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Okay, first batch of Masters to be accepted...

@VitaVitaAR@Vahir@Raineh Daze: You three are all clear. You can start making Servants for people now or hold off 'til the last 3 are ready before making any commitments.

I've already given my comments regarding the other ones elsewhere, but otherwise... Yeah. Get crackin', people.
Alter Ego — Meltryllis

Though she was rather unimpressed with the massive ghost's prodigious size, Meltryllis found herself rather annoyed at the fact that it was simply abnormally persistent rather than properly threatening. She and the cosplaying fox had already proven that its size meant nothing, but given that it seemed to lack any proper sapience, their ability to dispatch it seemed to mean nothing.

If only it could simply die like any other ordinary enemy...

With a curt 'hmph', the Alter Ego jumped backward as the odd tendrils struck out at her, her gaze sharp as she watched the billowing smog flood the area. It went without saying that actually fighting the monster would be more of an exercise in patience than it had been for the Shadow Servants prior, but going straight for it with reckless abandon would be the height of stupidity.

"Well, given how enclosed this place is, it's only a matter of time before the ground is flooded with... Well, whatever that vile smoke it. In that case, the only solution is to avoid it entirely, no?"

Though the smoke was flowing rather freely about, its mass seemed to be heavy, hanging closer to the ground while leaving the upper areas intact. Of course, as a primarily melee combatant, Meltryllis noted to herself to at least be able to strike and retreat without fail.

Not like she had any belief that she would fail, of course.

"Perhaps you should use your head more often; it might suit you better than acting like an airhead all day," she concluded, leaping towards the nearest wall and using it as a springboard to propel herself further upwards. At the very least, moving up above the mindless monster where its attacks could not easily reach would give her time to figure out if she could execute it and melt it down.

Even something like this had to be of some use as EXP, after all.


Fusang Streets

If he had to be honest, Waver found Conner's own restraint in getting involved in the affairs of others like this rather commendable; of course, if he didn't pry into matters further, then that was that. Then again, he had gotten his own students involved in a great variety of problems of his in the past, so maybe this was for the best for now.

"Alright, then. I suppose we'll see you again during our next lecture," he said, bidding the young man and his Servant farewell before turning back towards the other pair. Of course, he still had a bit of trouble looking the Saber in the eye, but at the very least, he could half-address her by referring to her Master instead. "I should probably go and cancel my appointment, then, but I can do that on the way. Follow me."

At the very least, calling in to do so was notably less mired in paperwork than doing something similar back at the Clock Tower...

Compared to his old office, the new one Waver found himself using at the university notably less cluttered. There was enough space for all of the documents he had decided to bring with him on the move over, but most of the other things he had used to decorate had been left behind. For the moment, though, that bare minimum—a desk and a few chairs scattered about—would be sufficient for the sake of an impromptu meeting like this.

With both Charlotte and her Saber haven taken their seats, Waver took a moment to compose himself behind his desk. Gray seemed to be looking at the two with mild worry, but given that she had at least elected to take a seat, the professor could at least focus on explaining the situation.

"...Right. Well... To put it simply, my assistant here did not originally appear as such. Her family had originally intended to turn her into a perfect copy of... Well, yourself," he stated coldly, gesturing towards Artoria before turning back towards Gray. She gave a slight nod towards the two to confirm his words, after which point he continued his explanation.

"Of course, things had escalated twice in the past, both of which coincided with your repeated incarnations in Fuyuki City in the last three decades. The first had brought about her initial change in appearance to something one might call an 'uncanny resemblance', but the second in 2006 has brought her even closer to your form in life, including that which resides here," he said, pointing towards the center of his chest. "In other words, your being summoned here once more..."

"...Means that professor is worried about what might happen to me again. Isn't that right?"

Of course, Waver hadn't expected Gray to speak up, but the fact that she at least had the strength of mind to look at the two head-on already meant that the shock from earlier might have already worn off, if only slightly.

