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"Humanity takes great pride in three things. Their willpower, their greed and their mortality.

Their will and endless greed allows them to grow and accend past other creatures
But thir mortality denies them divinity

It's a delightful purgatory between being Fallen and being Divine"

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Time: Evening
Location: Caesonia Castle => Stables
Attire: Dress
Interactions: @Rodiak Nahir, @Potter Layla, @Infinite Cosmos Munir, @Princess Anastasia.

It was the end of the night for many of the nobles which attended the ball, but not for Mayet and her siblings, thanks to the mysterious 'after party' invitation they received. Unfortunately, the time for them to go to the next 'event' haven't arrived yet and during the downtime, after having changed her clothes to something less formal than her previous dress, Mayet was left waiting in a... barely passable room, according to her standards at least.

"At least the bed is comfortable enough, right Nala?" Mayet asked the tigress, which was lazily laying down on the bed just above Mayet, before she laid down herself, resting her head on Nala's stomach, using her as a pillow.

"The ball was already interesting enough. I wonder what's waiting for us on this 'after-party'.... And more importantly... Who will we meet there..." Mayet said with a chuckle.

It was exactly on that moment that a bubbly, cheerful voice suddenly called from the outside, loud enough to wake up anyone who might be sleeping. The way Princess Anastasia called them to the after party was not discrete at all, truly making one think if the whole 'after party' thing was indeed supposed to be a secret... And if it was, how it had remained so.

Nonetheless, the bubbly, air-headed and overexcited behavior coming from Princess Anastasia had caught Mayet completely off-guard, making her laugh, especially as she heard the sound of one of the doors being yanked open, clearly coming from someone who not only didn't know about the after party, but also didn't care.

"I guess the 'secret' party is not that much of a secret anymore." Mayet said with a chuckle as she got up from the bed, grabbed her ring blade, which was, once again, carefully wrapped with a long, silken cloth before she went near Nala, who was still laying down and gently caressed her.

"I know the ball was already boring enough for you, so I won't force you to come to this one as well." Mayet said to Nala, whom in return let out a low, satisfied growl as she rubbed her head against her hand.

"If anyone enters this room while I'm gone, you can just rip them to shreds. Try not to kill them if you can avoid it though. I will deal with whatever happens next." Mayet said with a smile as she kissed Nala's forehead, before she went got out of her room.

A few minutes later, Mayet, Nahir, Layla and Munir were already reunited on the nearest stable, where Princess Anastasia told them to meet her.

"I guess they really want to go with the 'no titles' theme, huh?" Mayet replied as she heard Layla, chuckling as she approached one of the horses and mounted it.

"That might make things a bit more interesting though..." Mayet said, with a mischievous smirk as she looked to Layla, Nahir and Munir, clearly showing them the big, circular blade, which was completely wrapped by expensive silk.
Karina Frost

The scene that Karina and the rest of the pactmakers were greeted upon reaching the end of that dark tunnel could only be described as something straight out of a nightmare. The seed, a nightmarish creature was impossible to be described. It's deformed human body was complete with a black skeleton and an disproportionately large skull, which seemed to beat in a strange manner, almost as if there was a heart inside it. it's arms and legs seemed to function like roots, extending far underground and feeding from the pile of corpses that was near it. The fetid odour only made the scene even more terrifying. All the details, from the corpses to the inverted ribcage and the almagmation of fused, human organs inside of it was something hard to even look at.

The voice of sightless Niefar as he began speaking provoked nothing but a deep disgust and hatred from Karina, enough to make the air around her condense and a thin layer of ice forming on her feet. Such monstrosity should not exist and those responsible for it should be swiftly eliminated with extreme prejudice. The fact that the seed was once a human, Lord O'kal nonetheless, only made things even worse.

"So this is what the insight can do to a person..." Karina said disgusted by what she was seeing.

