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Kumozaki Keisuke

The immediate reaction by his Servants was was more than appreciated by Keisuke as the group continue on towards the town. The first wolf that had been taken by surprise by Arturia was immediately cut down, and Elizabeth's followup may as well have destroyed the hearing of the remaining three, seeing as how two of them seemed completely stunned in place, their ears bleeding as they shook in place. Of course, that itself didn't last for long as Nero's conflagration found its mark, incinerating the two that were stunned and blowing the fourth a fair distance away from the town. It paused for a moment, as if trying to collect its bearing after the sudden series of events, but soon began to run off, howling through the night. In its wake, however, came more undead rising from the earth, as if they had been waiting for the initial wave of wolves to fall.

"I'll leave the rest to you, then!" the Enforcer shouted as Tomoe picked up Siegfried and began to dash towards the town at full speed. Meran's words were not lost on his ears, however, and the Master nodded as he took in that information that was given to him.

"Brynhildr, then? Do we have any details that might alight towards a Noble Phantasm? We should be prepared to deal with it as soon as possible, in case we have to engage her in combat once more."

Tomoe Gozen

Reaching the town before her Master (or the rest of the group, who was a fair deal away), Tomoe quickly leaped to the town's gatekeepers before slowly placing Siegfried and the basket of assorted goods down near them.

"Who...?" one of the men asked before Siegfried raised a hand to stop them.

"This woman and her allies saved me while fighting that woman as usual," Siegfried said as Tomoe leaped onto the top of the walls and drew her bow. "I owe them my life, so please, do not think ill of them."

"E-er... Of course," he responded as Tomoe began to launch arrow after arrow at the oncoming horde. "A-actually, you mentioned being 'saved' just now. Are you injured?"

"Yes, somewhat. But given enough time, I should recover well enough to support this place once more."

Keisuke's brow furrowed as the undead began to rise from beneath the snow, in a matter not unlike the ones they engaged on their arrival here. It was likely that they would fall with relative ease just like them, of course, but the issue was that they were appearing in the first place.

"Hm... Troublesome. They're being treated like cannon fodder, though, which means it should simply be a matter of regrouping at the town and mowing them down," he remarked, slicing through a zombie as he began pushing through to their destination. "There should be a link between the wolves and the undead, though, if this is how things are panning out..."

@VitaVitaAR@KoL@Raineh Daze
Shokuhou Misaki

"You two do realize that I am still awake, correct?" Misaki asked, shifting her body in an attempt to get the slightest bit more comfortable. "I wish I could simply stand by and let others do this sort of job for me, but normal people can only get so far. Besides, I don't feel safe in this area, and as much as I would prefer to say otherwise, I have to admit that Tachibana here is probably safer to be around than the shelter."

"That's a little... Rude. But I think I kind of understand what you're saying," Miku sighed before lying down on the ground. "If we were with Genjuro or the others, I would be fine waiting, but... If this is really another world, then I agree with Shokuhou-san."

With that, though, the black-haired girl pulled Hibiki to her side and giggled.

"All we have to do is be close enough for you to reach us, right? Then I'm confident that you'll be right there if we need you, no matter what happens."

Hinanawi Tenshi

The next half a minute or so was spent with Tenshi focusing wholly on evasion by instinct. Ordinarily, she would have simply attempted to shoot Yukari out of the sky, but for some reason the youkai had turned this into a survival card instead of leaving it as it was. In that case, though, then all she had to do was time it out...

"Hm? Oh, someone's attempting to interfere? Well, I would prefer that a match like this stay with the participants, so our deal here is broken."

With a snap, Yukari removed the suppression on everyone's senses, letting everyone see (and hear) clearly once more. The illusions, too, were immediately dispelled, leaving a lone Yukari quietly drifting over to Altair's side.

"Since your side was the one to break the deal, then we shall be taking our leave here. I hope that next time you will be more respectful of a duel's rules. You know who you are," she stated calmly before opening a gap in front of herself. "We're leaving, Altair. Ms. Priscilla, all shall be explained in short order."

And with that, they were gone.

Tenshi blinked for a few moments before gritting her teeth in irritation and chucking her sword at the ground, causing a massive earthquake to erupt from where it landed.

"You're joking, right?! All that work, and we STILL lost her!" she shouted, forming a keystone in her hands before lobbing it at a high speed at the ground. Said keystone caused a second earthquake, though this one was more to dampen the impact of the first one. "I'm going to get that old lady back late—Ow!"

Just as she was complaining, a small gap popped out of the air behind her and threw a bullet into Tenshi's head before disappearing again, which only served to further her exasperation.

"I still hate her. Whatever. I'm heading back; do as you please."

Still grumbling to herself, the Celestial slowly began to fly back towards their residence, irritated that only half of their goals had been fulfilled.

The icy prison beneath the elemental did not initially deter its movement, but after a few moments of attempting to drill through the ice, its movements began to slowly grind to a halt before it stopped moving altogether.

Private Minami, at this point, had already moved their transport over to pick up Eva from her recent shopping trip, a smile on her face as she exited the vehicle.

"You did it! I got a bit worried when that thing started coming out of the ground, but I think we're done here. Let's head back; I'll call the base to get someone to pick this up... Whatever it is."

