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Current TBH from the Wehrmacht to Red Army to Carthaginians etc. the baddies have always had the snappiest uniforms
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I am a master pasta chef
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Don't forget, Stalin wasn't real socialism
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Allahu J8bar
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RIP in pieces Roadhog


Look at me and marvel at... I'll think of it, give me a moment.

Anyway, adding shit

Russian (native speaker)
English and French as a second language
doing my best to learn other European languages
Ethnicity in order of most to least (that I can kind of verify): Baltic Prussian, German Prussian, Belarusian/Ukrainian (that meaning, Ruthenian), Polish, Russian, Greek, Bulgar, Finn.

Faithful Servant of the Lord YHWH and INRH, and the true Church of true Byzantine Rome.

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@Kona The three sections are pretty simple, free is "anything goes," casual is one-two paragraphs with more possible (but people get annoyed if you do text walls) and advanced is 3 minimum. 1x1 are semi-private RPs where it's just you and another person, with any writing level. You can also join our discord which is right at the top of the site to press on. Oh, and hallo
Aye lad, take yer time
It doesn't work that way at the moment.

You shouldn't be penalized for making money but you should be restricted from abuse.

No, this ain't copypasta
That's why you restrict big businesses and not small ones. Make restrictions and such increment with the earnings/size of a corporation. Also, the saying "the freer the market the freer the people" is a lie
I mean that a corporation should be restricted from all sorts of crap, corporate law and all.
@Andreyich@mdk How are you both just going to ignore neo-colonialism though.

It didn't do nearly as much shit as communism.

Yes it's bad but nowhere near as bad as """socialism."""
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Aeon = liar
Just because Morgan freeman and the black science man exist that doesn't mean it's not hard for minorities to achieve their full potential and while tumblr-tards exaggerate it """institutional racism""" is still present, even if it's more or less unnoticeable.

@Andreyich Ethno-nationalism cannot comprehend morgan freeman

Don Lemon is gay so he cant race-mix.

I don't know your foreign TV personalities except my two favourite ones so I'm afraid I don't have a clue what you're actually referring to.

Sure, though most critiques I'd have with it are ones I'd have about it, stem from reality itself. Individualism can suck, for the lazy, dumb, envious and it sucks for those that do start with a bad hand, but most people do have the opportunity to change. But blaming others is a good solution too. That or the corruption, that would come from any government or society, because some people suck. But as pessimistic as I usually am, I'd like to think most people want the same things in life and are generally decent people. And because libertarian governments are oh too wacky (and is bound to be a meme for merely mentioning them.) Free market capitalism, is the best we got. Because nothing is perfect. (exactly why the idea of 'equal for all' while no one works and yet live in a utopia, being possible is the damn stupidest thing I've ever heard.) :/

I don't think that is the only possible critique of it. With it corporations control government much more than should ever be possible and with protectionism that becomes bigger and bigger every year it gets worse every year and you reach dystopia ever more. Late stage capitalism is more or less what I'm trying to refer you to, a point at which you have more or less reach ancap and the government is naught but a joke to make CEO's giggle when reminded of it.
Neither should be controlling either. And both are -kind of- controlling both in certain ways today. But I digress...

Government should control corporations when needed, and I suppose in some rare cases a corporation should do vice versa but the trouble is that corporations are influenced almost solely by the need to make profit, no moral code, no ethic code, nothing else really controls them and if they have the $$$ they don't have to give a shit about any law or rule which we quite often see in all sorts of human rights cases where they more or less use slavery, or destroy the environment as though you can suddenly get a new one.

Weird that the Germans lost then lmao.

to the entente, though.

Idk, they always seemed to be doing well, considering their lack of general support from allies, and the fact that they are literally engulfed by a superpower that wants them to fail.

There are also two superpowers that want them to succeed, and no they're not doing well. The only reason they got any shit done was because Castro deported all the criminals, criminally insane, etc. etc. to America so he 1) created a sort of limited eugenics by removing a lot of unlikeables and 2) he removed the aspect of society that is most detrimental yet surprise surprise, America can and is supporting them and yet even with this great load upon them Cuba is still doing worse. Have you ever been to Cuba?

<Snipped quote by mdk>

That's also a pretty fucking stupid meme, because the capitalist countries are the best well off in those places; South Africa, Brazil, South Korea.

oh yeah I forgot everything is the fault of american imperialism. Fucking CIA destroying the USSR, fucking CIA ending east germany, communist ethiopia, etc. etc. We must track down this elusive american imperialist.
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