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Seeing that Indrau was more apt to dealing with the fairies (who at this point seemed to not have anything else of note in mind), Tiral quietly began to gather some of the less-vaporized chunks of the tree into a small bag. As soon as more fairies started flitting around, though, the mage made the decision to quietly chant an incantation and generate a bunch of ice crystals around himself. They weren't there for self defense by any means, but the temperature around him did drop drastically in the process. It made handling the burnt wood a little less painful aside from that, at least, but the primary focus was on not having anything on him looted out of nowhere.

"I'll go focus on these chunks, then. I leave it to you two to handle the sigil. Notify me if there's anything you don't recognize; we've far more resources at our disposal than our minds along, after all," he stated, calmly picking up one final chunk and tying up on his belt. "I deign that punishment when the life of someone important is at stake is rather necessary, all problems aside; what would you have done if you were in my position? What if she had died from your negligence? What if not having that information in the first place would've changed the outcome and not placed her in so much danger?"

There was really nothing else to be said regarding the matter; after all, it wasn't as if these fairies would actually take anything meaningful away from this. The others could handle the rest from here, after all.
Shokuhou Misaki

Misaki simply stared blankly at the older man, trying to comprehend what made staying in this carnage (that those two had made and was probably being recorded by someone somewhere) a good idea. She may have had money, but there was nothing that could compare to the amount of tax dollars that had (probably) paved the streets here. Obviously, it was not in her best interests to be jailed along with these two for wanton destruction of property...

But at the very least, the other girl seemed naive enough to maybe play it off? Mind control could only get so far, and for all intents and purposes she hadn't been involved with any of the actual killing.

The man, of course, she still had misgivings about.

Before she could think of a course of action, though, another figure seemed to float down from above. A young man who, to Misaki, looked strikingly similar to Accelerator, was casually floating down from the sky in front of them.

"Do not be alarmed. I am not here to fight you," the young man stated, a calm smile on his face as he floated down to slightly above ground level. "I should note, though, that those 'police officers' that you speak of are likely to be handling issues elsewhere. You will not find anything by simply standing by and waiting for something to happen."

"...Who are you?" Misaki asked after a few moments of silence, her eyes carefully scanning his body for any sign of hostility. "Why pick now to state such cryptic things?"

"Oh, I apologize—I should have introduced myself in the meantime. This city just brought back a multitude of memories for me, and I couldn't help but be lost in it for a while. Yes, you may call me... The Anguished One. As for why now, you ask? Well, you had handled those creatures before I did, did you not? I offer my gratitude for your actions. May I ask you for your names?"

Misaki continued to glare at The Anguished One for a moment before glancing off slightly to the side and nodding. She herself hadn't done a thing, but so long as she could obtain information, there was no reason to state that out loud right now, now was there?

"Shokuhou Misaki. I am a student a Tokiwadai Academy in Academy City... Which, to my knowledge, doesn't exist in this world," she stated, looking to the other two to see if they would follow suit. Maybe they could attempt to be a little less tactful in their pseudo-interrogation of this person...

Hinanawi Tenshi

As Nanoha fired a multitude of lights into the air, Tenshi nodded her head in approval. Of course, the obvious solution was to destroy all of these 'cell phones' at once, and what better way to do that than a spectacle of danmaku? Granted, her companion was likely not one to call that 'danmaku', but for what it was worth, the magic seemed to have done its job. There were no more of those weird enemies coming, and with Emilio and Vita having cleaned up the rest, it was probably about time to begin investigations in regards to why they appeared in the first place.

This really was an incident, it seemed, and this was the first one she was solving (as opposed to causing). To say that it was a bit odd to the Celestial wouldn't have been far from the truth, but no more than that.

"Hmm... Well, do you have any clues for as to where they came from?" she asked leisurely, crossing her arms and closing her eyes as if deep in thought before looking straight at Nanoha. "Well, I mean, aside from the fact that those 'cell phones' were the source. I don't think this place would be stable if just about everyone could make those... Things... Pop out of nowhere whenever they wanted, right?"

