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"Humanity takes great pride in three things. Their willpower, their greed and their mortality.

Their will and endless greed allows them to grow and accend past other creatures
But thir mortality denies them divinity

It's a delightful purgatory between Beeing Fallen and being Divine"

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Ada hissed as the ogre woman suddenly grabbed her, saving the lizardman from Ada's sharp teeth. As she was lifted from the ground and the ogre began tightening her hug around her, Ada began struggling against the ogre's painful embrace. With her arms stuck below the ogre woman's far stronger arms, she tried to use her tail to choke her, the sharp claws from her feet to claw at the ogre and even trying to bite the ogre woman, doing everything she could to free herself.

Unfortunately, the ogre woman was far stronger than Ada and her grip on her seemed to be very firm. With a body focused on speed, Ada couldn't possibly be able to match the ogre's raw strength. With Ada beginning to feel lightheaded, not being able to breathe properly and the painful embrace threatening to even break her bones, Ada's struggle became more desperate, as she began trying to tear apart the ogre's flesh and it's skin in whatever way she could.

The moment Ada began feeling her consciousness fading away and the corner of her eyes darkening, she heard a scream when suddenly, both her and the ogre fell to the ground with a heavy thud as Ditzy grabbed the Ogre's legs and threw her to the ground. Miraculously, the ogre woman didn't fall on top of Ada when that happened and despite the dazed state Ada was, she took the opportunity to use her camouflage and dash away. She knew the fight wasn't over yet but if she wanted to be of any help, she would have to recover herself a bit before going back.


Freyr hugged Haley back, comforting her as best as he could. When she mentioned she wanted to go back to the guild, Freyr nodded at her, agreeing. That said, Freyr knew that Haley wasn't just exhausted. Both by her words, her tone of voice and the way she looked at the river.

"Haley, It wasn't your fault. We did our best to help him even though he threatened us. You even risked your own life to help him." Freyr said, giving a gentle kiss on her forehead as he said so.

"The way he was acting, he was clearly a risk to not only himself but anyone who might meet him." he continued.

"Let's just hope he didn't end up in a small village or something... He didn't seem to have any problems in resorting to threats and maybe even violence..." he finished with a sigh.

"Let's go, I bet you will feel much better after a warm bath and some food." He said with a chuckle as he got up, extending his hand to her.

"Here, stay close to me. You're still wet and I don't want you getting sick." he said with a kind smile as he waited for Haley, opening his arms to her.


The celebration was undeniably different from the kind of parties Maeve had to go to back in Tundral. While she didn't like most of the balls the Tundral nobility had, she found herself having quite a bit of fun in the celebration the people from Kalla were having. The food was an unique experience, being very different from what she was accustomed with and bringing exotic tastes that were new to her. After tasting the first few dishes, it became obvious to Maeve that Allard wasn't boasting about his wife's cooking for no reason, as the food she had made was incredibly good.

Even though Maeve had started the party mostly keeping to herself, the cheerful atmosphere and the celebrations slowly got to her and she soon saw herself talking with the local people, congratulating Allard for becoming the new chief, even accepting to drink a little bit of local alcohol with him to celebrate the face, which ended up being a tad bit stronger than the wine she usually sipped back on Tundral. Not enough to make her drunk but enough to make her face a bit more flushed, something that was impossible to hide due to how white her skin was.

Following Allard's proclamation as the new chief, it was time for Valia's girls to show their dance, performing on their own for those present. Maeve watched their performance besides Valia, who looked just like a mother, proud of her own children as she saw her students performing on their own. Maeve was surprised with how fluid and beautiful the dance was, especially since it was the first time she had seen the traditional Kalla dance.

The celebration continued for a long time into the night and surprisingly, Maeve clearly enjoyed herself. She did stay for quite a while, only going back to sleep when the night was almost over and she was already exhausted.

Faye heard Amanda's questions, nodding at her when she mentioned her portal. She was a bit surprised on how accurate the data she had about her portals was, considering she had only arrived on the OMR headquarters today and all the data they had about her powers until now was only the questions they made when they called her family. As Amanda continued, asking Faye to assist her with her teleportation, she simply nodded agreeing with her.

