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And yes, I gather we need those which is why I was asking about another OOC. That seems unnecessary though.

I don't quite know what you're asking about here. You'll need to make the RP thread which has an OOC tab; if we have everyone then let's just move the chat into there.
I was thinking about wanting to do a RWBY RP recently and while this isn't exactly what I expected it still looks interesting.

If there is room I'd like to join in. I was thinking of making a descendant for Velvet if being a descendant is a requirement; luckily I have the perfect face claim for a rabbit girl.
In D-CLASS 3 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
anyone else planning on posting?

Honestly, probably not. I've been meaning to for a while, but I keep procrastinating.

It's probably best if I just officially drop out.
Hey look, not a samurai.

What kind of character are you making?

Great Scythe build. I honestly haven't played Dark Souls that much, less than a hundred hours, so it's my first time using that weapon. It's also my first run where I'm going to try and avoid using a shield as much as possible.
Speaking of which, has anyone played the remastered version on the Switch? Seriously thinking about getting it...

I just started a new character on the old PC version, but no, I don't see any reason to get the Remaster when I don't think there is anything new that's been add or changed.

Although, the ability to play it on the Switch sounds like a compelling reason to buy it. Does it have the DLC included?
  • Whispering Dragon Ring: Ring that silents the users footsteps when worn.
  • Pendant: A simple pendant with no effect. Even so, pleasant memories are crucial to survival on arduous journeys.

I see what you are doing there.
I feel like we are going to have an over abundance of samurai at this rate.
Events by the bonfire were far more hectic than he had expected. And of course, Mourningstar seemed to be near, if not at, the centre of it all.

On one side of things a small group of Goblins fought a Lizard, one writhing on the floor clutching their leg while the other two beat the lizard with weapons. Another Goblin stood further back, this one a little more distinct with makeshift clothing and various markings on his body, not to mention the ball of fire clutched between his hands.

As Oberon watched another Pixie dropped down from above, dragging the Goblin’s hat over his eyes and nearly falling into the fireball as he did so. Before the Goblin could try to recover another Lizard, one Oberon recognised as Orochi, ran out of the darkness and bit into his ankle; the fireball spluttered and died, his eyes began to bug out and he dropped to one knee. The Goblin clutched at his throat in panic before ceasing up and freezing as he was, not even falling to the ground; was he dead?

Meanwhile, Mourningstar tried to interject herself into the conflict between the Goblins and the Lizard. Of all things she was trying to intimidate them, reason with them and recruit them; this went about as well as anyone could expect when one of the Goblins walloped the Wisp with the rock held in his hand.

Deciding that was the more pressing situation right now, Oberon flew forward to help even as Mourningstar began attacking the Goblins. Off course she would try to fight instead of running away.

Oberon quickly cast a Shield spell on the Wisp, only the level 1 version, as he floated down and took up a position behind Mourningstar and in front of the downed Lizard.

Your MP is low.

Seeing the Wisp charge into one of the Goblins, Oberon followed up on the attack by firing a Mana Shot at it, the ball of magical energy forming between his hands shooting forward energetically.

You have no MP remaining.

Still clutching a mana crystal in each hand, Oberon squeezed one until it cracked; the crystal burst apart immediately before being absorbed.

You have used a Mana Crystal. MP is fully restored.
1 Mana Crystal remaining in Inventory.

Turning around to face the Lizard that had been attacked by the Goblins, Oberon examined it to see if there were any obvious injuries caused by the hit it had taken earlier. He wasn’t an expert on Lizard anatomy, but he could at least tell that there was no bleeding and no obvious wound, so it probably wasn’t a life threatening situation as far as he could tell. Broken bones or internal bleeding were another matter entirely though.

“Hey, can you hear me? You were talking earlier right? Are you human? Do you need any healing?”
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