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@Frettzo Since when was Vestec fucking chiselled?

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There was a tree in the distance, atop the hill.

Lasis walked towards it diligently, her ancient satchels of supplies, which consisted only of paints and brushes, creaked as they swung lightly. Every so often, something clinked or shifted in the satchels. She no longer had the energy in her to secure her satchels so that nothing moved. What did it matter, anyways? That was the question that often ran through her head.

The tree was but one in a clearing, the steep hill overlooking the rest of the forest, giving a view of its light canopy. The leaves shook in the breeze, every so often a leaf falling off and drifting away. Curiously, the leaves were pink. It gave an otherworldly impression, and once upon a time, may have served as inspiration. Lasis never gained any enjoyment from inspiration anymore, and indeed, took little enjoyment from anything at all.

She sat down under the tree, the satchels coming to rest against the ground. Some of them were clearly too large for her. For a while, she stayed still, wishing she had the capability to sleep, or do anything to take the edge of time passing by away. But no matter her ability, none of it was as powerful as the fundamentals of the universe.

She had not seen anybody in a long time. They hid from her when she neared, even if she didn't know why. She could no longer remember when she had last seen a friendly face. She slowly drew her hand into one of the satchels, taking out a roughshod piece of scrollpaper. With hesitance, she took out her brush, the one Jvan had given her so long ago, in better days.

Withdrawing a phial of black paint from yet another satchel, she dipped the brush in it and lightly began to create a rendition on it. It was of a young-looking Rovaick, with a serious look upon his face. Atop his head was a helmet. In the corner of the paper, the tip of a spear could be seen, as though the Rovaick was holding it. Once she was finished, she propped it against the tree, weighting down the bottom with a few rocks.

She kneeled in front of the art she had just made, looking to the ground. Her eyes dimmed a bit, though she was not capable of truly blinking. Then, she began to sing, in a practiced, almost heavenly voice. Her voice was slightly high-pitched, though not annoyingly so, and it gave the impression of a very musical gait.

"Leaves from the vine," she began to sing, looking up to the artwork.
"Falling so slow," she continued.
"Like fragile, tiny shells," her voice got quieter.
"Drifting in the foam." She finished, pausing for a long few seconds before launching into the second verse.
"Little soldier boy," her voice cracked, and she had trouble finishing the line.
"Come marching home," lowering her voice to a whisper, she hurried through the line, clearly barely able to bear singing it.
"Brave soldier boy," her voice continued to drift off.
"Come marching home." This line was barely above a whisper, spoken under her breath and petering off halfway through. She just dropped her head again, letting her balance drop.

Her body hit the ground. She simply curled up and waited. Maybe, just maybe, even though it had been years, and she had seen what happened with her own eyes, he would indeed come marching home.


About a million posts incoming because WrongEnd has my Discord and keeps hitting me up with ideas. Someone help me.

nobody can help you, now, how about we....
The Dark Shades of the Old Sun as it Gutters and Flares Without the Lords to Guide it

Name: The Dark Shades of the Old Sun as it Gutters and Flares Without the Lords to Guide it
Title: Shade of Sun

Influence: 4 (National)



Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150 Pounds
Age: Current Reincarnation: 3 Eternity, Overall: 25 Eternity
Race/Species: Demimon
Abilities, Talents, Traits, Powers:

  • ( 2 ) Reincarnation -- Shade of Sun is capable of reincarnation given several eternity to achieve it. It is absolutely impossible to kill her for good.
  • ( 2 ) Binding -- Using masks, it is possible for Shade of Sun to bind other Demimons into lesser forms.
  • ( 4 ) Endurance -- Pain is not a thing Shade of Sun feels. Due to her mythical origins, she does not have pain receptors.
  • ( 1 ) Knifeplay -- Shade of Sun is skilled in all manners of knives.

(Background to come)
@BBeast I was actually working on a prettier map. I'll see it complete asap.

Alright, just a quick and pretty post to explain what the dwarves have been getting up to ever since the battle of Xerxes. Land conquest was too slow, and they needed to go FAST.

space. bronze age space dwarves. f u.
Citadel Dundee

The winding streets of the Citadel were alien to Leian, a Hain pilgrim from Alefpria. He had decided to explore the world, and the world seemed so alien compared to the orderly confines of the city he had called home. New people, new appearances, and new locations whirled in his head. A book by his side, he was sure none of these people could read Alefprian script, which meant that it would be worthless to steal.

The journal was a record of his travels. He’d explored the territories of the new Marquise, the ruins that were left of old Xerxes. He’d wound his way to Messethalassa, and finally he had walked all the way to Citadel Dundee. In the years after the destruction of Xerxes at the hand of Alefpria, he had heard rumors about a new form of magic and grand projects in the citadel.

