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"...Spirit invocation?" Asahi repeated with a raised eyebrow. They were going to call on ghosts? Just what was that supposed to accomplish? Well, knowing Tomoko, there was a good reason for it, and really it didn't take that much thought as to why. If spirits were floating around, they could be witnesses, right? Hardly one admissible in court, but more than good enough for their purposes, huh.
Well, if it meant they could clear up the unpleasant situation faster, she would play along. She had a school to conquer, after all! What was the point in capturing the hearts of those stricken with grief, worry and fear? That just wouldn't do! So the cunning fox would just have to play along!

From near the door, Asahi retrieved her umbrella, turning to smile at the group at large, "in that case, let's not delay, everyone~! If anyone needs to share, I'm more than happy to!" The offer to share an umbrella was directed at... just about anyone that wasn't Tomoko, who had her own anyway. Come to think of it, maybe she should hope Kaori didn't need to share, too? Something seemed a tiny bit suspicious about her, though Asahi wasn't sure what, even as she peered at the spider and snow woman clinging together in wonder.

Ah well, not that anyone would be so forward as to take her offer, even if they were in need, and that suited the fox just fine. It wasn't like they were real friends or anything! It was more like... an assortment of victims that brat had collected! That was all they were to Asahi, more or less!
Kishinami Hakuno

"Oh, okay, I see," Hakuno replied with a smile, once again completely lost on what Suzuka's words actually meant. The gist seemed to be that they had to go meet elsewhere anyway, and thus were leaving. Thankfully, it meant her Servant was free of the rather squishy girl.

"...I guess we should order too," Hakuno murmured, glancing towards the counter where Kaguya had already wandered to. She could see the lost expression on the poor girl's face, making the Master wonder just what the strange beauty had even asked for, "what do you want, Sa-"
Out of the corner of her eye, Hakuno saw Benienma stooping into her combat stance, as if ready to pounce. Alarmed, she tried to ask what her Servant had saw, but she was already gone in a flash. She tried to follow Beni's path of movement, and saw... a very strange sight.

Hakuno thought the small Saber was readying her sword to strike, but in her hand was... was that a rice paddle? It seemed she had already used it to strike the fox-eared schoolgirl across her head, and Hakuno could only stare blankly for a moment. Then she snorted, and quickly turned away, pretending to cough. The scene just looked so silly, but laughing openly would be way too rude, right? They were drawing so many looks from bemused bystanders, but the young Master was caring less and less about that for the moment. focusing on how cute her Servant was certainly helped with that.

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Berserker - "Guan Yu"

"For now? Just some warm-ups~" Berserker cheerfully replied, one arm extended to the sky, the other hand gripping her straightened elbow, "then perhaps a light run to get the blood flowing~!"

Perhaps it would be quite tough on her Master, but the beginning was always the hardest of any training regiment! Even if she ached for the next few days, once this became a regular habit, she'd become an all-powerful lady of the modern era! Only then could Hana earnt he right to watch cooking shows all day!
Still, the streets were probably not the best place to train. A gym would be nice, but you couldn't exactly walk in on those places, and might eat into their budget a bit. Sadly, there weren't any nice fields nearby, but...

"We can do them over at the park!" Berserker suggested brightly, already leading the way. It wasn't like Hana could escape, no matter how long it took Guan to make sure she was following behind, "It always felt more rejuvenating to train surrounded by nature! It's a shame there's no rivers, but..."

@Raineh Daze
"Coming right up~" Asahi replied with forced cheer, retreating to the back of the room to prepare a cup. She could hear the arrival of a latecomer as Tomoko explained the reason for their meeting. When the fox turned, she was no longer forcing a smile. It would have felt wrong after Tomoko elaborated on those kidnappings, after all. She remained silent as she tried to navigate around the gliding Mugi and her trails of ice to reach the intermediary.

Thankfully reaching her safely, Asahi placed the cup on the table and peered at the newspaper with a troubled frown. As the caring class president, she could hardly condone these troubling incidents happening in her city. As herself though... honestly, she still didn't like it. It wasn't like she cared about a few human brats or anything! It was just...

...Well, Mama and Papa seemed concerned by the news, so it only made sense she'd prefer it to stop! Those kids being safe and sound was only ideal to ease their minds! Still, Asahi herself was not the most knowledgeable on other youkai, thanks to her relatively young age and upbringing. She'd certainly met plenty of them, but even the varied group gathered in this room was nothing more than a few common knowledge bullet-points to Asahi, and even then had trouble believing some things. She was still trying to figure out if the tiny oni with the cute accent had the strength to lift a whole building from the ground.

