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Stonehill District
West Gate
Evening - - Raining

Cast: [@Everyone but Yankee], Farfa, Brustle’s Men
Possible Checks: Culture, Commerce, Karma

The two ogre guards stare down at the bumbling-blabbering outsiders who they had never seen before. The caravan itself was quite familiar, often taking people who wished to leave the city elsewhere and not often bringing them back. The only familiar faces were a demon from money, and a scary goblin, both of which usually traveled in and out of the city without so much as a word. But tonight, the fire haired demon brought company along with them.

”Brud, da’ poopsack are these people?” The orc on the left looked first to his brother on the right, and then down to the smaller folk who approached them.

”No clue, Der.” The slightly shorter ogre on right stated, reaching up a finger beneath his helmet to pick his nose and flick a booger down at the dirt.

A whole entourage approached the ogres, and their common tongue was quite limited as it was. Which made the rather eloquently spoken creature dressed in skins, and skulls, and oh that smell. What was that smell?

”Dis ‘un smells like poop.” States Der, cackling happily as he did so.

Brud set his pale yellow eyes on the small hollow-eyed knight who claimed to be a hero, with an energetic declaration. He grinned and cackled in amusement, bending at both knees to get a closer look and sniffing the air to catch the scent of the fae. ”No heroes in these parts, bug.” The more educated ogre stated directly to Lumen, a sneer now worn proudly with eyes aimed straight at him.

”Are da’ pretty human tastier?” Der asked over to Brud, who now scanner each of the new arrivals. There was quite a lot of humanesque figures here at his door. They were lucky.

”Foreman isn’t too fond of bloodshed at the main gate -- but typically yes.” Brud stated, still squatting down to analyze the squad of wayward /heroes/.. The shorter, smarter ogre seemed to take charge with the situation. Der remained on edge, gripping then handle of his weapon and watching cautiously should anything take a turn for the worse.

”You may enter, but the humans have to empty their pockets.” Brud slowly rose back to a stand. He was confident that his extortion would be effective, because if these folk turned to violence they would have to enter through another gate. And that was not a good idea for strangers.

Dante’s Run
Fito’s Ferry
Evening - - Raining

Cast: @Yankee, Yrga, Comoita Men
Possible Checks: Commerce, Karma

The orcess huffed and grunted as each of Barb's words met her ears, and her own brown eyes narrowed past youngest Comoita to the tiny fiend that schmoozed more money from him again. “You're not going to make it here with your coinpurse so loose.” her right hand opens and her cheek slaps into the palm, and stared straight to Barbatos with a stiff expression.

“That fat oaf isn't ever busy -- I'm sure there's a patch of wood in his office that bows inward right where his lazy rump sits, I'd bet on it even. But . . .” Yrga bounced her shoulders up into a shrug as interest in such a topic held little interest to her. But Barb did seem very pushy about it, she was even using that tone. A collector such as herself was used to devious types, but Barb did not color himself as such, so she trusted him just a little more than the rest of his ilk.

“I can’t get you in with him, but I do know someone who can.” She grumbles out as her hand slowly drifted behind her and unclasps the satchel fastened right above her ass. The green-skinned digits fiddle around for a few moments before finally she pulls something out and sets it upon the table between herself and Barbatos. Yrga stares down at the roughly hewn iron key, small bite marks present throughout every inch of it.

“That /there/ is a black key. Know what it’s for?” The look of exaggerated glee upon the orc’s face was quite comical, tusks pressing into her lower lip and upturning at the corners. “A door. What door though, maybe Rooster knows —- he is the don’s favorite after all.”

Another pretty elf for the squad of chaotic idiots.
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Bantering At Gates of Goeta, There's Much Butter Things We Could Be Doing?!

@Spin The Wheel@vietmyke@Abstract Proxy@Katakuri

"Eh- uh- ah- oh- ee- ay, what?"

By all means, this group was quite a mixed bag. The fire-haired demon scanned his eyes across the chaotic group, looking first to the ones who approached the ogres and opening his mouth to speak.. but indecipherable nonsense escapes his maw. The small white-masked figure was already going on about stories of his heroism, the auteur as the eldest presenting human approached with confidence, and the madman? He honestly seemed to be the least of the Farfa's worries. But already was the thread weave that kept that cart ride so peaceful starting to fray. And then his mind would return to the moment, longing for it wander once again so he could be home.. home was so comfortable.

"The plan, is to get inside. Anyone who doesn't look like a human can walk in so long as we don't piss the ogres off. Just--"

The spoiled half-elf's words snapped one of those fraying threads, and you could visibly see it do so as the demon twitched as the Galahad's second question met the demon's ears. A plastic smile spread across his tanned features, squinted cheshire eyes aimed right over to him as he pointed a clawed fingertip towards the once knight and then in the direction of Lumen, Germaine, and the madman near the gate's entrance. A deep breath was drawn in through his nostrils, swelling up in his chest as if he were about to exhume a loud 'Fus ro dah!' but abstained from blowing up on the man with indecipherable infernal language. And instead released a calm and friendly sentence.

"You are quite eloquent with your words Ser Galahad, might you go and speak with the ogres -- try your hand?"

The cheshire eyes would remain, but ever so slowly the smile across his lips would melt into an indifferent stiff expression as the demon's gaze fell first to the youngest human of the group. Farfa burns a very cautious stare upon her before looking to the elf speaking to her, and then to the violet-skinned elf, none of which were helping the situation very much. Both hands floated up to cover his face and a loud sigh muffled by each palm grumbled through.

