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Kumozaki Keisuke

Once the barrage of lasers from the sky ended, Keisuke quickly dashed through the remains of the skeletal soldiers, moving ahead to see how the crash landing between Medea and Atalanta had turned out. The remaining enemies, at the very least, had stopped shooting outright, which made traversing the area far easier than it had been moments prior. Once he was actually able to see the scene, he came to a stop, watching from a distance and ready to back away at a moment's notice. He wasn't insane enough to actually attempt to interfere in another possible conflict between Servants, of course, but that's what Command Seals were for, right?


"Oh, so you finally figured it out? My, my, and I thought you were the fastest archer in Greece. That title doesn't apply to that brain in your head, it seems," Medea said back, shrugging her shoulders as Atalanta let go of her arms. "There are more questions being asked than I have answers to, but that's less of an issue at the moment. What I can say is that I came here alone. As for my own goals, though? Have I not stated them already? To be controlled by another and swept up by the whims of fate to act as they would not in life... I hate that. It was bad enough with fickle gods, but in the hands of a human? I would never tolerate it. I prefer having my own autonomy, thank you very much."

Sighing, the Caster paused for a moment as if to remember something before nodding her head.

"That woman... Medusa, yes. I know nothing about why she appeared here, but this turned out to be my first destination in order to get my bearings straight. In any case, she should be recovering from the effects of that control spell right about now. I was going to interrogate her before you so rudely interrupted me, but I guess that you and your motley crew have that handled. In any case, I have no time to waste; if my theory is correct, I need to head to Crete next. You are free to join if you wish, but... For now, could I ask if you could please stop straddling me? This is rather uncomfortable. In more ways than one."

Kumozaki Keisuke

With that issue having been settled (apparently), Keisuke turned towards Nobunaga and beckoned her to land before sending off a message to the other two Masters who were still in the city.

"Might split off from you two for a bit to follow after Medea. Nobunaga and Atalanta will likely follow. Keep me up to date on what's happening on that end."

With that handled, Keisuke slipped the device into his pocket and walked forward, glancing off at the port in the distance before looking back down at Medusa.

"Crete... The Minotaur, huh? I think I'm starting to understand the trend. Atalanta, we should follow; I don't think that Medea's a threat to our safety at the moment. Nobunaga, you should come, too. We can regroup with the others once we gather some more information."


Medusa turned her head towards Nero for a moment, a bit of anguish barely visible from her mouth as she bit her lip and shook her head.

"No, they are... Not immortal. I should know that better than anyone," she said quietly before shaking her head. "But even so..."

After listening to everyone else's thoughts on the matter, the Rider closed his eyes and nodded his head before turning towards the woman on the ground.

"Very well. If we are all in agreement, then we shall move out immediately! Though I assume the problem now is obtaining a seafaring vessel, since utilizing my own would be rather taxing on our Masters. Hrm. Would commandeering a vessel be possible? My authority as a pharaoh should be enough to do such a thing, but-"

"E-er, excuse me."

The sound of an old man's voice meekly requesting their attention caused Ozymandias to turn around and glance down. As expected, it was an old man, hunched over with a walking cane and wrinkles over his face while he continued to speak.

"Y-yes... Er... Thank you for your help in putting out the flames; all of us are very grateful for your help. I couldn't help but overhear that you needed a ship to travel on; I used to be a captain back when I was young and spry, so if you don't mind, I could help guide you to wherever you need to head," he said, a meek smile on his face.

"Hmhm. Well, I do not see any reason we should not accept such an offer. Any objections?" he asked, looking over the rest of the group for a response.

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Shokuhou Misaki

Slowly making her way through the crowd, Misaki let out a sigh of relief as she finally made it to the 109's entrance. Even at this time of the evening, there was still such a rush of people milling about to the point where it might have overwhelmed even her. It didn't, of course, but it was a bit of a refreshing sight not seeing a sea of students in all directions around her. There was also the slight loneliness of not having her usual group with her, but that couldn't have been helped.

