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We stood upon those silver stairs and danced forever to our hearts delight

I asked you a question and one that I would regret,

Your answer only gave my heart great fright

As your wide blue eyes became wet,

It was then I realized that you did not love me

Like I had loved you ever so sweetly,

I tried not to cry as I got up from my knee

And I only watched as you left me completely.

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Revenmar did not move from his knees while the God's before him spoke among each other. The air was bitterly cold against his face, so he put his helmet back on, he didn't really think that the God's would care that much. In fact, they all seem confused by the situation. Something that puzzled Revenmar. He was... More now, then he was before, he knew that for a fact. They whose power was limitless before him, seemed uneasy about their newfound predicament. He took it as a sign of the creator, he must have designed this before he vanished. He alone created Revenmar, he was the chosen warrior to be loved by all for his chivalry and justice.

However, Revenmar wasn't so sure anymore. There were many Gods before him, both on the ends of different spectrum. Some were most likely going to be aligned with good, many would fall under a black and gray line somewhere in the middle and a few would be bad. If he was to serve them well, he couldn't afford to be on either side, but somewhere in the middle. The creator had given him thought, and a will to use those thoughts to think for himself. He wouldn't be so blinded like that Lexus machine. He was lucky, and Revenmar was even a bit jealous that he could serve its creator here.

He became keenly aware of the topic of conversation, from traveling North, establishing bases, finding information about the world, going to a city and more. Some of the Gods had even started to group up with each other. It seemed that unity in the face of a new adversity was lost among bickering words and petty insults. Now was not the time to go different ways, but who was Revenmar to oppose them? He was merely a paladin, not equal to the fierce beings in front of him. He kept his mouth shut for the most part, and let things play out.

Where did he want to go? To the North? To the South? To find a city and explore? So many options overwhelmed him. So he would stick to the most realistic course of action, and be a follower on the course for something greater. He stood, silently amidst the group and walked over to Death Knight Kallahar, then bowed before her. It seemed sensible that he would want to follow another wearing armor such as he, but her's was far more beautiful, in a twisted way.

He spoke, "I shall accompany you, Slayer-of-the-Beholder. If it pleases you." He stayed bowed, and would wait for a response.

The fighting erupted around Revenmar when he boldly declared his intentions to the Beholder. As the guildhall began to crash down around him, he saw with great joy, the God's go to work upon the aberration of flesh. During this time of heated combat, Revenmar paid little head to the ongoing conversations surrounding him as the Gods began to realize what was happening to the guildhall. The tall black Paladin was keenly aware of only the battle, and nothing else.

His white, fluffy cape billowed in winds created by the attacks of those superior to him. Soon enough, and before he could even get close to the Beholder, it began to arch its tentacles in a firing position, its giant eye turning red with raw power. Then it slowed, by some unseen magic, the monster began to move at an abysmally slow pace. Only then was the doom of the creature sealed, Lady Deathknight Kallahar launched herself at the Beholder and dealt the killing blow. It was a spectacular display for one such as Revenmar to bare witness too. The Gods, his Gods, they were beautiful creatures indeed, and he was blessed to be among them.

With the Beholder dead, his small goal to protect his lords and ladies was complete but the danger would never truly go away. As debris began to fall on him, Revenmar realized that it was in his best interests to leave the guildhall and follow his God's, which ever they might do with him, he was ready. Confident that those inside would not be crippled by mere stone and wood, Revenmar took his leave from the hall. Taking nothing and not looking back, it wasn't really his home anyways.

Revenmar readied himself before erupting from a wall, his shield taking the brunt of the rubble. He landed, skidding a ways before coming to a stop. He looked back at the guildhall, watching it crumble away. It was shoddy workmanship to say the least, but a now ruined relic of YGGDRASIL. His Shield of Divinity went on his back once more and he sheathed Dominion Aspect, his sword before looking around for his Gods. Revenmar found them at the front of the collapsing Guildhall, the very place he was tasked with guarding earlier but on the inside. Without really knowing what else to do, the large Paladin sank to his knees and took off his helmet, placing it in front of himself. His face was nothing out of the ordinary, just what the creator had envisioned him to look like. Brown hair in a default hairstyle, with green eyes and a large beefy neck. His jawline was chiseled and he had a little stubble growing.

