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Attire: Business & dinner fit
Time: 6:00 pm -> 7:00 pm
Location: Office -> Castle Dining Room
Interaction(s): @princess Edin
After concluding his conversation with Anastasia, Wulfric briefly retreated to his office. There, he checked that the documents he’d retrieved from the Guild were still in order. He then considered which guards to have escort Anastasia, and which to have watching over her covertly.

This was easy enough to decide, as he knew most of their guards, and knew which ones he could trust to protect his sister.

The greater issue was Delronzo himself. Wulfric had no idea how the man would play this. One possibility was that he would simply act as if he was innocent, and convince Anastasia that he had done nothing amiss based on the trust he’d managed to gain from her. This could be problematic, but Wulfric felt he could deal with it.

If he tried harming her by mundane means – trying to kidnap her, for example – then the guards he’d set on her should be able to handle it.

But what if he used magic again? If he erased her memories? His guards’ memories? With how easily he’d disappeared the evidence from last night, it wasn’t difficult to imagine he still kept it concealed with a magical illusion or some such.

Even more harrowing were the possibilities he’d mentioned to Anastasia. Besides the usual manipulation, maybe he’d even use magical compulsion to make her talk, or deepen her trust or – who knew what else, really? There were simply too many unknowns. Since Wulfric didn’t have the means to counter magic, he largely only had to hope Delronzo didn’t think it necessary to use it.

It also occurred to him that Anastasia was meeting him in person. This was an opportunity to capture him, and bring him in for questioning–

If your friend was being accused of something, wouldn’t you want to at least talk to them yourself before just throwing them to the wolves?

Wulfric sighed, and a skewed smirk formed. Don’t you know I’m one of those proverbial wolves?

Even so…he couldn’t bring himself to break her trust like that. He supposed it was similar for Callum. Even knowing they were in the wrong to trust Delronzo, to disregard how very likely it was that he was the culprit…Even when he thought torture of a suspect like that was just fine, he knew actually doing it would hurt them.

So, he would try any and all other methods he could think of first. Finding material evidence, gathering rumours, questioning the host without torture, convincing his siblings that Delronzo wasn’t trustworthy…

A part of him even seriously considered using magic. But he didn’t know enough about it, and doing it himself as inexperienced as he was would be too much of a risk.

What a shame he didn’t have a group of magical experts on hand.

Even if he lacked that, he still had resources a plenty. Besides ensuring Anastasia’s safety – this was absolutely the priority – he could have a few agents sent alongside to watch Marek, trail him, and investigate his establishments or hideouts.

In fact…yes…Alongside the guards, he would send some others.

It took some time for Wulfric to organize all this, from selecting the people, to speaking to them, to ensuring they’d all know what to do.

However, by the time he went to check the Dining Room, his father was still there. Taking his time enjoying that damn cake, of course.

“Father,” he greeted politely as he made his entrance.
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Time: Morning
Location: Port Vanarosa
Mention(s): Tanithil @Lava Alckon
Interaction(s): Captain Drosis @Blizz, Amisra @Tae
Arlen grinned, clasping his hands together excitedly. “Both!” he exclaimed, clapping once. “Just imagine! Drinks in bed,” he sighed wistfully. “We could be like those super rich guys, all fancy silk, wine glasses in hand…then just get it on when we wanted!” He giggled. “We’d be the envy of all ‘round,” he smirked. Arlen nodded faux-sagely as Amisra agreed Tanithil might feel left out. “Yess, this would be perfect to rope Tani in. Then he’d finally see what’s fun in two is funner in three~” he winked at her.

When Amisra ran her finger down his arm, Arlen’s smirk turned noticeably sultry. When her hand completed its trail, he took a hold of it, and lightly brushed his fingers against hers. He shivered when he felt her breath against his ear, and let go. He leaned in to rub his cheek against hers in a friendly nuzzle. Then, he let her back off, still smiling.

Sometimes, their teasing did get awfully close to crossing the line, which was when Arlen had to remind himself they were strictly friends. It would be weird for them to become involved…probably.

