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Mausoleum Graveyard — North

Walking north from the entrance to the graveyard—towards whatever was making the noise in the distance—would show that this location was indeed nowhere near as empty as the initial chamber might have hinted at. While the graveyard itself continued on, the building seemed to extend parallel alongside it, with another door further off in the distance.

Towering above the space in between the graves, though, was a large humanoid creature slowly patrolling the area. The sounds, it seemed, came from the shovel that was in its hand—or, at least, one of them. It seemed to not be wholly aware of anyone else's presence, and for the most part it continued to move about, its cloaked head staring at the ground as it did so.

@Raineh Daze

Mausoleum Graveyard — South

The smaller structure off to the left of the main building would prove to be far more willing to cooperate than the altar that the group had dealt with prior, with the doors already being slightly ajar (though not without difficulty in actually moving them). Past those, however, would reveal a massive jewel hovering a few feet above the ground. The size of the object made it far too implausible to move around, and it was doubtful that the object itself would even fit through the doors back towards the entrance of the Rift, if at all.

What would come next, though, was the sound of bones rattling from further into the structure—a cacophony of metal hitting bone hitting stone and whatever else it was that could be made out from that as a result. To those more acutely aware of their surroundings, however, the sounds of the earth behind the group shifting likewise was more than enough reason to remain on guard.

That being said, nothing seemed to be occurring yet—it was as if the sounds were being made to ward off intruders more than anything else right now...


Castle of Snow

The entry of the group present was immediately followed by a dramatic slamming of the doors behind them that seemed almost automatic in nature. As things were now, escaping straight through the front door seemed to no longer be an option to those brave enough to head forth. With that said, though, the hesitation of those present near the entrance also meant that no threats had come to strike at the group as of yet.

Or, rather, that might have been the case had the vase off to the side not been disturbed. Almost as if in response, one of the sets of armor next to it seemed to slowly creak, its head turning towards the source of the disturbance before it began to pick up speed. Acting with the speed of a trained soldier, the enemy seemed to spring to life. With its weapon now unsheathed, the living armor swung down towards Marxion's torso without a shred of hesitation.

Jason Liu

The homunculus girl's words were not lost upon the young man, and the least he could do was glance towards the ground in a mix of disappointment and embarrassment. Even if he was a Master, to have used two Command Seals and yet still have failed to affect the Berserker in any meaningful way... In summary, it felt as if all of those mocking words had been right this entire time. With that in mind, though, Jason knew that this was no time to wallow in any amount of self-pity. Before he could try and do anything to stop the Servant otherwise, though, the other Master had approached and threatened to take take his life to force the Berserker to stand down.

"Wait, what are you..."

It didn't take long for him to realize that there was a garrote around his neck, indescribably thin as it was. The thin streams of blood that were falling down his neck didn't particularly help matters much, but as far as he could tell, the girl was dead serious about this threat.

"Ah? You think I care about that stupid—" the Berserker began to say mid-combat as he blocked and parried Altera's sword before suddenly stopping in his tracks. He was, up until now, on the defensive, and the brief pause came after he had clashed directly with Altera's sword.

Then, as if all at once, a surge of mana filled the air around Hijikata before concentrating wholly upon him. It was almost as if the energy from the Command Seals from earlier had found themselves turned into pure magical energy rather than a command, and the results spoke for themselves. With a cry of anger, the reason in the Berserker's eyes seemed to dissipate entirely, and he began a frenzied assault upon the Saber blocking his path ahead.

@Raineh Daze

Alter Ego — Meltryllis

"Disgusting. A creature like you shouldn't have the right to exist in front of me like this."

The remark that slipped out of Meltryllis' mouth was so tinted with disgust that the Servant herself couldn't help but react in turn. As things were now, whatever this was would continue to heal, and ultimately eviscerating such an enemy would take far longer that she would like... Assuming that she continued fighting as she was now.

