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"Humanity takes great pride in three things. Their willpower, their greed and their mortality.

Their will and endless greed allows them to grow and accend past other creatures
But thir mortality denies them divinity

It's a delightful purgatory between Beeing Fallen and being Divine"

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The Vieran Woods

Ditzy Stoneclub

Ditzy's maneuver caught Nera by surprise, the frenzied Viera wasn't expecting him to tackle her head on. Unfortunately, even though he was stronger than the feral Nera, she was still more agile, being able to successfully dodge his first blow, but due to the speed she pounced towards him though, she didn't have enough time to get away from him in time, causing his headbutt to hit her straight in the stomach, knocking her back and giving Ditzy enough time to wrap his arms around her.

The second his arms wrapped around her though, it became evident to the frenzied Viera how strong that particular hobgoblin really was. Despite her attempts and trashing, his arms were firmly locked around her, holding Nera into a chokehold. Despite how strong and resilient a frenzied Viera's body was, Ditzy was much stronger than she was and even though she was in a frenzy, functioning only on basic instincts, she could feel his hands wrapped around her neck. Feeling the urgency of getting away from Ditzy's grasp as soon as possible, Nera twisted her body, planting her feet and talons into the ground, finding leverage and using her flexible body to throw an attack at whatever part of Ditzy she could hit despite being held by him.

Ditzy certainly saw what her sharp claws coupled with her strength and speed did with the soldiers' armors while ago. It was obvious that no matter how strong he was, it would be dangerous to get hit by them. With her claws quickly approaching Ditzy's body, he had to make a move right now or be forced to take a hit from her.

Ditzy's move wasn't for nothing though. Being hit by his headbutt and knowing that she couldn't compete with him regarding strength would make Nera less aggressive and be a bit more on the defensive and use her speed instead of pure brute force against him. If Ditzy played his cards right, he would be able to buy enough time for Nagare to finish his spell as Nera would focus all her attention on him. Besides that, Nera was already exhausted from fighting the soldiers from before and Ditzy's headbutt only further worsened the fadigue acumulating in her body. When he grabbed her, he could feel her respiration, her heartbeats and how exhausted both her muscles and body was.


As Nagare attacked the barrier with everything she had, much to her dismay, her attack and the magic force was immediately absorbed by the barrier. After a second later though, Nagare would feel that that particular section of the barrier where she was shooting was starting to absorb less and less of her attack, starting to affect the barrier itself as small bits of her frost magic passing and creating holes on the barrier.

If she looked to the black crystal as she attacked, she would almost immediately realize how that barrier worked. In order to keep the forest magic out of said area, creating a 'void', a place completely devoid of the natural magic that bathed the forest, that magic needed to be absorbed by something, and those black, runed crystals were doing it. Even though the amount of magic the barrier could absorb as a whole was immense, each particular section had a defined limit and Nagare's attack, coupled with the natural magic of the forest was quickly making it reach that threshold. It wouldn't be instant, but if she continued to attack the barrier, she would be able to break the nearest crystal in a few moments.

Behind her, Nagare would be able to hear the sounds of Ditzy and Nera fighting. Much to her surprise, Ditzy managed to win on pure strength against the frenzied Viera, but Nagare knew he was still in danger, seeing how dangerous his opponent was.


Being taken by surprise and struck violently by Nera with all her strength, further enhanced by her frenzied state, there wasn't much Freyr could do, almost immediately getting knocked unconscious. As his friends continued fighting though, he was slowly recovering himself. A few minutes after Nera's attack, he finally managed to barely wake up again. His state wasn't that good though. His vision was being partially blocked by the blood coming from a wound on his forehead, where Nera hit on the ground and due to the impact, he was still too dizzy to move properly. Despite that, he knew he had to help his friends, who had came here even though they had nothing to do with all that situation.

Forcing himself to get up and cleaning the blood from his eyes, Freyr saw exactly the moment when Nera, who was being held down by Ditzy, to swing her claws towards him.

"Stay away from her claws, Ditzy! Try to tire her down!" Freyr said, as he shaked his head, recovering himself from the blow.

In the other hand, Nagare's magic was successfully interfering with the barrier, as Freyr could already sense, even though very faintly, the forest's voice through the cracks made in the barrier. Ditzy would have to keep Nera under control for a bit longer by himself while Freyr recovered himself, but the second he did, he would go to help him.
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Mikhail Volkov
Dareen Kahina

Ashkevron Residence in Aren, Askavi - Kitchen

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While clearly unsatisfied by both Gennar and Denvar's words, Mikhail sat down again, simply waiting for Faeril to finish whatever she was doing with the 'Reaper'. Both Eyrien's reasons for not protect Faeril wasn't something Mikhail could understand. He didn't know what their relationship with the black widow was, but listening to an earful was way better than having her killed or wounded if they really cared about... or needed her. Despite having given up on going there, Mikhail was still alert, listening to any strange noise coming from the second floor.

