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Goddess of Passages, Landmarks.
MP 0 - FP 2

With the heavy weight of an empty sphere and the need to create seasons off her mind and with the newfound affection at the arms of Seihdhara, Urhu was in a more peaceful moment than usual, for once doing justice to her methods and truly being only in the joy of the present than in the worries of the future.

The other goddess which inhabited Nyeothay tag was still resting, and she looked like she was lost in a heavy sleep, it felt rude to awake her, so the goddess moved away, to the deck of her ship, ready to start her day. As it was usual, she rose up the ship into the air until she had a great overlook of Galbar and its many lands... Which truly surprised her in how much new ground had been created, the once barren land now being truly filled with proper details, she wondered how she missed that, it was likely the distraction from overworking, alcohol and intimacy.

Nevertheless, now she knew about those lands and the allure of novelty had taken over her mind. Contrast was a natural tool to bring attention to something, so the first land that seized her interest was the green, delicate island chain to the side of a great barren land. She did not know, but this was a land named Istais.

She dove back to the surface of Galbar, landing the ship onto the water and approaching the shores of the islands. She peeked into the room to see if Seihdhara had woken up, but it seemed like the goddess either was still making up for all the fatigue caused about multiple near final death experiences, had drunk too much last night, or was in the webs of that sneaky dream god, perhaps all of those at ther same time. The thought made Urhu remember she needed to address that dream question sooner or later, she had not liked Seihdhara's descriptions.

But that was for later, for now, the goddess jumped out of the ship and braved into the land, reaching down to grab some soil so she could analyze it and figure out who made this bit of Galbar. Before she could, she noticed what looked like a neon porcupine idly walking about further inland, the goddess looking at the creature and immediately thinking "Yep, Asceal."

It was nice to see the goddess of light again, that explosion really made Urhu unsure if she was still kicking or if she had kicked the bucket. This land was obviously made with far different materials and purposes than the crystal fortress up in the sky, yet, the design motifs were easy to see on that contrasting mix of delicate and strong that characterized the island.

Going up one of the mountain paths, following a river stretch, the wanderer's eyes shone when she noticed steam raising upstream, soon going near the vicinity of a nice looking hot spring. She dipped her hands in the water to see if it was nice, getting a very positive result, and quickly entered it, leaving her clothes on a rock nearby. Hot water was always nice, though a fabricated hot bath just could not beat the natural flow of a hot spring, in fact, sometimes Urhu wondered if she could somehow make a genuine one within Nyeothay Tag, it wasn't impossible but would take some work.

Despite being a divine being who likely did not suffer from muscle stiffness, the goddess could feel the tension leaving her tissues and her mind becoming clear. The scenery was quite pleasant as well, it was ironic considering the goddesses' past, but Istais with its elegant features interacted significantly with Urhu's Seasons, it was summer, so the forest of tall and thin trees had a strong living green to them dotted by flowers, which in summer were rarer but displayed striking warm colors in comparison to the softness of spring. Birds chirped, cicadas and crickets buzzed... And it seemed Asceal and Phystine (The wanderer had already discerned her handwork on the island as well) had beaten Parvus in the race to make a light emitting bug, at least in Urhu's perspective.

As departures are inevitable, the time for Urhu to leave the peacefulness of the hot spring came, any more and she could be bored of such a place and she didn't think it deserved those thoughts. Hours had passed so it was now night but in this land of light the colors refused to succumb to the dull darkness, the flowers she had seen before defiantly keeping their vivid colors and even softly lighting up the forest path in torch-like tones of orange and yellow. There was some potential for landmarking in that, she thought, in fact, upon further analysis, it seemed it was her aura of passages and landmarks that created the long stretch that only had similar flower tones, as the flora in other areas seemed to be more diverse.

When she started to get clothed again, the goddess could not help but to feel a bit bothered by how plain and boring it currently was, the novelty wore out as she started to want something more than leaves and hides for apparel. She remembered the continent to the East, the one where she had met Shengshi, had great biodiversity, many which would certainly be useful for costume making.

Returning to the boat, checking on the still sleeping Seihdhara, the goddess set sail through the air towards the east, however, since she was already over it, she decided to stop at the continent that was both the largest and the most barren of them all. She extended her hand taking a sample of the dirt and observed it. Mineral-rich, but initially sterile, Ohannakeloi seemed likely.

