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Going to a hated event might build my fortitude or something, but the though of seeing those f*rs' faces...Yeah, no thanks.
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Why do I have a cold again when I've had one just last month?
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How about Shiki?


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Akio Nagasawa

Akio watched in amazement Saito showed them the proof. His eyes had dancing lights in them and his ears were still suffering from the aftershocks of the loud thunder, but his mouth was slightly open in surprise, his eyes wide in wonder. Before the first student stood up to grab a talisman, he managed to snap his mouth shut, relaxing his posture so he could watch as one by one, the students were seduced by the promise of power. Not that he was any better, really. He curiously observed as students manifested various powers, some more obvious than others. The exception to this was the blonde delinquent teen who had already awakened his, and Akio realized that it must be some form of super strength, as evidenced by the male’s previous violent entrance. So that’s what he had meant when he said he used too much....

Still, Akio couldn’t help but notice that what the students unlocked were mere parlour tricks in comparison to what Saito had demonstrated. Presumably, they could train and grow this…ability – their president had mentioned something on that account, hadn’t he? Something about setting up a portal? Well, whatever it was, Akio was satisfied with all the answers the older teen had provided. He was quite wary of whatever they might face that they needed such supernatural abilities, but nonetheless stood up when then was less of a crowd and went to find hid talisman.

You inherited the ability of telekinesis from a long line of spiritualists, though the latest known users to manifest a similar talent that were also your direct relatives were your grand-grandparents. They even had a temple, though it passed from your family’s possession some decades ago. Despite that, you have been (un)lucky enough to receive this power. Use it well.

“And how could you possibly know something like this?” Akio asked Saito with a frown, waving the talisman in front of him to emphasize his point. “The work of your psychic too?” Without really waiting for an answer though, he pricked his left index finger with the provided needle, let the blood drop onto the talisman, and held the item to his chest. A very strange sensation, like experiencing an energy current beginning to run through him while also being subjected to an uncomfortable pressure from both the inside and outside of his body. The pain was most obvious in his head at first, though the thudding ache soon spread everywhere else. Eventually, it slowly began to dissipate, and Akio opened his eyes in relief. As soon as he set his gaze onto the talisman, it floated – floated! – into the air, then returned, as easily and lightly as if it were a feather, back to his palm. So that was a part of his new mind powers. Well. Alright then.

“What now then?” he once again turned to Saito with a question, though with more politeness than he had expressed on some of the previous occasions. “Is there something else for us to do today or are we done? Oh, and I’ve just remembered, but what are we supposed to tell our parents? Since this club is the only reason we’ve been invited to this school. And they’re not exactly supposed to know the truth, I’d imagine.”
@The Jest

Agreed. I'm perfectly happy making the spy. And I was actually hoping you might have something in store for the organization which was responsible for their training and sending them to the empire. Any details you have on that faction/agency I'll be happy to receive. There's also the decision of which sector of the empire they had been infiltrating. Their military? Security? Commerce?
I've been thinking of perhaps making a character for this, to add another member to the deckhands. What I've considered so far is a (Denar) former imperial soldier (perhaps combat medic) gone rogue for one reason or another. Another option I've thought of is a (Alori) spy who had been sent to infiltrate the empire by some sort of organization/faction but who had to flee both powers due to being 'compromised'. Might there be space for one such and does either sound viable?

“Thanks, but I've already made several bone needles. I've carried most of them over to Asura though.” Nonetheless, she looked over at the remaining bone material Ed had left behind. Perhaps with her new crafting skill, she’d even manage to turn one of those shard into a bone needle. She attempted to do so, once again utilizing the leftover poison pool to aid the process and potentially add the poison coating to the new bone weapons – some seemed to be shaping into something more closely resembling a shiv than a needle, though Asteria suspected she might once again be unable to sharpen them into a proper edge like a knife would have.

“Mud? Oh, well, fine, we have some time,” she said, in a whisper this time, as she had heard a pixie’s warning about the steadily approaching goblin enemies. She crawled out of the foxhole, nudged Mother Rat in the hopes she’d follow, went over to Ed’s mud pool, and rolled in it. Oh, her poor shiny coat. Hopefully the mud wouldn’t be too troublesome once it dried…After she was so 'camouflaged' she tried getting Mother Rat to dip into the mud pool as well, nudging her side once again and gesturing to the dirty puddle.

“I don’t know how much she understands, but I can probably get to mimic us. Hopefully that fox-hole is big enough for us. By the way, this ambush wasn’t so much of get to them before they get to us and stay hidden while we do so, but more of the wait-and-hide variety until they’re close enough that we can lunge at them in a surprise attack. Though perhaps both options appear equally risky,” she shrugged, then went back to her fox-hole. With her new level of the beast skill, she chose her sight to focus on, and gazed towards the entrance, trying to discern the goblins and their movements.

