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"Humanity takes great pride in three things. Their willpower, their greed and their mortality.

Their will and endless greed allows them to grow and accend past other creatures
But thir mortality denies them divinity

It's a delightful purgatory between Beeing Fallen and being Divine"

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In Avalia 2 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: Yenworth Tavern
Interactions: Vrexen and Astra @FunnyGuy

Myra was visibly satisfied and way more comfortable after Astra took her dress off. Stretching herself, Myra was ready to jump on the bed again when Astra asked if they cleaned themselves. Looking at Astra with a thoughtful expression, Myra looked at her hands, then her sides and bringing the tip of her tail in front of her. After a quick analysis, Myra nodded her head to Astra. While it wasn't really that dirty, she could certainly use some water to clean herself. That said, no matter how much she looked around the room, she couldn't see any water she could use. After spending a few seconds searching, she walked back to Astra, looking at her with a confused expression as she made a gesture of wiping her arms and tail. She didn't particularly care about the bed getting dirty, but Myra herself always had a habit of remaining clean, so it was better for her to clean herself before sleeping than having to do it later.

Interactions: Amanda and Madeleine @Kumbaris, Ullross @ReusableSword, Morgana Faith @King Cosmos, Micheal Crane @BigPapaBelial, Xaviron @Martian, Scarlet @AWACS

Faye didn't understand exactly what magic Morgana used on her hat, but it definitely came as a blessing to her at that moment. Even if she was in such close proximity to such a high concentration of Eldritch energy, she could feel very little of it. It was almost as if Morgana's hat served as a filter, keeping most of the eldritch magic away. That said, it didn't seem to filter only eldritch energy though. To Faye, it felt almost like wearing sunglasses at night. While she could still 'feel' other types of magic, she could clearly feel her magic senses being dulled down and 'muffled' in order to prevent the Eldritch energy to reach her.
While it was still possible for Faye to feel the faintest trace of the eldritch energy coming from the being Amanda and the others were fighting against, it was so little, so insignificant, thanks to the spell Morgana put on the hat, that Faye had almost no adverse reaction to it.

Faye had only partially recovered herself when the loud noise coming from Scarlet's rifle and the strong magic coming from Morgana, brought her back into reality. Having 'woken up' to such a chaotic situation was a overwhelming for Faye though. The loud sound coming from Scarlet's rifle, the complicated magic that Morgana was weaving, the thunderous roars coming from Micheal's attacks, everything was still too much for Faye to process still being mentally weakened an suffering the residual backlash from the exposure to eldritch energy. She could hear the sounds of Amanda struggling against the abomination, but Faye dared not to stare directly at it, even with Morgana's hat. Everything around her went on in a blur, the loud sounds of battle, the traces of magic, 'muffled' thanks to the spell on Morgana's hat. Confused and disoriented, Faye could only stand where she was, still recovering from the shock.

It was only after some time, when the reinforcements started arriving that Faye realized that everything was finally over. Slowly kneeling down and taking off Morgana's hat, she began looking around, situationg herself. Only to be surprised by the demoness she met back at the headquarters, Madeleine, looking at her with a concerned expression. Surprised both by her presence and the spells she was preparing, Faye flinched, falling down once again as she looked at her with a wary expression, only to be calmed by her kind words and soothing voice.

"I-I'm sorry! The Eldritch energy I-" Faye tried to say, a myriad of emotions flooding her mind. Feeling guilty for not being able to help, afraid for what she had seen and felt...

Breathing deeply and taking a moment of silence to order her thoughts, Faye looked at Madeleine again, silently nodding to her offer of help.
In Avalia 6 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: Yenworth Tavern
Interactions: Vrexen and Astra @FunnyGuy

Myra kept her mouth open, letting Astra analyze her teeth until she was satisfied, closing her mouth soon after and looking at both Astra and Vrexen. While Myra was a bit confused on why both of them seemed to be so satisfied with the things she could do, she was still happy they were praising her, opening a satisfied and proud smile, completely oblivious to what the "sex work" Astra mentioned really meant.

As Vrexen's turn to show his abilities came, Myra moved nearby Astra, standing as she curiously watched Vrexen. At first, he showed them both his teeth and his claws, which weren't exactly interesting for Myra, but the moment he started growing, Myra gave a step back, a bit wary but still curious and amazed. Was Vrexen able to grow even bigger? If so, where did all of the extra meat and muscles came from? While Vrexen did explain something about the weird third eye he had, to Myra it was still just a boring, adittional eye on his forehead though.
Her bewilderment and curioisity with Vrexen's ability to change sizes was cut short though, when he suddenly yelled at Astra, making Myra give a small jump backwards, wary about Vrexen's sudden outburst. Having already experienced what it was like when Vrexen lost control over his temper, she was even more careful around him now, knowing he could change his size. If he had changed his size like this back when he held her head, he would easily be able to crush it.

