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23 May 2017 22:29
Current I'm not unrelenting, speaking from the heart takes 0 effort
23 May 2017 21:51
It's time to put on a facebook filter and pretend I'm helping the situation
22 May 2017 13:23
>tfw profile visits are no longer hidden so you cankt freely stalk people
21 May 2017 20:47
When Walmart has literally 0 tendies left so you go to the hardware and furniture sections for rope and a stool
21 May 2017 3:12
When the police raid your house for CP, guns and cocaine but it's okay because you used incognito mode


Look at me and marvel at... I'll think of it, give me a moment.

Anyway, adding shit

Russian (native speaker)
English and French as a second language
doing my best to learn other European languages
Ethnicity in order of most to least: Baltic Prussian, German Prussian, Belarusian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Bulgar, Finn.

Most Recent Posts made this shit for those who want to have their lads have some joint history with my lads
Since I don't want want to leave any PCs alone with the GM, I guess I'll make a pick of one PC sororita and one or more NPCs?
Well it's a start. As you can probably see I've worked some of my HFY tropes in there to make the fleshy humans have a chance against the many beasties inhabiting the world.

Yes. More players would have been better for some truly spicy PC interactions but 3 is doable.
Vark walked in a fine suit down the street, looking like an upstanding businessman. He had left his home despite wanting to chop up people who did not quite agree with various ideas of his, but there were bigger threats to his ideology than some purple haired overweight women and nasty foreign lads. As he neared the tavern he screwed on a silencer to his gun, removed the clips from his beard to let it fall down to it's full size and ripped off the suit (which somehow completely came off and concealed a massive cloak fit for any wizard and a large hat - and a staff and much more) and with a satisfactory thump tapped his staff on the ground beneath. Finally he kicked at the door and shot a few bullets into various items of glassware and started to shout "THIS IS A STICKU-" before abruptly stopping and having a middle-aged blue eye lazily look up with thought. The Grand Wizard stood there slowly realizing that he wasn't looking for cash but for meatshields who would help him give the overlord fellow a right talking to. Eventually he backed out of the building, and then repeated the dramatic entry only stopping momentarily to reload his gun.

"Alright, now that I have your attention I am looking for heroes! A great prophecy has struck me, I visited an anonymous outdated forum on which a post had repeating digits; IT SAID THE OVERLORD IS IN FACT BAD AND WE NEED TO FUCK HIS SHIT UP!" He could have put it more eloquently but he still had to make that bootube video about why what everyone was doing was wrong and he had to make that death metal piece that was already paid for. The man shot his gun a few more times into the ceiling to emphasize the gravitas of the situation and then waved his staff about to show that he was asking all present. "I say, who is with me! Who is going on an epic adventure!" At last it dawned on him that not everyone was a bloody idiot to go to a likely death just like that and then he quickly added "We'll split his shit fair and square when he's done with and we can probably sell his organs for a little too, so come on!" as he jumped on a table.

TBH I think all of us, unless separate by distance or geography should have a little common history done on a piratepad or some shit.
@Infamous Empath
It's a place for more than one person to work on something, kind like gdocs but better for RP purposes and collab posts. I thought we good lads would make one for how we met and shit but it looks like we're just going to get together. I'll make my guy come over soon after getting a prophecy and shit. At least the lists have balanced out.
@Lady Selune
>it's literally a meme ergo the first part
@Infamous Empath
Basically, Vark's country would be a peninsular northern nation reminiscent of scandinavia that has had vikings and for a long time have been the bad guys in every other war until recently where they are super tolerant letting in the worst possible people into their country. Anyway, since it's a no on the piratepad I'll post soon.
Since Poo is potentially taking Dwarfs I'd rather be on the safe side and go with my humans. However, since nobody is going for the whole Sigmarite Empire/>Holy>Roman>Empire thing can I have my Teutonic lads sort of take the place as the normal/average humans? Not trying to be at the centre of attention or have the most powerful spot, more trying to be there as the "base faction" like the Empire is.
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