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IM STILL ALIVE GUYS!! quiet, but still alive and waiting for replies on the RPs I'm in. Life is being cruel with me atm, but I'm still here.
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Correction: I HATE having unpleasant and unwelcome visitors reading the posts i make on other RPs... The person whom i'm talking about surely knows that its meant to him. Others are welcome to read.
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I HATE having unpleasant and unwelcome visitors reading the posts i make on other RPs... If you are reading this and feel personally offended, then know this message IS meant for you.
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Diagnosed with mild depression... Unsure on how to feel about that... Currently taking some medications and im feeling a bit better... Sorry for the delay everyone i'm RPing with.
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I'm half dead... RL is really beating me up these last days... I'm so sorry everyone. I'll try to catch up with things... I'm really, really sorry.


"Humanity takes great pride in three things. Their willpower, their greed and their mortality.

Their will and endless greed allows them to grow and accend past other creatures
But thir mortality denies them divinity

It's a delightful purgatory between Beeing Fallen and being Divine"

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As Yang started speaking about how hard it would be and saying she could knock down some knights, Freyr couldn't help but think again in what she said a while ago, saying that there was no way he was a male while laughing loudly. Still now, he didn't know what she meant by that. He was standing right in front of her... And it wasn't hard to define his gender... After all, most Vieras, be them male or female wore very little clothing both due to the vieran forest climate (and their own culture) and in order to not restrain their movements.

He would have to make sure to clear that misunderstanding after that mission ended.

Paying a bit more attention at what Yang said though, he nodded, agreeing with her. Indeed she was more fit to fight in the frontline. Freyr was a hunter. While he was incredibly agile and was as dangerous wielding his knives than he was using his bow, fighting against multiple heavily armored enemies would be much harder for him than it would be for Yang.

The plan they had until now seemed promising. Haley would be the distraction, Yang would try to knock down the ground soldiers and fight in close range while Nagare would stay far away with Freyr.

"It's something." Freyr said, after quickly reviewing the plan they had so far.

"Haley, do what you can, but promise me you will get out of there as soon as things start to get dangerous. Neither me nor Yang can do anything if they start shooting arrows at you." Freyr said, looking to Haley with a very serious stare.

"Yang, you'll be... alone down there and I don't like this idea that much... But we will have to work with it." He said, thinking.

"Nagare, you will be with me attacking them from far away, but if something happens and Yang needs help, I will have to run to help her. If this happens, try to use the hill as a cover and do not stay in the same place. Attack and move, even if only a few meters." Freyr said, looking to the dragon girl.

"Despite the fact that you guys never saw me using my daggers, I can assure you I am as effective with them as I am with my bow, so if you find yourself in a difficult situation, Yang, just call me." He finished.

"We don't have much time, they're coming. Remember our plan and remember to keep yourselves safe at all costs." Freyr said, getting in position.

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Lynn, Bonnie & Siiga

Bathing Bonnie wasn't as easy as it looked. Siiga gave thanks for having the presence of mind to at least remove the little bugger's knife before she tried to scrub his pores, but he still had his hands and his feet. Not that she was concerned about him hurting her, you understand, but if he smacked her the wrong way, he was going to break a bone, and that was just too much hassle to deal with.

Eventually, they managed to get him to some degree of presentability. He could still be beaten in a wrestling match by a slightly muscular fly, but at least his skin wasn't crawling with parasites any more. Siiga shoved his clothes into his arms and turned to Lynn. "What's happening? Give me the short version!"

"W-well...the plant life. It's become overgrown and is attacking the city! I've never seen such a thing..." lLynn answered still to scared to go to the window and look again.

Overgrown plants? Siiga cursed. If it had been a traditional enemy, like bandits or raiders, it would be trivial to deal with them. But plants?

"Alright. I'm gonna go out and deal with this. Lynn, make sure Bonnie doesn't..."

"Oh no. Ye ain't keepin' me locked up here wi' her" the boy spat, glaring at Lynn.
"If yer going oot there, so ahm I!"

"No, no, no! Absolutely not!" Siiga barked. Just the thought of letting these two out into a combat zone was more than she could bear. "You can't fight, and you can barely walk! You wouldn't last twenty seconds in a combat situation!"

