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IM STILL ALIVE GUYS!! quiet, but still alive and waiting for replies on the RPs I'm in. Life is being cruel with me atm, but I'm still here.
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Correction: I HATE having unpleasant and unwelcome visitors reading the posts i make on other RPs... The person whom i'm talking about surely knows that its meant to him. Others are welcome to read.
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I HATE having unpleasant and unwelcome visitors reading the posts i make on other RPs... If you are reading this and feel personally offended, then know this message IS meant for you.
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Diagnosed with mild depression... Unsure on how to feel about that... Currently taking some medications and im feeling a bit better... Sorry for the delay everyone i'm RPing with.
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I'm half dead... RL is really beating me up these last days... I'm so sorry everyone. I'll try to catch up with things... I'm really, really sorry.


"Humanity takes great pride in three things. Their willpower, their greed and their mortality.

Their will and endless greed allows them to grow and accend past other creatures
But thir mortality denies them divinity

It's a delightful purgatory between Beeing Fallen and being Divine"

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Ashkevron Residence in Askavi

When the other warlord appeared on the kitchen, Mikhail thought that the situation that happened a while ago would repeat itself, but fortunately for everyone in the room, this new warlord seemed to be think more with his brains and less with his muscles. His appearance was a clear indication that he had just woken up and other than a brief stare towards Mikhail and the other two newcomers, he did nothing more. That was until he opened his mouth...

After seeing the cold and penetrating look Mikhail gave to Belor, he said that it would be better to hear instead of Mikhail trying to turn others to ice. Despite his small joke, Mikhail could feel the veiled threat on his tone and especially the last statement, when he said that Faeril did that with an efficacy he couldn't match.

Mikhail's eyes didn't change. The tension was still in the air, especially with one more warlord appearing on the kitchen. Mikhail didn't know if there were more or if he was the last one, but things were starting to get dangerous for him. Despite his prowess, abilities and his experience in killing, he was still just one guy. And fighting against many warlords without the element of surprise wasn't something that Mikhail would try. He never liked in leaving things on Lady Luck's hands.

Surprisingly enough, Fatima's presence there seemed to have an extremely effective calming aura. Her calm, warm smile and her soothing voice discouraged any hostile intention others could have when looking at her. According to Fatima's words as she left Mikhail's side to greet the warlord who had just woken up, Gen, there was another male sleeping in that house. Lucivar. By the way she was talking about him though, it sounded that he was much more reasonable than the other ones.

When she walked towards Mikhail again, presenting him as a 'friend', he couldn't help but let out a discreet smile and a chuckle. It was still strange to hear that word being said so casually by Fatima. He wondered if she would still use it if she knew what he did as a job.

When they finally got back to the kitchen again, much to Fatima's surprise, someone had already taken care of the burnt pancake, going as far as to clear everything. After expressing her surprise with that, she asked everyone to sit down and wait for the breakfast with the same energy and kindness on her voice.

It was admirable how she was dealing with that situation. Even with such a heavy atmosphere and tension in the air, she not even once lost the smile in her face or raised her voice. Sitting down as far as he could from the other warlords and as near as he could from Fatima, Mikhail simply observed in silence. Even though Faeril seemed to hold more authority than Fatima on that house, Fatima was still really respected and if she didn't want a fight, it was highly unlikely it would happen... After all... if she wasn't there, Mikhail was certain that the other warlords and himself would be already fighting...

@Jollan@Sho Minazuki

Annika wasn't surprised when Garsin showed to have exactly the same worries as her regarding that mission. She could sense that something was weird regarding all that. Despite that feeling, they had no options other than accepting that mission. After she mentioned about the dress she was wearing though, Garsin couldn't hold himself and started to laugh, making Annika look at him, pouting with a surprisingly adorable annoyed expression. But despite his laughter, he did have some good points. It would indeed be really suspicious for them just to show themselves there, without knowing anyone. There was also the possibility of their mere presence there, asking questions would put the culprit on guard.

