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Current Smh these people think mortally challenged is inclusive of our friends coming from Mars but it just denigrates them. Mortally DIFERENT is the inclusive term.
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Thats tragic but fucking hilarious
23 hrs ago
Garithos did nothing wrong
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tfw you see an amazing RP but its full


Look at me and marvel at... I'll think of it, give me a moment.

Anyway, adding shit

My 1x1 Search:…

Russian (native speaker)
English and French as a second language
doing my best to learn other European languages
Ethnicity in order of most to least (that I can kind of verify): Baltic Prussian (lite-Lithuanian), German Prussian, Belarusian/Ukrainian (that meaning, Ruthenian), Polish, Russian, Greek, Bulgar, Finn and as recently discovered, Ashkenazi Jew.

Faithful Servant of the Lord YHWH and INRH, and the true Church of true Byzantine Rome.

Let me recite a Holy Hymn for you of the Crusading years of fire, fury, purity, the Holy City of Christ, and of the greatest story ever told:

Now my life has gained its meaning,
since these sinful eyes behold,
the sacred land with meadows greening,
whose renown is often told.
This was granted me from God:
to see the land, the holy sod,
which in human form He trod.
Splendid lands of wealth and power,
I’ve seen many, far and near,
yet of all are you the flower.
What a wonder happened here!
That a maid a child should bear,
Lord of all the angels fair,
was not this a wonder rare?
Here was He baptized, the Holy,
that all people might be pure.
Here He died, betrayed and lowly,
that our bonds should not endure.
Else our fate had been severe.
Hail, O cross, thorns and spear!
Heathens, woe! Your rage is clear.
Out of pity for us,
He suffered here the cruel parting.
Out of pity for us
He, the Almighty, allowed cursing.
For us to escape misery,
it is an immeasurable prodigy,
more than any other prodigy.
Then to hell the Son descended
from the grave in which He lay,
by the Father still attended,
and the Spirit whom none may give a name:
in one are three,
an arrowshaft in unity.
This did Abraham once see.
When He there defeated Satan,
ne’ er has kaiser battled so,
He returned, our ways to straighten.
Then the Jews had fear and woe:
watch and stone were both in vain,
He appeared in life again,
whom their hands had struck and slain.
Thereafter he walked this land,
for forty days: then He ascended,
from whence His Father had him on errand.
His Spirit, may He protect us from the wicked,
He at once sent back down.
Holy is this very town,
its name, is by God known.
To this land, so He has spoken,
shall a fearful judgment come.
Widows’ bonds shall then be broken
and the orphans’ foe be dumb,
and the poor no longer cower
under sad misuse of power.
Woe to sinners in that hour!
All the judgement of an earthly court,
will give no man respite from accusation,
for He will want at once to sort,
for the Last Day annunciation:
whoever leaves a single sin,
unatoned here, how bereft he will stand facing Him,
where he has neither surety nor kin.
Christians, heathen, Jews, contending,
claim it as a legacy.
May God judge with grace unending
through his blessed Trinity.
Strife is heard on every hand:
ours the only just demand,
He will have us rule the land.
Now do not ignore,
what I have recited.
My wish was to briefly explore,
the discourse and to you I have presented,
all the wonder that God has unfurled,
upon man in this world,
they began and ended here in this emerald.

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Quick thought what if I made me death cultist a blank
Okay, one last thing. Does my cultist have to be alone or can they bring abit of their cult with them, if that doesnt fall under the only one character limit rule.
Mfw I see this RP
For now, as a character I have two ideas.

Either a Death Cultist vigilante creep, running from the law for killing a Hive Noble or something of the sort; he will offer his skills in exchange for being allowed free reign in the lower decks to do his weird interpretation of the Imperial cult.

Alternatively, I was thinking of a Gatherer of the Grey Knights. An extremely old crusty warrior, having received a grievious injury some time ago. Unfit for combat he instead travels around the galaxy looking for psychic talents, and in the rogue trader as means to get around to far off edges of the galaxy for his job
Lmao is this unironically how you think Russia runs
Any sort of represenative denocracy is stupid Balkanization + direct democracy is the future.

Change my mind.
alright, I didn't see this place was full but I would very much appreciate a ping if a spot opened up.
nvm didnt see this was full
nvm didnt see this was full
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