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Finished Code Vein (3 times, 2 on NG+, enhanced difficulty) earlier this week. It would be really awesome to have a Code Vein inspired RP, with a dark, punk-ish setting. Could help with worldbuilding.
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I'm sorry... Just feeling really, really bad right now. Not in the mood to do anything.


"Humanity takes great pride in three things. Their willpower, their greed and their mortality.

Their will and endless greed allows them to grow and accend past other creatures
But thir mortality denies them divinity

It's a delightful purgatory between Beeing Fallen and being Divine"

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In Avalia 1 day ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Forest outside Roshmi
Time: Afternoon
Interactions: O'ner (Mathis) @Eviledd1984, Malachi @princess, Belladonna @Potter, Valok @helo

Myra heard, looking back and forth between Belladonna and Mathis as the latter answered to the girl's question. Hopefully the girl wouldn't be angry with what Myra or Mathis said when replying to her. Mathis also seemed to have both understood her question and replied to it much better than Myra did, which it was fortunate. Hopefully he would be able to avoid any misunderstanding. Luckily, it seemed Malachi was satisfied with their answers, as he touched Belle's shoulders, saying that they should go.

With all the complicated questions answered and everyone, hopefully, on good terms and the introductions having already been made, with the dark elf introducing himself as Valok, the group continued on their way, following Malachi. After some time walking though, he insisted them to take shelter in a cave they found. While Myra wasn't really tired, she assumed that since Malachi asked, the others were starting to get tired and it would be better to go and wait for a bit, even if she was fine with walking more.

Strangely enough, even though it was Malachi who insisted for them to take shelter and rest, he ended up waking up the rest of the group pretty early and seemed to be in a rush to continue moving. Myra definitely thought that was a bit strange, but she didn't think much of it and simply followed the rest of the group.

After some more walking, Malachi turned to the rest of the group, asking where they were from before answering himself. Even though Myra had no idea where the place he said he came from was, she figured out he probably lived with other pointy ears that she sometimes found in the forest. Mathis was the next to reply, saying strange names of places Myra had never listened before. Still, one thing about Mathis' reply Myra did understand very well: the moment he started talking about food. More specifically the deer meat. Looking to him, she listened carefully, licking her lips as he told them more about the dishes his family made.

Belladonna, unlike Malachi or Mathis though, didn't seem to want to talk that much, simply saying that her reply was the same as Malachi. Myra did stop and looked at her a little bit, tilting her head in confusion. She grew with Malachi, with the pointy ears, even though she wasn't one? Being more like Darius himself? Not only her ears were different but her smell was different too. Myra kept looking at her with innocent confusion before she finally turned away. Belladonna didn't show herself to want to be closer to anyone other than Malachi in the group and for some reason, she seemed to not like them that much so Myra simply left her to her own, as she didn't want the girl to get angry with her.

Valok's answer was much more different from the rest. Even if Myra didn't understand much of what he said, he spoke in a way that reminded her a little bit of Skar. Of someone who was proud to be a 'warrior' as Skar said herself way back then. Other than that, the place he mentioned, the forests of Daka, were a place Myra was also rather familiar with. Not only because it was one of the forests she passed through some times, but because it was there that she found herself when she woke up for the first time.

Finally arriving on her time to reply, Myra tilted her head, thinking for a while before answering with a shrug and shaking her head. No matter how much she tried to think about it, the only thing she could remember was simply waking up one day in the forests surrounding Daka. As such, Myra joined her hands, putting them on her cheek and tilting her head a little bit, almost as if she was laying on them, a hand signal Darius had taught to her, signifying 'sleep'. After that, she suddenly, gave a small jump, like someone would if they woke up suddenly, looking around. After doing that, she pointed at Valok before opening her mouth.

"Forests! Dah-ka!" she said, trying to repeat what Valok had said before with a proud expression, satisfied with the "explanation" she just gave the rest of the group.

