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Sorry, I was waiting on a post from Archer. I'll get something up soon.
Descending the tree again, hopping down one branch at a time and using his wings to slow his descent, Oberon made a note of just how damp and slick with moisture the bark and leaves were. Although he had been unable to spot any large water sources from above, there seemed to be more than enough water after last night’s rain shower to at least slake his thirst.

Pulling off one of the large leaves he bent it into a kind of flexible bowl shape and held it under the streams falling off of the tips of other leaves, collecting the rivulets of water until he had enough to drink and repeating this process until he felt his thirst subside. With this dealt with he continued to lower himself to the ground until he found himself back on the ground.

It seemed that in his absence a couple of people had begun to awaken and move around; Mourningstar and the lizard called Torrent were both up and as he approached them he heard the Wisp announce that they were going hunting for food. Although his thirst had been dealt with the Sprite could feel that his hunger was a growing problem; he had no idea if he needed more or less food for his size compared to a human but it was clear he needed to eat something soon. “I’ll come with you.”

Flying to catch up to them Oberon stopped once he was level with the Wisp. “I saw the surrounding area from above; there are mountains to the North and West, more forest to the East and what looked like open plains to the South. There’s also smoke to the East, far away enough that it might not matter, but we might want to avoid heading that way for now. Just in case.”

@floodtalon@Old Amsterdam
@Polyphemus sorry for the lack of activity, I've been busy with other things.

I wanted to try and wait until a few more kaiju appeared before having the Seraph show up but if there hasn't been another post in the next few days I'll just go ahead and add her to the mix.
@Count Cuddles This is information that'll probably be given in the thread when it's up, but just to get a head-start on things I have a couple questions. I have a lot of ideas from previous RP's like this one so I'd like to know which ones are viable.

What do the hero organisations looks like in this universe? Is there a global, Justice League style group or are smaller groups focused on a single country/state/city more the norm?

What is the kind of power level you are looking for? Obviously not everyone is going to be the same level of strength, some will be stronger or weaker than others, but what's the limit? Is there a Superman type running around, are world ending threats a regular occurrence or can the worst of the worst only really destroy a city at most?

Lastly, where is this RP going to be set? Do you want us to focus on making characters that will be on the same team with a rogues gallery of regular villains, with the occasional character from out of town mentioned as flavour, or will this be a globe-spanning story with characters from all over having focus?
@CaptainSully This took a long time to write.

Oberon awoke to see the night sky above him.

It was still dark, the blue dawn just barely beginning to show at the edges of the world, but compared to the cave it seemed as bright as day. Taking a few moments to lie there and get his bearings the Sprite eventually sat up, pushing aside the leaves her had placed over himself as a blanket. He was sleeping among the roots of a massive tree, or massive from his perspective at least, and was surrounded on all sides by a variety of creatures; it reminded him that they had finally managed to reach the exit of the cave last night, right as it seemed like he was about to pass out from exhaustion.

Standing up and stretching out the kinks in his back he was not entirely surprised to see a system message appear informing him that he was thirsty and starving, though well rested. He imagined it might be the same for some of the others as well; likely the last time any of them had eaten would have been while they were preparing to fight the Goblins, which meant that their first priority was finding food and a water source. The former at least should be fairly easy, at least compared to the cave; berries, nuts, fruits, mushrooms, even if he didn’t know a thing about wilderness survival surely the forest had a lot of food to offer a hungry soul. Finding a supply of water might be a bit trickier however.

Tilting his head back Oberon looked straight up at the tree that they had all slept under. If there was a river or a pond nearby that would help a lot, it was just a matter of locating it. Stretching out his wings the Sprite began to ascend up to the lowest branch of the tree, standing on its surface before then flying up to the next branch; in this way he climbed the tree as high as he could, seeking to get above the layer of leaves and foliage and get a view of the wider world. If it turned out this tree wasn’t tall enough he would fly over to the next tree until he found one higher than the others.

Once high enough he would survey the area, looking as far to the horizon as he could searching for gaps in the tree line that might hint at some clearing that could hold a source of water or something else. He also tried to see past the edge of the forest, if he could see that far, to try and see what was beyond the local area; would there be a town or city nearby, the ocean, mountains? Or simply more forest as far as the eye could see.

It would be useful if he could see even further, or be able to make out what he could see a little clearer however. He remembered seeing a skill called ‘Keen Sight’ earlier, though it was far from complete at the time; had it increased since then? Maybe he could spent some skill points and level it up now. “Opens skills tab.”

Unspent Skill Points:
Current Skills:
Minor Heal II (2.65)
Lesser Flight II (2.5)
Shield III (3.325)
Magic Analysis III (3.525)
Mana Orb I (1.3)
Mana Shape I (1.1)
Lesser Status Heal I (1.2)
Mana Dart I (1.2)
Alert (1.1)
Monster Analysis I (1.375)
Meditation (0.4)
Focus (0.5)
Material Analysis (0.1)
Plant Analysis (0.1)
Mental Resistance (0.4)
Wall (0.1)
Faster (0.4)
Minor Regeneration (0.6)
Charisma (0.9)
Keen Sight (0.3)
Spiritual Awareness (0.3)
Minor Heal All (0.5)
Light Affinity (0.5)

Unfortunately not; ‘Keen Sight’ hadn’t increased as much as he would have hoped since he had last checked, nor did he think spending the few remaining skill points he had remaining would be worth it. There was another new skill in the works however that caught his attention. “Spiritual Awareness? What did I do to get that?”

@Count Cuddles So you just need an RP name or something for the world as a whole?

I'm trying to think of something that plays on the fact that there are three realms of existence, but I don't know how appropriate that is since I don't know how much the other two will factor into the story. "Three Worlds" or "Triverse"? Something like that.
We need a name so I can make the forum itself

So is this RP going to be on the Guild or are you making a separate forum for it?
@Duthguy Math is the best. I need to go back to that comic at some point.
@CaptainSully if I wanted my character to be one of the final four in the tournament how would that work?
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