"I do hope they take credit from Academy City, though. Far easier than paying by cash," she mused to herself before walking off to the side and staring up at the advertisements above her head. The pictures of girls in summer wear, however, caused her to freeze up.

"It's December right now, isn't it? Wait, now that I think about it... Isn't this place abnormally warm? I thought that was all the people, but I don't think that's the case any more," the esper thought to herself before deciding to start gathering some information. With a quick, singular motion, Misaki pulled out a remote from her bag and pointed it at the nearest person—or, rather, people, seeing as how her initial target was with two other girls chattering off. With a click of her remote, the three young women immediately stopped chatting and turned towards Misaki, the trademark stars present in their eyes as they were in hers.

"Give me the current date, time, and... Whether or not you know the name 'Academy City'," Misaki said, the usual playful tone in her voice drastically toned down. The three girls nodded before beginning to speak in turn.

"Today is July 7. The time is about 7:00 P.M. I don't know anything about this 'Academy City'."

"I also don't know anything about this 'Academy City'."

"My brother mentions it every so often, but he's a weirdo so I don't really pay attention to his babbling. It usually comes up whenever he brings friends over and starts talking about his games and light novels or something."

The three lines caused Misaki to pause and frown before cancelling the temporary mind control, erasing all memory of the time she was interrogating them (which was honestly no more than a minute or so) before slipping the remote back into her back.

"This is bad. Looks like the 109 will have to wait; there's no way people don't normally know what Academy City is with everything that's been going on recently," she said to herself before looking around for any more abnormalities. The possibility that this was another Mental Out incident, but nothing in the last few minutes made it obvious to any degree that it was anything more than a slim chance of a repeat.

No, what she needed now was information. Well, information and money. In a rush, the young woman quickly slipped off towards a side street at the crossing and began looking for some sort of cafe or TV station or something like that. The sooner, the better.

Leonardo Watch

With sweat running down his brow as he dashed through the streets of the city, Leo (and Sonic) soon found themselves at their intended destination. Or, rather, what would have been their intended destination if the building was completely different from what they were looking for. Rather than the usual entrance to the building, Leo instead found a giant skyscraper made of steel, concrete, and glass. The young man stared in complete shock at the overwhelming shininess of the structure before sighing.

"I don't think we're going to find anyone from Libra at this rate," Leo sighed before the sound of a young girl behind him caught his attention and caused him to turn around. She seemed like she was a little too young to be walking around at this time, but there were more worrisome things on the photographer's mind as she asked him for food. Her calling it an 'offering' caused him to tilt his head in confusion, but he soon noticed the hat and outfit that definitely made her stand out among the crowd of men in suits milling about.

Then the hat blinked, which made Leo sure that she wasn't from around here. That wasn't necessarily a good thing, though, but...

"Well, at least Zapp's burger won't go to waste. Please forgive me," Leo prayed internally before pulling the food in question out and handing it to the child. After a moment of hesitation, Leo turned to Sonic (who was still perched on his shoulder, this time with two fries in its hands) before looking back at the girl and opening his eyes wide. The All-Seeing Eyes of God now in full view, Leo stared at the child in front of him before taking a wary step back.

"That... You're definitely not a human, and you're not from the other side of Hellsalem's Lot... Not a vampire, but... What's with that incredibly dark green aura surrounding you? It's almost suffocating..." he began to mutter himself, half in fear as his feet seemed to lock in place where he was.

Hinanawi Tenshi

The Celestial could feel her eye twitching by the time that the people around her had finished asking for pictures. That 'small crowd' had grown into a 'large crowd' soon after she had started ready to finish, but at the very least it seemed as if everyone had stopped trying to bug her for another bit of time. This was definitely cutting into her exploration time, which was more annoying than anything. Before the next batch could even think of appearing, Tenshi quickly broke off into a sprint and slipped into an alleyway before jumping forward, letting the sword in her hand disappear before landing on the pavement. Immediately after, a rock sprang out of the ground and launched the young woman into the evening sky. Luckily enough, her outfit seemed to blend into the darkness (save the rainbow-colored cloth around her waist), and without the Sword of Hisou glowing like a beacon in her hand it wasn't as if any normal human would spot her easily (if at all). With a sigh of relief as she was able to escape from the incessant photography, the young woman looked down at the city's landscape from above, a faint smile on her face as she saw how brightly lit it was.

