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Love, what is it?

Love is to give yourself up to another person so completely

For hope that they will do the same,

But sometimes what you thought was love

Was nothing more than a lie,

And you are left wondering what you did wrong

When it was your lover that destroyed you,

That broke you,

That left you,

Yet you still blame yourself

Because you don’t know what to do but cry,

And cry you do

Until you will yourself to change or be changed,

Good people are never the same

For they never want to be hurt again,

So the process continues

And love is lost.

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A Time For Action


Keyla startled, she had not been expecting the sudden outburst from Death, the old man looked wounded in a way. Why did they have to go back? His panic caused her to panic, and countless thoughts pushed in her head. If they had all heard the bell, there was no telling what other angry God could have as well. She saw Hiraga take off in an instant, then Fiala quickly followed beckoning for Keyla to join her. She quickly felt sick, the alcohol working its way through her systems, but as quickly as it came her wave of panic calmed again. Her sickness went away slightly, and she felt like she had a better grip on her thoughts. Still, dread lingered.

She went to the door, hoping to catch up to Fiala but first looked back to the others. She hesitated as Death looked at her with a soft expression. One that ached of sadness. But the determination to get back to her family swelled up inside of her. She turned away and quickly bounded down the steps, with speed she had never felt before. It took some time to get use to, she even hit a couple walls from not being able to turn fast enough but she shrugged the pain off. She arrived in the lobby disheveled and slightly out of breath, and as she glanced at the elevators she felt a bit stupid. She shook her head, and looked for Fiala, just in time to see her enter a car. She smirked, a car, really?

She calmly walked to the entrance of the building, then bounded over to the BMW, getting in the passenger seat. She put on her seat belt and let out a long sigh. She looked at Fiala and spoke, "So why exactly are we taking a car? Couldn't we just have the big guy whisk us back again?"




Amos hit another soldier, sending the poor man flying back into a building, with but a flick of his wrist. The soldiers in front of him fired, again and again but it was no use. They began to retreat, and a deep frown set upon his face. Where was the honor now? The courage? Oh how he missed the days where monsters would assault his gate, seeking to defile the purity that was beyond. They proved a challenge once, then they stopped coming because of these humans. He sighed but continued walking.

It began to rain, snuffing out the fires that clouded the area with smoke. In that moment he felt the presence of another sibling, one even older then he. Hiraga must have found her way to the town. Amos knew not how she would react to what was occurring, but for now there was other things to occupy his mind. The soldiers who had been running in front of him, had decided to abruptly stop, reload their guns and turn back to fire at him. Had they not learned their lesson? Then the bullets struck him, and Amos let out a curse. The bullets actually stung? No, they were even piercing his skin, but only slightly. Just enough for his golden blood to flow down his bare chest. He had not felt such pain in over a century and it did not amuse him any longer.

These were not ordinary rounds, they were blessed by some foul god who knew how to strike his fellows. He could only guess a few, but he would make them pay for giving such abilities to humans. Anger flashed across his face as he jumped at the soldiers, crushing them one by one. This time they did not scream, or turn to flee. He sensed in them a dark presence, one that changed their very beings.

"Abominations!" He bellowed out loud for all to hear.

Suddenly an aurora flew past him, illuminating the town. Lightning bolts struck in the distance and Amos knew more Gods had joined the deadly fray. His outburst however, only called forth more soldiers, who took aim at him. They began to fire at him, but this time Amos was prepared. He willed his true form to come forth. Blessed golden light sprang forth around him, blinding all in the vicinity. His armor sprang forth, as ornate and gilded to befit a God. He was beautiful yet terrible to behold, but the soldiers did not stay stunned for long and instead of their minds turning insane, they fought on. An effect of the corruption to be sure, for any mortal who gazed upon his heavenly body would them self have their mind torn asunder by his divinity. Now the soldiers bullets yielded no effect, simply plonking to the ground flat as pennies. Golden lightning crackled in his hands, before he unleashed it upon any soldier he came across.


Death's Despair


Everyone left as quickly as they came. Hiraga, Fiala, and even Keyla off to a battlefield. The young demigod was only a child yet her curiosity would put her in a world of danger. Perhaps it was only necessary for her to grow.

He looked to Goehearth and Vetra and spoke, "There is no need to be sorry old friend. I thank you for staying out of this mess, with any luck, it will be resolved shortly. Go now, the both of you, to a place outside of all this. You will know when it is time to return."

Next he walked over to Stjerne and Zencrux as they took out Aetherius. He saw them working together to save those in need. "Thank you, Stjerne. Thank you, Zencrux. I will get there on my own way, I can see this is a considerable effort and I wouldn't want to strain you further. Take care, join us when you can and it is safe."

Desious then summoned his Shepard's Hook. An ornate tool, one used by a Shepard to tend his flock. With it he ripped a portal to the Underworld in the middle of the apartment then stepped through. The portal closed behind him. Nothing in the Underworld was off limits to him with the staff, he could travel anywhere and everywhere. That included grave sites, and he had chosen Maybell's as a quick access point. Once he arrived, the ghosts and spirits bowed before him but he paid them no attention. The God of Death was hesitant at what came next. Everything could change, or nothing at all but every moment he lingered more humans died. He opened the portal, and stepped through.

The graveyard itself was in a well tucked corner just outside of Maybell, but he could already here the chaos the raged inside the town. Gunfire, explosions, and a multitude of powers were mixing together. Goehearth simply would not have been able to contain himself. Death dismissed his Crook, then transformed himself in a silver Raven. He took flight immediately and as he got closer he could identify which Gods were in attendance. Cyl'Nyarlith, Golkai, Delthrael, Amos, Hiraga, Zencrux and Stjerne. And he could feel the presence of Huseror himself and the humans under his corrupted influence. They would be able to feel him as well, for better or for worse. He wasn't entirely sure how these newcomers would feel about what had happened, but he was ready for a fight.

