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Current Annihilation was a pretty good movie.
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A roleplay about Gods and Death, what could go wrong?…


Love, what is it?

Love is to give yourself up to another person so completely

For hope that they will do the same,

But sometimes what you thought was love

Was nothing more than a lie,

And you are left wondering what you did wrong

When it was your lover that destroyed you,

That broke you,

That left you,

Yet you still blame yourself

Because you don’t know what to do but cry,

And cry you do

Until you will yourself to change or be changed,

Good people are never the same

For they never want to be hurt again,

So the process continues

And love is lost.

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Hello? Anybody here? Where'd y'all go?
In Godspeed! 2 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay

The Beautiful (II), The Queen (III), The Temptress (I)

In the forests of her birth, Maeve had gazed into the room where Elabeen and Fylmira once held court, a now desolate place full of broken dreams. She held such contempt for that place, it unhinged memories of a different time, ones that were now all to painful to remember. So Maeve destroyed the chamber, shattering it into a thousand pieces, then she destroyed the very tree it had roosted in. When this was done, she told her subjects to build her a throne that was worthy of her presence, one that would be suitable for their Queen. Only then could she be satisfied in the old Unsullied forest.

Aina was sent away for the time being, to the Sullied forest, where she would oversee it's rebuilding. Maeve in the meantime had summoned Nessa to her, and the Fae had come without pause, now waiting and bowing low. Maeve watched her from where she lounged about on a large blackened branch, her back against the trunk of the tree, her shadow casting long as the sun dwindled. Maeve had thought long upon what Nessa had told her, and it was unnerving to say the least. That a God could call their Corr flawed, and imperfect. It made her think, and she was thankful for having a task to be focused on, else her mind wandered.

This nameless God was a mystery to her, she only knew of Larwen by name, but the existence of others was not entirely unknown to her. The God had taken interest in the Corr, why would he do that? Furthermore, he had said that the magic had potential for a great amount, that he could change it to even alter sins. Maeve only wished he had come to her, and not the arrogance of Nessa. If he had wanted, the God could have killed her with ease, and Maeve would never have come about to this conversation. Yet he let her go, and Nessa had proven herself by coming to Maeve, though perhaps not by her own line of thinking.

Regardless, the God's words set doubt within Maeve. If the Corr was flawed and imperfect, how could she perfect it? If only Larwen had not vanished...

"You've done me a great service by telling me about your encounter, Nessa. My only wish is that it had gone differently, but we cannot change the past, now can we?" Maeve's voice dropped to a whisper.

"No, we cannot my Queen." Nessa began sadly, "P-Please forgive me your majesty, I am a rash, arrogant fool."

Maeve shifted slightly on the branch, "All is forgiven my dear, but remember- It is not in my nature to forgive twice. The next time, I will not be so kind as I was when we first met. Now stand up and look at me."

"I understand, my Queen." Nessa said before she slowly stood, and looked at Maeve. The Fae was a tall one, taller then even Maeve had been, she also had several scars covering her body, some still fresh.

"I've a task that needs doing, Nessa." Maeve began in an alluring voice, "Go to the desert to the East, see if you can find what's happened to the lesser's, or anything else of note. I've seen greatness in you Nessa, do this for me, and I will know where your true loyalties lie."

A fierce determination sprang across her face as she listened to Maeve talk, one that needed to be unleashed upon the world. Maeve's voice helped this process, for her words were that of honey and Nessa was as a bee. "I will not fail you, my Queen!" Nessa said excitedly.

"We shall see, Nessa. Now go, may Perfection guide you." Maeve finished, Nessa bowed and floated off into the night.

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The Beautiful (II), The Queen (II), The Temptress (I)

Aina stood proudly behind Maeve, who was now trying to talk some sense into the Zalsarix. The once small Fae in the meantime, marveled at her new body. She felt powerful and for once in her life, capable of acting on that power. Her senses were enhanced tenfold, the touch of her body was exhilarating, her soul, was now truly perfect. Maeve had 'awakened' the dormant power she held, and like a seed, she germinated into something truly special, the first of her kind- a Handmaiden. Aina adored Maeve, and loved her above all else, even her own life. For Maeve had given her a mighty gift, one she could never repay, a gift that was for life.

"You must listen my brothers, please!" Maeve shouted to the Zalsarix. After trying in vain to get them to stop trying to move the stone, Maeve was beginning to loose patience with the firstborns of Perfection. It seemed that without Larwen to control them, they did not listen to anyone, and Maeve was growing angry at the thought of being ignored. It was not in her place, and if Larwen was truly gone, then it was she they would have to listen too.

"I will not ask again! Stop this madness now and listen to me! I have need of you!" Maeve growled at them, but to no avail. The proud creatures deemed her unworthy of their attention, and to this Maeve turned a dark shade of crimson. "Stand back Aina." she commanded, and her handmaiden quickly withdrew to a safe distance. Maeve's clutch on Willbreaker tightened as she thrust it into the sky. The Mace was a divine weapon, gifted to her by Larwen himself, it's only purpose in life was to dominate the minds of those it touched. It had worked on the lesser Fae, and it would work on the Zalsarix as well!

