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Youโ€™re good fam, communication is appreciated. Kudos.
Yes, it rings each time the Sealing Ceremony is done every Summer.
"We already didn't get a choice in coming here. And I didn't ask if I could walk away, I asked if I could go home. Is that within your power or not?"

It seemed like he wasn't personally responsible for bringing them here, and she very much doubted he actually could help reverse it.
Audrey Springer

Audrey's words seem to strike Eckehart in a strange way. His eyes widen, and he is put on pause. At last he begins to-

He pauses, Ambrose's meandering musings seeming to interrupt or otherwise warrant a full-brain assessment as he speaks. After a few moments he appears to appreciate the distraction, but clearly tunes Ambrose out after realizing that his words carried many syllables but little meaning.

"We'll see what the princess has to say. And who knows, maybe the way home is as simple as just asking nicely." His words weren't directed at anybody, but it could feel a bit like a jab.
David Liang

David's final statement brings Eckehart out of his reverie, and the pale man clears his throat to regain the attention of those present.

"Is that all to say that you do not know how to return to your world?" He sounds somewhat surprised- as if this was greatly concerning, but he was delicate and possessed of enough charms to not make it sound like a horrendously ludicrous affair.

"Not a clue, matchstick." Weasel speaks at last, having decided on a nickname for the fire-haired herald.

"How then did you arrive?" Eckehart asked, folding his arms against each other and sliding his hands within the long sleeves of his cloak as if for warmth. Freyja lets out a humming sound and stamps a foot as if in thought;

"Well, it was the festival time, and I was doing the Sealing Ceremony. I first heard The Song when I rang the bell, but the raft and the bell weren't there when we woke up in the pool." She was about to continue speaking, but Eckehart makes a sound and interjects.

"A bell? Describe it to me." And when Freyja does, his eyes widen for a moment- but then he nods and returns to a relaxed state. "Oft, special bells are crafted in matching sets here in Yo'Bikur. They are called Resonance Bells, and they call to one another through the weaving of The Song. They are used to travel great distances. It sounds like your home is in possession of one such Resonance Bell. If that is the case, all you must do is ring its match here and you will return home."

"Oi, that's hogwash." Odaya chimed, feathers rising. "We didn't show up at any bell, we showed up all soggy-like and wet in a pool."

"That is, indeed, a strange thing little one." Eckehart agrees. "And now that all is clear, your friend's anger is more than justified. You have my apologies, young mistress, for all of this is peculiar and I did not think anything out of the ordinary until now. I will take it upon myself the task of searching for your matching bell, should the princess not have any insights."

...All the while, Alycia's fear faded and was replaced by a potent wonder and amazement. She finally feels safe enough to leave Aleyn's side, and drops to her knees to study the carving of the Tyrdania closely. She reaches out and traces its outline with a finger, slow and deliberate, until its size escapes her reach and she looks back up at Eckehart.

"It's beautiful." She said, simply, and her earnestness seems to bring a full smile to Eckehart, along with a welcome distraction from the seriousness at hand. Eckehart laughs, a pleasant thing, and nods.
Valmial the Ineffable
Valmial the Ineffable


"The blood I bear is the same blood that once ruled these lands. The bones of the earth remember. The waters, salted and fresh, remember. The very air itself whispers of the halcyon days of my ancestor's sovereignty. Stand beside me and we shall rejoice in my birthright together."

N A M E โ•‘ Valmial the Ineffable
A G E โ•‘ 42 (D.o.B: 99963)
G E N D E R โ•‘ Male: He/Him/His
R A C E โ•‘ Draconbreed
S U B -R A C E โ•‘ Nightfire
M A G I C โ•‘ โฌค


T O W N โ•‘ Starspire
R E G I O N โ•‘ Sunbow, port to the interior sea
P O P U L A T I O N โ•‘ ~150,000
C E N S U S โ•‘ Humans; Elves; Orcs
T R A D E โ•‘ Sea Trade
N A M E S A K E โ•‘ The Starspire Astrolabe and Observatory

