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@Ammokkx@Satoshi Kyou

Is there going to be a discord for this, to allow for easier discussion and setting things up?
Since I have approval from both @Ammokkx and @Satoshi Kyou I have added my dorm to the characters tab.
Name Kanna Hayashi

Age 18

While slightly above average height at 5’ 4” Kanna is still the shortest of the Top 5 in her dorm; paired with her slight frame, with thin shoulders, a narrow waist and a small bust, at first glance she doesn’t appear to be very imposing, though it would be a mistake to underestimate her.

Kanna keeps her black hair tied back in a ponytail with a long triangular fringe swept to one side of her face, the tip of which can just brush her cheekbones. She has a pretty face, narrow with a thin nose and slightly pouty lips; her eyes are a dark, chocolaty brown that contain a fire that belies her unassuming looks.

She rigidly adheres to the school’s uniform standards and expects the same of her dorm mates, though she has had little success at encouraging this except with Touma.

Kanna takes things seriously; whether it’s her studies, her duelling or her self-inflicted status as her dorms leader she approaches it with the same strong will and driven nature that propelled her to the top of her dorms rankings. Most of Kanna’s life at Harmonia United is spent in a state of constantly trying to improve, through deck building and testing, studying or theory crafting.

All of this means that Kanna is somewhat highly strung and at times finds herself a little stressed out; her ambition to be the best encourages her to work herself too hard while her competitive nature then pushes her to prove that her efforts have paid off against others. She has a hard time letting things go and just relaxing, which is why it is important that she has people in her dorm who will force her to take a break every now and then.

Her dorm is both a source of pride and ire for Kanna. As the top ranked duellist she sees herself as their leader and tries to be a strong example for them as well as someone that they feel they can rely on, while also encouraging them to improve as duellists. However, while she gets along with most of them and there is not a single person she would say she dislikes, their various quirks, hang-ups and in a few cases complete unwillingness to take things seriously mean that she is often at her wits end when dealing with them.


Kanna is the only child of a pro duellist and a nurse. Growing up she didn’t see her father a lot growing up as he was often on the road, travelling to various duelling tournaments around the world. Even so she had a good relationship with her father and was always happy whenever she got to see him; she was very proud to have a famous duellist for a father and would always try to watch his matches on TV.

Hajime Hayashi is an Atlantean/Mermail player and when it came time for Kanna to make her own deck she made a pure Atlantean deck to try and emulate him. She wasn’t a very good duellist at first and had trouble getting used to the way the deck played but with some advice from her father and constant practise on her part she improved over time.

Becoming a pro-duellist was always Kanna’s goal as could be expected. She enrolled herself at Harmonia United for its reputation as one of the best academies and was accepted after passing both the written and duelling exams, the first with flying colours and the latter with an above average but not exceptional performance.

For her first year at the academy she continued to use her Atlantean deck only to quickly find that her skills with the deck were not good enough to earn her a place in the higher ranks. While she slowly managed to crawl up the ranking through her hard work and earn herself a reputation as someone not to take lightly, the amount of work required to improve was large disproportionate to the gains she was making. She stubbornly wanted to keep using the deck she had made to honour her father but despite her efforts she began to see a limit to what she could do with her current deck alone.

Half way through her second year she finally made the call to switch to a new deck and chose Nekroz for its apparent versatility and the fact that it was still at least a Water attribute deck. With this new deck it was like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders and she saw massive improvements to her duelling that rocketed her to the top of her dorms rankings.

Deck theme + list of example cards


The 4 NPC's

@Satoshi Kyou

I've made the changes to the characters that you asked for, to explain how Jasmine and Kanna got into the Top 5 in time for their third year.
I've also tweaking Asahi's backstory a bit to hopefully better explain his ranking and how he and Kanna have never duelled before; I'm sold on the idea of them never having had a match before so I'd really like to make that work if possible.
All of your examples of people having small extra decks are fine, but don't really apply to MPB as they are capable of hitting more levels than those other decks. Even if I limit it to machines that look like vehicles I have access to Ranks 4, 7 and 10 and synchros 5, 6, 9 and 11. The extra deck is going to be a bit bigger because of this.

Plus, going into Draccosack every duel isn't great.

That said, I get your point and I'll remove Chidori, Castel and Gaia. I'm keeping Gear Gigant X as having to search for a card once in a while instead of always top decking what I need is good sometimes. I would add in Phantom Fortress Enterblathnir but I don't expect to ever use a level 3 other than Hamstrat.

By the way if you wanted to avoid digging into archetypes, Ally Of Justice is an archetype -w-

I'll admit I forgot this.

...Heck, you mentioned earlier how Gagaga is a toolbox for the extra, right? Well, keeping in mind that this is 4k, it really doesn't need to be. Gagaga Tag is a pretty insane boost card with how often you're going to be summoning and Samurai even lets you attack twice, dealing huge amounts of damage in the process. Cards like One-Shot and Wonder wand also boost the ATK of your spellcaster Gagagas a little further, which allows them to push for even more damage. You can even be cheeky, playing turn 1 cowboy in DEF, dealing 800, protecting it and then swinging over whatever boss monster they summoned next turn with the ATK position effect.

I can tell this is going to be an adjustment for me, since I didn't expect to even have the Gagaga cards on the field long enough to read their names before I overlaid them. Like I said way at the start, this is my first Yu-Gi-Oh RP so please bare with me as I adjust to the idea of being able to make whatever crazy play I want instead of always going for a better boardstate.

