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It's [b]ridiculous...
<Snipped quote by Lord Wraith>


Meanwhile, I'm over here double-posting in the IC and batting 0.032 for posts without initial coding errors...
Sure it is.

When it comes to the aquatic based characters; Namor is the atmost, whilst Aquaman is the Atleast.

Or when discussing Greek lore...

My back really hurts, but Atleast it's only the whole world and not the entire universe.
I've got a few to go too, but they shouldn't take me too long.

C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

R E E D R I C H A R D S / S U E S T O R M / B E N G R I M M / J O H N N Y S T O R M
S C I E N T I S T S / E X P L O R E R S / C O S M I C N A V I G A T O R S
B A X T E R B U I L D I N G , F O U R F R E E D O M S P L A Z A , M A N H A T T A N
F A N T A S T I C F O U R / S T O R M – R I C H A R D S S C I E N T I F I C S O C I E T Y

C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

“You may tell your boss that we're tremendously honored by his gracious gesture-- but we're not yet done exploring. What gives this family its purpose and its joy isn't the destination... it's the journey.” – Reed Richards

“ You have these doubts...Constant and unrelenting. Some large and some so very small. Am I being too strict? Am I too lenient? Do I praise too often or not enough...Being a parent, having's a constant war between uncertainty and hope. So you live in fear...and there are these doubts... Science is much the same. The child of the mind. Left untempered it can do the unconscionable. But if you try to hold it and keep it safe, you deny it’s true potential. Love, life… it’s all a balance.” – Sue Storm

“Sure, around this family I might be like the dumb kid in science class… But maybe I’m too dumb to know when to quit as well. FLAME ON!” – Johnny Storm

“Yer know what? Mebbe if you connect the whozzits to the whatsit over there, then run a conduit through to power the weapon… Yer know what, forgeddaboudit Stretch, I’m gonna just play to my strengths… IT’S CLOBBERIN’ TIME!” – Ben Grimm, Sensitive Yancy Street Citizen

C H A R A C T E R M O T I V A T I O N S & G O A L S:

Latching onto the First Family to tell some BIG universe expanding stories, organically open up some crisis/event level threats, and tell some (hopefully interesting) cosmic/global level sci-fi family stories and character work.

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

Some years ago the exploratory space mission crew which which gave birth to the group who would go on to be called 'The Fantastic Four' disappeared, presumed dead. The world grieved, Latverian based financial backers lost money and face (and many suspect the failed mission was to blame for the recent political turmoil in that Nation since) and humanity started to turn away from the stars...

But now they're back! A wormhole generated by lead scientist Reed Richards brought home these wandering heroes... And now they have kids!

But their return raises many more questions... what cosmic force changed these four heroes so dramatically? Reed Richards is now capable of amazing feat of strange elasticity, Susan Storm is now able to tap into some kind of power allowing her to create force fields and make herself invisible, pilot Benjamin Grimm has now become some form of rock-based monster and Johnny Storm is now fully combustable, able to generate high levels of heat and flame. And what of the children? Does some hidden power or force lie dormant within these doe-eyed kids? Reed Richards left this world as one of this world's smartest people, but since his return his intelligence has increased exponentially beyond what it was and he has become more distant from his fellow man. What has he learned in his time away? And why does it seem like his daughter Valeria has developed similar traits despite her so incredibly young age? Could this be why Sue Storm has taken on more of a leadership role since their return?

And most important of all... Are these really the same people who disappeared all those years ago?

Character and Equipment:

S A M P L E P O S T:


The booming voice of the man who would be DOOM.

“Ten... Nine... Eight…”

Victor’s sharp eyes made another final sweep across the whole control panel. They had cleared every check and test. But what man could leave the fate of so much to another’s vision? A lesser mind’s decision? To do such a thing, one might as well leave such a thing to the winds of chance.