"Hm... I think I can do that. No problem. Just be warned that when I'm blinking together with someone, I can only do it once every three seconds. When I'm alone though, I can blink three times in quick succession before having to take a short pause. Also, do be careful, since you do conserve your momentum when going through a portal and as long as it's open, anything and anyone can go through it!" Faye said quickly explaining a bit more about her powers to Amanda before she went back to the briefing of the mission in question.

After getting everyone's attention and doing a small rollcall, Amanda explained more about the mission and the current situation on Germany, how it had became basically the center of European arms smuggling. After a brief explanation on the overall situation, Amanda continued with a more in-depth briefing about the mission. The first image that was shown on the slide presentation prepared by Madeleine was a warehouse, with many soviet weapons scattered all over. Amanda explained that it was the first evidence they got, two year ago, from the smuggling operation that was happening in Germany.

Amanda went on, explaining how the OMR was suspecting that they were using portal or teleporting magic to smuggle weapons, something which did make Faye, who could use portals, a bit surprised. From what she knew, both teleporting and portals were incredibly difficult to pull off, her being an exception due to her bloodline. The explanation went on for a while, which already was making Faye incredibly bored. Thankfully for Amanda, the very moment she began losing interest, when she started talking about the neo-nazis and the other unpleasant types of people who were receiving the weapons, most of the crucial information had already been delivered.

"Okay! So... unless they are smuggling magical items, I can't help much in tracking the weapons... But! I am quite certain that I should be able to try and track them down if they are indeed using teleportation or portal magic. After all, it's not something exactly 'subtle' to those who are sensitive to magic." she said mentioning how she could help.

"Anyways, I am ready whenever you guys are." she said, looking to Amanda and then to the rest of the group.

December 30th, Rear trench

Emmerich only received the notice that he was assigned to the team that would go to a trench raid after a good deal of time. While Emmerich was already used to being treated quite badly due his nationality, the soldier who came to warn him did seem to have other reasons than just prejudice. The man was panting heavily, sweating and disheveled, apparently he did spend a good time searching for him. It was quite ironic, considering that only had happened because some of the big shots often gave him either fake or pointless orders just to waste his time. Dismissing the soldier's anger and frustration with a heavy sigh, he simply nodded and calmly began making his way to the rear trench where the others were going to be, according to the orders he received.

Emmerich arrived on the rear trench just to see most of the others who were going to join the mission already there. While it wasn't his fault that he was late, his late arrival and his distinct appearance would only made that fact even more obvious to those who were already present.

Without saying a word, Emmerich simply nodded to those who were there before him as he walked past them giving them a quick look, just enough so he could identify their role and what they would do on the raid before going a few meters away from the group in order to wait and make a final check of his equipment before they had to leave. No matter what they thought of him, a greeting, even if a brief and silent one, was the minimum he should give to the others that were going to risk their lives together with him in a mission. It would also help to maybe avoid a potential 'accidental discharge' in his direction in the middle of the combat.

As most of the others talked about their gear or even their hatred towards imperial soldiers, Emmerich silently checked his rifle and the ammunition. Unlike some who had customized equipment to a certain degree, some bringing animal companions or having personal sidearms, Emmerich's gear was simple. Being, for the most part, basically the standard shocktrooper gear and weapon, with the exception of his trench knife, an imperial model that had been with him since his time in the imperial army. The reason why he kept it with him wasn't emotional. Sure, that knife ended up having qutie a story and going through a lot of stuff with him but it was still a very good combat knife. Simple, sharp and resistant, the imperial model was designed with only one purpose in mind: combat. While it's shape made it easier for Emmerich to use it in emergency first aid, it wasn't useful for anything other than cutting and stabbing. Emmerich tried to keep his gear as light as possible, carrying as little as possible other than the bare essential for the mission. Being fast, silent, quick and most importantly, not getting tired easily, proved again and again to be essential to any raid. Bringing too much stuff would only drag someone down.

While Emmerich kept mostly to himself, he couldn't help but to notice that some of the soldiers were a bit... excited for the oncoming raid, openly displaying their hatred towards imperials and boasting about what to do with the prisoners, at least until the officer who was going to lead them, Sgt. Schäfer from what he was told, quickly reprimanded them. It was good to know that the officer that was going to lead them had a good head over his shoulder.

