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"Humanity takes great pride in three things. Their willpower, their greed and their mortality.

Their will and endless greed allows them to grow and accend past other creatures
But thir mortality denies them divinity

It's a delightful purgatory between Beeing Fallen and being Divine"

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Truly it was good to drink a well made, hot cup of coffee. It was a small thing, but Nenetl knew how to appreciate those small pleasures of life, things she couldn't even have hoped to enjoy before she died. Not only that, but the coffee from the Nox Tenebrae academy's cafeteria was really good, surprisingly, it was almost as if it was made especially how she liked it. Strong, but not overly so, with a rich fragrance.

The very moment she opened her eyes though, she was greeted by a very eye catching guy with pink hair, resting his chin on the palm of his hand as he looked at her with a curious stare after asking her why she was so happy with just a simple cup of coffee. Nenetl couldn't help but to wonder what he would think if he knew exactly who and from where she came before she replied.

"The secret is knowing how to appreciate every little thing you're experiencing. The delicate fragrance, the rich taste, the sensation of the hot coffee gliding smoothly down one's throat and warming your body, the calm and relaxing atmosphere this cafeteria has... It's about experiencing everything life has to offer. No matter how small it may be." Nenetl finished, looking to the guy in front of her with a calm and tranquil smile before she gently gestured towards the boy in front of her, silently asking if he wanted to taste some of her coffee.

Before they could say anything more though, almost as if coming out of nowhere, a petite, very pale girl fell face first to the ground with quite an impact which was enough to even send the small water bottle she was carrying rolling away from her, stopping as it touched Nenetl's foot.

"Oh! Tihuetz, noconetl! Are you fine?" She asked as she lowered herself to grab the water bottle. Those who had knowledge about history and old languages would quickly notice that the words Nenetl used were from a very, very ancient language, spoken by only a few people nowadays, which are direct descendants from the ancient civilizations from central america. Still, there was something in that woman that felt strange, old and ancient. Her eyes, her clothes... It was difficult to put it in words but somehow she didn't seem to be a normal human.

When she was about to get up from the chair to help the petite girl to get back on her feet though, she almost immediately scrambled to her feet, apologizing herself for what happened.

"Indeed, it was not your fault, you shouldn't apologize yourself nor worry too much about it. Come, sit and rest a bit." Nenetl said just after the eye catching guy with an amicable smile as she extended her hand towards the girl to give her water bottle back. The moment she took a better look at the petite girl though, Nenetl almost immediately noticed that there was something different with that girl's spirit and the overall aura she passed. It did take a moment for her to realize that the girl was a vampire though.

"Oh, I see! I suppose calling you 'child' wouldn't be that accurate, right?" Nenetl said to the girl with a chuckle, seemingly unfazed by the fact she was a vampire.

"Tlazocamati! I do not hear those words often." Nenetl said with a smile, turning to the eye catching guy when she realized he called her a 'cutie'. Truth be told, Nenetl was a bit surprised, as there weren't many people who called her that.

"I have just arrived on the academy so I'm afraid I don't know many people here, nor how to reach the classrooms yet. I'm Nenetl. It's a pleasure to meet you both." She said, with a tranquil smile as she looked to both the small girl and the guy.

"That said, I don't seem to have any classes right now. Would you two like to join me for a bit?" Nenetl asked, looking to both of them as she patiently waited for a reply.

Words in Nahuatl:
"Tihuetz, noconetl" - "You fell, my child"
Tlazocamati - "Thanks", "Thank you"

Academy Dorms -> Cafeteria

It did take a while for Nenetl to make her way into the dorms and organize her things on it (mainly finding somewhere safe to leave the heavy crescent pendulum she used as a weapon and as a medium for some of her rituals), but once there, she was pleasantly surprised to see that it was way more comfortable and luxurious than what she was expecting. That said, it would be really annoying to clean the blood off the carpet and the wooden floor when performing some of her rituals...

With that issue dealt with, it was time for her to take a look around the academy. The building itself was really big and she couldn't hope to know how to find her way to every single room by herself, but she had memorized the basic, for example, where the lounge and the cafeteria were. Still, she had some free time before her first class, so she really wanted to visit the cafeteria to get a good cup of coffee. After the coffee she would worry herself about getting to class. If she was lucky she would be able to find someone to escort her to the classrooms in the cafeteria.

