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Ring, ring... Ring, ring... This is the meat man speaking.
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I return... maybe...
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Is it murder if I eat them till they're dead?
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So... I found some bones in my bag... no idea where they came from, but they tasted and looked like they came from some kind of chicken curry.


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Petra Nisbet

Having successfully navigated her way to the castle, or more accurately followed someone else there, Petra positioned herself at the not quite back of the crowd. Some part of her was shocked by the size of the crowd, far larger than any she’d seen before. Then again given this was meant to represent all of humanity maybe the crowd instead seemed too small. Was not just fighting demons but actually descending into the abyss where most people drew the line or after four crusades had everyone else finally caught on to the fact that their chances of survival were less than great? Maybe people had gotten word of how unbearably hot it would be in advance and collectively decided to stay home.

Whatever the reason was Petra was unable to find it before the announcer's voice sounded out, pulling her from her thoughts. He was loud and dramatic, theatrical in a way that some might find obnoxious given the circumstance, but rather than be bothered by it Petra instead let herself enjoy the spectacle. If she was in all likelihood throwing her life away she might as well enjoy her time up until then. Even with that attitude, however, sorting three hundred people into their respective groups and making sure they all made it to the correct places was no quick ordeal and Petra quickly found herself growing bored, only barely managing to pay enough attention to listen for her name out of the many being called and almost not noticing as the generals took their leave, leaving her, the announcer and seven other individuals behind.

Petra was confused. Looking around there were far too few people remaining to form an additional group and she was pretty sure she’d counted the full ten groups leaving. Had they all missed their names being called? The introduction of Virgil did little to alleviate Petra’s confusion, nor did his subsequent explanation of their apparent covert mission into the abyss. Was this meant to be some kind of suicide mission to weed out the bad apples from the recruits? Taking a glance at the others Petra shook her head, some of them looked pretty strange but they all looked capable, certainly when compared to a few of the others that’d been in the crowd, herself included. Besides, assuming Virgil's explanation was to be believed, if the aim was to weed them out then there would have been no reason for them to be given any training at all. But what then was the criteria had they been selected by? Another question that would have to wait to be answered, Virgil had asked them all a question, given them each the choice to join this mission or leave now, and having already made up her mind to participate in this crusade, it was probably smarter to spend her time trying to get a feel for each of her soon to be companions.

For the most part, they seemed better equipped than Petra, some carrying gear valuable looking enough that Petra felt almost worried standing too close to them, lest someone accuse her of trying to steal. Otherwise, they largely seemed to fall pretty much in line with what she’d come to expect from her brief time in Zion, some who appeared much like what Petra was used to, but also a few who clearly hailed from very different cultures and environments. Their responses were equally as varied, though far more informative. Some kept it short, other’s long and grandiose. Some asked questions, much to Petra’s relife. While a couple expressed their devotion to the lord, a fact that irked Petra, though for the time being she contented herself to frowning in both cases. The only real constant between their responses was their acceptance of the mission they'd been given.

Finally, when only she and one other man were left to respond, Petra decided it time to voice her own response. “I also accept. I’ll do whatever it takes to protect those living out there.” Petra pointed towards out towards the exit as she said that last part before sweeping her arm across in a large arc and unable to help herself shot an accusatory glance in the directions of both the priestly looking man and the bird masked woman who'd expressed god as their reasons for being here as she did so but refrained from saying anything further.

I'll get out my CS properly later today if I can. Just need to rework my ideas a bit first because my original concept is uncannily similar to addamas's.
Blink blink.
@Ithradine Great to hear.

@vancexentan I hope you enjoy. As for being enough, including the guy who expressed interest over PMs, 6 people is definitely workable, though ideally I'd feel comfortable with a few more. I'll be leaving the Interest Check running for a little while longer to see if I can get any more bites before I put up the OOC.

I guess that’s my cue to stop lurking and crawl out of the woodwork. You have my interest.
Petra was mildly annoyed by the guard’s comment, but by the time she'd thought up a decent retort the guards had already gestured for her to move on, their attention having already turned elsewhere. That irked her slightly, but it was probably for the best, so she let it go, reasoning that making a bad impression on the local law enforcement from the getgo wouldn’t do her any favours going forwards.

