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We stood upon those silver stairs and danced forever to our hearts delight

I asked you a question and one that I would regret,

Your answer only gave my heart great fright

As your wide blue eyes became wet,

It was then I realized that you did not love me

Like I had loved you ever so sweetly,

I tried not to cry as I got up from my knee

And I only watched as you left me completely.

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So singular was his purpose on finding the spy, that when the horns blazed it took Revenmar a few good moments to wrap his head around the new sensory overload. Once Effin announced they were under attack, his focus shifted to finding Lord Smile. Though he was a God and nothing could hurt him, it was still his duty to be by his side. The camp itself seemed to be in chaos but he was confident Emile would be easy to find. He wasn't sure why, but he couldn't help but smirk at all of the commotion about him. The villagers were running everywhere grabbing weapons and armor and it was such a sight to behold. This was his race, proud and determines to win. He would not fail them.

Like he thought, they caught up with Lord Emile and after a couple of brief statements they were on their way to the gate. As Lord Emile passed him and touched his shoulder, Revenmar responded,

"Aye.. Let us battle."

He followed Emile to the gate, the vicious sound of metal on metal clashing was apparent in the distant. He was ready.

As they reached the frontlines however, Revenmar became separated from Emile by a sudden influx of soldiers and was caught in a group that headed off towards the right side of the ensuing battle. He cursed under his breath but knew his God could take care of himself, afterall he was a God. He just hoped his Lord wouldn't be too upset with the fact they got separated and he wasn't their to cover his back. It would have to wait for now.

He flared an intimidation aura as he proceeded to the front, walking past the broken bodies of the dead and dying. The foxes or vulps, were ferocious fighters, Revenmar admired that. They would still die however. He unsheathed his sword, Dominion Aspect and wrapped his arm in his shield, Divinity and charged the nearest fox. The fox was engaged with a fellow soldier and loosing. The fox parried the soldiers sword away and began to bring his sword down for the killing blow. Revenmar got their first, and before the fox could turn he lopped the beastmen in half at the waist.

He was slightly bewildered that he was able to cut flesh so easily but that would have to wait, their was still a battle going on. He turned to the soldier and nodded to the man, who was slightly covered in bloods but stood with a look of awe on his face. The man then picked up his sword but Revenmar was already gone.

His next battle came to him. A group of three foxes ran at him, fangs bared and their weapons raised. Revenmar raised his shield and blocked their attacks easily, he then followed up with an upward thrust of his sword, slicing one of the foxes across the chest and the one next across the face. They both fell with gurgled snarls and then silence. The third one became enraged managed to dash to his sword side and swing his sword at Revenmars arm. The blade hit with a clang and bounced off harmlessly. In return Revenmar shield bashed the fox, sending the now broken creature flying into a group of men, but the fox did not stir. The men, confused as to where the fox came from looked Revenmars way.

Revenmar lifted his sword high into the air and shouted in a thunderous voice,

"To me you Vulps! Give me a challenge!"

Unbeknownst to everyone, he activated one of his aggro spells, which would draw a certain amount of foes to his position, so he could take the damage and have the other soldiers get a breather. It seemed to work as foxes began to charge him in a chorus of yips, snarls and growls. Many foxes came to his challenge but not one would leave. He went about, in a display perhaps none of the other humans had scene before, killing the foxes with impunity. He was still slightly unnvered at how easy it was to take life in the new world but his battle lust was all consuming.


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So Angenny was the suspect's name. Good, he had gotten the answer he needed, and this mystery person now had a name. She even seemed the most likely person at the moment, everything just seemed to be falling into place. Perhaps it was a stroke of luck. Or perhaps it was something else entirely? Only one way to find out.

He noticed that his presence had worked to benefit him by getting the answers he needed but at the same time it looked like he had frightened the poor men, and the other people in the room, something terrible. It was good to be intimidating, when the time called for it, but now was the time for reassurance and applause. These were fine people, but people liked to talk about anything and everything and Revenmar needed to make a good impression both ways.

The looming knight visibly relaxed, and took his hand off his sword. His tone also changed, becoming more pleasant and non-aggressive. Maybe even a little inspirational.

"Very good. Very good indeed. I thank you both, Markris, Setheo- You have done me a great service and one that shan't be forgotten. Whether you want to believe it or not, there is a spy loose in this camp, and you might have just given me the clue to finding them. Take pride in that!" Revenmar then turned around to face Effin and the others. "Let us depart at once and leave these fine folk to their jobs. For without them, this town and its people, will not have food in their bellies! Come Effin, come Morderik, for we still have use for you. Let us go find this Angenny."

With that said, he left the room and waited for Morderik and Effin. For he did not know what the girl looked like, and needed their assistance in the matter.

Revenmar listened intently to the the two men talk. Morderik was a small man, clothed in white and almost looked a bit like a rat creature. Revenmar supposed not all humans were born beautiful. Why, by his standards, he was a bit average in the face. His build was another matter entirely, seeing as he stood several feet over many of the humans in Mess Hall. He felt a little out of place, but still relieved that he wasn't the only one of his kind in the new world. He would have hated to have been the only one in a sea of Gods and beasts.

So the carving enough, believe it or not, was just a carving knife and nothing special. As suspect, he'd still keep the damn thing though. They walked back to the kitchen and he saw the motley crew of chefs working on meals for the hungry folk outside. The woman and child were intriguing, they looked at him so quickly then both turned away. Were they scared of him? Or was it something else entirely? The old men were also suspicious but what really caught his attention was the fact that two of the workers were missing, and one had left when he had arrived.

