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tft ranked soon yes mama
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no it's not 2 am, you're 2 am
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friday off, so posts galore tomorrow
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been plagued by a headache the whole day, will hopefully be more functional tomorrow. sorry for the delay in replies!
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Death is only a punchline away
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Anyone got ideas for our group's title? Also, should I wait for others to post first before going with Ardour, since last round only Lauder and I posted? Who's still around?
So! Should we figure out who's doing what?

So far we got

- Two people could hop onto Lucian. (Sebastian, to lead to them? Magdar, since he's frontline and slow on foot? Both?)
- Rhayela could try to calm Sylvanna down, and if she succeeds, two people can ride on her. Rhayela herself wouldn't mind running.
- Caw would prefer to ride, but will settle for whatever he's given. He will likely follow after whoever moves first.

@DThar, @DrakeEricsen what about you guys, any input?

Ericsen hasn't been on for almost two weeks, so we could also maybe have Magdar run after all, to give him more time to join in once he's back, in case he's gone for longer.
Yep, though I haven't read through all the material yet. I should be able to get a CS in tomorrow.

Edit: I'm not sure if I'll have time for this after all, so I may have to sit back for now. Don't wait for me, but if there's room later on and I do find the time, I might jump in if that's okay!
Ah dang, I forgot to tag!

@Typical , @Alamantus

There we go. I wanted to let Pebs finish her business before they change rooms. As for fitting stuff into his bag, this is where inventory management comes into play, right? His bag is all maxed out on slots, but there should be some room in his pockets if I understood correctly.

Hopefully I didn't miss anything, let me know if I did!
No signal, huh? ... Yeah, that sounded about right. Come to think of it, he hadn't even checked his own cell yet. That should've been the first thing he did; maybe whoever did this had sent a text explaining what the hell was going on. Or was that wishful thinking?

... That was definitely wishful thinking. But just in case, Duncan decided to check, once he got his hands free.

Pebs turned to go peek down the drain, and Duncan gave her a reassuring nod. "Yeah, I got the door handled," he nudged his head towards the arm he'd stuck through the door, and couldn't resist continuing: "Literally, as you see."

There was probably a batter pun to be made, but he was a little too anxious to get the damn door open to think of one.

"We should probably grab whatever we can from the cabinets. Doesn't hurt to be prepared for whatever's... out there." His carefree tone faltered the slightest bit, but he was quick to regain it. "I'll see if I can fit anythin' more in my bag when I'm done with this."

With that, Pebs went ahead to check the drain, and Duncan focused onto his own mission at hand.

He felt around in the dark for a moment, trying not to scratch his arm onto the edges of the hole in the door - until his fingers reached what felt like a door knob. Hopeful and a little anxious, he went on to search for a locking mechanism. Hopefully, it wouldn't be something that required a key or a code.

It was not, he soon found out, and breathed out a victorious: "Hell yeah!"

Excited over his accomplishment, no matter how small its scale, Duncan flicked the lock open, carefully retracted his arm and then stood up, glancing behind him. "Door's ripe for openin'! How's the fishing goin'? Anything bite yet?"

As he waited for her answer, Duncan pocketed the screwdriver and fished out his phone instead. As expected, there were no messages - but at the very least, he could check what time it was. The lack of windows made it difficult to tell otherwise.
@Tangletail Well enough, considering I was thinking less holding the reigns and riding to battle, more clinging onto whomever sits in front of him for dear life.

Are we still a go?
I getcha. No worries, I'm not the fastest poster by any stretch, but I won't disappear - and even though I'm slow, I'm loving this rp so far and want to see it to the end!
Yep, also here! Wanted to let Eleven post first.

As for what Caw would do, though he's scared out of his wits, he's used to following orders - so he will definitely heed Sebastian's words. He'd likely go with whomever moves first, most likely riding with them since he's very poor on foot.
Still here, always! Just a busy week. Will get a post up tomorrow.
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