Ben Grimm flexes his fingers for one last time as he prepares to white-knuckle it, and grips the controls in sure, steadfast hands. He wouldn’t want the responsibility anywhere else. Ol’ blue eyed Benji has their lives and his in his hands, knows exactly what it means, and the whole damn universe couldn’t pry him off his duty. So just let ‘er try.


Reed and Sue lock eyes lovingly. After these years the married couple share the mutual knowledge that whatever comes next, whatever they now face, they have the strength for what comes. Together.


The young lovers hands embrace. Even through the suits, Johnny Storm could swear he could feel Valeria Von Doom’s warmth radiating through, as in all things.

Five Hours Ago…

Children playing in the sparse green fields of Central Park. A tour group rides by on bicycles. College students with books spread open come to grips with their course load whilst talking about the day to day frivolities.

All interrupted by rolling thunder. A space between places opened by an explosive cacophony of sound. Feet touched down on Earth’s soil which hadn’t known it for well over a decade, as well as three who had never known it as home. The tall bug said something in Sue Storm’s ear. She looked concerned, and replied, as people raced towards them. But none could hear over the sound of the cosmic gateway. The bug confirmed, and Sue swept her hair back, deep in thought over the meaning of what she had just been told.

People were racing towards the five strange humans, their robot and one strange rock monster. The bug gave a final wave, walked between the humans and their means of arrival. Shielding itself from the sight of other people and used a small box to open a similar portal to return, presumably, from wherever they came.

The blonde haired youth looked at his craggly compatriot and noticed no change in his appearance.

“Hey? Looks like our powers are still kicking in here too.” He said, flicking a finger off of his compatriot's rocky shoulder and setting his finger aflame.

People ran to the group on the grass, but then kept their distance. Standing in stunned silence, the crowd was seemingly scared of the strange man with the stony flesh.

“So…” Ben said, breaking the awkward silence. “Whaddid we miss?”

P O S T C A T A L O G U E:

Post 1 - The Return

Back Before Ted Kord Was Even A Glimmer In Thomas Kord's Eye...

…anyway, that’s how I’m seeing it all play out. So it’s the story of this man’s growth as he turns into the man he’s supposed to be, and this superhero aspect represents that potentiality of what he hopes to become. The ideal that one day he’ll self-actualize and the man he sees in the mirror. Whether he’s using the scarab or not. The man he eventually sees in the mirror will be the same.

The television executives sat in stony faced silence, before turning to look at each other after his pitch. Murmuring quietly between themselves.

Or at least, that’s what I see…

“I’ll tell you what I see…” Joe Rothstein said, Camelot Productions’ Studio Head struggling to get to his feet to reach his hand across the table, “…I’m seeing 26 episodes!”

Dan Garrett reached across the table to take it.

“With a few key notes and changes of course…”

Dan hesitated.

How do you mean?

“Well now, let’s not get our noses all bent out of shape, Danny boy. Broad strokes it’s a perfectly fine idea. But let’s start with this supporting role…”


“Yes, I’m not feeling the name for starters, but even beyond that.”


“Well, you said before that he’s good at everything. Brilliant mind. Incredible fighter, athlete, scientist…”

“Sounds a lot like Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt…” chimed in the other executive, Joe’s brother Harold.

“He does, but you’re missing the point. If this guy… like Peter Cannon, is so damn good at everything, he sounds like HE should be the hero. Why the Hell are we watching Karl LaFrey?”

“That’s true. He doesn’t sound like much of a sidekick.” The other executive added.

Because it’s all about the GROWTH of Karl INTO the hero. Each week they see him becoming a better man! If he’s already perfect then how does he get himself into scrapes that he needs to get out of?

“Hawkman and Swallow seem to find themselves in death-traps every week and that show does just fine. In fact, I was thinking we might even be able to have a cameo crossover episode. We own the rights, might give the show a good solid bump to get it started early on…”

Whoa, Hawkman and Swallow? I thought… well, that’s a little camp, isn’t it? I thought we could play this straight and have it be a bit more… Dan didn’t like the direction this was going.

