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Kishinami Hakuno

That monster's words were beyond sickening to Hakuno, who visibly shuddered when Kiara responded to her bluff. The implications to her words, her tone, did not bare thinking about. Still, the situation remained dire for them. The real Kiara could only defend, Saber was cut off from them by those barriers, and neither she nor Jason were anywhere near strong enough to fight the evil Kiara. The chances of backup saving them were slim, too... damn it, why couldn't she think of anything to help?! What was the point of joining the CCF if she couldn't handle a threat like this?!

Jason was trying to assign no value to his life, to give them some chance of victory, but that was unacceptable! Mary had already been killed by that monster, and Hakuno could never forgive herself if she had to sacrifice Jason to put a stop to her. She cast a glance towards her entrapped Servant, who had sheathed her weapon and produced... a box? Puzzled, she watched Benienma mime her actions, almost calling out to ask Saber what she had planned, and quickly bit her lip. Discretion. Right now, the darker Kiara was preoccupied with her gloating and poisoned taunts. She had no reason to worry about Hakuno or Saber, so why pay attention, right? And...

Nervously, Hakuno approached Benienma, keeping her eyes on their opponent, hand outstretched behind her. The young magus found her hand passing harmlessly through the barrier. Of course, this was meant to seal away spirits, wasn't it? Which meant Hakuno herself was unaffected! Still, what was throwi8ng a box supposed to do?

Ah, why question it? It was Saber's idea, so it was probably some sort of Noble Phantasm! Or just a really sturdy box for clobbering the evil Kiara's brains in. As long as it worked, she was more than happy to try it. With an affirmative nod to her Servant, Hakuno carefully raised the box, calculating the trajectory as well as she could manage. No need to panic, it was just a single throw that may or may not decide how horrifically this battle would end. What was the big deal, there?

Hakuno inhaled, wound her arm back... and launched the box with all her might.


Berserker - "Guan Yu"

Ah... the sounds of battle picked up outside the arena. Guan gripped her frozen blade tightly, glaring at the direction of the sound. She made to follow the knights, but was stopped by the call of her Master. Surprised, the Berserker turned her head to the smaller girl, who stood on shaking legs, her expression resolute.

"Berserker, calm down!"

"...? Master, I-"

"You need to think clearly, before you go fight again!" the Master continued. She was aware that Guan was struggling to keep her anger in check, and she didn't want her Servant to go on a rampage. She hated the idea of Guan being influenced by Mad Enhancement to begin with, but whatever awaited them, she didn't think it was a good idea to let her Servant loose when allies were nearby. Berserkers were a tad too unpredictable when consumed by madness.

"I'm safe now, and you're fighting alongside some of the greatest knights in history!" she affirmed with a gentle smile, "so keep that in mind if you want to fight! I know you won't let anyone get past you!"

The icy spectre did not reply, and after a moment, simply followed after the knights. Beneath her helmet, Guan was smiling to herself. She was lucky to have such a Master, wasn't she? The Berserker would make sure to protect her!
And so, when she stepped outside and assessed what was going on, Guan quickly thought through her options. Joining the melee could be a bit too chaotic, and if she weren't careful, she could seriously hurt someone. The 'enemies' were supposed to be allies, after all. She had to do something to help, though...

Turning her attention to the floating figure raining spells from above, Guan raised her guandao, still coated with frozen blood. All she had to do was knock the Servant off-balance, and trust in the others to quickly subdue the rest of the controlled Servants!

"Frost Fair Blade."

The accumulated blood immediately shattered free of the ice binding it to the blade, extending towards the flying target with blinding speed! Whether they dodged, or failed to notice and was struck in a non-vital area, Guan's objective would be complete.
Kishinami Hakuno

Hakuno's mind was reeling, her thoughts whizzing around in a jumbled mess. With everything apparently going to hell around her, it was difficult to keep her thoughts orderly, but miraculously she hadn't fallen into a whimpering heap at any point, as the group followed that evil Kiara to the Gardens. Even Hakuno could tell this wasn't an ideal place to confront this creature, but honestly, she'd be hard-pressed to find a better location if given the choice.

