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Current Annihilation was a pretty good movie.
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A roleplay about Gods and Death, what could go wrong?…


Love, what is it?

Love is to give yourself up to another person so completely

For hope that they will do the same,

But sometimes what you thought was love

Was nothing more than a lie,

And you are left wondering what you did wrong

When it was your lover that destroyed you,

That broke you,

That left you,

Yet you still blame yourself

Because you don’t know what to do but cry,

And cry you do

Until you will yourself to change or be changed,

Good people are never the same

For they never want to be hurt again,

So the process continues

And love is lost.

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In Godspeed! 5 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Just a heads up for all interested; I have gotten a full time job for the summer, so I probably won't be on as much as I have been. Regardless of that fact, I am in no way going to abandon the rp because of this. Also, I am in a good spot with my characters right now, so I won't be writing for a bit, and i'm waiting for more people to react to what has happened. Unless anyone wants to collab, I'm usually down for those
Shutting this rp down y'all. Thanks for being here, it was a good time!
In Godspeed! 12 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
@KabenSaal Ah, I see. I'm sure some God would create you, Larwen would not.
In Godspeed! 12 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
@KabenSaal What's your definition of beautiful?
In Godspeed! 16 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
@Eviledd1984 Check your PM.
In Godspeed! 18 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
She was of dust.

Broken in life,

But given purpose,

In the end.

She was the first Unsullied Fae taken by Larwen. The first to be perfected in the great Forge, and now nameless with desire. She wandered alone in the deep dark of Pervanon for what felt as a lifetime. Reflection upon her past bore no comfort in such a place. Her memories like sharp rocks battering her skull repeatedly, reminding of only her once flawed self. Instead, she chose to dwell upon the God of Perfection’s words, which still echoed in her mind.

‘You have been born anew’

‘Forged into purity’

‘Rowan is the past’

“I was born anew.” She said aloud, “Pure. Rowan is the past.” Rowan. Her old name, the remaining tie between who she had been, and who she would become. It no longer felt right to call herself Rowan. It did not define her any longer. It would not define her any longer. She stumbled into a new section of cave, tired and alone. The cave itself was small, with bunches of fallen rock on the left side and more importantly, it was a dead end. The Fae knew not what to do any longer. Her journey had come to an abrupt halt, and she knew not the strength, or the gull to return without finding what she had hoped the deep would provide.

Without realizing, she next found herself sat upon a rock, cradling her brow within her hands. Try as she might, she could still not shake the memories associated with her name, her past life. Her old court, the Anathema’s, Tingalina. They haunted her still.

Tingalina. She missed her, and she did not. For Tingalina was not like her, not given Larwen’s enlightenment. Yet, she wanted her. Oh, how she craved to show her Perfection. To change her, to show her the truth so that they could be as one of the same. Then perhaps her old memories would no longer chain her to the past, for they could live in a brighter future. One without restraint, one where Tingalina was as perfect as she. She would be able to tempt her, for she had a voice of honey. Sweet and full of youthful mirth, enhanced now by the sheer beauty of Purity. Before, when they would get into trouble, it had been Rowan to talk their way out of it, Rowan to tempt her with adventure. Rowan to- She was not Rowan any longer. No, she was more.

It dawned upon her at last. The nameless Fae who sat upon that rock within the depths of the world, she had found her name. One that flowed from her mouth first, as Larwen had prophesized. It gave her purpose, a sense of being alive in an existence she had never dreamed of.

“I am born anew.” She said proudly, standing up on the rock, “Pure. Rowan is the past, I am Maeve.” And like a soft, cool breeze, Larwen whispered to her,


And Maeve listened.

@Sofaking Fancy It's not a big problem. Plus your character is still there, she doesn't have to perish unless you want to drop out. We would very much still like to have you.
In Godspeed! 21 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay

Level 3 Goddess of Kindness


The Corrupter

Level Three God of Perfection (Corruption)

She couldn't say it was to her tastes, what with all the blackened earth and sinister-like things. It also smelled weird. But Larwen liked it, so who was she to say anything about it? He had received enough abuse lately, and the last thing he needed was as her saying that he should freshen the air around Pervanon a little bit.

She landed with a powerful flap of her wings near the mouth of a cave leading deeper into Pervanon, startling one strange creature that seemed to be guarding it. It looked at her with wide eyes set upon its malformed face. Its entire head looked like a huge nose, for Ipeyr's sake.

Aella stared at the being and the being stared back.

"You're a Zalsarix, is that right?" Aella asked after a few moments.

There was conflict evident in the Zalsarix's face. It seemed disgusted by her by the way it clenched its large rocky fists, but was also fighting its hesitant steps toward her. Aella chuckled and flapped her wings, sending a gust of wind toward it. Could the creature even speak?