Now, he was going towards an area in the middle of the mountain curiously called ‘The Staging Port’, whatever that meant. He’d travelled for weeks throughout the mountain, and he’d come to a rather large city that he assumed held the mysterious location. Maybe he’d get to see one of the grand projects the Citadel had been working on.

In his pocket jingled strange round things, stamped out of metal with a picture of a mountain on one side. There was a small hole in one of the sides, that appeared to allow for string to be threaded through. Supposedly these small circles made of valuable metals would allow him to pay for things. He’d always lived on the outskirts of Alefpria, so he was unfamiliar with anything but barter. Nevertheless, he had procured those coins, as they called them, to pay his way through the mountain.

He had seen traders at the edge of the mountain, the few who dared journey that far, wear them as jewelry, like some sort of mark of honor. He had no interest in that, he was a simple man with simple desires. He wished to perhaps write a book, but that was the extent of his dreams. Exploration was its own reward. He would document the many wonders of the world, and he would see that others could share in his adventures.

When he could finally see the staging port in the distance, he was agape. There were thousands of.. Floating ships? Floating ships, in the sky? They had some sort of sails and galleys, and they flew through the sky with ease. He pushed through the crowd as best he could, running to the entrance to the grand docking structure. A shaft of light beamed down upon it, a hole in the roof.

So this was the grand project the Citadel had spent so many resources on. He came to a collection of warehouses, and he continued on past them. Stopping a nearby batlike creature, he spoke, “Excuse me, where can someone get on one of those ships in the sky?”

The creature looked down at Leian, saying, “Go to the bar straight from here. You can charter a ship.” and began to walk off. Leian did not stop the creature, though he was unfamiliar with their species. He had heard that the Dwarves had undergone some kind of change, but he never thought it would be so drastic. With that out of the way, he walked down the street, still pushing through crowds.

Once he reached the bar, he entered, though he wasn’t one for drinking. He had to find his way onto one of these ships. Flying contraptions! An amazing prospect for an explorer. Looking around, he then realized he had no idea who to talk to to charter a ship. He asked around a bit, often confusing the men in the bar with his lack of knowledge, but eventually he was pointed in the right direction.

A group of sailors, several batlike creatures, a lynx-like creature, and many yeti-like creatures sat in a corner, cheerfully drinking. They silenced when Leian neared, and watched him, as he fumbled his words, “Uh- excuse me, are you the captain of that.. A ship?”

“Indeed I am,” said the lynx-like creature, putting down her drink, continuing, “what exactly do you need?”

“I wish to charter a ship. Cost is no issue. I do not care where we go.” the Hain said.

The captain nodded, saying, “Well, we have room for one more. Twenty coins, and it’s a deal. We launch tomorrow morning, if you don’t arrive, you don’t get a refund. Fair?” to which the Alefprian Hain nodded, scattering twenty of his coins onto the table. The captain invited him to drink, and while he did not drink, he did sit and learn of the crew all throughout the evening. More to put in his journal.

The next morning, Leian boarded their ship, a large galleon-like ship with many oars and even some sail rigs. He was curious as to how it floated, however. But, when he went to the captain to ask, he was shushed. It was apparently a secret. That much he understood, they did not want their ships spreading to other empires. Petty politics always held sway in the land.

Then, the call went out. “Loose the tethers!”. The ship rocked as the lines connecting it to the dock were cut, and the gangplank was retracted. Leian barely kept on his feet as the ship lurched away from the dock, floating towards an empty space in the port.

“Heading South by Southwest!” came the second cry, and the ship was roused into action. The sails were dropped, and the oars began to work. The rudders in the back turned, and the ship began to list, turning to another direction. This time Leian did fall over, tumbling across the deck into a crewmember, who grumbled and lifted him to his feet.

To him, it was a magical world of wonder. He could care less about losing his footing, he was flying! Then, came the third and final cry. “Full speed ahead, Albe’s Route, to the Wilder Company docks on Mirus!”

That final part gave Leian a start. The moon? Wouldn’t they suffocate? When he confronted the captain about it, however, the woman just stated, “The magic will protect us from the cold.” to which he responded, “What magic?”

“The magic that allows us to float. And, also, a word of advice. Don’t bring up the Empress in the colonies. There’s a reason she’s called our Enduring Majesty, the Divine Traitor. They’ve got cults up there, and a lot of them. As long as they pay their share of goods to the empire, though, they’re left alone. Nevertheless, nobody would miss a single Hain. So watch yourself on shore leave.” The captain spoke, searching her bookshelves in her cabin for something. Finally, she pulled out a scroll, which was exquisitely drawn. On it, what could be best described as a map of the solar system and the main routes.

The Hain looked at it.

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