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Hey guys sorry for the massive delay on my end. Things have been kinda rough over here for a few reasons. I'll try to get something in sooner rather than later. RP motivation has kinda tanked a bit lately, but I should be good for that at least. Definitely don't want to keep things on hold for too long.
Heh, I'm just waiting for Haruki since everybody has posted at least twice since Stargaze last had a chance to react to anything xD

Shieldwing couldn't help but grin a bit at Fellwing's approval. If he could tell that the shadow-colored dragon was potentially just humoring him to help him out, he didn't show it. However, Garrock on the other hand seemed...less than enthused with the plan he'd put forth. At first, the dragon's wings drooped slightly and his head lowered a bit as though some of the wind had been taken out of his sails. "...Oh." he murmured lowly. He wasn't particularly offended at the older dragon's quip about his art skills. He hadn't exactly done his best to make a work of art, he had simply done a quick diagram. But when he had so quickly and effortlessly dismissed his ideas, even mocked them through sarcastic remarks, he definitely took that a bit more negatively.

But then his gaze drifted toward Fellwing...and he remembered the support his friend had offered. And he shook himself off. He couldn't let his idea get dismissed just like that. Not when he thought it was still a perfectly valid one. He opened his mouth to try to stand up for himself and give a proper reason for his ideas...but he was stopped as Skobeloff spoke up again. Shieldwing's eyes widened at that and he looked at the green dragon like he'd suggested he go diving into the clouds.

"What? By yourself?" Shieldwing said, unable to keep the shock out of his voice. "No way, that's not happening. We have no idea what's going on over there. For all we know, it could be overrun by the Darkness and you could get ambushed." He then shook his head. "Besides, how would you even find us again without Stargaze to lead the way? She's the only one here who even knows where Echo lives. So it's either we all go that way or nobody does."
I suppose this is why TTRPG's usually work best when a player asks the DM if they can roll before actually rolling. I've had similar issues pop up in D&D campaigns where people would roll and results of 20+ would go wasted. xD

And as with most other games, I suppose Epyllion relies very heavily on DM rulings. Even more so than bigger and more official games with professional writers and editors. xD

Maybe from this point on, since the game is so vague and we want everybody to be on the same page, we should get into the habit of asking in OOC if we can roll or use a specific move, and then maybe either post the result *in* OOC?

And, of course, whenever we do a thing and then Fell might want us to roll for something xP
Fellwing: Shieldwing's best wingman~

EDIT: Er...would it be wingdrake? xP
Actually, I took A Tongue Of Silver when I made Skobeloff which lets him use Charm to mislead rather than Cunning.

Ah, that's a fair point. Hadn't considered that. That makes more sense then. But still, I think it's strange that they prioritize Courage over Cunning, but maybe that's just me.

Shieldwing heard the jokes of his companions, and quickly scrambled back to his feet, clearing his throat. Luckily, his crimson scales hid the slight blush on his face rather well. However, it grew a little bit deeper as Garrock came and began to examine him more closely for any potential injuries he may have incurred from the crash-landing. He let out an audible groan, but did not resist the older dragon.

"O-of courese there's no injuries, I knew what I was doing the whole time," Shieldwing claimed, raising his head up high and straightening himself out. He huffed, clearly moderately annoyed as he was checked over like a hatchling, but he wasn't about to argue. "And I can too glide straight. I was just trying to make sure the others didn't need any help, that's all." His claws scratched a bit at the powder beneath them, digging into them a bit as he tensed slightly. He knew that this was just an excuse, and he was already kicking himself for messing up such a simple task. But it was fine. After all, their mission had only just started, right? He had plenty of time to figure out how to make up for this blunder.

He shook himself off once Garrock left him alone, and he was glad for a swift change of subject. He stepped back toward the others, tail swishing about behind him just above the gemstone sand. He turned his attention to the conversation between his companions, and grinned over at Stargaze.

"That's a great idea. Echo is the one who raised you, right? That would make things easy for sure," the red dragon said, stepping over to the newest and youngest member of the clutch. And he quickly spotted a way he might be able to help redeem himself.... Maybe. "Then this is what we should do." As he spoke, he swept his tail across the top of the sand to lightly clear away any shells to reveal a small, smooth spot in the sand. He then began to draw dig a claw into the sand, drawing simple shapes to help facilitate his points.

"We follow Stargaze to Echo's cave. Since they've lived here the whole time, they might be able to point us at anything new or weird. Or maybe at least give us a lead. Stargaze will obviously be at the front to show us the way, and I'll be next to her so I can help her out if something happens on the way." He drew two simple ovals in the sand next to one another. "Fellwing and Skobellof can be in the middle." Once again, two new ovals just beneath the first pair. "They just need to keep an eye on the sides. And then the rear can be Mr. Garrock because he's the biggest, strongest, and that lets him make sure he can see all of us without having to look backward all the time." He drew a circle that was larger than the others behind the two rows. "At the same time, nobody's gonna want to come up on us from behind if the big dragon is in the back."