After the commotion ended, Emmerich raised his head, having finished the brief checkup of his equipment.

"Finding an NCP will be annoying... but not impossible. I am familiar with Imperial tactics and how they organize themselves." he mentioned in a direct and succint comment with a heavy imperial accent. While he didn't like to stand out, it would be better for all involved if they knew exactly where to go instead of having to search around.

Much to Faye's surprise, the teenager that came with Michael was more talkative than Faye herself assumed he would be. As he began telling a short story, Faye listened to him intently and in silence, paying close attention in his words. When he finished, mentioning that he had many stories to tell, Faye opened a mischievous, but amused smile as he conjured a hand drum and began dancing away.

"He is very interesting. In a way most people... most humans rarely are. In a way, he is similar to some of the Faes I met when I was a child." she said, looking to Michael with a mischievous smile as he mentioned that he was 'mostly' harmless.

Turning her attention towards the Dwarf woman, the way she reacted to Faye's request did tell her that she made the correct choice in holding herself back a bit. Still, it was a bit disappointing for her that there wouldn't be a hug. Especially with how adorable she was, which was an undeniable fact, no matter what she said.

"Oh no! I didn't mean to call you a child or anything. It's just that you're so cute that I really want to hug you!" Faye said with a giggle.

"Well... A handshake will suffice for now!" Faye said with a smile as she shook Astfridur's hand. The last part of Faye's reply was probably a bad omen of what could happen if Astfridur indeed ended up letting Faye pamper her.

Amanda's replies to Faye and everyone else's questions were truly interesting but unfortunately for Amanda herself, they only made Faye think about even more questions. That said, she tried to hold her curiosity at least for now as Amanda was answering the ones she had already made. While the fact that she didn't eat wasn't much of a surprise, it still made Faye think about how terrible it could be to never have eaten chocolate dipped strawberies, chocolate cakes or other sweets. Even though Amanda mentioned that there was no zero gravity inside of the spaceships, knowing that the people who worked there could indeed experience zero gravity when going outside and most importantly, having Amanda's confirmation that it was indeed fun did open a smile on Faye's face though.

"Zero gravity is the best thing about space! I don't understand why someone would want to go there just to feel as if they were on Earth. Still, it's not that bad, since you can go outside. Talking about it, it is really as fun as I assumed it would be then!" she said excitedly.

"Disassembling yourself does sound a little bit scary when you mention it like that... Still, with the amount of cool stuff one might me able to do with it, being a bit scary wouldn't matter that much... As long as it doesn't hurt of course. Which it doesn't... right?" Faye replied, giving a bit more thought on how Amanda worded the fact that she could change 'parts'.

Faye's small 'investigation' of the other members did yield some results though. Ullross, whom Faye had talked with just a bit ago regarding the 'thing' he had on him mentioned that it was 'Dave' as he called. While Faye wasn't much surprised by how he described it as a 'parasite', the moment he mentioned that he appeared after the leviathan died did make her give a step back, a bit alarmed.

"That's why I had such a bad feeling coming from it. It's weak... but it's definitely not a good thing if it came from the leviathan." Faye mentioned to Ullross before she trailed away again.

Faye knew very well how rude her reaction was, especially after the man, whom introduced himself as Sigmundr, explained his circumstances and why she felt such power inside him. That said, she simply couldn't avoid reacting the way she did. Not only feeling that magic again made her think about the terrible experience she went through in the day of The Shattering, but the nature of that magic itself affected Faye's own magic. Even though the initial shock was already passing, anyone could see that it still would take her a bit more to recover her composure and go back to her bright, happy self.

"I-I will be fine. I'm sorry... It's just..." Faye said to Amanda when she got closer to her, asking if she was okay.

"I was just a bit... surprised. That is all... I'm sorry for being rude, Sigmundr." she said, with a small apologetic bow towards Sigmundr, even though she still seemed to be a bit unmfortable.

"Even though the fragment's magic isn't particularly intense, being so close to it is enough to make very uncomfortable and to make me remember what I felt on the day of The Shattering..." Faye said with a short explanation to Sigmundr, before turning to Amanda.