As that conversation was happening, a sole figure—a tall woman cloaked in white fur—quietly made her way through the otherwise-empty city blocks. An area that was, by all means, was under police quarantine (and had recently been unburdened by one less city block).

Quietly, she walked on, the scythe gleaming under the lights of the city as she walked onward.

The slime creature seemed to pause for a moment as Menomaru threw the shard into it, but in the end all it had really ended up doing was make it hasten its pace somewhat. Of course, the possibility that it could reach the ocean still existed, but there was only so much distance left to cover before it arrived and the change in pace had been so marginal that it almost didn't matter as much at this moment.

"Inuyasha, you say...?" the man replied, pausing for a moment as the sound of typing could be heard from the other end. There were a few momenta of silence before he finally began speaking again.
"Ah, now I remember why that name sounds familiar. Inuyasha, huh? Well, I can't say we didn't expect you, but I think you're going to want some explanation for as to why we're acting so nonchalant about this, so give this earpiece back to whoever gave this over to you and I'll direct him to escort you over. I'll be waiting here since speaking directly to you is much faster than... Well, this."

The soldier simply stood there, staring at Inuyasha as he waited for the apparent conversation to end

Leonardo Watch

The police officers continued to gawk, even as a few of the people in front of them had begun to attempt negotiations. That little girl who claimed to be an Empress had already addressed them it seemed (as had Youmu), but more eyes seemed to be trained on the man wearing the sci-fi suit than any of them. It was a spectacle, Leo had to admit, but...
Well, so was the giant wyvern thing lying dead on the ground right now.

Just before Leo attempted to speak up, though, a few police officers apparently reacting to a bunch of their communications devices going off at once. There were a few moments of talking (with their superiors, if the young man had to take a guess), but the mention of 'U.N.' and 'state of worldwide emergency' were not exactly the bearers of good news.

Eventually, one of the older officers—an African-American man who looked to be in his late 30s—stepped forward and shook Klaus' hand. He would have shaken Iron Man's instead, had he not been flying with the two girls off in the distance, but other than them Klaus looked to be the one with the most reasonable authority over what was essentially a bunch of teenage girls and a young man who looked straight out of college.

"On behalf of the NYPD, I, Lieutenant Michael Farrington, thank you for dealing with this threat. Collateral damage is... Obviously a concern, but right now there are some people who would like to meet with you. You know about the UN, I presume? Apparently, they're convening an emergency meeting right now, and they want you all to attend. To be quite honest, there are already rumors circulating that those dragon-things aren't the only problem that's something straight out of a game or TV show on the internet, from what I'm hearing from my officers, so you all should get moving. We can provide an escort if you'd like," he stated, glancing over at Iron Man every so often just to make sure he wasn't just dreaming right now. "My superior kept yelling at me about this being some 'unprecedented incident' and a 'global crisis', so for your sake as well as mine, could I ask if you could at least humor me here and listen to them? Given how you took those things out like they were a pair of pests, I don't think anything bar a nuke could stop you, after all..."

Some of the other policemen were already on the move in an attempt to find the bodies of their injured (or deceased) comrades in the destroyed city streets, and Leo couldn't help but feel a bit awkward about all of this. Of course, in Hellsalem's Lot no one would bat an eye to hundreds more people dying from a single event, but here, well...

Life was something that was a lot less cheap, for sure.

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Shokuhou Misaki

Misaki let out a deep sigh as she looked at the figures in the distance, well aware now that her voice had likely not reached them in the least. That was an issue, obviously, considering the fact that the entire road was now torn up like an earthquake or something of the sort had run through it. In other words, if she didn't get to them fast, they were apt to do something even more compromising.

The downside to that, of course, was that she would have to run.

By the time she had reached them, Misaki was already half-exhausted despite the distance traveled and, as a result, ended up leaning against a nearby wall for support.

"You two... Do realize... That police investigations... Have already happened... About the explosions near the Imperial Gardens?" she asked through ragged breaths as she looked at the two. "You two... Stand out like sore thumbs. You're probably going to... Need to lay low a while..."

Once she had said that, though, Misaki leaned her back against the wall and only now attempted to normalize her heart rate.

"Clothes. You need new clothes, for sure. I wouldn't suppose you have the money on you for that?"

