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Alter Ego - Meltryllis

The ensuing cloud of smoke that shrouded the kitchen room soon gave way to the arrival of a Servant very distinctly different from most of the ones that lived in Fusang City. The long purple hair and odd prosthetic heels would most certainly not match with the city's Servant database—or any database, for that matter.

With a somewhat irate look on her face, the Servant glanced over her apparent Master and let out a sight.

"This doesn't seem to be the Moon Cell... Well, it's fine. Alter Ego of pleasure, Meltryllis. Though it disgusts me from the bottom of my heart, it seems that you've summoned me here. So..."

With a bit of a frown, the Servant crossed her arms and bent down to look at the girl who had brought her here and smirked.

"You should feel honored. You are my Master, correct? So? Who do you want me to kill for you? I'll melt them down and consume them without leaving a trace, you know."

When did this become Pokemon? ._.;;
@DocRock: Airport north, ports south. On screen summoning fine, but optional.
And that kicks off this RP.

Because why wouldn't Servant battles being televised and regulated be a thing? \o/

People are free to hit Jason up to talk or start their own scenes; whatever works, works.
Jason Liu

"...And that's all for today's lecture. Remember: next week will be a vacation for all of you, but I suggest you continue preparing for your exams regardless of that fact. I've sent you all some review materials on the off-chance that you do decide to review. Class dismissed."

With the teacher's final words, the entirety of the class—Jason included—packed away their belongings and began to slip out of the room in short order. A few stayed behind to ask questions of their own, regardless of whether they were warranted or not, but as far as 'days that vacation began' went, this one was fairly uneventful.

The laid-back chattering of students occasionally slipped by Jason's ears as he eavesdropped every so often: the next Servant Tournament matchups and participants, the popularity of the Masters at the school itself... In fact, everyone present seemed to be swept up in that sort of mood.

It was awkward to Jason, though, that all of his friends had split off elsewhere. Though he had arrived seven years ago to Fusang City and made his share of friends, that group had ended up being split up to go to various other schools across the city. Last he had checked, there was something about how the city had sorted its students based on some criteria yet unknown to him that had caused all of this, but the younger Jason didn't know anywhere near enough about the bureaucracy to make heads or tails of it. Even now, he still didn't understand it, but by now all of them had made their own new cliques and were spending time with new friends instead.

Except for him, of course.

While Jason was on speaking terms with everyone else in his class (to the point where he could have a casual conversation without regard to something like class projects or extracurriculars), to say that he had a close group of friends to confide in now would be a bit of a lie. To put it simply, his school—Ertroine High School—was a place founded by magi and intended for magi. Of course, the higher ups in the city had declared an ultimatum to allow for other students to apply for more "standard" curriculums, but the core of the systems were in place. While discrimination was officially against the code of conduct, the sheer amount of students hailing from magi families that decided not to send their children off to the Clock Tower (for whatever reason) and their general upbringing was enough to make him stand out.

With no reason to stay at the school for the moment, Jason wasted no time in leaving the premises and heading off to the nearby convenience store to buy himself a snack. Once there, though, the radios installed in the building seemed to speak, as if on cue.

"Sigurd has managed to defeat Gawain in this week's Featured Match, brough to you today by..."

"Oh, he actually won that matchup?" Jason asked himself, picking up a sandwich and moving over to the counter to purchase it. "I'm impressed. Wish I could've seen it live..."

Of course, it wasn't as if he could actually have gone to the venue; given how destructive battles between Servants were, only those who had summoned Servants were allowed to attend in the first place.

That... Was likely one of his biggest regrets to date. Not one that could have been avoided, all things considered, but one that he would throw his whole being into fixing if given the chance.
Listings should be updated now.

Jason getting a Servant can probably be held until a good plot beat arrives, but until he finds a Servant that clicks...

Honestly, I can probably get us started tonight.
Speaking of...
We'll likely be starting tomorrow...Ish? Pairing (or the lack thereof) can continue even after then, so don't worry about getting left behind or something.
@clanjos: Accepted. Hope her birthday's within range of RP time to she can pull from that gacha.
@1Charak2: Da Vinci okayed.

So is that a pair I see?

I think I'll just put my foot down and say no Angra. Putting aside issues of strength or character-based clashes, even the greatest of geniuses would have trouble making use of him, even in a more informal setting such as this one. On top of that, it's really hard to be able to integrate him into stuff cleanly.

No appealing this time, fiat given.
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