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Current I'm sorry, you've reached his personal secretary, Department of Shrubbery, Floor 64, Desk 1024. How can we help you today?
4 mos ago
Or buy a van or a used rental truck. Something nobody would look twice at. You can put in a rack for the rope, duct tape, plastic sheeting, shovels....
4 mos ago
Never trust a car salesman - especially a used car salesman. Have a buddy park across the street and see how many stuffed body bags you can shove in there. Gotta have room for plastic sheeting, etc.
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5 mos ago
Neil Gaiman wrote in his Good Omens bio that he likes it when fans send him $50. (He read Terry Pratchett's bio and figured it wouldn't hurt.)
5 mos ago
"Hack the planet!" is the movie Hackers playing with a teenaged Laura Croft and Sherlock Holmes battling the skateboarding Fisher Stevens?


I am a seven-foot tall minecraft-playing hindu guru drag-queen alien.

Possessor of an Ancient Device™ Model 17. No, I don't know what it does. No, you can't play with it.

Pronouns: It. As in: "What is it? What does it want? Why is it here? Oh my god, it's got my... <insert random body part or object here>"

Likes: World Domination, Writing, Rpg, scifi/fantasy, anime, sketchup 3d models, and anime music videos.

Companions: a host of characters from other games, my personal muse Penny (as in Bad), and the Badger gang - Toothpick, Buttons, Shark, and Mongo. They grew up in the balcony of an old theatre that played a lot of gangster movies. Normally benign, but may invade the OOC forums.

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"Do you think you can do that?"

What a weird diagnostic test. Was this supposed to be a field check?

Pulling out a cord from one of her secure ports, Niner connected to the terminal, and dove in, her focus on gaining access. The system was older, unpatched in ages, unable to put up much of a fight against her skills to hack into more powerful systems than this.

Niner would have smiled, if she knew what a smile was.

The file, however, proved to be a greater challenge. It was corrupted, fragmented. Without the processing power of the other braincells, it would be difficult to recover the file quickly. Especially with the encryption. It felt it was a set of recordings recovered from a backup.

"Did this come from a dead drop?" she asked, pulling herself just enough outside to glance back at Dex, her face still bland. "This file is too corrupted to be read at this time. Without the other braincells, I will need time to process the recovery of the data."

"My memories of my time on the Farm are indexed," she added, tilting her head slightly, "And many of my memories from the Nursery from before I was decanted and afterward. May I ask what you wish to show me?"

Hack the terminal, difficulty zero, Fantastic result +6.
Memory Recovery, difficulty 2, Fair result +2.


"What's your name? What do you remember?"

Name. Name? A frown so faint that it might have been imagined teased the left corner of her mouth. Was this a diagnostic check?

"My designation is niner-six-wun-six-niner," Niner replies, looking up at Dex. "The Brain was to penetrate the security of target Alpha-Zero-Wun-Ait-Tree without triggering the Black Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics, and this cell was to extract file Bravo-Zulu-zero-zero-zero-wun. Extraction was at fow-er-too percent when I was removed offline. Without extraction, the intrusion countermeasure electronics would have come back on line within too-wun seconds."

Niner tilted her head.
"I do not hear the Brain, I do not hear the cells.... Why?" her voice wobbled for a moment. "Why am I offline?"

Jase the Assassin (Mosslit Crew)

??? — ??? Forest

As the giant bird lurched into motion, Jase desperately tried to cling to the beast, but was flung off. Fortunately, he managed to hold onto his blade, now bloody from the bird.

The landing knocked the air out of his lungs. Jase struggled silently for a moment, black dots filling his vision when he managed to draw in a small gasp of air. Exhaling, he was able to draw in lungs full, then launched into a coughing jag. As it passed, he laid there, focused for the moment on himself, on breathing.

He was definitely too old for this, no matter how young he looked on the outside now.

Jase fumbled for a moment, then managed to push himself upright. "Where's... our knight?" he managed to wheeze, not seeing her or the bird.

...The bird had her, he reaized. Somebody really wanted them to walk into the woods. But he wasn't going to do much with just this blade.

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Added California to the list.


My writing sample is from a story I wrote a while back. Still working out some of this. Do you recommend an artist?
@Expendable Does this town have a name? And do you have an idea of where it is?

Ruin City is its current name. It's in what used to be Nevada, but it's northwest of Las Vegas. Could be Carson, could be Reno, or some unincorporated town that isn't on most maps. The shakes did a lot of damage to roads and road signs - the city itself may have shifted somewhat. It's been a long while since anyone said the original name.

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