When Sightless Niefar's skin began to warp and crack, Karina already knew that nothing good was about to happen. But she would have never imagine that she would witness the exact process of how a 'seed' was created. With each word from Sightless Nieffar, in a delirious fervor, claiming that the power from the seed belonged to him, his body grew more, with his skin peeling and his body warping in a gruesome sight as he dug his lower body into the earth, similarly on how Lord O'kal's body was.

When the process was finally over, they were left with not one, but two seeds, joined at the hip. Their voices echoed together as the tendrils coming from both seeds shot at them, impaling an unlucky soldier and almost hitting Chres.

"Snap out of it! Keep your eyes on the tendrils! Chres! Any ideas on how to deal with them?" Karina shouted, both to Chres, asking him if he knew anything about the seed and to the soldiers.

"I can protect us from the fire and the explosion!" Karina said to Týfurkh, agreeing with his idea as the air became much colder around their group. The thin layer of ice growing thicker in order for Karina to be able to protect them both from the flames and should the explosion send any shrapnel to their way.

Despite the unfortunate news that both Zavim and Fei Bai Ho had to retire from the party due to personal reasons, Catherine was still satisfied with how her small 'negotiation' turned out. While the trip back to Almira's ship could have been somewhat worrying for some of the members of the group, it was incredibly interesting for Catherine not only because she had never seen such an vehicle like the one Almira's crew used, but also thanks to the small, strange object Almira had given her, which she called a 'Tablet'.

Made of a mix of many materials, it seemed to be sensitive to touch with it's front made of some type of malleable, crystalline material and glass. While the 'Tablet' was indeed fascinating, it only managed to entertain Catherine for some time, as she quickly noticed that many of it's apparent functions were 'locked'. Besides, the fact that it wasn't configured to use the common Friestan Language seemed not to be something accidental, but deliberate, maybe to further hinder her understanding of that technology.

"Hoo~ So that's how it's going to be?" Catherine said to herself, with a smirk.

"Unfortunately, they might be underestimating my intellect..." she thought to herself with a chuckle.

While Catherine wasn't exactly a linguist, it would be simple enough for someone with her intellect to figure out how the language works, at least in enough to understand a few keywords, if she was able to gain access to any kind of dictionary... From then, it would be as simple as to keep hearing, reading and being around Almira's crew for her to master that strange language...

As they arrived on the place where the 'meteor' fell, Catherine was simply left without words as she saw the gargantuan ship. From the engines, the energy source to the materials used for it's hull, it was everything a secret to her. Every inch of that ship could hide a potential breakthrough.

"I carry no weapons other than this pair of gloves." Catherine said, with a clearly mocking smirk as she took the combat gloves from inside her coat.

"I would recommend against taking the vials away. Both from the glove and from my coat though. Some of them are incredibly unstable and most, incredibly dangerous. Mishandling them could prove to be fatal." Catherine said with a smirk, before Almira mentioned that one of her crew members wanted to offer her a tour through the ship.

"A tour? Perfect! I hope there will be no issues with our communication then? A tour wouldn't be of much use if there's no communication between us, would it?" Catherine asked, raising an eyebrow at Almira, with a mischievous smirk.
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Time: Evening
Location: Desert
Interactions: Jomari @baraquiel

Nuallán could feel nothing but hatred and anger as the bandits appeared. Truth be told, Nuallán couldn't be sure they were the part of the same group who had taken his mistress and he honestly, didn't care. The fact that they were standing in his way, preventing him to rescue Lady Rosaria, was enough for him.

A quick analysis of the enemies he would be facing shown that the most dangerous ones were clearly the scorpion and the rhino. One due to his sheer size and mass and the other due to his exoskeleton, stinger and it's capability to move way better through the sand than Nuallán could. Although those disadvantages could definitely be dealt with if Jomari used his ability. To make things even worse, he still had to worry about the other bandits and not only they were outnumbered, but the position they were right now, being completely surrounded, wasn't a good one.

"I won't force you to fight, but if you want to ensure your own safety, I need backup. Be careful with the scorpion though. He is well adapted to the desert." Nuallán said in a low tone.

