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I'm interested. There's an idea I can use for this.
Well this will be a glorious mess. I'll throw my hat into the ring, which will then explode.
Kaito Morita let out a sigh.

Despite not managing to defeat his opponent he had been accepted into the academy and despite not even managing to reduce his opponents lifepoints by half he had been placed in the middle dormitory. Apparently, his performance during the entrance exam was considered quite good by whoever it was who decided these things, but even so he couldn’t help but walk with his head low and his eyes firmly directed towards the ground as he went in search of his dorm room.

It just wasn’t possible for him to feel good about a defeat like that, even if it was to a teacher; Kaito hadn’t lost a duel that badly since he had first started duelling. It was clear his opponent was much more skilled than he was, even more skilled than his grandfather, which just went to show that being the best duelist in your small town didn’t mean much of anything. The world was a big place and it was filled with duelists of much greater skill and talent than Kaito or anyone he had ever duelled, which was exactly why he had left his fishing village to come here, but it didn’t make the loss bother him any less.

And the speech! Before the final turn of the duel Kaito had lost his composure, broken his stoic façade as he so rarely did and made a big dramatic speech about how he was going to defeat his opponent, only to lose the very next turn. The embarrassment of that was going to linger for a while; he was definitely going to think about it any time he saw that teacher from now on. If nothing else, it taught him to restrict such grandstanding to the start of his turns and not the end of them.

Finding his dorm room, Kaito opened the door using the keycard he had been provided, taking a few moments to figure out how it worked, and stepped inside. It was larger than he had expected, certainly larger than his room back home though the lack of clutter may have contributed to that feeling; it was also, as it turned out, already occupied. He was about to leave and offer a quick apology to the other boy when Kaito noticed the two beds and desks and realised what was going on, instead he stepped inside the room and closed the door behind him. “Hey, I’m Kaito. I guess we’re roommates?”

Wincing at the pain in his hand, Oberon recoiled away from the failed magic as the spell once again dispersed. Looking down at the source of the pain he could that a thin wound like that of a paper cut had formed across his palm and a single drop of blood welled to the surface, the fragments of wind-infused Mana apparently being sharp enough to slice through skin with ease even if the resulting injury was shallow. What had happened? He’d heard something like the rushing of wind after a snap and then he’d felt something slice across his palm, but what had happened or even how or why eluded him; the reaction had been too fast for him to comprehend.

The Sprite cast Minor Heal on his hand, because when you have the ability to heal small injuries instantly you might as well use it, and the paper-thin cut sealing shut as the magic did its work. Then, before he started up another experiment, he cast Shield I on himself to protect himself from any more magical blowback he might incur.

What had just happened? Did the spell become overloaded somehow and explode? Possibly, but he wasn’t adding any more power to it than what was contained inside a regular Mana Orb, unless the Mana he was pulling from the air was enough to overburden it? Or was it because he was holding the shards too close together? It did seem like he couldn’t control their movements as much as he had hoped; rather than being a uniform swirling pattern the petal-like fragments of wind moved in differing directions and angles and different speeds.

No… that didn’t feel right. He wasn’t sure exactly what had happened, but he was sure that the spell didn’t begin to fall apart until after he had lost his concentration. It didn’t seem like the spell was exploding or falling apart, but it was clear that something had happened; something that had caused the snap and the rush and for one of the petals to suddenly slice into his hand. Was it because that shard had abruptly accelerated or because it had unexpectedly sharpened? Maybe it wasn’t that the spell was becoming unstable but rather than fact that it was succeeding. The shards were accelerating or sharpening enough to become dangerous, with the rushing wind either a result of the increased speed or due to the air moving around the now edged petals.

If that was the case… then how could he avoid harming himself with his own spell whenever he tried to use it?

Maybe he had packed the shards together too tightly and maybe he was also trying to form it too closely to his body. He needed to keep the fragments somewhat under control or else they would just fly away as he had seen before and the spell would lose cohesion and power until it failed entirely. However if he held the pieces too close together they risked bumping into each other with their varying patterns and speeds and he also risked hitting himself if he kept it too close.

So… he formed another Mana Orb and began the process again but this time, as he began to draw the surrounding air into the spell and it began to break apart again, he moved the focal point away from his body, moving it a little over a foot away from his foot tall body and holding it there rather than in the palm of his hand. This time as he felt the fragments begin to move away from the orb he held onto them but didn’t draw them back to the centre; instead he let them space themselves out more, allowing each to find its own orbit around the focal point to create a much more spread out shape than the tightly formed ball he had created last time.

Once the orb had completely broken down, assuming it hadn’t lost cohesion or injured him again, he waited until he heard the snap and the whistle again and took that as his cue to fire the spell. He pushed the swirling maelstrom away from himself, towards the same tree he had fired the Aqua Sphere at, and hoped for the best.

As the students still outside, including the two girls Akeno had spoken to, walked into the school Akeno split off to park her bike and lock it to the provided racks. By the time she was done the number of people walking down the path had shrunk considerably and she jogged into the building to change her shoes and hurried down the hallways to make it to her classroom on time. She made it in time for the first bell but was still one of the last students to arrive and the low number of empty seats meant she didn’t have much choice in where to sit.