You already know, right? Just spit it out! Asahi wanted to demand of Tomoki, but held her tongue, and instead threw out a random suggestion, "perhaps a kuchisaki-onna? Not that I'm too confident in that answer..."
It bugged Asahi that she was going to have to do Tomoki's bidding, but whatever. She'll just grin and bear it, so this can be resolved as quickly as possible.
Shimamaru Asahi had plenty of experience hiding her true feelings behind a kind, bright smile. certainly, she was confident no human could ever hope to discern her true feelings. Perhaps present company were slightly more perceptive, but surely they knew nothing of the sheer, unbridled annoyance that the blonde "honour student" felt at having to attend this meeting.

"Here you are~" placing cups of tea before or nearby several club members, the smiling fox served the drink to everyone that wanted it, looking very much like a helpful girl, even though she was internally cursing out the one that brought them all together. Seriously, how did one as brilliant and intelligent as herself fall for such a simple trick!? Of course that little brat couldn't possibly have possessed any evidence of her harmless little prank! Pink was a way better colour for the principal's office anyway!

Not that she could back out of joining Tomoko's club, anyway. As underhanded as the "persuasion" was, Asahi had still given her word to join, and promises weren't something you just broke on a whim! How could any human accept her as their fluffy overlord of fluffiness if she couldn't even keep her word?! No, she would play along for now, and show that intermediary up at some point! She could almost picture it now...

Asahi was about to become lost in her daydreams when Tomoko herself arrived, startling the fox out of her reverie. Her smile became a tad more strained as she greeted the club leader, Good day, Suzuki-san. Would you like some tea?"
Kishinami Hakuno

Things had become surprisingly hectic in such a short time. All Hakuno could do was observe silently as everyone around her caused quite the stir. Of course, she was shocked to learn that the pretty lady was, in fact, Princess Kaguya... until it suddenly made perfect sense to her that an impossibly beautiful woman could only be a princess of the moon. She might have lingered more on that particular revelation, but Benienma's chirping was far more important and left Hakuno feeling quite warm and fuzzy.

She had taken a peek at the pictures Suzuka was showing off to Saber, and blinked at the sight of Mana's... assets. Now, Saber was perfectly justified in lecturing the perverted schoolgirl(?!) for her conduct, but Hakuno found herself understanding where Suzuka was coming from. Just a little bit. Really. She was a good girl at heart. Still, any sympathy for Mana evaporated when she started hugging the tiny sparrow. Hakuno looked as passive as ever, but her hands were clasped very tightly together, resisting the urge to wrench her Servant free and monopolise all hugging rights.

"...Maybe... we should calm down and find a seat? People are staring," Hakuno finally spoke.

  • Personality:
    On the surface, Asahi is a bright, cheerful, encouraging student that greets every situation with a warm, sunny smile and affectionate tone, coming across as the very picture of kindness and purity. What everyone doesn't realise however, is that this radiant gem of a girl is actually a conniving fox in the midst of bewitching the entire school into being her loving subjects and worshippers. Not forany real nefarious purposes or anything, she just really likes the attention. Because of this need to be noticed, Asahi is seen assisting or running all kinds of initiatives or events at school, which helpfully makes her seem that much more radiant to the masses.

    Despite her popularity with the students however, Asahi also loves pulling pranks and listening to the speculations as to the perpetrator all around her, seeing it as another form of reverence towards herself. She takes great pride in her ability to remain hidden in plain sight as she makes fools of the faculty, and sometimes fellow students. However, Asahi may be selfish and arrogant, but she certainly isn't malicious. Even if her intentions are far from noble, she isn't looking to seriously ruin any person's life, and would prefer not to get someone injured when she's just having fun.

  • Abilities:
    Asahi has an Affinity for illusions, allowing her to conjure both visual and auditory hallucinations. Although useful for creating brief distractions, at present she isn't able to fully manifest images that could withstand the most lackadaisical of examinations.
    She can also shapeshift between the form of a human, a fox, and a fluffy-tailed girl. Given her relatively young age for a kitsune, she is unable to alter the appearance of her human form as of yet.

  • Skills:
    A surprisingly capable person, Asahi is quite skilled at at a variety of tasks, domestic and practical. She has an eye for design, and can recognise someone's particular strengths and weaknesses for any given task quickly, and thus knows how to delegate tasks during class projects. Academically, she's above-average as well, even if her writing is surprisingly atrocious.

  • Equipment:
    Nothing you wouldn't find on a totally normal high-schooler.

  • Brief Backstory:
    Not long after reaching 100 years of age, the newly-born fox youkai ended up in the care of a middle-aged couple. Much like how one has no memories of when they were a baby, Asahi doesn't fully recall the exact details of how she came to be the couple's 'adopted daughter', but seems to be under the impression that she has hidden her real nature from them. In actuality, her 'parents' know full well she's a kitsune and have simply humoured her whenever she poorly tried to hide it from them. For the past eight years, she's simply been living as a human, steadily placing herself as someone for them to look up to. Her parents are pretty much the only two people she has no apparent disdain for. She's maintained the persona of a kind, wonderful saint of a person for a long time now, her facade completely unbreakable.

