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Love, what is it?

Love is to give yourself up to another person so completely

For hope that they will do the same,

But sometimes what you thought was love

Was nothing more than a lie,

And you are left wondering what you did wrong

When it was your lover that destroyed you,

That broke you,

That left you,

Yet you still blame yourself

Because you don’t know what to do but cry,

And cry you do

Until you will yourself to change or be changed,

Good people are never the same

For they never want to be hurt again,

So the process continues

And love is lost.

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@Rune_Alchemist I'm curious to know how this one reacts to the Sin Curse, being a God of Combat and all.


The Scarred One

Interacting with: @Rune_Alchemist
Mentions: @ReusableSword@Archangel89@Lmpkio@A Lowly Wretch

Slowly Anu regained her senses, shedding most of the fear that plagued her heart of hearts. It was a difficult process to overcome, but Anu’s domain called for it. It compelled her after all. She was the Goddess of Devilry, not some wretch like Oao whose fear was all crippling. Whose very fear compelled her to live in darkness, avoiding everyone as if they were a plague. This did not suit Anu, for she was the Devil! And she would not be confined by her fear!

She stood up, her red eye’s now gleaming with hatred as they gazed at the spire. She wanted to destroy it, to make it cease from existence. It would be futile in the end she realized, for fear would always exist no matter the shape or form it took and the power to destroy the Spire she had not. Perhaps several of her siblings could do so, but not all of them were here.

Anu turned her gaze away from the spire, to look and see if any of her siblings fared better. She saw Hyperion, a bastion of all that was holy, standing tall in the thick of it. Why he was there, Anu did not know. The minute she had found of his existence, Anu knew she would always hate him. Trying to eradicate a fundamental aspect of the universe was pointless. You cannot have darkness without light, for powers beyond her dictated it.

Next her gaze fell upon Naswaru, he stood upon the edge of the pit just as she did. His form changed a little, his skin a grey like her own. It seemed he too had stepped into the sphere of influence and rejected the power within.

Then she saw Iarus, and her mood soured further. The Father of Lies, God of Deception, was bathing in the fear, letting it consume him. His alteration was apparent, Anu could see he had openly embraced the new power before him. She had never been particularly fond of him, but because of this, she would hate him for all of eternity. A God of Fear was going to be a nuisance for her, and all her siblings, she could feel it. Something would be done about it, this she would make certain.

Having seen quite enough of the Spire, Anu ripped reality apart and stepped into the portal before her. Realities fabric resealed itself, and Anu was gone from the spire. She found herself in her throne room in an instant, before her the Succubus were having fun with Elaria. They turned to Anu, looking at her new body with shocked expressions. She instead ignored them, grabbed her bone goblet and walked over to the blood pool. She paused when she saw her reflection in the crimson.

She was so mesmerized with her appearance, that it took Calli’s voice to break the spell that held her gaze.

“Mistress! Please answer me!” Calli pouted.

Anu turned her head to look at the Succubus. Calli wore an expression of concern. ”What is it Calli?” she said at last.

“Anu, what happened? You’ve been staring at yourself for a long time now. We though something might be wrong.” Calli said softly.

”I am fine. The Spire altered my appearance, that is all. The power it wielded… I could not control it. It would have consumed me in the end I think.” Anu mumbled.

“This is good to hear. You were always beautiful to us Mistress, now even more so. I especially enjoy your eyes my Lady, I feel as if I could swim in them forever.” She whispered.

”Mhm. Very good Calli, your words please me after the events of today. Shall we retire to my chambers?”
Calli blushed, shifting her body like a giddy child. “I would enjoy that mistress but there is something you should see first.”

Anu titled her head, another surprise?

Anu was led down flights of stairs, to the very entrance of the castle by her small entourage of followers. The succubi were giggling as ever, and Elaria had elected to continue her divine mission, so had left them.

Calli had explained a group of lesser Demons had interrupted their fun with Elaria to bring them some news. A strange winged creature had shown up before the Gates of the castle, screeching very loudly. Almost like a baby bird wanting something to eat. They had deduced it wanted to see her, and every attempt to get close had met with a hiss.

Though her followers were fearsome, it seemed they had been bested. It was almost sad really. The black gates were open, and as Anu gazed down at the creature from the top of the steps, it was a strange creature to be sure. No face visible either, which was most interesting. She told her followers to stay the top, and Anu floated down the steps to meet the creature.

In its hand, it held a scroll. A piece of parchment she could only assume was for her own eyes. Now within a few feet of the creature, she held out her hand, waiting for the letter to be delivered.

While gods and goddesses of the sun and moon are allowed to exist these celestial bodies have existed long before even the first gods came to be. The bright burning sun and the soft pale moon both rotate around the world of Tabrasa as they do.