โœฆ โœฆ โœฆ

P A R E N T โ•‘ The Grand Duke Zelbam Hippokrates, Lord Preceptor of Starspire Tower.
S I B L I N G โ•‘ Titus Hippokrates, Oldest Half-Brother, Heir to the Duke Zelbam, a capable statesman
S I B L I N G โ•‘ Erme Hippokrates, Older Half-Sister, witch-in-exile for heretical leanings, removed from succession.
S I B L I N G โ•‘ Victorine Hippokrates, Older Half-Sister, preceptor of the Starspire Tower.
S I B L I N G โ•‘ Edsel Hippokrates, younger half-brother, estranged-yet-acknowledged wandering swordsman of the family lineage.
S I B L I N G โ•‘ Winmar Hippokrates, known as "The Darkling", youngest half-brother of Valmial, a half-elf of Orph descent. An oft overlooked and mischievous sort.
T R I V I A โ•‘ Each of the Duke Zelbam Hippokrates' children are by different mothers, but Valmial and Winmar are the only bastard-born children. Unlike the human-borns, Winmar and Valmial neither know nor have ever met their mothers.


W E A P O N 1 โ•‘ The Starspire Sceptre - Long brass staff cunningly crafted to double as a long-view telescope. It bears an intricate design motif reminiscent of the Starspire Tower, crowned with a jagged depiction of the crescent moon that comes to a rather impressive edge.
A R M O R โ•‘ Starspire Robes and draconic scale - Valmial is a scion of the Duke of Starspire, and as such has the fine robes of an astrologer and nobleman. His scales are thick and layered more heavily than is ordinary for one of his race, and are suitable enough protection for a man dedicated to the sorcerous arts.
T R I N K E T โ•‘ The Divine Symbol of Mastrix - This holy trinket remains bound about his right arm at all times by a leather cord which keeps it taut against the scales of his arm.

T H E F L E S H & M U S C L E
T H E F L E S H & M U S C L E


S U B L C A S S โ•‘ Ancestral Conduit
The blood is strong in Valmial; his lineage harkens back to the Elder Dragon Vertyristix, renowned supplicant of the Goddess Mastrix. The legend of the two regards them as ill-fated compatriots in study, scholars of the highest order who sought to understand the nature of the Great Ruin that was fated to befall the world. Long was their toil and rich was their companionship, until at last the madness of the dragonkin began to take root in even Mighty Vertyristix. In the end, the Elder Wyrm turned upon Mastrix and tried to devour her and take upon itself the mantle of the God of Magic- but though their duel in the heavens is the stuff of song, the Wyrm was cast down and broken upon the earth. Mastrix, taking pity upon the madness of her friend, put her blessing upon those of his bloodline and instilled them with great power- but the dragon's madness is also said to be a curse upon its offspring, the final pride and hubris of Vertyristix laying like a hidden serpent within the blood of its children.

This cursed legacy belongs to Valmial. The ancestral knowledge of Vertyristix flows in his veins and he hears the whispers of the mad Dragon in his dreams, imparting dark and twisted flows of the arcane into his mind. Long has he wielded caution when listening to the longing within his blood- but the time for ambition is nigh, and Ordai'El beckons. Those who have heard of Valmial speak of him as being the Dragon Reborn, his keen mind delving deeper into the fundamentals of the Magical Schools and seeking to wrest from those depths the ultimate control of the Arcane.

In short, Valmial's bloodline resonates with the knowledge of his progenitor Dragon and it guides him on the path of imposing his will upon the Arcane.
โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ โ•‘ โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ

Y O U R B R A I N & N E R V E S
Y O U R B R A I N & N E R V E S

S T U D Y โ•‘
///โœฆ The Starspire Dungeons โ•‘ A Young Draconbreed grows, dreaming of the stars; Valmial's dungeon-birth and eventual acknowledgement by his father.
/// .963-.969

///โœฆ Enrollment into the Starspire Tower: Facing the Duke's Test โ•‘ Valmial proves his worth, achieves recognition, and earns his seat at the Royal Table through excellence in the Academy.

E X P E R I E N C E โ•‘
///[/color=2c2c2c]///โœฆ The Dragon Reborn โ•‘ Valmial's status within the academy and prowess with the arcane earns him the favor of the Duke Zelbam, and Valmial enters the political stage as the Scion of Starspire. His charisma and guile earns him much reputation and credibility. He rises within the upper echelons of Goan's elite society.

