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Going to a hated event might build my fortitude or something, but the though of seeing those f*rs' faces...Yeah, no thanks.
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Why do I have a cold again when I've had one just last month?
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How about Shiki?


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With their overwhelming numbers and a forceful unending barrage of attacks, they won. Of course, they won. The goblin boss was utterly confused at how such an odd group of monsters had even managed to get together and his lack of understanding made him truly pitiful in Asteria’s eyes. But he just had to die, that was all. Morningstar also made a rather good point of taking whatever they had a need or use for from the dead guy, so Asteria looked over the corpse to see whether it had anything she could use. The only thing that made sense for her to take was the vine belt wrapped around him, so she approached and first tried finding the knot and simply untying it.

If untying it with her paws failed, she would simply chew trough the belt and tug both pieces free. That done, she wrapped as much around her hips, belly, and chest as she could, tying the belt off in a simple knot. So equipped, she tried moving around, running a circle or three to see whether her new bulkiness overly affected her speed and maneuverability. If it proved to be the case that she was too heavy with the whole vine belt wrapped around her, she would simply chew through and drop off whatever she deemed too much and wear only as much as she was comfortable with. Once Asteria felt comfortable with the arrangement of the vine belt around her, she notified the others of her intentions, all the while ignoring the barbaric and pointless beheading of the goblin boss. “Guys, I’m going to that lake to wash off a bit, refresh, and hydrate. In case any of you still don’t know, there are poison traps around the goblin bonfire, so if you walk around there, be careful where you step.”

Asteria then headed towards Mother Rat, nudged her slightly and tried to convey to the larger Dire Rat to follow her once again – Asteria rather enjoyed the security of not wandering around alone, because even if the goblins were retreating, it wouldn’t do to assume the cave was suddenly safe. Asteria waited a bit for Mother Rat to follow her, giving her time in case she wanted to eat or check on her and Ed, then made her way towards the lake, ignoring and pushing through the injuries and aches she had accumulated during the fight. She would simply ask a pixie later to heal her, or just sleep it off, but for now, she really wanted a drink – even if only the non-alcoholic variant was available.

And so, in a possibly impetuous decision, Asteria walked to the south-ward lake. Once again, she sacrificed some of her speed to try and get there without notifying any nearby monsters to her presence. She also tried being alert to and aware of the possibility of such an enemy approaching or ambushing her, but her tiredness might have mitigated her efforts. Nonetheless, once Asteria made it to the lake, she shuffled right to the edge of the shore. With a deep sigh, she lowered her muzzle to the clear surface, and happily guzzled down some water. Next, she washed mud off her face, using her paws to do so. Not exactly confident in her ability to swim, she crawled into the lake extremely cautiously, arranging her body so her whole front arms remained on the lake-shore, ready to pull her up and out if she felt her body and fur getting too heavy. After her was done, she got out, furiously shook her fur off as if she were a dog, and curiously looked at the rare herb scattered here or there around the lake. Feeling a bit peaky, Asteria ate one without giving the action much thought. Plants simply seemed more appetizing than goblin flesh. That done, she headed back (presumably with Mother Rat in tow) to where the large group of her allies was probably still gathered around the boss’s corpse.

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As soon as the male noted that there was a person interested in him and his story, he practically overflowed with excitement, and Katrin couldn’t help but wonder whether he was manic or something. Nevertheless, she listened as he recounted what she assumed to be a legend or at the very least a well-known story. She nodded, gasped, and expressed her amazement at the appropriate moments. The man was quite the able story-teller, she had to admit, even though his unfaltering cheerfulness may have been slightly suspect.

Kat nodded as the man finished, somewhat impressed how the male had managed to draw her in with his tale. It certainly was an exciting thing, if not exactly persuasive. “The money is real, you say,” she replied neutrally, as if assessing his claim but not judging or outright doubting it. “You sound certain about that,” she noted, with that same tone. She then nodded once, decisively, and looked him straight in the eye, a small smile playing about her lips. “Alright. I’m willing to help you,” she declared, then stuck out her hand in greeting. “My name is Ann-Katrin by the way, but Kat is fine if you prefer.”

The greeting over with, Ann continued with a proposal. “Now, since I’m not the type to rush into such an unknown situation, let’s exchange some information first. I would also suggest that we try and find at least, say, three other people to join us. If the treasure part is real, I can’t help but assume the numerous wandering skeletons are a thing too,” she smirked. “I will help you advertise, of course,” she added with another firm nod.