"My... abilities? Sure. If you have any questions, you can ask me." She said to Amanda. Having walked away from Sigmundr made her feel a bit better, but she was still somewhat uncomfortable. As she had said herself, while not unbearable, it would still take her some time to get used to it.

Faye was surprised when she saw the other people who would be working with her arriving. She was expecting it to be a very diverse team, but wasn't expecting it to be that diverse. With the arrival of the new agents though, the normally full of energy and cheerful Faye stopped for a moment, almost as if taking in the amount of information that was suddenly provided. Due to her magic sensitivity, the moment a few of the agents entered the room, she felt that there was something going on with a few of them. It was different from the usual magic item that some people carried with them, either for protection, convenience or maybe vanity, Faye was accustomed in feeling those trinkets and items from normal people and due to how common it was, she most of the times ignored it... Unless the item had a particularly powerful magic or if it was some kind of dark or negative magic. Unlike that type of feeling though, the way their own magic felt and the magic in the air was reacting to a few of the agents was certainly worthy of a closer investigation.

The first one that drew her attention was Michael or better, not Michael himself, but the teenager that entered the room with him. His magic and the way it behaved itself were clearly different than normal people. It wasn't even a matter of intensity, but it was the magic itself, it's origin and how it behaved. Looking at him with a curious expression, Faye approached the teenager, leaning forward almost enough so the boy could clearly see her different colored eyes and the glint of wild magic on them as she tilted her head as she looked at him, almost as if studying the boy for a moment. After a brief moment, she gave a step back, looking at him with a mischievous, almost a bit smug smile before it changed to a kind and amused expression.

"I wonder how many stories do you have to tell... How many years have you lived... I would love to hear them sometime." she said with a kind smile before she walked away, turning her attention to the others.

Before she could continue her small inspection of the members though, one of the women who were first in the room when Faye arrived spoke up. Giving a small wave towards the demon woman when the other woman mentioned that her name was Madeleine. When she mentioned unclothing herself though, Faye was a bit surprised. What perhaps was most interesting on her reaction to the woman's words though was that she wasn't embarrassed or anything. Instead, her confusion was more regarding the reason for her to uncloth herself though.
When she did though, Faye was really surprised by what she saw. Completely ignoring the parts that she 'didn't' see on the woman though, Faye was just really amazed and curious when she saw that the woman was in fact, an android.

"Wow! That is so cool!" Faye said, suddenly blinking nearby the android woman, whom introduced herself as Unit 13K, or Amanda. The entire time Amanda was explaining about her origin and what she was though, Faye was either circling around her or straight up blinking, inspecting the motors on her joints and how her body was made. While Faye did filter most of the boring stuff, she did catch most of the important stuff.

"Hey! I have a few questions if you don't mind!" Faye said after blinking back to her place as she raised a hand.

"So... Did you really work on spaceships? I heard a lot of stories about them but never saw one. Well... I've never been to space either, but I imagine zero gravity must be really fun... Do you guys need to eat and rest too or you need only to recharge or something? Oh! Can you guys change parts if you feel like it? Like, it would be fun to be a bit taller..." she said, looking to herself and then to the really tall orc woman, whom, much to Faye's surprise, after introducing herself as Dura, would also say that she had worked on the ships when The Shattering happened. After she stopped for a moment, she realized that there were still other people to introduce themselves and her questions could probably be left to be answered afterwards.

"Oop! Sorry! I wont interrupt everyone's introduction! It's just that it's the first time I saw someone like Amanda so I was a bit curious. When we have some free time, I would love to hear your answers to all those questions, by the way!" Faye said, whispering the last part to Amanda with a mischievous wink.

Just after Amanda introduced herself though, a dwarf woman who was mentioning something about being a tough mission before Amanda introduced herself, let out a small 'huh', surprised by Amanda's metallic body. Faye on the other hand, was surprised by the small dwarf.

"Oh my! You're so cute and adorable!! Can I hug you?" Faye said, blinking near the dwarf woman and starting to move herself almost as if she was going to hug her before she replied, but the way the dwarf woman looked at her made her hold herself, clearly fighting her urge to just hug her.

