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1 day ago
Current It's Monday ):
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4 days ago
First Friday beer has been had, here's to a few more hours of work and then-- the weekend
5 days ago
I love and hate that about languages. I change between the ones I know somewhat regularly and always find myself going "see but that other language would've had a word for this exact thing dangit"
6 days ago
@Rusalka Just like Cuphead
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7 days ago
I'm ready for the weekend already...


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All good ye, should at least get a WIP up today.
So I just realized that Aurix has the highest CHA of us all, by like a longhsot.

She's our group's Face y'all.

Also I might get a post in tomorrow after all, itchin' to reply.
Copypasta ahoy

Edit: shortened the alignment to two letters because after I noticed it was off-form it started to bother me

Niice, GM post!

I think I'm gonna let at least @DTHar post before me, since Ardour interacted with Lin a bit.
I can't believe I watched the whole thing.

But I also do not regret it.
Since a lot of the choices so far seem to include +Str/Weapons, will probably go with a magical user. Was thinking Death or Devil for either ailment or curse related shenanigans - I've got an idea for a character for either one. Curious about the effects of luck as well (yay gambling) so Fortune is also intriguing.

Though, just to be sure, what does this part mean? Does it mean that for example... for Agi, instead of spending 5 SP, they may choose to spend 1 MF or 1 HP instead?

may cast magic spells for the MF/HP equivalent to the tier instead of SP

Anyone planning on having heal (and/or buff) stuff btw? Since Chariot, Death, Devil and Fortune cannot use heals.
Edit: Nvm, I'm blind.

I'm not the OP, but it's still possible someone doesn't end up joining (happens sometimes) so keep an eye out.
I'll be the +1, aye

Love the secret role thing, as well
Oh, yeah, two Clerics and a Paladin is what I meant, mixed 'em up.
Yeah, we do have two Paladins and a Cleric so far, so there's tankiness and (eventually) heals at least. And we got a Bard for the latter, too. Us squishies can just stand in the back.

And stay stealthed the whole encounter.
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