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7 mos ago
Current Writing is work. The more of it you do, the more you feel like Steve in Accounting is out to get you.
1 yr ago
The Expanse is the best show ever. Change my mind.
2 yrs ago
I write stuff
3 yrs ago
My predictions of you exploring my status message have now come true. You have blundered into my trap, mon'keigh, just as planned.
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4 yrs ago
Like, zoinks Scoob! That's a status bar s-sixty characters longer than I'm used to! (HUHIHIHIHI)


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@Jarl Coolgruuf
Deplorable mon-keigh, you trifle in matters that extend far beyond your meager mettle. Listen now for the eternal song of inevitability. I think we can all get along :)
Hi hi, is this still open to prospective ne'er-do-wells?
No problem. Look forward to the future then.
Oh, wanted to let you all know, I'm working during our election days this weekend so may have to play it cool until monday if we go live on sunday.
@Khyron Shadowfang Health comes first, we will survive! War never falters.
Welcome to the team, @Lauder! I look forward to our collective ripping and tearing. Hopefully not of eachother!
Hell March has a military theme like no other, and is extremely swell to boot. It does not capture Lyria's alleged hatred of herself, others, and restlessness. But I settled on something! This will be Lyria's theme, I think.
@Edeul Morralis No genre in particular. Something that conveys Lyria as a character I suppose.
I tried to find a cool theme song for Lyria, but I am coming up short. How does one even?

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