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Pan Yimu

Yimu was awoken by Marlijn as the other girl made her way out of the room they’d shared for the night. She probably could have done with a little more sleep, but she was used to less, she’d ended up turning in early after finishing up both of the books she’d brought with her and revisiting a few of the passages that had eluded her the first time over. Besides, she hated going back to sleep, unless she was too tired to function it meant she was wasting time, and even when she was that tired it still felt like it.

Got to remember to ‘borrow’ more books soon, she noted to herself, watching Marlijn one-eyed as waited for the Eskandish noble to leave, getting up herself once Marlijn had done so. Yimu gave herself a moment to clean herself by drawing upon the dirt on her body and clothes, a habit she’d started first as a means of practice and later continued for the convenience of having her clothes last longer. When she was done Yimu got up to head down the stair herself.

Not planning to give any greeting herself beyond token responses to any that were sent her way Yimu quickly maneuvered herself towards the scent of food, plopping herself into the nearest available seat. “When do we start learning?” she inquired, turning towards Zeno Mozaru, even as she took her first bite, quickly pausing to go in for a second bite as she realised how good the food was.
Pan Yimu

As much as Yimu tried to focus on her reading she found herself frowning a little as each noble had their name announced. She’d never really understood why nobles felt the need to announce their names and lineages. Being proud of something they had achieved themselves would be one thing, but gloating about something they had had no say or hand in bringing to fruition was simply absurd! Especially if that something was as trivial as being born, something which literally every person, of every class, has done. Perhaps a life without hardship skews one’s idea of just what constitutes an achievement…

Sighing to herself Yimu glanced up from her book to briefly cast her gaze around at the various impromptu displays of magic put on by the other new arrivals. For the most part these seemed to be simple displays of power and though a few were somewhat impressive or showed some degree of skill, it wasn’t like watching the displays was going to grant her any special insight, so she simply dismissed the displays as more showboating for her to tune out. Maybe if commoners weren’t the last to go I’d do some magic of my own, put some potholes in the ground or something, Yimu mused to herself, not that she had any clue how she’d pull that off without getting caught but the thought was fun.

Eventually, Yimu managed to tune out most of the sound and action going on about her in order to focus on her reading, if only because the whole ceremony was drawn out so long. Like this Yimu spent the majority of her time buried in her book, only finally being drawn out by a massive if very brief energy surge from the direction of the stage. Glancing about for a cause, it didn’t take long for Yimu to conclude that it had been a flashy way for the Arch-Zenos to get their attention, much like the display of clearing the weather earlier. Yimu couldn’t help but be a little disappointed at having missed whatever display had been made, but that disappointment what quickly forgotten as the assignment of zeno was announced.

Though she’d never admit it, Yimu started to get a little nervous as the names were called out, worried that some clerical screw up might have resulted in her not being on the list. She was pretty confident that even if that were the case she would be able to sort things out, perhaps even twist the mess up in her favour, yet against all rationality, she couldn’t help but feel butterflies in her stomach, a mounting unease that only grew until finally, fourth from last, her name was called.

Some part of Yimu’s mind urged her to simply run up onto the, but that might give the impression of her being excited to be there, which while admittedly true, would no doubt be interpreted by the nobles as her being excited to be in their presence or something equally stupid. Instead, Yimu made a show of continuing to read even as she got onto the stage, feigning complete indifference to Zeno Mozaru and her fellow biro.

Only once they were all exchanging greetings did Yimu look up from the book to take in her peers, though she didn’t bother to do so herself, considering their names had only just been announced. Yimu found the other girl, Marlijn’s embarrassment at her own greeting to be particularly amusing and took that as her cue to stare at the girl, frown and then quickly avert her gaze as though she’d seen something on Marlijn’s face but didn’t want to say anything. Turning her attention to Vyrik, Yimu felt some sense of relief, she wasn’t going to be stuck in a class entirely comprised of nobility, which based on the student body wouldn’t have been unlikely, and he was asking important questions which suggested he wasn’t entirely useless.
Yimu Pan

Yimu had considered simply not showing up for the entrance ceremony at all, or at least not until it was well underway. From what she’d been able to gather, it sounded like it’d be a massive waste of time, time that could be better spent immersed in one of her new books or practising magic. Still, as tantalising as the idea of just skipping the event entirely to do something more worthwhile was, she hadn’t entertained it for long, it wouldn’t be worth her missing some important announcement after all… probably.

She glanced up at the clouds, wary of how dark the were and hoping it wouldn’t start to rain any time soon. That would only make the ceremony more miserable and she’d brought a couple of the new books she’d aquired through somewhat dubious means with her. In the event it started to rain, she supposed she could simply create something to encase her books, so she wasn’t too worried about the books getting damaged, but it would mean she’d be stuck without anything to read.

Pushing thoughts of the weather aside for the moment, Yimu turned to observe her cohort for the entrance ceremony. As expected the event was divided by class and looking about she noted that there were only a couple dozen other commoners present, insignificant in number when compared to any of the other more elite groups. Even having already had a few weeks to adjust to things it still felt weird being in a place where the social classes, were almost totally reversed from what she was used to, at least in terms of numbers, and Yimu wasn’t quite sure whether she should find the fact that commoners were in fact not all the common amongst students amusing or be annoyed that it meant having to deal with nobility.

The others around her it seemed had mostly already formed up into groups or otherwise seemed content to stand on their own, Yimu noticed more than a few of the students avoided meeting her gaze and the particularly wide gap between where she stood and the nearest of the social groups, but shrugged it off. Most of them had taken the effort to dress up, or at least what passed as dressed up by common standards, and by comparison, Yimu was a dishevelled mess, having left for the entrance ceremony in the exact same state as she’d woken and wearing the same clothes as she’d worn throughout the several days prior. She was clean at least, if only because magic made such things trivial, but any effort beyond that would be a waste of time as far as she was concerned.

Yimu was drawn out of her observations as the ceremony finally began proper, some kind of formalised greeting, Yimu only half-listened to, between the Zenith and someone guy Yimu immediately dismissed as, just another rich kid. As pretentious as the whole thing seemed, Yimu couldn’t help but be impressed by the storm being so easily dispersed, even if she suspected that might also have been planned, and in spite of herself she couldn’t help but be drawn into the excitement a little as the city exploded into festivities.

A smile crept across Yimu’s face as she cracked open one of the books she’d brought. She was going to get an education far exceeding anything she’d ever dreamed of, even if it would come with its own hurdles and annoyances, she planned on making the most of every second of it.

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