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Just finished Soma, and wow, what a bleak ending. Like, jesus.
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Does anyone even read these?


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I can't triforce

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Hey, this still open? I've been looking for an excuse to have a chupacabra and now I have one
Christoph whistled appreciatively as his companions got to work, leveraging their strange abilities and martial talents to blunt the enemy charge. The front was being taken care of by Holgarth and his fellow warriors, while they had more magical indviduals taking care of the back. There was still some concern about the wyverns and their riders, but there weren't too many of them. He was sure that his new friends would have their own methods, and it wasn't like Christoph could do anything about them anyway. All in all, it looked like the situation would resolve itself, even if he just continued to hang back and watch.

So he did. And he waited. And as he did, he slowly got more nervous, like he was forgetting something.

Struck stiff by sudden recollection, Christoph broke into a run.
"Wait, wait, wait, wait..." He muttered worriedly.
His newfound companions were competent, but that was the issue. If he didn't stop them from killing them all, who would they question? They had a task, and they needed knowledge. But at the rate they were going, there wouldn't even be an intact corpse by the end of this.

Christoph skidded to a stop outside of the hornet zone. The strange creature had said they wouldn't hurt him, but it was hard to take its words at face value when he was face-to-face with the obstacle in question. Not to mention that he didn't really want to get close to the butcher shop that their melee-focused friends had going. Christoph circled the combat zone warily, looking for an opportunity. He needed to 'escort' someone out of the danger zone, but he was looking for specific criteria. Someone who wasn't dead, or critically injured, but was wounded enough not to pose a threat to him during the extraction. And they also had to be able to talk. Usually that wouldn't be a problem, but with the hornets buzzing around...

The gambler watched the battle carefully. He was sure that his companions were smart enough to leave some of them alive, but he had to make sure. Besides, he wouldn't mind taking a risk to snag an opportune target. The more they had to work with, the better.
Sorry I got distracted by a real good game, will post tomorrow
Christoph looked around, inspecting his newfound companions(?) with more than a little curiosity. They were an ecclectic bunch, the likes of which even he hadn't ever seen in one place. The perks of being an important prisoner, he supposed. He would love to get to known them, but sadly, now wasn't the time. He regarded the approaching enemies with a raised eyebrow, taking small steps behind Holgarth's hulking frame.
"Whether our king wishes to talk or not, it doesn't seem like our new friends would reciprocate." Christoph said in response to the mage's (likely rhetorical) question.

The dandy quietly began shuffling the cards in his hand. Out of nervousness or excitement, who could say? The barbarian king had told him to pick up a weapon, and undoubtedly, his companions would agree that it was sound advice. But he preferred a hands-free approach, so to speak. And besides, what would Christoph do with a weapon? As he was, he would more likely stab himself than his enemies.
"I wouldn't be averse to attempting it, of course. But communication is a two way affair." He said thoughtfully. "Perhaps, after we... soften them up, they'll be more open to suggestions."
He would do what he could, but he would gift the lion's share of the fighting to his more martially-minded companions. Though if things went wrong, he would always be available to lend a helping hand.
I'm gonna wait for others to post, I think
<Snipped quote by An Outsider>

A mystery.

Ayyy no surname gang 🤝
"I... am..." He rasped from his position on the floor.

He hands grabbed stiffly at empty air as his legs folded in, pushing against the ground and bringing his hips off the floor. Slowly he rose torso first, dragging his head with it like a strange zombie rising from its grave. His chest heaved as he breated deep.
"ALIVE!" He yelled suddenly.

Christoph exhaled in relief and his body immediately relaxed into a sitting position.
"I know the Kingdom's been in a tight spot as of late, but you'd think they could spare their guests better accomodation..." He said, stretching his battered body.
He was bruised all over, most likely from some beating, and his wrists held the telltale marks of manacles. Fortunately he still had a deck of cards, and a pair of dice. For however long their little mission would take, he at least wouldn't be bored. The Warden's words hadn't helped with clarity, and they definitely hadn't helped with his headache. But the fresh air was soothing, and he could feel himself remembering. Remembering his circumstances. His sins...

Christoph couldn't help but smile.

"I'll let it slide seeing as they sent me to this wonderful place..." He muttered to himself, staring at the horizon.
The sun slowly crept down, allowing darkness to slowly creep into the sky. This was his favourite hour, the moment when the bright and monotonous sky dyed itself into a riot of colours, fading into the white-speckled night. Sadly, he wasn't in the mood to watch it right now.
"Say, where are we, anyways?" He said to no one in particular.

He awoke, head pounding like church bells. He could feel himself bruised and battered, and there was a taste of blood in his mouth. The telltale sign of either a good night out, or...

He looked around, drinking in his surroundings. He was standing in a stone room, which was odd. He would usually wake in such rooms sprawled on the floor or curled in a corner, or in some rare cases, tied to a chair. Around him were ominous shadows, surrounding a central even more ominous figure. Some of the shadows made strange sounds as they stirred, roaring like beasts. Well, it looked like his first impression was wrong after all.

It had been a great night out.

Christoph reflexively grasped his fingers, only to find he couldn't move them. Magical restraints, he presumed. He could move his eyes and little else. It was a pity, that he couldn't show the female(?) figure in the center his winning smile. Nevertheless, there were plenty of things he could sense. His expensive clothes were torn and tattered (and he had bought them for so much gold!), but he could still feel a pair of dice poking his side from an inside pocket. His right hand clenched a deck of cards. A pittance of possessions for one of his stature, but he didn't mind so much. Ordinary people would perhaps be fearful being awoken in a strange situation, alone, with no money and unknown enemies. But he wasn't dead, and that was all that really mattered to him. Besides, he wasn't alone.

Maybe it was the orange blur that would pass through the corner of his eyes as he looked around, only to disappear when he wasn't looking. Maybe it was the wiff of brimstone that faded from his senses as soon as he focused on it. Maybe it was the eyes on the joker in his hand, gleeming with malicious intent. It was still here, as always. He knew that It would keep watching him, until the day he died, and probably long after that. He didn't know what it wanted, really, only that it seemed to go to great lengths to wring every moment of amusement it could out of his life. Nevertheless, it usually helped more than it harmed.

Christoph closed his eyes, content with his observations. There was no reason to worry about things outside of his control. His foggy brain couldn't offer any reason as to why he awoke in this situation, but what did it matter? Soon the memories would surface from the haze of memory, or maybe they wouldn't. He didn't really mind. It wasn't the first time he found himself in this state, and it probably wouldn't be the last. Besides, where was the fun in knowing everything?
For my part, I love the fact that you used a picture of the turtle armour dudes from best souls 2
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