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Go ahead, call the cops, they cant un drunk my driving
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I think the subjectivity of art is only an argument in favour of the fact monkeys behind typewriters and machines are capable of generating it
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couldn't find a forum accomodating 18+ sibling rps?
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Damn, same, I dont even remember what my ban were for at this point


If you enjoy my posts then consider pressing here to see my 1x1 interest check. Now listen to the tale of a man far from home longing to see its greens again.

About me:
Where do I begin. I'm from Belarus, and fairly proud of it. I've been RPing about a decade starting mostly with chat stuff and some LARPs/reenactments, doing the stuff of this site for maybe half a decade now. I'm a former serviceman, and while I was conscripted I make sure to stay in related circles. As a day job I'm a programmer letting me usually work from home even when we don't have coronavirus forcing us to do so and thus I got a lot of time for RP.

Look at me and marvel at... I'll think of it, give me a moment.

Anyway, adding shit

Russian and Belarusian (native speaker)
English and a Quebecois/Parisien mongrel French as others
doing my best to learn other interdasting ones

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That is not to say that random chance cannot create beautiful things, or things in which I can derive pleasure and greatly enjoy. Art created by chance can also be filled with meaning, but only ever the meaning of the beholder. There is no communication of ideas, there is no connection beyond the self, no dialog. I think this will always leave randomly created art somewhat poorer than its consciously constructed cousin.

Do you think the devs did not want to communicate anything? Or that open ended art pieces never existed? Regardless, people are just sufficiently complex computers made of a squishy material, its a strange luddite elitism to feel superiority over the ones made of a hard material

the truth is we just haven't found the limit yet

why do you think said limit exists
Just a little late for victory day, a bump.

Okay I dropped my post, I'll be around plenty this weekend for any questions or corrections re: my post.
Anatoli Marchenko listened as attentively as he could when given the first briefing of the operation, still in some measure of disbelief. His impromptu force had already committed non negligible violence in its efforts to support the Eastern Presidency. But this coordination with the military to do war in the middle of the country still took some time to digest.

He did not say much in the meeting with the other officers, only nodding politely. These were true military men, more professional if - by their whiskers - less experienced than he and his. He was confident that by his side the objective would be accomplished, but not at great risk to the lives of far more men than any engagement that he had been in, and for the first time in many years at great risk to his own life if enemy artillery and recconaissance could not be dealt with in a timely manner by the combined forces assembled.

Even when returning to brief his own unit about their assignment he was somewhat dazed by the occurrences of the day. Though there was no fear of death in the people under his command, there was anxiety regarding the success of the operation, and the aftermath. Well, in the documents he would draft before the assault at least there would be records that his operational orders were with the best intentions.

Well done. Looking through I actually made a few mistakes, I shouldn't have relied on the NATO unity symbology which I don't actually know I'll stick with text. I also noticed that there seem to be two hill 140s which I am slightly adjusting for. I'll have my corrections to Op. Ord. done by the time I'm off work
If Landain doesn't post first I'll do so tmrw.
I started writing a post over a week ago. Let's see if I can finish it tonight. I spent some time in the Army, as you know, @Gunther I was going to use the same format you used. Since my battalion is the Main Effort, it makes sense I take the lead.

Can you give me the gist of your plan? I was also writing something but I don't want to step on those toes

Also, pardon the brief disappearance. However I do not give up on RPs
I'll start on something later in the morning, well done.

Name: Paul
Age: 31
Gender: Male

Anything of Note: He has a shit-load of gear. A well kitted battle rifle, a helmet with low-light vision and an active headset, armour covering the rest of him, several sidearms, provisions, munitions, grenades, you name some soldier-boy shit and he has it.

Biography: Paul was once a militiaman, and if he was to be honest he'd prefer to still be one today. But one day his unit got wiped out by some fucking monstrosity. For some reason it spared him, but not before corrupting his tags to thus insure any other militiamen would think he was either dead... or worse, claimed. Thus with his comrades shooting him on sight he has little other life to choose. He doesn't want to be wandering with civilian dickwads, but his choices narrow down ever more.
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