Location: Roshmi Sewers
Time: Afternoon, day 1 => afternoon, day 2
Interactions: Torvi @Tae, Kuroi @hide on mana, Baraian @Dezuel, Maneru @baraquiel

After Ayita cleared the mist with her wind, they had a clear sight of the way ahead where they all could see only Risa visible, having no clue of where the strange being that was trapping her went. That was when Torvi used her earth powers. She was probably aiming to trap the strange being but unexpectedly, she ended up trapping Risa instead. At first, Ayita was surprised, thinking Torvi had missed, but then Risa began to fight against the constraints, shouting. As she did so, her voice began to change, becoming much raspier, just like the one they heard before, from the creature that was responsible for all that. Not only her voice, but as 'she' continued to struggle, her appearance changed as well, with a blue mist gradually dissipating and revealing the reptilian visage of the caster, the same one they had seen before when the mist cleared for the first time.

"An illusion...!" Ayita said, cursing under her breath for not having realized that sooner.

Unfortunately, despite hers and Torvi's effort, further interrogating the caster proved to be impossible. Even though it initially seemed it would be easy to take some answers out of him, judging on how he was begging for his life, the moment he began to let out some information that could be of some use to them, such as the dubious but not entirely unlikely fact that there was a spy among the rebels and was about to tell his master's name, he suddenly fell dead, killed by a kunai straight to the neck. Green blood flowed through the wound as the weapon used, strangely enough, vanished, leaving only the caster's reptilian body, now dead and lifeless.

The responsible for the execution was naught but a shadow. Exhausted as they all were, not only identifying the shadowy figure proved to be a challenge but following him and risking another confrontation was simply out of question. They should consider themselves lucky that the figure didn't decide to try and finish the caster's job, ending them where they were. Fortunately, it seemed like Ayita didn't need to remind the rest of the group of that, seeing as they all seemed to think the same thing. Still, as Baraian spoke, approaching Kuroi and picking him up, they should leave as soon as possible. Both to tend to their wounds, disinfect them and have some proper rest.

Despite the overwhelming exhaustion, the clean air as they left the fetid sewers was truly invigorating, enough to give Ayita the little bit of energy she needed to get out of there and continue until they could find a safer place to tend to themselves. Fortunately, that didn't seem to take much time. By sheer luck, they met a man, driving a cart. Even though he seemed to be rather wary of the group, he still showed himself friendly and polite. Thanks to that, Torvi offered him a good sum of Amas, asking for him to drive them to the coast. Thankfully, the man accepted the offer and after discussing with Torvi about taking turns resting, just to be safe they wouldn't be betrayed, Ayita was able to have a good rest for the first time in what seemed to be a long time for her. Even though Ayita usually had quite a light sleep and was used to be alert at all times, she simply wasn't able to due to how exhausted she was and simply slept like a log.

It was the afternoon of the second day when the group finally found themselves fully rested. Ayita mostly kept to her own while they traveled. She did overhear a bit of the conversation Torvi had with the driver, a lion demi-human called Koto. By sheer luck, he seemed to be on the same way they were and had his mind set on joining the rebels, just as them. Even though that wouldn't make Ayita be less wary of the man, it did help her to relax a little bit more. When Torvi asked the group about what the caster had said back in the sewers, Ayita turned towards her, thinking for a bit.

"It was indeed a dubious information... but not entirely unlikely. In one hand, that creature seemed to be quite accustomed at lying, tricking and deceiving others, but on the other hand, people tend to be incredibly honest when their lives are on the line..." Ayita said, reflecting on Torvi's question and the words she heard from the reptile creature.

"It might be just me being overcautious, but I wouldn't dismiss the possibility of having a spy as impossible." she concluded, looking to Torvi. Ayita knew very well that her answer was far from a definitive answer for Torvi's question but it was the best she could give with the little information she had about the situation.

Time: Morning
Location: Ember Grove Mall
Interaction with:

The morning came with a sunny weather and a comfortable temperature for Ylva. The weekend was unexpectedly eventful, with Ylva having met quite a few curious individuals and even exchanging contact information with some of them. Ending up spending the entire night at Alexei's, drinking with Valya and talking with the others. Despite having packed up the things and bought the Akevitt bottle (which was now on her fridge, still unopened), she ended up postponing the small 'celebration' she had planned to a later date. Spending those few days away from the annoying customers and the unending smell of coffee was pretty good, but unfortunately, things were finally calming down after the commotion caused by what happened a few days ago and with that, business opened again as usual.

