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"Humanity takes great pride in three things. Their willpower, their greed and their mortality.

Their will and endless greed allows them to grow and accend past other creatures
But thir mortality denies them divinity

It's a delightful purgatory between Beeing Fallen and being Divine"

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Even though Freyr tried to not show any hostility and despite how bizarre the situation was, treat it cautiously, he was caught by surprise when Sam suddenly became hostile, suddenly pulling a strange metal object when Haley tried to approach him. While he didn't know exactly what it was, the manner how Sam pulled it, pointing it at them and the way how Haley reacted made Freyr react on instinct, putting himself in front of Haley, protecting her with his body as he kept his eyes glued to the strange metal object on Sam's hand, watching it carefully, his expression immediately becoming much colder and hostile.

"Stay behind me, Haley."
Freyr said, nodding after he heard her explanation about that so called 'gun'. Even if Haley said that it probably wouldn't do much damage, he wasn't really keen on testing that on a gamble.

Fortunately, the mad man began walking away, lowering his gun until he got further away from them and continued deeper into the forest. If the small 'conversation' they had wasn't enough clue about the mental state of the man, the way how he seemed to struggle to even walk straight made it even clearer that there was something wrong with him and just as Haley had said, he was indeed dangerous.

"He is completely out of his mind...?" Freyr said, still confused about that whole thing.

"It's just as you said... He's dangerous and not only to himself... Madmen can't be reasoned with. I don't know exactly how dangerous that strange weapon of his is and I don't really want to risk a gamble but... If he meets anyone else and they end up reacting the wrong way... Something bad could happen..." Freyr said, thinking after he heard Haley asking what they should do.

"We could maybe try to set an ambush? At least to take that dangerous thing away from him and take him to the authorities... Drag him if necessary... We will have to be careful with him as long as he is still armed though." he said, looking to Haley and waiting for her input on the matter.

December 30th, Frontline dugouts

Interactions: none
Mentions: Jakou, Diana, Lucia and Jean

It wasn't a secret that some of his superiors clearly had something against Emmerich and he knew that very well. Wandering from trench to trench in mostly pointless assignments happened a few times to him already and this time it didn't seem to be different. It's been some time since he had arrived on the frontline dugouts, ordered to 'standby until further orders' but no one had called him yet nor he received any order. Still, there was nothing he could do... Life as a soldier was already miserable enough. One or two more inconveniences wouldn't change much to him.

Letting out a short, muttered curse in his mother language, the imperial language, Emmerich sighed before leaning against one of walls. While the trench wasn't exactly busy as it was in some days, it wasn't empty as well, with the few soldiers going on their own business. Some did as him, simply waiting, others found it better to do some physical exercise to distract the mind, like the red haired man walking through the trench, yet there were some others who found better ways to fight off the boredom and make the time pass like the two soldiers, a man and a woman, a few meters to his right, who were talking with each other before a second woman arrived, asking if she could join them. Without anything better to do, Emmerich ended up observing the exchange between the group. Even among the other soldiers, the blonde woman clearly stood out against the rest of the soldiers, due to the bright smile she wore while walking towards the other two, Lucia and Jean, as she called them.

After observing the group for a few seconds though, Emmerich simply sighed, turning his head and getting back to his own business, taking a small book from his pocket and opening it on the marked page. Truth be told, the fact that the small book of short classics from the Imperial literature remained intact despite everything that he had gone through was nothing short of a miracle. Other than the few blood splatters on the cover, thanks to the grenade that almost killed him when he still fought for the empire, the book was remarkably well kept, with most of the pages still intact, with no rip or tear in sight, albeit a bit yellow due to the passage of time.


With no time to waste, Mikhail made his way back to the inn after having heard what he needed to hear. While he was careful when getting out of the tavern where Bellinar went, the moment he got further away, his priority moved away from staying quiet and undetected to be fast. The information he had was a critical one and he had to relay it to Faeril as soon as possible in order to prepare to what was about to come. While Mikhail tried to reach the inn as fast as possible, he still took the basic precautions in order to not be seen, like keep up his sight shield and try to avoid overly crowded places and moving through alleyways.

It took some time until he finally arrived at the inn. The garden, the first place Mikhail saw, was a complete mess, showing a clear signal of a fight while Fatima and Gennar talked to each other in the middle of the garden. Much to Mikhail's dismay, Faeril was nowhere to be seen and judging by what Gennar just asked to Fatima, he also didn't know her whereabouts.

