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Kishinami Hakuno

"...Okay. Let's get the visit over with, and we can let her rest," Hakuno nodded to the small Servant. Having to relive being attacked by a Servant would not be a pleasant experience, Hakuno figured, but it had to be done. She spent most of the journey silently contemplating how best to approach the poor girl. No doubt the victim would be more reassured by a mature, possibly grizzled type of detective, and not a walking piece of cardboard and her frankly adorable sidekick?

Soon enough, they had reached the hospital that Mary had been taken to. Putting on her best 'official' face, Hakuno entered and spoke with a receptionist, confirming her identity and reason for visiting. In short order, she was taken to the room Mary was currently residing in. After an inhale to try and calm her nerves, she knocked on the door and slid it open, entering.

"...Saikawa Mary," Hakuno tried to keep the nervous quiver out of her voice as she addressed the injured girl, roughly around her own age, "I'm sorry to bother you. I'm Kishinami Hakuno of the Counter-Crime Force," she indicated the small Servant at her side, "And this is my partner, Saber."

Hakuno approached the bed, glancing at Mary's injury. Obviously, it had been treated already, and looked nowhere near as bad as it probably did a shor time ago. Still, to be attacked like that in Fusang...
"If you're able, I'd like to hear about what happened at the time of the incident," Hakuno spoke again, "with... as much detail as you can manage. If we know who we're looking for, we'll catch the culprit in no time."
Really, it was just downright adorable, the way little Hanako seemed to believe her blatant lies. The poor girl was trying so hard to follow the instructions given, and was now tickling at a statue's nose. With a delighted smile, the bespectacled miko reached into her haori, extracting her phone and taking a picture of the cute sight, before returning it to an internal pocket.

"Good job, Hanako-chan~" Himeko called out brightly, "your technique's flawless! Only issue is, you're massively disrespecting the gods right now! In fact... oh wow, they're kinda furious!" Himeko didn't even bother pretending to feel out the 'energy' of the shrine, simply leaning on her broom and smirking, "this is terrible, we must appease them!"

Himeko straightened her back, and pointed the end of her broom to the smaller girl, "you'll have to buy a ton of sweets immediately! Offer them to the komainu statue and beg forgiveness, and only then will their rage be quelled!"

Is this what it was like to have a little sister? Really, if this girl fell for every little tall tale, the shrine maiden was sure she'd end up adopting Hanako.

@Raineh Daze
Kishinami Hakuno

"Thank you for your time."

Hakuno bowed as the apartment resident closed their door with a grim expression. She could hardly blame them for being worried, given the nature of the disturbance, and happening so close by, too. Still, she had given her word that no one was in any danger. With any luck it sounded convincing, coming from her.

Still, she hadn't been able to learn a whole lot. No one had actually seen the commotion, and the perpetrator was gone by the time any witnesses had approached. Of course, the shots were heard, but that was that could be confirmed. If nothing else, it at least raised the likelihood of a Servant being behind this from 'almost definitely' to 'seriously who else could've done it?'.

Benienma returned to provide her report as Hakuno pondered, and she listened as the small Saber exposited what details she was able to determine. It was frustratingly little to go on, but that wasn't Benienma's fault. After another moment, Hakuno tried to voice what barely-legible thread she could from the scant clues.

"...There was evidence of a summoning circle... the attack and escape from the scene would indicate a Servant..."

Was it really something as simple as a summoning gone awry? The victim may have tried to obtain a Servant, who wound up being uncontrollable? Could it be a Berserker? Hakuno really hoped not. The idea of a Berserker with firearms was frankly far more terrifying to her than most Chaotic-Evil Servants.

The brunette nodded at Benienma's suggestion. They would need to speak with the victim before they could hypothesise any further, anyway. The sooner her fears were debunked, the quicker they could effectively track down the rogue Servant.

"Once I get word she's well enough, let's see her."

Another day had come, and as such, a young woman was tending to the shrine grounds once more. Clad in traditional miko garb, she swept at the ground with a cheerful hum, projecting the image of a shrine maiden hard at work. Not that there was any leaves to sweep away, Himeko was simply having some fun. How could she not, given all that had happened since yesterday? The unpleasantness of that purple demon's attitude aside, the young woman had met an interesting magical girl cat, had spoke with an equally intriguing girl, and had even found an impromptu roommate in little Yukimura Hanako .