Still, perhaps the disarray in her head helped keep the young officer functional. As terrifying as the face-off against the monstrous Kiara was, she didn't back away when that gaze was held on her for far too long. She was adamant that they had no connection whatsoever, but Hakuno couldn't deny she was curious about the seeming fixation on herself.

The good Kiara protected them from her evil double's assault with a barrier, much like the ones containing them within the Garden. Somehow, they'd have to take this thing down without help - not that it was available, anyway. Hakuno had a hand on her radio, but decided against updating HQ. If something huge enough to divert all resources from everywhere else was ongoing, there was no way that backup would be forthcoming after so short a time, and even if it were, the barrier put a stop to that idea.

At the moment, all Hakuno could do was protect Jason, leave the offence to her Servant, and rely on Kiara to defend. It was frustrating, to feel this powerless and irrelevant, but what else was there to do?

...Bank on the evil Kiara's loose lips and try to ditract her with a few questions? Well, there was nothing to lose with that meagre plan.

"Just surrender, already!" Hakunon yelled to the vile monster, hoping her voice didn't betray the dread and fear wracking her body, "you can't win alone, and before long the entirely of Fusang's forces will be here! What are you even doing all this for?!"

It was a very blatant bluff, but at least it was delivered with passion and contempt for the evil Kiara.


Berserker - "Guan Yu"

The Berserker panted slightly, the bloodied guandao finally lowered. Her frozen armour was caked in the reddish-brown substance too, and the floor in her immediate vicinity was steeped in blood - blood weaponised through her Noble Phantasm, and slowly freezing over from where she stood within the morbid scene. Her Master, understandably, was keeping a short distance, but she was staring with relief at her Servant, glad to see she hadn't been seriously injured.

Still, Guan felt like something was amiss, but she couldn't quite place it herself until it was pointed out by the King of Knights. The mana had been drained...? She was absolutely terrible at controlling mana in any meaningful way, but even she understood it couldn't be a good omen. Once her Master was safely secured, Guan would have to seek out the source of this attack. A coward that dared to attack unsuspecting civilians deserved to die like the spineless little dogs they were!

"Grrr..." Guan shook her head, trying to ward off the encroaching effects of her Mad Enhancement. She couldn't let rage take over now. No, she had to keep her cool, listen to the King of Knights, and follow her direction for now.
Magilou, being her usual helpful self, wasn't bothering with knocking on doors, and simply watched as her companions were politely rejected by each and every homeowner. After the last few hours, the eccentric mage couldn't find it in her to be surprised at how delightfully mean they all were. Then again, if crazed Hunters roaming the streets were the norm, you probably didn't get much opportunity to practice manners.

"...Hey Magilou, isn't it weird?" Bienfu asked from his perch on her shoulder.

"You'll want to be a lot more specific at this point," Magilou responded with a carefree shrug, though she was certain the Normin was referring to the fact that these people could hide away in their homes, in apparent safety. No crazies busting down the door, and no monsters smashing the walls down to get to them. When passing by Zeke as he went door to door, Magilou had caught the whiff of what must have been incense. Perhaps that was related?

Well, whatever the reason was, they were unlikely to procure some of it for themselves, and that was assuming it kept these monsters at bay to begin with. At this point, it seemed clear that the trio could handle whatever came their way, so it was ultimately irrelevant.
Coming to some stairs, she glanced up and saw Hibiki staring at something. Ascending them for herself, she glanced at whatever Hibiki was looking at. Aside from one strangely-placed lantern, there wasn't much that seemed interesting to look at.