"Do not expect mercy or kindness." Nuallán said with a piercing, cold gaze as he slowly gave a few steps forward, putting his blade under his arm and adjusted his gloves.

"Fortunately for you, I don't have time to make your deaths nearly as painful as I would like to, so let's finish this quickly." Nuallán finished as he held his sword again, pointing it towards the scorpion demi-human, which was the closest to him and armed with a lance.

Interactions: Amanda @Kumbaris, Micheal Crane @BigPapaBelial, Scarlet @AWACS, Ahab @Eviledd1984

Faye smiled at Scarlet as she heard her happy voice, cheering the fact that she had woken up again and shaking her shoulder with excitement, something which made Faye dizzy and a bit disorientated, due to the state her body was.

"Don't worry. I just got a bit dizzy." Faye said, with a smile as Scarlet apologized.

"I'm still not one hundred percent recovered. My body feels weak, heavy and it feels like an elephant is stepping on my head." Faye said with a chuckle.

Scarlet continued then to give Faye a brief resume of what happened on the few hours she was unconscious, mentioning that they were still running away and how they were barely able to escape with their lives from the forest. Whoever they were, it was quite obvious that they wanted to kill them at any costs, judging how after everything, they were still chasing them.

The gunshots began once more as Scarlet began firing at them. With every shot, Faye felt a sharp wave of pain on her head. While it wasn't as bad as the pain she felt while she was unconscious, it was still painful. Still, she knew there was nothing that could be done on that situation and instead, she simply lowered herself as much as she could and gritted her teeth.

"Why are they so persistent?! Who are these people?!" Faye shouted over the gunfire, looking behind them as she saw the black SUVs chasing them, just as a bulled missed her by a few centimeters and went on to almost hit Amanda as well, making Faye quickly lower her head.

Only a few minutes passed when Faye felt the impact of the BMW hitting the metal gate of the Minsk's OMR Office as the car crashed inside the OMR Office. Faye, who was already a bit dizzy and disorientated, felt like the world was spinning around her as Amanda identified herself to the OMR agents that were approaching their car.
It didn't take too much until the shots started again, as their pursuers began shooting at them and the other OMR agents, with them returning fire shortly after.

Crawling out of the car and doing her best not to fall down, Faye did her best to find a place where she could take cover from the shots.

"I... I don't think I will... be of much help as I am... right now, but I'm fine. Just... focus on dealing with them first!" Faye said, shouting over the gunfight as she tried to ignore how weak she felt and the strong headaches that were made only worse with the loud noises and she hurried to the back of the office, hiding herself behind anything that seemed to be sturdy enough to put her out of harms' way.

While she did feel guilty that she couldnt help them, she knew the best she could do right now was not to be a hindrance to them, especially since they now had backup from the other OMR agents from Minsk and even a strange Orc scientist, which seemed to be able to summon demons from other dimensions by using a weird gadget.
Karina Frost

Karina pulled out her rapier with a swift motion as she stepped back just the moment the other cultist was about to attack her back. Fortunately, Chres threw a construct spear on him before he could strike Karina.
With a silent nod of thanks, Karina swung her blade, cleaning the blood before she pointed it forward again, giving a glance to Chres as she did so.

"We still have a lot of work to do." Karina asked, looking to the others with a serious stare.

This was but one of the battles they had yet to face and just like the others, one they had to win.

The battle for the church was a fierce and violent one. Once again, Karina was reminded of how much of a threat the mysterious sightless were. Even after the cultists fell, the sightless continued to fight. If just one of those creatures was able to give them this much trouble, Karina shuddered to think of what an army of them would be able to do. All of them wielding the same strange powers the sightless had...

With the majority of the cultists dead thanks to the soldiers they had brought with them, the sightless could do little but resist as better as it could to their attacks.

"Don't be reckless and continue attacking! Surround it, don't let it run and continue attacking! This is a battle of attrition, just continue wearing it down!" Karina shouted, using her ice magic to steadily launch her ice blades towards the sightless, aiming to further and further prevent it from moving or attacking too much, while surrounding him with the help of the soldiers, Chres, Octavio, Týfurkh and the others.

