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Akeno stepped through the front door, another day of squandering her parents’ tuition money at the expensive private school they insisted she attend coming to an end as she dropped her bag to the floor carelessly. Taking off her shoes, she added them to the line-up of other footwear that occupied one side of the hall as she made a note of which other pairs were already present. The shoes her dad wore to work every day weren’t there, as expected, and her brother’s shoes were of course away at university along with him, meaning it was just Akeno and her mom in the house right now. “I’m home.”

“Welcome back.”

She called out a greeting in Japanese and heard a responding call from deeper within the house confirming her mother’s presence, something which provoked neither pleasure nor displeasure from her. The thought of being alone with her mother wasn’t exactly enticing, but it didn’t hold the same kind of dread that it once did a few years ago; without her father there to act as a mediator the two could sometimes get into some heated arguments, depending on how stubborn they both were feeling that day, but recently it had seemed like they weren’t butting heads as much as they used to. They hadn’t really had any big fights since the one back before she started high school and Akeno was starting to think that they had both just expended so much of their energy towards each other during that argument that they had now found some kind of equilibrium; one where her mother would just be subtly disapproving of her life instead of saying it out loud and Akeno would quietly judge her in return.

Picking up her bag by the straps with one hand, Akeno walked towards the kitchen and poked her head around the doorway to make sure that her mom was there before retreating upstairs to her bedroom. As she entered the room she tossed her bag onto a chair in the corner before flopping back onto her bed to stare at the ceiling, allowing herself a few moments to relax and decompress before she started to think about everything she still needed to do today.

Dinner probably wouldn’t be for another couple of hours yet, prepared for around the time her dad would be arriving home from work, so she had time to kill before then. Her next lesson at the dojo was tomorrow, not tonight, so there was no need to worry about getting her stuff ready. She still needed to work out today, but that could wait until she was feeling less lethargic. Then there was the ever present spectre of unfinished homework; turning her head to the side she could see the open textbook on her desk from last night, still open to the page with the math assignment that was due… tomorrow? The day after?

Akeno stared in the direction of her desk for a few moments longer before coming to a decision about what to do. The temptation to just keep laying there was strong but she sat up before she could put things off any longer and stood from her bed. She stood on her toes and reached her hands above her head, stretching her body out like she was trying to touch the ceiling before letting the tension drop. Walking over to her desk she saw that things were still exactly as she had left them last night; her textbook still open to the same page and the paper she had torn from her notebook still half filled with equations she only half understood. Akeno let out a sigh as she took it all in before reaching over and grabbing her controller.

She dropped into the seat in front of her desk and hit the buttons to turn on her console and monitor; as things began to start up she settled into her chair with one leg tucked under herself and made herself comfortable. A few matches online would pass the time and it had been some time before she had last played anyone seriously.

Before she could open a lobby or start a match, her phone began to ring. Reaching into her pocket she retrieved the device and swiped a thumb across the screen to accept the call and pressed it against her ear without checking to see who was calling; only a few people had her number anyway and if it turned out to a scam caller she could just hang up. “Hello?”

There was nothing but silence on the other end of the line as Akeno joined a match and was taken to the character selected screen. She moved the phone to her shoulder and tilted her head to pin it in place as she used both hands on the controller and let a few more seconds pass; when there was still no response she paused with her cursor hovering over a character before pulling the phone away from her ear to check the caller.


A jolt passed through her fingers and Akeno dropped the phone in shock as it suddenly started to spark and crackle with electricity; it continued to emit short sparkles of static as it hit the carpet and Akeno kicked it across the room to get it away from her. Standing from her chair, she placed the controller on her desk just before it too began to spark and the image on her monitor began to distort and warp and turn to static fuzz. “Dammit.”

Was this some kind of power surge or maybe an electrical storm? Nothing like this had even happened before, not even when a hurricane hit, and Akeno didn’t know what to do. Even less so when a white fog seemed to rise up out of nowhere to obscure her vision and the last thing she saw before everything went blank was the static distortion on her monitor twist itself into a shape that looked strangely familiar. Spiky hair. Big head.

