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Having actual free time feels so weird
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I finished my internship! Welcome back free time!
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i love summaries
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My first job was working in an orange juice factory, but I got canned: couldn't concentrate.
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How did I escape Iraq? Iran.


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Hey guys, I'm sorry about my kinda-inactivity!

Lately I'm spending 12 out of 24 hours with no electricity and the remaining hours of electricity I spend either sleeping, doing legal paperwork or pursuing some personal projects that keep me sane!

I'll try to post soon, but in the case I take too long, feel free to advance the turns without me! In the same manner, if you need or want to collab with me for whatever reason (Aella's not done much so I have no idea why that'd be the case), send me a PM and we'll work something out :-)

Lea opened the door and walked into her new room with a nervous smile on her face. She'd seen boys and girls entering the same room before. Did that mean that she'd be sharing her room with boys as well? After closing the door behind her and turning around, she saw him. An albino guy, the one that seemed bored all the time. Lea sighed and walked toward the bunk beds, climbed up onto the top one and started pulling stuff out of her backpack. At the same time, she spared a few glances to Agni -- she thought that was his name, at least. It could have been Ignite or Ingrid.

Eventually, after a few awkward moments, she turned to look at him fully and spoke, "I'm Lea, are you a robot? That'd be pretty cool. I don't think I've seen you move your face yet." She remained nervous for a second, then giggled and went back to her things.
The problem with zombie fiction is that no matter where the characters are, once they're safe, it's over. This can happen as well inside the city, it's just harder and much less likely to end well.

I have no problem with the characters staying in the city, by the way. I'd just like it if there was an actual reason for doing so.

A couple questions: Is there zombie fiction in the RP world?

Does this RP have a hidden plot, or is it more of a sandbox?
<Snipped quote by RumikoOhara>

I mean, that is kind of the point of a zombie apocalypse. Sure, our characters might think of finding a safe place, but the thrill of a zombie apocalypse is the whole "struggling to survive in a city with dead things that consider you a bag of potato chips and want to tear right in to you."

Eh, I like zombie apocalypses where the characters are actually smart and try to survive. If one can get out of the city, then one should do so and consider arriving at their destination the end-game. Now, if there was a military cordon all around the city to prevent anyone from going out, that'd be a different story.
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no swearing in this christian channel ok

Hey, living in the poor side of town had its advantages. The most important one was that since you knew all the thieves around, your chances of being mugged were drastically lower. The second, less important one, was that people tended to respect those who worked hard to get a better life.

Asahi was one such person, and nearly everyone in her neighborhood knew her. Whether they knew her because they were friends or because sheโ€™d given them a juicy โ€˜fist sandwichโ€™ was another matter, but the respect was there.

She covered her mouth as she yawned and rubbed her eyes. She didnโ€™t jump in surprise when the car engine nearly exploded, as she was used to the sounds now. This was one of the wealthier people in the neighborhood that was giving her a lift. Takeda was his name, and for some reason he liked to treat her as a little sister. She didnโ€™t care about his weird mannerisms and actually appreciated how he sometimes went out of his way to lend her a hand when needed.

โ€œYouโ€™re out early Asa-chan, whatโ€™s up with that?โ€ Takeda asked, his voice raspy like it always was. Asahi could make out some amount of concern in his tone, though. Cute.

Asahi shrugged, โ€œA lot of noise, yโ€™knowโ€ฆ I couldnโ€™t bear it, so I quickly did my thing and decided to leave for school early.โ€

Takeda chuckled, โ€œI have no idea how you keep a straight face while saying such things, itโ€™s barely sunrise!โ€ He said as threw her a smug sideway glance.

Upon seeing the look he was giving her, she felt her cheeks color, โ€œS-Shut up, itโ€™s very awkward so I try to, uhโ€ฆ You know-โ€ She stuttered, โ€œI-I just try toโ€ฆ Oh, just shut up.โ€ She puffed out her cheeks and looked out the window at the fronts of closed stores.

After a long while, Asahi noticed the peculiar scent in the car, it was like a mix of smoke and gunpowder. โ€œBy the way, why are you out so early? Donโ€™t tell me you joined those guys, please.โ€

Takedaโ€™s smile was wiped off his face with that question, and he was silent for a long moment.

โ€œNah. I was out with some friends,โ€ He looked at her for a moment and saw her skepticism as plain as the day that was just about to begin, โ€œYou know, bar-hopping andโ€ฆ Stuff like that.โ€

Did he really think she was that dumb? Still, she nodded and looked out the window again, noticing the car slowing to a stop in front of the school. Without hesitation she opened the door and jumped out, making sure that she didnโ€™t forget anything.

โ€œThanks for the lift, Takeda! See you around.โ€ She waved goodbye at Takeda as he took off, leaving her in front of the closed gates. Now sheโ€™d have to wait a while, but anything beats listening to her mom and her momโ€™s boyfriend going at it.

Created a character thread for Aella, her creations are there in case anyone needs the reference and doesn't want to dig through a metric ton of posts

Edit: you can find it in the character tab here, under her hider
This is a repository for all things related to Aella, my character for Godspeed.


@Frettzo That's awesome! Fun fact actually, the glowing red balls in his horns are actually his eyes. My brain still struggles trying to comprehend it for some reason.

That's interesting! I thought they were just decoration and that he saw via "godly sense" or something like that, hahaha
@Lord Zee, I made a thing for our beloved Larry, for the moment when sprites inevitably try to get to know him better!

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