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We stood upon those silver stairs and danced forever to our hearts delight

I asked you a question and one that I would regret,

Your answer only gave my heart great fright

As your wide blue eyes became wet,

It was then I realized that you did not love me

Like I had loved you ever so sweetly,

I tried not to cry as I got up from my knee

And I only watched as you left me completely.

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Revenmar listened quietly as the Nobles and his God spoke to another. He felt he had done his part for the time being, at least for the satisfaction of Emile. The knight took the information and ingested it slowly, with much thought. The only thing he got out of the exchange was that a 'vulp' was in fact a fox. A beast man no doubt, and they were to to travel and meet a band head on before the town became taken over. An interesting predicament, and now one they had no choice but to help with. Revenmar felt himself growing impatient at the thought of battle. He hadn't had a good battle since the beholder and that was more of a slaughter, which didn't really count. He just hoped these foxmen would prove themselves worthy.

After they left, and Revenmar guided Emile through the crowd he found himself in the tavern with the fellows that had guided them to the town. They seemed like alright people but the comment about taking their helmets off made him send a quick glance at Emile before he laughed out loud. The Large knight took off his helmet to relieve the pressure from Emile and exposing his quite normal human face. He beckoned for some wine as well before talking out loud.

"Yes indeed my fine fellows, ol' Emile here is downright ugly! The ladies.. Well lets just say the helmet helps out a lot more then his face ever would. You should try it some time, works wonders, adds to that "mystery" appeal." He finished with a sip. The wine was awful.

Revenmar tried to play cool, but he was quite nervous. He had just insulted one of his Gods, something he should be killed for if anything but he believed it necessary to give some false information to get them thinking about other things then besides his face.

He listened again to the talk about a spy somewhere in the town. An odd thing, a human betraying his own kind? That wasn't a very human thing to do, now was it?

Eventually his train of thought was interrupted by Randy's observation. Much to his surprise, there was indeed a dagger sticking out between two of his plates on the side of his body. He hadn't felt it at all, and whoever had done it had gotten away unfortunately.

He yanked it out with little effort. There was no blood on it, he hadn't even been hurt such an insignificant toothpick. Still, it made him angry.

"No need for a healing spell my good man, it left not but a scratch. I'll be fine. However, if we ever find this spy... I'd like a few words with him." He finished on a darker tone before looking at the others.

His slight mistake got a stare, but that quickly left and Revenmar felt at ease once more. Without much else to say, the three men guided the two foreigners to their town. The trip was less then exciting. It was really much of the same forest only it went on forever and ever. It was beginning to dull on the Knight. He wanted to see something else for a change, but perhaps his prayers would be answered shortly. For not a moment later, the three men guiding them vanished into a rock.

Revenmar was slightly taken-aback by that, unsure of the trickery that it was. It took a long moment for Revenmar to realize that he was looking at an illusion. It did its works well, and he was about to continue on when Lord Carreau stopped him. Was it time for his judgment for his slight? It was quite the opposite actually.

Revenmar listened patiently before responding to Emile. "I shall do as you ask, 'Emile.' Though I feel a certain sort of... wrongness by not addressing you formally, I will try my best not to bring any unwanted attention onto you. This world, it feels different. I can't really explain it but, I'll poke around and see if I have any free time. We should probably go before they suspect something."

With that said, they went into the boulder and for a split second, Revenmar thought he would collide with the thing before walking through it with ease. Before them, after a short walk, was the town. An unwelcoming place called Woodstop. It was a fitting name to be sure, but it felt lacking somehow. They passed through the front gates and Revenmar looked at the guards stationed there. They looked poorly equipped, by his standards at least. Maybe their items were enchanted like his? Better to fool the enemy by getting them to think you weak and unprepared.

Eventually they made their way to a stone building, and met the Lords Ingvar and Niklas. He bowed to each brother, all the while wondering why they were in the hidden town of Woodstop. He would let Lord Carreau, or Emile, talk to these men. He could not trust his tongue just yet, especially around nobility of the land.