Leonardo Watch

"Hmmm? Oh, so you didn't go out to buy groceries? I was wondering where you had disappeared off to..." Yuyuko mused to herself before the next dish she had ordered came out in front of her. "But... Wyverns? Strange? Yukari was acting as usual when I last met her, so... Did something happen while we were separated?"

Meteora's comment on paying, though, let Leo breathe a little bit easier.

"Really? That's good; I think I can barely cover the rest of the cost, then," he said, patting his chest as if a giant load had been lifted off his shoulders. "I thought I might have had to borrow money or something from somewhere else—thank god for all-you-can-eat buffets. Excuse me, but could we get a menu, please?"

Of course, Leo was just as aware of the attention that they were currently garnering just by being there. Their faces had just been all over TV and all, despite what he (and Klaus) might have liked, but in a situation like that it probably couldn't have been helped.

"But, erm... To add onto the conversation, it does seem like this Yukari person isn't usually like this, then? She kind of—ah, thank you," Leo began before a waiter handed him a stack of menus, which he promptly handed out to the rest of the group. "As I was saying, though, she dropped someone into the room we were all in, let her make a speech against someone else who kind of... Teleported in... And then... Brought her out."

"Hmmm? Well, Yukari's been a long-time friend of mine, and I can tell you for a fact that while she likes scheming, what she does is often what she thinks is best for Gensokyo. I'm not sure who this 'person' you're referring to is, though, but I don't think Yukari would normally ally with someone planning to end a world or anything..." Yuyuko finally said before beginning to dig into her meal. "Mmm, this is quite good. Youmu, you should try some of this—maybe it'll give you some ideas for the future~!"

"What the hell?! That bitch is alive?" one of the thugs shouted as they turned to fire on Ennis, only to be promptly thrown to the ground and knocked out. The one who had shot her was soon to follow, and it wasn't long before she was out of their sight.

"Shit... Get those two out of here! We can't salvage this shipment, so we're just going to have to suck it up and tell the boss!" one of the older men said, directing whoever was left up to pepper the area with the occasional shot as they attempted to drag the unconscious members of their group out of the way. "Move, damn you!"

@VitaVitaAR@Raineh Daze@KoL@Rin@TheFake@Crusader Lord
The second he saw the crystal turn pitch-black, Tiral made haste in distancing himself from the Earl. In all his time manipulating magic as he did, something this dark and ominous almost never made itself known. It was, essentially, one of the worst possibilities that could have come up, which would mean that resolving the issue would likely take time, lest the target face dire consequences.

Of course, with one of the twins now spontaneously deciding that attempting to dive straight into an attempt to diffuse the issue without studying the problem carefully, the mage-knight couldn't help but hold himself back from immediately moving in and stopping the affair. One wrong move, and it was very likely that the Earl would be missing a head in a few moments.

"This is going to be one of those cases where things get worse before they atart getting better," he muttered as he forced his body to stand by and watch. He was already crafting a defensive measure to block any sort of collateral damage from his current analysis, but any interference on his part in regards to the curse would provide no solace here... Or, at least, not in any immediate capacity.

"Hm... In any case, I should begin some purification of this mass; leaving it be would only cause issues," he muttered as he continued to set up more defensive barriers and blockades in the area before attempting to stabilize the flow of energy from the curse to the crystal. It'd probably blow up it if was overloaded too quickly, after all, and that would likely be just as catastrophic to everyone present if not handled correctly.
Kumozaki Keisuke

"Aah, the first time I encountered her? I believe it was a short while after I had arrived at the village; after I had repelled the first wave of enemies, she had shown up. At the same, it seemed as if only a small part of her gauntlet was tinted black, and so I assumed it to be a Noble Phantasm. I should have realized it sooner... Sorry," Siegfried responded to Arturia, shaking his head. "As for anything out of the ordinary... She seemed to be lamenting something during our first bout of combat, and constantly referred to me by the name of some other man. 'Sigurd', I believe it was?"

"Sigurd, Sigurd... Hm... That name sounds familiar, but... I don't recall from where," Keisuke replied with a sigh as the group continued on to the village. If the dragonslayer's word was to be believed, then it was possible that they had already handled the issue of zombies the moment they had arrived. The wolves, on the other hand...

"How many wolves usually attack the village at once?" the Enforcer followed, carefully priming his blade in case of an ambush. "Even if there are multiple packs, they can only number so many, after all."

"On average... Three or four wolves, I would guess? Ah, but don't assume that they are normal beasts; their size dwarfs the average man," Siegfried replied as the village, lit by dim torches in the distance, finally came into view. "At the very least, it doesn't seem like their usual assault has begun. But in any case, I apologize, but I will have to rely on you for this upcoming fight. Please, protect these people in my stead, if only for the night."

Tomoe Gozen

"Sweet cakes...? Ah, like mochi, then?" Tomoe asked as the Caster requested a few pieces of food from the basket. it was certainly a bit more sizable than the Archer had expected it to be at first glance, but after shuffling through a few times she realized that no, the food she was searching for was not mochi, but instead a Western-style cake that was more like... Bread? She didn't quite know how to describe it, considering how she tended to only consume rice with sides as she did in life at the cafeteria, but it seemed to be somewhat like the food that had been described to her.