Sitting down in the first seat she found, second row in the column nearest the door, she barely had any time to take a look at who her classmates were before the teacher arrived. She spotted the dragon boy from earlier almost immediately of course, along with Lizzy and Kisa from earlier, before the door opened and their homeroom teacher walked in.

As Suika-sensei introduced himself, Akeno idly wondered if they’d placed the dragon student in this class because it was easier to accommodate both in one room than to have them in two.

The speech itself evoked a number of complicated emotions within Akeno; insecurity, self-pity, stubbornness and determination along with a few others she couldn’t identify. ‘Heroism is founded upon strength’; it was a sentiment that she herself had thought many times before but even so, hearing it stated so plainly now, by one of the people who were to teach them to be heroes, brought her mood low for a moment before she could recover.

Not everyone could acquire the kind of strength Suika-sensei was talking about, even if they worked at it every day as diligently as they could. Even if they worked hard every moment they could for every day of their lives they would still fall short of someone born with an even greater strength. ‘Some of you may feel as if you’ve started too late’, but even if you started early, and Akeno was willing to bet she had started earlier than most, the starting positions weren’t equal. That was just the way this world worked.

But like Suika-sensei said, it didn’t matter. She’d made it this far and she intended to make the most of it and see this through to the end. Akeno wasn’t aiming to be Number 1 after all and she wasn’t in this for fame or glory; she didn’t need to be the best, she just wanted to be a hero.

“Now, who wants to declare their goals first?”

Akeno raised her had to bring the teacher’s and the class’s attention to herself, a determined look on her face and the hand on her desk clenched into a fist. “I do sensei.” Standing up, Akeno bowed to Suika-sensei before speaking. “My name is Akeno Kudo and I want to be a hero.”
The little man on the pedestrian crossing changed from green to red and a crowd of people on their daily commutes to work or school began to coalesce along the edge of the pavement. Among them was a teenaged girl on a bicycle wearing the uniform of U.A., attracting some attention from those people who recognised it as belonging to the famous academy for aspiring heroes.

For her part Kudo Akeno was oblivious of the extra attention she was getting this morning, a blank look on her face as she spent her time waiting for the light to change lost in thought. It was her first day of high school as well as the first day of many spent working towards her goal of becoming a pro hero and she wasn’t nearly as anxious as she thought she would be. If she was honest with herself she still didn’t believe that any of this was real; it wasn’t like her performance during the entrance exam had been anything special after all so her acceptance into the hero academy seemed like a fever dream, except for the fact that even in her wildest dreams she couldn’t see herself being accepted into U.A.

The light changed and traffic stopped at the crossing, the mass of pedestrians beginning to move again as Akeno began to peddle. She soon overtook those walking, her bike speeding her away down the street as she followed the route she had planned to her new school.

Her scores for the exam had placed her roughly in the middle of the accepted students, even if she thought her performance warranted less than that. She hadn’t destroyed any robots, nor rescued any hostages, but she was one of the only people to make it out of the area and successfully ‘retreat and call for help’ as they called it. The more combat inclined students had caused enough of a distraction in the opening stages of the exam for Akeno to slip past any robots in the immediate area without being seen, from there it was just a case of being aware of her surroundings, avoiding patrols through patient progress and keeping an ear open to any noises. Any time she was spotted she was able to escape by reacting quickly and being able to break line of sight with the patrols before they caught her. In this manner she steadily progressed towards the outer edge of the exam area and followed the boundary to the exit.

She wasn’t the first to escape, nor was she the last, and somehow her performance was deemed good enough for a place in U.A.’s hero course. Maybe the fact she had managed all of this without using her Quirk counted in her favour, even though in her case it was just due to the fact that her Quirk wouldn’t have helped in the slightest.

Turning from the main road Akeno began to cycle down the main path towards the school, rows of trees passing her by on both sides as the gates of the academy loomed ahead of her. As she’d gotten closer to the school the number of people wearing the same uniform as her increased and now that she was on the main path to the school itself that uniform was all she saw. Some she recognised from the exam, an extraordinarily tall boy with lizard-like features most of all, but most were strangers to her.

In front of the gates themselves were a few people she assumed were new students based on the way they were staring up at the building or the archway itself in a mixture of awe and fear; that and she recognised the metallic girl from the exam. How could she not? Stopping her bike next to them Akeno turned to call out some encouragement in their direction, to try and give them some of the confidence that she herself didn’t feel. “Hey, you guys are new students right? You’ve already taken the first step so this one’s nothing to worry about. You can’t stop now after coming all this way, right?”

@Nomadic@Archmage MC
Fierabras - Saber

"Ha, it seems the war was well under way before things went wrong. Let us escort young Waver to the church so we can hear the full story." Saber spoke with a cheer that was at odds with the situation, the oversized knight for all appearances unperturbed by the dire state of the city and unaware of the discomfort of the former Master.

Rider landed next to them, speaking to them from atop his flying steed and informing them of the approaching army of golems. "Ah, I would gladly accompany you into battle Rider, but would your horse even be able to carry us both? Dealing with this army would be a suitable test of my skills in this new body, but perhaps it would be best if I stayed to protect these two for now." A wide gesture of Saber's hand indicated both William and Waver.


@Nomadic I'm in. I'd also recommend making a discord or something because I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of discussion around this RP and it'll make things easier.
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