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Those of you who haven't made a turn 0 post, feel free to do so. I will start turn 1 as soon as Cyclone and Pirate have messaged me with their civilizations.

For you newcomers: I highly recommend joining our discord! It's much easier to get in touch with each other there and discuss things.

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Wow, this really was blink it and miss it huh? Well, too bad, can I still apply for the holding list?

I am not out of the RP, though at the moment I am just not interested in the Kappa plot, so I will just handwave that Deborah didn't follow them due to the headache and is instead training in the dorm or something.
The Summary that was promised is up. If anyone wants to catch up before the last few posts.
The Mesathalassa summary

These posts are set in two major regions, Mesathalassa and the Dusklands.

Mesathalassa is a continent that can be divided in three major regions. North Mesathalassa, a region of jagged mountains, thick jungles and endless rain and West Mesathalassa, of lush subtropical forests, swamps and fertile valleys, is inhabited mostly by humans. East Mesathallassa of sweeping plains and gentle shores* is mostly inhabited by Hain.

(*The east coast is as old as Galbar, while the west coast is very young, made when Toun flooded the world, making it so only the east has proper shorelines)

The Dusklands was a region of swamps modified by the influence of the god of darkness Julkofyr, when he created The Darkened Spires (the mountains east of the Dusklands) he, by side-effect, covered the region in dark clouds. Nevermind this, a human population still flourished on it. Though now that Ilunabar overtook The Darkened Spires, her influence is slowly casting away the darkness and replacing it with something much weirder and unwelcoming to humans.

Mesathalassa is a very isolated region, having stayed untouched by foreign powers like Alefpria or Xerxes, or even the intrigues of gods. The region as a whole places a certain value on freedom, free guilds and elected chieftains are common in the wilds, while even the larger states feel the need to justify their rule and be fair to their people. Of course it's no wonderland of freedom, though at the very least one won’t find themselves enslaved while visiting most of their city states.



West Mesathalassa in 70 PR

The Dusklands in 70 PR

Glossary / Characters / Locations

- Dusklands / Dzanya

- West/North Mesathalassa

Further Information in the Wiki: Dusklands and Mesathalassa Open to answering questions in the OOC or PMs.

Deborah woke up and almost took out her gun to shoot at the noisy TV. Why was this necessary? She hated alarms, she truly did. Another thing she hated was a strong headache, which was exactly what she felt today. "Ugh... I overused my magic yesterday." it was an annoying feeling on the back of her head that made her mind feel shallow, as if being a human had suddenly become a shore so her mind had just reverted to something lesser.

Instead of rushing to the breakfast, she took a long shower, trying to relax her body, before dressing up in a more practical outfit than the one yesterday, jacket with pants, sword and pistol on her belt, the necklace with the image a of a griffin made of gold and amethyst, the symbol of her family's chivalrous order, indicating she was in the fighting branch of the house. Still looking stylish, albeit also very tired, she went down the staircases without saying a word, preparing some tea and setting aside some biscuits, a light breakfast to help to start the day.

She hated to isolate herself from the others, but at the same time, she hated interacting when she wasn't feeling sure of herself, it could lead to unnecessary behavior, making it so she had to spend the time in which she was 100% dealing with what she has done when she wasn't in such a good shape. Still, when the topic of the Kappas was brought up, she had to address it.

"The village sounds interesting, and yes, I guess there is something going on with the Kappa, after all, why wouldn't they remove the creatures themselves. It could be a test." she said to Lucas. Hmm, I wouldn’t say stating some demons are cool is that reprehensible, after all, it's common to find wolves and lions cool as well, and both of those are as willing to end a young child as some lesser demons.” she added with a shrug. In the end, she preferred that mindset as she felt less of a glorified butcher.
Oof, I got "distracted" with real life and studies, let me catch up now, impressive how much moved forward in a few days, haha.

Deborah waited patiently as everybody made their introductions, arms crossed and smiling, looking the best she could as everyone stared at each other getting their first impressions. The mood had been nice yet tense, everyone seemed friendly, wishes of friendship along with fears of injury and death. She smiled softly as Alexandria ran head first into a faux pas, one that did not involve her undergarments for once, though it was a question that everyone was likely thinking as well.

"Yes, pardon the curiosity, but it is a bit peculiar. Is it a case of a total lack of magical sensibility or you just didn't adapt well to your house's traditional teachings?" she questioned, so her new friend would not be lone in her act. Though she suspected it was likely not the former case, being exceptional was the baseline for the school, and magic didn't always need to be sparks and fireworks, her own magic was quite discreet and focused on her senses and memory, for example, if she had developed it on its own instead of inheriting it she could have lived her whole life without noticing her own magical skills.