He had no problem admitting it; he enjoyed playing around.

How that’d end up with someone he literally lived with, though? He wasn’t sure, but from what he’d heard, many folks preferred something serious in that kind of a situation. Amisra seemed like the type who would. Probably with Tanithil.

But those two were pretty damn oblivious about it. It was as if they were playing a convoluted, decades-long game of chicken. It was quite entertaining, actually; like his very own drama show. And as long as it was all in good fun, why not?

Arlen was distracted from the semi-serious line of thought by Amisra’s next suggestions. “Drinks sound good.” He sighed at the mention of their captain. “That man can be a real spoilsport, huh?” It wasn’t a serious complaint, though. He knew work needed doing, and they’d have a week in this place anyhow.

“Let’s go see what he wants,” he motioned in the direction of the tavern, clearly intending to go along with her. He didn’t think it needed saying, but obviously he’d help her out if it was something he could assist with.

They traversed the busy streets towards The Seagull. Vanarosa place was always so lively. It felt like second home; second to the one he’d had with the crew, of course. It was standard practice to rob strangers, and try not to be robbed by them, but that was just how it was here.

The tavern their captain favoured was a fairly humble building. Medium sized, with a slanted roof, built from uneven slats of wood. The white and blue paint was chipped. The sign – a painted seagull, of course – was faded till it was barely recognizable anymore. There actually were crowds of those food-stealing bastard birds flocking around, usually.

It wouldn’t look like anything special to strangers, but Arlen was fond of it too. It was a great place to unwind.

It was easy to find their captain once they entered, what with his presence, and the group of their mates he was surrounded by. Arlen casually strolled to the table, taking one of the vacant chairs from another table with him. For good measure, he helped himself to an unattended drink too.

If someone just left it there like that, they clearly didn’t want it anymore.

He sat himself with the group. “You wanted Amisra for something?” he asked, clearly curious about what Drosis would assign her with.

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Time: Morning
Location: Port Vanarosa
Mention(s): Tanithil @Lava Alckon, Ismael @Th3King0fChaos
Interaction(s): Captain Drosis @Blizz, Amisra @Tae
Ever since their crew had been left in charge of a human, Arlen was both thrilled and fascinated. A grand mission, a new adventure, unknown dangers! It was exhilarating.

Since a week ago, a fresh sparkle had entered his ruby eyes. He was even more high-energy than usual, pestering his captain, his crewmates, but especially their shiny new resident human.

They were supposed to prepare, protect, and hide him until he was fit enough to help them overthrow Zanithel.

Thankfully, their human Ismael seemed up to the task.

When the elf had first seen him, he was admittedly surprised.

He had had no idea that humans could grow so tall!

They tested him, and Ismael proved his size wasn’t just for looks. In physical combat, the human held up well against himself and even Amisra. Often, he and the dark elven princess teamed up. They kept Ismael in shape, and brushed up his skills. At least for Arlen, though, he felt he was able to learn from the human, too. Some of it was useful, like combat techniques. Some of it was for pure curiosity’s sake, like trivia about Earth.

Discovering that Ismael had been a soldier, and knew how to handle firearms was a treat. Though he was very possessive of his darlings, Arlen conceded to lending him one of his pistols for a few days, just so the man could get comfortable with the flintlock mechanism. Because apparently, on Earth that was practically considered antique.

Once or twice, he had dropped on the man’s magic lessons with Tanithil. It was intriguing to witness the mythical elemental magic first hand. That, and Tani was genuinely a good teacher. Seeing him in his element was always exciting.

Today, they were finally mooring Saltrunner at one of Port Vanarosa’s many docks.

As soon as they did, they assembled to receive their orders. Perched on a railing, legs swinging, Arlen pouted at his assignment. Sure, smuggling was right up his ally. But the inescapable inventorying part of it? Urgh.

Still, he gave a cheeky two-finger salute, touching his index and middle fingers to his forehead, then flicking them off. “Gotcha, cap’n~” he affirmed, and pushed himself off onto the deck, getting to work.

