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So there I am, in Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, at about 3 o'clock in the morning, looking for one thousand brown M&Ms to fill a brandy glass, or Ozzy wouldn't go on stage that night. So, Jeff Beck pops his head 'round the door, and mentions there's a little sweets shop on the edge of town. So - we go. And - it's closed. So there's me, and Keith Moon, and David Crosby, breaking into that little sweets shop, eh. Well, instead of a guard dog, they've got this bloody great big Bengal tiger. I managed to take out the tiger with a can of mace, but the shopowner and his son... that's a different story altogether. I had to beat them to death with their own shoes. Nasty business, really. But, sure enough, I got the M&Ms, and Ozzy went on stage and did a great show.

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Excited to see what you come up with for Kali, and glad to see this make a resurgance.
<Snipped quote by Hound55>

Kali's a dropout so they probably have the same views on formal education, but still seeing the value in knowledge and always learning and growing. I could see her picking up any languages she doesn't know from him.

And since Kali's been in an all girls' school and traveling the world with mercenaries and assassins during her puberty and hormonal development I could see her and Red giving into physical desires once they started training together, but it never went anywhere further than that romantically. Since she'd see him as a friend, but also someone that could keep up with her in every way.

Edit: I forgot the most important. I can see them initially connecting and really bonding over being kindred spirits with not wanting to be like their fathers.

That works well, and would probably have helped Red figure some things out in terms of his rampaging hormones. Since two years ago we saw him very much at the whim of them, without understanding why - whilst simultaneously being intelligent and informed enough on biology to have a theoretical understanding of hormones and puberty on a conceptual level. He just had no experience to connect his theoretical understanding to the practical.

In other words, it'd have him realise why he was getting distracted all the time when female teammates (it hadn't even clicked with him that it happened to be the female teammates) would enter the room. And understanding and recognising what's happening is most of the battle... he's smart enough once that connection happens.

His view towards his father is complex. He never met or knew him, and because of that he wonders often whether his father actually had a point or solid reasoning for his issues with the Justice League. He asks his brother a lot of questions about him. But at the same time, he WANTS to do good himself, and shaves often because a moustache keeps growing through and makes him look very much like the man.

In summary, he doesn't know his father well enough to know for a fact that he WAS evil, but he knows that he himself wants to be good. And he's wary of being perceived of being someone others might think of as being evil.
Before she had time to answer, she felt the familiar presence of one of her few colleagues remaining, Red. A strange name, she had always thought - since in actual fact he always felt like more of a blue to her.

Oh, cool! I never even considered the possibility of a blind synesthete,@spicykvnt.
I've also had Red fulltime at the Penthouse. To him, he doesn't really have any other place to go that feels like it could be a "home". Even despite (as yet unmentioned) reconnecting with surviving family, and forming a closer relationship with his "brother" Red Tornado in the missing past two years - we'll see that later!

The Justice League are aware of him, as such, but ironically him being human actually makes them (and particularly the Batman) MORE wary of him and the possibility of his being a brainwashed Manchurian Candidate-esque mole than his "brother", despite his vouching for him.

Because it's one thing when you can access someone's source code and SEE that all the evil is gone. People are more complicated.

Still, he keeps working, and intends to make the most of any opportunities to do good that he gets.

He's never sought out formal education and doesn't see the value in it, valuing knowledge itself and the never ending pursuit of knowledge over any piece of paper an organisation would give you for it.

As @spicykvnt mentioned, I view the two years they've kind of been thrust upon each other as doing wonders for their communication and platonically (after Red became desensitised to his own torrential hormones) forged bond.

I could see Kali making use of Red as a viable sparring and training partner though.
"All I'm hearing are excuses..."
Bah! The Hell with it. Too eager. LET'S GO!

An open stasis tube with wet footprints...

A wardrobe with a mattress stored vertically in there, cushion on the floor. The wardrobe door left open.
An immaculately made bed held a thin coating of dust, that looked untouched for a long time.

An egg cracked, and its innards were dropped into a well greased pan.

Precision. There was still joy in precision. A perfectly cooked egg, the bacon and blood pudding that Eilidh quite liked. There weren't many of them left together anymore. She liked her self-sufficiency, and was proud of her ability to make her own tea as she liked it, but he did like to be able to make her breakfast at least.

She had been thoughtful enough to refill the kettle, with her same precise amount for his cup of coffee to go with the perfectly assembled meal he was making the pair.

He placed her plate in front of her, making just enough noise with the plate on the benchtop to let his presence be known. She returned a smile.

He knew she was lonely. Truth be told, he was too. It had nothing to do with the quality of company that she provided, and he assumed and hoped the same was the case with her. But he missed the bustle and diversity of friends, so busy and loud. So full of life. Neither of them were the loudest of people, and the fact that they remained held the Penthouse in stark contrast to how it had once been.

He'd often found himself thinking of them and wondering what many of them were up to. He still had the smart phone that Julian had given him, but he'd begun to notice that the conversations he'd had with them tended to be very one sided and there was a lot of him speaking to the void. Not in all cases. But enough. And it began to make him realise that walking a person through so much of the common sense of life probably grew frustrating.

He didn't bring them up with Eilidh, because he suspected that in that way led pain, even if they both would have revelled in the nostalgia at least for a little while. Instead he enjoyed the quiet company, and the other events and musings of the day. It would be the social time that would carry him through the day. While he worked.

His workouts became all consuming. Kevin had been one of the first to go, but even without someone to spot him, his drive to prepare himself and better himself physically became stronger. Ever since the first conflict, the flykick that saw ligament damage done to his ankle, it became apparent that there would always be those stronger. There was always more work that could be done. That combined with his smart-phone there was no excuse for not doing everything he could to prepare himself physically, mentally, culturally and socially to be able to handle the task at hand. He suspected something about him would always be offputting to some. He hadn't had a "usual" upbringing. But he thought he was making some headway on being... well, maybe not 'normal', but less strange. Less of a foreign entity. He was bridging the gap. But it was an infinite gap, and there was always more he could do.

He jumped on a treadmill to start his warm-up run. Just a two and a half mile run. A ten minute 'jog'. His actual aerobic workout would come later in the day.

He cast his smartphone's screen to a large screen on the wall, and began his day's 'mental calisthenics'. He had begun to organise his learning. Today he was reading up on a few topics of interest; the birth of jazz music, the cultural shift that intertwined with the invention of the television and for recent social growth, the ouevre of Jon Favreau films.

Then he heard talking. A male voice. An unrecognised male voice. From the kitchen.

Eilidh was there.


He fired off a one word query in hopes of giving himself some idea of what they were dealing with, which went unanswered. Either she was too busy, or not yet sure of how to respond to it:


He jumped off the treadmill and his pace increased, this was no longer a 4-minute mile paced jog, Red sprinted through the halls of the penthouse and burst into the kitchen. His facial expression covered by a practised 'intimidating' sneer.

"Who are you?!"

He projected a quick mental question. 'Did he hurt you?'

His ease not being set until he received an answer.

"And what do you want here?"
Please tell me there's somebody else beside Eilidh and Red still living there... because Red's probably regressed back to nudity around the place if the only co-habitant is blind...
I think continuing here is fine... Plus, makes it easier for those who didn't unsubscribe.

As I said, working on mine now. But I'll wait and sit on a rollcall before I put it up.
Working on something now...
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