Effin whispered to him at that time and Revenmar already had somewhat of a plan. He'd have to talk to Markris and Setheo first before putting it into effect however. He looked down at Effin and whispered, "No one leaves until I'm done." Not much of a request but more of a command, he hoped the man would agree with him.

He walked over to the counter where Markris and Setheo stood. He looked at the knives in the hands and pointed at the empty whole where the third knife should set.

First, He spoke aloud for Morderik to hear, "Morderik, you mentioned someone was here before you came to talk with us, who was it?"

Then in a very intimidating voice he said to Markris and Setheo, "You boys wouldn't happen to know where that knife ran off too now?" His hand was on his sword to add to his sense of urgency.

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Revenmar took the new idea in stride. It would be good to find the culprit and teach them a lesson about murder. He was however, slightly at a discomfort for leaving Emile's side but it was probably for the best. He knew his Lord would not like him fussing over his every step and following him to the ends of the earth and back. Sometimes, you just had to go your separate ways.

With little more to say or do, he stood up, clutching the small carving knife in hand. It was a pretty knife, one that he would keep. As a sort of token, maybe? It was nice to have trophies and things that you could show off. The little knife wasn't really a trophy but it was a start. He placed it away and put on his helmet, instantly feeling better. He asked which way to the mess hall and then they were off.

Not too long later they arrived at said Mess Hall. Little more then a building with some long tables in the center for sitting. He was eyed almost immediately. Some with looks of wonder, and others with a sense bewilderment and still others, with indifference.

He looked back at Effin.

"Where do we start?"
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Revenmar listened quietly as the Nobles and his God spoke to another. He felt he had done his part for the time being, at least for the satisfaction of Emile. The knight took the information and ingested it slowly, with much thought. The only thing he got out of the exchange was that a 'vulp' was in fact a fox. A beast man no doubt, and they were to to travel and meet a band head on before the town became taken over. An interesting predicament, and now one they had no choice but to help with. Revenmar felt himself growing impatient at the thought of battle. He hadn't had a good battle since the beholder and that was more of a slaughter, which didn't really count. He just hoped these foxmen would prove themselves worthy.

After they left, and Revenmar guided Emile through the crowd he found himself in the tavern with the fellows that had guided them to the town. They seemed like alright people but the comment about taking their helmets off made him send a quick glance at Emile before he laughed out loud. The Large knight took off his helmet to relieve the pressure from Emile and exposing his quite normal human face. He beckoned for some wine as well before talking out loud.

"Yes indeed my fine fellows, ol' Emile here is downright ugly! The ladies.. Well lets just say the helmet helps out a lot more then his face ever would. You should try it some time, works wonders, adds to that "mystery" appeal." He finished with a sip. The wine was awful.

Revenmar tried to play cool, but he was quite nervous. He had just insulted one of his Gods, something he should be killed for if anything but he believed it necessary to give some false information to get them thinking about other things then besides his face.

He listened again to the talk about a spy somewhere in the town. An odd thing, a human betraying his own kind? That wasn't a very human thing to do, now was it?

Eventually his train of thought was interrupted by Randy's observation. Much to his surprise, there was indeed a dagger sticking out between two of his plates on the side of his body. He hadn't felt it at all, and whoever had done it had gotten away unfortunately.

He yanked it out with little effort. There was no blood on it, he hadn't even been hurt such an insignificant toothpick. Still, it made him angry.

"No need for a healing spell my good man, it left not but a scratch. I'll be fine. However, if we ever find this spy... I'd like a few words with him." He finished on a darker tone before looking at the others.

His slight mistake got a stare, but that quickly left and Revenmar felt at ease once more. Without much else to say, the three men guided the two foreigners to their town. The trip was less then exciting. It was really much of the same forest only it went on forever and ever. It was beginning to dull on the Knight. He wanted to see something else for a change, but perhaps his prayers would be answered shortly. For not a moment later, the three men guiding them vanished into a rock.

Revenmar was slightly taken-aback by that, unsure of the trickery that it was. It took a long moment for Revenmar to realize that he was looking at an illusion. It did its works well, and he was about to continue on when Lord Carreau stopped him. Was it time for his judgment for his slight? It was quite the opposite actually.

Revenmar listened patiently before responding to Emile. "I shall do as you ask, 'Emile.' Though I feel a certain sort of... wrongness by not addressing you formally, I will try my best not to bring any unwanted attention onto you. This world, it feels different. I can't really explain it but, I'll poke around and see if I have any free time. We should probably go before they suspect something."

With that said, they went into the boulder and for a split second, Revenmar thought he would collide with the thing before walking through it with ease. Before them, after a short walk, was the town. An unwelcoming place called Woodstop. It was a fitting name to be sure, but it felt lacking somehow. They passed through the front gates and Revenmar looked at the guards stationed there. They looked poorly equipped, by his standards at least. Maybe their items were enchanted like his? Better to fool the enemy by getting them to think you weak and unprepared.

Eventually they made their way to a stone building, and met the Lords Ingvar and Niklas. He bowed to each brother, all the while wondering why they were in the hidden town of Woodstop. He would let Lord Carreau, or Emile, talk to these men. He could not trust his tongue just yet, especially around nobility of the land.

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