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29 days ago
Current moving this month, among other things, so gonna be busier until oct - will still post when i can though!
1 mo ago
back, will catch up in the next few days
1 mo ago
gone for the weekend, posts and sheets will follow when back
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2 mos ago
this really isn't the place for that
2 mos ago
Try r/lfg, lots of people looking for players and games there



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Hell yeah, we're back!

I'm drowning in stuff until the end of the month and behind everywhere, but... will manage a post eventually, hopefully sooner rather than later. Also damn, that's a juicy vision right there 👀 will think on those extra questions!
𝐃𝐮𝐧𝐜𝐚𝐧 𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐭


No one had answers to give. Not the students around Duncan, nor his own overworked brain. His mind was still reeling from the information dump it had been subjected to just a moment ago. Facsimiles, flashes of Asahi's feelings, his mind, his... true self. There was no time to process any of it. Duncan's head felt heavier than after a cram session the night before an exam; the only time he ever really studied.

Eventually Masato spoke, but all he did was bitch, so it didn't really count as answering, either. "I'm not freaking out!" Duncan shouted, freaking out.

Even still, he kept his arm extended for Asahi. He didn't actually expect the guy to draw literal blood from it, though. Just... power, or light, or life force, or-- whatever else he had that the two dying students did not. Something. Anything. Duncan's chest burned, and for a moment he hoped he could donate that, too; the familiar burn he'd felt that first night, when he'd Awakened. There'd been so much blood gushing out of him back then. Back when his stomach had--

He heard it first; the tearing of tissue, the rupturing of skin. Feeling came after, and it wasn't in the form of pain. He felt but a split of second of nausea before his stomach grew lighter, and then all he really felt was the wetness of his skin from all the blood splashing onto his lap.

"Huh?" Duncan didn't recognize his own voice. He never sounded that high-pitched, that confused, that much at a loss for any reaction at all.

He raised his hands slowly, eyes fixed on the liquid dripping between his fingers, down his arms, on grass that seemed to thirst for it. His blood, except not. This shit was golden.

Something moved in his peripheral vision, and once Duncan realized it was blades of grass, actively reaching towards the open wound, he recoiled like someone'd shot him in the face. He fell backwards on his ass and hands, pressing golden blood into the soil underneath his palms. Grass tickled his fingers as it licked them clean.

"What the fuck," someone said, and it might've as well been him.

"Bro, are you fucking serious?! Again?!" Duncan's voice was still a few octaves higher than usual. He pulled his hands away from the hungry grass, gaze flicking from one student to the next in search of answers. It was then that he realized they'd been joined by more people. Ayana was pressing a piece of cloth against the wound to try and stop the bleeding, but as much as he appreciated the thought, the feeling of something pressing against his open stomach, though not painful, made Duncan sick as hell.

"Ayana, it's cool, you don't gotta-- it doesn't hurt! I swear!" he protested, trying to push her hands away, only to have a brand new finger suddenly invade his personal space. It was fucking Shun, and she was definitely doing this on purpose, as some fucked up sort of revenge. She dipped her finger in and then-- put it in her mouth?!

Duncan reached to grab her by the wrist before she could go in for seconds, not really caring if he squeezed too hard. He'd yet to decide which combination of expletives to yell at her, when Asahi moved in next. Duncan felt like he was a whole-ass fucking buffet of a deer, fighting off a pack of hungry wolves.

Except Asahi didn't drop the liquid into his own mouth - he dropped it into Sasuke's. Duncan stopped struggling away from everyone for a moment to stare. His gaze fell on the grass, seemingly invigorated. Wait a fucking minute. It sounded totally crazy, but could it... actually work?

He remembered Haruko smoothing his brow, squeezing his arm, asking him to make Sasuke and Yuki better. He had to try, and he felt like this was his only shot. He had nothing else.

"... Move." Duncan brushed past the others and shook off the piece of cloth that had, by some miracle, not soaked through - or even gotten wet. He moved on his knees, both hands holding his stomach and its golden contents. Blood spilled past his fingers, but he managed to keep a bunch of it cupped in his palms. Once he reached Sasuke, his head now resting on Asahi's lap, Duncan leaned over the guy's open mouth. "Alright champ. Bottoms up."

With that, he pulled his hands away, letting the golden liquid splash onto Sasuke's face and pour down his throat. Because hey, it wasn't like it could make things any worse at this point, right?!
I was planning to, yea! Just been very hectic, sorry 'bout that :') But! If another person can only join if I give my spot, I don't mind giving it up to them; they can probs put it to better (and definitely faster) use!
A'ight, here we go

𝐃𝐮𝐧𝐜𝐚𝐧 𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐭


What the hell is that?!

Duncan wasn't sure whether the words ever left him. He didn't even have time to properly startle at the weird, glowing threads emerging from Asahi's fingertips, before one slipped under his skin and forced his entire body into a shudder. It was a violent shudder, part-disgust, part something so powerful it left Duncan gasping for breath. He didn't have words for it, but it wasn't entirely foreign. He'd felt bits of it before, at home, back then, then at that other time, and when she'd--

His memories changed, twisted, until he no longer recognized them. No one he knew featured in them, and he soon understood why: they weren't his own. But the feelings they stirred felt as if they were. His heart was pounding, waves upon waves of nausea blocking his throat. He couldn't breathe. Was this what Asahi was feeling? That Asahi? Right now?!

Then he saw the light, flickering at the end of a tunnel of torment, both figurative and not. Facsimile? Duncan couldn't even pronounce that shit! He didn't know where the word came from, much less why he understood what it meant. The pink, silken thread. Tsubaki wasn't fine by chance, she was fine because of him - because of Asahi. Sasuke would be too, and so would Yuki. If only--

The real world returned like a slap, leaving Duncan reeling. He was still gasping for breath when he heard Asahi speak in that annoying, sassy way he tended to. There was no way the dude was feeling all of those horrible things right now, if he could still mouth off. Ugh.

"Shut up, damnit," Duncan whined, breath shaky, one hand on the ground in an attempt to steady himself. "I'm trying to think here! If we all got these fac-- facs... fuck..." he gave up on pronouncing the word before he even truly tried, "light things cause we're Awakened, can't we just..."

Duncan, face still twisted from shared agony, turned to Asahi as if expecting him to know whether the idea was shit or not. "I don't know, give some of that light to him? Or-- or Awaken him? Can the threads you got transfer light? Cause I got plenty! Plenty of whatever to give, so just-- take it." He offered his arm again, like he was about to donate blood.

Duncan understood more than he had a moment ago, and yet he still felt as if he understood nothing. He was ready to break the rules of facsimiles and the Awakened and whatever else in an attempt to save Sasuke and Yuki - but first he had to know what the hell the rules were.
Yes pls more Pokémon is always great.

Will be gone for the weekend but plan to work on character stuff afterwards 👏
Switching from earth to fire, if ya don't mind!
I was not expecting you to join, but welcome aboard!

I mean I'm doing a few magical girl ones, why not a magical boy one as well?
Might do something a little different and go earth aka the boring element; the tank/"rock" of the team, chill big bro kinda vibe.
No rush!
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