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Current Instead of "Long Term", try "From Here to Eternity" - bring up the expectations a notch.
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Cthulhu was an early adopter. Sorta explains a lot.
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Perhaps it's because you start with, "Hi! We've been trying to reach you about your vehicle's extended warranty...!"
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Sometimes I like listening to this - it's ambient music, no words -…
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If you can't do good, better do bad well -


I am a seven-foot tall minecraft-playing hindu guru drag-queen alien.

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J'eon the Blacksmith

Back at his cart, J'eon scratched his chin, taking in the sight of Silbermine's men passing out bread.

"Fool," the Glen blacksmith states, dropping the large sucker limb on the cart and heading towards the group. "Is this how you now try to win hearts?"

Jack Mallory, X.O.

"Edwards, please maintain overwatch, try not to expose your position," Jack asked, well aware of how silly it was to ask a professional like him that. "Let me know if you spot others."

He frowns. It was possible that group was just hunters - but aside from their curiousity, why would they be moving towards them?

There was nothing else for it. Gritting his teeth, he punched up Dr. Ibarra's device.

"Doctor," he said. "We have some Tekeri hunters up the slope, moving towards the ship. Please relay that to Castigator Nellara, so that she's aware."

"Woden, please blink the ship's exterior lights three times, please, wait a minute, and repeat for the next fifteen minutes..?"

Three should signal people to return to the ship - however, they would probably want to stay out there, past their filter time.

"Let's hope they're friendly," he sighs.

Rizx glances down at her fingers, rubbing her right hand on her top. She'd tried to pick the lock for her cuff once, but it bit her. Still she felt an ache in her fingers, like the shadow of an itch.

"Hide us in wagons, we no see way. We no see how far, or see water. We leave, we no know road. Meybe do big circle? Supply wagon waits when we all in mines," Rizx sighs, "No one see it. But big people glah, no hold back."

She raises her head, holding each of there eyes for a long moment.

"When go, cuff guards, cuff chief, no cry help. Take sword, take horse. Find wagon, food, water," Rizx added, then took a nibble of her bread. "Time gift. Cannot spend much."

Rizx smiled, remembering the joey in his painted face to said that. She glanced up, wondering if they understood her? Big people always rushing, barely hearing, barely seeing. Always looking down at her.

But even if they got out of the mines, could they find the wagon? If this was forest, wagon would be easy to find. But all around them was stone, she couldn't be sure of right direction. They would not last long without water or shelter. Or if the guards found them first.

"...I know you would be sorry, if you weren't so very dead," Rizx sang under her breath, "But you never listened to a word I said."

She scooped up a spoonful of broth and a cube that might have been potato, glistening with a thin glaze of meat fat, and shoveled it into her mouth, chewing. It was pretty dismal, even by her tribe's standards. The gatherers would bring in wild onion and herbs - something, she admitted, was very hard to find around here. Even some salt would be an improvement.

Taking her chunk of bread, she dipped it into the soup to soften it, then started chewing on it, her eyes flitting back and forth.

"They all... party?" the goblin asked, hiding her mouth behind the bread. But then where was there to go?
@Expendable my apologies, I've been traveling and forgot to respond! I'll look at this and let you know what I think. Thank you!

Edit: I read your CS. I wasn't going to have racism be a part of the roleplay, but maybe goblins have had less contact with humans and so are considered less "civilized?" What do you think?

That isn't any reason to deny your CS though; it is approves! I'll send you a link to the Discord server.

S'ok, I just returned from my own trip.

Sorry, it's just in most fantasy games, the goblins are one of the monsters. And no, there's not a lot of contact between goblins and the other races. Most of other races are too big, too loud, and never introduce themselves properly.
"Can you listen to what's being said down there?" Jack asked Wodan. "I hate being stuck in here waiting for someone to let me know what Silbermine wants."

<Snipped quote by Expendable>

I'm kinda confused, though I admit that could be from all the CSes I've been reading. Why is her magic sealed and how did a random mage make a dark elf baby from two humans? That could be an iffy thing due to some of stuff for the royals I have planned.

The dark elf enchantress cast the spell on the prince to make him think she was his bride. The enchantress is the one who gave birth to Cailin.

Her magic is sealed because she's a dark elf who's been raised by a wizard, and they don't want to take any chances (nor did he). Perhaps they think she's an assassin? Or possibly another dark elf prisoner managed to remove their seal and left behind a trail of corpses? There's always the possibility it's there to prevent her being removed from her intended prison by magic? Not a lot of trust in the kingdoms for Dark Elves.

I don't want to mess up your royals, so what if she's from a nearby kingdom (not necessarily next door) and the guards (perhaps bribed by a court official) brought her to this kingom's prison mine to make some extra money? Your kingdom has a port, yes?

Or if you like, I can swap her out for a goblin rogue, formerly a member of a circus that was forced to close when a lord bought up all the debts and foreclosed on them. He was after the ringmaster's young daughter, but she managed to escape. The lord accused the circus people as trying to conspire against him, and they all got locked up, and the goblin got sent to the mines?

And no, he would not have sent the ringmaster's young daughter to the mines.
@Zapdos - for your consideration.

J'eon the Blacksmith

J'eon eyed the tree before him, then carefully knocked.
"If you're awake," he rumbled, "And aware of me, I come for a branch."

Getting no response, the blacksmith took hold of a stout sucker limb growing from the tree's base and chopped it off in one blow.

The tree... did not react. J'eon sighs in relief, then pricked one of his digits, pressing the small bead of blood into the fresh cut wood.

"I thank you for this sacrifice."

Picking up the newly chopped limb, J'eon began to decend towards the encampment below.

"Ah," he sighs when he sees a small troop of Glen approaching from the other side. "What brings him out...?"

Jack Mallory, X.O.

"Silbermine's approaching?" Jack demanded, the cameras swiveling around to capture the Glen lordling with his escorts.

"Wodan, please check to see if there are more Glen coming this way?"
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