The battle was going very well, just as Karina had envisioned. The steady attacks coming from all sides were overwhelming the sightless, that could do little but to try and defend itself and trash it's sharpened tendrils around. That was until it dug it's tendrils deep within the earth, cracking the ground below them. Just after it did so, for some reason, it's wounds, that previously covered it's body began to slowly, but surely heal and appeared to be recovering it's energy, despite all the damage it had suffered.

"Under the church... The seed?!" Karina said to herself, alarmed as she realized exactly what the sightless was using to regain it's powers.

"Don't break the formation! Stay strong!" Karina shouted, encouraging the soldiers to continue where they are and not desperate themselves, especially after the roar and the sudden renewed vigor the sightless gained.

"Salt! Throw it on it's wounds!" Karina shouted to the soldiers, silently hoping that the other group of soldiers who went to the basement could find and cut the sightless' tentacles.

Fortunately, whatever it was that the sightless found underground to give it that tremendous surge of power was suddenly cut away from him by the soldiers who went to the basement. That, coupled with the salt the other soldiers were using to prevent it's regeneration sealed the sightless' fate.

With the battle finally over and with their forces having completely controlled the church, Karina walked around for a bit, giving orders to the remaining soldiers and making sure the ones that got wounded were receiving proper first aid.

"Not for long. We are still on their city..." Karina said, stopping near Chres as he mentioned that it was good having the numerical advantage.

"I know... My soldiers can hold on this position for a while, since the church is a good fortified position. It should be enough for us to deal with the seed. But our time is still limited. Their numbers will sooner or later overwhelm us if we are not quick enough." Karina said, agreeing with Chres.

"Are you sure it won't suddenly get up again?" Akai, whom was carefully nudging the dead remains of the sightless with her feet asked.

"Ugh! This thing is disgusting!" she said as her nudge made the sightless' body turn and one of it's tendrils to fall down on the ground with an audible sound.

At that exact moment, one of the soldiers who had previously got down to the basement called Karina, saying he had something to show her. Looking to Chres and the others, silently saying that they should probably come as well, Karina followed the soldier.

Unlike what Karina was expecting, the seed wasn't exactly on the basement, but instead there was a long, dark tunnel with a foul smell coming from it. Even the very atmosphere inside the tunnel seemed to be somehow... wrong. There was a high probability that the thing they were looking for, the seed, was on the end of that foul tunnel.

"We are just behind you, Chres." Karina said as Chres volunteered to go first.

The moment he gave the first steps inside though, Karina suddenly put the hand on his shoulders.

"Remember, you are not alone." Karina said with determined eyes. Albeit short, she hoped her words would help to dispell any doubts that may be arising on his mind as they entered the tunnel.

Catherine couldn't help but let out a chuckle, looking towards the rest of the group as she heard Anki's words, agreeing with her own. Much like Catherine's own words, there was an undeniable logic behind Anki's, which only further corroborated Catherine's opinions about what was going on.

"Anki's logic is flawless." Catherine said, looking to the rest of the group and watching their reactions.

"I have heard stories and tales about the Knights of Deep Wood. Even though it is hard to know which ones are mere rumors and which ones are true, I don't doubt your capabilities. But we are not sure of what they are capable of doing. Going with them is still an extremely imprudent decision." Catherine said, looking to Dumas, who had just volunteered to go with Almira and her crew.

Just as she had finished saying so, Galmira approached her, mentioning about how the dragon code required them to bury the corpse of the dragon and enlist the help of any creature that was able to do so, if they weren't. Catherine's expression was one of visible annoyance at the dragoness and she didn't try to hide it.

"This is why I hate dealing with nobles, royalty and dragons..." she grumbled as she approached Galmira.

