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Kishinami Hakuno

Running into Kaguya=hime was certainly a surprise. She was looking to access the database too? Unlike her Servant, Hakuno wasn't quite as adept at protecting herself from the Caster's powerful charm, though after a moment she could adjust to it. She bowed her head to hide the flushing in her cheeks, saying, "um, thanks again for your help!I really appreciate what you did!"
Perhaps Kaguya was here for the same reason as them, then? Though it made her curious just what kind of position Kaguya held in Fusang, it wasn't the time to enquire. They were soon led through those doors, and...

The young Master stared blankly at the small Servant that greeted them, her appearance a little unusual, and certainly adorable, but... who even was she? Hakuno couldn't connect any dots as to her identity, and asking directly would probably make her seem foolish... hopefully the girl would reveal it at some point before it became too awkward.
Erika Maidandora

"I can't even remember the last time I employed a butler," Erika chuckled, surveying the picture once more, "once this little matter is dealt with, perhaps I'll have you build me a suitable group of cute butlers?"
There was no need to be concerned about the state of the battle so far, anyway. Charname and her Servant should be able to deal with any medical emergencies, her own Saber was doubtlessly more than enough to handle any opponent that came to them... really, she may as well have just stayed at home and contested with Saber over who got to cuddle up with Charname tonight.

If Saber wanted to seek out an opponent, there would be no harm in allowing her to go. Given her victory would be assured, it was safe to assume Nero would win any battle she found herself in. But that would mean missing out on very important discussions, and that would just be terrible.

Rider of Red

Trieu couldn't help but be slightly relieved when the enemy came to them. There was truly no way they could just up and leave now! Not with all the undead monsters emerging from the woodwork. The smirking Rider surveyed the encroaching ghouls, casually drawing one of her swords. These things held zero challenge for her, but at least it gave her an excuse to swing her- oh?

An enemy - a real one, had shown up as well. Going by the blade, she was most likely a Saber... though Trieu could hardly discount the idea she was also a Rider. Berserker seemed far too unlikely, and the rest of the classes weren't worth considering. How lucky of her to get a decent match so quickly.
"I'm all for that idea," Rider replied with a smirk, stepping between her Master and the opposing Servant, "as long as your idea of being heroic doesn't mean fighting alongside those losers!"

Trieu gave a theatrical shrug and continued, "not that they make it any harder for me, I guess, but I wouldn't want my adorable little Master to worry about getting bit while I'm kicking your ass, you know?"
Kishinami Hakuno

"Most likely, yeah," Hakuno nodded. As far as she knew, it was difficult to have a Summoning go completely unnoticed in Fusang. Assassins in particular were probably monitored the closest of all classes, save perhaps Berserker. It would be extremely concerning if the database couldn't help them at all in pinpointing the culprit.

"Please do," she responded to Emily. The quicker they could access that database, the better. With so little information, Hakuno couldn't do much to speculate anyway. Just about the only conclusion she could reach with any confidence was that a Hassan would not have been so... messy. That left a countless number of Servants for them to narrow down.
"...I'm fine, Saber. Don't worry about me," Hakuno gave a reassuring smile to her Servant. The details of this case sure sounded pretty grim, but despite her young age, she was a member of the CCF. It wasn't like she was left wholly unprepared to deal with messy situations; members like her are shielded somewhat whenever possible from the worst aspects of certain crime scenes, but she could at least handle reading the synopsis!

That said, it was honestly incredibly disturbing just how many murders, attempted or otherwise, had been going on in such a short span of time. Hakuno was hardly a master detective, so all of the conclusions rushing through her head felt more like desperate leaps of logic than actually thought-out processes, though she was confident of one fact. The perpetrator was most definitely an Assassin.

Yay me, I deduced the most basic part of the investigation, Hakuno sighed heavily seemingly out of nowhere, and thought of the details once more. So far, all the victims had been criminals. It was apparently connected to the black market Mystic Codes. Briefly, Hakuno wondered if the kidnapping incident from yesterday was connected too, but right now that didn't make any sense at all to her. With her arms folded, Hakuno was wracking her brains, trying to think of something, anything, that could lead to useful intel.

"...A vigilante, maybe?" she wondered aloud. The current pattern at least supported that the Servant - more specifically, the Master controlling them - was perhaps trying to enact justice, but... if Justice involved painting the surrounding area with the blood of the guilty, it simply wasn't justice at all!

Hakuno turned to her diminutive Servant with a resolute gleam in her hazel eyes, "Saber, maybe we should check up on who has Assassin-class Servants registered! If someone fishy shows up, it could lead to something!"

There was never a moment where important, tactical information was not being scrutinised.

With a look of utmost seriousness, the bespectacled British mage extracted a folder from within her jacket. She opened it to reveal what seemed to be a large mass of printed pictures, carefully curated by Erika herself. Given that she had practiced extensively just to capture these images for herself, she was quite proud of her reconnaissance work. Clear-blue eyes flicked upwards to meet the gaze of her Saber-class Servant, a confidant smirk curling her lips.

"Your input will be invaluable, Saber."

Information so vital that she had opted not to send Saber into the forest immediately. Others may see such a decision as folly, but they were not privy to the litany of tactics rolling through the esteemed magus' mind. She raised the top picture of the pile to better show off the contents: A shot of one of their own allies, evidently surprised to be faced with a smartphone pointed at them.

"This Akira girl, as adorable as she would be in the uniform, I wonder if that would just be wasting her innate charm~?"

It was crucial to determine how many of the ladies she was allied with, would be leaving this little grail war as her new maids.

Rider of Red

With the complaints of her cute Master washing over the stone-faced Rider, there was only one thought circulating the Servant's mind; Someone please attack us I really need the distraction.

Rider thought she could manage a decent enough relationship with her Master - if she was going to rely on someone to keep her tethered to the world, then hopefully it would be someone reasonable. With a knack for warfare. Or enjoyed a good scrap. Clarisse was... not exactly that, but that was fine! Sure, she was quirky, but who didn't have their own little oddities? Sometimes Clarisse looked at her Servant as if she were some unappealing side-show... which was strange, that was explicitly not what she looked like, and whoever wrote that stuff about her was damn lucky to be long dead!

At any rate, the constant stream of complaints was a little irksome, but not as annoying as the order to just leave. After coming all the way out here?! She was, like, five minutes away from a good brawl and her rabbit-eared Master wanted to go home?!

"...Far be it from me to defy orders, Master," Trieu began, turning towards the smaller girl with a forced smile, "but is that really a good idea? Taking me out the game would be a crippling blow to our side. 'Sides, I bet I could flatten this whole forest if we need to."

Finally finished this with a lot of much-appreciated help.

There we go, this took a surprisingly long time to fix up. Will soon have a Master written up.

I'll have my Master and Rider up in a few days.
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