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Lady Lenore's words only made Revenmar curious. What did she have to get over? It continued to confuse him, but he said nothing else to Lenore. He was a patient fellow, if she needed him, he would be waiting. If not, well, she was a God after all. After Lord Carreau addressed his niece, the God turned to him and nodded. Revenmar was pleased with himself at that. Next the two of them continued on up ahead, to see this human village up close. How exciting! Revenmar wasn't openly emotional, but the prospect of finding the indigenous population was fascinating to him, he could remember the Creator telling him about the wonders of 'Japan' before he left him behind. If anything, his creator had endowed upon him a sense of longing, to find wonders with his own eyes and take in the new world. It was his will.

The walk forward wasn't anything overly exiting. Lord Carreau, it seemed, was a reserved God. Or perhaps he had his mind on other more important matters to talk. Either way, it didn't bother Revenmar. He just made sure to keep a close eye on the scarce undergrowth of the forest. Trees and trees and trees. That's all there really was, but at least they were somewhat interesting to look at. Full of life and splendor, not like the haunted forests of home. He was incredibly quiet throughout the walk, not just by voice but by body as well. One of the gifts that his creator had given him, was his cape. Blessed with an enchantment of silence, allowing him to walk as silently as a feather falls. Praise be to the creator.

He was beginning to think deeply about his place in the new world when a voice broke the air. He instantly unsheathed his massive sword and held it defensively. He took his place, standing next to Lord Carreau so that he could protect him in a moments notice, as if he needed protection, but it was his sword duty to protect. He followed his God's gaze to the man sitting on top the log. He would let Lord Carreau speak to the man, it was not his place to lead in such an endeavor. He was only a Paladin, not really suited for diplomacy but he would talk if necessary. Lord Carreau paused after introducing himself, and it was time for Revenmar to speak as well. Though he wanted to pronounce himself and Lord Carreau, now was not the time so he would play along. A question struck him though, why did Lord Carreau refer to himself as Emile? That was.. Strange to Revenmar but he pushed the though aside for now.

He spoke flatly and with little emotion, "Name's Revenmar, mercenary as well."

The conversation between 'Emile' and the man continued on for awhile and Revenmar began to feel any sort of hostility die down. He sheathed his sword when the two men came out of hiding in good faith. So, Lord Carreau and Revenmar were to be mercenaries looking for work. That profession wouldn't have been one that he would have went with, especially with their armor but it was over and done with now.

As the men invited them to the village for rest and food, Lord Carreau glanced as Revenmar as if waiting for him to say something. Should they accept the invitation? They did want to scout out the village anyways. The only problem was that Lord Carreau wasn't exactly human and if he took off that helmet there would be a lot of distrust, perhaps even conflict. Was it worth the risk?

"Might as well, Lo-" Revenmar quickly caught himself from saying Lord and coughed before continuing. "Sir. Could use some hot food right about now."

Hopefully his slight wasn't to obvious, it was difficult to refer to one of his God's in such a lowly term. He hoped he would be forgiven by the Creator.

As he stood and waited for Lord Carreau's answer, Revenmar quietly wondered what a "Vulp" actually was.
"I am yours to command, my lord." Revenmar stated to Emile before they began their journey.


Revenmar followed the group of his choosing. Grateful that they had decided to let him follow them on their journey. The towering knight walked behind his Gods, occasionally glancing behind to make sure they weren't being followed. Was it paranoia that compelled him to do this or something else entirely? Perhaps his instincts to protect his Gods? Or was it personal choice? Yes... maybe it was his choice to look behind them to make sure they weren't being followed. They certainly didn't tell him to do it, but Revenmar still felt a sense of pride swell up inside him. He wanted to do it, that was good. The small freedom was precious to him.

As the hours went by without pause, the only news came from Lord Carreau who had the ability to fly. The news caused some alarm to Revenmar, he was after all, a human and beasts were eating his kind. However, at the same time, he was confident in his abilities that he could kill some lowly beasts and his mind began to wander again.

It wasn't unknown to him, flying, but he was very impressed with his God's abilities in the air. Lord Carreau was a natural of course. He even felt a pang of jealousy, something that was alien to him before, over the ability to fly. Revenmar found himself daydreaming about what it would be like to fly and be free up above in the great blue skies. Little frightened him, but falling to his death was one of them. There was no control, no ability to chose how to die. Whether it be in combat or dying honorably on a battle somewhere, that he could do. Simply falling though, that was inexcusable. What would his creator think of him?

