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25 Apr 2017 17:01
Current In which I pretend I know what I'm talking about.
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20 Mar 2017 14:59 This URL must seem alarming out of context.
2 Mar 2017 19:25 Where was the Kingdom Hearts?
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18 Nov 2016 22:33 Maybe I'll get Kyle Hebert to read this masterpiece. Or settle for MasakoX.
28 Sep 2016 0:23 We're going full edge. One may even say... tri-edge. Hahaha... that doesn't really work, does it.
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So if Nila kidnaps recruits a moogle to her party, she technically wouodn't be alone...
<Snipped quote by RolePlayerRoxas>

There might be some abilities that just require more MP than she actually has? Like I could imagine one of the really crazy monster moves like Shadow Flare or Light Curtain just outstripping the normal resources she has right now.

That could also be a cool character thread for her, like, maybe she learned a really powerful monster move at one point, but it's not something she has the stamina or magical strength to perform as is, so she's working up to the point she can actually one day use it. Or something like that.

So I can give her all the OP abilities and skirt around 'not enough MP' buy giving her a ton of soma drops. Ufufu.

That's a good idea, though. I was pondering whether or not she had Bad Breath, so given how poorly the fight went, even if she learnt it, it's something she'd refuse to use, even if it would solve all of her problems. So I guess she can work to get over that.
That is clearly the Warkobo Kick.
-Roundhouse kick-

...Although this reminds me, would there be any kind of limitations to the skills Nila could learn? Like, limited to the staple skills or something?
The most important thing to decide: Whether or not to have Nila try to learn Chocobo Kick for no readily-apparent reason.
Nila would presumably sheath her blade, then perform some sort of dramatic pose with her mask.

Or rapidly throw her arms up and down indefinitely. Depends on how old school the celebration must be.
Fire magic, you say?

[Readies Self-Destruct]
"At least I will be safe" says the moogle before seeing the bluest mage.
"Or not..."

Don't be silly. All moogles are safe in the hands of the bluest mage.

The hands that hold you tightly as she hugs you.

And strokes your pom-pom.
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