    ...Up until she met Tomoko and was soundly outsmarted. Now she's a begrudging member of her little club.
I'm interested in joining, too.
Kishinami Hakumo

"No problem. I'm Kishinami Hakuno," the young officer replied with a pleasant smile. It was plain to see that Mana seemed rather nervous, though hopefully that would fade away. Hakuno herself was aware that she lacked much of a presence to be wary around, after all. She nodded to the fluffy-eared schoolgirl introduced as Suzuka, and hoped it wasn't reflected in her face just how utterly lost the Servant's lingo had left her. She could only hope that she was correctly inferring that Suzuka found her Master to be pretty. Hakuno certainly agreed with that assessment.

"Ah, right, this is my Servant, Be-" she paused, remembering that Saber was no longer at her side as usual, and was still dealing with the impossibly-beautiful woman outside. Glancing over her shoulder, she could see that Benienma was having her hair stroked by those slender fingers, and found herself struck by a pang of jealousy so strong that she brought a hand to her chest. After a moment, she faced Mana and Suzuka once more with a more strained smile, "...Benienma, she's just outside. I, er, hope she shows the staff mercy, ehehe..."


Berserker - Guan Yu

"Why would I be trying to kill you?" Guan asked with a confused tilt of her head. Even before she became a Servant, her lifestyle had been active enough that even a ten mile run barely qualified as a strenuous task for her. Sure, she may not have been a warrior, but she could at least join her father and brothers as they strengthened themselves! It seemed the Berserker had failed to realise the very fact she could keep pace with such renowned soldiers said a lot about her own capabilities in the first place.

Still, it was obvious that Hana was very against running, for some reason. Coming to a stop, she finally lifted her Master from her shoulder and set her down, placing her hands on her hips, "I guess we don't have to run... but I forbid returning home until I'm satisfied that you've done your very best to get out and about! There's nothing more exhilarating than the flowing of hot blood! Nothing more liberating than the stretching of your muscles!"

With a satisfied grin, Guan folded her arms, reminiscing about those rowdy mornings. Somehow, she would communicate these feelings to Hana and win her over!
Kishinami Hakuno

"...She what now?"

Hakuno gave Benienma a confused glance, wondering what had gotten her so flustered. Well, maybe that was a silly question, considering they were talking to a ridiculously pretty girl. Someone with such radiant beauty that it almost kind of maybe brought strange fantasies to the forefront of her imagination. Luckily, as a chaste and pure officer of Fusang, she had the mental fortitude to ignore such vulgar thoughts and maintain a professional air-

Oh wow she just called us cute.

It was one thing to comment on Saber's cuteness - that was as obvious as water being wet. But for such a good-looking woman to call her cute as well? Feeling a flutter in her chest, Hakuno knew this situation was dangerous. Someone could mistake her as being infatuated with the black-haired stranger, when that was obviously not the case! Her cheeks were just colouring because... because the smell of food was in the air!

The plain girl had to coolly play this off, and luckily she had the perfect way of doing so. Jamming the baseball cap back onto her head and lowering the bill over her eyes, Hakuno loudly fumbled out "thanks you too gettin' food bye!"
With that she quickly rushed into the restaurant, leaving Benienma to fend for herself. Her Servant was tough, no doubt she could reject any attempts at seduction. Hopefully. Actually, who in their right mind would rebuke an advance from such a pretty lady? Especially if Hakuno was supposed to be the alternative choice, it seemed way too obvious what anyone would choose!

Before Hakuno could sink into a spiral of despair that she had surely lost her adorable Saber to some otherworldly beauty, a card clattered at her feet. Surprised, the flustered officer, knelt down to pick it up, realising it was a credit card. Straightening, she looked up at the apparent owner of the card and held it back out, "S-sorry, um, this yours?"

Berserker - Guan Yu

"Glad to hear it, Master!" Berserker happily replied, completely missing the meaning behind Hana's proclamation. She was already out the door, carrying the hapless girl over her shoulder with ease and unaware of any strange looks that may come their way. It was just nice to be proactive in getting her Master out of the house! Perhaps walking a mile out would be a sufficient starter? But if it was too easy, Hana might just get bored of it and refuse to leave the home again. No, if Guan wanted to promote a more active lifestyle, a longer journey back would make her appreciate the benefits of walking all the more!

"Okay, let's go with a three mile run! That should be a great starter~!" Guan cheered, raising her free fist to the air, "and when you're done with that warm-up, let's see about doing some strength training~!"
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