His raven form flew over the town and over the main epicenter of the battle. He saw Amos erupt into his Heavenly form, much to his distress, but also noticed the God did not have his sword. That was one good thing. He noticed Golkai's army battling with the soldiers, and the bullets unique signature that erupted from their weapons. What was going on here? Who had started this feet? Well it didn't matter, because Death was the end of all things. He transformed into his heavenly form, a figure of terrific presence bathed in a shadowed hood. He landed almost immediately in the center of it all.

He shouted, his voice magnified with a dark tone so that all might hear him, "All of you stop this madness at once!"

The World Wakes

The blue fairy, whose name couldn't really be pronounced in a mortals tongue, flew with the uttermost glee of a child high on sugar. They had searched and searched for the God of Valor's sword after he had visited them and they were close now. Very close. There were several fairies with her, and they were all flying towards a human building with laughter. Amos' energy could be felt inside, his sword! They cared not about being seen by humans anymore, their Gods were back and times were changing for all supernatural beings. It was wonderful!

The fairies hovered outside the door, waiting for their opportunity and at last it came. A man walked out of the door, saw them and stared but the door was open at least and they all flew inside. The man instinctively shouted and tried to protect himself from an assault that would never come. The fairies in the meantime searched the place high and low, frightening anyone else inside and sending them running out.

At last the blue fairy honed in on the magical presence of Amos but instead of just finding one, she found three! Three swords! Wait, no that couldn't be right. The blue fairy zipped over to the tall blonde girl and hovered in front of her. She didn't look like a sword. The small fairy frowned, but her presence felt akin to Amos but mingled with that of a human. The same was with the others, each had a power inside of them, then it clicked with the small blue fairy.

She exclaimed with glee, "Demigods! Oh what joy! You're not a sword but you'll have to do!" The blue fairy zipped around Hiyori's head laughing in a high pitched voice. "Come, come! Children of Gods, we'll take you to your parents! That'll be fun!"

Alright, am waiting for @GrizzTheMauler to post before I go. Will likely be tomorrow for me as it is late and I am tired.
True, very true.
@GrizzTheMauler Whatever you think Stjerne would do in the situation, go for it.
@GrizzTheMauler Ahh, the snow. I understand. Looking forward to that post though.
@Pirouette I will admit those guys skipped my mind. If you would like I can think of something to get you guys there hastily? Or would you rather get their on your own?
Alright, looks like we might have lost a couple people. As such, until they show up again, their characters will be put on hold for the time being. I regretfully do this so we don't have to wait for certain people to post. If anyone has any rejections please voice them.

I'll be writing a post most likely tomorrow that will cover all characters still with us.
There we are.
Silacetus, The Mother

A mother screamed. A ringing in the distance, faint and muffled could be heard.

A father cried. The ringing in the distance, clearer now.

While a child died. A bell ringing a pure note as clear as day, washed over everything.

She opened her mind, and became assaulted by divine reality. The bell had awoken her at last, its pure note signaling that it was time. Time at last for the Pantheon to be founded. How she knew this was a mystery. How she knew anything about herself, was also a mystery. Such was a time of nothingness, now her mind flooded with the prospect of something new. Something wonderful.

She designed to leave the womb that encased her, a thing of beauty. Of flesh and blood. It gave her life, and in turn she would give it purpose, but it would also prove to be her first test. She bit and clawed, tearing away that which encased her. Something gave away, a rip and tear, and then a feeling of falling. She fell amidst the fluids of her birth naked, landing on the cold ground like a newborn animal. Her mind opened itself further, expanding with the new life she found herself in. Her mind would be here eyes, her voice in the time to come and it was glorious. She tried to stand, but stumbled like a colt. She fell to her hands and knees, shivering as the air dried her.

She began to laugh, a note almost as pure as the bell. Sweet and innocent but with a hint of darker tones. She stood again, and this time she took her first step as a divine. Her small feet felt the cool stones beneath her feet with ecstasy. Her mirth grew still, as she began to walk, then dance to the rhythm of her own laughter. Such was her merriment, that she danced for a time, unabated by the lashings of time. She was simply thrilled to be alive, to be in reality, to exist and crave desires.


Her feet stood still, as she thought for a moment. Her desires were suddenly thrust upon her. Her wants, needs, cravings, and all things that would most benefit her. She knew her purpose, it was not here on this realm. This birthplace of hers, this first home of hers. No, her destiny resided where she could grow purpose, where she could mold flesh and bone, where she could have her own children. So that they might love and cherish her, and grow them to her own desires. What must be done, was what had already been done and would be done countless times in memorial.

She waved her hands, and from the nothingness that surrounded her a dress of satin clothed her naked body. The Goddess then willed herself to the one place she knew that required her utmost attention first. The Highest Court, the place where she would be the first of Pantheon, or so the bell had whispered to her. She arrived to see but one figure sat atop of throne. Although she was by all means a babe, the being before her was an essential. A term she was already familiar with, a being old and mighty. Zhystkrexas, was his name, the Corrupter. She knew not how, but all Essentials were ingrained within her mind, she knew them as they were.

She bowed before him low, his presence so beautiful and hated at the same time. She then took a seat at the front. It was her destiny to be a part of something greater then herself. She just had so many plans, so many ideas. Silacetus smiled inside her mind, what a wonderful time to be alive.

Relations are up, working on intro post now.

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