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Look at me and marvel at... I'll think of it, give me a moment.

Anyway, adding shit

My 1x1 Search:…

Russian (native speaker)
English and French as a second language
doing my best to learn other European languages
Ethnicity in order of most to least (that I can kind of verify): Baltic Prussian (lite-Lithuanian), German Prussian, Belarusian/Ukrainian (that meaning, Ruthenian), Polish, Russian, Greek, Bulgar, Finn and as recently discovered, Ashkenazi Jew.

Faithful Servant of the Lord YHWH and INRH, and the true Church of true Byzantine Rome.

Let me recite a Holy Hymn for you of the Crusading years of fire, fury, purity, the Holy City of Christ, and of the greatest story ever told:

Now my life has gained its meaning,
since these sinful eyes behold,
the sacred land with meadows greening,
whose renown is often told.
This was granted me from God:
to see the land, the holy sod,
which in human form He trod.
Splendid lands of wealth and power,
I’ve seen many, far and near,
yet of all are you the flower.
What a wonder happened here!
That a maid a child should bear,
Lord of all the angels fair,
was not this a wonder rare?
Here was He baptized, the Holy,
that all people might be pure.
Here He died, betrayed and lowly,
that our bonds should not endure.
Else our fate had been severe.
Hail, O cross, thorns and spear!
Heathens, woe! Your rage is clear.
Out of pity for us,
He suffered here the cruel parting.
Out of pity for us
He, the Almighty, allowed cursing.
For us to escape misery,
it is an immeasurable prodigy,
more than any other prodigy.
Then to hell the Son descended
from the grave in which He lay,
by the Father still attended,
and the Spirit whom none may give a name:
in one are three,
an arrowshaft in unity.
This did Abraham once see.
When He there defeated Satan,
ne’ er has kaiser battled so,
He returned, our ways to straighten.
Then the Jews had fear and woe:
watch and stone were both in vain,
He appeared in life again,
whom their hands had struck and slain.
Thereafter he walked this land,
for forty days: then He ascended,
from whence His Father had him on errand.
His Spirit, may He protect us from the wicked,
He at once sent back down.
Holy is this very town,
its name, is by God known.
To this land, so He has spoken,
shall a fearful judgment come.
Widows’ bonds shall then be broken
and the orphans’ foe be dumb,
and the poor no longer cower
under sad misuse of power.
Woe to sinners in that hour!
All the judgement of an earthly court,
will give no man respite from accusation,
for He will want at once to sort,
for the Last Day annunciation:
whoever leaves a single sin,
unatoned here, how bereft he will stand facing Him,
where he has neither surety nor kin.
Christians, heathen, Jews, contending,
claim it as a legacy.
May God judge with grace unending
through his blessed Trinity.
Strife is heard on every hand:
ours the only just demand,
He will have us rule the land.
Now do not ignore,
what I have recited.
My wish was to briefly explore,
the discourse and to you I have presented,
all the wonder that God has unfurled,
upon man in this world,
they began and ended here in this emerald.

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@mdk Basically you stop tagging me like I asked you to (twice), or dont participate in my thread.

Think long and hard about it, mate.

that's kind of ironic chum
I was basing it off the many public school teachers I've meet over the years. Fortunately there are other resources

'posting a google search is okay only for me :^]'
I don't think southern hillbillies would have the money to get a gun with a biometric device so that's a big voter population that won't agree right there in the case of America.


@catchamber it gives small and unimpressive people a way to feel better about themselves by imaging themselves as members of an in group. Also serves as a basis for some to oppress others. I guess that is a type of utility?

Posted. I'll probably wait for more of the stunties to come before challenging them to see who can hold more booze
Next to enter was the Ice Mage. Volodymyr, Vladimir, Waldemar, however he called himself, the man walked straight and tall but not particularly imposing or even noticeable, to one not paying much attention. He dismounted just outside knowing perfectly well that his faithful companion would stay outside exactly where he was, at most moving a metre or two to graze. He left one sword and his staff there, keeping the lighter blade on his purpose. Vlad stopped outside before walking inside. It was quite the journey that got him to this point in life. From having everything he could want at a simple word of a doting father, to long and boring yet almost paradoxically restless time of study, and at last selling his skills to the highest or - if luck was bad - first bidder.

