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Also, I'll just throw this out there for those concerned: I'm going to be playing a character designed entirely for interaction. I can go anywhere and help with anything as a result, and it will entirely fit my character's story no matter what. And I'm planning to hit the ground running with collabs. So, worst case, you'll never be without a chance for at least one or two interactions.

This goes for everyone. I'm down to collab with any and all.
That's a good point. But she's kind of a villain though isn't she? Like people know her more for that. I guess I could change her into an anti-hero. I just didn't consider her because I thought of her as a villain.

By the way, why don't you like people grouping in one place? I'd love for that to happen, lol. Sounds like fun to me.

Edit: Guess the question now goes to the GM, too, that post hadn't appeared for me yet when I asked Retired my question.

She was actually an anti-hero long before Harley Quinn. She'll kill to protect nature, but she has no desire for common crime or fighting the bat.

As for why I personally don't like over-grouping (keeping in mind I have zero say and this is just my thought), on a narrative level it stops the world from being fully developed and on a mechanical level it more often than not results in dead games due to lack of diversity.
As much as I always advocate for people to not all group in Gotham, if you want a female anti-hero with powers from the city then Poison Ivy would be your gal. And her sort of feminism and almost eco-terrorist outlook would suit the era.
Heh. Like clockwork.

Less than a minute apart - Superman/Batman

I, for one, never saw it coming. Andy as Superman and MB as Batman? Unheard of.
Gotcha. My initial idea that comes to mind would probably require approval, then.
<Snipped quote by Retired>
I think we are limiting to DC/Marvel this time around to keep things cohesive. No Dark Horse, IDW, etc. Same rules about legacy characters as usual.

I was wondering more on:

- Villain PCs
- Rules on alternate dimensions/time travel
- Do both primary and secondary characters need to be one each from DC and Marvel
What would the character creation limitations be?
Happy New Year, all.

I'm not sure how many people are still wanting to keep up with this, and I don't really do resolutions but I've decided to buckle down in the New Year and stop delaying my writing. Too often I say I'll get a post up and then don't. So, if this is still alive, I'm going to get my ass back in gear.
Is this the kind of something something that's special and intimate for the two of you? Or the kind of something something an entire group can get in on?
Figured I'd say something here to disturb all the crickets.

With the time off from work that I have due to Thanksgiving break, I aim to get my next post finally completed. And then hopefully pre-write the next.
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