"Very well. I cannot understand your reasons though. Keeping Faeril safe seems to be much more important than avoiding being reprimanded by her." Mikhail said as he sat down, grabbing the cup of coffee that was served by Gennar and taking a sip. Much to his despair, he finally figured out why exactly Gennar's coffee was called a horror a bit ago. Shaking his head a bit after taking a sip from the coffee, he couldn't help himself but to cough a bit, shocked by the taste. Even though he tried to be discreet, anyone who was directly looking at him would notice it.

As the Eyriens continued talking to the woman though, Mikhail silently listened. Even though he didn't know what exactly were the woman's circumstances, she didn't seem to be at fault for even being there. In fact, she apparently didn't even know the reason why she was there and was even accused of being a spy and suspected because she was armed. While Mikhail wouldn't have the same reaction as her if he was in her position, he surely understood why she was angry.
Unsurprisingly, the woman didn't try to hide her indignation with the entire situation, even though she was being a bit blunt about it. She did a few good points though. Even if Faeril was a black widow, it seemed unlikely that she had so many enemies to the point that the two Eyriens would accuse her of being a spy. Mikhail already suspected that Faeril was more than just a healer, but the second the man called 'The Reaper' walked inside that house and after that woman in front of him said those words, he became even more certain that she was in fact hiding something.

Other than that, the woman, who had introduced her as Dareen, had said a few interesting words as well, particularly about Queens and a certain Queen called Dorothea, who had quite a few rumors going around regarding her actions. While Mikhail wanted nothing with the world of politics, he couldn't remain oblivious to it or just ignore it due to his job. Plus, he didn't exactly trusted Queens and was a good bit wary of them.

"Sorry for interrupting, but you two seem to be overly suspicious of the wrong person here..." Mikhail said, obviously questioning the Eyrien brothers' sanity as they completely ignored the man who was obviously dangerous and instead accusing the woman. Even though she was armed, she was much less of an immediate threat than the man called 'The Reaper' who was currently alone in a closed room with Faeril.

"I am not from here," Mikhail said, stating the obvious.

"But due to my job I do hear quite a few rumors... Both well known and some which are supposed to be secrets... And this name, Dorothea, came up quite a few times." he said to Dareen, obviously interested in her words.

The brother shared a glance at Mikhail's words. "Dorothea is the Queen of Hyall and the High Priestess. It's her twisted little pet Queens who usurp the surrounding territories for her favor- which grants them power they would not otherwise have." Giving Dareen a look the Warlord Prince frowned. "How can you not know of this? It's common knowledge in Pruul that Dorothea holds the reins over Queen Zaanthia." He spoke of the Terrritory Queen of Pruul. The woman had a vicious love of amusements and those amusements left a trail of broken Blood males.

"The fact is, we cannot take chance. Especially not now. As for Faeril and the Ebon-Grey? I'd rather deal with either of them after the other has worn them out. We would not put a dent in that man's power. Ashke would." Gen pointed out solemnly. His brothers' Tiger-eye against the Ebon-Grey would be a death sentence, and the Green he wore would hold for a time. But the Red that was Faeril's offering would hold firm until the last.

Dareen nodded exasperated at Denvar's words. "Yes, I'm not totally clueless. I'd heard the name, and knew she was the Queen of Terrielle. But in my experience, it's one thing to know of somebody, and another to know who they really are. It's just...when you live under one system for so long, it becomes hard to know if that system is unjust. Maybe it's easy for you to understand, out here frolicking in your fields of flowers, but the dust storms tend to cloud ones vision." Once again she had retracted, not wanting to give anything away about her past.

But it seemed she was in the company of enemies of the Queens. The brothers envar spoke of corruption and usurption. There were rumors, of course, of what Zaanthia did; But enemies of the crown surely benefited from spreading such vile lies. Perspective would cast new light upon her homeland.

Dareen made a face of disconcertation, her eyes going dark and her brow furrowing. "Why...why do the Queens hunt down the Black Widows? I've..." she trailed off. "I've watched other people hunt them down, and kill them like animals. Why? They call the Black Widows traitors, cowards, manipulators and schemers. Practitioners of evil Craft. Is that true? Or is that all a lie, too?" Nervously, she traced the line patterns underneath the sleeves of her arms.

Mikhail heard the Eyriens' words about Dorothea. He knew who she was, but he had no idea the extent of her influence. According to their words, the Queen of Pruul was also one of her 'pet queens' as they mentioned. Given where that conversation was going and the things that Mikhail heard Faeril talking about, he feared if he wasn't careful he was going to get dragged inside those political struggles, which was nothing but a death sentence to him at best. At worse, a prisoner, or being a corrupted queen's hound.