Hinanawi Tenshi

Tenshi furrowed her brows as she launched another barrage of rocks at... Well, whatever these weird things were. She wasn't confused about the black dust any more--at least that was fairly obvious after a few moments on thought in the middle of fighting these things. No, instead, the Celestial was more confused by how their numbers seems to never really dwindle. For every one that died, it felt as if two followed...

Or, well, that had been the case until that Nanoha girl decided to level a good section of the city block to deal with the horde of enemies. Tenshi couldn't help but be reminded of that time she fought that nuclear hell raven, collateral damage and all. The question about where all these things came from, though, was still left in the air.

Once the dust and smoke cleared, Tenshi flew into the air and looked around for anything that might have survived their combined onslaught. It took a few moments, though, to see that a few new groups of the enemies were already arriving. The constant white flashes of light from one of the location closest to Tenshi piqued her curiosity, and so she flew over to check it out.

The source, it seemed, was another one of those 'cellphone' things. Every time it flashed, another one of those oddly colored enemies would pop out and begin to march towards where she had just come from.

So, logically, Tenshi simply flew down and stomped on it. The object went down with little resistance, and after firing a few rocks at the enemies from behind, the Celestial picked up the scrap metal the phone had become and flew back to the rest of the group.

"Hey, it seems like these are the source of our current problem," she stated, casually tossing the destroyed phone on the ground before readying her blade once more. "You can find the rest, right?"

It would not be long after the three had moved ahead that they would find the source of the problem--a giant moving blob of sludge, its green coloration invoking ideas of a certain Pokemon (but with far less apparent intelligence). The thing seemed to slowly be inching forwards--for what purpose, though, was still up in the air.

Regardless, the thing still had not noticed them, or so it seemed. It simply continued to move forward, oblivious to the world around it.

The soldier took a few steps back after handing off the earpiece, and though he did have an odd look on his face as the young man in front of him attempted to speak directly into the object as opposed to bring it up to his ear.

"Hello? I am Captain Yamazaki Mamoru of the JSDF," the voice on the other end of the line spoke. "My subordinate here tells me that you aren't... From this time, so to speak? Could I please ask for your name?"

Leonardo Watch

The spectacle that followed Leo's ability was on par with any flashy finisher that he had seen from Libra in the past; the giant meteor, Youmu pulling that giant slash on the enemy, Klaus using his usual techniques...

Honestly, the weirdest part about all this wasn't them or the dragons—it was the fact that there was someone in a mechanized suit straight out of a comic book flying around. Even in Hellsalem's Lot there had been no such technology. Or, well, not that he had seen or remembered as of late, at the very least.

The wyvern that had been engaged on by the two melee users had died fairly quickly following their attacks, the skull still intact (though with one rather large cut through one of them and a giant hole right above), and its body was not simply lying there on the cracked asphalt. The other, as had been noted, had been burnt to near-complete ashes. There were a few scales and pieces of hide that managed to survive, by some miracle or another, though much of the body was indeed gone.

The young man breathed a sigh of relief as he looked at the corpse of the wyvern, a smile on his face now that the problem had been handled without much apparent trouble. The only problem now, of course, was that they didn't exactly have the funds from Libra to pay for the repairs...

Nor did they have any way of really... Trying to hide now that there were news helicopters above their heads. It was almost guaranteed that the entire scene had been recorded, and now that all their faces were on live TV...

"...Hey, Klaus..." Leo began, walking up to his superior and nervously rubbing the back of his head. "You wouldn't, by any chance, know how we can, uh... Explain this in a pre-Great Collapse New York, right...?"

The sound of police sirens (probably from the police that were waiting a distance away after getting thrown around by the monsters from earlier) was quickly converging on them, and more fighting or running wasn't exactly something that Leo wanted to deal with right now.

Of course, the police that had arrived to see the whole scene could only really gape in shock at how fast it had gone down. After all, their shots had done nothing to the creatures, but these people...

"Ah. They're here."

