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"Humanity takes great pride in three things. Their willpower, their greed and their mortality.

Their will and endless greed allows them to grow and accend past other creatures
But thir mortality denies them divinity

It's a delightful purgatory between Beeing Fallen and being Divine"

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In Avalia 14 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: Wilderness Between Orc Landing and Illuminata Kingdom
Interactions: Darius and Skar @FunnyGuy

Myra watched and waited, still a bit agitated as Darius and Skar talked with each other after she drew the things on the ground. Skar was visibly upset when she drew the curved stick and the leaves to represent the forest people. Judging by her expression, she didn't like that Darius was giving Myra all that time but despite that, Darius seemed to want to give Myra enough time for her to try and say what she wanted.

She silently heard, looking to Darius and then to Skar as they discussed regarding the drawings. Darius was the one who spoke more, since Skar seemed to have already decided where they were going. After talking a bit, Darius turned to Myra again and began explaining. Judging by his tone of voice and the few words Myra understood, he still had a few doubts regarding which place to go, but he did point towards each drawing and said what he thought of them. According to what she understood, he thought that the forest people didn't really like neither Skar nor Myra herself (even though Myra didn't know really why they would dislike her. She had never even interacted with them despite having seen them a few times in the forest...). As he pointed towards the lich drawing, Myra understood, when he said the word 'home' that somehow, he thought that the skeleton guy could take him home. Myra didn't really understand the rest of what he said about the lich drawing but he had apparently decided where he wanted to go.

Even though Myra wasn't really comfortable with that choice, she still followed them as they began walking. When they were about to go, Skar made a high pitched noise using a strange object in her hands. A few moments later, a boar, much like the one Myra had killed and eaten part of earlier, appeared, going to where Skar was. While Myra understood that the boar was her companion, after seeing him, Myra remembered about the boar carcass they would leave behind. Since they would be probably walking for a while, Myra went to where the boar carcass was and tore a few, sizeable chunks of meat with her hands before going back to the group, still holding them in her hands. Even though she did think it was a waste to leave such a big carcass lying around to rot (even though she had eaten quite a bit, there was still much meat on it), she knew it would be inconvenient to drag it around, so she simply got a few big pieces of meat to bring with her in case she got hungry later.

The white creature watched with a curious expression as Ozzy accepted her food. Even though he seemed to be really glad by that, he only took a small bite, which made her a bit confused. Maybe he wasn't really that hungry, only a little peckish? Since he seemed to be happy by her having offered him food though, it was everything ok for her. As he extended her hand to her, she was did look at it first, wondering what was he going to do but the second he patted her head, she smiled gently at him.

When her attention shifted to the other bird person with pretty, colored wings, Ozzy started talking about her. While she didn't really understand his words, she was able to know that she was called Haley. Judging by his expression and his tone when he said her name, they both knew each other. With her attention still fixed on Haley's bright colored feathers, she watched with an innocent curiosity as she spread her wings showing them to her before saying something. Paying no attention to her words, the white creature's eyes were shining with curiosity as Haley showed her wings to her. She had never seen such bright and pretty colors before. The moment she made a motion to get closer to her, Ozzy started discussing something with her.

Curious about what they were saying to each other but unable to understand much, she merely kept looking to one then to the other as they spoke. She did understand they were talking about her, judging by how Ozzy looked at her, almost as if analyzing her, which made her look to herself a bit before going back to curiously stare at both harpies. When Ozzy extended his hand towards her, she tilted her head confused, was he trying to tell her to go with him? According to what she was able to understand, they would take her to this 'Georgia' place. Maybe it was the place they lived? She wondered if there was meat or other tasty animals for her to hunt at this 'Georgia' place. As the white creature gently grabbed Ozzy's hand, she looked towards him and then to Haley with a puzzled expression as she waited on the same place, probably waiting for them to guide her.

Since they didn't seem dangerous, tried to attack her nor were armed, the white creature was pretty relaxed nearby them. Part of that maybe was due to her curiosity and to the fact that if there was any danger, she could probably just use her camouflage and run away.

While there were some who had volunteered themselves to go, Maeve herself would have to decline as she would follow Allard's advice. She knew very well that she wouldn't be that helpful outside, especially with such temperature. While, as Allard himself said, the desert at night was indeed closer to the temperatures an Isoli would be comfortable with, the scout party was about to depart, judging by what has been said.