With some degree of confidence that she had picked the right foodstuff, the Archer walked to keep pace with Nero before attempting to hand Siegfried one of the cakes. Though his right hand seemed to be somewhat damaged, his left seemed to be well enough such that he could take the cake and begin eating it.

"This is fairly tasty, miss Caster. I sincerely thank you for allowing me to have some," he said after finishing a bite. The Saber could feel his wounds recovering, at the very least, but it would definitely not be complete before the night's battles were over.

Just as the walls of the town began to come into clearer view, though, the howling of wolves began once more, though this time it seemed to be far closer to them than it had been a while ago. The silhouettes of four wolves, as Siegfried had predicted, were rapidly making their way towards the town.

"I guess their size has made these beasts less careful about subtlety, then. Saber, Lancer—engage the enemy. The rest of us will continue towards the village to make sure that this isn't a diversion and give you support from afar," Keisuke stated as he began to pick up his pace a little.

@KoL@VitaVitaAR@Raineh Daze
Shokuhou Misaki

The blonde esper continued to quietly eat her meal for the night, quietly waiting off to the side for that scout of hers to report back with any new information. A small net, of course, wouldn't return much, but that simply meant that she'd just have to worm her way deeper into this whole state of affairs.

Via proxy, of course. She, of all people, knew how utterly suicidal it was to attempt to dive into a mess like this without ample barriers to hide behind, and that was all the more important considering how her abilities seemed to...

Well, not be completely usable here. It wasn't like with that certain spiky-haired young man, where the abilities were negated, after all; in the end, all it really meant was that she needed better proxies. Preferably ones she could assume direct control of, obviously, but the likelihood of any of those appearing was more a coin toss than anything else.

Just as she began to finish her meal, though, the person she had... "Chosen" to act as her eyes and ears sent some more intriguing news to her. Aside from an absurd lightshow that she was inclined to stay as far away from as possible, the news of more incidents happening around the Ikebukuroko area—where that Miku girl had come from earlier, no less—seemed to point to that being a possible place of interest. The talk of a giant wolf and black bike... While sending in her scout to go poke around the area would likely get them outed fairly fast, it didn't seem as if it'd be too difficult to go and explore the situation in person.

Maybe not tonight, though; sooner or later, it'd become late, and it'd be much easier to slip around in the morning than it would be in the middle of the day (where she assumed most of the people in this place would end up waking up).

With that in mind, Misaki finished whatever she had left in front of her and, with a single graceful movement, threw the container into the garbage before walking back over to the other two near the tent. They seemed to be making full use of the water the had gotten, at least.

"I'm going to go rest now, you two. As much as I don't like the idea of walking headfirst into danger, I don't think I have much of a choice... So tomorrow, we're going to be checking out Ikebukuro. I know that you just came from there from something... Dangerous, I presume, but we probably won't learn anything from loitering around."

With that, the young woman quietly slipped into the tent and attempted to lie down.

"This... Is far more uncomfortable than I expected it to be."

Miku looked at Misaki for a moment as she entered the tent before sighing, nervously rubbing her hands together as she took those half-commands into her mind. She had heard nothing other than rumors about what had been there, but 'giant wolf' and 'black bike' were ominous regardless of how it was stated. But now that she knew Hibiki was here, even that didn't seem as dangerous.
No, well, it still looked and sounded fairly dangerous, but at the very least with Hibiki there it wasn't as if it would be impossible for them to overcome whatever stood in their way.

"Hibiki... Are we going to go with Misaki tomorrow? The buildings in the area seemed to be getting damaged even as I was leaving with the rest of those policemen earlier, and it didn't look like they'd stop any time soon..." she trailed off before looking at her companion straight in the eyes. "I know that you have your Gear to help you fight, but please, if you're going to go, don't push yourself too hard."

Hinanawi Tenshi

"Hm? None of your usual bravado, Ms. Hinanawi? It's rather unlike you to be so cowardly," Yukari taunted, smirking at the Celestial as she continued to let loose a barrage of bullets at her opponents. "Airsick, maybe?"

The blue-haired young woman simply glared back in return as she focused wholeheartedly on dodging the incoming bullets, trying her hardest to judge where the heck everything was coming from as she moved about. it wouldn't be an understatement to say that she'd taken multiple blows all across the body, but luckily for her it wasn't as if they had worn her down any. A benefit to all of this insanity, at the very least, was that her sense of pain seemed to be dulled... If only a little.

Yukari smiled for a moment as she watched the overenthusiastic young lady with the hammer rush after for a follow-up attack, only to smile in return and casually slip off to the side to dodge the blow.

"Haven't you figured out that your eyes will betray you?" she asked, smiling as she fired a few barrages of bullets at her back before the rays of light from the other side of the fight caught her eye. It took only a moment for Yukari to spin around and barely dive out of the way of the two that were targeted at her. Her dress was a bit worse for the wear after the fact, but that could be repaired later. What "mistake" she had, made, though, was that she had allowed Nanoha to launch an attack straight at her at point blank.

"Hmph. Not so different from that little witch, then?" she asked as she dodged to the side in attempt to avoid the giant laser of energy that had been fired right in front of her. Said attempt, of course, only half-worked; unlike the Master Spark that she had become somewhat used to seeing, this blast was a tad larger than expected, which in turn caused Yukari to immediately cancel her attack and pull out another Spellcard to block.

"「Quadruple Barrier」!"

