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Hakuno could only hope her expression was conveying a sense of security and professional authority when she met up with Jason, though she highly doubted it. Putting aside her general inability to seem commanding in any situation, she couldn't help but worry about the poor guy. That incident must have been extremely taxing for him, physically and mentally. An overnight stay at HQ was hardly going to help him recover from that.

Still, until the investigation was fully resolved to the CF's satisfaction, he would be under the watch of Saber and herself. Hopefully Hakuno could do something to help ease his mind. Though as Benienma voiced her opinion, the walkie-talkie crackled to life with a message for the young Master. Somewhat surprised, she made her way to the main desk with the other two in tow. What awaited her was a message.

"...I feel like we're seeing each other a lot," Hakuno murmured to herself with a small frown. She hoped it wasn't something too serious troubling the nice lady. Was it related to the incident after all? Any new information would be more than welcomed, after all. Jason would have to tag along, but it might be good for him to get some fresh air. The plain-faced Master came to a decision, to meet Kiara as soon as available.


Magilou's expression was blank when she was handed the boots, having not expected anyone to be carrying spares. Or willing to part with them. She looked at them briefly, responded with a "great", and soon followed after Hibiki and Zeke. Given how terribly the clashed with the rest of her outfit, Magilou had no intent of actually putting them on. Besides, they seemed a bit big. Bienfu ignored the despairing sigh of Bienfu, who knew he was going to have to clean her shoes up later.

It didn't take long before they came across another sickeningly brutal sight. It was truly concerning just how stricken with madness this entire place was, completely unlike Daemonblight. It was hard to believe, but whatever afflictions ran rampant in this strange city, it was probably far worse than what Magilou was familiar with.
And of course, more of the mad inhabitants were there too, admiring(?) the macabre execution of yet another wolf-like monster. Bienfu shrunk back on her shoulder at the sight, and gave a cry of alarm when the barking started. Magician and Normin turned towards the source of the sound, seeing a less than pleasant dog approaching them.

"...Even the pets here aren't cute," Magilou sighed, finally dropping the boots and stepping forward, facing the group once more. Given their numbers, as well as the thankfully open space available, she could pitch in a little more and show off! Her allies could deal with one little canine, the jester figured.
"Now now, put those away~" Magilou wagged her finger at the group, not at all intimidated by the firearms pointed at her. Her wagging finger stared making circular motions, and with a flick of her wrist, the wind picked up considerably. It took only a moment for a small tornado to form between her and the hunters, barrelling towards them at speed. The spell would only last a few seconds, but it should be more than enough to send the group flying. Then she could pick off any stragglers that decided not to stay down.

If any of that gets on me, you're joining them down there."

"Please no, it's bad enough being up here with you, lady Magilou!"

As Bienfu made his disdain for the messy battle below clear, Magilou was much more passive, watching from her paper perch. She could try helping them out, but given the tight confines of the streets, as well as their penchant for getting right up in the monsters' faces, accurate spell-slinging was quite difficult. Plus, they had things under control, so why over-complicate things?

...Besides, Magilou wasn't too fond of the gory mess left behind either.

With a small frown, Magilou surveyed the alley from up high. She couldn't maintain her Guardian's flight indefinitely, so sooner or later she'd have to join them on the ground. But she didn't mind running the timer down to the last second if it meant avoiding the bloody goop. Her eyes flickered upward, to the other end of the alley, and she tilted her head curiously. The fog was making it difficult to tell, but something familiar looked to be on the other side.

Magilou sighed, and resigned herself to gently gliding back down below. Hopping onto the ground, her Guardian shrunk in size and flipped back into her hand before she addressed Zeke and Hibiki, "well, great news guys. Looks like our lead is just over yonder. you wouldn't happen to have spare boots, would you?"

@PKMNB0Y@Raineh Daze
It is still accepting, yes.
Himeko was struggling to suppress her laughter. Really, these girls were an utter delight! Chise wanted absolutely everything in the hop, and wasn't even attempting to hide it. Hina was taking her friend's words so literally, and that cutely serious way of delivering her words of wisdom managed to break even Chise's sweets-induced trance. And little Hanako was browsing for more sweets... oh yeah, was she still under the belief that she needed an offering or something? Well, clearly it would be too embarrassing to clear that up now, so best to leave that as-is.

Still, as generous as Hanako could be, her budget was limited, and being too carefree around Chise seemed disastrous, so with a clap of her hands, the shrine maiden reminded the girls, "Let's try keeping it to a maximum of three snacks each, okay~? Restraint is a sign of power and selflessness, after all~!"@VitaVitaAR@Raineh Daze
Hakuno was rushing through the streets, trying to keep a fine balance between sprinting desperately and marching with purpose. It wouldn't do for a member of the CCF to look like they were late for an important, or chasing an imaginary criminal! But the message Benienma had sent left her worried. After all, Saber had battled with a Berserker! To the death, too! What if she had been injured?! Hakuno was extremely worried about the recovered Master too... aahhh, what would she do if she found her tiny Servant covered in her own blood?!

