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Going to a hated event might build my fortitude or something, but the though of seeing those f*rs' faces...Yeah, no thanks.
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Why do I have a cold again when I've had one just last month?
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How about Shiki?


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@Jobst Thank you, same. I thought we should do as you said and show them all what rats are capable of doing XD

As Asteria caught up to her sister, she slowed down so she was able to run alongside her sibling in the search of their mother. Most of the cave’s terrain seemed to be hard stone, but in some places, the exposed soft earth underneath had made it possible for someone – probably the Dire rats – to make tunnels and burrows. One such path eventually led them to a spacious chamber, where their Mother feasted on a clutch of eggs. The sight made Asteria salivate and her own teeth ache to bite into something more substantial and she would have obeyed the instinct to devour if it weren’t for the sudden appearance of a lizard.

This new and unexpected opponent attacked their Mother, and although she managed to bite back and shake off the lizard, the large black Dire rat limped backwards, her body convulsing from the lizard’s paralyzing poison, a skill Asteria now remembered them having from the time when she got to choose her own species before her rebirth.

During the short moment her body had frozen in surprise, her sister had already attacked the aggressor, and her sibling seemed furious if a tad uncoordinated in her attacks. Confident that the two of them could take down the lizard as long as they avoided its fangs, Asteria forced herself to move and dashed swiftly to the side, careful to avoid running into her sister-ally and doing her best to stay away from the lizard’s front side. With her running dash, she was lucky enough to position herself by their opponent’s hind leg. From there, Asteria jumped, intending to pin down the lizard by landing on its back and aiming to bite into its soft and vulnerable throat!
@Zeroth @Jobst

The beginning was very fuzzy. The most important thing was the Milk, which was associated with Mother and Warmth. As her perceptions developed alongside the size of her body, she took note of the loud squeaking, the crowded squirming heat and company of siblings, the steadily sharper vision of various coloured coats of fur, the strange and pungent but also familiar smell of Family and Mother, and the somewhat sweeter smell of her milk, which provided them all with nutrition. Though they were all well provided for, instinct drove them to struggle to be the one to feed first, the longest and from the best spot. Mother often had to prevent them from biting and scratching at each other too much, for they were vicious and base in their competition for survival, and perhaps just as importantly, to be the top of the pecking order among the brood of dire rat younglings.

The regaining of her memories and intelligence seemed sudden, though it most likely happened gradually and there simply existed a threshold when she became aware of the process. She knew she used to be Simone. She knew she died, and seemed to have existed in an eternity of confined whiteness. She remembered the self-proclaimed Demon King and his offer. And being here, being alive…well, apparently, he and his offer were the real deal. As she proceeded with her eating, sleeping and a more purposeful observation of her new environment, she pondered what to be called. Even if it ended being for her own sake only, she preferred to be Named. Eventually, she settled Asteria. Something from Earth’s mythology, something to serve as a keepsake alongside her soul if that’s what she could call it.

With her new awareness, she spent a day or so learning to better operate her body. Basic movements and perceptions. Walking, crawling, crouching. She examined her front paws and wondered if they would be sophisticated enough for any sort of tool use. She smelled the near and far away scents. From farther in the cave she sensed Strange, Foreign and something she just knew to be Predator. She did not appreciate the idea of being Prey for anyone, but if she wanted to change that, it would probably have to be on her own power.

All in all, if it weren’t for a rather peculiar sibling, who seemed to have already tried following Mother at least twice, Asteria might not have paid much attention to her fellow rat younglings whom she presumed to be lower life forms. However, she did have a building desire to explore and the idea of following their mother, obviously a competent Dire rat, was probably the better choice for now than striking it out on her own. And so, one day, when her female sibling somehow seemed more purposeful in tracking down their parent, Asteria followed after her. Ria’s seemingly greater innate speed allowed her to catch up to her sibling easily enough, and whether the latter would mind or not, she intended to get in on this expedition. If Mother allowed the pursuit and showed them around her hunting grounds, or whatever it was that she had, this could certainly prove to be a valuable experience.
Ineraz Evrenarth
Husband of: Sera @Pupperr and Zeldria @Saltwater Thief
Interacting with: Zeldria

Ineraz was sitting near the head of the table, though the head seat itself was empty, his brother nowhere in sight. His father still hadn’t arrived. Or he had, and was attending other business. Ineraz had no way of knowing just yet. The other Drakken present made the ambiance quite the rowdy and cheerful one, despite the still early morning. The Evrenarth heir had just begun his meal and was chatting with his nearby companions, when a puzzled looking Drakkan approached with a seemingly disgruntled servant following closely behind. The servant was of a reptilian race and was obviously one of the cooks.

