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I stumbled upon this and found it very interesting. You’ve found a unique (and good) niche and idea. For that alone you have my respect, because it’s hard to make original and standout RPs.

Sadly I’m in no position to join this, at least for the next few weeks. I just wanted to offer you my praise, encouragement, and best wishes. I hope this succeeds because it’s the rare type of RP that I love, and I’d like to see more like this on the guild.

I’ll offer you one piece of advice: be very wary of the difference between creating a “game” that’s meant to be “won,” and a collaborative story environment where everyone works together for fun and there is no “winning.” As cheesy as it sounds, I’ve found that making a conscious effort to strive for the latter keeps the RP more enjoyable, attracts a better base, and is more sustainable. That’s just my experience and opinion, though. I say this primarily because your section about the mechanics surrounding character deaths and assassinations, and it felt very gamey and gave me that wary tingling that I’m sure we’ve all felt when browsing new RPs.
Hello everyone! The Cyclone is still alive and blowing. I got Internet access today for the first time since leaving some five(?) weeks ago. I don’t have time to see or do much right now and can’t check the Discord, but I still wanted to come stop by and let you know that I haven’t forgotten about Divinus or any of you,

It’s great to see this still going strong; I’m thankful to BB and Mutton for picking up the slack in my absence, and humbled that the rest of you have stil kept interest. A quick glance seems to show that we have some new faces too. Welcome, and I hope to meet you fresh bloods sometime soon!

I’m not home yet so things still won’t be back to normal. Unfortunately I only have a vague notion of when I might be able to fully resume participation here: it’ll only be somewhere between two and four weeks, hopefully. I don’t know if I’ll get the chance to pop back in like this a few more times between now and then, but it’s possible.

Take it easy guys! I miss this stuff and can’t wait to get back!
@LokiLeo789 for Anu

@Zurajai for Roog
@LokiLEo789 for Magdalene
Cyclone's To-Do List of Wiki Articles:

  • The Sky of Pyres (lol)
  • Katharsos (finish the skeleton of an article that's there now)
  • Cyclopes
  • Atlas
  • Balam
  • Zotz
  • Ku
  • Uselessly vague page for Archie
@BBeastAfter spending sometime to think over my character, I think I would like to pull out. Thank you for your comment and your time for my application. Your comments are highly appreciated. And I would like to sorry for making you to waste so much time without having any result, but I guess I was not cut out to join Advanced yet.

@Doll Maker@LokiLeo789 I would also like to apologize to both of you for doing all these plannings but come to no result. I am sorry.

But anyway, good luck and thanks for having me the few months.

Don't feel bad about anything! Thanks for letting us know, and we likewise wish you good luck with all your future writing and other things.

Looks good! I think we're ready to accept Synros now. Going forward we want you to add him to the wiki, and you and I can begin working on a collab to bring Synros into the fold and hopefully get through that post Quickly™.
@Solotros for Synros

After several hours I have finished reading the entirety of the OOC and IC. I will begin working on a character sheet for a demigod after I have slept, currently I don't have any particular leanings for portfolio though it will be something that can be used in the current era for a purpose.

Hey man, you're a bit farther ahead on the IC than even I am

I'll PM you a link to the Discord; come on there and say hi, and maybe check out the pinned list of portfolio ideas that I put up there.

Also, note that the current era will be transitioning to the Age of Monsters in like 3 days.
I regretfully will have to withdraw from this rp. IRL has really disabled my time and desire to rp. My apologies for any time I have wasted but sadly, it is how it is.

Thank you for the invite and enjoy the story, from the outside its been a fun read.

Yall take care.

I appreciate the kind words and you letting us know. Best of luck in your endeavors!
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