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Gahh, transcribing an interview took way too friggin long, and I knew it wasn't gonna be quick. I knew there was a reason for preferring quantitative data...
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Going to a hated event might build my fortitude or something, but the though of seeing those f*rs' faces...Yeah, no thanks.
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Why do I have a cold again when I've had one just last month?
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How about Shiki?


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I suppose I'll stake cautious interest for a son of Hades.

Monsters and innocents, is it? Asteria felt like sighing or opposing, but didn’t deem the effort worth what would certainly be a non-result; the water spirit was obviously prejudiced. “I see. I believe he has mentioned such an influence, and as far as I know, is actively resisting it. Nonetheless, seeing as our priorities are currently so differing, parting ways seems the better decision. I may or may not return. Take care.” Asteria left the lake-side, on the way to return to the cave’s entrance. She didn’t get far, however, as she soon came upon something that seemed like a trail, and warily sniffing at it revealed Asura’s scent. Asteria then sped towards wherever the red slime had gone, focusing on her sight so she’d see her goal sooner.

Moments of running later, she was met with another chaotic mess; Jason and Asura still fighting, Danny and Ardur flying above and observing, some zombies on Jason’s side mixed in the fight, and Mother Slime in the vicinity of Ardur, healthier than Asteria would have expected. “Ardur! You healed Mother Slime? That’s good. But if you’re here to help Asura, I’m rather certain he intends to kill Jason. Jason is similarly on a warpath. Say, if you really care so much for saving lives, how about we try to resolve this conflict non-lethally? And Danny, I imagine you have no desire to see former humans give in to our violent instincts given what had happened to us right after we arrived to this world,” she addressed them, referring to a conflict between Mei and Lorek from ways back that the wisp would surely remember.

She didn’t particularly care if the slimes heard – if they thought her suggestion reasonable, then all the better, and if not, they were too involved with themselves to properly care what the spectators might do. Whatever they did, they would have to act fast; the fight was still in full swing, and neither of the combatants cared for anything besides satisfying their destructive desires.

However, as she watched, there seemed to be a momentary lull in the fight, as Asura had just thrown the rat at Jason an was observing the situation while Jason was quickly disposing of the zombie dire-rat. Thus, Asteria went ahead with the first phase of the “plan” – distraction. “ASURA! Mother slime is now healthy and safe, do you really want to endanger her again?! AND JASON, the FUCK have you been thinking recently? Listen, I know it ain’t fair that people hate zombies, but do you really want to just kill all the haters? I thought you were better than this!” Actually, she hadn’t, but if it got him to listen, then all the better.


Asteria quickly blinked in surprise several times at the magnificent sword that appeared. She’d come here to try and find help, but of course the water spirit had its own ideas, and had apparently been active even before she’d contacted it. “I hope you understand that I will need a summarization of the risks and consequences of your proposed action before I can even consider agreeing to it. Otherwise, I am afraid I will have to decline until I have more information,” she stated, though privately wondered why the spirit was asking for her permission, of all things. Since she had not managed to gain much information on the water spirit from her dream, Asteria attempted to analyze it once again.

She was starting to get antsy to return to Jason and help in his fight; though she didn’t agree with all his actions, and didn’t particularly desire to fight Asura, as manic as he was turning out to be, she was still technically on Jason’s side. Wary as she was of sharing any further information with the water spirit, Asteria nonetheless explained the current situation to it, in hopes that it might be more inclined to cooperate than it had been in her dream. “You see, as it so happens, a fellow Reincarnator of mine made some sort of contact with this cave dungeon’s core, and I am concerned destroying the core might harm or disadvantage him. He is currently in a conflict with yet another reincarnated human, and I dare say they are intent on destroying each other. At the very least, I ask that you withhold altering the dungeon until I prevent any unnecessary deaths. Then, if he’s still alive by that point, I will bring the current core’s master to speak with you.”

While waiting for the water spirit to make any kind of remark, Asteria gathered all the nearby healing herbs (but not more than 5), and stuffed them beneath the vine belt she still had wrapped around her body. If she really was soon heading into such a dangerous conflict, she’d need a bit of insurance. I can’t believe we managed to turn to infighting so soon after practically exterminating the cave…Figures. Sure as hell wish I knew more about the core too. This fancy sword might have just made things worse.


Asura was still hell-bent on getting rid of all the skeletons, but at least Ardur had agreed not to initiate any purges anymore. And of course, that was why, exactly then, some ghost-wisp attacked the pixie. Fuck’s sake. If these things are so stupid, why protect them? And then Jason attacked Mother Slime! What? Why it? It’s smarter than the freaking skeletons, goddamnit.