As the others continued to introduce themselves though, she did her best to behave herself and hear them without interrupting. That didn't save them from her small 'investigation' when she found someone interesting though, like, for example, Ullross. His magic also felt a bit different, although it was not like the teenager that came with Michael, it was still undeniably different from how normal people were. What did draw her attention though was that she could feel another... strange feeling of magic with him. It was faint, but it was undeniably there and Faye could feel a certain discomfort whenever she tried to feel that magic. It wasn't powerful, but the discomfort immediately made her think about dark magic. Not only that, but Ullross' magic reacted... strangely with it. It was almost as if it was being swallowed, disappearing into that faint, strange magic. Faye never saw anything like that before, but she couldn't chase away the feeling that there was something off with it. Not in a good way.

"There is... something... with you. It's a different magic... It 'feels' uncomfortable. I don't like it." Faye said to Ullross, with a serious expression as she looked at him, with a rather concerned look.

Faye was surprised that there were so many interesting people on the team. She was expecting to be at least a few boring people but they looked mostly fine for now. One of them, the next one to introduce himself did look really boring though... Xaviron's choice of clothes were much like his introduction, extremely monochromatic and rather boring on Faye's eyes, whose fashion style couldn't be more different from Xaviron.

Before Faye could notice though, a brief silence filled the room.

"What? It's my turn now?" she asked, a bit surprised with her thoughts about the other agents being interrupted.

"I am Faye Hayward, youngest daughter of the Hayward family. I was just recruited for the OMR, so I don't have any previous experience with such things. That said, I also came to the OMR in order to make a few tests regarding my blood, my powers and be registered." she said.

"My older sister insisted that it was probably a good idea to tell this to my co-workers before I came here, but I don't think it's something that incredible or strange, seeing the people we have reunited here today, right?" Faye said, with a mischievous smile as she clearly glanced at a few members such as the teenager that came with Michael, Ullross and even Amanda herself.

"Anyways, I am Half-Fae. My powers and my fae blood were discovered after I disappeared for a month in a certain park in England. My family always say it was only for a month, but the time I spent with the fairies felt like much longer, at least according to the perception of time I had when I was five..." Faye explained, clearly getting offtrack.

"I can, quite obviously, blink, but I can also open portals. It's like teleportation but with a few caveats. My blood also explains why I can feel the flow of magic, both natural, of people or items. The OMR said that the reason why I can use my blink ability so naturally without getting my magic exhausted is due to my blood, which is one of the reasons why I was recruited." she continued.

"As I said before, I don't have experience in being an OMR agent or anything of the sort, but I always a very active girl and my physical isn't bad. Besides, not only my abilities could prove to be useful but I can also help quite a lot in tracking anything related to magic. So I will be under your care." she finished with a smile and a small bow before she began to go back to her place.

The moment she finished though and looked at the people present, her eyes met with a man who haven't introduced himself yet. While she didn't notice him before, the very moment she paid more attention to him her smile disappeared and the color on her face clearly drained a bit. He was 'the same' as Ullross, but unlike him, the 'thing' that man had inside of himself was much, much darker and clearly much more harmful to him than what Ullross' had. Even though it was in a much lower intensity, she knew exactly what it was. She had already felt that magic before on the day of The Shattering. While it wasn't even near the intensity of what she felt on that day, it was still very impactful to her. The very nature of that thing's magic repelled her own. It was suffocating, it made her feel incredibly uncomfortable, almost as if her skin was tingling. Besides that, the memories of what she felt on the day of The Shattering came back once more, making that small encounter even worse for Faye.

"You're... similar to Ullross but... Why... do you have this inside you?!" she muttered, trembling a bit, nervously giving a few steps back, increasing the distance between them. The clear change in Faye's behavior and how silent she suddenly became made it obvious that there was something very wrong.