"Tch. Regenerating from a wound like that... Just stay dead, you vile lump of flesh," she continued, taking a step forward with the intent to kill their enemy, only to turn her head in an instant once she heard the sound of arrows whizzing by. Without wasting a single movement, the Alter Ego dashed forward and, with a spinning pirouette kick, launched the shadow-like enemy she had been facing directly within the line of fire of the arrows.

"Honestly, that damn Archer... Once this ball of meat stays down, I'm going to take my sweet time draining you of everything you're worth..."


Ruler — Sherlock Holmes

"Now, at that point, Miss Obberhausen, I would be more willing to request a private contractor to bring us out to sea instead. If such a scenario laid itself out for us like an invitation, it would have been no more than a fool's errand to pursue as we were," the Ruler replied in turn, tidying up his outfit as the pair exited the vehicle. "In any case, we would not gain anything more by loitering about. Let us be off."

The pier itself seemed to be fairly busy—busier than the detective had expected; not only that, but it seemed as if there were far more people talking about the structure that they had desired to look into than they had previously expected—and something more, it seemed.

"I heard that there was a monster attack when people tried diving down..."

"What, you mean... In the water?"

"No, like... Inside the thing."

"Wait, seriously?"

Similar conversations seemed to pop up all around the area, and it seemed that there were more than a few boats already bringing people out.

"Hm... Now this... This is a development I did not expect," Holmes said, nodding his head before noticing an all-too familiar old man waiting outside the administrative office. "Miss Obberhausen, please, do remain on guard. He is not a person who is all too inclined to show his face in public, after all..."


At the Arena

The sudden bombardment of questions and requests caused Bradamante to fumble for a moment, and the barely-concealed smile at being able to talk in-depth with her idols as she was now was unmistakably causing her behavior to become somewhat erratic. The mix of excitement, awe, and embarrassment was incredibly self-evident, especially as Chiron directed them off to the exhibition combat area.

"Ah, you mean Asty? He's always been a bit of a... Wait a second, Asty's here? I still need to ask him about my hippo—A-ah... Erm... A-about Merlin? Well, um, he helped me a lot on my journey to find Ruggiero, and, um... Well, on occasion, he talks to me from Avalon, I think?" she said, scratching the back of her head nervously. "It's almost like he knows exactly when I need help sometimes, and his advice is really useful..." she rambled on as the group walked past a few other sub-arenas on their way to their destination. That, itself, did not take too long, even though the arena was far more spacious than it might have seemed otherwise.

"We've arrived. May I ask if the Masters could please be seated over this way? Being caught in the crossfire of combat is not something that I wish to see. As for the pairings for combat proper... Sir Lancelot, could I ask if you could instruct her as I match Sir Mordred?" Chiron asked, causing Bradamante to tremble for a moment.

"M-me? A-against Sir Lancelot?"

"Are you against that?"

"N-no! In fact, I would be very grateful for a chance to face off against the Knight of the Lake!"

With a smile and another bow, Bradamante rushed off to the combat field, excited for the duel to begin proper. After watching her run off, Chiron smiled and turned back towards the knights present.

"Then I shall take my leave as well. If there are any final preparations to be had, please, do so now. I shall look forward to seeing how your skills match up against my own disciples," he said, nodding his head as he left to follow after Bradamante.
Alter Ego — Meltryllis

Given the guttural moan from the thing that she had just launched across the area, Meltryllis could only give a frown of disgust as she prepared herself to strike once more. It looked to be some mockery of a Servant—a failed experiment or a summoning, perhaps—and was thus barely even worth the reaction she had thus given it. The sooner it was destroyed, the better; to be frank, she didn't even want to turn this thing into EXP. The thought of whatever made this thing up being used as her body was quite disgusting, and undesirable would have been putting that lightly.

"I haven't a clue, but it'll be dead soon enough," she remarked in turn, taking a pose as if to move forward before another stream of arrows forced her to move. It wasn't a shot aimed at them without any reason, and given the situation it was likely that the Archer and this thing were working in conjunction.

"Don't get shot; follow my lead, or die trying."