The pleasant mood was completely soured by that cute silver-haired boy she had seen so many times, it seemed he was a quite sensitive person, acting irrationally to the point his first act was to try to bully the blind girl. If she was not in a good mood she would have lost any goodwill towards him, though the day had been nice, with Alex's shenanigans and nobody bringing up any saint her family might have slain, so she perceived it more on the side of pitiful. So she chuckled dismissively at the act, though many took offense, including Alexandria.

Lucas was the last to present himself, and he brought a point of her interest. "I am interested in seeing that pond, seems like a waste that nobody can use it, plus, a pond so mystical to house Kappas ought to have some nice proprieties in its water. Yet, I am unsure if this is quite a Pokemon knowledge zone, Mr. Pikachu, I am sure Kappas fall in Youkai Watch or Shin Megami Tensei?" she smiled briefly before stopping herself. "Jokes aside, Alex is right, this is no video game. If violence was a possible solution, I am sure the veterans or the staff would have applied it already, it's not like Kappa are apex creatures, so I am left wondering why nothing is done. It could be cultural and religious respect, it could be a test or even a ruthless filter for overly curious students, but this is just guesswork...

She turned towards the direction of the kitchen, though her vision was blocked by a wall. "Oh, the water is ready. Just a minute." she quickly left and after some moments, returned. In her hand, a bowl of Anko, sweet red bean paste. It was mostly for herself, though she couldn't help but to take a spoon and offer it to the Petit Princess. "Here, taste this~" she said, holding the spoon near Alex's face.


As soon as the first hint of a silhouette appeared, Deborah sighed, placing her knife back and relaxing her face, though the pout remained, no longer a reflex of her aiming, the expression was there due to the fact she just had had the wrong reaction, she had trusted the raw data too much. Of course, she had already fixed the mistake, but pointing a weapon at the wrong target was unacceptable.

"Memorandum to work on the Antikythera's context recognition and to schedule instinct taming training sessions." she told herself, letting her magic make sure she would not forget it. Then she stopped and fully relaxed, just in time for the headmaster to step into the light and introduce himself.

Of all the things he said, the kappa business was what truly had hit her, it was already bad if it was a pool, but if he referred to a hot spring, that would be a disgrace, as it was something Deborah looked forward to in her first trip to Japan.

Moving into the forest, towards their dormitory, the heiress was pleased to see it was a quite pleasant and elegant looking building. She followed in the middle of the group, with no rush in mind. Once inside, it was time for quick scouting, her eyes quickly capturing the names of games and books available, as well as taking note of the layout of the building, all that while Alex and Ryanne started the round of introductions. By coincidence, she moved into the kitchen along with Levi, not to raid it, but to take note of its supplies. "Excuse me, Mr. Hall, I will just take a brief look!" she said as she approached, looking over his shoulder and into the fridge. The roll call had allowed her to know at least the surname of each student, Antikythera was tailored to notice the most minute of facial expressions, such as the ones that come by instinct when one hears their name.

"Mostly local vegetables and fruit, lacking in dairy and meat variety, a rich selection of spices... But alas, No wine..." she told herself as she continued her analysis, before turning around. "Ah well, autre pays, autre coutume. Good thing I memorized a few cookbooks on local recipes." going to the oven and starting to heat up some water, she would not patiently wait for it, however, instead, she left the kitchen, seeking to rejoin the main group.

Back onto the main room, she moved to Alexandria's side, seeing the introductions still being made, she joined them. "I am Deborah of house Nibelung. I look forward to working with you."

@Hammerman@Dark Light

Drakus's answers made her blink rapidly when he mentioned her being on his 'way' "Monsieur, I am leaning against a railing." her hand raised to above her shoulder and pointed towards the horizon behind her. "And that is the sea. A quite frigid one too."

Conversation then shifted back to her side. With a raised eyebrow and a smug half-smile, Deborah looked down at Alexandria, turning a bit while still leaning against the rail. "Ah, that is quite a question, isn't it? One side of me thinks answers to questions such as these are earned, the other half is getting quite embarrassed with the intensity of that stare towards my thighs." she answered in good fun.

She then stared upward, looking puzzled. "This wind is getting faster than the average of this region, I also do not recall any weather forecast predicting any anomaly of this sort." as she spoke, her eyes had a soft glow, she looked to the side and the wind became even stronger, and to top that, it started to wail, or something of the sort. "Ah, this is definitely not the usual."

Her rapier and her gun were away, stored among the luggage, though since her magical power was not offensive, she always had at least one weapon on her, so raising up her coat a bit, 'hot pants' being the answer to Alexandria's question, she picked up a small silver knife hanging on the side, staring into the dark with a soft pout and a squint.
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