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Cleo Forsberg

Residential District/Breakfast Run

“You’re right. We’ll need to defeat all other Servants eventually, which means it’s important that the ones we allow to make it to the final battle are those that we can beat.” Cleo turned to look at the restaurant Ogier indicated, pausing for a moment to look through the window at the interior before moving towards the door and opening it. “As contradictory as it sounds we need to ally ourselves with people weaker than us, people who aren’t a threat to us.”

Once inside a waitress hurried over to them and led them to the table for two and left them with a pair of menus. Cleo idly opened hers up, barely paying attention to the words before her as her mind stayed focused on the conversation with Saber. “To side with the Caster and Knight who will make for a stronger alliance, or to side with the Eastern Lancer who we know we can kill with less difficulty if need be. It’s not an easy decision Saber, and the wrong choice means my death; or maybe both choices lead to death and what I decide is pointless. Either way I have until tonight to decide, so give me time to think in peace.”

The waitress came back to take their order and Cleo asked for a simple omelette and a glass of water; after taking Saber’s order as well the young woman left once again. “I will join you tonight; I should be present for any further negotiations, if only to put people at ease. I’m not strong though, Saber, not strong enough to defeat another Master in a fight. Combat is not my forte, so if anything happens I’ll need to rely on your protection.”

Cleo Forsberg

Residential District/Breakfast Run

The streets of Paris were still busy even at this early hour, though not as populated as they would be in a few hours when all of the tourists had woken up. The people who passed her on the street were the ordinary denizens of the French city, people on their way to work or out to do some shopping; a few likely looking for a place to eat breakfast like herself.

The first night of the war had been eventful, to say the least, but not in the way Cleo had expected; two separate encounters with enemy servants on a night that was supposed to be about scouting rather than engaging, both of which led to offers of an alliance rather than deadly combat. It shouldn’t surprise her, joining forces with another Master to increase your chances of surviving until the end of the war and then fighting amongst your remaining allies was a smart strategy, certainly smarter than trying to go it alone; even so, the idea of putting your trust in someone you knew was planning on stabbing you in the back eventually, while you plotted the same against the, wasn’t particularly appealing. It didn’t look like Cleo had much of a choice however.

“What do you make of the Servants you met last night Saber?” The first thing she had done this morning was purchase some clothing for her Servant, something she had not been able to do last night when she wasn’t even sure what he would look like before summoning him. It allowed the pair to walk around Paris together, without the need for Saber to remain in his spirit form. “What is your opinion of them as a Paladin or Charlemagne?”

Name: Ryuhei Takagi
Race: Human
Ki Color: ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇
Power Level: 1365
Location: North Capital
Tag:@CaptainSully Open

Ryuhei ran towards the entrance of the dojo as soon as the pair touched the ground, jogging through the door past students carrying rubble out into the street and hurrying down familiar hallways towards the training room where he had last seen Master Goichi. When he reached it, he found Goichi still sitting where he had left him, the older martial artist already looking in his direction; no doubt the man had sensed their power levels approaching.

“You’re alive.” There was no expression on Master Goich’s face that showed he was surprised or pleased by this fact, just the same gruff exterior he always had. Nonetheless Ryuhei couldn’t help but grin as he heard the small hint of relief in his master’s voice.

“Yes.” Ryuhei walked forward and stopped in front of Goichi before giving a small bow of greeting. “You were right; I wasn’t the only one there to fight Dyce. In fact, I barely did anything before he was defeated.”

Goichi lowered his gaze to the floor and nodded. Just as he had expected Dyce much have been targeting a number of powerful individuals other than them and must have made a lot of enemies along the way; although he could defeat them one or two at a time, when everyone he had left alive grouped up to fight him he didn’t stand a chance.

“There was, ah, there was one casualty. Everyone else survived because of him.” Goichi raised his eyes back to Ryuhei only to find his student now looking at the floor, the young martial artist thinking back to the scene of the young man holding his master as he died.

“Who’s the other fighter you brought with you?”

“Ah.” Looking his master in the face again, embarrassed to have momentarily forgotten Korvus and his reason for coming here. “Someone from the battle. He’s here to take you to the hospital. Don’t argue! You’re hurt and everyone can handle the clean up without you.”

Master Goichi snapped his mouth shut, his objection quashed before he could even voice it. He rallied quickly however, and soon had another argument ready. “And what about your training?”

“There’s a temple to the north of here. One of the fighters is heading there and invited to rest of us to join him. Apparently it can make us all stronger and it might be useful to learn some new techniques; they were vital to defeating Dyce.”

“Hmm, fine. Let’s meet this friend of yours.”
Cleo watched the fight with ‘Lancer’ from behind Saber’s eyes, her head spinning as she tried to keep up with a fight between Servants from a Servant’s perspective. Every strike was a blur, every movement so fast she could barely comprehend it, yet both heroes fought with grace and skill that was beyond human.

“The fact that you are sure you can beat him if need be is enough; it means we don’t have to worry about him later. Ask them what they want; just because we’ve heard one offer tonight doesn’t mean we can’t hear others.”

