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@Lord Zee @Eyeris I stalk this thread once in awhile, I'd love to play Seatus once again.
I'm here. I made my post shorter because I didn't think it was good being so long, so I cut to the chase. I've had school kicking my behind, with tests and projects the past two days hence the other reason it took so long.
Today was a special day for Thor, for it was the annual tournament. What Thor liked about this day that he declared it “special” was it would be a day of drinking and fighting. If anyone knew Thor on a personal level a good drink and fight were two activities, he couldn’t get enough of. Also he could show off his fighting abilities to his people with the great hammer “Mjolnir” which he sometimes would do in past events whenever he participated. The king wanted to be early to this event, for a fighter should never be late to a fight, and by the seven Thor would fight today. On his way he rode no fancy chariot, carriage or anything to hide himself. The king instead showed his face with pride, riding his mighty white horse that he normally rode into battle. The king can be a show off but he has a reputation that he must keep thus acting in this matter.

Thor was heavily guarded at the event since there was be a downside to this “special” day. He would likely have to deal with the problems between the houses and all the trouble the kings have been starting. But this was nothing compared to the attacks on The Summer Isles, with most of the royal family massacred leaving only one member left. This man's house was planning to come to Marvelos for this event, since he was the new king. This new king came with other men with their ebony colored ships to his shores. Thor was eager to meet this new king and speak to him, as he saw this meeting a far more important matter due to Summer Isles a vital land for resources in order for Marvelos to defend themselves.

There were so many rumors of who was held accountable, he didn’t know what to believe whether it was assassin's other threats responsible for this horrible attack. The worst rumor he could feel in his gut being true House Hydra responsible in the attacks. Thor would find the house or individual responsible and bring them to justice for The Summer Isles and it’s king. Thor was heavily guarded after the massacre occurred, Thor could possibly defeat anyone who would attempt to take his life without guardsmen but the royal council took no chances of Thor endangering himself. But today Thor would try not to dwell on this so much, it was his event thus he should at least try to enjoy himself for today.
:( Oh Gods I'm sorry about my wait I was away most of the day and got home late. Most of my post is done but it's long since it's an intro so I've been making some edits too. I just couldn't get to it because I was away half the day. Once again sorry about this...
I'm still here. I've just been busy with classes this week so I haven't been able to post. I'll post a response on either Friday or Saturday when they're over. Sorry about this again.
There's some parts particularly family members such as Loki and Angela, I made open because I'd like to let the players make their own stories instead of setting things in stone for them. And Thors lightning abilities on Mjolnir will be very limited to be fair with everyone here.
Thor Odinson

"You want me to put the hammer down!?"

~General Information~

Name: King Thor Odinson
Formal Name: Thor Odinson
Other names: Warrior King or Thunder God
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Height: 6’5
Weight: 209 lbs
Allegiance/ House: House Odinson
Place Of Origin: High Rock (Asgard)
Social Class: King (Think that says everything.)
Faith: The Seven.
What does your character desire most?: Thor wants to keep the kingdoms united even if it means blood being shed. Thors going to pick a fight if someone gets in the way of that.
Personal Philosophy: "Better to fight for something than live for nothing."
Notable Equipment & Weaponry:
Thor carries a mighty war hammer named Mjolnir. Mjolnir has the gift to conjure lighting from the skies and use it to strike down his enemies. This is where Thor gets the nickname “Thunder God” because how Mjolnir lets him control the skies during a storm. The hammer answers to him only, defying gravity flying back into his hands thus he’ll never lose it in battle. (Mjolnirs lightning ability will rarely occur to be at fair game with everyone.)

  • Blunt weaponry
  • Hand to hand combat
  • Drinking champion :p

A List of Powers/Spells attributes of your character:

    All powers Thor has come from Mjolnir

  • Conjure lightning
  • Super strength
  • Defy gravity (Can pull Mjolnir back into his hands if it ever flies out from his grasp.)

~Relationship Information~

Relationship Status: Not married
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Partner: None
Father: Odin Borson (Deceased)
Mother: Frigga (Deceased)
Loki (Adopted Brother)
Angela Odinsdottir (Sister but rules beside him as the Queen until Thor is married.)
Pet/s: None
Thor is more of a mix of Borr and Odin. He's the strong and proud warrior as Borr but tries to preserve some wisdom as his father Odin would. But Thor is more of a warrior hence the nickname "Warrior King" or "Thunder God"

Appearance -


For centuries House Odinson has dominated the realm of Marvelos. They’re a powerful house originating from a land beyond the sea. Their place on Marvelos started when Borr the first king would settle and unite the free tribes and become their ruler. His son Odin succeeded the throne becoming the second king of Marvelos. Odin was a wise ruler unlike Borr who was more warlike, bringing a time of peace (minor conflicts but still a peaceful time) to the realm. In his later life Odin married an Asgardian woman named Frigga who became his queen. They had three children their first a daughter Angela and then had a boy named Thor. The third child with a mysterious origin named Loki. This story instead focuses on Thor aside from his family. Thor is now the present ruler of Marvelos and goes by the names of “Warrior King” or “The Thunder God” because of the magic hammer he carries.

Thor’s childhood wasn’t the life of a boyish prince but a mighty warrior. He used to play around with his friends, pretending to fight and do other activities involving fighting. At the age of eight Thor received the gift of a war hammer. The hammer had magical abilities unlike any other weapon. The materials were made from ancient Asgardian steel which is extremely durable in combat. It made him stronger than ever, altering gravity so the hammer would never fall from his grasp during battle. But the most special ability of Mjolnir was it’s power to conjure lightning bolts. Odin wouldn’t pass the hammer yet, since Thor was only a child. His son would have to earn it when he came of age. Odin declared only a warrior who is worthy may carry the hammer, and if Thor trained hard enough he will be the one.

Thor wanted Mjolnir more than anyone in Marvelos. He would leave his home to go into the soldier barracks asking the soldiers and leaders to teach him how to fight. The boy and his obsession in having Mjolnir made him a quick learner, he was becoming a great combatant against other soldiers. On the side Frigga taught his son not to let fighting consume him, teaching him to love and be peaceful. Frigga gave Thor some humanity by teaching him these values. Yet Thor most of the time was a proud warrior and loved to fight. The day had come at age twenty Odin would let him carry Mjolnir.

After Thor achieved his life goal in earning Mjolnir being deemed worthy, he was present alongside his father at meetings between nobles with him. He learned to communicate with the other nobles and help Odin in any way he could. The time had come for Thor to become king of the realm after the passing of Odin. Thor knew he would never be wise as his father yet would do his best to follow in his footsteps. Odin was the peacekeeper of the realm, and his death has brought an end to that peace likely starting major conflicts. Thor must keep the nine kingdoms together and is willing fight and die for that cause. The kingdoms must be united and if anyone interferes Thor will bring the hammer down.
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