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Current *Insert melodramatic status post.*
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Status bar is always entertaining.
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I missed all the drama :(
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If I’m having fun with all the toilet paper I’ve hoarded, would that be called “RoLl PlAY”
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All these isekai themed interest checks.
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@Dr Lovecraft
On the ceiling with everyone, for convenience.
Day One

Location: The Heart of Madness?

A large spire of whitestone carved into a mountainside stood tall. The pointed tops of its towers pierced black clouds in a looming grey sky. It’s windows were stained glass with colorless depictions of lovecraftian goliaths consuming small cityscapes with their many mouths and tentacles. White lights would illuminate these windows so bright that even at a distance you would know - somebody was home.

Someone has pulled back the curtain once again.” Spoke the tall man, cloaked from head to toe in a black shroud of thick cloth with small metal ornaments chiming around his sleeves and collar.

He sat in what seemed to be a throne room. A single large stone seat at its far end with a checkerboard carpet that sprawled from the room’s entrance to the throne. A large window of stained glass was at its opposite side, with large candle lanterns lining the walls as the sole source of light within the room, but the candles were blindingly bright. There was something else in the room though, but it would not be visible unless you looked for it. Above the throne was a dark spot, somewhere that the light of the candles didn’t reach the black-clad man. In that small abyss was eight white-glowing eyes that stared down upon the King in Black.

A way out. A way out. A way out. A way out. A way out.” A roar of countless childish voices spilled from that abyss, along with the sounds of small chinois legs dancing along the ceiling.

The King in Black smiled beneath his shadowed hood. His ivory white skin in perfect contrast with his pitch-black tapestry, and as he looked up to properly regard the sentient darkness above him - locks of his long white hair spilled out from his cowl. The darkness stared back, the childish laughter warping into metallic scraping and the small clacks of stone, echoed and distant as if it were heard down a hallway. But then the abyss vanished, returning to a normal shadow above the king’s throne.

Location: The Closet?

Where were you?

You were somewhere else just a moment ago, weren’t you?

The place you were in now seemed to lack anything of much detail. The walls, ceiling, and floor were a matching shade of gray that played tricks on your eyes when you scanned your environment. There was a ceiling fan wobbling around as it spun on the floor, or were standing on the ceiling? There was a plain black circular table with five chairs positioned around it - and if you cared enough to notice - that was exactly the amount of bodies standing around in this strange space.

Rattling noises came from the furthest side of the room, opposite to the group of unwilling travelers. Some rustling around behind two wooden-frame white doors with the thin skits carved within - to allow what was inside to peek out but not the other way in. Eventually the doors snapped open wide and a formless blob of white gas, or liquid, something, flew out and towards the black table before seemingly assuming the table’s shape as its body. The [monster] would take this time to gather itself, before speaking as the table.

T a k e . . .
Y o u r . . .
S e a t . . .

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Anxious Terry is accepted, and with that - applications are closed.
One spot available!
Mark is accepted and you can move him on over! I’ll have the opening post up early tomorrow. If anyone has questions, feel free to hit me up beforehand.
@Dr Lovecraft
Love Laura, she’s obviously accepted.
Lizard girl is done.
Gunna just slide this here while I work on it.

One last bump before the weekend!
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