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So am I.
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Or Russia and Slovakia. We're missing V now? Venezuela.
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“There seem to be some new security concerns for NSC. Take care.” Jacqueline frowned as she re-read the message, her work finally finishing up. So is it something major or what? If mother had to send information she could have at least made it more revealing. Too tired to truly care, she shrugged lightly. There was a flurry of activity all around as multiple people were leaving the office complex – one of the few in the city connected to a court, which Jacqueline had to visit and be present in daily. Resigned to leaving with the crowd, she mustered her patience and exited her office, locking it after. She navigated her way to the nearest elevator with the utmost grace. As much as she sometimes wished to elbow through the crowd roughly, this wasn’t that kind of a place.

She breathed an inaudible sigh of relief when she was finally outside the building, the mass dispersing into the city. Jacqueline watched the swarm with mild distaste. I cannot wait until I have more flexible hours. Mildly hungry, she decided to take a walk. She leisurely strolled through the busy walkways, indifferent to the hurrying, her posture confident, her gaze conveying a sense of purpose despite her comparatively slow walk. About 40 minutes later, she arrived to a small but cozy and fairly unfrequented locale; she knew it would be busier during the night. Jacqueline liked the ambiance and food well enough to visit it once a while.

Once finished, she took a tram back to the stop closest to her home. She could see the increase in security personnel at various keypoints throughout this district and assumed it was the same for the rest of the city. People were already whispering about the occurrence, speculating. The hell is this about, really? Jacqueline felt nervous, not so much about whatever danger was suspected, but rather as to how this would affect her specifically. Also, not that she would admit it, the heightened surveillance that she knew would be engaged – it was usually limited to and, more importantly, under the supervision of private companies – caused her to feel confined and concerned in general. She did not like the feeling. She was thankful that it was nowhere near pathological – truly paranoid people were the ones who believed that they were constantly under the government’s or some other powerful organization’s supervision – but considered her wariness to be unnecessary.

Arriving at the tram stop, she glanced around casually. She couldn’t help but feel observed. What does my therapist like to say? Why do I feel others might want to monitor me, isn’t it? Well…There is no reason. I just enjoy my privacy. Try to rest easy in the knowledge that I’m a law-abiding citizen…That’s right. I always know what to do. So what does it matter how many people see what I do? I’m good at it all. No, wait…she’d say that even if I make a mistake it’s not so terrible or something, right? It’s acceptable. Okay. That’s good. It happens to the best. I can be the best even with mistakes. Lessen the ones I can control, don’t worry about the ones I can’t…I’m sure she’ll be proud that I have this internalized now, she thought the last bit with sarcasm. It was true that visits at a therapist were good for anyone’s continued well-being and thankfully any stigma that might have existed about doing so in the past was long since eradicated. In fact, having a good counsellor was pretty much a status symbol. Just like having any other expensive thing is.

Just as Jacqueline finally reached a state of tranquillity, she saw a flash of unnatural darkness peripherally. She stopped abruptly, her spine stiffening, shoulders tensing, a chill running down her whole body, raising the various fine hairs in automatic response. She swallowed uncomfortably. I should note this down to mention at the next meeting. She resumed walking, picking up her pace, her heart still racing. She swore she could almost feel something following her, trying to reach her. She hurried into her apartment complex and entered an empty elevator, relaxing when it finally closed without anyone else entering.

“Why, hello there,” a smug voice said from behind.

Jacqueline gasped, her eyes widening, but thankfully did not scream. She felt the elevator ascending and attributed the sinking feeling in her stomach to that.

“You really weren’t that hard to pin down, you know,” it leered and Jacqueline felt a hot breath whooshing past her neck. It smelled like rot; sickly sweet and bitter, with a hint of rust and dampness. She could taste the decay on her tongue and grimaced.

“Please leave,” Jacqueline said, her voice somewhat hoarse and definitely shaky, quieter than usual.

The thing, the looming darkness that she could sense a step behind her, could see its shadow even, and some sort of tendrils from the corners of her eyes, laughed. It was a sound of amusement, certainly malicious to Jacqueline’s ears. “Tsk, tsk. How could I do that when you are just the thing I was looking for? Such promise,” it seemed to sigh wistfully at that last.

The elevator reached the floor Jacqueline lived on and she dashed out of it, full out running to her apartment, her keys already in hand. She unlocked the door after some nervous fumbling then closed it back as soon as she was inside, without regard to wherever that thing following her was.