Wearing a simple, black, Amon Amarth t-shirt, black jeans with a metal studded belt and a pair of simple, black combat books, Ylva left for the Mall after a small breakfast. Luckily for her, the morning shifts weren't as annoying as the evening ones and the customers were generally nice.

"Hey! Good morning everyone." she said, waving towards her co-workers as she arrived on the Starbucks, getting behind the counter.

Luckily the day would pass by pretty quickly, after all, she still had that Akevitt bottle in her fridge and plans to go to the forest hunting tonight.


When Jandar, Fatima, Dareen and the rest of the group finally arrived at the inn, Mikhail wasn't that surprised when he saw that SaDiablo was with them. He suspected he would want to see Faeril himself. That said, he wasn't going to defend Faeril in case SaDiablo tried to get some answers from her, as Mikhail himself wasn't that sure about Faeril either. He would only intervene in case fight somehow started. Not much was needed for Mikhail or the other brothers to realize the mood among the group that had just arrived wasn't one of the best. Other than Dunny himself, each one of them seemed to have their own troubles to think about. That didn't prevent Gennar to hiss at Bellinar when he saw him, asking where did he go though.

As Saetan began speaking with Faeril, Mikhail simply stood in the corner, staring at both of them with cold, analytical and sharp eyes. Saetan's words were sharp but Mikhail would make of his words, his own as he questioned her about the spell she wove. As they continued, Faeril asked if SaDiablo would rather look into her own mind to be sure her words were true. Such proposition made the Eyrien brothers shocked as they all reacted accordingly, especially since Saetan himself agreed with such proposition. Despite how outraged the brothers were, Mikhail simply stood in silence, watching their conversation.

Karina watched, controlling her ice in order for Chres to not fall as he advanced, dealing with the guards rather effortlessly thanks to her ice magic. It was all going rather well until a woman with a strange instrument-like weapon appeared, somehow doing the very ground under Chres explode. Thankfully, despite her attack, it seemed like Chres was able to tolerate the pain and continue going instead of falling on his knees. Upon a closer look, even though how the woman's weapon worked was still a mystery, Karina was at least able to understand how she was causing the damage. Somehow, whenever she played such instrument, it would amplify the vibrations of the sound and discharge them with possibly lethal force to where she was pointing the instrument. If it was strong enough to explode the ground like that, Karina didn't want to be the one to test if a blast of that thing was indeed lethal or not...

To make things even worse, after attacking Chres and stopping him in his tracks, instead of continuing attacking them, she began destroying the ice that was trapping the other guards' feet, freeing them. Immediately after freeing them, she turned her instrument towards the wall, blasting it with a note, sending a crack in the wall towards their direction, making bits of stone blast off it. Thanks to Chres though, her attack was blocked by his heat construct. Following the woman's attack and in order to either deal with her or prevent her from attacking again, Týfurkh shot a bolt from his crossbow right at the woman with the instrument. Unfortunately, she saw through his attack and was able to block it with a hastily made spire of stone. What she didn't saw through though was that Týfurkh also had some trick of his own, using his ability to make the bolt explode upon contact, which sent shards of stone right at the woman, making her fall on her back.

"That is surprisingly dangerous!" Karina said, raising an eyebrow as she looked towards Týfurkh with a smirk.

"I like it." she said with a chuckle.

As the woman recovered herself though, she once again got ready to attack with her instrument, this time though, for some reason she aimed at the torch on the wall. Initially oblivious to her plan, Karina just thought she had missed, until she saw the flames on the torch flaring up dangerously fast.

Without time to think, Karina used her ice magic again. With a quick motion, she held her rapier in front of her, pointing up. As she did that, a bone shivering cold air began to come out, cold enough to freeze the humidity in the walls, creating an ice layer over them and even forming tiny icicles on the ceiling. That blast of cold would probably be enough to extinguish the fire, though it would very likely extinguish all the other lights on the room as well.

"Can you guys distract them for just a moment?" Karina asked in a low tone, discreetly nodding towards the now ice covered walls where small bumps began forming in the ice, almost as if she was trying to discreetly gather the ice in one place.

