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8 mos ago
I need more dogs.
8 mos ago
Met a hedgehog in person today. So tiny.
10 mos ago
Got the news today that my dog isn't gonna die and I couldn't be happier ^=^ I'll start catching up on posts soon!
1 yr ago
That feeling of panic when you drop chocolate and turn into a ninja to keep your dog from killing himself.
3 yrs ago
I thought my senior dog was going deaf. Turns out the little shit was ignoring me.


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@The Xenomorph Hey there! No pressure, I understand you have irl matters to tend to but I was just curious, what position were you planning on taking? I am thinking of making a secondary character to help fill in the spots but do not want to steal your spot.
tiny bump, since we're still waiting and have a few more roles to fill
Cleo bowed his head respectfully and left to retrieve his guests' beverages. Meanwhile Auium tilted her head at Mira's self-introduction, much like a puppy who as trying to figure out what its master was saying. She wasn't scared of Mira since the white haired woman lacked any sort of the negative energy Auium would usually spot in someone who wished her harm. But there was something about her... The centaur visibly perked up at the realization. "You're a magic wielder! Oh thank goodness, you're going to make our journey indefinitely easier. The more the merrier." She smiled cheerily at her guests, and then clapped her hands together upon Mira's request. "Of course, right this way. Fire's still warm." Auium gesture for her guests to follow and lead them towards the large den room with a fire still crackling brightly in the hearth. "Speaking of which may I suggest we start tomorrow or would that be too soon for you? I understand you both would probably very much enjoy rest and I will respect that if it helps with your efficiency but I must insist on urgency." Cleo returned then with a tray of two cups and a kettle of fresh tea.
@honorandpride lol sorry you keep tryna leave and I keep dragging you back, last tag I promise That's so cool! I've never rehabbed any babies, just helped a few opossum babies who wandered into my yard and ended up lost. Thanks for the hoodie idea, I found it online!
@honorandpride Amazing, I gotta look for it and grab myself one lol.

I got these from Live Human and Red Bubble! (please excuse the potato quality)
1, 2, 3, & 4
@honorandpride Yeah, high five! Lmao I have multiple opossum shirts and I'm thinking of adding this to my collection.
To the beloved lurkers reading from the shadows; I tried. I really tried. I did my research but at some point I reached a point where I went "bitch, YOLO" and just typed. I evidently cannot write fight scenes but some day I shall get there.
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