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Foliare Town

With a nod and a slight adjustment to his labcoat, Professor Cypress looked over the paperwork that his assistant had prepared for him. Mornings in Foliare Town tended to be fairly lax, which was the reason he had set up his laboratory here, but that didn't mean that this one was as every other was. No, today was the day when a bunch of new Pokemon Trainers would begin their journeys, and he had a job to give them their first push on their way.

Quite literally, in fact.

Quietly nodding to himself as he checked the materials that he had prepared—six Pokedexes, six Trainer Cards, and a set of Pokemon just in case—the Professor smiled and calmly took a seat at his desk.

"I hope I haven't forgotten anything..."

Rolling his shoulders and stretching his legs as he got off of the bus, Dante glanced around Foliare Town with a mild lack of interest. As far as 'first steps' went, it wasn't exactly the worst place to begin, but given that he had long since become accustomed to life in Septemane City, it was hard not to compare the two. The quiet, unassuming nature of the town made him feel restless—or maybe that was just the pre-journey excitement speaking. This would be his time—his chance to make a name for himself—and there was no way he would let anything get in his way.

With a shrug, the young man turned and glanced at the nearest map (and given how it was a bus station, one of those was but a given) before silently tracing the path to the Pokemon Laboratory with a finger. There seemed to be a few others who were also glancing at the map, it seemed, but given that he knew where to go, the rest didn't really matter.

"So, this is where it all begins, huh?" he asked out loud, slipping his hands into his jacket as he walked along the paved stone road. "Shouldn't be too hard to storm the League, at least."

His destination, a medium-sized white building that seemed comparatively out of place next to the quainter houses nearby, seemed to be buzzing with life even as it just barely came into view. The question of what the Professor there was like, though, was still yet to be answered.
Jason Liu

At Benienma's reaction towards her own bout of entertainment, Kiara brought her hand towards her mouth and licked her lips. The anger that the Saber in front of her was feeling was quite palpable, even from her position behind her puppet, but given that she seemed just as intent on protecting her Master and those with her as she was in trying to take her head...

There was really nothing to call this other than 'exhilarating'; it was an experience that she hadn't felt in ages.

"Your energetic chirping really is music to my ears," she said, gesturing towards the doorway as she spoke. "But do you really think that you are in a position to be able to talk as you are now?"

With another gesture, a giant hand seemed to rise out from Benienma's shadow, acting as a momentary blockade to prevent her from retreating or moving into the hallway. In that same instant, the shadow Hijikata rushed forth, blade ready as it moved to strike at the Saber in turn.

No matter how much he wanted to ignore the 'fake' Kiara's words, the similarities to Mary's voice had taken their toll on Jason's mind as he was dragged away by the two other people accompanying him. As pathetic as he felt, the ever-sinking feeling in his heart as his own doubts seemed to reverberate in his mind only caused him to move forward mindlessly in turn.

As he continued to move along, though, the sound of Hakuno's radio crackling back as it was activated served to only give momentary relief, if only before the next statement dashed it in an instant.

"HQ to Kishinami. Code Red at the Fusang Arena; multiple hostiles, confirmed dead in the dozens. Situation continuing to escalate; all reserve forces are to move to the Arena to aid in relief and suppression efforts. Request denied. Over."

At the same time that the transmission ended, though, a few of the patients and visitors seemed to move and block the group's path. More than a few simply stared at the three, their eyes glassy as they seemed to move forward. More than a few seemed to be wielding makeshift weapons—IV poles, needles, and their ilk—as they seemed ready to strike out at the group.

Alter Ego — Meltryllis

Grateful that her Master had finally decided to turn her brain on and moved to hide, Meltryllis swiftly pushed herself off the ground and brushed herself off. The Servant that had fired the arrow at her seemed to be retreating—or, at the very least, attempting to do so.

She would make sure that he wouldn't have the chance.

