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Own our discord created for this RP. That's been the case for a lot of RPs I've taken part in, though not all of them.
Fate RP is always good. But why does nobody talk in ooc?

Generally, all the OOC conversation takes place on discord.
“Hmm, well that’s… interesting.”

The Gravity Well skill wasn’t exactly what Oberon had expected. Rather than being something used to weigh down or hinder a target temporarily it sounded far more destructive, like suddenly crashing down on something with a heavy weight. What’s more, the description seemed to suggest the effect only lasted for a moment.

Not very useful as a utility spell then. Instead the Sprite had found himself with yet another way to harm, maim or kill anything he came across; it was a surprisingly long list. He was almost ready to think that he had wasted nine of his skill points were it not for the fact that, well, he was controlling gravity. If the brief description of the spell was to be believed then he wasn’t just applying pressure in a way that resembled gravity, he was somehow empowering one of the four fundamental forces of the universe to increase its effect in a single spot. He would have to try and use an analysis skill on his later and see if he could gain any more information on it; because it that was really what he was doing then he had to be able to get something amazing out of it. In fact, why wait? It was probably a good idea to find out just how much mana the spell used up as well, since he couldn’t imagine it was as cheap as a simple fireball.

He was already near to the top of the treeline, so Oberon flew even higher until he was clear of the tree entirely and had some room to manoeuvre. Picking a random bit of empty space he activated Mana Sense and raised his hand before casting Gravity Well on thin air; at the same time he activated Magic Analysis to see if he could glean anything useful from it.

With that done, the Sprite returned to the ground. He descended down through the layer of leaves at the upper tree line, between the branches and flew back towards the camp. Along the way he scooped another pebble from the ground, pulling it towards him with Lesser Force, and began to examine it with Mana Sense. As expected he saw the flecks of golden coloured Earth Mana within it, but not much else. If he tried to add more Mana to it, it would start of neutral and colourless before turning the same golden hue once the pebble was full. But, not all Mana that came into contact with something changed alignment like that. Did it? If he cast a Shield spell on an object, it would still be a Shield spell, right? It would linger on the stone as a Shield without changing alignment, or so he assumed.

Oberon cast a Shield I on the pebble in his hand, watching with Mana Sense as he did so in order to observe what happened. He was curious to see the result and, depending on what happened, figure out why. If it worked, then he might be able to start work on something interesting.

Saber Bokuden

Saber pushed himself away from the railing. Letting out a sigh as he took a couple steps forward so that he was standing in the middle of the bridge, not quite taking a fighting stance just yet even as Archer nocked an arrow to his bow. There was no rush to react; if he was the honourable sort then the duel wouldn’t start until they were both ready. “The Masters aren’t to be harmed; that’s fine with me. That’s the way Servant’s should fight.”

It seemed Subaru wouldn’t be staying out of this fight entirely. Saber felt the surge of strength as the music flowed through him, boosting his agility slightly and making him even faster than before. That meant this Archer’s Master would be able to do something similar, under the ill-defined rules of this duel, and sure enough a nearby bush exploded into something ten times the size as some kind of magecraft took hold of it. That both of them would have supporters during this fight made things more complicated, but not to the extent that it worried Saber any.

Still… he didn’t want to do this. He didn’t want to fight this battle.

It wasn’t due to fear of losing, as his Master seemed to assume, nor was it because he had some aversion to combat. No, he’d simply hoped to avoid this pointless scuffle because it didn’t achieve anything. He’d long ago reached the stage where battles for the sake of battle no longer interested him, so he had to ask what purpose this duel served other than to sate this Archer’s urge for battle? It wasn’t necessary for them to fight before forming an alliance, it was simply an indulgence. Unlike Archer, Saber didn’t yearn for the thrill of battle, they didn’t make him feel alive; that might have been the case in his youth, but he’d given up that kind of life a long time ago.

“Haaa, I’m showing my age again.” Saber inhaled, taking a deep breath of cold night air. He exhaled and placed a hand on the scabbard of his odachi, just below the tsuba, and with a flick of his thumb loosened the sword from its sheath. “Alright, let’s do this!”

Saber bent his knees and in the blink of an eye dashed from the centre of the bridge to the base of the light pole Archer was balanced atop. As he came to a stop he drew his sword and swung in the same, smooth motion, the blade slicing through the light pole at an angle without making a sound.