Akio Nagasawa

Akio swiftly finished eating the tasty treat that was the brownie, and, having worked up an appetite, was just sweeping the crumbs off the table to lick them up from his palm, when someone practically smashed the door open. Akio turned to stare at the newcomer, a delinquent looking boy who was much too careless and energetic for Akio’s taste. Saito reprimanded the seemingly violent teen as well, and Akio silently agreed with their president's action. Steadily, other members arrived one by one, and most of them appreciated that one girl’s brownies as much as he did. Unfortunately, as bad as names as Akio was, he didn’t quite remember most of those that introduced themselves. The only fellow club member that stood out to him was the most silent one, a boy who neither offered his name nor took a piece from the still available free food. Akio barely had time to offer the dark-haired dark-eyed boy a glance, when Saito began his introduction.

He started off by telling them that the weird beings they might have seen and the strange situations they have experienced were far from far-fetched figments of imagination. Akio nodded at this; he had never believed himself crazy, even if such lack of doubt was already a suspicious sign. “Everyone else said those things aren’t real,” he muttered quietly, mostly to himself, though anyone close enough might have heard that bit of rambling. Saito then went on with his speech, continuing with how some of these spirits or perhaps demons, were dangerous. And that everyone here was an individual chosen to…fight them. He spoke of power, preparations, training, and danger.

“You want to make us into soldiers!” Akio exclaimed almost as soon as Saito was done with his speech. His assertion wasn’t quite accusing, but it was full of disbelief. After his initial outburst, Akio simply listened to some of the other teens’ doubts and questions, then stated some of his own. “And assuming you are telling the truth, how did you find us if there are so few people like us,” Akio made air quotes at this, not entirely sure what Saito had meant besides being able to see weird things. Well, that, and possibly having some other supernatural abilities, according to the older teen.

“And were you the one who found us or are there also adults in on this? Because no offense but just getting a bunch of high-schoolers to fight…It sounds wildly fantastical and unlikely to do much good.” Then Akio contemplated what the (relatively) confirmed existence of those kind of things that he saw on occasion actually meant. “By the way,” he said, this time with an added hesitation. “Are there actual…other realms? Um, like, the demon world? Though if there’s that, aren’t there gods and benevolent spirits too? Don’t they take care of the things you want us to deal with?” he questioned curiously. And yeah, maybe Saito said that no one would think them crazy, but Akio had the suspicion he might appear that way to some of the others, because he was the one to just spout the craziest of suggestions, so far.

Asteria snapped her eyes open at an ominous loud sizzling, disturbed from her attempts at familiarizing herself with her mana, to find Jason fiddling around with several dozes of lizard poison and some of the mana crystals. He created something so dangerous looking that she preferred not to contemplate it too much. But she was interested in the small leftover poison pool though, and took one of those broken bone needles to it. Carefully, she grabbed it at the blunt side with her paw, dipped the end that should have been pointy into the pool of poison, quickly took it away in case it would have wholly melted otherwise, and dropped it to a patch of ground to observe how the poison affected it. If the bone happened to turn into a more useful variant, she would do the same to all the rest of the broken-off bones. Otherwise, she’d just leave them be as they were.

When she next turned around to wake up Edward, Asteria noticed he was already up. It appeared he was making a crafting attempt of his own, disassembling the lizards’ jaws and trying to shape them into something. Asteria watched him do it, curious enough if he would succeed or not. When Ed was done, Asteria took the two sharpest and the other average bone needles, bundled them into a heap, and tied her own tail around them. She then awkwardly dragged all the functional bone needle weapons towards Asura and dropped them off in front of him. “Hey, if you think you could use this, go ahead. I thought of making a trap, but I have other plans for that one hole we dug out, now. Maybe you could use them as a projectile, like Jason supposedly does with earth?”

Finally, Asteria went back to the hole they had made for hiding the mana crystals, still empty, and observed it critically. She jumped into the hole and out of it, judging its depth. It didn’t look like she could comfortably lie in it and still see over the edge as it was now, so she pushed some of the dug-out earth back in. In as short as time as she could, she basically turned the hole into a small part of a ditch, the kind that she thought soldiers used for exactly what she was about to do. She lied into it, and was now able to see over the edge as well as not be quite as visible as she had been simply standing on the level ground. To try and heighten the effect of being hidden, she used her tail to push a very light layer of earth over herself, now regretting having cleaned her coat earlier, as the earth might otherwise stick to her better. Once her body was kind of covered, she spit into her paws and mixed some earth to her saliva, applying the mud to her face in an approximation of a camouflage. Her coat was naturally grey and so good for night-time ambushes, but if the goblins had a light source, which was likely seeing as they had had a bonfire, perhaps trying to look like part of the ground from the distance (and hopefully not look too suspicious from close-by) would help.

