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setting concept for a 1x1. - ascensionism.

header concept for a 1x1 - euclid.

some cool shit for my profile 'cause why not. dusting off those cob webs.
do people still do signatures and shit? dunno, but go nuts.

now open.

updated -- 5/18/23.

new plot concept -- alkaline.
re-opened. -- 5.16.23

come at me with some ideas.
checking in. โ™ฅ
sick shit going around. depending on how things work out tomorrow and then Sat. I have time on Sunday evening too to work on a post.
checking in!
We have something going around at work, the one time I'm not sick, everyone around me is. So short staffed this week, getting caught up on posting maybe tomorrow evening into the next morning!
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