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I missed all the drama :(
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If I’m having fun with all the toilet paper I’ve hoarded, would that be called “RoLl PlAY”
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All these isekai themed interest checks.
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As the small group of newborn-nooby players made their way into the busy streets of Nyu-Taro, the lavender-haired munchkin relentlessly stared at fellow players and the denizens of the the city with doe eyes of wonder and intrigue. She passed some signs boasting a small feminine figure as a tournament winner within the city- it sparked a flame in her tummy, giving the mostly debilitated girl a small burst of energy and a spring to her step as they hunted down for the toothless hobo.

He was a filthy, grimy, smelly, deplorable, senile old man who seemingly had difficulty with even basic communication. Calace couldn't help but scowl and remain silent, allowing the others to communicate and haggle with the man for his talismans. There was still a chance that he wasn't even the guy- or even if he was out of these talismans for some reason. Hopefully it could be resolved sooner rather than later. Because she wanted her stats to be improved so she could actually have the energy to run about and explore the town- maybe network with some potential business partners along the way- and eventually reach the level of stardom that people like this Flame Princess has.

"I need to find someone with that Miko class a s a p." Calace spoke quietly, not trying to derail the mission at hand for the others. She wasn't selfish enough to drag some of the others with her to hunt down that temple, at least not this early on. Instead the words were meant for herself as she glanced the perimeter for anyone that might fit that criteria, that way she could b-line for such a person as soon as they got their talismans and starting equipment.

[Mentions] @Yankee

This is truly peak gamer status.

"You can seriously just query for classes in this game? I thought this game was supposed to be challenging- stumbling upon classes purely by accident out in the world. Oh well, I guess I'll join that bandwagon since I also have a specific position I wish to fill. Class Search: Low Rank - Healer, Cleric, Priest, or whatever variants are available of such in this region." Calace was quite aware that she went a little overboard with the function, but she wanted to cover all of her bases. Maybe there was some form of notepad function in this game so she could note them down, along with their requirements and locations?

Her lavender sights panned to the scuffle happening between Raime, Lewsuke, and Mags. This was a game- games are meant to be enjoyed- but these people didn't know how the player versus player system worked yet. There was that chance that some douchebag who was a few levels higher could just flag themselves for combat and execute whoever lost the duel. But that would be pretty entertaining to watch, and a good learning experience- which Calace could swoop in and explain why a healer was so necessary and how they should be cherished and respected more than they are.

Ames then offered to swing into town to buy the talismans for the party, which was very considerate of them. Having a designated item-runner was always helpful in these sort of games. While the rest of the group farmed and filled their inventory, the pack-mule would have their inventory loaded with spare items to run to town and vendor them off before returning to the party to refill again. Calace was glad that somebody had already shown potential for such an esteemed role- beaming in their direction because of it. But at the same time, she didn't want to be left behind! Without even realizing it, she was slowly walking towards the ginger-haired figure with stiff outstretched zombie arms.

" D o n ' t l e a v e m e b e h i n d !" Whether Calace was genuinely crying for the majority of the time she had now been in the game, or if she were just putting on airs for attention- she was probably beginning to get on peoples nerves. It was commonplace for her though, and rather than continue stirring that pot, she saw this opportunity to go and explore the game's establishments as a good way to break from the bunch for a while and sightsee. Hell, maybe she could find some of the objectives needed to change into one of those healer roles that would reveal themselves to her?
@ERode, is there any worth in keeping the mage class before b-lining into the healer roles? I'm all for committing to decisions and seeing how they play out- but I don't see the harm in asking that. I'm split on how much worth a healer would have early on versus, how useful an extra DPS would be!
I wants to be healbot.

[Mentions] @Searat@OwO @TheBoulder

The hour has come- for the greatest healer this world has ever seen to make her rise to fame! Right? Please?...

"Thank you, Raime, once I've recovered from this condition- pocket heals for eternity." Calace groaned these words out as she leaned on his shoulder and slowly made her way to the mighty boulder o' legend with the rest of the group.