“Ed? Mother? If either of you finds the time, could you check how my camouflage looks like? I’m thinking of making an ambush, and if this seems effective, perhaps the two or three of us could all do it.” Asteria spoke, including Mother Rat on purpose just to test if she understood basic commands directed at her or not. Then, her head already in position to watch the cave's entrance comfortably, Asteria simply focused her gaze forward. She squinted a bit, so much so to try and conceal the gleam of her eyes, which she thought she heard to be one of the most easily apparent things besides teeth from a distance, as it was to try and see farther into the distance. She had already heard the goblins approaching, and perked her ears to try discerning their position by sound as well as sight.

Akio Nagasawa

It was the beginning of a whole new school year. And more importantly, a new school environment. The Himikai Academy, one of those prestigious education establishments that were hard enough to get into that just about every attendee was proud of it. The kind of school Akio wouldn’t have even thought about getting into. But seeing as the opportunity practically presented itself, why wouldn’t he take it? The few ex-classmates he still kept in contact with, people that went to different schools now, had been rather jealous of him when they learned he'd been scouted by such a good school. The mysterious club he was to attend was just a bonus.

Akio did not believe that he would manage to keep in contact with his previous school-mates for long. The only thing they had had in common was the classes they had visited and some hobbies. Well, mostly gaming. Akio imagined it would be similar here. He would eventually find someone who was into art or video games or perhaps even hiking, and they would become something like friends. When high school was over…That was honestly too far away to consider.

All that Akio wanted from this academy was to develop his artistic abilities, specifically to learn digital art. He could and did dabble based on just free internet lectures, but it wasn’t the same as having a proper instructor. And whether he had to apply himself at schoolwork, be diligent in completing his homework, preparing for tests, or attending the enigmatic Hunters club, Akio was determined to succeed. As such, he spent the day attentively listening to lectures and taking notes as neatly as he could. During the lunch period, he attempted to unobtrusively insert himself amongst a group of class-mates. They introduced, and Akio mostly listened as they chatted about their first day and such.

The day proceeded similarly until the classes ended. It was now time to find the Hunters club, and he was quite surprised there was such an obvious announcement about it. Finding the club room was rather simple too, the obnoxiously bright sign loudly announcing its presence. The pale black-haired teenager entered the club room, finding several members already present. A taller, older, green-eyed boy sat at the teacher’s desk and was probably the club’s leader. Akio nodded at the older teen in greetings politely, then ambled further inside.

He noticed a girl had brought brownies with her, and another had already taken one. Figuring they were meant for sharing, Akio approached the girl with strangely violet-coloured eyes, and slowly stretched his arm towards a brownie, so as to see whether she’d reprimand him from trying to take one. That didn’t seem to be the case however, and so Akio successfully grabbed one. “Thanks,” he said quietly to the girl. He took a bite out of the brownie and chewed thoughtfully. “It’s good,” he commented. “I’m Akio Nagasawa, by the way,” he introduced himself, somewhat awkwardly, then made his way towards a table, and took a seat. He set his school-bag under the table, munching happily on the brownie while he waited for the club meeting to start, mostly keeping his attention on the boy he figured was their president.
"Well...several questions have occurred to me, but they all pertain to the Lady Sylph or what she said. Summoning a sentient being seems very advanced, and, well it really is amazing that you can do it. But why can we, really? Like she said, I find it a bit strange that we can summon sentient beings and potentially have them do our bidding. Though it does appear that any being with sentience can resist a summon if they so want...That is why you had to give her a gift, right? To encourage her co-operation," Yssil said. He then went on, though on another topic. "As for the rope enchanting, how is enchanting similar to conjuration?"
Ineraz Evrenarth
Husband of: Sera @Pupperr and Zeldria @Saltwater Thief
Interacting with: His brides and Keregar @Legion02

“A good omen indeed,” Ineraz affirmed. “I will go with you,” Ineraz smiled almost sultrily at the Warlord. Not the strangest of herbal mixtures, the most potent of alcohols, the wildest of parties nor the most hallucinogenic of mixtures could possibly compare to the high of a battle, of having won. Recognition however, was perhaps even a sweeter drug. “Oh, you honour me, Warlord,” Ineraz chuckled lightly, despite how even his breathing was starting to strain his back now.

