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Hey, I took a 'which medieval weapon is best for you' quiz and

Huh, I got the
So, I am working with a friend on a silly alternate history thingy set in a world where the Achaemenid empire greatly succeeded in taking over Greece. While doing that, I wanted to know what the Iranians called Greece, since you know, if the Greek made the silly decision of calling them Persians, surely it could go both ways. And in fact that is exactly what happened, the word happens to be Yauna from Ionia in Anatolia.

Now that is where it gets funny. Words go around and get translated and mistranslated multiple times, it's how Uruk became Iraq, for example. With Yauna, the word was also used by the Hebrew to refer to the greek, being first Yāwān, then Yavan and from there it went to the KJM bible as Javan. Which has nothing to do with the goddess' name that is a play on Jehovah, but it does make both goddesses of Beauty loosely related to Greece. (Except Ilunabar's name is Basque, but whatevs)

I think stuff like this kinda comes to show how writing down misheard words can be a good way to come up with new words.

@Antarctic Termite What website is that?
@poog the pig Oh man, I kinda expected you to leave, but I will miss the lif collabs, though if it is causing you stress I think there is no better decision to take, some closure always helps us to focus on the stuff that matters.

I will try to continue to continue working on pretty stuff for the empire, though I will admit I am having a lot of trouble myself on finding the time/inspiration to write.

Above all though, good luck as a responsible boi. Best wishes.
Actually I talked about this topic with Kho, considering I did rebuild my HS last turn and I do plan on getting my third one on the next. At the time there were no objections, but I see how it might be seen as overpowered.
Okay, got some breathing time, I will do a lot of stuff lately. Just finished setting up a coherent timeline of events from 0 PR to 50 PR, please don't mind all the stuff taking place 0 to 5 at first, it will speed up later.
So, would anyone object to a new turn sooner rather than later?

I'd say almost five months is way too much for a single turn. So yeah, change it up, please.
Pronunciation is a bit fun. A good while ago I used Google translate's text to speech to get a preview of what each god sounded like in some major languages. From that I learnt that I stick 80% of the time with my native Portuguese pronunciation (Ilunabar for me goes Elunabar). The oddest thing though was that I noticed I pronounced Zephyrion in something far closer to the French pronunciation over my own pt or english, still unsure why I do that.

On a side note, hi, I am alive and not dead. Should return to posting eventually.
>Village where people only eat Papaya

We gotta draw the line on weird lovecraftian stuff somewhere, and it is somewhere way before this madness.
This Jvan awakening post is proving to be more world-shaking than I thought.

Fun fact: An object weighing a few tonnes travelling at a couple times the speed of light will hit a planet with explosive force about halfway between that of the Tsar Bomb and the Chicxulub asteroid, on a log scale.

That is a nice euphemism for the dino-exterminating rock
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