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Terrifying Forest

Vrelenor clambers up the slope, he has to resort to using the butt of his staff as a makeshift alpenstock (not that he knows that's the word for it) a few times, but he makes it up.

At Jase's comment he briefly gives a confused look before replying a little irritably, it's not these guys' fault, but recent events had rather soured his cheerful mood, "I thought we agreed to search the cave, rather than futilely searching for a beast we can neither catch nor fight, it was your idea in fact."
He heads for the entrance, "Come on, there must be something here, if nothing else that water was probably drinkable." He walks slowly, carefully looking over the walls as he does. He's not really sure what they're expecting, but it beats thinking about the giant metal bird, getting killed by one flying metal disaster is enough for him.

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Terrifying Forest

Jase's argument makes sense to Vrelenor, he's not sure how useful spotting the bird when it leaves its nest would be, but given that he'd rather not meet the bird again, that's hardly a problem.
He's pretty sure he'd mentioned trying the flute before, but really doesn't want to argue with what seem to be the only two people he seems to be sharing this world with. Maybe this is some sort of post apocalyptic setting, it'd explain the lack of people.

He nods to Jase while he replies "That sounds like a reasonable idea, that cave was so weird, we definitely missed something, plus it had water that's not guarded by man eating metal birds. I'll help search, the darkness didn't seem to affect me as much."

He turns to head back the way they came, then stops and grabs Javal's polearm, holding it out to the man "Wouldn't want to leave without that."

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Terrifying Forest

Vrelenor was internally panicking a bit, the only living thing they'd seen since arriving here is apparently so completely beyond them that his magic did literally nothing (does ice magic just suck and his only advantage is useless or is it just that OP?), and the other guys only manged to mildly annoy it. So not fair. At least it didn't take him, and knight lady didn't seem to like him anyway.
And oh no, halberd guy has dropped his weapon and started climbing a cliff, does he want to get eaten, they need a better suggestion. It'd be nice to help knightlady, even if she wasn't particularly friendly, but they couldn't do anything to the bird when it was flying close enough to actually hit, so she's screwed.

"Don't throw your halberd away, there might be other, less invulnerable creatures, or you could use it to chop wood!" That's it, humour is an excellent and healthy response to adversity, don't acknowledge the trauma, mock it!

"Maybe if we go into the forest it'll lose us in the trees, the canopy looked pretty obscuring from the cliff when we tried to see into them, or at least they might be close enough together to slow it down. Better lost than eaten."

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Interesting, a pyromantically inscribed sigil to the old gods serving as both lock and concealment, an appropriated cult hideaway, or does this man's magic extend beyond violence? He dismounts and follows Ricon within.
Viktor smiles openly as they enter, it would seem despite the dramatics and outdated assessments, the madman has delivered after all. And quite the cache it is, all this wealth feels like home, at the sight of the throne he conceals a grimace, he should be sitting on one of those.
Still, he controls himself well, maintaining the smile and helping himself to the offered bribe, not the most subtle means of ingratiating oneself, yet who would turn it down, noting that there's every chance those other caches are just as intact.

"Oh very good, quite the lock you've got there, and a hoard to match." It might pay to seem impressed, show the bribe working, always smart to mix in a little flattery when dealing with the more dramatic and unstable demons, no doubt this man is the same.

He grabs himself a nice rapier, he's a competent fencer, though it's really more about appearing openly armed when they inevitably deal with the locals, better to keep the magic a surprise. A pity there's no fine clothes, then again with how outdated Ricon's information was, they'd likely be out of fashion anyway.
Next is the coins, gemstones and jewelery, nothing wtih clear engravings, that should have him covered for bribes. Finally he grabs a few handfuls of thin silver necklaces, not as good as powder, but in the circumstances, they'll work.

That was a rather remarkable replication of his own tone from the screaming undead girl, it's fortunate his own magic makes little use of the spoken word, perhaps the creature cannot truly speak, merely copy, truly a strange limitation, when time is less of the essence he shall have to barter some information on obscure forms of undead from Izgath. His musings are interrupted by the swaggering newcomer.

