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4 days ago
Going to a hated event might build my fortitude or something, but the though of seeing those f*rs' faces...Yeah, no thanks.
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3 mos ago
Why do I have a cold again when I've had one just last month?
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5 mos ago
How about Shiki?


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Having a vague idea that he would get soundly beaten, Yssil still made a dedicated attempt. Flexing his leg muscles and pushing off the ground, he lunged at Adykon, intending to overwhelm him with several quick swings. With such a vastly more skilled opponent, his only choices were pure offense or an absolute defence. Yssil went with the offensive, hoping to at least sneak in one attack that might throw his opponent off.
I think I would like to give this a try...I hope there aren't too many Drakken already. When I am less tired I will try to write the bio more concisely (I'm sure there's excessive stuff there). Besides, I bet there are things I will have to change - just tell me what and I'll revise.

“Thank you.” Feeling rather pleased at the compliment, Yssil smiled a small but genuine smile. Adykon apparently knew exactly how to motivate someone and that was nothing if not a sign of a good instructor. Yssil was truly glad to have risked it all and made his way across the continent. He had been here not even a day and yet he saw that his decision had been right. Feeling his breathing returning to normal, he carefully deposited the metal greatsword in the weapon’s rack and took a wooden sword instead. Its comparative lightness almost startled Yssil, even though he was expecting it, and he swung it a few times just to get used to it. Recalling the focus he had been praised for, Yssil stepped into the practice area and announced “I’m ready.”

I mean...RPing a family is kind of a commitment (chore). In other news, I'm still deciding about some things regarding my idea...If I don't get it to where I feel satisfied and comfortable with it, I'll probably just stay out of this.
Virgin sacrifice

It's intriguing as is. In fact, as soon as I read the title and first post I had this very brief idea of an alcoholic pop into my mind. My upcoming semester might drain me of time/energy though...Anyways, the challenge of keeping a good balance between humour and suffering seems pretty interesting.
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