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predetermined creature roles are absolutely fine with me โ€” if this is the final decision โ€” thereโ€™s still quite a bit of creative freedom even with their given identities of what they are, or rather, what they used to be.

looking forward to the final product. give a shout if you require any assistance. โค๏ธ
count me in.
3--26--2020. updated the thread with new header image and updated examples and pick ups.
@Majoras End --

once again I'm so sorry for the wait. if you'd like any changes, please let me know!
@Majoras End -- No worries! It usually doesn't take me this long and I'm embarrassed that it has. I'm working on it as I type this though so no fears, it'll be finished tonight!
@Majoras End โ€” Iโ€™ll be finishing yours in the next day or two. Iโ€™ve been busy with making adjustments as officially โ€” by today โ€” my place of work has been closed till the beginning of April. Got loads of free time now!
@SweetOwlette --

admittedly, this was a struggle, but i enjoyed it none the less. hope it appeals to your expectations.
apologies that itโ€™s taking me a bit. will be resuming work this week on Wednesday, should have both completed in that evening!
@SweetOwlette -โ€” I have an idea within mind, Iโ€™ll play around with the concept this week.

@Majoras End โ€”- if youโ€™re not opposed to the idea, just give me a simplified idea; a genre, word, or any fandom, and Iโ€™ll take it from there and come up with something for you.

& something different.
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