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Don't sweat the small stuff, it's all in your head
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Howdy! Sorry for my own slowness; the Holiday has shut me down for its duration, so I had to focus on it this weekend. Happy 4th! I'll peruse through and see if my mental engine is still kicking after all these cheeseburgers and Forced Family Fun Time is over.
If Rirvudd had come, he would be soloing the adventure right now. Homeboy isn't some level 1 schlubb like his wife.

Edit: For the purposes of my remaining in the group, if we continue beyond the Module I'd probably end up making a new character. Perhaps Detara if Zavakri finds her? Who knows, I have plenty of character ideas that can slide in mid-journey.
honestly Zav probably will go home once the 'campaign' ends.
Rush out here doing the Gods' work.

Since they abandoned the Snail, would it be possible for Zavakri to go up and try to chat with it? Her time with the Snail Races has made her begrudgingly terrified/fond of these things.
Apologies, holiday weekend kicking my ass. Meant to catch up earlier. Working on it still, likely can't post till after the 4th.
I am attempting to catch up officially over these next two days.

1) Gen is approximately 10-12 by appearances (and if questioned she has no clue on an exact number, herself, she’s never kept count). Regis knows he’s nine. So on the cusp of appropriate teenage-hood, both.

I may have said a different number elsewhere, but I changed my notes upon deciding anything younger was too young.

2) yes.
Alrighty Everyone, 'End of Session 1';

Any Questions, Comments, Criticisms, Concerns, or Compliments for the game so far? I ask this in an OOC/Meta sense, for the themes/vibe/enjoyment of the game so far rather than any in character sense.
@Fading Memory I'd like to ask, how organized are the bandits and highwaymen of the kingdom?

*Banditry in the Dale; the ordinarily disparate and small groups have been growing more ambitious and organized, the troubled and starving bandits of last year have evolved into a more disciplined and cut-throat calibre. Mildred has received rumor of patronage; someone funding, feeding, and training the bandits to prey on the peoples of the Dale. The only lead she has on this is the increasingly dangerous passage to the Southland Deepwood, and the abysmal news that comes from the region.

I didn't answer you right away because I was preparing some notes on that subject for the next post; this is what I have in response.
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