“Look, we know what we’re doing. Sometimes clichés exist for a reason, kid. Because the ideas work. You should have seen what crazy ideas he had when he came in here pitching Hawkman and Swallow. Hall wanted Swallow to be a woman, could you believe that? Had this crazy idea where the sidekick was a love interest and was tied in to these grandiose notions of undying immortal love. You believe that? You ever met Carter Hall? Never looked him up myself before he came in here, but I heard he was some kind of archaeologist as well. Anyway, could you imagine if we went with that kind of crackpot thing? The sidekick, you want ‘em to be a kid so that a big chunk of the audience can see themselves in the role. Plus… let’s be serious, kid actors you don’t have to pay so much. Hell, better still make Terry a chimp. You feed ‘em bananas and get some young grip to clean their shit for peanuts and they’re cost effective. They’re the future of TV I’m tellin’ ya. Just as funny as most wooden damn actors and you don’t have to pay ‘em squat… and who doesn’t love watchin’ a chimp, huh?” Joe Rothstein went off on a tangent on the benefits of monkey actors, which Dan Garrett would learn was far from a rare occurrence.

“It’s true.” Harold added. “In fact, if it were up to Joe the studios would be filled with nothing but ape actors.”

“Like I said though. It’s an interesting idea, and you’ve got balls for suggesting it. This elevated side-character… but that's way outside of the norm. I mean, it’s as crazy as if this Terry were a love interest. Isn’t it?” Joe turned his head sidewise and flashed a crocodile grin, and suddenly Dan Garrett felt naked and exposed to the world.

Yeah—yeah, I guess so.

Once more Joe reached across the table. “26 episodes?”

Dan took it and shook it before this conversation could take any more bad turns. He left the copies of the pitch on the executives’ side, hurriedly and haphazardly piled the stack of paper on his side of the desk into his satchel and got the Hell out of this conference room. The walls were shrinking, and the air was turning thick. He offered a courteous goodbye to the girl working the desk and ducked into the bathroom.

Bursting through the interior bathroom door he hunched over the bathroom sick and breathed deeply. He spun the taps on and slowly looked up at himself in the mirror and prayed to all that is good and holy that he hadn’t been sweating like this a few minutes ago. Shaky hands scooped water and doused his face. He shook his hands dry and then looked at the limp angle of his wrists in horror. Balling his hands up into fists and looking around the bathroom for witnesses.

With one final deep breath he slammed the side of the paper towel dispenser aggressively and yanked the lever three times for the beckoning paper.

* * * * *

Years Later...

Ted Kord angrily pulled his clothes out of his gym bag and stuffed it into the laundry hamper, face reddened and fighting back tears. He marched into the kitchen and pulled out a big bag of Chocos.

“Daaaaaad! You here? I think I’m done with gymnastics. I’m-- I’m not gonna go no more.”

Dan Garrett poked his head around the corner and broke the silence. Your Dad had to work late, Sparky. You’re stuck with me tonight.

“Uncle Dan?!” Ted ran over to hug his favourite uncle.

Yup. What’s all this about, kiddo? I thought you loved gymnastics. You showed me how you can do a double hand-spring last time and you were so proud. So what’s happened?

Ted kept his head bowed once his uncle questioned him, until the silence became uncomfortable.

“The kids—the kids at school say it’s gay. Say I’m gay.”

Dan’s eyes flashed with outrage for a second. So fast the boy could barely be sure he even saw it.

Let me ask you something— the boys who are saying this kind of thing to you, they play…?

“Football, mainly.” Ted mumbled.

Football, mainly. Dan confirmed. And when they’re playing football, are they out there slapping each other on the ass. Getting slapped on the ass by middle aged male coaches… and showering and hanging around in boys’ locker rooms with over forty other boys in various stages of undress? Often grappling and wrestling with them in different levels of undress on no-pads training days? Garrett asked with a smirk.

