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I'm 26, non-binary and slightly crazy. Been rping for a long time now! I'm pretty responsive since I don't have much of a life haha
I'm also Gmt
Happily taken so please don't send me flirty messages.

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Freddy glanced between the two new girls and the teacher. It was always fun watching newbies meet a centaur for the first time. He nudged his friend playing with a small grin. "Which one do you think will freak?" He whispered.

Rowan didn't hesitate, walking towards the half-man and to the side of him. "Holy shit. You're half horse? Like, seriously?" She sniggers a laugh, moving back to look at him. "Can you prove it? Like, prove this isn't some sort of fever dream or hollogram or whatever?" She looks to Emery. "You seeing this shit too right?"

There's a harsh chuckle from behind the centaur, a rather scruffy looking man in a Hawaiian shirt coming to stand next t Chiron. "I love the sceptical ones. They're always the funniest to watch crack"
Rowan offered her a small smile, relief clear in her eyes. It had been so long since she had experienced concern for someone, it was strange but nice. She kept her voice low as she spoke. "My names actually Rowan, I just don't trust those lads yet. Most people call me Roe"

Freddy frowned at the other boy. "Listen here smart arse." He teased back, grinning as they approached the main hub of the camp. "Awe, home sweet home"

Rowan whistled at the sight, her eyes widening as she took in the buildings around them. "Okay, I'll admit it. This place is kinda cool. Very..greek."
Freddy nodded with a small chuckle. "Yeah, I get that. When my mom claimed me, I had a real weird couple of weeks till I was found. But I promise it all makes sense here." He assured her.

Freddy nudged his friend, dropping his voice so only Leon could hear his voice. "Go easy on the new girl man. You saw the sword too right? You really wanna piss off Ares daughter? Besides." He glanced over his shoulder at 'rachel'"She seems a bit scared to me." it was pretty common knowledge that at the camp how well Freddy could read people, a perk of being Aphroties son.

Roe followed the boys, keeping close to Emery. She might not trust any of them but she couldn't lie, she definitely felt some sort of pull towards the camp and the other girl. She hesitated for only a moment before looking at Emery. "You okay? I really bashed into you back there. Sorry about that by the way."
Sorry for not replying yesterday. Had tons to do. Ill do my best to respond today

Son of Aphrodite

Age - 18

Name - Fredrick, Fred, Freddy

Features - Fluffy blonde hair, tanned skin, pretty much always smiling, blue eyes
Its really funny that you've used Georgie as a name, since that's what my gfs family calls her haha
Roe looked at the people around her and the other girl, it was written all over her face that she didn't believe a word of it. She crossed her arms and took a few people back. "I'm Rachel. And I think you're all insane" She lied. One thing she learnt growing up rough, never to give anyone your real name.

Freddy's smile softened at the two girls. "You've both really been put through the wringer, haven't you?" He looks to Georgie, Lucille and Leon. "Come on guys, lets not crowd them. This place can be intimidating enough without a bunch of weirdos surrounding them. Twinkle toes has probably already gone to get the teachers."
Roe clabbered to her feet, dusting herself in a bid to not look like a complete idiot in front of a strangers.
She raised an eyebrow at his introduction and tilted her head. "Son of athena? Like the Greek goddess? Great. This is a cult."

A boy around the same age as Leon ran towards the group an eady smile on his face. Only slightly shorter than the other boy, his skin was sun kissed, hair sandy blonde and eyes blue. "Hey there! Im Freddy, son of aphrodite!"
Rowan froze, tensing herself ready to take the brute of the attack. But no blow landed and a soft warmth enveloped her. She glanced over her shoulder, eyes growing wide at the sight of the shield over the two girls.

Her head snapped up at the words from beyond the arch. Rowan didn't hesitate, grabbing the girl from under her and lifting her up. She launched them both towards the archway, a red, flaming sword appearing where Rowan once was.

The teen stumbled right before the opening, causing her to go stumbling with the other girl in her arms. She turned, trying to take as much of the impact as possible.
As if someone had been listening to her, she felt that pull again and began to follow it. She could tell, however, she was being followed herself. She sprinted again, thanking whichever of her parents for her endurance, determined to make it to where she was meant to be.

She ended up in a forest, following some sort of path. Now she was in the dense woodlands, she could the heavy stamping of whatever was following her. She didn't let that stop her, picking up the pace. Soon, an archway appeared in the distance. Along with the figure of another girl. Fuck. Fuck! FUCK!

"Get out of the way! I can't stop!" True to Roe's words, she couldn't slow her running in time, colliding with the person standing in front of the archway
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