In an instant, the Alter Ego sprang forward, leaving the restaurant behind as she struck out at the shadow with her knee. The spike, this time, seemed to catch the weapon that the shadow was wielding, and Meltryllis moved in an instant to counteract that. Without missing a beat, she flung her leading leg upwards, dragging the weapon with it as she used her other leg to catch the shadow's head in turn and bring it toward the pavement.

"Annoyingly durable, aren't you?" she complained, stepping forward and glaring at the shadow as it lay prone on the ground. "But at the very least, I can make use of you with no problems."
The Arena

The immediate combined efforts of those present served to greatly reduce the number of casualties in the areas that they were present near, but the sheer number of shadow Servants made protecting the entire arena, even with the combined support of all of those present, a far more trying task than one would expect. There were small pockets of people that seemed to be barely fending off the oncoming threats on part of a Servant or two here or there, but the slowly increasing count of enemies encroaching upon them made it difficult for them to even attempt to move, much less evacuate.

Among them, though, one red-headed Servant, his wiry frame and feather quill making him well-known to even those who those who paid little attention to the matters of Fusang knew now, seemed to be furiously scribbling away in his book.

"Hm... Hmhm! Yes, this is the sort of tragedy that I have been waiting for! Yes, the bloody affair that Macbeth bore witness to seems to pale in comparison to this! The darkest of—"

"Whatever ideas you might have now, Shakespeare, please save them for AFTER we get to safety!"

It was fairly apparent that his Master wasn't exactly pleased about how much fun he was having in the middle of such rampant carnage and chaos.

@Raineh Daze@Rune_Alchemist@ghastlyInc@1Charak2
Tower of Babylonia

The trip through the building itself gave Da Vinci a chance to fully take in her surroundings. The method by which the building itself had been optimized in terms of using the leylines that it sat on made itself fairly obvious, and despite the sci-fi atmosphere that it seemed to give off, the Caster could appreciate the work that had been put into this in the first place.

Upon seeing the smaller physical form of the A.I. after entering the next room, though, Da Vinci simply laughed. Patting her Master on the back as she took a step forward, the Caster seemed to retain a warm (if not slightly cocky) smile as she simply bowed in turn.

"HECATE, was it? Hm, hm... Don't worry, your secret is safe with Da Vinci-chan~!" she teased, winking at the woman that had taken the child's place before taking a step back. "In any case..."

Clearing her throat, the Caster placed one hand to her chin and quietly contemplated the situation a bit further before looking straight at the woman in front of her.

"Is there any possible method by which a Command Seal could be intercepted? Despite all that I have learned about the ritual, what stands out to me is that it is still a relatively recent creation in context of magecraft as a whole. If the first question cannot be answered directly, would it be possible to search for origins of the ritual that could be twisted in turn to achieve a similar effect?"

Jason Liu

Until Hakuno had roused him from his apparent stupor, Jason had simply been staring at the ground, his mind almost completely refusing to accept what had just transpired. Not only was Mary dead, but the one making use of her—no, what was left of her—had made her suffer as she died. Not only that, but she had used him and his own ignorance about the situation to...

"...I really am the worst, aren't I...?" he asked shakily as he turned his head upwards, only to see the shadowy visage of an all-too-familiar Servant. Far from what he had been the before, the shadow in front of him (in Hijikata's image, no less) seemed to induce even more despair in his heart.

So, in other words, he hadn't died at that time.

He had simply been brought here to 'die' instead, then?


Before he could say a single word, though, the shadow Hijikata clashed blades with the Saber in front of them, and Jason, still half-dazed, slowly followed the other two out as they left the room. Before he had left, though, the Kiara behind the shadow Hijikata licked her lips, staring at Hakuno as she moved before glancing towards Jason.

"You were never going to amount to anything, anyhow," she said, mimicking Mary's voice as she watched the young man visibly freeze up, his legs shaking as he was apparently dragged out of the room by her counterpart.

