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Yeah, I somehow haven't been feeling like writing anything for this x.x Also didn't exactly wanna quit officially but, idk. My bad.
In Avalia 1 mo ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: Port Vanarosa
Mention(s): Tanithil @Lava Alckon, Amisra @Tae
Interaction(s): Ismael @Th3King0fChaos
Along with Ismael, Arlen collected useful loot off the dead bandits. “Alrigh’, then. Help me haul ‘em over yonder,” he indicated an alleyway leading to the nearest pier. The two dragged the corpses through the small, desolate path, then dumped them straight into the sea. “Well!” Arlen clapped his hands together, then brushed them off as best he could. “That’s that.”

He followed Ismael, letting the human lead along the streets which were all to familiar to the elf. They wouldn’t get lost, and he was curious to see how Ismael did in unknown environments. “The most famous eatery here is Yolichi’s,” Arlen told him. “Figure that's what you saw.”

The two meandered to the restaurant. Though the elf had proclaimed it as famous, it appeared rundown and rather dank. They had to enter through a rickety doorway, go down a narrow staircase, and arrive in a low-ceiling room. Despite the bland if rustic interiors, there were quite a few people there. Arlen and Ismael took a two-person table near a window.

“Ya can ask ‘em to fry something fresh, or get something from the menu. Jus’ a heads up, the gator’s expensive stuff.”

The elf ordered a seafood stir fry and some ale, making casual conversation to Ismael as they waited. “So…there’s another good place around ‘ere. Sailor’s Pleasure,” he smiled slyly. “I know the people there, can probably get us a discount. Maybe some juicy info too~” he chuckled. “Or are ya more the type to pick ‘em up for free?” He nodded at the folk surrounding them. “Though, if ya changed ye mind, I’d always be up for some fun too, ya know?” Arlen grinned.

As the ale arrived, and he sipped on his drink, the elf grew thoughtful. “Still…I know she’ll be fine, but I am worried ‘bout Amisra. Her bein’ her, her pride might have got hurt worse than her head,” he joked weakly, but his heart wasn’t in it. “Maybe we should get some food packed up to go, bring it to our buddies on the ship.” He shrugged, then remembered something. “Oh, yeah, weren’t ya sayin’ how you’re missin’ a dagger? We can stop by a blacksmith or a shop too.”

Poor Kyouka... From sexy hostess to... Not quite as sexy snek. Hope there aren't any harpies on that mountain looking for passed-out worms to eat. :V

Heh, I do feel a harpy is one of those things she might have become too! I like snakes and nagas, but it sure is a shock for her.

Also, tip for Minami: maybe some 'accidental' uncovering of curtains if need be? :p
Mk, I should hopefully be able to prepare another post soonish (maybe even the weekend). I think I'll have her found by kobolds or some such and have her visit a mountainside village - if that's fine, @TheNoCoKid? Think it's more interesting to do a solo adventure first etc. before any potential meetings with her nearest neighbour (your @Xaltwind vamp).

“Hnn…Fuck off…” Kyouka reached out a hand blindly, searching for her phone.

“…your time yet. RISE, HUMANS!”

Wait. That wasn’t her phone.

She rolled around…It felt weirdly floaty, as if nothing of substance was there. Kyouka opened her eyes, and saw an imposing black-winged man.

“…Shinigami?” she asked. But she had never heard of a death god that was such a pretty boy. He also wore what seemed to her western styled armour which was heavily accented with gold. Bit gaudy, but not bad. Not bad at all.

“Hm, are you here to take me to the afterworld?” The way he had phrased it was a tad strange. Even so, Kyouka only gave the briefest of glances to her corpse before entering the portal. Her once beautiful body was just a pitiful, bloodied mess that would soon become a rotting skeleton. Nothing for it but to see what this brooding angelic man had to say.

Though she was already floating towards the portal, the thing pulled her in. It was a dreadful yank which landed her somewhere she could only assume was the soul realm. Everything was gray and vague; she couldn’t pinpoint anything besides the ghosts of two other women standing (floating) next to her.

“Your world? Say, what about my world’s gods?” Unfortunately, Drasil didn’t seem to know. So, Vecta would be her new home. “Hmpf, whatever. Just don’t make me a baby, please.”

Kyouka looked on arrogantly as the god smirked at her, but returned a self-satisfied smile. “Thank you, Shinigami~” she gave a cheery wave, “You won’t regret picking me to give a new life to.”

Then, her life flashed before her eyes, again. Something warm and electrifying spread throughout her body; she instinctively knew it was magic. She shivered even as a spirit; the core of her being received a shock. It felt like pure power, and it was better than even the most extravagantly expensive sake she’d tasted. It was overwhelming, and she fell to her (disembodied) knees, breathing heavily. Even so, a sensual grin spread over her ghostly features.

