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Current These the real Pol Pot fan hours
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Just had my first Imperial playthrough in skyrim and realize now Ive always been playing the bad guy before. On the other hand, yay., inspiration for 2nd great war RP!
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flying to a country where my current vaccine isn't recognized so i get to double up. can't wait for these mfin shots to mix and make me some badass resident evil monstrosity
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About me:
Where do I begin. I'm from Belarus, and fairly proud of it. I've been RPing about a decade starting mostly with chat stuff and some LARPs/reenactments, doing the stuff of this site for maybe half a decade now. I'm a former serviceman, and while I was conscripted I make sure to stay in related circles. As a day job I'm a programmer letting me usually work from home even when we don't have coronavirus forcing us to do so and thus I got a lot of time for RP.

Look at me and marvel at... I'll think of it, give me a moment.

Anyway, adding shit

Russian and Belarusian (native speaker)
English and a Quebecois/Parisien mongrel French as others
doing my best to learn other interdasting ones

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As Dallio addressed the squad, its members pushed closer to hear the man over the chaos that unfolded as everyone scattered to where their fancies took them. There was the Hastatus Sejanus Tyrsson, a Cyrodiil born Nord that was all too eager to show off that he was still a true son of Skyrim despite being born outside of it and speaking the tongue with a Bruman accent. The remaining Hastatus went simply by Telleno, an Altmer apparently apparently related to the dissidents from the Aldmeri dominion that had been slaughtered by the Thalmor and was simply looking for some measure of revenge. Caius Ganelon was a Ballistarius that despite a clearly Imperial name never really touched on his heritage, simply claiming to be a man of the world; a rather quiet soul, he would remark that he had killed once before the war and became a crossbowman simply to avoid seeing death so close again when serving. Jean-Anselm Portexe was a Breton Ballistarius that had apparently joined when he had naught to repay gambling debts with and decided the Legion would be a way to both escape men with clubs going to collect his cash, but also to honourably repay them when at last he came home to High Rock. The Redguard brothers Hakim and Rashid of Fireglen both hunters that felt it was simply their duty to the glorious Emperor to join up.

There was Ryjko, the aged Nordic mage of restoration and healing that had fallen under the Imperial amnesty for Stormcloak members some years ago and now simply wanted to repay the deeds the Dragonborn's lineage had done for his homeland. Last of note was the Bard Mukbolg, the Orc that was rather diminutive for his kind and unsurprisingly an outcast for not being able to wield a smith's hammer or warriors blade; could play a damn good tune on his trumpet, though.

It was young Sejanus who chuckled out "Hah! Always thinking about your own money like the rest of your cunt-kind, fucking typical." The Sergeant threw the Nordic youth a dirty look, but didn't speak on the matter instead choosing to address the question of Drelas as he opened his mouth. Words didn't come out as a shadow loomed over him, and he turned to face the polished mask of Ingjald. Dropping a purse of coin as a hand struck his forelock with a thuck noise upon salute. A finger of ebony stretched over him, pointing first to Edward Gonard. "You." It addressed, the words whispered in a baritone that somehow seemed louder than the speech of the Sergeant. "And you." the voice continued, the digit now hovering over Tylmaesa. "Come with me. Now." The tone suggested that there was in fact a choice here, but only one good one. He turned, his long grey cape trailing behind himself as he walked into the city.

Dallio turned back to his squad, swallowing some air before addressing his squad again. "Right, your pay, you weren't aware?" He motioned for Drelas to come a little closer. "Its eight hundred Septims a month after deducting expenses for you."

Let me know if you want me to change or expand anything.

I'll take it, move to CS tab

Let me know if you want me to change or expand anything.

