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Love, what is it?

Love is to give yourself up to another person so completely

For hope that they will do the same,

But sometimes what you thought was love

Was nothing more than a lie,

And you are left wondering what you did wrong

When it was your lover that destroyed you,

That broke you,

That left you,

Yet you still blame yourself

Because you don’t know what to do but cry,

And cry you do

Until you will yourself to change or be changed,

Good people are never the same

For they never want to be hurt again,

So the process continues

And love is lost.

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Wyn laid upon a sandy beach, arms behind her head, ankles crossed and eyes closed as she basked in the sunlight on a warm breezy day. Who knew killing a lesser being could take so much out of a God? That and she didn’t really have any need to rush. In fact, right after she cleaned herself she had decided to stare at her reflection for a few days. Actually, she didn’t know how long she did but now she had decided to relax before moving on. The Crystalline Expanse called to her, life needed to be seeded there and she had been mulling over many ideas. From animals that reflected light and shined like her shimmering serpents, to creatures made of the crystals. Perhaps she would even make a guardian for the place. Decisions decisions.

For now a nap didn't sound so bad…

"This way Jonah, I-I can smell it!" He grunted as he climbed the craggy hill side. His fingers bleed from the sharp and jagged rocks and his clothes were torn asunder, full of holes and stains. Even his shoes were falling apart but by the will of anything that was holy left in the world, he could smell something fresh. Something that gave him hope and it was only just over the damn hill.

"Careful Erik! We need to be careful! Take things slow!" Jonah called up to him and Erik glanced down. The younger man was in as equal a state as he was. His tattered cloak whipped in the wind and his dirty face peered back up at him with blue eyes hidden in a tangle of unwashed hair. How long had it been since they met? A day? A A month? A year? It was hard to recollect without keeping track of the days. It felt like it was yesterday he arrived at that camp, where he mingled with survivors and how Jonah and he escaped when the monsters came. But now... Now there was a light in the sky and oh how it was glorious! Night came and day came just as his father had been told by his father. Times were changing at last.

Erik looked back up, they were almost there! Just a bit more climbing and they'd reach the top where destiny awaited! He could feel it! "Come on Jonah, we're almost there! Salvation is just on the other side!"

"We've come so far Erik! Past the lands we've been told about, what if there isn't anything there! What if we're just chasing forgotten dreams!" Jonah shouted back up, cussing up a storm as his foot hit something sharp.

"Have some damn faith Jonah! Have I ever steered us wrong!" Erik winced at his own words and dared not look down at Jonah as silence reigned for a time. What had been done to survive had been done with a heavy heart. That's what he told himself… That's what was needed. Jonah would figure that out one day. Or he'd die.

Erik finally reached the top of the ledge with a grunt, breath heavy with exhaustion and fatigue. He extended an arm out for Jonah but the man didn't take it. Instead he pulled himself up and collapsed in a heap next to the ledge breathing heavily. There was a moment that Erik realized how easy it would be to off the man for slighting him over and over for what he had helped with. To put an end to the heated stares and bitter silence. No! What was he thinking… They were so close to being saved! As quickly as the thought came it left Erik feeling shame and guilt. He pushed it down, for now was not the time for that but instead to look towards the future. He turned around and continued on, it was a slight incline but nothing like what they had just done. When he at last crested the hill, he gasped.

“Jonah… Jonah! JONAH! We’re SAVED!” he shouted before his voice broke out into a mad laugh. He fell to his knees but did not care for the pain or the struggles that had gotten them to that point. It no longer mattered… For before him was the colors of paradise. Jonah stopped beside him, the man likewise falling to his knees, mouth open and eyes wide. His lips curved into a smile and tears streamed down his face.

“Y-You were right… That’s… w-water. Water… Oh how I missed you.” he cried, his mirth becoming that of great sadness and longing.

They stayed like that as they rested, taking in the sight of a hope realized.