Just as the blast ran right through the left side of the youkai's body, a multi-layered array of magical circles appeared and temporarily put some space between the two. The recoil, of course, pushed her a fair deal back, and though she didn't seem anywhere near defeated, her clothes seemed to say otherwise.

"Ah... Careless, careless. It's been a while since I'd had to deal with that degree of firepower," she chastised herself before smiling at Nanoha. "Well done. Of course, this is only the introductory course. You can ask that hot-headed child over there about what's in store, but I think we should conclude our match for tonight with this next attack."

With that comment, the youkai pulled one more card out of her sleeve as the bullets lingering from her earlier attacks seemed to fade away into the dark of night.

"Think of this as... 'Training', though I am certainly not one to ask for much of that. Boundary 「Balance of Motion and Stillness」."

At once, the sounds of the night seemed to disappear, as did every other apparent sound that was being made. The manipulation of the senses of all the combatants were gone, of course, but when Tenshi attempted to speak, not a noise came out. When she swung her blade, not even the sound of the wind being cut was there.

"Come now, don't stop moving. Or do. Hopefully, you know how to fly without knowing what may lie behind," Yukari's voice echoed through the sky as she began to fire out magic circles behind each of the combatants, occasionally slipping into and out of her gaps to fire another blast at someone else. "You can't hope to win if you stay in place forever, you know."

The second that Mordred's blade met the creature's core, a white light seemed to break out of the sludge, sending out a shockwave that blew all the remaining detritus (crystals included) away from itself. That, in turn, revealed the item at the core of it all—a large glowing ball of what seemed to be concentrated energy, surrounded by high-pressure water that seemed to continually spin around it. As soon as the sludge was clear, the ball paused in place for a moment, the water around itself spinning around faster and faster until it felt as if the winds could reach the other side of the sewer. In an instant, the ball seemed to turn around, revealing a pair of glowing white eyes on the creature, before it seemed to look around for a moment. The apparent lack of sludge on its body now seemed to be acknowledged, but instead of opting to go further into the sewers, the thing blasted the sludge-crystal mixture on the ground with a whip of howling wind before blasting its way through the ground above its head. In a manner not unlike a drill, the ball began to bore through the ground, and it didn't take long before it had carved its way back to the surface.

It took a moment for it to find its bearings, of course, but after a few seconds of looking around, the ball began to hover off towards the city's center through the streets. Despite being faster than it had been whilst covered in muck, the object still seemed to be moving at a relatively slow pace as it moved on ahead.

Maybe that had something to do with the crystal fragments that had, for some reason or another, managed to remain attached to its body and were slowly growing. The pressurized water was constantly chopping off anything that grew past a certain point, of course, but the trail it left behind would be quite obvious to follow.

Leonardo Watch

"Ah! Youmu! You're here, too?" the woman at the table asked as the person in question came over, clapping her hands together as she turned to look. "Ah, but first, you should take a seat and eat, no? It's not often that we get to visit anything like a restaurant, after all."

The forced smile on the face of the waiter who was catering to the ghost at the table seemed to be screaming for help on the inside, but the job that he was left to do had not changed a bit, and so he offered the swordswoman, Sanaki, and Meteora a seat at a nearby table (given the dangerous stack of plates that was being dismantled by some of the other staff) before returning to take even more of Yuyuko's orders.

"Mmm... Oh, right, your question! Sorry, I was just wondering to myself if I had tried everything on the menu yet. Let's see..." the woman wondered for a moment before turning towards Meteora and nodding. "Hm... Oh, right, right! Yukari said that she had some things to do and invited me out for a meal, but all of a sudden she disappeared in the middle of our walk around town! So I took it on myself to explore a little more around here, and before long I found myself here. As for the food... Hm... I can't say it's the best I've had, but the novelty of a place offering all that you can eat certainly piqued my interest~!"

With a smile, Yuyuko turned to look at the rest of the group before looking at Youmu with a quizzical look.

"Actually, Youmu, how did you get here? And who are these people that you've brought along? Don't tell me—did you make some new friends this morning?" she asked, a smile on her face as she cleaned up her mouth with a napkin.

Leo simply gave an awkward stare towards the group before taking a seat as well, quietly thumbing through his wallet to make sure he had enough money to pay for all of... That. It was a buffet, so there was obviously a set price, but...

Well, hopefully the people from the UN could help him foot the bill or something later...
Maybe Meteora or Klaus had some cash to spare?

The moment that some of the men caught a glimpse of a forklift running full speed ahead at their truck, the firearms that they held in hand were pointed at the vehicle's driver in haste. When they saw it wasn't going to stop any time soon, of course, there was a bit of hesitation before one of the "newer" members of the group let his trigger finger get the best of him. Before anyone else in the entourage could chastise him, though, the sudden impact of that ton of metal crashing into their transport caused the truck's container to open up, revealing the goods inside.

"Ugh... You idiot! Din't you realize shooting someone ain't gonna make 'em stop any faster?" one of the men shouted, slapping the culprit upside the head before slowly looking over to the wreckage. "You know how much time body disposal takes? Coverup is always annoying..."