"Think we should go that way?" Magilou asked, hands resting behind her head, "Since we're gonna be aimlessly wandering around forever at this rate... or we could take refuge in one of these homes! As long as we keep the place tidy, the homeowners can't get too mad at us!"
Great danger? Powerful warriors? A dire situation? The young Sword Saint closed her eyes, pondering what she had been told by these otherworldly inhabitants. From Lila's reaction, it seemed she had wanted to hide just how precarious their current situation was. As the draconian girl was bombarded with questions from the others, Kamiko made her decision. Or rather, her decision had not changed with what she had heard. It didn't really matter how weak Lila or her allies were. If anything, being summoned into a land facing overwhelming disadvantages suited her best. She answered the call for one reason, after all.

"I shall pledge my sword to aid your plight, then," Kamiko answered with a small smile, opening her eyes, "it doesn't matter if you tried to fool us all into helping without the full details. As long as you can guarantee I'll find what I want, I can overlook that."

In the worst-case scenario, if Lila's promises were false, the sword saint could let the little snake girl handle the punishment. She had the strangest feeling that Shiro would be more than happy to oblige.
Kishinami Hakuno


Hakuno raised an arm, eyes wide with alarm when the patient attacked. She had to knock them back with something, but her mind couldn't seem to conjure up the appropriate spell to use. This was a sick person being controlled, after all, what was even the appropriate level of force?! Thankfully, the patient was sudden;y restrained by... snakes? She stared in confusion for a moment, before their saviour arrived. Hakuno wasn't familiar with this person in particular, but his demeanour, strange mask, and vague memories of Servant lists gave her a strong guess of who it was.

"...We'll go that way, then," Hakuno suggested to Jason and Kiara, nodding towards the alternate route. She turned her gaze to the doctor and gave a quick bow, "thank you for your assistance. Please be careful, Saber is currently fending off the perpetrator."

With that, the young Master hurried to lead the other two to safety. As she hurried to take point, a worrying thought was gnawing away at her. It was one thing for that fake Kiara to act as if they were acquainted in any way... maybe she was just imagining it, but those patients all seemed focused on her too. It creeped out her out; it was like that fake Kiara herself was using them just to observe her or something!

Whether they had met in any capacity or not, though, she was growing increasingly concerned that Kiara wanted her. Or was only looking to kill her off, which would still suck a lot, but either way it filled her with dread.


Berserker - "Guan Yu"


"I... I am fine, Master...!"

The icy ghoul growled as she stood protectively before her Master. During the chaotic battle, she had managed to shield her Master from every blow thrown their way. Oftentimes with her body, rather than the guandao, but that was a small price to pay. Her armour had deflected everything with no issue at all, and she had slain plenty of those shadowy Servants, to the point her frozen blade almost seemed to thrum with life as the crimson liquid coated it.

Yet Guan's master could tell she was having difficulty. Her movement had gotten faster - perhaps thanks to another Master or even a Servant skill - but Guan herself was not the accomplished fighter her father was. She had plenty of power, and a decent sense of battle, but her relative lack of experience in warfare, as well as her nature as a Berserker, made it more difficult for Guan to fight calmly. Maybe that was why she was ignoring the scratches blemishing her armour, the bruising her body had taken from blunt strikes, the blood running down one eye, thanks to a strike her helmet didn't fully protect from...

Guan downed another enemy, piercing the shadow's chest with her blade, and messily extracting it before leaping back. Now that they were gathered in the centre of the Arena, she could better defend her Master! With the other Servants here too, this battle would be easily won-

Even Guan had frozen in place when the dragon emerged, almost awed by its' presence. It, like the strange Servants, was a mere shadow, but it wasn't often you got to see such a terrifying creature before you. A mere imitation Servant like herself was surely nothing to it.
Her Master yelled out a warning, and Guan quickly ducked her head to the side, avoiding a fatal thrust of the shadow's Servant. Beore it could recover and escape, she grabbed the outstretched arm, threw her opponent to the ground, and stomped her foot onto it's chest. Even as it slowly started to freeze over, Guan quickly brought the guandao down on the shadow's head.