With his opponent’s footing now hopefully disrupted, Saber straightened his legs and launched himself upwards towards Archer. With a twist of his wrist and flick of his arm he brought the sword around and up with his ascent in another stroke. He aimed to hit his opponent with a shallow cut from navel to shoulder, spacing himself in such a way that only the tip of his long sword would reach his foe.
Thomas Gardner

“Ah…yes. Very good.” Kiyohime. Thomas wasn’t familiar with the woman or her legend, but he understood enough about her to know what she was capable of; that would have to suffice for now, anything else would need to wait until tomorrow. At the very least he grasped that she was as mad as her title of Berserker would suggest and that her mind seemed to be entangled in some delusion about his relation to this man Anchin. He himself doubted that the roots of his family tree reached as far as Japan, but if keeping up the illusion helped him keep the volatile woman under control then he wouldn’t try to challenge it.

Her devotion and enthusiasm towards him was disconcerting, but as long as he was careful not to lie she should pose no threat to him. And after spending decades navigating the murky waters of the Order’s regular meet-ups he knew his way around words. “Our goal for tonight is information above all else, we should avoid conflict as much as possible.” If he so much as managed to acquire a clear image of someone’s face he would be able to start making preparations to track them down with his magecraft. If possible the only fights they would engage in during this war were ones that he had meticulously prepared for, and no others. “That being said, should anyone spot us… well, I’ll be counting on you to protect me, my dear.”

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Saber Bokuden

“Hmm, not Benkei.”

Saber was the picture of casual as he leant on the railing of the bridge next to his Master, one arm resting on the railing and the other on the hilt of his blade. The swordsman hadn’t moved an inch as the other Servant appeared, apparently unconcerned with the bow that was almost, but not quite aimed in their direction. “Personally, I’d prefer if we could just skip the duel and go straight to being friends, you know? You seem like the type who knows when to take it easy.”

If Archer was putting on a ‘friendly idiot’ act then so was Saber. Should things go south then he was prepared to pull his Master out of there in a flash. Protecting her was more important than any tactical advantage they could gain from this meeting after all.

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Oberon sat up. Pain suffused his body, sinking through his skin and muscle before soaking into his bones and pooling in his joints, creating a discomfort that wasn’t dissimilar to the feeling you were left with the day after straining rarely used muscles. He felt tired, thirsty and hungry, but at the same time strangely energised and the world looked… brighter?

He stood up and found that his new body, if it could be called new when he hadn’t really transformed, felt alien to him. He thought he might be taller, but he couldn’t be sure, and as he looked at himself he definitely felt like his body had matured in a way he couldn’t really define in a very short span of time. The sudden growth probably explained why he was so sore, like he had undergone an unnatural growth spurt and was now paying the price for it. Digbie, beside him, had undergone a much more drastic change; Oberon desperately wanted to analyse his new form to see what information he could glean from it, especially with that Digbie had said about his transformation maybe being unique, however his MP was apparently empty and his analysis skills used Mana if he remembered correctly. Any analysis would have to wait.

The information he had been given, both that he could comprehend and that he couldn’t, demanded his attention, but he had more pressing matters to deal with first. The Sprite left the cave and walked immediately towards the stream before kneeling at its bank and cupping water into his parched mouth. He drank until his thirst was quenched, before standing and walking back to where they had stored the food they had gathered. Their stores had been depleted quite a bit by now, but there was still enough to sate the hunger of a creature as small as he was hopefully; they would need to gather more before long.

With his basic bodily necessities dealt with, Oberon finally turned his thoughts back to the system messages he had received and the new capabilities of his evolved form. It seemed he had failed to gain any variances, like he had hoped; he had rolled the dice and come up short it would seem, but he knew that was a possibility but, while disappointing, he had accepted that risk from the start. Besides, it was hard to feel despondent about what he hadn’t received when he was distracted by what he had gained; an increase in experience for his healing spells and his Light Affinity, which had finally ticked over into a proper skill, as well as an increase in Monster Analysis for some reason.

When had he last analysed a monster? And why did he gain the experience now? Could it be related to the garbled information he couldn’t decipher? The last time he had seen anything like that was when he had analysed the Black Knight, but even then it had only shown question marks rather than being distorted to this extent. Had something happened while he had been transforming? He would need to ask the others what they thought once everyone was free.

