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Current Finished Code Vein (3 times, 2 on NG+, enhanced difficulty) earlier this week. It would be really awesome to have a Code Vein inspired RP, with a dark, punk-ish setting. Could help with worldbuilding.
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I'm sorry... Just feeling really, really bad right now. Not in the mood to do anything.


"Humanity takes great pride in three things. Their willpower, their greed and their mortality.

Their will and endless greed allows them to grow and accend past other creatures
But thir mortality denies them divinity

It's a delightful purgatory between Beeing Fallen and being Divine"

Oh, and the color code for the RPGuild's background is 2d2d2d. Write it on a post and it becomes almost completely invisible. You're welcome! XD

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No worries, take your time. I hope everything goes well :-)

Was thinking in waiting for your reply before posting, since both of my characters aren't really fit to talk about this kind of stuff. There's not much Ada can add to the conversation (lol) and Freyr is hopeless when the subject is love and relationships.

Due to her magic being not exactly ideal for that type of misdirection and the fact that, due to her unique magic, it would be incredibly obvious to almost any cultists that she was behind it, she simply stood by in silence. Chres' previous distraction would already make things easier for them but thanks to Týfurkh, using his magic to further confuse the soldiers, which gave them enough time to approach them.

Following Chres closely, Karina carefully and slowly unsheathed her rapier, in order to not make any sound. The moment Chres jumped on the guards, Karina followed soon after, ready to dispatch of those guards in a swift manner. What they weren't expecting though was the fact that the guard Chres had already struck, would still try to sound the horn he had with him in his last moments. Thanks to Chres' quick thinking though, he slit the dying man's throat before he could sound the horn.

Their attack on the guards was swift and brutal, especially when aided by Octavio's illusions. The guard that was going to attack Chres after he finished the one that was going to sound the horn was now paralyzed due to Octavio's illusions. Confused and probably in fear after what he saw, he was an easy prey for Karina, who dashed towards his direction in a deadly lunge. No magic was necessary to finish him. Two quick and precise movements from Karina's rapier were enough. A single stab in the heart, followed by a slash to the throat in order to prevent the guard from screaming. Death came quickly as the remaining guard fell to the ground, dead.

It wasn't the first time Karina had seen Octavio's illusions but that didn't prevent her from being surprised by it. More than anyone else, Karina was familiar with how dangerous and effective illusions could be, since her father was one of the most famous users of that type of magic. Looking to Octavio, Karina nodded in a silence gesture of appreciation for his skills and help.
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Location: Roshmi Grand Hall
Time: Evening => Morning
Interactions: O'ner (Mathis)@Eviledd1984, Malachi @princess, Belladonna @Potter

Myra had learned a lot of things while living in the wilds by herself and among them, she knew that despite the fact that she probably could hunt or flee from anything in the forest, there were some animals that even her should be wary of. As experience showed her, bright colored insects and animals were, in the majority of times, very venomous. Even though she had never seen those strange spiders before, their appearance almost screamed to her that they too were incredibly dangerous due to that very fact.

Myra watched as the male elf used his bow to take out some of the spiders and as Mathis turned his staff into a bow. Those would be really helpful, since she really didn't want to try her luck and go near those creatures to attack them with her claws. She didn't know, after all, if the spiders were just venomous or if their skin or blood was also dangerous. Not only that but the amount of spiders that appeared, one after another made it clear that if they moved carelessly, they would be completely cornered and overwhelmed by them.

Myra was hissing towards the spiders, giving a few steps back while she did so. Stopping for a moment, she looked to Mathis and the rest of the group, pointing towards the exit of the cave with an urgent expression before returning hissing and trying to intimidate the spiders again. They needed to get out of there and run, lest they wanted to be overwhelmed by the spiders. Unfortunately for them, their situation was about to get much worse, as the spiders suddenly became more aggressive, glowing brighter and with even more venom coming out of their fangs. Now that the spiders were glowing brighter, it became even more obvious that they needed to run. Looking towards the forest, the group would easily be able to see even more spiders approaching and a stronger glow in the distance, what probably was the place where the spiders were coming from.

Judging that staying there would be too dangerous, Myra grabbed Mathis' hand and began pulling him towards the exit, searching for a path that would avoid the spiders and lead them to safety. Myra looked towards the group as well, pointing and signaling that they should also run.