“Mmm,” she purred. “If that’s just a preview, I bet I’d just love the real thing.” She smirked as she gave the god a mock-teasing, cheeky, yet insinuating look up and down. She doubted he was interested, and neither was she, but why not play it up? He seemed to enjoy theatrical displays. A tired chuckle passed her lips as she shrugged. “See you around, then.” A glow suffused her, and she was gone.

The next time she came to, she felt different. Alive and strangely vigorous. She breathed in – the scent was sharply fresh and clear. She was in the middle of a mountain, surrounded by lush grasslands and forests. The nearest sign of civilization was the oddly gloomy mansion set at the base of the mountain, and a large city off into the distance.

She didn’t think she could make it to the city any time, not on foot.

…Something felt off just then. It didn’t feel like she standing exactly. There was an odd wriggling and swishing. She looked down.

Strangely dark complexion with an ashen undertone. Long white hair.

A blue dress?

…That-that was a dress wasn’t it?

Kyouka tried to move a leg.


Nausea overtook her as her lower body moved sinuously.

She glanced behind her.

There was a long tail behind her. It began at her waist – she had no legs!

“HIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” she screeched as the realization struck her.

S-she, she, t-there–

The tail happily wiggled back and forth.

Her eyes rolled within her skull, and Kyouka fainted, upper body landing in a sprawl across her coiled tail.
Whew, it's been way too long, but I've at least started working on a WIP.

Attire: The costume
Date and Time: Sola 23rd, Night
Location: Calbert Damien's Ballroom
Interaction(s): @PapaOso Cassius
Wulfric had gone on to give a brief greeting to the nobles he recognized, or to those who were perceptive enough to recognize him. He noticed Drake lingering at the entrance, no doubt waiting for Sadie. He raised a wine glass he’d procured his way, but decided to leave the duke’s son be. He was indulging in one of his favourite alcoholic drinks when a new guest appeared. Wulfric didn’t recognize the latest attendee immediately, but when he did, he didn’t pay him any mind besides noting that he was taking to his newly gained status like a duck to water.

But then, the man in question decided to approach him, and from his first to last words, one thing was abundantly clear.

The man was a relentless flirt.

Wonderful, Wulfric thought sourly. Someone new to pester him. If only he could, in his heart of hearts, truly maintain that there was no temptation, this wouldn’t be nearly as annoying. At the very least, however, he had better taste than to consider such a swaggering braggart a prospect.

“Why, thank you,” he accepted the compliment, unperturbed. He did appreciate Cassius’ chosen motif for the costume, but the last thing he wanted was to give him ideas. Wulfric was sure the bastard would grow all the more irritatingly persistent if he thought he had even half a chance. Best to dissuade him right then and there.

“A seducer type, then?” His remark was bland, exhibiting the expectation that he would be bored by this interaction. “Your ilk think they are ever so unique and inventive, but is spewing tried and true lines as if you are following a script supposed to be appealing?” His tone was utterly indifferent, so much so that his words barely registered as an insult.

However, he displayed a modicum of intrigue at the introduction, his mask tilting in a show of avian curiosity. “Hmm?” So, Cassius was going by ‘Lord Damien’ already. Maybe this was now an event in honour of his introduction to noble society, as if he were a lady attending a debutante. Wulfric smirked to himself at the humorous notion.

“Ah, you haven’t been informed yet,” there was a hint of amusement in his tone. Finally, the prince turned to face him directly, deigning to grace him with the full weight of his attention. “Allow me to rectify your ignorance. You are speaking to the crown prince, Prince Wulfric Danrose.” The raven’s beak tipped down as he offered a short nod of acknowledgement.

“I am feeling generous, so let me give you a piece of advice.” He considered the man as he twirled the wine glass between his fingers, and whether it was by skill or natural grace, the claws adorning his gloves left nary a scratch on the glassware, nor made so much as a metallic clink against the chalice. Entirely on instinct, he’d accounted for the potential damage his new accessory might cause, and prevented it with exquisite control.

He sipped at his drink before continuing, having no issues with the action despite his garb. “You should reserve your so-called charm, the sneer in his tone indicated he didn’t think much of it, “for ladies.” A sigh followed as he took another sip. “This particular game you seem to favour is not one I choose to partake in. But you will find there are a plethora of players willing to indulge you.” He gestured with a hand to the ballroom, demonstrating the numerous other targets Cassius could pursue.
New post is up! Morganna one coming very zoon, and Vecta itself is joining the party as a 'collection' of characters. Haha.

Also, skills when ya can please!
On a more serious note;

Since we had a lot of free time inbetween the last IC post and these new ones, I spent some time creating an additional CS. Tried contrasting it to Minami's. If'n we dun get to have secondary characters, that's fine, I made this mostly 'cuz I was bored and had the time. If'n it does get approved, sweet. :)

Whether this gets accepted or not, I'd be curious to see how your two characters interacted, I also think Kyouka meeting either or both of them would be interesting as you mentioned XD
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