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Current what is a holiday
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Having actual free time feels so weird
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I finished my internship! Welcome back free time!
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i love summaries
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My first job was working in an orange juice factory, but I got canned: couldn't concentrate.


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@Kho, I really like the idea of a pilgrimage through numerous spheres, though! Theoretically it should be possible for mortals to plot a course through the spheres after several sacrifices give them enough info on which path is safe.
<Snipped quote by Cyclone>

no don't

yes do
Those who don't, would you be interested in following it if I made a 'new start' post as a 'pick up point'?

I missed the first few posts all the way back so I never got into it, but I'd love to read me some Mesa. A "new start" would certainly help me, I think.

I believe option B would be the most suited for Divinus, to be honest.

Also, why is everyone talking of 'wannabe forest God' like that? My Goddess will be one of the cool kids, I swear :(
I’m moving to Serbia boyz.

mate for real? Noice
Well, I call dibs on Vegetation you... You... Weeds?
@Double Capybara, I overlooked that, I agree completely in that case. Doing away with instant transportation and natural fast travel will open up a lot of new possibilities for interaction. I can just imagine how certain Gods might act when forced to travel for weeks on a wagon pulled by slaves.
While I agree with removing teleportation and instant travel, we probably should have a rapid travel system in place. Perhaps not something inherent to the Gods, but readily found in Galbar for some reason. Maybe a network of interconnected wormholes unique to Galbar that makes fast travel feasible and is only survivable by Gods, Demigods and really powerful/resilient creatures (dragons, heroes, really resilient or strong willed mortals...)? That'd also serve as a starting point for the 'hotspots' we discussed earlier, as Gods would want Temples built around them, Demigods would wish to build empires to conquer all of them, and Heroes would try to use them on their selfless odysseys despite the possibility of death.

P.S: I say wormhole, but they wouldn't be as quick as a wormhole. Imagine it like a shortcut. If travelling from one place to another by foot on Galbar's surface would normally take one month, a wormhole connecting the start to the finish would make the journey in say, three hours.

P.S.S: And, of course, access to such 'wormholes' wouldn't be guaranteed. If someone you are enemies with has control over a specific route you need to take, you'd have to either fight for access, play politics, or just take the scenic route and suck a lemon.

P.S.S.S: On the topic of removing fine control over the immediate surrounding of the Gods, I think we should keep it as it is. We could probably make the radius of their control smaller, maybe by half of what it is, but removing it entirely would be no fun. Of course, if you want to do some majestic weather stuff, you'd have to use a lotta might or lick the weather God's shoes. And, if we're gonna put this on Advanced, i don't think we have to worry too much about power-players and stuff. Not that we need to elsewhere, as we have gotten really good at discerning who would be a good player from the applicants we get.
Frettzo, make me cry all you want, you still owe me a drawing of a hain ;_;

Those lil buggers are so difficult to picture in my head! I actually imagine their heads to be shaped like the Alien from Alien vs Predator
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