While the first attack was successful in knocking away the minotaur woman's weapon, Ada hissed when she saw the lizard girl approaching her. With a burst of speed that Ada wasn't expecting, the lizard girl didn't hesitate in jabbing her sword at Ada. Immediately twisting her body to try and minimize the wounds, Ada was surprised to notice that there was no blood nor wound in the place the lizard girl had stabbed. That said, Ada still felt that her strength somehow leaving her after the attack. While it wasn't as bad as literally having a huge wound to take care of, she still felt her stamina draining after the lizard girl's attack. While she didn't understand what happened that well, Ada knew that she wouldn't be able to fight if she took another hit from that strange blade.

Realizing that the lizard girl was getting ready for another attack, Ada was about to dodge her attack and try to jump away from them before Nagare shouted her name. Paying enough attention to see the ice Nagare threw on the ground and understanding what she wanted to do, Ada using the minotaur's body to jump away from both warriors, both evade the horizontal slash and pushing the minotaur on the lizard girl's direction.

Landing a few meters away from them, Ada would look straight at the lizard woman, having quickly changed her main target after she shown herself to be more of a problem than Ada previously realized. Should Nagare's ice work and made them fall, Ada would use her speed to dash towards the lizard girl, trying to disarm her with a tail whip or a slash before moving in to try and bite her throat.
Should the lizard girl avoid the hulking mass that was the minotaur though, Ada would use her camouflage while moving at full speed in order to fight against the lizard girl. While that wouldn't turn her invisible, it would at least make her a bit transparent and make her movements harder to follow while trying to disarm the lizard girl or if the opportunity showed itself, straight up down her in one go.


The very moment Freyr grabbed Haley's wing, he could already feel the force of the water, trying to drag him down as well. Saying that he had underestimated how strong was the current was an understatement. Unfortunately, with the loud crack signaling that the branch he was on wouldn't handle his, Haley and Samuel's weight, made the situation even more dire.

"Damn! Haley, it's going to break!" Freyr shouted, frantically trying to think on a way out of that situation.

Fortunately, Haley thought faster, kicking Samuel away from her leg, which proved to be enough for Freyr to quickly pull her up to the branch before it broke and jump away to the margin of the river with Haley.

Approaching the wet and exhausted Haley, Freyr hugged her, to comfort and try to warm her cold body, protecting her wet body from the wind.

"Are you okay, Haley?" He asked, clearly more worried about her than Samuel.

"Things... didn't go out as we expected... But you did the right thing. I wouldn't lose you in order to save a dangerous madman." he said, with a chuckle.

"Just take your time, rest and recover. We can try to find Samuel... Or whatever was left of him afterwards. By the way... is that his coat?" Freyr said, surprised when he saw a piece of cloth still on Haley's talons.

Faye sighed heavily, both annoyed and bored as she sat upside down, dangling her legs on the air on one of the first class cabins from the train to Frankfurt. Having boarded the train seven hours ago, she knew there was still about three and a half hours until they arrived and yet, she had already exhausted every single option she had to distract and entertain herself. Having already wandered the entire train a dozen times and being called attention by the train staff at least twice as much, she was now stuck inside her cabin after being threatened to be thrown out of the train in the next stop. Sure, she knew that there would be plenty of new things to see and do on Frankfurt, but the amount of time she had to spend in that iron cage called train was almost making her regret that decision already... For a person that most of the times could go wherever she wanted, whenever she wanted due to her abilities, having to spend so much time just to get somewhere else was a... new experience. If she had already visited Germany before, opening a portal would be simple, but since she had never left the UK in her entire life until now, she had no choice but to travel like normal people do...

"This sucks..." Faye said, straightening herself up and sitting in a normal position again, mindlessly grabbing one of the chocolate covered cereal bars she had snatched from the waitress when she came to deliver her food a while ago and taking a bite.

"I wonder how will be the people I will be working with..." she asked herself with a mischievous smile on her face as she gave another bite on the cereal bar.

"... Six years ago, when the event which became known as The Shattering..."

After the second bite though, the sweet taste suddenly gave way to a bitter one, as unwanted memories about what happened six years ago were summoned by the voice coming from the television on the cabin right next to hers.

Even though it was six years ago, Faye still remembers how she felt back then. She was only twelve when it happened. At that age, she was mostly oblivious to what was happening on the moon, but that didn't prevent her from feeling the terrible wave of magic washing all over the earth. It wasn't just dark magic, it was something much, much worse. Even though it was thousands of kilometers away from Faye, she could still feel it's magic power and how utterly undescribable it was. Even normal people were being affected by it's magic, but Faye, who was already incredibly sensitive to magic, almost had her mind broken at that time.

