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So, Sidney's alive.

Sorry for the absence. It's been a hectic couple of weeks that have kept me from writing much and I couldn't find a good place to jump in until now.

I'll be more active from now... or just active at all I guess.
Sidney Malcolm

A butterfly suspended in mid-air. Its wings spread, caught frozen in between flaps, brightly coloured like a kaleidoscope. Greens and blues and pinks and yellows and violets and even more colours in between. Beneath it, a sea of wild flowers just as vibrant, just as colourful and the wings, identically so even, trapped in a moment where the breeze had pulled at them, bending their stems and bowing their heads. It was only this shift in the flowers that allowed the butterfly to be seen at all, the colours that matched and camouflaged the insect moved aside to reveal it in a moment of inconsistency.

Just a moment, and then it would be gone again.

A stylus swished across the screen of the tablet, adding a dark line at the edges of the butterfly’s wing. Then it was gone, erased, as Sidney chose a thinner brush and repeated the motion; she wanted the butterfly to be visible, but not too obvious. No thick outline dividing it from the surrounding flowers, she wanted the incongruent colours to be the first thing people noticed, then the outline second. Something like that anyway.

Finishing the line work on the edges, Sidney moved on to the inner wing. These lines would be even thinner, dividing the wings up into patterns, each little section like the petal of a flower. Draw a line, draw another, erase it, draw it again, draw another, erase the first line, draw, draw, erase, start again. She set the stylus down next to her and swiped a finger across the screen, sliding the drawing away so she could look at her reference images again; butterflies, flowers, stained glass windows. Flower petals were uniform in shape, but also overlapping, butterfly wings were made up of inconsistent shapes, but the overall pattern was symmetrical and stained glass windows were usually made up of more angular pieces, but the placement of colours was a lot more purposeful. Sidney wanted a little of each of those qualities really, but nothing she drew looked right to her.

She ran a hand through her hair, brushing back the bangs over the left side of her face and huffed out a breath. On her left forearm, she caught a glimpse of the thing that had gotten her stuck in this rut in the first place; a brightly coloured butterfly drawn in faded marker ink directly onto her skin. A moment of fancy had led to her doodling it on herself yesterday afternoon, in between helping her parents get stuff setup for the festival, and she’d been in the mood to draw something unbearably colourful ever since. Sidney had sat down this morning looking to do just that, hoping to spend a few hours getting the groundwork out of the way before going out to meet her friends only to get caught up in it and now she was almost done.

Emphasis on almost. Frustrating, but, as long as she could get this finished before the festival she… wait, when did it get so dark outside?

“Oh, shoot.”

Reaching for her phone, Sidney checked the time and jumped out of her seat. She rushed towards her closet, throwing the phone onto her bed and ignoring the missed calls and texts for now as she hurried to pick out something to wear.


By the time she made it to the festival grounds, Sidney definitely felt a little frazzled; she just hoped she didn’t look it as she tried to flatten her hair and brush down the creases in her hastily donned clothes. In her other hand she held her phone, trying to type out a text one handed to William to find out where he was. It had been ages since they’d hung out and she had wanted to catch up at the festival, until she nearly forgot and missed the whole thing.

”Hey, W, where are you?”


Putting her phone away, Sidney looked up just in time to avoid bumping into a familiar face. “Oh, Audrey. How’s it going?”

Leo Wilde – Slifer Red

Leo shuffled his feet awkwardly. He was really starting to feel bad about asking all of this, given how real this conversation was getting; it was supposed to be about figuring out what a bunch of dumb kids were doing in the woods at night, not digging up a strangers’ bad memories.

Maybe that was the point, to throw him off track by making him uncomfortable so he’d stop digging deeper into… whatever was going on. He wasn’t so sure it was just a prank anymore, but he still wasn’t entirely sold on the idea of spirits being real; a little less of a sceptic than before, sure, but not willing to fully buy into it yet.

If it was just to get him to feel awkward, it was working. Leo decided to just drop this for now. If something like this happened again, he’d come looking for this girl and get some real answers from her, but for now… he’d just answer her question and leave.