He already had his eyes on a few mates he knew would help him out with sorting the cargo and money in exchange for a little something.

When Amisra found him, he was at the treasure hold; a small office kept under lock and key, guarded, and with some other security measures to boot.

“Aw, miss me already? Knew ya couldn’t make it without me,” he joked, grinning when she made her appearance. He smirked at her flirtations; Amisra always obliged going along with him, just for the fun of it. “Wouldn’t be this sweltering if ya weren’t so hot, honey,” he countered.

At the offer for help, Arlen faux swooned. “My savior!” He gasped, laying a palm on his sternum. He swayed as if short of breath, but caught himself on a nearby table, and made eyes at Amisra. “Oooh, my,” he fanned himself. “Thy sin be temptation; my heart’s all a-flutter,” he fluttered his eyelashes as if to demonstrate.

But he quit the act as he couldn’t restrain the laughter anymore, and broke out in a light cackle at the silliness.

“Seriously, though, yeah,” he said when he’d calmed down. “I’ve got a few on the rest o’ the cargo.” He’d set them to catalogue and compile for sell-off their other spoils, such as silk, alcohol, and smoking goods. “But go through these with me?” he gestured at a couple of small wooden boxes where the more expensive (stolen) trinkets had been stashed.

He’d already counted up the gold; that was easy enough as the captain had excellent organizations. Various necklaces, pendants, rings, timetellers, memory glasses, and such always took longer to examine though. Couldn’t get a good price if you didn’t have an estimation of their value, after all.

When they were done, and had each picked the items they’d drop off in town, Arlen turned to Amisra with a renewed smirk. “So-o,” he prompted. “Drink…or bed, was it?” he gave her an appreciative look up and down. “Ya know I’m always up for some one-on-one time,” he purred. “Bu-ut, I think Tani’s gunna get lonely if we’re away too long, eh?” as he emphasized the other dark elf’s name, mischief shone in his gaze.

Attire: Business & dinner fit
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Castle Dining Room
Interaction(s): @princess Edin, Anastasia
Wulfric restrained an eyeroll when his father missed the point. “Advertising is all fine and well but he needn’t have asked my brother to help with his work,” he grumbled quietly. But it was with the tone of one who knew this wouldn’t be convincing. In fact, none of the reasons he listed were the main one; namely that he had a ‘bad feeling’ about Ezra. He trusted his own instincts – and Wystan’s – but that was the kind of thing which was far too easily dismissed.

He narrowed his eyes as Edin went on to insult Leo. “He is still a lord and the future duke of Stravinsky,” his voice was clipped as he said this, though he kept his tone polite. How easily the king dismissed a nobleman due to an overblown sense of rivalry with their neighbouring country. And in favour of that baker, no less.


Or, it would be, if this weren’t Edin.

“Ezra has no business insulting him,” he stated matter-of-factly. And neither do you. But of course, his father continued listing Leo’s perceived faults.

Wulfric returned his attention to the food in front of him. Yet, a mere moment later, he was drawn to meet his father’s gaze.

"The apple never falls far from the tree, Wulfric…Trust me," the old man smirked.

To hell with that.

It had felt like a taunt, but there was no way Edin had the self-awareness prerequisite to turn that phrase on him with malicious intent.

The prince kept his expression neutral, unchanging. He directed a stare on his plate, lowering his lashes before the flare of indignation, offense, hatred could be seen in his eyes. With careful body language alone, he made a show of contrite acceptance.

Still, annoyance crossed his expression at the remark about his sister. “Men stare at her all the time,” he said, as if that was any excuse whatsoever.

Then maybe their eyes should rot off.

Aggressively, Wulfric stabbed a cherry tomato with his fork. The delicate skin broke apart, and the tines sunk into the meat with a soft plop. Once in his mouth, he chewed it till it was mush, then consumed the thing in one go.

With a huff, he expelled all extraneous emotions. Yes, father was upsetting. No, that was nothing new. What point in letting it get under his skin?