After a time, Erik finally got to his feet and extended a hand for Jonah. “Probably a day away, if you got it in you.”

The man grinned and took his hand. “Let’s get to it.”

Erik nodded and they were off.

The first thing Jonah did when he got to the beach was run for the water. He was thirsty, so thirsty. Their water had run out just after they reached the peak and now it was a mad dash for refreshment. When he reached the water he fell in and the sensation of being wet for the first time in his life shocked him to the core. It was magical, and amazing and he took a large gulp of water in his mouth reveling in the moment before spitting it out.

It tasted… Salty? If there was one thing he knew about water, it was that they could only drink it without any contamination or risk illness, then a very painful death. He heard Erik coming to his own realization and the two looked at one another.

"W-W-We can boil it right? We can still- we can still salvage this!" Erik decried trudging to the pack he dropped on the beach. Jonah watched him go, anger boiling. He cupped the water between his hands and looked upon it with disdain. This was supposed to be a happy moment… One full of hope and relief. Now… Now they would at least die somewhere pleasant. Erik was frantically searching through his pack for a pot, tossing out old materials and items with little regard for where they ended up.

Jonah clambered to shore and for once, scanned it from where he stood, looking both ways for something… Anything that might save them. Perhaps a freshwater spring…. Or or… What was that?

He squinted and blocked the sun from his eyes as he looked upon a strange pale shape. It almost blended in with the sand but something shiny caught his eye. It sparkled in the reflection of the water. He began to walk towards it as Erik sounded a triumphant yell. He had found a pot.

"Jonah we can drink this I promise!" He said, coming to his side. "Jonah? What are you…" his voice faded. "What is that?" He whispered not long after.

Jonah did not answer and as the two walked closer it became evidant what they were looking at. It was a sleeping girl. A band on her finger sparkled but other then that she was completely naked and by all that was good in the world- She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. It felt wrong just to look at her but he could not pull his eyes away from her. Everything about her was just… Perfect. Too perfect. The wrongness he felt in his heart made it best faster and perhaps the length of three persons did he stop advancing. Erik did not stop however.

Jonah caught his wrist and the man took several seconds to even acknowledge him. When Erik looked back his face was contorted into one of longing and lust. It was a look he knew all too well.

"No!" He hissed quietly. Erik yanked his wrist free and grimaced. "You can't." Jonah followed up.

"I-I…" There was a moment of recognition on his face, one that Jonah also knew. Like he fought himself for what was right, battling demons. Then Erik's faced hardened and Jonah braced himself. "You just want her for yourself don't you!" He whispered with venom. "I see how you look at me. How you've looked at me. You think your better then me don't you?" Don't you! Ever since that day you couldn't control yourself. Why can't I have a little fun before we die?"

Jonah took a step back, bewildered. "What are you… That's not true… It was you who couldn't stop. It was you. W-We need her. She's obviously alive and looks in good shape, she could get us water and food Erik. Please, don't do this."

"Keep her... alive? So that you… So that you could plot against me with an ally! No… No… she's mine. I need this…" he said, taking a knife from his belt.

Jonah's eyes widened and he began to back up further. "Erik… You aren't thinking straight… Stop this. I-I-I don't blame you for what happened… We all have urges but this… I can't let it happen again."

Things seemed to slow down. Jonah opened his mouth to yell but Erik pounced forward. He was too focused on stopping the knife hand and Erik punched him in the throat. He choked on his breath as Erik landed on top of him, putting all of his might into pushing the knife down into his chest. Jonah could feel his arms straining under the pressure. He tried to use his legs for leverage but Erik was a big man and overpowered them with his full weight on top of him. It was over in an instant as Jonah felt a piercing pain and then again and again. He tried to scream but a beefy hand covered his mouth. His life flashed before him, and the sickening feeling of dying gripped his soul. He looked up at Erik with hatred as his body grew weak and his vision went dark…

He was afraid.

