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Current My favourite pass time is seeing how many dead mum jokes I can get into a single work day
6 mos ago
When work is so dull atm that Im roleplaying while ignoring customers
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I'm 27, non-binary and slightly crazy. Been rping for a long time now! I'm pretty responsive since I don't have much of a life haha
I'm also Gmt
Happily taken so please don't send me flirty messages.

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Bump, still looking :)
Hi there!

A little about me!

I've been roleplaying for a good 10 years now and I like to think I'm pretty okay at it!

I am LGBTQAI+ friendly! I'm queer myself after all haha

I'm happy to play any gender and open to any gender combination pairings

I only do fade to black if things get heated. I'm not very practiced in writing that sort of thing and I find it a bit uncomfortable

I prefer playing OCs as I'm not fantastic at playing established characters that aren't mine.

I'm a nerd so I'm happy to roleplay inside fandom worlds but I do also really enjoy creating and building worlds with my partners.

Things I'd like in my roleplay partners

18+ - Since Im in my late 20s I really dont feel comfortable rping with someone that young

Semi quick responsive - I totally understand life is busy and messy but I'm looking for people that can respond at least once every few days

No one liners - I'm not expecting war and peace haha just enough for me to bounce off of

communication - I totally understand if you're not super into ooc chat, however I'd like someone who is happy to talk ooc about the roleplay to help things go smoothly

Fandoms, role ideas, ect.

Harry potter [with some modifications because jk is a terf bitch]
shadow and bones
End of the world
The last of us
Angels are the villains
I posted my interest check in the wrong please, could it please get deleted?

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