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Current So... I found some bones in my bag... no idea where they came from, but they tasted and looked like they came from some kind of chicken curry.
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I do in fact believe the yellow is a color that exists...
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I exist now!


I am the Mushroom Lord, ruler of the Mushroom Empire, Lord of all ducks, mushrooms... and pretty much anyone else willing to bow down before me!

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Edith, having somehow already devoured almost a whole tray of food into her mouth, pauses shoveling food into her mouth momentarily as Sora addresses her. Tilting her head to the side in confusion at Sora's annoyed expression, momentarily wondering if she'd accidentally commit a crime or something, before hearing Sora's request and remembering the popular opinion on playing with blood while eating. Her cheeks bulging with food Edith swallows before trying to give her most innocent smile but ultimately coming across looking somewhere between incredibly guilty and deranged.

"Sorry Sora... I forgot that eating with blood is bad and stuff..."

Edith then very slowly lowered the blood to the floor, taking care not to splash as to avoid a mess and by extension further trouble but completely undermining her efforts only a few seconds later by letting control of the blood go and allowing it to form into a large red puddle at her feet. Content that she'd fixed her mistake Edith gives Sora a happy nod and thumbs up before turning her attention back to her meal.

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Edith grinned as she entered the cafeteria, salivating at the prospect of food and quickly hurrying off to grab several servings of whatever looked good to her, a descriptor that fit just about everything available in Edith's opinion. After some struggle and the use of one of the blood bags to create a set of horrifying appendages, Edith managed to carry the trays of food over the table with Kioshi and Sora, beaming widely as she set the food down.

"Hello again Sora! Hello sleepy hero person!"

With that Edith set about happily shovelling food into her mouth, the blood priviously used to carry the trays to the table now swirling around her and occasionally being used to bring some of her food closer.

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Edith spends a moment rubbing her nose after her collision, before noticing her class mate and in a motion almost enough to knock herself off her feet again, spins around to meet Sora, waving wildly as she does so.

"Hello Sora! I don't need blood now I already got some!"

Edith pulls the blood bags she'd robbed the infirmary of, proudly waving them in the air and somehow completely missing the point behind Sora's concerns. As if on que Edith's stomach growls at the mention of food and Edith eagerly nods, realising just how hungry she was.

"Yes! Eating is with friends is fun and I'm really, really super hungry!"

Edith practically trips over herself in anticipation as she begins heading in almost the right direction for the cafeteria, stoping only to make sure Sora was still with her while she jumped up and down on the spot.

Edith would wake up in the Nurses office, slowly opening her eyes through a wave of dizziness. Looking up at the ceiling she would find herself in a pristine white room, quickly realising that she was lying on a bed, and in some kind of medical facility, presumably either because she'd managed to injure herself or because she was currently being experimented on by evil scientists.

"What's going on?"

In her delirious state Edith fails to notice the telltale signs of bloodless, as she groggily tries to sit up in the bed before promptly falling back down, causing several of the nurses to rush over fuss about her current condition.

"Careful you lost a lot of blood during your fight... well pretty much all of it... you should rest now you're in no condition to move."

Deciding that these were probably not villains trying to dissect her for their own nefarious plans and were in fact probably UA's infirmary staff, Edith concluded that she should ignore them anyway. Searching for the source of vitality that was shortly hooked up to her veins Edith quickly located the blood bag and despite the nurse's protests, quickly got hold of the object using her powers to drain its contents. With a decent amount of blood finally back inside of her, Edith's dizziness finally begins to clear as she begins to remember her fight with Mycel.

"Hehehe, that was fun... but I lost... also fun!"

He usual grin returns to her face, causing some of the nurses attending her to nervously step back, as she practically fell out of the bed swaying dangerously as she righted herself, before moving to acquisition several of the infirmaries blood bags. Her actions prompting a short wrestling match with between her and one of the braver nurses, Edith only lasting half a minute or so in her current state before conceding that she only needed a couple for fun to keep her from collapsing.

With that Edith left the building, only crashing into three or four walls on her way out, eager to see how the next battle would go.

Despite the noise produced by the alarm Edith somehow managed to sleep through it, only waking up when her body decided that it was nearing the all important time to eat. After helping herself to a copious portion of food Edith, still blood soaked from her night terrors, Edith went to clean herself of the blood she'd managed to drench herself in during the night.

Sopping off at her locker on the way to the showers, hoping to find something clannish to wear, and after spending a good minuet wrestling with it, Edith beamed when she discovered its contents.

"Hehehe... this place keeps on getting better!"

Having forgotten entirely about the fact she was covered in blood and intended to have a shower, Edith striped and changed on the spot, giggling madly to herself all the while. Her costume wasn't all that special in reality, infarct it was rather similar to her uniform, a simple skirt and blazer, though both far darker and with a number of rather vicious looking flourishes. Inside the suit Edith found a number of blood bags position strategically and concealed around her body all connected by a complex vain like network of flexible tubing, and she hadn't even requested that second one.

Finally dressed, a mad grin spread ear to ear across Edith's face, throwing her arms wide and spinning as her giggling escalated into hysterical cackling, a look only made more terrifying by her new apparel and the blood stains over her body.


'Hang out? What could that be?'

Edith mind immediately wonders to a darker place as she imagines everyone doing a different sort of hanging, but she quickly snaps out of it after hearing Sora tell her to get changed. After a moment of wondering why she would she need to get changed, despite not breaking a sweat Edith simply shrugged, people where weird about clothes and stuff sometimes.

"Okay... Bye, bye then!"

After a moment of awkward silence Edith runs off to get changed, switching back into the first clean(ish) piece of clothing she finds before rushing back out, with a mad grin on her face, already having worked herself into a manic hype.
Edith was about to answer Sora when Kiyoshi showed up mentioning that Adam had had a heart attack, before walking off with Sora. Shrugging Edith lets control of the remaining blood go. Pausing as she moves to leave so she can cram a blood bag into one of her pockets, before finally heading back to the dorms.
Edith stops spinning, the blood around her also freezing in place. Turning her head way to far around to be comfortable she examines Sora, nodding when she asks about her name.

'Hello! Your quirk is interesting too! I tried to fly once... it hurt!"

Edith finally turns around to face Sora, grinning madly as she does so. After a moment of intense thinking, Edith has an idea.

"Do you want me to make you something, anything!?

As if to reinforce her point she forms a ball of blood between her hands and begins forcing it to shift shapes, while letting the rest of the blood fall to the floor with a horrifying splash.

"Ooooo, blood bags are fun! Dad used to have a bunch of them, but they... nevermind"

Edith's smile vanishes for a moment as she relives some of her past memories, but all that is once again pushed down and forgotten about soon after as the blood bags arrive. Poking one of the bags with her figure until it pops Edith quickly assumes control of the blood contained, followed by that of a second and third bag until, she has a sizable orb of blood at her disposal.

'What should I make... probably something cool, that'll make the others like me... what do the others like, blood? I have lots of that...'

Edith idly makes the blood swirl in a vortex around her as she tries to think of what to make using her powers, occasionally adding more blood to her pool or creating and dissolving a shape.

'Knives? No... Food? No... A scythe? No... A scarily realistic instrument of torture... No.'

Eventually Edith gives up on trying to create something and instead decides that she'll just play around with the blood for a while and then maybe see what the others are up to. Spinning around Edith begins to make the blood spin faster around her, forming into ribbons and patterns, in what is surprisingly almost as beautiful as it is terrifying. Edith laughs as she plays, not unlike a child, a fact made just a little unnerving by the fact that she is covered in a literal blood bath at this point in time.
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