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Current Is it murder if I eat them till they're dead?
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So... I found some bones in my bag... no idea where they came from, but they tasted and looked like they came from some kind of chicken curry.
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I do in fact believe the yellow is a color that exists...
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I exist now!


I am the Mushroom Lord, ruler of the Mushroom Empire, Lord of all ducks, mushrooms... and pretty much anyone else willing to bow down before me!

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Ava was running to school, thinking up increasingly elaborate excuses for not having her homework, when she'd overheard some kind of argument, seemingly over some kind of accident. Despite doubting her ability to do anything about the dispute and having no current intention to attempt to do so, curiosity still managed to get the better of Ava. Not thinking to slow down as she rounded the corner, her momentary lapse in attention was enough to prevent her from noticing the girl until the moment before she collided with them.

Ava somehow managed to maintain her balance only to be pulled down into a comically tangled mess a moment later by the girl as they attempted to right themselves by grabbing onto Ava’s brightly coloured outfit.

By the times she’d recovered from the crash the girl Ava had collided with had already managed to untangle herself. Ava couldn’t help but notice the girls stare which stung a little, but given that she seemed to be offering Ava a hand up and for some reason apologising in spite of the collision not being her fault Ava guessed that she probably didn’t mean any harm by her staring.

“I’m fine thanks… I’m also sorry! I swear I didn’t mean to run into you!”

That didn’t quite sound right did it? Ava grabbed the girls hand, pulling herself up as she silently reprimanded herself.
Phann found the elf’s concern to be rather amusing if a little out unusual. Was it because Phann was no longer covered in burn scars? No, the girl had borne witness to Phann acting like a crazy person and seemed to be aware of her identity, so maybe this person was just kind? Whatever the case Phann resolved to at least try and get a better reading on the elf before taking her antics too far.

The girl had said she was a student by named Tiki, Phann couldn’t say the name sounded familiar, so there was a chance that that was just a nickname or something, but then again it wasn’t like she actually remembered most of her classmate's names anyway so it could just be that. Tiki’s reasoning as to their course of action made enough sense, either way, it was a gamble but at least if they followed the others if they survived they’d have other people to rely on for help.

”Okay then, sounds good to me!"

With the plan in mind, Phann nodded in response to Tiki asking if she’d be able to stand, a few moments later pulling herself up with a dramatic teeter for effect and taking a moment to shake off. Damn pins and needles. It was definitely starting to seem to Phann like Tiki might actually just be a good person, with her offer to let her rest, the constant apologies and the comment about elf solidarity… wait. Phann’s hands reached for ears, poking at the tapered points.

"Holy shit! I’m an elf! You’d think I would have realised this earlier, huh?"

Phann figured that explained the tingling feeling she’d had in her feet, either that or some kind of summoning sickness. Speaking of which a similar tingling sensation had begun in her stomach so maybe eating those butterflies earlier hadn’t been such a good idea, didn’t really matter now there were more pressing matters to deal with, like Mr Angry Roars. After a mighty stretch and a failed attempt at violently cracking her neck, Phann turned back to Tiki.

"Okay then Tiki, I suppose it's best if we get going now… Onwards to that way!"

Phann pointed vaguely in the direction Albrecht’s party had headed off in holding her arm out for a few seconds before beginning to move in that direction. Only a short while after she’d begun her march a bright light flashed from somewhere behind Phann and a feeling similar to the one being caused by the literal butterflies in her stomach, albeit somewhat more annoying, washed over her. Turning around Phann immediately spotted the source of the disturbance, a massive beam of light, looking like the result of some kind of arcane WMD, shining up into the sky from where she’d previously seen the now presumably dead lizardman.

"Hehehe… That’s our cue to begin running the hell away right? ... Tiki?"

Glancing over at Tiki, Phann realised the elf wasn’t doing so well. Was it panic? Maybe, kinda hard to tell, but this seemed like something else. Running over to her companion Phann grabbed onto the elf’s arm, yanking at but not really doing much given her lack of strength.

"Come on, you know I’m a fan of games, but I’m really thinking it’s probably time to get going, you know? Also, my new year's resolution was to die no more than once per day and there was that thing you mentioned about elf solidarity, so I’d really appreciate it if we could get moving."

Phann briefly considered ditching Tiki, but that seemed like a bit of a dick move after the elf had offered to help her, so instead she busied herself continuing to tug on Tiki’s arm and breaking down into manic giggles, partly because Phann found the whole idea of dying immediately after being given a second chance hilarious, but mostly because she was panicking.

Ava woke up to the sound of her phones alarm blaring in her ears. Groggily she hit the snooze button, rolling over on to her side and squeezing her eyes shut, hoping to get in just a few more minutes of sleep, before finally, several minutes of unsuccessful rest later, giving up on the idea and getting out of bed.

Running down stairs Ava greeted her parents, not waiting to hear their response before dashing off to get ready. After chucking her stuff in her bag Ava briefly paused to concider making herself something to eat, but deciding in the end that she wasn't really hungry enough and couldn't afford to be late for school anyway.