Metals would not be bad, she thought, starting to sniff around the endless plains of the large continent searching for a mineral-rich region. While traveling, she could not stop but to be bothered at how little features there were on the gargantuan stretch between the coast and the towering mountains, it would be too easy to get lost, so when she found an exceptional amount of resources, instead of using her powers to dig or transport, she stomped on the ground and used her powers to create great towers of stone. It still was barely enough to make it easy to traverse the land, but it was something.

The heat and sand made the lonely rock towers look even more out of place, their inexplicable sight looming in the horizon like a mirage, as such, they were the Phantom Towers.

With many of the mineral nodes on the surface now, Urhu rose her hand and pulled ores straight from the rock, placing it on Nyeothay Tag's storage room. With a job well done, she left eastward, even on her ship and with all her skill, it still took some time for her to fully navigate across the world, finally seeing green again as she arrived on the lands east of the Nanhe River. She would spend some significant time picking different types of fibers until she finally found the plant that provided sort of textile she wanted... yet, when she made her dress, she could not help but feel it was dull. While she pondered over this issue, she saw a beast walking calmly past her, it was a boar, an interesting creature... which seemed both delicious but also able to provide decent hides for her plans. Since she was in a rush, she simply launched a rock at divine induced speeds on the creature's head, before seizing the body.

Back on the ship, she started to separate the many bounties of the hunt, when she noticed the creature's mouth was stained in blue from berries it ate. Of course, she could dye her clothes, but nothing she had seen in that continent felt like the colors she wanted, so she once again started to travel until she found herself in Istais again. This was a land of strong colors, so it made sense she would find her dyes here.

She arrived as the sun was setting, the green of summer meeting the orange of the dusk, it was a beautiful sight, and Urhu immediately knew how she would dye her clothes. That was not her only inspiration, however, as near where she had anchored Nyeothay Tag, she noticed a natural wonder as some rocks perfectly captured the setting forge between them. It was beautiful... but it could be a bit better. While she waited for the dye to stick to her clothes, she started moving around the rocks into a crown shape, going as far as pulling a spring up from the ground so the rocks would be clad in steam. Despite being a small formation, smaller than some cliffs on that eastern coast of Istais, it was a beautiful spot normally, but at the sunsets, it would hit its full glory as the Sun's Gate.

The wanderer would then move to work on the metals, a god could create heat and purify, so even without a forge she was able to extract the bright yellow metal out of its rocky shell and mold it to fit her outfit. She would do similar processes to the hides she had taken, before binding it all together, folding even the gold as if it was cloth until she reached what in her view was an outfit much closer to what she expected a goddess to wear. The final act was a medallion, inspired by Shengshi's own use of a symbol to represent his presence, the goddess had been thinking about something to use on her own works.

Damn you Adam! You are a desecration of love! If Seihdhara cannot be the goddess of love, then she'll be the goddess of intimacy and the good ol' rumpy pumpy!

The desperate Celestial Media keeps spreading fake news. Urhu had a problem with two suns and no suns, she is fine with a sun.

MP 0 - FP 17

Back once again to the waters of Galbar, Urhu was enjoying the feeling of thrill provided by the act of sneaking into another god’s realm provided, she even had a proud smile on her face. However, as excitement passed, what was left behind was a vacuum of uncertainty. She did not even know why she had acted the way she had, perhaps it was in the momentum of being born, perhaps Seihdhara and the feeling of power made her bold, nevertheless, she now wondered if this was worth getting involved into. She was sure she would not be caught this one time, but what about the next? A balance was important and she did find the idea of endless days disgusting, but would she have to fight against all other gods whenever they overstepped? She did not want to do that, she did not want to policy other gods, and at the same time, she did not take kindly to the idea of staying still as the world goes wrong.

Alone in the sea, her mind kept going staying further into endless brooding. What was she even doing? What was her purpose there? The architect’s words had been too vague and by the presence of gods of realms such as desolation, one had to wonder what he was even aiming for. Was she traveling just because she was told to do so by a higher power? She didn’t like being ordered around even if she were to do only things she enjoyed, it felt pathetic.