Tears streamed down Erik's face as he smeared fresh blood across his face as he wiped them from his eyes. He couldn't let Jonah have her. He couldn't. No matter how much it pained him to lose his friend. But the task was done and now… Now it was time for his prize.

He turned around beginning to unfasten his pants but the woman was gone.

"How barbaric…" A sweet voice rang out from behind him. Instinctively he turned to see the woman standing over Jonah's body. "How indignant. How utterly monstrous…" she looked at him with pale eyes and he felt his heart explode with a fervor. She scowled, "And you're even worse. So... hideous and deformed. To think I wear the bones of such a creature. It makes me sick."


”Then again… You can be improved, can’t you?” She seemed to say to herself as Erik’s thoughts questioned what he had heard. She seemed unphased by Jonah’s death but thought he was… Ugly? ”Ugh.” she said, rubbing the bridge of her nose. ”Your eyes undress me still. Disgusting. But not to worry, creature. I will make you better.” Before Erik could open his mouth to protest, before he could do anything- she was before him in a flash.

Wyn felt the man’s neck snap beneath her fingertips. His body going limp before she let it drop to the sandy floor. She grimaced as she looked at her hand. She had touched a dirty thing and she felt unclean but it would have to wait, wouldn’t it? She had work to do and it would, unfortunately, require more contact. She brought the bodies side by side and then began her beautification.

The man who had been stabbed would be the first. She could still hear a faint heartbeat, but it was of little concern to her. If he survived, he survived, regardless what he became would be different then what he was now. She tore the fabric that he wore off to see what she had to deal with and Wyn became thoroughly repulsed. Very lean, hardly any muscle and his ribs were beginning to show. Plus there was all the stab wounds and the blood. He lifted into the air with a thought and his limbs became outstretched. Wyn stopped the bleeding and sealed the wounds with a thought and then took him down to the water. There, she cleansed him of his filth by having the water wrap around him in a torrent. Just enough to rop the dirt and grime free, not enough to tear and rip.

She summoned the other man and his corpse floated by, clothes disintegrating as they did. He was well built but skinny with lesions and scars all over his body. She repeated the process and when that was done she settled them on the sand and returned to the first man. She laid a hand upon his chest and like the clay she herself had been modeled from, Wyn began to shape the man’s flesh. His skeleton was straightened to have perfect posture, his chest and shoulders were broadened, he was given defined muscles- subtle to the eye but still glamorous. Then she worked upon his face, removed the scars and blemishes, fixed and straightened his nose, lips and brows. She left his eye color alone, as Wyn did like that shade of blue. She then whitened his hair and let it grow thicker and long.

Satisfied with him, she moved onto the other man and redefined him completely. First Wyn stripped him off his manhood, made his skeleton smaller, narrowed the shoulders and made the body shapely. Womanly, like herself, with curves, ample breasts, a lean face with high cheekbones and symmetry. She fixed her broken neck and straightened her spine and removed any sort of diseased skin and blemish. Her eye color was brown, so Wyn changed it to be pale, like her own. Then she made her hair long so that it would fall and reach the middle of her back and like the man, she bleached it of color and it became white.

When this was done and Wyn was satisfied with their work she made their bodies pale in color and despite the sunlights reflection from the water, it would remain pale and never darken. She then clapped her hands and they began to stir.

Slowly but surely did they regard the world around them with wide eyes, sitting up to look at each other and then Wyn.

”Your name is Jonah, do you remember it?” She asked the man. He looked up at her blinking, then looked at his hands.

“I…” He seemed startled by his new voice. It was deeper than before. “I was dead…”

”Dying, not dead. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now. I gave you a second chance. Fixed you. Changed you for the better. Never forget that I, Wyn, am your God. Now and forever.” she said, and then looked at the woman, who avoided her gaze.

”Jonah, the Erik you knew is dead, however. For his crime, his body was changed into that which he lusted over. Her name shall be Vera and she is yours.” Wyn crossed her arms and snapped her fingers. A pile of white cloth sprang up beside them.

