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Current "Well as far as brains go, I've got the lion's share. But when it comes to brute strength, I'm afraid I'm at the shallow end of the gene pool." - Who?
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the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence
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I make like $7.50 an hour, and the mortgage on my house is like $12,000. So I did the math, and that means I have to work like, 82 hours a day.
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Being the bigger man is overrated.
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Day 3: It’s been 72 hours since I sent my brother to the shadow realm for breaking my Xenoverse 2 disk. Haven’t heard back from him. I might have to go in. Wish me luck.


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The Flayed Prince, The Burning Bastard, The Solar Cannibal, The Usurper, The Prime Solarus, The Cosmic Terror

Contented with Onca's endeavors on Galbar thus far, Axnas' circumspective gaze shifted towards the infinite expanse of the cosmos. This hallowed pool of subtle light adorned with the diamonds of a million moons and of a million stars were weaved upon the cosmic ether of divinity, all hung in the frame of a myriad of galaxies, all drifting aimlessly from its progenitor in the center of existence.

It was here, from the genesis of reality itself would he the Flayed Prince, the Prime Solarus, naturally begin his conquest of it all.


The word rung true within the depths of his soul and he turned to regard the stripped carcass of a sibling he knew little about. What was left of him only remained an orange sphere one hundred spans greater than the Galbarian moon. Soon only embers of star material swirling in a deadly dance would prevail.

The first conquest...

The words rung true within the vestiges of Axnas' heart and spurred him to action. His brothers demise served as the catalyst to the birth of his own doctrine; a dishonor it would be for him to simply feast on his innards and forget his short existence.

With a heave Axnas plunged his hands into his own belly, casting divine ichor into the void. Slender fingers slide past tissue and grasped at mechanisms of digestion and without disinclination tore them free. The tube, seemingly unending, flowed from his body and by divine command bound itself around the blazing core until its light ceased to shine.

"Flesh of my flesh, dazzling exemplar of my machination, come forthwith." he decreed.

Immediately, the sinew flared to life and began to expand and writhe. Pink tissue became dark scales, eating the light around its mass while a head burst forth hissing like water dousing an inferno. Stone-like, steel eyes embedded in an otherwise unbroken sheath of scales flared to life and achieved sentience.

”My child, second of the Balam ― agents of my inexorable imperative ― Imalla, go forth, honor the life of my blood, and conquer the stars.

A column of plasma exploded from the maw of the serpent in response. Imalla, the Cosmic Devourer, bellowed, eager to obey. Axnas would oblige him soon, yet preparations where only beginning.

Pelegah in 12,000 years when Larwen has corrupted the entire planet, killed or enslaved most of the pantheon, and is preparing for a galactic crusade.

Axans during this time.

To much frolicking, not enough war.

the lizardmen that will come eventually won’t be smart enough to be that tactical for the most part, so it’s unlikely you’ll see anything of that scale unfortunately. But hey, they might evolve past that

<Snipped quote by Leotamer>

Yeah totally.

Keep throwing around waves like that and you gon have a very angry jaguar at your doorstep.

Y’all are so goddamn active, it’s like we playing at Godspeed or something. Chilllll fam.

Everyone cool, and Axnas, already got one!

...and Axnas, already got one!

... and Axnas ....

Commodus disagrees. Axans is so cool, he’s hot.
Well shit. Guess I'll be over here... praying some gods get caught >.>

Gods after seeing Larwen.

<Snipped quote by Jarl Coolgruuf>


Forget brass balls. Yuu has osmium ovaries.

@LokiLeo789 all jokes aside, make sure to mark the Plains on some or other map. Onca can scent-claim as much land as she wants, but remember that your terraforming abilities are still quite limited at the moment.

I'll start work on End of Turn 0 tonight or tomorrow, and then you'll all have a few decades to work on expanding your biomes.

Will do. I’ll also extend the rate of grown across 10 years to encompass the desired territory. Spread the pee.
@LokiLeo789 I just read through your last post.

I propose we rename Aeinwaje 'the litter box'.

@Scarescrow It's not mentioned in the post, but the moment Yuu pulled off her glove, she slapped him with it. Totally canon.

Don't flirt with Mater Lei.

The Kitty Litter Plains.

That’ll attract tourists.
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