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Current Its still not nearly as good as LotR and only a total of about 2 hours in length as opposed to the full trilogy's 9 hours, but its a very good view.
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There's a special cut of the Hobbit including the good extended version scenes (like the Dwarves assblasting the elves with ballistae) while cutting out all the hollywood nonsense.
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because I'm always right lol
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toxic gang unite
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Alright fellas its back to the scheduled shitposting now


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About me:
Where do I begin. I'm from Belarus, and fairly proud of it. I've been RPing about a decade starting mostly with chat stuff and some LARPs/reenactments, doing the stuff of this site for maybe half a decade now. I'm a former serviceman, and while I was conscripted I make sure to stay in related circles. As a day job I'm a programmer letting me usually work from home even when we don't have coronavirus forcing us to do so and thus I got a lot of time for RP.

Look at me and marvel at... I'll think of it, give me a moment.

Anyway, adding shit

Russian and Belarusian (native speaker)
English and a Quebecois/Parisien mongrel French as others
doing my best to learn other interdasting ones

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Name: Iouldouz Edicoglu Khan
Physical: Though slightly shorter than the average man Iouldouz is nonetheless an intimidating man. Appearing to be somewhere in his thirties he has short cropped black hair with thin mustache and beard. His skin is the shade given by those born pale but nevertheless oft in the sun, while his green-brown eyes have a slight epicanthic fold. His nose if small but flared, while his chin and cheekbones are regally strong. Iouldouz has put some weight on since his true youth with a somewhat noticeable beer belly, though he is still in generally good shape.
Description: Though Iouldouz has no adoration for the Empire he fights for, an oath of loyalty is an oath of loyalty and thus if he is going to go forth and fight he may as well bring as much glory to himself and his men as possible. He is very loyal to his own warriors and as a result is somewhat overly cautious with his troops when lance armed cavalry should instead be very aggressive. That said his tribal romanticism leads him to often be far too close to battle himself, a severe flaw in any battlefield but particularly in a modern one.
Nation: Dusmane Khanate
Regiments: The Dusmane auxiliaries don't follow a strict regimental structure. There are slightly less than 2,000 of them, the men bearing sturdy spears not quite the size of other nation's lances, steppe sabers and compound bows. Jacks of all trades but masters of none, they cannot match lancers, hussars, dragoons or cuirassiers in their own craft. However their flexibility lets them do a wide array of tasks, and so they will usually split into four groups each emulating one of the international standards for Cavalry Regiments in support of one another to allow for a quasi combined arms attack in a single unit.

@Starboard Watch For your viewing pleasure.

There were two opposing forces within the structure vying for the attention of the lad, but neither had accounted for the fact it was a teenager they were trying to entreat and both were very angered by the fact they were ignored. As Brandon ran off a blood curdling screech would emanate from the face in the blood puddle, whilst a more groan-like noise would come from the empty helmet, the noise not getting quieter as Brandon made it further and further down the tunnel to the outside.

Leaving the structure there would be a breath of fresh air brought by a cool breeze, but somehow it wouldn't be so invigorating as one might expect. There were clearly Knights in the locale but alas Brandon was too late to hail them; they were riding off with their own chatter and hoofbeats compounded with distance making any calls out to them unheard, giving a further sense of abandonment.

Out of the tunnel the very same helmet from before pursued the lad, and as rolling onwards it came to a stop by the boy's feet, tapping them gently. With no warning the tunnel and the mausoleum it contained collapsed. Turning around only a glimpse of the gothic structure could be taken in before its implosion, but when it was gone it returned to a rather suspicious state; it became a mound of dirt as if there was not just a place of death there moments ago. A low gust of wind blew, the noise from it deep and punctuated by leaves and other debris that it caught.

“Put it on.”; What a strange noise for the howl of wind to make!
Tentative interest, thinking of possibly an NCR defector
Also you're not necessarily expected to read full long posts, on a more serious note.
I spend hours of my life writing long posts in the casual section just to gatekeep it 😎
@Sam Quint a great sheet, which is why I kind of feel terrible having to tell you this: the continuation of this RP is somewhat dubious, however if it does continue it'll be a while before your character can jump in since we're in the middle of an operation

however if I do close this I'll very soon follow it up with two slightly more focused and rigorous RPs about PMCs, one focusing on Blackwater Inc. you can likely cash in on with a slight rework of that dude if its any consolation.
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