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Current based landlord. not only does he makes the rentoids pay him, he also lives rent free in their heads
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shouldn't have called her fat
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Bring back the black and tans
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everyone trying to get on a high horse about how appearance is the last thing they look for are the same folk that will be single until 45 because nobody they met thus far fit their beauty standards
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Theyre the same thing


If you enjoy my posts then consider pressing here to see my 1x1 interest check. Now listen to the tale of a man far from home longing to see its greens again.

About me:
Where do I begin. I'm from Belarus, and fairly proud of it. I've been RPing about a decade starting mostly with chat stuff and some LARPs/reenactments, doing the stuff of this site for maybe half a decade now. I'm a former serviceman, and while I was conscripted I make sure to stay in related circles. As a day job I'm a programmer letting me usually work from home even when we don't have coronavirus forcing us to do so and thus I got a lot of time for RP.

Look at me and marvel at... I'll think of it, give me a moment.

Anyway, adding shit

Russian and Belarusian (native speaker)
English and a Quebecois/Parisien mongrel French as others
doing my best to learn other interdasting ones

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Name: Paul
Age: 31
Gender: Male

Anything of Note: He has a shit-load of gear. A well kitted battle rifle, a helmet with low-light vision and an active headset, armour covering the rest of him, several sidearms, provisions, munitions, grenades, you name some soldier-boy shit and he has it.

Biography: Paul was once a militiaman, and if he was to be honest he'd prefer to still be one today. But one day his unit got wiped out by some fucking monstrosity. For some reason it spared him, but not before corrupting his tags to thus insure any other militiamen would think he was either dead... or worse, claimed. Thus with his comrades shooting him on sight he has little other life to choose. He doesn't want to be wandering with civilian dickwads, but his choices narrow down ever more.
Ill get something up soon
The knife was short and thin, but the monomolecular edge cut through meat and bone of the man's face like they were water. Aghast, the many other men and women of the room in their varied states of intoxication and undress made hand motions to demonstrate to the cultist that they had nothing to do with the dead fellow missing half of his head at their feet. Given their state, Nestor found this very, very improbable. But behind his mask he smiled, the change in his face and eyes giving some relief to the people before him. The fools thought they would have mercy. They would of course, but it was a spiritual one, in that they would be free of their sinful bodies to stand and repent before the Emperor.

He spun on a foot in a beautiful pirouette to end the life of another one of the people before him, but his vision faded before that could be done.

The cultist awoke in a pile of wreckage. His head hurt, as did quite a lot of the rest of him; monomolecular knives it were not good items to possess at the moment of being shipwrecked. He didn't lose any appendages but he certainly did have a great many lacerations about his body. He stood up with a groan, smirking as the people he was going to end had died anyway. He rooted around their small drug lab, taking the clothes off of them to create a small impromptu disguise as an ordinary denizen of the vessel.

After briefly examining himself in the reflection of his blade Nestor nodded and went off to look for other survivors.
Any particular sort of Fallout shit?

I used to do a ton of Fallout RPs

Preferably West-coast (FN1/2/NV inspired)
dying with crave for fallout shit brothers
Sorry it took so long.

So, 2nd Battalion, Sokol Group?

I reminded myself of when Dutchbag and I were talking about this in PM. I started with a Regimental organization and strength of three battalions and then reduced it to one battalion.

I'll chime in by pointing out we all have roughly a battalion sized unit, with some manner of supporting elements. Gunther's bat is a consolidation of the remains of his brigade's three battalion into one, mine is a bottom-up gathering of militias. If you want to have two battalions, I'm not going to stop you, but in order not to overextend I'd suggest having Sokol group around the strength of a (reinforced) battalion, with nine to twelve infantry platoons.

2nd & 3rd Battalions, Sokol Group.

The thing is that Berkut battallions are traditionally much smaller than actual military ones, so there has to be more than one to achieve something like numeric parity with the other applications in this game.
I need to resume writing the Brigade Operations Order. @Andreyich Do you have a designation for your unit?

Dutchbag: II./34th Motorized Rifle Regiment (MRR)
Gunther: I./34th MRR
Landain: I./37th Tank Regiment

Sokol group, working name of the united force of Berkut 2nd & 3rd Battalions.
At the moment my composition is men mostly on acquired cars and trucks including civilian yes, along with seized heavy weaponry. Not the armour of IFV/APC/MBTs but much more liquidity of assets. Like former Berkut troops did around 2014-present they also make use of their aluminum riot armour for light but effective frag suits. They are very well trained but not prepared for this sort of fighting.
Discord is an instant message it doesnt replace large static forum posts all that well
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