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I usually tend to avoid system heavy roleplays, not because of any legitimate issue, just because of personal preference. But the amount of detail you're putting into the region totally shows, and it seems cool! So I'm on the fence, put me down as tentatively interested?

Thank you and will do!
Hello! It's been about 3-4 days since I first posted, and I've made some progress on the rp. Still got a lot left to do, but I wanted to share some more stuff for the rp that has been completed. As always everything is WIP and subject to change, but below you can get a basic idea of the Starre region and what it's like.


I'd be interested.

@Thunder999999 Thank you for the feedback! And no worries on the negativity part, all feedback is good in my book. Happy you enjoyed the intro, though!

And thanks for the suggestion! I'll try to keep that in mind. Much of the random encounter stuff is (at least intended to be) more foundational and simply to try and create small challenges or hurdles (versus getting the results you want immediately). But I also want this RP to be fun and not a drag, so my hope is to find a balance in that. I want to recreate the fun elements of the Pokemon (games), but you are correct some stuff doesn't translate well across mediums.

Anyway, thanks again for the feedback! Really appreciate it.

Yep, a Pokemon rp. Familiar concept: Catching Pokemon, exploring the region, battles, gym challenges, contest challenges, etc. This MIGHT be more fitting in the Tabletop section (what with the current RNG mechanic stuff, see below) but I’m not familiar with that at all so I’m going to place it here.

  • Custom Map & Pokemon assigned to various locations on that map
  • A (chance based) combat system I made for this RP that is intended to bridge between the Pokemon games and general roleplay. Might be an ongoing WIP or scrapped entirely.
  • Gym league procession can go in any order. Each gym leader has about 8 potential teams to battle with depending on the character’s badge procession.
  • Contests will be a thing and mechanically taken from ORAS’ system.
  • Overarching storyline with an antagonist team called Team Sleep. Not the most intimidating name, I know, but…don’t “sleep” on them just yet! /heh
  • Pokemon will include all the way up to S&V. For movesets, I’m going to use basically a mix of Gen 8 & 9 but will (mostly) accept any move from any generation. But I’d strongly prefer it to be limited to Gen 8 & 9 if possible.

Technically, this is early for me to post this as I still need at minimum about a week to finish preparing the RP. Lots of stuff still left to do and all that. However, I wanted to gage if people are interested in this rp and how many are, as well as get feedback on my current planned battle (and contest) mechanics. If most people find it to be too convoluted/a waste of time, it’d be better to know that sooner versus later. I’m not against a more “freeform” rp style but I feel like having a (system) basis for the RP would help keep things fair and less likely for bias. But if it’s too convoluted/unnecessary, then I’ll scrap it.

So, yeah. That’s about it. Please let me know if you’re interested in this rp and if you are, please give some feedback on the Battle Mechanics and Contest Mechanics posts which I’ve listed below. Note that these mechanics require people to volunteer as co-GMs. That’s likely going to be a necessity regardless if I keep the current systems or not. But I guess that'll depend on the size of the turnout for the rp.

Apologies if these are formated poorly or missing steps in the explanations (I didn't want to post everything). Still a WIP.

All the calculations/roll stuff is only for the GMs to worry about. Regular players are just intended to write up their posts and respond to the results they get.

EDIT: 10/28: Edited a few things to make it look more neater. Will be working on posting more information for the RP at a later date.

10/29: Here is a post featuring a look at the Starre region map + its locations.
Question: what is the "weapon" options for Druid, Summoner, Bishop, and Sage? I realize this are late-game tier classes, but I wanted to know in advance in case the beginning classes locked you in for options. Sorry for the trouble.
Im interested in this. Is there a concrete/updated list that shows what spots are still available?
Edit: Interested, but I may end up just lurking for now.
Huh... I'm thinking my Jin may have met this person at some point or another.. Jin knows a lot of the 'bad people'. Very interesting, I like him!

We could do something like that~ Although ngl I'm tempted right now to change his name cause I just realized how similar Jin/Jun is. Oh man that's gonna definitely trip me up a little. Although not as bad as having two Kimikos.

Btw, I'm assuming the name order is "First" and then "Surname" correct? It's normally reversed in Japan but since most of us are English speakers...I wasn't sure.

Name: Jun Oshiro
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Arcana: The Devil
Equipment: Cigarettes, a lighter, pencils, sketchpad, and a container of concealer.
Skills: Pickpocketing, picking locks, running (used to be really into athletic clubs in middle school), and various art skills (particularly good at drawing).

