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@CaptainSully personally, since Alex's moves are all close range that finish wouldn't work for me. On the other hand, Alex could already be dead at that stage of the fight, so that's a moot point.
So I've been waiting until the fight with Raditz progressed a bit further before jumping back into things, wanting to have Alex show up to see everyone already hurt or even a few people already defeated, but that's taken longer than I expected and I'm conscious of the fact I haven't posted in a while.

What would be the best way to bring Alex in at this point? Should I have Alex jump in and attack Riditz or should he go and interrupt the fight between Daiko and Josh?
@Double@CaptainSully Do Majin's have souls? What actually happens to them when they die?

If you don't want to write Momo any more you could just kill him off in the Raditz fight and have him get sent to hell/erased by the Kai's a be done with it.
Moving through the halls of the Clocktower at a hurried pace just short of a jog, Dieter Voigt made his way towards the head master’s office. He was running later than he has anticipated, something that he was very aware of with each passing second, but he also did not want to cause a scene by sprinting through the halls when classes were still in session; turning another corner he increased his pace, knowing that his destination was nearby.

It had been some years since he had last walked these corridors, not since he had still been a student, but they were familiar nonetheless and he needed no guidance to bring him to where he needed to be. He paused outside the head master’s office to rearrange his clothes and hair as well as to catch his breath, taking the time to make himself look presentable before he knocked on the door, opened it and walked in; he was already late after all, they were expecting him and he could hear voices on the other side.

Once inside he quickly glanced around the room, taking in the six figures already standing or sitting around the room. One his recognised as Director Archibald but the rest were strangers; others like himself perhaps. Ducking his head he stepped fully into the room and closed the door behind him. “Ich entschuldige mich.”

Correcting himself, Dieter repeated himself in English. “I apologise for my lateness.” It had been many years since he had last visited the Clocktower, and as many years since he had last spoken to his father in person. Before coming to this meeting he had taken the time to meet the man in person, to catch up and also to collect the catalyst that his father had prepared for him. He shifted the box he held in his arms to prevent it from slipping; inside was a fragment of the Trojan Horse, a relic of the Achaean expedition to reclaim Helen from Paris, the son of King Priam of Troy. The Trojan War was a battleground for many legendary heroes; whatever Servant answered his summons, with a catalyst such as this they were sure to be powerful.

His meeting with his father had lasted longer than he had expected, which was not a suitable excuse, but it led to his lateness here. Hopefully, he had not missed too much.
@Double have Momo absorb an English professor and gain the ability of good grammar.
@Weird Tales my biggest worry right now is how we are going to handle a many-on-one fight against Raditz and any other fight in the future. Even if the other spars continue it's looking like we're going to have Taeto, Momo, Gyun, Piccolo and Alex all fighting Raditz at the same time.

If we all try and post attacks against him at once we're going to end up tripping over each others feet and each Raditz post is going to start with him having to react to five separate attack posts, which would get a little hard to handle I bet. Maybe the better option would be to let everyone have limited control of Raditz once it gets to that point; people can post reactions from Raditz to their attacks, whether he dodged, blocked, countered or was hit for example, with Weird still handling the big Raditz posts for victorious gloating and big attacks.

@vancexentan I've updated Rider's profile with a couple of images to give an idea what he looks like. I also added Military Tactics to his personal skills as it makes sense for him to have it.
@King Cosmos collabs are great but didn’t think it’d be worth it for the pace we are going now. Maybe things could change further down the line. Either way, a bit of give and take is how I tend to roll with it. Give a few hits and take a few hits, not dodge every single one.

No, that's fine. These are only small sparring matches so there should be no need for a collab at this point, and for all their benefits collabs can also slow the RP down a lot if two or more people are caught up in doing that rather than posting. I just don't really like auto-hitting in fights, not just because someone can abuse it or because I don't want to see my character get hurt, but because it takes away your agency to determine how the scene is going and can mess up your plans. I realise it's only for basic attacks and not special moves, but still.

I'll likely never use auto-hitting when Alex fights another PC, it's just what I'm used to when I write to not say whether an attack hit or not, but I've been in that position where you're the only one whose attacks get dodged and its frustrating. Scripting a fight makes things generally go smoother, not that I expect everyone to plan out every attack ahead of time, but something as simple as deciding whose going to win beforehand or laying out the basic flow that the fight is going to take; it ensures that your not both working from different scripts and both trying to write a version of the fight where you win.

Raditz is getting beat on though.
@CaptainSully I didn't ignore it. I just did a move that canceled out your move. If you continue your move, you lose your arm. It's a time lapse.

This is when scripting fights and collaborative posts are useful. It's also why auto-hitting doesn't work out most of the time; things get confusing quickly when someone tries to dodge/block/counter a hit that has already been stated to have hit.
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