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"Well as far as brains go, I've got the lion's share. But when it comes to brute strength, I'm afraid I'm at the shallow end of the gene pool." - Who?


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Divine energy and godly flesh worked in tandem deep in the belly of Galbar, myriads upon myriads of tendrils engrossed in activity, synthesizing, dematerializing and coding for what seemed like eternity, yet only spanning a few cycles at best. Some wrought fire onto the surface of reality, scrawling pure thought onto canvas while others erased and revised it ceaselessly. Others aggregated at different points, creating hundreds upon hundreds of micro-organisms, only to erase them from existence when impurity’s and malfunctions marred them.

”Critical errors to ARCHON 002 instances. Concerning.” THE ABHORRENT droned, shifting its massive eye to the red scrawl.

The glyphs blazed brightly against the sea of magenta, seeming to slip and slide in space. Revisions to the equation where imperative to the completion of the SHEOL Project. Previous ARCHON instances wouldn’t fit within current universal parameters without heavy augmentations. Such revisions would likely diminish effectiveness of the instance without total recall and rework.

A new set of furious scrawl followed, this one based on the first yet completely new. Augmented motion systems, genetic transmuter and an organic/inorganic flesh energy stasis. A001 and drafted A002 together provided moldable bio-mass. Basic transmutation into flesh-based substance fit within universal parameters and would make way for specialized and isolated secondary instances.

”Satisfactory. A003 command instance required.” the bastard god hummed as flesh aggregated at a single point before its void-like eye.

Work resumed, divine energy crackling as flesh wrought existences. Godly machination synthesized protein capsid layering, transmutable lipid membranes, icosahedral gene capsules and a helical transmutation and motion apparatus’. Separate from the instance, a second set of appendages synthesized the processor/command helix. Dozens of additional codes followed the baseline equation, most prominent of which blazed the transmutation and stasis protocols. With that complete, tiny fingers residing upon a dozen hands assembled the utterly tiny thing into a single, divine organism.

”Satisfactory. A002: run Protocol #1.”

Immediately the micro-organism activated and clung to the nearest A001 instance with savage yet mindless grace. Helical apparatus' awkwardly shirked as genetic material pumped into the organism through a breech in its polymer laying. System motherboards were hijacked and re-programmed. Protein synthesizers were activated and began the transmutation process, turning raw energy into biomass as the plasma membrane buckled under the assembly of secondary A002 instances. An explosion. Myriads upon myriads of A002 instances where ejected into space as the cell gave way to transmuted flesh. In moments a chain-reaction wrought havoc within the sphere, turning the sea of magenta into a pale mass of fibrous flesh that pulsed as if it itself was the heartbeat of Galbar.

run Protocol #2.

The horrorsome cacophony of flesh suddenly ceased, its gluttony quieted by the command of its originator.

The bastard god's flesh seemed to heave.

Project SHEOL> 50% complete_ARCHON 002 instance stabilized.
PRIMARY OBJECTIVE> 3% complete_Sheol infrastructure.
>command instance ARCHON 003_estimated time of completion...unknown.
THE HANDLER Sub-Program: secondary objective_ARCHON 003 synthesization
>imperative to Objective J01.



Project SHEOL> 25% complete_ARCHON 001 instance stablized.
PRIMARY OBJECTIVE> 1% complete_Sheol infrastructure.
>behind allotted schedule
Run Sub-Program THE HANDLER>
>_establishing link_
>_link established_ location: Architect’s Palace
>_uploading UMMUM software_> complete
Constructing Sub-Program THE HANDLER> 5% 15% 39% 66%-
>corruption detected <r̶̢̙͒̽̉̋ớ̶̡͚̥̙̾̅̚t̵̜͔̄̒̒͜ ̴̝̻̿̀e̷͍͇̥̠̋̋q̶̡̻̥͊̏̆̽͝ù̵͙͖̳̕à̷̢̦̌ͅt̵͕͍̦̻̃̎i̴̛̛̹̖͕̱͗̆̕ö̶̡̱́ǹ̸͍̄͠>-86% 97%> complete
Command> Sub-Program 001: THE HANDLER - Execute Objective J01 of Project JOMM.
”Satisfactory. Engage.”
Project SHEOL> 43% complete_ARCHON 002 instance under construction.

The Architect’s Palace was abuzz with activity as purple energy racked the forgotten flesh of the bastard god. Circuit like markings ran throughout the top half of the appendage, cutting off at the lower-end with divine precision. Tissue writhed as the first vestiges of consciousness triggered the reaction further. Bones dematerialized and then rematerialized into a bipedal frame while muscle tissue deformed and reformed to compliment the thin sapien-like apparatus. Divine ichor multiplied as the vascular network, sensory systems, central processing unit and thin integumentary structures were synthesized from left over tissue. Consciousness grew, further aggravating the process, activating the respiratory system, causing a high pitch wail to ensue as the final organic mechanisms where synthesized and finally operational.