Location: Roshmi Grand Hall
Time: Evening
Interactions: Torvi @Tae, Kuroi @hide on mana

While Ayita would be vehemently against the idea of going into the sewers at any other occasion, she knew better than to complain at that moment. No matter the smell or the filth that they would have to face, the sewers were indeed the safest place at the moment, somewhere they may be able to rest a bit better and it was evident that if they didn't rest soon, they would risk simply fainting out of exhaustion.

Even though the few minutes they had spent there could hardly be called 'resting', being closer to a torture, it still helped them to conserve some energy. As Kuroi stood up, Ayita nodded, agreeing with him as he said that they should start searching for the sewers. It did take a while, but thanks to Kuroi knowing well the city, they finally found a place that was connected to the sewers. Just as Kuroi had said as he grabbed the manhole cover, they would be backtracking the very way they came from inside the sewers, which would hopefully take them outside.

"I just hope we won't... collapse due to the exhaustion before we're outside..." Ayita said, fighting the exhaustion and forcing herself to climb down the ladder to the sewer. The only good thing in all that was that she was so exhausted that the foul smell coming from the sewer was the least of her problems and ignoring it wouldn't be that much of a task... Trying to stay awake and fighting the exhaustion though was another story...

Time: 5pm
Location: Alexei's
Interaction with: Vivian @Pink Khione, Finn @Milkman

While she spoke, Ylva watched as the black haired woman prepared her drink. Her hands and experienced movements an indication that she knew very well what she was doing. The ingredients she was putting did make Ylva curious about the taste as well. When she mentioned that the tradition her clan had of slaughtering the meat for the feast right there was 'metal', Ylva couldn't help but laugh a bit.

"You wouldn't believe-me if I told you more about it!" she said, laughing. She wondered how the woman would react if she told her a bit more of what really happened in those feasts.

"Viv. I like how it sounds! I feel we might see each other quite regularly from now on." Ylva said with a chuckle as she watched Viv giving the drink some final touches.

The very moment she finished Ylva's drink and was handing it over to her, a loud crashing noise interrupted both of them, coming from the bar's entrance. The culprits were two men, whom apparently were fighting before literally throwing themselves inside the bar, crashing through the door and landing on the ground.

Ylva watched with an amused expression as the smaller one of the two, the blonde guy, quickly knocked out the big guy with a punch, before grabbing his head and nodding it with it's hands as he said that the big guy would pay for the repairs.

"Oh shit! Someone knows how to throw a punch!" Ylva said, with an amused smile and a laugh as the blonde guy knocked the big one out.

"Hah! Indeed a good finding. If things like this are common here, I'm probably going to love this place!" she said as she looked to Viv, laughing. While it wasn't exactly her intention, her laugh probably helped to disperse the silence and the strange atmosphere that took over the bar after the loud crashing noise.

"By the way, this is fantastic, Viv!" Ylva said as she gave a sip on the drink Vivian had prepared for her earlier.

The moment Vivian asked for the blonde man's ID and contact information though, Ylva who was distracted before finally picked up a rather... peculiar smell coming from the blonde man. She already knew that there were other werewolves in the town so she knew that sooner or later she would meet with another one, but she wasn't expecting to meet one there. Ylva who was laughing and cheerful before immediately went silent, looking to the blonde man with a piercing stare. After a brief moment, Ylva took another sip from her drink, seemingly returning to her usual self, although it would be clear for the blonde man that she was still watching every movement he made.

"Just out of curiosity... How many times you guys have to fix the front door per year?" Ylva asked Viv, taking another big sip from her drink.


Mikhail entered Faeril's room in silence as she spoke. Indeed, it was like she said. Until Fatima could confirm the bond she felt with Sybl, they could do absolutely nothing but to wait. That didn't meant that it wasn't risky though and Mikhail himself didn't like to work with assumptions. Either he trusted Sybl or he didn't. Thankfully, he wasn't going to be alone with Fatima. As Fatima changed subjects, asking about the requirement the old priestess talked about, Mikhail was starting to open his mouth to speak before Gennar started explaining to her. The moment he finished, it became clear due to Faeril's expression that she wasn't expecting that answer.

"Unfortunately, Faeril, it is as he said." Mikhail said with a heavy sigh, a clear indication that he was equally unsatisfied with the old priestess' requirements than Faeril was.

"The candle isn't the problem but... We can't afford to have that black jeweled warlord prince with us... At least not the way he is right now." he continued.

"Volatile, unpredictable, he is a black jeweled warlord prince that might not even feel the pull towards Fatima. He has absolutely no reason to be our ally, just like we have no reason to trust him. Convincing him to come with us will already be a problem and even if we do, it would be akin to walk around with a bomb that could explode at any moment..." he said with a serious tone.

