it's... huge!" she said, amazed by the sight ahead of her.

It didn't take much to realize that it would be incredibly easy for her to lose herself inside Roshmi if she was alone. Especially due to how distracted and amazed with the city she was.

"S-Sorry... I was just a bit distracted with all this... We should go search for some weapons first, right?" Ayita asked after some time, finally regaining her composure. It didn't take much for Cade and Sakura to perceive that even though she was saying they should go do the things they had to do, she would greatly enjoy to see more of the city.

Time: Morning
Location: Morteum (The Necropolis).
Interactions: Darius and Skar @FunnyGuy, Aklenroth @Alivefalling

Much to Myra's dismay, despite her attempt to dissuade Darius to not approach Aklenroth, he still did it, grabbing the strange thing he had offered to him and crushing in it's hand. Myra's dissatisfaction with the situation was clear the second he did so, as she became visible again, showing her claws, fangs and for the first time, Myra was letting a low, menacing growl as she looked towards Aklenroth and the stone in Darius' hand. Even though Myra didn't know what was happening, she had a terrible feeling when Darius took the stone from Aklenroth's hand and crushed it.

Despite her clear hostility and aggression, when Darius turned out to be fine after crushing the stone, Myra was genuinely confused. The stone didn't seem to have made anything to him. He was angry with something, sure, but he didn't seem to be hurt or anything weird had happened to him. With her previous hostility giving place to an obviously confused expression, she looked at Darius again and then at Aklenroth. While it was clear by her piercing stare towards the lich that she didn't trust him not even one bit, the most obvious signs of hostility coming from her posture, claws and fangs had disappeared as she approached Skar, looking to her, silently asking if she had any explanation to give her regarding what happened. Since she also didn't trusted Aklenroth that much, Myra decided she would be the best person to 'ask' at that moment, since Darius apparently had a radical change of mind... Especially after he mentioned with quite an angry voice something about fight and staying.

When Aklenroth invited them inside making a motion with his hand as the gate opened, Myra gave a step back, her claws appearing again as she looked to Skar, undecided about what to do. It was clear that she wanted just to get away from Aklenroth, but she didn't want to leave both Darius and Skar behind either. Even though Myra didn't speak, it was clear due to her actions and expressions that she didn't really know what to do now...

Sorry for the delay! Just waiting for @Saltwater Thief before writing my reply :-)


@Restalaan@ShwiggityShwah@PaulHaynek@Stern Algorithm@BKburke

Having finished 'examining' the Liliraune sisters, Ada gave a step back, satisfied with what she found out about them after they presented themselves as Sylvia and Vivian. Other than them, there were many strangers gathering around them. Ozzy introduced the yellow haired woman from before as Yang. Even though she wasn't that happy to see Ada at first, it seemed that it she had at least accepted her after she spoke with Ozzy and a few others. Smiling back at Yang, Ada got up on her tail and imitated the same gesture she did before to her, gently patting her head before she came down again.

Other than the yellow haired Yang, the plant sisters Sylvia and Vivian, Ozzy had also introduced her to a strange, rabbit eared man called Freyr. For some reason, Ozzy said she was similar to him, which made Ada curious. As far as she could see, she there was nothing similar between them. Approaching the man, she got up on her tail, gently touching it's ears as she 'examined' them. After confirming that they moved just like a normal rabbit's ear, she once more, gave a small headpat before she came down.

The last one introduced by Ozzy was called John. According to him, he was the one responsible for building the big stone wall behind them, which was part of the big thing where people slept inside. Since she had already seen a few houses, such as the hunter's hut that she often went to spy upon, she knew what it was, but since she had never entered one of those before, she was still a bit curious about how it was inside, especially since that one was much bigger than the small hunter's hut. Looking to John with a curious stare, she looked at the big wall again, then at him once more, almost asking how he was able to make something that big despite being much smaller than it.

It was then that a strange man arrived, speaking something to the group as he touched John's shoulder. Soon after that, they all went their separate ways. Yang went together with the plant sisters inside the big house. Looking back at the strange man, just as curiously as he was looking at her, Ada tilted her head as she looked to Ozzy and Haley, confused about who that one was.
Judging by how he said a few words and everyone began moving, he appeared to be the leader of the group. Assuming he was so, Ada assumed he would be the one who would take her inside.

Looking to the place where Yang, Sylvia and Vivian entered with a curious expression, she looked at Ozzy, Haley and then the strange man, whom Freyr had referred to as 'Bartholomew'. Despite her silence, the message she was trying to convey was clear as she looked to the entrance again.


Freyr quietly listened as Ozzy and Haley explained what they knew about the creature. Even though he was very knowledgeable and had a strong bonding with nature, such creature, which Ozzy and Haley called 'Ada', was something he had never seen before. As he watched her interacting with others from the group, aside from her endless curiosity, it became clear that she was indeed intelligent. Enough to even understand part of what was said by them, judging by how she was reacting to everything.

"No... I'm afraid not... I have never seen something like that before... Whatever it is, it's clearly intelligent, it's no wild animal... At least not an ordin-" Freyr began explaining after Yang asked him if he knew what it was but was suddenly interrupted as the white creature approached him, standing on her tail in order to reach his ears as she gently touched them.