When he mentioned going to bars and inns around the town to search for intel, Annika couldn't help but think that it would be undoubtedly hard to find that type of Intel on mere bars. They were dealing with power struggles and politics. Those weren't the type of things people would discuss on bars...

"We..." Annika started to say, hesitating for a second.

"We will stand out a lot going to bars in such formal and fancy clothes... I would prefer much more to be wearing the clothes I always wear..." She said, still feeling uncomfortable using that dress.

"I also don't think that the people that go to bars are the type of people that are interested in politics and power struggles..." Annika said, in a low tone.

When they finally arrived on the scale district, things turned out to be exactly as she had murmured a while ago. The general populace seemed to be much more interested in the deeds of the 'Swords of Valor' group than politics. They would have a hard time finding any meaningful information around there.

Despite her silence, it was incredibly clear by her expression what she wanted to say. 'I told you' were the words that were almost written in her face when she looked to Garsin.

They were already there though and as such, they should try to search for any information worth noting.

Inside the Drowned Dragon, the bar that they choose to go in first, despite being still a bit empty, with most of the clients still arriving for lunch, there was a couple of people that clearly stood out from the rest, such as a mage on the far back and the man with a military garb.

Between both of them, at least on Annika's opinion, the one that had the better chance to have some good information was the military guy.

Discreetly pulling Garsin's sleeve, she pointed towards the man with the military garb, nodding her head, silently saying that they should probably start with him.

But the hardest part was yet to come. Even though Annika had the 'target' on her sights... What would they do? Simply go to where the man was and just ask him a lot of questions, revealing themselves and possibly their intentions?

She was a sniper and a scout, not a detective. Only if they knew who their target was, studying his schedule to find a perfect moment to kill him was much easier than that.

Looking to Garsin, the confusion was clear on her face as she waited for him to say or do anything.
Bast Ragoczy

"Well... That will make things just a tiny bit complicated..." Bast sighed after he realized that he was being watched and hearing the boy screaming about a strange on the backyard, followed shortly by Eilidh calling his name, stating that obviously things were starting to go wrong.

Bast quickly finished the protection circle before he started hearing the sound of the guards running to the garden. In just a few minutes, the garden would be in flames and he wasn't really in the mood to fight against those guards. Without a second to lose, Bast ran away from the garden to the street outside. As soon as he got there, he saw Eilidh.

"It would be a smart decision to run now." he said, gently taking her hand and pulling her away towards a small, dim lit street in the back of the mansion.

"We can hide ourselves in one of those dark alleys, at least until they stop searching for us." Bast said, as he continued to run. While Bast was really curious about the 'bad news' Eilidh mentioned, he could wait at least when they were already hiding to ask her.



Finally arriving at the guild, Freyr was greeted with a rather strange scene. Talia was getting out of the gigantic hole on the side of the guild, but the strange part was that she looked almost like she was attacked by something judging by her clothes and her expression.
Neil was the first to ask what happened. Upon hearing from Talia that the one who tackled her was the newcomer girl, the one that was wearing an armor, Freyr got even more confused. Not only he didn't understand what was happening, but he also made no idea why she would have a reason to attack Talia.

"Did I... Miss something?" Freyr asked, looking to Talia and Neil, confused.

"Oh, yes. Regarding the quest, luckily, everything ended up fine. Nobody got hurt despite things not going exactly as we planned..." Freyr replied after Talia completely changed the subject, asking them about their mission.

"At least everyone is fine... We should keep our eyes open though... We're definitely going to attract a bit of attention from the Varjans after this mission." Freyr reminded, sighing after he heard what Yang said.

"Especially you, Yang... You should be careful now that they know who you are..." Freyr said, looking to Yang, before she tapped on his shoulder, going inside, probably to train a bit more.

"You should rest a bit. Don't overexert yourself." Freyr said before she entered through the gigantic hole.