"We need a very good measure to put him under our control before we can even consider taking him. The risk would be too great if we don't." he finished, looking to Faeril in a manner that, despite his lack of words, suggested that she could be the one to create such 'leash' to keep SaDiablo under control.
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Location: Roshmi Grand Hall
Time: Evening
Interactions: Torvi @Tae, Kuroi @hide on mana

With the decision made by the group to stay and rest a little, Ayita sat down against the wall for a moment. She was exhausted but there was still so much to do... Even after finding other humans, other people who also wanted to, or at least said they would, fight against Aklenroth, Ayita didn't feel like she could trust them that much. More importantly... She didn't know if they had what it takes to do what needs to be done.

Interrupting her thoughts, Kuroi's voice drew her attention once more as he stated that there was an entrance to the sewers not far from there. It was indeed the best alternative if they didn't want to draw any attention. Maybe not the most pleasant but the one they needed the most.

"It would be wise to... Although we can't sleep... Not yet... Stay awake." she replied, not just to Kuroi but to the rest of the group as well. It wasn't any secret that Ayita was also extremely exhausted and was struggling to keep herself awake as she sat down to rest for a few minutes and she knew how much the others might want to close their eyes and sleep.

"Conserve energy. We are all exhausted and every single bit of energy we can save might be the difference between life and death." she finished, talking in a low, slow voice, almost as if she was trying to move her mouth and vocal chords as little as possible.

Even though she didn't know if she could trust them completely, Ayita could relate to how the rest of the group probably was feeling. Sitting down and trying to relax, trying to rest and not being able to sleep despite how exhausted they were was akin to torture... But they didn't have many alternatives if they wanted to get out of the city and get somewhere safe.


Ada was still trying to do her best to not seriously hurt the maid, as she wasn't sure how her friends would react to that but honestly, it wasn't very easy to do so. The maid did move quite quickly, which was surprising for Ada and she also knew how to fight with those weird sticks. The way she moved them was rather weird and Ada kept trying to go in but was kept at bay due to the sticks. Fortunately, the moment she turned around to throw a stick on Freyr, it gave her and Sir Reed an opening to do something against the maid. Since she had only one stick in her hand now, it was going to be way easier for them.

The moment Sir Reed locked the Kikimora maid's arms behind him, he yelled for her to finish the maid off, which made Ada confused, as she looked at the maid and then to Sir Reed. Fortunately, it seemed like Sir Reed did see the confusion on her expression and gave her clearer instructions, telling Ada to knock the maid out. Now knowing what to do, Ada twisted her body and swung her tail, aiming right to the Kikimora maid's stomach, hitting her with a powerful blow. Hopefully, enough to knock her down.


Freyr was able to successfully deflect the stick that was thrown towards Ditzy, allowing him to continue towards the cart to take Nero to safety while Freyr continue to provide long range support to the others with his bow. As Ditzy lifted Nero and began carrying him, running back towards Freyr himself, he focused on keeping Ditzy safe form other possible stick throws. Unfortunately for the hobgoblin, he wasn't out of danger just yet. The moment he started running with Nero, the kikimora that was fighting against Kira hesitated and instead of continuing to fight against her, completely ignored Kira, dashing right towards Ditzy to intercept him.

Seeing that, Freyr was ready to fire an arrow at the kikimora's legs in order to prevent from reaching Ditzy. That said, when he was about to let go of the arrow, an arnis stick hit his arms, throwing off his aim and ruining his shot.

"Dammit!" Freyr cursed as he pulled another arrow, nocking it into his bow and aiming at the kikimora maid.

Unfortunately, he was too slow due to the blow on his arms and the second he aimed at her again, she already had Ditzy in her arms. Somehow, she had already tied Nero again with a rope and was using Ditzy as a shield against Freyr's arrows. Maintaining his aim, Freyr awaited for further developments, as it was now a hostage situation. Giving a quick glance around, he would also realize that the other kikimoras had disappeared, apparently turning into mist after being beaten.

As Ozzy began talking with the Kikimora after hearing the reason for all that mess, Freyr kept a cold, piercing gaze as he aimed his bow, ready to fire as soon as he saw any chance to do so without hurting Ditzy. While he could somewhat understand why the Kikimora maid was going to such distances merely because of love, he still couldn't agree with the actions she choose to take. After all, even if Haley didn't want to be with him, that wouldn't be an excuse for him to kidnap her or anything.


