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"Humanity takes great pride in three things. Their willpower, their greed and their mortality.

Their will and endless greed allows them to grow and accend past other creatures
But thir mortality denies them divinity

It's a delightful purgatory between being Fallen and being Divine"

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Interactions: Amanda @Kumbaris, Micheal Crane @BigPapaBelial, Scarlet @AWACS

After everything Faye went through the last day, it was no wonder that she slept like a rock. So much in fact, that it was remarkably hard for her to wake up on time on the next morning. When she arrived... or better... 'blinked' inside the room where the meeting was going on... one entire hour after what they had agreed upon, it was painfully obvious she had just woken up due to her messy (even more than usual) hair and her clothes, which seemed to have been put on a hurry and the cup of hot chocolate, which she was holding with both hands, taking small sips from it every now and then.

"Morning... Sorry guys... I swear I did set up my cellphone to wake me up..." Faye replied to Amanda and the rest of the team rubbing her eyes after a long yawn.

Faye was just barely able to understand Amanda's explanation, thanks to the cup of hot chocolate she was sipping from, which was basically stolen from one of the waitresses when Faye blinked to the cafeteria, grabbed it from the tray one of the waitresses was taking to other tables and then promptly blinked away after mumbling something along the lines of being late, hungry and sleepy.

"Micheal has a point... We should probably look for staff members who are not where they were supposed to be... Maybe the Parking Lot or somewhere where the mole could get in contact with his people without other staff members hearing? Maybe due to their 'smoke break' or something...? Plus, every single staff member should have access to the parking lot or other common locations, right?" Faye said as she gave another sip of her hot chocolate and making a very pleased expression after doing so.

"I don't know what they put on this, but it's definitely more than just hot chocolate... Maybe ginger or something like that? It's just so good..." she said, holding the cup of hot chocolate close to her chest, warming herself with it.

Time: 10am
Location: Sorian Park
Interactions: Lady Priscilla @mellowdy, Crystal @Heartfillia, Kieran @prosaic, Duke Lorenzo Vikena @FunnyGuy

The very momeny Crystal's guards replied to her, Mayet's expression immediately hardened as she tightened her grip on her ring-blade.

"You two ignorant fools have no idea who I am... Do you? No... Of course you don't... To approach royalty with two armed bodyguards, despite the former having none would already be insanity... Let alone if that royal is me..." Mayet said, with sharp eyes and visible anger in her voice as she looked at the guards.

"You two should step back, lest I paint this beautiful grass red with your blood..." Mayet said with a cold, threatening stare as she looked towards the guards, once again with no semblance of fear in her expression.

If her stare wasn't enough, even the guards could clearly tell that, judging by her tone, her words were definitely more than just a simple bluff.

Fortunately Mayet, at least at that moment, was at least somewhat placated when Crystal, ate the bit of pancake she had 'offered' previously.

"Good. I would advise you to rein in your bodyguards... I will overlook this incident, since you were so kind to bring me a pancake." Mayet said, her expression softening a bit as she took a bite of the pancake herself.

"Hm... It's a bit... plain... but overall, the taste is indeed quite interesting! It seems it would go quite well with the most varied toppings!" Mayet said, surprised after tasting it.

"I am grateful for your kindness." she said, taking another glance towards Crystal, smiling at her.

Soon after, the red haired man introduced himself as he replied her small provocation with a quick, smart reply, mentioning how it wasn't polite to say that from a distance.

"Quick thinking... That was a smart reply." Mayet said with a chuckle and an amused expression, a subtle but still noticeable sign of her approval.

While most noblewomen would find such a... bold and direct compliment rather scandalous, Mayet did not react in such a way. Instead, her reaction was clearly directed towards his reply. The feeling she gave of as she spoke was almost as if her posture, her tone and her very presence made it clear that she knew she was beautiful... and definitely didn't need validation from anyone.

That entire situation was so absurd Mayet found it hard to believe it was happening. It was honestly, incredibly hard to either miss or confound Mayet with someone else... Even back in Alidasht. And despite that, the Caesonian nobles still seemed to be very determined to make Mayet lose her composure and kill someone.

"I will not repeat myself..." Mayet said as she looked towards Lady Harlow, finally getting up as she gave a step forward just after Kieran said it would be smart if Lady Harlow followed her suggestion.

Truth be told, Mayet didn't act because she was protecting Priscilla. Her only reason to act was that not only that 'Lady Harlow' was disturbing her peace, but she had the gall to approach without being called and even ignored Mayet! Which probably was the biggest offense among the others...

