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MY-1801-FJ – Felix Jones
Location: Yellow Ward

Interaction: @Asesina, @duskshine749

1801 shook his head when asked whether he knew what was going on, he'd been hoping the red ward would have had that information himself. The fact that there apparently weren't any other red wards around either was concerning, if anyone could have done this they'd probably have been in the red or maybe yellow wards, but that didn't seem to be the case.

He had seen Sam emerge with frost or something similar formed around his hand, so whatever he did probably didn't include making people disappear or messing with lights. In any case, even as socially clueless as he was 1801 had been around long enough to have an idea of the ways people tended to act after making big displays of power, accidental or intentional, and neither of his fellow inmates seemed to fit the bill.

1801 noticed his fellow yellow ward signing something, he was pretty sure he'd seen her making similar gestures before and had gotten the impression it was how she communicated, but he hadn't paid enough attention to know for sure. The first sign he wasn't about, was she saying she couldn't breathe... he wrenched his mind away from that line of thought, he already felt on the verge of freaking out as it was.

The second sign was significantly easier for him to interpret, it looked like she was saying she wanted to write something. Eger to help 1801 quickly ran back to his room across the hallway, grabbing a notebook and a fist full of stationary. It didn't occur to 1801 that he might have misinterpreted the sign or that the book was half full of his working for a variety of subjects until in less than neat handwriting until he was already offering the book up.

Suddenly feeling self-conscious he decided that it was a good time to shift the focus back to their names. "I'm 1801," he said, sounding out each number, then remembering Sam had provided the other kind of name he added, "Or, um- Felix?" He hadn't intended for it to come out sounding like a question but didn't quite have the confidence to give the seldom-used name in any other way.
Eden had been having a bad day. Not that those were in any way unusual for her, nor that anything especially bad had happened to her that day. In fact, she couldn’t think of a single reason why that day should have been worse than any other, beyond the fact that for one inexplicable reason or another she was feeling down. She’d gone to the library that morning to study and had ended up loitering around long after it had closed, unable to quite work up the motivation to head back. It had gotten dark quite a while ago, and finally bothering to check her phone, Eden realised she’d need to force herself into action if she wanted to catch the last bus for a while. With a sigh, she got up and did just that, the bus stop in sight just as her bus drove past her.

The internal debate as to whether or not the bus was worth running for was cut short almost immediately as she was instead forced to do a double-take at the bus. Specifically at the bus’s rearmost door. While the rest of the vehicle looked perfectly normal, something was very wrong with that door. The thing was changing, blindingly fast and in an almost organic-looking fashion. From her angle, she couldn’t quite make out the specifics of how it was changing, only that the changes seemed to be dramatic and seemingly incoherent, but that wasn’t what she was thinking about anyway. She’d seen a door do strange shit once before, even if she’d kept it to herself, and while the bus door was obviously different in some ways to the one back then it certainly bore some similarities in its strangeness.

Eden hardly even registered as she broke into a flat out sprint to catch up to the bus, nor did she notice that had the driver not slowed for her she never would have made it. She did register an appropriate sense of horror as the door before her was very briefly something fleshy with countless teeth, then something like a singular elevator and then an incredibly fancy looking one, but somehow, in a moment of uncharacteristic bravery and utter stupidity, that horror failed to prevent her from stepping up and into the thing…

Whatever compulsion had briefly possessed her promptly wore off the moment she’d stepped through and found herself in a pitch-black space that probably wasn't the bus, and almost immediately it was replaced by a rapidly escalating sense of dread. Eden somehow managed enough presence of mind to idly note that while she was terrified at least her fear was totally rational for once and that now she had a reason for her day being bad. Not that the thought helped her much, this terror was also far worse than what she normally felt and as good as she’d gotten at hiding her fears over the years there wasn’t much she could do about her present trembling.

She almost screamed when the light flickered on above her. Internally berating herself when she realised that she'd hardly even registered that she was standing almost knee-deep in, now that she was paying attention, shockingly cold and seemingly rising water, let alone notice that there were other people in the room with her. The fact that she hadn’t even able to maintain basic awareness of her surroundings at a time like this yet another thing to add to her list of personal failings.