Calace beamed at everyone who got to select their class before her. It was only a matter of time before we had a designated damage sponge, some long-range dps, some mobility, all that was left was her role. You could see it on her face as she braced herself for that moment- her eyes closed and she slowly took light steps through the grass towards the mighty boulder. The small pale arm extended out with an open hand to press the "free shit stone" and she braced herself for the time of choice to be revealed to her.

"There isn't a healer class? There's two physical DPS classes but not a supportive role? There's a tank, and just a bunch of damage roles- I'm repeating myself but I seem to be at a lapse. This is unbelievable, absolute heresy, unfathomably irritating." Calace looked dumbfounded as she simply stared at the screen that revealed itself to her with an open maw, her expression contorting with confusion every couple of moments as she struggled to come to terms with this new reality.

And then a sigh of defeat was exhumed from her small mouth- and she shook her head as it hung down with defeat. Her hand raised up to brush some loose lavender strands from her face and tuck them behind her right ear, and then that same hand reached out and slowly pressed on the the tab that definitely said Mage. An enormous frown developed on her lips, perhaps an dramatized exaggeration, but in Calace's heart this was the deepest wound that could be inflicted. It had been ten- maybe fifteen years since she had played anything other than a healer or support in any video game. The girl intentionally pigeonholed herself because that was the playstyle that she found the most fulfillment in, and why play these games if you weren't going to attain that fulfillment? Calace's frown would finally develop into a full-fledged scowl as she slid her hand from the mighty boulder and back to her side, dusting the grodey-traitor boulder dust from her palm.

"Guess I'll take the MP% increase for future decisions from the Mage. Don't expect me to cast 'E x p l o s i o n' or anything. So- as soon as I see someone with clerical abilities, I'm going to suck up to them until they tell me where they got them. I don't even care what I have to do! Maybe the currency could be used to buy equipment suitable for a different role, and over time that could unlock them or-"

She turned to look over to Mags, her purple sights squinting and her shoulders raising. "Maybe if you start punching things, you'll get some fist-fighting skills?"

Calace knew she was reaching, but she desperately wanted to maintain that 'fantasy' that she wished to have.
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Asa, Zimmy, and Non-Boyfriend Character


After a few minutes of dry heaving and triple-checking Roland’s breathing, Zimmy’s adrenaline started to fade, and the pain started to set in. It was pretty bad, she realized. Cracked rib for sure, a man down, and stage one mistburn. She’d survived the explosion, sure, but what now?
She licked her lips. Dry from the wind. “Help,” she shouted, except it was a whisper, because her voice was hoarse from screaming before. She cleared her throat, braced herself for the pain, and screeched again: “Anyone!” It came out blurred, and the word tore at her throat. Coughs wracked her body.

Asa had already started her sweep of the area on Galahad’s order. Her sight glanced between stray debris from the wreckage, to unrecognizable bodies that had already been marked “untouchable” by the Barghest de facto leader. Such a waste, but nonetheless, her scouting would continue- dashing quickly from location to location with mist streaming through her legs.
A knife would slowly reveal itself from her mist pocket, the silvery bejeweled blade flying out and sticking into a standing petrified tree. The blade would flash a brilliant red hue and suddenly she was gone, appearing at the knife’s location and supporting her weight as she stood on top of it. With the higher point of view she absorbed the full grandeur of the wreckage and what was strewn across the hot zone it laid within. She scanned the scene carefully- taking note of anything that would stand out among the smoke, rubble, and pieces of enemy airship. And then something caught her eye, a vaguely familiar silhouette at the rearmost end of the wreckage. “There’s no fucking way.” Her eyebrows furrowed and her eyes squinted, it was too far to confirm from her current position. So, she loosed a second blade from her pocket- the silvery knife launched at a blurring speed before landing a short distance from the target and those around them.

There was a hiss to her left. That was all the warning Zimmy got before a dark-haired woman popped out of the aether beside her.
It was Asa. Zimmy had thought she was out of emotion for the day, but her heart leapt into her throat. Asa, the teleporting firecrack. Asa, who had once stolen for Zimmy a bottle of Silver Glory--their Shine brand, not the crappy shit--just because the older woman had been having a tough day.
I’m hallucinating.” She mumbled, even as she fought to keep tears out of her eyes. “There’s no way.