Not everything was bad though. Just like Nagare had mentioned, despite everyone being fine and nobody getting hurt, after that mission they finally would have enough money to pay for the hole. That statement made Freyr smile a bit. Hard times might be coming for the guild now that they would probably start attracting a bit of attention from Varjo, but for now, everything was fine.

When Nagare called his name though, Freyr turned to her, curious. When she bowed down, personally thanking him for protecting her, he couldn't help but let out a kind smile towards her.

"You don't need to thank me. I said I would keep you safe before, didn't I?" he said, with a kind smile.

"I wouldn't let a guildmate get hurt without doing anything about it. So you don't need to be so formal about it." he concluded, still with a kind and warm smile towards her.

"It would be good for you to rest a bit too. The mission today was pretty tiring." He finished, looking to Nagare.

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Karina Frost

Chres, more than anyone else seemed to understand exactly how big of a threat all that situation could become not only to themselves, but to the other nations as well. Just like Chres himself said, they only saw a part of the cult's power. They didn't know exactly what they were capable of.

But Chres apparently wasn't the only one paying attention at what Karina was saying. Unlike Octavio, that seemed to have absolutely no interest in discussing strategies or anything like that, Týfurkh was mumbled something about being inefficient to use light to contact the exterior world, clearly showing that he was indeed paying close attention. After a few moments, he spoke once more, saying he had a better idea.

Carefully listening to Týfurkh's idea, Karina couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. His idea was... confusing at best. The theory behind it was undoubtedly interesting, as it would attract way less attention than huge spotlight of darkness in the eyes of a sightless, but she still had her doubts about the execution of said plan.

As he got up, walking through the room, Karina's eyes followed the man to the window, where he pointed to a tall clock tower outside, saying that it would be the perfect location to put his plan in motion.

"Probably intact enough to not collapse upon it's own weight. That should be enough to us as well." Karina replied, looking to Týfurkh.

"Your plan... The concept is undeniably interesting... But how exactly do you plan to do it? Pointing the direction where the Military of Touch's forward base is no problem to me, but I'm curious on how you will be able to make them hear your message." Karina asked, curious.

"If your plan shows itself to be possible though, I will ask you to send a very specific message to them. Something to identify myself. Otherwise I doubt they will believe in a message that came literally out of nowhere." she concluded, looking to Týfurkh.

Ashkevron Residence in Askavi

Despite the misunderstanding already being solved, the atmosphere was still really tense. Mikhail's words to Fatima were showing to be more accurate by the second. But despite all that, under all that heavy atmosphere, Fatima's kind and honest smile was still a bright light amongst all the darkness that seemed to always surround him wherever he went. For a second, Mikhail almost forgot all the situation that was happening when Fatima smiled back to him, but Belor's voice made him clear his head once more as he corrected him, insisting him to not call Fatima just by her name. Even Fatima herself didn't exactly agree with Belor as it was shown clearly by her expression.

Without saying a word, Mikhail looked straight to Belor's eyes with a penetrating, ice cold stare. Even without actually saying a single word, that single stare was worth for thousand of words. Castes meant absolutely nothing to him and he wouldn't be anyone's possessions. Differently from others, he didn't fight for a queen. He fought for himself. His sole preoccupation was his own survival. If he ever choose to bow down to anyone, it would be on his own terms and he would choose himself whom he would bow down to.

"I think, in this day and age everyone has a sad, ugly story to tell. I don't mind it at all, I want to hear all about you. And if you would prefer to talk about it in private I am happy to oblige. I just want to get to know all of my..." Fatima said, making Mikhail turn towards her and making his ice cold stare immediately disappear. The second she stopped though, Mikhail's eyes hardened and became colder as he waited for her to finish her sentence. Depending on how she finished that sentence, Mikhail's attitude towards the woman would drastically change. Such heavy stare would be easily perceived by Fatima herself though. If isn't wasn't clear before, with Mikhail's reaction now it became even more clear that it was difficult to earn his trust. Whatever was his past, it made him a man that always had his guard up and it was highly unlikely it would be easy for him to open himself with anyone so soon.