"And to think that there are members of Barb's family that were turned away by the Order.. only to send... /this/... "

Farfa's hands drip off his face along with streams of water as the rain develops from a light sprinkle into a more consistent shower. The everburning strands of hair atop his head sizzles and hissed as moisture set into the mane of hair atop his head, and his mascara bled down from his eyes to his cheeks. Then he would look to the moon elf and stated rather ambiguously, "Perhaps he will drown us. But I think it may be a little too early for that, they are said to enjoy a one-sided struggle before sending opposition to the grave."

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Stonehill District
West Gate
Evening - - Raining

Cast: [@Everyone but Yankee], Rooster, Farfa, Brustle’s Men
Possible Checks: Culture, Commerce, Karma


The wooden wheels of the carriage that brought you here trailed down the steep incline of the dirt-laid road and into the distance until ultimately it was out of sight. You weren't sure which of these individuals had traveled to Goeta for the same reason as you, but all hopped out of for cart upon its arrival. A cambion-looking fellow with fiery features and sun-kissed skin turned towards the group, loudly shouting and waving his arms to get their attention.

“Everyone! If you are here to speak with the moguls of Goeta, please follow me! I am Farfa, representative of the Comoita family. We will be making our way through Stonehill until we reach the Bridge on Crossroads! Stay close, don't talk to anyone, and don't buy anything! Thank you.”

The demon-blooded individual spoke in common, knowing that the majority of the likely wouldn't know gutterspeech or infernal. But his words were enthusiastic, and hopeful, even though there was nothing to base that on with these strangers. Farfa’s expression remained bright and warm with a cheery smile stretched from ear to ear. He marched to the door with the assumption that those who he spoken to would follow, not even bothering to glance over his shoulder for confirmation.

“Hold it.” A gruff voice growled out.

As the short sentence met Farfa’s ears, he came to a complete halt. For a moment the demon lingered, as if he was in a brief trance before shaking his head and averting his eyes towards the gate where a burly goblin sat upon a large stone with his legs crossed. Farfa’s eyes widened, looking quickly to the group of new arrivals before returning a softened expression back to that goblin. The demon beamed a toothy grin, sharpened fangs pressing over his lower lip as he greeted the unhappy looking half-squat with green skin.

“Rooster! Of course, you would be the first face I see. How have you faired in the three-no-four moons that I have been off rallying able-bodied men and women?” Farfa flutters his eyelashes.

“Shut ya’ stupid mouf. Where's my coin?” The goblin barked back, spitting brown-black phlegm onto the grass below.

“Eh.. Uh.. Well.. It's going to storm! Look at the grey clouds overhead, and the air is already brimming with energy. Let me buy you some mead in the Bleeding Hollow, we can speak of coin there!” Farfa’s charismatic tome tried to masque his nervousness, but anyone could see through that paper-thin facade.

“Who’s those folks, outsiders? Why they followin’ ya?” Rooster asks out brashly whilst peeling himself off the stone and stepping towards the tall grey-haired individual that absolutely reeked of human. “This’un is a human. Ya’ plan on selling him to Lady Niv?”

“N-ow, now.. They're not here as residents. They've come to work, to speak with some of the higher voices of Goeta, and then to leave.” Farfa instinctively slithered between Germaine and Rooster, for forming a very fickle barrier. But it was something.

Rooster’s eyes them danced from Germaine, to Galahad, lingering on the visibly militant half-blood for a while. But eventually, he would relent into a sigh, deflating and turning his back to the new arrivals and stepping towards the west gate. At the large wooden entrance, two towering grey-skinned ogres stood at each side. They were garbed in chain, and place, clearly meant to withstand combat and armed with a greataxe at each side.

Rooster nodded to each of them, and the reinforced doormen silently nodded back before pressing an plated gauntlet to the wooden surface. The gate opens and the goblin enters, firing the strangers a cautious look painted upon his face. The ogres then quickly slam the gate closed, their face beneath the plated helms staring straight ahead toward the group of hired help. Farfa sighed in relief the moment Rooster disappeared into the city, still though, his dramatic expressions would continue as he looked back towards the ensemble on the verge of tears.

And then the rain began, a slow yet consistent shower from the heavens and a rumbling levin brightly sparking through the dark clouds.

Dante’s Run
Fito’s Ferry
Evening - - Raining

Cast: @Yankee, Yrga, Comoita Men
Possible Checks: Commerce, Karma

“Put it on the table!”
”She’s crazy! Get your hand away!”

”She took off his finger, run away!”

The small wooden shack that could hold no more than ten men empties in no time at all. With each heavy footfall of demon, orc, goblin, the dark water shook and ripples traveled outward beneath. The beeswax candles began to sputter as raindrops started to fall with the storm’s arrival, and the tall orcish woman smiled as fond memories came with it.

“Ah, I love the rain.” Yrga chirps out, tugging at the small raven skulls woven into her belt and bouncing on her toes.

Her eyes glance back towards the table where Barbatos sat, a freshly bloodied finger and mismatched piles of coin spread across the wooden surface. The orc’s smile remained, seeming to have only grown giddier having removed a lizardman’s finger from their hand. She spins on the tip of her boots, a strike of lightning illuminated the rather dimly lit watering hole for a moment. It was empty other than her, him, and the imp that worked the bar.

“Should be enough to bring back home, no? I'll even let you keep the finger.” Yrga mused as she slowly took a stride back to the small drinking table, finding a seat on the opposite side to him.

The small winged creature that cleaned the glass cups behind the countertop would sheepishly chime in before Barbatos could offer words back to the orc. ”Don’t forget your tab~.” But the moment his nasally tone muttered out, a hard orcish fist crashed down on the table. Yrga slowly turning her vision towards the tiny demon and branding him with a glare.
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