With that, Meltryllis sprang forward, spinning vertically in midair as she launched a shockwave of energy at the enemy in front of the two before swinging her prosthetic leg squarely onto its head. The force of the impact was enough to allow her to do a backflip onto the ceiling, from which she rocketed forth in an attempt to destroy its head.

Assuming that this wasn't some sort of blob-creature as opposed to something with vaguely human anatomy, the succeeding blow would kill it... Assuming that she wasn't forced to mitigate the blow due to that nuisance of an Archer prioritizing its comrade over her Master. Hopefully, that child would have enough sense (or adrenaline) about her to keep up in the first place.



To the Knights of the Round Table waiting around in the reception area for their paperwork to be filed, the arrival of one brown-haired Archer would prove to be a boon. Following close behind him, another Servant quietly fidgeted around, taking occasional glances at the all-too-famous entourage in front of her.

"My apologies for the delay," the former said, bowing his head towards the Servants present before glancing behind himself, as if to make sure the other Servant at his side had not fallen behind. "My name is Chiron, and I have been called here to help you all with registration at the arena. As your deeds precede you, however, it seems that we were unable to find enough participants able at this time to match you equally. As such, it seems that I will be among those that will match one of you in combat today. I shall judge you fairly all the same, so please, do not hesitate in showing your strength henceforth."

"U-um... Oh my gosh, it's the actual Knights of the Round Table..." muttered the other Servant, a little bit off to the side as she nervously glanced at everyone who had thus gathered in front of her before Chiron smiled and patted her on the shoulder.

"Come on, it's your turn now. You wished to introduce yourself, did you not?"

"Y-yes!" she exclaimed in turn, her back immediately straightening before she bowed to the knights in front of her. "Bradamante, of Charlemagne's Twelve Paladins! I've heard so much about all of you from the great Merlin, and, and..."

As the Servant's thoughts began to diverge, Chiron simply laughed and turned back to the Servants who he had been addressing thus far.

"I apologize for her excitability; ever since she had been summoned, Bradamante has been coming to watch the Knights of the Round Table fight whenever she has been able—which, to be quite frank, only really meant Gawain's matches thus far. She has volunteered to aid me in my endeavors today, so please, show her higher heights to strive for."

@Raineh Daze@KoL
Akuta Daichi

Daichi couldn't help but nod his head in agreement to his teammates' words, and given that there was no way to handle their goal other than by pushing ahead, it seemed like they were going to have to get dirty one way or another. Kirk's suggestion—to use a stick or something of the sort to prod around—was probably the most logical thing to do. After a few moments of glancing around though, the closest thing that he could find to use for that purpose was a plank from the cabin. With a bullet of air, the piece broke off, and if anything it seemed like it was stable enough to not break apart despite the flowing water.

"Alright, let's see how far this goes..." he said, slowly lowering the piece of wood into the water. Given that it was about a meter long, the fact that it only went in about a third of the way down meant two things.

One, that the water itself wasn't particularly deep, at least for the path forward.

Second, that any shoes and pants used here today were probably as good as gone if they weren't made for this sort of terrain.

"Aah... It's a good thing that I invested in some boots," he said, slowly stepping into the water and using the plank to prod the ground ahead of them.

The path upstream was fairly forgiving, all things considered; given that no fish-like monsters had assaulted them thus far and that the water seemed relatively shallow up up until the clearing where the massive tree was, it almost seemed as if there wouldn't be a problem pressing forward.

Almost, of course, being the key word here.

Past the stream that they pushed past to get here (and the massive tree that, as it turned out, was right in the middle of it), the land seemed to grow increasingly more stable. Given that the only path showing any possibility of immediate progress was a path that seemed to snake downhill that led into another bog-like area, though...

Well, if anything, the land surrounding the tree was a bit less anxiety-inducing than the shack that they had left behind.

"All right, this is probably a good place to set up anything. Establishing a place where we can recuperate if necessary before we push ahead... I can handle a bit of that. If anyone wants to scout ahead in the meantime, then by all means go right ahead."



