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@Crimson Paladin: I think I still would like people to be able to interact with one another, for starters. No real limits beyond that.
@Crimson Paladin: Not necessarily, if only because some people don't have a backstory where it makes sense to start in a place like this.
@Zeroth: It's border to border, though obviously they can border multiple provinces (e.g. Hinomiya).
All right, there's the first post. I'm leaving the opening section somewhat open-ended, of course, but my request is to not all dogpile onto one place. If you need information or answers to help towards that goal, please do ask.

Edit: Adding onto that: If you want me to set up a scenario for you (because a pre-existing one that feels fitting to you isn't present or whatever other reason), please do ask. I'd be more than happy to spin something up to get you going, too.
Amami Yoshitatsu
Mifu Province — Tokushi Village

With a wide-brimmed bamboo hat resting comfortably on his head, a certain young man took a deep breath and stretched his arms. He had stayed the night at a local inn, and as pleasant as the nights here had been (or as least as pleasant as a small place far away from major towns or cities could be), there was no good reason to linger too long here.

After all, he was still 'traveling' the province; staying too long might arouse some suspicions about himself, and the last thing he wanted right now was to have to throw his name around to get out of any trouble.

Thus was the thought process of one Amami Yoshitatsu, the third son of the lord of this domain.

Honestly speaking, Yoshitatsu would have loved to simply go back home and spend his days as he had his youth—simply, without worrying about any sort of political infighting. But with that option no longer on the table, moving about the area as a ronin might was the next best thing he could hope for.

And even that would only last for so long.

With a sigh, the young man—no, young lord—began to walk around to get a better feel for the village's current state of affairs. There seemed to be no real problems as far as livelihood was concerned; there was food lined up for sale at stalls scattered about, and even a few craftsmen peddling their wares for other villagers and the stray wanderer who might be interested. Located near the ocean as it was, though, one might have expected a stray merchant ship or two by the docks—but no such thing. Fishermen, though? Those were hauling in their catches for the day to sell for dinner.

Thankfully, with his identity yet to be revealed, there was no chance of Yoshitatsu's mulling about causing any sort of a stir within the populace. A convenient thing for him, them, as he watched everyone go about their day. By evening, though, he would be gone, pack full of provisions and on his way to the next town over.

Hopefully this serenity would last longer than it had last time; having to fend off petty thieves was never pleasant.
@Crimson Paladin: Accepted.
@Conscripts: All right, accepted.

I've been feeling a bit under the weather this week but hopefully I should be well enough to start around the end of the week? Maybe?
@Conscripts: Big problem is the onmyodo knowledge. Character shouldn't have the ability to cast spells given the background here. More or less it, though.
@Zeroth: Aye, as discussed there, character looks fine. Accepted.
I'll give it a few more days before a starting post comes out.
  • Name: Amami Yoshitatsu
  • Age: 19
  • Race: Human
  • Appearance: A bit tall for his age.
  • Personality: Yoshitatsu is the type of person who would rather avoid conflict if at all possible. As a young lord of the Amami clan, he does still have a sense of righteousness in his actions—that the people of the region under his purview are still his responsibility—but his own desire to cast that off and let someone else handle it if possible makes him seem a bit hypocritical at times. This does not mean that he will run away from conflict should it arise, though; in his eyes, cowardice is far more of a sin, and to let others die while he turns a blind eye is something that would not sit right with him regardless of the circumstances.
    To those that are less familiar with the young lord, Yoshitatsu seems to be unreliable and lackadaisical, but his true nature is that of someone who works toward what he desires with the least amount of effort and, more often than not, for a sake not always his own. Being in line for succession of the Amami clan has also led more than a few people to attempt to curry favor with him, but the passing of his eldest brother has taught him to keep those sorts of people at arm's length.
  • History: The third son of Amami Ikehara, the head of the Amami clan, Yoshitatsu was often left off to the side while his brothers competed for the limelight. Content as he was spending his days relaxing in the castle, though, the ever-present threat of war meant that his father's retainers often chastised him for never putting any effort in. He, of course, saw no meaning in such a thing; his siblings were skilled in strategy and combat, and with them it seemed that the clan's future was secure.
    But alas, complacency and misfortune came hand-in-hand. His eldest brother, Amami Sakazuki, was fatally wounded on a hunting excursion when Yoshitatsu was 11—an assassination, or so the retainers with him had stated. The next in line, Amami Shinsuke, rose to the position of heir in his absence, which, while understandable, led to rumors surrounding the eldest's passing and whether or not it was an internal power struggle all along.
    While the brothers had until then been on somewhat stable (if not occasionally suspect) terms until then, Sakazuki's passing placed a new burden upon Yoshitatsu's shoulders—one that everyone else had, admittedly, already been projecting onto him until then, but one that the young lord had chosen to ignore.
    After all, if he was the one left in command, what would become of them?
    Rather than continue to be berated and battered by his elders for his apparent lack of effort, Yoshitatsu chose to leave the confines of the Amami estate at 18. 'Touring the province to understand it and gain experience firsthand' was a somewhat flimsy excuse, all things considered, but to his brother Shinsuke such a choice was something he would gladly support.
    For what reasons, though, only the heir could say.
  • Abilities/Skills: As a son of the Amami clan, Yoshitatsu was made to learn the art of warfare from a young age. His apparent disinterest in fighting or strategy comes more from a desire to live a simple life, and though his tutors claimed him a young prodigy with both the bow and sword, his aptitude for them was never made to grow—or, at least, not while he was content living with his family. Life on the road has taught him how to fight for the sake of survival, and though matters of grand strategy are still somewhat foreign to him, some scant lessons before his departure from the castle which he once called home remain lodged somewhere within his mind.
    Of course, traveling the province has also made him learn more basic survival skills; learning how to cook, maintaining his armaments, and even some basic animal care have all been instilled within his mind. He is still a 'young lord' at heart, which means that he will attempt to dodge that responsibility if he can help it, but at the very least he is able to derive some enjoyment from doing things on his own terms.
  • Other: N/A
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