Standing still, Freyr refrained from doing any sudden movement in order to not scare her away. Even for him, she was indeed fascinating. After one of her fingers went inside his ears, he inadvertently moved them, out of reflex. Whatever she was curious about, she appeared to be satisfied after he did so. Before coming down though, she patted his head just like Yang did to her, which made Freyr open a smile and an amused chuckle.

"She is indeed fascinating. We will need to be careful about what we do around her though. Not only she is incredibly inquisitive and curious, but she seems to absorb information and learn at an surprisingly fast rate." Freyr finished, looking to Ozzy and Haley.

"Good evening, Bartholomew." Freyr greeted as the guild master came.

"Indeed, the entrance is finally fixed. Although I do think I'll miss eating my breakfast while watching the sunrise." Freyr said with a laugh.

"Thanks for the help, John. I'm Freyr, it's a pleasure to meet you." he said, greeting the man.

"I wonder how will she react upon entering the guild. It should be her first time, right?" Freyr asked, looking to Ozzy and Haley with a curious expression.

"Thinking about it, I don't think she has ever eaten cooked meat before." Freyr said, with a smirk on his face. It was painfully clear to those present that he would honestly have fun watching the white creature's reactions and how she interacted with the new things she would see.
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Time: Morning
Location: Morteum (The Necropolis).
Interactions: Darius and Skar @FunnyGuy, Aklenroth @Alivefalling

Even though Darius was trying to calm Myra down, it didn't help much. The very atmosphere seemed to be heavy around that castle and Myra herself was still very agitated. Something told her that it was a very bad idea being there. Despite the fact that both Skar and Darius himself seemed to recognize the place was as dangerous as Aklenroth himself, they still were decided in meeting with him. As Darius continued trying to calm her down, mentioning hide and seek, obviously referring to her camouflage ability, Myra nodded to him, in a clear sign that she understood what he was trying to see. Still, the signs of her agitation were still there when she disappeared from sight, using her ability.

Standing a few steps away from Darius and Skar, Myra watched silently as Darius and Skar approached the armored undead who were guarding the bridge. Even though Myra had to hold herself to not attack, hiss or just run away, she still followed them, going against what her instinct was telling her to do. The second the guards crossed their spears in front of Skar and Darius though, Myra almost pounced on them, stopping herself on the last second when she realized that Darius and Skar were still fine.

Myra kept silently watching, a few steps behind Skar and Darius as the first was holding herself from engaging the undead, much like Myra herself was and Darius was shouting, clearly irritated that the guards didn't let him go in. It wasn't until a weird elf himself came down from his castle, floating until he stood just in front of them that Myra couldn't hold herself anymore. Even though he appeared to be quite polite and not hostile, Myra still felt cornered and threatened just by being nearby Aklenroth's castle. While it was clear that the elf wasn't anything like the image she saw in the sky a few days ago, she was still on edge due to the place they were. Watching every movement made by the strange elf, she was ready to pounce on him if anything strange happened.
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Time: Morning.
Location: Near Roshmi -> Roshmi
Interactions: Cadence @Helo, Sakura @baraquiel

In the previous week...

After succesfully fleeing from the dracolich with the help of the mysterious Sakura, Cade, Ayita and their new companion made their way to Roshmi, in order to acquire weapons for Ayita and other resources they currently lacked. While the trip took a few days, they spent those knowing more about each other and deciding what they would do in the forseeable future. While Sakura's origins and who exactly is she is still a mystery for both Cade and Ayita, her easygoing and extroverted character not only proved to be a breath of fresh air to the group, but made her a pleasant company to have around. Despite the lack of information about her, her previous actions put her above any suspicion, as she had actively fought against Aklenroth's dracolich and helped both Cade and Ayita to escape from an otherwise grim situation.

Almost arriving in Roshmi, the group saw themselves on the main road leading to Roshmi, it would be just a bit more until they got to the town's entrance. Since entering the city with a human would be foolish, they found a way to disguise Ayita as an Elf by making her a set of pointed ears. Even though her skin color was different from normal Elves, her light clothes, light steps and overal build made the disguise somewhat convincing.

"I'm sorry to be a bother again, and thank you for accompanying us, Sakura. You've been a huge help for us. We should be fine after getting some weapons. Anything else we might need?" Ayita said, thanking Sakura before making a question, looking to the group.

"Anything I should know about Roshmi? You seemed to be really excited when you spoke about it the first time we met, didn't you, Cade?" Ayita asked, remembering what Cade had mentioned about the city.

Judging by his words, Roshmi was truly a sight to behold. Since it would be basically the first big city Ayita would enter since she arrived on that world, she couldn't help but be a bit curious and excited. She had heard a few more stories about Roshmi and that world while they were on their way to Roshmi, making her look forward entering the city.

"It is my first time entering a city since I got to this world. Are you sure this disguise will be able to fool people? I do understand why you both said that it would be the most likely to work, but my skin color is still a bit off from what an Elf was supposed to have, right?" Ayita asked, looking to Cade and Sakura.

She was grateful that they were able to somehow make a pair of elf ears for her that were frighteningly real, but the matter about her skin still worried her. Not only that, but if they found an Elf in the city, it should be a bit harder to fool them too...
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