The newcomer spins a good tale, in other circumstances even Viktor himself may not have questioned it, but there's no way she just happened to be far enough away not participate, Viktor is certain the Warden put them exactly where she intended, that creature is certainly powerful enough. Likely the reavers and patrol were both intended as either tests or opportunities. So, did the Warden give this woman some secret extra task or was she simply unwilling to join in, and more importantly why? Oh well, none of these people can be trusted, but then again, it's unlikely any of them could possibly outwit him.

You'd think betraying his congregation would have made the priest less pious, still he at least he voted for the correct option.

Viktor looks down upon the others (well other than the giantesses) from his horse and speaks loudly "It would seem our destination is set and we can't afford to linger, so lead on Ricon."
In retrospect, I wish I'd decided on playing a character. I miss engaging with your guys, doing dialogue, and stuff like that. Being a once-in-a-week narrator really isn't too much fun -_-

It's probably not too late, I'm sure you could think of a reason for them not to have done much yet.

Viktor returns the necromancer's nod as he finishes animating his knights.
Quite the interesting spell there, though with the need for the original soul, not one he could see himself using even if he learned it.
The conversation is certainly informative, it seems these individuals think their god awaits them in death, perhaps that's how this god-king is so powerful, a whole nation worth of souls is a great deal of power.

He then replies to the pyromancer, "Oh they'll last as long as wish them to, it's surprisingly easy to preserve animate bone."

The reanimated wyvern gives him an idea actually, it won't be nearly as swift or comfortable as his palfrey, but he is not walking for five days like some peasant.
It takes a moment to find a sufficiently intact horse, and perhaps more importantly, one with a still functional saddle, but once he does it turns out to be little different than animating men, he has his knights tighten the straps aroudn the creature's bone, then they kneel as a makeshift platform and he climbs aboard his skeletal steed.

"We'd best be gone soon then, and if it's going to take days of travel, we should check Ricon's cache first, I doubt we'll have chance to return."

It's a gamble, the man's information is outdated, but these soldiers carried little of value and the locals will no doubt be far more helpful with a little bribery, Viktor knows well how much one can convince the lower classes to accept with the clink of coin.

Metal Bird Forest

Ah, it seems just putting 1 point in dex isn't enough to hit a flying target, unfortunate that, once they handle this, and Vrelenor isn't actually acknowledging the idea that they could fail, he really needs to figure out what those numbers are worth.

Now though he acts. Before the beast can get out of reach he thrusts his staff forward, a jet of cold air rushing from the tip as he unleashes the magic he'd been building up, he aims for the base of the creature's right wing and a layer of rigid ice forms around it. He also notices himself starting to feel a little weak, there's no obvious mana bar, but he's clearly starting to run low.

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Metal Bird Forest

"If you insist!"
As the metal bird closes in Vrelenor does in fact shoot it, he aims his staff swifts and fires a trio of ice-javelins, towards the creature's head, time to see how well ice magic handles armour! "If you insist!"
Despite the danger he's a little excited, he'd have preferred something less dangerous looking, but what sort of fantasy adventure doesn't involve heroes gloriously slaying monsters, plus he really wants that xp.
As the projectiles close the distance he gathers more magic, cold air gathering around the tip of his staff, if the projectiles don't work, maybe he can try cold instead of ice, sap the thing's body heat, but the same way he knows how to do magic at all, he knows that that'll have to wait until it's closer.

@Crusader Lord @Expendable @Crimson Paladin

Viktor places a confident smile upon his face, despite the coward's dramatic exclamation of doom, he'd already gained much from that fight in knowledge and souls, but the bounty is far from spent.

"Oh I wouldn't expect anyone to disturb us quite so imminently, if anyone did see that light, they'll be a long ride from here, I expect those corpses were the most mobile force in the area."

With that he approaches their former enemies. "We need supplies and we'll be all the quicker claiming them with more labour."
First and simplest are the flayed skeletons of the reavers he slew, their equipment wasn't impressive even before the slaughter, but they're large and strong. With practiced expertise he moves his dagger, carving a small rune into an empty spot near the back of each skull, then holds his hands out, a faint light enveloping their forms. They jerk, red light glowing in empty eye sockets, then grasp their fallen weapons and kneel before him like men-at-arms before their lord.

He then approaches a few Sulfreyans, picking those with the most intact corpses, these he strips of flesh with the same flaying spell he used earlier, indeed this why he originally chose it. He begins the process of carving runes while others talk.
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