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Xos is gonna kick his ass again

(but i'll let him live!)

In all seriousness I get it, though. I've also been feeling like I've spread my stuff too thin and have been dealing with the same characters for way too long. I still try to get out occasional posts, but at this point I feel inclined to suggest that we consider writing towards a conclusion for this Divinus so that it can have a proper ending as opposed to a slow death. Then we'd be able to start a new one, of course.

To be honest, I wouldn't mind a new Divinus, especially with the upgrades to the rules Termite and co made. I'd like to try some new ideas and all that.
Hey, a post. Nice. I'll have to add dealing with Osveril's infestation to Teknall's to-do list.

What's everyone else up to? I was doing a collab with Kho but he's been offline for 12 days now. I should find something else to write in the mean time.

Waitin on capybara to write their turn in our collab and nothing else, really.
<Snipped quote by Muttonhawk>

Holy shit, it took me decades to realise, but we've literally created the god-emperor of mankind.

Psyker? Check. Space marines? Check. Throne potato? Check. Crippled in personal combat with a rival divine figure? Check. Empire corrupted by sleazy fanatics that pay lip service to loyalty while running a parallel cult? Check.

it's time to stop

where am I and what am I doing? excellent question. I just finished exams for another few weeks, so I'll be looking at my options rather soon hopefully.

and you get mad at me for ripping things off
@Kho didn't you enter that piece like a year ago

what were they doing in all that time
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The Corrupter

Level Two God of Perfection (Corruption)

Larwen had left the confines of Pervanon, taking to the skies to survey his kingdom. Surprisingly, and to his anger, he found his siblings had done vile work upon the Anathema’s. Greenery and the essence of imperfect souls were everywhere. It had seemed in his short absence from the surface, they had put the foundations for their life in his mountain range. But from the mouth of Pervanon, his perfection was spreading. Even now it had begun to reach several of the surrounding mountains, and the valley’s that they towered above. Such beauty had no equal, for the stone had turned black, the ground was an amalgamation of twisted plants and lovely growths, while the waters were a shade of crimson. Nothing could pierce such color, and drinking it would only show enlightenment of Larwen’s ways. This growth was progress, and soon the Zilsarix would walk among these lands, learning the ways of their God.

Such joy Larwen found himself in that moment, to see his work in progress, that no other feeling would be had. But it was a short moment, for the greenery of his siblings was still there. Like a smudge, it would soon be wiped away for his own touch. Feeling a mix of satisfaction and loathing, Larwen then flew away from Pervanon further, trying to find the extent of the other God’s works upon the mountains. Eventually he arrived in a peculiar spot, secluded in a valley of bright sickly things, with little creatures flying about them. But what caught his eye for the moment, was a simple house sat in the middle of it all. He had not known what a house was, but something about its shape felt right to call it such a thing. He stopped his corruptive influence, not knowing who resided nearby, and the tall God stared at the house. And the cabin stared back.

Meanwhile, Lasis sped along the ground, tracking one of her golems. She passed by grand seas, grand deserts, and massive islands, before finally coming to a stop near a mountain range. She could very well detect the work of Larwen in the mountains, and she abandoned the pursuit of her golem. She had more pressing matters to attend to. She, in one strong series of hops, jumped the mountain range. Coming to a stop outside Pervanon, she then examined the corrupted life around it, and knew what had to be done. Lifting her book once again, she blazed a valley clean of corruption in a grand display, before rapidly chanting into her book.

Brick by brick, a grand castle was laid down. It started humble at first, but she worked on it with patience, creating a breathtaking castle. But what, exactly, was a castle without a steward and a garrison? To this effect, she pulled a quill from her book and began to scribble designs in it, deep in thought.

Larwen had stared at the house for a little while, coming to terms that it was there. He had walked to the door, a small thing by his height, and had placed his hand upon the doorknob, when he felt a large part of his perfect land die. To be ripped apart and returned to imperfection. It was a new feeling for the God, one he quickly found himself hating. Losing himself to anger, his hand darkened the doorknob with his corruption and the God of Perfection took to the skies once more. He flew as quickly as he could back to Pervanon, trying to locate the source of the culprit, the scourge of his beauty.

