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Current "Our personality flaws may hurt us, but they provide a basis to relate to other flawed individuals and form strong, meaningful connections. Being able to form these connections make us human."
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"She's a Killer Queen Gunpowder, gelatine Dynamite with a laser beam Guaranteed to blow your mind. Anytime!"
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Griffith did nothing wrong!
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"With great responsibility comes great apathy!" - Unknown
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"Ahh the hamburger! The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast!"


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Did anyone clam Deaths Hand and Reapers Lantern? If not could I perhaps set them aside for later characters?

I'm not liking those odds.
Look at all these posts!
@LokiLeo789 You can wait if you'd like your on day 5 at the moment so it's really up to you.

More time for me to procrastinate on other things.

Jo-Vaughn Holloway

Location: Red Lake Cafe
Interacting With: @Nallore Olivia Johnson | @Infamous Auror Taylor Evers | @HushedWhispersAmanda Richardson

Josh couldn't help but chuckle at Andrew's rather humorous attempts to put on a smug face. If that was even his intention. He couldn't really tell and by the time he did it a second time he was far to distracted by Taylor's smile—and body—too care anymore.

He was further dumbfounded by the noticeable lack of distance between them as she sat down next to him. An electric spark jolted through his body at each point of contact. He mentally chastised himself for noticing such a tiny idiosyncrasy, but he couldn't help but not be himself when he was around Taylor. It was as if her presence sucked all the cool right out of him and left a socially awkward noodle in it's place. It was really a problem.

"Glad to have you." he managed, trying to lean back and play it cool. He naturally assumed he failed.

Thankfully, Oliva's words brought him back to reality.

"I ain't got anything better to do, let's make a day out of it." he shrugged, silently revealed at Oliva's willingness to have others tag along with her. Josh back at Taylor. "You wanna join the Mystery Gang? Olivia want's go searching for clues over by the lake. We have Scooby Snacks?" he emphasized the last part by nudging Taylor's arm with his elbow.

More electric shocks ran through him.

I could post now, but shouldn't I keep everyone waiting?
<Snipped quote by Antarctic Termite>

THe Florida Man.

There is only one.

Oh, so I'm the King of Sin City then?

Jo-Vaughn Holloway

Location: Red Lake Cafe
Interacting With: @Nallore Olivia Johnson | @Infamous Auror Taylor Evers (via Text) | @HushedWhispersAmanda & Andrew Richardson

Joey smiled up at the twins, studying their body-language and demeanor for a moment before taking the time to actually acknowledge himself to them. No doubt they were newcomers, he certainly hadn't recognized them at first glance. Nevertheless, he felt oddly connected to them. It hadn't been so long since it was he who had been the kid that just moved into town. They would adjust soon enough, everyone did.

"Yo, what's up?" he greeted lightheartedly, attempting to make the twins feel more comfortable in first-impression kind of situation. They hadn't been doing to well to begin with.

A small vibration in the pocket of his jeans garnered his attention for a moment. In a single motion he slide the cellphone out of his pocket and scrutinized the screen.

His heart lurched once he read the name Taylor within the notification bubble. A grin formed on his face as he replied back, not wanting to keep the girl of his dreams waiting.

To: Taylor
"Hangin out at the Cafe with Liv and friends. U want in?"

Jojo paused a moment before hitting the send button, considering whether or not it would be appropriate of him to invite her the cafe like that. He didn't want to seem presumptuous and assume she wasn't busy or something. Nor did he want to come off as too interested in hanging out. He was ready for a lot of things, but messing up his friendship with Taylor wasn't one of them.

Fuck it, Taylor's cool. he asserted and it hit send resolutely.

He looked back up from his phone in time to hear Olivia turn down Andrew's offer to go shopping for her excursion to the lake. That brought Josh back to his earlier question.

"Speaking of lakes; you think going alone is a good idea? I mean, I don't doubt the ability of Miss Olivia Bad-ass, but safety in numbers, know what I'm saying?"

I'll post tomorrow.

Edit: I lied.
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