For a little while longer the wail went on unabated, seeming to shak the very foundation of the palace itself before suddenly decending a number of octaves, then acesending some, then finally stabilizing and ceasing. Peace returned to the palace as the newly-formed anomaly hunched over in fettle position, soaked in divine fluids.

>Software Designation: UMMUM

Execute: Objective J01

Bones cracked and popped as the program shakily rose to its feet. It was a skinny thing, so much so that it’s emaciated figure almost seemed to lack an epidermis were it not for the thin layer of milky-white flesh just barely holding its form in place. Despite this the entity stood with a semblance of regality, regarding its surroundings placidly.

In an instant, new images flooded its ocular systems. A blue planet, crystalline vehicles, a tiny divine, a godly conference, their ideals, their motivations, the fear entity; all memories of THE ABHORRENT transfered to the program in the span of a few seconds. And the program learned. All of it was of value, of value to its objective, and the Primary Objective.

The program glanced at once blue plant, now tinged brown and green as landmasses marred is once perfect surface.

”ah.” it hummed.

>locate desirable site for Project JOMM_Objective J01.


And with that it lept off into the sky.


Newborn eyes drunk deep of The Architect’s bounty, regarding his creations with an insidious amusement. Akin to the newly manifested entities from earlier, Ekon was too bestowed with a similar mandate. Christened the God of Fear, it was his duty to join the summoner’s other works below, where he would sow fright. Newly sculpted lips stretched outward, unveiling a row of daggers. Terror gripped his world before calamity claimed it, and it seemed fate saw fit to make him dread’s avatar. Even Ekon was surprised at how elated this new purpose made him. After all, excitement would be the last emotion most would feel at being the orchestrator of fear itself. Granted this was not the extent of his “job” just the part he found most appealing.

Further introspection of his newfound purpose ceased when Ekon beheld The Abhorrent One. Slithering hideously before him was Anzillu, a colossal thing made of squiggling parts all moving on their own. Thoughts once foreign to him blossomed into life with each gulp of stimuli, flooding the infant god with dark thoughts. The Bastard was a being whose very existence induced a crippling fear in lesser creatures. And for a god whose presence was to inspire horror, such an entity could be of use to him. With an arched brow, Ekon contemplated an alliance with The Bastard.

An observant god he watched in silent interest at the exchange between the little goddess and her gargantuan “sibling.” Unsurprisingly, she seemed disinterested in the interrogation from the machine-like monstrosity. Ekon couldn’t help, but find Anzillu’s method of communication, intriguing for it was so much unlike his own. In neither of the Fear God’s previous existences had he encountered such a creature. Direct, blunt, and, probing Anzillu was as “honest” as he was frightening, or at least as transparent as such a being could be.

After their brief “conversation” Li shrank away and hastily boarded her designated crystal. Within seconds she was, but a speck until completely vanishing from sight. Sensing his opportunity to approach Anzillu he made his move, knowing that such a God could be useful. Perhaps he could see a mutual benefit in their association. Ekon was at least confident that he wouldn’t have to be quite as worried about treachery from someone as seemingly upfront.

Bare feet carried Ekon to the squirming mass of tentacles. The Demon God’s sheer girth could not be truly appreciated until he was directly before him. It towered over the youngster like some great tree of worms. In the past, he might have been terrified to converse with such a being, or even remain within its presence. However, he was an entirely different existence now, an amalgam of lunatics, victims, and, monsters all his own. Fear was not what he felt in that instance, but excitement.

“Might I intrude upon your time for just a minute? Because I think we could be of benefit to one another.” His said with a smirk.

THE ABHORRENT shifted its obsidian eye towards the source of the inquiry, only twisting what could be called its neck 180 degrees and bending it at right angle to better regard the newborn entity. He was a small thing, not as lean as the reed-like market divine but much larger then the decrepit rain deity.

"–Benefit? Fear-entity, Ekon. Current application minimal. Minor instances viable. Likely, Ekon's profit outweigh ABHORRENT's. Overture?"–

“Mortals overwhelmed by fear and desperation are useful to you, no?”

He simply ignored the bastard’s estimation of his worth. He knew swaying the great and awful thing wouldn’t be easy. Ekon’s head fell slightly to his right side, as the god’s eyes focused on the palm of his left hand. An image of a cowering humanoid silhouette arose from nothingness within the center of the young god’s hand.