”You have but one simple task- breed. Make babies, as the saying goes, I think. I’ll give you one hundred years of perfect health and youth to accomplish this and bring more of humanity, in my image, to life. You will do this in payment of the debt you owe me. Understood?” Wyn said, looking at her nails.

“Goddess, um… That’s great and all but how are we going to survive?” Jonah asked her and when Wyn caught his gaze, he looked away too.

”You tell me, you’re the one who lived in this heap of a land. Don’t you have survival skills? There is a sea behind you with fish and edibles, the river that feeds this water is fresh, go find it or something. Survive and thrive, or die.” Wyn frowned and then rubbed her temple while sighing. ”Fine, I suppose if I want you to live I’ll have to help further.” She snapped her finger and the land behind the beach, sprouted greens and then a large cliff face rose up from the land and from it came the visage of Wyn in her eternal beauty and from her eyes came a stream of tears that fell to the land below. It was not long before a stream of water came rushing past them and into the sea.

”At the base you will find a large lake, go there and populate this land.” Wyn commanded.

“Very well goddess, but if I might ask, why? Why help me, er, us?” Jonah asked as Vera looked off towards the visage of Wyn.

The goddess shrugged, ”I was bored and you were downright hideous. It’s better then death, right?” she then turned to leave but stopped and looked back, ”Oh, one day I have no doubt your descendants will explore the sea. Never set foot upon the island of the sun.” She pointed at the distant glow that hovered over the water. ”You would surely die.” She then departed, off to who knows where.

Jonah watched the goddess leave and then turned to Vera, who was using her finger to draw something in the sand. She sure was pretty and didn’t really remind him of Erik, which was good.

“So… We should probably get a move on.” he said after a few moments of staring.

Vera looked at him and gave a small smile.

"Well I suppose it'll have to do." Wyn crossed her arms as she looked up at the statue of Ze'kelia. "As far as looks go she is neither truly beautiful nor truly ugly. I suppose I'll take the former over the latter. Besides, I wouldn't want to ruin such a budding relationship. Cordial, even if she was a bit too energetic for my tastes." she let out a sigh before biting her lip and muttering, "And she didn't even thank me."

Her eyes found themselves drawn to the trinket Ze'kelia had left her. Such a trivial item with such a simple purpose. The crystal sparkled in the light of the twin suns upon her hand. It captivated her briefly and she tilted her head. "Oh but it does give me an idea, doesn't it? Ze'kelia, my muse, how you treat me so." she said with dramatic flair, putting a hand to her forehead, palm out. She drew out a long sigh and feigned a feint. The goddess then chuckled to herself and with the theatrics over, she flew off back to land, heading north.

She flew close to the sea, dipping her hand in warm waters as she went. Her reflection ever so evident on the surface, threatening to hold her hostage once more. Her image, she knew, would be ever entertwined into this place. Her sea. It needed a name, didn't it? She mulled it over, settling on something that defined what it was at its core.

The Sea of Reflection.

It was not long before the familiar landscape of ruins and dust came into her vision. Even in a place she had not been, it all looked so ugly. Now illuminated by the fledgling suns, it painted the world a dreary place. Still she could hardly believe it, how much had been ruined and in need of change. She came to a halt above where beaches met desolation and eyed the canvas before her. Then Wyn went to work.

The land north west of the sea rippled and underwent great changes. Great swathes of earth rose to form hills and valleys while the instability of the earth caused canyons and ravines to form like giant scars in the land. She broke lines into the river of salt, sending them this way and that through the land. Some fell off into the ravines forming majestic waterfalls and others would come to form pools of their own. She spread seeds of life through those waters, forming phantasmal corals of many colors and that which could thrive upon the salt. They would grow and spread in time as long as the water remained brackish at best. Upon those banks and from the old tree stumps, twisted up from the dirt new brown saplings, rich with color that quickly formed long stalky roots that reached into the waters, bearing flowers of pink upon leaves of white.