It was at that moment that she heard a faintly familiar voice calling her... A voice that did not bring her any good memories...


The death stare she gave towards Duke Vikena as he called her, without even using her title, was honestly, terrifying. Was that her fault, for being merciful and even kind enough to give him a few words of advice back at the ball? Did he mistake her mercy and kindness and now thought they were now close?

Shocked, Mayet watched in silence as Lorenzo proceeded to invite her to his garden, mentioning how a royal like her didn't need to sit in the grass and how her chef could prepare them some meat. For the first few seconds, Mayet could do nothing but to stare, still trying to understand what was that man's objective in approaching her like that, despite what he went through previously.

"My intention when I came to this park was to take a moment to calm down and relax. Maybe even watch the archery competition if I felt like it..." Mayet began as she gave a deep sigh, clearly trying to calm herself at least enough to not create an international incident after dismembering a few nobles for their behavior. Her words also made it obvious that it hadn't been a 'calm' day for her either, even before she came to the park.

"Instead... I've found myself holding myself back to not dismember a few ignorant nobles and cause an international incident!" she said, raising her voice considerably as she looked both at Lady Harlow now to Lorenzo and the strange man he pointed at as well.

"Do any of you have anything more to say? Will any of you continue to try my patience until something happens?" she asked, looking at each one of the offenders, almost hissing as she did so.
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Time: 2pm
Location: Myriamor
Interactions: Astra and Vrexen @FunnyGuy, Alaia @Alivefalling and Maeryn @princess

Myra quietly watched, still a bit confused as Astra approached her, gently rustling the hair atop her head, making Myra give a faint smile as she did so. She was still confused as to why Astra had to leave, but since Astra said she would catch up to them in no time, Myra chose to believe her, nodding her head to Astra as she finished, giving a step forward and giving her a quick, small hug before walking back once again, almost as if she was still a bit wary of Astra but still wanted to say a proper goodbye to her.

Vrexen's words, ordering Myra to move and interrupting her farewell were met an annoyed expression and a sharp hiss from Myra. Not only Astra leaving was something that was a bit sad, since Myra was closer to her than she was from Vrexen, but it also made Myra a bit concerned due to Vrexen's unstable behavior. Besides, the sun, which was still strong in the sky, was also taking it's toll on Myra's patience.

After giving one last look and waving to Astra, who was already leaving, Myra adjusted her cloak, so it would cover as much of her skin as she could, protecting it from the sun, before she went after Vrexen, Maeryn and Alaia, catching up with Vrexen and even Maeryn's flightless bird without much issue as they made their way to Dugmaghord.

Time: 2pm
Location: Dugmaghord
Interactions: Rosaria @potter, Slick @FunnyGuy

Despite Slick's rather... 'coarse' behavior, Nuallán didn't see many problems with his company. Especially if Rosaria herself seemed to be fine with it, but the very second his words started sounding a bit more... rougher than they had until now, Nuallán immediately looked towards him. No word was said by Nuallán and no action was taken, other than a cold stare... A clear warning.

Unfortunately, it seems like Slick was too busy speaking to notice Nuallán's silent warning and instead, proceeded to continue. Going as far as to even giving Rosaria an order. Such impudence and audacity was where the line was drawn for Nuallán. For him, he would have already made Slick kneel and ask for forgiveness, but knowing his mistress, Nuallán simply gave a step towards Slick, making his icy cold expression even more evident. He had already tolerated previous offenses made by other humans, such as the ones who dared to point a weapon to Rosaria... It wouldn't be now that he would lose control and act on impulse nor it would be due to a single human forgetting his place.

Rosaria's words were cold and sharp as a knife as she warned Slick before she turned them invisible.

"Remember... One word is all my lady needs to say for me to act... Do not repeat the same mistake again... Slick." Nuallán said, his voice but a whisper as Rosaria started making them invisible.

"Do not mistake my lady's kindness for weakness." He finished as their bodies were enveloped by Rosaria's light magic.

Time: 10am
Location: Sorian Park
Interactions: Lady Priscilla @mellowdy, Crystal @Heartfillia, Kieran @prosaic
Mentions: Duke Lorenzo Vikena @FunnyGuy, Lady Charlotte Vikena @princess

Despite being an open event, where everyone was welcome, Mayet was quite surprised to see a number of nobles among the crowd at the park as she observed... Some of which were rather well known, such as the foolish Duke Vikena and his daughter, Charlotte, who seemed to be quite smart, despite always having to deal with her father's mess.