Lynn flinched slightly at the sudden rebuttal.
"Then... here. At least let me do this for you." Holding her sleeves arm at her side, she swept her left arm out in front of her, from left to right. Four streams of water followed her arm from the jar behind her. When they stopped in front of her they formed into small balls of water, which she waved back over each one from right to left, each one taking a new color. There was now a red, green, blue, and yellow balls of water in front of her, smaller than her hand. She lifted both arms, surrounding the water balls, and brought them together, forming one singular ball of water with a darker color too it from the colors mixing.

"Each color represents an enchantment attribute... Speed, strength, endurance, and concentration. Green, red, yellow, and blue. All together they make a potent enchantment that covers all attributes. Please, drink. It will help." She said as it floated toward her, a water ball the size of a fist.

While Lynn assembled her potions, Bonnie stomped his foot "Are ye daft!? Whit are ye gonnae do, lob fireba's at the vines!?"

"Actually, yes. How else are we supposed to destroy plants?"

"And whit aboot the buildings? Ye're just gonnae let them burn doon, aye?"

"It's either that, or we lose the whole town!"

"Ah am NOT having ye running aroond, making cunts homeless!"

Lynn sat silent with her potion.
"I could... make another for you too....if you want." she said to Bonnie. She didn't mention the fact that that would be all she could make for a while, but having more people out there may help the situation.

"Lynn! Tell him that it's the only way!"

"She's gonnae ruin the whole fucking toon!"

"Homes are replicable..." Lynn said, turning a bit red as she some how became the one both of them turned to her to talk sense into the other.

"But people are not..." she added, looking to Bonnie.

"But that goes for you too." She said looking to Siiga. There was a booming as a building not too far collapsed.

"They are already losing their homes, so... try to not add to it...ok?" She gave Siiga a small smile, though she couldn't shake the worry from her face, the potion once again moving to her.

"Cunts, the both of ye!" Bonnie barked in disgust. How had he wound up with a duo so heartless!?

"Well, now I hae tae come, cause else there willnae be a toon left when ye're done."

Siiga grabbed the potion and downed it in one swig. If someone's causing this, they weren't going to be happy with her interfering. "Alright. Lynn, stay up here and..."

"Can she no control watter?" Bonnie interjected.

"Will ye no need someone tae put the fire oot?"

"I could do that," Lynn said anxiously,

"I may even be able to pull water out of the plants themselves so I won't have to use my magic to create my own supply!"

Siiga rolled her eyes. They could have dealt with half these plants in the time they had spent arguing.
"Right, fine, she can come along. But stay behind me, alright!? We dont know the kind of damage these things can do."

She turned to Lynn. "You know where the others are?"

"Some were in the bar, the others were just outside the medical building." Lynn said Her staff floating over to her.
"But it sounds quiet out there now, they must have left."

"Right Lead us to them. We might be able to help." She turned to look at Bonnie

"If you're that desperate to come with us, sweetie, the least you can do is hold my hand"

"Strewth..." The boy cursed, but offered his hand to her anyway. Better than getting left behind in this dump.

"Okay, I'll try," Lynn said as she waited for them to move out. She did as she was told and followed just behind Siiga, floating on her staff. Her ears twitched as she heard different sounds, as if her ears moved to capture everything going on around them.

"There is a lot of commotion coming from the center of town and just past the medical center," she informed them.

Lynn's ears perked up, not as much to the loud sounds of battle, but rather, to the lack thereof.

" quiet all the sudden," she mentioned.

"I don't hear anything in the center of town anymore, but the others should be just ahead," she told Siiga as she was already directing them towards the medical center, close to where Allard, Nailah, and Mason were. Lynn was actually quite relieved that they didn't run into anything, but a bit upset that she wasn't able to help. When she saw the others waved as she called out to them.

"Heeey! Is everyone alright!?" She yelled. She was still floating on her staff, her bare feet still not accustomed to walking on land even though they could.

Nailah, Mason, Allard & Galland

As the ground beneath his feet softened, Mason propelled himself forward with his wings to compensate. Though he wasn't sure what that strange newcomer was doing to the female knight with what appeared to be... clones? Regardless, it seemed to be working quite well; as she was now wide open! With a valiant battle cry, he weaved around the illusory bodies and brought his flaming blade down upon his foe; aiming to create an arcing slash across her chest!