As a final touch she summoned great crystals, grandiose and in her paleness, that sprouted across the fledgling land in great spires and outcroppings. Some clear in quality, others opaque with inclusions of minerals and some with veins of gems. Many would glow, others would attract the magic in the air and store it, while some would have secrets waiting to be unlocked. (Wyn, if she knew at all, truly only cared for their appearances.) When the earth shook, it sent splinters falling and where they landed they sprouted into more formations and clusters, sparkling under the light of a new sun. The air was fresh here and the old smells of decay and stagnation were replaced with floral scents most splendid to the senses. While the wind blew through, ringing the crystals with pure notes that filled the air in beautiful harmony.

Knowing that the crystals were her centerpiece, Wyn moved to embellish them further. Upon the earth where nothing but bare dirt lay, she called forth a great blanket for growing things and they came as if they had waited forever for that moment. Shooting up with great leaves and flowers, seeds and fruit, all suited to the environment. Most of the foliage were of pale colors but the further they grew away from the white river, they became deeper shades. Of pinks, purples, reds and violets with crystalline structures throughout- Some even growing like the plants and taking on different shapes.

Likewise, further away the land went from the rivers and streams, it adapted to brackish water and then eventually as it reached a land north of her sea, (and one that Wyn was surprised to see but had no immediate desire to explore), it soaked up fresher waters. Down south of the river, with little precipitation that way, the land would take time to grow and mature.

Wyn would name this immaculate land, the Crystalline Expanse. She was somewhat satisfied with it. She rubbed her temple, as she could not help but feel that something was needed. Something more but she did not have the answer at the time. With a sigh she decided to leave. For now, she would ruminate on the missing pieces as she flew back to the statue of Ze'kelia.

Along the way she seeded plant life in her sea. Great forests of translucent grasses and plants came into being, with the same corals from the river forming reefs and barriers. As she passed islands she bid trees and foliage to come about to form a lush paradise of resplendence. As she neared the statue however, Wyn could see that something was amiss. Some sort of shape, more like a lump, had curled itself around Ze’Kelia’s outstretched hand. She quickened her pace and as she neared her second creation, Wyn became appalled. An unsightly grey beast was basking in the glow of her light as the sun up above faded. It slung itself lazily on the hand, sleeping! Sleeping! With its deformed shape and bulky body with far too many jagged edges and spikes. Was this a monster that Ze’Kelia had wanted her about?

Anger took hold of her and like a thunderclap, she arrived before the creature with terrible vengeance.

”How disgusting.” she scoffed with venom. This seemed to jostle the creature awake and it peered at her with fearsome eyes and brimstone.

It snarled and roared in a fiery as Wyn’s temper. “This is my warmth! I claim it!”

Rage gripped the goddess. ”You dare? You dare!” she boomed. Yet the creature remained defiant.

“I’m not afraid of a welp.” In the blink of an eye, it reared back on its haunches and carried it’s head high as a red glow started in its throat until a torrent of roaring flame shot forth towards Wyn.

But the Goddess was not there. For, within it’s blink, Wyn was at its side and before it could even move it’s great head, the goddess removed its neck from its shoulders with a swing of her arm. The roaring flame exploded at the base of the neck, spraying the pale one in grisly blood before sliding off the hand and off it went, into the sea below with a great splash. Likewise, the head and neck fell down and landed with a splatter at the statue’s feet, leaving Wyn to watch as she dripped with blood, anger still rolling through her.

When she had at last calmed herself, she floated downwards and landed beside the head. She could not allow such a place to be defiled ever again. It was evident then, that if she could not be there always, then a guardian the island must have. She poured the rest of her anger into the creature’s remains and from such grotesque defiance, a jewel was born.

The neck elongated, it’s lackluster scales becoming iridescent as it grew to twice the original length. The snout shortened, it’s horns retracting back into its skin as it became wholly of scales with a diamond shaped head. When the transformation was complete, the creature stirred and opened its pale eyes. It coiled itself and then raised itself high above Wyn, flicking a forked tongue out towards her.