When Edin played the age card, he almost sighed. Yes, yes, you are nearly a senior citizen. Congratulations. Too bad old age hasn't granted you the wisdom you claim.

Outwardly, he affected an apologetic demeanour. “As you say, father…I should have known you would never make an oversight. Please forgive my impudence,” he made his tone low and compelling. Still, he knew it’d be better to wait before making serious conversation with Edin regarding the party.

Thus, he excused himself from the table, and approached Anastasia. She’d drawn closer to Ezra’s gifts and cakes. Wulfric laid a gently restraining hand on her shoulder. “Careful until it’s all inspected,” he murmured. He eyed the servants who’d been tasked with ensuring the items were safe to handle.
Damon Howard

“It's not your fault, Mr. Eckehart,” Damon offered him a faint smile. He wasn’t as antsy as Freya, but was ready to meet Rulania. He tracked along, marveling at the sights. As impressive as the building was – like a castle, museum, and great garden at once – his attention was more so on the people.

Like those automatons, whose movements were so fluid he couldn’t nearly believe someone or something had just produced them in front of his eyes.

Once the great doors were opened to them, the source of the Song was finally revealed. There were several elders surrounding the young royals.

What a beautiful pair of siblings.

Rulania stopped singing as she gasped upon seeing them. The Song was notably missing something afterwards but even so…It was ridiculously impressive that so many people had put in so much effort to be able to match someone known as the ‘True Voice’. Not only did Damon admire the sheer dedication to their craft, he was also awed by their performance.

The duo conversed shortly, but Damon still noted how different their speech patterns were. How curious.

But then, before he could really question it, there was a bundle of over excited princess right in front of him.

“Hello…Princess Rulania…Prince Ralek.” He waved at each of them in greeting. He did in fact remember Eckehart having mentioned Rulania’s brother by name. Now that he knew these people here wouldn’t be bothered or think it rude regardless how they were greeted, he forewent mimicking Eckehart and didn’t bow. Still, he had included the titles…just in case.

“Damon,” he introduced himself after the two girls had. He extended an arm for a handshake, but was receptive to hugs too. “Pleased to meet you too,” he smiled, bemused. “Did you see us like we’re here, now? How we are in our world? Or both?” he wondered curiously.

He hoped Rulania hadn’t formed any firm expectations of them. However, she did simply appear very eager and pleased to meet them. Though Damon very much wanted a sure way back home, he didn’t mind befriending her, either.

Attire: Business & dinner fit
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Castle Dining Room
Mention(s): @Potter Ezra
Interaction(s): @princess Alibeth, Edin, Anastasia
The prince observed Ezra with mild curiosity. The baker’s act was quite good, but Wulfric had already noticed small discrepancies in it when they’d first met. There was also the fact that the man had gone on to drastically change his appearance for some reason.

Somewhat surprisingly, the man left of his own accord. That in itself was almost enough for him to wish that he’d kept the peasant around for observation for a while longer. Almost.

Wulfric supposed the baker would attempt to ingratiate himself to his father and sister while he wasn’t around.

In fact, based on their reactions, he’d already managed to do as much – to an extent.

At his sister’s comment, he turned to her with a serious countenance. “Seeming is not the same as being, Anastasia,” he stated, giving her an intent look.

To his father, he directed a confused frown. He didn’t like the idea that Ezra was considered as an option for their personal cook. But even stranger was that his father – the man who was only ever capable of appreciating people for what they provided him – was so quick to show regard for this baker.

He had even called him by his name, twice. Without getting it wrong. So, he’d genuinely remembered Ezra as someone noteworthy.

“I apologize father, I wasn’t aware that you were quite so fond of him.” A slightly odd tone entered his voice at that inadvertent yet subtle emphasis. Edin could be so fucking easy; he didn’t even realize how many of those who earned his like were playing him. And this, the man who had been so afraid of his heir showing genuine regard to someone, he had even

Wulfric reigned that line of thought in, making no show of his minor distraction, and returned to the matter at hand.

No, he hadn’t realized the baker had nearly won over his father. And now Edin was in a poor mood. How bothersome.