With a clash the enchanted black blade of the twilight Dragoons met Masons. Unlike most materials that would fall victim to the chaotic flames her weapon held strong. It was another spell, the third of five she had available. A divine conjuring of earth. A black stone impervious to chaotic spells. She gritted between her teeth. Nailah's claws were sharp and hot but against her hardened Oro hide she was able to endure it. She nearly hissed at the group before a loud.

"SSSTTOOOOPPP!!" Came from Galland right as Allard was striking the Dragon.

With a loud collision the Dragon fell roaring before collapsing to the ground. "Stop! This is not your enemy!" Galland shouted from above as he swooped down. Landing with a heavy step next to Mason and the woman as they locked blades.

"Stop this at once!" The woman looked to Galland with a glare but even more so to Allard.

"You bastard!" She hissed.

"Stop this! If it weren't for these people I wouldn't be standing here now!" She grew a bit quiet but held her injuries which began to heal rapidly.

"I.. see." She uttered.

"But they attacked ME. Unprovoked might I add. I simply defended myself and Rafah." She leaned against her fallen beast with a sad frown on her lips as she tuned into its pain.

"Damnit," Allard cursed at himself as he looked at the hand he struck the dragon with.

The dragon may be rattled for a moment, but it would be fine, with all the healing energy about especially.

"I beg your forgiveness, caught in tha heat of battle, I believed you an enemy and rushed ta help my ally. I am terribly sorry." He turned looking at his wings. He flapped them a little, burnt chunks falling off of it as it regenerated.

"I'd suppose we both took a good hit!" he laughed heartily, as if it was just some normal wound from a simple matter. He saw the gashes in her side, although they were healing, they still seemed rather painful. He then remembered that Nailah mentioned her claws as a weapon, reminding himself not to be on her bad side.

Just as Mason charged towards the scythe woman and their blades clashed, a spectacle of flames and enchantments ensued. Both Mason's sword clad in chaotic fire and the woman's dark scythe, fortified by another conjuration lit up the battlefield. Even though they were being constantly healed, she still had a deep wound on her side and a lot of scratches. Besides that, Nailah wouldn't stand still while they locked swords...

Just as Nailah dashed towards the woman, using Mason's body coupled with her skills to disappear and appear behind her, a familiar voice echoed through what was remaining of the town. It was Galland, shouting for them to stop. Swooping down from above, Galland's loud voice demanded for everyone to stop as the dragon and the woman weren't their real enemy. Disarmed by Galland's words, the scythe woman stopped fighting, even after sending a threatening glare to Allard, who had struck down her pet dragon.

As the healing pulses started making effect, the scythe woman started talking, explaining how they had started the fight and not her, leaning against her dragon, feeling it's pain.
Allard was also quick to understand the situation, apologizing himself before laughing it off. Nailah couldn't help but chuckle seeing Allard's reaction. A second before he was fighting against the dragon and the woman determined to kill both of them and now he was laughing.

"Not my fault!" Nailah said, finally letting go of the charm spell she had put on the scythe woman as she suddenly appeared from behind Mason, casually walking towards Galland and the others.

"I was told she was the enemy so I simply acted accordingly..." Nailah said, looking to Mason with a discreet giggle, teasing him.
"You should be able to think more clearly now. Sorry for your side and... well... the claws and everything... No resentments, right?" Nailah asked, showing her tongue and winking with a cute expression as she waved towards the Scythe woman, showing her claws as she apologized.

"No one died so we could say it all ended well?" She asked, looking towards the woman, Galland, Mason and Allard.

"But... If you're not the enemy... it means Mr. No-Fun-Allowed is fighting by himself against that weird masked guy... Who came into a city filled with warriors and attacked it by himself..." Nailah said, with a thoughtful expression.

"It doesn't look that good for me... The masked man surely had something on his sleeve to act as he did..." Nailah said, once again looking to the group, waiting for their answers.

Since this woman clearly wasn't the enemy, Mason had no time to waste with this strange woman.
"My Apologies!" Mason exclaimed with a nervous smile as he withdrew his blade (but not sheathing it),

"I mistook you as a collaborator in the attack on this village..... Well, if thats that...... I'm gonna go fight that plant thing." With a short nod, Mason shot into the air, barreling for the colossal monster.