"Damn! Fatima, Gennar, where is Faeril? This is of utmost importance." Mikhail said, with a very serious and urgent tone, still a bit exhausted from having ran all the way to the inn. Judging by the state of the garden, Mikhail feared that the worse had already happened and someone took Faeril.

"We need to find her right now, at all costs!" he continued, sounding rather nervous as he said so.

"Bellinar... has betrayed us. He sold Faeril and the group and... I'm afraid I might be too late to do something about it. Judging by the state of the garden... Someone else was here." he finished, after a moment of silence, his tone of voice denoting the anger he felt by being betrayed, the disappointment in himself for not have realized it sooner and failed to protect Faeril.
In Avalia 13 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Forest outside Roshmi
Time: Afternoon
Interactions: Sakura @baraquiel, Risa @princess,
Valaeon @FunnyGuy, Valamiir @Alivefalling, Leon @Helo, Lucia @Potter

Myra continued in the same cautious posture, hearing Sakura as she spoke and watching every movement the big dragon man did. Just due to his size, Myra knew that a possible fight against him was incredibly dangerous and most of the times, even if one 'wins' the fight, a serious wound leave it vulnerable for days. Not something Myra or most of the other predators who lived in the wilds were willing to risk without a very good reason. While Myra did notice the woman waving towards them from behind the big dragon man, she was too focused on his movements to reply. Myra remained in the same place as Sakura walked closer to the big, intimidating guy, standing in a relatively safe distance, but with her posture still clearly showing that fighting her wouldn't be worth it.

The moment Sakura finished talking with him though, his loud voice made Myra flinch as he looked at her, with claws quickly appearing, she took a lower posture and hissed threateningly at him as he got closer to her. The moment the dragon man knelt down, she realized that his reaction, despite his loud voice, was a positive one. While Myra's posture clearly relaxed, with her standing up straight, retracting her claws, the single step back she gave as he approached her was a clear indication that she still didn't fully trust the man and would rather stay in a safe distance from him. Giving a small glance at Sakura, Myra only replied to the man when she saw that Sakura had no intention of being hostile with him. Myra scribbled her name on the air as he asked her name, still cautious, but displaying nowhere near the same hostility as she had displayed a moment ago.

December 30th, Reserve Line - Ration Stations => Frontline dugouts

People often say war changes a person... but those who say it, rarely experienced what war is on their own skin. How long it had been since Emmerich was dragged into this war? Three... four years? No matter how much he thought about it, Emmerich couldn't remember the correct date. Taking his time, Emmerich slowly ate the portion of dry bread and an unidentified type of soup. Years ago, maybe Emmerich would complain about it's taste, how hard the bread was or that the 'soup' was more water than anything else... Not anymore. He didn't remember when he stopped to care about it either...

Some soldiers, the ones which were still 'patriotic' enough to care, sent stares at him, spitting on the ground or cursing at him for his imperial blood, while others just simply avoided him. He didn't know if it was due to his height, because he was an imperial or both... And to be honest, he didn't care. For Emmerich, all of them were nothing but idiots. Idiots who let themselves be enthralled, blinded and manipulated by the pretty words of someone who was on top. Pawns and tools, being used for the sake of someone else's goals. There is no such thing as a just, noble and pure cause behind a war. Instead, there is always a selfish reason. Be it greed, hatred or anything else.

Having fought for both sides, Emmerich was especially qualified to talk about that. Between the imperial trenches and the federation ones, only the flag changed. The soldiers were still the same, just soldiers. They all had the same dumb smile on their faces when they were allowed a moment of respite, away from the battle... Common folk ordered to walk to their own deaths, having to leave their families and loved ones behind, subjected to inhuman conditions, agonizing, suffering and dying due to the orders of someone who never walked on a battlefield before, fighting for someone who didn't even know their names and probably never will. With all that being said though, Emmerich was still there, fighting. A soldier without a cause, without a homeland or a family to return to. Why did he continue to fight, one might ask. To those questions, Emmerich's answer would always be the same. He fought for himself, for survival. He did so because he hoped he would be able to have a normal life someday. Maybe have a family of his own.

With his thoughts being interrupted by the noise of the soldiers moving, Emmerich quickly finished the rest of his soup and bread, knowing it was his cue to move as well. Through the years, being mostly alone, the few times he could have to himself, to reflect and think were the only things that kept him sane. That and the books he read to get away from the reality. Having received his assignment earlier this morning, before eating, he made his way towards the frontline dugouts. He was to standby until further orders, ready to move in case the assault team needed him or in order to defend and fortify their positions. Despite his low rank, he was not only a veteran, but he had fought for the Empire before, which meant he knew their tactics. That, coupled with his cold, logical behavior even while under heavy pressure, allowed him to quickly adapt to most positions where he was needed. Unfortunately, it didn't make the other soldiers trust him any more, due to the fact that he was still from the empire.



