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|:| Hello there, I am Fulgrim |:|

Or Grim, or anything else you like

My page may seem a little edgy at first, but do not let that discourage you. Truly I'm just a goober who enjoys writing romance, sci-fi and fantasy.

Before anything, please keep these in mind while interacting with me, just so we have a better experience:

With that out of the way, hello again. As you can see, clearly, I have a particular liking to the Warhammer 40k universe, however, I am not limited to it, in fact, I prefer OCs in original stories.

I have been roleplaying for almost a decade now (since I was a kid), with a couple of hiatus in the middle, I found this site and decided it would be a proper place for a fresh start.

Communication is key when writing with me, I love planning!

I write my posts in decently long paragraphs, usually without going into "Novella" territory, as I feel that is overwhelming for most people, I welcome anyone with any amount of writing skill to participate in a story with me, I am very open to most fandoms, and to original characters as well, as long as there's some level of fantasy or sci-fi involved, I am more than happy to participate.

My favorite genres are Romance (Most if not every one of my stories includes at least a hint of it), Drama, Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Horror is always on the table too, specially if it is body horror. I identify as a male, however, I am willing to write as anyone that a story requires, side characters included!

I got MANY characters ready for almost ANY genre.

Here is a breakdown of some fandoms that I enjoy Roleplaying (Do keep in mind that I update these CONSTANTLY):

- Tv/Movies/Anime -

- Games -

- Miscellaneous -

And bassically any other form of entertainment you can come up with, ask me if I know about it and I most likely will, please, feel free to reach out. I don't have any public characters, yet, but I may get around to it soon.

Feel free to send me your ideas, it's always great to see what other people come up with.

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Welcome to the guild, I hope you have a nice stay 🍪
In 32/M/IL 29 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Welcome to the guild, I hope you have a nice stay. 🍪
Welcome to the Guild! I hope you have a nice stay around here. 🍪
Hello, welcome to the Guild. There's not really one way to start! For example you could begin by building your profile, or posting some stories you had in mind, fandoms you enjoy and such in the "interest check" part of the site.

If threads on forums aren't your thing, you can also request for pms as your method instead!

In general, you can do many things here. I ain't an expert by any means, but regardless if you have questions or anything of the like, feel free to reach out to me or better yet, the staff.

Have a nice stay. 🍪
Welcome to the guild, I hope you have a nice stay. 🍪
Welcome to the guild. 🍪
Welcome to the Guild! I hope you have a nice stay.🍪
Welcome to the Guild 🍪
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