Upon leaving the main chamber of the building, the first thing—or, rather, things—that would be seen by those present was the array of gravestones. The door, it seemed, led to a graveyard that seemed to stretch for roughly fifty meters in any given direction. Scattered left and right, though, the faint scent of decay lingered in the air despite the faint wind blowing throughout.

Off in the distance to the left was another stone building, less than a quarter of the size of the room that they had just exited, situated next to a gnarled tree. From the right, however, the sound of something being dragged across the grassy earth could be made out, even from this distance. As for what was making that noise... Well, that was something that would simply have to be looked into.

@VitaVitaAR@Raineh Daze@Duthguy@ERode@OwO
Jason Liu

Between Hijikata's own threats and the possibility in being wrapped up in even more trouble, Jason could only take a deep breath as he processed the other Master's words. Certainly, letting the Berserker run rampant meant that he, personally, wouldn't be harmed...

But letting things proceed as they were would mean that he also wouldn't be dragged off by the police and... Well, all things considered, being thrown into a detention hall for his break wasn't much better than being on the run instead.

"...Alright, let's just try this, then! By my Command Seal, I order you: stand down!"

Brandishing the marks on the back of his hand, Jason watched and waited.

And waited.

And nothing had changed. The Berserker barely shrugged—no, barely even made note of what he had done, which caused Jason to furrow his brows in worry.

"Stand down, I said!"

Despite using a second Command Seal, though, those present would find out that, other than a marginally more irritated Berserker standing at the ready, nothing had actually changed.

"I... What? But—" Jason began to say, flustered as he looked at the back of his hand for a moment before hearing the sound of another gunshot ring out. This one, however, was aimed at Altera's head.

"If that's your decision, then that's how it'll be," he said, charging forward at the enemy Saber before leaping into the air, katana drawn and readied for a slash at her head.

@Raineh Daze

Alter Ego — Meltryllis

When the hail of arrows arrived, the purple-haired Servant wasted no time in beginning to evade. Spinning around gracefully about the floor, Meltryllis watched as the arrows whizzed by her body and lodged themselves into the ground or the walls opposite their origin. From a distance, it could be seen as simply toying with her opponent.

But this was simply how she fought.

As the barrage of projectiles continued, Meltryllis pressed ahead, only barely noting that her Master was caught up in her own battle off to the side. It took but a moment for her to break off from pursuing the Archer hiding in the shadows and instead turn most of her focus towards the large, hulking shadow that Nanako had just thrown off course.

"I guess that staying close may have been asking a bit too much of you," Meltryllis sighed as she swung her body around, slamming into the enemy with one of her legs and launching it towards the other side of the room. "That Archer's gone missing again, since I had to spend time getting that... Thing off of you, so stay on your guard."

It was, admittedly, quite irritating to let the more mobile target escape, but if her Master died here, then it wouldn't matter if she caught her quarry. Even she knew this much.


Fusang Hospital

The hospital room that Hakuno walked into was all but silent, and despite the relative hustle and bustle of people outside the room, it seemed that there had been no visitors for Mary up until then. The young woman, now dressed in a hospital gown as she quietly turned towards the door, simply nodded in response to the girl's request. It seemed that, despite everything that had happened that morning, she was in a well enough state to speak.

"A-ah... Alright..." she began, nodding her head as she watched the Master-Servant pair walk inside and take their seats. "It, um... It's not that long a story, really... I, um... There was someone that I knew who had been having a bad streak of luck recently, and, um... We hadn't talked in a while, so I suggested we hang out for a little bit. One thing led to another, and, um... Well, we decided to try and summon a Servant. I can't really remember much after that, though... All I remember was a lot of shouting, a few gunshots, and the next thing I knew, I was lying in a pool of my own blood..."

Mary shook her head, almost as if attempting to wave off what had just been said. Her right hand subtly glossed over the dressing that had been put over the wound, with the bullets having passed through her cleanly instead of lodging themselves with. The wounds were still very much present, and despite having been sewn up, the phantom pains that came from them still lingered around.

