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Huang Lanfen

“Hmm, divide and conquer then.” It sounded so simple, but she knew that these things were never as easy as they sounded. Rider was talking about directing this war from behind the scenes after all, playing history’s greatest heroes and villains against each other for their own benefit.

How interesting.

She’d been told her whole life that it was better to keep her head down, hide in the shadows, and be patient. ‘The tallest trees are the first to be cut down’, how many times had she heard those exact words? To hear them again now chafed, in what should have been her moment of glory, but she could be patient; for the grail, she could be infinitely patient.

“Fine. Then let’s get started immediately; what do you say to a little scouting expedition Rider?” She leaned against the counter behind her, sitting demurely on the edge of a surface laden with deadly poisons. “We can’t hide away in the shadows then our absence will be noticed; if we’re to feign weakness then we need to be seen as weak. Go out and find one of the other Servants and fight them, drag it out for as long as you can, then run with your tail between your legs.”

Huang smiled then, but it had a cruel edge to it; lips curling up and teeth bared. “If you can draw more than one of them and goad them to fight each other then all the better.”




The birds flew away. Perhaps they could sense the malignant energy in the air as the skeletons appeared, or perhaps it was the tensing of Lancer’s muscles that scared them away; in either case, they had all fled by the time Lancer dropped down from the tree to face the undead. All of the animals had, leaving the park eerily quiet.

”Ah, never mind, it seems they’ve found me instead.”

Jangar regarded the skeletons coolly, unafraid despite their ghastly appearance and dreadful cries. He placed a hand on his chin and made a thoughtful noise as he examined them; they wore scraps of armour and carried weapons that were distinctly Japanese in origin and they appeared to be adorned with origami figures; the creations of a Japanese Servant perhaps, or was this aesthetic simply because of where they had been made?

One of the skeletons lunged forward when it was close enough, swinging its naginata at him in a downward stroke that was suddenly deflected off of the haft of an oversized spear that had not been there a moment ago. Jangar responded with a kick that caught the skeleton in the chest, cracking a couple ribs but doing little more than shoving the creature back.

”Shall I try and capture one? We might be able to learn something of its creator.”

Stepping forward, Jangar spun on the ball of one foot and swung his spear backhanded, catching the foremost skeleton in the temple with the haft just below the blade. The skull cracked and shattered, practically exploding from atop the undead’s shoulders from the force of the hit.

”Answer quickly, if you can. They won’t last long.”

Huang Lanfen

In matters such as this, it was important to take things slowly. One mistake, one slip and it would spell certain doom for Huang and possibly her whole family as well; such were the dangers involved.

When she thought about it in those terms, it never failed to get her blood pumping. How many could do as she was doing now? How many had the nerve or the steady hand that was required? How many were willing to risk their lives for a little extra power? Not many and certainly none to the same degree as her.

She was born for this.

Huang extended a hand, reaching into the open maw of the giant snake and bringing it perilously close to the deadly fangs with a glass vial between her fingers. She held the vial so that the tip of the fang, longer than her entire hand, rested just inside the rim and watched as the secreted poison began to run down the sides and collect at the bottom.

It was unfortunate that the Huang family had never found a better way of extracting the venom from their masterful creation than this; at times she couldn’t help but wonder how her family had survived as long as it had, since if she so much as brushed a hand against those fangs, if either she or the creature moved at the wrong time, she would be dead before she realised she had made a mistake. They’d lost more than a few promising young practitioners to the creature over the centuries; although, how promising were they to allow themselves to die in such a way?

Perhaps it was intentional? Being able to collect this creature’s venom could be seen as a rite of passage in a way; a final test. Those who were too scared to even dare approach it were unfit to lead the family and those who couldn’t keep a steady hand were equally useless; if they were unable to face what they had achieved to date then how could they ever surpass it?

Although, she could hardly blame them when it liked to coil its large body around her whenever she did this, encircling her and trapping her within its grasp; teasing her with the fact that it could crush her at a moment’s notice, should it wish it. Had the creature possessed anything like a personality she might think it was doing it intentionally to see if she would falter, but such an idea was foolish; perhaps it was merely animal instinct, or maybe barely restrained hatred.

Once the vial was filled to the brim she moved away, the creature uncoiling its body out of her way. She pressed a stopper into the vessel and placed it gently into a wooden rack already laden with similar vials. With that, the last of her preparations were complete; she had summoned her Servant, she had established her workshop, she had erected the bounded fields that would both hide and protect her. The only thing left was the war itself.

In other words, the hard part was done and now she could have some fun.

The most dangerous part was over after all. It wouldn’t be her doing the fighting during the war after all and it wouldn’t be her dying should things turn out poorly. That task she would leave to her dear Servant.

Speaking of which.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Rider; it’s a delicate process and I needed my focus.” Huang turned to face the man in question. He was younger than she would have thought, in the prime of his youth rather than the experienced warlord she had expected; unless this was how he looked as he conquered the world, in which case how nice for him. So long as he possessed the strength and ability then his appearance didn’t matter.

So long as he had the ability.

“Tell me Rider; as one of the greatest conquerors ever to exist, how would you go about winning this war?”



The animals were not very talkative tonight.

Or rather, they were saying quite a lot but most of them seemed more interested in who he was than in giving him any information. Being able to communicate with animals didn’t mean being able to command them after all; he could merely hold a conversation with them and unlike the animals of his homeland, with whom he was well acquainted, the birds and beasts of Japan saw him as a stranger.

Most fled at his approach and those that stayed were too curious to be of much use; it wasn’t every day that they met a human who could understand them after all.

He leaned back against the rough bark of the tree he was sat in, arm outstretched as he allowed an inquisitive little bird perch on his finger. Those animals that lived in the centre of the city seemed most unafraid of him, so he thought he might have better luck in a park than the wilderness on the outskirts; alas, they had seen nothing of note as of yet.

”I’m afraid this isn’t going too well Master. I’ve made a few new friends, but so far I haven’t found a hint of our enemies.”

@Tyler Night Where can we find the decks to download them? I'd like to try some of them out before deciding which one to use, if any.

I think I'll give this a shot.
I'm still interested.

Would this be a Discord RP or would it be here?
DN is up to date on cards but TDOANE is fully automated

Dueling Nexus is also fully automated; it's not like the old Dueling Network.

But whatever works. I just threw it out as an alternative in case it was better for mobile users.
I have a great idea for this rp that you could get behind. There are lots of programs out there that let you duel ppl, maybe everybody could download a program and we all use the program for the rp.

YGOPro The Dawn of a New era is a great program.

I use Dueling Nexus, which can be played in a browser without having to download anything. Don't know if that works on mobile devices though.

I'm interested, but I'm not sure if I have time for another RP at the moment. I definitely support the idea of using some kind of program though, instead of real cards.

Balance might be an issue if the duels aren't scripted though.
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