As she looked around though, she noticed a small group of nobles observing her from a distance, one of which, a beautifully dressed ginger woman, greeted her with a small curtsy, which Mayet replied with a discreet wave and nod of her head. Being who she was, Mayet was well aware that it was simply unavoidable that she would be observed wherever she went. Normally, Mayet wouldn't give these observers any attention, much less to waste her time greeting them. But the fact that the ginger woman took her time to greet Mayet instead of staring at her from afar, gave her enough reason to greet her back.

Despite the greeting, Mayet didn't thought that neither one of the nobles in the group would take their time to approach her. Both due to Nala being nearby, doing her best to scare away anyone who could potentially disturb her sunbathing and due to Mayet openly carrying her weapon with her. Surprisingly enough, neither one of those seemed to be enough to dissuade them to approach, more specifically, the blonde woman, whom, much to the dismay of her guards, simply decided to take another pancake and started walking towards Mayet.

Nala was already watching the woman with an intense stare once she and her guards began walking towards their direction, but when she continued approaching, despite the silent warning Nala gave with her stare, she let out a low growl, raising her head and looking directly towards the blonde woman. Even though Nala did not stand up nor took an hostile posture, the growl was already a clear warning for them to back off.

"It's okay, Nala." Mayet said, gently patting Nala's head as the tigress reluctantly laid down again, seeming to have allowed the blonde woman to approach them after Mayet's request.

"Neither of us will bite without provocation... Although... We might get a bit... agitated... with too many guards approaching us at the same time..." Mayet said, giving a sharp look at the guards who were with the nobles.

When the blonde woman began talking, inquiring if she had ever eaten it before, Mayet raised an eyebrow, curious as she looked to the food the woman brought in her hands.

"I can't say I have ever eaten those before." Mayet said, looking to the blonde woman, analyzing her as she did so.

It was clear due to her tone of voice and how she was staring at Mayet and Nala that the woman was quite nervous.

"I was not intending to eat anything... But it would be quite rude to not accept such act of kindness. After all... Plain as they might look, I would be lying if I said I wasn't curious about how they taste." she replied, giving a rather calming smile to the nervous woman and gesturing for her to get closer.

"With that said... I feel it would be only fair that you, after taking your time to walk all the way over here to bring me a plate, should get to enjoy the first bite." Mayet said as she, without getting up, gently took the pancake from the woman's hands, cut a small piece from the pancake with the fork that came with it and extending it towards Crystal.

"Please, I insist." Mayet said, with her tone of voice and her eyes having a strange pressure to them, despite remaining kind and not showing any hostile intention, showing that her words were a bit more than just a simple request.

Just as she said that, one of the other nobles that had approached her, a red-haired male with scars on his face, greeted her with a slight bow.

"Oh...? Just the tiger...?" Mayet asked, raising an eyebrow as the man mentioned how beautiful Nala was but failed to mention Mayet, carefully watching his reaction.

While Mayet had been ignoring the ruckus that was going on near the table of waffles, when obscenities began being shouted, she found it hard to continue ignoring it. For a moment, her expression suddenly became very cold and harsh as she looked to where the crowd was gathering. Unsurprisingly, Lorenzo Vikena was, once again, part of the confusion... And once again, Charlotte was dragged to the confusion, forced to try and take her foolish father out of the mess he had created himself.

Fortunately for everyone involved, Mayet had nothing to do with the waffles and what was going on.. And she intended to keep it that way. Thankfully, the same noble who was the first to greet her, approached after the other two, introducing herself to Mayet... and taking off her attention from the pitiful display that Duke Vikena was showing to everyone present.

"I'm Shehzadi Mayet Kadir and this one is Nala. It's a pleasure to meet you." She said after a brief moment, her expression going back to normal as she introduced herself and Nala, smiling towards Priscilla, Crystal and Kieran.

Before she could say anything more though, it seemed a rather tactless noblewoman, Lady Harlow according to Priscilla, decided to approach them with an accusatory tone, trying to drag them all to the confusion going on in the distance. Even though the accusation that Lady Harlow made had nothing to do with Mayet, she would not tolerate such behavior near her.

Nala, immediately upon noticing the noblewoman getting closer to Mayet, stood up, letting out a low, menacing growl as she began walking towards Lady Harlow, stopping only because Mayet gently touched Nala's back.

"I do not remember allowing you to approach me, 'Lady' Harlow..." Mayet said with a menacing tone, without even getting up.