///โœฆ The Dragon and the Witch โ•‘Valmial discovers his sister's heretical research and experimentation, and seeks to bring her to justice; his might is tested against her own, and both fall in the process. Valmial is crippled but wields mercy; Erme faces exile and disgrace in her defeat.

///โœฆ The Schism of the Hippokrates โ•‘ The Grand Duke Zelbam, now old and bitter, contests his progeny against one another for his succession. Set up for failure by his father and conspired against by his siblings, Valmial eventually realizes his position and elects to prove his worth with the only path left available to him; Ordai'El.

Y O U R S O U L & H E A R T
Y O U R S O U L & H E A R T

โœฆ Noble โœฆ Wroth โœฆ Temperate โœฆ Prideful โœฆ

P E R S O N A L I T Y โ•‘
Having risen from the lowest of births into the heights of nobility, Valmial is a sympathetic figure. He is not the weary eyed sap, however! He requires of those around him a competence and suitability to their tasks, but focuses upon their merits rather than their station. Kindly to servants, charismatic and rousing to the common, and yet delicate and ingratiating to the knowing and the noble as well. His bearing is regal and his charisma palpable- his presence takes up even more space than his already large body does, and when he leaves a room it often feels much emptier than it otherwise should. He is fair to all so long as they do not prove themselves the fool, and his reputation is that of the Wise and Noble. Those who find in him an ally, find him to be loyal, stalwart, and selfless.

And yet, when his ire is stoked, this charisma can twist into something sharper and harder. Many a troublesome student, would-be prankster, or blackguard drunk on coin but low on luck, have found themselves rendered inert and incapable by his words alone. This wrath is kept in check, cut short of its ultimate pyre, but it does not stop those who hate or fear him from wielding it against him and his lineage unduly. In this same vein, the relationship he has with his family is oft strained and difficult- but even to these conniving and competitive siblings he bears love and sympathy for, despite their differences. Winmar, and to a lesser extent his immediate elder sister Victorine, especially bear his love as contemporaries and colleagues.

โœฆ Mastrix โœฆ
โœฆ Mastrix โœฆ

D E V O T I O N โ•‘
Valmial's dedication to Mastrix is as supplicant of the magical arts, as well as venerator of the one who smote down his legendary ancestor. His devotion to the gods is true and wholesome, but he puts the mistress of magic above all others.

M O T I V A T I O N & I M P E T U S
M O T I V A T I O N & I M P E T U S

"Ordai'El calls to me. The very Gods themselves presumably still stride within that fog, deep within halls whose very outline is become the stuff of mental mist, changing and intangible to those who once walked them often. Is the sake of a thing not reason enough? Alas, I do have my own purposes- a challenge, a challenge of multiple origins.

Firstly, my lord father, the Grand Duke and Lord Preceptor, has issued forth a commandmant of me; 'Go, go unto the world, Valmial, blood of my blood, and with your own hands let your worth be wrought. Prove yourself the stuff of Hippokrates and let your glory be as mine'. And, thus, I go.

Secondly, the blood stirs. Starspire will always be home and hearth, but my blood knows all of Goan. How am I to achieve the fullest of my own measure if I do not entreat myself to surpass my horizons? Is not the teaching of the Starspire Tower that the heavens are impossibly vast? Does the horizon not bend beyond sight and remain e'er unattainable? It is that philosophy, that desire to know all and be worthy of that knowledge, that drives me to this place that deters all others.

Finally, and I am reluctant to even say this much, I am someone of some skill. In truth, I wished to volunteer for the first expeditions called for by the fair Empress- but it was my father's will, and the decision of the Academy, that I remain. At last my bonds are loosened, my obligations fulfilled, and my skills available to a task that I am equal to- at least, it is the belief that I am equal to it. I pray to Mastrix that I have the wisdom and skill necessary to succeed where others have failed. If it may bring peace to many and an end to these dark times, then I will risk myself and bring upon this task the entirety of my being. May the Stars guide us well, and the Moon gaze upon us in fullness to light our path."


