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"Hey, hey, it's okay, I get it!" Tanrith said, quickly raising his arms up into the air in a gesture of peace as the two continued to argue in front of him. "So you're both from here, but one of you lives here, the other left to join the Doomguard, and there's some bitterness floating around about that, I get it, it's cool!"

As the group introduced themselves, he nodded and raised to of his fingers up to his forehead, giving the armored members in the back a quick salute with a smile on his face. It seemed his initial worries didn't seem to amount to much. He had even gotten an explanation for whatever he was seeing in the water behind them. Though what this...Sarceron was saying did worry him a bit, but if the Doomguard captain lady seemed confident, he didn't have a reason to question her just yet.

Finally getting back to the topic at hand, he chuckled a bit. "Well, Faelee, Sarceron. Nice to meet ya!~" he exclaimed. He then held out both of his arms to the two of them, one for each. "The name's Tanrith. Tanrith Stormclaw. But some people might know me as-" He paused for a moment, glancing around for a moment before lowering his tone. "The Lightning Fang!" He murmured that rather lowly as though it were important to anybody but himself.

"And this here is my friend, Zyrech!" he called out. Since his arms were too busy extending themselves out to the pair, he allowed his tail to shift around, tapping the edge of the mechanical dragon beneath him. "Made him myself. My masterpiece! Say hi, Zy!"

At his command, the mech dragon lowered its head, a low rumbling emerging from within, bowing a little bit before returning to his normal stance.

"Heheh...that's the best he's got, unfortunately," Tanrith added nervously. "Never was able to figure out how to give him the ability to say anything. I mean, I could implant recordings of voices and get them to play in response to certain phrases or actions, but it wouldn't be the same...." He trailed off for a moment as though that seemed to have taken a bit of the wind from his sails for a moment. But then he sat upright again with a slight grin. "But hey, he can understand three whole languages, so that's something, right?~ And he's almost as good at fixing things as I am! Pretty cool, huh?"

Tanrith had been speaking quickly and energetically. If nothing else, he hoped that perhaps he might be able to disarm the two from their own fighting by changing the subject around a bit. Maybe if he could get them to talk about something else, he could lighten the atmosphere a bit and get them to talk about the situation with a bit less...hostility.
<Snipped quote by Digizel>

You can roll a history check if you like.

Haha, I rolled a probably not (aka a 9.)

Good to be back in a D&D campaign already~ At least it wasn't a save or an attack~ xD
Alright, finally got my post done! Although like I mentioned in it, Tanrith's first action after starting this investigation off is to figure out who all these people are and where they come from. So would you want me to roll for it, or is this just stuff that he would intrinsically just kinda know?

Tanrith grinned to himself as he stood there, scratching a claw gently against the base of the back of the small cat's ear. In the end, they may sometimes be too proud to admit it, but in the end, the awakened beasts of Faunel were still the same beasts. And this one in particular did still have that sweet spot he remembered most cats on the Material possessed. The cat had tried to deny it, but sure enough, that head was practically leaning into his palm at this point.

It would be a strange sight to those residing in Faunel at the moment. First, there was the awakened cat, though that part was an average enough sight here in Faunel. The cat was perched on the shoulders of a small, frilled kobold, adorned with goggles strapped around his frills and resting on his forehead. He was armored in a mixture of what seemed to be leather and small, scale-shaped pieces of metal, all decorated blue, and a small mantle around his shoulders consisting of fluffed fur and a string of claws. One might think such a decoration would be bizarre in a group of sapient animals, but Tanrith's armor had been crafted using things collected willfully, a fact he was always happy to share if the armor's construction risked causing trouble. He was no hunter; he had made it out of respect for beasts. So while he himself may have drawn some eyes, that wasn't what would be the most bizarre thing here.

No, the most eye-catching feature present was the large, walking mass of metal beneath the Kobold. The construct seemed to be fashioned in the shape of a blue dragon, most notably judging by the size and proportions, a wyrmling. Despite being made of obvious metal, the likeness was uncanny, even possessing wings comprised of metallic spines and a leathery fabric between them. It almost looked like a Blue dragon sporting the colors of a Silver, though with a complex series of interconnected plates rather than scales; though the plates were fitted with cloth and leather painted to match to keep the plates from rubbing against one another. He had always wanted to give Zyrech a paint job better befitting his design, but he was never confident enough in his own artistic skills just yet.

So there they were: A cat on the shoulders of a Kobold on the back of a mechanical dragon casually stepping through the town; a stack of creatures of gradually decreasing size. He'd promised the little guy a ride since it was on the way toward the portal to the Beastlands. Not that he'd had any plans on actually visiting the place right now, but it was always worth a look to see who might be coming and going.

It was at this point, however, that Tanrith suddenly heard a voice. But it was a voice he recognized, spoken inside of his head. He immediately recognized this and stopped scratching the cat for a moment. "Hm?" he murmured, stopping and looking up into the air as though that would help him understand the message any better. "Oh, sorry man, gotta take this," he said quickly to the cat before reaching his claw up to the side of his head, just beneath one of his frills. Again, he certainly didn't need to, but....