"Leave. Before I change my mind and allow Nala to tear you to pieces... Or before I do it myself" she said, her stare towards Lady Harlow making it clear she wasn't bluffing.
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Time: 2pm
Location: River Port
Interactions: Astra and Vrexen @FunnyGuy, Alaia @Alivefalling and Maeryn @princess

Even though Myra was playing with her shiny-spheres, she was still paying attention in what Vrexen, Astra and Maeryn were talking. Not only because she was a bit wary of them due to some recent events, but also because what they were talking about was their next destination and the issue of hunting the 'hoo-mans'... Which were still a huge mystery for Myra, both regarding what they were capable of and why pretty much everyone in her group wanted to hunt them so badly. The only reason Myra could think for her to want to hunt something was to feed herself, which made her wonder how humans tasted... Maybe that was the reason why they were after the humans? Because they were very tasty?

At that moment, her thoughts were interrupted when she overheard Maeryn talking about orcs. Having already observed a few of them back in Daka, she knew exactly what they were. Big, violent, tough, loud and very green, whenever they were around, chaos usually followed them. Even for Myra herself, the idea of having to fight against multiple of those orcs wasn't one she liked that much.

After hearing Maeryn's words, Myra nodded her head vehemently. Clearly agreeing with Maeryn as she looked at Astra and Vrexen. Fortunately, it seemed like Vrexen wasn't totally against the idea. Which was genuinely surprising for Myra, knowing how Vrexen usually only thought about violence.

When she looked at Astra, wanting to know what she thought about that though, she heard Astra talking to Vrexen that she would stay behind. Confused, Myra gave a few steps towards Astra, still keeping a little bit of a distance, but definitely closer than what she usually came since she saw Astra using shadow magic.

Leaning her head in an inquisitive manner, Myra looked towards Vrexen, Maeryn and Alaia and then to Astra again. Was she going to leave for good? The idea of staying in a group with two people whom Myra didn't know much about and Vrexen... Whom normally was very unstable, without Astra to try and keep things under control wasn't something that made her happy.

"No come?" Myra asked, looking towards Astra, with a confused and slightly worried expression.

Time: 2pm
Location: Dugmaghord
Interactions: Rosaria @potter, Slick @FunnyGuy

While Nuallán did notice Slick's remark about them being lovebirds, at first, he chose to simply ignore it. That was, until he noticed Rosaria herself blushing, which made him react in return, turning his head to hide it. Fortunately, there were other things to focus on and as Slick mentioned that they could probably deal with any aggressive creature by themselves, should any unforeseen situation arise.

"There aren't many creatures which would risk going after a prey that can potentially kill them." Nuallán said, agreeing with Slick.

"With that said, an oasis tend to attract many types of animals. Some which might act in an extremely aggressive manner in order to defend their offspring. Even though the chance is small for us to find ourselves in such a specific situation, we should still be careful." He continued.

Just as he finished that, Rosaria mentioned that she could make them invisible so they could approach the oasis, something that only highly experienced and skilled photokinesis users could do. Which would definitely make their job of observing way easier.

"We would still need to stay upwind of the oasis in order to prevent any creatures from catching our scent, but other than that, being invisible would make our job of observing any potential prey much easier." He said, agreeing with Rosaria's suggestion as he smiled to her.
Karina Frost

It was getting harder and harder for Karina to keep on fighting. Even if she tried to conserve her stamina, the extended usage of ice magic was already starting to take it's toll on her. Besides, she knew very well that one small mistake would be all the seed needed to take her out. Not only that but the seed didn't seem to grow tired as well. When Octavio mentioned his idea of using his illusions in a more aggressive manner, Karina immediately agreed with him, almost at the same time Chres shouted for him to do it.

With that said, Octavio's plan had an... unexpected result. Luckily, not a bad one.

Karina was able to hear the seed's roar before she understood what had happened. Apparently, the seed didn't seem to care, or even react to the illusions, but that also made it relatively easy for the illusions to pass through the seed's defenses and rip out another heart. Confused and in panic after having one of it's hearts ripped out by something which it couldn't see, the seed began trashing around, smashing it's tendrils everywhere, almost hitting Karina in the process.

"Dammit! This thing doesn't get tired!" she cursed, as she gave a big jump backwards, almost losing her balance as she tried her hardest to avoid the tendrils, which were now trashing around the seed in a seemingly random manner.