After a moment of silence and after making sure Vrexen wouldn't lose control, Myra looked towards Astra, assuming that they had all finished showing each other their abilities. Approaching her, Myra pointed towards the bed, before pinching her dress and raising her arms, just like she did when asking her to help her to wear it again. Since they were inside the room, it should be okay for her to take off her clothes right? Besides, if they were going to rest, Myra definitely wouldn't want to do so while wearing that annoying dress.
@Stern Algorithm@AzureKnight@Rezod92@Restalaan

These last weeks have been kinda hectic here, finals week in college, really busy days at work, so I'm really sorry for the delay. I was really afraid of these last tests too.

That said, thanks for everything! It was a blast RPing with you all!
It's been truly a journey. 4 years is a lot lol.

Hopefully we'll meet again in other RPs!
Sorry for the delay guys! I'm really pooped after two weeks studying like mad for the finals. At least won't need to worry about college for a while now lol.

Promise I'll have something done either tomorrow or monday :-)

Interactions: Amanda @Kumbaris, Ullross @ReusableSword, Morgana Faith @King Cosmos, Micheal Crane @BigPapaBelial, Xaviron @Martian, Scarlet @AWACS

Completely oblivious to what was happening around her, Faye was still trembling in shock, hugging herself and cowering behind the car. Due to being very sensitive to magic, the presence of an eldritch abomination a focus of dark energy so close to her could only be described as agonizing and maddening. She could feel the abhorent magic, it's chaotic flow, wriggling under her skin almost as if it was trying to corrupt her, her magic, her very being was rejecting and reacting violently to it.

Words and even thoughts failed to describe what Faye was feeling right now. While natural magic flowed through forests, rivers and deep within the earth like veins in a living being, Eldritch magic was different... It was so different from most other types of magic that it was incredibly hard to consider to even refer to it as a type of 'magic'. Whenever it was used, it was clear that it didn't originate in the same place as natural magic did. But what scared Faye the most was what she could feel behind that energy whenever there was a significant focus of Eldritch energy. It was almost as she could feel something behind that energy, the traces that that energy left, leading to it's origin... It was almost as it served as a small window unto the abyss and behind it... an indescribable feeling that there was something some type of entity watching...

"No... NO! GET AWAY FROM ME!" Faye shouted, as a wave of magic pulsed from her, making the objects that were warping and blinking around her to increase in velocity and with their patterns becoming more unpredictable.

At that very moment though, Faye felt something being put over her head and a distant voice saying something to her. Focusing on it, past the chaotic noises, the whispers and the terrible sense of foreboding from the Eldritch Energy, she could vaguely hear Morgana's voice, saying for her to pour mana into the hat.

Without thinking twice, almost as if purely on reflex, Faye grabbed the sides of the witch hat, pulling them down, trying to cover her ears as she cowered even more. As her magic unconsciously began flowing through the hat though, she could immetiately feel that it was blocking the eldritch energy from reaching her. While it didn't fully prevented her from sensing it, it was almost as if it greatly muffled it down.
Only a few seconds after she began pouring her mana into the hat, Morgana and the others nearby could clearly see the objects that were warping around Faye to slow down and after a moment to fall to the ground. Despite still being in shock, Faye as well seemed to be way calmer than before, her breathing was calmer and more stable.
In Avalia 11 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: Yenworth Tavern
Interactions: Vrexen and Astra @FunnyGuy

Satisfied after finishing 'her' food, Myra watched as Astra put a bunch of shinies over the small piece of paper the woman had handed her over a while ago. Watching that strange 'ritual' with curiosity, Myra leaned closer, looking at the pile of Amas resting over the piece of paper, stacked over each other in a pyramidal shape before the woman came and carried them away. While Myra was a bit worried that Astra would end up giving all the pretty shinies they had away in order to get food or other things, the meat they ate was indeed very tasty and food was definitely more useful than the shinies, which only served to be pretty... And to use to get food in cities, as Astra had shown them. Besides, all the eating was making her a bit sleepy, so she decided to not worry herself too much with those things and simply let Astra take care of the 'city stuff' like she had been doing until now.