Speaking of, that unfortunate girl not only had to deal with Himeko teasingly threatening to share a futon to 'help her acclimate' to her new surroundings, but since that girl was, for some reason, choosing not to go to school today, Himeko felt it necessary to ensure that girl did something productive, as payment for the kind lodgings. Hence, she was now dressed in an older maiden uniform of Himeko's she had long since outgrown, and was currently being shown how to maintain the shrine's facilities - aside from meaninglessly sweeping the broom around, Himeko had also tried convincing Hanako that the komainu statue near the offering box contained an actual divine spirit within, and blessed anyone that professed their love to it bountiful fortune and good luck forevermore.

In short, Himeko was enjoying herself a lot more than usual.

"...And that's more or less how it goes~" Himeko turned towards the much smaller girl, a playful smirk on her face as she leaned on the broom, "it's important you keep the rhythm, or it throws the shrine's spiritual energy off-balance. Easy enough to get, right~?"

@Raineh Daze
Kishinami Hakuno

The Next Day:

Hakuno's usual poker face had been wavering since she'd received the call. An incident had occurred at a student's apartment. resulting in the occupant's injury. It wasn't confirmed if a Servant had specifically caused this, but apparently all the evidence made it all but guaranteed. In any case, Hakuno was to ask the neighbours if the had seen or heard anything. To her understanding, a firearm was involved, so surely *that* was heard, right?

It was still quite nerve-wracking, however. This was the most serious incident Hakunon had been assigned to since she joined this humble little Servant-themed police force. And while she doubted the perpetrator was still skulking around, ready to pounce, the plain-faced student couldn't help but take solace in her own Servant's proximity.
As they neared the apartment blocks, her hazel eyes swept the area. She couldn't detect anything odd in her surroundings...but really, that offered her nothing. Hakuno wasn't known for sniffing out the unknown with a cursory glance.

"...Right, um..." she had to at least try and conduct herself properly! She was there to assist the victim and the witnesses! Letting her own nerves get the best of her would be counter-productive! After a moment, she tried again, "Okay. Saber... would you mind patrolling the area? Maybe see if there's any clues lying around. I'll go knock on some doors."

Her left hand drifted to the armband on her right, gripping it tightly between her fingers. No point in worrying about the worst-case scenario. Saber was so reliable (and cute, that was important to note too), there was no need to waste time fretting.
I will probably have to wait a few days to get something posted.
Himeko wore quite the playful smile as Nico tried to stammer out a reply to the teasing comment, greatly enjoying her flustered antics. It was always so much fun when the girls didn't quite know how to respond! The fox would have loved to mess around a bit more, but sadly, her new playmate had to go find a friend, who was apparently nearby. It seemed unlikely, plus Himeko was positive no one had been feasted on before her arrival, but she just smiled brightly at the pink cat, twirling the pipe between her fingers idly.

"Yes, let's. I'll offer the same favour in return then, Nya-chan~" she replied, and watched her leap away amongst the trees. With that, Himeko was now alone. She cast a careful gaze around her as she began walking in the opposite direction. She'd left poor Nico alone to tend to that cute new roommate of hers. She should at least get some snacks for them as an apology, huh?

"...Seriously though, her washing machine exploded...?" Himeko shook her head, chuckling to herself. That Hanako girl sure seemed unfortunate. As she neared the park's gates, her form seemed to shimmer, before fading entirely. Mere moments later, stepping out of a small street nearby said park, Himeko emerged in her civilian guise, adjusting her glasses with a satisfied smile. She hadn't seen anyone around, but it was probably a better idea not to transform out in the open regardless. The last thing Himeko needed was for everyone in town to flock to her humble little shrine, begging for divine intervention, photoshoots and marriage. Well, maybe with select individuals, those would be perfectly acceptable requests...

With that, Himeko made her way back home, pondering what would be the best kind of apology-snack to offer.

