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3 days ago
Current sunny pulled the trigger of the gun and he slept a beautiful sleep he can never wake up from
5 days ago
it's been years since I watched/played any Pokemon related things
6 days ago
omorionette is an au made by otomerson on ao3 based on the game omori
6 days ago
omorionette new chapter...when???
6 days ago
Welcome back from black space I guess
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all I have to say is don't ask for nsfw it will be an automatic no :P

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anyone up for a omori roleplay you are allowed to use ocs reply down below this comment

you put that in the wrong spot bud...
Sunny starts to write on a piece of paper and shows it it reads " My name is Sunny Omori Suzuki. I am applying as a chef and security, and if you need me to play violin or piano I can play it for you..." Sunny has a sad impression on his face it was almost noticeable. He flips to the next page and starts writing again. Again it reads " I am 19 years old, and I have a sister named Mari..." he completely stops writing and holds the notebook tight against his chest. " I-I'm done introducing myself " Sunny says in a faint whisper
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