Still even as she became aware of the details she should have already been aware of, it became clear to her that those weren’t the ones she should be concerning herself with at that point. A skeleton seemed to be holding up a large chunk of stone, a remnant of the collapsed ceiling that had otherwise crushed the skeleton some time ago. What made the sight strange, was that somehow the arm holding up the stone had escaped destruction and managed to stay upright even as the rest of the body had decomposed, stranger still that the arm appeared to bear some kind of centipede shaped jewellery. It seemed almost ludicrous to think that the centipede might have been what was allowing the skeleton to perform the seemingly impossible feat, yet at the same time too much of a coincidence to dismiss the possibility outright.

As if the universe had somehow heard Eden’s inner monologue mention impossibility and decided that she wasn’t already freaking out enough, the golden centipede began to move, crawling off the arm and into the water, and prompting what was left of the skeleton to crumble under the weight of the stone. She could except that apparently the creature hadn't actually been jewellery, but that just made the other parts of the scene even more confusing.

Eden wasn’t snapped out of her stupor until she heard one of the others clap and address the room. It took her mind a moment to piece back together the woman had said, but the gist of it seemed to be that they were going to look at the plaque for clues, another thing she’d failed to notice, and wanted someone to check to see if they could shift the fallen rocks for a way out. Not seeing any reason not to, or at least not any reasons that were too major, and wanting to get out of the room before things got any worse Eden complied, moving to try and shift the rock with what little strength she had.

MY-1801-FJ – Felix Jones
Location: Yellow Ward

Interaction: @Asesina, @duskshine749

1801 was getting anxious. As usual, he’d been jarred awake by the facility's alarms and the sudden activation of its fluorescent lights. Today however something was definitely wrong, the alarm had an odd quality to it and the lights flickered violently. Neither occurrence was all that unusual all things considered, at least not compared to some of the other shit that happened in the facility, but compared to the usual monotony of the morning routine, the difference was patently obvious. Even more worrying was the silence. Normally at this point, the hallway would be filled with the sounds of facility staff going about their business but today it was almost dead silent.

Still, it wasn’t like 1801 couldn’t think of a perfectly mundane explanation. There were plenty of people in the facility who could affect energy and maybe one of them had done something that was messing with the power and dampening sound. Looking up, he confirmed that the usually ever watching camera now appeared lifeless, consistent with his previous assessment. 1801 was still pretty worried, and more concerning explanations to the present situation continued to surface in his mind, but for now he tried to comfort himself with the idea that if he just got ready and waited a bit things would sort themselves out.

Getting up 1801 dressed himself in a dress that definitely needed a wash, noticing the open doorway as he did so. It struck him as odd that he couldn’t see any staff outside or that the door had opened in the first place as he was pretty sure they were meant to do the exact opposite in the event of power issues. Then again, the facility staff were probably off dealing with whoever had done this and he was probably wrong about the door locking thing, it wasn’t like the staff would want to trap him in an enclosed room, at least not outside of scheduled testing.

“Yeah, that’s probably it. The simplest answer is usually…” he trailed off, “Ahhh… Test one. Test two. Test three.” Strange, his voice sounded normal, wasn’t there a sound dampening effect or something? Even if the staff were elsewhere surely with the doors being open he should be hearing others. Should he call out? What if it was something more concerning than he'd hoped for?

“Hello? Anyone here?"

As if responding to his thoughts and echoing the question he hadn't yet decided to ask, 1801 heard a voice. It sounded a little ways off, from the direction of the red wing, and didn’t seem to indicate that whoever it was had any company or was any less confused than he was… still two confused people was probably better than one.

After a moment of hesitation, 1801 peeked out of his room, just in time to spot a woman dressed identically to himself round the corner. 1801 was pretty sure he recognised her but didn’t really know anything beyond that. In any case, she probably wasn’t the voice he’d heard before which meant there were now three people who didn’t seem to know what was going on, himself included. Then again that was 50% more than two people and possibly the beginning of a trend so he’d take it over nothing.

“Um- Good morning,” 1801 supplied after catching up to his neighbour. Probably not the most appropriate greeting given the circumstances, but he wasn’t good with people so it’d have to suffice.
I am also cool with either option.

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