"You seem to be quite partial to Galmira and her crew, don't you, dragon? This is very suspicious. Especially considering that even though you seemed to be so enraged with me removing some of the dead[ dragon's organs, you are more than fine with giving it's corpse to Galmira and her crew to cut up and study it... Basically doing almost the same thing I planned to do... I wonder how did you get so friendly with them in such a short amount of time... Knowing how dragons normally are, your actions are quite... unusual. Maybe motivated by something... or even forced...?" Catherine said, raising an eyebrow as she looked with a provocative glare towards Almira.

"Besides, the Dragon Code does not tell when or how such burial needs to be made, does it? I have some extremely potent corrosive solutions with me that could do quite a good job even to a dragon's corpse. Some mixtures that instantaneously combust in immeasurably high temperatures upon contact with the air could be used for a very thorough cremation as well." she said, shrugging as she turned her back towards Galmira.

"Your 'Dragon Code' is honestly, quite funny... If we were the ones that were slain by that dragon, would our burial be treated in the same way?" Catherine asked, looking over her shoulder with an acid chuckle before she turned towards Almira.

"Concessions need to be made, for both sides, for any diplomatic relations to be estabilished." Catherine replied as Almira said she could allow her to experiment with some of their equipment and especimens and gave her some concessions.

"Just remember: We are only willing to do as much for you as you, yourselves, are willing to do for us." Catherine finished as she looked to Anki, Dumas, Srikandi and the rest of her group, waiting for their replies.


A collab between @SilverPaw and @13org

Wulfric arrived at his destination a minute or two before the announcement for the next dances. Mayet was surrounded by family members, though by the looks of things, whatever conversation they were having had run its course, and the group around her was now dispersing. Some of the regulars of these events had already paired with each other, avoiding the scramble that usually followed right before the free dance started. Others had naturally found one person whom they were currently exhibiting their interest in.
The prince supposed he fell into the latter category, if any. Without interrupting the flow of things, Wulfric stepped closer to Mayet. He offered everyone still in vicinity the proper greetings, though they were not as highly formal as his initial introduction. He was, of course, still appropriately polite – but not overly respectful to the point where it would be seen as obsequious.
Then, he turned the full weight of his attention on his target.

“Shehzadi Mayet, I believe I promised you a dance?” the question was naturally rhetorical. At exactly the moment when Wulfric offered her his gloved palm, an attendant proclaimed the beginning of the second dance.

“Ah, and just in time, it seems,” he smirked. He couldn’t have timed that any better.

Mayet was about to stand up to search for Wulfric after she finished talking with her siblings when, much to her surprise, she found her next dance partner came to her, offering her his hand as he greeted those who were still nearby and hadn't gone searching for their own partners.

”Prince Wulfric. Your timing was indeed impeccable." Mayet said with a satisfied smile as she took his hand and stood up, much to Nala's dismay, who replied with a huff, already knowing she would have to deal with a lot waiting again.

"Oh, don't be like that, Nala! I said this one would be the last dance." Mayet said in a lower tone, gently petting Nala's head as she stood up as well.

Once Mayet was ready, and her animal companion appeased, he lifted his left palm, along with his partner’s right that she’d placed in it. This was to get into the starting waltz position, and along with that, he extended his right arm in open invitation. Once Mayet approached, he wrapped it around her upper back, and began the dance.

"I am glad you didn't forget your promise. Especially such an... unique partner for your first dance... I was afraid I was going to have to go there and forcefully take what was promised me." Mayet said with a mischievous, teasing smile towards Wulfric.

“I am not so forgetful. Neither am I in the habit of reneging upon my given word,” the prince assured her. At the comment of his first dance, his lips quirked.

“It was certainly an unusual match, though not the reason for my delay. That was mostly due to,” he sighed,
“well, ensuring my sister’s wellbeing at first. Afterwards, I was catching up to some acquaintances.” Wulfric then shook his head.
“Ah, but I do not wish to sound as if I am making excuses.”

"Don't worry. There was no delay, Prince Wulfric. Your timing was perfect. I was just about to get up." Mayet said with a smile as she heard Wulfric's explanation regarding the reasons why he was delayed.