@VitaVitaAR@Raineh Daze@Dezuel@KoL@Rin@TheFake@Crusader Lord
Tiral took the Captain's words and paused for a moment as he ran through his mind for a possible response. If the Earl was not responding to any sign of bloodshed or combat, then whatever had him in its grasp would likely necessitate some more... Definitive measures. To that end, the mage-knight calmly drew his dagger and, seeing that it would likely cause issues if he created anything permanent on the floor, quickly crafted a magic circle of ice in front of him before taking a few steps back and pointing at the Earl.

After a few moment, a crystal of ice—translucent, of course—rose from the center of the sigil and pointed itself at Tiral's target. Magical energy seemed to pulsate from it as it seemed to oscillate, pointing up and down the man's body as it slowly began to change color.

"If it is an enchant, Captain, then we shall see from this spell's outcome. The origin should also become clear, though if the location of whatever is causing this is situated elsewhere, then we may have some issues at hand," he stated as he waited for the spell to complete its work.
Kumozaki Keisuke

Keisuke also moved to shield his ears as Elizabeth shouted at the Lancer, continuing to hide off to the side as both his Saber and his Lancer engaged the enemy. It would be fairly obvious that he would be targeted if his presence was made known, at the very least, since he was the only possible Master in the area. Even past all that apparent corruption that he could make out in the midst of the high-speed duel, there was no doubt in his mind that the enemy Lancer still had enough wits about her to immediately move to take his head thereafter.

Luckily, the distraction above had given enough leeway for Nero to slip onto the battlefield and return unnoticed with the warrior from earlier. Though the new Servant's current status was less than ideal, it was far better than him being dead.

"Thank you for your assistance. I'm... Sorry for having to go through this trouble for me," he apologized, to which Keisuke responded with a swift shake of his head and a quick glance around to re-affirm the location of the skirmish right now.

"No problem, but formalities can wait. For now, we should attempt to—"

Just as he began to speak, though, the sound of a large explosion caused Keisuke to turn his head towards the source. Of course, he couldn't see past the giant fireball of blue flames that had engulfed the area. The heat was rapidly melting the snow that was piled up on the ground, and bore than anything else it would be dangerous for them to remain here.

"Archer, what just happened?!" he asked, quickly grabbing the basket and attempting to move it. It felt like it was anchored to the ground, though, which caused him to pause for a second before reinforcing his body to slowly pick up the thing and begin to move.

Tomoe Gozen

The high-speed skirmish caused Tomoe to begin to fire and force the enemy Lancer to decide on which attacks to block. Of course, her arrows could only do so much to force her target to act as she desired. While not every attack from Arturia had met its mark (nor had her arrows), the occasional moment that they came in tandem had, at the very least, forced the enemy to take a blow. Time and time again, these attacks began to pile up, and if Elizabeth entered the fray it was all but inevitable that their target would soon fall.

Of course, the one thing that put a stop to that pattern was a sudden glow from the Servant's corrupted eye. The blue fire that the group had seen engulfing the arena just prior seemed to flare out from her body, mixing with whatever it was that had blackened her face and radiating outwards. The corruption itself did not seem to mix with the flames, thankfully, but the Archer could feel the incoming explosive intensity of the attack and immediately leaped off her perch before letting loose an arrow straight towards the center of the flames.

"Master, the enemy Lancer just performed some sort of attack, and it does not seem like we would be able to easily pierce the flames she has surrounded herself with," she stated, calmly landing by Nero's side with her bow still drawn. "Should we withdraw for the moment?"

"...That flame... No, there's no need to withdraw; the fire is a distraction. That Servant has already retreated, and that fire will fade out within a few minutes," the Saber said, shaking his head. "This is the third time we've met, and the third time she has done this."

"Third time, you say...? Saber, explain yourself," Tomoe stated, lowering her bow as she stared at the Servant in question. "Ah, apologies for my rudeness. My name is Tomoe Gozen, servant of the Archer class."

"Ah... Saber class Servant, Siegfried. Once again, my thanks for your aid. As for the Servant you just engaged... Yes. I still do not know of her name, for she has never spoken nor unleashed her Noble Phantasm once against me. That corruption has gotten progressively worse every time I have fought her, though, and each time she has gotten stronger," he replied, letting out a sigh. "I'm sorry, but that last battle likely ended with a few of my tendons cut, so without a healer I will likely be unable to move very well for the moment. But if you have any questions, I do not mind answering them to the best of my ability; it is the least I could do."

"Hm... Well, then I shall begin," Keisuke stated, his eyes closed as he mused to himself for a moment. "Other than that Lancer, have you engaged any other enemies as of late?"

"...I have. I am—or was—acting as a guardian for a nearby town here, and they've been plagued by a string of zombies and wolves. That Lancer seems to appear whenever those enemies arrive, though, so I have a feeling they may be linked," the Saber responded before the sound of wolves howling began to fill the air.

"Speak of the devil. Siegfried, direct us to this town; it will be easier to fight from a fortified position," Keisuke responded as Tomoe picked up Nero's basket of food. "The rest of you, question him as you please en route; anything you might have in mind, no matter how small, could be useful here."

@Raineh Daze@KoL@VitaVitaAR
Shokuhou Misaki

Once she had left the other two girl behind, Misaki let out a bit of a sigh as she began to run though the information that was being collected in her head. Multiple parts of the city under lockdown or being evacuated, people being moved to shelters or simply wandering about, law enforcement and even the occasional JSDF soldier milling about.