Presuming they were to head to some populous location, Ann turned towards the centre of the city, intending to go elsewhere for recruiting purposes and hoping the admittedly handsome man was willing to go along with her advice. Even if he was as competent as his fitness level and the nature of his gear lead Ann to believe, she certainly had no illusions to the nature of her own abilities – she was a beginner, nothing more, nothing less. “To begin with, let me tell you a bit about myself. I don’t have much experience to be honest, but I’m good at using daggers and bringing down things when they’re not expecting me. A sneaky type, you could say.

“Also, if there are any mice, rats or other flesh-and-blood beasts in the old castle ruins, then I could use those to scout the grounds, maybe even find a good path towards wherever the treasure is. Assuming the skeletons don’t attack anything in their sight, even if it’s not humans, of course,”
Kat’s smile was a bit wan this time, though she valiantly tried to keep an optimistic outlook regarding what she may have gotten herself into. The possibility of earning more than the bare minimum for survival was quite tempting, but if the attempt killed her…Well, I just need to avoid dying again! With that decisive thought, she strengthened both her heart and mind. Knowing that she could still decide to not do this (even if it made her a coward and would most likely leave her feeling tremendously guilty afterwards) helped too.

“So!” she exclaimed, trying to not let the mood get weird. “What about you? You look like a reliable fighter, but what are you best at? Are there any particular skills or styles you’d like the other people we recruit to have? Other than that, whatever else you know about the ruins or the skeletons would be awesome to know, if you don’t mind sharing,” Katrin winked at the man, now feeling that this adventure was certainly doable, as long as they prepared as well as they could – and left themselves with the option of escape and failure if the risks didn’t prove worth the rewards.

The fight with the trio of goblins was over soon, not at all surprising considering the mishmash group of humans-turned monsters (plus two Mothers) outnumbered them more than 2-to-1 once all the back-up was accounted for. Asteria still had a few pieces of goblin flesh left in her mouth and the taste was the most unappetizing thing one could find inside the cave, possibly even outside of it. She very much doubted that even cooking it could improve the taste, and spat out as much of the goblin blood and tissue as she could. I really want some water right now…But we’re still not finished. Jason and Edward rushed off to another fight, at the centre of which was a large enemy, though Asteria wasn’t immediately worried about it – as far as she could see, there were plenty of her allies already there. There was no rush to join them, though she did indeed intend to do so.

First things first…The Mother Slime once again attempted speech and was becoming more understandable already. “You can eat now, don’t worry,” Asteria told it, echoing Asura’s sentiment. She was rather curious how the slime would react to someone of a different species attempting to communicate with it. Well, the Mother slime would probably ignore her, since Asura had already spoken to it, and since he might be her offspring and as such the most trustworthy source to the larger slime. Out of curiosity, she used Monster Analysis I on the Mother slime to try and see if she could get any information whatsoever on its rather rapidly evolving ability of speech.

Next on Asteria’s agenda was to use her new sneaking skill to try and get closer to the supposedly important fight against the biggest goblin – probably the enemy’s boss, all things considered. Moving quietly towards the big guy and the various human-minded monsters surrounding it, she wondered whether her camouflage added to the sneaking attempt at all. Perhaps crouching low to the ground, moving between rocks and behind the cave-supporting pillars would even add to her newly obtained skill. The system had informed her that her sneaking was focused on reducing the sound of her movements after all, which could already be quite the advantage. Though a big guy like Rattleskull – she had heard Jason shouting its name – could very likely just stomp around and swing that club of his and kill them all.

Once Asteria was close enough to clearly see the fight against the boss goblin and assess the situation, but far enough to not get stomped on or swung at, she stopped and observed. The furry goblin was obviously injured, bleeding, partially blinded and possibly even poisoned, but still he struggled. Still, he managed to get hits in on some of the others. After clobbering Digbie however, a Wisp sliced into its leg with what Asteria guessed was a magic-based attack, and the female Dire rat couldn’t help but focus on the shimmering sharp blade. It was quite the elegant skill and apparently rather useful too. Next thing she knew, Jason’s rock spire stalagmites were sprouting from around the enemy boss, Ed was trying to climb up its back and a lizard up its injured leg, while a Wisp and a Pixie were harassing it by flying around its head. Digbie had also apparently recovered and was attacking the boss once again.