By the time Hakuno practically leapt through the building's entrance, she looked rather frantic, wildly looking around for any sign of Saber and drawing quite a few looks. It didn't seem to dawn on Hakuno to simply text her Servant and ask where she was, and was rushing around in a confused frenzy, trying to block the more pessimistic thoughts from her mind. Needless to say, she was quite red and flustered when Hakuno was eventually set straight and told where to go, meekly entering the room that Benienma and Jason occupied.

"...Saber..." the young Master immediately brightened upon seeing her looking unharmed.


Chie, silent after Chinatsu's firm rejection, slowly turned her head towards the source of the new voice. The student with the vendor for a device, she recalled her club members talking about him a few times. He seemed a popular target for their club activities.It was quite thoughtful of him to assist in their ventures like that! Though the smile she offered to him, combined with the utterly massive weapon slung casually over her shoulder, was probably a tad disconcerting.

Eventually, she raised her hand, finger extended. She wagged it back and forth, playfully warning Mori, "cursing like that is a privilege reserved for my Decadent Failures, please refrain from such unbecoming language~"

With one more glance in Chinatsu's direction, the delinquent leader simply said, "I regret to hear your decision~ That said, please enjoy your time here at Shiroyama!"

And with that, she began to make her way back into the building, as peacefully as she had arrived.

Yamamoto Chie - Rooftop

"...Aw," Chie let out a disappointed sigh at the firm rejection. It was the expected outcome, but it was no less a shame. Her club could be a hard sell most of the time, even though they got so many benefits! Like free pompadour styling!

"Well, that's disappointing..." Chie muttered with a troubled expression, "I would really prefer not to procure your homework every week, Chiba-san. And besides..."

She tilted her head slightly. The faintest hints of a rumbling deep within the school could be felt. More mayhem was occurring somewhere, it seemed. The self-professed delinquent rose to her feet, continuing her reply, "in this school, it's better to be in a club than not. You can only play the loner for so long~"

Her words weren't intended to be a threat. Even her club members had trouble parsing threats from genuine advice. so Chie's intentions tended to be difficult to figure out. She regained that sunny smile, stooping down to effortlessly lift the massive axe in one hand, "In my honest opinion, my club has the best chance of taking on the student council eventually~! ...but if that's still not enough, at least pick a club that won't rely solely on your lone talents~"

Yamamoto Chie - Rooftop

"...It sounds like you want me to keep it short~" Chie commented lightly, her smile unwavering. She hadn't expected it to be an easy task, so this was fine. The fairly small delinquent leader slid the weapon from her back, laying it on the floor beside her as she knelt down, legs folded neatly and hands on her lap, "Then, I'll skip right to the question and ask; are you willing to join my club?"

The odds were close to zero, but no harm in trying. Chie would do anything in her ability to recruit more members, especially if they prove useful in ultimately challenging the president. Chie didn't know what Chinatsu's goals were, but with any luck, she could dig up some useful information during the conversation.

"I would just like to add, joining my club provides many benefits, outside of the boons granted by the ranking~" Chie added cheerfully, "for example, it means you can be the one grabbing extra spending money, rather than losing it to us~! You can also take time off any class you want! Though that's limited to four classes per week, in order to maintain the proper ratios and all that. Also..."

She launched into a string of 'benefits' her club granted, all of which seemed to be pre-planned disruptive activities with arbitrary limits. It was quite odd to imagine these delinquents working to some sort of strange quota, which Chie stressed at some point shouldn't be exceeded. The club leader definitely possessed a strange thought process, made more and more evident as she rambled longer and longer, in a playful, friendly attempt to make her club seem more appealing.

Normally, Yamamoto Chie did not concern herself with directly recruiting club members. She trusted her current members enough to persuade new prospects into joining the Decadent Failures club; how were they supposed to get better at intimidation if Chie had to handle every task? How could her delinquent flunkies better develop their piercing glares while ganging up on a helpless student if they all relied on their president to get things done? Every school needed an effective gang of troublemakers to balance things out. It was all well and good to see every student as a rival, but without an active, antagonistic force, a lot of the thrill was missing from school life. Or so Chie believed.

She had made her way to the school roof, informed of the new student's whereabouts. She was enjoying her lunch all alone - in any other scenario, this girl would be easy pickings for any mohawk-headed tough guy with a scowl and a desperate need for some extra vending machine money. But the girl's skilled display from the day before made it clear that sending flunkies was a waste of time. For the first time in a while, Chie would be trying to convince someone to join her band of misfits.

When Chie approached, her own small stature provided little in the way of presence, especially when combined with the sunny smile that seemed to belong to a loving older sister. The massive axe slung over her shoulder often made up for that though, towering over Chie as it hung on her back. The sheer size made it look as if Chie's spine should have snapped in half, yet it was no heavier than air to the delinquent.

"...Chiba-san?" Chie spoke with a gentle tone, tilting her head ever-so-slightly, "I deeply apologise for disturbing your lunch. May I have a moment of your precious time?"

Most students were probably aware of the strange, contradictory figure of Chie. Her stature, manner of speech, her looks... none of it matched at all with the typical delinquent, who ranged from the stereotypical to the almost slothful. It was unlikely Chinatsu knew much of anything about Chie, aside from her name, and the existence of her club. Having watched yesterday's battle, Chie was almost certain Chinatsu would have no interest in joining her particular club, but hopefully she could manage something!

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