"...Right. Of course, there is also the matter of her carrying the Holy Lance around, but at the very least, those are her circumstances. Of course, I would like if you could not spread the truth behind all this around. Though I have no doubt that others might 'understand', getting wrapped up in more trouble due to loose lips would be rather... Problematic, to say the least."

With that, Waver straightened his back and looked at the two in front of him, waiting for some sort of response. He couldn't stop them by any means if they decided to go against his request, which meant all that he could do was wait and see how they would react.

Given that she had no adrenaline pumping through her system like she had earlier, Misaki was at the very least able to take a few deep breaths in an attempt to ignore the pain running through her body. Though she was no longer deafened by the makeshift flashbang, the ringing in her head still seemed to remain. Shakily rising to her feet, the foxgirl gave Nobunaga a slight nod in return before turning to Lazirha with a half-smile.

"A-ah... I feel about leaving that to you, but if you insist..." she trailed off, glancing at the soup before slowly moving to seat herself in a place closer to the fire.

And, of course, away from the walking fire hazard. Even if the incident was an accident, Misaki was not particularly inclined to associate with a scantily-clad catgirl with the inability to prevent the equivalent of a stun grenade from blowing up indoors.

Once the meal had concluded, the foxgirl quietly excused herself from the house and stepped outside, making sure to take a deep breath of the cold evening air to shock herself slightly more awake than she had been before. The headache had all but left in the time it had taken to eat her meal (which, while impressive given what she had tasted, was still immediately lacking in the wonders of modern seasonings), which gave her more than enough time to consider what to spend the night on. Given that Lazirha would not allow her to help fix things up again (the small spot on her head where she had been smacked by her ladle showing as much), the foxgirl considered focusing on her newfound magical abilities before night took over anyhow.

Taking care not to stray too far from Lazirha's house, Misaki quietly began to focus as she held her hands out in front of herself. Despite ending up as collateral damage, the foxgirl found at least one positive takeaway from that debacle: the ability to manipulate the 'type' of magic cast.

For starters, then, she would attempt to see to what extent that theory held firm. Fire and light were obvious, but what of water? Stone? Could she generate electricity from nowhere? Given that 'gift' that the 'goddess' had given her, being able to use electricity would be a major boon, should it prove to be manageable.

Of course, she would not go so far as to test her limits; small quantities of whatever it was she was trying would be more than sufficient for the sake of trying.

@VitaVitaAR@Click This@Crusader Lord@Rune_Alchemist
Hey, co-GM clocking in here.

Just to give a head's up: I'm not going to be making or applying any GMPCs of my own to the RP; my job is solely focused on the more administrative side of this RP (so mainly form analysis and review), so don't think that there's going to be one less slot around because I'm hanging around.

That being said, I'm probably going to be a bit more critical of characters in general now that I'm in this position, so expect a lot of questions from me digging into what has been presented. You know the deal.
Given how hard she would have ordinarily expected learning a new skill to have been, Misaki was actually pleasantly surprised by the result of her attempts. The intensity of the light proper did leave a little bit to be desired, but for a first attempt, something like this was actually perfectly acceptable in her eyes. The coloration was, admittedly, a bit odd, but ultimately it was something she could live with for the moment. If it was ultimately something to have to look into, she'd do so when it became relevant.

It was at this point that she began to toy with controlling the magic, though; pushing and pulling it from its position, rotating it, and everything in between... Once the sphere had stabilized in shape, that much was at least worth looking into.

Before she could get very far on that front, though, the foxgirl had noticed a glowing light from the side; a brief glance was all she needed to figure out that the source was a proper ball of fire and not simply some semi-amorphous ball of light. The moment that it grew in size, though, she instinctively took a step back, shaking her head as if to signal that the problem should be stopped.

Needless to say, that wasn't going to happen. The subsequent flash of light and loud noise would have easily been on the same level of a flashbang grenade (or, at the very least, what she assumed being on the receiving end of one would have been like), and given her recent encounter with disorienting noises, well...