The suddenness of the gun shot that rang out across the field was enough for Akeno to spin her head in the direction of the petite Italian terror, but the effect it had on Yakkaimori was much more profound. The girl let out a high pitched scream that quickly drew Akeno’s attention back to her teammate; she was about to ask what was wrong when the smaller girl grabbed Akeno by the wrist and ran off.

Concerned and a little confused, Akeno let herself be dragged along without putting up any resistance as she was pulled over towards Goudo-sensei and the box of ribbons and then pulled again over to Azukina. It was clear that the loud noise had bothered Yakkaimori and it only took a quick look at her ears to realise why; if she really did have abilities similar to a bat then her mutation surely gave her high sensitive hearing to be able to echolocate. Even her eyes seemed a little clouded over as she shook her head and cleared her throat, the loud noise probably having a similar disorienting effect that something like a flashbang had on someone with normal hearing.

Akeno waited until Yakkaimori recovered before saying anything, in case any more noise aggravated her already damaged ears. When she had recovered and suggested explaining their Quirk’s to each other, Akeno raised an eyebrow at the wording used but listened carefully to what was said nonetheless before giving her own explanation. “Well, what I showed in my demonstration is pretty much it. I can heat up my body to about 60 degrees; it’s enough to burn someone but not right away and if I use it for too long I overheat. It won’t be very useful here I’m afraid, but I’ll do my best to help anyway.”

Is this RP going to have a discord?
Ok, never played with Links so this will be a learning experience. Might have to do some research before I jump in to this.

@King Cosmos We meet again.

...Sorry for leaving Harmonia out to dry like that.

Plenty of people dropped out before you. Unfortunately we went months without a post because everyone was writing duels at the same time; kind of a hazard with this kind of RP I guess.
@1Charak2 Just to make sure I'm understanding that new rule properly. As long as you control an extra deck monster in your extra deck zone, you can summon other monsters of the same type that are a lower rank or level than that monster, in any other monster zone?

What happens if the card in your extra deck zone is destroyed? Are all your other extra deck monsters destroyed or returned to the extra deck as well? Or do you move the next highest level monster to that zone?

Latin District, heading towards the Canal District

"Unfortunately Master, I have no more information to give about the fight; I have no idea if it was a Master or a Servant who died. That is the problem with using birds as scouts I'm afraid; painfully observant, but not very good with the finer details. They don't pay much attention to people unless they have food in their hands."

With the declaration that they would be heading towards the Canal district and this hidden area rather than the gathering of Servants, Jangar inclined his head towards his Master in a small bow. "That is the wisest course of action I feel. I am ready to fight at a moments notice, but a skirmish of that magnitude would be a dangerous proposition. Come! Let us head towards the Canal district and rout out this hidden workshop. I will ask my friends to guide us to its location and we will see what we can find."



Cleo Forsberg

Residential District, Workshop

Things were not going how she expected them to; which was a somewhat embarrassing turn of events for someone who could divine the future such as her. The city was far more active than she had expected for the first night, or perhaps it was fate that had brought so many Servants and Masters together in one place. A simple scouting expedition had turned into something so much more; something dangerous, but also filled with potential.

An alliance. It was something that she had not considered, given the cut throat nature of the war she was now a part of, but while she didn't find all of this knight's terms agreeable she was more open to the possibility than she thought she would be. She would need to consider this offer more carefully later, but for now it seemed that there was yet another later arrival to contend with.

Remaining a passive observer was no longer an option, now that they had revealed themselves. It was time to give Ogier a little more agency.

"Saber. You're free to engage in combat if you wish."

Oberon opened his eyes. Despite his fatigue, his mind just wasn't tired enough to fall asleep even though his body desperately needed the rest at this point; too many thoughts buzzing around his head to just let himself drift off.

He sat up and climbed to his feet before walking out of the cave. If he wasn't going to be getting any sleep he might as well do something productive with his time instead; though with his stamina still drained and his mana reserves depleted, not to mention this Mana Burn condition he had, there wasn't much he could do.

The first thing he needed to do was recover his lost mana. His rest in the cave had restored some of it but he was still low, so he found a quiet patch of grass in the sun and sat down with his legs crossed before using both Meditation and Gather Light until his mana was fully restored. Once that had been done he just needed to decide what to work on now; given that his last experiment had proven that it was possible of overexert yourself magically it was probably best to keep things simple and not push himself any further. At least not until this status condition went away.

With that in mind it was probably best to focus on practicing his current skills or maybe try and complete a skill he had in progress rather than try anything new and potentially dangerous. Continuing to improve Mana Shape could prove useful in the future, both for creating new spells and also for creating more complex images. Working on developing more Shield spells using different mana types or trying to cast Shield on multiple targets at once was also an option. But what he eventually decided on was trying to complete a spell he had first cast accidentally back before all of this madness had started.

Like he had done back then, what felt like months ago at this point, he formed an orb of mana between his hands and then cast Shield on it. The nascent Mana Orb should absorb the additional mana of the Shield spell, perhaps also taking on some of its qualities and becoming solid as a result. Through repeating this process Oberon hoped to complete the development of the Wall spell.

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