@Lmpkio is the God of Light, So you'll have to talk to him.
I have a plan for a second diety that is going to much more explicitly good. Ferron is good-aligned, but he can overlook wanton destruction so long as it happening over there, and over there doesn't start to mess with his stuff.

Though, part of it is that I want this new god to be born during the RP. For a domain, I was thinking mercy, though I think it might over-lapped a bit to much with health, though the reason is to provide for a counterbalance to the extreme lawfulness of Hyperion and Gammaton, while also countering the general chaos and evil going around.

@Archangel89 Leo was thinking of Mercy already, while Hyperion already has been creating angels, and Hayim already heals. Some words to think about. There are a variety of other choices to choose from, I'd just google a list of Good Gods and go from there.
@Liv First page of the OOC, scroll down to rules and the link is there.
Gunna wait for another event update by Lowly, before I respond to you, @Rune_Alchemist but fear not, I shall respond.
Valeri Andora

Interacting with: @Jinxer

Valeri slept heavily in the large Exodus bed, whose silken sheets she wound up wrapping herself in like a cocoon. It was a most cozy sleep, one undisturbed by bad dreams or noises besides the soft pattern of rain. Thankfully, the Primfiran delegation had been given the most accommodating of rooms, with everything built around their height. The bed had ample room for her legs, the bath was large enough for her to stretch comfortably, and even the furniture was larger then normal, but only be a small margin. The Exodus, it seemed, did in fact know how to treat their guests well.

With a large yawn, Valeri awoke to find herself in a strange place. Her morning disorientation was quickly swept away as she focused, regaining her wits. She blinked, then rubbed her eyes and sat up. The morning light was brighter then she would have guessed from the events of last night, it was almost strange really. The weather could be so unpredictable, much like people. Valeri looked around, she was alone and not a thing of hers had been disturbed, or if it had, she would not have noticed anyways.

She closed her eyes for a moment, and groggily shouted, "Siaaaaaa!"

Her door opened as soon as she had uttered her name, and in an instance her room was flooded with Maids going about their work in preparing the Princess for the day. She liked it this way, when they were called upon they answered, and it beat them waking her up like they use to when she was a child.

Sia, the older woman, walked over to Valeri's bedside, her expression as adamant as always. "Good morning Princess Valeri, feeling well rested after yesterdays events?"

"Mhmm." Came her reply.

"Exodus has given us an official statement on certain events that have transpired yesterday night, and for today. Would you like to read it, or shall I?" She asked.

Valeri shook her head, mumbling something about words being hard.

Sia cleared her throat, then began to read the statement. Valeri paid attention to most of it, but by the end she found herself nodding off. When Sia finished, Valeri took stock. The bear attack had claimed many lives, she hoped not many of her people had been causalities. Other then a feast held in the night, there wasn't really much to do, or anything she needed to attend today. Perhaps she would go on a trip through Exodus, and at this point she thought of another bear attack, then thought better of it. She would only leave the palace if she truly needed to.

"Princess, your bath has been drawn." Sia said, breaking her train of thought. Valeri looked at the older woman and smiled softly. She then slowly got out of bed.

"I don't know what I would do without you girls." Valeri stated somberly, before walking over to the steaming bathtub. She was helped out of her garments, the silken clothing being whisked away. She would probably never see it again.

She entered the tub, letting the water take her naked body in it's warmth. Following her were two younger maidens, the same two that had been in the carriage with her. Valeri smiled knowingly, letting herself drift as they meticulously washed her body. Ionna was the taller of the two. She had light blonde hair, wrapped in a simple bun with two strands falling down the sides of her face, and she had dazzlingly green eyes. Tilly was shorter, her long hair was platinum, and her eyes were a light violet. Both of them were quite petite in frame, but they had a natural beauty for being so young at seventeen. Valeri liked them the best, only after Sia of course, they simply did anything she asked and more. It was quite adorable, in it's own little way.

"And what did you two end up doing last night?" Valeri lulled.

At her sudden question, both girls began to talk simultaneously. It was custom for Primfira servants to be talked to first, before they themselves spoke in front of royalty. Though Valeri did not care much for this rule, she did find it amusing, as they both had a penchant for running their mouths on and on. She knew it pained them to not be able to say anything to her, So Valeri would be silent on many occasions, trying to get either of them to break. It almost worked once, but she hadn't been able to replicate the procedure.

Valeri closed her eyes and giggled, "Ladies, ladies, one at a time. I swear you never learn." Then both of them began to utter apologies to the Princess.

They both then went quiet and Tilly began to talk, "My Lady, last night was quiet something. Before that foul beast attacked, Ionna and I were... Um, preoccupied with a certain task. Yes, it was going quite well until everyone was running and shouting."

