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Well, the hand is pinned down now, so I'm waiting for someone that doesn't have a spear to try and chop the arm off.
Just to let everyone know I've come down with a bout of the flu, so I'm unlikely to post in the next few days as I wait for this headache to leave me alone.

If anyone is waiting on me to post it's probably best if you just skip me, or if it's been a few days with no progress just assume Joseph used his spear to pin the arm down.
@Majoras End

Click on the Raw button at the top of this post and then copy the image tags.

I'm also realising that a fly person is going to be... diiiifficult to find an image for. Any assistance would be appreciated, folks.

Got you covered buddy.

Are we supposed to be under dogs or what? Cause the consensus seems to quickly be growing that everyone is powerful, its just some are more powerful then others.

I'll have you know that Akeno is quite terrible.
You're all welcome to take a shot at Dietrich to see if your theories are correct, just make sure you sign one of these waivers first so I'm not held responsible for what happens.

I volunteer Hiroki to be beaten by him during the exam. He was responsible for hiroki's less than perfect score, and now tries to beat him.

Hey, it's not Dietrich's fault he took out all those robots before Hiroki finished them off. Hiroki was just so slow he couldn't help himself.
@King Cosmos Dietrich looks fun! Does his force field thing get bigger as his ego goes up, or just tougher? Like if he's super duper self-assured and everyone's praising him, does his hitbox turn into the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, essentially? :b

No, the barrier is always the same size, it just gets tougher and gives him more strength. He's pretty much always running on max ego and therefore max strength; when he's weaker he's just easier to hurt and isn't as powerful.

He does have a weakness, but I'll leave it to you guys to figure out what that is. I'll tell Truth over PMs what it is though, just so he's aware and can keep Dietrich in line.
Also may I suggest the hero name of rank 1?


The Number 1's name is 'cheating bastard'. Dietrich has declared it so.
Alright losers, meet your new WIP God.

And with a healing quirk, I feel like New Heights would have to be very small brain to give them a low ranking, cause goddamn healers are rare.

That's the issue with a test that only measures combat ability; it's the same reason Shinso didn't even make it onto the hero course even though his Quirk clearly has potential. At least this school has the ribbons to make things a little fairer and since everyone here is already accepted there's no chance of failing out even if you get zero points.

There's really no way to make a one-size-fits-all entrance exam with the variety of Quirks there are.
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