After the whole misunderstanding, Mason was quick to fly away. By his own words, he was going to 'fight the plant thing' but it was obvious by his nervous smile that wasn't everything. He was definitely too nervous and embarrassed to continue there.
Nailah couldn't help but giggle as the man flew away, it was cute how innocent he was despite being a warrior.

"So cute! Is he always... innocent like this?" she asked, turning to Allard, laughing.

Before Allard could answer though, a voice interrupted them. Looking to where the sound was coming from, Nailah saw the amazonian woman from before and a lassa girl with her. The amazonian woman wasn't that much of a surprise for Nailah as she had already seen her before even if she didn't have a chance to talk with her but the lassa girl was another thing. Not only she was one of the first Lassa Nailah had seen, but the girl was simply too cute and adorable!

As soon as she asked if everyone was ok, Nailah kept her eyes on the Lassa girl for a moment before letting out a surprised gasp, dashing towards the girl and circling her, looking at the girl with curious, shining eyes.

"Just... what is this adorable creature?!" Nailah asked, hugging the girl and burying her face on her chest.

"She is SO CUTE~" Nailah said in an excited, singing tone and with a kind and warm smile. The way she was hugging the lassa girl was exactly like one would hug a plushie doll.

"What is your name, my dear?" Nailah asked, looking down to the girl, still hugging her.

"Oh my god I feel like I could keep hugging her for ever!" she said, giggling.

Mason & Dremmick

Mason would find the colossal monster dead, a hole in its center, where Dremmick ripped its heart out. There was blood splattered everywhere, not only from Dremmick's attacks, but also from him ejecting poison from his body. Now that the threat of the monster was gone, he just constantly dispersed the energy in his arm instead of letting it gather. Dremmick was sitting down, propped up against a building with one knee drawn up and an arm resting on his knee. For how covered in blood he was, he looked rather relaxed. Though, truth be told, he was fairly tired from the fight, he used up a lot of magic energy producing blood for his body to use. That plus the injuries from that woman from earlier. Dremmick wasn't sure what to do with her. He wished he could have killed her before Mason got involved. Speak of the devil, Dremmick heard something come flying in and he looked over to see the young knight arrive.

"Running a bit late?" He said dryly.

"Couldn't be bothered to save some for me?" Mason chuckled as he floated down to his ally, hoisting Dremmick to his feet.

"I can't believe you took that thing down so quickly....." the young knight mused as he looked over Dremmick's wounds; his expression changing to that of extreme concern,

"Dremmick. From now on let ME be the one on the front lines, you need a break for awhile.... Besides, unlike you-- I'm not cursed. Well, not in the literal sense at least."

With a huff, Mason used his wing to conceal Dremmick as they walked to the Taxis healing center.

"Now, lets get you some help, and don't worry; I won't let sir shiny mcbachelor see you."

Dremmick gave Mason a withering glance,

"If I had waited you may have shown up and tried to save the damn thing." Bandaged of crimson started to cover his cursed flesh again.

"You don't know how lucky we were today.," he said, thinking about what he saw. The man mentioned being in service to Nuxta, and he referred to the ethereal image of the dark winged seraphim as his master. Meaning that the form he saw was none other than Nuxta himself. To think that someone like him would go out of his way for his pawns was an interesting notion, but something to keep in mind for sure. He then heard Mason tell him to hold off a bit on fighting, which made him smirk a bit. But it was when he mentioned the curse that his face seemed to drop back to normal. It probably wasn't a good time to mention it, but he knew something was wrong with Mason as well. He figured he would tell them when they went to rest up for the night. At Mason's mention of that glistening fop, Dremmick could only shake his head,

"I could still kick his ass. He would probably run home to polish his armor the moment it got tarnished with the slightest drop of blood."