If they were lucky, neither the guards nor the woman with the instrument would notice the small bumps on the wall or dismiss them as nothing. If they did so, as long as they didn't get out of the room or charged at them, Karina would make them suddenly turn into spikes, suddenly extending out towards them. The result wouldn't be pretty to whoever was caught in the middle of that attack, hence why she asked her allies to not move.
In Avalia 7 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Forest outside Roshmi
Time: Afternoon
Interactions: O'ner (Mathis) @Eviledd1984, Malachi @princess, Belladonna @Potter, Valok @helo

Myra listened to Mathis' comforting words with a slightly worried expression. She did hope Darius and Artemis would be fine. After the confusion on the ball, she also thought that it would be very unlikely that they would return to the castle... right? At least Myra wanted to think that was the case, but if she wanted to meet her friends again, staying with Mathis, Belladonna, the blonde and the dark elves was the safest bet. After a short time thinking, she looked at Mathis again with a brief smile, indicating everything was fine.

When Mathis turned to the blonde elf, asking if he knew where the others were, Myra turned towards both of them, tilting her head as she heard them carefully. If they meant that they wanted to find Darius and other people she knew, then Myra could probably try to help by tracking their scent but still, she couldn't follow their trail if there was no trail to be followed. Not only that but the city normally was already a confusing place for Myra with all the strange smells and noises, after the confusion it would be certainly even harder for her to track a specific scent. Due to those reasons, she decided to simply stay quiet and listen to them.

The blonde elf then began explaining how it was very likely that the others who were going against Aklenroth would meet in the closest port town. Nodding to him as she listened carefully, she stood quiet as he continued his explanation, saying they should get a carriage for the River Kingdom, which apparently was the 'closest port town' he was talking about.

After he was done, before they could do anything, the girl, Belladonna, suddenly moved in front of the group. Looking to both Mathis and Myra herself, she asked about Darius, Artemis and Skar, once again asking about that 'allegiance' thing. Myra simply tilted her head, confused about what that word meant before turning to Mathis, waiting to see if he knew how to answer that. Regarding who were them though, she could try to answer.

"Darius, Artemis, Skar!" she said enthusiastically, counting on her fingers as she said them before patting her own head and looking back to Belladonna with an innocent smile.

Time: 7pm
Location: Alexei's
Interaction with: Vivian @Pink Khione, Finn @Milkman, Valya @Crusader Lord, Elias @Helo

Ylva couldn't help but to laugh as she heard Elias' recommendations regarding the chili. Not only she wasn't a big fan of spicy food but she heard quite a few comic tales regarding chili. Enough to earn quite a few good laughs and make her stay clear of that particular dish.

"Thanks for the warning. I'm not a big fan of spicy food though." she said with a chuckle just as Vivian got her payment, saying that she was glad she liked the drink.

"Yeah, It was indeed surprising. Quite a refreshing new twist to an old, traditional drink." she said, turning to Vivian with a smile as she thanked her with a silent nod.

Turning her attention to Valya again as she said that she would get her in contact with the people who sold the moonshine in case they met again, Ylva let out a mischievous smirk.

"So, same place, next week then?" Ylva asked, laughing.

"I am rather interested about this moonshine. If someone as accustomed to drinks as I am says it's strong, then it must be something really strong." she said with a chuckle.

"I know how you feel. Despite being far away from home, I can't help myself but crave a small familiar taste every now and then. Considering they had Akevitt here, I wouldn't be surprised if they had even more exotic stuff to sell." she said with a satisfied expression of someone who had found the perfect place to drink.

"I would recommend Viv's drinks if you want something surprising, although I don't know if she's too busy with the other orders." she said, turning to Vivian.

"Are you guys sure you don't want to join us? It's making me feel almost guilty seeing you there, preparing all those drinks and not tasting a single drop of alcohol." she said both to Vivian, Elias and Finn with a chuckle.

