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Kishinami Hakuno

"...The sky?" Hakuno turned her head towards Saber. She was going to ask what she had meant by that, but her question was already being answered. The small girl was... shrinking into an even smaller form, turning into a... bird?! Speechless, the brunette could only stare as the bird, her Servant, promised she would return with something and flew off. It took her a few moments to register the events.

Makes sense. I mean, she's a Servant. And a bird. I think. So obviously she can transform. Hakuno rationalised to herself. More importantly, her clothes changed with her too, didn't they? the follow-up thought had a tinge of disappointment to it, for some strange reason.

Shaking her head briefly, Hakuno squatted down to smile at the silver-haired girl reassuringly, "well, you heard her. we should be seeing them very soon."

Indeed, not too long after departure, Hakuno could spot several approaching figures, mainly her adorable (and regrettably clothed) Servant, a young woman that appeared to be a nun... and a young girl that surely had to be...
"Ah, is that Dorothy?" Hakuno asked the small Caster, pointing to the approaching trio. One of them had to be, at least! It was likely the older woman had been someone that found Dorothy alone and was trying to help. Hakuno would have to thank her!


Berserker - "Guan Yu"

This oni... her words were veering dangerously close to mockery for Guan's liking. Perhaps it was not Ibaraki's intention. Maybe it was supposed to be playful patter that was the norm between arena combatants. As she held the upper hand, a little trash talk was to be expected. If Guan were in a proper state of mind, she would have rolled with it happily. After all, this wasn't supposed to be a real battle. It was a mere exhibition, done to entertain the crowd and viewers.

Yet the armoured Berserker gripped her frozen guandao tightly, glaring at the advancing oni. Her speed was terrifying, bearing down on Guan instantly. Yet she allowed no fear to influence her thoughts. After all, she was Guan Yu, the most powerful warrior. Why would he fear such a small opponent?!

Quickly gripping with both hands, Guan swung the long weapon with all her might, colliding with Ibaraki's sword in a powerful shockwave, blowing debris and dust all around the two combatants. Scorching flames met with frigid ice as the warriors pushed against each other. The armoured Guan let out a low growl, arms shaking from the effort of holding back the monstrously powerful Ibaraki.
She couldn't lose here... not to an opponent as insignificant as this! Not to someone that Guan Yu could blow aside with a single sweep! And yet, she could feel it: The strength she poured into the guandao, her fervent effort to beat back this oni... she was simply too weak. Despite her greatest effort, Ibaraki was simply better than her.

With a grunt, she was finally overpowered, and blown back to the arena wall. To onlookers, the impact was near-instantaneous. Smacking against the hard wall, Guan was left stunned as she fell to the floor, the weapon lying at her side. Her mind reeling from the powerful blow, unable to register the attack.

Ah, this pink cat's attitude was so refreshing. It was the perfect pick-me-up after dealing with nightmarish hounds and an even worse devil in the guise of a young girl. Himeko maintained a bright smile at her comrade's reply, enjoying just how animated and friendly she was.
"Nari-chan, huh...? I can get behind that~" the bespectacled fox nodded approvingly, raising the pipe to her lips and inhaling softly. Not that there was any substance to take in, but it sure helped with the mystical imagery.

Himeko definitely shared the sentiments towards Kagami, though. As awful as it may sound, she couldn't allow someone like that to have her wish granted. Contemplating just what kind of wish she would want was a little worrisome, really. Yet her mere presence had been enough to put Himeko on edge... sure, the fox wasn't a front-liner when it came to magical combat, but in her honest estimation, even someone like the cheerful cat before her wouldn't be able to land a single scratch on Kagami.

...Well, she could worry about that later. Right now, Himeko's twitching ears caught Nico's last words, and a playful smile formed on her face. "Girls like me, hmm...? You're so forward, Nya-chan~"
Himeko stepped closer, lowering her pipe and leaning down slightly, her eyes alight with playful mischief, "Well, if your heart's so set on pairing with me, however could I refuse~? Be careful though, we foxes are known to be a little naughty sometimes~"

Without any looming super magical girls around, Himeko could focus on teasing the cutie before her, her dual tails swishing gently behind her.

The plan had went of without a hitch, much to the fox-eared girl's relief. Shades usually weren't too... y'know, bright, so they were weak against the almighty power of thinking, but it still meant letting Himeko's partner get up close with several enemies. Thankfully, she was more than capable of handling herself, and deftly eliminated them all with one, magnificent strike. Himeko couldn't help but clap when the Shades were finally gone.

It was too bad Kagami couldn't just let them relish the victory a little more. At least she had chosen to part ways after declaring her victory.

Himeko let out a long groan, once she was sure Kagami wasn't still lingering around. You really got all types of magical girls, evidently. The fox had to wonder if the local deity had cursed her with the worst kind of opponent - one with infinite arrogance and way more than enough power to justify that. There was still the matter of figuring out how to survive their next encounter, but for now, she should just enjoy the win with her pink new friend. The two-tailed magical girl stepped towards her with a bright smile.

"Now that it's just the two of us, let us introduce ourselves properly! I am a divine messenger of the gods, a fluffy maiden filled with love and hope~"
She gave a cheerful twirl, poised on one foot before pointing the pipe towards Nico with a bright smile, making a V-sign with her free hand and directing them towards her right eye, "My name is classified, but you can give me the cutest name a fox can have~"

She was already pushing Kagami out of her mind. Strong as that girl was, Himeko chose to believe someone like her could be toppled with numbers against her, so she could save that concern for later.