In spite of how tired she felt Ava held a grin on her face as she hurried off to school, long gone by the time her mother shouted at her to eat something before school and only stopping to search her bags at the realisation that she couldn't recall grabbing her homework from her desk before leaving.

"Damn it!"

After a brief internal conflict, the zombie like girl decided she didn't have time to head back now and would just have to make an excuse if any of her teachers questioned it and resumed hurrying to school.
Phann had just wanted to eat her insectoid delicacies in peace. That was a lie actually, she couldn’t say enjoyed the butterflies taste, quite the opposite in fact, and she didn’t exactly have much of a mind for peacefulness either. Either way she hadn’t expected to be greeted by the elf girl from earlier flying through the air and colliding with Phann. Unprepared and rather lacking in the strength department, Phann was easily toppled over and found herself pinned underneath the elf's body? Well this was awkward.

”Good eeevening… ahhhhhhh… hehe… this voice still sounds weird!”

Wrestling one of her arms out from under her body Phann began theatrically gesturing with it as if to emphasize her words, putting on quite an impressive show of completely ignoring the fact that she was currently stuck under a elf.

”You can call me Phann, Avoid Her, Go Away or any one of my other nicknames! Anyway, you wouldn’t happen to be a student, bus driver or terrorist by any chance would you or do I just sound like a crazy person?”

Phann let out a small deranged giggle and flung her free arm wildly out to the side in a less than comfortable motion, just in case there was any chance that she didn’t sound like a crazy person. Quickly trying to work out who this person sitting on top of her might be, assuming that they where another student, Phann came up with nothing, realizing she hardly knew anything about any of her peers at all and hoping that whoever the elf was they would just give her their name. Maybe it hadn’t been such a good idea to have isolated herself from pretty much any and all social interaction with normal people for most of her life, then again, it wasn’t like Phann had any plans on so easily giving up her ideological beliefs and starting to act like a normal person.

"Ya know it might be worth us moving away from Mr Angry roars at some point, maybe hide from it in the forest when it comes out?"

The moment Megumi received the message Hina began panicking again. Who the hell was Sacchan? Nervousness building up inside her as Hina considered just making a break for it.

'I don't know for certain they're coming here, I should just calm down... but why else would they have sent that message? Oh god they were coming!'

Hina wondered what god she’s pissed off to get herself in this situation as making an excuse and running away had begun to seem more and more like her best course of action. That was at least until the shield bearing girl in question sprinted into view and tackled Megumi into the ground.

Hina's mind raced as she rapidly thought up countless possibilities for how to deal with her current situation without making a complete fool of herself, before instead choosing to panic, freezing like a deer in headlights and making some kind of terrified whimpering sound as she tried and failed to will herself out of existence.

When Megumi’s hat landed at Hina's feet she flinched as though it were some kind of bomb, cringing hard behind her mask immediately after and hoping no one saw her jump as she tentatively picked up the garment, not really too sure as to what to do with it.

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Hero Name: Sanguine Girl

Civilian Name: Ava Williams

Age: 15

Appearance: Ava at a glance, appears to be a fairly average, teenage girl if a little on the small side. Closer inspection, however, reveals several features not quite right with her appearance. Her entire body seems to have been sucked of all life, with stark white hair and too pale skin closer in shade to grey than any natural skin tone. Her eyes, seemingly the only point of colour on her entire person are a vivid blood red and marked by the dark bags of insomnia. Furthermore Ava’s teeth seem to all be tapered off into fangs, a trait that has scared off more than a few people.
Quite the opposite of her physical appearance Ava usually dresses in clothes that are brightly coloured, fun and childish when at home or in public.

Hero Appearance: Sanguine Girl’s costume is an overly frilly red and black Lolita dress reminiscent of stereotypical normal magical girl attire.
Height: 160cm
Weight: 46kg

Powers: Sanguine Girl is a magical girl with all the powers typical of that position and notably the ability to manipulate blood.
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Ahhh! Thanks, sorry. I was sure I put one up but I guess not, I'll get on than now.
The moment the butterflies appeared, Phann decided to give them chase, surging forwards with a surprising degree of speed that probably would have resulted in her toppling over had it not been for the fact that her balance also seemed better than usual. It wasn't like her old body had been particularly unfit, but this new one was something else entirely. Momentarily getting distracted, Phann decided to try and see just what her new body could do. For the next few minutes, Phann ran around laughing, performing feats of acrobatics and flexibility she was sure she never could have before and that she reckoned she could further improve with practice.

Finally getting back to the task at hand, Phann looked to the butterflies, deciding to see just how many of them she could capture. Chasing after them she let her self descend into erratic giggling, nowhere near the level of her earlier cackle but still unnerving to behold. Phann had just managed to deftly snatch two butterflies out of the air, one in each hand when what Phann could only describe as the roar of a very large and very angry lizard sounded out from the distance.

"That can't be good..."