Anzillu regarded the cowering form of a mortal with apathy. Mass hysteria was easily created, divine interference was less then necessary. But the bastard humored the little thing.

–“Affimative. Once again, minor instances.-“

“Oh well, the offers still there. If you ever require my services just let me know. I would stay, but I have monstrosities of my own to create. Until we meet again, worm man.”

An open hand clenched into a fist crushing the manifestation within. Galbar and by extension pandemonium awaited the infant god. If not, then his association with Anzillu would come in time. Upon bare feet, Ekon’s form traveled to his crystal before speeding away in the blink of an eye.

The cacophony of futile threats, boisterous personalities and ineffectual prattling went on intensely observed under the guise of acute passivity by the bastard god for a moment longer after the shade left. All knowledge was of use to it, ideologies, flaws, idiocracies, relationships, divides, all would prove useful in due time. Yet the ABOMINATION soon grew weary of the affairs of newborn deities. With unyielding intensity, it looked passed the oceanic entity's commination and instead regarded the limpid crystal vehicles many divines mounted and departed on. The yearning within THE ABHORRENT flared for a moment, turning purpose into action.

Without warning, the bastard became like liquid, stretching its massive body up and onto a crystal in one fell swoop, as if its mass were utterly boneless. Seemingly in tandem, the crystal jettisoned off into empty space, making a meteoric decent towards Galbar. With every passing second the surface grew nearer and the unblinking eye of THE ABHORRENT calculated. Sphere location was likely subterranean by transports' trajectory and current speed. Impossible was it that location was prepared for demonic manifestation and execution of primary objective. For best results, previous infestation iterations were to be utilized.

Empty space became saline and saline became galbar, crumbling under the force of the crystals impact before a void yawned into existence. Into the abyss, THE ABHORRENT went, instantly aware of its purpose to it in the grand scheme of the Architect. Primary base of operations, secondary objective was to be carried out from this place. Essential to universal functions, as was sister spheres. Anzillu regarded these facts for a moment. Current reality split far from the tropes of mainline realities. Likely this was a backwater universe, far removed from mainline existences, similar to Original Reality. Inconsequential was its place in the grand scheme, but intriguing nonetheless to it.

Within the sphere center, Anzillu resided, its obsidian eye absorbing its surroundings with scalding scrutiny, every crevice, crack, stalagmite and stalactite, was accounted for and documented within the confines of its mind. Previous infestation iteration blueprints where regarded, all were palatable, yet manifestation equations proved to yield lackluster results within the new reality’s system.

-“Re-evaluation vital.”- it murmured in the First Tongue.

It paused for a moment, so quickly had to acclimated to the use of current reality’s divine tongue. Nauseating it was the ears of the DEMON, yet invaluable it would be in god-type communication.

–“F̵̖́̂͜ŕ̴͕̀͗ó̴̢̤͕̔b̸̛̝̫͙̎̾͛ t̶͕͎̩̐͗̏̾ ć̸̪̤̻̼̜͐͌͝a̸͕͎͠ ̶̮͍̓̍͜y̸͍͙̥̘̒̄͋͝͝ͅȃ̸̞͓̲̭͕r̴͙̭̜̝̱͒̿̃̆.”– it repeated, this time in the mother tongue, the vernacular anathema to all-things sane.

Appendages bullwhipped into action, striking at the fabric of existence and lacerating it. Angry lines seething with unknowable potential seered itself into reality, growing larger as angry line and angry curve interconnected with one another in two dimensional space until the fury of flesh and fire came to an immediate halt. Tens of thousands of algorithms were sawed into the air, each an attempt to solve the manifestation equation it so desperately needed in order to preform the Primary Objective. Finally, a solution to the equation blazed the brightest within the scarl of foreign lettering and glyphs.

-“D̵̤̈́̉amṁ̷͙̞̺͗̊͆ǐ̷̢̯̖͍̒͒́q̴͎̹̻̣͖̍͛̕“- it purred.

Anzillu shifted its mass, hundreds of tendrils aggregating at a single point before its great pupil. Wrought from the flesh of its soul, divine energy warped nature at the center of concentration, construing according to the blueprints Anzillu formulated. Polymer and plasma membrane layering, protein synthesizers, motion apparatus, genetic transmitor, and finally the system motherboard. As was with all systems this one followed a set of algorithms and protocols, all stored within a helix of proteins. With its middle-finger the ABHORRENT branded an extra line of code to the matrix, its divine will wrought in the languange of an ancient. The final piece was all the organism needed, a means to feed.

