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Current Co-GM of Civilization - A New End and former Co-GM of Divinus until being forced to retire alongside Kho and Rtron, by Kho and Rtron, after (absurd) allegations of laziness and dereliction of duty abounded.

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BBeast is a physics major?! I just thought that he took a liking to math and was maybe into computer science or something along those lines, not that he was the incarnation of hell itself. Words cannot describe my hatred for physics (and its hatred for me).

Well old pal, you gotta draw a line somewhere.

This is it! We're never speaking again!
The Iceborn

X) Pray to Gods

Dag and the tribe all harbored dreams of sailing a great fleet up every river and along every beach of this new land, but the forlorn barrow and the rising smoke of burning Deep Ones denied them the chance. There could be no exploration and no settling of new lands until the tribe's enemies were slain and the ocean was safe once more.

The king did not know what the Deep Ones were or from whence they came, and neither did any of the elders. For that matter, Kjorn had not bestowed such wisdom upon Sigdar. So they had no choice but to turn to the holy men, who then turned to Father Frost. Before a stark and weathered tree that had been dedicated as a shrine to the wiser of their patron gods, a man named Halvar chanted to the sky.

"O great Father Frost, our lord whose breath is long winter, witness the smoke of the beasts that we burn in your name! Your faithful request but one favor from ye: reveal to us the lair from whence these foul creatures come, and we will be the icy lance that scours the hellspawn from the world and smites them in your blessed name."

The Iceborn

H) Expand Military

"Victory over the beasts!" Dag roared to the crowd gathered on the village's central hill.

They cheered back, and from the great hall were carried several barrels of mead to be passed around.

"Drink! To victory and Kjorn and Sigdar."

A celebration began, but it stopped again just a moment later when Sigdar emerged from the longhouse after having found new clothes. His old ones had been ruined by the sheer amount of mud and blood to soak them.

There was silence as they all regarded their champion with something between awe and fear. Most of them hadn't gotten the chance to have a good look at the runes upon Sigdar's body until that moment.

Sigdar sated their curiosity with an account of all that had happened since he had left the village days ago to gain Kjorn's favor, and at the end of his story there was another long silence.

And then the tribespeople roared, "Sigdar for High King! King Sigdar! King Sigdar! King Sigdar!"

Taken by surprise, Sigdar looked back at Dag and saw look of shocked disbelief on his father's face. But just as the king looked as if he were about to indulge their demands and surrender his rule, Sigdar's voice boomed like thunder and spoke over the entire crowd. He told them that his life was Kjorn's and that he would leave the crown to his able father, for it was Kjorn's will that he train more warriors.

Then Sigdar began walking away. "Were are you going? What will you do?" Dag yelled after him.

"Back to the forest, where Kjorn's runestone was. Those who want the war god's favor will follow me and begin their training."

The king nodded and watched his son leave with no less than twenty at his back. Dag sat and thought for a short time, but then he pushed all that out of his mind. There was much to be done.

He began to organize the villagers and their giblin thralls to repair what was ruined by the flooding and to build a nearby barrow to inter those that had died in the battle. As in for the Deep Ones, he had them piled up and burned before the shrines to Father Frost and Kjorn. It was less work than it would have been to bury the monsters or taking them far enough into the sea that they wouldn't just wash back up on the shores, and he didn't trust the look of their foul flesh. Perhaps the gods would see this as a fitting tribute, even.

@Antarctic Termite

I got a staff!

By golly I did it mom, look at me now!

You mean Xos beat up that guy?

I think you accidentally got a few of them right
@Antarctic Termite

I'm very impressed with your memory of the minor characters, though a few of the biggies seem to have evaded you xd

<Snipped quote by Cyclone>

Well, I did say that Aeramen was up for adoption. You could always pick him up if you wanted.

Or if you preferred a more flawed 'purge the unclean' flavour, you could make a separate character like that, by all means. Him and Aeramen might eventually butt heads, though.

Yes but it wouldn't be the same because Aeramen isn't a giant glowstick that hurts to look at. But you're right, maybe Aeramen isn't really good enough at PURGING to justify taking up the one and only crusader niche.

See, the issue with both adoptions and making new djinni lords of light is that I literally have about 30 named characters already, and these are the ones that I was able to just think of off the top of my head. I'm sure that nobody can remember all of my random djinn.

Unfortunately the list is doomed to grow!

Just for fun, I challenge anybody who's sporting enough to take me up on this: read through the list and count the characters that you actually remember and/or could tell me about. Then post the number
Cosmic knights errant!? They sound like great recruits for the Knight Protectors! badass as Aeramen is and as much as I like him, I'm still sad that the good-guy-crusader-djinn niche is now occupied.

I totally had an idea for a djinni lord of light that would eventually pop up and run around purging stuff with an army of crusaders
@Antarctic Termite

The original plan was for Ommok's empire to inevitably expand, bringing Vetros to the brink of ruin and eventually facing off against Alefpria as the two civilizations vied for dominion over Galbar. And in the end, Lifprasil himself would fight Ommok.

With poog gone, the mortals are suddenly much more fucked. Granted the Terrestrial Citadel is in a very convenient spot and a civilization will probably develop there as refugees flee to it, but the local civilizations will probably still be needing some heroes or else they'll be confined to nothing more than a rocky fort. Not sure how the Cosmic Knights would wind up there, but it's as good a cause to fight for as any.
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