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Current the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence
2 mos ago
I make like $7.50 an hour, and the mortgage on my house is like $12,000. So I did the math, and that means I have to work like, 82 hours a day.
2 mos ago
Being the bigger man is overrated.
2 mos ago
Day 3: It’s been 72 hours since I sent my brother to the shadow realm for breaking my Xenoverse 2 disk. Haven’t heard back from him. I might have to go in. Wish me luck.
3 mos ago
My brother broke my Dragon Ball Z xenorverse 2 disc. He doesn't know it yet, but tonight, I am sending him to the shadow realm


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<Snipped quote by LokiLeo789>

She's actually in the Amestris area to start with, so she could end up involved with Jericho or the lot. She'll probably move on eventually, though. Mercenaries are notoriously unreliable after all.

Jericho would most definitely make use of their services. He’ll be sure to put em at the front lines to thin out there numbers.
...actually, would anyone like a sentient White Giant mercenary on their side? Preferably a Vestec-worshipping one with Holy magic and a turbocharge? Call now.

ed: and flame decals.

Ama would certainly find use for them.
<Snipped quote by LokiLeo789>

Is that a legit objection or are you just pulling my leg? You know pulling people's legs is sinful right? It's just another way of lying. Didn't you already learn that sin never pays?

It’s legit, I rolled an 18 sides dice for those stats. And sin pays just fine, just look at sin city.
<Snipped quote by Antarctic Termite>

Their silk armour would probably provide protection against it for some time, but a simple Wi barrier that prevents the blood from making contact with the Victor's body is all it would take.
My upcoming post will showcase some of the abilities of a Victor - do them some justice.

The blood rain has +6 armor penetration and +9 magic penetration, your Winand Silk wouldn’t do jack.
<Snipped quote by LokiLeo789>

Yeah, Astartian magic's been in the background for quite a long time now. Everyone's lucky Astarte isn't into showing off her powers.

You'd have a hard time if your objective is learning Astartian magic since nearly no one knows it and even fewer know how to use it correctly or grow more powerful in it.

We’ll just have to learn from the source. With this new ‘soul’ currency on the rise, Sindustries (soon to make a return) needs to move quickly to eat up chunks of the market. Astarte must make good on her word! For the sake of the economy!! Or my bottom line.
<Snipped quote by Slime>

If you know how to use Astartian Magic, a whole world of possibilities opens up :p, you could do magic so powerful that you could defeat an entire army on your own or erase a city from Galbar. Such powerful magic is normally unattainable, but by sacrificing a few souls you can make it happen. Luckily, there's a procedure called "kidnap orphans and suck their souls out" that one can do to obtain large quantities of pure souls :)

Was that always a mechanic? First I’m hearing of it. Battle of Xerxes would have gone very differently otherwise.

Ama would also like to cash in on his favor soon.
<Snipped quote by Antarctic Termite>

By the way, I don't think I understand the Yonders well enough. They're soulless bodies that go around looking for a soul and memories to steal from an actual sentient being?

From what I can gather, they are creatures that start as spores, attaching themselves onto a victim, create nightmares within the mortals mind while adsorbing their soul from their body, then once the soul has been removed, the Yonder moves on, and the victim is left a soulless husk living out his or her days all the same. Yonders supposedly grow from there, I'm unsure, Termite could tell you more.
There, Xanchaladan is now a player on the Metalic Islands. Also Diana post without much Diana.
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