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Never ask about the children, Margaret..
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@Krasnaya be a depressed potato with me?
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Existing makes me tired.


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[Mentions] @Cu Chulainn

”Another damage dealer would definitely be helpful.. I wouldn't be opposed to increasing the workf- I mean party.” The purple-clad lolita tapped her foot on the floor a few times, surges of anxiety rushing to the forefront of her mind - aware of her impoliteness and the typical outcome of such behaviors. She didn't mean it though, most of the time.

The question about the talismans was then asked of her. Her eyes widened as she had forgotten she could've been stockpiling the damn things this entire time - or she could try to, rather. She hadn't even bothered making more than absolutely necessary during her time with the previous party, being quite costly on mana and all. Though, now of all times would be the opportunity to sit and sap through her entire mana pool to get a fat stack of talismans to spam spells with.

”Uh ... No, I haven't bothered making them yet. I was sort of just, making them as I needed them in combat. As for giving them to other people, I believe if the other player's class can use them, you could?” Calace's eyes slowly shut, an airy sigh flaring from her nostrils.

Cal's shoulders raised for a brief moment before extending out her right hand with two fingers extended out, channeling her mana into the desired digits with the intention two conjure two talismans holding [Restraining Rite] in each of their paper consumable. Four-hundred points of mana chunked away as they manifested, beads of sweats trickled down from her forehead down her brow and upon her cheeks. The same hand then extended out towards Lew, offering the talismans over to the familiar person.

”Try it out.”

Weaving through the chaos that ensued, Tati crept along under her shroud of illusory magic and the fire-orange movements in the darkness. Her obscured figure grew closer to the lizardman and slowly her form began to unveil from the camouflage magic. She was low to the ground on all fours, glowing golden hues within her eyes reflecting the embers created by the Dorf's might blow. Tati took a brief moment of respite within the small protected area surrounding Hawks before launching herself out towards a group of smaller blighted crawlers on the ground - her gnarlroot clutched in her right hand extended out a short distance before them.

"The spirits no like you!"
A vibrant glow of blues and purples emitted from the tip of staff Tati held. The wood seemed to curl inwards before opening up and launching what seemed to be a wooden spike out in their direction and planting itself deep into the earth. Her gnarlroot would then be drawn upwards to point to the sky and small blue translucent lights would begin to appear up from the grass below, nearly invisible due to the flames. They were drawn towards the spike and eventually the six or seven lights would reach the spike... Suddenly the spike began to grow roots that outstretched like splintering spider legs. Flecks of bark and small chunks of dirt flew outwards the wooden structure grew upwards, outwards, and deeper rooted into the ground. Branches would begin to appear from the top of the raising structure, green and purple leaves healthily blossoming as the tree grew - towering many others in the area. Just as it seemed to grow fully in size, the tree then explodes into a cloud of tiny wooden fractals and leaves raining down.

[Mentions] @Cu Chulainn

”Humorous of you to think I would need help, I guess!” Calace spat out, her gaze snapping away from the chunklord that she was speaking to previously.

A click of the girl's tongue punctuated her words, briefly looking back to Gaku-Rei representative before turning his sights back onto Lew. Her amethyst gaze stared daggers right through him. Friend or not, she wouldn't be spoken to in such a frank way - especially when she had just gone through something quite belittling already. Her pale cheeks reddened for a moment as blood rushed into her face, eyelids squinting at him - looking through his exterior and into his soul.

”But, as a healer I would require some form of front line to do the heavy lifting. So if you want to join these douchebags with me, I wouldn't be opposed to it.” Calace's eyes slowly shut, an airy sigh flaring from her nostrils.

With visible reluctance, Calace opened her own menu and accepted Lew's party invitation and silently stepped along past him. With the knowledge given by that fat alcoholic brigand, she seemed to immediately set out to head in the direction of wherever that was - but honestly she did not know. Despite her headstrong attitude, she wasn't much of a leader - especially when it came to directions and questing - that stuff goes way over her head.