“Yeah, probably…” Ted answered, still somewhat down.

And are your coaches slapping you on the ass.

“No. That’d be a bit weird…”

And when you’re at training, would I be right in saying over half of the people there are girls? Possibly very attractive, athletic girls?

Ted blushed, but a smile broke through. “Maybe… Way more than half.”

And – level with me on this – would you happen to be sweet on one of the girls you’re going to school with?

Ted reddened even further and was unable to answer.

That’s what I thought… So what do you even care what these lunkheads think?

Ted smiled. His cheeks slowly returning to their regular shade, as his uncle ruffled his hair.

Never let a bunch of jerks stop you from doing what you want to do - From being who you are - When you're not hurting anybody.

Dan turned away from his nephew quickly after saying this, barely able to retain eye contact. A shadow moved from the corner of the room.

“’Kay, Uncle Dan. Thanks. Wanna Choco?” Ted held out the bag.

No thanks, Sparky. Maybe offer David one. He’s upstairs doing his homework. Have you met David’s tutor? This is Terr-- This is Mr Sloane. Dan said, introducing the new figure who had presented himself in the kitchen.

“Hi, Mister Sloane. Wanna Choco?” Thrusting the bag out at the newcomer in an overbearingly friendly manner.

“No, thank you, Ted. But Dan’s right, you should go ask David if he wants one. He should probably stop for a break, anyway.”

“Okay.” Ted turned and ran up the stairs calling out to David.

Dan stood over the sink, and ran his hand through his own hair, before turning back to Mr Sloane with a strained smile.

* * * * *

Later Still...

A few years had passed and Ted was sitting on the floor playing a board game with a young girl.

“Four, five, Six! Ha! ‘Hell’s Corner’, Hub City! I own that!” Ted cheered.

“Big deal, it’s like $4.”

“Nuh-uhhh, I got 4 houses on it!”

“First of all, you’ve got two houses on it… and second of all, you shouldn’t have any houses on it! Hey! You never landed on ‘The Wedge’! You can’t just--”

“I got that ‘Chance’ card to ‘Go to The Wedge’ and then I bought it…”

“You can’t do that unless the card says you can do that!”

“Sure you can, you can buy any property you finish up landing on.”

“Daaaaa-aaaaaaaad!” She yelled upstairs, Ted winced from the loud shout.

“What is it, ‘Ronnie?” Mr Sloane poked his head down the stairwell.

“Ted’s cheating!”

“I’m not cheating…” Ted calmly replied.

“What happened?” Mr Sloane asked.

“I had a--”

“Ted THIIIINKS that just because he got a ‘Go to The Wedge’ card, he could buy it after the card takes him there, when it doesn’t say it on the card.”

Mr Sloane looked at the pair and paused as if waiting for more information.

“Yeeeees..? Because he can. It’s in the official rules, ‘Ronnie. It doesn’t have to specifically say it on the card.”

“Yes!” Ted exclaimed.

“Buuuuuut… I’m wondering why it’s only coming up now when you’ve got houses on it.”

Ted picked up the dice and looked back up the stairs.

“So, you’re playing as the banker, Ted. You do have to announce when you’re buying a property. You can’t just quietly trade money between yourself and the bank.”

“I did! I did say ‘I’m gonna buy that’. Didn’t you hear me say it?”

Veronica shook her head gently.

Ted side-eyed her as if looking for the truth. He turned his head and kept looking at her for uncomfortably long.

“I did say it…” He said to himself. “Maybe I just mumbled it too quiet for you to have heard…” He kept his head down.

He looked up the stairs. “Fair is fair, Ted.”

“Well… can I at least get the money back that I spent on the houses and buying ‘The Wedge’ in the first place..?”

But Mr Sloane had already turned and walked back to his lesson with David.

Ted sighed deeply. “Fiiiine.” He sullenly added. “I DID say it though.”