A short moment passed as they moved a few steps. “Rather, would you tell me how your own paired dance was? You seemed to be enjoying yourself. Did Lord Ravenwood impress you?” he asked curiously.

There was no hint of jealousy, for Wulfric honestly did not envy them spending a good time together. However, he felt compelled to find out more about Mayet’s tastes in people, whether her interest in them was platonic, romantic, or otherwise. He wished to know her better, and discovering her likes and dislikes would contribute to that.

The moment Wulfric asked about her dance with Roman, Mayet couldn't help but let out a mischievous expression, certainly amused by his question.

"Lord Roman is a... refreshing person. Honest and straightforward, but nothing more." Mayet said with an amused, provocative smirk.

Wulfric hummed thoughtfully. It seemed that Mayet valued such honesty. Given he considered her to be a fairly open person, he wondered if that meant she disliked schemes. But perhaps it was for her as it was for him; that she appreciated the usefulness of sincerity in others.

"His reaction to my small... provocations were definitely bold and risky though. Amusing, but still risky. I am not known to be as tolerant to those who offend me as my sister Nahir..." she said with a dangerous smile.

Wulfric nodded to show his understanding. Truthfully though, he did not yet know where the line between amusement and offense lied for Mayet, especially since she seemed to be implying that Roman had nearly crossed it. Anyhow, she was clearly warning him to keep mindful of this risk.

"With that said... It was quite interesting to know that he is a master smith and know a bit more about his work. I definitely plan to keep him in mind, should I need more jewelry or a new blade." Mayet said as she continued dancing together with Wulfric.

Their steps were slow and purposeful, in accordance with the music. Before changing directions with a turn, Wulfric had them sway to and fro, bodies tilting to one side and another, movements clear and smooth.

"His proposal was quite interesting though... He offered to make me a custom piece in exchange for a sparring session with me, with the condition of me helping him, should he win." Mayet said with an amused chuckle, almost as if she found the idea of someone asking to spar with her and thinking they had a chance to win against her something worthy of laughter.

“Oh, a spar between Lord Ravenwood and yourself?” Wulfric’s interest was sparked. He’d known Mayet was a warrior herself, and had meant to ask for a duel himself, though as he’d already invited her to hunting, he’d intended to suggest combat at some future date.

“If I have the time, and if you allow it, I should like to observe,” he requested. “We could arrange for a match between the two of us, as well,” he added.

Mayet let out a mischievous, amused smirk as she listened to Wulfric's request for observing the spar and even try sparring himself as well.

"Oh, now that would definitely be interesting. I am sure Lord Roman wouldn't mind as well." Mayet said with a smirk.

"No need to be jealous though, Prince Wulfric, as you are definitely the one I'm more curious about at the moment." Mayet said, with a mischievous smile as she held him closer to her.

“I shall endeavour to keep it that way,” he smirked. Of course, he would strive to keep her attention only as long as his own interest in her did not wane.

“You are a man shrouded in secrets, aren’t you, Prince Wulfric?” Mayet asked, looking at him with sharp, but undeniably amused eyes.

The prince intentionally smiled mysteriously. “You could say,” he answered, with the slightest teasing drawl. He subtly gathered Mayet closer as he lead them into a double turn.

“I do believe there is no one without their share of secrets,” he confided in a whisper.

“Though most mysteries tend to resolve themselves with growing familiarity,” he gazed into Mayet’s eyes meaningfully. He did wonder if there was anything in particular she wished to know of him, though. He considered it natural to reveal little to those you did not trust, and the two of them had barely met today. Depending on what level of transparency she expected… well, there might come a time when she judged whatever kernels of truth he decided to offer as disappointingly little. But that should not be anytime soon - if ever.

Mayet heard his words with sharp, curious eyes, analyzing him as he spoke. Despite the rumors and secrets that seemed to surround him, Prince Wulfric was still an deeply interesting man.

"I don't dislike secrets. Unraveling them, most of the times, proves to be quite exciting." Mayet said, accompanying Wulfric as they danced.