Urhu’s negative thoughts came to a halt when she suddenly spotted The Eye of Desolation, to her surprise, it was very different from when she last saw it, lush jungles adorned the once barren rocks, which was quite impressive, considering how jagged the crater islands were (though it had to be noted that many of the irregular great spikes of rock that rose from the ground stood tall and sterile, unconquered by life.) and the minute detail of the whole world being covered by thick dust clouds, which certainly made life somewhat awkward.

”I sense Phystene” the wanderer said, and, to no surprise, she soon found some sort of tree, or part of a tree, raising from what she could perceive to be some sort of connection to her hidden sphere. ”Talk about imposing power.” she told, in compliment, if anything the vitality of the island was a testament to her power.

And since it was now interesting, it was time to have some fun and explore it.

Of course, the first act was landing, a simple thing for most deities that possessed a flying ship, but Urhu did not like the easier routes, she wanted to find a sea route to port into the island.

Sailing around it, she was able to make a quick judgment.

The inner coast (in relation to the blast and the ‘pupil’ bay of the eye) was far smoother, and that made sense, the land had been pulverized by being so close to the impact, it was also the direction where most rivers of The Eye flowed towards, this was due to the nature of the mountains, all created by the blast, having longer slopes facing the bay and sudden cliffs facing outward.

This obviously painted the picture of the outer coast, long walls of rock, waters infested with rock spikes, and rough beaches composed of gravel and boulders, a stark contrast to the gentle, stream dotted, sand beaches of the inner coast.

Mortals would probably prefer the bay by a long mile, no side was truly an “easy sailing” by no means, but one side provided far more obstacles for anyone wanting to dock their ships, which would be futile, as once they did they would be facing a couple thousand kilometers of sharp cliffs, raging waterfalls and steep climbs.

It was natural that Urhu decided to be the first to find a safe way from the outer coast into the island, sailing for days in a circle around the island, many times finding fake leads that just led her to a dead end, with the beach in sight but well guarded by raging waves and sharp rocks. But in the end, even a raging bull can be tamed, and the traveler had found herself docking Nyeothey Tag on the unconquerable side of The Eye.

A couple of hours climbing a hill with her bare hands, and Urhu was atop in a high point of the archipelago. The view was beautiful, it was weird how a place could be so desolate and yet so full of life, the essences of two clashing gods creating something paradoxical yet very real. And it was beautiful.

For a moment she even felt a bit elevated herself, sadly, her high ended suddenly when she turned around and stumbled her doe against a boulder.

”Dammit… fuck!” the wander said, rubbing over her feet. That had gone and done it, she was going to get some boots. Of course, a god could just summon a pair, but where was the fun in that?

With a sharp rock in hand, she would turn a simple log of wood into a sharp javelin. She had considered wood and fiber sandals, but nothing could beat nice leather boots, they were very resilient and didn’t get her feet when it rained.

When you are a giant lizard full of aesthetically pleasing leather in your body the last thing you’d want to see in a goddess with a sharp stick in her hands and eyes focused on you, but that is what one poor fella saw before a quick and painless end.

”Ugh… threw it too strong.” Urhu stated, it was thankful she had aimed at the head of the creature, otherwise, the whole body would have been made worthless.

Since she had had her fun with sailing already, the wanderer decided to have her ship fly into the island so she could easily get the tools to dry and tan the leather as well as to store the meat and bones of the creature she killed. Urhu did not eat the meat of animals she did not slay herself, it was part of her own huntress code, so it was important to store whatever she killed or else she would rarely get to eat meat. Why she had such a strong conviction over something that was not her realm she did not know, but anything else felt wrong.

Soon enough, she had a pretty nice and dry pair of boots… of course, since she was already on a hunting and gathering trip, she could as well make a few more things, such as a loincloth made from ayate fiber of local cactuses and decorated with the feathers of birds of a variety of colors, a died leather cape, rattan bracelets and rope and bones headband…

”Seihdhara forgive me.” Urhu whispered under her breath, but it was hard to not want to make something out of the things she collected from this new land, in the end, it was no different from her wish to eat despite being a goddess, those were the things that made her feel alive and less alienated. As a goddess, it was important for her to become familiar with the world and its people, and how closer could you get than to wear bits of their corpses for aesthetic purposes?