Veronica Sinclair jumped across at him and gave him a big hug as he scooped the houses up and dumped them back in the bank. She hugged him uncomfortably long and then gave him a big wet kiss on his cheek.

“Yeeeeeuuch…” Ted shrugged her away.

“So I think I’ll buy ‘The Wedge’...” Veronica cheerfully added, sitting back down on the floor, flattening her dress.

* * * * *

K . O . R . D - E A S T D I V I S I O N - C O N F E R E N C E R O O M 1

Last Week | Boston, Massachusetts

“--aaaand with those extensive financial executive credentials, you can see why I’ve chosen to bring in Ms Sinclair and I think you’ll find her more than qualified. In fact, you’ll wonder how I managed to sucker her in to agreeing to work here.”

Ted shot a light-hearted wink to the person he saw as his sister, only for her to roll her eyes at his comments and add “I’m looking forward to working with all of you and getting to know you all better in the coming weeks.”

Ted scanned the faces around the table and on the screen. Curt Calhoun from K.O.R.D West seemed anxious, Ted noted. “Good.” He broke in, turning to the Chief Operations Officer Jeremiah Duncan. “Any further business on the agenda? No? Well, I guess we’re--”

“Uh, yes. One more point of order.” Randall Truman added, getting to his feet, and adjusting his already perfect suit for seemingly no reason whatsoever.

Ted sat down and tried to swallow his audible sigh, choosing to scream with only his “inside voice”.

“To follow up the great news earlier with the excellent early sales figures for the CJO Anti-Car Theft Device, I’ve begun the groundwork on a revolutionary new marketing plan which will bring about an interesting new paradigm shift for a series of commercials for this company. Thinking outside of the box, I believe I’ve stumbled upon a unique angle to exploit a new direction of opportunities that this product affords us.” He said to everyone in attendance, holding eye contact slightly long on Veronica and Melody Case.

Buzzwords. Ted pinched his brow and wrestled with his internal desire to choke his Chief Marketing Officer with a thesaurus.

Too busy struggling with that image he was unable to keep the sigh from his voice.

“And what, exactly, do you mean by all of that?”

“If he uses the word ‘synergy’ next I’m going to throw this man out the window.” Ted promised himself.

“I believe we can get the Blue Beetle to appear in our next series of commercials for the CJO.”

“HA!” Ted unvoluntarily ejaculated a solitary laugh, before he put a lid on that.

“And how exactly are you going to do that? You have a bunch of superheroes on speed dial?”

“Well, no…” Replied Truman.

“Alright, then. So, I guess--”

“...but I don’t need to, because I’ve been in communication with the Super Buddies liaison officer Maxwell Lord and he seems to believe that he’d be able to be made available, and would be willing to do it.”

Max. Fucking Max Lord.

“Well, with all due respect. Maxwell Lord isn’t one of those heroes, is he. He just works with them. I mean, what makes you think that any self respecting superhero would be willing to just shill themselves out and--”

Before the sentence could even leave his lips there was the open slap of a magazine hitting the conference room table, followed by a newspaper, then another magazine… all with similar images on them. The face and relatable thumbs up of one Booster Gold, with her golden hair and well made up (and likely airbrushed...) All-American smile, in numerous Roxxon Energy advertisements.

Fucking Booster Gold…

Ted imagined himself pulling back a wrecking ball connected to a Newton’s cradle with Maxwell Lord, Randall Truman and Booster Gold’s helpless forms hanging precariously on wires and smiled briefly at the pleasant thought.

“Well, I guess there’s no harm in trying is there..?”
Certainly not trying to keep anyone out, but if you're looking to play in the gritty street level box it may be worth holding off on the app for the next season if you're looking for that gritty street level sandbox.