"Ah, how foolish a child he must be to react to that, knowing all that he does now," Kiara said, staring at the Saber who remained in the room before smiling. Forming another set of hand seals, Kiara raised her arms above her head and created a ball of magical energy, from which hundreds of arrows seemed to come flying out of in an attempt to strike at both Benienma and the humans that were attempting to escape.


Alter Ego — Meltryllis

At Nanako's response, Meltryllis sighed and shook her head. As docile as she had become the day before, the version of her Master today seemed to be more defiant—more self-assured than she had been. It was a bit of a nuisance, really, but if her experiences from the day before persisted, then this would be a one-time thing.

"I don't care about that thing getting stronger. We're Master and Servant, are we not? If you die—"

Before she could finish her lecture, though, Nanako's shout caused Melt to turn her head towards the crater. In an instant, she dove towards Nanako, knocking the girl towards the ground as an arrow whizzed by overhead. It had barely missed her Master's heart, if its current place lodged in the wall was any indication, and that was more than enough reason to finish her job.

"Get to cover now. I can't guarantee that he won't aim for you if my attention is on him," she said, rising from her position on top of Nanako as she turned towards the shadow Servant. "In other words, stop being so foolish, or you'll put both of us in danger."
Jason Liu

At Kiara's near-instant recognition of Mary as 'evil', Jason's entire body seemed to freeze in place. He was by no means talented in any way, but even seeing what she had in her hands was enough to tell him that she was not the same person he had remembered; after all, her own talent with things like that was nowhere near good enough to create something like that without extended preparation—doubly so in a hospital bed.

Before he could recover, though, the Saber with them had moved and, in an instant, cut down the dozens of hands, ephemeral yet apparently made of flesh and blood, that burst forth from under her bed. While that was terrifying enough on its own, Jason himself was not prepared for what came after. 'Mary', after recognizing that Saber's own talent, seemed to 'shed' her disguise. Despite the intense fear running through his body, though, Jason's feet seemed glued in place. With no other choice than to stand his ground, the young man forced himself to stare straight at Kiara—the other Kiara—and speak.

"Wh-what did you do with Mary?" he asked unsteadily, trying his hardest to not buckle under the pressure of the one in front of him.

"Hm...? Oh, do you mean this?" the other Kiara asked, licking her lips as she stared at Jason before picking up the skin that she had just shed. "She was a wonderful treat after I arrived. You see, I had no time to make her mine, so I simply had to make do with listening to her pleas for salvation as I wore her mind into dust. After that, it was a simply measure of assuming her guise and acting in her place. You were a wonderfully naive puppet, by the way; not suspecting a single thing and giving me enough time to work as I pleased in the shadows? I couldn't have asked for anything better~!"

At this, Jason's face paled as he knees failed him. Falling to his knees, the young man simply stared at the ground, a hollow look in his eyes.

The Kiara that was sitting on the bed until now, though, simply turned her attention towards the other three, ignoring Jason as if he was no more than an ant to her.

"But... Ah... To think I'd see you again. Kishinami Hakuno. I see you've found yourself a new partner in the meantime," she said, slowly getting out of the bed that she had been lying in as she took a single step closer. "But... Hm... This city truly is wonderful. If only you hadn't caught on so quickly..."

With a sigh, Kiara shook her head in disappointment before forming a few hand signs. In an instant, a magic circle appeared beneath her feet; an instant later, what seemed to be a giant mass of shadows formed in front of the group before disappearing into the floor.

"Ah... Right. Let me repay your visit with an old friend. You should remember him well," she stated, holding her right palm out in front of her.

This time, the shadows cast in front of her seemed to bubble before an arm seemed to reach out of it. With the arm came a head, then a body, and the rest of the figure made itself apparent.

"Go, Hijikata. Let me see how useful you can be as nothing more than a mindless shell, hm~?"