"Although... I do hate being used..." Mayet said with a piercing glare as she suddenly made her grasp on Wulfric firmer, spinning along with him, breaking the tempo of the dance due to her sudden, quick turn before swiftly returning back to the same rhythm from before.

Wulfric tensed briefly when he was suddenly gripped more tightly, but that was enough of a cue for him to follow Mayet’s faster turn. He noted her warning, but merely smiled in response.

"I learned a few things by watching the other nobles dance and after practicing with Lord Roman." Mayet said with a mischievous smirk and a chuckle.

“So I see.” Raising a brow in challenge, he brought them into an even more pronounced oversway, his left leg crouched in front of him, his right extended behind. The position was mirrored for his dancing partner. They were quite deeply into each other’s space, thighs and abdomens brushing against each other as they rotated their upper bodies to one side. In time with the music, they rose once again, extended arms sketching an elegant ellipsoid as they swayed to the other side. They did this a second time, then lunged back in the previous direction. The last move was similar to the first one, though quicker. Afterwards, as the song was due to end soon, Wulfric eased them into simpler steps.

Despite the complicated movements, Mayet was able to follow Wulfric's steps, although that demanded absolute concentration and even then, due to her being largely unfamiliar with Caesonian dances, there were a few occasions where she had to quickly correct her steps in order to not step on Prince Wulfric's feet. After all, not counting the dance she had with Roman earlier, it the first time she was dancing the Caesonian dances. The only experience she could count on was her own agility and footwork, developed due to the years and years of combat training.

While Mayet's movements were agile and graceful to the other nobles that were watching her and the corrections she had to make to her own movements done in a discreet and almost imperceptible manner, Prince Wulfric would certainly be able to feel the sudden shift in her muscles and center of mass, due to how close they were to each other.

Still, Mayet couldn't help but find that dance rather exciting. Not due to the music or anything, but more due to the partner she was dancing with. The elegant movements had to be performed carefully and precisely, with little room for error so they could flow perfectly with her own partner's. In some aspects, it was somewhat similar to a sparring session.

"Quite a show-off aren't you? Or perhaps did you forget that this is only my second time dancing the Caesonian Waltz?" Mayet asked, laughing as Wulfric led them back to the previous rhythm and way easier stept. It didn't take much to notice that Mayet was enjoying herself quite a bit.

“Shall we say that I felt inspired?” he answered, a teasing note in his voice. It might have been somewhat petty on his part, but he had felt provoked by her claiming the lead momentarily. Her claim of having learned the dance well so far just added to the fact that he wanted to show her something more. “Regardless of your inexperience in this type of dance, your deftness more than makes up for it.” This had been the case with Wystan as well; being otherwise physically skilled, such as in combat, did transfer to some extent to capability in dancing. “Besides, if we ever do an Alidasht dance instead, you are sure to have me at a disadvantage.”

"I never expected Caesonian dances could be this... intense. They do look really boring to watch, after all." Mayet said with a surprised tone and a chuckle.

“Many believe our dances to be boring, either to watch, learn, or dance,” Wulfric shook his head pensively. “I understand that perspective to an extent, however…When you advance beyond the deceptively simple basics, even the waltz can be wondrous.”

"Indeed it is deceptively complex, despite how simple it looks and depending on the partner, it can be surprisingly entertaining as well." Mayet said with a mischievous smirk, clearly indicating that what made the dance interesting for her wasn’t the movements or the music, but the partner she was dancing with.

Far too absorbed into their conversation and their dance, Mayet didn’t notice that they were drawing a lot of attention, earning them a lot of stares and murmurs from the other nobles, both due to the way they were dancing and who were they dancing with. Wulfric on the other hand, did notice the stares, but ignored them. Whatever rumours were forming, he could find out later.

With the dance nearing its end, Mayet looked to Wulfric with a satisfied expression as the music started to slow down.

“I look forward getting to know more about you and your secrets…” Mayet said with an amused smile.

"Spending more time with you will definitely be very... interesting." she said, with a provocative smile.