Needless to say, of course, that she was still left with a need for information. The best guess she could hazard for the moment was that whatever supernatural thing had dragged them here was also causing this massive upheaval in Tokyo, but given the differing accounts of what was happening where, the best she could surmise even on that front was that other people (things, maybe?) were popping up here, too. It lent a bit of credence to the idea of 'multiple universes' in this whole mess, at the very least, and would explain why Hibiki and that Ben person were acting as they did.

"Given those two girls' apparent sense of justice, I don't think that staying undercover is an option..." she mused to herself as she walked to a nearby convenience store. The place, as expected, was packed, and the young woman let out a bit of a sigh as she slyly fished for a remote from out of her bag.

No one was going to stand between her and a meal that wouldn't ruin her metabolism. Well, comparatively, at least.

With one click after another, the people in the store seemed to part way for her, and Misaki took all the pleasure in casually grabbing a salad (probably the best thing she could get here given the usual convenience store food) before casually walking over to pay. Of course, the people here wouldn't remember she had cut though; no, to them, she would have always been in the front of the line.

Oh, the joys of being able to use Mental Out.

With her newly-obtained food in hand (and a cup of boiling water for the brunette), Misaki calmly walked back to where the other two were, acting as if nothing at all unusual was to be noted in her actions. She was careful to erase any hint of her actions, of course—someone would tamper with the footage in the security cameras in the next few minutes or so, which left her without worry that someone would sniff her out.


Miku let out a soft giggle as she crawled into the tent with Hibiki to check it out. It was fairly stable for her first time, all things considered, and for that she was grateful. She had to admit, though, that it was a bit small—the older man definitely wouldn't fit, though the three of them here would probably be fine—and she would probably have to apologize to him later for being so discourteous so as to not get something for him, at the very least.

"Yep. Don't worry, Hibiki; we'll definitely be side-by-side. No matter what happens, I won't let you be alone again."

Clutching her right hand ever so slightly, the young woman closed her eyes and nodded to herself before embracing Hibiki once more. The sound of a hand tapping against the tent caused her to pause for a moment before breaking away, though, and she turned to face the source of the noise.

"You two are in there, aren't you? Hibiki, I brought you some boiling water for those instant noodles, however much that's worth," Misaki stated from the other side of the fabric, calmly placing a cup down outside of the tent's entrance before sitting down on a nearby bench and starting to eat her own food. At the very least, they had somewhere to stay for the night, however uncomfortable it looked to be.


"...I'm going to be wishing I was back in Tokiwadai the next few days. Ugh, what a bother..."

Hinanawi Tenshi

As soon as the knives came flying down, Tenshi rushed into the fray, casually weaving through the hundreds of bullets that were being thrown her way. Learning to dodge was essential in Gensokyo, after all, and she was no exception to that rule... Even if she preferred to beat people over the head instead. The barrage seemed to intensify the closer she got, though, and after a little while Tenshi began to return fire. Yukari seemed to dodge her attacks just as easily, though, and the two seemed to be locked in a mini-dogfight before a giant while flash of light came through from the side.

"Oh. Right. It's not a duel," Tenshi reminded herself as she turned to look at Emilio, who was attempting to shoot down Yukari. It wasn't a Master Spark, of course, but it looked to be powerful enough.

The downside was, of course, that Yukari could simply slip off to the side and graze past the laser.

"Hey, Emilio! Funnel her movements! You leave even the slightest of openings, and she'll get away!" she cried out over the sound of danmaku and other assorted projectiles lighting up the sky before noticing that Nanoha had already taken that into account.


"Oh? Is this a case of 'accidental teamwork'?" Yukari asked casually, sliding between Nanoha's barrage and Emilio's laser before laughing. "But come now, I think that's not all you have to show, right?"

Almost as if on cue, though, Yukari was blindsided by Vita's attack, which had ended up hidden (completely by accident) by Emilio's laser beam. The hit wasn't direct, of course, but the barrage of knives stopped and seemed to dissipate into nothingness, and the youkai paused for a few seconds before a smile crept up her face. Knowing what was to come, Tenshi braced herself and readied her blade in anticipation for the following attack.

"Not bad. Test one: complete. Let's see how you fare against this."
With that, Yukari calmly flicked out a spellcard from her sleeve and called out its name, causing the world around them to feel hazy and inconsistent.

"Barrier 「Curse of Dreams and Reality」."

Almost as if in an incorporeal haze, the Yukari in front of the group seemed to fade in and out of reality before she finally began to attack. At once, she sent out a series of sigils that seemed to lock onto her opponents' current positions and stay there before firing a three-way stream of bullets around them. Another followed, and another, and before long it was as if all of the combatants were being chased down. All the while, though, Yukari continued to fire her own bullets, deceptively large but still more than enough of a threat to warrant dodging.

"This is... Rather unpleasant," Tenshi said, taking a deep breath to try and let her see clearly past all of this storm of bullets. While the bullets never left her focus as she remained half-aware of the trail the sigils were leaving, what was more problematic were that the bullets seemed to linger as they traveled towards the others. The inability to grasp a sense of exact direction wasn't helping either, and more than once the Celestial had come close to running into a bullet of her own accord. "She's really not holding back, huh?"