Maeve unleashed Willbreaker to it's full potential, and all of a sudden the Zalsarix stopped in their tracks, one by one turning towards the Fae Queen. Their expressions were full of anger and hatred, and from their hands came swords of power. They charged her, and Maeve's anger only grew with each advancing step.

"Stop!" Maeve shouted, and the Zalsarix hesitated but still kept coming. Her anger began to fade into fear, as the giant creatures showed no signs of being affected. Was Willbreaker not working? Was her will not strong enough? Was she not a Queen? Queen's did not use anger to command, they used authority. The thought came to her suddenly, and it clicked. Maeve's crimson color faded back to white, she took a deep breath, unafraid of the danger now racing towards her. This felt right, she realized, anger had it's uses, but not now, now she needed to be firm and in control of her emotions.

"I said STOP!" Maeve commanded, her voice echoing forward, and this time the Zalsarix faltered, slowing down to standstill. Any closer and she would have been skewered. Slowly, the Zalsarix fell to their knees, and their blades disappeared as they looked at her with sullen expressions.

Maeve began to talk, a new air of authority hanging in the air, "Do you not see my brothers? Larwen is gone, Pervanon is blocked, your siblings are lost to you, but we are not. We Fae are the only ones you have left, whether you like it or not. I am Maeve, your Queen, Larwen himself gave me this title, and with it, Authority. I will not be ignored by you, for my word carries meaning, and with meaning comes purpose. Now rise my Zalsarix! You are coming with me and that is final. There will be a time to mourn what has been lost, but not now." Maeve finished, thinking of Tingalina...

The Zalsarix did not move for a time, but slowly one by one they stood and began to file away from the Mountain, following Maeve as they left back to the front of her domain.

They had not gone even a day into the journey when a small group of Fae stopped Maeve in her tracks, with an air of urgency. One by one they bowed, all except one. She stood, her head held high, even in the face of the Zalsarix and the beauty of her own Queen. Maeve floated towards this defiant Fae, towering above her, but she did not waver. "And what is your name?" Maeve asked her.

"I am Nessa." The Fae said arrogantly, while looking into Maeve's face.

"Nessa..." Maeve whispered, before unleashing her magic upon the Fae. The Fae screamed as she collapsed to the ground, the Corr ripping into her body. It was not enough to kill her, but to punish her. "You should learn to address your Queen in the proper way, Nessa. Defiance does not suit you, my dear. I see your strength, your will, it is great but without proper restraint you are little more then a savage. This will not do." Maeve stopped the flow of magic, and kicked Nessa in the stomach.

"Let's start over, shall we? Bow." Maeve commanded. By this point all of the Fae, even the Zalsarix were watching the exchange.

Nessa got to her hands and knees, bowing deeply in front of Maeve, the Fae trembled as she knelt there. Feeling satisfied, Maeve spoke again, "Now rise and address me properly, Nessa."

Slowly, painfully, Nessa rose, slightly hunched and clutching her stomach. "M-My Q-Queen. F-Forgive me, I mean to d-disrespect."

Maeve's tone changed to a kinder one, "Of course not my dear Nessa, all is forgiven. Now why have you come here?"

"T-thank you my Queen. We came here, t-to find you. We met something, or someone." Nessa said.

"Who did you meet?" Maeve questioned.

Nessa didn't answer at first, looking at he other Fae who she had came with before looking at Maeve again, "A god, my Queen."

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The Beautiful (II), The Queen (I), The Temptress (I)

Aina stood behind Maeve on her right side, having completed the task her Queen had asked of her some time ago. It had not been an easy one, finding suitable lord's and ladies to claim the new territory, telling them what Maeve demanded in her new realm, fortifications, honing of abilities, creating new Fae. The list went on, but Aina had proven faithful and returned to Maeve not three days ago. Now Maeve and her small entourage floated at the base of Pervanon, watching a miserable sight, and one that filled them with raw emotions. The Zalsarix clawed at the base of the mountain, ripping out stone and trying in vain to enter their birthplace, their very home. For Pervanon's entrance had been caved in, large boulders, double the height of the Zalsarix blocked the once great entrance.

Many of the Fae with Maeve fell to their knees, weeping silently- the implications of such an event were staggering. Maeve stood tall above them, though this reveal racked her soul further, almost to the breaking point of despair. Truly there was no victory but pain and numbness, now even more prevalent at the base of Pervanon. She shuddered slightly, trying to regain focus, everything that was happening was going to fast! It wasn't fair, but then, what was? Maeve snapped herself out of it, focusing on what needed to be done at hand. She turned to Aina, the smaller Fae also stood, watching with fixed eyes at the mountain.