"Unfortunately, I will have to decline then. If they were going at night, then it was another story, but the local temperature isn't really kind to an Isoli."
Maeve said with a gentle expression, agreeing with Allard's advice.

"Even though the desert might be dangerous, I am more than just capable in combat though! Sadly, I can't do anything about the sun now, can I?" Maeve finished with a giggle.

Just as Maeve had finished, she heard someone entering the inn, followed by Allard greeting them, with a worried tone. It was Madame Valia, who had arrived to rest and recover from her wounds. As she greeted her and the strange half giant, Maeve stood up, greeting her back with a courteous and formal bow after she apologized for the current circumstances in the town. Madam Valia was a beautiful woman, with an exotic skin tone and beautiful, long braids that matched her skin tone.

"Madam Valia, it is a pleasure to meet you, despite the circumstances, that is." Maeve said with a gentle smile before sitting down again.

"Even though I arrived just recently, Allard told me about the recent events and what has been happening... Is is truly terrible... Even though I won't be able to help in the scouting party, I do hope they find the girls and the culprits behind all this." Maeve said.

"That said, would you like to join me for a small talk? It might be good to relax a bit and take your mind away from unpleasant thoughts. I will understand if you would prefer to retire yourself and rest though." Maeve asked, with a gentle expression as she looked to Madam Valia from where she was sitting.

Ashkevron Residence, Askavi, just outside.

Mikhail heard Xandar barking behind his back as he ran down the stairs, but he didn't had time to reply and even if he had, he was already far from Xandar. Turning his attention to more pressing issues, he saw Gennar dealing with his opponent despite the trouble he was having, leaving the other Eyrien's broken, dead body sprawled on the ground. Quickly turning his eye to the Eyrien who was trying to flee, he saw that despite being hit by multiple attacks, unfortunately, he still managed to flee. The last one remaining was about to be put down due to being in disadvantage. Since the fight was basically won and Mikhail couldn't fly, he instead started making his way back to where the group was.

Even though they had successfully repelled the dogs the queen sent after them this time, Mikhail was sure that it wouldn't end like that. They were still in a risky situation... Not only that, but Xandar's unpredictable and volatile behavior was definitely a liability to their survival. Keeping Faeril, who already had quite a temper, and now Fatima, whom went as far as to let her emotions take care of her after seeing someone she knew being killed and rushing towards it's body without caring for danger, was already a lot of work. They certainly didn't need someone who was unable to take sensible decisions, didn't know how to listen and couldn't be referred as an 'ally'.

Truth be told, Mikhail wasn't used in working with a group and all that was proving to be much harder than what he had expected. They were taking unnecessary risks, putting themselves in dangerous situations that could be avoided thanks to their impulsive actions... There were many problems which could be fatal in dangerous situations... After taking a few minutes to put his own thoughts in order and assess the situation they were in and the queen's possible actions after knowing her little force was taken out, he resumed his way to where the rest of the group was. Despite his silence, his expression could only be described as frighteningly cold and hostile. It was ironic on how he had came to have his mind treated, but he was stressing himself as much as he was before.

As he got closer to the group, he couldn't help but hear Faeril's words, almost hissing at Xandar after he, once again, started barking and insulting everyone and everything. The entire situation was just a nightmare for anyone with common sense. Seeing Fatima on the state she was right now only reaffirmed Mikhail's previous thoughts that she absolutely shouldn't be in a battlefield. Even though she showed the ability to control herself and calm herself down, she only did that after having an emotional outburst and acting impulsively. He couldn't help but wonder how she was still alive having Xandar by her side... Luckily, he had already gone, back to the Eyrie.

Standing in silence a few steps away from the group, Mikhail simply waited until Fatima was calmer, healing Faeril and gave a few steps forward before finally saying what he wanted to say.

"You two need to better assess the situation. Fatima, even though I understand that it was quite a shock for you, having such an outburst and letting your emotions guide your actions is a fatal mistake in the middle of a battle or any dangerous situation. Faeril, you need to know your limits. Stop trying to put yourself in danger without thinking about the risks and consequences of your actions." Mikhail said, looking to both of them with a cold, piercing stare.

