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Yup, I kinda figured once the holidays were over people might start getting busy again xD

Also, I like the new Kuwabara profile pic~
Ferrin couldn't help but blush a bit as he clattered to the floor, giving the maid quite the fright. "S-sorry, sorry," the former knight quickly apologized while slowly crawling off of his chair to set it back up properly. He glanced toward Eloween, but noticed that she seemed preoccupied with her own meal and making sure her companion was taken care of as well. He let out a small sigh; he had just completely recalled why the name Bogshot was so familiar to him, and he wanted to ask her about it. But, he supposed it could wait.

Eventually, the others seemed to finish up their own respective meals as well. As that happened, the group were directed back toward the original spire. He turned his head and nodded to the others before immediately stepping forward, leading the way to their next destination. While the castle itself was different from Meridell's, it was still a castle, and Ferrin almost felt at home again, for the first time in quite a while. When they arrived, however, Ferrin took note of the Lenny's reaction to them showing up. The Lenny seemed to perk up and recite something that had obviously been practiced before. Heh. Clearly, they believed that all the pomp and circumstance was necessary, but he supposed he wouldn't say anything. The Lenny had done her job well enough, at least. However, there was something the bird neopian had said that caught him off-guard. The word "puzzles." Uh oh. But regardless of his own misgivings, and before he could discuss the topic any further, the Bori was already making his way inside....

Well, now he didn't really think he had much of a choice at this point. He certainly didn't want to seem like a coward.

"Well," Ferrin replied a bit more nervously than before. "You could have said that you'd brought the Turmaculus in here and I wouldn't walk away from something like this." Then, without another word, he followed in the Bori's footsteps and made his way inside the room as well.

He quickly examined his surroundings; it seemed like a normal enough little lounge. "Hm.... A bit flashy for my taste, but I guess that's the nobility for you." the Scorchio said to the others before opting to seat himself, not on the seats, but on one of the ottomans instead.
Oh that's right, I did totally forget that you said dragons give live birth in this setting, whoops. xD That's just so unusual to me, I guess it just slipped my mind.

But yeah, either way, I'm certainly interested.
Dragons? Fights? You've got me intrigued to say the least~ Everything seems alright and pretty straight-forward to me. The only questions I really have are:

Is there a name for somebody who has bonded with a dragon? Like Rider or Tamer or something?

And how does a person traditionally end up with a dragon? Is it somebody's job to choose who gets the ability to bond with a dragon? Or can, say, a human kinda just stumble upon an egg out in the wild for one reason or another?
Alrighty, and now I think it's best for @Birdboy to get his GM response in~ xD
"Heh. I'm sure you'll do fine," Ferrin replied with a chuckle, leaning back in his chair again. He watched as the Ixi asked for a plate for her smaller companion, and Ferrin was tempted to just offer his own. But he figured that might be a bit ill-mannered. He was never one to care particularly about manners, but it had been drilled into his head during his knighthood training. She might even think that it was just kind of gross, and he definitely didn't want her to have that reaction. She already seemed kind of put off by him to begin with.

Instead, he fell silent after that, leaning backward in his seat, even leaning the chair itself slightly so that it was on its rear two legs, using his foot to keep it anchored. Perhaps the manners weren't drilled into him perfectly, after all.

The Scorchio's mind wandered back to Eloween's introduction. There was one thing that was still bothering him. The name "Bogshot" was very familiar. But he just couldn't quite put his finger on it.... Until, finally, it clicked in his mind. The Scorchio's eyes widened at the realization, and his body instinctively reacted.

"Of course! Bogshot Swamp!" he exclaimed. "That's where Sir TormWHAGH!" In his excitement at the realization, his body had unintentionally extended itself, as though wanting to jump up from his seat. Unfortunately, his chair was still leaning back at the time, and the push against the floor was enough to send the chair toppling over backwards, striking the floor with a loud, echoing crash in the large chamber, and leaving Ferrin sprawled on his back, lower back still resting on the chair's backrest, tail sticking up in the air, drooping slightly over him.

"...Ow." he murmured under his breath, his enthusiasm suddenly curbed for the moment. So THAT must be why he was always told leaning in chairs was a bad habit....
No problem, I’ll go ahead and post again then, if Arma doesn’t really have anything more to add~
I think that makes a lot of sense, honestly. So Tormund and Roberta are both still alive and still probably in service to their respective nations? That'd be neat, considering Ferrin's adoration for Sir Tormund and Lady Roberta after hearing all kinds of legends about them while he was training to be a knight xD

And yeah, if that's what we decide to go for, I suppose she would have been a child at that point. She might even have caught a glimpse of Tor and Roberta as they worked in Bogshot, a fact of which Ferrin would be exceedingly jealous xP
Alrighty, sounds good. I'll incorporate that into my next post as a bit of an epiphany he has. xD

And yeah, you would be correct. During the events of The Darkest Faerie, the Bogshot Swamp was where the Council of Altador (before recorded history) banished the Kastraliss. It remained dormant in its statue form until the Darkest Faerie's magic spread to the region and restored it to life. The Kastraliss, with her power, was the cause of the plague, and was guarding the only plant that could be used to cure it, the Bogberries (which needed to be made into a potion by the apothecary). So it was actually Tormund and Roberta who saved the day by defeating the Kastraliss, who in turn returned into his statue form. They obtained the Bog Berries and helped to cure the Squamata Plague.

Though this does raise an interesting question: How far ahead of "Neopets canon" does this take place? Obviously, it can't be a HUGE amount of time if Skarl and Hagan are still in command (unless Skeiths just live for a ridiculously long time since lifespans are never mentioned on Neopets for obvious reasons xD).
Sure, why not? xD I wasn't sure whether or not he'd know much about Bogshot. But a knight he looked up to did go there: Tormund. So I guess this roll might make sense.

Accidentally rolled two, but the first result was a 16-1=15 total, so there we go? xD
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