Of course, The Eye of Desolation was an enormous region, and even after getting a sample of the local wildlife and flora, Urhu still wanted to keep braving its jungles, with a heavy emphasis on brave. The region was already naturally hard to traverse thanks to its sharp, unstable and rough landscapes, full of mountains, mesas, ravines, fractures, and some pretty fast rivers. Phystene saw fit to add a layer of impassable, thick, overgrown jungles on top of that chaotic landscape. In some areas, the smallest of trees was still large enough for someone to live inside it.

It was a pretty great place overall, in Urhu’s opinion, something that was exciting to explore even as a goddess, it was really hard to believe it existed in a world still lacking direct sunlight thanks to the clouds. She was still finding new things to take note off even after endless immortal days traversing the forest. More recently, she had found a star-shaped fruit. It was difficult to believe, but it was harder for a god to pick up a fruit than it was for a mortal to do the same. Her mind could peer into the local life and know what the fruits tasted like before she even touched it, much less ate it. It was an existential hell of some sort, it took an effort to keep her divine mind contained as to not spoil the whole experience, but it was an effort worth taking.

The star fruit tasted sour and very acidic, not of her personal taste, but so far the best fruit, seed or berry she had eaten here, so she would keep a few samples for herself, probably grow a tree in her boat’s greenhouse. Other things she took, outside of the corpses of many animals, were some logs of local wood and a few caged songbirds. She had also taken some flowers for personal purpose, it was pretty lifeless within Nyeothay Tag and a few potted flowers would help to lift the environment up.

Sensing other exciting developments elsewhere, Urhu hopped onto her ship and started to leave, but not before making a special mark on the one beach that was of easy access on the ‘inacessible’ of the continent. Urhu called forth a rock spike from the Chthonic realms, this was no mere rock, however, as after the goddess molded and polished it, the sparkling blue reflection of the stone could be seen. When the sun dominated the skies, its faint light would not be visible, the spire being seen as just another one of the sharp rock formations in the area, but in a bright night, its unique gleam would be noticeable and hard to lose sight off even if the area were to be covered in mist. Only a select few would ever need the gleaming spire’s guidance, anyone traveling through the rougher coast at midnight instead of picking the ease of the inner bay was someone Urhu felt like helping, it did not matter if they were doing this out of curiosity or out of need.

MP 0 - FP 17

Urhu spent a few moments sailing through the air, getting a feel of how the recently created vessel worked and looking around to see if anything had changed, it had not, it was still the same formless endless ocean and she was wishing something would happen. She would get her wish soon.

First, however, she took flight with her boat upward, searching for the celestial siblings she wanted to spy on, she was having trouble finding them, ironically, her siblings would make sure she found them when a sudden light flashed across the entire world, including into Urhu’s eyes.

It would take a few moments for the confusion and blindness to go away, but that did not stop a navigator such as Urhu from continuing her path forward, and soon she would be at a safe distance above Heliopolis, the small ship taking a dark colour to hide it, making it hard to spot unless a deity decided to focus on its general area at random. It seemed like they had built some sort of light generating device, and confirming her fears, they left towards what she could deduce was Asceal's spheres, in direct opposition to this Furnace.

She decided to keep spying on the first furnace, until, and she had to double check this, some sort of giant boulder left The Great Dark towards Heliopolis. Here she was being subtle while her sister just decided to throw bloody mountains at others. If she did not know the context she would have disliked what Melantha had done, but it was true Asceal was trying to banish all of her influence from this world, what was left to the goddess? Once the balance has been restored though, and Urhu would make sure it was, the wanderer would not be so supportive of weaponized mountain throwing with the purpose of extinguishing all light from the world.

She moved away from the area of Heliopolis wanting to leave the whole giant rock business behind, it seemed, however, that was not meant to be, as she would see a massive boulder falling down and crashing against Galbar, causing a huge explosion. What was it with these upper realm gods and throwing stones around? The goddess wondered. Nevertheless, too curious to not want to inspect the newly formed islands, Urhu left her spying quest for a moment and ordered Nyeothay Tag to go back into the realm of Galbar. In moments she was down to the sea level.

"Bah, too fast. I could barely enjoy the atmosphere entry." she complained, before looking around. The island was too young to be interesting, even if had a peculiar shape, the steaming sands still hot from the impact had yet to sculpted by age into striking landscapes.

