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Current Colours aren't numbers.
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Ring, ring... Ring, ring... This is the meat man speaking.
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I return... maybe...
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Is it murder if I eat them till they're dead?
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So... I found some bones in my bag... no idea where they came from, but they tasted and looked like they came from some kind of chicken curry.


I am me... I hope.

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@Crusader Lord

By the way i just wanted to point out he isn't denying you because he wants to, your offer to make the weapon for him is not possible because he gave his pelt and horn to Aya so he has nothing on him.

Which by the way @TheMushroomLord still with us?

Apologies for not posting in a bit, uni just started back up so I’ve been busy the last few days. Will post later today.

On the one hand, my current idea is for a specialist, but at the same time literally, everyone seems to be making those and it'd be a shame if the other classes don't get representation given they're really cool. Then again arts has some representation already and I prefer not to play melee characters so it's probably fine. I guess this group will just be really specialised in specialists.

Around is mainly trees and shrubs along with a few small bugs like beetles and flies. She would also notice smaller animals like butterflies and large bugs. I am not a biologist or whatever so I don't really know all the small bugs and animals in our own animal kingdom to do them justice. Let's just say it's nothing that would fill your stomach or would provide extra skills

Yeah, I figured as much. Personally, I'm guessing it'd take analysing monsters to earn the skill at the very least if one exists at all, but for now, Aya's going to be analysing anything that moves in any case.
@Jangel13 Assuming Aya's attempts thus far to gain a skill that would help her analyse creatures/monsters has thus far been unsuccessful but given she doesn't know the difference between monsters and normal animals she's going to analyse anything that moves, bugs, birds, actual monsters or whatever, so what exactly is around?

Other than that not really sure what my next post should be, as far as I know, we've all walked off in search of various things and given our different goals, I'm assuming there's a degree of separation between one another even if we remaining relatively close still. So I can't think of anything other than to continue searching.

@Eviledd1984 I wasn't included in the update?
Pretty sure that's the wrong person :p. Jangle said they didn't know what to do with you just going to the bush. If you want Argos, Kir and Aya are all outside in roughly the same area, so you could probably meet up with them.


It is true that treatment methods are lacking. However, at our rate of evolution, we will need replacement gear within a week... perhaps two. Rotting becomes less of an issue in those timeframes.

We just need better manufacturing methods and tools by then. Given the bent of some of us for gear, I have few worries about that.

That's what I'm getting at, if we can only make next to worthless armour and we'll grow out of it really quickly, for the time being, we're better off working on the tools to make better stuff or other means of defence. I would say that we could make a shield though, while it might end up a little on the small side after evolution, it'll still be usable and unlike armour we could make a shield that has at least some defensive value.

Also, aren't there people amongst us that know the location of spiders? If we're looking for materials to craft with isn't eating spiders by far our best option provided we can safely hunt them?
Goblin Aya

Aya almost signed aloud as it seemed she’d convinced her brother not to simply throw himself to the wolves, only stopping herself as a means of saving face. It seemed he wanted her to make some kind of weapon for him. Fair enough, she’d been planning to do this if he wasn’t capable of doing it himself anyway, the question was what to make. On the one hand, Aya’s own preference was to put as much distance between herself and her opponent as possible in a fight or better yet not directly confront them, but she doubted that convincing Argos of that would be within her power so she was left to devise something more hands-on. Still, anything was better than nothing at least and he’d said he wanted something to improve his fists, so maybe knuckles of some kind? “Um… I guess after we're done hunting I could make you something to brace and protect your fists so you could punch harder without risk. Ideally, I’d make something with some heft so you could get more force out of your punches but for the time being we’re probably going to be stuck using bone and wood. It should still allow you to punch harder without hurting yourself and a smaller impact surface would increase the damage you could deal…” Aya realised she was rambling so she trailed off and retreating back into her head again.

As much as she wanted to ponder the ideas for weapon designs that were beginning to surface for which she definitely didn’t have the tools, materials or know-how to make, right now Aya had a more important task and that was to gather the materials for the tools she could make. The only problem was now that she was looking for it she couldn’t seem to find the vital component her ideas had hinged on, a stand-in for rope. She’d been hoping for vines but there were none in sight and in hindsight had probably been unreasonable to hope for ones that would be flexible enough to work into a net in the first place. The alternative was to break up other plants for fibres and work those into rope, which while time-consuming would be a better solution in the long term anyway, but looking around now none of the shrubbery seemed like the kind she could break down without a time investment beyond what she could put in for now, certainly not without having the right tools first.

Aya was about to ask Lexie for suggestions, given she'd shown interest in the rope plan, only to realise that they’d wandered off at some point. Worse still, sister Kir was now saying she planned to go off hunting without traps and was inviting Argos along. Actually, that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, all things considered, Kir was obviously at least fairly intelligent and could violate physics so they’d be fine and the fact that she was now talking to Argos was also great, if anything their mutual head-on approach made them a far better match up without Aya getting in the way. Still, that wasn't exactly great for Aya.