“Short. Like, really short. Long dark hair, kind of purple tinted; it fell in front of her face, covered one eye, but that might just have been because of everything that happened.” That was really all he could remember. It was dark and he hadn’t been trying to remember what she’d looked like at the time. “She used some kind of snake deck. Oh, and she was limping when she left.”

@Psyker Landshark
In Decibitus 12 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Leo Wilde – Slifer Red


A big pillar of light in the forest. Feeling something that compelled you to go investigate. Leo wished he could dismiss all of this as some big joke, say that the Obelisk girl was just weird and that this girl was just going along with it for a joke, but unfortunately he couldn’t. Last night he’d felt something too, something that kept dragging his eyes towards the forest like he was going to see something out there. A strange feeling that told him that the missing students were somewhere out there.

Hell, now that he thought about it, that Pine guy said something about that too; a light in the forest. He’d ignored the dude at the time because, frankly, he was being an asshole about it, but he must have seen something too. Or he was in on the hoax with that Haruko girl; weren’t they dating or something?

Leo uncrossed his arms, stuffing one hand into his pocket as the other went to scratch at the back of his head awkwardly. Okay, maybe there was some truth to all this nonsense. But, if that was true, then didn’t that mean he could also kind of sense these things? He’d thought there was something off about the forest as well, even if he didn’t see this pillar everyone else did, but that still meant he could sense it a little bit, right? Unless it was just so big even normal people could feel it.

“So, err, how’s it going? The search for other people like you?”

@Psyker Landshark
Would you mind taking a quick look at my deck and letting me know whether the Side Deck seems "good enough"? Like I said, I'm not sure how those work, and I do know Battleguard isn't exactly intended to be a competitive archetype, but I'd be happy to play some duels!

Do you mean extra deck? Side decks are a different thing, that we aren't using.

It seems fine. It works for what you're going for, which is just Earth Warrior beat-down. I would say to take out Powerload Ogre because it being unaffected by card effects is above the power level we are going for. I will say that it is expected that people's decks will get stronger as the RP progresses, so it would be good if you had an idea in mind for how to build off of this; or just another deck you can switch to at a later point.

EDIT: Also, what simulator do you use?

Dueling Nexus mostly, but if there's another one that you would prefer then we can use that instead.
Are you running these games on Discord over some online program? Do you intend to? And are the decks expected to be competitive in that regard, or are the lists just for the sake of the characters having a gimmick?

Duels are taking place on Discord and can be done either over an online simulator, or on Discord itself; if you choose the latter then either Ryik of myself will tell you what your draw is for each turn and you will play it out like a real duel. In other words, duels are not scripted and it is expected that you will make your deck good enough to at least be able to compete with other players' decks.

We're not making modern, meta decks though. You don't need to make it super competitive, but it does help to make a deck that is consistent enough to work in a real game.

(In other words, do I need to learn what Xyz, Link and Tuner cards are?)

You don't have to use any mechanics you don't want to use, but other players are using these types of cards so it would help to know how they work for when you duel against them. If you have any questions around rulings or things like that then I can help with that.
Leo Wilde – Slifer Red

Crossing his arms across his chest, Leo stared at the abrasive Ra. So this girl was just going to feed him the same story as the other one huh? He resisted the urge to scoff or roll his eyes, feeling like the conversation would end immediately if he did so.

Alright, sure; spirits. The idea wasn’t any more believable now than it was then, but this girl clearly wasn’t going to tell him anything else if he didn’t at least play along. Besides, she was saying it seriously enough that it didn’t sound like a joke and she didn’t seem like the kind of person who just believed in fairy tales; too intense for that.

“Alright, fine. Spirits are real. So what was everyone doing in the wood last night? The other girl said she felt something from her room?”

@Psyker Landshark
That's actually a pretty good way of explaining how they met.
What do you think @King Cosmos? Would It be alright for that to be canon?

Yeah, that works for me. I had a similar thought when I saw that William's grandfather runs a bakery.
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