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9 mos ago
Current Arguing over petty details at times of dimensional emergency was a familiar wizardly trait.
9 mos ago
It's my birthday! I wish you all an excellent day!
10 mos ago
A wizard never had friends, at least not friends who were wizards. It needed a different word. Ah yes, that was it. Enemies. But a very different class of enemies. Gentlemen.
10 mos ago
It takes more than a bit of magic and someone being blown to smoke in front of him to put a wizard off his food.
10 mos ago
A wizard without a hat was just a sad man with a suspicious taste in clothes.


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@Lurking Shadow I don't think you should wait, I think you should post. It's been two weeks.
It's been a while since some of you posted. Can I help you in any way?
I'm going to have to put a pin in this for now. There's too much going on IRL, so I have to focus on one game at a time, and I'm already GMing one. Thanks for the interest shown, and sorry!

As the Dust Settles...

Before long, the battle turns into a slaughter as the Sulfreyan knights become disorganized and disheartened by the loss of their leader and the overpowering force of your assault. The few who try to get away meet their end in the poisonous miasm, their final weakened cries of despair drowned out by the ominous vapors. As the spell ends and the air clears, you stand victorious and alone on the steppe. Around you are the corpses and cadavers of some four score men and beasts in varying states of destruction. Once more, all is silent but for the gentle rustling of the wind as it softly caresses the fields of grass stretching out in every direction.

The sun is setting, slowly descending behind the Spine far to the west. In only an hour or so, night will fall over the plateau, covering the land in darkness. The group has several possibilities, but not much daylight to perform them in. Looting the bodies of the fallen for resources could be a clever move, but could take time on part of there being so many. Arcane solutions regarding the dead seems like an option, too. If one was inclined to make camp and rest before tomorrows march, the thicket to the south could provide shelter. Then again, perhaps speed would be the wisest choice, marching through the night towards the north east - and your fate.

After all, She is waiting...
...and so is He.
@Thunder999999@Abstract Proxy@BigPapaBelial@Lurking Shadow@Chrys@MrSkimobile@Vertigo

How's it going, friends? It's been a week since most of you posted. Almost two weeks for some. Are you still with us?
- Made a mistake, ignore -
@Expendable I see no problem with that :)
@Expendable Hi! And I'm sorry; I must have missed the notification that said you posted! Your character looks great!

How are we all coming along with characters and stories? I'm thinking we should probably move along to a proper game thread soon.
I'm interested! Will come up with a concept for a character and get back to you.

Here's my guy! I'm thinking he's a reverse highwayman of sorts; just travelling about and helping people on the roads in exchange for food, shelter and the occational coin.
@Chrys I'd say he's dead, unless you need him to be otherwise on part of the story.
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