Alter Ego — Meltryllis

After slamming the Shadow Servant into the ground, Meltryllis sighed and slowly stood up from the crater, taking a short leap to get herself out before turning towards the restaurant that Nanako was in. Despite everything, that idiot Master of hers seemed to be prioritizing the safety of civilians over her own. Shaking her head in mild annoyance, the Alter Ego pushed her way through the door and simply stared at Nanako.

"What are you doing?" she asked, hands on her hips as she spoke. "If anyone needs to get out of here, it's you. Do you think I can fight at my full potential if I have to keep protecting you?"

Ruler — Sherlock Holmes

As much as he had expected to be caught in the crossfire, Moriarty had, by some odd happenstance, left him without injury. It had only been the wyverns that he had goaded into moving as they had that were now lying about on the floor, slowly bleeding out from the wounds on their body. The detective had not expected such creatures in the first place, of course, and had by now begun to examine the corpses of those that had already passed.

"Hm... Odd..." he said, picking up the head of one and turning it from side to side. "Despite living in a cavern system barely connected to the outside world, these creatures have what appear to be functional eyes; furthermore, the presence of wings in a closed underground system—"

Before he could continue his externalized observations, though, the sound of clattering bones caused Holmes to rise from his kneeling position and stand at attention. The light pointed at the source soon revealed what appeared to be a battalion of skeletons, each wielding a weapon of some variety.

All of them, of course, were pointed at the four near the wyverns.

"I suppose that there is no rest for the wicked," Holmes quipped, throwing a sidelong glance at his rival before stepping forward. The moment he had taken a single step, the skeleton soldiers with melee weapons rushed forth.

Compared to the wyverns from moments earlier, though, Holmes had considerably less trouble in simply destroying their bodies with a bout of baritsu, with the occasional whack of his cane weaved in every so often to parry a wayward arrow aimed for any in the rear.

The Arena

With the two of them sizing one another up, Fionn couldn't help but understand, if only a little, as to why Diarmuid had found himself so troubled while facing Arturia as an opponent. The next strike that the Saber had made was not wholly unexpected, of course, but that didn't make it any easier to deal with. Deciding that moving along with the strike was easier than dealing with it head-on, the Lancer promptly moved in tandem with the blade and, with a spinning motion, redirected Excalibur ever so slightly off to the side before taking that small gap in the clash to pull back once more.

Before Fionn could respond with another offensive, though, screams from the stands—not of awe, but of fear—caught his immediate attention. Turning towards Arturia, Fionn simply nodded before turning towards Chiron, who had already drawn his bow and was aiming towards the stadium itself.

Out of the nooks and crannies of the stands above, spirits that seemed to be cloaked in a shadowy mist were rapidly forming and striking out at those who were viewing the match. Those unfortunate enough to not be close enough to a Servant to protect them were quickly struck down, the shadows engulfing their corpses and leaving no trace of them behind. After that, of course, there seemed to be a brief pause before they formed identical copies, only to repeat the cycle once more.

"Postpone the matches!" Chiron shouted, letting loose a volley of arrows as he struck down one of the shadows that had come bearing down upon a couple on the other side of the arena. "The barrier into and out of the battlefield has been disabled, so I request that you help strike these things down! The restriction on Anti-Army Noble Phantasms has been lifted!"

Needless to say, the entire arena had, in an instant, turned into a battlefield.