“Heir Ineraz, this servant claims to have found one of your brides in the kitchen,” the male announced to him. He made no attempts to whisper, because even though he was standing right next to Ineraz, they barely heard each other what with the easily flowing conversation in the hall.

“Oh?” Ineraz asked, looking curiously at the reptilian female.

“Yesss, masster,” she hissed, her forked tongue peeking out swiftly between small but sharp teeth. “One of yourss is moving about. But sshe knowss nothin’ bout the sspices!” the female complained with an annoyed flick of her tail.

Apparently, the servants weren’t particularly pleased to have some unknown Gem loitering about. Ineraz sighed and looked at his guard. “Bring her here. And no need to be rough,” he gave him a narrow-eyed glare. Drakken were so quick to act upon a perceived slight, but he wouldn’t have others taking liberties with his property.

The Drakkan guard and the reptilian servant left, and Ineraz enjoyed his meal in peace for several moments. The male Drakkan soon returned with Zeldria in tow. The guard gently pushed the bride into the seat next to Ineraz, while he himself chewed on a sausage contemplatively.

“She made these, boss, wanted to give one to you, I think” he commented. “Not too bad for a foreigner, though I doubt the servants would like hearing that,” he chuckled.

Ineraz raised a brow as he watched the Drakkan continue eating part of a meal that his bride had supposedly made for him. “Oh, and you decided to be my food taster, did you?” he teased the Drakkan, though there was a hint of sharp reproof in his tone as well.

“Uh,” the other swallowed carefully. “Sorry. But there’s more back there,” he nodded towards the kitchen “if you want,” he then shrugged and left. Ineraz snorted as he watched the other walking away swiftly, probably thinking Ineraz wouldn’t act if he disappeared from sight quickly enough. But to Ineraz even a minor transgression such as this was worth a pay cut, at the very least.

Keeping that in mind, Ineraz turned towards Zeldria. He struggled to keep a grimace off his face at seeing her in the poorly fitting Drakkan clothing. As appealing as she was when taken on her own, her current apparel could be described as nothing but horrendous.

“After we eat, we will go shopping. You definitely need better clothes. Sera as well. How come you haven’t brought any with you? I though the Drakken gave you time enough to get some things from home,” he wondered.

He continued with his meal then, and urged Zeldria to eat as well. Sometime during their meal, Ineraz addressed an earlier issue. “I don’t mind if you like cooking,” he said. Truthfully, he thought such things should be left up to the servants, but encouraging his brides to find things they liked doing was not a bad idea. “The servants here just have some pride, you know. Doing well what they do is what keeps them alive and healthy after all,” he explained nonchalantly. “If you want to try again, just say so, and I’ll arrange the servants to leave you to it. They could even tutor you a bit if you wish, though I doubt they’ll be kind about it.”

So, I read through the tabs and would like to give this a try.

"I will," Yssil said as he followed Aerta down into the lab. He marveled at the beauty of the room, even though it was small compared to the rooms the academy he occasionally visited in Hekaga had been. But having a laboratory like this in a personal home was impressive indeed. Curiously, he approached the various magical equipment and materials. Some of them he recognized by sight if not necessarily their function, but a few seemed rare and were probably very valuable and collected over Aerta's life. He wondered how many of the objects had an adventure and a story behind them. But even more, he was interested in learning all he did not yet know. Although he had come here to learn both the physical and magical arts, and still intended to do both, he was beginning to realize that he was a bit more drawn towards magic. He was sure, however, that he could make both work.