"That is much better, isn't it? I admire your determination, Lynn. Despite everything you went through, you still stood strong." Maeve said with a smile to both Lynn and Valia as they finished. It did take a while but Lynn was definitely in a much better state than she was when she arrived.

"That is a sublime idea! I think I might do the same. I think we both deserved after everything, right?" Maeve said with a wink and a mischievous smirk to her as she helped her to get Lynn dressed. It was a bit weird even for Maeve, but she felt a connection with Valia, despite how distant the places they lived were from one another. It was almost as if they were already friends despite having met each other only for a day.

With that finished, Valia got Lynn, carrying her on her arms with a surprising ease. As they were heading towards the exit before making their way towards the Oasis though, Valia asked why someone such as Maeve, from Tundral was in Kalla, a place that was certainly miserable for her to visit due to the temperature.

"Hm... Indeed that's an interesting question. To answer that though, I will have to tell you a bit more about myself." Maeve said, looking back to Valia with a smile before continuing walking.

"As you might already know, I am the second child from the Orzhov family, a wealthy and influential family on Tundral. As it is expected from one of the oldest families in Tundral, the Orzhov are very strict in many aspects, insisting in dumb and obsolete traditions such as that the head of the family must be a male and the eldest son. For me, that meant I was going to be fated to merely be married to someone else in a political marriage, merely for the benefit of my family or to serve the royal family." Maeve began.

"Unfortunately for my family, despite them trying to raise me into the perfect housewife, since I was a child I was fascinated with fencing and as I began getting older, displayed a innate talent in fencing. That, coupled with the magic in my family being rather strong and my love for fencing made me into the best duelist in Tundral. To make things even worse for them, when they brought the matter of marriage to me again, I stated that I wouldn't marry anyone who was weaker than me." she continued, with a mischievous smirk as she said the last part. Valia would notice in Maeve's voice that she wasn't boasting at all when she said that she was the best duelist in Tundral. It wasn't mere arrogance. Her voice was the voice of a woman that knew she was the best. Such confidence wasn't born out of lies or exaggerations.

"For most of my life, I was content in merely honing my magic and my fencing skills. But it began getting... dull and boring after some time. Nobody else in Tundral represented a challenge to me anymore. There wasn't anyone else that could beat me. Not even the best instructors on Tundral. Being in the top is honestly... boring. Especially if you're living like a caged bird inside the Orzhov mansion. It was suffocating." she said with a heavy sigh.

"After some time, I simply couldn't handle that anymore. Living in the shadow of my brother, being denied the seat as the head of the family despite being better than him in almost everything, merely because he is a few years older and a male... It was insulting. Not even the family could deny my talents anymore. I grew too big for Tundral... and too big for a family that doesn't give me the value and respect I deserve. Luckily, due to my status as a duelist and the noble balls and events I had to attend, merely as a puppet for the main family and for my brother, who was 'too busy' to attend to such events, I managed to make some interesting connections to other noble families, which gave me enough influence and leverage to openly go against my father's wishes. Having consolidated my position in Tundral as more than just the 'youngest daughter of the Orzhov family', I was free to do whatever I please." Maeve continued, this time her voice had a rather satisfied tone though.

"The first thing I did after being freed from the plans of my family was to leave Tundral. Why Kalla? I don't know. I lived in Isoli for most of my life. Kalla is almost the complete opposite to what Tundral is. Maybe that is one of the reasons I choose to go to Kalla first. Either that or it was just on a whim. Who knows..." she said with an amused chuckle.

"About my goals... I seek to further hone both my magic and my fencing skills, to know the world and enjoy the freedom that was takeb from me so far by my family, to maybe find someone that can give me a worthy challenge in a spar and finally, to make it so not even the Orzhov family can go against me anymore. To show them how much they underestimated me." Maeve finished, turning her head towards Valia now that she was finally done with telling her story.

"So, this is my story, Madam Valia. As an addendum, although I must agree that the climate is dreadful for an Isoli like me, the trip to Kalla was rather interesting and eventful so far. Plus, if I had gone anywhere else, I wouldn't have met such a good friend now, would I?" she said with a kind smile as she looked to Valia.

Karina heard to Týfurkh's words carefully as he started speaking. Indeed, they were heavily outnumbered and the second they got discovered, they would be surrounded. Just like the plan they had discussed earlier though, if everything was done correctly, they would have at least some time until the cultists realized what was happening. They had to capitalize and make the best use of that short amount of time.