"It is not my job to protect neither one of you, but It is within my interest to keep you both alive. At least until our contract is completed." Mikhail said, looking at Faeril when he spoke the last part.

"That said... Xandar is unreliable, unpredictable and volatile. His impulsive actions are a danger to BOTH of you. He is an arrogant idiot which can not be considered an ally." Mikhail warned, in a low, cold tone. It didn't take much to realize where he was going speaking that.

"If any of you still think otherwise... You should really get to him before I do..." Mikhail said in a threatening tone as he gave a few steps away towards the house, where he stood waiting for what the group would do next.
@Ithradine Sent you a few questions by PM! Sorry for the delay, already working on my CS, just need to know a few things.
In Avalia 3 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning.
Location: Close to The Sun Elf Kingdom.
Interactions: Cadence @Helo

In the beginning, Ayita didn't knew why Cade was helping her despite being a stranger, going as far as to even put his own life in danger. But as Cade began talking, she realized the reason. For him and possibly others in Avalia, her existence, meant hope. A possibility for taking Aklenroth down and ending his tyranical rule over Avalia. Even though Ayita was nothing but a human, a single woman, she was still something that could threaten Aklenroth's power.

As Cade continued, telling Ayita a little about his story, she couldn't help but find it strangely familiar. Much like herself, who had most part of her tribe killed, he also lost his family and his clan. She knew his battle very well, the feeling of having one's land, one's very home, where his parents, grandparents and even his long dead ancestors lived taken and defiled by invaders. The feeling of having lost one's family, tribe... Cade had much more in common to Ayita than she had previously thought.

"I understand." Ayita said, with a firm expression, looking to Cade with a determined stare.

"Your fight is the same as mine. You lost your tribe, your family and your home. I know what you are feeling. Previously I didn't knew why you were helping me, a complete stranger, but now I know. Me being here is more than just coincidence or just a random event. My presence here is like a glimmer of hope for those who have suffered under Aklenroth's rule." Ayita continued.

"I don't know what I'll be able to do against such a threat... But I just want you to know that I know your pain. Your fight is my fight, Cade." She finished, putting her closed first over her heart.

When Cade began talking about her home, Ayita started thinking... Even if she came back... Was there a 'home' for her to come back to? Her mother was dead... Her father was still fighting against the white invaders...

"My home I... I don't know if there is a 'home' for me to return... My mother... just like the rest of my tribe were burned by the white men... Our lands, defiled and destroyed... My father was still fighting against them when I left but... I don't know for how long he will be able to..." Ayita said, lowering her head with a sad and distant expression. Doubt was clear on Ayita's expression. She had seen how cruel the invaders were and she knew what they were capable of.
That said... If it was possible to open a rift to drag her here... The maybe...

"No... This can wait. We have other things to worry about. He is fighting there, just as I am here." Ayita said, shaking her head and trying to clear her mind.

"Food... I used to hunt back in my home. But I do not have anything to hunt... We can try to find some fruits or something. I'm not a picky eater." Ayita said, looking to Cade.

Time: Morning
Location: Wilderness Between Orc Landing and Illuminata Kingdom
Interactions: Darius @FunnyGuy

Even though Darius tried to pull his hand back, Myra continued insisting. Something told her that they should avoid meeting that lich at any costs... Much to her dismay, both Darius and Skar didn't seem to be convinced that it was a bad idea to go where the lich was and instead continued trying to go. Myra did understand that Darius said that he was indeed going and Myra could either follow or not, but... Even though she didn't want to go, she didn't want to leave Darius alone as well...

It didn't take long for her to realize that no matter what she did, both Darius and Skar wouldn't go back on their idea. Before she gave up though, she kneeled down on the ground and used her claws to draw a curved stick with a string and an arrow in the middle, which would be easily identified by Darius and Skar as a bow, surrounded by leaves and a few lines coming out of them, almost as if they were glowing. Besides that drawing, she did her best to try and draw the lich's face, using as reference the illusion that appeared on the sky. Even though she ended up only being able to draw his spiky crown and a very, very crude depiction of his face, it was still enough for Darius and Skar to understand what she meant with a little bit of effort. After finishing, she pointed to both pictures and the respective positions where they should go and then looked at Darius and Skar, almost as if saying for them to choose one of them. While she had never gotten that close to where the forest people lived, she liked the idea of going there much better than going where the lich was...