The front door swung open to the government building that was the temporary home of the returned exploratory first family of science. In the doorway stood the craggly visage of one Ben Grimm, coming face to face with the small flying device that had called him to the door. He hollered back into the house.
REED! JOHNNY! SUZE! Which one-a yers ordered somethin’ from the South American rainforest?!”

The drone remained hovering in the doorway with its yellow and black Amazon livery.

Willie Lumpkin, the young government worker who had been designated as their handler poked his head through the doorway.

“Rainforest? Geez. You really have been gone some time. They’re just an e-commerce company…” Willie said as he signed off on receiving the package and removed it from the drone.

Ben looked on slack-jawed.

“They’re a store. Where you can buy things. On your computer. Then they deliver it to you.”

“Huh… Go figger…” Ben said, taking the package from Lumpkin as gently as he could and tilting it slightly, testing its weight in his massive hands. “Whatta world…”

Just then, Johnny Storm came charging down the stairs like his hair was on fire. On this occasion it was not.

“Oh sweet! My Amazons are here!” He said, snatching up the package.

“Heh… Dumb kid. They’re just an e-commerce company…”

Johnny tore the box apart and ran back upstairs carrying the contents; a stack of girlie mags with ‘Amazons’ printed prominently on the cover.

“Huh…” He said, watching him run back upstairs.

“Oh, I signed for it in your name since I didn’t know they were Johnny’s and you were the one at the door.” Willie Lumpkin said over his shoulder as he walked away. “So expect some funny looks when they look to settle your bills later.”

* * * * *

Meanwhile, upstairs, a far less benign conversation was taking place.

“Why, Reed?! Why on Earth would you go and say that?!?” Sue asked in an exasperated tone, now well away from the rigmarole of camera crews and Government workers.

“Whilst you’ve been busy dealing with so many of our speaking commitments, I took it upon myself to do a little bit of research into some of what we’ve missed whilst we were away. Since our absence it has become very much in vogue for powered individuals and groups to name and brand themselves outside of their regular name. Whether that has been for marketing purposes, or for public familiarity to create more of a positive public image in order to operate more easily, I’m not yet entirely sure. But since so many have been doing it, I can only presume it has for good reason until I can learn more. The alliterative nature of ‘Fantastic Four’ only seemed even more of a boon in the process.”

“Yes. But Reed, to these people we’ve ALL been dead since that date in the mission.”

“Yes. And now they’re all relieved to see that we’ve returned. I’m not as emotionally out of touch as you like to suggest, Sue.”

“Except we didn’t all return. FOUR out of five of us returned. From the dead! With our two new kids. And you’re announcing to the world that we’re now this… this… ‘Fantastic Four’ when we haven’t even been able to speak to Victor yet!”


“Yes! ‘Oh!’ I’m still waiting on the paperwork I’ve filled out to have our property returned to us, which is why for the time being we’re having to stay here. People are coming to terms with the fact that we’re still alive, Reed. And as such, the one who didn’t, well that probably re-opens the grief.”

“I suppose I can see how that could be received as somewhat insensitive of me.”

“Yes, and Victor had an… interesting enough temperament before any of this happens. Now he’s off waging war back in his homeland and becoming who knows what, back in Latveria. I just think we should handle this with a little less…”

“Bombastic pomp..?”

“Sure. As good a way of phrasing it as any…”

Reed’s long arm stretched and extended around his wife, the pair now united on one page. “So… how do you think he’s going to take it?”

“I don’t know, Reed. Time will tell. On one hand at least he’s already had years to grieve, on the other… well, Victor…”

Sue bowed her head in contemplation, before straightening and sweeping her hair out of her face.

“...I think if nothing else he’s going to have questions.”
* * * * *


Present Day | Doomstadt, The Kingdom of Latveria

An armoured fist clenched tight with the news. The cold, calculating visage of DOOM sits astride the throne.