The amethyst shards that Alberich shot forth clearly embedded themselves into the monster's sludge—or, well, however cleanly they could be given the circumstances—and slowly began to burrow their wa deeper into the creature. Rather than stop it entirely, though, the crystals seemed to be gravitating towards the monster's core, separating it from the refuse it was leaving in its wake. Of course, said sludge was also the reason why the crystals themselves were taking so long to envelop the thing.

As the slime continues to move forth, though, it would be clear that a vast majority of its mass was being left behind, leaving what seemed to be a ball of... Something being weighed down by the amethyst weights at its back. Despite having no apparent limbs, the target continued to move forth, though now much less impeded by the sludge that had once enveloped it.

Leonardo Watch

Leo paused for a moment to look at the picture that Meteora had brought up on her phone before glancing at Youmu. Then back at the phone.
Then back to Youmu again.

"Um... Okay, I guess it shouldn't be too hard to find Yuyuko if she stands out like... That. If anything, the outfit she has is pretty different from a lot of the suits or casual clothing everyone else in the city wears," he stated as Sonic leaped up on his shoulder to take a closer look. "Um... Sonic, do you want to try looking for her? I'll get you double your usual share of food if you do."

The monkey seemed to nod enthusiastically at Leo's suggestion, and without a moment's delay, he shot off out of sight. With a pensive nod, Leo turned to Sanaki before thinking about her secondary suggestion before shaking his head.

"I don't think she'd make the news, if anything. You underestimate how weird this city could get, even before... Well, I guess the Great Collapse didn't happen, but even so," he stated before continuing to walk ahead. "It's not as if she'd be the cause of any major incidents, right?"

It was a few more minutes of walking later, though, before Sonic flew back towards the group, coming to a clean stop on Leo's shoulder before pointing him off to the northwest. His motions seemed somewhat urgent, but overall it really seemed to be Sonic doing as he usually did.

"Did you find her?" Leo asked, receiving a nod in return before the monkey leaped off his shoulder and ran ahead, jumping up and down to guide them as they moved along. "...Huh. So she was in the city, then. What are the odds?"

Their destination? A brunch buffet.

Were anyone to enter, of course, they would see the same woman who had been on Meteora's phone a few moments prior, happily trying a little bit of everything available... And then some.
Of, and the tower of plates stacked up on the table. That, too.

The criminal underbelly in Manhattan would not be apt to show itself during the early morning, if at all, but the same might not be said of the less-well-kept parts of the city. Organized crime, after all, thrived in the darkness, and so long as they could remain vigilant and blackmail any accidental witnesses, problems could remain... Nonexistent.

Of course, illegal shipments near the ocean were already unloaded by this time of day, and there were already some men milling about to protect the goods from being discovered. Even if daylight raids weren't all that common, it never hurt to be safe, especially given the insanity earlier that day.

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Kumozaki Keisuke

The Enforcer squinted and half-shielded his eyes from the sudden increase in light in the area, and though he was thankful that he could see more than a foot in front of his face again, the glut of zombies in front of him were still an issue. Thankfully, the fire that had lit up the night had also torched a few zombies in the process, and whatever other members of the undead that remained were swiftly dealt with by both Arturia and Elizabeth. All the better for him, at least.

"Good work," he stated before the message from Tomoe came through to him. Two other Servants locked in combat... Regardless of the context, something like this would likely prove to be nothing but trouble.

Cutting down the occasional leftover zombie proved as much a challenge as walking to Keisuke, and it was only a matter time before he caught up with the other Servants who had gone on ahead. Though he could barely see past the flickering flames, the commentary from his Servants was more than enough to give the go-ahead to engage. Letting anyone die right now without getting any info in return was the height of folly, after all.

"Lancer, at the very least, distract them so Saber and Archer can interfere cleanly," he stated, standing off to the side and out of the way from any direct fire from the ensuing conflict.

Tomoe Gozen

Once her Master had arrived and orders were dictated, Tomoe silently nodded and nocked the arrow she had prepared, ready to fire the moment that she saw a chance. As the Lancer took to the skies next to her, though, the Archer felt a chill run up her back, telling her to shield her ears for what was to come. She didn't waste a second in moving to defend herself, and not a moment too soon. The resonating sound seemed to shake the tree she was perched upon mercilessly, and the two combatants temporarily paused to locate the source of the shockwave that had rippled through the land.

"Now!" Tomoe said to herself subconsciously as she stood tall on the branch before loosing the arrow at the enemy Lancer. Without so much of a glance, though, the arrow was struck aside by the target before she turned to face Tomoe. While it hadn't been clear earlier, the sight that the Archer saw caused her to take a deep breath.

Half of the woman's face was being wrapped in some black matter, and the eye on that side seemed to have an iris dyed the color of gold, in contrast to the melancholy light purple of the other. It was unsettling, of course, but the aura of corruption that felt so blatantly wrapped around the Lancer made Tomoe certain that she was her target.

"Saber of this land, we have come to aid you!" she declared before loosing another arrow at the Lancer.

The enemy Lancer wasted no time in dashing off to engage the combatants that had just joined the fray, at which point it would be clear to the others that the Saber himself had almost completely exhausted his own mana reservesand would be unable to aid them for the moment. But that might have been why the Lancer sprang forth, her weapon aimed straight for Elizabeth's neck as she leaped off the ground to fight.