"I, um... If there's anything specific you want to know, though, I'll do my best to try and remember..."


The marble that Albrecht had dropped into the hole would find hard stone soon enough, revealing that the indentation was no more than roughly three inches deep. The staff that Xu Jian placed inside soon thereafter would find no such luck in manipulating the nonexistent structure withing. Nothing was keeping the marble in place, either, and once removed, there would be no remaining mark. Not even the slightest hint of manipulation would make itself present, which meant that the stone, hard as it was, had no essential moving parts that could be manipulated with things as they were now.

@VitaVitaAR@Raineh Daze@Duthguy@ERode@OwO

Castle of Snow

Once the group had moved past the imposing steps to meet the castle gates, what would make itself abundantly clear at first glance was that the doors—almost implausibly tall and wide had the explorers not been used to such grandeur—seemed to part as they stepped forward. The gust of warm air from within was a far cry from the biting cold outside, and the warm lighting from the various candles lining the walls of the main entryway coupled with the luxuriously-designed interior made it seem as if someone—or something—had been expecting guests.

Lined along the walls, all the way down the entryway and into the main hall, stood suits of armor, each ornately decorated and wielding some sort of weapon. Interspersed between pillars and other decor, such as vases or stone busts, these pieces of equipment stood by. The flickering candlelight coupled with the chandeliers hanging overhead made the meticulously polished pieces shine even further; a testament towards their craftsmanship, or something more?

Jason Liu

To the comments of those opposing him, Hijikata simply breathed out through his nose and glared at the Servant pointing her weapon at him. Despite being a Berserker, he had enough sense about him to realize what the girl was saying—not that it mattered, of course.

"That kid will be fine; I've seen people roughed up worse," he responded in turn, his weapon still aimed towards Altera. "But if you're just here to protect some little girl, then get the hell out of my way. I don't have the time to be playing silly games like these."

By this point, Jason (who had thus found himself rolling across the pavement) had finally managed to right himself, having taken more damage from the aftermath of the throw than anything else, and slowly dragged himself to his feet. He was still out of breath, of course, but seeing that his Servant was confronting another only caused him to worry further.

"What are you trying to do—" he began to ask, only to be stopped by a rifle bullet whizzing a few centimeters away from his head.

"Stay quiet and let me handle the negotiations. You're a nuisance, so just wait for me to finish up here before you go yammering about," was the reply from Hijikata as he put his rifle away and stared back at the duo in front of him. "So, what will it be? Are you going to move, or am I going to have to cut through you both to get anywhere?"

@Raineh Daze

Alter Ego — Meltryllis

Following her Master's directions came as a simple matter of course, and given that the girl had said nothing and acted far more demure than she had yesterday, Meltryllis silently internalized the punishment that she had concocted as effective enough to instill a sense of fear into the girl.

"As it should be," she mused to herself as the pair made their way to their intended destination. A half-complete building was not exactly the most promising of locations to have to deal with something, but it was better than any further open exposure of her own abilities. A few steps toward the compound, though, and the Alter Ego felt a shiver down her spine. This was unlike the Moon Cell, where all combat was fairly straightforward; there was cover here, and cover meant things could hide and ambush them.

"Hmph. So it's like that, BB? A combat test?" she remarked, the irritation in her voice clear as she made her way into the compound. The immediate sound of something whizzing at her head from the side, however, caused Meltryllis to lean backwards. The source—a crossbow bolt—was embedded into the wall, and when the Alter Ego turned to face the source of the arrow, there was nothing to be seen.

"Predictable. An Archer, then? Master, stay close; if you get hit by a stray arrow, I can't guarantee that you'll live to see the next day."

Akuta Daichi

The white-haired university student couldn't help but let a nervous smile slip as the person who was sharing the table introduced himself. Kay had already explained the situation, and so the subsequent handshake and apology for the assumptions were only natural.

