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Astrid Kim

The trip from the forest back to Redrock didn't take as long as Astrid had expected it to—probably because she had a companion in the form of her Lancer now. Luckily enough, there had been no attacks targeted at either of them. Whether it was out of luck or due to those potential enemies having other things to handle, though, was yet to be seen.

Once they had arrived, though, Lancer's own assertion that a fight had broken out caused Astrid to stop in her tracks. She had only just arrived, after all, and being thrown into the heat of battle when she was only really alert by means of a caffeine boost was a dangerous proposition. That being said, though, her Servant did have a point; finding those sorts of people was what her mother had sent her here out to do, anyhow.

Taking the runes that had been given to her by her Servant, Astrid quietly moved to a position close enough to the battlefield where she could see the battle in question unfolding. With her own spear ready in her free hand, the translator-turned-Master stared in silence at the high-speed battle unfolding in front of her. It was hard for her to keep up with each individual strike and the nuance of each movement, if at all, but that didn't stop her from trying anyways. Even if she could never hope to even come close to matching them, the possibility to trying to survive if it came down to a direct confrontation would have a lot more meaning if she knew what they were capable of.


The old man in question closed his eyes, as if deep in thought, when his Master requested a line of action. The possibilities that he presented were all options, but given the time of day and their appearance it was likely that they would be caught red-handed should they attempt to spy directly on any other faction. That only really left the problem of deciding whether or not to head to the Church or wander about town instead. Given the circumstances, the Archer was leaning more towards the latter.

"Magi tend not to acknowledge the common folk, despite how useful they may be," he remarked, walking out of the elevator with a sly grin on his face. "Though it may be against the general conventions of how these things go, so long as we never expose them to any magic or dispose of them if they do, we should be fine, correct?"

Now was the time to see how far his Master was willing to go in pursuit of victory. If he gave easily, then it would only make some of the more "morally reprehensible" things a bit easier to attempt in the future.
Kumozaki Keisuke

The Enforcer watched the battle unfolding in front of him with an impassioned gaze, his own blade at the ready on the off chance that any of them made it past the hail of arrows and spears that the rearguard was firing. The sudden movement of Fenrir to the front lines, however, caught him off guard. There was no way that he would be able to block any direct attacks from a beast of that size, and evading up a steep incline was about as foolish an idea as they came.

"Crap, the rest of our vanguard is pursuing Brynhildr—" he spoke as the wolf lunged at Arturia...

Only to be intercepted by what seemed to be a little girl and a bear.

"...Another Servant, I presume? I'm not going to complain; the more, the better," he remarked, calling for the rearguard to advance as the shadow beasts began to be pushed back. Military strategy was far from his srong suit, but it wasn't as if there was any other military commander here to handle the job for him instead.

With Elizabeth's latest attack, a large amount of icicles did indeed begin to fall from the ceiling, causing more than a few of their enemies to simply be impaled and die on the spot. The "singing" had the added benefit of disrupting the wolf's already-sensitive canine ears, and it seemed to be wincing in pain as it struggled to right itself after being intercepted. Almost as if reaction, Fenrir howled back, its fur now bristling as a layer of frost and ice began to cloak its body. It seemed to want that noise to stop, and that meant taking out the girl currently screaming her lungs out.

Tomoe Gozen

As soon as the giant wolf turned its attention away from the Sabers and towards Elizabeth, Tomoe sheathed her bow and began to slide down the rest of the incline. A few of the Valkyries called her out and asked what exactly she was planning, but the Archer didn't hear any of that at all. The Lancer's disruptive attack was enough to stall the shadow beasts that spawned, which made them easy targets for the combined force of Nero and the other Valkyries. That only left the two major threats, and their new ally was already off handling one of them.

"Avalokiteśvara... Please, lend me your strength!" she shouted, the mana inside her body building up as she moved to intercept Fenrir as it charged at Elizabeth. Without missing a beat, the Archer anchored herself and, as the wolf began to pass by, grabbed it by one of its forelegs and threw the beast into the air before drawing her bow. "The brilliance of the rising sun!"

With a deep breath, Tomoe calmly drew her bow back and aimed straight at Fenrir, who seemed to be suspended in midair for a brief moment, before firing off an arrow that seemed to burn with the light of the sun itself.

"Oṃ ālolik svāhā!"

Once the arrow had met its mark, the entire cave seemed to shine with a brilliant radiance before returning back to its prior dull red glow. The wolf, who had taken the brunt of the attack, seemed comparatively unfazed. That being said, though, the ice that surrounded it was definitely not there any longer.