Just as Karina thought that they had finally started making some progress, things went from bad to worse in a really short time. After being wounded by the illusions, the seed was now aware of them, as it became evident as it slammed down it's tendrils, quickly eliminating some of Octavio's illusions. If that was all, there wouldn't be many problems, but the worst part was that it also targeting the familiars.

Lynx was the first one the seed went after, striking it with a mighty attack. Lynn, worried about Lynx, immediately tried to help him, unaware that the seed was preparing another attack.

"WHAT IS GOING ON!? Why is this thing attacking us all of sudden?! I thought it wasn't able to see us!!" Akai shouted alarmed as one tendril suddenly tried to pierce her, followed by many others, trying to attack her.

Akai, whom was previously only warning Karina and the others about incoming attacks and avoiding attacking the creature herself, afraid it might draw it's attention, was now forced to run, dodge and fly to avoid the tendrils as she headed towards Lynx and Sil, trying to help them.

"Akai, get Sil and Lynx, try taking them somewhere safe! I'll try to cover you with Chres!" Karina said, just as Chres blocked another attack as the seed continued trying to take Sil and Lynx out.

"What's with this stupid thing?! How can we even fight against it if it regenerates, doesn't get tired and has like... at least 50 more 'hands' than we do?!" Akai complained as she jumped one of the smaller tentacles, which tried to trip her, using the momentum to slash it with her claws. Even though she knew it would regenerate soon after, it would buy her some time as she tried dragging Lynx's unconscious body and Sil away from the seed.

"Sil! Keep talking, don't close your eyes! Lynx, Lynx! Wake up!!" Akai shouted, shaking Sil and Lynx as she dragged, with some difficulty, both of them as far away from the seed as she possibly could.

In the middle of deflecting and fighting against the tendrils, Karina turned towards Chres, about to ask if he was okay, knowing that he would probably be in a worse state than she was, since he used his tempraisionism more than she had.

The moment she located Chres, she only had time to watch his back as he dashed towards the seed.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOI-" Karina shouted, nervous as she watched Chres being caught by one of the tendrils. In her mind, she was already foreseeing the worst outcome. Chres being pierced by a dozen tendrils or having his bones crushed, slammed into the ground by one of the larger ones. The only thing that she didn't expect was that Chres had a plan... and one that, despite how reckless it was, had a very good chance of succeeding.

The very moment the tendril lifted Chres into the air, Karina was able to see him throwing a little pouch at the seed's mouth... The very same pouch of salt that they were given before the fight. Fortunately, Chres' gamble paid off. The salt seemed to have a very strong effect on the seed, which immediately roared, throwing Chres into the ground as it became vulnerable. Vulnerable enough for Chres, despite being heavily wounded due to his previous gamble, approach it enough to get face to face with what once was Lord O'Kal's skull, trying to pry open it's jaw to get to the heart inside it, followed by Týfurkh, who came soon after to help Chres.

Thanks to the coordinated effort of Chres and Týfurkh in opening the skull, Jen had a clear line of sight towards the heart and immediately dashed towards the Seed, holding his staff almost as a spear and using it to pierce the heart with no difficulty, ripping it out of the seed's body afterwards in a brutal and gruesome way.

Karina, who was almost being overwhelmed by the tentacles, suddenly saw them go limp and drop to the ground the very moment Jen's staff pierced one of the remaining hearts, much to her relief. The only tendrils that remained, now seemed to be much more careful of the pactmakers than before and were acting in a much more defensive way as they curled around what was once Nieffar's body, protecting the last hearts it had.

As a last effort to protect the remaining hearts, the seed roared once again, making it's innards contort and twist, bloating it's stomach as it did so and using the intestines to hoist up in the air. Karina watched, alarmed as the stomach suddenly turned it's tip towards them and spat a foul, acid looking liquid. Karina had no time to react before the liquid splashed, hitting Chres' leg and Jen's right shoulder. Chres' screams of pain were enough of a warning to Karina. One clean hit of that acid would probably put them out of combat for good, if not simply kill them.

Unfortunately, due to Chres having already been wounded and now, screaming due to the acid, the seed saw him as the perfect target and took the chance to finish him off for good. Focusing all it's tendrils on Chres, it tried to pierce him, only to be stopped by Chres' heat construct. Definitely the last bit of heat he had with him, judging by it's appearance and how frail it looked compared to the previous ones. Karina knew it wouldn't last forever. She knew that if she didn't do something fast, Chres would die and the chance he bought for them after paying an enormous cost, would be wasted.

