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<Snipped quote by LokiLeo789>

Why do you ask? Are you interested in our services?

no dont pick termite they're dumb

As it just so happens I've got a little person named Burning Fist who's wandering around and they'd be much cooler to take dna from.
I need humanoid to put their juices into plants. Plese give me some meatbag dna juice. PM me whoever is interested in having their characters have a hand in inadvertently creating the new Galbarian race.

I dunno

how are you getting this juice
<Snipped quote by Kho>

*draws a line in the sand with Recombinance*
*attempts to raise middle finger*
*doesn't have a left hand any more*
*thanks Albe*

@Kho zalgotext
<Snipped quote by LokiLeo789>

She's not an ingame character as far as I'm aware. Though she may well become so >.>

Also, @WrongEndoftheRainbow

Edit: tfw Galbar has survived moons being chucked at it, gods warring, space invasions, and who knows what else... gets wrecked in a space car crash

Artistic License, duh
damn cucked by chiral's writer what an awful fate
<Snipped quote by WrongEndoftheRainbow>


haha owned
@Cyclone get on discord u poopoo I wanna talk bout something
@pandapolio since Vestec isn't around to nab the opportunity...

Lazarus can be ur mom
@Vec I imagine they aren't behind, but it just hasn't entered widespread use as they're sitting on literal tons of unused bronze and they simply don't need an inferior or more expensive metal.
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