”You are Saxses, the first snake.” Wyn said, floating to be eye level with him. ”Guard this place with your life and turn any to stone who trespass here unwelcome.” she folded her arms.

Saxses flicked his tongue out again and dipped his head in reply. Wyn watched as the giant snake slithered its way to the base of the statue and coiled up for a nap.

”Not even a day old and already tired of it all.” Wyn muttered to herself. Her eyes fell upon the splattered blood at her feet, dark crimson as it dried out. Not wanting to have such a place stained with such a sight she pooled the blood into fist sized gems and set them within each of the five statues that poured salt water. She then did the same up upon the hand and set those around the Ze’kelia’s neck. There were eight gems in total. Five in the statues below and three up above. Upon setting the last one she felt a sensation of anger and roaring flames.

With that done she jumped down into the sea to wash herself of the filth and almost forgot about the creature’s corpse. It’s blood stained the water as it sank to the bottom. Not wishing it to be there, Wyn found another use for it. From the corpse exploded life again but this time it was different. Multitudes of colorful fish came from the blood, chief among them a crimson colored minnow that the other fish hungrily snatched up. Then from the flesh came larger fish still in vast numbers and lithe reptiles suited for swimming, colorful and pale in her image. Then from the bones came long serpents with scales that reflected the light and who shined like the stars she had seen above but smaller. And all was good and beautiful.

Wyn washed herself as she watched the spectacle and realized she had found her answer. The missing piece was this. Living beings, born from her vision and design.

Perhaps the creature’s appearance was- No… It had been ugly. The only praise she would give it was that it had died quickly.

She continued scrubbing herself and felt from the deep the earth quiver. When was that going to stop?

Eternal Beauty

A new river flowed, bathing the broken land in sustenance. It filled cracks with relief, washed away old wounds and soaked up white ash, mixing it with the mud and earth it broke asunder on it’s mighty trek to the beyond. Naturally, the water flowed into old river beds, choked with the bones of the damned, stagnated by the end of all things and at last, set itself beside weathered shores. More dead things lay upon those old beaches, some buried by the oppressive ash, others chewed to pieces by the hungry. Still more, forever locked in the eternal struggle for survival…

The trees had burned to stumps long ago, the plants had been blackened to a crisp, carried away by ferocious winds, while the very air lingered with a sickly sweet scent. Clouds choked the skies, darkening further as time blurred and passed. The ruins of the time before, now but ancient and decrepit, were the silent watchers of an old friend seen anew. One that now lapped at their structures, promising a sweet relief to become something else, something new. They fell willingly into the depths, causing the spray to fly high and the earth to rumble as the water continued on its journey.

That it did, ever on, but something lingered beside the shore as the water calmed. A presence that had been with the river since is conception from the mountain side. It had watched. It had seen. What had it seen while it watched? The thoughts came in flashes. Dust. Rocks. Dead. Dead. Dead. Water. Twisted things. Old ruins. More dead. Skeletal. Mummified. Ugly. The words resounded with it, for such words it had never realized could be. What let it have such thoughts? What was this… this anger? The water began to churn and boil as it began to feel for the first time. More thoughts flashed by, all resulting in one inevitable conclusion- What it saw was ugly. Deformed. A grotesque amalgamation of all things unpleasant. Yes… Yes...

It knew the world it found itself in was so full of ugliness...

The river began to explode with noxious appetite, hissing with steam and bubbling with violence. What was, was changed within that river of death, etched so full with pain. Brimming consciousness, full of disbelief, full of growing anger, full of want, full of… Need. A need to be. A need to change, to make change. It did not understand why everything was so hideous and deformed and appalling and foul and disgusting. Was this what the rest of the world looked like? It became offended at the mere thought that such disarray and ineptitude could be allowed, much less thought of. It could not- Would not be allowed any longer.