The second Fatima finished her sentence though, Mikhail's eyes immediately became softer and the kind and warm smile he had when he first met her appeared on his face once more.

"Friends... It's been a long while since I heard that word. It is... pleasant to hear it once more." he said, with a chuckle.

"Even if it turns out to be just a sweet illusion." he thought to himself as he looked to Belor with the same cold, penetrating stare from before.


Nina watched as Croaks approached the checkpoint, silently hoping that everything would go as well as she had planned. Nina was a bit worried at first, seeing how Croaks had a small misunderstanding with a couple just outside of the checkpoint before he came in, but he was surprisingly well behaved. Going as far as to keep his hands off his pocket as he approached the checkpoint. All that changed though when he opened his mouth, asking Nina if Eric was her output and belittling him. It didn't stop just with that though. Croaks continued as he started to explain to him that Nina was an information broken and that she needed to go to 'seedier' parts of the town, ending with even offering him his card, mentioning even that if he wanted someone to dive the rivers in search for contraband.

In part, Nina agreed with Croaks. She was an info broker and she certainly needed to put her nose in pretty messy places to get where she wanted to but he didn't need to return fire to Eric. Again, she understood why he did it after being treated like that, but in that situation, returning the sharp words and stares he received would only get things even worse.

Nina could see Eric's face go red with anger after Croaks word. Things were even worse due to him not being able to retaliate because he was technically still on his post doing his job. In one side, he wouldn't be able to interfere with the check due to personal motives, but in the other side, if Croaks met him while he was not working, things would definitely go bad.

"Eric, stop." Nina said, with a harsh and piercing stare to the guard the moment he saw his reaction.

"He contracted me and he is one of my contacts. I'm working with something that might be big." Nina continued, being incredibly clear on her intentions and being clear that she wouldn't tolerate intrusions on her own work. She knew very well what she was doing and how to protect herself. It was undeniable that Eric had a big brother complex, but Nina knew what she was doing and didn't need to have someone to take care of her.

Despite Eric's burning face, the check went fine. Ending with only a 'hmpf' by Eric as Croaks walked away. Eric and his brother were a handful at times and it was definitely annoying to deal with them constantly flirting with her, but they still had their uses to Nina.

Finally walking away from the checkpoint, Nina sighed heavily after they were far enough to not see Eric or the guards anymore.

"If you thought Eric was irritating and annoying, you should see Marcus, his brother. I'm really thankful he wasn't around today." she said.

"Eric is a good guy once you get to know him better. Pretty chill guy, good to hang around with and drink. Has a bit of an 'older brother complex' but he's pretty decent otherwise. His brother though... Marcus is a fucking annoyance. Has a gigantic crush on me and thinks I'm a small, defenseless girl." she finished, sighing again.

"Oh, Eric is married by the way. Differently from his brother." Nina said, laughing.

"First time I ever seen Eric red like that though..." Nina said, laughing again as she looked to Croaks.

"Honestly, you two would really like each other if you guys stopped to drink together sometime. Eric seems like that when working, but he really enjoys a bar brawl when drinking." Nina said, with a chuckle.

"Well, we're arriving on the storehouse I mentioned soon enough. It would be interesting for you to get to know the owner as well. If you manage to be friends with Eric enough to earn a free pass through the checkpoint, you could go there to buy some pretty interesting items or even sell some stuff, who knows." she finished.