Maybe, there’s plenty a’reasons to hallucinate at a time like this.” Asa quipped back as she plucked the knife from the soil and gave the blade a few twirls between her digits. What should have been a heartfelt reunion was instead met with an aura of tension.
Before we start getting starry-eyed and reminisce over the time lost— who’s the stretch?” The blade in her was lightly gripped within her small hand and pointed out towards the other person in their current company.

Pretty convincing hallucination. Even had Asa’s voice. It...probably wasn’t a hallucination, Zimmy admitted. But then: “Asa, what the fuck are you doing here?” her voice came out in a rasp, and she coughed again. This time, something tangy hit her tongue. Blood, or sweat?

Vacation along the countryside before we graduate- figured we may as well have fun before we get shipped off to die.” Asa’s tone shifted a bit as the seriousness in her voice loosened, just a bit.
Honestly, I’m more excited t’ head home and see the folks. The ol’ geezer hasn’t seen my face in a few years — I’m getting sidetracked.” The blade flipped in Asa’s hand, now she clutched the blade lightly and brought the handle to bop herself on the forehead once before uttering something silently.

Enough with the small talk, who’s the corpse?” The blade that was wedged into the petrified plucked itself free and in a flash came to land right next to Asa’s right boot.

He’s not fucking dead!” Zimmy snapped, wincing at the pain. Could Zimmy blame Asa for being standoffish? After disappearing for months, and reuniting like this… “His name’s...Roland.” Her breathing was labored, but she fought through it. “He was guard.” she focused on getting out short sentences.
I was...a prisoner. Captain Aine Anders was a prisoner. Other WARDEN too. Don’t know who survived. He saved my life. I saved hi--” another wracking cough. When she recovered, Zimmy mumbled. “Mistburned. Cracked rib, maybe worse. Don’t kill him, you dumbass.

A hum breathed out from the Aporian girl’s glossy lips. Her golden-brown eyes peeled themselves from the former comrade and to the enemy on the ground. Asa dwelled on the situation, for a good chunk of time- a long two or three minutes of weighing the options out mentally. Why wasn’t anyone else here for this- she wasn’t the brains of Barghest.
Fuck it, I am a dumbass. Can you stand? Can you walk? Zak and Ray should be doing their rounds for survivors, anybody else worth— saving— that I should know about?” Her free hand reached itself up to her head and ran fingers loosely through the raven locks of hair. The golden sights rolled, this was too much for her and now it was time just go with the flow.

Zak and Ray?” Zimmy’s breath caught again. Those fuckers were still kicking, then. Papa bear and mister two names. It all felt so outlandish. A burning skyship, and her family just happened to be in the vicinity?
Focus.Is Galahad still pretending to be in charge or whatever?” she said.

Everyone’s still around— except you. Babe, I’m sure you’re in shock right now, but I’m going to need you to answer my questions before we get you out of here.” Asa was always like this when it came to business, she just wanted to be relaxing in the back of the truck again, developing a darkening bruise on her ass.

I mean,” Zimmy chuckled, the fog clearing just a bit. Asa was business, so she could be business too. “I was going to say: ping him. My Aegis went down a while ago, and I’ve been manacled for most of that time.
She cleared her throat. “I can walk. Roland is out. I’m not leaving him. Tell Galahad and the others to look out for the Vangar crown princess. Colette Van Skymning was on the ship.” She smirked, not quite feeling it in her heart yet. “Don’t kill her either. I think she might be one of the good ones.

The pain came again. “You got anything for pain, Ace?” Her will was failing--fuck her ribs hurt.

Good ones ‘eh?” Asa shook her head before waving her hand past her right ear for a moment, a mental cue to focus on using the communicative aspect of her Aegis.
Yo— Captain Boring Pants, I’ve got an update on recon. One and a half possible survivors, one of which is a familiar face- the other is an expendable. What’s the order?

”Familiar? Care to clarify? I thought you were good with details.” came back the equally snarked reply.

Familiar, like a relative you haven’t seen in a few years. I’ve never been good at details, that’s why I— nevermind, it’s Zimmy, and her hostile boyfriend. Actually, I doubt it’s her boyfriend but I didn’t care to remember the details about an enemy who is incapacitated.” It was very in Asa’s character to spew drawn out sentences, with little to no information.