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Tiral quietly massaged his forehead as he listened to the fairy's comments, trying to resist the urge to flick the fairy's forehead as she continued on. It was astounding how ignorant such beings were, and though they had done nothing wrong, the mage-knight had hoped that whatever had brought them into existence would be so apt as to give them a little more than pure naivety.

Of course, that self-restraint soon burnt out as soon as he heard that the fairy was won over by a smile.

A smile.

And so he gave a calm smile towards the offending fairy before flicking her square in the forehead.

"Understand now, then, that people who talk with orcs are the kind of people who would hurt other, more well-intentioned people. Because of that lady, our Captain almost got killed by a blast of energy multiple times this one in scale," he stated, taking a deep breath before shaking his head. He was never one to associate with fairies, as they always ended up causing some problem or another no matter what happened. Indrau's line of questioning would undoubtedly be useful in the long run, but the mage was fairly certain that the culprit had begun talks of this matter long before today.

"Well, the past is the past. That flick should be enough punishment, and hopefully you listen to your friend next time. In any case, I'm going to go see if I can't obtain any information about the spellcaster who caused all of this," he stated, picking up a piece of still-smoldering debris before carefully looking at Indrau's sword. "When's the earliest you can get me a copy of that sigil on paper? While we've seen what this person can do firsthand, we need to understand what they're doing so we can counteract it on a larger scale. If possible, an idea of what it seemed to be composed of would also be quite useful. Catalysts are just as important in this scenario."

After all, a battle was often decided before it even began more often than not.
Shokuhou Misaki

The young woman simply stared blankly at her 'companions' flew off after the bird-like creatures, trying to understand how either of them thought that doing something so destructive was in any way a good idea. While she was also inclined to see those... Things die, to do so in such a flashy manner...

Wasn't that just going to defeat the purpose of her trying to stay undercover?

"...I guess I'll just have to stick with this for now," she sighed, internally bemoaning her bad luck as she walked off to follow behind. Running in this situation would only cause her to get winded, and so despite the insanity of this whole situation Misaki slowly walked through the mess that was gradually escalating in scale. There didn't seem to be anyone else at the MOMENT, of course, but that likely wouldn't remain the case for long.

"You do realize that you've painted a giant target on yourselves, right?" she called out after the two as the last of the corpses fell to the ground. Misaki couldn't help but scowl at the sight; mangled creatures were not something she was particularly wanted to see at all.

Hinanawi Tenshi

Tenshi couldn't help but raise an eye at the enemies that had gathered to surround them. They were, in essence, a bunch of technicolor blobs with vague shapes resembling slugs or people. They didn't look that intimidating; if anything, their appearances reminded her of fairies back in Gensokyo. But the fact that they didn't seem to react in the least to the warning shouted out by her peer meant that they either didn't care or couldn't understand.

Which, quite honestly, only left one real solution.

"Well, if it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get!" the Celestial cried out as the enemies began to throw themselves at the group. In an instant, Tenshi launched a few rocks at what was in front of her, her brow furrowing as they seemed to simply dissipate after the impact.

"Eh? Seriously? Are they just really weird-looking fairies or something?"

The private within the van seemed as if she wanted to stop Eva from leaving, but in the end held herself back and let the vampire go off on her own trip. To be frank, if she was in the same situation she might do the same thing. But she wasn't, and she had a job to oversee, and thus she sat there in the vehicle.

Without that awful smell. Especially so.

"Could I please ask you to not try and kill each other right now?" she spoke into the built-in microphone, a concerned look on her face as she stared at Mordred. "There are bigger problems at hand, after all."

Whenever the group decided to enter the manhole, the first thing they would find (past the smell, of course) would be that the slime that was sporadically lying about the area outside now seemed to coat everything within the sewer: the walls, the floor, and even the ladder. Of course, the slime seemed to leave a trail down one direction and not the other, judging by the complete lack of slime from the other direction. The sound of something moving, at the very least, was coming through from where the trail was leading. In other words, whatever it was that had created it was certainly still close by.

There were a few moments of chatter between the soldiers in front of Inuyasha and whoever was on the other end of the line before the soldier (hesitantly) stepped forward and handed the earpiece to the half-youkai.

"Bring it to your ear. My superior wants to speak with you directly," he stated flatly, waiting for him to take the object in question.