"Tomoe Gozen, entering the battlefield!" she declared, switching from her bow to her katana as she began to cut through any beasts that were charging for her Master.

Brynhildr was limp as Atalanta dragged her from the mud, her eyes glazed over and unfocused as the material dripped off of her body. There was a slight twitch from her body as the Berserker screamed at her, but it was almost as if she was like a puppet that had its strings cut.

However, that seemed to change the second that the icicles began to rain down from the ceiling. Immediately, every muscle in the Valkyrie's body seemed to go rigid before the corruption on her arm seemed to instantly overtake the rest of her body. The armor she wore was now dyed black, and her eyes, now both golden, seemed to instantly focus onto the Servant in front of her. There was roughly a second of silence before the corrupt Lancer immediately gripped the Berserker's extended arm and began to twist it. It was clear the the intent was to return the favor from last time, and given that the corruption had returned the arm to a somewhat usable state, the threat of lasting damage being done was very much present.

@VitaVitaAR@Raineh Daze@KoL
Jin Kisaragi

The young woman's response to his bluff caused Jin to mentally berate himself. Things hadn't gone as he had hoped they would, obviously enough; given the initial introduction, he had expected her to act more like Noel than not. That being said, though, something was clearly off about his body compared to how it had been right before that forced transport. It was almost as if that weakness that had been shackling him ever since the Terumi incident had been removed—no, more than that, even. But given the current situation, he was in no position to muse over that; if anything, combat would be the greatest indicator if anything had changed.

"Very well. A duel it is, then," he stated calmly before quickly drawing Yukianesa from its sheath. There was a blinding flash of white as the blade of ice lashed out at Youmu, but Jin immediately followed up the strike by attempting to close the distance and striking out with a slash aimed to trip his opponent.

Killing someone now would be far from ideal, of course; the only goal he had in mind was to incapacitate his opponent so he could make her speak. Given that he was moving almost as if he was in his prime, Jin silently came to the conclusion that whatever had caused this incident had also restored his fighting power.

"Probably for the best; I would hate to act as a simple civilian in a scenario like this."


Yukine Chris

"Alright, I'll leave this to you," Chris said, placing a hand onto her friend's shoulder as she moved the other way towards the fleeing crowd. As she did so, the young woman grasped the Relic around her neck and recited her own chant in turn.

"Killter Ichaival tron."

Just as Hibiki had, Chris had donned her own Gear—though for the moment, her weapons were inactive.

"Alright, everyone inside this arcade right now, keep moving! The exit's that way!" she shouted, her gaze turning towards the upper floors of the building before realizing how likely it was that there were other people upstairs.

"I guess I should head up—" she began to say before seeing that Hibiki had launched the not-Tsubasa into one of the nearby claw machines. There was a bit of exasperation on Chris' face as the lookalike slowly crawled out of the wreckage, the plastic and metal making up the machine falling off to the side as it did so. At the very least, its attention seemed to be wholly focused onto Hibiki now, which meant that she had the leeway to tray and get everyone on the upper floors to safety.

"Oi, keep her on the streets!" Chris shouted before dashing to the next floor. There were a few people glancing about in confusion, unsure of the current situation, which itself was... To be expected.

"Alright, everyone! I want you to gather around this stairwell and prepare to move out of here once I'm back here. Are we clear?!" she declared before moving up the building again. While the probability of the arcade collapsing was infinitesimal—after all, Japanese architecture was built with earthquakes in mind—it didn't hurt to try and get them out in case the not-Tsubasa tried to summon a giant sword to cut through the building instead.

As Chris continued to move about and try to get the other civilians to safety, the shadow Tsubasa silently held her blade ready before bringing it level with her head. There was a moment of pause, though, before it opened its mouth and began to... Sing?

Unlike the Tsubasa that the Gear users knew, whatever this was had a voice that sounded less like a human's and more like a Vocaloid's, complete with autotune to correct what would otherwise be relatively uneven singing. That being said, though, it seemed that this 'song' (if it could even be called that) was close enough to one of Tsubasa's own to at least bring her speed up a little. That was made evident, of course, by the fact that she immediately began to dash towards Hibiki, her sword prepared to make another attempt at cutting through the one in front of her.