@Rune_Alchemist@GhastlyInc@Raineh Daze@1Charak2
@1Charak2: Accepted.
  • Name: Dante Giordano
  • Age: 16
  • Appearance: "Hm? Want something? I'm bored enough to hear you out."
    Dante stands at roughly 5'7" tall, and generally tends to wear his jacket regardless of how hot or cold it might actually be.
  • Personality: Dante is, by nature, incredibly cocky, almost to the point of arrogance. His pride has yet to be tempered, and humility (though oft-witnessed during his own trips) is not one of his strong points. With that said, he isn't necessarily a 'bad' person at heart; rather, he just has a tendency to blow people off (even if by complete accident) and focus on winning more often than not. To that end, he does often push his Pokemon to their limits in order to get them to reach their 'full potential', even if he puts himself on the edge while doing so.
  • History: Raised by two Veterans, Dante grew up always in proximity of the highest levels of competitive battling. As cool as he thought some of the Pokemon in any given competition were, for example, the constant bombardment of knowledge weaved into his life any time he was near it (read: almost always) led to him becoming implicitly aware of all of the intricacies that went into it. This fact, coupled with being brought abroad to watch his parents compete, only served to further emphasize to the growing boy the importance of strategy and preparation at the highest levels of competitition.
    With all that said, Dante had never run into 'difficulty' in his life, having had the groundwork for his life set up well in advance. That, coupled with a bit of a cushy upbringing, only led to what he was now. His parents, having realized this fact a bit too late, immediately made preparations to attempt to rectify that—in other words, sending him on his own journey to see the world for what it was, if even just a little.
  • Party: Gligar
  • Inventory:
    • A set of ten Pokeballs
    • Five Potions
    • A Flame Orb, Toxic Orb, and Life Orb (all safely packed and labeled)
  • Other: Can play the piano. It's... Better than nothing?

@Rune_Alchemist: Good to go.

In the meantime, I guess I'll toss this on the table, too.


Hello, there. Welcome to the world of Pokémon. My name is Professor Cypress, the Pokémon Professor of the Cetare region.
I feel like you all probably know what Pokémon are at this point, so I think I'll skip that little lecture for the moment. No matter where you come from or what you want to do, though, your journeys are about to begin!
So, let's get right to brass tacks. Do you mind if I could ask you a few questions?

Thanks. So, from here on out, your adventure awaits! I wonder what sort of Pokémon you'll encounter from here on out; just the thought of it must have you on the edge of your seat, am I right?
Now, go forth; I have high hopes for all of you!

The Cetare Region

Cetare is a region that places its cultural development above all else. From food to fashion to innovation, the residents of this nation revel in what they have brought forth. Creativity, of course, has its roots from the storied past of the region. What is now a cultural mecca was once a militant state, constantly at war until the conflict struck ill with a legendary Pokémon. Angered by their bloodthirsty ways, it brought ruin upon the region, leaving them naught but to rebuilt. From these ashes, though, they learned to look beyond fighting, and had soon mended relationships with those that bordered their lands, and in time had come to value both skill in the arts and skill in combat.
Or so the legends go, at least.

Today, the Cetare Pokémon League prides itself as being on par with their Kanto counterpart, with Trainers who strive to reach the top hoping to take center stage at the Grand Colosseum in Septemane City arriving full of hope and wonder. Alongside that, though, runs the Cetare Contest Circuit, where the fields of combat are replaced by shows of visual and technical beauty. Regardless of which it is that Trainers and their Pokemon pursue, though, Cetare spares no expense in making their journey all the more enjoyable.

Miscellaneous Information

So, this is a more-or-less closed RP to those who have been invited (duh). The region itself is based off of Italy, and though I don't have an actual map to use, just... Kind of assume that we're starting around the 'heel' of the boot? I'll give regional references relative to the party's location as it proceeds.

If you need information on the available 'mons, let me know. Imports fine only for starters, and even then there are caveats that I've discussed with everyone in turn.

We clear? We clear. Let's get this party started.
Alter Ego — Meltryllis

Trailing her Master from a distance, Meltryllis leaped from rooftop to rooftop, doing her best to make sure that traces of her travels were left unseen. As far as recklessness went, there was only so far one could go before things became comical, and Nanako was fast approaching that point. In a city full of Servants, after all, there was no telling who could strike out.

Once Nanako had disappeared into a restaurant, Meltryllis sighed and stood where she had ended up. Given what information she had, it was wholly unexpected that there were no signs of active combat. Humans were... Strange in that way, or so she thought.