"Aina." Maeve stated.

The small Fae took a moment to respond, but she looked at Maeve and bowed slightly, "Yes Queen Maeve?"

"The mountain is lost to us, our stronghold, and the birthplace of our race. Larwen has..." Maeve paused the air growing silent, "I no longer feel his presence, his whispers have grown silent and Pervanon is shut. I fear the worst has befallen our God..." Maeve said the words, but she did not believe them, not entirely. Had Larwen been killed? Surely she would have felt such a thing? No, deep in her heart, she feared the one thing that was in abundance in her pitiful life- Had the God of Perfection abandoned them?

"My Queen, what do we do?" Came Aina's soft voice, bringing Maeve back the situation at hand. She realized how good it felt to be focused, being lost in her thoughts was maddening at times.

"We continue on." Came the voice of the Fae Queen, "We continue to grow, to build this land in Larwen's image. The Forge of Purity is lost to us, yes, but there are other ways to Perfect lower lifeforms. I will show you, in time. Firstly, you must grab the Ley, the mushrooms of souls, we must spread them further across the land. Secondly, we must grow in strength, Aina has set this task in motion, but it is paramount we are able to fight when the time comes. Thirdly, we shall form our own grand court and from the dust of the old, we shall build anew, greater then ever before. Now go, return to our siblings, spread these words to the wind, and let all now that Perfection is strength!"

With that, their heads held a bit higher, the Fae began to get to work, but Maeve was not done, not yet.

"Aina, come hither."

Aina had been floating away, but the voice of her Queen stopped her, and she obeyed. She floated towards Maeve, and looked upon her beauty.

"You have done much to please me, for this I am thankful of a dutiful servant. I have thought upon it, and deemed you worthy of a gift, will you accept?"

For once, without hesitating, Aina blurted out "Yes." and feeling ashamed, she looked away from Maeve.

Maeve placed a hand upon Aina's shoulder and whispered softly, "Do not be ashamed my Fae, it is our nature to crave power. Now," Maeve bent over and whispered into Aina's ear seductively, "Awaken, my Handmaiden."

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The Beautiful (II), The Queen (I), The Temptress (I)

Maeve watched from a height as King Brentylwith and his host of lessers fled from what remained of her army. The Perfected Fae took claim to both Sullied and Unsullied holdings now. The desert behind both forests had been a surprise to her, for she had no memory of it when she had been like them. It added to the victory at hand, for she knew they would suffer, as she suffered. Still, it was a bittersweet victory that won her nothing but a sadness that gnawed at her core. A depression so profound, that Maeve felt as if she could cast herself into the deep waters of the sea and still fall deeper into the abyss...

For Tingalina was now but dust, and she had killed her.

Maeve fell to her hands and knees upon the overlook, and silently wept for the first time. Tears of energy fell from her face, where they splashed upon the earth it grew blackened and corrupt. She cried for Tingalina, her love of loves, her sweet laugh on summer nights, her golden locks, the way she-

Clear as day she saw it again, the fateful blow, the look of betrayal in Tingalina's eyes. She had not wanted it, for Tingalina to return to dust. But Maeve had lost herself in anger, and before she knew it, it was already too late to stop. She did not even have time to hold Tingalina before she became nothing. No- she had to watch her lover die, hands outstretched but only air slipping through her fingers. It was over... she was gone... just like that.

Maeve's seclusion was interrupted by a Perfected Unsullied, her voice like cold water splashing her from a fog, Maeve snapped her head to look at the Fae and the Fae spoke, unsure of herself, 'My Queen, the Zalsarix... They have started back to the mountains in frantic hurry. There are rumors... the scream from the battle-'

'What-' Came Maeve's weak voice at first, but she coughed and her regal nature gave way to a richer voice, 'What is your name?' Maeve interrupted the Fae. Her composure steadily returning to what it was supposed to be. She was a Queen, and needed to act like one around her people. Depressed as she was, she could not be seen as weak or anything but in charge, and as much as it pained her to go on- she had to.

'I- My name is Aina, my Queen.' the timid fae replied after a moment.

Maeve stood up, towering over Aina as she spoke, her rich voice full of melancholy, 'Aina... What a lovely name.' Maeve stated before stroking the Fae's cheek with one of her long fingers. 'Listen closely, I have a task for you.'

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Plotting and writing.
In Godspeed! 3 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Just a heads up for all interested; I have gotten a full time job for the summer, so I probably won't be on as much as I have been. Regardless of that fact, I am in no way going to abandon the rp because of this. Also, I am in a good spot with my characters right now, so I won't be writing for a bit, and i'm waiting for more people to react to what has happened. Unless anyone wants to collab, I'm usually down for those
Shutting this rp down y'all. Thanks for being here, it was a good time!
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@KabenSaal Ah, I see. I'm sure some God would create you, Larwen would not.
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@KabenSaal What's your definition of beautiful?
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