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My predictions of you exploring my status message have now come true. You have blundered into my trap, mon'keigh, just as planned.
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Like, zoinks Scoob! That's a status bar s-sixty characters longer than I'm used to! (HUHIHIHIHI)


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Very cool. This is like adrenaline straight into my story nerves.

Consider this a show of interest!
I have done some soul-searching, and will thusly withdraw my application for tjis project. I need to focus on my studies, for now. Will likely follow your progress as a reading exercise to improve my own writing.

Thanks for the opportunity and good luck with it. :)
Hello! When I saw this, I knew I had to give it a shot. If nothing else, I challenged myself to make a character I think would be engaging. I guess it's the token evil teammate.


I'm touched ya'll were waiting on me. I've followed this eagerly and tried for a solution. This is one of the first RPs in a long time that has literally captivated me. That said, I'm still no closer to fixing my problems, and though I'm reasonably confident I could stagger my way through it with hard effort on my phone, you guys deserve a quality and speed that I will not be able to match right now. Therefore, I am tentatively withdrawing. As soon as I have access to a stable writing platform, I will drop in and see if I can join, or at least hang out and cheer for my favorite (#TeamInnis). Until such a time, Kyra is a non-presence, unless the GMs mercilessly put her up for death as an opponent or something. Good luck with it, guys n gals. Don't let me drag this down. :)
@Ammokkx Resigned to play the token minority. ^^
Ahh! Doing my best to stay relevant. I am currently on path to loan a computer off my friend semi-permanently until I can solve my larger problem. Will do my best to compose on a small screen til then.
So, bit of an update. My computer bricked itself about an hour ago. I'm going to do what I can to recover quickly, but I will be somewhat hampered for a small time.
Well, I easily wrote the worst backstory. I blame, uh, early bird disadvantage-.. Yeah.

I didn't even consider Roadhog, that's hilarious. I just imagined her whipping around, laying into opponents and causing chaos. What better way to leverage your strength than with something that can rip people off their feet? It's growing on me, wasn't too sure about the knives on the start anyway.
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