"Yes, I am aware that any kind of shape can be used. I don't think I've ever performed one without drawing any shape at all, but I've heard of them. I know the applications of rituals are...extensive, but so far I mostly used the magic which comes most naturally to me - my own, as a manifestation of my specific power, will and intent. I am looking forward to expand my practical knowledge though," he explained. "What kind of shape will we be using then? If any at all?" Yssil asked as Aerta pointed out the circle.
Ineraz Evrenarth
Husband of: Sera @Pupperr and Zeldria @Saltwater Thief
Interacting with: Zeldria

To Ineraz, waking seemed to involve simply becoming aware of his own breathing, usually when the first rays of sunshine teased at his eyelashes. He shifted in his bed and as his gaze landed on Zeldria, he realized she was awake already. “Morning,” he whispered in a greeting. Then he stood up, and unperturbed by the possibility of Zeldria getting an eye-full, shucked off his tunic and put on his usual leather armour. He frowned when he saw the still missing left vambrace, which had unfortunately been charred and destroyed in the tournament the day before. His left forearm still had obvious signs of being burned, but its state was already much better than it had been after his fight; it was now a pinkish soft red with scarring which would lessen but not completely disappear given time.

When he was done, he checked Sera’s corner, but she still seemed to be sleeping. This morning might be interesting for her, seeing as the previous night was her first time drinking. Dismissing her from his mind for the time being, he turned back to Zeldria. “You may wear the dress you brought with you yesterday. If you’d rather have something else, I can easily arrange a child Drakkan’s armour or day wear to be brought here.” He gave her some pause to think, while he went and picked up all his weapons, though having both the bow and crossbow (as well as the bolts and arrows, not to mention his melee weaponry) on him was slightly unwieldy. He’d put the ranged weaponry somewhere else, but for now, he had to remove such things from a room which would shortly be occupied by only one or two Gems.

He spoke to Zeldria again. “I’m going to spar. As long as you have one of the guards accompanying you – and I’ll soon send at least two here – you may explore the manor,” he didn’t even bother telling her not to try escaping or attacking anyone or destroying any property, she seemed smart enough (or at least, cautious enough) not to do that. “If you want a taste for what Drakkan combat practice is like, you should follow me though,” he offered the invitation with a smirk. Without particular care what she would decide to do, Ineraz left his bed chamber and found a pair of guards in one of the manor halls soon enough. He sent the two Drakken to stay outside of his room, but with instructions to accompany either Gem if any wished to go elsewhere.

As for himself, he went to the outside training ground, a simple circle of dirt in an otherwise grassy backyard. Some Drakken were already there – some could be found practicing combat (whether inside or out) at just about any time of the day. Ineraz greeted his fellows, deposited his weapons to one of the racks, and engaged one of them in a good, old fistfight. Knowing each other so well, they forewent with circling each other in an attempt to gauge the other’s skill, but simply clashed furiously in a swirl of fists, knees, elbows, feet, and horns. They weren’t shy about grappling and throwing and rolling, doing anything to gain a temporary advantage, which would be enough for a victory. Some minutes into the fight, Ineraz managed to elbow the other Drakkan to the nape of his neck, which staggered the male momentarily, and Ineraz pushed him to the ground easily, pulled his arms behind his back and held him there. The male Drakken on the ground nodded and they were done.

After several similar practice rounds, some with weaponry and element-use in addition, Ineraz worked up enough of a hunger to head back inside. He strolled the halls in a confident and satisfied manner, one which was generally a sign of either having had a good lay or a good fight. He walked to the manor’s great hall, since the hour was such that plenty of Drakken would be having their morning meal. If his Gems had been hungry during the hour or so that he was gone, this was where the guards would have led them. In case he didn’t find his brides here, Ineraz intended to eat first, then look for them to make sure they didn’t go hungry either. When they all ate, they could begin the day in earnest. And more importantly, he could introduce his brides to his hounds, after which he intended to take the Gems to the market, for they seemed to have no possessions of their own. It was now his responsibility to clothe them, and he preferred for them not to wear ill-fitting Drakkan hand-me-downs.

If all goes as I planned (and it really should) I'll post today. Sorry for the wait.
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