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Current Got twice as many likes and shit received as given. Feelsgoodman
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16 hrs ago
whoever said giving is better than receiving clearly lied, the little bastard
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3 days ago
When you ask the doctor for a lollipop when the appointment is done and you forget it might be a euphemism but the doctor don't forget
3 days ago
When people make jokes about fucking your girlfriend but the joke is on them because you do not have a girlfriend.
5 days ago
What if people say nude beaches are sausage fests to hide the secret of mass nuddy hot chicks :thinking:


Look at me and marvel at... I'll think of it, give me a moment.

Anyway, adding shit

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Russian (native speaker)
English and French as a second language
doing my best to learn other European languages
Ethnicity in order of most to least (that I can kind of verify): Baltic Prussian, German Prussian, Belarusian/Ukrainian (that meaning, Ruthenian), Polish, Russian, Greek, Bulgar, Finn.

Faithful Servant of the Lord YHWH and INRH, and the true Church of true Byzantine Rome.

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I'm not saying you're a leftist but you certainly lean to the lads more
Can't comment, not educated enough on the matter. I hear mixed reports of the nature of the attack and since only retarded sources like Breitbart, Stormfront, CNN, and Buzzfeed seem to report on it (from what I found anyway) I withhold judgement.

Anyway I have real nazis to deal with rather than the disgruntled hicks you call names when ya run out of butthurt ointment
Generally I'm just as critical of the left as I am with the right,

Lmao alright man

But the people in Spain really are to blame for letting a load of human trash in

Bike lock bandit btfo

Pretty ebin imo
Post in the works, should be up by tomorrow at some point. I'll reveal a few tidbits in Refuge, since I assume Andreyich's character would be arriving back there by then. (I'll be jumping the time by a couple of hours.)

Yeah I just got there and am waiting for gates to open and to "tell the tale" and perhaps organize a rescue party or some shit
I am interested in this, perhaps a group PM?
It was much more steampunky than I imagined.
Sorry I gotta pull out my interest.
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