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1 day ago
Current My holiday is over and my writers block is done. Amazing what a bit of sea, castle ruins and woodlands can do!
27 days ago
My hair is now blonde and nails are now long and pink. I have fully entered my thembo era
1 mo ago
Yeah I think Zeroth is right. This is clearly not going anywhere good. I'm going back to the depths of youtube.
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1 mo ago
Which is fair, you can be mad about that but again, compairing someone to that is too far. You can be mad without doing that. You dont know them or their history. Its unfair and way below the belt.
1 mo ago
you said anime is over rated, it got pointed out that it seemed very attention seeking, you got butt hurt and went off. Compairing someone you dont know to a rapist is too far.


I'm 27, non-binary and slightly crazy. Been rping for a long time now! I'm pretty responsive since I don't have much of a life haha
I'm also Gmt
Happily taken so please don't send me flirty messages.

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Hi there!

I've had this idea for a while and am dying to get it out there! I've been writing for a decade now but I'm really dyslexic so mistakes are bound to happen.

Firstly, some basic info;

- I am in my late 20's so looking for someone over 20 to rp with, roleplaying with a teenager would feel strange.
- I'm looking for there to be romance in this but it's not a deal-breaker, however I ONLY do fade to black
- I'm lgbtq+ myself so I'm of course happy to have that included
- I'm looking for someone who can reply hopefully once a day, I'm in the UK so that's the time zone I'm writing from
- This role is going to be based around a small group so I'm looking for someone to play a couple of different characters


After transferring to a new college, two new students are defriended by two locals who decide to show them the town and beautiful surrounding areas.

While exploring an abandoned, strictly off-limits castle, the group accidentally releases its hidden magic. The castle is awakened along with its ghostly occupants, the magic that was sealed away long ago, the long-forgotten magical creatures and the darkness that was sealed along with it.

The group is tasked with stopping the darkness that once plagued the land, figuring out who caused it and protecting the locals all while doing their best to keep up with their classes.

I have a few ideas for where it could take place and such but other than that I'd like to world-build and develop the plot further with partners.

If this sounds interesting or you'd like to know more, please message me :)
I am! Feel free to message me!
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