What was interesting, however, was the ball of metal at the very centre of the archipelago, Urhu had no idea of what it was made of, but she wanted some. Without the tools to extract it, she had to will her boat to dive down into the water and search for any residues on the sea floor. There were some, and she would fill a bag with powder and chunks made from that weird metal.

Inspection done and samples collected, the wanderer ordered her ship to fly once more, it was time to inspect Asceal's sphere and see if she would find another furnace. Once again, finding the sphere was easy because it was shining bright against the dark of the cosmic skies.

Urhu had to give it to Asceal, she knew how to make a pretty place, not her personal style, but she could not deny there was a natural beauty to the shine and glimmer of a crystal. The discrete and gentle light, in particular, was much more enjoyable than the invasive sun. It almost made her wish she would find no furnace but spotted one she did, and it was worse than she imagined, the whole place was set to magnify this furnace, it would be worse than Aelius's Heliopolis.

With no gods in sight, she docked Nyeothay Tag and jumped down into the sphere, walking around its sparkling palaces towards the central area, approaching the Furnace.

"What the hell is this?" the goddess pondered, looking at the weird device. She was not good with this sort of thing, and she wondered what approach she should take. Smashing it felt too brutal and, in ruthless terms, would just make Asceal more determined to build a third furnace. She needed to do something that would dissuade Asceal from trying to banish all darkness, even if that meant making her a bit hopeless.

The wanderer analysed the tools she had at her disposal, it was tricky because right now she did not even have clothes, and as great as her boat had been, she did not see how it could help (Stealing the furnace was a possibility but where would she store it? On her boat? It was too extravagant looking, it would contrast poorly with her rustic interior decoration.)

"Ah! The powdery thing I found, that could work. I guess..." she guessed, before quickly running to her ship to retrieve the bag. In her mind, it made sense, she could recognize Orvus's essence in the metal and from what she understood that essence was all about weakening things. By sneakily placing some of that powder and mineral chunks on the nooks and crannies of the furnace it would apply some of that essence to the light itself, and, obviously, that would lead to the light dimming out but still being there. Since the furnace was not destroyed but instead defective, Asceal would not have the will to go all out and make a third furnace and just roll with what she got.

Of course, Urhu did not know what the furnace was or how it really worked, she also had no idea what were the proprieties of the metal she was coating into the furnace, but her conclusion was logical, what else could possibly happen?

With a job well done, she ran away from the scene and quickly left back to Galbar at the wheel of her ship.


𝕄ℙ 5 - 𝔽ℙ 20

It was just absurd, no finesse, no sense of respect, no care for the natural order of things and if their creation would cause any problem, rob others of anything. She could smell the arrogance and egomania from where she was standing, to Urhu it was clear those two probably did not even consider the possibility of them being wrong about anything, of something not of their liking also deserving to exist.

The wanderer stopped and crossed her arms, brooding. Perhaps she was being too hasty, they had not truly disclosed the entirety of their idea, but judging the tone of their words, their expression when they talked, she knew what they would do, they would banish darkness. Creating light would not be enough, she knew, they would try to make light inescapable, they probably already considered the darkness goddess an adversary.

"What a bother." she just could not allow that. There were a time and a place for things, there was a time for light, and a time for darkness, robbing mortals of the latter was cruel... and boring, which was what truly bothered Urhu.

It seemed there was no choice, she would need to look after this and take down any idiot plan she found before it was too late. The question was how, the first thing, she assumed, would be to move out of the noisy room so she would be allowed to hear her own thoughts. Looking around, she found the crystal and hopped onto it, immediately flying towards the blue sphere that was Galbar.

The crystal was very fast, but not fast enough, especially when one did not have control over its direction. The view was... bland, no starlight, no cosmic objects, but the soft glow of the barrier was pretty against the blue of Galbar. She could feel the passage through the many celestial spheres as she was very attuned to boundaries, but she would need no special sense to notice the entrance into the planet, it was like hitting a body of water at high speeds. It was at that time she decided she had enough, standing up on the flying crystal and jumping down, trying to outrun it.

It was much better to be diving down at your pace than to be stuck riding a crystal, the wind felt great against one's face and there was a sense of thrill. She looked at her arm and noticed the ichor stain caused by Seihdhara's hug, she still totally wanted a bath but did not want to fully erase the event. Touching over her right arm, she made spot turn into a mark on her skin, just in time for her to dive into the water and wash all else away.