”Zimmy? Alive? Are you sure you’re not hallucinating on Mist?” for once Galahad sounded surprised, though his voice quickly shifted back to its usual skepticism.

You know, I asked myself the same thing. But it’s them— in the flesh. They’re a bit shaken up from the crash, said something about the princess being here too. I probably should have started with that, huh?

Asa could almost feel Galahad’s eyes rolling from a hundred yards away, ”Yeah, probably. Alright, bring it in, I’ll let the others know too. ”

Okie-doke, I’ll keep an eye out for anything else interesting. Heading back towards your location now.” Asa’s hand returned to her side and her sights shifted back to the shellshocked former-comrade and the unconscious man on the floor.

Looks like we get to have our happy reunion, and you get to bring your boyfriend. Maybe dad will even approve of him, who knows?” Asa flashed a venomous grin at Zimmy before shaking the notion off entirely.

If I survive this,” Zimmy mumbled, “I’m going to drop you out of the sky.” She shook her head, clearing what cobwebs she could from her mind. “Okay. What’s the plan? I’m kind of out of play here unless someone can patch me up. They took my gun, too.

We’ll take the quick route, Mata Express. I’ll be useless afterwards- but that’ll be Gal’s problem when we get there.” Asa’s words were nonchalant, rolling out with little weight of importance. Galahad was the responsible one, so if this ended poorly, it was on his head!

The firecracker of Barghest looked off towards her starting position beyond the horizon, her pupils widening as she strained her vision to increase the working distance of her sight. She wasn't the greatest at sensing mist, likely because of her stubborn-boorish-bitchy nature, but she was a scout for a reason! Asa approximated a good location for the three to be transported and extended her right arm with a pointed index finger. In the blink of an eye three of her knives launched out, loosing themselves from her mistpocket and stuck into large chunk of airship in the distance. Doing the whole trip in a single jump would be too taxing, two-or-three would need to suffice. Her posture loosened, relaxed, and she casually strolled on over to the unconscious Roland fellow, and good ol' Zimmy. She gripped her former compatriot's clothing with her left hand, clenching hard- but not aggressively, and then bent down- likely taking Zimmy down with her to grab the enemy soldier. Asa took a deep breath and closed her eyes, this would either make her life easier- or much worse.

[Mentions] @Versa@GreenGoat@Yankee

Ah, the sight was so wonderful- now was the time to immersed in the wonderful world had finally cometh. It was only a matter of time before Calace was the most recognized healer in all of CacoCon

"Wait a minute, I am overbearingly tired." Calace squeaked out, her voice chirping into a whisper as speaking itself was quite exhausting.

She took a deep breath, her bright purple baubles in each socket investigating the figures around her- absorbing their features and mannerisms as well. Some of them had traits that were familiar, others didn't trigger any flags, but that "phrase" was said and it instantly cleared all reservations. Calace took a few steps towards the group that already began intermingling among each other- particularly the gal with animal traits and the red-haired studmuffin. But it was very quickly apparent that even simple steps through the short grass, even with her small lighter features, was such a draining venture that she began to breathe heavily similarly to the white-haired boy on the floor.

"This is- not enjoyable. Would one of you mind carrying me? Preferably whichever of you placed the most points in Endurance." Her face was flushed from that long-ass sentence, she needed to figure out how to raise her stats like- yesterday.

Calace had a very desperate look on her face, a flattened frown with eyes that clearly spelled out "h e l p m e" as well as trembling arms and legs. It was a pitiful sight- laughably so, and were they not acquaintances they'd probably ridicule her. It should have been obvious to them, she basically made the same idealized character in every MMO she played.

"It's [Calace], by the way." She winced at her own introduction, and feigned a cheery gesture with a peace sign over her right eye. Smooth.
My vote is: 1 Discord, 1 Reddit, 1 Video Game/Anime Memes
There is no obvious advantage, naw. You'd have to be a real masochist to have it turned to 100%.


[Mentions] @ERode

"Twll dy din di! Twll ti!" Alys widened her eyes and her jaw dropped wide open as the perspective change swept her up with a case of vertigo. Her knees began to shake, chills ran down her spine- and then the sudden realization that none of this was real brought them back to reality.

