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Character you have created: April Newton

Alias: Miss Megaton

Speech Color: ADFF2F | Green Yellow

Character Alignment: Hero

Identity: Secret

Character Personality: Miss Megaton is a symbol of hope, positivity, and perseverance to the people she protects. She's quick with a smile, and she always looks for the best in others. Although her responsibilities demand a lot of her, she never loses sight of "the little guy," those individuals with whom she may only have a passing interaction but for whom Miss Megaton would sacrifice anything. She's fiercely protective, so when someone threatens innocent life, she can easily turn up the intensity.

As April Newton, she is no less tenacious. Careful never to step too far out of line -- lest she shatter the girl-next-door illusion and inadvertently reveal her identity -- she nevertheless stands up for what she believes in with an unwavering determination. Utilizing the power of the press, she gives voice to those in need of one, and she fights to enact change on a scale far grander than even Miss Megaton can achieve.


Miss Megaton / April Newton

Origin Info/Details:
Tragedy struck the life of April Newton early, as her father -- Dr. Henry Newton -- perished in a mysterious accident while working for Zenith Dynamics, a mega-conglomerate with a focus on cutting-edge technology. The circumstances surrounding Henry's death were never clearly disclosed, and even young April detected something suspicious afoot. Still, it would be many years before she had the chance to do anything about it, and so life went on.

After graduating with a degree in mixed media journalism, April moved to nearby Century City and procured an internship at the Chronicle, the city's oldest and most respected institution. Parlaying this internship into a full-time executive assistant position, April worked diligently and obediently until the day that a story involving Zenith Dynamics landed on her desk. A disgruntled former employee claimed to have evidence of Zenith's dirty dealings, but the editor, April's boss, declined to move forward with the lead.

April took matters into her own hands.

Infiltrating Zenith under the guise of being a full-fledged reporter, April tried to dig up information that might give her a lead on her father's untimely demise. However, she was promptly caught snooping around and escorted back to the ongoing demonstration of a new cold fusion reactor. There, amongst Zenith's scientists and other members of the press, April's life changed forever. A catastrophic failure inside the reactor caused it to explode, and April was caught squarely in the blast. Her body was bathed in experimental radiation and irrevocably transformed.

Though April tried to go back to business as usual, it was obvious that something had changed. She felt different. Stronger. And periodically, she seemed to produce bursts of radioactive energy. After one of Zenith's lab technicians tracked her down, he deduced what had happened. April had been transformed into a living nuclear reactor, with all the subsequent strengths and dangers. The technician helped April contain her powers, and together they formulated a plan.

April wouldn't just find justice for her father, as she had originally intended. Instead, she would use these newfound powers for the betterment of Century City at large as... Miss Megaton!

Hero Type: Energy - Radiation

Power Level: World Level

Powers: When April became Miss Megaton, she was imbued with the awesome and destructive power of the atom. She is capable of spontaneously generating radioactive emissions which vary in intensity from harmless, concussive bursts to concentrated blasts capable of melting through solid steel. Her ability to manipulate these energies ranges from pinpoint precision to devastating areas of effect. Whenever she encounters a sufficiently powerful source of radiation, she has a limited ability to absorb and redirect this energy.

Moreover, Miss Megaton's exposure affected not only her ability to produce radiation but also to detect it. She is sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, granting her the ability to see in the entire visible spectrum as well as x-ray, infrared, and radio waves.

In addition, the raw power coursing through her body grants her many other gifts. She's incredibly strong and far more durable than the average human. She possesses the power of flight, and she can move at exceptional speeds. Overall, she's healthier and more resilient, and she recovers from injury at an increased rate.

Attributes (Select one at each category):
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 125 lb
Strength Level: 100+ Tons
Speed/Reaction Timing Level: 80 MPH (flying)
Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: 3 Hours
Agility: 5x Human Level
Intelligence: Average
Fighting Skill: Untrained
Resources: Average

Weaknesses: Though she's incredibly tough, she's not indestructible. She can bruise, and she can bleed, even if it does take a superhuman effort. In spite of her strength, she's more effective at a distance, and she can easily get overwhelmed in melee by an opponent of equivalent -- or greater -- might. Additionally, when she's pushed to her limit, it can exhaust the energy that drives her powers; until it can regenerate, she's entirely human again.

On a psychological level, Miss Megaton's unflagging optimism can be turned against her. She's quick to trust, and her belief in the essential goodness of others can override her good sense when dealing with those who have proven to be unworthy of that trust. Like any good hero, her commitment to protecting the innocent can be used against her.

Supporting Characters:
Daisy Miller: April's best friend since childhood. Their fathers were business partners, so they spent a lot of time around each other growing up. After both men were conscripted by Zenith Dynamics to work on a classified project and subsequently perished in an "industrial accident," April and Daisy grew even closer in their shared grief. They've been inseparable since.

Jefferson Boone: Lab technician at Zenith Dynamics. He was the first person to be saved by Miss Megaton, back during the accident which gave her her powers. Jeff took it upon himself to track down April and volunteer his services as her personal "superhero assistant." He helped April learn to control her powers, and he designed her costume. For which he's very proud.

Michael (Mickey) Holtz: Chief editor at the Chronicle, April's boss. Mickey worked his way up from the newsroom, so he's put more blood, sweat, and tears into the paper than anyone else around... and he's extremely possessive of it as a result. Though he can be overbearing and close-minded at times, he holds himself and others to the highest standard of journalism. Consequently, he cuts April very little slack.

Peyton Campbell: The Chronicle's crackshot photographer with a bit of a rebellious streak. She takes an instant liking to April and aspires to bring her out of her shell. Peyton has a nose for danger, which makes her extremely good at her job but often gets her into a lot of trouble. She faces it all with a smile, much to the consternation of Mickey.

Luke Gardner: Bartender at McCaffrey's, a downtown pub frequented by April & Daisy. April's had a crush on him for a while, but she's yet to work up the courage to ask him out... despite Daisy's constant pestering.

Sinclair Davis: A mysterious executive at Zenith Dynamics with ties to the deaths of Dr. Newton & Dr. Miller.

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Good Lord... @Eddie Brock is bringing "What If?" to the Absolute Comics universe...
Somewhere without extradition I assume?

Well, I'm in Spain now...

Mallorca in fact...

It's probably my national duty to make sure bankrupt douchenozzle Christopher Skase really is dead, and if he faked it drag him back kicking and screaming to his debtors like some kind of downunder Dog the Bounty Hunter...

And here I was thinking I'd struggle to keep up while I'm away.

I've read up to date and pretty much have a post in the chamber (just waiting for the go ahead)...
I withdraw. Love you all.

Somewhere without extradition I assume?

Well, I'm in Spain now...
Somewhere without extradition I assume?

For a month, or at least until the statute of limitations runs out, yes...
Just FYI, going to be overseas for about a month after this coming weekend. Will try to remain somewhat active, with what little time I have and your GM is already aware... buuuut I just figured I'd let the rest of you know.
Just FYI, going to be overseas for about a month after this coming weekend. Will try to remain somewhat active, with what little time I have and your GM is already aware... buuuut I just figured I'd let the rest of you know.
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