"Kirk, then? Thanks for letting us sit here. Daichi—Akuta Daichi. Surname last and whatnot; I hope it doesn't come across as too odd," he followed, shaking the man's hand before the question regarding food came back to the forefront. The suggestion given seemed enticing enough, and before long Daichi had waved the waitress over to put his order in as, essentially, what Kirk had just suggested. It was only reasonable to follow along with what the a local suggested; they knew the food here best, after all, and there was nothing to be gained from rejecting goodwill that was so freely given.

"I don't have any method of my own to contact Lizzie, so I'll leave it to you," he said to Katie before receiving a message on his own phone. Given that it would be a small while before his food arrived proper, Daichi decided that it was fine to glance it over.

"The boat driver we had contacted to escort your group to the Rift has called in sick today; it may take a while to find a replacement, so please wait a while longer as we handle the process."

"...No boat driver? That... Hm. That's problematic."

By the time Lizzie had arrived, Daichi had finished the chicken that had been delivered to the table and was just beginning to eat through the muffins placed alongside them. The issue regarding a boat driver through the bayou had been settled without all of the additional problems that he had been expecting, courtesy of the man who was seated with the four of them right now. Daichi had thought that it was an odd skill to have, all things considered, but there was no reason to complain about fortune falling into their hands like this.

That being said, though, his companion's duffel bag hitting the floor caused Daichi to pause for a moment and glance around, half in hopes that nobody else would notice the sound it had made. This was still a civilian space, after all, and undue panic would only give everyone involved, including the higher-ups, a headache.

"Well, I'm just about done here, so let me just pay my bill and we'll be off."

The combination of a drive out of the city, a minor trek through some of the more rural areas of the region, and the subsequent boat ride (rough as it was) had eventually given way to the group's destination—a moderately-sized Rift, appearing as a glowing tear through what seemed to be the fabric of space in front of them. Daichi had taken the chance to change into something a bit more fitting for wading through the swamp, and with the backpack he was carrying, it almost seemed as if he was a hitchhiker rather than a student.

After confirming that everyone else had finished their preparations, the Japanese university student was the first to step inside the Rift. Carefully shielding his eyes as he stepped through, the first thing Daichi found was that it had connected to what seemed to be a broken down shack that seemed to be far too worn out to not have been abandoned. The rotting wood parted to show what seemed to be walls of trees, far larger than the ones outside the Rift, blocking off most of their advance around. The only direction allotted to the group seemed to be right in front of them, with the muddy water beneath the broken shack flowing towards them and towards the rear.

"Ah... Hm. You know, it's pretty annoying to have to travel upstream five seconds after entering, but at least this place seems relatively safe," he remarked, staring down the pathway and towards the tree that seemed to be waiting for them at the end of the path. The size of it was comparable to that of a skyscraper, and despite the humidity and heat, Daichi could help but glance up to try and see how far up it went.

"If we have to climb that, though, I'm going to kill someone."



The first thing that the team would see upon entry was the clean-cut stone walls, adorned with highly meticulously-cut decorations that seemed to extol the craftsmanship of the stonemason—or of whatever was housed within the confines of the building that the group now found themselves in. Examining behind the Rift would show a pair of stone doors, firmly cast shut and sealed with what looked to be some sort of magic (given the pulsating light it gave off). To their front, on the other hand, there stood a similarly-cast pair of doors. The only difference here, of course, was that these were left ajar.

Entry past those would give way to a large room, octagonal in structure; in its center was a single raised platform with a hole in the center. Other than the entrance from which the Rift was placed past, however, there seemed to be only a single open door, directly to the west from the center of the room.