With no time to think or ponder, immediately as she heard Chres' shouts for her to take the shot, Karina, which was already extremely exhausted, both physically and with her bodily temperature already dangerously low, gathered the last bits of her energy, making the two remaining blades of ice merge into a single ice spear and shooting it towards the heart with a frightening speed.

"IT'S NOT YOUR TIME YET, CHRES!" Karina shouted as the ice spear flew towards the seed.

If that attack failed, it would be their end. Karina's lips were already blue, her bodily temperature was so low that it was nearing hypothermia and her muscles ached and burned due to exhaustion. All she could do now was hope that their last gamble succeeded.

Time: Morning
Location: Entrance Hall => Sorian Park

It wasn't really a secret that Mayet didn't trust the Grand Vizier, but when he started speaking, outraged by how the king and the queen were treating the issue, she couldn't help but silently agree with him. Whether the Royal Caesonian Family really had something to do with all that and it was all their scheme or if it was someone else, who was merely using that situation to try and undermine both countries' relations, the way Queen Alibeth and King Edin were trying to save face by hiding and silently dealing with what happened was infuriating, to say the least. Their attempts to trivialize the multiple 'issues' that happened since they had arrived in Caesonia was insulting, to say the least.

Even though Mayet said nothing as the Grand Vizier was speaking, her sharp, cold stare was more than enough to send the message that her thoughts were the same as his... Especially when he mentioned her father's overwhelming merciful behavior until now. To hear that Nahir also agreed that a punishment was in order was also refreshing. To have such offenses go unpunished would be to sully Alidasht's honor and name.

With the 'meeting' they had with the King and the Queen nearing it's end after the Sultan's declaration to leave some of his men to aid on the investigation... and undoubtedly to be his eyes and ears regarding the same, Mayet got up as well, getting ready to leave the room before she turned towards the Sultan, the Grand Vizier and her siblings and cousins.

"I have a bad feeling about what's going on in Caesonia... I'll keep my eyes open and my blade sharp until this entire situation is dealt with." Mayet said with a serious tone with a small bow before she walked away.

The very moment Mayet got out of the room, Nala gave an annoyed growl, clearly letting Mayet know how she was feeling after spending that entire time they were on the 'meeting' doing absolutely nothing.

"We both deserve some time to relax and calm down... Unfortunately... Due to the recent 'events', it's not a good time to go hunting..." Mayet said, sighing as she gently patted Nala.

"I promise we'll go hunting together once all this is solved... Until then, we'll have to find another things to do." Mayet said with a smile as she looked at Nala.

Fortunately, she knew exactly what they could do. The Sorian Park. It would be a perfect place to lay down in the grass and rest under the sun for a bit with Nala. Especially if it was as empty as it was when Mayet happened to take a glance at it when she arrived on Caesonia.

Unfortunately, Mayet was completely unaware of the event that was currently being held on Sorian Park. Due to that, she was quite surprised when she saw the amount of people at the park and the many tables serving pancakes and even waffles.

With that said, there was still a small saving grace on that situation. Due to the 'pancake bar' event, most of the people who were in the Sorian Park were gathered relatively near the fountain, where the tables were at. Thanks to that, it didn't take much time for Mayet to find a nice, empty clearing near some trees where she and Nala could rest.

Completely unfazed by how much attention she was drawing or even the fact that even the people serving the pancakes stopped doing so to watch her, Mayet simply continued walking just past the fountain, until she found herself on the small clearing she saw earlier.

"This seems to be a nice, quiet spot." Mayet said as she sat down on the grass, with her ring-blade on her lap, followed by Nala, whom laid down just besides Mayet, letting the sun bathe her fur as she stretched herself on the grass.

Despite the fact that many people kept looking at Mayet and Nala from a distance, enthralled by Mayet and Nala's exotic beauty or their imposing presence, few dared get too close from them, either due to the huge tigress laying down on the grass, without a single leash or anything preventing it from jumping and mauling someone or the glint of the blade Mayet carried with her.
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Time: Night
Location: River Port
Interactions: Astra and Vrexen @FunnyGuy, Alaia @Alivefalling and Maeryn @princess

Myra had been distracted, watching the weird horse that Astra had bought, but the moment she heard Astra and Vrexen talking about their next destination, she stopped 'investigating' (and most probably irritating or unintentionally frightening) the camel to pay attention on what they were saying. With the prospect of a hunt approaching, Vrexen's temper began to flare up once more, which made Myra give a few, cautious glances towards him as they walked. Myra was still a bit confused regarding the reason why they were working so hard to go after and hunt the weird 'hoo-mans', but if both Astra, Vrexen and her new 'companions' wanted to do so, then Myra had little choice but to follow, if she wanted to remain traveling with them.