The crash against water was strong, and it felt great, even if the ocean was still simple, plain and dimly lit, the feeling of water against one's body was irreplaceable, it was too bad her immortal godly body did not allow her to truly experience the elements to their fullest.

Another thing crashed into the water, the crystal, and Urhu smirked, if it was a sentient thing she would have teased it about how late it was. The floating was fun, but she had to hurry, as the one-way ticket to her home sphere did not seem to care about waiting for her. Swimming after it, the goddess went deeper and deeper into the ocean. At one point, she broke some boundary and trespassed into a sphere, not hers though. The lack of light down there was so oppressive even she was becoming somewhat anxious, swimming in what appeared to be an endless void, it was thankful she had the crystal to follow.

The crystal entered a cave and she followed, racing after it through the underwater maze, others might have been lost there, but the goddess was attuned to directions and passages, she knew where to go, and that she was going upward, leaving the sea sphere behind.

Soon, she surfaced in what seemed to be an endless cave, now this was her home. The crystal lost all of its power upon arrival, and she was forced to swim with it under her arm as she went for the nearest shore.

"Bah, finally home." she said as she stretched, finally leaving the sea behind. Noticing her hair had come loose after such a long trip, she braided it again. Then she looked around, seeing all that empty land, and bit her lips. "Okay, enough of home, let me find something to do."

It immediately struck her that it would be good to have some method of travel. Running, floating and swimming was fun, but sometimes she needed to be fast. Looking down at the crystal she pondered and then smiled, picking it up, charging it with all of her power, and throwing it on away from the shore, into the ocean.

Strong light and loud noises filled the sphere as a large vessel rose from the waters, a ship, made of some unknown substance but clearly imitating wood, on its deck there was a long house-like structure, and on the roof of the said structure, there were many animal statues: a couple of Cervidae near the bow and canines on the back, with birds of prey appearing all around.

Raising her hand, the goddess ordered the boat to be smaller, and so it did, becoming a small flat-bottomed boat, shapeshifting as it lost size, but never losing the motifs, now a large Cervidae head decorated the bow, canines flanked it and a hawk rested atop a pillar.

The goddess stepped into the shore, walking over water, and jumped into the barque. Naming a vessel was always necessary for good luck, and she went with something basic, "Nyeothay Tag". The next task was to find a door to enter the inner rooms of the vessel. If anyone were it her at the moment she found the hatch and went down it, they would be confused as they would find themselves in a corridor far larger than the current ship, as the inside of the boat did not become any smaller despite the change outside.

The rooms of the boat were all furnished, with impressively modest choices for an all-powerful goddess but in no way minimalist, if anything, it was quite 'cosy'. Urhu took a piece of paper and a vial of ink and started writing down some notes and charts over the trip she took, her very first map, of many that were to come. With that task done, she went back up and prepared the ship to move.

No sails no oars, the ship moved by itself, starting to gain speed on the water at first, but as the bird of prey opened its wings, the ship took flight. To Urhu's surprise, there was a ceiling to her sphere, and no cave connecting it to Galbar, this would need to be amended. She took a deep breath and then blew the wind out as a thick mist, in seconds, it was a large cloud looming over the sphere's ocean.

Nyeothay Tag once again landed on water and started sailing into the clouds. Soon, there was nothing but the mist around them, but with such a fast ship, it did not take long before it had left the clouds, however, what was above it was not the ceiling of The Purlieu's sphere boundaries, but the soft glow of The Barrier. Having reached Galbar again, Urhu willed the boat to take flight again, it was time to check on what the divine sticks-in-the-mud were doing.

The 0th post is too obscure for important announcements.

Here is what is in it.

It is currently Turn 1, and every god has 5MP and 20FP to spend. This is the Age of Creation--the very dawn of this world, the time in which the Spheres are to be crafted and Galbar shaped and readied for life.

This Age, FP can be used for the following things:
The creation of Spheres,
The creation of ecosystems, on Galbar or in Spheres,
The sculpting or creation of landscapes and geographical features
The creation of one Gateway (only the first for any given god can be bought with FP; all following ones will require MP)

As a reminder, it has been decided that during this Age FP cannot be spent to purchase abilities or create artifacts. That will require MP. Also worth mentioning is that the creation of sapient mortals and/or extraordinary beings are NOT on the FP catalogue for this turn; the following Ages to come will shift focus towards mortals and monsters. For now, the focus is on laying the groundworks with basic ecosystems like forests and relatively simple wildlife.