Berserker - "Guan Yu"

Guan's attack was easily blocked by the grinning oni, which was perhaps to be expected. Even ignoring the superhuman speeds a Servant could move at, her attack was straight-forward and simple. Even a relative novice like Guan herself could have seen such an attack coming. Regardless, she gripped the weapon tightly as she attempted to overpower the yellow oni, gritting her teeth as she was met with resistance. Despite the cracking of the earth beneath them, Ibaraki-douji stood firm, seemingly unfazed by the icy Berserker's power.

Suddenly, her weapon was knocked aside, and a flaming fist was barrelling towards her! She only had a split-second to react, and the best she could manage was to try and leap away, trying to avoid the worst of the blow. That flaming punch met her chest, knocking Guan back several feet, rolling along the ground until she came to a stop, face-down.
The front of her armour was scuffed and marred by the flames, with a slight indent from the glancing blow it withstood. The frozen Berserker may have just barely leapt out of Ibaraki's range, but that glancing contact was still enough to cause worrying damage.

...He wouldn't have been so easily taken down. Guan berated herself bitterly as she clambered back to her feet. Ibaraki-douji was certainly powerful. Those flames were a natural counter to her own abilities. Even the oni's parameters could outstrip Guan's own in every way, for all she knew.

But if it were Guan Yu, such obstacles would have been overcome with a single swing of his gallant blade.

Back on her feet, she silently pointed the frozen guandao towards Ibaraki-douji, as if daring her to advance. Regardless of her opponent's power, she wouldn't allow herself to fall! Not while her Master was watching! Not while she bore her father's name!
Yeah, fine by me. Himeko can herd and trap them with her flames for Nico.
There we are. Sorry for the delay, I'd been waiting for a Kagami post that I completely missed was already there.
They were whittling the Shades down at a steady pace, covering each other pretty well for an impromptu team-up. Himeko couldn't speak for the catgirl's experiences, but as a four year veteran, Himeko liked to think she had gotten good at fighting from the backline. Of course, there was the small concern of the remaining enemies slowly gathering strength as their allies fell. Given how weak the pack was in general, the shrine maiden was hardly expecting a behemoth of a creature to stand before them at the end.

Unfortunately, Himeko could only manage so much in her state. Her flames could be spread to attack more than one enemy, but the range left much to be desired with only two wands to work with. By the time the enemies were brought down to reasonable level, her flames might not be enough to finish them off.

With one more Shade burning to a crisp within her blue flames, Himeko pondered in an almost carefree manner how best to finish off the group. Even if the final Shade was still within manageable levels, Himeko didn't like giving these monsters a chance to access some sort of dangerous technique or whatever. Though having one enemy to focus on did make it much easier to keep track of.

Sigh. This would be so much easier if that Kagami girl wasn't stubbornly acting like a villain herself.

"Koneko-chan~" Himeko called to her partner, raising a wall of blame flame behind her to protect from another attempting flanking, "got any massive blasts on you? If not, we might just have to round these puppies up and slice 'em all at once~"
The cat-themed magical girl had certainly proven herself to be more offensively capable, after all, and it might be a stylish enough finish to tide over the looming threat above them, too.

I'll post later today, after sleep.
Berserker - "Guan Yu"

Berserker's opponent was certainly a strange one. She hadn't expected to be battling an oni, especially one so brazen and confident as to handle her own introduction. Guan silently watched the yellow oni, as if unsure of how to respond. This demon... she was rather small, wasn't she? One might even find her a little cute from the right angle. Standing before Ibaraki-douji however, Guan could feel the pressure of a formidable fighter pressing against her. She was clenching her frozen blade nervously, trying to stem the slight tremors in her hands.

She couldn't show weakness here! Guan Yu was not so weak as to be intimidated by such a tiny girl, demon or no! Her Master was watching them at this very moment,she would not disgrace him with such poor conduct.
Inhaling deeply to steady her nerves, the helmeted fighter narrowed her eyes, readying her blade. She would overcome all of her shortcomings, and display skill worthy of her father's name!

And so, once the announcer ecstatically declared for the match to begin, Guan exploded forward, the guandao swung diagonally down upon the mountain oni.
Kishinami Hakuno

"Thanks. If we're not here, we'll be at the park," Hakuno replied to the older man with a nod. It was always nice to see such friendly citizens helping out an innocent girl in her time of need. Straightening, Hakuno found herself guided by Alice to the park with Benienma in tow. She was curious as to this girl's identity, given that just 'Alice' wasn't much to work with when it came to heroic spirits. Which was weird, you'd think such a normal name would stand out, wouldn't you?

Hakuno surveyed the park and flowers, not seeing anyone that seemed to be missing a Servant. Or any dogs, for that matter. Hopefully Dorothy wasn't chased off by one...

"What do you think, Saber?" Hakuno asked the small Servant. Who knew where she could have went in the meantime.


Berserker - "Guan Yu"

With her Master's encouragement held at heart, the Berserker made her way to the arena.Registration was an easy enough process, and it wasn't long before her name was being called by a charismatic announcer, as the shrouded warrior made her way towards the centre of the battlefield.

Contrasting her 'casual' appearance, the figure that strode towards battle seemed eerie, almost sinister. An armoured fighter with a guandao that appeared to be coated in blood, frozen to the blade, a long beard that hung freely from the helmet - or was it even a beard? Regardless, it was perhaps evocative of a particular warrior of great renown, which only made that seemingly cold air around Guan that much stranger.

Well, she could hardly help how she appeared, and it didn't particularly matter. Guan was fighting under the name of her father, which meant she was duty-bound to win! And on top of that, her Master was watching, too.
With the weapon gripped in both hands, she held the blade parallel to the ground as her opponent was announced...
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