He then lifted his head with pride at that, seeming proud of himself for coming up with this formation on the spot. His gaze drifted between his clutchmates to gauge their responses, of course, but the one he was most hopeful to have pleased was Garrock. Though he made sure only to side-eye Garrock just in case he needed to quickly avert his gaze at a disapproving or other negative expression.
As I was typing this post up, I just realized that the highest Cunning we have is Shieldwing at 0. So the most observant dragon in the clutch is Shieldwing. It also means the best dragon at misleading and tricking others is also Shieldwing xD

Though now that I think about it, it's kind of strange that the Trickster gets a -1 to Cunning, I would have thought Cunning would have been their 0 stat rather than Courage.
Heheh. I'd like to go ahead and post again, but I think I'll wait for Haruki to say something with Stargaze before that, honestly, if she's got anything to say after all that. xD
Shieldwing had spent much of the trip concentrating on his gliding. It wasn't difficult to figure out that this older dragon that had been assigned to lead his clutch didn't like being in charge of them. Even though this "Garrock" wasn't a member of House Brynback, he knew that this could be an excellent opportunity to get on good terms with an older dragon from another House. Most of the ones he knew grew frustrated with his educational endeavors outside of his very combat-centric mindset. But this one didn't really know him very well. Which meant that if he performed well on this mission, then he could finally start making some progress and start proving himself. He'd have something he could really show off to his superiors in Brynback.

However, he unfortunately got a little excited at the prospect of showing off his abilities when they were taking off. He had put too much into his original jump and glide and had tired himself out faster than the others in the process. On top of that, he had spent much of the flight looking over at Stargaze to make sure she was handling herself alright. After all, she was the smallest of the group and their newest member. He couldn't help but be concerned about what might happen if she would get caught up in a stray wind or something and get blown away. So he had spent extra time and effort to try to get closer to her, so that he could grab her if she needed it. And all of this while also, whenever their guardian was glancing back at them, making sure to maintain the outward appearance of a dragon who was confident and collected, ready to succeed in the mission at hand. After all, he wasn't going to be impressed if he saw the Brynback struggling or squirming awkwardly in the air to shift around.

Because of these needless actions on his part, he felt himself growing tired somewhat quickly even though they were relying largely on the winds between the islands to keep themselves up without too much of a problem. However, when he turned his head to look at the others, nobody else had been showing any signs of the same. That wasn't good. Maybe he was dividing his efforts too much? Or maybe it was all the constant corrections his wings had to make to get him where he wanted to be. But it didn't matter. At this point, it was too late to do anything about it. His wings were growing tired and started to ache...but he maintained a brave face, making sure there was no outward sign that he was struggling.

By the time they were closing in on the other shore, though, Shieldwing was starting to hang back ever so slightly. Finally, the older dragon turns to look back at them, and he focused his attention on him again. Oh, good. They were finally landing. He did his best to hide the relief from showing on his face.

"Of course we can land, don't worry about us, flying is just second nature!" Shieldwing would call back. "We can handle ourselves!"

He had spoken pretty quickly and without consulting the others first, but he was sure it was fine. He didn't recall any real accidents when learning to glide before, so why would it be a problem now? He intentionally shifted his wings to slow himself down; this put a bit more strain on them, but he wanted to make sure that Stargaze was going to be fine. He knew deep down that he should just trust her, but part of him was still concerned anyway, due in no small part to his role as her tutor for how to fight.

However, once Stargaze had landed successfully and even began to cheerfully call out to the group, he smiled to himself. As it turned out, he'd been worried over nothing. Of course she was fine. And so, Shieldwing adjusted his wings once more, redirecting himself so that he could come down at last...only to suddenly realize that he was...falling faster than what he was used to.

"Agh!" he cried out as he quickly raised his limbs, trying to make up for his faster rate of descent by using his stronger legs to brace himself from the impact with the powder shore beneath him. His claws collided roughly with the ground, kicking up a bunch of the powdered crystal "sand" as he practically slammed his body down on top of the shore...only for one of his claws to slip on a shell and caused his body to turn a bit. His momentum, however, did not care about his predicament, and he soon came tumbled a bit across the powdered crystal and finally came to a crashing stop as his chest struck the ground, and his belly fell to the sand a second later with a thud.

"Ugh..." Shieldwing murmured, raising his head. He shook himself, causing shell fragments and crystal sand to fall from his head and get flung aside. Luckily, he'd tucked his wings to keep them from getting injured in the crash; a trick he'd learned from Brynback to avoid wing damage if he got thrown or smacked to the ground in a fight. But he was still somewhat disoriented as he looked up from his spot and soon realized that, directly in front of his face where he'd just come to a stop...was a small creature poking out of a shell, clicking claws raised in the air. He blinked and stared at it for the moment; it was actually kinda cute the way it was snapping at the air like that....
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