"Larwen asked me to build something for him in Pervanon, do you have any idea where the best spot would be for such a task?"

No reply. Instead, the Zalsarix grunted and started walking, away from the mount itself. After a while of walking they had reached the foot of Pervanon and had entered into a small forest composed of twisted trees. They broke into a clearing which contained a neat pile of bones in the center.

Aella looked at the pile curiously and barely noticed as the Zalsarix left. A closer look at the bones revealed them to be rather clean bones of "unperfected" animals. Some even had what seemed to be carvings of depictions of Larwen and other Zalsarix on them.

'Larwen, your Zalsarix are making little carvings of you in animal bones, have you seen them?' She tried to reach Larwen as she looked for more carvings. She found some about other Gods, depicted more loosely and with more aggressive strokes. She couldn't discern each of the other Gods, but she had a good idea of who they were.

Larwen emerged behind Aella, having done little since their last encounter but wait and reflect upon things. Planning for the future, overseeing the Forge, and watching as the Fae war raged on. Larwen had been waiting for her to arrive all the while, almost looking forward, but dreading what would come of such cooperation. The Zaslarix and their bones had not gone unnoticed by Larwen, they were dull creatures but served a beautiful purpose for him, so he allowed this behavior to go on.

That he was such an object of fascination to them, pleased Larwen greatly. The other gods, not so much, but they hated them just as he did. Eventually, after watching Aella for a moment, he let his presence be known by talking.

"They speak in their own way, describe thoughts and images with the bones of their prey, they are my children and I, their father. It is only right." Larwen spoke with a soft voice and his tone full of gloom. "I thank you for not striking it down. Welcome to Pervanon, sister. I take it you have come as per my request?"

"Thank you for the welcome, brother. I come for the request and for one other thing, but that thing can wait until after we're done with the request." She looked at Larwen over her shoulder and smiled before carefully setting down the bones in her hands. "Did you have any idea to start with, something you want? Or am I allowed to go wild?" She chuckled and turned to face him.

She smiled, and thoughts of their previous encounter flooded back to Larwen with force. For a moment he said nothing, then the tall god shifted and spoke, "I am intrigued, but as you wish sister. I... Well, I am unsure of what you should create. My nature, it can be hard to..." His voice dropped, trying to cope with the fact that he was allowing what she deemed appropriate, but he had agreed, no, he had asked for this. The rest of them might see him as evil, a rudimentary term for those who did not understand, but Aella, she was an enigma. She saw him differently, and had even given him a gift to show it. Kindness, it was powerful and he should hate it, try to destroy it, but instead Larwen craved it. And that feeling terrified him but, there she was, waiting. Larwen spoke at last, "Do as you please. I have a spot inside the mountain, if you would follow me."

Seeing how his voice dropped in volume and he seemed to grow silent made Aella feel uncomfortable. She liked interacting with him, but did he feel the same, or was he just being kind to her and letting her be happy? "I understand, and of course." She said and quickly went to his side and wrapped her arm around his forearm, "I'm ready, take us there whenever you wish."

He grew tense as she approached, once again fearing what she would do, but visibly relaxed once she held onto him. He would take her to the spot he had crafted from the rock, high up in Pervanon, away from what lay in the depths. "Very well." He said after a moment, and they dissipated from the small clearing with the bones, in a cloudy mist. An instant later they were in a large dark chamber, near the peak of the mountain. "It is dark, I know. Can you see? We are near the top of the mountain, in a large room only accessible by a very long staircase. Does this please you? If it does not I can always try another spot."

"Oh, it's perfect! There's a lot of space, that's for sure, and don't worry about it being dark-" She stretched an open palm toward the center of the chamber and watched as a ball of pure light materialized where she willed it. It looked like a star, but emitted no heat and its light was tame enough to lighten up the chamber without being blinding. "So, truth be told I'm not too creative, but I'm going to try my hardest for you, Larwen. I already have some ideas and I think you're going to like them." She let go of him and used both hands to move the ball of light closer to the roof of the chamber, then bit her lower lip as she focused. She set it to move in an orbit over the chamber simulating the star above Galbar itself. It'd lighten up the chamber for half the day and leave it dark for the other half.

The next thing she did was smooth out the roof and walls and will forth a moderate bed of dirt into the chamber. Grass grew on the dirt and a small mound formed in the center of the chamber. With a wave of her hand, red and orange flowers began growing aross the chamber as well, dying it the color of autumn.

In the center, she placed a sapling and whispered words of comfort and love to it, so it grew into a tall, strong tree with bark that glowed an angelic white. As the flowers grew and the tree settled its thick roots, Aella looked at Larwen from under the shade of the tree and tilted her head, "Is it too much? I can tone it down before continuing, if so. You don't seem too happy."