What he found infuriated the god even more. Lasis, he knew her name but not her, had taken the valley he had so admired, and defiled the land with imperfections. A large castle, unsightly to his tastes had also been seemingly thrown in to spite him. Taking it all in with anger, Larwen then landed before her, breaking apart the ground with his fall.

His voice roared with fury, ’”LASIS! You dare? You unsightly creature. This work will be devoured by my wrath.”

Larwen then moved towards her. Lasis simply remained with her face in the book, responding with a simple, ”Sssh, I’m working.” She continued to scribble in her book, still deciding fully on her designs. She then, after a few minutes, stopped, placing the quill back in the book, before continuing with a, ”Here, watch this.” She proceeded to reach into the book, and with considerable strain, began to pull something out of it.

Closing in on the short Goddess, Larwen was angered at her uncaring nature even further. To openly defy his will was one matter, but to blatantly ignore him? This rebel would pay. He loomed over her now, and reached toward her book. Lasis stopped pulling whatever it was out of her book, proceeding to use her now-free hand to slap away Larwen’s arm, saying, ”You haven’t seen what I’ve made yet, just wait!” Larwen gave a growl as his hand was slapped aside, but he would teach this Goddess a lesson. From the very hand that was slapped away, Larwen summoned forth a divine weapon in the form of a large spike mace, taller then even Lasis. He then brought the mace high into the sky, and would bring it low to crush her. Lasis, in response, simply moved out of the way with a particularly rapid display of balance. She said again, ”I’m going to stay here until I finish what I was doing,” The ground where Lasis had been exploded, sending dirt, stone and grass flying in every way, a large boom echoing throughout the valley. A sizable crater was all that remained, but Larwen simply looked as Lasis from across the crater, his grip on his mace tightening. ”You are a fool if you think I will ever allow you to continue unabated. This mace. It will break you.” Larwen then leaped at her.

She once again simply moved out of the way with fluid grace, responding to Larwen with, “I’ll just keep doing this until you grow tired.” Once more the ground erupted in a flurry of debris, both craters forming a sort of strange eight in the ground. And once more Larwen was without satisfaction. But Larwen smiled, ”Little Goddess, I am not one quick to tire. But if you will not leave, then why bother with you?” He recognized that Lasis was too quick for him to catch without an element of surprise, but her castle was not so quick as she, nor was the ground she changed. With a mighty leap, he jumped towards it. Ready to strike it down with many a fierce blow. Lasis lifted her arm, and once his mace met with the castle and land, it reflected off harmlessly. She simply shook her head. Larwen fell to the ground, such protection was alien to him, how was it possible?

He looked back at her with hatred unfounded, gritting his teeth he said, ”You have made a grave mistake upon this day, little Goddess.” He paused, then said, ”Go on then, show me.”

”Great!” she responded, reaching back into her book. After a few minutes of pulling, the resistance gave way, pulling out an insectoid. And then she pulled out another. And another. She then, once finished, said, ”They will resist your corruption until the end of time. If you try to kill them yourself, I will be there to protect them. Best of luck with this valley!”
Larwen looked at the insects, no, the vermin before him. They were disgusting. Lasis was a foolish Goddess, but he did not doubt her words. ”You are a cruel creature. All I want is perfection, how can you not see? Such… life is not tolerable to my order, to my will. A blight upon the land, upon the universe…” He looked at Lasis directly then stated, ”You will pay for this, I swear it till the end of days O’sibling mine.” Larwen then vanished from sight, returning to Pervanon, bitter and angry.

He turned to the Zalsarix as he walked into the depths, ”We have work to do, mine children.” he paused once again as he looked at the mace in his hand. He had forgotten that such a weapon had been created, and such a weapon needed a name.
Willbreaker. Larwen whispered, as his eyes faded into black.

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@WrongEndoftheRainbow You forgot the purple grass

why didn't you pm me aaaaaaaaaa
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@Kho I told you to pm me about it, no refunds
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@Lord Zee yell at me when you're on in PMs or on discord at WrongEnd#3931
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