Hearing the man she'd spotted talking to the elf earlier, urging her and the others to move away from the forest, Phann couldn't help but wonder if that was truly the best course of action. While she was pretty sure she could outrun at least a few of these people in her new body, what she wasn't so sure of was the speed of whatever it was that was coming. If it happened to be faster than them running around in open terrain would be a less than ideal position to be in and it seemed, at least to Phann, that traveling a wide berth around the creature through the forest where at least they could hide and wait for it to pass, would be a much safer way to go about things. Then again splitting herself off from the rest of the group seemed like a terrible idea in equal part, though not if everyone ended up dead.

Turning her attention back to the creatures she held in their hands, Phann noticed their irreparable damaged wings from where she'd touched them and in spite of the logical part of her brain telling her that as insects they were incapable of suffering, she couldn't help but feel a little bit guilty. Thinking on what to do with them Phanns grin widened a little as her mind wandered back to the time she'd spotted some girls freaking out over a grasshopper and decided to pick it up and eat it right in front of them, their priceless reactions forever etched into her mind. A moment later and Phann had shoved both of the butterflies into her mouth and in spite of the godawful taste managed to put on a rather impressive show of maintaining her grin while she chewed and swallowed the poor creatures, only then stopping to stick her tongue out in disgust.

"Well, I regret every decision I've ever made..."
Phann blinked not quite believing her eyes, having spent her life believing that death would simply be the end she was rightfully surprised to find herself standing in a child's body, surrounded by grass and completely alive. After the initial shock of not being dead wore away, Phann couldn't help but grin a little, finding the notion that truly nothing, not even life itself, could be held sacred.

"Well I guess that's atheism out the window... maybe I should just adopt faith in this goddess’s religion..."

Phann paused for a moment, briefly considering her own musings before dismissing the notion entirely, deciding the before she blindly went about enacting some deities will she'd first like to check that she agreed with that will and then might consider enacting it with her eyes wide open. It wasn't like she had any reason to trust this goddess had common interests anyway, if this world had one or more deities then it also stood to reason that her own had had such beings as well and she certainly didn't consider many of their achievements to be things she could get behind.

Still, regardless of whether Phann was going to adopt a faith or not, it was fun to ponder on such topics and she had just been given so much to think on. Did magic exist in this world? It seemed likely given the circumstances... For that matter did the fundamental scientific rules of her old world even apply here? If not then what did... Was whatever divine force that governed this world truly all-powerful? Paradoxes aside it would appear not if they had to rely on summoning the dead to do things for them, though maybe that purpose was amusement... What else made this world different, or was...

Phann was snapped out of her thoughts by the sound of the goddess whispering into her ear, causing her to frown slightly. The "Don't you dare slack off" part she found more than a little vexing but more so was the fact that the goddess had seemingly dumped her and all these other people, she was somehow only now noticing, into dangerous territory. Still, at least the deity had provided a warning at all and her words had drawn Phann's attention to her surroundings which was probably a good thing.

Phann looked over the pillars with some degree of curiosity, before shifting her attention to the glades more interesting feature, its current occupants. The first people she noticed was a large, gaunt-looking man, whose other features she could not make out many of his other features for the filthy cloak he wore and who seemed to be offering a hand to what seemed to be a very small pirate with a pair of, if she had to guess, giant magitech apendages of some kind extending from her back. Next, she spied a white-haired female in a lolita dress, Phann figured most would consider her conventionally attractive had it not been for the sinister vibe she gave off, honestly Phann couldn’t help but grin at this, the strange part of her mind Phann had spent so long cultivating finding the whole creepy aesthetic strangely pleasing. After that what appeared to be a large, muscular creature, halfway between a man and a lizard, it didn’t seem hostile so Phann assumed it was fine but really wanted to know how something like that even came to exist. Finally, Phann looked over to where what appeared to be an elf and what Phann guessed to be the personification of egotism where having a conversation.

Given the fact that her own appearance seemed to have changed and she wasn't the only one caught in the crash, Phann deemed it entirely likely that at least a few of these people where her fellow classmates or worryingly enough, members of the hijacking group. Pushing that thought aside but maintaining some degree of vigilance, Phann moved on to checking her own self out. Beginning her examination, it became immediately clear that she was at least a couple of years younger than she had previously been, with lighter skin and hair as well. She seemed to be wearing some kind medieval jesters costume. if the hat was anything to go by, and whatever the case it was quite possibly the single most comfortable thing Phann had ever worn. Eventually, Phann reached up to probe her face, searching for the burn scars she'd become so familiar with. Nothing. In spite of liking to think herself as having moved past the matter of physical apperances, Phann couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sense of joy at the loss of the marker that had burdened her for so long.

Suddenly feeling great about the whole scenario, Phann let her usual too wide grin spread across her face, eyes widening as she began to let out the mad laughter she'd spent so long mastering, slowly rising in intensity from a manic giggle into a full-blown cackle. An image of insanity only made further horrifying by her new childish form. After she'd finished, Phann took one last moment to bask in the giddiness she was feeling before, sufficiently convinced that anyone from Kurtzpel was now aware of her identity, she set about planning her next course of action.
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