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Current Fern's a bust! Go to Plan Ivy! Ivy!
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I'm an alien from outer space, and my mission: to enslave the human race. So I have to ask, what did you people do? Who did you piss off?
22 days ago
O-tanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu Miyazaki-san!
29 days ago
Carole and Tuesday seems to take place in the same 'verse as Cowboy Bebop, Mars is just more developed. And like Bebop, some good music.
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There's that moment you realize the only ones who takes psychology classes are trying to figure out what's wrong with them. Which makes psychiatrists look like seriously troubled individuals.


I am a seven-foot tall minecraft-playing hindu guru drag-queen alien.

Pronouns: It. What is it? What does it want? Why is it here? Oh my god, it's got my....

Likes: World Domination, Writing, Rpg, scifi/fantasy, anime, sketchup 3d models, and anime music videos.

Companions: a host of characters from other games, my personal muse Penny (as in Bad), and the Badger gang - Toothpick, Buttons, Shark, and Mongo. They grew up in the balcony of an old theatre that played a lot of gangster movies. Normally benign, but may invade the OOC forums.

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Greetings and salutations. Hopefully we keep you a little longer this time.
Probably too late with all those great entries, but I thought I'd try.

In Dr.Crandall's defense, he sees fear as an awareness of what's going on around you, of intelligence. He can work with that. But he may also be a sociopath. It's not an easy job and someone's got to do it.
Suddenly I'm really glad I'm an orangutan. Run sheep, run!

At least no cases of tinned or microwavable single-serving Haggis. Although seen those little bubble packs or condiment for the "gravy" would have been fun.
Will we be inflicted with kilts and bagpipes?
Will there be haggis?
Will there be whiskey?

We can only wait and see.
J'eon the Blacksmith

It happened between the beats of his heart, the pain was there - and then it was not.

"What... is this?" he marveled as he felt the bones knitting together, re-forged whole again.

"My lady, this humble blacksmith thanks you," he says to Kaqir, bowing his head when she's finished.

"I offer my thanks to you two, as well," he adds, climbing carefully down from his cart to stand on his own feet to face Kareet and Shirik, placing his right arm on his broad chest as a salute. "I...."

Kareet, who had been paying Kaqir, was now looking past her, at... What was that?

"My friend, is this your work?" he asks Shirik just before the loudest clap of thunder peeled over the village and beyond.

"Sky stone?" he wondered. It was big - was a mountain of sky stone about to hit this village?

Jack Mallory, X.O.

"Captain! We were too deep in the gravity well, I don't think we cleared atmosphere," Jack reported, training kicking in as he began reading his panel. "We must have hugged the Earth during that jump! Radar shows we're above some rough terrain...."

The radio was eerily silent, just the faint hiss of the universe in his ears.

"Captain, we've lost comms!" the executive officer reported, checking and rechecking the panel. "No... wait... this doesn't make sense! Radio is working, but nobody's talking out there? Did the pulse of the jump knock everyone off the air?"

Without GPS, they'd have to do terrain mapping and hope they'd get a match from the AI...
<Snipped quote by Expendable>

Karma is accepted. You can move her to the character tab :)

Okay, I tweaked the sheet for better readability, and I've posted to the IC.
It was incredible that for the fourteen years since her surgery, her abdomen still ached. Today wasn't quite as bad, so Karma was glad she hadn't taken a sip of moonshine that morning to dull it further. The smell would definitely carry in such a small room, and it wouldn't look good for their new engineer to be pegged as a raging alcoholic.

There were only a few seats on the bridge, which Karma didn't mind as it was safer to stand with your back against a wall, but gritting her teeth made her face look tense and angry, especially with all the scars on it. It didn't help that so many had punched it in prison, for one reason or another. She was glad that nobody here had tried it - yet.

Still, in the rush to move aboard the Dauntless, she wish she'd grabbed a few things. A mug for herself. The shop that had the carpet also had bioplastic multitools, and one did transform into a cup - but it was also a brush, and she didn't think she'd like to brush her hair with whatever she'd been drinking. Or how long it might last with her homemade brew, once her current supply was out. Tea would be nice, something fruity or flowery instead of all the black tea. A flask or even a bottle of gentle pain killers.

A bottle of meds that MaMa or some other prisoner wouldn't immediately whisk away after knocking her down, even after "learning her lesson." And you couldn't go back to the docs and tell them the bottle was stolen, they'd just nod, not believing or just not caring, saying she'd have to pay for more. And mark you down as "drug seeking". Her eyes shifted to Dar, wondering what he'd charge her for services? It was bad enough she didn't understand what the male was saying half the time.

They seemed friendly enough, but after her time in the prison work camp, she was leery of receiving favors - you never knew how someone might want it paid back. After all, it was a favor that landed her in prison.

She raised her head - and realized they were all looking at her.
Oh god....

"Uh," she managed, swallowing, "Wh... whatever you want to do."

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