Name in mind and with the sensory overload of birth fading away, Urhu turned her attention to the run. For a moment, they all had come to know each other, a sort of bonding moment. ’I guess they are family now?’ she pondered ’Never thought I would be kin to a parrot.” but there she was.

Not all thoughts were funny, many of her ‘siblings’ seemed disturbed, some vile, and the way the god of death had left after the souls with such an eager hurry was unsettling. It was perhaps the ones who thought of themselves as good that worried her most, the likes of Asceal seemed eager to judge others by the size of their shadow without realizing it was their blinding light that created them.

From there onward Urhu would pay special attention to her and the gods that flocked around her, like moths to a flame. It did not escape her that other deities looked at that direct with far less caution, some, in particular, seemed way too focused on Aelius. Urhu figured out why, but really did not see why, she never got the allure of these larger than life sorts.

Flames, screams, torrents, did not distract her, but what did was the absurd events around the weird humanoid deity called Chopstick Eyes. She couldn’t help but smirk as she chopped away at one deity, seemed like the title of Choppy was worthy of her. The smile on her face was quickly erased however when the Architect reacted to one of the deities rebelling.

The actions itself were justifiable in a weird sense, she could see herself doing something similar if a lesser being was throwing rocks at her, but actions did not exist in a vacuum, and all previous context of this Architect was pissing her off. A respectable god should have a consistent method and should not copout from justifying his actions, else its all random violence, tyranny. It was a good reminder for her that now she was a goddess, and that she should strive to be a fair one.

She tried to also not overthink her distaste for the Architect, she was a goddess and that meant her realm was that blue marble of a world bellow, not the intrigue or needs of her siblings, nor the role of this overlord. Furthermore, she remembered some words, she did not remember from who or in what context.

-Besides, there are few secrets that can be kept from the Gods.-

So, for now, it was worthless to antagonize this one-eyed creature, until she could figure out what the ‘few’ were. ”Tu emu soh oh yeokeahea ha ey” was her last thought on the matter, then with a sigh, she moved away from the wall she had been leaning on.

”Thought you were a goner for a moment there.” she said, walking towards Seihdhara, who was a comfortable distance from the people she wished to eavesdrop. ”But glad you are fine, rare to see anything like you in this sea of sticks-in-the-mud and sycophants.” she extended a hand to help her ‘sister’ up from the ground.

The first thing she noticed, what would be her first memory as herself, was certainly a confusing sight. There had to be better sensory inputs to expose newborns than the swirl and churn of an endless flow of memories and thoughts. It seemed the summoner agreed, for soon all but a few were gone, and she could actually hear her own thoughts.

First things first, she scouted her surrounding, sensing the summoner, the souls, the walls. Looking into souls told a lot, but some of them had taken shape, shapes which told just a bit, just enough, just what was allowed to be told. Without noticing, she received the energies of the room and formed a shape of her own, growing into a tall woman, loose brown hair flowing over her back.


She stretched, getting used to the whole "being" business. Immediately, she started braiding her hair, pondering over her role as she did, a goddess of passages, a wanderer... A weird role for a pantheon, but she could not think of herself as anything else. Soon she realized she needed a name, she could remember a few, they felt familiar but belonged to people who she no longer was. It was not a problem, explorers like herself were accustomed to picking names on the spot.

@ZAVAZggg I think it really depends. A Portfolio should be more specific while Clusters should be more widespread, what would be a Cluster in which Innovation could fall into? To me, it feels more like a cluster material.

Also, in your profile you kinda mentioned not liking rules and regulations, which has a bit of a history of being one of the most regulated aspects of Divinus, considering players kinda want to experience eras such as the stone age or the bronze age and in the last one, Mk2, we had a bit of an issue with a player advancing a civilization way too fast.

Though the areas related to crafting and technology are indeed very free, there are not many whose purpose is to advance civilization, versus three gods who want to inhibit it for the sake of the wildlands. Kho has already talked about CSs, and you can also skim over a bit of Mk2to get a feel.

I would also suggest, if you are interested in joining, to already start making a draft of a CS for when some GM shows up, so its easier for them to judge what sort of idea you are going for.
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