The young man considered how to present himself to the audiences there. He knew it would be quite rag-tag, but he didn't know exactly who he would meet. He had been only in Reikland and Kislev before, and was only exposed to those cultures in real amounts. Oh he had went to the Elven, Dwarfen, and other quarters of the city and seen a glimpse of what the world had to offer. Yet it was but a glimpse, and he knew what he would get himself into would likely end up in more than a glimpse, particularly if his talents carried his name. The youth wondered if he would get a chance to ever see home again. Obviously under a disguise, but still there as himself. His train of thought lead him to more and more anger. Why had his own kinsmen forsaken him? He wasn't destroying the bloody North as the damned witch prophecies said he would, he was just an ordinary man who had something he never even asked for stuck to him. Oh he heard that they could get his powers away, and that thus he could roam Kislev freely once more. Yes he could remember some of the people who had that happen to them, now realizing why they were such. They were like cats neutered with a pair of scissors or hedge clippers as in the good traditions of Kislev. Aimless, quiet, unimaginative and dull if not precisely stupid. Maybe that was part of removing the magics from him?

Vlad shook his head and got the thoughts out of his head. Brimming with emotion he already felt exhausted from the uncontrolled release of magics this brought, covering his hands in frost and even an icicle or two. Slapping the icicles off of his hands he sighed again. Life was bloody unfair, and after wiping a tear away with a still frosty hand the lad walked over to the doors. Instinctively from his noble days he banged his boots together to get the mud off of them, the steel caps making sparks as they clanged together. The man entered, and looked around. He knew that his Northman features with eyes slanted like a Cathay or Nippon man would make him noticed, if the big fur hat and cultural sword did not. From his first step in he already got a taste of the exotic, staring an elf in the face. He didn't particularly care for their kind other than appreciating their magic, but in any other respect they were annoying, arrogant, and soft bastards he wanted not much dealings with. There was also a Dwarf, who he didn't particularly care for much either. The stunties were just as if not more arrogant, and even more pathetic in their grudging and disgusting greed. But they were a kind that valued strength and one's ability to hold liquor, so they were just a shred above elves in his humble opinion. He wiped the rest of the melting icicles and frost from his hands and looked to the barkeep. Yes, for now he'd have to play the Kislevite drunkard until he got a better lay of the land.

Walking exaggeratedly from one foot to the other, the Northerner got to the bar and banged a single large but thick gold coin down, from a pouch that probably held quite a bit more from it's apparent weight. "Any Vodka or Horelka for a good customer?" he said, rolling his Rs with the stereotypical but admittedly true style of the Gospodar tongue. "I have been going horse for long time, and I vant vodka after travel. You can provide, da? If you have, then a round of it for everyone on me!" He said, with a wave of a slightly damp fist. He leaned a bit closer to the barkeep presumably after the last interaction was done and said "I vant to kno' if there is vork here. Good vork, something long lasting with decent pay, for someone that can fight and has... special talents." It was right to the point, but such was the way of the Gospodar folk.
<Snipped quote by Andreyich>

Sounds like you have a problem with anime as a whole.

I happen to rather enjoy Spongebob
The problem with race and ethnicity is that they're vague synonyms of categories defined solely by people, specifically people that can change views about which categories actually exist. If an oligodactyl pygmy with albinism and methemoglobinemia is born, they could be categorized as the first smurf to ever exist, and we'd have yet another bit of data to waste resources on when we have a census or similar process.

Meanwhile, the traits of atoms have pretty much been the same for over a dozen billion years, regardless of what humans thought about them.

So? Taxonomy is a fluid concept as constant changes appear, just as we add to our knowledge in other fields. This is again a bit of a "gee ya fucking think" moment.
Because this is my hangout thread I'm going to shamelessly promote my 1x1 RP

Oh look a place to romance suspiciously under age looking women
Atoms aren't defined solely by humans, but also by their properties. Ethnicities and races are abstract, not tangible, which makes defining them in objective manners virtually impossible. But go ahead and ignore my points whenever it suits you.

The contents of the word atom are defined solely by humans. Ethnic variations are indeed very tangible. I only ignore what is in no way a point. If you lack the ability to make a point that is your problem.

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