It wasn't but moments ago that she was sitting in her comfortable [Elite MadLabX] gaming chair before initializing the game and full-diving her consciousness into the device willingly. The interface was swift- the comfort was second to none- and this startup experience was nothing like Alys had ever seen before. Her heart began to race so much that she began to think that maybe this would be the moment that her high-sodium diet finally caught up to her, and even if it did she twisted that thought into some strange delusion about her consciousness being permanently stuck in this new world. And her feet hadn't even touched the ground yet.

But that didn't matter right now. In this moment, she was away from the world and its infinite problems- Alys traded them all away for the challenges that awaited her here in Cacophony Concord. Why not fully immerse herself?

Quite a sight, no?” A midnight owl donning some fancy-shmancy glasses asked, his question caught the girl completely by surprise- his appearance probably should have given her some form of fright.

"Fuck all, you're an interesting 'un." Alys accent was truly here in all of its flowery glory, the grown woman glanced the creature over with the utmost fascination.

The large spectacle of an avian creature calmly maintained his composure in response to the woman's comment. The creature leaned in for a moment- its plumage rustling as the monstrous head grew closer to Alys to take a closer look. The bright eyes of the owl widened, Alys widened her own as well- it was as if two beings of pure curiosity had just crossed paths. But the guide character would soon break the silence as its voice boomed in the void they stood in once again. “Welcome to Cacophony Concord, I am the 4th Administrative Function, Minerva, in charge of welcoming new players and assisting them through the character creation process.

A screen manifested out of thin air right in front of Alys, equipped with countless sliders and customization options galore- all of which stood next to a stark naked model of her fully scanned self. Alys let out an incomprehensible noise, something like a grunt or perhaps a screech- the sound came from the back of her throat and it seemed to escape without her knowing. Her face loomed closer to the screen as she carefully examined every single detail. It's safe to say that this was an overwhelming amount of options to Alys, but that state of being overwhelmed was fully and happily welcomes.

You may alter your current form however you wish, or we may approximate a model for you based off an image you can upload here. Changes made can be experienced via the ‘Trial’ button, but as a precaution, note that grossly warping your physical form for the purposes of ‘living a meme dream’ may cause intense psychological discomfort afterwards.

The woman's eyes briefly peeled from the customization screen multiple times. The first was at the mention of uploading an image, the second was when the trial button was mentioned, and the last was when the meme dream comment was made. An unladylike chuckle escaped her lungs as her glance returned to the menu, shaking her head at the enjoyable personality this [Administrator] had. Alys slowly guided her hand to the image uploader- and thanked all god she had recently paid an artist she found on Instragram to draw a few renditions of her MMO character. [CalaceFull.jpeg] was selected and quickly the sliders began to adjust themselves to formfit her naked body into the pasty, lavender-haired midget that now appeared.

User Experience options can be altered in-game, but note that once you have selected your appearance and allotted your starting attributes, those are permanently set in place, and can only be altered in…a realistic fashion.” This bit of information greatly peaked the curiosity of Alys. There was also these gameplay related options like pain realism, the style of the action combat, nudity- this game was really hardcore. She bit her lip and felt the slightest bit of pressure. Her arm extended with a hand open to select her options, realism was important for everything, maybe not the graphics- she nonchalantly selected the anime option and moved on to the important stuff. Gore was selected to be turned [on], Pain was set to [100%], Clothing Damage was set to be [on], Nudity Censor was turned [off], Combat Action & Spell Incantations were both set to be [on].

That is all. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Otherwise, enjoy your character creation.” Minerva's concluding words were almost dismissive.

Alys widened her eyes and canted her head left and right as she looked at the administrative bird of dark and edginess. She felt that they were kindred spirits- even if he was some programmed NPC, or if he wasn't. Both of her fingers snapped together before aiming finger guns at the enormous owl and winked a single eye, playfully. "Can ya' alter ma' speech so m'not sounding absolutely bollocks? I'd like Calace ta' sound prim and proper if ya' could." Alys brazenly stared straight at the admin owl, gesturing at the character in a number of ways- some bumps into the air with her elbow, more finger guns, all before placing her hands on her hips awaiting the all-mighty-being's response.
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