"I know who Dorothea is. Enough to know that avoiding drawing her attention by gathering information about her is the most sensate thing to do." He replied. He avoided asking about Dorothea, even mentioning her name. That's why his information regarding her was... Limited. Since he was amongst those who didn't like her and certainly weren't her allies or spies, it was a good option to acquire some information in order to avoid such a dangerous Queen.

"Unacceptable." Mikhail said, looking to Gennar with a serious face after he mentioned that it would be easier to deal with the remaining one if Faeril and 'The Reaper' clashed.

"If something happened to Faeril, it would be very complicated for me." he said. Given his tone of voice and serious expression, it was clear that he meant that he would do anything to attain his goals. Even if that meant going against that 'Reaper' man.

When Dareen spoke again, Mikhail nodded, agreeing with her words. More than anyone else, he knew that merely knowing who one is and truly 'knowing' the person were two different things. Not only that but he didn't exactly followed, nor respected the system she mentioned.

"Fear, Dareen. They fear that which they can't truly and completely control." Mikhail replied.

Gen frowned slightly and his great leathery wings shuffled uncomfortably. "Black Widows are powerful in their own way. They are skilled at subterfuge making them a threat against the Queens. But if they work for the Queen? Who wouldn't want to have a loyal lackey who can pick the thoughts from a man's mind for the whim?" Denvar also looked shamefaced as he stared down at the coffee. "Perhaps it is out long lives that allow us to not be so affected by the twisted Protocol you seem to speak of. Or that it's been twisted a fair bit more in Pruul." The last bit seemed said more to himself.

Dareen leaned back and shook her head looking away from Mikhail and back toward the ground. "Dorothea is already the Queen of all Queens. On the surface, it would seem she has nothing to fear from the Black Widows. Surely she could just deal with them like she dealt with everyone else? Yet her ruthless and lethal hunt of them continues, with no signs of slowing down. There has to be something we're missing. But then again, perhaps these Queens are more unstable and paranoid than I suspected. It's not like irrational hatred of a group of people is unheard of." The Pruulish witch glanced at the brothers sideways.

"It's typical." Her voice rose in pitch and strength. "Of course someone so evil and cowardly would become the most powerful person in the world. That's just how it goes. In my comparitively short amount of time on this earth, that's how it always happens. I've seen it time and time again." Tense, the mercenary whipped her vision across the room with seemingly renewed interest.

"So, what. Are you all organizing an escape plan? Or is this just a sulky corner of the world for brooding about how unfair everything is? A rhetorical question, perhaps, as right afterwards her eyes met Mikhail's. "You talk like you're just here for personal gain. That true?"

Mikhail knew how dangerous the Black Widows could be. And certainly, so did most of the Queens. Denvar's explanation was on point. Even though most queens feared the Black Widows, they all would love to have one working for them. One they could trust and control, completely that is...

As Dareen mentioned that for her it seemed that Black Widows were no more dangerous than Xandar, Mikhail slowly shook his head, disagreeing with her.

"Killing is easy. Using violence and brute force is simple. But what a Black Widow can do though, its not. They can completely control someone, fabricate or erase memories, produce deadly poisons and even make someone completely mad. Everything regarding one's mind is no secret to them." Mikhail continued.

"But they can also heal wounds that no other would be able to, those of the mind. The main problem is: Queens don't trust those whom they cant control or manipulate freely. For them, an existence such as the Black Widows, who can easily manipulate someone, alter their memories & etc. is a huge threat and something to be either eliminated or somehow controlled and subjugated at all costs." he completed. Even though one had the skills and the capacity to kill someone, that didn't make him inherently evil. The same was true to the Black Widows.
"Power tends to corrupt those who wield it. It is the human nature. It is not that the evil and cowardly ones that become powerful, it's the other way around." Mikhail replied to Dareen after her comment about the powerful ones always turning out to be evil.

When Dareen looked to him again though, asking if he was there only for personal gain, his expression didn't change as he replied.

"If you are asking if I have any ulterior motive or some task of grand importance by coming here, then no. I do not." Mikhail said.

"Faeril is one of the few Black Widows who can treat my... condition. I made a deal with her. That is all." he finished.

Both brothers stiffened and glared at Mikhail as he revealed Faeril's caste to the Pruulish woman. "Why don't you announce that fact to the entire Territory? I don't think they heard you." Groused the Warlord. Giving Dareen a warning look, he snapped a Green shield over the door and windows that led outside lest the witch try. "Aye, she is a Black Widow and she will decide what to do with you."

Dareen clearly tensed up as the moment of relative calm was broken. Mikhail revealed his true purpose for being here; Faeril was a Black Widow. The Pruulish woman's immediate thought was to make an escape, but not for the reasons the the brothers were suspecting her of. Once the shield was up, Dareen knew she couldn't escape. Trapped and indignant, she stood tall and straightened her back, becoming defensive.

"I'm sure she will. Right after treating Mikhail's genital warts- or whatever stupid condition he has that's now got me trapped in this dreary house."