This was an opportunity to sway him from the idea of hiring him, however. At the very least, if there was an attempt to be made, the man needed to be investigated. Though, Wulfric would certainly prefer it if he simply kept to his own bakery.

“His skills notwithstanding, I find his character dubious,” he decided to address his concerns. “The previous evening, he made a whole show of advertising his establishment, even using my siblings for it,” he summarized.

What else? Wulfric had been wary of him at the range…Ah. “From what I’ve observed, he had likely said something rude to Lord Smithwood before their archery match.” He was glad he’d remembered having seen something off there. It had mostly been an assumption on his part, but he did know Leo well enough to have surmised as much from body language alone. Admittedly, Wulfric didn’t consider this an especially valid reason, but his father might.

“I also do not like how fixated he is on my sister.” Now this, this did bother him. He was sure Edin would dismiss it out of hand, but it had to be said.

“Besides, he is entirely unknown. His background, his business…I merely advise for him to be comprehensively screened in the event you are considering hiring him,” he concluded by voicing support of his mother’s sentiments.

He went to his dinner then, but kept an eye on the servants who were to examine those desserts that had been brought in. When they began, Wulfric subtly turned to watch them. He was curious if they’d find something. If by some chance there happened to be any tampering with the food, that would be most convincing. However, Ezra hadn’t appeared worried at all that his goods would be tested.

So, the baker was perhaps going for some other angle…He would have to be watched.

Too, he waited for his father to eat enough for his mood to be restored. Once Edin put behind his sourness at his pet baker leaving, Wulfric would try to guide the conversation back to Guild matters.

Attire: Business & dinner fit
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Castle Dining Room
Interaction(s): @princess Alibeth, Edin, Anastasia; @Potter Ezra
Despite Anastasia's words, it was clear that she was in no way ‘okay’. Something must have happened between when he had last seen her and now. But what?

However, Wulfric let the matter rest, and sat down. “My day has been…eventful, to say the least.” By his tone, there didn’t seem to be anything troubling him, though several concerning matters had occurred throughout the day. It was also true that it had been a packed schedule till now.

“Things are going quite well at the Guild, father,” Wulfric answered Edin. He kept up the pleasant politeness as he was wont to do when interacting with his father. Even those who knew of his dislike for the king (such as his mother) would see nothing amiss in his expression or demeanour. He had years and years of experience tolerating idiots and imbeciles on a daily basis, after all…his father the prime culprit among them.

He chuckled at his father’s words, as if in affectionate agreement. “Of course; the Guild knows perfectly well who holds true power. Why; we are at the heart of economy, not just Caesonia’s, but the world’s. It is precisely because of the connections you have established and empowered that we enjoy this position,” he flattered, taking a page out of Calbert’s book.

And why not? The man was good at what he did. Wulfric did not enjoy feeding the old man’s ego trips, but there was something he wanted.

The prince raised a wine glass in a pre-dinner toast. “As you say, father…To a strong and thriving kindgom.” He hid a smirk behind the glass as he took a sip. His finely crafted smile didn’t falter even at the utter nonsense that he should follow his father’s example. The idea that he wasn’t yet ready was even more ridiculous. “Of course, I will.” He would succeed; he’d ensure it.

He turned to mother when she expressed concern for his youngest brother. “He should have guards with him,” Wulfric noted, eyes narrowing minutely.

He ignored his father’s habitual denigration of Callum. Besides, the arrival of unexpected guests caused an interruption. You, Wulfric made no effort whatsoever to conceal his displeasure as he turned a look of frosty disdain upon Ezra.

Not only had he formed an instinctual dislike for the man upon their first meeting, this fool was once again ogling Anastasia. He had also disrupted the angle Wulfric had begun to establish with Edin as to the direction he’d wanted to lead their conversation in.

Ezra and his helpers had brought both food and gifts. Thankfully, there were plenty of their family's loyal servants nearby. Wulfric motioned for one of theirs to come closer, and ordered for the gifts to be thoroughly inspected and the confectionary to be taste-tested. It wasn’t only because he happened to mistrust the baker; it was the standard procedure. After all, the prince – having once been poisoned in his childhood due to his own carelessness – was cautious enough to even have his family’s daily meals regularly inspected.