Throughout the journey, he took note of the God's he accompanied. Lady Kallahar was a proud figure and most likely a formidable opponent. Best not to be trifled with. Lord Carreau took to the skies more often then naught, so he did not seem him a lot besides the occasional report me made to them, but he sure to always be watching them from a distant when he could. After all, Lady Lenore XIII was related to him, but he couldn't see the resemblance. The Lady Lenore XIII was a mystery to him, she was a God but seemed to abhor her very presence. When they first started out, she hid her head in shame. For whatever the reason, Revenmar did not know and when he glanced at her now, he could see tears at times. The Knight pondered what might be troubling her, but came to no sound conclusions. She was a God after all, they weren't supposed to be so... emotional? No, that wasn't right. What was it then? All the same, he felt he was doing a poor job at protecting his God's if one of them was crying.

So Revenmar silently made his way to her, taking his stride and matching her speed. He cleared his throat.

"My Lady, I could not help but notice that something has been causing you distress throughout the journey so far. I apologize for not coming forward sooner. Is there anything I can do to help you? Anything at all? Just ask and I will not hesitate to act." His intentions rang pure in his mind, he only wanted what was the best for her. It was one of the only things he could do.

Soon after, Lord Carreau broke through the sky, and headed for them. When he arrived, he without pause he told them of the village up ahead. A human village. His own kind. Interesting that they would be in a place that seemed infested with the beasts that ate them. Curious indeed.

He spoke, "Lord Carreau, this I believe is a good idea. If it is at all helpful, I am human as well. This is all I have to say I think."

Feeling satisfied with himself, he would wait for what would happen next.

Revenmar did not move from his knees while the God's before him spoke among each other. The air was bitterly cold against his face, so he put his helmet back on, he didn't really think that the God's would care that much. In fact, they all seem confused by the situation. Something that puzzled Revenmar. He was... More now, then he was before, he knew that for a fact. They whose power was limitless before him, seemed uneasy about their newfound predicament. He took it as a sign of the creator, he must have designed this before he vanished. He alone created Revenmar, he was the chosen warrior to be loved by all for his chivalry and justice.

However, Revenmar wasn't so sure anymore. There were many Gods before him, both on the ends of different spectrum. Some were most likely going to be aligned with good, many would fall under a black and gray line somewhere in the middle and a few would be bad. If he was to serve them well, he couldn't afford to be on either side, but somewhere in the middle. The creator had given him thought, and a will to use those thoughts to think for himself. He wouldn't be so blinded like that Lexus machine. He was lucky, and Revenmar was even a bit jealous that he could serve its creator here.

He became keenly aware of the topic of conversation, from traveling North, establishing bases, finding information about the world, going to a city and more. Some of the Gods had even started to group up with each other. It seemed that unity in the face of a new adversity was lost among bickering words and petty insults. Now was not the time to go different ways, but who was Revenmar to oppose them? He was merely a paladin, not equal to the fierce beings in front of him. He kept his mouth shut for the most part, and let things play out.

Where did he want to go? To the North? To the South? To find a city and explore? So many options overwhelmed him. So he would stick to the most realistic course of action, and be a follower on the course for something greater. He stood, silently amidst the group and walked over to Death Knight Kallahar, then bowed before her. It seemed sensible that he would want to follow another wearing armor such as he, but her's was far more beautiful, in a twisted way.

He spoke, "I shall accompany you, Slayer-of-the-Beholder. If it pleases you." He stayed bowed, and would wait for a response.

The fighting erupted around Revenmar when he boldly declared his intentions to the Beholder. As the guildhall began to crash down around him, he saw with great joy, the God's go to work upon the aberration of flesh. During this time of heated combat, Revenmar paid little head to the ongoing conversations surrounding him as the Gods began to realize what was happening to the guildhall. The tall black Paladin was keenly aware of only the battle, and nothing else.

