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In Godspeed! 2 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
@Kho Are there any plans for the mask? The ogres I have mentioned I wanted to create from Un/Sullied Fae for quite a while have a lot to do with masks (since they are kinda of Oni based) and reading that post has given me an idea. (Sorry for taking so long, life has been mean lately.)
In Godspeed! 2 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Just having a brain fart right now on what i should post, If anyone wants to help me with my post i would really appropriate that.

How up to date with the IC are you? If you are, I think dealing with the memories of the war is a good idea. If you are not, well, you can continue with your idea of getting a few mortals to worship you or try to find another collab.
Is there a point to the 10 prestige/khookie limit per post?
I already have everything down though, Domain/Portfolio, personality, the opening post of her being 'born' as a Demi-God and interacting with the world. Everything is already down in my head. I just need to get how she actually became a Demi-God in a way that doesn't fly against the established Lore.

You know you are going to have to share that at one point or another, right? To be accepted into the RP. So why not work on that now and help us set up the start point, its hard to something when we have little to guess what your character is, what powers she has, and what she will be like.
In Godspeed! 8 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay

I have decided that once the current collab with Zee is finished, I will be dropping from the game. If I do not deal with Seihdhara's fate in the collab, I will leave it to you all to decide between yourselves how to remove her from the game. Thank you for what has been, for me, an enjoyable go at this iteration of the game.

Aww. Seihdhara has been fun, it will be a shame to see her go.
In Godspeed! 10 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Can you still make a God here? I was thinking about a god with Supernatural(Mana) to introduce the new, magical substance as well as offer a counter to the Goddess of Supernatural(Souls).

Dare you defy me? Don't you know how vicious a capybara can be?

... Jokes aside, what is the deal with Mana? How does it differ from other magical? I picked Supernatural as a domain for some very specific reasons, I take you are going for the same overall idea of extra natural, not common and unperceived?

It would help to talk about this sort of stuff now since the gods will be in similar areas.
@KabenSaal Oh that I knew, I even talked with you about it XD
And I'm just sat here trying to make my demi-god concept work....

Ganbare! But really, if you introduce the overall idea or even the WIP CS, people could help you to fit her in here.

Will domain level go down with that leveling system?

I do agree with the idea of reward/requiring creativity versus just number crunching, I think I am more open to the idea now. It will also, once again, help Demi-god players, Lazarus does a lot for example, but rarely levels up.
Giving everyone free levels through Godspeed's system will just saturate the hell out of this RP with even more MP, and then I'll have to dump all my MP into making an even bigger divine weapon

Do we really want a 100MP [Orb of Celestial Undoing]?

Well, I imagine the new system would come with the weapon might limit.
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