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My predictions of you exploring my status message have now come true. You have blundered into my trap, mon'keigh, just as planned.
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Like, zoinks Scoob! That's a status bar s-sixty characters longer than I'm used to! (HUHIHIHIHI)


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Interested for sure. Giving me some good vibes.
I will be withdrawing my interest from this RP with awesome potential. I've been forced to reconsider my available time with regards to my history exams. Have a great one!
Hey guys, sorry about the delay. I will play nice and aim my family on the western coast where appropriate with regards to the others. Dropping my CS when it is worthy of scrutiny
I will be making a CS as soon as I get home.
I too am interested in this. Court intrigue for the win.
I am very interested in this. I am, by all accounts, arrogant fae scum in real life. This is right up my alley.
Very cool. This is like adrenaline straight into my story nerves.

Consider this a show of interest!
I have done some soul-searching, and will thusly withdraw my application for tjis project. I need to focus on my studies, for now. Will likely follow your progress as a reading exercise to improve my own writing.

Thanks for the opportunity and good luck with it. :)
Hello! When I saw this, I knew I had to give it a shot. If nothing else, I challenged myself to make a character I think would be engaging. I guess it's the token evil teammate.


I'm touched ya'll were waiting on me. I've followed this eagerly and tried for a solution. This is one of the first RPs in a long time that has literally captivated me. That said, I'm still no closer to fixing my problems, and though I'm reasonably confident I could stagger my way through it with hard effort on my phone, you guys deserve a quality and speed that I will not be able to match right now. Therefore, I am tentatively withdrawing. As soon as I have access to a stable writing platform, I will drop in and see if I can join, or at least hang out and cheer for my favorite (#TeamInnis). Until such a time, Kyra is a non-presence, unless the GMs mercilessly put her up for death as an opponent or something. Good luck with it, guys n gals. Don't let me drag this down. :)
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