Green eyes.


When the fog cleared, Akeno found herself in a… hut.

It was the only word she could think of to describe the small, shoddy construction of wooden boards, nails and bits of rope that she found herself in. There were gaps in the walls that let the sunlight in, at least letting her know that it was daytime, and the ‘door’ was nothing more than a tarp hung from the top of the entryway for privacy. It was also cramped; the ceiling was barely taller than the top of her head and between the bed of roughly nailed wooden frames with a straw mattress, a few miscellaneous boxes and herself there was hardly any room to move.

However, none of that was as important as where she was or why she was here in the first place.

She took a deep breath and ran a hand through her hair.


Okay, fine. The last thing she remembered was that weird electrical surge, her phone spitting sparks at her, her monitor turning to static and then… she passed out? Everything went white and the next thing she remembered was being here so… she passed out.

And now she was either dreaming or she had been brought here. A tiny wooden hut with a sand floor and, she looked closer at a blackened patch on the wall next to the door, burn marks all over the place.

Akeno collapsed onto the bed behind her, landing heavily on the wooden frame and threatening to collapse the whole thing. As she did so she felt her back hit something solid and heard what sounded like a pained gasp coming from underneath the pile of straw. She spun around, kneeling on the ground next to the bed as she quickly brushed aside the mound of straw to reveal something strange and yellow and furry that looked like an oversized plush toy of some kind. She stared at it and large green eyes stared back at her.

They blinked.

“Eh, hi?”

Her back hit the wall of the hut as she sprang back from the creature, letting out a curse as her head hit the wooden boards before regaining her composure and reflexively falling into a basic karate stance. The… thing stood up within the bed, stray straw falling off of its frame as it raised its hands and held them up as if to placate her or ward her off. “Hey, hey, hey! Th-there’s no need for violence here or… whatever it is you’re planning on doing. We’re all friends here. I hope.”

Akeno continued to stare as the thing reached up to brush as the back of its head in an embarrassed gesture. “A-and I wasn’t hiding under that straw, just so you know. I was just, urm… sleeping. Yeah! You caught me in the middle of my nap. Seeing as how this is where I live and all.”

Slowly, Akeno let her arms drop to her sides and her body relax as it became evident that the thing in front of her wasn’t going to attack her. She stood up straight before slumping back against the wall behind her to lean against it. Her hand brushed through her hair again and she scratched at her scalp as she tried to process everything that had just in the last few seconds. “Where am I?”

The creature, too, lowered its arms; apparently satisfied that Akeno wasn’t going to attack it either. It seemed to ponder her question for a few moments as it scratched it chin with one long claw before answering. “Where? Oh, err, well, this is KingWhamon’s village.”

Right, that answer wasn’t very useful. Maybe she should have been more, or perhaps less, specific. “Okay… and where is that?”

She received only a perplexed look in return, as if she was asking something as obvious as what colour the sky was. “On KingWhamon’s back?”

Letting her head fall back against the boards, Akeno bit down on her frustration and tried a different approach. “What are you?”

This question seemed to have been the one the plush toy was waiting for, as its face lit up with excitement and it answered eagerly. “I’m a Digimon.”

The Digimon ignored the blank look on Akeno’s face and continued to speak with a fervour that seemed to have replaced its earlier hesitation. “You’re a human aren’t you? I’ve never seen one in person, at least I don’t think I have, but you have to be one because they said you’d be coming soon and you just appeared in the middle of my room like that so I figured you were one of them. I’m Pulsemon by the way; what’s your name? H-hey, where are you going?”

Akeno pushed herself away from the wall and brushed aside the tarp as she stepped out of the hut and into the bright light beyond as Pulsemon scrambling over the bed frame to follow close on her heels. Somebody around here had to be able to explain things in a way that made sense.
Hey everyone; I'll be joining this RP as well. I've been working on a character over PMs and I just posted her in the other tab, so I'll be working on getting a post out soon so we can get things moving.