Getting up, she followed Astra together with Vrexen as she took them further inside the building. Entering the room after Astra, Myra immediately started walking around sniffing the air, trying to identify what exactly that room was. Fortunately, her question was soon aswered when Vrexen asked Astra if that was a place for them to rest, which she promptly confirmed. Looking at both of them with a happy expression, Myra immediately started looking for a good place to rest. At first, she was pretty interested on the rug right in the middle of the room due to being relatively warm and definitely softer than the floor, but it quickly changed once she began investigating the bed. The moment she tried to get up, she immediately stopped, amazed by how soft it was. Gently touching the mattress with her hands, she looked at Astra and Vrexen with a surprised expression as they talked with each other. Climbing on the bed, she walked above it for a moment, both amused by it's softness and the weird feeling that was walking over something so soft before she laid down on it with her belly down and her arms open.

Myra was already getting comfortable when Astra told her to get up, with earned her an annoyed stare of protested as Myra got off the bed, walking over to where Astra was sitting over, looking at her with a confused (and still slightly annoyed) expression. Listening to Astra's words, Myra thought for a bit about her question about what she could do and how she should reply to it. Deciding to start with the things Astra already knew about her, she looked at Astra and began gradually camouflaging herself, until she was completely invisible before appearing again after a moment. Continuing the demonstration, Myra assumed a low posture before she gave a small dash, quickly going from one side of the room to the other in the blink of an eye. While the room wasn't big enough for her to run and she definitely left some big marks on the floor after using her claws to help her to stop before hitting the wall, that small dash would hopefully be enough for Astra to understand that Myra could run very fast. Last but not least, Myra approached her, lifting one of her feet together with one of her hands, showing Astra her claws before she put them down and opened her mouth so she could see the double row of extremely sharp teeth, a rather rare sight for someone who wasn't her food nor she was trying to intimidate.


"I don't care if it's a thief or a 'Tinker Imp'. Look at what it did with my shoes! Those ribbons were made of fine silk, you know? Not exactly something one would find in a street stall..." Maeve said as she heard Kallen comment about the tinker imp being a thief, obviously very mad at the small imp for having taken the silk ribbons.

Maeve raised her eyebrows as Kallen said that he might be able to resolve the problem, before suddenly went towards his room. Allanon, seeing that, raised his arms, seemingly as confused about the whole situation as Maeve herself was.

"Believe-me Allanon, I am as confused as you are. The only thing I know is that if I don't get my silk ribbons back, I may... 'accidentally' freeze the Tinker Imp..." she said, crossing her arms. Judging by the tone of her voice, her words right now might not be just a joke...

It took only a moment until Kallen was back, carrying a large book with him. When everyone finally arrived at the inn, he began explaining what exactly a 'Tinker Imp' was, using the book as a reference. According to him, the little thief could be a valuable ally for them, should they be able to communicate with it.

As everyone sat down, either tending to their wounds, talking with each other or, like Bizdil, amused at how confused Allanon, and Maeve, by extension, were, she simply waited to see how that situation would end. Hopefully, she would find her ribbons again and no one would have to be frozen.

"Hilde is right. Unless we desperately need someone to help us to forge cutlery or maybe belt buckles, I don't know if it will be of much help to us..." she said, agreeing with Hilde.

Just as she said that though, Kistal said something about not letting anyone harm an 'innocent', saying something about a 'fellow beastman'. Maeve already disliked Kistal's very presence, but those words only made that even more apparent.

"'Innocent'... So that is what you call thieves now? Interesting... How does 'Hypothermia' sounds for you?"
she asked, almost hissing.

"With that said, I am not an unreasonable woman. I can at least hear it's reasoning. If it wants to remain unscathed though, it better have either a very good argument or hand me my ribbons though." she finished, clearly unsatisfied.
Karina Frost

"Even though you have all been briefed about what the cultists and most importantly, the sightless can do, we don't know the exact limit of their powers, so keep your eyes open and expect the worse." Karina said with a firm voice to the soldiers she was leading as she made her way together with the group down the tunnel they were supposed to meet the Kharu-Natjer.

Meeting with their guides, the group proceeded as they guided them through series of tunnels. While Karina did notice that the two females that were guiding them didn't seem to have the common characteristics most Kharu-Natjer had, like the silver hair and the tanned skin, she didn't think much of it. She knew just how secretive the Kharu-Natjer were and the presence of the soldiers probably made them be a bit more careful with their secrets and their own identities... That was, until she noticed that the many crystal jade candles that previously dotted the tunnels weren't there anymore, saving for a few. With the arrival of the Military of Touch, the Kharu-Natjer knew how serious the situation was about to become and disappeared like smoke, taking their things with them. It seemed that these two guides were the last help they would be able to expect from them for now.