"A self-regulating society, hm? How wea—"

Before she could finish that thought to herself, though, the purple-haired Alter Ego spotted a shadowy figure kneeling down on another rooftop. Despite the apparent lack of features, it was fairly obvious that they were aiming something towards the building that her Master had just entered.

"Hm. Is this why BB wanted me to follow her?" Meltryllis sighed to herself before immediately leaping over to their perch. Unsurprisingly to her, the one aiming at her Master seemed to be of a similar origin to the two she had taken down yesterday. Without a shred of hesitation, the purple-haired Alter Ego immediately struck out at the Shadow Servant, bringing both them and herself speeding towards the ground at a high speed.

The subsequent crash and crater as Meltryllis and her target landed in front of the restaurant drew far more attention than she would have preferred, though.

Jason Liu

"Might not be..."

Repeating the Saber's words quietly to himself, Jason turned down towards the table with furrowed eyebrows before taking his phone back off of the table. As much as he didn't want to believe it himself, the possibility of what she had said was too large to ignore. What happened to the real Mary, though... Well, that was something that he had to consider if his worries were true.

"...I want to go and visit her," he said, standing up from his seat. "She should still be in the hospital, right? Let's go."

At Jason's declaration, Kiara took her own back and sighed, shaking her head as she rose to her feet.

"As much as I hate to admit it, the possibility of such a thing having happened is far too high. As she did not have a Servant, I wonder why she would have called a friend over to perform the ritual without having confirmed it first. I shall follow as well."

The group of four had soon made their way back to the room where Mary had been resting in and, after a brief pause, Jason took a deep breath and opened the door.

"Mary? Are you awake?" he asked, walking inside and glancing around.

The person in question, sitting upright on her bed, was watching a visualization of what seemed to be a shadow being struck by a Servant (or so Jason assumed). The entrance of the four seemed to not register—at least, not until Kiara spoke up.

"...You are most definitely not the Mary that I know," she said, eyes furrowing as she glared at the girl in the bed. "Though you conceal your true nature, that evil that permeates your being is quite evident for me to see."


Ruler — Sherlock Holmes

The immediate movement of Moriarty as he moved between his Master and the Phantasmals caused Holmes to raise an eyebrow out of curiosity. As well as he had come to know his archnemesis, seeing him place the life of another over his own... It was intriguing.

But he, as a Servant, had a similar duty towards his own Master.

As he stepped forward in tandem with the Archer at his side, the wyverns seemed to notice their presence, and after a collective cry, began to rush towards them.

With a nod, Holmes sidestepped the first one striking out at his neck before promptly impacting it with his empty palm. Weaving strikes of his cane into his motions as he began to parry the creatures, the detective took a brief step backwards as the creatures recoiled in pain. As he did so, a multitude of lenses seemed to slip out from under his outfit and shine onto the monsters the light damaging them as it went.

"Well, as things stand, I have no proper weapon, so I leave the dirty work to you," he said, nodding towards the Archer as he began to move around and corral the wyverns into a single region of the cave. Hopefully, that old man didn't take this as an excuse to try and shoot him down too (as much as Holmes felt as if that would likely be the case).

@KoL@Raineh Daze@DocRock

The Arena

A broad grin was readily visible on Fionn's face as his opponent declared her readiness for combat. The audience, upon seeing Arturia reveal her weapon, seemed to collectively 'ooh' and 'aah' in wonder, and the Lancer in front of her flourished his weapon in turn.

"Likewise, King of Knights!" he responded. Just as the Saber struck out at him, Fionn stepped forward, deflecting his opponent's weapon with his spear as he moved to create some small distance between himself and Arturia before returning the favor. It was the hallmark of a good spearman to be able to create space between the opponent's weapon and oneself, and as he pushed the Holy Sword aside, Fionn struck out towards the Saber's abdomen as he laughed.

"Taking the initiative, I see! But I shall not be so easily won over!" he declared, immediately sweeping his spear off to the side regardless of if his hit connected as he leaped to the side. "I have my own pride to maintain, after all!"
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