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Ferrin looked at Eloween as she began to talk to Wyler, curious as to why she was so insistent that she be the one to go down first. He wasn't sure what to make of this Ixi. Earlier she had seemed rather uncertain about her own abilities, but now she seemed like she wanted to do everything.... Well, Ferrin certainly wasn't about to just stand here and be useless to the others just because there was no fighting to be done.

"I don't think you're going to need to worry about it," Ferrin replied with a shrug. "But you can do what you want I guess. I mean I-" However, just as he was turning to look back toward Eloween...he spotted something out of the corner of his eye. His eyes widened and he suddenly reached out. "Hey, wait, what're you-!?" he called out, but it was too late. Arma's foot caught something and he had fallen...straight into the hole with no opportunity to catch himself. And then came the loud, painful-sounding crash.

"Gah, shoot...." Ferrin muttered. He turned and immediately moved to open the hatch and started to descend into the room below without another word. "Arma, are you alright? Man, you gotta stop just...doing stuff. You're gonna get yourself killed." Once the Scorchio would touch down on the floor below, he would get a better look at his surroundings, wanting to make sure Arma wasn't in a worse situation than simply hurting himself on the descent.
Excellent, thanks to some collaboration, I've got my CS updated. Made some last-minute changes to the Digimon list: I dropped Greymon in favor of Tyrannomon since I already had GeoGreymon for the Greymon lines and I did feel like "The Classic" was naked without Tyrannomon representation, and also dropped Agnimon as well as Aldamon (neither of whom I was really feeling in the end anyway) and replaced them with DarkTyrannomon and MasterTyrannomon respectively. I also replaced Slayerdramon with Dorickmon because I didn't know Dorickmon existed before and now I think he's rad af.

I also ended up replacing the compression list entirely with the image that @Sanki88 did for me (thanks a million!) because it seemed redundant to have both. xD

Still made the card list though, because I felt like it xP
Honestly, if anybody needed to roll for Arma trying to sneak down into the hole, I imagine it'd be Arma, having to roll Stealth against Passive Perception.

But yeah, I also agree that the players should be able to just kind make it happen without rolls if we want it to happen. xD
I imagine Ferrin is probably too busy trying to move the table to be able to react quickly enough. He'll notice him, and probably just shout at him to stop, but nothing worth posting right away.
Ferrin hesitated at that. He looked over at the Gallion nearby to see what his actual response would be. He supposed it couldn't hurt. And he definitely didn't want to doubt what the Gallion could do right in front of him. But he'd certainly feel more comfortable if he went instead.... But then again, perhaps there was more to it than that. Heck, for all he knew, the Gallion's sense of smell could be pretty important down there. He let out a sigh.

"Alright, you can send Wyler down there if he wants to go," Ferrin replied. "But I'm gonna move the table and rug and see if I can't get down there from the ladder too. Then I'll help him out."

With that, Ferrin didn't wait for the others to respond. He simply moved toward the table, checking to make sure it wasn't bolted to the floor or anything before he would then attempt to grab at the table, ready to move it aside. However, he paused when he realized the final drink was still sitting on the table.

"Hey...someone want to hold this for me?" Ferrin asked as he grabbed the cup, moving to pass it off to whoever was closer. "We might still want this one, so maybe I shouldn't risk spilling it onto the floor or something. I'm just...not eager to drink it right this second." And then, once somebody else would take the cup, he would resume trying to move the table, and if he was successful, would then try to throw the rug back as well, looking for a more reliable way down.
Ready on my end as well!
Haha. More that he wants to actually be useful for something~ xP
Heheh. Post is already done, my friend! I tried to focus on getting caught up everywhere today xD
Ferrin raised a brow at Arma's reaction. Okay, that clinched it. He was completely puzzled, with no idea what was going on anymore. He knew that Brightvale was a lot more accepting of magic than his home back in Meridell. But now, the Bori from before was, from what he could tell, was trying to dig through wooden floorboards on top of telling the other two that they should try some of that drink. Ferrin did know that Bori were good at digging, but usually that meant digging in snow or sand. Hard, wooden floorboards was a new one on him. But perhaps even more strangely was that the Ixi, the one he believed to be the more level headed of the two, was considering trying some of it herself. He blinked in disbelief. What was even happening at this point...?

"Yeah, no problem," was Ferrin's response at Eloween's request. What else was he going to say? It wasn't like he had any real ideas on what to do. For now, he supposed he may as well leave all of this to them until he could actually figure something out himself. He watched her carefully as she drank the cocoa. He saw her wince for a moment, and he moved closer, half expecting her to stumble or something...but she seemed fine enough. When she started looking around the room as well, though, he paused for a moment, looking around toward the painting as well. far as he could tell, it was the same as it had been before.

Suddenly, there was a loud cracking and crashing sound as the floorboards were finally pulled apart by their Bori companion. Ferrin instinctively jumped, reaching back to grab his weapon behind his back...but stopped when he realized what the source of the sound actually was. However, the suprise on the Scorchio's face was clear as day as he approached the newfound gap in the floor. Well...that was a surprise.

"Wait," Ferrin said, reaching out to try to grab the Ixi by the arm to stop her. "It'll be easier if we move the rug and table outta the way first. And even then, it...looks kinda dark down there, and we don't know what's down there. Maybe I should go first?"
@Digizel Haven't seen you post on the guild in a while. Hope you're doing alright buddy!

Yes hi, I'm sorry for being absent for so long. Things have been...hectic on my side for the last month. Nothing particularly bad or anything, just...a lot. I think I'm starting to get things back under control now, though, with the house finally empty of all guests.... So hopefully I can go back to getting at least a single post per day it's my turn. xD
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