Mason couldn't help but chuckle at Dremmick's curt reply, "Would I now? As for Lucius? At least I think that's his name... I have little doubt about your ability to kick his ass-- but right now you're in no shape to fight"

Continuing into an unoccupied Taxis tent, Mason set Dremmick down on the medical bed, sighing as he released his friend, "Alright now Dremmick, get some rest. There should be some clean clothes around here to cover yourself with....... Now, if you don't need anything else, I'm going to see if there's anyone still caught in the plants. After that, I'll go check up on the Dolofon agent and get some answers." Stopping at the entrance of the tent, Mason looked back at Dremmick one more time to make sure he didn't need anything else.
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Ashkevron Residence in Askavi

For Mikhail, as usual, the night was long. Having only short rests, interrupted by nightmares, he had only a very few hours of sleep the entire night. Sitting on the bed without making a sound, he quietly waited for the sunrise, staring to the sky through the slightly open window. After some time, the sun finally rose in a clear, bright blue sky, bathing the small inn in it's morning rays. A single sun ray entered through the slightly open window, drawing a bright line on the small room Mikhail was in. After another long night plagued by nightmares and fragmented memories, he would finally go to meet the infamous Black Widow. If he was lucky, that would be the last time he had to face the day without a proper night of sleep.

Covering his face with his hood, Mikhail left the small inn after throwing a few silver coins to the innkeeper to pay for his stay. Without wanting to waste time, he went straight to the place he was told the Black Widow lived. The small house he was told to go stood far above the dark tower that loomed over the city, Ebon Askavi. The dark tower, despite being a source of grim rumors, was nothing short of a magnificent view, with the sunrays reflecting off the black stone.

After climbing a long and narrow staircase etched on the side the mountain, he arrived on a house carved on the mountain's very face. Truth be told, Mikhail had expected something different. The small house was peacefully resting behind a small, but beautiful garden, still sparkling due to the last night's rain. It looked nothing like the place the infamous Black Widow from the rumors would live. But it was the only clue he had regarding where the woman lived.

Carefully walking through the garden, Mikhail gently knocked on the sturdy door.

"I came searching for the Black Widow." he said, giving a step back, waiting for an answer.

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Nailah didn't remember the last time she sat down to drink with such a merry group, even if some were more... quiet. The arm wrestling match, surprisingly, was won by Allard, but not without some difficulty. It was a spectacle in it's own right. But what made Nailah even more surprised was the fact that the poor wooden table held those two titanic men and didn't break.

"I think we can agree that the real winner here is the poor table, don't you guys agree?" Nailah said, laughing. But just as she did so, all laughter quickly died off as panicked screams started to echo through the inn, coming from the city outside.

Looking to the window, they could clearly see the plants growing, taking over the entire city, spiraling and wrapping everything it touched. Differently from the plants growing before, those were much more... chaotic and out of control. It was definitely work of some type of magic. Probably different from the powerful healing one from before.

Allard and the rest of the knights were quick to jump from their chairs, immediately getting ready for the combat. Nailah in the other hand, rolled her eyes with a clearly annoyed expression.

"Oh, what luck..." she said, with a sarcastic tone as she stood up.

"Just as things were starting to get fun... Who knows when I'll have the chance to sit down and drink a bit again..." Nailah mumbled to herself as she calmly walked to the window, taking a better look outside.

While she was indeed curious about what the hell was happening, if she could choose, she would definitely choose to stay at the bar drinking and trying to have some fun with the boys.

With a surprisingly knightly shout, Allard drew his blades, heading to the door together with the other warriors. Taking a better look at him, he definitely looked like he was part of the group.
Nailah turned to Allard with a kind smile as he said to her to stay close to him, obviously worrying about her safety. Thinking about it a bit better, it was only natural for others to think that looking at Nailah. Unlike the warriors who were with her, she wore no armor nor wielded any weapons. Not only that, but she was also not a giant like the others. But she had a small surprise to show them. Nailah only wondered how Allard would react...

"You're such a sweetheart, Allard!" Nailah said, with a giggle.

"Don't worry too much though, I doubt anyone would be able to even touch me. That and..." she said, raising her right hand, showing him her claws.

"These aren't just for show... And if things get too dangerous... I'm half dragon, remember?" she said, swinging her tail with a smirk.

"I promise I'll keep my eye on you guys. Can't promise I'll stay 'close' though. The only thing I ask if to trust me. If things get too weird I might do some... interesting things." she said, with a calm and serene smile as her eyes quickly moved from one side to another, carefully sweeping their surroundings.

"Hey..." she said, as they got out and saw the strange figure standing ominously at the center of all that chaos.

"I have a bad feeling about this..." Nailah said, without taking her eyes off the strange man even for a single second.
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