Looking to Darius and Skar, she nodded towards the drawings and looked at them, almost as if telling them to choose where to go. It was clear that she didn't like the idea to meet the lich, but if they went despite her efforts to tell them otherwise, her having drawn the lich's crown in the ground was enough to indicate that even if reluctantly, she was willing to go together with them... Until a certain point, that is...
In Avalia 4 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: Wilderness Between Orc Landing and Illuminata Kingdom
Interactions: Darius @FunnyGuy

Despite still being a bit wary of Skar, as Darius called the green giantess, she was a little bit less wary than before, after Darius' attempt to explain to Myra that Skar wasn't really that bad. Other than that, Myra did look with a curious expression towards Darius when he mentioned 'going' somewhere. While she was perfectly fine with being in the forest, Darius wasn't like her. Being in the middle of the forest probably wasn't exactly the place where he preferred to be, due to his own body, lack of claws, fangs & etc. Maybe he wanted to see some of the other forest people? While the green giants were violent and mean, most of the other forest people were, most of the times, more peaceful than them. If that was the case, Myra knew a place where many forest people used to gather... Even though she had never entered it or gotten that close, she knew where it was and could guide him there...

Before anything more could be said or decided though, Myra would witness a really worrying scene, but this time it was much, much more dangerous than just Skar... A thunderous voice echoed from above as a huge image from a lich appeared on the sky. The second Myra looked at it, she felt a mix of emotions. Fear, repulse, anger... It wasn't just the repulse she felt for undead and skeletons, but it was something more... Immediately starting to hiss, showing her claws and even her teeth this time, she kept looking at the image in the sky, unable to control her reactions. Even though she knew it was only an illusion, somehow she also knew that the lich responsible for it wasn't just a common undead... He was incredibly powerful and dangerous.

While Myra didn't make any effort to understand the lich's words, when the illusion disappeared and everything went back to normal (although Myra was still wary and in a state of alert), she did notice that Darius was unexpectedly happy upon hearing the lich as he talked with the green giantess. The second Darius mentioned 'going' somewhere after hearing the lich's words, Myra knew what he was trying to do.

Grabbing Darius' wrist when he offered it to her and started pulling it to the opposite side where they were trying to go. As she looked both to Skar and to Darius, it was clear she was incredibly agitated after seeing the lich's illusion on the sky and it didn't took much to understand that she didn't want to get anywhere near the one who was responsible for the illusion on the sky.
In Avalia 7 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning.
Location: Close to The Sun Elf Kingdom.
Interactions: Cadence @Helo and Inori @Shard.

Before even Cade could reply to Ayita though, a gigantic image would appear on the sky, interrupting both of them. It didn't take much to realize that the sinister, skeletal figure was Aklenroth, the lich and tyrant who were after the humans. His appearance could mean nothing more but bad news... With a serious expression, Ayita heard as the translucent image of the lich began talking, adressing all Avalia. The words Ayita heard were nothing short of... concerning... Aklenroth had offered quite a large sum of money as a 'bounty' for any humans, an even bigger reward for humans who were captured alives and interestingly enough, a reward for the humans who willingly turned themselves in, offering them not only money, but safety, a position on his army and even a chance for said humans to return to earth. If that wasn't enough, he finished his warning with a threat to everyone who either protected or attempted to hide any human, saying that he would not only eliminate them, but purge and destroy their respective cities or villages...

Even though Aklenroth's words made Ayita think, she knew better than to fall for his sweet words, no matter how sweet they might be. By everything she had heard about him and his own words, it was clear that he had no respect for life and was ready to sacrifice hundreds of innocent people just to find a human. She had no doubt that he would ravage cities without any hesitation if he knew a human was inside. Aklenroth's words were worrying for Ayita for a number of reasons... Not only his words made it clear that there other humans in Avalia, but that it would be even harder for them to find allies... Ayita knew very well how greed could easily twist someone's personalities...

"Don't worry, Cade... I am not as naïve as to believe a few sweet words... Neither me not my people would make the same mistake twice..." Ayita replying after hearing Cade's words, pleading her to not trust Aklenroth. Her last few words had a heavier tone to them, clearly indicating that such thing, being hunted and killed wasn't as strange to her as Cade might have previously thought.

