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Had some spare time on my lunch break and decided to go for a shorter backstory for now. If it isn’t up to snuff or deals with too abstract a concept I can add a third section with more concrete information for the purposes of the Background Feature.
oh, neat, I forgot about birthsigns until I reread those other sheets. Did you want us all to use them? Would you want them to grant their special boons, or just be flavorful? Either way I'm loathe to adjust my sheet for anything, but I might add the flavor of one of them to a misc note depending on my fancy.
The warmth of his room was something Elias Malkinson would soon come to miss. It would be a pleasant memory- the heater at full blast, pipes dripping to try and stave off what was whispered to be an inevitable freeze if the weather did not relent, and Elias himself was grateful that his mother was a stout woman of practical principles. He'd often thought she would make a good Witch- practicality was a trait well favored by the practicing occultist, after all- but couldn't stand the thought of his mother trying to maintain a conversation with him about such things. For some reason, despite being open to the idea on a surface level, his mother knowing the spells and hexes he knew just turned into the feeling of fear one can only get by imagining a scornful parent.

All things considered, best to leave the magic out of dear mumsy's hands.

And while he was aware that this warmth would be but a cherished memory soon, he was a resolved man. Chuck was missing. Zoey was distraught- and locked in her room, her parents much more proactive in the protection of their child than the Malkinson clan was. It was something that was in Elias' favor- for now, at least. With one last glance into a mirror he paused. He squinted a bit, frowning. That wouldn't do. He leaned close and grabbed at the applicator on his desk, sighing to relax his face as he lifted it and began to dutifully touch up the mascara he had donned. It was an aesthetic decision that had earned him many a strange look- but it was understood that makeup and jewelry were just something that Elias Malkinson was going to do.

Satisfied with the makeup, he finally relented and abandoned the mirror to its fate. Establishing that his pentacle was, indeed, where it always was (about his neck) he gripped the icon tightly. A silent prayer thought to the heavens and moon passed his thoughts, then he pulled on his winter clothing- the more mundane heavy jacket and mittens covering fingerless leather gloves and a tight long sleeved shirt. A scarf wrapped around his neck concealed the silver necklace that the pentacle hung from. A beanie pulled down atop his head scarcely contained the wild mop of hair that sprouted from his height.

And, finally, he laced up the tall black boots he favored. Pulling them tight, his pants tucked into them, and double knotting them. He hated how one of them inevitably came untied no matter what he did and this was an effort to stop that nonsense on this important day. Chuck needed saving, and that meant he'd need to be ready for anything. Pockets of salt and iron shavings, a carton of chalk, a canteen of water warmly tucked in the depths of his supplies, his inseparable Tarot Deck, and as many packets of herbs and esoteria as he could fit into the confines of the common school backpack. It wasn't a heavy load, but it was bulky and quite impractical to the common person- but for Elias Malkinson, every tidbit felt just as critical as the last.

Slipping his earbuds in, he made good practice and shuffled the Tarot deck. If this shindig was going to go down how the Sheriff intended, he was keen on getting to know the people he was about to be working with.

King of Cups - Emotionally Balanced
Knight of Wands - Hastiness, Adventurous, Energetic
Two of Swords (Reversed) - Indecision, Confusion, Information, Stalemate
Eight of Pentacles - Mastery, Skill Development
Judgement XX - Absolution, Rebirth, Inner Calling

And then one for himself...

The Moon XVIII - Fear, Illusion, Anxiety, Intuition.

Elias Shivered. Sometimes fortunes were a little too close to home.

Standing in the crowd was the hardest thing Elias had ever done. Every forced laugh, every cheerful optimism, made his prophecy ache in his heart. Goddess, why hadn't he tried to warn Chuck a few months ago that he'd had a negative portent? Would it have even mattered? Fate is a fickle mistress, and predictions can sometimes be a curse for the Fortune Teller. Elias was lost deep in his thoughts- only to now find himself standing in a smaller group as the greater crowd dispersed. He opted to focus on the here and the now. He dutifully waited as others spoke- Jake and Hattie familiar faces, but the unknowns and the curiosity they piqued in him were second to the gnawing thoughts of Chuck.

"Elias Malkinson." He said finally, hopping from foot to foot energetically, in way of introduction. His mind raced- Hanako was clearly the Knight, and Goody Durlin was clearly the Eight of Pentacles in his mind. That left him to debate on David, Jake, and the other woman. Time would reveal who was who in his prediction. "It's a pleasure to meet you all.. Er, re-meet some of you." His words were punctuated by a hand grabbing at his scarf, reaching for the pentacle reflexively, as he let out an awkward chuckle.

"I've got a good feeling about this group."
And as an update, I should have mine up either today or tomorrow.

Edit: It will be tomorrow :P
Huzzah for early rising and pre-work note making time. I should be able to get my sheet up this evening, just need to tweak a few small mechanics then get the fluff slapped on.
I’ve got my mechanics down as well, methinks. Once I see the OOC i’ll tweak as needed then fill out your other requirements. Warlock of the Undead patron, pact of the blade, Kenku, is what I went with for the sale of other folks knowing. Going for a grim reaper/Ferryman style vibe.
You got it boss, democracy at its finest.
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