Accustomed to draw a lot of attention everywhere she went, she had an interesting surprise as she started making her way through the halls and noticing that in that academy, being 'normal' was actually pretty rare, as it became evident by the sheer diversity of races that she saw merely by walking through the hallways. That said, despite that, she still drew quite a bit of attention, thanks to her exotic appearance and clothes... Apparently, even in such a place, Nenetl was still a really... unique person. Not that she disliked drawing attention, but she didn't cared that much about it either.

"How cozy!" Nenetl thought to herself as she entered the cafeteria. Not only the chairs and tables looked quite organized, but the whole atmosphere seemed to inspire calmness and comfort with the dim lit room and the candles. Everything on that room spoke sophistication, calmness and tranquility. That said, Nenetl stood out like a sore thumb immediately when she entered the room.

The delicate smell of coffee was clear in the room despite being relatively empty other than a few students and some teachers, who seemed to stop everything they were doing to gaze at the strange woman who just entered the cafeteria, resuming whatever they were doin shortly after.
Raising her hand and waving with a delicate, tranquil smile, Nenetl continued walking and sat down comfortably on a chair almost as if nothing was happening.

"A cup of Arabica please!" Nenetl said as a waiter came to greet her, her strong, almost melodic latin accent clear on her voice.

It only took a moment until the waiter came back with the coffee requested by Nenetl. Gently grabbing the warm cup in her hands, Nenetl took a moment to appreciate the delicious aroma of the coffee before tasting it. Not only there were many varieties of coffee, but each place she went made it slightly different.

"Fantastic." Nenetl said to herself after a small sip, taking one of her hands to her cheeks and closing her eyes for a second in an expression of joy and satisfaction.


Not having many possessions other than a few change of clothes, Ylva was quick to find her room and simply leave her things there. As it was common for people of her clan, they never carried many things with them other than a few change of clothes... Since if they weren't careful, transforming usually tore their clothes to pieces if they didn't take them off first. Even though she wasn't planning on spending too much time there, the dorms were surprisingly comfortable. The beds were also big enough for her to lay down without problems, even though they didn't look to be as sturdy as the beds back into where she lived with her clan, but if she was careful with it there shouldn't be many problems.

One thing bothered Ylva a little bit, other than having to go through such a big city on her way to the academy... The sheer amount of different scents inside the academy was just as confusing as it was on the city, but for a different reason... Interestingly enough, Ylva could smell many different creatures and races inside the academy, some which she didn't even recognize properly. That said, she could smell a faint, but slightly familiar smell... A Lycanthrope, just like her. What she did found strange though was the fact that his scent was different from hers and the rest of her clan. It was hard to put it in words, but it was definitely different from hers and her clan's. It was completely different of the scent a werewolf had, but still, it was strange.

Distracted by her own thoughts and the confusion of different scents and smells, Ylva somehow ended up in the gardens. Maybe amongst so many different scents, her mind unconsciously concentrated itself in what was most familiar to her nose, the scent of plants, trees and flowers. Taking a look around, the garden was surprisingly big for somewhere right in the middle of such a big city. It was still not enough for Ylva to do some exercise but it was a nice place to relax. There was also the portal room that according to what she had been told, she could use to go to distant places in a second so she figured that if she wanted to hunt, nobody would mind her using the portals for just having a bit of fun and a... fresh meal... Otherwise it would be really hard for Ylva to keep calm, since hunting was almost a daily event for her back where she lived with her clan.

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As Bartholomew greeted the group, like nothing had happened, Freyr couldn't bring himself to reply to his welcome, other than a simple nod. He didn't knew what to think regarding Bartholomew yet, many things had happened and his harsh words were still on his mind.

With Ditzy's wounds being already treated by Morgan, Freyr smiled as he heard Ditzy's eagerness to meat. Thanks to Morgan's healing and the liliraune's readiness to help, the color was already returning to his face and his voice was getting stronger. He was thankful for their presence, otherwise it would take more for Ditzy to fully recover than just some meat.