Revenmar however, bowed his head in reverence, waiting to be addressed or commanded.
Revenmar snapped to attention at the sound. It startled him, he was in deep thought, contemplating his existence and where his creator had run off too. It was a dull thing, guarding a door but it was a crucial task, he could not allow the beings in the guildhall to befall harm. Now looking around the room, he noticed the beholder in all of its infamy. He had never fought one of them before, but he would gladly try, and throw down his life to protect his new Lords and Ladies. Such was his overwhelming desire to protect and be a shield for the innocent but he would do anything for these Gods of flesh and bone.

With a clanking grind of metal on metal, Revenmar began to run at the thing, taking out his shield in the process. He barreled straight towards the Ladies who were at the bar, right toward the Beholder. He didn't have time to think, so he jumped, flinging himself at the creature shield first as it began to turn towards him. He collided with the Beholder's right side in the air with a sickening crunch, as three of the creatures eye stalks broke. He fell besides the creature, bruising his knees as he landed hard on them. He got up nonetheless and got into a fighting stance, his long sword glistening in the lit hall.

He looked at the creature, whose anger was now unrivaled in the room and spoke aloud for all to hear.

His voice was deep and husky. "You shall not harm my Lords and Ladies, creature! Your filth, ends here."

And with that said he charged the beholder.

He looked back at the beholder
The Black Clad figure stood motionless, next to the Guildhall's main entrance. The tall knight with his shield upon his back and his blade planted before him, stood still as a stone. He couldn't move, he didn't talk, nor did he think. As the minutes ticked down to YGGDRASIL's end, he was unaware and uncaring as always. Such was the life for a NPC, and Revenmar Veyas was one such NPC, practically abandoned and almost forgotten in his old master's room. By chance, a guild mate had found him as he wandered through the now derelict base of the guild that once claimed him. Of his guild, only that sad soul remained, reminiscent of things long gone. Needless to say, he was taken from his home and transported to a new place, then joined with Apocalypse Now, so that he could gain entry to the small guild.

Then the same guild mate had commanded him to stand guard by the front door, because why not? It looked cool and was visually appealing along with all of the other items gathered in the room. As players came, or even looked around they would find him in his current position, the only testament of a guild long passed.His nature prevented him from acting as a player would, he was simply code given form, but that same code told him what to do when required or asked by the player.

So Revenmar stood there, watching the festivities around him. Many players said their goodbye's to friends, even family, before they logged off the game for good. Revenmar would remain however, until the very end..
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Okay, awesome! Here's clan Durok.


Notable Mentions:

Current Chieftain - Tilok Durok (NPC)
Chieftain's Wife - Langel Durok (NPC)
Current Heir - Goldaban Tilokson Durok (NPC)
Tribe Shaman - Gardon Durok (NPC)

Banished - Thran Dromunson Durok


The Durok clan is made of many different people, all haling from the Great Plains, a large swathe of land of tall grasses and flowers. The Durok's control this land, and it is rich for farming and other agricultural endeavors, though they have just started to learn how to farm. Mainly they hunt and gather for food, for the Great Plains provides all for a good life. Currently the chieftain is Tilok, Thran's younger brother. His father, Dromun died while Thran was in his exile.

The clan itself is very large, and for good reason for their are many creatures that lurk in the tall grass, and many are foes. As such, they have many braves and are considered to be highly militaristic as of late. They are a proud people and enjoy in the arts as well festivities.

Men if the tribe are known for their brash actions and arrogance, but are fell known for stalking and hunting in the tall grasses. Women on the other hand hold a sense of purity unlike the men, and shy away from outsider contact. They are well known for their craftsmanship with grasses.

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