His white, fluffy cape billowed in winds created by the attacks of those superior to him. Soon enough, and before he could even get close to the Beholder, it began to arch its tentacles in a firing position, its giant eye turning red with raw power. Then it slowed, by some unseen magic, the monster began to move at an abysmally slow pace. Only then was the doom of the creature sealed, Lady Deathknight Kallahar launched herself at the Beholder and dealt the killing blow. It was a spectacular display for one such as Revenmar to bare witness too. The Gods, his Gods, they were beautiful creatures indeed, and he was blessed to be among them.

With the Beholder dead, his small goal to protect his lords and ladies was complete but the danger would never truly go away. As debris began to fall on him, Revenmar realized that it was in his best interests to leave the guildhall and follow his God's, which ever they might do with him, he was ready. Confident that those inside would not be crippled by mere stone and wood, Revenmar took his leave from the hall. Taking nothing and not looking back, it wasn't really his home anyways.

Revenmar readied himself before erupting from a wall, his shield taking the brunt of the rubble. He landed, skidding a ways before coming to a stop. He looked back at the guildhall, watching it crumble away. It was shoddy workmanship to say the least, but a now ruined relic of YGGDRASIL. His Shield of Divinity went on his back once more and he sheathed Dominion Aspect, his sword before looking around for his Gods. Revenmar found them at the front of the collapsing Guildhall, the very place he was tasked with guarding earlier but on the inside. Without really knowing what else to do, the large Paladin sank to his knees and took off his helmet, placing it in front of himself. His face was nothing out of the ordinary, just what the creator had envisioned him to look like. Brown hair in a default hairstyle, with green eyes and a large beefy neck. His jawline was chiseled and he had a little stubble growing.

Revenmar however, bowed his head in reverence, waiting to be addressed or commanded.
Revenmar snapped to attention at the sound. It startled him, he was in deep thought, contemplating his existence and where his creator had run off too. It was a dull thing, guarding a door but it was a crucial task, he could not allow the beings in the guildhall to befall harm. Now looking around the room, he noticed the beholder in all of its infamy. He had never fought one of them before, but he would gladly try, and throw down his life to protect his new Lords and Ladies. Such was his overwhelming desire to protect and be a shield for the innocent but he would do anything for these Gods of flesh and bone.

With a clanking grind of metal on metal, Revenmar began to run at the thing, taking out his shield in the process. He barreled straight towards the Ladies who were at the bar, right toward the Beholder. He didn't have time to think, so he jumped, flinging himself at the creature shield first as it began to turn towards him. He collided with the Beholder's right side in the air with a sickening crunch, as three of the creatures eye stalks broke. He fell besides the creature, bruising his knees as he landed hard on them. He got up nonetheless and got into a fighting stance, his long sword glistening in the lit hall.

He looked at the creature, whose anger was now unrivaled in the room and spoke aloud for all to hear.

His voice was deep and husky. "You shall not harm my Lords and Ladies, creature! Your filth, ends here."

And with that said he charged the beholder.

He looked back at the beholder
The Black Clad figure stood motionless, next to the Guildhall's main entrance. The tall knight with his shield upon his back and his blade planted before him, stood still as a stone. He couldn't move, he didn't talk, nor did he think. As the minutes ticked down to YGGDRASIL's end, he was unaware and uncaring as always. Such was the life for a NPC, and Revenmar Veyas was one such NPC, practically abandoned and almost forgotten in his old master's room. By chance, a guild mate had found him as he wandered through the now derelict base of the guild that once claimed him. Of his guild, only that sad soul remained, reminiscent of things long gone. Needless to say, he was taken from his home and transported to a new place, then joined with Apocalypse Now, so that he could gain entry to the small guild.

Then the same guild mate had commanded him to stand guard by the front door, because why not? It looked cool and was visually appealing along with all of the other items gathered in the room. As players came, or even looked around they would find him in his current position, the only testament of a guild long passed.His nature prevented him from acting as a player would, he was simply code given form, but that same code told him what to do when required or asked by the player.

So Revenmar stood there, watching the festivities around him. Many players said their goodbye's to friends, even family, before they logged off the game for good. Revenmar would remain however, until the very end..
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