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Current Just finished Soma, and wow, what a bleak ending. Like, jesus.
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Does anyone even read these?


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I can't triforce

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It was a very special day in Tempum city. The day of peace, the day of festivities, the day when fathers and brothers returned home, a very happy day. The city had been decorated in kind, bright coloured decorations adorning every building, and there was merriment on every face. It happened every year, of course, but the people enjoyed it all the same, for it was one thing that made their lives worth living. Not that he knew anything about that, but he was enjoying it all the same.

Mougin stood on a street corner, staring at the festive scenery around him with shining eyes. The wanderer had told him of human cities, but he had never imagined that they would be so dazzling. From the smooth and flat ground beneath him, to the humans arrayed in colourful clothes that walked on it, up to the buildings that seemed to pierce the sky, and even higher still, to the brilliant explosions of colour that scattered light across the heavens. It was pure magic to the young beast-man, and it utterly mesmerised him. He felt as if he could simply look at it all forever...

Suddenly, he felt a bump against his lower body. He looked down and saw that a human, holding a bottle with that exuded a strong scent, had bumped into him. The human slowly dragged their gaze upwards, analyzing the massive furry wall that had blocked their path, before meeting Mougin's curious eyes. He saw befuddlement in them, and a hint of annoyance.
"Apologies." He rumbled.
The bulky minotaur moved away from the street corner, displacing other onlookers as he eased himself out of the crowd. Try as he might, it was difficult for someone with such a large frame to not get in the way. And indeed, he had been having quite a lot of trouble - after all, he was in a city built for humans, not beastmen. With that in mind, it was even more amazing that he was not gaining more attention. Some humans gave him a look, but they would usually turn away sooner or later. Indeed, he had even seen other beastmen out in the open, though he had not seen any tribes he was familiar with. It was an amazing city, and so far, it was better than he had ever expected it to be. Mougin wanted nothing more than to point himself in any direction and keep walking until he stopped. However, his stomach disagreed.

It rumbled now, violently, and the minotaur was reminded of why he was here. It had been quite some time since he last ate, and the boat ride had not been kind to him. Mougin opened his hand and 20 golden coins clinked on his palm. The wanderer had told him that these were absolutely necessary to survive in human cities. He was used to bartering for food, but humans did things differently. Since he had bartered for these gold coins from the sea captain, he had some idea of what they were worth, but he was unsure of what he could really buy. Nevertheless, he clenched his hand and began sniffing the air. He turned his head this way and that way, trying to find the most appetizing scent. He caught the familiar scent of fruit coming from a certain direction and headed towards that direction. There were many things catching his eye, but his stomach compelled him, insisting this as the most important task. And Mougin agreed. After all, he would not be able to enjoy Tempum city if he starved to death.
Alright, there we are. I'll try to get a post out today or tomorrow, but probably tomorrow. I'll be a bit busy today.
<Snipped quote by Spin The Wheel>

Yeah, you can make his money 0 for now.

How about I make an NPC character sheet for this guy and say we came over on the boat together? If that sounds good to you, describe this guy to me in a little more detail, specifically in regards to his occupation. How did he afford the boat ride, or was it his boat y'all rode on? I'll handle the rest, assuming you want to go this route.

I think they'd probably have gone their own separate ways. But now that I think about it, the boat thing is pretty important. I'm thinking that bartering for passage with animal skins and/or rare herbs is the most realistoc option.
<Snipped quote by Spin The Wheel>

I like your character a lot, and your writing is easy to read.

There are only a few things that need tweaked. His race would be "Beastfolk: Highland Cow", and his faction would be "Giant Foot Tribe: Bighorn".

I'm going to say his species, on average, lives to be about 125 years old. This explains why he would look young in human form despite being in his late teens. That being said, can you simply put his age down as a number? (E.g. "17")

Also you didn't put any Key Items, which you don't need. However, I could imagine that traveler could have given him a weapon, staff, amulet, or something else if you would like, and it can be a magic item of some sort. I leave that up to you.

Finally, how long would you say it's been since he left Numgam? This will help me with deciding his starting coins.

He's basically fresh off the boat right now, no money to speak of (probably).
Alright, here's what I got so far. Have a look and tell me what you think.

Not sure what kind of power level we're working with in terms of magic, but I tried to err on the weaker side since I'll probably be more of a physical guy.
Cool, will get a character sheet up soonish. Oh, but first, did you want us to start in a particular city or is anywhere fine? I'll be putting my character in a place where humans are regardless.
Oh, now that I think about it, what's the lifespan of beastmen like? I'm thinking about what age my character should be and I'm wondering when a beastman reaches maturity.
I'm pretty interested. Probably going for a giant foot tribe minotaur "philosopher" who's curious about the human world...
"Ah, you caught me!" Germaine said, exaggeratedly feigning defeat. Inwardly, however, he was shocked. To think that thing inside the bundle of rags was a human all this time. Truly surprising.

Less surprising was the financial states of his new companions. With the world being in the state it was in, prosperity was pretty far from the grasp of most people. Not to mention the fact that people who sought work weren't usually those with lots of coin. Privileges of a freelancer, he supposed. Unfortunately for this strangely varied group of freelancing adventurers, the guards wanted that very coin that they most likely lacked. And they were likely expecting more than what had appeared. Expectations are poison to the mind, his mother always used to say, and they would only lead you to ruin. Germaine doubted these orcs would appreciate her wisdom, but he could use their expectations to his advantage.

"Here is my purse, good fellows." He announced, grandly revealing a coinpurse from within his sleeve. "But I doubt you would be happy with this amount. So here."
One hand held a coinpurse while the other fished around inside his jacket, soon emerging to reveal another fat-looking coinpurse. Holding both pouches int he air, Germaine took a step forward before quickly stopping.
"Ah, but wait, my companions have not paid their dues yet, have they? Please wait a moment."
Moving both pouches in one hand, Germaine rummaged through his jacket pocket and then his pants pockets, producing yet another purse each time.
"For the lovely lady and the... verbose older gentleman." He explained, smiling. "And while we're here..."
Germaine turned around and performed a quick count before returning his hand to his pockets, turning over a few more pouches.
"This should cover everyone, no? I'll entrust these to you, dear guards, so please don't be to harsh to my friends here..."

Finally, craddling a pile of pouches in his arms, he began to walk forward. But, suddenly, he tripped, sending the pouches flying. One of them split open, spilling its contents onto the muddy ground. What emerged were white pebbles, seemingly shining in contrast with the brown mud, though they were nonetheless a far cry from the golden coins traded in the realm. But, in the eyes of the guards, those stark white pebbles glittered like gold, looking for all the world like the treasure they so desired.
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