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Shokuhou Misaki

As the other three went about gathering whatever things they could for the night, Misaki was quietly setting up a net to gather intelligence with. Taking control of someone else to go stalk around for her was far more her style than going out to do it herself, after all, and the generally "controlled chaos" of the shelter made it a simple matter of finding someone to do that job in her stead.

As she sat back to relax in a somewhat-emptier area, though, the two other girls from earlier came over, goods in hand. Hibiki had arrived with a few packs of instant noodles (whatever that was worth), while Miku had what seemed to be parts for a tent in hand.

"I have to say, you to work fast," the esper stated as she brushed herself off, opting not to stand up as Miku began to set up the tent.

"Ah, well, we were among the last to arrive here, so the line wasn't that long," Miku replied, quietly beginning to set up the tent where they were before pausing for a moment. "Um... I'm sorry, I never got your name."

"My name is Shokuhou Misaki. In any case... Do you two have any plans from here on out? I assume you have something in mind for the long term, but for now..."

"Ah, then... Shokuhou-san... I'm not sure what to do, either, to be honest..." Miku trailed off, to which Misaki let out a sigh before getting to her feet.

"Well, for now I think you should get some rest. Today's been hectic, and you're not going to puzzle anything out tonight. I'll be gathering information on what's going on in Tokyo for now, but that'll take me a little while," she began to say before looking at the packs of instant noodles in Hibiki's hands again. Her brows furrowed at the sight, and the thought to get some less sodium-saturated food from a nearby convenience store, despite being something she had little experience doing, seemed far more appealing for the moment. "I'm going to walk around for a bit; I'll be back in a while."

As Misaki walked off, Miku quietly nodded and turned to Hibiki with a smile.

"Hey, Hibiki... You know, now that I think about it, it's been a while since I was by your side during a situation like this. Every since S.O.N.G. was formed, you've been busy running around and saving people all over the world. But this time, I'm going to be right by your side every step of the way. It feels a bit like an adventure now, don't you think?" she asked, carefully propping the tent up and taking a step or two back to see if it stayed up.

Hinanawi Tenshi

"Ah... I apologize, but I simply found myself here all of a sudden," Priscilla replied, her gaze downcast as the distinct sound of something reverberating through the air in front of them caused the group to freeze up. Just as a single life signature popped up on Nanoha's radar, a rift in the air in front of them that Tenshi knew far too well was opening up.

"Huh, so that youkai is here, too? Are you here to pick me up?" she asked defiantly, her sword at the ready. "Because I think I shall decline the offer right about now."

"Ms. Hinanawi, though I would love to throw you back into Gensokyo so your caretaker can talk your ear off, I believe that both of us have some matters to attend to," the person on the other side of the gap replied before she popped out of the hole in reality she had just made. "In particular, that young lady that you have in your custody right now. Could I ask if you could hand her over?"

"The answer should be obvious, you know," Tenshi replied, pointing the Sword of Hisou at Yukari's face. "You're going to have to fight us to get through to her."

"Then let us settle this the usual wa—ah, you have some companions with you. How abnormal. Well, it has been a while since I've entered a danmaku match against multiple opponents, but this shall do. Defeat me, and I shall withdraw. Is that not how this works?"

With a smile on her face, the gap youkai spread her arms as she flew up into the sky before a giant torrent of knives came raining down from the skies above. To add to the chaos, a few of the danmaku bullets she was shooting were being spontaneously teleported to and fro, causing the barrage to cover all variety of odd angles in their midst.

"I thought as much," Tenshi replied, a smile on her face as she let loose two keystones, which began to orbit around her and fire bullets in return as she began to wave through the hail of projectiles.

The others... Well, they could decide to fight or hide or something else. That wasn't in her jurisdiction to decide, after all.

The fire traveled right under the slime and, as expected, caused a large amount of disruption as it exploded underneath the thing. A good chunk of the sludge nearest the edge of its body was blown off in the direction of the two, while a large amount of what was splattered about elsewhere showed signs of much of it being simple random garbage that was scattered about. The slime itself, of course, had shrunk in size just a bit, though not enough to make any meaningful progress in getting rid of it. The explosion did cause its pace to halt for a bit, though, if that meant anything to the two attempting to stop its progress outright.

Leonardo Watch

"A place to eat, hm...? Well, there are a lot of places to eat at around here, but as for something for breakfast... Well, that might be a tad pricey without having your bank accounts set up..." Mr. Sharpton said to Meteora, stroking his chin for a few moments before Sanaki chimed in. "That might be for the better, all things considered. I tend to eat at some pricier places if I'm not eating at home, after all."

"I'll leave the matter to you, then," Leo responded to Klaus, nodding his head as he headed out of the building with the others with a purpose in mind. Knowing Klaus, it wouldn't take long for negotiations to finish without much problem, at least, so the possibility of getting to the workplace he was so used to by now wasn't unlikely in the least. On the other hand, though, he was still without a home...

Was crashing on the couch a viable option for the near future?

"E-erm... Anyways, right, food places. I think there were some near here," he began to say as he led the group down the winding streets. There were a few people milling about again despite the earlier incident, at least, so it seemed that the city was still as it always was... In a way.

"I guess the question right now, though, is what this Yuyuko looks like. Also what you'd all like to eat, I guess," he stated, glancing around the streets for either any places of note to eat or anyone that looked particularly out of place.

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