About... two arms' length away from her?
Kishinami Hakuno

"...The sky?" Hakuno turned her head towards Saber. She was going to ask what she had meant by that, but her question was already being answered. The small girl was... shrinking into an even smaller form, turning into a... bird?! Speechless, the brunette could only stare as the bird, her Servant, promised she would return with something and flew off. It took her a few moments to register the events.

Makes sense. I mean, she's a Servant. And a bird. I think. So obviously she can transform. Hakuno rationalised to herself. More importantly, her clothes changed with her too, didn't they? the follow-up thought had a tinge of disappointment to it, for some strange reason.

Shaking her head briefly, Hakuno squatted down to smile at the silver-haired girl reassuringly, "well, you heard her. we should be seeing them very soon."

Indeed, not too long after departure, Hakuno could spot several approaching figures, mainly her adorable (and regrettably clothed) Servant, a young woman that appeared to be a nun... and a young girl that surely had to be...
"Ah, is that Dorothy?" Hakuno asked the small Caster, pointing to the approaching trio. One of them had to be, at least! It was likely the older woman had been someone that found Dorothy alone and was trying to help. Hakuno would have to thank her!


Berserker - "Guan Yu"

This oni... her words were veering dangerously close to mockery for Guan's liking. Perhaps it was not Ibaraki's intention. Maybe it was supposed to be playful patter that was the norm between arena combatants. As she held the upper hand, a little trash talk was to be expected. If Guan were in a proper state of mind, she would have rolled with it happily. After all, this wasn't supposed to be a real battle. It was a mere exhibition, done to entertain the crowd and viewers.

Yet the armoured Berserker gripped her frozen guandao tightly, glaring at the advancing oni. Her speed was terrifying, bearing down on Guan instantly. Yet she allowed no fear to influence her thoughts. After all, she was Guan Yu, the most powerful warrior. Why would he fear such a small opponent?!

Quickly gripping with both hands, Guan swung the long weapon with all her might, colliding with Ibaraki's sword in a powerful shockwave, blowing debris and dust all around the two combatants. Scorching flames met with frigid ice as the warriors pushed against each other. The armoured Guan let out a low growl, arms shaking from the effort of holding back the monstrously powerful Ibaraki.
She couldn't lose here... not to an opponent as insignificant as this! Not to someone that Guan Yu could blow aside with a single sweep! And yet, she could feel it: The strength she poured into the guandao, her fervent effort to beat back this oni... she was simply too weak. Despite her greatest effort, Ibaraki was simply better than her.

With a grunt, she was finally overpowered, and blown back to the arena wall. To onlookers, the impact was near-instantaneous. Smacking against the hard wall, Guan was left stunned as she fell to the floor, the weapon lying at her side. Her mind reeling from the powerful blow, unable to register the attack.

Ah, this pink cat's attitude was so refreshing. It was the perfect pick-me-up after dealing with nightmarish hounds and an even worse devil in the guise of a young girl. Himeko maintained a bright smile at her comrade's reply, enjoying just how animated and friendly she was.
"Nari-chan, huh...? I can get behind that~" the bespectacled fox nodded approvingly, raising the pipe to her lips and inhaling softly. Not that there was any substance to take in, but it sure helped with the mystical imagery.

Himeko definitely shared the sentiments towards Kagami, though. As awful as it may sound, she couldn't allow someone like that to have her wish granted. Contemplating just what kind of wish she would want was a little worrisome, really. Yet her mere presence had been enough to put Himeko on edge... sure, the fox wasn't a front-liner when it came to magical combat, but in her honest estimation, even someone like the cheerful cat before her wouldn't be able to land a single scratch on Kagami.

...Well, she could worry about that later. Right now, Himeko's twitching ears caught Nico's last words, and a playful smile formed on her face. "Girls like me, hmm...? You're so forward, Nya-chan~"
Himeko stepped closer, lowering her pipe and leaning down slightly, her eyes alight with playful mischief, "Well, if your heart's so set on pairing with me, however could I refuse~? Be careful though, we foxes are known to be a little naughty sometimes~"

Without any looming super magical girls around, Himeko could focus on teasing the cutie before her, her dual tails swishing gently behind her.

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