Seeing this honestly confusing jumble of bodies and what to Asteria felt like an over-crowded battle-field, she was slightly reluctant to join in but also thought that it was better to do so despite everything. The only thing she could think of doing right now that might help was to head straight in, darting around both her allies and enemy as well as their attacks, moving swiftly towards the goblin’s unoccupied and injured leg to try and help the lizard in felling it. She was only assuming what Rain wanted to do to the boss enemy, but then again, she had the inkling that her allies’ attack wasn’t a particularly coordinated thing, what with everyone just trying to do something that could work – but could also back-fire rather spectacularly. Yet, the only other option besides biting into their opponent’s undamaged leg as she was attempting to do right now was digging a hole and hiding – and doing the latter certainly wouldn’t help.
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She was floating. But it was not a comfortable sensation, not even close. She was cold, wet, shivering. Suffocating. A desperate inhalation spread the icy water through her nose into her lungs, freezing her airways, drowning her. She opened her eyes in shock, intuitively reaching forward and up. Thankfully for her, the body of water she lied in was a shallow thing, and she broke the surface easily, gasping and spluttering pitifully. It took a few good minutes of coughing, hacking, and even beating her own chest to get the water out of her. Quite the effort for such a small amount of water, but at least she was alive. The relief at being alive brought her to a sudden start, and to her embarrassment nearly caused her to slip. Frowning, Ann-Katrin clambered out of what she now saw was a fountain. She had almost drowned in a fountain! Only being done in by a spoonful of water or by a puddle might have been more humiliating. Possible it may be, but ridiculous nonetheless. She then sat down and wiped off her face, breathing through her confusion until she was at least semi-coherent.

As Kat absentmindedly wrung out her hair, still perched on the fountain’s edge, she observed her surroundings, noting the alien-yet-familiar look of the location. Several buildings sported names in languages she could at least guess at by sight, but others were definitely not something that existed on Earth. That coupled with her distinct memory of having died led Ann to believe this was an afterlife of sorts. She only hoped that her body back in Germany was still there, so her parents and siblings could at least have something to mourn. She hugged herself tightly and sniffled a bit as she thought of the family she lost, the people she would never see again. Or, if this was the one and only afterlife, hopefully wouldn’t see for a long while. Katrin pushed the beginnings of an overwhelming grief and self-pity firmly to a corner of her mind with a determined breath. She then stood up, still dripping and shaking as she stood in the middle of a city square which was strangely empty, as if everything and everyone purposefully steered clear of it. The few passers-by she noticed quickly averted their gazes and scurried away as soon as they caught her looking.

Ann pursued her lips in thought, then made her way to the most ostentatious building. The sign on the building proclaimed, “Welcome to Rengoku,” and Katrin was puzzled at how she understood the writing, even though the script was something like a bizarre and distorted amalgamation of braille and one of those ancient inscriptions, like old Persian maybe? A historian or a linguist may have taken their time to study the writing more fully, but Ann simply entered the building, met the pretty shape-shifting librarian, filled out a form, and was promptly thrown out. She was still reeling from the knowledge, skills, and a single but clear memory imparted to her when she noticed her new apparel. A dagger was sheathed on each of her hips, a curiously comforting addition to her black trousers and belt. A light brown leather breastplate rested over her long-sleeved black shirt but under her jeans jacket and a dark grey silk scarf dotted by small red and white flowers.

Ann-Katrin realized that the added weight of the literal weapons and armour should feel odd at the very least, however she was instead utterly confident that although she had never been ambidextrous, she could use both daggers expertly. A rather confusing insight into her newly gained abilities when she didn’t remember ever handling anything bladed except for a kitchen knife. Apparently, the bespectacled man had made her into a warrior…? Though if that one memory was anything to go by, her abilities were mostly suited to thieving, spying, or assassinating. And that was a notion she did not want to consider closely. After all, Ann-Katrin Bennewitz was still herself, she still had her own soul, mind, and body. Right?

With that disturbing thought quickly repressed, Kat wandered around, miserably wet, until she managed to find a small inn run by a woman who may very well have secretly been an angel. After taking a day or two to recover, gather her bearings, and explore the town a bit, Katrin repaid the woman’s goodwill by gifting her the scarf she wore. No, she needn’t have done it, and yes, she could have sold if for a profit instead, but how could she possibly let such graciousness go unpaid? After that, she managed to get a part-time job as a clerk, intending to work her way up to an accountant or some such. Though, as she soon found out, hunting monsters was more lucrative, and perhaps the best option for a new-comer, as apparently strangers such as her weren’t well trusted. The fact that she was obviously armed only added to the sentiment, and never-mind the poor state of her equipment.