Ionna then cut in, "Oh Princess, it was a tragedy if I ever saw one." Her voice then became a whisper, "Who knew that guards had jobs outside of sneaking away and taking advantage of two innocent maidens. So tragic that our fun was interrupted." Ionna finished innocently.

The Princess smirked, "Mhmm, such naughty little maids." She whispered seductively, "Perhaps they need to be punished?"

At this, the maid's cheeks became flushed, but before either of them could respond, Sia scolded them for taking too long. Tilly and Ionna held but one fear in life, and it was upsetting Sia, so with renewed vigor they cleaned Valeri, washed her hair and then coated her in subtle fragrances of flowers and other delicious smells. They then dried her off, Tilly began to brush her long hair, and Ionna began to apply her favorite black lipstick.

When this was done, Ionna and Tilly withdrew to change into something themselves. Valeri winked as they left. New maids arrived with her clothing for the day, it seemed Sia had chosen something black. Valeri supposed it was only proper, as today would be one of mourning, and it was best to look the part. She was dressed at last, her morning ritual completed. It was time to eat something, and who better to eat with, then her own father? It was time to talk, to see if she could find out what his game was, so she sent a runner to her father, explaining that his daughter would be joining him for breakfast.

She frowned as she left the room, an unpleasant feeling growing as she was escorted by four guards to the inevitable. Speaking with her father always seemed to be a chore on her part, and one were no one gave praise, but someone had to. She liked to think he got terribly lonely, that he enjoyed his daughter's company, but King Erasmi was a hard man who rarely showed emotion and Valeri usually left such conversations in sadness. It was wishful thinking on her part, but just once maybe the King would tell her he loved her. Just once would be enough. Most times however, Valeri found it was easier to talk to a wall, at least then she knew to expect nothing from it. It had always been easier to talk with Mother...
@Archangel89 Not mine, but I would wait for our GM's approval ya'know.


The Scarred One

Interacting with: Everyone @ the Spire

Had Anu been expecting an easy time of it, to claim the prize without being dubiously assaulted, she was amiss to find another wave of fear hit her. This time it struck deep into her heart of hearts. From any who were watching on the outside, Anu had stopped walking and now stood motionless like a statue.

The Goddess of Devilry no longer held any inclination of what was before her, the spire was gone. An eerie quiet blanketed the space she found herself in, it was dark at first but then a million little lights erupted across her vision, quickly becoming streaks that stretched on forever without end in a multitude of colors. A lesser creature would have succumbed to insanity or worse, and Anu felt herself wanting it to stop, to end. It was so very bright!

The second her thoughts registered, there was a loud snap, and the streaking lights vanished, replaced with one star, a moon, and Tabrasa. The planet was green and blue, and unspoiled. Strangely beautiful to a God who sought nothing but her own twisted version of it. There had been only one other time she had seen the world like that… It had been the day of her… birth.

A sudden panic overtook the Goddess, and she tried to look away, down at herself, or at anything else. But her sight was fixed, almost as if she was being forced to bear witness to what was to come. Anu knew what was coming, a memory so dark even she had buried it deep down inside. Somethings were better left forgotten, yet it was her foolishness in trying to reach the spire that found herself here, now. The fear she felt was crippling, she wanted to scream or close her eyes, but she could not, and then it began.

A brighter, purer white light, one she would never witness again, emerged from the nothingness that surrounded it. It hummed the perfect note as it took form and expanded, growing into the form of a woman made of ethereal light. Anu could see her own face reflected in the woman’s, as it should have been. Then tragedy struck.

The growing woman’s light, flashed a deep crimson, pain contorted upon her face. Anu tried to scream once again, but there was nothing she could do. Nothing.

She watched in horror, as her birth became an abomination, as her body twisted and broke repeatedly. The once beautiful hum became distorted into nothing but nightmarish screams. When it was finally over, she saw herself curled in the fetal position, her eyes shut tight and a tortured expression painted on her face. She was Anu, Goddess of Devilry. Stripped of everything she was going to be, for reasons that alluded her. It was the single greatest fear she had, having to watch herself be born again, having to see what could have been, and then watch it become nothing. The lights began to streak again…

She awoke from her nightmare, about to enter the Spire’s abyss- but Anu shook her head. Using her new wings, she propelled herself backwards at great speed, exiting the area of influence and then crashing down on her knees at the edge. She wrapped her arms around her body, while dipping her head low. She could not take fear if she herself was afraid of what it brought. There was no conquering that memory, no great satisfaction to be had.

She no longer had any desire to be there but found herself unable to really move. Her mind was caught up in the memory, the very fear she had from it. She could not process it then, but now it came in waves of anguish. So Anu, the Goddess of Devilry, would sit there for a while, thinking of nothing and yet, everything.
@Stern Algorithm I could see your General Assembly location needing to be in a place that is neutral and not in a specific God realm.
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