The figure that had attacked Abigail remained expressionless as a multitude of tendrils of light sprang forth from seemingly out of nowhere, and the weapon in her hands clashed against them for a moment before she decided to swing a few more times, just to see if she could break through. That, too, failed, and after a few moments she took a step back and simply raised her weapon...

Only to simply stab it into herself.

The blood that spurted out of her coated the weapon in short order, and soon the blade was lit ablaze in flames. With that in hand, the figure took to striking at the tendrils once more, with a more noticeable effect than it had been up until then.

The battle with 'Chrom', on the other hand, was progressing in a different manner. Though Robin had struck out at him with a spear, the blue-haired man simply pushed off to the side at the last second, rolling under the attack instead. The dragon of ink that Owain had sent out, on the other hand, struck its target's back cleanly. There was a visible gash through the armor that he wore now, revealing an open wound that seemed to be at times bleeding flesh and others some sort of dark energy. Even so, 'Chrom' remained unfazed by the wound and lashed out with the Falchion in his hands, aiming at Robin's extended arm in an attempt to cut it off.

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Jin Kisaragi

With a quick glance around, the Major quickly noticed that the people who were walking around were wrapped in layers of clothing, which made him stand out even more than normal. A slight grimace passed over his face as he began to walk through the freshly fallen snow, his boots making a distinct crunching noise with each step. He didn't make it far, though, before the sound of someone meekly calling out to him caused him to stop cold in his tracks.

"Are you addressing me?" Jin asked calmly, turning around to face whatever person—a young woman clad in green, or so it seemed—had called out to him. "If so, you..."

The Major's words trailed off as he took in the person's outfit and how much they stood out relative to more or less everyone else in the area. There was a moment of hesitation, though, before he took an active stance and stared the young woman down.

"Never mind that now. You stand out as much as I do, so I can only assume you might know something about this incident. Speak up, or I won't hesitate to cut you down where you stand," he stated, right hand on the hilt of Yukianesa as he readied himself to parry or strike out at this prospective enemy.

This was a bluff, of course; as far as he knew, it would only take a few strikes from the woman in front of him to bring him down if he wasn't careful, and it had been a while since he had last seen combat. Hopefully, however, her apparent disposition would make wanting to a avoid combat a higher priority than taking him on that challenge.

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Yukine Chris

After cycling through most of the people on her phone, Chris was beginning to lose hope in being able to contact anyone else at the moment. It would be difficult enough getting home from Akihabara barring flight, and given the situation even she wasn't entirely sure if it was worth it trying to get back home right away. All hope was not lost, however, as there was still one number left to dial.

"Mmm... If there was any time to try calling you, it might as well be now," she sighed to herself mentally as she began to call the person in question...

Only to hear the ringtone of said person a few feet behind her. With a start, Chris turned around, only to see Hibiki clutching a plushie of what she assumed to be Miku... Which, creepiness factor aside, matched up with the stand outside of the arcade. With a quick flick of her thumb, Chris stopped the call and walked over to the brunette standing idly by.

"Oi, Hibiki, do you have any clue what happened? Did you try contacting the old man yet? I took two steps out of my apartment and now I'm here... And what's with that plushie?!" she asked before sighing and taking a deep breath. Knowing Hibiki and her current reaction, it was likely that her friend knew as much as she did about the situation—in other words, next to nothing at all.

"On second thought, only that second question really matters right now," Chris continued, realizing that questioning why Hibiki had made a beeline towards that sort of arcade reward wasn't a question as much as it was an eventuality. "My cellphone still works, for what it's worth, but—"

As soon as she spoke, a whole horde of people began to flood into the arcade's first floor. The sudden rush caused the young woman to instinctively grab onto Hibiki's arm and drag her off to one of the walls to the side as the crowd passed by. Chris' first thought, of course, was that they were running away from something.

"But what..."

The answer to her question was made obvious when the rush of people had cleared. Standing out in the middle of the street was a giant blue and white sword, blade splitting the asphalt asunder. Though nobody seemed to be harmed by it, there was only one person who either of them knew who could possibly be the cause of such a thing.

"Hey, what the heck, Tsubasa?!" Chris cried out, shoving her way through what people were left to make her way onto the street. "There's no threaaaa..."

There was indeed a figure that looked almost identical to the one that they knew as Kazanari Tsubasa standing atop the blade, but the visible dark particles and soulless glowing eyes made Chris do a double take and move a few steps back.

"Hibiki, I think we're going to have to fight. Do you think you can evacuate the civilians, or should I cover for them instead?" she asked, hand on the Relic around her neck as she prepared for battle.