Almost immediately the thing began to multiply, one became two, two became four, four became eight, eight became sixteen and so on until in the span of a minute in the eye of the god but possibly days to any mortal, a billion billion consumed the sphere entirely in a sea of glowing purple. Oxygen did not exist in the reality, for it became fuel for the spawn. Galbar was forfit, as the organisms feasted upon the earth without let up, multiplying into cracks and crevasses and expanding, consuming everything and anything, just as it’s creator.



Eye of absolute obsidian, peerless and inescapable, gazed for a long moment at the wiry goddess, Chopstick. Pain marred its senses none, loathsome ichor free to rape the serenity of reality and impregnate it as it sprayed forth its hideous seed. Sinew wrought itself from the flesh of its flesh, freed from its body by the little one. The bastard god paid no attention to going-on of lost tissue.

-“Intriguing.”- a quiet yet hideous voice echoed into the expanse. Able was this Chopstick. Study was feasible; a later objective added to the primary and secondary directives.

After a long moment of consideration, its obsidian gaze shifted, taking in newer existences with a renewed tenor of disinterest. Prattling some were. Ever-questioning others were. THE ABHORRENT found the objective of the Architect to be rather uncomplicated, obvious to entities even lacking in basic comprehension. Imbued into their existence was the Architect’s directive. It regarded the directive for but a moment, then buried deep within the flesh of its soul.


Moving. Again the bastard god shifted, appendages writhing like a million-billion worms in a confined space, chaotic in appearance yet entirely organized and full of purpose. Another small divine, this one Li’Kalla. Mental fortitude tenuous. Previous existence extremely strenuous. An entirely flawed entity. Her agony drew the bastard.

The colossal abomination coiled forward, close enough to swallow the entirety of the goddess whole with just its pupil.-“Trepidation inessential. Find solace in second genesis. Additional affliction unlikely. Engage in creator’s directive.”-

With that THE ABHORRENT rose once again and stared pointedly at the sphere bellow. The location in which the secondary directive was to be carried out. A twinge, a small thing, birthed within its flesh, a want, a need. It was not ignored, it was never to be ignored, only indulged.


A tiny thing it was, a particle of space dust so minute it would’ve escaped notice even if it sat in one’s hand. It hurtled unknown and unnoticed through the vastness of the inbetween, one particle amongst many; a thousand, tens of thousands, as many as the sands of a thousand beaches. Yet, as it was with many great things, this tiny particle of dust, unknown and unnoticed, was a beginning.

A flare of light marking where the particle of dust intersected the plane of the ecliptic, a shockwave was sent rippling through all things comprehensible from the flare, reaching across time and space to touch all corners of reality, known and unknown. And from where it sat brooding in its contemplation of the vast, multi-colored matrix that was the fabric of all understanding from a vantage point outside of reality, a dark intelligence stirred as the ripple washed over it.

Here, in this pocket of existence, the intelligence had waited for what seemed to be an eternity. Waited for this exact moment; an exact moment replayed in countless eternities, announced by the ripple of pleasure across the continuum of understanding. And as it felt the ripple touch it, it paused in its consideration to savor the dark joy that filled it with a rush. Finally it could start it's work.

With a thought the intelligence pressed even further into the reality, into an abyss that was only light. It sped until it felt the cacophony of existence shift, become substance within itself, and the thinnest plane gave shape before it’s eye.

The intelligence bared is body, the crawling mass sloughing off the fires of raw energy with a tumult of movement unending. It gazed upon its new existence with a placid apathy, regarding the entities ever smashing into reality and dirting it without start. Its eye often cast itself upon the originator, the Architect, the summoner of the bastard. Almost like tsunami did his power radiate, awash with purpose and boundless intent. So did it wash over the Abhorrent. And so did it fall away, leaving it as quickly as it came. Yet its vestiges wet its body, unbeknownst to the bastard god, a second purpose took shape under the primary directive.

A flicker a movement. Seemingly eons had passed between rebirth and enlightenment and the entity failed to notice the accumulation of individuality. A frail being, like a reed tossed by a hurricane took flight upon the onset of divine activity. On instinct an appendage reached and grasped for the little thing, the tiny divine’s movement were erratic yet flesh grasped and outstretched arm.

”Fortunate.” it gargled quietly.
Bipolar Bastard.

Felt like finishing all the bastards I created in my free time, since no one is here and might not care and yet I still wanna show off, imma drop em here. Ignore I guess. More will come.


Going for magic may be strange if I go for Incantation (mostly given that Incantations are what triggers a magical effect) so perhaps we could split the magic portfolio?

I could narrow the magic if that would help. But breaking up the portfolio like that might not boad well with others.
All things edgy.

(If no one has claimed, Magic then maybe, otherwise maybe Fear, Deception etc. for now until I’ve put more consideration.)
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