Larwen felt relieved that Aella did not have a problem with the space he provided. He watched her in silence as she worked, molding the chamber to her image and growing it with life.The starlight, the tree, the flowers, the grass, the dirt- it was all unnatural, imperfect and alien to Larwen. Yet, it was of her and he found himself both wanting to perfect it, and leave it as it should be. This conflict gnawed at his very soul, but Aella let the tree stay, and Larwen would let this stay as well. He would have to learn to let it be, and study it all the same.

He stood motionless as she turned towards him from under the tree, tilting her head in a way that displayed innocence. He spoke then in a tone he knew not, "Aella.." Larwen whispered, "My very nature screams that I should perfect this, and you. To change you to be more like me. But watching you work with a smile, and your gift previously. It has awoken emotions and feelings I did not I was aware of. I feel torn, and terribly conflicted between what I am and what you want me to be." His voice once again dropped and he looked away from Aella and the tree.

Aella was speechless. She had no idea that she'd affected him so deeply and thoroughly, so when he fell silent once more, so did she. After what felt like an eternity, she walked over to Larwen. What was she supposed to do? Talk to him, pretend she knew what he was going through? The mere thought of pretending sickened her, so when she was in front of Larwen, she held Larwen's hands for a while. Then she started walking backwards, leading him towards the tree. "I need you to do something for me..." She whispered, looking up into his eyes. When the tree's shade obscured them, she released one of his hands and faced the tree.

With gentle, deliberate movements, she led Larwen's hand towards the bark of the tree and pressed his palm against it. "Larwen... I want you to put your mark in this tree, to make it yours as it is mine," She muttered, releasing his hand and embracing him, resting her head against his cold body and wrapping him in her large, soft wings. "I want you to be yourself, to feel that it is okay to be as you are or as you wish to be. No matter what, I am here." Her words were barely audible as she closed her eyes. Her armour dissolved and in its place was a long, white silk dress. She didn't need the protection of armor in this world, did she? For now, she was okay.

The silence was deafening in the room, only escalated by Larwen's mind, which was ablaze in thoughts. But when Aella crept up to him, grabbing onto his hands with her soft touch, only then did Larwen look upon her again. It was a look of sadness, but he did not resist her pull as they walked towards the tree. Her whisper made him pause, but again he did not resist her. He could not resist her. When she asked him to put his mark on the tree Larwen looked at her with horror, "Aella... no.. the mere thought felt wrong to him. However, when Aella embraced him, and he felt the same sensation of comfort, and warmth as he did when she first hugged him, Larwen yielded. What she said next, truly shocked him. He looked down at her, seeing her very armor dissolve into a dress. Her protection, her first line of defense against attack, against him- gone just like that. The revelation that she trusted him enough to let go of her armor, that she felt safe with him, made Larwen's heart jump.

She had accepted him for what he truly was without pause, a feat he thought no one would have been able to do without first being Perfected. He wrapped his free arm around her wings, returning the embrace that warmed his heart. He then looked up at the tree, and poured his influence into it, letting it mingle with Aella's, not overtaking it. The tree shifted, absorbing the new power and grew. When it stopped, the bark glowed a pale gray, exuding a soothing warmth that enveloped that which it touched like the warmth of a fire, a mother's embrace, or a lover's touch. The pale green leaves now whispered what was wanted to be heard, whether true or not, but never cruel, always kind. The small seeds of the tree, acorn shaped and also gray, would hum softly to those that listened. The sap of the tree, if consumed, would give a mortal the taste of perfection, a reminder not to harm that which gives kindness.

Larwen shut his eyes, lifting his hand from the tree. He talked softly, "Thank you Aella. You know not how much you have put me to ease." He paused for a moment, opening his eyes to look down at her, "The tree Aella, it needs a name."

Aella sighed happily as he put his arm around her. The whole world felt better, she felt free without her armour weighing her down, and she felt safe in Larwen's embrace. Who'd have thought that the one who greeted her not long ago with the threat of violence would end up embracing her in the shade of a beautiful tree?

"The Pale One, Life Perfected..." She said without even opening her eyes, feeling the tree's appearance through its strong essence. "We've made something of great beauty today..."

Larwen listened to her speak, her voice soothing. The name sounded just right, The Pale One, Life Perfected. It would spread through out Galbar, a part of him, and a part Aella. He looked up at the tree once more, "Yes... I quite like that. A part of me, and a part of you. Perfection and Kindness, together." He said proudly. Then Larwen looked down at Aella again, content with holding her, and murmured softly, "Yes, a great beauty..."

@jdh97 Good to hear from you! Glad to see you are still with us as well, please take all the time you need.
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