"Oh, hey buddy!" he would say out loud as well as in his head. "Wait, what did you say!? Missing!? Tir na Og, huh? Yeah, I'll head over right away! You can count on the Lightning Fang to get to the bottom of this!~" Not realizing that his message would have been completely cut off at the word "Lightning", he smiled, content as he turned back to look at the cat on his shoulder. "Hey, sorry buddy, but I gotta fly. Kind of an emergency. I'm gonna have to drop you off here. Good luck, and try to be more honest with yourself, huh?~"

With that, once the awakened cat had disembarked the Zyrech Express, he immediately ordered his ride to turn around and race through the town toward the west. Now, he was a kobold on a quest!

Luckily for him, the trip there was largely uneventful. And when he finally arrived at Tir na Og...he had to stop himself. He double checked his directions for a moment, but...no, this was the right place. The place where Tir na Og was supposed to be was more akin to a vast meadow. Nothing like this had ever existed here in the Outlands as far as he was aware. It was actually bordering on eerie...though that fog that was starting to set in didn't make things any better. Though the Wonderhouse or whatever it was called on one end seemed to have made it through at least. He couldn't help but grin a bit. Hey, maybe this could be just the excuse he needed to find a way to get an audience with Gond. It was something he'd always wanted to do once he realized the Wonderbringer actually physically lived here. But no, not yet. He had to stay focused! He had a task at hand, and he needed to focus on it for now. For his buddy at the society.

Realizing that the society might like it better if he felt the area for himself, he quickly descended his mechanical dragon companion and began to step his way out into the empty field. He reached down, patting at and rubbing his claws along the ground and whatever other surfaces he could. "Wow...he wasn't kidding, the place really is just...gone...." he murmured in awe. "All this...feels real at least, so it's not just illusion magic or anything. Plus all these people around...."

Finally, Tanrith's attention was drawn to the groups who had apparently beaten him here. He took in all of their outfits and attires and logos and searched his mind to see if he could recognize them....

But just as that was crossing his mind, he caught a little bit more going on through the fog than he had before. By the lake was a small commotion, and there seemed to be a number of others wandering about, looking nervous or concerned or...well, just around. Interestingly, there seemed to also now be a new arrival on the scene just like himself across the way, or two to be more precise. The first was what appeared to be a young human lady? Judging by her looks and the way she carried herself, probably someone better off than himself. Especially given that she seemed to have what he could only describe as a servant or a butler with her.

Although curiosity got him interested in wondering what someone like her could be doing wandering the Outlands without some kind of actual guard around...somehow, some instinctive part of him was telling him to avoid her. There was just something in his scales telling him that he may not want to get involved with her quite yet if he could avoid it....

So he instead directed his attention to the area of the field where the biggest disturbance seemed to be coming from. He quickly reached up, gripping the harness he's fashioned into his dragon's design and pulled himself up and into the saddle-like seat. "C'mon, Zy, let's go see what the big hubbub is about, huh?"

The mechanical dragon began to trudge its way through the meadow, headed toward the lake where the two firbolgs were having an argument with one another.

"Hey, hey, excuse me you two, sorry, but if I could just interrupt here for a sec?" he would call out to the two as he approached them. Now that he was closer, he could get a better look at their individual outfits, attempting to place just what kinds of factions or sects they might be related to, if any. "You guys are making a huge fuss over here, it's kinda hard to think or get a feel for what's going on. What's the big deal, why all the vocal sparring?"

He stopped and looked between the two in question as he approached on his miniature mech dragon...though he made sure to keep an eye on the two armored goons in the back as well. He certainly didn't want to get caught off-guard if a fight broke out. Though as he did, he couldn't help but notice the water shifting around unnaturally. Was there something there, too? Was it a monster lying in wait, or perhaps a resident of an underwater town listening in?

Well, if it was the latter, he had no reason to interfere with their own desire to listen in. But he had to be prepared just in case it was the former as well. For the time being, he maintained his primary focus on the argument at hand. Maybe if he was lucky, he could find a way to resolve it and send them both on their way peacefully!
Huzzah, a paladin! Double huzzah! Zaraknvyr has arm wrestling competition.

Ha, fun fact: An alternate version of Tanrith I was considering was a Strength-based Rogue build that I call the "Swolbold". Since you don't need to be dex-based to take advantage of Sneak Attack, just a finesse weapon. It requires a single level dip into Fighter for Medium armor, but still. Imagine a Small creature like him with Expertise in Athletics. He'd be surprisingly good at competing with the bigger folk. xP

But I opted for the Artificer version of him since I figured we had enough Strength to go around and I've actually used that version of Tanrith elsewhere anyway. xP

In any case, I'll get to reading all those posts and getting my own post written up asap!