“Oh, you definitely need some adjustments. That was a simply pathetic attempt,” it said casually, and facing towards the inside of her flat, where the thing had manifested out of nowhere, Jacqueline could finally see it. It was taller than any man, brushing the ceiling with its back, which was bent so its head could have a place to occupy. Its most prominent future besides the general horror-like darkness which served as its body was the wide, seemingly endless smile, mocking for all to see.

“Here,” it said as it threw a small object it had apparently been carrying towards her. “This should help clear things up,” the round thing flew towards her, capturing Jacqueline’s attention long enough that she identified the thing as an eye. It was obviously no regular eye – tendrils were flowing out of it and even though she made no move to catch it, it latched onto her. A tendril wrapped around her neck first, another burrowed its way up her nostril, multiple ones slithered their way towards her own eyes and the others explored the rest of her face.

Caught in her own horror, fighting whimpers, tears, snot and saliva that threatened to escape or choke her, Jacqueline wasn’t truly aware of when the thing left, its final words unregistered by her. The abrupt and intense pain due to the invasion caused her to lose consciousness what felt like a hellish eternity later.
Not at all. I think this just has a bit of a slower pace compared to some other RPGs which honestly suits me perfectly fine at this time. And I hope to at least start writing another post this week.
I can't say for sure.
>>Take brass bell.
>>Feeling INSPIRED, attempt to freeze a pathway across the river with magic.
It was just another regular workday when Jacqueline woke up that day. The sun wasn’t up yet, but she manually opened the window to let in some fresh air. She breathed in the freshness, the luxury provided by the past years of stringent anti-emissions campaign and some useful but expensive new technology that would supposedly “fix it” all. It would be a shame to lose something so pleasant, so they better keep working on it, she thought as she closed the window and walked from her bedroom to her office/study/workout room. There, she did her usual light morning workout, not longer than 15 minutes, and showered after. Her breakfast for now consisted of a toast and coffee. She knew she would pick up something more filling on the way to work. What to take today?

She finished her drink just in time for her phone alarm to remind her to prepare for work. Not like I need reminding, she sighed, but turned on the computer in her office to review today’s assignments. Even though digitization was ever more popular nowadays, she still had to have physical copies of many of the documents. Digital data could be too easily compromised and if that happened, the physical copies took precedence and so were a must. In her area of work, only elite layers could afford the kind of digital security that most not even dared to dream about. I will get there, Jacqueline knew.

And that wasn’t a simple desire – it was a realistic and planned for goal. Even her current job, as hard to get in and prestigious as it was, was only a stepping stone on her path. Next year…I can move on. My chances of getting hired by a good firm should be high. I will have to maneuver extremely carefully in order not to get caught in my parents’ web, however. They would just love it if I were part of a business they had great influence over. She sneered at that last thought, displeased even at the thought of further association with them.

Even now, she wasn’t completely free yet…She likely wouldn’t be until after their death. But her current arrangement with them had plenty of benefits. She was very well aware of those and not ready to lose them. So she would still act the good girl while slowly gaining power and with it, control over those pretentious bastards. You are not the only one playing this game. A soft beep informed her that it was time to leave. She pressed a button on a robot that served as a simple maid to turn it on – it was in the shape of a small metallic ball when dormant – then entered the security code in a pad on the wall to engage the “Away” safety-mode. She was also paranoid enough to have mechanical locks both on her doors and windows – even though her flat was near the top of the building.

After that, she left the apartment complex – she had to take the elevator first, and as was usual, met some neighbours and chatted a bit. Nothing worth mentioning. Really, it was just people following social conventions. It was similar in the metro she took to her job – this was now the most common mode of transportation for within the city and it offered yet another opportunity for people to reduce their loneliness. At least, that was what Jacqueline assumed was the most common reason for trivial conversation between strangers. After all, this wasn’t a party the likes her parents invited her to, where socialization was a function of gaining social status. If she had to choose between the two, Jacqueline would pick tram-goers any day. Less snobbishness here. Being able to eat as much as one liked in the diner car without being looked upon helped as well. With that in mind, she picked up some delicious looking plum pastries.

In this manner, her completely regular workday went on. Well…It should have. Jacqueline knew something out of the ordinary was going on when she received a message from her mother via her phone. “There seem to be some new security concerns for NSC. Take care.” Jacqueline appreciated the warning, she really did, but it also pissed her off. What has this to do with me? And now she’ll be expecting some silly favour in return, no doubt.

But as it turned out, this was a matter that would come to concern her rather personally. Indeed, the very same day, after work…There would be an incident. An unknown creature would come to stalk her…and it would come bearing gifts. Human eyes.
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