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Ooh, some neat discoveries. Too bad about the no info towards the north or east, yet. Also, I vote for not moving (the camp) closer to the murder elephants.
Just edited my post so that every of my goblins has a weapon (spear, bow for the hunting pair) or a tool (two knives for the gathering pair).
So, when we write in the future, should we do so with multiple focuses in mind, that is, for each day to have its own main, secondary, and optional focus (which would bring the overal number of focuses per turn to about 9)? Or do as before, with one main, secondary and optional focus per turn, but assume that whatever activity we have planned will take 3 to 4 days to complete?
So, it's alright if I edit the post again and have one pair take a bow and arrows and the other a knife (for extra protection and herb gathering)?
Well, five sets is better than one set (I was also worried we just had one). When you say anything, though, does that mean that we set what it is or that the tools are uninversal enough to be used in many ways?

Edit: Oh, ok, I'll edit and change from knife to bow and arrows.
That said, why take a knife with you hunting? Try to shank something to death? I like how you listed which gobbos are doing what, the underline thing is also nice.

Doesn't seem like we have a bow or something more appropriate.
Alright, hope that's somewhat near enough what you had in mind as to how we should use/borrow the tools (took the knife for a bit).
Fleet-Foot Rangers

Losing their home and people was devastating. The threat of never-before seen monsters had been unexpected and had nearly decimated them all. The escape had been grueling, but at least a few of them made it out alive. Mint preferred not to think on that past – it was enraging and frustrating. It was better that she – and those three who’d gathered under her leadership – made sure that the survivors’ path forward was clear. Scouting ahead had enabled them to find a safe way, all the while evading any possible pursuers at their flanks.

Finally, they ended up in a woodland clearing, safe – for now. “Alright, everyone, my group and I are going to take a look around. We’re taking a bow and arrows, spear, and a couple of knives for now,” Mint announced. With their limited tools and supplies, arranging who used which tool when could be quite the hassle, honestly. Generally, they were able to agree on short-term use by any one groups or individual, though, since they all had survival in mind. A common goal; Mint did not delude herself that such a state would be everlasting, however. But such considerations were for later; right now, they needed to get the bare bones basics down.

“We’ll pair up; Paran, you’re with me. Vari and Olom, you two go together and take the weapon. First things first, we need to find out as much about the area we can. Sources of water, food, the works. If you can, get some supplies. Hunt some small game, if you can,” this last was addressed to Vari and Olom. “The two of will also try to gather some herbs. Paran, you’ll have to be on the lookout for anything useful, since I’m not good at recognizing plants,” she said. “Any questions?” she looked at her group as she asked.

“Not more than a couple hundred paces or so, right?” Vari sought to confirm.

“Yep, that should work. If you sense anything too dangerous, though, retreat. If there’s an emergency, give a whistle, you know the one,” Mint answered.

Then, with the matter settled, the four goblins departed from the clearing, each pair in another direction. Mint and Paran headed north and would circle to the west after a while, while Vari and Olom headed south and would eventually switch to the east. For their pair, Mint took the lead, eyeing the most optimal path, with the aim to get a general outlook of the forest. She trusted Paran to seek out any herbs. For the other pair, Vari was the lead and carried the knife, while Olom would search for any small game.

Indeed. But also, scouting is always useful, especially in a new environment, which is part of why I took it (the other main part is that it's the kind of thing I wanna do).
Exploration should be right up Mint and co.'s alley.
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