"Even at night, this place seems so lively. I'm not sure how to feel about that, though..." she trailed off before noticing a distinctly natural area in the middle of all this modern uniformity. That, coupled with what seemed to be a distinctly less modern castle in the middle of it, piqued the Celestial's attention more than anything else. With her next destination confirmed, Tenshi nodded and few down to the outskirts of the area, flying around and observing the park before deciding to land in the middle of the trees. The place felt natural, yet, but it was more of an 'artificial' natural than 'natural' natural to her. Walking around through the array of trees and foliage, Tenshi slowed down as she noticed what seemed to be two other people in the middle of the area doing...

Well, she herself wasn't quite sure what was going on, but Tenshi held herself back from just jumping right into that mess. No matter how curious she was, even she knew what swinging around the Sword of Hisou in the middle of a bunch of trees and other assorted plants would do.
Finally got a job to juggle with college, so life has been chaotic as hell as of late. I'll try to get a post out tomorrow.
The sudden collision whilst turning a corner certainly caught Tiral off guard, and though by no means was he taken off balance, the unfortunate person who he had bumped into had . With a slight reflexive step backwards in surprise, the mage watched as a bunch of book all came tumbling down in front of him. Though he managed to assess the situation in time to rescue two or three of them, 'two or three' wasn't all of them. With a bit of a frown, the mage glanced at the one bringing the books to wherever they were headed.

A member of Fanilly's maid brigade. Not particularly the best opponent for a game of strategy.

"Well, having a tower of books in front of your eyes would certainly make it seem that way," he responded, kneeling down to help pick up the books from off the floor. "Where were you headed to with these, anyhow? And why so many at once? On your own?"

His prying was, admittedly, unnecessary, but at this point most anything would sate his boredom.
Kumozaki Keisuke

The sudden barrage of lasers raining down from above was enough of a reason for the Enforcer to take a few cautionary steps back, barely avoiding getting tagged by one of the lasers himself. Though he could curse Nobunaga's relative lack of aim later, the fact that he would have to try and rush through a bombardment to try and catch up to Medea was more than enough reason to decide to not do so. Instead of doing something so suicidal, Keisuke decided to simply back off, pulling out the phone that was now furiously buzzing from his pocket to see what the issue was. Luckily, most of the skeleton soldiers in his immediate vicinity were being evaporated by the Servant flying overhead, but this was still a battlefield, and that meant giving at least some respect to the stray projectile that might shave off a few hairs... Or worse.

With a quick glance over the device, Keisuke sighed and slipped it back into his pocket. He had to admit that this whole scenario was something of a mess at the moment, but getting the Servants to not kill Medea? That might be... A bit more difficult than it was on paper. Even so, there was no reason for him to not try anyways.

"Message from the city: don't kill Medea. Disarm and disable is the ideal scenario."

With that message sent, all that he could do now was sit back and wait to see if the outcome of the duel would end in their favor or not.


"I care considerably less about them, but resources are resources," the Caster quipped before being tackled straight onto the ground after losing her altitude. The Servant felt her back digging into the ground as Atalanta kept her arms locked firmly to the ground. With her staff tumbling out of her grip as the two screeched to a halt, Medea barely turned her head to the side before letting out a sigh of defeat.

Just a few more seconds and she would have been able to make it out. What a shame.

"Hmph. That pride of yours still hasn't waned, I see. Fine, fine. I concede. I'll tell you what you wish, though it might have been more productive for you to see for yourself. But first, a question: did you not think it strange that I was provoking you? That only the city was in flames, and no more?"

Before Atalanta could respond in turn, Medea continued on, shaking her head as if in disappointment.