“Thankfully, we have the whole of summer ahead of us to do so,” his lowered voice nearly resembled a purr. Yes, there would be many opportunities to put to the test this seeming initial compatibility of theirs.
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Time: Evening
Location: Desert
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Nuallán heard Jomari's words on the background, winded and exhausted. While Nuallán knew that humans had a lot of potential, maybe he was expecting too much from them when he thought Jomari would be able to get a grasp on his powers and already make use of them so quickly, even after he tried explaining it to him. Still, maybe it was for the best. Not only Nuallán had no intention of showing any mercy to her mistress' captors and didn't really know how Jomari would react to seeing that side of him but he also didn't want to be slowed down by him.

Just a few moments after Nuallán heard Jomari's voice though, he started feeling a strange vibration and movement in the sands below him, gradually getting stronger, to the point that it made running impossible due to the shifting and moving sands. The moment he looked back, he was thoroughly surprised to see that the reason for all that was that Jomari was successful in understanding his own element and making use of it.

Riding on top of a wave of sand, Jomari shouted to Nuallán to jump on it, which he did almost reflexively as it approached him. While Nuallán's expression didn't change from the dangerous one he had when he started chasing his mistress' captors, he was still surprised with how quickly Jomari was able to grasp his abilities. In silence, he turned towards Jomari as he gave a silent nod of approval as he looked forward again, making sure to not lose the footprints they were following.

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Catherine raised an eyebrow with a skeptical expression as she heard Almira's words. While the offer for transport was indeed welcome, the way Almira was dealing with that whole situation didn't seem very... diplomatic. Not only she seemed to be refusing to cooperate in Catherine's research but she was even prohibiting her to touch their equipment and even seemed to be taking the dragon corpse, that they have killed for themselves.

"Suit yourself... I hope you aren't expecting me to contribute in any kind or way in your own research as well, after all, you not only said that you and your crew wouldn't cooperate and help me with my research, but you have refused to let me make use of your equipment..." Catherine said, looking to Almira with an annoyed, almost hostile expression.

"There will be no information exchange or scientific collaboration if only one side is going to benefit from it." Catherine said with a firm tone.

"Besides, I do believe that the dragon's corpse isn't yours to do as you wish, is it? After all, it wasn't you who had to fight with it. You did hear Galmira's words about the 'dragon code' as well as we did, didn't you, Almira? You didn't ask if we were okay with you using it, did you?" Catherine said, with a smirk.

"I heard a lot about the dragon's code and how honorable they are. I believe a dragon such as yourself wouldn't go back on their word, would you, Galmira?" Catherine said, this time looking at the dragoness who was near the other group.

"Definitely not a very... diplomatic approach from your side, is it?" Catherine said, looking at Almira with a piercing stare towards Almira, one that made clear that she didn't see them as allies or anything. While her words were brief, the unsaid implications that were implied by that particular phrase were very serious.

"We are all representing different kingdoms. Our words and our reports do carry a lot of weight and will definitely influence the political decisions that will be taken regarding your presence on Friestan, Almira. While I couldn't care less about what the kings, queens, emperors and nobles will decide, it's probably on your best interest to maintain friendly relations, isn't it?" Catherine continued.

"Despite you saying that you don't want any trouble, I can't safely trust someone who is simply taking what they want and refuse to exchange information." Catherine said with a smirk and a provocative expression.

"I hope you will understand my concerns... Given the current situation." Catherine finished, deliberately using almost the same phrase Almira herself used.

While Catherine herself couldn't care less about politics, diplomacy or what decisions the rulers of each country would take, she had to constantly deal with scientists, nobles and powerful people who might get in the way of her research. It wouldn't be the first time she had to throw the weight of her backer's influence around to get what she wanted. But again, it was definitely better than throwing her fists or her explosive mixtures...

"She might not be showing any hostile intentions, but she is definitely not seeing us as her equals, is she?" Catherine said, turning to Srikandi as she expressed her worries about Almira and her team in the common tongue instead of Pataliputran.
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