Upon making it past the guard checkpoint, Petra immediately made a beeline towards the first free patch of shade she could find. This place was hot, or at least far hotter than anything Petra was used to and her shoddy attempt at armour was certainly toasty if nothing else.

Still, after only a few minutes of cooling Petra began to take proper note of the great city surrounding her and it was only so long before her curiosity overcame her desire to avoid the sun and she found herself leaving the comfort of the shade to explore its streets. Pretty much everything in Zion it seemed was different from what Petra was used to, from the architecture to the people. Having spent most of her life in a fairly ordinary city and the rest of her life in an even more ordinary village, Petra was naturally interested to see all the strange things the city had to offer. For this reason, she soon found herself observing the stalls, which were filled with a seemingly endless array of strange and wonderful things for her to look at.

Particularly, Petra was tantalised by the aroma of each of the many food items on display, their scents causing her mouth to water despite not having the slightest clue as to what any of them might taste like. Part of here briefly entertained the idea of trying to swipe a meal, but she quickly dismissed the notion. With so many wondering eyes around and in a city with so many unknown variables that would be really stupid, especially, since for once in her life, she was soon going to have reliable access to food.

With a sigh, Petra reluctantly turned her back on the food stalls and set off to take a look at what else the market had to offer and letting her mind slip elsewhere as she did so. This was it wasn’t it? The day she’d pick up where her father had left off. Fighting to protect those that needed to be protected, or more likely, to die trying.

Almost perfectly on cue, as though timed to follow on from her thought, a voice boomed from the sky, instructing the recruits to head to the castle. Petra groaned, she wasn’t exactly used to this kind of thing, though fortunately, the instructions seemed easy enough. Still, it was now or never, so with that Petra set off for the castle, her eyes scanning the crowd for other recruits she could hopefully tail to her destination.
Petra Nisbet
Name: Petra Nisbet
Age: 17

Personality: Petra tends to come off as brash and inconsiderate to most people, seemingly doing whatever she wants with little regard to those around her. In actuality, it might be better to describe her as not caring about other people’s opinion of her and unconcerned with actions that don’t have a tangible effect on others. Though she might seem impulsive at a glance, when it comes to anything of consequence, she’s quite the opposite, becoming calculated and analytical as the situation calls for it.

Petra is also the sort to form very strong opinions about certain things and though her opinions can be changed by others she can at times act quite hostile towards those who fail to do so. Most notable of these opinions is her borderline heretical opinion of god, whom she blames for not doing more.

Brief Biography: Petra’s village was attacked by demons when she was quite young and though both she and her father managed to avoid the attack, many of the other villagers, including Petra’s mother were not so fortunate. At the time the incident left a lasting impression on the young girl’s mind with her dreams haunted by imagined scenes of what might have happened in the village that day.

Worse still was that the attack only marked the beginning of a string of bad luck for her and her father. With so many villagers killed in the attack, the village was left lacking many vital functions and soon had to be abandoned, forcing the two remaining Nisbet’s to move to a larger city. Unfortunately, it seemed they were not the only ones to arrive under these circumstances and with a skillset not well suited to the big city and no shortage of candidates to with the same skillset it was hard for Petra’s father to make a living.

Years passed with the family’s financial state steadily falling until the day came that with little other choice remaining, Petra’s father left to participate in the 4th crusade, telling Petra that he’d slay all the demons so she’d never need to be afraid again. As much as she wanted to believe her father’s words at the time, she knew he was not a fighter and though he lasted a good while Petra couldn’t say she was surprised when the day came that instead of a letter and money sent back from the front lines it was a body.

What meagre funds she had after that didn’t last long and Petra was soon forced to the streets, doing whatever it took to survive. It was difficult at first, but over time she picked up the skills she needed to survive on her own, learning to steal what she needed or otherwise the coin required. Not that it ever became easy, Petra lacked both the bravery to steal from those who had plenty and the cruelty to steal more than she needed from those who did not, but at the end of the day, it was survival.

