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Was hardly going to just keep walking Iveus thinks to himself at the soldier's cry, a massacre like this is not something you just ignore, and this road wasn't meant to be particularly dangerous. It all makes sense when the soldier mentions the twisted song, the Maestro's minions are active already, he'd known it was only a matter of time of course, he wouldn't have The Tome if it wasn't.

"Don't you worry about Koi, I'll handle it." He doubts the poor fellow actually heard, but no harm in offering a little hope. Iveus right hand goes to the large belt pouch with the Tome within, pulling it out even as he starts walking down the road to Koi and a brisk walk.

Koi won't fall like these soldiers did, because he'll be there.

I think I finally have my character!

This looks interesting.
I'm currently thinking of a scholarly wizard, someone who has studied the history of the world, seeking the truth behind the old myths like the tales of the Fated Heroes. How does that sound?
I'd be interested, if there's still room.
Daniel and those with him finally reached the infirmary, outside it's not much to look at, the wide double doors almost blending into the wall, though a glowing sign above them made them hard to miss (probably a legal requirement, it certainly looked a little out of place), Daniel pressed a button by the doors that sent them swinging open.
The interior was much like any other ships infirmary, very white, carts and stretchers held in place by some mechanism on the floors, a few machines that probably do something important (not that Daniel could guess what) and a doorway leading further back, though an arrow pointing left is all that's visible beyond the threshold. What was noticeably missing was whoever normally manned the front desk, in fact when the sound of footsteps faded, it was oddly silent within.
"I suppose the staff might have evacuated when the speakers said to, no reason to stay if there's no patients, but you'd think one of them would have made it here before us."
While Daniel muses aloud, Alakazam deposits Ace on one of the stretchers.
"Anyone know what to do now? My medical knowledge extends no further than spraying Full Restores on my team."
Typing up my idea for a description of the Infrimary, but I'm not sure whether to have anyone staffing it.
What does everyone else think?
One of those waterparks with fancy slides, except they're all transparent barriers held up by Mr. Mimes.
Maybe I should pick a color I think fdc68a is available
Daniel doesn't break his stride as he replies "The infirmary, a masked man set his Mr. Rime on him before vanishing when it suddenly became daytime. He froze the pool with an Avalugg too, though that one I took down, guy might have been an ice specialist or something. You're staff right? What's going on here and where are we?."
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