America. New York City. A place he hasn’t been to in some years. Not since…

Doom rises from his throne. He paces. His gaze falls to those far below from his tower; their toil in the fields. Soon a great cheer goes up from below, as they have caught sight of their glorious leader looking on from above. Doom neither revels nor basks. Such is the natural order of things. DOOM expects.

The Kingdom’s new defenses are now well in place. Doom saw to their development and deployment himself. How could DOOM do any less?

Doom walked back towards his thrown, he turned to a figure that stood alone in his throneroom. A robot of uncanny likeness for himself.

DOOM bestows his burden of leadership upon you!” He commanded the machine.

“So it shall be, as is the will of DOOM! It returned, before taking its place on the throne. A familiar pose of commanding contemplation.

Doom whisked his green cloak around himself and took his leave. DOOM would have his answers…


C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

"The price of freedom is high, it always has been. And it's a price I'm willing to pay. And if I'm the only one, then so be it."

Since the incident with Stryfe and the loss of Sharon, Steve has retreated from life and lives with his dog Scout in the remote reaches of Montana. Shaken to the core by Sharon's death and feeling lost in the new world he's found himself in. In his mountain retreat he does his best to try and learn the lay of the land and find his place in this new world. But his past will always catch up to him, and the world will continue to need Captain Steve Rogers, whether he is dressed in red, white, and blue or not.

C H A R A C T E R M O T I V A T I O N S & G O A L S:

With the coming soft-reboot, I want a character that can truly start to interconnect the various heroes of the world, and I can't think of a better one than Steve Rogers. His story up to this point in the game is fascinating, and I think he's perfect to start building some solid teamwork between heroes in the upcoming season. I also have never played Steve outside of his Cap persona, and will have some fun having him be more of a vigilante.

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

-Roy Harper: A fellow ex-SHIELD agent on the run from the organization after being framed for killing its former Director.

S A M P L E P O S T:

The ax passed through the log like a hot knife through butter, and both halves fell onto the mountainous piles on each side of the cabin's chopping block. The wind kicked up and sent a shiver down the man doing the work's spine. The chill in the air was strong, but it was clean.

The cold had begun to whip through the mountains early this year. The locals had told the man they knew as Grant Barnes that it never snowed at this altitude this early, but that when it did it often meant that the winter would end up being a mild one when all was said and done. The down home superstitious nature of the sentiment had brought a smile to Grant's, or rather Steve Rogers's, face. If the people of Rock Fall, Montana knew who their new resident really was, they were doing an admirable job of pretending not to. Steve hoped the beard he had grown was enough to throw them off the scent, but he was never great at deceiving his fellow man.

But these people lived uncomplicated lives, and that's all Steve needed right now. Time to think and get his head on straight. He saw Sharon everywhere he turned now, and he wasn't going to be any use to anyone as long as that was happening.

At least that's what he was telling himself. Deep down he didn't know if that was the real reason he was here, or if it was because he was scared. It was an odd admission for someone like Steve Rogers to admit. But he was lost in this new world. Things were no longer black and white. Everything was a shade of grey.

Suddenly, Scout, the German Shepard Rogers had adopted about two months ago stood abruptly up from a deep sleep and let out a low, aggressive growl.

Steve bent down next to the dog and patted his head, "What is it, boy?"

He got his answer when the rumble of an engine began to crest over the hill. A truck swiftly followed, and Steve saw one person inside it. But that didn't mean there weren't more vehicles on their way. He snapped at Scout, who was in the ready position behind the super soldier. Steve himself gripped the ax a little more tightly, in preparation for whatever was coming.

But his stance relaxed as the door opened, and Roy Harper, the one-time SHIELD agent known as Arsenal, stepped out. The younger man nodded to Rogers, "We need to talk."

"Looks like I don't have a choice," Rogers motioned towards the modest cabin. "Warmer in there. Don't have much to offer besides some bad coffee."

"Bad's better than none," Harper shrugged and plucked a big bag out of the bed of the truck. "Though we might need something stronger."

P O S T C A T A L O G:

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