Lightsworn is going to be tricky with 4k.
Jasmine, I only have one problem with her however, This is a huge problem I have with just her, How did she get to rank 4 at the start of the year (which hasn't taken place yet because that's where we start).

That's on me for misunderstanding the setting. I thought we were partway through the third year already and that the third year rankings were based entirely on your performance in your third year; as in, third year wipes the slate clean and you all start from scratch.

I'll make the change you suggested and have her transfer in towards the end of the second year.

Touma, There aren't a lot of things that are wrong with him, heck there is NOTHING wrong him at all and he seems to be a great character but... you did say he is the tallest student from all Water dorm which restricts what I can do with Water Dorm student NPC's

6'0 is pretty damn tall for Japan and I kind of specifically wanted him to be the tallest. I'll reword it to say "one of the tallest" if its an issue, or maybe just bump his height up to be more exceptional?

Asahi, I have plenty of issues with him, for one How did he get to this rank if he doesn't challenge often... the academy doesn't just put you at rank 2 based purely on skill.

I guess I didn't make it clear enough but the thing with Asahi is that he does have a huge number of wins purely from other people challenging him, enough to be considered one of the best duellists despite not throwing out any challenges of his own. I am also under the assumption that there was no Top 5 for first and second years and that was only for your third year, so the first two years would be entirely ELO based.

The same problem as Jasmine, The RP takes place at the start of the third year, in other words, she would be using her new deck for the first few times putting her at a lower rank possibly at the same rank Asahi would be if what your sheet says is true

Again, I misunderstood this part. I'll change it to say she swapped decks sometime in her second year.

How did Kanna get rank 1? if Asahi is rank 2 then HOW did Kanna get past Asahi if they never dueled? Did Asahi refuse to duel her? Kanna would have been number 1 if that's the case, but Asahi's reputation would have been known as the guy who let a girl get past him without putting up a fight

So I think I need the ranking system cleared up at this point, because I seem to have made a lot of misconceptions.

My understanding was that the first and second years were ranked based on an ELO system where you gain points from wins and lose them from loses. Under this system it should be possible for Kanna to rise above Asahi without ever facing him, simply by accumulating more points by dueling other people.

I then thought that all ranks were eliminated at the start of the third year and you started accumulating points from scratch. This is clearly not the case. So, do the ranks from your second year just carry over then? Whoever is top of the seconds years becomes #1 at the start of your third year?

I think my mistake was thinking that there was only a Top 5 for your third year, with the previous two years being purely points based. I'll have to rethink things then, because I really wanted Kanna vs Asahi to be like a dream match that never happened kind of thing but that seems impossible with this system unless I have Kanna beat Asahi to the Top 5 and just always stay ahead of him.


The MBP extra could still remove these cards, I don't see why they should stick around:

Lightning Chidori
Gaia Dragon

They are all Wind attribute Rank 4 XYZ. I honestly don't have much to work with.

Gear Giant X

Again, there is a limited selection of Rank 4 machines. I'll add in Heavy Armoured Train Ironwolf though, since I only just noticed it and it seems to fit.

Ally Of Justice Catastor is an anti-light killbot. Not really a vehicle or anything, just an eradication killbot.

I can make a level 5 synchro and, again, limited selection. I can replace it with Hi-Speedroid Chanbara since its a wind, machine spaceship thing, but I wanted to avoid dipping into other archetypes.

Tornado Dragon... Okay, nevermind, I'm giving you this one. that's clever.

I don't know what I did or why this is okay but the other wind monsters aren't.

I've changed the extra decks for all of my deck lists, trying to stick to cards of the same attribute or type as the main deck. The Mecha Phantom Beast extra deck is still a little full though.

I may have to change from Nekroz anyway. I've never played them before, never even played against them, so I don't know how well I can script a duel for them.
Ok I've made a couple of quick updates to the deck lists,

Putting your focus on negation and removal makes your opponent have to spam harder

Considering that the entire Nekroz archetype is made up of hand traps does this mean I am going to have to change my deck entirely for my main character? I'm not going to Djinnlock anybody but a Nekroz without negation is a Nekroz deck without ritual monsters.

Also, does this mean I need to ditch Ash Blossom in Fire Fists?

I'd recommend straying away from cards such as the solemn brigade, Twin Twisters, Mirror Force, Soul charge and general staples.

That's fine, I mostly put those in to pad out the spells and traps anyway. Nekroz doesn't really use any traps from what I can see and I can live without Soul Charge.

Also, a last thing: If you're going to make example lists, try not to say stuff like 'Rank 4 Xyz' yeah? It implies you'd be summoning Utopia alongside Castel and Diamond Dire Wolf, three monsters that don't really relate each other in any way. Besides, Numbers are kind of Naoki's schtick and extra decks should be limited rather than broadened. Having everyone use everything makes decks feel less unique.

I can make the extra decks more limited in those cases but what do I do about the Gagaga deck? The entire point of the archetype is to toolbox every card you can in the extra deck. I'll stay away from Numbers as well; the only one I was really going to use was Machu Mech since it is the Gagaga combo, but in hindsight an OTK is probably a bad idea anyway.
@Satoshi Kyou@Ammokkx

Ok, I'm finally done with the profile for the Water dorm.

I included the card list for everyone's deck lists even though it wasn't required because I dislike not having at least a basic idea of what their decks will be. Also the Fire Fist deck is a lot of fun and has ridiculous combos compared to what I used to play.

My level of knowledge on the decks I'm using:

Only just now discovered Battlin' Boxers are FIRE attribute.

It's honestly not a big deal for that deck. I don't think they really use any fire support cards; it's more of a warrior deck than a fire deck.

Gozen Match however...
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