Personality: Jun is a very selfish, angry and turbulent adolescent. He had a good upbringing, but there was always something that unnerved him about his parents. The look in his mother’s eye when he tried to bring up his biological father, the anger in his father’s voice when he tried to push his mother about it. The jealousy Jun felt when he saw how much his mother and stepfather gave so much love and attention to his baby half-sister, than they ever gave to him. Jun grew up hiding a deep resentment to his parents that would just fester over the years.

But when he met Takeo, things became a bit more bearable. Jun adored Takeo. If there was anyone in the world who understood Jun the most, and could calm the anger brewing inside of him; it was Takeo. But in time, Jun began to grow to understand that he himself could never have friends, or relationships. He was a “bad seed.” His selfishness brought pain to Takeo, Takeo’s family and other friends, and even his own parents. Everything Jun touched; he’d end up breaking or hurting. So over the years of his high school term, Jun’s learned to just embrace this part of him that he deems the truth; that he is “the devil.” He thrives in his own vices and destructive habits, and doesn’t plan to change. He keeps his distance from people emotionally and often acts out and is abrasive just to keep folks from getting too close, but secretly desires companionship and friends.

Biography: Jun was born the bastard son of a married, wealthy businessman and his secretary mistress who genuinely believed her lover would leave his wife for her; but unfortunately for Ms. Oshiro, that was never going to happen and she found out that the hard way. Ostracized from her family and friends for the scandal of an out of wedlock child, Jun’s father at least was willing to pay for both Jun and his mother to move out of town and live somewhere far away, where the scandal wouldn’t come back to bite him. There, Ms. Orshiro managed to raise Jun and married a nice man who served as a good stepfather for Jun.

For many years, Jun grew up in this happy environment with little to no problems. He had friends, and one particularly good friend named Takeo. Jun and Takeo were thick as thieves and inseparable for most of their elementary and middle school days, and were so until the two had a big argument one day, which put a heavy strain on their relationship. Takeo started hanging out with other kids and ignoring Jun entirely. Angry and jealous, Jun sought for revenge by leaking a huge secret of Takeo’s to the entire school. Soon, Takeo became the laughing stock of his school. Nobody wanted to hang out with Takeo, and soon he became the prime target for bullies and was harassed for weeks. Jun was content with this; for if he couldn’t be friends with Takeo, then no one could. Takeo would have to come back to him, since no one else would be with him.

But this did not go as Jun planned, for Takeo instead attempted to take his own life at the top of the school’s building. Horrified, Jun just watched as his friend fell to the ground. Jun did not want this. He just wanted to be with Takeo. He just didn’t want to be alone. He never wanted any of this; but it did not matter.

Takeo ended up surviving the fall, but not without being critically injured and in a coma. Takeo’s family was in an uproar and blame fell to Jun, his most trusted friend who betrayed him. Takeo’s family threatened to pursuit legal action, but the school managed to talk them out of it, as long as Jun was transferred elsewhere and moved out of town. Jun’s parents quickly agreed to the deal and moved to a new town as soon as they could. Things were going to be better. Jun was in a whole new town, it was a blank slate and he could start over with no scandal to follow him. It was all going to be okay and back to normal.

Or, it should’ve been, but Jun began to fall into some bad crowds, and started heading down the path of delinquency. Smoking, skipping school, sneaking out at night, picking fights with other students, vandalism, arson…it began getting worse and worse over the years. Every night Jun came home at 3 in the morning, his mother would just break down in tears. Jun and his stepfather would get into fights and in some cases it would get physical. Eventually, it got to a point where his mother had to resort to calling Jun’s biological father, and beg him for help.

His father worked out a deal with Jun’s aunt and uncle (on his mother’s side) in the city of Shikatsu, which he’d pay them to watch Jun and deal with his antics for his remaining high school term. Jun’s father also pulled some strings to have Jun accepted in Uchima Senior High. Jun was not happy about the move, especially since he wasn’t allowed a voice in the decision, and has since then been continuing his antics. His aunt and uncle don’t seem to care as long as they don’t have to get involved if he gets caught, which has been fine with him. Jun spends most of his time out at night in the streets of Shikatsu, or smoking behind the school after hours.

Name: Loki

-Absorbs: Ice
-Void: Dark
-Weak: Fire
-Marin Karin

Angry delinquent son has been delivered. Let me know if there are any issues.
Will we be doing a two-parter persona set like in the games (Io to Isis for Yukari, as an example) or just sticking to one?
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