"Indeed... He has an amazing resistant body. Even for a Hobgoblin." Freyr said, turning towards Sylvia, who was equally surprised regarding how tough Ditzy's body was.

"Apparently, we will have quite a feast today. I will be sure to get an extra serving for you when we get to the table." Freyr replied with an amicable smile to Ditzy after his clear enthusiasm regarding meat.

It was then that a newcomer approached them with a curious voice as he greeted them enthusiastically and proceeded to squawk in amazement as he saw the liliraune sister's pot and platform they used to move themselves. Turning his face towards the newcomer, Freyr was surprised to realize that he was, just like Haley a harpy, albeit of an apparently different species. He couldn't help but to chuckle at his bright personality and curiosity. He wondered if it was a trait most Harpies shared or something, after all, the only harpies he knew had bright and pleasant personalities, sharing a few similarities.

"It's good to meet you, Ozzy, I'm Freyr. I do believe It's our first time meeting each other." he said, greeting the Harpy boy with a discreet bow and a handshake.

As Freyr looked around, he couldn't help but to think to himself how lively the guild hall had become. It was good seeing so many new faces and how different the guild felt, unlike when they first arrived.

"I was born and raised in the Vieran village, deep inside the Vieran Woods. Due to the fact that the Viera are a very recluse and secretive race, information regarding them is rare and sparse, but if you desire to know more about my kind, I would be happy to help you." Freyr said, nodding towards the harpy boy. Culture research was an interesting hobby for someone so young. Nonetheless, Freyr respected his thirst for knowledge.

"Nectar Cookies?" Freyr repeated, curious about the pastries Ozzy, Vivian and Sylvia were talking about. According to what he understood, the liliraune sisters used their own nectar for it's unique sweetness together with a mix of herbs to counteract the aphrodisiac effect.

"I would like to try one too, if the offer also extends to me, that is." he said, with a smile towards the sisters.

When they finally sat down to eat, they were met with a real feast, just as Freyr had said earlier. Apparently it was all made by Yang and her new cooking student, Ozzy. As he made his dish, Freyr got another big serving of meat, hiding it under the greens on his own plate with a quick and agile movement before he got back to his own seat.

"Psst. Here, as promised." Freyr whispered to Ditzy, sneaking a big steak on his plate with a sly smile and putting a finger over his mouth.

When he did that though, a small stone, wrapped inside a piece of leather fell from inside his shirt on the table. Due to the impact, the small vines that were tying the leather around the stone snapped, making the stone fall on the table with an audible sound. Immediately as it felt, Freyr felt an unpleasant tingling sensation on his ears, together with a high pitched ring, making him twitch his ears a few times.

Immediately getting the crystal, wrapping it with the leather and hiding under his clothes with a single, fluid and agile movement, Freyr did not want Bartholomew to see it. It was the same crystal used back on the Vieran Woods by that strange Varjan man to create the barrier. Carrying it caused Freyr great discomfort if it wasn't tightly wrapped. He had thought of immediately handing it to maybe Talia or someone who was well versed in magic arts, but if Bartholomew saw that, he would have to explain what it was to him and he was pretty sure he wouldn't like to know that they met with the Varjans once more, nor he would like to know that they now had their eyes on the guild. Even though the fact that the Viera would also enter the war against Varjo were good news that Bartholomew would probably like hearing, he was unsure how to say it or even if it was the right moment to do so...

Shaking his head and sending those thoughts away, Freyr concentrated his attention on the food in front of him.

"It is delicious. I heard that the feast today was prepared by Yang and her new student, Ozzy, right?" Freyr asked, looking to both Ozzy and Yang with a chuckle.

Freyr Hoped Bartholomew wasn't magically sensitive to have felt the crystal fragment's magic in the short time it was unwrapped or he had actually seen it falling on the table as he wasn't really sure how Bartholomew would react to the news, both good and bad.
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Actually i was thinking in making a Lycan to interact with Zane. Being a Lycan, the whole pack thing would be interesting maybe.
I wonder what Zane would think if a female Lycan suddenly appeared on the academy @Ryteb Pymeroce XD
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