For now he needed to deal with the issue of his lost MP, which was itself a mystery, which he did by settling down somewhere where the sun was shining through the treeline above and activating his Gather Light skill. Now that he had an affinity for Light-based spells it made sense to make more use of them, including when he was recovering Mana. It would also make more sense to focus his efforts on developing Light-aligned spells before anything else, as now that he had a basic spell of almost every element he could easily access he could use the element he was best at to develop new forms of spells; combining Light with his Wall spell or trying to forge it into a shape other than a ring for example. Light Affinity meant he could make progress more quickly when using Light than using anything else, which would hopefully speed up the process significantly. That was the general idea behind his attempt to create elementals out of Light specifically a while ago… or was it just yesterday? It seemed like so much time had passed since the cave for some reason, when it had been two or three days at most.

Now that he had Lesser Force he should try and use that as much as possible as well, as developing what was essentially telekinesis could only come in handy. He still had yet to try out some ideas he had had regarding using Mana Shape on a spell that was already in place as well, something that had been held in the back of his mind since before the fight with Rattleskull. There were some things he wanted to try with multi-target spells using Minor Heal All as a basis as well, not to mention trying to create other kinds of buffs like the Shield spell or Regeneration, as well as exploring some of the more unusual spells and elements that he had seen in his skills list or in his analyses…

The problem, it seemed was having too many ideas and not enough time to act on them. Perhaps he could explain his ideas and theories to the others and ask them to help, or perhaps he just needed to prioritise and only focus on the ideas that would be the most useful to them and ignore the rest. For some ideas, at least, he had a stockpile of fourteen skill points that he could use to skip the experimentation phase.

“System: Put nine skills points into Gravity Well.”

Thomas Gardner

So far this war had not lived up to Thomas’ expectations, but he was having a thoroughly enjoyable time nonetheless. The battleground was decidedly more… rural than he had anticipated for one, but at least he wouldn’t have to worry too much about collateral damage when there was so little collateral to damage in the first place. Before departing he had ensured that he still had access to ample funding so that he might secure whatever resources he needed, even after cutting ties with his old compatriots, but it seemed that such measures were unnecessary; he could probably buy this entire town if he wanted to by the looks of it. Instead he had opted for purchasing a small dwelling on the outskirts of town, a little run down but suitable enough for his needs, before spending the better part of a day securing it with a complex array of bounded fields and other apotropaic methods.

His Servant too, was a surprise. The catalyst he had ‘borrowed’ from the Order had proven to be less effective than he had hoped; instead of summoning a fabled hero from Britain’s distant past he had summoned, well, her. How effective she would be in this war would remain to be seen, but his first impression was not a hopefully one; she was not a warrior or a witch or anything of the sort, just a young woman who fell to madness after her love was rejected. Being allied to such a character in a war like this seemed more likely to cause him harm than his enemies.

“Berserker.” Still, he intended to see this through one way or another. At the very least he could see who his foes were before deciding what course of action to take. “What do you say we take a walk around town? See what we can find,hmm?”

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Saber Bokuden

“When it comes to fighting, ‘walking away’ is always an option.” Whether the words were meant for him or not, Saber heard them. Ever since being summoned he had not strayed far from his ‘Master’, even if she herself hadn’t noticed it. Though it had been years since he had served under anyone, as a samurai or otherwise, he still remembered that sense of duty and responsibility; as the one who had summoned him it was his job to guard and protect Subaru. “If you don’t want to bloody your hands then don’t; it’s as simple as that. Just walk away.”

Everybody had their reasons to fight, the young musician included, but that didn’t always mean they were prepared for it. Saber himself had grown past the need to fight long ago and had adopted a more pacifistic approach, yet nonetheless he found himself on the battlefield again with a goal in mind.

He entered the room that Subaru had been playing music in a moment ago, waiting as the musician put her instrument away. “There are always alternatives to fighting, but this is a war we’re talking about; once you make the decision to stay it’ll be harder to back out later if you change your mind. If you continue down this path then you won’t be clean by the end of this; blood will be shed whether you like it or not. But, as your sword, I can at least take the burden of killing onto myself. If that’s what you want.”


Well, I think I came to a decision.

I guess that Saber could an interesting partner for Subaru. We can pair up if you want to.

Yeah, that sounds good to me. It seems like they might be a good fit.
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