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Interested. I want to play Magneto. He isn't the most powerful, but he built himself a space ship at one point. (House of M) I am a refurbished collector, but my Magneto info is based in MCU, and live role playing years ago. Do I need to know anything besides how much I can sup him up and the Continuum rules?

I am sorry for any confusion but I am not accepting any players at this time. The status is full, as noted below the game's title. This is a limited game with limited slots and all slots are filled. You are free to follow along as a reader if you desire, though.
Alright, so. Things have admittedly gotten off to a slow start, and we've had a few fumbles. Due to several players dropping for mostly IRL reasons, I have taken the last couple weeks to reassess and make some changes to the cast.

Master Bruce, Webboysurf, and Morden Man have bowed out, taking Batman, Hulk, and Fate with them respectively. I am sorry to lose them all as I feel like their characters would have brought something unique to the story, but I am appreciative of their initial interest no matter what and hope they can continue to follow along as an audience.

In their place, I will be bringing on @GreenGrenade as his Peter Parker/Spider-Man concept that nearly made the initial cuts a month ago. In addition, I also reached out to @Inkarnate whose previous apps I liked but felt did not fit the currently established party, and together we worked out a character he was passionate about that does fit: Amaya/Amethyst of Gemworld.

For those who are still dedicated to seeing the game through, I thank you. For those who had an interest in following along with the narrative as an audience, I hope this marks the start of a renewed vigor to the game and you'll have many posts to read soon.

Let the fun commence... again.
As I've already informed Wraith, I will be dropping from this RP. After a couple of months of both IRL/personal things slowing me down, as well as just a general lack of motivation to continue the story I was writing, I think it's time I withdraw the Titans. While I love the concept I came up with, and I do have an interest in sharing the story I designed, especially the surprise hooks, I just haven't been able to sit myself down to write for them in almost two months. That's on me, and I'm taking it as a sign to move on. Good news is, as per usual with me, as I didn't interact with anyone else the Titans history can be voided if others want to pick up the characters.

There is a chance I may return down the line with a different character if I feel there is a story I am motivated to tell. If so, likely one faster-paced.

But, for now, I wish all of you the best of luck and I hope this game keeps thriving on and is around for my (hopeful) return in the future.
Unfortunately, I probably should have done this awhile ago, but I was so determined that I'd eventually get past my current funk and get to writing what I thought was a really good character. But it's come to the point where I can't count on when or if I'll get past whatever's stopping me from writing to get regular with Batman, so with a heavy heart, I'm bowing out of the game. I sincerely apologize for doing this to yet another game, but sometimes my headspace can just be a bitch when it comes to cramming narrative writing in there, and I don't see myself doing it anytime in the near future. Whoever wants my slot can have it since it's so early in the game.

My thanks to @Retired for giving me the shot in the first place, especially in a competitive roster. Sorry I let you guys down.

I'm sorry to lose you, but I understand why. Sometimes things come up or get in the way, whether externally or internally, and we're better off focusing on dealing with that instead of forcing ourselves through it. I hope you're able to get out of your funk sooner than later. Best of luck.
Jessica Fletcher isn't a detective. She's America's geatest mass murderer, cutting a swath of terror through the United States under the guise of being a writer.

I don't see the difference.
<Snipped quote by Hound55>

I have a hierarchy of detectives, though. Adrian Monk isn't at the bottom, but he's not at the top.

The top better be Jessica fucking Fletcher. Though Dr. Mark Sloane is also acceptable, I suppose.
Or Shawn Spencer. You know what, I'll accept being Shawn.
<Snipped quote by Retired>

Settle down there, Monk.

It's a gift... and a curse.
So, assuming it's not an individual from one of the two teams that never happened (Runaways and X-Factor), that leaves Hawkeye or Nova. Technically could also be Sentry, but ew. Or Kamala Kahn, but that seems unlikely. My bet is on Nova.
<Snipped quote by Retired>

Because we've all been waiting for your lukewarm take on Spider-Man.

Wow. "Lukewarm." I think that's the first nice thing you've ever said to me. Thanks for the compliment!
@DocTachyon with SPIDER-MAN - Overdue, 7 Days Until Moved to Inactive

My time has almost come.
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