Ashkevron Residence in Askavi

Mikhail simply watched in silence as Fatima checked Faeril's vital signs followed shortly by the white haired girl he had seen down on the kitchen, whom had followed them despite the tense atmosphere. There was simply nothing more to say, Mikhail had already told them everything he needed to say. Seeing Faeril sleeping and checking her pulse themselves should be enough for them to stop with the hostile behavior. Of course, that wouldn't mean that Mikhail would drop his guard near the other warriors and he was sure they would do the same but still... It was better than them just openly demonstrating their hostility and making everyone tense...

After Fatima invited the white haired woman to make a restorative brew for Faeril when she woke up, she walked towards Mikhail, threading her fingers with his and asking if he wanted to join them, with that same warm and kind smile. The second she touched him, albeit it was almost imperceptible, if she was paying close attention, she would see Mikhail's muscles tensing up a bit before relaxing again, almost as if it was a combat reflex. Everything regarding Mikhail, upon close inspection seemed to resume to killing and keeping himself alive... Which many times, were the exact same thing.

"It's rare to meet someone who would treat a complete stranger so well and with the kindness you do, Fatima, But I don't know if my presence will be... tolerated for much longer." he said, clearly referring to the warriors from a moment ago.

"About myself..." Mikhail repeated Fatima's words, thinking a bit.

"Almost everything that there is to be known about myself isn't exactly... pleasant to hear. But if you are ok with a superficial explanation, there are still a few good things." he finished, with a somewhat distant, but warm smile.
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Bast Ragoczy

The second Bast got in the garden, he couldn't help but to stop for a minute to admire it's beauty. The garden was undeniably beautiful. The exotic plants, all the colors and the myriad of different fragrances created a truly unique atmosphere. Calm and peaceful, it was truly a place that Bast enjoyed, in a personal level.

"Whoever was the one responsible for this garden, has my admiration." Bast said to himself as he calmly walked through the garden.

It would be a shame to see it burning. He knew that if he wanted his plan to work, he would still have to do it.

As he calmly walked around the garden, appreciating the flowers and the exotic plants, making sure he remembered every fragrance and color, Bast simply dropped a few cards imbued with fire magic on strategic points, on a brief timer. After a few minutes, the cards would erupt in flames, completely engulfing the garden.

Before walking away though, he went to the very middle of the garden, where a few Narcissus flowers were. Kneeling down near the flowers, he carefully drew a magical glyph on the dirt, around the plants. This glyph would protect them from the fire and make it so the earth on the entire garden was still fertile despite the fire.

"A small gift..." Bast said with a discreet smile, putting a small paper note on top of the flowers, handwritten with a beautifully stylized font. On the note, a few words were written:

'It pains me to see such a wonderful garden destroyed. The fragrances, the colors and the wonderful atmosphere will forever remain in my memory. Compared to a mere carriage, a garden holds incomparable beauty to those who know to appreciate it. Not all is lost though. The ground is fertile, maybe even more than it was before. The Narcissus, in flower language means amongst other things, rebirth and eternal life. It's a small gift from me for you who was responsible for such a beautiful garden. I hope you will be able to create an even more beautiful garden to surprise me.'

After the job was finished, Bast got out of the garden and made a discreet signal (while being careful for not being noticed by the guards) for Eilidh to know that the job was already done. In a few minutes, the garden would be engulfed in flames, saving for the few flowers he had protected. Now they just needed to hand over the second letter to the Barensia and wait on top of the watch tower to watch how the situation would unfold.



While the plan didn't go exactly as they planned, everything went well in the end. Thankfully, no one from the guild got hurt. Not the same could be said from their enemies though... Despite what Bartholomew said, that quest would definitely attract attention to them. They were really taking sides now...

Being thanked by Maria Corazon and seeing how thankful the liberated prisoners were and the cheers coming from the locals was indeed a good feeling. Not only that, but the reward was really big too, as it got evident by the weight of the bag of gold Maria handed to Titanica.

"With this we will be able to help in fixing the guild wall." Freyr said with a smile, looking to the group.

"It was risky, but I'm glad to see that everyone is ok." He finished, looking to Yang and Nagare specifically.

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