Shieldwing simply nodded back to Stargaze and moved to follow Rudrick through the halls. He couldn't help but peer into the various rooms himself out of curiosity. Though nothing of particular interest caught his attention in these other rooms. Weirdly enough, nobody even seemed to have any kind of training equipment in their room. Weird. Or at least, it seemed that way to him. Whenever he got his own space, he wanted to make sure he could improve himself at every opportunity. The fact that other drakes didn't seem as eager as him to do that puzzled him....

Finally, they seemed to arrive at the small den that Coryn stayed in. He peeked his head into the room and watched the newer, bluer drake working at pulling a creeping vine...wait, a what now?

Shieldwing blinked, rubbing his claws against his eyes for a moment. No, yeah, that vine was definitely moving of its own accord. The crimson dragon followed the vine back to its source...and finally realized what he could only presume was Coryn's side of the den. It almost looked like a miniature jungle was beginning to form. What in the world was all that about? Comparing the two sides of the room was like comparing himself and Skobeloff. One side trying to do everything in its power to keep everything in order and fulfill a proper purpose...and the other complete chaos with no idea what could be hiding behind that greenery.

Just as his thoughts had turned to his blue-green clutchmate, he suddenly heard a voice from behind him, having never even noticed the sand rematerializing.

"I have returned!"

"WAGH!" he exclaimed, jumping from the unexpected third drake that had just joined them seemingly out of thin air! He half-stumbled into the den, back arched and wings frilled slightly on instinct. When he realized it was just Skobeloff again, his racing heartbeat began its attempt to slow itself down. "S-Skobeloff!?" he gasped. "Wh-where did you-how did-why-ugh, at least clear your throat or something when you use that stupid sand of yours!"

He took a deep breath to steady himself and straighten himself out. As he recovered from the greenish jumpscare, he frowned and shook his head. "Wh-what are you even doing back here, you've barely been gone a couple minutes?" Luckily, he got his answer quickly enough. He tilted his head as he watched Skobeloff examining the vines with Stargaze.

"...Wait, you did what now?" Shieldwing muttered. "You...really are something else, Skobe." Shieldwing finally let out a small, exasperated sigh.

He swallowed hard and cleared his throat. He shook himself a bit in another attempt to quickly recollect himself. During that process, he turned to look back at Lazward, head tilted slightly as he watched the other drake beating away at the vine now. "Hey, so, uh...you need some help over there or...?" He looked down at the vine again. Despite Lazward's struggles, the vine seemed to be unending in its endeavors. Strange, it didn't look thatstrong....

Though out of the corner of his eye, Shieldwing wanted to keep his gaze on Rudrick. If the older dragon decided to slip out and go after Garrock...he wanted to be ready to excuse himself from the scene. Skobeloff was here now, so he didn't have to worry about leaving Stargaze alone.

Not that he liked the thought of her being alone with him whenever Skobe felt like doing one of his devious little tricks, but he wasn't about to pass up an opportunity to talk to Rudrick alone should it crop up.
Sorry about the delay on the post, I'll hopefully get something written up soon. If not tonight, then tomorrow for sure. xD
Haha, and now that Skobe has done his teleportation trick so soon after splitting up with them, I'll wait on Haruki to make a post with Stargaze's response before I get into Shieldwing's flabbergasted response. xP

Shieldwing was quiet as he listened to the brief exchange between Rudrick and Skobeloff. He maintained a straight-faced, stoic expression as he listened to the short explanation about Sunglow. It was something he was used to thinking about by now. Though he expected tht slight slump of the wings he noticed from Stargaze at the mention of ascension. But what caught his attention was more Skobeloff's own shift in tone as he spoke of it himself. He hadn't known his verdant clutchmate to be so uneasy about any topic; if anything, he felt that he was more often bringing something up that didn't need to be. Information to think about later, he supposed.

The crimson drake watched as Skobeloff elected to return to Garrock and start talking again. He circled his neck around to follow Skobeloff as he began to walk past him, listening to Stargaze as he did. "...Nah, let's let him do his thing," Shieldwing said, turning back to Stargaze again. "Fellwing is in there too, so he'll have help if he needs it." He paused for a moment as something crossed his mind. He had wanted to try to get Rudrick alone. If he convinced Stargaze to go with him....

But then he shook his head. Nah, she was probably just as worried about Coryn as he was, knowing her. Perhaps his chance could come with they actually found them.

"I meant it when I said I wanted to check up on Coryn, and I'm sure Skobeloff did too," he said with a nod. "So let's trust in our clutchmate's silver tongue and go see Coryn first. Besides..." He then added lowly, half to himself, unable to stop himself from glancing to the side. "...I think I might understand how he might be feeling right now...."
Surprise, it’s me, ya boi, Fading Memory. Back at it again with the wordy backstories and the weird characters.

Heyyyyy, you and I can be "backstory book" buddies~ xD

Also I'm looking forward to the opposing views that seems to be cropping up in the party here and there. This promises to be very interesting. I'm always down for a bit (or a lot) of party drama and butting heads~
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