Leonardo Watch

Leo's usual screaming could be heard as he gripped onto Youmu's ghost half for dear life. The speed he was moving at was beyond anything he was used to, and it was definitely comparable to Chain's own, if not faster.

She would probably get revenge on him for even thinking that, but that wasn't something to worry about for the moment.

The second that he and Youmu landed, though, Leo rolled over and seemed to just lie flat on his back to let his heart stabilize for a moment. Even though he lived in Hellsalem's Lot, being dragged at that high a speed was not any better for his health. A familiar voice, however, would give him more than enough reason to be happy.

"...Klaus? Is it really you, Klaus?" Leo asked, taking a few moments to process the situation before scrambling to his feet and turning to face his employer. "It is! A-anyways, I haven't seen anyone else from Li—Work! Right, I haven't seen anyone else here; it's just me and Sonic right now."

Of course, turning to face Klaus meant turning to look at the giant wyvern-dragon-thing blasting fire at his face. It would only be natural to try and assist him...

If there weren't another two people trying to order them all around to handle the situation in the first place. Leo wasn't fazed by the number of people from what were apparently multiple different genres of various sorts, at the very least, but so long as their efforts were unified against the monsters then their origins didn't really matter in the end.

As soon as Stark shot the flying wyvern in the eye, it roared in pain and immediately lost all capability of flight at that given moment. In an instant, the monster nosedived towards the ground and unceremoniously crashed into the asphalt, leaving a giant crater in its wake. It was stunned and in pain, but alive and most definitely still in fighting condition. At the very least, though, it seemed to be wounded from the blow in the first place and was now on the ground, so the attack could probably have been considered a pretty big success.

As soon as Leo saw that was the case, though, he bit his lips and stepped forward.

"I'm going to scramble their vision! Once they're reeling, hit them with everything you've got!" he cried out, opening his eyes and staring at the two wyverns. A pair of blue sigils immediately appeared in front of his All-Seeing Eyes of God, and two more sets soon appeared in front of those of the wyverns. It didn't take long for the one that was firing away at Klaus to stop at this sudden change of vision and begin to flail around in a desperate attempt to attack anyone who would come near.

Not that it mattered to this group, of course.

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Tiral nodded his head quietly as Indrau spoke, quietly clenching his fists as he stepped away from the tree stump. Such power, concentrated in a sigil of all things... There was no way around it, to be frank. Though he was apt to deal with magic on his own, something of this caliber was far too insane to take on with a small group of knights, much less alone.

The arrival of the fairies made Tiral's eye twitch for a moment, but luckily enough the fairies were not able to catch a glimpse of that in the least. A nuisance though they could be, the young mage was not so foolish as to turn down any possible leads from them.

"I would appreciate a sketch of whatever was engraved on the tree, Sir Indrau," he commented before turning to face the fairies. "And... May I ask, little ones, what you mean by 'dark lady'? She did fairly... Dangerous things to my friends, so I would like to hear if you have any way of finding her."
Shokuhou Misaki

Misaki stared blankly at the other girl as she rushed forward at the animal, trying to contemplate if she was too brave or too foolish for her own good. The answer, it seemed, was neither—in an instant, said girl had changed into a different (and more revealing) outfit before punching through the creature. The subsequent splatter of flesh and blood that came about as a result caused Misaki to duck back out of the alleyway to dodge the mess, only to peek back in a few moments later to see that the man that the thing had been eating a few moments ago was now perfectly uninjured.

There were questions to be asked, of course, but at the moment the spontaneous healing was less of an oddity than the spontaneous music number. There were a lot of things that could have been done, but...

"Singing? You—Really? A song?" she asked incredulously, trying to wrap her head around such a thing before sighing and checking the status of the man who was now covered in the blood and guts of the bird thing from earlier. "Hm... Well, his vitals seem to have stabilized. Not going to wake him up, though—it'd probably cause more harm than not."

The animals that were flying above head, though, immediately began to fly away once they saw that their feasting comrade had not only been blown to bits, but also because the one who had done so was now chasing after them like a bat out of hell.