Were they going to kill her because she knew Faeril's secret? They had no reason to trust her. Infact, if they knew more about her past, they would probably flay her alive for what she's done against Faeril's kind. This was a dangerous situation. Dareen would have to choose her words carefully. Which is why she already regretted her impulsive need to insult everyone around her when she's nervous. Dareen was far out of her depth. It seemed everyone here knew the truth of the situation except her. This whole town seemed to be some kind of bizarre cult around this Faeril woman. If the Queen's fear of the Black Widows were justified, it was already too late.

"I'm not a spy. Let me remind you, Denvar, that you flew me up here personally." She kept her cool, but her mind was racing. Perhaps they just brought people they suspected of being traitors into their death dungeon, and once they cracked or made a slip of a tongue, killed them. If the whole town was in on it, there was nothing stopping them. All because this secret-spilling simpleton, Mikhail, couldn't keep his mouth shut! She had no weapons, either.

"The Black Widows don't have an enemy with me." Dareen re-iterated with finality.

Mikhail raised his eyebrows, surprised by the Eyrien brothers' reaction. As far as he was concerned, if he was able to reach Faeril, anyone could if they searched around for a bit. At least for him, he wasn't considering that to be a secret. After all, just as Dareen had said, Denvar himself brought her here.

"I wasn't considering that to be a secret. After all, we already have Xandar, The Reaper here. If I was able to reach Faeril, knowing who she is, anyone who searched around for a bit would also be able to." Mikhail completed, shrugging.

Dareen's reaction to that though was nothing short of amusing to watch. Obviously tensing up after hearing Mikhail's words, it was obvious what she was thinking. Especially as she proceeded to tone down her insults and try to explain herself.

Even though the Eyrien brothers were obviously trapping her inside by putting a green shield on the door, Mikhail didn't seem to change his expression nor his posture, as he simply continued sitting down and waiting for Faeril to finish her talk with Xandar.

"Dareen... You don't seem to realize the situation you're in, do you? I would recommend you to stop insulting everyone and think carefully about your situation." Mikhail finally said, obviously referring to her previous comment about his condition. Both his tone and his cold stare clearly meant that she wasn't helping herself with those comments.

Denvar huffed in irritation. "We brought you here and you were convert about it. Randalvar is the gate keeper, they may look but they don't directly know. Did you know before we brought you directly to her who she was specifically?"

Gen nodded absently as he rumbled deeply within his chest. "I'd suggest you follow his advice, witchling. Faeril doesn't deal well with those who cannot keep a civil tongue."

"I brought you here because you might be a spy." The Warlord Prince retorted. "We will see if you an enemy, or rather Faeril will. Provided she doesn't cut you to bits for your lack of manners."

"Woman, did you never learn Protocol? Was your mother a landen?" Gen snapped finally, his temper sharpened by Mikhail's foolish notion. "You know Protocol. Keep to it and don't be a fool."

Dareen bit her tongue. Manners, manners, manners. Protocol. Those who demanded respect were most often the ones who did not deserve it. These pompous bastards have never had to work for anything in their lives! How many people have they killed just because they didn't fit into their narrow view of what is normal and acceptable? One? Ten? A hundred?

Probably none, she thought suspiciously, narrowing her eyes at the men in the room. She knew exactly what she was dealing with. A few steps away from the people she used to work for. Clenching her jaw, she tilted her head at Genvar who had raised his voice. Sniffing, Dareen shrugged. "I'm nothing if not a fool." The Pruulish witch feel silent and brought her left finger up to her right shoulder, and began tracing the line pattern that ran up and down her bicep.

As the Eyrien brothers continued, Mikhail didn't make any effort to hide the fact that he thought that they were nothing but fools. Not only that they were completely ignoring Xandar, but that they brought Dareen here despite not trusting her. There were at least a bunch of reasons that Mikhail could think since Dareen entered the room that pointed to the fact that she wasn't a spy or anything like that, despite not knowing much regarding her situation.

"I suggest you two to be a bit more careful regarding your secrets and start thinking with your brains. Bringing someone inside your own house despite not trusting them isn't exactly something smart. Ignoring Xandar, 'The Reaper' too..." Mikhail said.

"The only reason why I said what I did regarding Faeril is because I judged it would be safe to do so in her own house." He continued, obviously criticizing the Eyrien brothers.
"If Dareen was a spy, would you really think she would have let herself be caught so easily? Don't you think she would have something planned in case she was captured? She would be prepared... Something she definitely isn't." Mikhail continued.

"Until now, the decisions she took weren't the smartest ones. Do you still need any more proof that she is innocent other than her own mistakes? Despite her rude manners, she was honest. It's easy to read her emotions and what she's thinking." Mikhail completed.