Cade's next words were worrying, a harsh and cruel reminder that things would get even harder for Ayita from now on, but she knew that it was indeed true... The very place they thought it would be safe for Ayita, wasn't anymore. Even though the Sun Elves weren't exactly Aklenroth's allies, she had no doubts that many would be tempted by the promise of receiving vast quantities of money if they captured or killed a human.

Ayita had a worried expression on her face. She knew just how badly she needed powerful allies if she wanted to survive in Avalia, but it would be much more difficult now. Dealing with anyone, no matter who they were, would be an incredibly dangerous gamble. They could betray, kill or capture her as easily as they could help her, perhaps they would be even more tempted due to the rewards. As Cade handed her his robe, Ayita nodded in silence, thanking him.

"Yes... I too do think it will be safer in the forest..." she said, with a distant look.

"I don't know what I'll do now, Cade. It is incredibly obvious that, as a human, I will need powerful allies if I want to survive in Avalia, but now... It would be easier for someone to just kill or capture me for the money than to help me..." she finished.

"I... Thank you for everything you did for me until now Cade, but... I think we should part ways. There is no reason for you to put yourself in such danger for a stranger, someone you just met. There is no doubt you will be killed if you're seen with me." she said, looking to Cade. She couldn't ask him more than he had already done for her. Asking Cade to continue helping her and put himself into danger would be asking too much...

Time: Morning
Location: Wilderness Between Orc Landing and Illuminata Kingdom
Interactions: Darius @FunnyGuy

Even though Darius had moved between Myra and the green giant, she still didn't trust the female giant at all. Not only due to her eyes, but also due to her having raised her hands against Darius before. Despite her having sheathed her axes, she was ready to strike Darius if he hadn't used his water and there was nothing to prevent her from doing it again if she wanted... That said, when the green giantess appeared to ignore Myra, turning away from her, Myra got a bit confused. She clearly saw that the green giant had the intention of attacking Darius, yet she was fine now? She didn't know what the green giantess was saying, but hey gaze still was far from 'amicable'.

When Darius got closer to Myra though, after looking from her to Skar, he gently grabbed her hands, saying some words with a soft tone. While she still didn't trust the green giantess, it was clear to her that Darius was trying to calm her down and actively trying to prevent any more fighting. It did take some convincing, but Myra finally retracted her claws, assuming a normal posture again. Even though it was clear for Darius and the green giantess herself that Myra wouldn't attack anymore, it was also obvious that she was still wary and didn't trust her at all, especially due to her always keeping an eye on the green giantess and always being at a safe distance from her.

The female creature continued examining the weird flying creature in front of her for a bit longer. While it was undeniably similar to a bird in some aspects, it was much bigger and it had clear humanoid features too. Ignoring his obvious annoyance, she continued analyzing it for just a bit more before he touched her, making her give a small jump surprised with his touch.

Satisfied with her examination though, she gave a step back, looking at him with a puzzled expression. She didn't know many things he was saying but thanks to a few gestures he made she did understand that he was called 'Ozzy'... Not that she understood what it meant, but she knew the sound and that he identified himself as that. It was then that she remembered a certain gesture he made when she began examining him. Pointing towards her own mouth, she made a gesture similar to the one he made, misunderstanding what he meant by that.

Immediately, the white creature dashed towards another one of the traps scattered by. With the same swift movements and without any difficulty at all, she grabbed the piece of meat, triggering the trap and making the metallic noise echo through the woods once more. Dashing towards Ozzy again, she extended her hand towards him, holding the piece of meat. Pointing towards her own mouth, and then to the meat, she waited for a confirmation. That gesture he made earlier... It meant he wanted something to eat, right?

As Haley talked, the white creature's eyes met with hers. Her eyes were fixed on the colorful harpy even though she was trying to give the piece of meat to Ozzy, it was obvious that she was interested by the bright colors her feathers had.

Other than that, both Ozzy and Haley would soon realize that the creature had no intention of staying behind and instead would simply follow them if they decided to leave. Albeit it was extremely curious and didn't seem to have any notions of 'personal space', it didn't seem to be aggressive at all towards them.
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