Besides her almost daily four hours of mindless work at a small shop, Katrin found other, more engaging ways of spending time. She helped with the occasional horned rabbit infestation at a farm or a garden. Catching those little buggers was certainly harder then it sounded – as well as potentially lethal if the coward killer bunnies got too scared – but her new reflexes and skills (not to mention the other hunters, pitchfork-equipped farmers, and shovel-swinging gardeners) helped Kat get out of the encounters relatively unscathed. Ann even went so far as to use some hip-hop routines to perform at the markets and earn some more Pana for the effort – the dance was meant for the streets after all. Once Katrin got over the initial embarrassment of doing what she considered a variant of begging, she had quite the fun with it, occasionally spicing things up with a flip, twist, cartwheel, or split. With her newly gained skills, she could even juggle her two daggers, perfectly pinching the blades between her fingers each time, never injuring herself or anyone else in her performance.

Today she was out there on the market yet again, in the middle of her performance, thankfully not getting shooed away by anyone, earning her livelihood as usual. Most people passed by without even a glance, but some stopped for a while, clapping politely or throwing a coin at her – she caught each such payment swiftly and promptly stashed it into one of her pockets. During a short break in her activities, she heard a pair passing by, arguing loudly and clearly about treasure and skeletons and the ruins to the south. Ann wiped some sweat off her brow with a shirt sleeve. She tracked the woman and man with her gaze, intrigued by the possibility of riches but also extremely wary of getting involved in something so risky, especially when she was still practically clueless. Nevertheless, she bowed to the few observers, left “her” premises, and followed the pair, instinctively light-footed and quiet in her pursuit. It was but a few minutes when their conflict suddenly but inevitably escalated to the point of them separating, the male heading off south in a fit, while the woman started browsing wares rather nonchalantly. Worried for the male, even though he probably was an impulsive and single-minded idiot, Katrin sprinted after him.

“Sir? Sir, please wait,” she shouted after him as she ran south, hoping to outpace him. He hadn’t got much of a head-start, so Kat was soon enough jogging at his side. “Sir, please, wait,” she repeated, slightly breathless. Ann then stepped in front of him, her hands raised in the air so he wouldn’t suspect any foul play, ready to step back in case he managed to stumble into her despite her loudly announcing her presence.

“I couldn’t help but over-hear your argument with a companion of yours. It concerned a treasure at the old castle ruins to the south, correct? Well, I might be interested in such a venture, so would you perhaps tell me more?” Katrin flashed the male a charming grin, hoping to lessen his sour mood so as to get the desired information.
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The sudden and surprisingly loud “SKEWER!” shout from somewhere further up was, even among the general din of nearby battle, rather distinct. Asteria felt her fur bristle in reaction and spent a short moment to consider whether to go check out the situation, since none of the goblins seemed interested in trying to take back their bonfire. She was just about to consult with Ed, when Oberon flew towards and over them, grabbed a crystal or two from the pile and flew back. As far as Asteria could see, the pixie headed in the direction the shout had come from. So, whoever Oberon was trying to assist probably wouldn’t mind the Rats’ backup.

“Hey, Ed,” Asteria whispered “let’s go help Oberon. The enemies are apparently too preoccupied killing off our allies to worry about their home-base.” She then nudged Mother Rat and nodded towards the pixie returning into the fray of battle, intending to once again gesture to the older Dire Rat to come help them, both because she’d be helpful and safer fighting in a group than waiting somewhere alone, even if hidden. Hopefully, she was intelligent enough to differentiate between enemies and allies when it came to others not of their species, because otherwise her involvement could have some undesirable consequences. Still, Asteria felt confident enough that Mother would simply follow Ed’s and her lead in whom to kill.

That decided, Asteria once again climbed out of the hole, already feeling more practiced at performing the task than when this whole skirmish event had started. Then she proceeded to follow the pixie, close enough to keep Oberon just within her sight yet hopefully far enough that the opponents wouldn’t immediately realize there were other reinforcements. Once she was close enough to the battle to see both Jason, Oberon and the three enemy goblins, she veered off just a bit to the side, hoping to once again catch an assailant unaware. She aimed to jump out of a short dash directly at the weakest seeming goblin, one that was cowering in the back and clutching at a club and a torch, one that was also already injured. Whether Asteria managed to topple the bleeding goblin or just came close enough to bite at him, the Dire Rat intended to grab onto the closes part of him with her front paws and try out her new attack of simply tearing off several chunks of flesh in quick succession.

(Note: Travelled from J-11 to H-10.)
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