Should she just give in and go hunting without making every advantage she could for herself? She really didn’t want to without knowing anything in advance. Move further away to search for materials? A much better idea but still risky, especially the prospect of crafting in the middle of nowhere. Maybe just pray to Shirila and hope that easy pray would come straight to her? She had no reason to assume the gods of this world actually existed or that they would respond in any case, even if she did know the proper rites to worship them. Wait, why did she know that? It wasn’t something the elder had gone into in that much depth... Was it another case in which by learning a bit she’d somehow attained a wealth of related knowledge? If that was the case then she’d totally been going about her lack of information in the wrong way this entire time, all she needed to do was understand enough that she could spontaneously learn the rest, in fact, if the number of mistakes she’d noticed after learning to craft was any indications her understanding of the subject didn’t even need to be strictly correct.

Aya was getting excited at the prospect of learning something new, both in terms of understanding how this spontaneous learning worked and hopefully learning about the ecology of the local creatures, or better yet just ecology in general. Having hyped herself with this plan to the point that she found herself rationalising that she could look for materials as she went, while completely ignoring the risks that would normally be plaguing her mind around that point. “It doesn’t look like there’s anything I can use as rope here so I'm going to go looking for something further out and to scout out anything that it looks like we could hunt safely while I'm at it. Okay? I’ll tell you guys if I find anything worthwhile.”

Even as excited as she was Aya still maintained a degree of her usual paranoia and while she figured the horn Argos had given her would work as a decent weapon until she could get make something better having the other hand empty didn’t exactly do much to help her either so after a brief moment to look around Aya picked up a sizable stone that had long since fallen from the crumbling church, before she beginning to move away from said church and into the wild, al the while trying to spy any subjects for her analysis and mumbling to herself about the creatures she’d already seen.

The horned rabbits were most likely herbivores considering what Aya knew about rabbits and creatures with horns, though now that she thought about it Aya cursed her own stupidity for not thinking to check out the creature's teeth when she’d had the chance. If she had to guess perhaps the horn had once been a tool for digging or pulling up roots that had then later evolved into a more defensive weapon. Given that Aya was pretty sure that rabbits were meant to live in burrows for safety and that she couldn’t imagine the horns making that lifestyle all that easy she guessed that there was probably a predator that could hunt the rabbits in their burrows, thus leading the this otherwise disadvantages evolution and that there was a strong possibility that the horned rabbits didn’t even live in burrows.

Moving on to the only other species she’d had gotten a good look at thus far Aya went back over everything she’d already guessed about goblins. They grew almost impossibly fast, probably survived via throwing extreme numbers at things and having the lucky ones propagate by chance and probably had some unknown method for suddenly gaining large amounts of knowledge. As for their growth, Aya had noticed that the goblins seemed to come in two sizes with a large gap in between, at first she’d assumed this meant that goblins somehow synchronised their births to ensure the maximum number of newborns released into the wild at once, especially since that seemed to be supported by the large litter she’d been born into, but this theory fell apart when she realised that there were small goblins that were not part of her generation, did goblins go through specific growth spurts, that might mean they lived longer than she’d worried about, or perhaps it was some other epigenetic response that grew them to specific sizes. The sudden bursts of knowledge proved to be harder to explain, perhaps the goblins shared some kind of pseudo-hivemind that let them learn things from one another, which might explain the apparent disinterest in teaching the new generations before sending them off. Actually, that might not be a goblin unique phenomena, perhaps even the rabbits could do it.

@Jangel13@Crusader Lord

I suppose that the thickness issues are practical. I wonder if the wing bones would make decent needles. The leather might be good for cloaks or tunics though. Good for a water-resistant layer that isn't too heavy or hot.

The problem is we don't really have a way to treat it so we might need to worry about it rotting, especially if we can't remove the meaty parts without damaging the rest. Making a needle and thread might work for armour if we can layer some cloth of something, but then we'd need to find a way to make cloth. In any case, is any of this really all that useful, I can't see any of these suggested armours providing all that much defence against any of the things we've encountered thus far.

<Snipped quote by TheMushroomLord>

Not really but considering that you are all so weak and small that a horned rabbit the lowest of the low prey animal could kill you disease takes a back seat

My concern for the survival of the goblins grows larger still.
Could be wrong here but I'm pretty sure the membranes on a bat's wings are exceptionally thin, I doubt they'd provide much protection at all. Talking out of my arse here but I'd assume that making anything out of rabbit hide would almost certainly be a far better option than using bat wings.

As a side note aren't bats known as vectors for diseases? Are we sure it's such a good idea to be hanging around them? I guess goblins are just more resistant to disease than people.
@Jangel13 What would Aya be able to find in terms of crafting materials in the vicinity of the church? Specifically looking for flexible vines or plants that easily be broken into workable fibres.
I'll get a post up sometime after I wake up.
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