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@vancexentan I'm just going to weigh in on this, because this is honestly a conversation I've been expecting for a while.

I, personally, wouldn't have an issue with writing in an RP where the outcome was heavily scripted so long as, and this is where the issue lies, I was part of writing the script and knew what the plan was.

You're writing a story, not an RP. That's been clear for a while now. You have a large cast of characters under your control, the plot is mostly pre-determined and you have an expectation for how things should go. You want us to write some of the major characters in a story in which you have almost complete creative control and we don't know what the plan is or what our parts are. And you weren't up front about that being the case. And I also suspect our part in things is kind of superfluous since you set up your cast to be able to handle things should our characters not be able to or if people dropped out, e.g. Monica being able to break the barrier and Anderson being able to see through the illusions.

You've basically confirmed that the outcome of the current encounter is already set in stone and that we have limited scope to affect what happens in the next few posts. I have no reason to believe that will change in later fights.

You want the Berserker brawl to go a certain way? That's fine, talk to me, we can figure out how the fight goes and write something cool, just include me in the process. Because with the way things are set up right now I know that I can't win this fight, or lose it, or do anything that actually makes a difference because you're controlling the outcome one-sidedly; and that's quite disheartening.
“It seems that Saber has the enemy Servant in hand. Let’s just hope that those skeletons don’t decide to come after us.” Speaking with a nonchalance that he didn’t fully feel, Thomas swept his eyes over the wolves and skeletal soldiers that had emerged from the forest. The enemy Lancer, who in a fit of hubris had freely revealed herself to be one of the famed Tiger Generals, had found them much faster than he had anticipated; perhaps it was foolish to think that the Grey’s wouldn’t be on guard against an attack, but even so this response time was admirable.

Closing his eyes again Thomas linked his vision with that of his Servant only to discover that Berserker had been similarly waylaid by a beastly looking warrior, perhaps the Red factions own Berserker.

“Berserker has been attacked as well. I suppose now we find out which faction chose the stronger Servants!”


The arrow bit into Berserker’s shoulder, piercing deeply into the hard muscle even though to anyone observing it would barely seem to have broken the skin enough to not fall out; if the Archer that fired the arrow could see the results, as he no doubt could if he was good enough to make the shot in the first place, he would find all of his shots from now on to be even less effective.

Regardless, right now Berserker’s attention was solely focused on the wolf-skin wearing warrior that was charging towards him. The mad Vikings eyes locked with the other Berserker’s as he charged to meet him, raising his two clubs above his head he leapt heedlessly towards his opponent, roaring his mindless rage for all to hear. The red spear bit into Berserker of Black’s side, leaving a gouge in its wake even as to Berserker of Red the attack seemed to glance harmlessly off of his opponent’s skin; in turn Berserker of Black slammed his weapons down on his opponent, the overhead strike bringing both clubs crashing down with all of his might.
@vancexentan actually, ignore that last comment. Having re-read the skill that I wrote and then forgot about, for regular physical attacks like that arrow there's no condition and it will always appear to do no or reduced damage and subsequent attacks will be with a minus modifier; the only thing it doesn't affect are Noble Phantasms of Rank A or higher.
@vancexentan his pelt is just a regular bear's pelt and is more of a cape than anything regardless; if it offered any kind of protection it would have been included in his sheet. You can make a minor edit to say the arrow hit him directly and pierced his skin if you want, but it's not a big deal.
@vancexentan Berserker isn't wearing armour for what it's worth, just a bear pelt cloak covering his back.

Was Archer's shot less than A rank strength? You don't have to reveal the exact rank but if it's lower than A then any subsequent shot from Archer would be weaker; that applies to anything Berserker of Red does as well.
In trying to tune out the rambling and ranting of the Saber-class Servant, Thomas almost missed the cue from his ally to begin the assault. Nodding to the doctor the older Magus turned away from the pair towards where his Servant waited, the brute standing apart from the rest of the group to give him the room he would need to launch his assault.

The plan of attack was simple enough; Berserker would charge into the enemy forest, destroy everything in his path while attracting as much attention as possible. The aim was to disrupt more than anything else, to force the Grey’s to pay attention to their part of the assault and draw their focus away from other areas so that the other teams would have less opposition to deal with; Berserker was the Servant with the best chance of surviving such a plan and Saber could add her considerable power to the mix if need be while the good doctor would hopefully keep them all alive.

Such brute tactics were a far cry from Thomas’ usual dealing, but after decades of political manoeuvrings within the Order, of carefully concealing barbs within words, maintaining and tracking allegiances and of keeping his back free of knives, it would be nice to throw his weight around for once.

Raising his staff Thomas pointed the Mystic Code towards the heart of the hidden forest. “Go Berserker! Throw yourself to the wolves and rage to your heart’s content! Destroy everything in your path!”

The Servant wasted no time in following the command, as if he had been waiting for this moment his entire life, and launched himself forward. The Berserker leapt towards the forest, dirt and turf spraying his Master’s clothing as he kicked off from his starting position, and leapt again when he touched the ground. After two more leaps he found himself already at the treeline, Berserker diving headfirst past the border between forest and open ground and disappearing from sight.

Thomas closed his eyes and connected his vision to that of his Servant’s, instantly being greeting by the nauseating sight of branches and foliage and underbrush flying past at dizzying speeds. His warrior was moving quickly through the Grey’s vaunted forest, deeper into enemy territory with every reckless step; it was only a matter of time before someone noticed if they hadn’t already.

“Now we wait, I suppose.” Thomas stared into the distance with a contended smile on his face, staff held before him and both hands resting on top. “What do you suggest we should do to pass the time?”


Sorry, I'll get a post up tomorrow. I've been thinking how to approach this assault.

Oberon was concerned as he saw the Slime roll over Digbie, the Goblin likely unaware of the enemies approach as he was focused on meditating, but luckily it looked like the malleable nature of the Slime’s body protected him from being crushed entirely. His Mana Slice and Ash’s poisonous attacks struck the Slime’s mass, neither having much effect but the former at least managing to draw the Slime’s attention along with his shouts.

Trying to attract the monsters attention may not have been the smartest idea however, as the Slime lashed out at him with a long pseudopod; the attack was well telegraphed, the appendage being used having to grow from the Slime’s body before it could be used to strike, but it moved with surprising speed aided by the Slime’s rotation as it continued to rush towards him. Oberon flew to the side, barely dodging the attack due to his small size and aerial manoeuvrability, feeling the air disturbed by its passing buffet him.

A little dazed by the near miss, the Sprite shook his head before rising higher above the Slime, hoping to make it a little more difficult for those pseudopods to reach him if not impossible. Looking for the others and finding only ash and the still stunned Digbie before him he called out what he had learned from his analysis before going back on the attack. “It’s weak to magic, fire especially! It’s too tough to damage normally.”

Putting his own advice to use, he formed a Fireball in his hand and flung it down at the Giant Slime. Other spells could have been as effective, any element other than Earth or Wind would work, but fire was the only element that he was sure almost everyone in the party had access to due to their training the previous night.

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