When Astra mentioned that it would be hard to travel due to the heat, followed shortly by suggesting Vrexen to follow her to a stall, Myra couldn't help but be curious. Was there really something other than violence that Vrexen would be interested in? Especially something that was being sold in a stall? He surely wouldn't be interested in something like the Shiny-spheres Myra got for herself... They were quite comfortable to hold though, since they were always cold to the touch, despite the heat. Curious, Myra took out her shiny-spheres and held them against her cheeks, feeling the cold touch of the metallic surface on her skin as she followed Vrexen and Astra.

Time: 2pm
Location: Dugmaghord
Interactions: Rosaria @potter
Mentions: Rosaria @Potter, Slick @FunnyGuy

Much like Rosaria, Nuallán was not only surprised and extremely embarrassed once he heard Slick's reply when he mentioned 'exercising' and after he understood what he meant by that. The shock was so big that almost made Nuallán lose his balance and fall off the horse.

"I-... Please Slick. This is but a huge misunderstanding." Nuallán said, trying to hide his shock and embarrassment by clearing his throat.

"I am merely Lady Rosaria's faithful butler and bodyguard. Her happiness and safety are my sworn duties. I would not dare to occupy such... position." Nuallán said, still trying to hide his reactions, although not as successfully as before, due to the impact of the words Slick had.

While Rosaria's earlier pat did help him to relax a bit, such statement said by Slick only made Nuallán even more conscious of how close he was to her and how outrageous his current actions were for a butler, but at the same time, he feared that if he suggested Rosaria that he should get down and walk, she would be offended and as such, Nuallán resigned himself to simply continue the trip where he was, despite the situation.

Time: Morning
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Mentions: Callum/Leo @Helo, Roman @ReusableSword, Nahir/Zarai @Rodiak, Wulfric @Silverpaw, Munir @Infinite Cosmos, Farim @Lava Alckon, Saiya/Sultan @Tae, Queen Alibeth/King Edin @princess

Mayet watched with sharp eyes as the situation unfolded. One of the princes, Callum, quickly agreed with Mayet's words, only to use them to take all the blame upon himself, supported by King Edin, whom showed himself more and more to be as much of an incompetent idiot and a bumbling fool as Mayet initially thought. Eager to throw his own child to the lions in order to save face, he immediately agreed with Callum, spouting pathetic excuses of how Callum was slow-witted and hit his head as a child.

Leo Smithwood also had an interesting point to add, talking about the 'odd man with a cowlick' who was also present. The description immediately reminded her of Kazu, the same man whom she briefly met in the ball and seemed to be very interested on Nala. Despite the apparent suspicion Leo held towards Kazu, Mayet wasn't really sure that he was capable of something like that...

"Kazu, if my memory serves me right. That man is a simpleton. An amusing one, but far too much of an airhead to be able to scheme something like this." Mayet replied, quickly dismissing Leo's suspicion about Kazu as unfounded.

It was exactly after Mayet said those words that Farim turned towards her, saying she should still respect the King and the Queen, Mayet's stare towards him was truly terrifying. Did he really have the audacity to think that the queen and the king were more important than her? That she, Shehzadi Mayet, owed them respect and courtesy despite how she has been treated? How could someone who was a member of the Alidasht Royal Family act like that, to grovel at their feet as if they were their servants or vassals?! Despite the anger she was feeling, she did make an effort not to raise her voice... At least not too much, especially since the Sultan, despite silently asking for her to calm down with a discreet wave of his hand, did not reprimand her.

"Don't you dare saying that I owe them unconditional respect, despite how they treat me! I am not their vassal or their servant! I am Shehzadi Mayet Kadir and I demand to be treated with the respect I deserve as a member of the Alidasht Royalty!" Mayet said as she turned towards Farim. Her voice bursting with anger.

"Besides... There were already countless attempts to poison members of the Alidasht Royal Family and all of them were dealt with swiftly. The fact that we do not remember anything that happened last night would be enough to warrant the execution of every single person who was directly responsible for the party and the drinks if we were in Alidasht." She finished, almost hissing at Farim.

Unfortunately for Farim, not only he did incur Mayet's wrath, but by trying to use Esrin, the Sultan's late wife and her mother, to manipulate the Sultan, would quickly show Farim that her father's patience wasn't infinite.

