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Kamijou Touma and Komeiji Satori

Satori stood off to the side as Goldibanne managed to scare off the "assailant" (who, as it turned out, was actually far less competent than any of them had assumed). Sighing, the youkai shook her head and pulled her focus away from that problem, and now instead focusing on the one whose bag was stolen. She didn't quite understand the context of the situation, but this was...

"Oi, what'd you just say just now? A dungeon? This some kinda game world or something?" Touma interjected, breaking Satori's train of thought as he stepped forward to try and take control of the conversation. "I mean, I don't really like the idea of stealing anyways, but, like... Is this one of those weird places that runs off of those rules? I only really played the really old classic RPGs as a kid, but, uh... What was it called again? 'Grinding' or something? I'm not saying you're in the right or whatever, but... Y'know, there's a difference between that and stealing. Can you... I dunno, explain what's going on here a bit more? Like, objectively speaking or whatever."

With a nervous smile, the young man rubbed the back of his neck with his right hand, waiting for a response from the young girl in front of them. Different worlds worked off of different rules, or so he had assumed... But even with all the context that he had just been given, to think that there would be one that worked off of game mechanics...

And so soon, too. That was just strange...


Well, I finally managed to axe my way through my giant workload, and I come back to see that this RP is... In it's death throes. Dang.

It's been nice trying to keep this alive while it lasted, I guess. With the current numbers, I'm not sure if I can keep this afloat for the moment.

Maybe in the future I'll try this again, with the lessons learned from what I failed on in here. Until then, though, I guess we're closing up shop here.

Life happens, I guess.
Haha holy crap that was a suffocating workload. But I'm alive now! And have a form. Yes.

Anyways... Let's see what else I can't get in the next few days. I'll kick things off then.
Aaaah, sorry for poofing. Final papers and projects are starting to approach, and I'm in a fuss working on them all.

@Grey Star: Accepted.
@The Harbinger of Ferocity: Also accepted.

So yeah, uh... Waiting on more people.
Also a chance to finish my own after this stuff at least becomes manageable lol.
Within the Yunzhou mountain range of the Sleeping Maw continent, where the land towers above all who dare approach, there lies a small monastery—nay, a temple, whose existence remains unknown to the world. While cultivators-to-be travel far and wide, seeking fortune and glory at famous clan sects, this hidden corner of the world has caught almost no attention. Though those cultivating here may wish for strength or power, their residence here shows that their desire for strength only goes so far. After all, how could they compare to things like the Raging Phoenix sect, whose blows part the skies in a flurry of fiery rage whenever they meet another in combat? Or what of the Shining Fangs clan, whose influence reaches across the vastest oceans and the deepest reaches of the Stormrock continent? No, rather, within the wisps of fog and cloud that seems to remain around these lands and hides them from any who would attempt to invade, the cultivators here bide their time and train. Thus, this clan—the Eightfold Lotus—seeks to raise their strength out of sight. While others may seek strength in numbers, what does that matter before the strength of the few, the hidden, and the dominant?

But not all roads to strength are clear-cut, and not all paths tread are the same. The daily lives of those who reside here, at this hidden alcove in the world, may not remain as stagnant as it has always been.

The strength of their souls ever growing, their desire for strength ever rising—will they reach their peak among the immortals whose names are etched within history, or shall they fall nameless, as cultivators shall time and time again?

Heyo, people who are looking at this right now because reasons! As the title suggests, this is a wuxia RP (with a few xianxia elements here and there), so I'm gonna be borrowing elements from a lot of other works of the genre. For the most part, the RP will be high fantasy with VERY heavy Asian influences (mainly Chinese), so plan accordingly.

I'm kinda borrowing the cultivation system from I Shall Seal the Heavens, so if you know what that is, great! If you don't, well... No need to worry, because a general idea of the system I plan on using in the RP is coming... Now!

Now for some of the more... Generic stuff to note.
  • Medicines and pills will be important, as is expected. Of course, things targeted towards cultivation aren't the same as regular medicines, so not everyone can make these.
  • Magical creatures exist within the world. These can take many forms, mythical or chimeric or what have you, but they're all relatively dangerous. Of course, normal ones exist too, but that's another matter. These creatures will tend to have traits or what have you imbued within their qi, and yes, that can be absorbed by the players.
    Provided it's handled correctly.
  • Dark qi also exists. It has a variety of effects, but it's not always bad. Just very, very prone to going haywire if not controlled. It can also end up like the good ol' soul-scarring wave of death and destruction if allowed to go crazy, so... Careful around the stuff.
  • Wuxia leaning xianxia means we can go pretty fantastical with abilities, but not too high fantasy in style with it. Keep things from getting to crazy from right off the bat. I expect most RPers to start at around stage 3-4 and not go anywhere near 5 for a while, though, so.

So, without further ado, heeere's a form!

Questions can be thrown at me in the OoC here, so yeah. I'd like to think I'm fairly reasonable when it comes to discussing issues that may pop up, so feel free to ask if you've got anything TO ask.
Ah, geez, what a chaotic weekend. @A@

I'll have an OoC up momentarily, now that I have time.
@KoL: Oi, don't just call things like that. I still have faith. =3=;;

Though... I think it may be a matter of injecting new life, then? If you're saying that it's a matter of 'feeling empty', then the only thing that I can contemplate in terms of fixing that is adding more people.

But yeah, I'm not gonna let this die just like that. Happened once and we lived through that, so I think it can survive again.
Hope so, at least.
Ah, right. Guess I should've explained that a bit better, huh?

So, tl;dr: Strength in wuxia/xianxia works is often based on the level of cultivation that the person has achieved; that's what I mean by 'stage' here. I'm basing the system in the RP loosely off of that in I Shall Seal the Heavens, so it ended up as follows:

Body Reinforcing: Stage 1; training the body, starting from the skin and working your way inside. This is nothing too notable in the grander scheme of things, all things considered. It's the starter stage, after all.
Qi Condensation: Stage 2; gathering qi within the body, though still not able to meaningfully manipulate it. It's still kinda limited around here, but it creates a basis from which the later stages build off of... For the most part.
Foundation Establishment: Stage 3; things start to kick off around here, as it's around now where hovering becomes a possibility. Manipulation of qi is more liberal now, and energy reserves go up tenfold because the body's able to abuse that qi to rejuvenate the self if need be. Oh, and this also means messing with qi to pull off some more magical fighting techniques (though nothing too outlandish, of course).
Core Formation: Stage 4; tl;dr flight and aura shenanigans. Also stronger qi techniques. Woo.
Nascent Soul: Stage 5; At this point, we start reaching into some DBZ-level shenanigans. Like... Clearing giant stretches of land in a single attack. Of course, raw power doesn't mean anything without the control to use it, but still!
Immortal Ascension: Stage 6; I mean... At this point, you can probably punch out gods without breaking a sweat. I don't really need to say more than "near-omnipotent".

Obviously, nobody's going to be anywhere near 5/6, since the scaling on those is just so absurd that it's nearly unreasonable lol.
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