A few streets away from that incident, though, a similar problem had thus arisen near the other group of three. A few bodies were lying in the middle of the street, backs cut open as one figure stepped slowly out of the crowd. The blue hair and Mark of the Exalt on his right shoulder made it all to clear who it was, though it was also obvious from the aura surrounding him that there was something distinctly wrong about it all. Further back, however, stood something relatively more ominous.

A second figure, equally cloaked in that same presence, stepped forward towards the fleeing group. A quick flick of the blade in her hand caused blood to splatter across the street, and that same weapon was soon pointed at the young girl in front of her.

After a moment of silence, the former dashed towards the young man, sword aimed squarely at his neck as he struck forth. The latter followed suit, her blade aiming to take the head of her opponent as quickly as her body would permit.

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Jin Kisaragi

With the paperwork on his desk finally completed, Major Jin Kisaragi took a deep breath and called for his assistant to bring this elsewhere for completion. Ever since the incident involving Yuuki Terumi, the world had been at relative peace; given his current state, he was more apt to call that a blessing than anything else. Unlike the muscle-headed womanizer that was Kagura, he didn't have a body strong enough to withstand the battlefield any more. Even so, the Nox Nyctores at his side never left him. Be it out of some odd sense of nostalgia or something else entirely, Jin found himself compelled to keep it around. There were probably better places to keep a weapon of this power, but keeping it by his side in case of emergencies was probably smarter than simply keeping it stashed away somewhere.

"Well, if this is all..." he began to trail off before the a sudden wave of vertigo struck him. Wincing, the Major gripped the side of his desk as he attempted to steady himself. The last time he had encountered something like this was—!

"Phenomena.... Intervention?" he asked himself before the sudden shift caused him to lose focus.

When he finally managed to steady himself, Jin found himself no longer at his desk, but rather in front of a large tower of some variety. There were a few minutes of pause before the young man sighed and began to list off the possible culprits.

"The possibility of this being another timeline is incredibly low, given the lack of seithr here... Another world, then? A Sector Seven experiment gone wrong? Given that I have my memories, it's possible that there is an Observer somewhere..." he began to say quietly before deciding that finding the cause and punishing them could be dealt with later. For now, though, figuring out where and when he was took priority.

The snow that coated the park here wasn't helping matters much, either; though Jin was well accustomed to the cold, it wasn't the smartest of ideas to try and figure out anything while wandering around like a fool in this weather.

"Hmph. I can already feel something troublesome brewing in the air..."

Yukine Chris

With a sigh of relief, the white-haired young woman who had just managed to trudge on home to her apartment threw her backpack to the wayside before promptly falling face-first onto her bed. Winter vacation had just begun, which meant at least some degree of respite from studying and exams in between dealing with international crises.

That was the life of Yukine Chris, more or less—while her past was more than troubled, the life she had now was something in between 'average high schooler' and 'superhero-slash-vigilante'. Being able to relax without her apartment suddenly being crashed into by Hibiki or Miku (seriously, why did the old man have to give them keys to her place?!) was a blessing that she was keen to take. Genjuro had given her and the others the day off, at least; for that, she was grateful.

"...Alright, I guess that's enough lazing around for now," she finally said, pushing herself off of her bed before promptly changing out of her school uniform and into something less formal. "Getting groceries sounds like a smart idea."

With that, the young woman promptly grabbed a light jacket and put it on before leaving her apartment...

Only to find herself on a very unfamiliar street—and with more than a few people staring at her and murmuring among themselves.


There was a slight pause as Chris turned around, only to find that her apartment was definitely not there. What was equally shocking, though, was that there was a life-sized cardboard cutout of her standing just a few feet away. The image of her was equipped with the Gear she was familiar with, of course, but the fact that it existed at all was more shocking.

"Oi, oi, you've got to be kidding..." she muttered before glancing around. The various arcades and electronic shops in the area painted a rough picture of the area in Chris' mind, and it took her a few seconds to realize that she was probably in Akihabara. But that itself was fairly alarming; after all, she had been spontaneously teleported here, with no warning, from in front of her apartment.

Without missing a beat, Chris pulled out her cellphone and attempted to call Genjuro, only to find that the number wasn't functional (despite her signal being perfectly fine). Just great.

The growing crowd coupled with the odd circumstances caused Chris to glance up from her phone for a moment before she decided to slip away inside the nearest arcade. If there was anything that could get people off her trail that didn't involve some convoluted scheme of running away through the buildings or flying off, it was the ability of the people working here to do their jobs.