Mayet simply looked to Farim once she heard him saying that. Despite not saying anything, the icy glare she sent Farim when he tried to use her mother's name to manipulate the Sultan was truly frightening, enough to send a shiver down one's spine and definitely way worse than anything she could have said. Especially if one knew Mayet and knew very well she did not bluff or make empty threats.

Fortunately, despite Farim's words and the game the Queen was trying to play with them, the Sultan wasn't a fool and seemed to be as aware of what was going on as Mayet was. As soon as the Sultan began speaking, Mayet knew that even his almost infinite patience was starting to run out and he wouldn't tolerate being made a fool of.

"No, father. He wasn't the one who-" Mayet began saying, only to be interrupted by no one other than Anastasia, the one who probably had the worse alibi between all caesonian nobles.

In a flurry of words, Anastasia quickly shattered any plan the queen might have of pushing all that situation under the rug or blaming someone else. While it was somewhat amusing to see Queen Alibeth's expression changing as her plans and schemes were shattered by her own daughter and King Edin's desperation, Mayet was more focused on Anastasia...

She knew exactly who was the one who organized the party and yet, she refused to say. Foolish as she was, it was incredibly likely that she was simply used by this person. And despite everything, she still somehow thought he was innocent. Regardless, Anastasia's words made it impossible for the Queen to try and avoid taking responsibility for what was going on in her kingdom.

Mayet's stare towards Anastasia was piercing. Even though Mayet knew Anastasia was incredibly unlikely to be directly responsible for the party, she knew she was trying to protect someone who was, unaware that she was being used by them.

Before any other questions could be made though, King Edin, by the first time since the meeting had started, did something by himself and immediately ordered the guards to escort Anastasia to her room before Queen Alibeth made a rather daring move, asking for some time to order her thoughts.

Despite her almost murderous aura, which she made no effort to hide, Mayet simply stood quiet as Queen Alibeth proposed for the meeting to be adjourned and Wulfric assured them that they would investigate the issue.

"That girl is being used. She doesn't even have the capacity to lie. Let alone to scheme something." Mayet said in a low tone, both to the Sultan, her siblings and her cousins.

Unsurprisingly, the fight was over in a heartbeat, especially since most of the members of their group were either experienced adventurers, like Srikandi, powerful mages or experienced fighters. Catherine was a bit surprised seeing Garrett and his team fighting though. Not only their techniques were quite interesting, but they displayed a high level of coordination between themselves.

"At least that was a good way to blow off some steam." Catherine said with a chuckle.

When she heard Almira mentioning her interest for her healing potions and even considering buying the recipe, Catherine couldn't help but let out a smirk as she turned towards Almira.

"In my line of work, information is more valuable than any coin..." Catheirine said with a mischievous smirk, clearly suggesting that she would be more interested in their knowledge than their coin.

Unfortunately, Catherine's little 'negotiation' would have to wait, as in that very moment, the guards arrived, undoubtedly alerted by the confusion and noise.

Catherine herself already had some... previous meetings of that same sort and most of the times, even when she was technically in her rights, things didn't end up going as smoothly as they should've. This time though, she wasn't alone and the advantages of traveling with such famous and illustrious figures like the Ksatria Naga and Anki, one of the so called 'Living Dolls' and a princesses of the kingdom of Oberia, were quickly made clear once the guards almost immediately dismissed the entire issue the moment they laid their eyes on them and let them go to the city hall.

At the City Hall, the group briefly met the Mayor, who seemed, for some reason, be quite relieved once they arrived. The reason for his reaction soon became evident as he delivered them a letter with a very ominous black seal stamped on it. Even before Srikandi opened the letter, Catherine already knew that it definitely wasn't anything good. There was only one person that used such ominous seal... The dark lord.

When Srikandi told them the contents of the letter, Catherine let out a loud sigh. The politics behind each kingdom wanting to use any possible advantage the meteor might bring to further empower their nation was already problematic enough but now that the Dark Lord clearly stated his interest on the meteor, the situation would become even worse.

"Great... If the whole political competition between nations wasn't already exhausting enough..." Catherine said, shaking her head once Srikandi finished saying what was going on.

"Compensation is always good but... Dealing with the Dark Lord is always incredibly problematic..." Catherine said as she looked towards Srikandi and to Garrett, partially answering his question regarding if the 'Dark Lord' was really a big deal.

"As long as this issue doesn't escalate to the point it will begin getting problematic, I can tag along." Catherine replied to Srikandi and Anki, stating she would be joining them.
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