She may not be as amazing as her father, but the weapon in her hands... as despicable as its' current state was, it was still far more of a dragon than that fake! Even if her help was limited, Guan could at least use her Noble Phantasm to keep the rest of the Shadows at bay, and let the real dragonslayers focus on the bigger threat!
This strange, scaled girl was certainly making quite an impression to Kamiko, who had already written her off as someone unfit for sparring against. Unfortunate, but considering the kind of people that rained from the sky alongside her, she probably didn't have to worry too much about worthy partners. Even as the sword saint lamented Lila's presumed weakness, she at least had to admit that Lila was cute in her eagerness to impress. If the snake girl's actions were any indication though, Lila was unlikely to remain pure by the end of the day, so she might as well sneak her question in before that happened.

"I would be interested in these challenges," Kamiko replied with a small smile. Her hand came to rest on the hilt of her standard katana, drumming her fingers against it, "if there's someone strong enough to withstand my blade... do I have your word that such a person exists in this world?"

It would be a terrible shame to visit a completely foreign world, only to find she was just as unmatched here, after all.
Kishinami Hakuno

The news delivered over the radio was the exact opposite of what Hakuno had expected to hear. She came to a stunned stop as she stared at the device in her shaking hand, eyes wide. Slowly, she raised it closer to her mouth and spoke in a shaking voice, "...Sorry, I-I think I misheard. Dozens dead?"

How could that even be possible? What was happening over there for that death toll to still be rising? Weren't there a lot of Servants that should have been more than capable of taking on any threat? Was it the fake Kiara's doing? What was happening in Fusang?
That shadow Servant she had summoned in the hospital room... the scene that she had been watching as they arrived... was it more of those fake Servants? Just how many had that monster summoned, under everyone's noses? Had she failed to protect everyone that badly?

Anger and frustration broiled within Hakuno, tightly gripping the radio as she tried to make sense of everything. She had to keep cool. Losing her mind now would only upset Jason and the real Kiara. She had to keep her head and at least get those two to safety. And find some way to help Saber.

"...Let's go," Hakuno muttered, resuming the retreat to the lobby. However, several patients barred their way, acting worryingly strange, "Um, excuse me, but there's an emergenc...y..."
The way they looked at Hakuno's group... they weren't all there. And seemed ready to attack. This was incredibly problematic for several reasons. Hakuno could hardly count herself as a combatant; she was much better at blending into the background and slipping away before someone noticed, but against an actual opponent, her options were limited.

And her few options were well and truly neutered when it was unwilling, sick puppets opposing her.

"...Let's take the wrong way round," Hakuno suggested, eyes on the group as she willed the other two to back off.
Kishinami Hakuno

That fake Kiara truly was awful. Even as they fled, she just had to torment Jason further with that voice. As terrifying as that monster was, Hakuno could feel anger welling within her as she dragged the poor guy away with her. What was she getting out of this?! It was all sick, demented, twisted. She couldn't be allowed to do as she pleased any longer.

The other Kiara had launched an attack at the retreating group, forcing Benienma to break off her bout in order to protect them. Her skill was flawless and - in any other circumstance - beautiful to behold. Unfortunately, it only reinforced their predicament. If Saber had to protect them from the fake Kiara, she was going to get hurt by that strange Hijikata shadow sooner or later. Once they were out of the way, the small Servant could go all-out... but that still left her in a 2 Vs 1 situation.
Hakuno bit her lip in frustration as she ushered the others out with her. If she were even a halfway competent magus, she could at least distract that monster and let Benienma focus on her battle. As-is though, this was all she could do. Quickly raising her hand, Hakuno focused her magic into her palm, sharing as much of it as she could with the diminutive sparrow before she finally fled the room.

"Let's get to the lobby!" Hakuno said, grabbing the radio at her hip. The further they were from that room, the better. With the radio crackling to life, the young master called for help, "HQ, this is Kishinami! Situation at Fusang Hospital, Saber is engaging with an unknown enenmy and a strange Servant! Backup please, over!"

Kishinami Hakuno

How had today devolved into such a gruesome nightmare so quickly?