“I will move myself, the brides, and some of my other possessions to your lodgings in Železna Kri in the following days, and when we are ready, we can travel to Kereg-Kor together. And then,” he sighed wistfully, “We shall hunt,” Ineraz smiled wickedly, in anticipation. After a blink or two, long enough to dispel the fantasy of near future fun, Ineraz nodded respectfully at Keregar, merely glancing at the rest of his brood and his other companions, then turned as smoothly as he was able on his heel and walked with a steady precision towards his wagon. He guided or gestured to his brides to follow him, unwilling to show any weakness to Keregar as he walked, though he was really beginning to want a rest given how his damnable back kept screaming at him every second he continued standing.

Despite being exhausted from the injury (more so than from the fight), Ineraz got the wagon ready and his whole group moving in a mere few minutes. He ushered Sera and Zeldria into the wagon, while he split the four hounds into two pairs, a pair with him in the front, and the other with Senn in the back. Ineraz led them to the manor, helped his brides get their goods to their shared bedroom, and dismissed Senn back to his previous duties for the time being. Instead of a Drakkan guard, Ineraz simply had Nor, the large black hound, and Mag, the female grey hound, brought into the manor and took the pair of hounds into his and his Gem’s shared bedchamber, leaving the canines there to guard his girls.

“Eat if you’re hungry. Between the two of you, you can find the kitchens or the great hall easily enough, I’m sure. The hounds are here as a precaution and for your protection. If some imbecile still decides to bother you, I believe in your capabilities to defend yourself. Unfortunately, I shall not be available until this evening or tomorrow morning. When I…return, I will find you to see how you have been doing. As before, you are free to wander the estate. Don’t give my dear hounds too much trouble, though, will you?” he tried going for a light tone, especially with his finishing statement, but his voice was now obviously rougher with the pain he suffered, so his whole delivery was closer to a stiff-sounding order than anything else.

Having no desire to give away much more to the Gems, Ineraz walked proudly but slower than ever before towards his study. Once inside, he locked the door twice. He finally stripped his leather vest, the bloodied shirt underneath, and practically tore away the bandages, uncaring if he damaged himself further. He ignored the pieces of skin that peeled away together with the bandages and the blood that continued seeping from his injured back. Though his father had burned some of his injuries, not all of them were protected from being opened. Ineraz couldn’t quite decide if the cauterization of some or the re-opening of others caused the worse pain. He dropped his vest, shirt, and the bandages to the floor in one bloody heap, then collapsed onto the ratty chaise lounge inside of his office, finally able to relax now that he was away from any prying eyes. He didn’t so much fall asleep as he did slip into unconsciousness.


Asteria carefully licked the blood of her fur-coat, staring at the bone needles she had made. As far as she could see, two were very sharp and the best ones she had made, while six were kind of broken and useless as a weapon. The other seven were average. When her coat was cleaner, she curled into a ball next to Mother Rat and watched Jason, waiting for him to come out of that egg. He soon did, very much different. He was still a slime, just a much…flashier one. But he was most likely stronger now, so who’d care about a detail like that?

“Jason, you changed,” she commented neutrally. Asteria couldn’t claim she had grown any fonder of him during their short acquaintance, but while he was out of commission, his leadership skills, as much as they uncomfortably resembled a dictatorship, still managed to create an obvious absence. Unfortunately, no-one else from this mismatched group seemed able or willing enough to fit a leadership role. They would just have to do with the slime, for now. Not too bad of a deal when he was most likely the strongest one amongst them and had plenty of sense about what to do in a fight as well. “Hey, listen, I made some bone needles, so we could use that hole for a trap instead of storing mana crystals. Unless you have a better idea what to do with them. I don’t think anyone beside you, Digbie, and maybe Asura could use them as a weapon,” she shrugged.

Still curled into a ball, Asteria closed her eyes for a few moments. She stayed fully alert, listening closely to any suspicious sounds, especially paying attention to anything that might signify the goblins’ approach. However, she did want to rest her body as much as she could before the fight, because although she had eaten lizard meat and drank some of their blood, she was still lightly fatigued from the digging, fighting, and being poisoned. She trusted her own senses and felt safe enough being near Mother Rat – who had proven to be quite the force in a fight – to simply rest for a while.

Listening to the goings on in the cave, Asteria resolved to wake up Edward soon if he didn’t do so on his own. He really didn’t need to get skewered in his sleep. Neither did she, but to be truthful, she was anxious enough that despite lying down, her heartbeat was faster than it usually was, and her muscles tensed back up almost as soon as she got them relaxed. At least she managed to control her breathing somewhat, and in an attempt to calm down, she once again called on the magic she knew she had within her, just to feel the energy coursing through her, though as usual, it wasn’t exactly eager to respond. All the while, she kept her ears perked up, waiting for the inevitable attack.
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