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"Hm...." came Shieldwing's response to Kyte's words. He looked like he was about to add something when Fellwing spoke up again. "Huh...?" he murmured, glancing back at Fellwing, and he couldn't help but frown slightly from her words...but more her tone. "H-hey, what're you...? I-I'm not doing anything, I'm just-!" However, before he could begin to defend himself, there was sudden movement from behind them! Shieldwing's guard was immediately and instinctively raised and he jumped defensively closer to his clutchmates! He was put even more on edge when he realized...that this wasn't some intruder bursting their way into Echo's cave...but a cloud of...multi-colored...sand...?

What in the moons kind of creatures was this!? Was this just another natural part of the islands? However, as he stood defensively, ready for whatever challenge this strange rainbow sand was going to offer, the sand landed on the ground in front of them in a heap. And a moment later, it reformed...into a very familiar face. At first, Shieldwing's face exuded signs of relief and gratitude to see his missing clutchmate back once more! However...he couldn't help but scowl slightly as Skobellof made his entrance with a boast and, in the verdant dragon's words "triumph" and "excitement."

Finally, Shieldwing had just about had it. He stepped forward, opening his mouth to say something about just how he felt about how reckless the other dragon had been. Now that Garrock wasn't around, this was his chance to finally tell his clutchmate just exactly how he truly felt about what had happened.

However, just as he did so, Skobellof mentioned something that caught him by surprise.

"L-look, just forget about Kyte for a second," Shieldwing said, stepping forward again. "He's hurt and we need to make sure he doesn't get worse. We'll take care of that and help him in a bit. And I've got some words for you, but that'll wait too. First, what do you mean? Why is it a big deal if we leave Garrock alone? Of course we did, he couldn't fit in here. But it's fine. He's easily bigger and stronger than all of us combined and can take care of himself. Plus, he's sick of babysitting us anyway-" Shieldwing rolled his eyes at that. "-so he wanted the break anyway. What's the problem?"
Okay, guess it's my post next, so I'll get to that asap!
Heheh, I'm gonna wait for Haruki to have a chance to post since Stargaze hasn't said much in a while~
Oh wow, really? That seems...strange to me, but I suppose I'll take it? xD

I'll hopefully get a post up sometime soon. But I'll also let Haruki get something in with Stargaze if she wants. xD
Would the bullying and Kyte's role in it be something the rest of us know? Just so I can have Fellwing react appropriately!

Oh wow somehow I missed that question too.

I will point out that Fellwing has definitely seen Stonescale's bullying before simply because that's one of the reasons you have a friendship gem from Shieldwing! An encounter with Stonescale is what put Shieldwing in his "most vulnerable" position and Fell would have been there to see it and then helped him through it. Since you would have seen that, I have no doubt that Fellwing probably would have seen Kyte there as well in all likelihood.
Heheh, it's funny that just a +1 in Charm would have given him the edge he needed to at least gleam something, though. Glad to see my dice rolls are just as poor now as they always have been~ xP

Haha, but yeah, s'all good, it happens. Just kinda realized we're four pages into the RP and Shieldwing hasn't really rolled any dice yet~

Shieldwing's eyes widened a bit at Kyte's response. At first, he was unchanged, viewing the orange drake's words as little more than an excuse. However, it wasn't long before the drake's gaze lowered and he muttered something about...not being in the same clutch anymore? That caused the red drake to pause in response. He had expected a defiant retort, or maybe even a few insults thrown his way in support of Stonescale. However, it seemed like an opposite response came to the forefront. He was still sounding a bit agitated and offended at his accusation, but there was something different about it.

And now Shieldwing was starting to feel more like the bully all of a sudden.

"...Oh," Shieldwing murmured, suddenly lowering his stance a bit. Come to think of it, he didn't look very good at the moment. For a moment, he considered apologizing, but at the same time...it was kind of hard for him to feel bad. After all, clutch or not, this guy still stood back and did nothing when his clutchmate was messing with Stargaze. Inaction was almost as bad as taking part as far as he was concerned. He tilted his head, though, almost hesitant to ask...but he suddenly felt like he needed to know at this point. "But wait...what d'you mean, 'not anymore'?" he asked. "What happened?"
Ah gotcha, in that case, I'm gonna have Shieldwing do something he hasn't done yet. He's gonna roll some dice. Or at least, he would try to.

But considering the result of his attempt to Study Kyte is a 6 I'm guessing basically nothing happens on that front. xP

So I guess I just post without anything more happening there then?
Heheh. I've got a post to make, but I should probably at least let Stargaze post first. Also Fellwing if possible, but I can tell it's been kinda tight on Vertigo's part. xD

Shieldwing hesitantly reached his claw out to the water's surface. He wasn't overly fond of water. After all, it restricted movement and made him a slower, far less capable warrior. However, when his claw didn't immediately sink into the water, but rather stood atop it, his eyes widened in surprise. He cautiously stepped out further onto the water's surface, unable to stop his tail from wagging behind him a bit as he was actually standing on top of the water's surface! He had never felt something like this before! It was strange...and he was loving every second of it!

Man, he KNEW his first trip from the capital would give him all kinds of cool experiences!

"Whoa...." the dragon murmured, looking down at the water below. He pushed down with his claws a bit, allowing his tail to dip down onto the surface as well, feeling it around. It was like he was standing on regular floor.... However, Stargaze's words caught his attention quickly. Did she say "the fun part"? What did that- "WHOA!"

Suddenly, the red dragon was pulled down beneath the water's surface, almost like something had snagged his body and dragged it under! He gasped and fought and squirmed for a moment...until he quickly realized that nothing actually had a hold of him. He blinked as he realized what was going on. He wasn't in the water, fighting for air. In fact, there was still air all around him. He soon straightened himself out completely, clearing his throat.

"Ahem...y-yeah. Cool. Definitely super cool." he quickly said, hoping to cover his misunderstanding as soon as possible. He began to make his way through the small tunnel with the others. Much like Stargaze, he quickly realized that it wasn't as...lively as he would have expected underwater to be. Usually even in small places like this, there were things swimming around or swaying a bit more. Or at least, so he thought anyway.

Soon enough, the group arrived back at the surface and Shieldwing gladly stepped foot on the inside of the cave. He looked around for a moment, looking for any sign of life. However, he had hardly even been here for a second when another dragon had exclaimed something about their arrival, and had bounded up next to them! This drew Shieldwing's attention immediately. He puffed himself up a bit to make sure he seemed tall, strong and confident. However, all of that bravado melted away when he recognized just who it was he was looking at. And his confident smile turned into a bit of a scowl.

"You..." Shieldwing muttered, stepping forward, instinctively putting himself between the orange dragon and Stargaze. "I know you. Aren't you one of Stonescale's little lackeys?" he narrowed his gaze at the dragon, the name "Stonescale" having practically been spit from his mouth like he were removing something gross from his mouth. He glanced back toward Stargaze, hearing that name. Kyte.... He wasn't sure, but it sounded familiar, he supposed.
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