Hakuno thought she'd been prepared for the worst-case scenario when they visited Mary's room. Perhaps a Servant had been impersonating her for some reason, but the real Mary was still safe somewhere? Maybe this was the real Mary after all, in urgent need of help. If this girl turned out to be hostile, it wasn't something out of her depth as a member of CCF, right? But this...

Saber had acted swiftly, striking down the strange hands erupting from underneath the hospital bed before she could even blink. The floor was littered with blood and flesh now, but that was hardly what made Hakuno want to retch. The very air itself was heavy with a presence of pure, foreboding evil, enough to make Hakuno want to just flee. But even that wasn't what got to her. No, it was when Mary... when the girl seemed to just pull another person entirely out of her mouth. Or... would it be more accurate to say that this woman clawed herself out?

Hakuno's eyes were wide, her body frozen as she tried to understand what that woman was saying. Tried to comprehend who was there before her. Why... why did this woman... this creature look like Sessyoin Kiara?! She forced her eyes to move, as if to confirm that the woman at her side was still there. It... it was another trick, right? Whoever this person was, they impersonated Mary, and now they're using Kiara's appearance to rattle them, right...?

Still, Hakuno couldn't speak. Her face had paled, a hand over her mouth as she stood in place. Jason asked Kiara... the other Kiara where Mary was, and... no, she refused to accept that answer. That had to be a lie! But before the young Master could press her on it, the imposter's words confused her. As if they had met before. But... Hakuno had only known the real Kiara for a couple of days, and Benienma was the only partner Hakuno ever had. Was it mistaken identity? No, she couldn't ponder on this issue, it didn't matter at all. They had to capture this woman immediately.

"Saber." Hakuno's voice shook, but she tried not to let that show in her demeanour. With that one word, Hakuno communicated to her Servant what had to be done: Subdue the fake Kiara. Her hands clenched tightly as she tried to control the shaking. She was an officer of the CCF. That meant she had to take charge somehow, and get the other two to safety. Kiara was doing something strange, causing shadows to appear, and one of them was emerging to fight, it seemed. They were just like the strange shadow the fake Kiara had been watching a moment ago.

"...We have to go," Hakuno placed a hand on Jason's shoulder, urging him to stand, "let Saber deal with this, we need to get out of the way!"

The shadow, apparently based on Hijitaka... even if it weren't as powerful as the actual Servant, it would be a horrible idea to be anywhere near it right now. Benienma needed the space and ease of mind to fight at her best without having to divert her attention.


Berserker - "Guan Yu"

Guan landed on her feet with a sense of elation, watching Gareth roll some distance away. Her strike had knocked the knight down, and broken her charge! She grinned underneath the helm, hands trembling with joy at the bout. She had taken a more defensive stance now, and Berserker's confidence swelled. Surely she could break through, now that the momentum was gone! She took one step forward, and then hell descended upon them.

The sounds of the crowd changed drastically. Chiron's announcement echoed, forcing the young warrior to ignore her need to fight. Assailants were wreaking havoc on the citizens, spilling blood. Horror erupted in the icy figure's chest, and she immediately turned, towards the seats her Master should be sitting. Those shadowy things were already closing in on her location...!
Guan felt a pull, as mana pulsed through her body. She understood instinctively what this was, and leapt forward, the guandao wound back over her shoulder. When she swung it down, the blade cleaved through one of the hostiles, cutting it in half. Blood soaked the frozen blade, instantly freezing in place.

Guan's Master had used a Command Seal in a panic, calling her to the stands instantly. It was fortunate she had, as it let Guan save her, and a few others nearby. With a furious roar, she swung the blade at another shadow, forcing it to leap back, although she still managed to wound its face. Compared to a Servant, these didn't feel as powerful, but if they gathered together, it could be tricky...

"Worry not, Master," Guan growled, watching for any more attacks, "I won't let any harm come to you!"
She thrust her bloodied blade at another shadow.

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