@PaulHaynek@Restalaan@Stern Algorithm@AzureKnight

After 'investigating' the new arrivals and giving them an amicable smile, Ada heard Neil saying her name as he introduced her and Sir Reed to both Vara and Nagare. Nodding towards them as Neil introduced her, she gave another smile before being distracted by the fireworks again. One large explosion, much bigger than the other ones Ada saw earlier immediately drew her attention, making her stop everything she was doing and look up. Thanks to that, Ada didn't lose the grand ending to the fireworks show. Amazed by the few last fireworks, she looked towards Ditzy, pointing up excitedly before she turned towards the fireworks again to watch them.

When the final fireworks ended, Ada couldn't help but think the sky was way more silent and less 'colorful' than it was a few moments ago. Still, it had to end sooner or later. Clapping together with the crowd as they cheered, she turned back to the other guild members. Watching Ditzy yawning she looked to the others, waiting for what would happen next.


Freyr observed the exchange of words between Vara and Nagare, amused. It was clear that both of them were very close and one didn't need much to realize that the one who played the role of 'big sister' was Nagare, something which only became even more evident as Nagare scolded Vara for not eating enough healthy food. He couldn't help but to laugh as Nagare asked the Altissima sisters to make her sweets a bit more nutritious for Vara, worried about her diet the same way a mother would to it's child.

With that done though, Nagare approached, greeting Freyr while mentioning the last mission they went together in the Vieran Woods. Reminding Nera made Freyr a bit homesick, but he knew that things were better there, especially now that the village decided to break the traditions of old of isolating themselves that much and prepare for a possible war against Varjo.

"Nera is a tough one. Both physically and mentally. She always was. I'm sure she is completely recovered by now." he said with a smile and a slight bow, in silence appreciation for Nagare worrying about Nera.

"If it weren't for both of you back then, I don't know what would have happened. Controlling a frenzied Viera, even an exhausted one, is no easy feat." he said, looking to Ditzy and gently ruffling his hair.

"Regarding the kidnapping... It was quite a complex issue... I may not be the best to discuss these particular things but it had to do with unrequited love... From both parts, due to an Oath he took... As weird as it sounds." he said with a sigh as Nagare mentioned the kidnapping.

Just as he said that though, he overheard Haley saying that Neil had a date with the sisters after a dark priestess came and whispered something in his ear.

"Who would have thought, huh? Neil seems to be very... popular." he said, laughing and teasing Neil.
In Avalia 13 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Forest outside Roshmi
Time: Morning
Interactions: O'ner (Mathis) @Eviledd1984, Malachi @princess, Belladonna @Potter, Valok @helo

One by one, each person from the group replied to the blonde elf's question. While their answers were slightly different from one another, the meaning behind them was overall the same. Other than the dark elf, who seemed to be... uncertain, most of the others said that they didn't like Aklenroth as well, which was something Myra could identify herself with. The blonde elf also seemed to have something to say to the dark elf. Despite his answer, the blonde elf seemed to believe in him, offering even to help him. Not only that but the dark elf also seemed to answer favorably to the blonde elf's offer. While Myra didn't trust people who were close to Aklenroth, if the blonde elf trusted him, it was enough for her.

With the matter of 'allegiances' solved, she turned to the dark elf and giving him an amicable smile, a quick signal that she did trust him before turning towards the blonde elf again as he offered them two options, either continuing with him and the girl, whom apparently was named Belladonna or they could keep walking on the path he indicated and reach safety. Uncertain what to do, she looked to Mathis, tilting her head. In one hand, she wanted to find her other friends but in the other hand, it was very likely that the blonde elf and Belladonna were going to the same direction. Not only that but she was probably already too involved in what happened at the ball to just go back.

In Avalia 17 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Roshmi Sewers
Time: Morning
Interactions: Torvi @Tae, Kuroi @hide on mana, Baraian @Dezuel, Maneru @baraquiel

Digging her own dagger deep into her own clone, who was still pinned down under her, Ayita raised her head, looking around her to assess the situation. Thanks to her wind magic, the group was able to clearly see the rest of the pathway, leading to the forest outside. Not only that but they were also able to see the one who was responsible for the mist and the attack. Standing guard right next to the exit, surprisingly enough, the caster didn't seem to be alone, instead being holding someone by the throat. Ayita wasn't able to see very well due to the smoke quickly blocking their vision once more but she was still able to identify the woman who was on it's hands. It was the very same woman she had seen before at the ball, the one who openly had defied Aklenroth, Risa. Struggling against the caster's grasp, not only she was visibly wounded but she was desperate for help, with the last thing they could see before the mist blocking their vision again was the wounded and exhausted Risa, raising her hand towards them in a plea for help.

