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Bring me your medieval fantasies, your contemporary horrors and your tabletop rps, and I promise to word vomit all over them.


D&D has taken over my life, but I'm sort of okay with it.

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Leanna's heart all but stopped when the troll turned to face her, clearly not amused by the oil now coating its skin. Had Durman not shouted at her before throwing the matches, she would have likely missed them altogether; as things were, she managed to barely catch them from the air. Thank the gods.

The battle raged on, but most of it was a blur to her - she was all too focused on trying to steady her hands so she could light a match. By the time she succeeded, she noticed the need for it had disappeared; flames had already engulfed the troll, thanks to the warforged's magical blade. She put out the match and stuck the rest into her bag; perhaps she'd have use for them later. For now... what could she do to help? Getting any closer would be suicide.

... Well, the oil had worked wonders the last time. With that thought in mind, Leanna grabbed another lantern with her mage hand.

"Take this!" she shouted in the spur of the moment as the lantern left her hand. Unfortunately, unlike the last one, this one missed the mark. It crashed near the troll, spilling its valuable contents onto the wooden flooring. Leanna could only hope the fire did not spread to it. They had to take care of the troll fast - and as far as she was aware, the man that had thrown her the matches was the best suited for the job.

So, Leanna ran her fingers across her lute and shouted at the man in question, "Let us do this!"

@Vertigo Looks like you are the tiebreaker vote. What do you prefer? Discord or forum?

Oh snap, the pressure. Hmm, I've done rps both on Discord and on Guild, and I feel like they serve different purposes.

Discord is better for faster but less descriptive posts.

Forums are better for more descriptive, less rapid-fire type posts.

Which type of rp are we looking at here? I'm down for either type, for the record. Just knowing that would help deciding on the medium.
Copypasting this over--

<Snipped quote by Vertigo>

Juuust a warning about the demon spawn. Cheliax is a city that primarily has an allegiance with Hell, and heavily promotes it. There are lesser devils like imps all over the place. Demons and devils are not really on good terms.

You're probably not going to get murdered, as law is an absolute. But the interactions would be interesting. Bright side is... Cat sized house drakes are common too, and have turf wars with the imps

Ooh, that is good to know, actually. I might go with the dhampir, after all, just to avoid bringing the party conflict from the very start. Plus, can always play tieflings in 5E - but not dhampirs.

Also, I have a few stupid questions.

1) Do we get any starting equipment with our class like in 5E, or do we buy everything with our starting gold?
2) When (if ever) do we get ASIs?
No worries, I assumed as much!

The classic 1, 2, 3, 4, me blunder has happened to all of us. :P
Gonna bring back the Kenku Tengu rogue?

Haha, not this time! He did actually find a home elsewhere though - he's an Arcane Trickster 3/Chronurgy Wizard 2 in a weekly text-based campaign now.

I was eyeing the kitsune race instead, among others.

... So I just learnt "Antipaladins" are a thing and they seem pretty cool. So I think I'll either go with a Demon-spawn Tiefling Antipaladin, or a Moroi-born Dhampir one.
How much charisma do you think you'll give your character?

I'm still mulling over a few different ideas, but I do think that I'll have charisma, no matter which of them I go with.
I see I wasn't tagged - I assume I'm still welcome though, seeing as my character's header is still in the first post in IC?

About Yoh, I'm usually not a fan of DMPCs since it's so easy to even accidentally use DM knowledge with them. But I also feel it's a bit unfair if you don't get to use him at all, since you didn't originally sign up for GM duty. The whole making him a villain thing sounded interesting, but I'm not sure if that'd be interesting for you? Anyway, I won't make a fuss if he stays as a DMPC either.

What do others think?
Ah, I thought we were limited to the base classes Morgrym76 listed earlier? If not, I might look around some more too.
I think I'm going with a Rogue. Might be easier to stick with a non-caster class for my first run. But-- would I be allowed to use the "fixed" unchained version?

I did want to ask, are we only allowed the core races or would a tiefling be allowed for example? Not saying I'm going with one, just wanna check my options.
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