"Actually, maybe this question would serve you better. Did you know that the Gods have been unable to tamper with this era, bound by some force beyond their control? The heroes they wished to bend to their will now move for another... And though I loathe any mention of those so-called 'heroes', I cannot stand the thought of someone else playing with lives, both mortal and not, for their own benefit. It is for that sake that I act—far less ruthless than I might otherwise, but that is irrelevant for the moment. Well, what of you, dearest Atalanta? Though you claim to have been able to kill me at any time that you wanted, you have not done so, even though you constantly refer to me as a traitor even now. Even so, your eyes are unclouded, full of mistrust they may be—do you choose to follow and see what I refer to, or will you strike me down here and now?"


Before returning back into the burning city once more, the pharaoh paused to watch as the formerly-incapacitated Servant rolled out of Nero's arms and onto the ground below, causing him to cautiously raise his staff...

Only to lower it once he saw that the Servant was not in any particularly aggressive mood as she had been moments earlier. This was strange, of course, but even he was not apt to take a blessing for granted, and thus decided to stand by and watch the spectacle unfold just in case.

The blindfolded Servant, on the other hand, seemed to stare at Nero (or would be, if her blindfold wasn't blocking her eyesight) in confusion for a moment before shaking her head and letting her arms relax at her side.

"I... Do not know what you speak of. My mind is as much a blur as far as I can remember, save for..."

As those last words slipped out of her mouth, the Servant's body immediately tensed up and she turned towards the west, a noticeable frown and creased brow as any clear for all to see.

"My sisters! I have to get back to them now!" she began to say before beginning to dash off. As before, though, without full control over her ability to move, she simply fell over again onto the ground.

Ozymandias simply stood by and watched the farce for only a few seconds more before stepping forward to give his own input.

"I shall leave these sphinxes behind to aid in extinguishing these flames if we decide to go see what this Servant means. Though that in turn begs the question... You. What is your true name? We have had statements in passing, but no more; I wish to hear it straight from the source, so to speak. The pharaoh commands it: state thy name."

At that, the female Servant flinched and, with a bit of hesitation, began to speak.

"...Rider, Medusa. I care not what you do with me after, but for now, my sisters—!"

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Well, I mean, Centralfiction 2.0 just got released on Steam, so... :D

Playable Jubei finally.
And to be fair, the story of BlazBlue is... All over the place lol. Too much timeline hopping.
>mained Jin before CF, went to Izanami, trying to figure out whether or not to stick with her after nerfs
@Riegal: Radioing in to say that if you don't give me a heads up on your current situation, I'm gonna be moving ahead late Thursday... So roughly 60 hoursish later. So yeah.

@KoL: I think the best way to simplify it is...
1. Hans picks a target to write about
2. Hans wipes his book clean (cuz he can only buff one person at a time).
3. Hans writes. Depending on how much he writes, the target either gets anything from minor bonuses to going full Kiara.

Stories aren't stored, so... Yeah. Problems.

@SaveusY2J: I mean... I guess that explanation kinda works. Add it all in, and I'll see about it when it's not almost 1 in the morning.
@KoL: I'm gonna say no on that simply because it creates far too many issues to deal with on a case-by-case basis. The biggest issue, of course, is that there's no way to differentiate 'real' from 'game', but there's also character reasons... Namely, the fact that Hans without his NP is super dead weight (and it basically means you'd be sacrificing him for your own character to get that stuff). Y'know, cuz that's just how that NP works. There's also the issue of writer's block and all the associated issues (like learning the personality of that person, buffing a person for no good reason, etc;).

Lotsa reasons as to why that prob ain't gonna fly.
@SaveusY2J: There's more to it than that, honestly. Trap of Argalia is a big anti-Servant weapon because of its function specifically TOWARDS Servants; it makes them 'fall' because that's just how the myth works out, which ends up manifesting as how you see it in Apocrypha. It's just a big lance otherwise afaik, though strengthened by the fact that it's an NP. None of the usual fancy stuff. Just a big ol' lance.

...Which is a problem, considering that against beings with a more concrete form (read: not Servants), it cannot return anything to 'spiritual form' because they do not have a spiritual form. Yeah.

La Black Luna is also an issue because a) not defining what 'less HP' means and b) not defining things like range, duration, etc;.
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