It was indeed surprising that Mikhail, who himself said he only cared about his own interests, was defending the woman in front of him. The reason for that though was a mystery to those present. The only thing one would be able to take out of that was that he was obviously more complicated than just what he said about himself.

"You forget Mikhail who also dwells within this house. Bringing them here when they are a suspected enemy is two fold a risk and a potential reward." Gen pointed out. Faeril could well pick over the girl's mind to find what kernels of information they needed if she was an enemy after all. "Randalvar is not a fool, if Xandar- who is known to hate the Queens- was not to be trusted he would have sent him elsewhere. You assume too much."

"We cannot take that risk. We must be sure and that means she must meet with Faeril as all do." Denvar pointed out cooly. "This is not the first time we have been wrong, nor could it be the first time we have had to execute one of the puppets of Dorothea."

Dareen watched curiously as Mikhail stepped in to play devil's advocate. It didn't matter though, Dareen thought. Her fate was sealed. That Black Widow was going to poke around in her brain. She'll see what Dareen has done, and then Dareen will die for it. She wasn't exactly sure what they saw when they did their thing, but certainly Faeril could could see the thought at the forefront of her mind. There's something cosmically karmic about it. It's only fair, right? It would be nothing if not just. Dareen had seen much pointless death, it would be somewhat satisfying to know that her incoming end will be poetic, if unknown.

Tired of fighting for survival, the Pruulish woman crossed her arms and put the flat of her boot against the wall behind her.

"I'm not a very good liar. Never developed the skills for it. Everyone I ever met was either paid to stand with me, paying me, an enemy, or some fool who just needed a talking too. Not once have I ever decieved anyone about my position relative to them. Say what you will about steel- it's honest." Dareen said to the room. She wasn't lying, but she certainly wasn't professing her sins to these people. It was impossible to confess now, of course. Impossible.

"So, what will it be? You got a big axe back there? Maybe a deep, dark hole? Or are you going to get Xandy to fold me like an omelette? I understand if you want to keep it a secret. The surprise is often the best part of murdering someone, right?" With nothing left to run from, Dareen regressed to the cruel, dark, sardonic wit of her youth.
Karina Frost

Karina couldn't help but to think in the ridiculous coincidence that all that situation was. Despite their different goals and origins, they all found themselves in the same situation. Despite all that, their only hope was to work together so the introductions, even if one may think they were a bit out of time, were understandable in order to keep the group together. Even she was on edge regarding all that they were facing. It was not only physically but also mentally tiring. In fact, she was feeling a bit guilty for being so harsh with DB when he called her by a nickname.

Exactly due to those reasons, she never even considered that the group might have been followed...

"It's not like we have any other choice but to trust in that 'Gin' guy..." Karina said, using the name he gave to them.

"I'm sorry for being so harsh, DB, Týfurkh. The Cult and this entire situation are putting me on edge. It is mentally tiring to be mindful of one's surroundings at all times. Being behind enemy lines all time without a moment to rest." Karina said, looking away with a tired, but unexpectedly cute expression, which made evident that there was another side to her other than the serious, military officer she showed herself to be until now.

"'The enemy of my enemy is my friend'. No matter our origins or goals, the only way to get out of this situation is together." she said looking to both of them and nodding with a serious expression. Almost as if she was saying that from that second onwards she was formally considering them as her allies.

"We need to be careful from now on. Even if we somehow get discovered, we need to be sure our message gets delivered and that no one intercepts it." Karina said with a serious expression. The plan Týfurkh thought was their best chance of getting help from outside.

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Having already given up on drinking together with Garsin and the old colonel, Annika simply stood there, quietly listening to both of them talking and trying to extract any useful information. She was a bit concerned about the amount of alcohol Garsin was drinking, but since he hopefully was doing that in order to be able to get some information out of that old colonel, Annika choose to trust him. Unfortunately, that conversation wasn't going anywhere useful, at least until now. The colonel wasn't as easy to extract information as they might have previously thought.

Garsin then put his arms around her, as he told the colonel a made up story regarding their motives for being there and portraying them as a couple, which not only made Annika really uncomfortable with that much physical contact, but made her somewhat irritated by being referred by Garsin as 'miss'. As far as she was concerned, she wasn't a woman, she was a soldier. Genders didn't matter on her profession. Even though they had worked together for a good amount of time, she still was a very reserved woman and had a things that she didn't like to talk about nor show even to Garsin. In another moment, that commentary would make Annika to take his arms away from her and gaze at him with a cold and piercing stare, but now, since they were talking with that old colonel, she would have to act according to Garsin's story unless she wanted to make the colonel suspicious of them.

Unlike his words though, he once again asked the old colonel to drink with him. This time, the strongest drink they had. That fact made Annika a bit worried, since he had already drank quite a bit and it would be incredibly troublesome to have to take care of a drunk Garsin and try to somehow hunt for clues regarding their contract.