Looking to the rest of the group, Ayita saw how Torvi's heavy strike made Kuroi's clone disperse in blue mist. Meanwhile, the other clones were still confused due to Baraian shadows, swinging wildly at the shadows instead of paying attention at the group.

While she was assessing the situation though she didn't realize that her own clone still hadn't dispersed itself in blue mist and could still fight. Taking that chance, her clone swung at her, hitting Ayita straight in the side of the head, making her fall back and freeing the clone. Thankfully, before the clone could do anything more, Kuroi's wakizashi came flying towards her, decapitating Ayita's clone and finally finishing it. As her clone dispersed into blue mist, Ayita quickly grabbed her knife back before throwing Kuroi's wakizashi back to him.

"Normal wounds wont do! Try to decapitate them!" she said to the rest of the group, still dizzy due to the attack suffered by her own clone.

Listening to Torvi calling for her, Ayita forced herself to focus herself on the battle again. Torvi seemed to have a plan, having asked Ayita if she would clear the mist once again.

"Yeah, I- I think I can do it once more." she said, shaking her head. Doing it once had already taken a toll on her already exhausted body, if she did it again, it would be very likely that she wouldn't be able to use her magic until she rested properly and recovered herself.

"I have only one more shot!" she said as she gathered wind around her once more.

"Make it count!" she shouted as she once more, used the wind to disperse the mist and give Torvi a clear view of the path towards the exit, where they saw the caster a few moments ago.

@PaulHaynek@Restalaan@Stern Algorithm@AzureKnight

Ada was still amazed, watching the fireworks in the sky and all the colors when Ditzy suddenly stood up and ran towards two strange woman that approached the group. Judging by how happy Ditzy was as he hugged the girl, whom he called 'Naga' and how most others seemed to know her, Ada finally became curious enough about the new arrivals to stop looking at the fireworks for a moment. Turning towards them with a curious expression, Ada slowly approaching them, sniffing the air around them as she did so. She was a bit wary at first, circling both of them from a safe distance, but seeing how everyone seemed to be relaxed and happy with their presence, she soon relaxed too, moving even closer to them, using her tail to put her on the same height as them as she sniffed them a bit more, feeling their scent.

Amused by Vara's grand introduction as she greeted Sir Reed, Ada gave a step back after finally investigating the two newcomers enough, giving her a cute smile before doing the same to Naga, whom introduced herself as Nagare soon after. Watching Vara and Nagare's conversation with the Altissima sisters curiously, Ada kept looking from the sisters to the newcomers, particularly amused by Vara's reaction when Sylvia and Vivian started talking about food, which made Ada look at them even more curiously with the tip of her tongue darting out of her mouth, licking her lips a few times. Even though she had just eaten, the way how they talked so enthusiastically about food made her a bit curious about those as well. Especially since she had never tasted all those strange dishes Vivian was talking about.


Freyr couldn't help but to smile and snuggle up closer to Haley as she sat down near him as she giggled. He was truly fortunate for having met her. In silence, Freyr simply embraced her and gave her a delicate kiss in the forehead before continuing to watch the fireworks.

After a few minutes watching the fireworks though, Haley suddenly stood up, saying some very familiar names, one of old guild members they hadn't seen for quite a while.

"Vara and Nagare?" Freyr said, surprised as he stood up and looked to where Haley was looking.

Freyr smiled upon seeing that the two were indeed back. Ditzy, immediately upon seeing them ran towards Nagare, hugging her, which couldn't help but make Freyr laugh at the sight. Not only that but the exchange between Vara and Neil was also rather cute, who made Freyr laugh even more.

"Ditzy and Neil weren't the only ones. We all missed you." he said with an amicable smile as he waved towards both of them.

"I'm glad to see that you're back." he said, getting closer to them and greeting them with a respectful bow, both due to the fact that they were his old friends and because he didn't forget that Nagare helped him when he had to go back to the Vieran Woods.
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