Faye's smile faded, with her eyes becoming lost in the distance for a second as she felt the shivers, summoned by the mere memory of being in contact with that creature's power. It took a few seconds for Faye to recover herself. With the memory gone once more, Faye could now hear clearly the voice coming from the other cabin's television, talking about The Shattering while mentioning one of the monuments that were made to honor the fallen and the bravery of those who fought to defend the Earth.

Fortunately, much for both the staff's relief, the passenger on the cabin changed the channel and lowered the volume just before Faye was about to blink the candy foil wrapper from her cereal bar into the power outlet where the television was connected to, which would cause a small short-circuit and turn off the television for good.

With a small 'accident' potentially avoided, the boredom Faye was feeling a while ago soon returned as there were still three hourst of tavel left.

Immediately upon arriving in Frankfurt and disembarking, Faye was greeted by an OMR agent, a middle aged man in a black suit, holding a small whiteboard with her name written on it.

"Miss Faye, I presume." the man asked as Faye approached him, speaking in english, which was a relief for Faye, whose german was... passable at best.

"Hey there! You must be from the OMR, right?" Faye said with a cheerful smile, waving amicably to him.

"It turns out that I really didn't need to bring this..." the agent said, looking to the small whiteboard with a chuckle. While his superiors did say the person he was going to be escorting was impossible to miss, he wasn't expecting her to be so... 'unique'. Thankfully, he was given a few pointers on how to 'deal' with her.

"Yes, my name is Ferdinand. I was told to wait for your arrival and offer to take you to our headquarters." the agent said to her, introducing himself in a formal tone with a small cumpriment.

"Thank you! That really makes things easier! My German isn't that good and it's my first time coming to Germany so I was afraid that I would have to find the place by myself!" she said with a small chuckle.

"Oh! Before we go, could we make a small stop on our way there? I reeeally want to buy some sweets. The cereal bars from the train weren't that good... Too much cereal and too little chocolate!" she said, sticking her tongue out as she complained about the cereal bars she most definitely wasn't 'given' by the waitress on the train.

"... I guess we have enough time for a small stop. I must ask you to not delay too much though, as I was informed that some of your teammates are already present and waiting for your arrival." Ferdinand said, pointing to a small gray sedan that was parked just outside the station.

"Really? I was told that there would be people from all around the world and many different races. I'm really looking forward to knowing who I will be working with!" Faye said, excitedly as she followed Ferdinand before entering the car.

After having bought a bar of chocolate, which Faye began to nibble straight away, they continued their way to the OMR headquarters, arriving on the building only a few minutes later than it was expected. Having mentioned her teammates proved to be the correct option to keep Faye's interest and make her go directly to their destination instead of wanting to wander around the city, potentially get lost and end up gods know where. Ferdinand had been warned about how eccentric Faye was, but he was surprised that she was much less troublesome than he expected her to be. Something which would be soon proven to be a special case on the following weeks...

Faye's entrance on the conference room was where her teammates would be waiting for her was... 'unique' to say the least. After Ferdinand left her on the entrance of the entrance of the building and Faye preseting herself on the reception, she was told to go to a certain conference room to wait. The problem was that Faye was too distracted looking around at the interior of the building and amazed by how many differnt races she could find working for the OMR that she didn't pay attention to the number of the conference room that the receptionist said and instead simply began entering random rooms, interrupting a number of possibly important or even confidential reunions, resulting in complaints, surprised and even angry expressions as she began blinking from room to room, until she finally found one that seemed to be the correct one.

"Oh hey! I think I'm in right place this time... right? At least I think I am, judging by how no one is looking at me like they're constipated... or angry, I don't know. Some of the old guys on the previous conference room really looked like they were constipated." Faye said, just as she blinked inside the room.

"Anyways! I'm Faye Hayward. It's a pleasure to meet you." she said, introducing herself with a smile and a small bow.
Just confirming my interest! Already have some ideas!
Might start working on my character today while I'm at work!

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