The moment the waitress brought their strongest drink, called the 'Dragon's Breath' Annika's accusatory stare was clear to Garsin, if he ended up getting too drunk and forgetting their mission, she wouldn't carry him to an inn or take care of him..

Location:Ghaba Medina's Gates - Mizu Port

Interactions: Meifeng Fu @AzureKnight & Echo Hart @Allycat

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Despite his long journey, when he had arrived on Ghaba Medina's gates, he found them close to outsiders due to 'internal affairs'. No matter how curious Nefersetekh was to see how Ghaba Medina was, he had no choice but to simply continue on his way. In a fortunate coincidence though, the very merchant whom he was travelling with was also barred from entering the city. Seeing the Seshem under the same predicament than him, he finally gathered enough courage to offer the Seshem a deal. He would take him to his next destination, which was Mizu Port via a small trading ship in exchange for protection during the time they were on land.
Luckily, the trip this time wasn't as long since he was always inside the merchant's carriage and after that, a small cargo ship.

Mizu Port was unlike the forests Nefersetekh was. The cool breeze coming from the ocean was always present, as it was the smell of sea, salt and the most varied types of spices and products brought from all parts of the continent and even beyond by the merchants. Even though the strong smells present in the port were a bit too overwhelming for Nefersetekh's nose, the port was bustling with activity. With only a small glance, he could see people of all different races working together, either selling or buying things. Other than that, if one looked further inside the city, past the trading district, it would realize that the city wasn't just a 'trading hub', and instead had fancy inns, resorts and even paradisiacal landscapes.

Despite the people from Mizu Port being obviously accustomed to outsiders and people from all types of races visiting the city, Nefersetekh still attracted a lot of stares due to being a Seshem, a race that most people never saw in their lives unless they visited the Erimos Desert. Despite that, he simply continued his way, calmly looking around the city. As his sense of smell started to get a bit more accustomed with the sheer variety of smells, he started to gradually perceive and appreciate the many different scents, from food, spices and products of all types.

A few meters ahead, on the corner of the street, his eyes caught a particular scene, three adult men mistreating a petite, blond haired girl as she unsuccessfully tried to get back her locket. Despite not making mention to hide themselves or even trying to be discrete, there were few who acted up and tried to do something, instead choosing to simply ignore. Although things like that weren't nearly as bad as what happened in the Erimos Desert, where most of the times situations quickly degraded into a 'killing or being killed' situation, it still wasn't something to be ignored by Nefersetekh.

Before he could get closer though, a kitsune promptly put herself in front of the three men, demanding them to leave the petite girl alone as she threatened them. While it certainly didn't have anything to do with him, Nefersetekh approached the group. Without saying a single word, he stood behind the kitsune, with a cold, predatory gaze to the three men. Nefersetekh knew very well that things were much different there inside a city, than they were on the Erimos Desert. As such, he didn't want to have to resort to violence of any kind, as it would undoubtedly attract the attention of authorities and it would certainly become a problem, even if he did it for the 'right' reasons according to his and his race's creeds.

Ashkevron Residence in Aren, Askavi

Mikhail heard silently as The Reaper started talking, in a futile attempt to maybe provoke him. Truth be told, Mikhail wasn't expecting him, the rumored 'Reaper' to be so... foolish. He talked too much, was too arrogant and careless. Mikhail couldn't help but to wonder how someone as him was still alive... He knew for certain that fact would change if someone hired him to kill the 'Reaper'.

Unfortunately for Xandar, his words fell on deaf ears. Mikhail wasn't as naive and inexperienced to be affected by provocations of any kind. No matter what he said, he was still a dangerous man and if he made one strange movement Mikhail wouldn't hesitate to act himself.

Sadly, the Eyrien brothers didn't seem to think the same. For some reason, both of them, who were equally wary of the man called the Reaper were now ok in letting him speak with Faeril by himself. Mikhail was indeed surprised when he heard them changing their minds so fast. But the thing that most surprised him was how Denvar threatened him, saying to watch his mouth.

To Denvar, Mikhail said nothing. Only looked at him with a cold, predatory stare. The same stare he gave to Xandar as he walked away. He would knew very well that it wasn't a bluff. Extremely different from the previous smile he has on his face before The Reaper entered the house.

"I speak out of experience. You are careless and naïve. Regarding your words, I can say the exactly same to you." Mikhail said, almost whispering in a clearly threatening tone.

It was then that the woman who came with 'The foolish Reaper' talked with Mikhail with a sarcastic and dry tone.

"You do seem to awfully unaware of your surroundings and the situation you're in." Mikhail said, with a cold stare to the woman. The message behind those words were simple. For what Mikhail heard about their small conversation a moment ago, she couldn't exactly call nobody there an 'ally'. Whether Mikhail would consider her a threat or no would depend on her actions and words.

"Even though I am currently working for Faeril, she is not my 'superior'. I will employ whatever means I deem necessary to accomplish both my personal goals and the contract I accepted." He finished.

