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Well I HAVE been wondering how many licks it takes to get to the bottom of a tootsie pop.

I’m good for whatever general info you feed us, boss.
Ah yes. Hedgehogs and their traditional role as keeper of the cellars of the abbey. I can work with that.
I’ll need to do some light re-researching, but so far I’ve got the amusement for a badger or Hedgehog at the moment. I’ll stew on more specifics as thinns move along and iron out something more concrete.

Edit: Deeper thoughts have struck me. I must look a few things up to properly respond to this query.
I recently had bumped Redwall back up my re-reading list! I've got a few more series to get through before I get back to it, but I'll be lurking at the very least as things progress. Nostalgia is maximized here!
I would argue for yes, but nothing I recall at this moment would grant it. I’ll double check the book tonight. I just have (on Kri specifically due to Silvery Barbs) a bunch of ways at level 1 to mess with Advantage/Disadvantage.
Zavakri is not some mere Wizard. How dare you lot. She’s like a wizard… squared!
what, a day of silence? Impossible.

As an update, the collab on our end is making progress.
Oh, for the record, I wasn't complaining about you guys' perceived speed; I was warning I may be a bit slower than the rest of you, and if that's tolerable I'm quite pleased so far.
You lot maintain a pace that is downright impressive by my standards for the Guild. I do not think I can match the speed you guys are making, but I can promise that I'm invested and committed and keeping up with the IC as y'all post.

I'm up for the three way collab, it'd make dealing with the Lost Property succinct.
Oh, drama.
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