I have to stop this madness…I should intervene, but how? Asura’s just attacking the stupid skeletons, and he may have a point, but Jason is getting rid of the monster-slime…Is this whole zombie fiasco worth killing a human over? Although yet undecided if she should try to prepare to help Jason in getting rid of Asura, convinced the latter was bound to attack the former with lethal intent, or if she should simply drag both Ed and Mother Rat outside to escape, Asteria was aware there was no time for long ponderings as second by second, the situation escalated. She had to act, and she had to do it now.

Asteria decided on an entirely different alternative, a rather desperate one. “Ed, wait here, don’t get damaged,” she hurriedly told him. “Mother, stand guard, but don’t provoke an attack,” she addressed her, though doubted Mother truly understood. Then she ran.

She ran, and ran, speeding back into the cave, towards the lake. She still clearly remembered the mysterious dream. Now or never, she knew she hadn’t yet managed to manifest any magical ability property, but was aware of her potential. And this was a dire enough of a situation for her to concentrate fully on her task, leaving no room for doubts, her intention unwavering, her mind sharply focused on this singular purpose. Asteria put both her paws inside of the lake, and called loudly: “Water spirit, heed me! It is I, Asteria! Hear my call! AEGEUS! Let thy whispers resound! Grant us calmness of heart, clarity of mind, and tranquility of body! May our souls know calm, peace, and acceptance! SOOTHE!"

Fiddled with the powers. Added a bit of a backstory. May add more details later. I'll wait to see if my concept is fine.
Meanwhile, I just wanted to try and make something snake-esque. I'll finish the backstory tomorrow.


“Of course. I apologize for tackling you, but you seemed…Well. Rather irrational and hysterical,” she answered calmly, releasing the pixie and backing away a step or two. “Do you really have that much of a problem with zombies? I’ll grant you that they’re unfortunately stupid, overprotective of the cave, and not exactly harmless either, but they listen to Jason and he’s an ally. As long as those prerequisites are fulfilled, I don’t believe there should be a problem. Or does the…morality of undead still concern you?” she asked curiously. Honestly, this was the kind of problem she wouldn’t have thought might occur. Have all the horror zombie movies rotten these people’s brains? Or is it because what’s dead shouldn’t get to live anymore or something? A silly belief if anyone were to ask me…

Asteria waited for Ardur’s answer, but regardless of what was said, eventually said her goodbye. “Well, I must be off now,” she glanced at Ed, having heard his distressed cry nearby, but he didn’t seem in danger. She still wanted to make sure he was fine, however. Of course, he would also have some kind of a problem with the undead. She huffed, displeased, and after the conversation with Ardur was finished, made her way towards him.

“Ed?” she addressed him cautiously. “Ed, c’mon, there’s hardly to fear these pathetic sacks of rattling bones when you’ve faced the likes of the Goblin Boss. You remember him, right? He was way scarier and you faced him head on! I know you’re brave enough to handle this,” she cajoled. She gave him some time to think about this and respond, meanwhile taking the opportunity to try and find Mother Rat with the help of her sharpened sight. She was tense, ready to grab Ed and bolt if she had to in the case that Jason and Asura really had their all-out fight, which seemed a likely possibility just then.


“Mourn did what? I want the full story when there's time. And yeah, I planned to train some more, but there’s BS happening again. Actually, after this, could we practice together? I think there are some skills that can be gained easier with someone.”

She continued running besides Jason. They soon spotted Asura and a some goblins near the cave’s entrance. Asteria stopped to observe for now, focusing on her sight to try and see all the details. Asura seemed different than the last time she’d seen him, so she analysed him. In the middle of an already chaotic situation a crazed pixie – Ardur – began chanting and conjuring spell-fire, spewing it everywhere after rambling furiously about how evil the zombies were. Asteria tensed up, wary of getting burned.

“Dude, the fuck’s your problem,” Asteria grumbled. As insane as the idea was, this seemed like a good time to make use of one of her skills. And so, while Ardur was focused on destroying the nearest skeleton, Asteria dashed at him in a full sprint while trying to avoid the flames as best as she could, and jumped towards the pixie. Her intent was not to harm him, but only to restrain him. As soon as she had physical contact with him, she’d do her best to wrap her tail around him, and activate Mana Drain. Listen to me! I know this is weird, alright, but they’re allies for now. So, could you just back down and ignore them?”

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