Even though the threatening tone in his voice was gone, it was clear that the mood was obviously ruined after all that. Mikhail was quiet and had a cold, predatory stare, in full alert.

Location: Border between the Erimos Desert and Ke'ano, on it's way to Ghaba Medina

Interactions: Any

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To those making the trip from the Erimos Desert to Ghaba Medina, no map was needed as the border between the two was visible even from a distance. In one side, a lush, green line in the horizon, a strange sight to those who were used on seeing only small patches of green on the oasis that sparsely dotted the arid and cruel desert lands. In the other, a sea of sand stretching itself as far as the eye could see, an unthinkable sight for those who were raised in the vast forests of Ke'ano. There was but a single road going from one to another, which consisted of nothing more than a few signs and stone markings in an unpaved road.

Other than the occasional merchant caravan transporting jewelries and spices bought from the nomad tribes to Ghaba Medina or the bandits seeking to prey on the same merchants, there were few who were corageous, prepared or foolish enough to make the long trip by themselves. Amongst those rare wanderers, a single Seshem calmly made his way towards Ghaba Medina. Carrying little more than his Khopesh on his waist and a small bag with a few supplies for the long trip, it carried itself with calm, dignified steps and showing no fear as it walked down the desert road by himself despite the gold decorations and the valuable Seshem armor it wore. While certainly a rare sight, those who knew even a bit about the Erimos Desert and the tribes that lived there knew that they shouldn't mess with a Seshem warrior.

Nefersetekh couldn't help but stop for a moment and look to the green sea that stretched to the horizon in front of him as he stood nearby the border between the Erimos Desert and Ghaba Medina. For him, it was a strange, yet curious sight. Even the climate was different from the arid deserts he was born. A few meters behind him, a single merchant slowed down his wagon to a halt, waiting for the Seshem to resume it's way. It had been following Nefersetekh for a good while now, voluntarily slowing down to match the Seshem's pace, seeking safety with the Seshem's company. After a little pause, Nefersetekh resumed his way, followed shortly by the merchant and it's wagon.

Taking a few strips of dried meat from inside the bag he was carrying with him together with a water skin, Nefersetekh began to calmly eat them, taking a sip of water between each one of them as he continued walking. The road ahead of him was still long, but from that moment onwards, everything would be new to him. Despite keeping the same calm expression, it was clear that he was intrigued by the idea of being on different, unknown lands. Other than that, he was definitely enjoying the radically different climate, compared to the extremes heat and cold one had to face to survive in the Erimos Desert.
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You have 2 choices. Trying to keep Nera alive will prove to be more difficult than just killing her though...


Passed the initial shock, Jote's expression quickly changed from alarmed to enraged.

"Nera is very well trained! For someone to capture her..." Jote said, clenching her fists.

"You wanted me to believe in you before, Freyr. This is your chance. As the Elder, I can't leave the village and it would take some time to gather the Wood Warders. You can still hear the voice of the woods, follow her and she will show you the way." Jote said. Despite her trying to keep calm, it was clear that she was extremely irritated. Not only with the fact that someone dared not only to invade the Vieran Woods, but to go as far as to capture a Viera.

After dismissing the group to their mission, Jote started giving orders to the two guards that were in front of her house, telling them to warn the Spellweavers to fortify the Village's barriers and illusion spells. In most other places, a single incident, like a villager being killed by bandits or captured would be brushed off as bad luck or something, but to the Vieras, for whom the concept of 'war' was almost an alien one, it was most certainly something to be worried about.

"Thank you, Ditzy, Nagare. We should hurry, but please keep your guards up... I have a bad feeling about this..." Freyr said before the group left the village in a hurry.

The Vieran Woods

This time, both Ditzy and Nagare were able to feel the forest's intentions clearly. Instead of whispering or talking to the Vieras like it normally did, it was almost as it was trying to guide them all and not just Freyr. A strange, mystical breeze carrying many tree leaves, both dead and alive pointed the way, surprisingly enough, instead of pointing further inside the forest, it was clear that they were going towards one of it's borders as the vegetation started to get less dense and the mystical feeling they had when deep inside the woods became weaker.

Somehow, it seemed that the forest changed it's initial thoughts regarding both Ditzy and Nagare. From those who had stolen one of it's children from her to those who wanted to protect the forest as well.

As they followed the strange wind, Nagare started feeling a rather strange magic coming from further ahead in the forest. It wasn't Vieran magic. In comparison to it, it was much more... rough and crude but undoubtedly it had more raw power. It seemed like the type of magic humans would use.

After running through the forest for a little while, the group finally arrived on a clearing on the forest. To Nagare, it was obvious that the strange magic energy was strong there. As they entered the clearing, they finally found what they were looking for...

