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The Rise of Soldier.
"Another Requiem; a beginning for the damned Soldiers of Viera, warped, twisted, and much, much darker. Discover the beginning of an irredeemable fate with deeper secrets and tormented origins."

graphic artist digital & traditional artist passionate gamer novelist writer.

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Hey lovelies, I know it has been two months, but I'm all gun-ho and determined and stubborn to finish this story. Work and life became overwhelming once more, but that comes with this provided territory. I know time lapse causes a lull in inspiration and character motivation, but I'm willing. Regardless, within the next week and some odd days we will be producing a kick start with a roll into a sequence of events that I've planned to stir such things back into motion. A new check will be produced as well to ensure and garner new players if need be if originals do not return.

Much love though and thanks for being with us, even with two months having flown by. ♥

- Cheers.
@Kefka Palazzo - You flatter me. ♥
If this is your proposal, I'll send you a message here.
I believe that's what they have planned: to Skype or something so he's there. He's like you were, he wants to be there for his first child and everything, but I have a feeling he'll instantly want to leave the room. It's going to be a day, my other brother is expecting his second child, the due dates are just days apart as well!

I have plans to finish the starting post tonight and starting into tomorrow, since I have off. More or less tomorrow night if I'm not taken away from home, haha.
The pendulum thus falls, and with it comes the toll of the Damned.
And within the Chime of the Morte we realized;
The greatest of Evils lies not in the heart of the Beast.
But within the soul of the Man.
Tragedy oft happens to those of meaningless grace and fortune, the souls that fall under meager agonies and misfortunes, graced by an eternal woe that fluctuates and readies yonder barriers of life and death. In these tragedies, degrees vary and severity tends to waver, bidden by tendrils that are misconstrued as fate and happenstance. In the land of the Morte, such beliefs are unwavering and eternal, and all are subjugated to the wrath of a purposeful anguish no matter, or concern, to the ascending means or reasons why. For in the land of Morte, in which all that is known is solely death, everything betwixt sun and earth is laden as dead and thus, forgotten.

The city perished years ago under the fall of the State, when the Govern collapsed under the reaping of a sudden biological fluctuation. The Crown Genome was acquired and speculated to bequeath the conceptual givings of Immortality to the chosen. Under the Crown, as the Govern had been christened and had become, the selection was onto those of royalty and rank, such heights achieved only by the refinements of blood, birth, rite and currency.

But, as Destiny will oft conclude and thus direct, Man was not destined or meant for the eternal Paradise and thus were denied Heaven on the creation of the Crown Genome, they were punished, smote and crumbled to naught but ash and left to the gaping maws of their wishes, hopes, and dreams. The Crown Genome infected mortal heart and soul and, with tears of blood and pain, Man turned onto Man and reaped his flesh to purge, feast, and ultimately - kill.

The Greatest of Evils, in that none should live forever, and the Sin of trying to dethrone God came to fall onto any and all. Turning beloved ones into creatures of decaying might and power, effectively disrupting the connection of heart, soul, and ultimate reason.

premise, introductions & guidelines.
◆ Morte is a story centered on many sensitive means and subjects, mostly circling death and an apocalypse caused and disturbed by Man wanting to reach eternal life. In that, the dead are beginning to harness and inherit the world, and such is now their punishment.
◆ Why this punishment? Because Man was not meant to live forever, and we're going to exploit such a sin through this device. Consider tropes of horror; both and many of physical and psychological.
◆ The Crown Genome is slowly branching over the world, starting within our fictional city where the Crown originated from. Consider such a location a major front.
◆ Those infected by the Crown Genome have fallen under the Pandemic, and can be closely related to what one would compare to a "zombie." They are bidden and influenced by bestial natures and will practically consume whatever lurks around or wonders onto their path. The Crown Genome does not exactly kill the host, but overrides the human heart and soul until all emotion and morality is burned and eaten away by the sudden spread, traveling through blood and bone. The host no longer represents what it once was, it twists and corrupts the body into something terrifying, deformed and ashen.
◆ This particular branch of story begins within the beginning, and we'll be given the opportunity to explore the initial cause of what I would describe as The End of the World.
◆ I'm looking for one partner. As I do not like repeating plot lines and stories.
◆ Tag me within this thread, so I will be notified and then we shall move to the preliminaries where I'll answer any and all questions.
◆ Consider this my intense desire to play something apocalyptic, who doesn't like a good tale of everyone dying around you.
Thank you much; he's excited to go, despite the losses he'll suffer from not being here. I think if it was a different time, it wouldn't be strenuous for my family. But we'll pull through.

Anyways, I'm figuring things will get back on track this week and into the weekend, as collabs seem to be within range of completion and we can enter into the next stages.
I'm so sorry I vanished for a bit, my family ran into an emergency. My brother is being deployed, for an entire year, and only weeks after he found out he's going to be a father. He'll miss the birth of his child due to such.

Anyways.. I'm back now with a more concrete schedule. So I can write thankfully.
Hey lovelies, I know Icky left a message in my recent struggles, and I want to thank you all for being patient with me!
My family did run into an emergency, my younger brother is being deployed and will be gone for a year, only weeks after he found out that he's going to be a father and will miss the birth of his child due to his military obligations now.

I'm so sorry that I wasn't able to leave a message, as my time was also inflicted and compounded by my work schedule; my promised mini-vacation was taken away and I was scheduled for forty hours and then some to cover those that suddenly quit on us.

I am back now, with a promised schedule, and will be able to respond and write.

Thank you all so much. ♥

Much love.
Oh no. She's doing better then? I hope so. I imagine it's going to be a bit of a rough time till you guys adjust properly.

Awesome. I'll be able to write something up hopefully to this weekend. Maybe. I will be working all weekend, but I know I can spare some time here and there, no worries. I'm excited. ♥
I know of one collaboration being worked on. And including one with me and Raijin. [carmen and james action, hue.]
Anyone else working on collabs? Regular posts are just as well off too.
This will be the last period of getting to Faelan, in which the groups meets back up, the next plot-progression post will be finally getting the SOLDIERS into Ground Zero.
Excellent time for collaborations for both infiltration and distraction.
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