Hinanawi Tenshi

Once the rest of the group arrived, Tenshi let her shoulders slacken a little before glancing around a bit more. The sheer amount of ash in the area was nothing but disconcerting, but that was only really painful combined with the lack of ambient noise, If anything, it was a good thing that they cleared out the area once they had discovered this scene, but...

"Mmm... Killed? As much as I don't like to admit it, that feels like the only answer here," she sighed, glancing around warily before turning to the two newcomers. "You two must be... Nanoha and Vita, no? My name is Tenshi. Hinanawi Tenshi. As for any sort of tracking... I'm sorry to say that you're asking the wrong person for that."

Nanoha's scan, however, would immediately pick up signs of movement—not of any life, obviously, but movement nonetheless. There were a few dots on the map for the moment, but the dots soon began to surround their current location and increase in density as they drew closer. For the moment, they remained out of sigh, but it was very clear that something was after them.

With everyone else having left the vehicle, the private poked her head out of the truck to look around at the area a bit more. The smell was multiple times as unbearable outside the vehicle as it was inside, and it didn't take long for her to regret her decision and roll the window back up.

"Well, I'll be waiting here for you four to explore the place. I don't want to deal with that stench at all right now," she said through the radio, shaking her head in disapproval.

The ooze, of course, was giving off a very powerful magical residue, and the trail only seemed to grow stronger the closer to the manhole it got—assuming anyone could sense it, of course.

Leonardo Watch

"E-eh? Ride? I mean, uh... If you say so, Ms. Konpaku," Leo said, carefully trying to figure out a way to get a hold of the young woman's ghost half before deciding that a straight hug was the best option. Just as it looked, the thing was fairly soft and malleable, but at least it wasn't hard to get a half-decent grip on the thing.

"Okay, I'm ready to go whenever you are!"

The pair of wyverns in the middle of Manhattan continued to flail about, and though one was now being bashed around by weapons of blood and lightning from the heavens, the other was seeing significantly less attention as it took to the skies. Seeing its mate being attacked, the beast roared and, deciding against attacking the large man in front of them, chose to attack the more-apparently dangerous young child that had fired the lightning just moments ago.
The other one, of course, took a few moments to recover from the shock it had just received before screeching and taking to the skies. Flying over the group's head, the wyvern quickly spat out fireballs at the large man (and, by proxy, the young woman near him) before soaring down in an attempt to pin him down and tear at him.

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Shokuhou Misaki

One the other young woman had dashed off, Misaki quickly moved to follow, sifting around in her bag for the right remote to use. Obviously, there were only so many to use when it came to addressing the need of "helping someone in trouble", but for the most part it wasn't as if she couldn't attempt to control whatever thug it was that was causing the problem.

Unless, of course, they ended up like that old man somehow and obtained immunity to her ability. In that case, well... The others could probably handle it.

The group didn't take long, of course, to trace the source of the noise to a dark alleyway. Misaki herself found such a setup somewhat typical, but at the very least the option of rubbing out the memories of any witnesses was an option.

"...elp... me..."

The same voice seemed to slowly cry out from further within the alleyway, but before Misaki could take another step forward, the ball of light that Ben had created shone a spotlight on the source: an eerie creature, its body hunched over what seemed to be the body of a somewhat-overweight middle-aged man lying near a bunch of empty bottles. The pungent smell of blood soon hit Misaki's nose, and the young woman recoiled in disgust.

"...elp... me..."
The creature, turning towards the group, parroted the same call that they had been hearing over and over before returning its focus to the meal in front of itself. Gritting her teeth, Misaki turned her remote towards the man and, praying that any such recoil wouldn't strain her mind, attempted to take control.

There was a faint response, but as the man seemed to be both heavily inebriated before this incident and was... Well, currently having his insides consumed, it wasn't as if she could do anything in particular... Except maybe dull the pain (assuming he still felt any). It was at this moment that Misaki noticed that there was something... Peculiar about what memories she had seen.

"...More than one? Oh, they're a pack animal?!" she involuntarily cried out, glancing up as a few more of the creatures seemed to circle overhead.

Her abilities were worthless on animals, so this was far more than she had bargained for.

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