“Father,” he turned to the man with a note of concern in his voice. While he was genuinely wary, he modulated his response so as to appear both respectable and reasonable. “I realize you esteem this man enough to have invited him. It is certainly very thoughtful of you to have prepared such a surprise for us, and these creations of his seem fitting enough to grace our tables.” Not that he intended to have any, as he had no fondness for sweets.

“But is there truly a need to keep him at hand while we dine? I admit, I have not formed a particularly good impression of him last night,” he complained mildly. Wulfric was well aware food was quite the weakness of his father’s. But at the very least, Edin usually respected his opinion enough to take it into account. Hopefully, the man’s food and gifts would be inspected, he and his employees thanked for their work, and then, Ezra would be promptly dismissed.

However, the prince had the unhappy suspicion that he would be forced to endure this impudent baker’s presence far longer than the peasant deserved.

Attire: Business & dinner fit
Time: 5:00 pm -> 6:00 pm
Location: Merchant Guild -> Castle Dining Room
Interaction(s): @princess Alibeth, Edin, Anastasia
After Charlotte had departed, Wulfric had not remained at the café much longer, perhaps half an hour at most. He soon took his leave as well, making a short return to the castle. After changing his outfit into something more appropriate for business, he headed to the Merchant Guild.

It was a neat building, one which displayed the might of capital of the Merchant’s Association. Nothing compared to his family’s assets, yet that did not in any way mean they could be dismissed out of hand. The prince had recognized the importance of money at a young age. Because of that, he’d made efforts to make allies within the Guild. Occasionally even with those rare individuals and companies who were unaffiliated with it.

It was because of these connections that Delronzo’s name – and that of his company, the Black Rose – had been immediately recognizable to him once he’d heard of them. Black Rose had become quite renown in the past half a year. It had enjoyed great success, and had managed to expand admirably. Of course, he’d heard of it; a few months prior, in fact. He’d not thought much of it then, beyond the company being a potential target of investment.

However…Now, there was not only the clear possibility, but a very high likelihood that Marek had fueled Black Rose’s success via illegitimate means. Was his company simply a front? Or was it all the same to the man, as long as he made a profit? Either was plausible, and given he was so well-established already, it would be a hassle to deal with regardless.

No matter. If that’s what it took, he would simply dismantle the company itself, ruthlessly and systematically. Limit the man’s options until he had nowhere to run, nothing and no one to hide behind. Crush him as the menace that he was.

But first things first.

He wanted intel, and the Guild was simply his first chosen avenue of gathering it. Regardless of whether Black Rose was its member, the Guild no doubt had information on it. Besides, it would certainly also have documents detailing who was renting each warehouse, including that ill-fated one. Thus, he could obtain concrete evidence for who was making use of the location at the time when the incident occurred at it.

As for why he was doing this himself? Well, some things simply required a more personal touch.

Wulfric entered the premises, greeting various acquaintances as he went. It was nearing evening, but many people were here on some sort of business before dinner.

“Oh, Your Highness, we weren’t expecting you today,” a graying man with a friendly constitution greeted him; Mr. Lesueur, one of the attendants at the reception, though he often worked a shift in the archive rooms. The older man adjusted his glasses as he looked up from his work with a smile. “Did you wish to meet with the leader? I do believe he is in a meeting…”

The prince returned the smile with a polite one of his own. “I would not bother him unannounced,” he waved a dismissive hand. “I may return for a meeting tomorrow, or in the following days. For today,” he leaned a closer, and passed over a note. “I should like to know if the company and individual listed are known members here,” he confided.

Lesueur seemed intrigued. Wulfric knew that if he revealed just enough, this man could spread the right kinds of rumours. But for this moment, he’d let him wonder just why he was asking for what he was. If he let the other man’s curiosity build, the impact once he fed him his suspicions – that Black Rose was dealing with drugs, and possibly had other operations underground – would be that much greater.