With a discreet nod and a few hand signals, Karina informed the soldiers behind her to be alert. While she didn't really expected the Kharu-Natjer to betray them, it didn't hurt to be cautious. Besides, even if they didn't have the intention of betraying them, it was clear that they could not expect any other help from the Kharu-Natjer other than guiding them. Their very guides might as well be disposable, for all she understood about them.

"They're gone, Chres. This is probably the last bit of help we can expect from them." she said in a serious tone.

"Well, at least they're smart. If I were in their position, I would be gone as soon as possible too. It would be insane for them to hang around while the Military and the Cult are in what basically is an open war..." Akai said, shrugging as she followed Karina, flying just behind her.

Karina was about to reply to Chres when he asked her about the crystal jade candle when Akai began to search for something under the folds of her kimono.

"It should be somewhere around here... Oh, here it is!" she said, producing a crystal jade candle from under her kimono.

"Next time you guys need someone to be the bait, don't count on me. I already did enough and even brought back the candle." Akai said as she handed the candle to Karina, with a rather smug expression.

"Thanks Akai." Karina said, getting the candle and handing it over to Chres.

"It is as you said. We are not exactly well equipped regarding crystal jade candles, but we will need to do the possible with what we have."
she said, sighing.
In Avalia 19 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: Yenworth Docks
Interactions: Vrexen and Astra @FunnyGuy

Myra couldn't help but feel happy as Astra praised her, putting her hands on her hips with a proud expression before she sat down, focusing her attention on the steak she had just stolen. She was about to take a bite when one of the demi-humans she had stolen the meat from shouted something, clearly unhappy with Myra's actions. She didn't really understand why were they mad at her. They weren't really eating the meat, so she just took it. Before Myra could do anything though, Vrexen was quick to intimidate them, taking a big bite from the pork belly while glaring at them. Knowing Vrexen and Astra most probably had everything under control and noticing that the demi-humans didn't seem to have the courage to approach them, Myra simply shrugged before she turned her attention to her dish once again.

Delighted, Myra kept eating while Vrexen and Astra dealt with the unhappy demi-humans. That was, until Astra said something and Vrexen reacted in a very extreme manner. Immediately letting go of her steak, Myra quickly got looked towards Vrexen, with a cautious posture. She still remembered what Vrexen did last time and how... 'unstable' Vrexen could be, so whenever she saw or heard such a reaction coming from him, she immediately became wary and cautious.

Strangely enough, Vrexen went back to normal as suddenly as he altered himself, with only a few words from Astra. Myra had a small impression that Astra was getting better and better at dealing with Vrexen's temper, which was good for her. That meant that as long as she was near Astra when Vrexen acted like that, she would somehow find a way to be able to calm him down. With that idea, Myra made sure to push her chair a bit to the left, so she was sitting closer to Astra before she sat down again to eat finish the last bite from her stolen meat.

Time: Dusk
Location: Carriage in the woods
Interactions: Rosaria @Potter , Jomari @baraquiel, Caelan @Alivefalling, Sophie @princess, Aurora @Mole

Nuallán couldn't help but to notice how Rosaria's expression changed after she caught herself yawning and forced herself to stay awake by making herself busy. He watched her fighting against her fatigue with a saddened expression. He knew, more than anyone, how much pressure the world was putting on Rosaria's shoulders and despite how strong and perfect she appeared to be to everyone else, he knew how much effort she made and how much she demanded from herself in order to meet the expectations that others had from her. The moment their eyes met, Nuallán made sure she knew what he was feeling by the way he looked at her. A silent plead for her to not demand too much of herself and to take care of her own health.

"As you wish, my lady." Nuallán said with a formal tone and a kind smile, hiding the dissatisfaction from hearing Rosaria once again putting others in front of her own well being.

It didn't take long until Rosaria was asleep, in fact, she fell asleep pretty much the moment she laid her head against the curtains, a clear indication of how tired she was.

Standing up, Nuallán approached Rosaria as he slowly and delicately lifted her head with one of his hands as he bunched up the excess curtain, forming a small, improvised 'pillow' for Rosaria to rest her head upon.

Before he sat down, Nuallán gave a quick glance towards the group, to those who weren't asleep, giving a small nod as he pressed his finger upon his lips, asking them to refrain from disturbing Princess Rosaria's rest.
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