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@Theyra I’m willing to if you need it, I was honestly working on building up the courage to do my own Shadowrun roleplay on the guild too.

@Abstract Proxy the only warning I have for you is that Shadowrunners and SINners are pretty much opposite sides of the magnet depending on the chosen climate of the roleplay; in oldschool, punk, neo-anarchist, or Hooder vibes it tends to be a ‘great, once a corp rat always a corp rat’ brand and a huge shadow of doubt put onto someone. This is NOT me telling you to NOT do this; exiled corpos are a great source of alternate perspective, and what you’ve described is perfectly valid as the origins of a Runner. It just means you’ve got an uphill reputation battle if anyone finds out about your SIN, and some people may basically treat you like a walking potential Great Betrayal waiting to go off.

That being said, a good modern representation of this is Takemura from Cyberpunk 2077; at the beginning of the game he gets burned in a similar method to what you describe, and his only choice is to work with the scum mercenaries he used to fight. It’s a GREAT trope and storyline and I support it, I just wanted you to have a bit of the shadowrun culture around the SIN without bogging you down with the other risks like ‘suddenly you have a potentially secondary corp looking into your actions’

On the topic of the discrete upgrades, synthetic and bio ‘wares are very ideal for the corporate suit high end security. Unobtrusive limbs that don’t look dangerous at first blush, organs souped up to the nines, and headware to make a decker blush, are all very corpo appropriate vibes for a ‘Samurai’ archetype.

Something important for everyone to keep in mind is Shadowrun hyper-emphasizes the loss of ‘Essence’, or soul/humanity, that cybernetics entails. People who mod a lot of chrome on eventually approach the ‘Uncanny Valley’, make people uncomfortable, lose social graces and emotional empathy, etc. Synthetic rather than hard chrome can supplement this somewhat, but heavy Bio is the ‘best’ way to represent someone with access to very high end resources. Obvious Chrome is for power, Synthetic is for trying to hide that power and sacrificing some potential power for that attempt to disguise it, bio is for subtlety and surprise but the benefits aren’t as extreme.
I’ve been dabbling for like a decade or so, and been specifically faffing with 5e for a long time. I have a very broad and situationally deep knowledge of the setting and will gladly help anyone who needs info :)
Hoi chum, you have my

I'm even currently running a Tabletop of Shadowrun 5e, I'm quite passionate about the setting and genres and themes it wields.
Haruki had asked if they could NPC the character since I planned on returning when I had more time, and lo here I am many months later with time.
@TheNoCoKid Apologies for the double post, but I just wanted to note that I liked the vibe of 'Afterburn' as a cell and am interested in using them for my characters as well. I'll go off of what's on Hotshot's sheet.
Made solid progress over the weekend but got swept up in some other hobbies and didn't quite finish. Just updating my progress :)
Dear lord, a Gnomish Weretiger on the loose pretending to be our estranged friend Brut after his death in this foul land is nightmare fuel.

Edit: I have regained control of my Mythweavers and it alpears when I last left off we had achieved level 3, judging from my perusing of the other character sheets that seems to still be true. Excellent that makes me officially brought up to speed. Is Zavakri assumed to be tagging along with Gabriel in a broad sense? After the mention of Detara she understandably appears to have become background British noise.
The last part I realistically recall was the team rescuing a rabbit knight from a tower guarded by snakes after we got left in the dust by bunny brigands.
That would be incredible, I keep getting a little overwhelmed trying to play catchup :)
I’m hitting pen to paper tonight myself, hoping to finish up this weekend.
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