It was Nera, kneeling down, motionless exactly in the center of a runic barrier. Inside the barrier, surrounding Nera there were around four dead corpses wearing full, heavy sets of armor that were known to be used by soldiers from Varjo. Notably, their armors were almost tore to pieces like it was nothing. Holes and big claw marks were apparent, revealing their flesh inside. The barrier, made of a strange, gray energy surrounded Nera, forming a dome of around 2m in diameter. On the very borders of that barrier, five dark crystal fragments were stuck on the ground, each one of them was engraved with many runes and magical symbols, glowing with a slightly red tint.

Nagare would clearly notice that the strange magic power was strong in the area around the barrier, but strangely enough, she would also notice that somehow it was coming not only from the crystals forming the barrier, but from a few points behind them as well. Before Nagare could warn the group though, a second barrier trapped them inside the clearing.

"Ohoho~ Wow. You guys keep making my job easier and easier!" A strange voice, who seemed to be genuinely entertained with the scene in front of him said, coming from outside of the barrier.

When the group turned around to where the sound came from, they saw a transparent silhouette, distorting the light as moved, coming out from behind a tree.

"First that Viera woman comes by herself to try and spy on us, now this?" he said, almost as if he was happy by Freyr, Ditzy and Nagare coming.

"I never would've thought that you guys would fall for the very same trap your other Viera friend fell for!" The man said, laughing as he finally revealed himself.

"You know... I gotta give it to you rabbit man, your village is ridiculously hard to even get inside... Illusions, barriers and the whole damn forest seems to want to kill me... Not counting on how capable your warriors are... For a 'peaceful' race, you guys sure know how to kill, huh? It took me quite a while... and quite a few disposable soldiers... to realize that with the help of a certain crystal and a few runic spells, I could become pretty much undetectable to whatever is this strange energy around the forest. Plus, they can be used to make this little barrier as well!" The man said, walking around them from outside the barrier, with an arrogant smirk on his face.

"What have you done with Nera?" Freyr asked, hissing towards the man as he ran towards the center of the clearing, where the barrier Nera was trapped inside was.

Just as he had said, while inside the barrier, neither one of you could feel the strange energy you were feeling when inside the forest. It was just... empty. No energy, no breeze, no birds... nothing.

"Don't worry, she is alive. Just not quite... herself. Uh oh... I wouldn't do that if I were you..." The man said, clearly amused with how desperate Freyr was trying to break the crystals and free Nera.

The moment Freyr succeeded though, Nera immediately got up on all fours, immediately pouncing on him, grabbing his head and hitting it full force against the ground, immediately making him unconscious. Her expression was completely different from the Viera Ditzy and Nagare had seen before. She was snarling, almost growling with a feral expression. Her muscles were tense and her movements were far less 'graceful', but far more feral, agile and powerful than before.

"Ouch! I told you... I'm surprised, but a bit disappointed that he is still alive though... I'm glad that I'm outside the barrier and not in there with you two though..." the strange man said, looking to both Ditzy and Nagare with a chuckle.

"It is indeed just as King Joshua said. Vierans are really... intriguing... He will be interested to know that his little theory turned out to be true... Despite being animals, their kind will be useful to us in Varjo... As weapons." the man said, chuckling with the same arrogant smirk on his face.

"Now if you excuse me, I do have some interesting things to tell King Joshua... My time is short, but I sure would like to see you three getting brutally killed by your Viera friend. Well... I'm pretty sure there will be a lot more opportunities..." The strange man finished, laughing as his body started to become transparent once more before he started calmly walking away from the forest. Even though you could still see the distortion in the light it was produced when he walked, the wild animals and the forest seemed to completely ignore him.

Regarding the strange barrier around Ditzy and Nagare, they would immediately notice that the crystals were far larger than the ones from the small barrier that was keeping Nera trapped a few moments ago. Breaking them wouldn't be an easy task. But Nagare would also notice that she would be able to interfere with the crystals' magic by using her own magic to create a hole in the barrier, just enough to Ditzy to reach them and break them freeing them from that prison.

But before thinking that, they had other, more urgent issues to solve... Nera, still in a frenzy was now looking straight at Ditzy and Nagare, abandoning Freyr's unconscious body on the ground. Trapped inside the barrier, you two have only one choice. Either kill or somehow incapacitate Nera. As the feral Viera looked straight towards the ones who were still conscious, you would be able to see burn marks and charred scars on her body, going straight through her clothes. Nagare would easily recognize those markings as runes and magic symbols, made to imbue magic into whatever they were graved into. Unlike how they were normally used, in objects, that man from a while ago had the twisted idea to use a branding iron to burn those magic symbols on Nera's very flesh. Upon seeing that, it was clear that the state Nera was into right now was the same 'frenzied state' Freyr had mentioned a while ago, when Vieras were exposed to too much magic.

After analyzing the two for a brief second, the time to think was finally over as Nera ran towards Ditzy and Nagare with an unbelievable speed.

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