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Alrighty, sounds like this is getting gently shelved for now then. I'm keeping it open and will continue to have it in my subscriptions, so if folks decide to come back around I'll still be here :)

Kudos and godspeed to you all, feel free to come back at any time to this.
@Dark Cloud I’m trying to set aside time to catch up, I’ll let you all know if/when I do and feel comfortable stepping back in.
Alrighty, after a few weeks scrubbing across wikis and listening to audio books and tapping at keyboards, I think I need to refine and workshop this idea for a while longer before putting it to post. I was growing very ambitious and need to build up a fully coherent idea for this setting first before I start just swinging wild punches without being fully aware of what I'm doing. Appreciate the interest, and I'll hit you all up again when I decide to pull the trigger and launch a more held together concept.
Thanks to Haruki prodding me and bestowing upon me the secrets of recovering my mythweavers account, Zavakri is now level 3. All things considered, I might be able to start fully rereading and catching up on this soon; I'll keep you guys posted when I can set aside the time I feel this deserves.

I appreciate y'all all letting me lurk and make snide comments every so often, this has been the most consistent and long-lived thing I've been part of on the Guild aside from some very slow moving Nation roleplays in the past, so this has been a constant source of entertainment and happiness for me over the last year and a half even if I couldn't directly participate myself for a while.
21st January 2022 was the first OOC post. My, how time flies.
I dig the vibe of folks communicating and showing up, that’s mad kudos. Making me feel all rainbows and sunshine over here. Now if only someone would install an air-conditioner in my workplace.
Apologies for the delay, this whole week has been very busy helping my (soon-to-be) mother in law with her pets while she's on vacation. I'm still here and energetic about this, just delayed in my writeups and presentation.
@Eyeris my companion in literary craft, there is an extraordinarily unfortunate typo in your first sentence that I wish to inform you of.
Glad to have your interest in the ring! Feel free to chatter or make suggestions/voice what you’re interested in about BattleTech! I’ve discussed some of my initial ideas above, and I’m elaborating on those concepts as my brain fights through illness.
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