While the others might have come out just a little worse for wear, she had not been so lucky. Being thrown back into the various artifacts that had just been organized had also been coupled by being unable to see or hear, and the pain ringing in her head caused Misaki to simply crumple over after landing, her hands covering her ears out of instinct. It was nothing that wouldn't go away with time, as past experiences had shown, but it wasn't something that could just be ignored so simply.

Needless to say, she was already disliking the one responsible for her current pain, and it hadn't even been that long since they had met.

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Misaki's eyes narrowed ever so slightly as she stared at the small sphere of light that Lazirha had created. While she was no scientist, the fact that this was not something she could explain by more 'rational' means made it abundantly clear that delving into magic was going to be a fair deal less straightforward than she had inwardly hoped. It wasn't anything deal-breaking given everything she had already seen today, but without any way to directly understand the methodology behind the magic of this world in the first place, mimicking it would probably bring about an uncomfortable amount of embarrassment.

Luckily enough, the de facto magic teacher had taken the chance to take her hand, and though Misaki herself took a moment to realize what it was that Lazirha was doing, wrapping her head around to concept took no more than a few seconds. Describing it as if someone was trying to pull on her bloodstream wouldn't be too far off-base, at least in her eyes, and after another brief half-explanation from Lazirha, the foxgirl decided to take a crack at mimicking it on her own.

If the whole matter was focused around a mix of idealization and the actual manipulation of what she assumed to be mana or whatever equivalent she had floating in her body, then using what she knew about light on a more scientific level could lead to varying degrees of intensity or something along those lines, wouldn't it?

Of course, the only thing left to do now was experiment. Though she didn't expect to grasp the ability to cast magic immediately, trying to pull upon the same sensation that Lazirha had induced while coupling it with various mental images meant that this was probably a good a place as any to start. Anything beyond light could probably be toyed with in a place that wasn't someone's home, though.

@VitaVitaAR@Click This@Crusader Lord@Rune_Alchemist

Seeing as how the person in the robe refrained from reaching out to him proper, the old man simply shrugged his shoulders and turned to return to his home, had the younger of the two girls not called out to him moments before he did so. The mention of the abandoned residence caused him to pause before shaking his head.

"...I'm not sure where you heard about that sort of thing, but... There's nothing like that here. You'd be better off not looking," he responded, leaving the two behind on the road.

Of course, the way that he spoke about the matter compared to how he had greeted them earlier was rather suspicious, but when it came to matters such at these, it might have only been expected that the information would not simply fall into their laps.



The man at the counter who Lucya had sidled up to simply raised an eyebrow as he gazed down at the half-dozen pieces of paper spread out in front of him. There was nothing within that really seemed out of the ordinary, but taking so many at once was a bit... Odd, to say the least.

Odd as it was, though, something like that wasn't unheard of.

"Mm. Got it," he responded simply, swapping the papers out for a few dogtags and leaving them in front of the bounty hunter-to-be. "Time limit for each job's on each tag. You're a fresh face around here, so I'll just make sure that you know you've only got a week tops for all these, or else your claim on the job goes null. Clear?"

The difficulty in most of what had been picked up was really in finding the targets as much as it was taking them out. A smuggler who bit off more than he could chew, wolves roaming the countryside, a rowdy drunkard who had forgotten his tab, and so on...

Even if the jobs themselves weren't inherently noteworthy, depending on how fast they were done, the price tags on each could easily pay for a few days' efforts.

It was, admittedly, a bit disappointing to Misaki that what was written on the tablets couldn't be translated by whatever odd magic had allowed her to read the scrolls from earlier. The passing summary from Lazirha about the contents therein were sadly not as enlightening as the foxgirl had hoped they would be, but she found it at least worth remembering for the future in case it ended up becoming relevant.

As she continued carefully moving things around to make things feel less claustrophobic, though, Misaki couldn't help but pause when she heard one of the newcomers trying to fish for any mention of tombs. There was a noticeable frown on her face as she considered the implications thereof; a place of worship did not necessarily preclude the existence of a burial ground, especially if the being in question was not entombed in the first place. Of course, if the two happened to coincide, then all the better, but asking about the presence of a tomb rather than, say, anything pertaining to the pillar that was just emphasized just seemed... Well, like a shot in the dark at best.