@Raineh Daze@VitaVitaAR@ERode@Duthguy@OwO
Akuta Daichi

With his eyes occasionally flicking around, from his phone to the door (whenever it opened) and back to his phone, Daichi found it somewhat convenient that it didn't take too long for someone to call out for him. Turning to face the source of the voice was only a matter of courtesy, and that was soon followed with a smile and a firm handshake. The young man had traveled enough over the last few years to not seem like a fish out of water when it came to common courtesies like these, if anything, and the enthusiasm that the girl showed was a breath of fresh air compared to the usual methodical nature of the groups he ended up involved with. Granted, he had not met the girl in front of him prior to this mission beyond the brief overview he had been given last night, but there was no reason to draw any conclusions

"Yes, that would be me. Katie Bastion, correct? I'll be in your care," he said, nodding his head in response to her assertion. The sound of another person calling out to him from another table was enough of a reason to drop the handshake and slip his phone into his pocket, and with a glance back towards Katie, Daichi walked over to the table where he was being called towards and calmly took a seat.

"Hm... Kay Clarke... Was it? I think it was written that you preferred that nickname, but if I'm being discourteous, please, do let me know," he said, scratching the back of his head before looking at the other person seated at the table. "Er... Did we... Have a fifth on the roster? I don't mind if the clients wanted to put some extra manpower in, but I'd have appreciated a notification beforehand or something..."

With a shrug, the university student calmly took a menu from the table and began to skim over it, quietly going over each menu item in his head before placing his hand on the table.

"Mmm... You know, I'm actually at a complete loss for as to what to get here. The food itself isn't exactly unfamiliar, but I don't want to eat something too heavy before we head off... You know?"

Jason Liu

Despite what should have logically been enough exhaustion to force him to pause, Jason continued to follow the Servant as he charged through the early morning streets—or, more accurately, Jason continued to be dragged along in his wake. His legs had long since felt like they had turned to lead, and given that he was by no means neither a marathon runner nor did he have the stamina to keep pace with a Servant for so long, the young man found himself flapping in the breeze like a kite as the kimono-clad man held the back of his shirt in a vice-like grip.

Jason had the sense to continue to attempt to stare forwards, though, which meant that when a wall of ice suddenly appeared in front of the pair, he was the first (and only one) to freak out.

"H-hey, what are you doing?! If you keep moving like this, we'll—"

"Shut up, kid," came the immediate reply as Jason was promptly thrown into the air. Within the span of a single breath, the Berserker leaped into the air and, readying his rifle, blew a hole through the obstruction. Catching Jason on the other side (once again by the collar of his shirt), the Servant switched his rifle for a katana and pointed at the apparent source of the obstruction.

"Are you Satsuma? Choshu? I'm in the middle of something right now, so hurry up and answer me or I'll cut you down where you stand," was the immediate declaration from Hijikata, flicking Jason off somewhere to the side as he went tumbling off to the side of the road.

@Raineh Daze

Alter Ego — Meltryllis

Given that her Master had given no real retort towards anything said or done thus far today, the purple-haired Alter Ego silently wondered, though only momentarily, if the punishment she had deemed appropriate had done something to the girl's brain to make her so obedient. In her situation, Meltryllis wouldn't have taken any straight orders from BB without a reason at minimum, and given that the two of them were simply told to just "go to a location", the least that could be done was a brief summary regarding said problem.

"...Mmm... Melt, did you do something last night?" BB asked as she watched Nanako leave the apartment complex in silence after retrieving her phone. "I was only joking about being mad, but it's really no fun bullying someone who can't fight back, you know."

"Be quiet, BB. If you were aware there was a problem, you'd probably just try to make it worse anyways," Melt shot back as she got off the the couch and followed after her Master. "Just let us know when we're near the problem and I'll handle it on my own. No need to involve that useless child right now."

"Oh? Well, if you're so confident, then you can just leave, Melt. I look forward to seeing your results; you'll know what the problem is when you see it."

With those parting words, BB turned off the TV, leaving a silence that seemed to hang in the air. Rolling her eyes, the Alter Ego calmly exited the apartment and glared at Nanako.

"Just stay quiet and bring me over to the place BB showed. I'm not so stupid so as to force you to fight when I know you're as useless as they come, so let's hurry up and get this over with before she starts shrieking in my face again."

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