A P P E A R A N C E โ•‘
Valmial is a tall, imposing, and intimidating figure. Upon the horizon, his silhouette would form a near demonic visage of horns, scales, jagged edges, and broad frame. As this terrifying visage approaches, leaned heavily upon the long brass staff at his side, the lumbering and uneven nature of his gait would become apparent- but so too would the size of his body in truth. Standing at seven feet in height, with the highest of his horns peaking a few inches higher still, even whilst bent upon his staff renders Valmial imposing to most, and intimidating to many. Whilst one would think of soft bodies and gentle hands in relation to the typical sorcerer of the academy of the Starspire, Valmial embodies something entirely opposite. His body is hard scale, thick and heavy, and beneath it is hard muscle and practiced athleticism. The philosophy of Valmial is that for the contents of the cup to be worthy, so too must the cup itself- and it shows in his powerful physique, and the sharpness of his eyes is equal to the measure of his form.

His steps are heavy, hindered by both scale, weight, and the limp he carries. Do not be deceived by this lumbering quality, however- his arms are long, as is his stride, and when the need arises and he has staff on hand he can still perform cunnings acts of speed and strength that would daunt lesser men. In his powerful arms, the skillfully crafted Starspire scepter can be both tool of the wise as well as weapon of the humble, and more than once has his measure proven to be greater than an assailant who thought they had the 'drop' on this 'lumbering bookworm'.

And yet, the air that surrounds him is one of the knowing, the wise, and the understanding; though, at times, this same wisdom and noble air can turn savage, sharp, and kindle into the inferno of wrath. His eyes are the most expressive part of his face- sensibly so, for someone who is all hard angles and sharp teeth. The light of his eyes and the sharpness therein are the key to revealing his strange and intangible moods.

I N J U R Y โ•‘

I was similarly going to give a bit of time for others to post if they felt like it, and to focus on some other chores I had for the weekend.
After the last series of responses about the pacing and peopleโ€™s desires, at this point Iโ€™ll just declare that the outright compulsory aspect is fading at this point. Oh desire is still there, itโ€™s calling for them specifically, but meta wise Iโ€™m cutting the puppet strings loose. There are still invisible walls around the city itself for the sake of the present narrative but Iโ€™m uninstalling the hard rails.
Fading Memory

I am placing this statement in the IC to ensure that everyone sees it; most of the present feedback has requested that I leave more room for character interactions, and as such I am no longer enforcing the rails. Enjoy.

Eckehart's smile softens as Toby speaks, her simple question, just as with the etiquette one, seeming to please him. He is about to speak, but Audrey's oddly formal handraise gives him pause, her own words adding onto Toby's question. He nods again, slowly this time, as if Audrey's words held some unknown significance.

"I do not believe she has any specific wants or needs from you, in truth- but I am not she, do not let Eckehart speak for Rulania!" He begins. "All I know on the subject is that when she was revealed to be the True Voice at the age of six she asked of Yo'Bikur to bring her friends. It was thus revealed that they would rise from the Silvermere upon the New Year if she was but patient. Therefor it was tasked to me, Eckehart, by the princess to watch the silver pool. For ten years I maintained this vigil, and at last you have all come. I could not imagine her excitement.

As for your choices, they are your own. I was tasked as guide, not gaoler-" He moves a hand dismissively here, as if the very word were distasteful to him. As if it held a significance. "-nor am I parent or lord to any. You may come and go as you see fit; Xaktin is a free city, and Yo'Bikur a free realm. So long as you do not disturb the harmony of this place, there is no quarrel you would ever face from the Bikura."
She can be as confrontational as she wants.

After the last series of responses about the pacing and peopleโ€™s desires, at this point Iโ€™ll just declare that the outright compulsory aspect is fading at this point. Oh desire is still there, itโ€™s calling for them specifically, but meta wise Iโ€™m cutting the puppet strings loose. There are still invisible walls around the city itself for the sake of the present narrative but Iโ€™m uninstalling the hard rails.

Iโ€™ll add this explicit text to the IC as a meta update so that people donโ€™t miss it, when I have the time.
Zav would lose her mind to discover Strixhaven. This place reeks of Red Wizards.
Alright so far thatโ€™s some resounding requests for chances to interact more, which honestly pleases me greatly. I apologize for letting my worries grip me and pushing us forward quite so quickly!

I will gladly shift my gears and let things play out in a more organic way from this point forward. Seeing this as the checkpoint of the prologue is more than adequate with this in mind. What Iโ€™m taking from this is โ€˜Fading needs to relax because he stresses himself out and rushes his productsโ€™ and โ€˜Gosh dang it Fading, you always write too much ;) stop intimidating your players.โ€™
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