What seemed to be more interesting, though, was the offer of teaching magic to them. To this, the foxgirl could not help but perk up a little; given that both Novak and Nobunaga had the ability to fight in melee range well at hand, learning something more utility-focused would at least make her feel a bit less useless in the long run.

"If you're offering, then I would certainly love a chance to at least try and learn some magic," she said, stepping back from the corner she had been working in before dusting herself off. "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested."

Maybe if she could get a feel for how the system worked (assuming it wasn't just some manipulation of scientific principles), it'd be easier to make use of in the future...

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Fusang Streets


Words seemed to be caught in Gray's throat as she attempted to avert her gaze from Artoria's. Her reaction had not been anywhere near as intense when Waver had done his introductory lecture earlier that week, but maybe that was because the Servant in front of her now had not been present. At this very moment, though, the young woman felt what could only be described as unbearable pressure bearing down upon her. Of course, she had hoped that this moment would never have come in the first place, but given the nature of Fusang, something like this was almost inevitable.

But to have what she was becoming—in all but name, no less—asking her something like that up front... The desire to simply flee was only stopped by her apparent inability to move her legs, much less speak.

Of course, given the scene playing out now, Waver found himself unable to simply stand by. Of course, he had wished to avoid contact with the Saber in front of him if at all possible, but it was his duty as Gray's guardian to at least attempt to step in. It didn't seem like she recognized him, at the very least, so he had some leeway on that front.

"Pardon me, but you're making my assistant rather uncomfortable," he finally said, turning around and placing a hand on Gray's shoulder. Given the reactions of the two students in front of him, though, the professor had a sinking feeling that he would have to explain matters in the future regardless; such curiosity was not so easily sated, especially given that one of them was the Master of the Saber speaking in the first place.

"...I can tell that a response like that is not what you would want, but I would rather not create a scene in the middle of the street," he continued, glancing at everyone before sighing. "At this rate, I'll just have to cancel my appointment... How troublesome. If you wish to pursue this matter further, then we can go and speak about it in my office. I'd rather not give a lengthy explanation in public, after all."

As much as he wanted to summon Iskandar, the issue in front of him couldn't simply be ignored; it was a bit awkward to end up wrapped up in something like this so soon after arriving, but given his own reputation, that much was almost to be expected.

After being given leave to examine the miscellaneous goods scattered about, Misaki wasted no time in attempting to take note of everything, shuffling things around so that, at the very least, like artifacts were grouped together in a far more orderly fashion than they had been when she had entered. It was of note how the language written on the tablets was remained unintelligible despite the apparent automatic translation of the scrolls she had gone over earlier, which, while disappointing, gave her more reason to at least focus more upon Lazirha's attempt to translate them herself. Of course, the other two people that had asked for permission to look things over were working on their own, and despite the less-than-warm reception she had given the one who had approached her, they seemed to not take much offense. Of course, she was still a bit wary of them, given the wide variance in the type of people who lived on Earth, and so she resolved to hold off on actually reaching out until she felt like she could at least get a better feel for them.

That didn't mean that she'd simply hand off her name, though—or, at least, that was what she had planned to do, had Lazirha not spoken it in her stead. It was at this point that Misaki considered the costs and benefits of trying to keep up this charade before discarding the idea entirely. It'd only make her look foolish in the long run, after all, had she continued to try and act like she knew nothing when so much was already out in the open.

"Fog, huh...? Well, that's certainly ominous," she sighed, shaking her head. "Given that we've gotten the go-ahead to explore the region, I suppose that much might prove to be a bit problematic, though. I'd rather not get stuck wandering for an eternity, though, so the problem now becomes navigating through that..."

As good as it was to have this information on hand, it wouldn't actually be of any use to them if they couldn't figure out any countermeasures beforehand.

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