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As someone whose Teen Titans run was Top 3 favorite RPG experiences ever, I'm feeling so triggered right now...

That aside, I don't necessarily disagree with anything that's been said -- particularly given this place hasn't even outgrown that "new universe" smell yet. I think there's a time and a place for all kinds of teams -- loose associations on speed dial and co-habitators alike -- and we should be wary not to draw the wrong conclusions from past missteps. The problem isn't, "Writing a team is bad." The problem is, "Basing your entire story around your team identity, rather than choosing to play a character who happens to have a team affiliation, is bad."
I was wondering what you guys think of the DC Universe streaming service so far?

Disclaimer: don't have it, probably won't try it except to marathon Young Justice: Outsiders. That said, the fact that it seems like you're getting Marvel Unlimited plus new shows plus streaming the old DC movies/TV shows means that they're offering a better service than Marvel. But Marvel's in bed with Disney now and riding that streaming platform train when the time comes, so I guess it's not totally their fault.

Boy, I can't wait until all these streaming platforms figure out a way to bundle themselves together for an obscene price with little to no options to remove unwanted channels -- pardon me, platforms. Can't believe that kind of multimedia package hasn't been tried in other mediums. I'm sure it would be super successful and well-liked and definitely wouldn't resort to online piracy.
I'm not gonna be able to take "Black Label" seriously, anyway, because I'll keep thinking DC got into the scotch game.
Hey, writing my post, and something I’m not totally clear on/might have forgotten: is SHIELD public knowledge?

<Snipped quote by HenryJonesJr>

I've always treated them as such in my posts, at least to the same extent the FBI and CIA are public anyways.

Yeah, that's been the understanding on which I've operated. SHIELD is like the CIA: People know it exists, and they have some understanding of what they're about, but the layperson doesn't exactly know what they do.
I'm no stranger to padding out a post, but that's a new one to me.
<Snipped quote by Sep>

I really didn't read them as belonging to SHIELD so much as a splinter cell of SHIELD.

'X' takes the square. They are, in the beginning, a team operating independently -- and secretly -- within SHIELD. Where they evolve from there, only the game can tell!

<Snipped quote by Lord Wraith>


My question is @Eddie Brock are you still dropping Cap?

Is he just going to be in the background kicking Hydras butt?

I'm deciding on that very thing right now, actually. I really thought Cap and I were at our end, but writing that post brought back some juice. Might be worth kicking the tires on a second arc.
I heard Batgirl. I am here to apply.

... shit. I better Google "how to snap a pool cue over your knee three ways."
<Snipped quote by Eddie Brock>
Why am I suddenly nervous?

It's fine. We'll just draw lots: One of us gets Batgirl, the other gets Supergirl, and we'll write a (read: many) bombass teamup together.
<Snipped quote by Eddie Brock>
I have been considering it. But that's a long time away.

Yeah... yeah, you're right. Too far to worry about!

*frantically begins writing CS*
<Snipped quote by Master Bruce>
Plus Kate has dibs on first sidekick, obviously.

You and I are gonna have a Kate Kane application showdown in two or three seasons, huh?
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