Looking forward to this.

I'm interested in this as well, if there is still space.
Despite claiming to be prepared, it seemed no body was ready for when the dragon actually attacked. Or maybe it was just that none of them were expecting the creature to swoop down as suddenly as it did and snatch the celebrity from amongst their number like a piece of cattle; one moment they were catching a glimpse of movement high up above, the next they were chasing after their prey while the blue armoured Medium dangled from its claws.

Candice lingered behind the others for a moment, taking the time before the battle truly began to cast a spell and get herself into shape. She held out a hand in front of herself with her palm facing the ground and a small magic circle appeared in the dirt beneath it; there was no incantation or fancy speech like Red had uttered, she simply stepped on the sigils and felt the effect wash over her. Instantly Candice could feel her body grow heavier, a little slower, but also stronger. She felt a connection to the ground beneath her feet, nourishing her and vitalising her.

She started running after the others, charging after the dragon that was even now crashing to the ground after Rika had managed to free herself.

Due to her late start she arrived to the fight after Ink, but before Angela, and rushed towards the downed creature to strike at it before it had a chance to take off again. She threw herself at the dragon’s flank with a shout, launching a fist at its tough hide alongside Ink’s own attacks.
Candice had hoped that her explanation was cut and dry enough that it wouldn’t prompt anymore questions, but that wasn’t the case. She was loathe to give these people any more details about herself than she had to and while ‘no spells’ was admittedly not much to work with, it pretty much covered how her curse worked. As much as she wanted to just stay quiet however, it was better to make sure Red here at least understood some of the particulars so she didn’t try to help only to make things worse.

“It depends on the kind of blessing.” Candice raised a fist, before extending her index finger. “Healing weakens me.” Her middle finger. “Strengthening me hurts.” And her ring finger. “And curing me of a condition just replaces it with something else.”

She closed her fist again, leaning her elbow on the arm of her chair before resting her cheek atop of her hand. “Just let me deal with healing myself. If it looks like I need help, just get whatever’s bothering me off of me so I can recover.”


The walk to the farmlands was quiet, at least on her part; the others engaged in some small talk, but while Candice kept an ear open to what they were saying she didn’t participate. Instead she focused on her own preparations for the fight to come, which for her mostly consisted of making sure her body was limber and her mind was alert; she had no equipment to prepare, no weapons or armour to check, just her. There were fewer things that could go wrong that way.

Once they were all prepared, Red used some kind of ability to light up herself and the night sky with huge spotlights. Candice’s eyes were drawn to the Medium almost against her will and she scowled when she was reminded to pay attention to the sky instead. She directed her eyes above, scanning the ceiling of the cavern for this dragon-thing so she could kill it and be done with this already.
So that was their offer? This mission had been reported as being more dangerous than it actually was, so the reward she would receive from up above was worth more than it should have been? The brass had their eyes on this mission so anyone who was involved in it was sure to rise up in their estimations.


There was leverage there to be sure. Leverage she could use to ask for anything she wanted, as long as she was willing to try and negotiate with the brass for it. A raise, a promotion; those were just the suggestions, there were sure to be other things she could ask for. Wealth, fame, status, luxury goods, attention, attention, attention; her family would love all of that. She could even use this situation to get an in with the higher-ups, get her name out there and introduce herself to some of Agartha’s major players. Maybe even earn herself a title to go along with all those other famous Mediums. She’d be famous.

After all, if she was responsible for killing one of these legendary three kings or whatever, wouldn’t her name be just as well-known as those others red had mentioned?

Fuck, this was terrible.

While she had been thinking the executive had gotten up and left the room with a bow and a wave, leaving Candice with no opportunity to respond to his ‘deal’ before he did. It didn’t escape her notice that the reward for slaying this monster was nothing more than some goodwill and the promise that maybe someone else would give her something in return.