"But seriously, though... Who the heck would make that sort of creepy thing? It's not like I'm some sort of celebrity like senpai is..." she muttered as she began to rapidly dial through her friends' numbers in order. Even if Genjuro's didn't work, the possibility that someone else's might wasn't something that she could simply pass up.
Astrid Kim

The half-Valkyrie paused as she considered the implication behind being 'invited' for combat by an enemy magus. Being spied on was certainly something to be expected, but to think that it was a familiar like that...

Well, it wasn't as if she knew all too well what that entailed, but something about the prospect of combat sent a shiver down her spine. Be it out of worry or anticipation, the young woman was all too unsure about what that would lead to.

"N-no, I can fly," Astrid responded, shaking her head as she moved to go retrieve all of the runes that she had placed around the area earlier. "I'd rather not, though, in case someone tries to attack all of a sudden. I'm sure they're unaware of my lineage, and something like that could prove to be essential in overwhelming an opponent."

Once all of the runes had been gathered, though, Astrid walked back up to her Servant before glancing back at the woods through which she had arrived here from.

"I think that seeing a person flying above the forest is less subtle than trekking back through it, but the possibility of danger is much higher if we take the slow route... Very well, Lancer. Let's return to Redrock for the moment. It would probably do us well to get you some clothing so that you may blend in with the crowd," she finally stated, subconsciously feeling for her wallet as she spoke.

It wasn't as if she was lacking in funds, but there was only so much that she was comfortable spending at once. The cost of the trip here was already a bit painful as it was...

  • Name: Yukine Chris
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: "Quit messing around! We've got a job to do!"
  • Personality: Chris is rather rough around the edges, and usually comes off as abrasive and hot-headed to those that she meets. While she used to be a far more antisocial person (partially due to her own upbringing), the events of the last few years of her life involving the other Gear users have caused her to open up considerably more to those who come to know her despite her own shortcomings. At heart, she is committed to doing the 'right' thing, even if she personally suffers due to the consequences of her actions.
    Despite her behavior to those around her, though, Chris is less of a delinquent and more of a straight-A student. In that regard, she is the opposite of Hibiki—a studious young woman who is able to come up with and execute complex solutions to problems on the fly, and one who relies on her brain more than she might brute force.
    Not to say that she doesn't occasionally decide that 'bigger is better', though; if you have enough firepower to level a mountain, then sometimes brute force is the best answer.
  • Brief History: The child of a famous singer and artist, Chris was brought along by her parents to volunteer at a country that had, at the time, recently exited a coup. Both of her parents were killed during a terrorist bombing, however, and a young Chris was soon kidnapped and sold into slavery. Though rescued by the UN a few years later, Chris was kidnapped once again by Fine, who continued to exploit and abuse her until eventually abandoning her altogether.
    After this event, it was Kazanari Genjuro, the leader of S.O.N.G., who took her in as his adoptive daughter. Though she is still somewhat far from fully recovering from the trauma of constant abuse, the events of the last few years and the bonds she has formed with the other Gear users have allowed her to readjust to society once more.
  • Universe of Origin: Senki Zessho Symphogear
  • Equipment: Chris, like Hibiki, has a Gear made from a piece of a Relic—though in her case, it is the bow Ichaival rather than Gungnir that is used as a basis. Once activated, Chris gains increased physical durability, as well as a pair of crossbows that can fire multiple magical bolts at a time. Aside from these weapons, though, Chris' Gear itself gains the ability to shoot a seemingly-infinite supply of missiles at will. The aforementioned crossbows also have the ability to change into other projectile weapons, particularly firearms; while Chris prefers to use them as a pair of gatling guns attached to her arms, these weapons have also been shown to be able to take the form of a pair of pistols, a Japanese yumi, and a large sniper rifle (which can also double as an emergency bludgeoning tool).
    Additionally, Chris also possesses an Ignite Module and can use its power to amplify her own, for a short period of time. As with all Gear users, she also has her own ace-in-the-hole in the form of her Swan Song, but that also comes with the risk of necessary medical intervention should there no be no way of diverting the backlash elsewhere.
  • Abilities: Placing aside anything directly involving her Gear, Chris is particularly skilled in kyudo and marksmanship (which, all things considered, plays into her own skill with the Gear itself). Aside from that, Chris is also quite intelligent and can act as a relatively decent emergency tactician should the need arise.
  • Other: N/A
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