Upon hearing of the expedition into the abyss Petra saw an opportunity to remove herself from her situation and one that would allow her to continue where her father had left off. Despite knowing that the odds were stacked against her survival should she join, Petra decided to anyway, not seeing what she had to lose.
Gift: Physical
Power: 8
Skill: 16 (+2)
Resistance: 6
Spirit: 1

Passive – Underhanded Survivor: +5 Skill
Petra has survived up until now not by being particularly strong or tough, but instead by exercising her skill and wit to deal with whatever life throws at her regardless of what that entailed.

Spells and Feats:
Dirty Trick: Whether it be by striking their groin, throwing sand in their eyes or some other trick entirely, Petra uses an underhanded manoeuvre against their opponent to gain the upper hand.
  • AP Cost: 1
  • Effect: -1 skill and resistance debuff to target for 3 rounds.
Does Not End Turn

Targeted Strike: Petra launches an attack against a weak point in an enemy’s defence.
  • AP Cost: 2
  • Effect: Roll an attack as normal but add an additional point of damage for each point Petra’s attack roll exceeds her opponents dodge roll.
Ends Turn

Reactive Maneuvers: Petra channels her strength into mobility and evasion.
  • AP Cost: 1
  • Effect: +4 buff to Petra’s dodge rolls until the start of her next turn and Petra can physically move as part of this action. If the enemy fails to dodge after Petra’s attack, Petra can strike again with half the damage.
Does Not End Turn

Minor Spell – Peripheral Illusion: Petra creates illusions only in the peripheral vision of a single target to distract them. Any attempt by the target to directly look at the illusion immediately causes it to disappear otherwise it disappears at the end of the current turn.
  • AP Cost: 1
  • Effect: The next skill-based roll the target makes before the end of Petra’s current turn is made at a -2 penalty.
Does Not End Turn
Cloth Armour: [Skill: +3; Resistance: -5]
An “armour” set cobbled together by Petra in preparation for the 5th crusade. Largely comprised of several layers of cloth stitched together as a means of rudimentary protection, it offers very little by way of defence but also does not hinder Petra’s movement. A number of pockets stitched to it, including a few surprisingly well-concealed ones, though nothing that would stand up to more than simple observation.

Coffin Nail: [Skill: +2; Power: +2]
A large coffin nail with a handle of waxed cloth. Being relatively short for a melee weapon and not having a sharpened edge this weapon is ineffective in cases where getting too close or stabbing would prove difficult.

  • Rations: 3 Days
  • Leather Backpack
Felix Jones — MY-1801-FJ

With the boy's focus on identifying food it took him a few moments to notice the gory sight to the side of the room, but when he did he immediately flinched away, some part of him identifying it as a hazard only to quickly realise a moment later when against his expectations nothing had happened, that there wasn't really anything particularly dangerous about the scene. What had he thought was going to happen? Once again the boy's memories failed to provide him with context for even his own actions a mild confusion that somewhat frustrated him. Maybe it was because it looked painful? Yeah, that was probably it. One of those people looked really badly injured even if he couldn't see the full extent of their wounds and whatever had happened to each of them had probably hurt a lot given that they all seemed to have passed out or something. The thought was upsetting and he felt the sting of tears forming, despite not knowing the people, before blinking them from his eyes.

Wanting to push the topic from his mind the boy made to force himself back onto his original task of looking for food only to be distracted by the sight the strong girl from earlier moving tables to obscure the bodies. Was she doing something to help? Maybe. Should he try to help her help? Probably, but that was scary, besides, he wasn't anywhere near as strong as her. Still, his curiosity got the better of him and it provided him with an easy distraction from further pondering the now obscured scene he'd witnessed, so he decided to see if he could get a better look at the very least.

The girl vaulted over her makeshift barrier as the boy got close only to jump back over again just moments later, this time clutching something in her hands. The boy couldn't make out what it was the girl was holding and debated between asking her or just leaving, not managing to make a decision before the girl lifted the object, a blue plastic card, to inspect it herself. His curiosity piqued the boy mustered up the courage to speak. "Did you find a key?", realising that was probably a dumb question given the object was obviously a key the boy added, "Do you know where it goes?".

You have my interest. I’d also agree with the above, for these kinds of things keeping it as simple tends to work. I’d even go so far as to say just making a very basic skeleton of a system with only the things you know will be used a lot included and then just improvising the specifics as you go for whatever else comes up is a perfectly valid way to do things. If you want something more concrete than that though I've got some ideas.

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