Nothing, in other words.

What would happen if she just walked out the door right now? Nothing good, surely? She’d just had a face-to-face meeting with a fairly important man, been offered what he probably thought was an exceptionally good deal to accept a mission he clearly had a lot of personal investment in. If she walked out now, what would his response be?

Candice let out a sigh before mumbling under her breath. “Tsk. Didn’t even give me the chance to turn this down.”

She was in then; against her will, but what was new about that? She was going to fight a dragon. If Candice made if back alive, the first thing she was going to negotiate was making sure her name didn’t end up anywhere near an official report. There was no changing the fact that the executive and the three Mediums in this room knew she was doing this but if she had her way then that was where the spread of information would end.

One of those Mediums was talking to her now, asking her to introduce herself after they had all done the same. “Pioneer. I use earth and water. I hit things, I kill things and I take care of myself. Don’t use any of your spells on me.”
This had been a mistake.

That was Candice’s primary thought as she sat there, one of apparently only a few Mediums in the whole city who had bothered to answer the message about some kind of training opportunity. Either they knew something she didn’t or the message hadn’t been as widely spread as she had thought. She didn’t know much about Executive Elpidio it had to be said, one of the downsides of staying as far away from the city as she could as often as she could was not knowing much of what went on when she was away, so she hadn’t known what to expect upon arriving. Even so a quiet, closed door meeting in the executive’s office with only a handful of people was not high on her list; especially not when one of those people was the Blue bloody Bombadier.

That was a name even she knew and though the other two mediums in the room were unknown to her, they had the aura of people that had names that people cared to know.

For this mystery assignment to attract so small yet so illustrious a crowd, it was looking more and more like the kind of thing that might attract a lot of attention to those involved. The good kind of attention, the ‘job well done, we expect good things from you in the future’ kind of attention, the ‘hey I know you, you did that thing’ attention; that was to say the kind of attention that Candice usually tried to avoid.

The details didn’t make it any better. A dragon, a monster of such renown that it had a reputation and a name; killing one was apparently such a big deal that the last people to do so were remembered for their deed.

This had really been a mistake. Just end her now and be done with it.

One by one the other mediums in the room accepted the missions; some eager, one reluctantly. The executive had pushed the latter for an answer so hard that it didn’t seem like she would be able to turn this offer down so easily. Great. The eccentric bastard wasn’t going to take no for an answer it seemed.

Well, she wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

“If I do this, what’s in it for me?”
Morgana Faith

Morgana completed the circle with a final sweep of her finger and the effect was almost instantaneous. Those sensitive to it would be able to detect the sudden rush of magical energy that suffused the building, starting from her design and spreading outwards; in its wake it left colours, ranging from vivid red to deep indigo in order to highlight the places people had been in the past few days. The brightest spot was by the door, the threshold practically glowing, while the interior was more a mix of hues; reds, oranges and yellows signified the places with the most activity such as the hallways and the furniture, while darker colours showed the less visited areas of the house like the very edges of the rooms by the walls as well as a few other, conspicuously undisturbed spots.

She would be avoiding those.

While she was working it seemed like her partner in this little exercise had come up with an idea of his own. He was casting something that she wasn’t familiar with in a language she didn’t recognise, but from what little she could pick up it seemed to have something to do with locating objects; a useful discipline for an agent she supposed, though not one she was that well versed in. As she watched him finish the first casting she saw another point of light appear within the house, outlining an object hidden within the walls that could only be a crossbow.


He began casting again and once he was finished a second crossbow appeared. It would seem the spell could only identify a single object at a time, which was unfortunate, but such a limitation was something she might be able to deal with.

She waited for him to finish casting, knowing better than to interrupt someone in the middle of a spell, before approaching him.

“Xaviron, was it? If you can teach me the basics of that spell I might be able to modify it to affect an area rather than a single object. Or at least design something to achieve the same result.”

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