"We should try to draw as little attention as possible. We will have at least some time until the sightless realize what is happening. We need to make the best use of this short time as we can." Karina said, turning to Týfurkh and the group with a confident expression. She knew that her plan wouldn't fail if everyone did their job or if by any huge stroke of bad luck, something unexpected happened. After all, she was a strategist and was confident in her intelligence.

"They will. Sooner or later they will discover what we are trying to do, Octavio. Our job is to have already done what we need to the second they discover." she said to him.

Unfortunately for them, the time was getting short and the toll of the bell, indicating that the guards had raised the alarm on the eastern gate meant that they had no time left for strategize.

With the guards already alarmed and an added distraction caused by Chres, the clock had began ticking. With the time until the sightless finally discovered what they were trying to do getting shorter, they had to move now and be quick about it.

"Remember, we are running against the clock. Be quick, quiet and efficient." Karina said to the group before they began their plan.

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Location: Roshmi Grand Hall
Time: Evening => Morning
Interactions: O'ner (Mathis)@Eviledd1984, Malachi @princess, Belladonna @Potter

Myra was still a bit worried about Darius and Artemis. Even though Mathis said he would help her to find them she was still a bit worried. After everything that happened, who knows what could have happened to them? She could only hope they were safe since she simply couldn't go running around to try and find them for two reasons: Not only the amount of smells was too much for her to track them down properly but if she got separated from Mathis and her new friends and lost, things might get even harder for Myra. The fact that she would likely have to look for them on the town, a place she wasn't familiar with, was even worse for her. The fact that the yellow haired elf said that he didn't saw them made the idea of Myra going herself looking for them even more unlikely to succeed. Still, she wasn't alone. Mathis would help her to find them as he promised.

With the night getting darker, they needed to find a place for them to rest. When the yellow haired elf mentioned that the city was dangerous and saying he was going to go to the forest with the girl, Myra immediately looked to Mathis, nodding towards him, making it clear she agreed with the elf and that they should go to the forest as well. Not only she was going to be way more comfortable and calmer on the forest, she would also be able to get something for them to eat.

Myra got immediately a bit calmer once she found herself in an environment she knew and was accustomed with. Although she was fine sleeping almost anywhere, she still didn't completely trust the elf nor the girl. Even though they had indeed helped to heal her, they were still strangers for her. Unfortunately, even though her idea was to go to the forest but not together with the elf and the girl, it seemed Mathis had misunderstood her and they ended up going together, which didn't prevent her from keeping her eyes on the two while they looked for a spot to stay for the night. Even though it took some time for Myra to be able to sleep, especially due to being together with two strangers, after she finally fell asleep, Myra had some well deserved rest that night, especially after everything that happened, which definitely had exhausted her both physically and mentally. She did wake up a bit alarmed when she heard some movement around, but after realizing that it was the elf, whom seemed to not have slept that much, Myra laid down again after looking at him for a brief moment to continue resting.

When Myra finally woke up, the elf had already made a campfire and was making some food. After stretching herself, she walked over to Mathis to see if he was already up. If she found him awake, she would point towards her open mouth, in a clear sign meaning "food" and then to the forest. She wanted to go catch something for her to eat but she wanted to at least warn Mathis that she would be out for a moment in case he got worried.

After talking with Mathis, Myra dashed away inside the forest, disappearing in the blink of an eye due to both her speed and the fact that she was already used in moving herself in such places. After only a few minutes, Myra got back to the camp with an adult hare inside her mouth, carrying it to the camp. While it was but a 'bite sized' meal for Myra, it was already good enough for breakfast. Plus, she made sure to get the biggest rabbit she could see. Laying on the ground with her tail around her, Myra started to take off it's skin with her claws. Since she had no use for the fur, she simply shredded them to bits so she could reveal the meat underneath, taking a good bite out of it with her sharp teeth once it was done.

A few moments after she was finished eating though, Myra stood up abruptly, almost as if she had heard something. Looking around her in a rather alarmed manner, sniffing the air and sticking her tongue outside as she did so. To everyone watching, it was a clear sign that something was very wrong. A moment after that, the sounds began echoing through the woods, loud enough so everyone in the camp could hear it regardless if they had their senses as sharp as Myra or not. The terrible scuttling sound, approaching them made Myra look around and assume a threatening posture, hissing. Only a moment after that, spiders began appearing from the forest. Both their colors, how they looked and their dangerous appearance was something Myra never had seen before. She did know the danger that some animals in the forest could pose even to a predator such as her, like poisonous snakes and spiders. That said, it was clear for Myra that those spiders weren't something one would normally see in the forest.
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