So a few thoughts/questions/concerns whatever. Who exactly is this general that refused his son an education in magic in entirety? The Empire does not have that many (about one per province/conflict zone), this would be quite a famed man, which begs the follow up question. Why didn't this general use his connections to push his son right into some NCO type position or at least get him stationed in a cushy front where he could rise the ranks? Or, at the very least, remain in his proximity and hence under his watch? As I said in the OP I don't really like walls of text and prefer show don't tell, but I feel I don't really have a good enough grasp of the feller as is, even if I can appreciate the direction you're taking.
@Yam I Am

<Snipped quote by Andreyich>

Yeah, I intended it to be more a case of the former in terms of tactics. I had intended it to be based more off of the role of the Landsknecht in Late Medieval Switzerland and some of the German states of the time, in that the greatsword users of the time often fought in tandem with arquebus and pike formations, specifically in that the user of the greatsword were intended to counter the use of other pike formations. My question more was intended to see if this would fit more in with the Legionary role of Hastati or it would be more fitting to list Kara's role as that of Auxilia.

Now I understand. Ultimately both are viable. An auxilia has arguably more operational and tactical freedoms, although harsher reprimands should those freedoms be broken; a hastati would have another lane of progression in promotion where for an auxiliary institutional progression is mostly just a little more pay, with the potential of being eventually turned to an advisory role (though this is likely out of scope for the RP).

Tl;dr it depends on your preference: go with auxilia if you want to highlight her Nordic brutishness or be a hastatii if you want her to have more come to terms with the Empire and a stable life.

Hi, I like the CS, u can move it to the CS tab. If you want to be a two handed warrior the Legion can provide a greatsword or something of the sort; alternatively something more useful like a billhook for dismounting riders and the likes. A user of a two handed weapon would be somewhere in between those two uses you specified in your footnote. In some sense the advancements of armour in TES has lead in the headcanon I'm using to a very late medieval style of warfare, almost pike and shot with the spearmen and crossbowmen. Someone with a great weapon would either provide a counter-charge should the squad of the cohort be charged by the foe, or charge ahead to use their weapon for breaching a salient in an enemy line for their comrades to pour into. However, this is only for """field battles""". Although TESV obviously downscales warfare (the time scale is 1/20, so its also the approximate one I am using for everything else), I like to imagine that our experience of it is at least somewhat authentic in that within the rugged terrain of Skyrim a pitched battle is rare (mostly siege warfare), instead the war is decided by hundreds of smaller Skirmishes which snowball into superior logistics that eventually collapse the foe's war effort. In such, it is of course the individual's skill with their used weapon that matters; how exactly that individual is used is up to the initiative of that individual's immediate leader (in our case, Sergeant Dallio), as well as of that person and their comrades themselves.
The first post is written. While I wait for the last CSs to come in, here's a few things.

@Fading Memory




As well, a link to the discord server. Though I have found these to often be "activity-sinks" that hinder actual RP progress to some degree, I have known enough people present to not get bogged down by this to make the benefit of fast communication for plot hooks worth it.

It would not be a short voyage to Skyrim. The boats boarded were stocky things, full of supplies and men alike and bearing no rowers the sails could only do so much to take its fat frame through the waters of the North, a task made far harder by the permafrost of Northern Skyrim having to be cleared or sailed around. But eventually the Blue Palace could be seen in the distance. Soon the Karth river was entered, the mouth of the waterway decorated with new statues of great Nordic heroes: Ysgramor with the head of a Falmer, Tiber Septim - Talos - bearing the Amulet of Kings, Gormlaith Golden-Hilt with her sword held high, the Dragonborn in all the splendour recent memory could allow.

Though a wondrous sight, there was little chance to see it as most men on the deck focused on watching the Eastern shore for Thalmor lackeys. Though certainly none dared try mount an attack on the vessels, many a probing eye could be seen in the marshes.

The process of disembarkation from the vessels was somewhat strenuous, with a great many crates to be carried, horses to be lead out, and of course a good many papers to fill out from making sure that all troops were presented and accounted for to ensuring that all the auxilia had disembarked from their vessel with no clever bugger hopping off some way mid journey to swim for a rendezvous (or whatever similar journey of spycraft the mind could imagine). It was a time where it paid to be of the lower ranks, for whilst the officers and elites toiled away an enlisted man and conscript alike could do their bust to bundle up and enjoy the view; a more enterprising soldier could sidle off and purchase a bottle of Solitude’s famous spiced wine from a loose vendor.