Now was the time for change. Beautiful change. Beauty that it would be the catalyst of.

The steam grew thick as the water reached a tempo. Then within the blink of an eye the water stilled, the steam fluttered away and from the silence, a skeleton rose. Risen from the depths of confinement, it outstretched it’s arms as it hovered towards the shore, water dripping off old bone. As it neared the bank, the ground pulsed. Arcs of light danced from its fingertips towards fresh clay, dyed white by the ash. Like a magnet to metal, the clay sped to the skeleton, nay, the frame, which paused, raising its head to the sky. The clay thus formed muscle and sinew as it raced down the arms, forming flesh in its wake. Slender fingers gave way to nimble arms, forming and molding as the clay took shape. It’s torso took a gracile appeal, one of femininity with small breasts and narrow shoulders. A high waist revealed long legs and small feet. From the neck the clay quickly formed a symmetrical face. Oval in shape, with a small nose, soft lips and high cheekbones. Eyes formed closed, still held above as long, curly locks of snowwhite swept past the shoulders. Her form, for she was a she, was divinely beautiful.

Blood turned to ichor and it coursed through her veins as her arms fell to her side and she descended to hover over the wet earth. When she at last looked forward and opened her eyes, they were of the same paleness but alert. Those eyes fell at first to her feet and she wiggled her toes, then to her hands where she flexed her fingers, her eyes growing wide before she at last gazed out upon a broken land and her lips turned from indifference to a frown, eyes narrowing.

She stood apart. A being of change in a world that needed exactly that. She knew not what came before or what brought about such catastrophe but that whatever had caused such problems was undeserving of being remembered. It was her world now and she would make it in her own image.

For she was Wyn and Wyn was beauty. She was a god given form, this she also knew. The one truth of her existence. She flexed her fingers again. This land would grow to eventual quiet soon, where nothing remained but the dark. There would be no salvation for those that remained living in a world that could not provide. It was such a depressing reality but reality nonetheless. Yet the river proved change was already happening. She could feel it in the air and through the earth. There was hope.

Wyn floated up into the sky, high enough to have a good vantage of the surrounding views. Much of it looked the same but it did not have to remain so. She outstretched her hands over the river and with a flick of her wrist, a great crack ripped through the earth, carving a new path. The water rushed through this new path and Wyn acted further. The land trembled beneath her might. It split apart and cracked, groaned and collapsed as the earth shook and a great plume of dust billowed into the sky. The remains of the old were absorbed, washed away and covered by the waters of Wyn. This was not enough. Divinity coursed through her veins, why be afraid to use it?

With but a thought this time she envisioned what she wanted and let it free. A warm breeze wrapped itself up and around her and the Goddess ran her hands through her hair as she let the land know her power. When the land had at last quieted, Wyn flickered her hand, sending the dust and ash away on a great wind, so she could look upon her first work. A great body of water had formed, stretching as far as she could see. A jewel in a dark world. She descended, taking it in. Sandy white beaches had formed, soft to the touch as her feet at last felt the earth. The waters were calm despite the distant sounds of turmoil, and opaque white, with calm waves that kissed her toes with a feeling of warmth. From where she stood she could see that some of the earth around and within, had not fallen and transformed into the earth. In fact, they now stood as breathtaking vistas, meant to overlook the tranquil waters. Or it would.

A sigh escaped her lips, for something was missing. Something vital to truly appreciate the work she had made. She looked up into the sky, for the first time seeing what sat above and found a moon. Had that been there the entire time? She did not know but it did little to give her light, for that was what she needed most. A source so bright it could touch her sea and dazzle the world with its beauty.

That would be her next step. Wyn looked out over the sea, knowing she would return but something caught her eye. There, in the water. She bade the waves to go around her and as the water stilled before the Goddess she saw herself for the first time. She crouched down, fascinated by her appearance, any other thought slowly slipping away as the Goddess of beauty stared at herself for a time.

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