Ada heard in silence as Nagare tried to warn Ditzy that things could go bad. While Ada still didn't know exactly why both Nagare and Sir Reed meant by the lizard people 'following' someone strong or why that could be a problem, she decided to trust them, stopping and looking at them instead of continuing following Ditzy as she was. That said, Nagare still had more to say, asking something to Sir Reed about Ada going together with her instead of Ditzy. Ada kept looking at them as they talked with each other, despite not having understood exactly what was Nagare's suggestion, but trusting it was a good one, since Sir Reed seemed to like it.

Nodding with a determined expression as Sir Reed told her to go with Nagare, she looked at her just as she held her hand towards her and asking if she would accompany her. Replying her with a kind smile and a nod, Ada took her hand, ready to follow Nagare.

As they approached the group though, huge, silver haired girl with horns approached them, looking down at Nagare as she asked their reason for approaching them. While Ada was a bit intimidated by the ogre woman's size, since she didn't seem to be particularly aggressive as she approached them, Ada refrained from showing hostility, although it was clear that she was carefully watching every movement the ogre woman made.


The only thing that went through Freyr's head as both he and Haley heard the man's reply to their greeting was confusion. His actions were strange... erratic and even as he threw his stick at them, he missed completely. Stumbling over his own words, he began speaking nonsense, inquiring abut a laughter or some dancing... as weird as that sounded, before saying he hoped he would die laughing too.

Looking to Haley with an incredibly confused expression, nodding and agreeing with her as she said he had lost his mind, Freyr turned his attention towards the seemingly insane man once more as he continued his ramblings, telling them how his great grandfather was a wise man came from the east, following a star while in search for... Boreal Port?

"Did he just say... Boreal Port...?" Freyr asked in a whisper as he turned to Haley.

"Maybe... Maybe we should take him to Boreal Port, just as he asked... Who knows how long he wandered through the forest... Maybe that's why he is so delirious..." he continued, still whispering before he gave a step forward to address the strange, ragged man.

"Umm... Mister... Cubbage? We can take you to Boreal Port if you accept our help. They will be able to... take care of you there... I hope..." he said, still a bit shocked by what was happening.


Maeve heard Tali's words, nodding in agreement with her. While Maeve was a duelist and not a soldier or someone that had seen many battlefields in her life, she knew that conflict in general was an... interesting issue if looked at from that perspective. A battlefield is a place that not only swords clash, but also ideas and feelings. While hate and slaughter were plenty in such environments, lifelong bonds were also created by those who fought alongside each other and sometimes, even against each other.

"It is true. I might not be a soldier, but I am a duelist. Even though people can lie and deceive, one's blade is a reflection of their true selves." Maeve said, nodding as she looked towards Valia.

"Allard might be big and intimidating, but he is a very kind man indeed. Even I who arrived here just a few days ago know that already." she said, with a chuckle as she agreed with Tali.

"He doesn't seem the type of person who would judge someone just because of their appearance or race." Maeve completed.

Just after she said that though, Tali looked at hear after stretching herself. Her stare was a bit... intense though, which made Maeve a bit confused, looking at her back before Tali began to talk. Even though Maeve wasn't that experienced with romance or those type of things, she wasn't as naive to not notice that Tali was interested in her. Still, knowing and knowing how to react to such thing were two completely different things.

"F-Far, yes? The desert heat is a bit... too much..." Maeve began saying, clearly talking about Tali as well with the last part while leaning a bit backwards, putting some distance between them. Her cheeks were remarkably red too, which was very noticeable due to her skin color, being an Isoli.

"Not political marriage- I mean, they did try marrying me to someone- but that doesn't matter that much and- What?" She continued, still stumbling over her own words rather nervously as Tali continued. She was slowly regaining her composure while trying to avoid looking directly at Tali, which was going relatively well until Tali mentioned that she was better than a 'husband', which caught Maeve totally by surprise, making her suddenly get up, surprised, before sitting down again, embarrassed.

It did take her a few moments in a rather awkward silence for her to calm herself down and regain her composure and the noble air and image she had, which were almost completely shattered with what had just happened.

"Are all succubus that... bold?" She asked, clearing her throat after a few moments in silence.
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