Eventually the respite ended however. The squads were to move into the marching formation of their cohorts, and thus they climbed the stone trail to the capital of Skyrim. Always the core of support for the Empire, the locals passing by the city cheered for their arrival hoping it would foreshadow a day when no longer were they strangers in their homeland. The words that went unsaid were the thought that before them was the strength for a true, Nordic Skyrim.

The march would be the first time that the Legionnaires would see their Legate, Ingjald, in person. A massive man, it was no secret his ornate armour was inspired by the many statues of Ysgramor across his homeland. Riding upon his horse at the front of the column, he was stopped by a guard that came running out of the gates. A master of the thu’um and su’um alike, there was no difficulty in overhearing his discussion with the guard: the barracks was at full occupancy, even the floors covered in sleeping bags. Ingjald was an intimidating man, but instantly hundreds of soldiers were willing to brave his wrath as they scattered upon hearing that they would have to make alternate arrangements for the day and night.

“Stand! Stand where you are!” The Legate attempted briefly, but seeing the chaos that erupted in his ranks he simply roared “Anyone who is not at the gates in the morning is a deserter who will receive the full penalty of Imperial law for such a transgression!”
Many a man went to simply set up camp near the refugees from the rest of Skyrim along with the wandering merchants and paramilitaries outside the city. Some ran to the large temples to the Divines within the city hoping their faith would convince the clergy to give them respite. Many of the Legionnaires along with some of the auxilia ran to the inns, deciding to spend their first salaries on a last night of comfort before heading towards death. Some with local connections found rest with their family or an empty stable to sleep in.

Of course, these were only the men with foresight. It was only midday, and many a warrior that would take life as it came to them found themselves wandering to places of entertainment. Taverns, guilds they were associates of, the Bard’s College, or embassies of their homelands in the case of some Dunmer, Redguard and Argonians. Day and night was theirs to spend, how they would do it was a choice up to every man.

The squad had been rather near the front of the formation, and thus even the scoundrels among them would not scatter with the first wave of men upon hearing they had to make their own sleeping arrangements. Sergeant Dallio turned to them, doing his best to have a bright smile. “Apologies comrades, I uh... if anybody would like next month’s pay early I can hand it over now. It’s from me, not the Legion so pay it back when you can please.” Dallio would be far better known to the squad than the Legate was. A career soldier and native of Colovia he was a younger than many men of lower rank. He'd have done his best to make a good impression on his squad when they were training playing a more soft counterpart to the rigidness of the drill Sergeants. A man of few words it would nevertheless be a mistake to take this for coldness or unsociability for he would produce a friendly smile to any that meet his gaze.

Behind him, Solitude was different to how many who had been there before might have remembered it. Its streets were far busier, luckier refugees residing within rather than without. Soldiers mingled with the common folk rather than just patrolling it, donning full Imperial armour rather than the gear of Holdguard that once prevailed. The population was primarily Nordic as always, but the proportion of Mer and Beastfolk in the citizenry was now replaced almost entirely by Imperials. Though the war had brought some somberness, there were also some signs of festivity. This was owed to both the changing of seasons and the glorification of war by the Nords. Bards sang songs in Old Nord or even Dovahzul to praise the Dragonborn, competing with the myriad of shouting Priests of the Divines for one's ear. Vigilants of Stendarr walked the streets and harassed those that acted pecuiliarly whilst offering charity to the ailing. In the distance, the Blue Palace remained pristine as ever with decorations padded upon it to celebrate the arrival of the Legion.

The City was now a place of great contrast, flairs of the Empire and Skyrim clashing for dominance in all five sense.
@josephb@Yam I Am@lilyfluff any update fellas?
oh, neat, I forgot about birthsigns until I reread those other sheets. Did you want us all to use them? Would you want them to grant their special boons, or just be flavorful? Either way I'm loathe to adjust my sheet for anything, but I might add the flavor of one of them to a misc note depending on my fancy.

You can if you want. Its a factor but the smallest of them.
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