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Sumiye King – Acting Chief Engineer

A raised eyebrow was the only answer Sumiye gave to the captain when Almira ‘requested’ that she provide one of her guests with a tour of the ship. This was taken to be an acceptance, apparently, because immediately after asking Almira turned to the group of locals and volunteered her to show this scientist around.

She let out a sigh.

Leaving the engine deck had been a mistake. Sumiye should have known better, but she was curious what this adventuring party would be like and, more importantly, what kind of capabilities and knowledge they possessed. Since the Chang’e project was a dead end, if they couldn’t find a way to fix the FTL communications they would be dependent on the resources and technology of this world to make it off this planet, let alone make it home. So she had come to take a look and get a first impression before getting back to her duties as Acting Chief Engineer, which were rapidly piling up, only to be accosted to press-ganged into service as a tour guide.

Well, at least she was getting that first impression.

Sumiye approached the person she was to guide around the ship, the supposed-scientist Catherine Blackwood, who was already toying with one of their tablets and talking to Almira. Once she was close enough to make out their words she could tell that the universal translator was already in effect; partly because she could understand what they were saying, but also because of the fact that their lip movements didn’t match the sounds they were making. There was a small but noticeable delay between when they started talking and Sumiye heard them as well, as the translator took the language they were speaking, some form of Indonesian most likely, and parsed it into English. She always found it disconcerting to use, but she also wasn’t willing to learn the dozen or so languages spoken on the Thucydides so she would make do.

“I can understand you just fine.” So long as neither of them used any words that the translator couldn’t interpret she would be fine. Location names and units of measurement would probably be the main culprits if they started talking gibberish at each other and Sumiye was going to have to try and explain their technology in more general and less scientific terms. She was already starting to get a headache about this.

At the mention of vials she gave the scientist a once over, looking her up and down and focusing most of her attention on the aforementioned gloves and coat. “I’m not letting you on the ship unless you ditch those vials. The captain might be fine with letting you stay armed, but I’m not taking you into restricted areas while you’re carrying unknown substances.” The ship had enough holes in it as it was. “You can either dispose of them safely, or I can limit your tour to the safer, more boring, areas of the ship.”

In HEROIC 6 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
You can skip ahead. I don't think there's anything else I want to do tonight that can't be covered tomorrow instead.
In HEROIC 12 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I plan on dragging this RP down with *logical consequences*. Akeno isn't exactly a career hero, nor is she much tougher than a regular person at the end of the day, despite her powers.

But if ever becomes an issue for you guys, I'll tone that kind of thing down in my writing.
In HEROIC 12 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Didn't Grim already he was going to find her to question her about what she knows? Makes sense that he would stalk want to seek her out.

Though, realistically she's going to be taking a night or two off to recover.
In HEROIC 13 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Everything seemed to work itself out after she knocked out the last of the villains; Grim let go of the other hero, meaning that guy probably was some kind of psychic, and that seemed to be the end of it. The whole thing had been quick and brutal; not exactly what she had expected a fight between heroes and villains to be like, but then why should those be any different from fights between regular people? It was still just a street fight, even if half the people involved were wearing silly costumes.

The adrenaline left her body quickly in the aftermath; tiredness from repeated run-ins with bad guys and blood loss from the not insignificant cut in her side reminding her that she was supposed to be in the hospital right now. She pressed a hand to her side, feeling the dampness under her palm as she tried to apply pressure to the wound; it wasn’t bleeding a lot, but it had been slowly bleeding for a while now and her earlier acrobatics couldn’t have helped. It was as she was thinking of leaving that she saw the psychic make a run for it.

No one moved to pursue him and she herself was in no state to start sprinting. She looked over her shoulder and saw that the guy with all the knives and guns was gone too; he’d made a run for it at some point when she wasn’t looking.


Weren’t the heroes supposed to catch the bad guys? Neither Grim nor the other guy seemed particularly bothered by the fact that they had gotten away or even did anything to stop it; they just kicked open the door to some apartment building and made their way inside. That seemed as good a sign as any that it was time for her to make her leave. She should probably do or say something about the whole ‘breaking and entering’ thing, but this whole thing seemed like it was above her level. Whatever investigation or… criminal activity they were committing right now was their own business; maybe she’d find out about it on the news tomorrow and then she could go back to chasing after purse snatcher and not getting stabbed.

Grim was looking at her.

“What?” One of hers? “Whatever. Looks like you guys have this covered, so I’m going to back to what I was doing before you showed up.”
In HEROIC 14 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Yeah, I'll post today.
In HEROIC 17 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Kitsune is still 50/50 on Wraith being a villain right now, so she's just observing until someone tells her what the hell is going on.
In HEROIC 18 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Joel gives off manlet vibes what can I say

5' 10" is a manlet? Isn't that average height?
In HEROIC 19 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Very important question: How tall are your characters? I always ask this of people and I will not stop.

A little under 6 foot. Let's say 5'11.
In HEROIC 19 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Having animate shadows wrap themselves around her ankle was a novel experience, since everything she knew about the world suggested they shouldn’t be able to do that. They were cold to the touch, which wasn’t surprising, and exerted a pressure against her skin while feeling neither soft nor solid.

All very interesting, but decidedly less important than the fact that Grim had for some reason decided to start dragging her across the tarmac and forced her to release Shank. The shadow let go of her ankle soon after, letting Kitsune pick herself and giving her a chance to try and piece together what was going on. Grim had turned his attention to the other fight, a drone overhead shining a spotlight on the pair before lashing out with another impossibly physical shadow.

Given that the two fighting were trying equally hard to stab each other and that Kitsune didn’t recognise either of them, she couldn’t actually tell which one was supposed to be the villain and which the hero and whether or not Grim attacking them was a good thing. That was assuming either of them were a hero to begin with, but given the way that the darkly clothed one seemed surprised and confused by Grim’s sudden attack she decided to label him the hero for now.

Probably one of the more violent ones. Unfortunate, she didn’t like those much.

She didn’t have to wait long to figure out why Grim had decided to switch sides; the other hero shouting for him to ‘snap out of it’ in that ever so cliché way suggested that some kind of compulsion was at work. Or at least that was what the other hero suspected; she’d never had to deal with any kind of super powered opponent before, let alone mind control or whatever this was supposed to be. It seemed like a leap of logic to assume that was the case, especially when it could have been any number of more mundane option, including the fact that Grim had simply lied about being a hero in the first place.

But, well, there was a guy standing off to the side of this whole mess staring very intently at Grim and Grim alone. He didn’t look like a psychic, but he didn’t exactly look like a bystander either so he probably had something to do with this group regardless.

Whoever he was, he was so absorbed in whatever he was doing that he didn’t notice her running towards him. Nor did he notice her jump into the air, or notice her spin, or see the back kick she sent his way until it was too late and her heel collided with his temple before he began taking an impromptu nap.
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