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4 mos ago
Current Writing is work. The more of it you do, the more you feel like Steve in Accounting is out to get you.
10 mos ago
The Expanse is the best show ever. Change my mind.
2 yrs ago
I write stuff
3 yrs ago
My predictions of you exploring my status message have now come true. You have blundered into my trap, mon'keigh, just as planned.
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4 yrs ago
Like, zoinks Scoob! That's a status bar s-sixty characters longer than I'm used to! (HUHIHIHIHI)


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I'm toying with a grounded occultist/witch down on their luck
Consider me interested! Noir is the spice of life.
I am gonna withdraw my interest. Starting to get a little crowded for me, and I'm the eternally busy one. Gonna keep watching your progress, though!
I am interested :)
Are you still taking applications? If so, I'm interested in giving it a go.
Here is my application. I hope it's sufficiently tasty.

I'm also interested!
Aaaah! Card games and anime! I could not be more interested if I tried. :o
Also interested. Will toy with a CS for a pixie (go team forest) or a dragon.

So, this is my character. I think it's ready for inspection now. I accept hatred as valid criticism.

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