“I require information as to who is currently renting each of our warehouses,” he stated. To start off, this would be enough; later in the investigation process, he’d also ask for similar information for the past few months, with a focus on Black Rose’s known activities in Sorian.

Though he knew very well where to go, Wulfric was led to the relevant offices by the Guild’s employees. He obtained several copies of documents proving that Black Rose was the company using that particular warehouse at present. Of course, there were specific dates noted since when and until when it was contracted to them. Similarly, he obtained copies for the other warehouses Marek’s company was currently renting.

“This is…quite unusual, Your Highness,” Lesueur noted. The man had taken it upon himself to be one of the employees to accompany him. They’d retreated to one of the antechambers now. By the look on the man’s face, he was eager for more details. The other personnel, who were doing a final checkup of the gathered documents, were likely listening in too.

“It is an unusual circumstance. I’m afraid there is strong suspicion of drug trade…We gathered some witness accounts from here, yesterday evening,” he tapped the document indicating the warehouse the party had been held at. ‘Witness accounts’ was stretching it a bit, but he couldn’t possibly spread rumours that nobles and royalty had been inebriated and drugged. Even if such rumours may or may not be in circulation already.

“Khm…This Black Rose company is not one of ours, however,” Lesueur noted with an awkward reluctance. The Guild’s record had been checked already, and it had been confirmed that Delronzo’s company was not affiliated; meaning the man was an independent merchant.

The prince gave a nod, as he believed he knew what the man’s concern was. “I realize the Guild wouldn’t involve itself in any illegal business.” It was in their interest to keep any such deals on their side nonexistent – or in rare cases, hidden. As this matter pertained to an independent merchant, the Guild wouldn’t be as keen to crack down on the man as they would if it had been one of theirs involved.

However, there would be some interest in doing precisely that, and Wulfric would capitalize on it. “Independent or not, there may be drug dealing activities…That is a matter which disturbs the honest trading practices we so strive to upkeep.” In other words, it wasn’t profitable for the legitimate businesses to have illegitimate rivals.

“I’m happy you trusted me with this, Your Highness…but the scope of this–” The older man was clearly nervous. Wulfric raised a hand, signifying there was no need to say any more.

“I am aware. Yet, I trust that you will relay this on as is appropriate, Mr. Lesueur.”

After receiving assurances and farewells, and having the documents he’d come for compiled, Wulfric headed for the castle.

He was found by his mother in front of his office, who was seeking him for dinner. “Evening, mother…I have just had these compiled,” he showed her the documents he’d gathered. “If the investigation teams have already been assembled, I would recommend passing this on to them – the both of them.” He wanted to show the Alidasht that their side was willing to cooperate, after all. Wulfric then briefly stepped into his study to safely deposit the evidence.

“Shall we?” once he exited, he extended an arm to his mother, offering to escort her to the dining room.

As they entered, Wulfric’s gaze was first drawn to his sister. She did not look well. Had something happened to her? What had her guards been doing?

But then, he let his gaze settle on Edin.

“Good evening, father,” he offered a short though respectable bow. “Please excuse me for the delay; my visit to the Guild ran longer than I had expected.” His father would know that he was referring to the Merchant Guild; it shouldn’t be surprising to Edin that he’d been there. He’d frequented the place ever since he’d come of age, after all.

Technically, Wulfric was also not late, as it was a minute or so to six. However, he hadn’t managed to change, so he was still wearing his previous outfit. Thankfully, he’d chosen one which he believed just as suitable for dinner as it was for business.

“Good evening, sister,” he then greeted Anastasia, tone on the warm side of polite. Yet, he couldn’t help the minor concerned frown. However, since he was still escorting Alibeth, he first approached the seat he knew she wished to take, and politely seated her.

When he passed Anastasia on the way to his own seat, he touched his sister’s shoulder. “Are you unwell?” he asked her quietly. It wouldn’t do her any good to miss dinner, but perhaps she would prefer to eat later, or in private.
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In Avalia 30 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
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