Tati’yana watched carefully as the rest of her group sprung to action against the blighted creatures. It was a confusing sight for the Yanaski woman, her bright golden eyes watched as the corrupted flora lasher onwards - breaking through the living plantlife and eventually making contact with her tree. She leapt from the branch back to the ground, toes sinking into the soil and tensing her body as a stance was made. As the lizardman, Hawks, called forth some mysterious force that lit the darkened forest and the dwarf charged in defense with his molten axe, Tati just stared for a good while as the scene fully sunk in.

“Forest! Don’t pushover be! Help - help!”

Tati’yana reached to her back with a right hand, gripping her claws around the gnarlroot staff that loosely hung at her back and swinging its head down hard onto the soil. Ten or so uncorrupted roots reached up and out of the soil, lunging out towards the creatures near the dwarf and lizardman. The Yanaski then spun on her feet, soil whipping away fro beneath her as she turned towards some other Blightcrawlers that approached and swung out ferociously with the oaken appendage.

It wasn’t long after they suddenly a surge of mana would be felt within the area, the spirits around them would feed on this power. Strangely enough, this enhancement allowed Tati’yana to briefly sense the spirit or whatever you could describe the source of this blight was. It made the reptilian girl’s skin crawl as the connection was made, breaking Tati’s focus and nearly knocking her to the floor. In a panic she rolled over and positioned herself on all fours, toes and fingertips flattened out - suddenly the scales on her body twinkled with translucent viridian mana. Her form would slowly fade from sight as aspects of the environment blended into her figure, camouflaging Tati’yana under a shroud of illusory magic.

[Mentions] @ERode

”Listen here you tub-o-lard knock-off buddha looking micreant!”

Cal stepped further inside, her small face scrunched up and blood swelled into her cheeks turning them bright red. Lavender strands fell into her face, blowing through her bottom lip to roughly send them away so that she may maintain eye contact with the booger-flicker.

”Height has nothing to do with my capability in combat! I am a proud and proper healer, and shall be regarded as such whether you like it or not. Now give me some paperwork before I shove spelltags where the sun doesn’t shine.”

She flared her nostrils as huffs of hair shot out from her button nose. Cal’s eyes narrowed onto the gourd accompanied recruitment officer, or whatever the fuck he wanted to call himself at this point. The bite-sized goth girl advanced further until she eventually stood right in front of the Gaku-Rei member. She was only here because she liked purple. But that was all it would take to have Calace dig her heels in, refusing to take no for an answer. From her waist she plucked a few of the parchment strips used for her spells, donning them betwixt two fingers.

”So do you want to square up against someone of my ‘stature’?...”
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”Trees here feel - sick?"
The yanaski woman flared her nostrils as the scents wafted in with big wafts of tainted wind. The towers of wood were warped and sickly, uncharacteristic shades with strange little bone trinkets strung along the smaller saplings. The deeper they got into the decrepit woods, the gloomier Tati'yana expression seemed to change. Her hues darted along every detail of the trees as she passed. To her, seeing forests in such a state was unbearably sickening. Darkened winds blew through the barren branches, and as the gust passed through the reptilian girl's hair. She froze just as the not-very-cool orc handler began to speak, but her attention was not really on his words.

”Ssssska! Daj'chaaa!" She didnt respond to Lemflenflal, or whatever his strange dwarvish name was.

Instead she hissed out some words in her native tongue and quickly scurried to a nearby tree. Her clawed fingertips dug into the darkened bark an scratched through the wood beneath as she used her upper body strength to quickly pull herself up and perched onto a thick tree branch. Her bare feet balanced upon the deadwood and treespeaker looked in the direction that Logrim had headed off to meet the other higher ranked adventurers. It wasn't her eyes that alerted her in that direction though, it was the smell - the taste in the air. Tati bared her teeth and clenched claws into the palms of her hands, exhuming a low growl as she waited for what was to come.
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